Cap space issues are starting to hamper the Seahawks

The Seahawks have gained a lot of praise for the Geno Smith contract structure and rightly so. The cap hit this year of $10.1m has created room to add other players, including Dre’Mont Jones. They can get out of the deal relatively pain-free, meaning they can draft a quarterback of the future with the #5 pick if they want to.

We have to take the rough with the smooth though and point out an issue which currently is hampering the Seahawks.

Yesterday they cut Al Woods. The timing suggests they’ve done this because they’ve run out of cap space and want to sign a different, younger player. My guess is Poona Ford — who turns 28 in November, rather than Woods who turns 36 on Saturday.

Woods, however, had been a good performer for Seattle. He was also a defensive captain. He was ideally sized to play nose tackle in the scheme and he leaves a big hole, literally, at the heart of the defense. Meanwhile, the depth up front is now paper thin. That will remain the case even when they make a corresponding move.

So while it’s great to see the addition of Jones and Jarran Reed — at the moment, they effectively represent the entirety of Seattle’s defensive front. Having worked so hard to avoid being backed into a corner in the draft, they now risk being in that exact position — needing to focus on the D-line simply to fill the roster and be in position to play a football game.

And it’s not a deep draft up front, either.

I’m also not sure if younger is necessarily better. Ford is 5-11 and 310lbs — not exactly the mountain you typically find playing nose tackle in this scheme. A’Shawn Robinson, who visited the Giants on Monday, is more of a prototype — but he suffered injuries last year and remains on the market for a reason, one suspects.

So why have they found themselves in this position?

As we’ve noted before, they should have more money to spend than they have. They have frittered away a lot of cap space.

Take the safety position. They are spending $38.8m this year on Quandre Diggs, Jamal Adams and Ryan Neal. We don’t know Julian Love’s cap-hit yet but it’s almost certain he will tip the Seahawks over $40m for the four players.

Clearly, safety is important in the scheme. When they appointed Sean Desai a year ago it was well publicised that he likes to run a lot of three-safety looks and it’s safe to assume they intend to carry that on given their outlay.

However, look where the safety market is this year. Chauncey Gardner-Johnson has just been forced to accept a one-year deal worth a maximum of $8m. That’s a whopping $10m less than Quandre Diggs in 2023. Jordan Poyer had to settle for a deal worth $6m. Jimmie Ward got $6.5m. Vonn Bell got $7.5m.

Only Jessie Bates received big money — one of the established top players at the position. He just turned 26 and he’s not reset the market — he’s on $16m a year.

It’s possible this is a market correction exclusive to 2023 and there was a heated market for Diggs a year ago, which led the Seahawks to open the chequebook on a $13m a year deal with such a high cap-hit this year. However, the $18m that’s on the books today — when placed alongside the fact they’d already decided to pay Adams $18m this year — is seriously questionable.

I’m curious to know how the league felt about Diggs last year. Teams are turning their noses up at the position in the market. Yet a year ago, were they really prepared to pay an ageing safety a large third contract coming off a serious injury?

You could argue the Seahawks made their bed when they paid Adams and to double down and pay Diggs a contract that doubled their outlay on two players was too much. It feels like loyalty to Diggs trumped a reasonable financial approach. Yet you could also make that same accusation about the Will Dissly contract ($9.1m in 2023).

It would be unfair to criticise the Seahawks for not anticipating where the safety market went. But I do think there’s no way they should’ve structured the contract to pay Diggs an immovable $18m this year, when they already knew they were committing $18m to Adams. They’ve walked into a situation where they have a $36m weight around the ankle of the franchise. They’re not properly able to attack free agency despite the low cap-hit for Geno Smith, or the fact they’ve moved on from Russell Wilson’s contract.

It’s why the Seahawks, for all the praise we’ve given them, are not considered one of the ‘winners’ of free agency. Teams like the Lions — even with Jared Goff on the books — have been able to do more. Atlanta have been very active. We’re now seeing teams capitalise on the market by making smart, opportunistic moves (eg Bills) and the Seahawks, instead, are cutting players who contributed a year ago to have something, anything, to spend.

You can easily argue the Adams contract is a bigger issue than Diggs’. I understand why he’s come to his salary. I never wanted Seattle to trade what they did for Adams, or pay him afterwards. I thought they should’ve been prepared to do what Kansas City has just done with Orlando Brown Jr — franchise him, then assess whether they want to commit long term. Instead they paid him a record-breaking salary for a player at the time who had leverage due to his manufactured sack numbers in 2020 and the fact Seattle had already traded a haul for him.

The Seahawks made a mistake that came back to bite them horribly. By not signing Adams immediately after making the trade, they let the market re-set twice. Budda Baker was paid a deal worth $14.75m a year. Then Justin Simmons got $15.25m. By the time Seattle eventually got round to paying Adams, he was given $17.6m a year.

That’s how they end up in this slightly ridiculous position today where the highest paid player on the roster in terms of 2023 cap-hit is a relative unknown. Nobody knows when Adams will be back healthy, whether he’ll ever be good again or be capable of avoiding further injury. It’s an $18m mystery, at a time when the team is having to cut Al Woods to be able to do anything else to the roster, with an exposed D-line situation.

The Seahawks seemingly are unprepared to cut their losses on Adams, saving $8.4m this year. So now they run the risk of having the right intentions to fix their defense but not having the tools to do it. Or rather, forcing themselves to use their draft picks and hoping rookies can do the job. This is the exact position we’ve been praising them for avoiding in the early stages of free agency.

If they line up in week one with Dre’Mont Jones, Jarran Reed and Poona Ford on the D-line, with Devin Bush or a rookie filling in at linebacker until Jordyn Brooks returns — does anyone have any confidence that’ll be good enough to avoid more defensive problems up front? It’s not unrealistic as we sit here today and as we’ve seen from the Seahawks, they have been reluctant to start young players on the D-line. From Boye Mafe to Frank Clark to even Jarran Reed back in the day — all were not entirely trusted to take major snaps in their first year.

Depth, not just quality, was needed on the defensive line this off-season to fix a problem. As it stands, the Seahawks have a very expensive safety position and are majorly thin on the D-line.

It’s OK cutting the players who didn’t perform a year ago — but you have to replace and upgrade. At the moment, they’re going to be forced to spend draft picks on the D-line — regardless of value when they’re picking.

One final note on dead money. I’ve no idea how the Seahawks ended up signing contracts with Al Woods and Quinton Jefferson that made a parting in 2023 so financially painful. They are spending $3.75m of their cap this year just to not have Woods and Jefferson on the roster any more. They restructured Shelby Harris’ contract a year ago, meaning they’re paying him a further $3.3m not to play in Seattle. Gabe Jackson is somehow taking up $4.8m in dead cap money and Carlos Dunlap is costing $4.2m.

Overall, approximately $17.9m of their 2023 cap is being spent on dead money. That’s almost as much as it’s costing them to have Diggs or Adams on the roster — their two most expensive players.

You can understand eating a dead cap-hit when you trade Russell Wilson and get a haul of picks in return. How on earth they’ve ended up eating all this wasted cap space to have replaceable ageing players no longer on the roster is something that needs to be raised and challenged as they scrimp around trying to find more money to fill out the roster.

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  1. Jabroni-DC

    We’re transitioning from an old & thin roster to a young & thin roster.

  2. AlaskaHawk

    Lots of people have questioned why they paid so much for Adams then doubled down on the big contract. As you mentioned – why not franchise him and see how he fits in? Or better yet admit you made a mistake and cut him after year one.

    Diggs, astounding that he got a big long term contract while seriously injured. Loved him before the injury – I just hope he can fully recover

    You ask how they end up in this position. Not only are they paying generously but they are also back loading the contracts. Some people would even say selling the future . Witness the latest Geno Smith contract. He’s only getting 10 million this year? Yeah but it’s 40 million guaranteed. The good side is that if he is injured the pain will only last 2 years and the third year is a small pain. Now I’m not saying Geno shouldn’t get paid as it is the most important position on the team. Unlike safety which is now devalued. My point is that Geno’s contract influences the amount of money available for the next two years .

    Anyway your right. Adams was a mistake which I hope they will finally cut him on June 2,. Diggs we are probably stick with so I hope he regains playing form

    Lastly – wow great job on the board Rob. I wish the Seahawks would give you a team. Friendly backloaded scouting contract.

    • Peter

      Diggs has figured out tge secret sauce to staying in Seattle…become the defcto hype man and stay around for locker room leadership reasons.

      • Rob Staton

        He wasn’t happy about Al Woods…

        • Blitzy the Clown

          I guess it’s hard to understand when you’re part of the problem

          In a very real way, Al is gone because Quandre is getting paid way more than he’s worth. So his “outrage” is crocodilian

          • Elmer

            Crocodilian. I like it.

            They probably need to do with S like they are doing with the DL. Young, healthy, talented, cheap. Problem is, you can’t accomplish all that in one draft.

        • Peter

          Don’t agree with all his takes….shout out to PJ I think “legion of fumes,”…. but on this I agree.

          Unless Nnadi or Robinson is coming in today or tomorrow I’m not sure what’s the point of cutting Woods.

        • cha

          Diggs, this week

          -“Hey Seahawks trade for Darius Slay and his $17m salary! Bring him to Seattle!”
          -“Hey Seahawks I’m going to stump for Bobby Wagner back every day until it happens!”
          -“Titans are trying to ask Kevin Byard to take a paycut??? Preposterous!”

          Also Diggs

          -“Man this business crazy…can’t believe they cut a $3.6m player”

          Also Also Diggs on Julian Love coming to Seattle

          -((((no tweets found))))

          Players have no grasp of the salary cap any more than your garden-variety fan does.

  3. Jon W

    Hi Rob,

    Appreciate the excellent breakdown! Woods getting cut was surprising as he was a team leader while also boasting the perfect Nose Tackle build. Replacing him with Ford would be a mistake as he just gets shoved around and seems completely lost in this hairbrained defensive scheme.

    I’m 100% in favor of cutting Adams post June 1st to clear more cap space. My question is: if the Hawks pursue this option, then how will we be able to sign any draft picks before June? Also, who are some additional candidates for the cutting block? It seems like resigning B Wagz is just a financial pipe dream at this point.

    • Rob Staton

      There are no other candidates to be cut unfortunately

      They have exhausted all avenues now apart from Adams

      As for the rookies, technically there’s no pressure to sign them before June

  4. Hawkhawk

    Great article! The Adams debacle is so frustrating. At some point the Seahawks have to cut their loses..although going to the owner saying “oopsies” on $20+ million on dead cap hit will probably happen post draft I’m guessing.

    • Hawkhawk

      I suspect they will go all defense with the first 4 picks..gotta get tougher and deeper in the trenches!

      • Rob Staton

        They can’t force defense

      • Peter

        How’s that help?

        If those picks don’t all hit then the best year instead of cap hell we’ll be in draft hell.

        Now we’ll need more dline help. Plus LG, C, RG will all be looking for new contracts or replacements. Nwosu, taylor will need contracts or replacements. All…?… of the TE’s will be looking for new contracts or replacements. We will yet again need safeties.

        • Peter

          Edit…not “best year,” rather next year.

          • Hawkhawk

            We’ve lost Quentin, and Al Woods, maybe Poona too, this team is paper thin up’s glaringly obvious

            • Peter

              I agree but if you just cycle through need at draft time you will be stuck every year at need if every pick doesn’t work like it mostly did last year.

  5. DW

    I’m just not sure what else there is to do with Adams aside from cutting bait. It seems less and less likely that he gets released so I guess at this point we just hope for health. The question then would be why Julian Love and where does he play? 3 safety would have to be the go, but does he play slot on base D? Even if both of those things come true, Ryan Neal then becomes a fairly expensive backup to never touch the field if Adams stays healthy.
    Just a really weird (and expensive) situation.

    • PJ in Seattle

      I don’t see how they will be able to keep Neal. Someone will offer him starter money at some point which they won’t be able to match. They gambled not making the 2nd round tender with him, and guessing that was one of the factors in the Julian Love signing.

      • Rob Staton

        I don’t agree here

        Neal has been banged up

  6. Hojo

    I think it’s a well thought out article and I agree that the safety investment (Adams / Diggs) and Dissly contract value were missteps. At the same time, I think it’s a bit premature to judge the Woods cut and to assume it means Ford is the starting NT and Adams will be retained

    Let’s see how it plays out in the next 30 – 45 days. The FO has made a lot of good moves over the last 12 months, many of which looked odd at first, but turned out to be solid after the picture became more clear. The Geno contract and cutting Shelby Harris to set up the Dre Jones signing are recent examples.

    • Rob Staton

      I haven’t assumed anything. I just said what I think is going to happen

      I also think it’s important to be balanced. I’ve praised the team this off-season and last. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t highlight mistakes that are impacting the team today

      • Zorn Is King

        Harris or woods are re-sign candidates for cheaper… makes mazi almost must have… might be #20….

        • Rob Staton

          Woods is not a re-sign candidate

          His dead money and the saving makes it virtually impossible to justify

          • Duceyq

            Calais Campbell perhaps?

  7. MoBo

    Good work listing the mistakes and gifts from the past that are still hunting us.
    18M in dead money for old players and bad contracts.
    2x 18M salaries for Adams and Diggs and Disslys 8M per year. Probably next season we will be looking at 14,3M in new dead money for cutting those three.

    What feels strange to me is the timing of the release:
    – There wasn’t a deadline for his salary to become guaranted (only if he is on the final 51 roster?)
    – Counting in Love with around 4M cap this year and without cutting Woods we should have around 9-10M in capspace.
    – Our rookies will count against the cap with 8,5M and only after they signed their contracts after the draft.
    – Putting around 8M aside for the season also occurs in the future.
    So why cut him now?

    Only real options to create more space for me:
    – Extend Nwosu
    – Trade Fant
    – Cut Adams post-june

    • AlaskaHawk

      Woods cut to sign another free agent? I think they will go after Mazi Smith in the draft.

      • MoBo

        My point or question is: They could sign a FA, draft a player and then cut him

    • 805Hawk

      I think this is to help the player out. They’ve done it before. It gives the player the chance to catch on with another team before rosters are full. Just my theory.

    • Hawkdawg

      Restructure Lockett?

      • AlaskaHawk

        Our best receiver? Let’s show him some respect and honor his contract.

        Basically all these talks about restructuring and paying less this year and more next year are insuring the Seahawks will be in cap hell for years. Make the cut on Adams post 6-1 and move on.

  8. UkAlex6674

    Why does everyone seem to keen to be rid of Fant?

    • Sea Mode

      Because it would free up $6.85m in cap space with $0 dead and we might actually get a day 3 pick in return, at least something.

      • Peter

        I get all that but then tge multi TE offense that many sang the praises of is contingent on never healthy ( or frankly that productive, ) Dissly. And continued but non-guaranteed development of Parkinson. And a rookie?

        • UkAlex6674

          Exactly Peter. We’ve finally got a not that bad TE in Fant.

          Just because he has a reasonably high cap number everyone wants rid.

          And like you say, if he goes who can we rely on? The very same people will them criticise the FO for letting.him.go and weakening the TE room.

          I’m all for making savings but in the right places. Letting him go isn’t the right move imo.

      • HawkfaninMT

        I would prefer an extension that would lower this years cap hit and keep him around for several years to grow with the (hopefully) new QB

        • GrittyHawk

          I wonder if maybe Fant is not interested in an extension. He has shown flashes but has not been a consistent #1 TE by any stretch. He is probably hoping for better production with another year with Geno, so he can land himself a big UFA contract next year. The only way I see us moving him is if we land a TE in round 1 or 2, then it might make sense to free up that $6M and try to get a 3rd/4th rounder for him. It’s hard to imagine we’ll carry 4 TEs on the roster considering Dissly and Fant are already combining for $15M against the cap.

      • Jabroni-DC

        Spotrac shows Fant’s entire $6.85m in 2023 would be a dead cap hit.

        Am I reading something wrong?

        • Ghost Mutt

          That’s if he’s cut – his fifth year option is fully guaranteed.

          But if he’s traded, that salary moves to the new team in full.

          • Jabroni-DC

            Thanks for the clarification. Makes sense now.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          Nobody’s cutting Fant. He’d be traded if anything

    • Madmark

      Fant pass catching TE he doesn’t block. 50 catches at 9.2 yards a reception for 460 yards. I’ll take Darnell Williams 28 catches for 16.2 yard average and 453 yards and this guy does know how to block.

  9. Andy J

    Al Woods did not play well last year. He just didn’t. We were 30th in run defense.

    He still leaves a gaping hole in the d-fense.

    Poona Ford also did not play well last year. Worse than Woods.

    2 year contracts we walk out on after 1 year are killing this team.

    Loyalty over reasonable financial management is killing this team.

    Dead money wasted on below-average has-been talent is beyond frustrating.

    The cap is why I was frustrated to see Lock and Bellore re-signed. These small contracts add up. That’s $6.5 million going to players who hopefully never see the field. At least with Julian Love they bet hard on top-tier talent. Meanwhile we have no starting NT, LB, RB2, or WR3.

    • Andy J

      It’s also frustrating to see them cut Jefferson and Woods before the draft. If they approached them about taking pay-cuts at the end of training camp, chances are they’d both have to bite the bullet. Loyalty over reasonable financial management means they self-sabotage, manufacture a team-is-family facade, and end up not competing at the cap management side of the game.

      • 509 Chris

        That’s a shady move making them take a pay cut after camp or get released after teams have spent money. Those kinds of moves piss off the locker room and it gets around to the rest of the league. 2 teams that up until very recently that had reputations for doing that or being ridiculous to negotiate with were Detroit and Cincinnati. Neither could ever sign free agents and ran most of their drafted talent out of town. I agree this FO has made really stupid mistakes that deserve criticism but they also need to be a club that takes care of their own.

    • Rokas

      I don’t know man if Woods is to blame for our run defense woes. From the eye test, he was the only one making TFLs from time to time. It can be misleading, but it seemed that he was the least of our worries against the run.
      Poona does not fit as a NT in a 3-4 scheme. He is just too small to anchor.
      They might see sth in Myles Adams, but he is not a NT as well with his 290 lbs.
      I am quite puzzled by this move.

      • BK26

        He did play well. Eye test is right. There were entire games where he was the only disruption. Hard to do too much when the rest of the defense was horrible. It was very eye-opening when he got hurt and was out.

      • Andy J

        It has nothing to do with blame. Maybe substitute the word trust instead. There is NO WAY you can trust any of the players who manned the defensive line last year to stop a nose bleed.

        The eye test involved the Carolina fucking Panthers to run for over 200 yards on us last year.

        • icb12

          While I don’t disagree with you; should note the Panthers game WAS the game where Al got hurt. Didn’t play the 2nd half and change. Shelby Harris was also out that game. Plus we had two RBs including walker out.

          Quite frankly the cards were stacked in Carolina’s favor as far as rushing the football is concerned. I think that largely highlights the “depth” issue that Rob has been discussing.

          Certainly cutting Woods in and of itself doesn’t improve the team. Just have to see what they do with that fistful of money i guess.

  10. Zeke

    Basically 25% of cap space used on Adams+Diggs+dead money. 🤨

    • 509 Chris

      What was the percentage Russ took up again?

  11. Trevor

    Have you ever seen a team cut thier entire DL from the previous season? I realize Mone has not been released yet but he won’t be playing next year so basically the entire DL is gone ( Poona, Jefferson, Ford, Harris, Mone).

    A’shawn Robinson is a must sign now unless he is injured then add 2-3 in the draft. There are options avaible that Rob has hilighted but not a lot.

    -Ade Ade
    -Keion White
    -Moro Ojomo
    -Byron Young

    -Bryan Breese
    -Keanu Benton
    -Zack Pickens
    -Kelijah Kancey
    -Cammeron Young

    – Mazi Smith
    -Siaki Ika
    -Keondre Coburn
    -Jerrod Clark

    • Gaux Hawks

      Thanks Trevor… great to see this broken down, I get lost putting these prospects in their position (one thought, I see Zacch Pickens more as a DE).

      DE: Jones, Rookie (Pickens)
      NT: Robinson, Rookie (Unknown)
      DT: Reed, Adams

      We need an NT before the draft, but we still need to draft two more IDL.

      SAM: Nwosu, Rookie (McDonald)
      LEO: Taylor, Mafe

      We have a few more options and depth at OLB (Smith, Onujiogu, Robinson).

  12. PJ in Seattle

    There has to be a nose tackle signing coming. Yes, Woods is long in the tooth and not a guy you can count on to play more than 50% of the snaps, but he’s a locker room and fan favorite. Cutting him to save a relatively minor amount of cap only mnakes sense if you have an upgrade coming in, especially when there are other moves you can make to free up a lot more space.

    I’m guessing A’Shawn Robinson or maybe Chris Wormley. Going into the draft without a NT on the roster would be poor strategy and go against everything they’ve done thus far – filling holes with upside vets so they are not forced to draft for need. I am certain they have multiple NT prospects in mind this year (Mazi Smith, Keannu Benton, Siaki Ika) but no way they are going to let a raw rookie or two be the answer in the middle of the line next year.

  13. PJ in Seattle

    Or maybe they have Jarran Reed penciled in for Nose? That wouldn’t be a stretch in a 3-4 base.

    • Steve Nelsen

      Jarran Reed played DE for Green Bay’s 3-4 last year and played well. Whoever the NT is for Seattle, he isn’t on the roster right now.

      • Roy Batty

        God it would be such a typical Seahawk blunder to move a guy from a position he played well to a position he doesn’t play.

        • Elmer

          I think they are smarter than that. Their draft board might look different than we all are thinking. Their actions seem to point to something like that.

          • PJ in Seattle

            I am really hoping they have a true NT signing up their sleeve. Agreed that moving players out of position would be a very Seahawk move and not a good one. I am certain they have a lot of ideas and DL prospects for this draft, but I just can’t see them relying 100% on rookies to come in and fill the middle of the line. That’s what leads to reaches as well – desperation to fill a hole when the guys you thought would be there are gone.

            Still, Reed and Jones are a major upgrade and we’ll be much stouter if they both stay healthy all season, regardless of what we’re fdoing at nose.

            • Steve Nelsen

              The only two Nose Tackles I see in free agency are Linval Joseph and maybe Ndamakong Suh. I don’t know that either played any better last year than Al Wood or would sign for much less than the $3.6M Seattle saved from cutting Wood.

              Wood was 36 and has been released before so I guess I shouldn’t have been as surprised as I was.

              I like Mazi Smith but Seattle has never prioritized drafting big run-stuffing NT types. If they actually use an early pick on a NT and a QB and a Center it might be a sign of the apocalypse.

          • 509 Chris

            That’s what I’m thinking. I think d line at 5 just became a bit more likely. We might be surprised soon though. This entire free agency period has been pretty surprising to be honest.

        • Mr drucker in hooterville

          Maybe there is a basketball player they want to put at NT? (Old Pete)

          • Steve Nelsen

            Well Jerrod Clark was a state champion basketball player in HS. So…you might be right.

  14. Big Mike

    Jamal Adams, the gift that just keeps on giving.

    Most of us here didn ‘t like the Dissly contract when it was made public. We were right. If we can see it, why can’t PCJS, or better yet, why are they blinded by loyalty to their guys? And really is it loyalty or stubborn refusal to admit mistakes and just move on?
    And for the love of God, just cut Adams post 6/1 and get it over with.

    • MountainHawker

      KJ gets it.

      • Peter

        To bad most of the fans are like “kj I luv ya…but ur an idiot.”

        I did like what kj described as costing himself millions. Fans think of it as the love of the game but older vets understand it as a business as well.

      • 509 Chris

        KJ is saying what the entire league is thinking. I can’t wait for everyone to be so shocked when Carter falls to the end of the 1st, maybe even the second round. Who shows up to their pro day out of shape honestly looking hungover.

    • Peter

      If I’m ever pushing back on the John hype train this trade screams all Pete but this cap hell weirdness is on the GM and their staff.

      Also it’s time ( been time,) to ’86 Adams.

      For folks with problems with the former qb…between the Malik pick and whole 2017 draft through the Adams trade if we weren’t winning around 10 games each year there would be no “in Pete and John we trust.” Almost back breaking decisions for a franchise that we are still not through with.

    • Gross MaToast

      It seems impossible that anyone in the entire franchise might hold even a sliver of optimism regarding Adams. “Disastrous” is too kind a word for his trip to and through the Seahawks. It’s highly unlikely that he’s ever “healthy” again.

      I would bet that he fails a physical and is processed 6/1.

      • Hawkhomer1

        I agree Gross MaToast. I would put money on him being a post June1 cut.

    • 509 Chris

      I don’t know if it’s just my perspective but sometimes it seems like all the major headaches the team are facing now can be traced back to the JA trade. Its not just the cap hit. Remember salivating over prospects in the last 2 drafts but knowing we didn’t have a 1st anyway. Even that 3rd would have been helpful that was the Creed Humphries draft. Imagine 3 guys still on rookie deals on the roster today.

  15. Romeo A57

    I am fine with not seeing Woods anymore. the Seahawks are in year 2 of a rebuild. In a classic rebuild you need to get rid of older players and bring in younger and cheaper options. The Seahawks still have an overall talent deficiency compared to the top teams. They are at least a year away from being a year away. I do not believe that this team would ever be a contender with Geno Smith as the starting QB.

    I am in the minority of fans that doesn’t care if the Seahawks win many games this season. The more games they lose the better, actually. The goal needs to be to keep building a solid roster and hopefully a franchise QB falls into your lap at some point.

    • AL

      See thats the misconception a lot of folks have, that their in a rebuild. They’re really not.

      What they are in is a bit of a mess brought about by they’re own poor team management. Bad drafts, bad trades and bad contracts have left this team devoid of talent for years. So what do they do every year, plug holes.

      We got lucky with lasts years draft, they had a lot of picks and were so lacking in talent it was almost impossible for them to have a bad draft.

      This years draft, well they’re trying to fix the defense in not such a great year to do so. Sure there are options, but with so many holes to fill on defense they may have to reach early in the draft to fill them. There goes BPA.

      Ah, another typical PCJS off season. May 2024

      • AlaskaHawk

        It is a rebuild. For the first time in years they replaced the starting quarterback with a transition quarterback, and started rebuilding the offensive line with two new tackles. This year they start rebuilding the defensive line and maybe find the quarterback of the future.

        I keep hoping they will stop spending on the big contracts and cut the exp
        Pensive players to give them cap space. They need to lay off using all their future cap. For at least a year so they can afford some better veterans.

  16. PJ in Seattle

    Kiper’s latest mock has us taking Richardson at #5 and JSN at #20. I would expect to see McDonald, Kancey, Mazi or Ade Ade with that native pick, but this is one of the more realistic mocks I’ve seen amongst the wonks.

    • Rob Staton

      Mel is seeing things the same way I am in the top five

      • Trevor

        He mentions Will McDonald as a likely option for the Hawks at 20 as well.

        Would love the too 5 to play out like you and Mel think Rob. Then add McDonald, White or Ade Ade at 20. Then DT and C in round 2.

        • Peter

          Frankly anyone really besides JSN. A slot reciever at pick #20? No thanks.

    • Big Mike

      For those of you without a Plus subscription, this will be on ESPN2 this afternoon at 2:00 PM Pacific time. Set your DVR if you’re interested.

      • Peter

        Thanks my friend.

    • TomLPDX

      The dude is ripped! Loved when Fluker was on the team.

      • Roy Batty

        The Fluker/Lockett comedy duo had its moments.

  17. Trevor

    Any update on Bryan Mone injury situation?

    • Steve Nelsen

      The last report I saw was that his recovery was complicated because of the severity of the injury. He is not expected to be able to play when players report for physicals. In fact, the question will be whether he can be expected to play at all in 2023. Based on the results of his physical when it happens, Seattle may move forward with an injury settlement at that time.

      I don’t think there is an expectation of any further medical information until his team physical.

  18. IDhawk

    Is the Jamal Adams trade and contract JS/PC’s worst roster move? At least with Percy Harvin they cut bait relatively quickly. Ditto for Malik McDowell.

    • Peter

      The entire 2017 draft fiasco was worse than Adams. Only because missing on McDowell then wasting three picks on safety in one draft carried on with one year rentals on Clowney, Sheldon richardson, and made its last stop at the Jamal Adams trade.


    Reading FG there is a question as to IF you can cut Adams since he ended the season on IR. Does anyone know if it is even possible or does he first have to pass a physical?

    • cha

      No he does not.

      See my answer to Jabroni-DC a couple comments down.

      • MCOHAWK

        Thank you!

  20. Roy Batty

    Brock and Henderson making a good point on the Love signing.

    Adams is nowhere near ready and will be sidelined well into the Summer.

    Will he be back before week one? Probably not.

    It’s too bad that they created this situation they are currently in, just as Rob stated. Desperation breeds desperate decisions. Now they are paying the price.

    Just move on and put this whole debacle in the rear view mirror. Continue the rebuild with Love. Draft a replacement for Diggs for 2024.

    Just keep moving forward.

    • Mo Fafflebap

      On the same show, Brady Henderson felt strongly that we were going to re-sign Shelby Harris, not Poona. It’s a better scheme fit to begin with, and there’s a level of familiarity playing alongside Dre’Mont.

      • Paul G

        Brock also disagreed with w/ Mel & Rob that the Hawks would take Richardson at #5 if he was available. He couldn’t get past AR’s completion percentage and the idea of someone you take at #5 not playing next year.

        • Peter

          Weird how Brock is a little older than me and somehow doesn’t remember a time when qbs sat for a year.

          I think it’s a far superior plan to bank on no qbs then in about two seasons have to drop multiple picks at the position.

          • Roy Batty

            Or limp along in mediocrity with a succession of middling QBs…for a very long time.

  21. Jabroni-DC

    Maybe someone will be willing to take a pay cut?
    Don’t know where else to squeeze out any cap space.

  22. Jabroni-DC

    Question for cha or someone in the know.
    Can the Seahawks cut Adams with a post June 1 designation while he is hurt?

  23. GrittyHawk

    Horrible new Daniel Jeremiah mock draft to get angry at. Carter is bad enough, but Addison at 20? BLEH. Also seems like the groupthinkers have been collectively mocking a slide into the teens for Levis, which makes no sense to me. It’s not like he has done anything to hurt his stock. Then he has Hooker at 23 and Joe Tippman at 25… I think he got bored after the top 15 and started just picking random players or something. Also wild to me how he went from “I’ve never watched Keion White” to “Keion White might be the best defender in the draft” and then back to not even mocking him in the first round in a matter of weeks. Honestly I don’t know how anyone can take this guy seriously.

    • Rob Staton

      Also wild to me how he went from “I’ve never watched Keion White” to “Keion White might be the best defender in the draft” and then back to not even mocking him in the first round in a matter of weeks.

      Says everything you need to know

      And nobody ever brings any of this up

      • Peter

        I’m glad guys like Jeremiah exist.

        The living embodiment of the idea that there ate tons of people doing jobs that are not better at them simply because they are there and the royal you are not in those positions.

        • Zorn Is King

          Corbin Smith put out a wretched mock recently too…

        • Big Mike

          The living embodiment of the idea that there ate tons of people doing jobs that are not better at them simply because they are there and the royal you are not in those positions.

          So like most weather forecasters then?

          • Peter

            Steve pool and his dulcet tones do not like this post.

            • Big Mike

              Neither did Matt Zaffino and his Brillo hair

    • Jordie

      R Wilson on CBS has us taking Carter at #5 (Levis goes to Riaders via Lions at #6) and O’Cyrus Torrence at #20. Rob has a 4th round grade on Torrence!!!!
      And when you watch him with Rick Spielman you realise why the Vikes have been soo average! 🙂

      Josh Edwards has us taking Anderson at #5 after a QB run 1-4. Then JSN at #20… Not quite so horrific here!

      • Mr drucker in hooterville

        How does Spielman still get paychecks on football-related work?

      • Peter

        Jsn has short arms and probably not deep speed. How is that a good pick at 20?

        • Frank

          I like him because of having really good agility testing, technical refined route running, great awareness finding the open spot over the middle, production, hands, and the fact he’s had a ton of reps in the slot, Where DK and Lockett are outside guys. I don’t know if he’s a hard no for the Seahawks because of a lack of deep speed, or if the Texans don’t pair him with CJ Stroud to pull a Burrow/Chase move. You’re probably right that it’s not the best use of resources and not very likely , but in my opinion there are worse choices that could be made.

    • wilson502

      Jalen Carter at 5? FOH 0/10 Dumpster fire mock. Theres no way we pass up Will Levis if hes available.

  24. Gross MaToast

    Triggered, I revisited the 2017 Seahawk draft:

    2/35 Malik McDowell. DT
    2/58 Ethan Pocic. “C”
    3/90 Shaquill Griffin. CB
    3/95 Lano Hill. S
    3/102 Nazair Jones. DT
    3/106. Amarah Darboh. WR
    4/111 Tedric Thompson. S
    5/170 Forfeited
    6/187 Mike Tyson. S
    6/210 Justin Senior. T
    7/226. David Moore. WR
    7/249. Chris Carson. RB


    • Gross MaToast

      Intended as a reply to Peter at 7:51.

      • Peter

        Last year’s draft ruled.

        But as other commenters have mentioned part of the reason why you end up with so many contributors in one draft…is by doing what you listed here.

        Center in quotes duly noted since he played both guard spots.

    • Simo

      Not to great! The best pick may have very likely been the last one. Excellent value from a very late R7 pick, but the rest of the picks not so good!

      • Peter

        Then look up 2018 + 2019.

        Very hopeful for a great draft this year. Tons of names I’m interested in. But….I remain fairly cautiously dubious.

        • Simo

          Yep, they strung together a number of very poor drafts, and that’s why there’s in this position now. Last year’s draft appears to have been excellent so far, but you can’t truly or accurately judge a draft’s success until a few years down the road.

          I’m also optimistic for this year’s draft, as it does seem like their approach has changed following those poor draft years. Or perhaps John has final say now, either way the result has been much improved!

    • Carl

      At least we made 2 good picks in the 7th round

  25. Blitzy the Clown

    However, the $18m that’s on the books today — when placed alongside the fact they’d already decided to pay Adams $18m this year — is seriously questionable.

    Typical British understatement.

    I’ll come out and say it, $18m for two safeties isn’t seriously questionable. It’s roster and salary cap malpractice.

    And another thing about Diggs…

    If he really wants to improve the team the way he’s doing from his easy chair on twitter, he can take himself over to VMAC and offer to restructure/renegotiate his crippling cap hit.

    • Big Mike

      And another thing about Diggs…

      If he really wants to improve the team the way he’s doing from his easy chair on twitter, he can take himself over to VMAC and offer to restructure/renegotiate his crippling cap hit.

      This, X1000. Don’t tell me Diggs, show me.

      • 509 Chris

        The best thing about Twitter is you could say this to him. Well I can’t because I don’t really do all that and I’m guessing you don’t either, but someone who does Twitter could tell him.

        • Big Mike

          Yeah I don’t do social media but it would be great if someone suggested this to him. He’d likely just ignore it anyway.

          • Blitzy the Clown

            I told him, it’s your salary dude

      • Mick

        To be fair, he’s getting comments on the tone “they need to pay you and Adams to be average”.

        • Big Mike

          Glad to hear it. Guess I can say at least he is average. Adams ain’t even close.

    • DaveYoung

      AMEN to that.

  26. line_hawk

    They have always prioritized loyalty over financial prudence. There are plenty of examples even before this year(Kam, Marshawn, Earl come to mind). The difference was that in the past, the players who they kept were difference makers but recently they are keeping mediocre players just for loyalty. This seems to me the PC approach.

    Since signing the Fangio disciples however, it looks like they haven’t done this. Maybe PC is delegating more personnel decisions to JS and isn’t as attached to the players on a day to day basis. But it looks like they could have paid guys like Penny, Homer, Barton just to keep them around but they passed on them. Hopefully, JS can take the reins and make more financially prudent decisions. It’s bit of a speculation on my part.

  27. cha

    Slightly less than Washington paid Cody Barton

    Brady Henderson
    LB Devin Bush’s one-year contract with the Seahawks is worth $3.5M with $2.99M guaranteed, per source. He got a $1.25M signing bonus, a $1.74M base salary (fully guaranteed) and $510K in per-game roster bonuses.
    7:29 AM · Mar 21, 2023

    • Rob Staton

      That’s more than I was expecting

      • Hawk Finn

        Isn’t it always, though? It always seems that this FO overpays, Geno contract aside

        • hoggs41

          I was reported to be $4m so Im pleasantly surprised its $500k less.

  28. Orca

    I’d like them to bring Big Al back later for less money, wouldn’t be the first time. And I really hope they’ll manage to restructure both Diggs’ and Adams’ contracts to take care of that wretched cap space situation.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s not plausible

      His dead cap hit is $1.75m and the saving $3.6m. Unless he’s coming back for a million dollars, it just doesn’t add up

      • Orca

        True, it’s probably wishful thinking. Speaking of… do you think that Adams and/or Diggs would be open to restucturing their contracts?

        • Carl

          They would both gladly restructure, meaning converting salary to bonus, this would make cutting them next year more painful however. They still might have to do it with Diggs to sign our rookie class. Restructures as reported are never the player doing a favor for the team, they are the team putting more money on the cap credit card increasing future cap hits for relief in current year.

          If a player reduces his compensation to remain with the team it is only to avoid getting cut.

      • Chris

        Now that he’s been cut, it’s a sunk cost. He should be thought of like any other free agent. Not saying to resign him, but he should go back into whatever poorly constructed FA decision algorithm John uses (or doesn’t have to begin with).

        • Rob Staton

          That’s fine but if he costs collectively the same as he did before there was no point cutting him

          • Orca

            True! Let’s hope they’ll get Mazi Smith in the draft 😉

            BTW… thank you, Rob, for putting so much time and effort into this, providing us with much appreciated information and insight!

            • Rob Staton

              Thank you

  29. DW

    New Joel Seedman exercise just dropped, would encourage you all to check it out for a good laugh.

    • olyhawksfan

      Breaking news: Younghoe Koo To miss start of season. Reports indicate he dropped a 120 lb barbell on his face.

    • KD

      Dude, what ever happened to just running, swimming, doing sit ups and lifting like a normal person?

  30. 509 Chris

    Is this team stuck in the shadow of the LOB? That was a team that had 2 generational talents at safety and was right to pay them top of the market deals. Now I feel like Pete is stuck on that model and has way over prioritized the safety position where the rest of the league has decided a stout pass rush and good corners is where to spend the resources. I can only hope they’ve seen the mistakes made and will rectify going forward. Love is spent money but could be the pathway to move off of Diggs. He also can play nickel so maybe Bryant goes back to the outside and develops there while competing with Jackson.

    • Big Mike

      But what’s weird he said himself not too long ago that Safety wasn’t a top position (paraphrase). Makes no sense.

  31. Blitzy the Clown

    Tony Pauline @TonyPauline

    Will McDonald/Iowa State pro day forty times: 4.62 to 4.65 seconds……
    Wearing a short sleeve hoodie during his runs!!!

    10:47 AM · Mar 21, 2023

    That’s what Anderson ran.

    You’d think a hoodie is bad apparel for a 40.

  32. cha

    Have any of the Seahawk DL from 2022 that are available had so much as a free agent visit or been even reportedly linked with interest to any team?

    • Blitzy the Clown


      Jeff Simmons @realjeffsimmons

      It’s pretty telling that every DL that played meaningful snaps for the Seahawks last season remains unsigned and available on the free agent market.

      8:32 AM · Mar 21, 2023

    • Simo

      I thought I saw where Poona had some interest by the Bills, although it must not have ended in a deal.

  33. Madmark

    No money and only 10 picks. It looks like JS really going to need to hit this draft just right.
    Needs: Defense
    2 right DE, 2 NT, 1inside LB, 1 CB, and 1 edge.
    Needs: Offense
    1 C, 2 RB, 1 WR and I’d throw in TE
    If we are using to fill spots we will need a couple more draft picks. The thing is I don’t think this defense will get any worse than 26th overall.

    • Gaux Hawks

      I’d simplify our needs to:

      Defense – DE, NT, LB
      Offense – QB, C, RB

      I’m not panicking (yet), but I’m also guilty of assuming we’d have signed an NT by 12:00 this afternoon.

      • Madmark

        One thing about this draft is everyone picked is going to get a chance to play. Trying to work trade pick up more picks to fill holes and get our guys. The draft starts with Vikings trade 23 and 87 for 20. Trade Saints 23 and 2024 7th for 29 and 71. Trade Buffalo 52 for 58 and 129. Trade Jaguars 87 for 88 and 2024 5th. So here’s how it went.
        5 Anthony Richardson QB of the future.
        29 Darnell Washington TE after next year he may be the only TE on the team cheap.
        37 John Michael Schmitz center we don’t have.
        58 Keenu Benton NT Smith and this guy is really good.
        71 Christopher Smith ll FS this a Safety that plays Digg spot who we may move on from next year.
        83 Bryon Young DE Not flashy just does job and can start right away. 3 down player.
        88 Zach Harrison Edge I missed out earlier but guy freak that Seattle likes.
        123 Tyjae Spears RB I got one like to see Leanard Fornette FA for the other.
        129 Ventrill Miller LB filling one spot
        151 Riley Moss CB I 3 players here if this guy isn’t.
        154 Karl Brooks DE takes over passing downs for Young and need be Young moves to other DE spot.
        198 P.J. Mustipher NT that’s 2
        237 Nikki Remigio WR/ return specialist
        And I got a Jax’s 2024 5th and lost 2024 7th.
        Defense: I got 2 NT, 2 DE, LB, CB, Edge and S.
        Offense: I got QB, C, TE, RB, and WR/Returner
        No G, 1 RB, 1 WR, just to many spots to fill.

    • Ben

      Been thinking about Noah Sewell’s fit while reviewing linebackers. He’s got an old school MLB profile at 250. However notes regarding his pass rush success rates the past two years in the 20-30% range got me thinking.

      He’s powerful. He showed it in the bench press and he plays very physical even if he isn’t the most explosive. He can rock college offensive lineman back and he’s been playing at 19-20 years old. It’s interesting to apply Schneider’s comments regarding projections, and Rob’s great interview with McCloughan talking about guys having to get stronger once in the league. Is Sewell really maxed out already? Or does he actually have more gains?

      His combine was relatively disappointing for a MLB.

      6 1 1/2, 246, 31 5/8 arms, 10 inch hands.
      40 time: 4.64, 1.57 split.
      Vertical 33” vertical
      Broad: 115”
      Bench: 27 Reps

      He’s not a sideline to sideline guy, he’s middle of the pack explosively, etc. He’s relatively stiff in coverage but again he’s playing at near 250, much different than most linebackers in this draft.

      The thing that got me is Sewell looks remarkably similar to Nwosu from an athletic profile. His 1.57 split at 246 is more than adequate, it’s elite. Nwosu’s combine was 6’ 2”, 250, 33 inch arms, 4.65 40, 1.63 split, 32” vert, 119” broad, 20 reps bench press.

      He showed some pass rushing savvy on tape (albeit limited viewing on my part), strong get off, being able to bend the edge and vary speeds. He can handle setting an edge. He’s got good instincts for batting balls down.

      We’ve got a new pass rush specialist coaching in Brandon Jordan.

      So with all that, could Sewell actually be an OLB for the Seahawks? He could fit as run stopping specialist with room to develop pass rush? He can clearly set the edge and would play in coverage better than our most of our current OLB room. At 6’ 1.5” and 31 5/8 arm length, he’s not prototypical, but Nwosu has been more than fine and he’s got the burst.

      He’d still have the flexibility to play as an inside linebacker. If he’s around in the third or fourth, seems he could be a more interesting fit than I thought.

      • Ben

        Replying sure is hard!

        The good thing is: no money cause we seemingly spent it pretty well (at least in this FA).

        Hopefully they don’t have to draft by need much, but I wouldn’t complain if they picked up a few more picks.

      • Madmark

        I think if you played this guy I start him at strong inside LB spot which is on the left side. To big for the weak inside LB spot on the right. Need more speed for that position.

    • Roy Batty

      Eff the needs, still go BPA.

      This is a long game they should be playing.

      • Peter

        Thankfully if they don’t over think that need and bpa can meet at a lot of positions.

      • 509 Chris

        Totally agree. We don’t expect a superbowl this season. Just bring a competitive squad out every week and a more competent D.

  34. Bballin

    Malik McDowell guaranteed money: 4.1 million
    5 overall projected guaranteed money:34 million

    Yes they’ve taken character risks, but Jalen carter would be 8x the guaranteed money. Totally different level of risk than that pick.

  35. Blitzy the Clown

    Lots of chatter about Hendon Hooker sneaking into the back end of R1. Some say it’s because he’s that good, others say it’s because he’s the 5th and last starting potential QB in the draft.

    Either way, if Baltimore ends up tagging Lamar for the season, which looks increasingly likely, I wonder if they’re his floor.

    • BK26

      I did see a mock of him going to the Vikings. Wouldn’t be a horrible idea. Sooner or later they are going to get rid of Cousins when they can. He’s not talented enough for even the second round, but some team with a VERY specific situation could try and get that 5th year included.

      • Osprey

        If he’s physically unable to play year one, don’t you get an additional year anyway since it doesn’t accrue?

        • cha

          You don’t, but it does change his free agency status in Year 5 to RFA (like Darrell Taylor next year).

          The team would be able to tender him for far less on the RFA than the 5th year first round option or the Franchise Tag.

  36. cha


    Mike Garafolo
    The #Falcons are planning to host veteran DL Calais Campbell on a free-agent visit this week, sources say. Campbell was recently released by the #Ravens, who kept the door open for his return. But in the meantime, the 15-year veteran will meet with Atlanta.

  37. Hawkhomer1

    When I look at the roster and the available players in the draft I wonder if we will see a switch back to a 4-3 defense. Brian Mone is the only NT on the roster and he will not return to start the season. This draft really only has about 4 NT’s in it. Mazi Smith and Siaki Ika being the only ones who are kinda for sure contributors. I know you cannot change a defense overnight but I am starting to feel that the 3-4 experiment has already run its course. Thoughts?

    • Rob Staton

      They’ve already made it clear they aren’t switching

      • Hawkhomer1

        That is disappointing. Seems like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.

        Then do you foresee any NT’s being around to add after June 1? I am 60% sure we cut Adams then. That question probably also hinges on the draft, but like you, counting on rookie DL’s to meaningfully contribute in year one seems like a recipe for disaster.

        • AlaskaHawk

          I think part of the problem and a reason for going 3-4 is there aren’t enough good defensive linemen in the league. They are having a hard enough time fielding 3 good linemen plus substitutes when they get tired or injured. It also gives you that extra pass protector who could be paid less.

          Maybe they think differently about the situation but the facts are that the old crew wasn’t making tackles and I don’t think that would change no matter what formation they are in.

          • Hawkhomer1

            I understand the reasoning. It also allows for a larger pool of guys at outside linebacker, Far easier to find quick guys at 240-260 than quick guys at 280+. The thing is it puts a real premium on finding a couple 320+ NT guys who can hold up to double teams in the middle and then needing a few 300lb guys as DT’s. Otherwise you just get washed by teams with even a decent run game.

            In a 3-4 the NT really becomes the key. If you don’t have that big in the middle you really can’t make up for that. Then it really puts pressure on the middle linebackers. Which we are woefully understaffed at as well.

            • OTS

              You can play a one gap 3-4 like Wade Phillips. Fangio isn’t running a much straight two gap 4T/OT/4T.

              The personnel changes suggest to me that they’ll move to more single gap under sets (5T, 1T, 3T, OLB/exLEO) instead of trying to run a straight up 0T two-gapping nose tackle. They’ll probably ask the 5T to move to 4T on run downs and two gap as they have in the past instead of doing that as much at nose. In other words, I’m not sure a classic nose tackle is going to figure heavily in 2023.

              Rob suggested yesterday they’d emphasize three safety sets and it’s hard to argue that looking at the dearth of LB on the roster and the Love signing.

              The problem I see is that that the OLB last year were terrible setting edges and then you’re asking a lot physically of guys like Diggs (198lbs), Love (195lbs), Neal (200lbs), and Adams (215lbs) to support the run in place of LB’s.

              I don’t want to be negative, but I have a hard time seeing how this group gets much better at stopping the run.

  38. DougM

    We really need a good slot receiver though. JSN and Downes are the 2 best and they may not be there at 37. We can focus on D line in round 2.

    • DougM

      Should have been a response to Peter way back

    • Peter

      I respectfully disagree.

      We have a thin dline. I’m super into using some combination of picks 20-50’s on two dlinemen.

      A slot reciever at 20 feels very high to me. I’d prefer mingo later or someone with upside to be the heir to Lockett in the future.

      • Peter

        On JSN we don’t even know if he’s traditional straight line fast. And tge seahawks place that trait as an important one.

        • hoggs41

          Id still prefer Mingo. Feels right for this system.

          • Peter

            Wouldn’t hurt my feelings to get mingo in the second. Dude feels really slept on.

        • DougM

          Kupp doesn’t have straight line speed but ran a 4.08 short shuttle. You need short area quickness to create separation. That’s why he had an 84.8% catch rate in 2021.

  39. Brennan

    A’Shawn Robinson would still look pretty good stacked between Jones and Reed on that D-line. Hope the Hawks can pull that off.

  40. sammyd03

    Doubt Adams would get 8.5 million on the open market right now. I would rather have a healthy Chauncey Gardner-Johnson. Need to move on from Adams especially after signing Julian Love. I would like to see the hawks move some money forward by re-working Lockett’s contract. Diggs can be cut next year for big savings. Cant talk about fixing the d line then not back it up with signing solid vets to fit their scheme.

  41. Griffin

    Since cutting Al Woods doesn’t save that much money is he even a cap casualty? Or are they letting him go because he wasn’t good enough. My thought is this is the same team who decided to pay nick bellore $4 million. Or pay Devin Bush $3million. Each of those signings cost more than they saved by cutting woods. Not to mention I’m sure they could have restructured someone’s contract to find a couple of million if they really wanted to keep him and since they didn’t do that he obviously wasn’t that important to their plan, and I find interesting and it makes wonder what the plan is.

  42. Brett

    LJ Collier signing in AZ and being the first Seattle DL to sign somewhere else just shows how much draft pedigree goes into decision making.

    • Brett

      I guess signing for veteran minimum helps too.

    • cha

      Well the Cardinals can trade down now, they don’t need to draft Will Anderson.

      • Wilson502

        Love the heavy sarcasm here.

        • TomLPDX

          HaHaHa! Nailed it!

    • Madmark

      He will backup for Anderson.

  43. Benny Bee

    Rob, as you look over the current roster do you see any other players the Hawks could cut that would give us a bit more cap space? Is it reasonable to ask the players that Pete and JS signed to inflated contracts to do a restructure on their contracts for the sake of the team?
    For example Adam’s and Diggs and Dissly. It would seem that if these players truly want Pete and John to put together a roster that will be a winner in 2023-2024 then would they should be willing to take one for the team?

    • Rob Staton

      The only cut is Adams post June 1

      Apart from that they would need to restructure deals

      • Madmark

        Looks like we need minimum league contract players to fill spots and depth. What the league minimum anyway?

      • Brett

        I don’t think Adams is the type of player who would willingly do it, but I think Seattle has the most leverage with him in asking a player to take a paycut. They’ve paid him $35M the last two years and he’s hardly played any games. Meanwhile, the safety market has been underwhelming and he won’t get anything close to what he’s getting now if he were cut. If I were the Seahawks FO I would tell him he can take a $8.4M paycut and if he balls out they’ll absolutely be open to having him back with the ability to earn $34M the next two years; or he can get cut so they can save the same amount and good luck to him in getting a new deal that would get close to what he has now.

      • glor

        Or trade Noah, there are TE’s in this draft that could be had for a much cheaper rookie contract.

  44. BK26

    Kenneth is kind of firing shots. Turns out that because you said that Carter wasn’t going to Seattle, that you have a biased, one-sided opinion Rob. And he has said that Levis isn’t good, despite what he says.

    The rest of the article is behind a paywall, but it started with Nolan Smith being an option at 5. Sounds like I’m missing a lot…. This is getting a little eerie with other pages….

    • Peter

      How is Rob biased? He’s mocked Carter to Seattle many times until recently.

      Now, Me. I am biased. And the first time I read Carter was the next Tez I went full inspector clousseau on him and have been trying to find where those two circles ever meet in a venn diagram.

      They don’t turns out.

      • BK26

        Everyone has a narrative on Rob and stuff like the fact that he mocked Carter for the longest time doesn’t matter. I don’t get why people can’t open up their thinking. It’s too “they’re wrong or negative, blah blah blah, it’s all sunshine and flowers, don’t talk negative about my Grandpa Pete and Uncle John.” At this point, they aren’t going to draft Carter period. It’s sad that the only reason that people are now ok passing on him is because KJ said the team needs to.

        For Kenneth, I really think that because his Grayson McCall take didn’t land and Levis shot up boards all year, that he took it personally, like Rob vs. him.

    • Brett

      Kennth is a hack and I find it hilarious that he’s running the Rams SB Nation blog. Field Gulls hasn’t gotten close to what they were with Danny Kelly, but the period that Kenneth ran it was definitely the low point.

      • BK26

        Danny taught me more about football than anyone else in a few short articles, especially about what the Seahawks wanted to do.

        Kenneth created the whole “running backs don’t matter” and then fed it for years. It was kind of hard to read him defend Walker last year knowing that. His stuff can be good when it is just about football. But he has troubles not excluding anything else and for some reason likes to take shots to defend his point. And writing an article every day for 3 years definitely waters it down. It shouldn’t be a selling point.

        • Brett

          His gag of asking the opponent’s blog editor if they had heard of Michael Dickson literally every week for the 5 Q&As was where I lost interest and respect.

      • 509 Chris

        I don’t know anything about who runs field gulls but I know the content has gone way down hill. I don’t think I’ve even gone on there in 2 or 3 years. Do they still have a link to SDB?

        • BK26

          Yup. Every. Single. Day.

      • dand393

        Kenneth is an absolute pigeon, he has some sort of weird obsession with talking about Rob

    • Rob Staton

      Kenneth can f**k off

  45. Thomas

    Can they trade a low pick for cap space? They could probably find a way to do that after the draft. They could trade Dissly if they draft a TE. They’d still be thin, but maybe.

    Otherwise it’s looking a bit like they have to draft one of two centers and one of a two nose tackles early. If JMS goes before 20 they’ll take Wypler at 20. If Mazi Smith goes before 20, maybe they’ll take Pickens at 20 (or Carter?). If a center and NT are off the board, they’ll take whoever is better between the two and REACH at 37.

    I’m not challenging your analysis Rob, but I can just see them talking themselves into Carter at 20 if they continue to have such a big hole on the D-Line. I wouldn’t do it, but if they feel a ton of pressure for a nose tackle… well we might take Carter at 20. They’re already gambling as it is by releasing Woods.

    • Hawktalker#1

      Carter? Not sure if you really want to ask Rob that Q.

    • BK26

      That’s not a gamble. That’s just burning the money.

  46. Trevor

    Will McDonald

    3 cone 6.60 is crazy good for an edge rusher

    Short Shuttle of 4.21 is solid as well.

    Combine those with a 36” Vert and 11 ft Broad and you have the explosive / agility edge rushers need to be great. He has the best bend around the arc of any prospect I have seen coming out of college.

    • Volume12

      That 3 cone time is insane. He’d have the record for a DE. Beat Bruce’s time of 6.70

      • Trevor

        Not sure about his football instincts but athleticly he is the perfect 3-4 OLB edge rusher. Would love to see him in a Hawks uni. He looked like he was playing at a different speed at the Senior Bowl.

      • Brodie

        Insane is right. Jaxon Smith-Njigba was the fastest 3 cone at the combine this year at 6.57

    • Gaux Hawks

      …moving him out of our range

      • Mick

        Unless all QBs are gone and you take him instead of Anderson at 5.

  47. Volume12

    Jerrod Clark & Broderic Martin are 2 possible day 3 NT’s as well. Martin has great size @ 6’4 1/2, 337, 34 3/8″ arms.

    • Volume12


    • Rushless pass

      Pj Mustipher is another late round guy

      • Brodie

        Mustipher was dead last in just about every event (40, jumps, bench). Lance’s scouting report made it sound like he’d have a hard time even making an NFL team.

    • Madmark

      You know top 3 Nose Tackles these are 4 more
      Keonde Coburn Texas
      Jerrod Clark Coastal Carolina
      J.P. Mustipher Penn St
      Robert Cooper Florida State

      • Rob Staton

        Hard to get excited about any of them

  48. zezinho

    Do you think Al Woods is one of those cuts which results in him coming back on a more friendly contract?

    • God of Thunder

      This has been answered several times already but you didn’t read up👆🏼

      The answer is “no”.

  49. Palatypus

    NFLN has NFL Mock Draft Live on tonight at 7pm here in Pensacola.

  50. Hawktalker#1


    Is it possible to have you make a unique column on your big board for nose tackles?

    • Palatypus

      If you were going to do that, you might as well have columns for 1-tech, 3-tech, 5-tech, and wide 9, I think that would be a real headache.

      • Hawktalker#1

        NT is a unique position from DT and not every DT can or should play NT. Given we’re in a challenging position looking for the right NT at the moment, being able to see them individually would seem to have value, right?. According to your logic any DT can play NT and that’s not accurate, which is one reason we are where we are.

        • Palatypus

          Is it really necessary?

    • Rob Staton

      It wouldn’t be very big this year…

  51. 805Hawk

    Now I get it! I finally figured out why Daniel Jeremiah’s mock drafts are so awful and seem like he hasn’t scouted anyone. Yesterday he tweeted, “My goal for tonight- Study non-combine OL. What I’m really doing- listening to Spotify playlist of 80’s and 90’s duets. I don’t know what OG your team will pick in 7th rd but I can sing every word to Love Is by Vanessa WIlliams & Brian McKnight. I’ll do better tomorrow.”
    I think the same thing happened for every other position (combine or no combine), but he had a deadline to meet for his mock, so….

    • Rob Staton

      Funnily enough we had four days of that level of coverage at the combine

      No actual analysis. Just stuff like this and attempts at humour

      • Sean

        That combine coverage was so pathetic. They couldn’t be bothered to talk about many of the athletes because the ‘analysts’ made it about themselves and their dumb jokes. Disrespectful of those that tune in to watch and those guys out there competing.

  52. AlaskaHawk

    I was looking at over the cap dot com and had a few thoughts. After all of the Seahawks are willing to cut Woods, who else could be fired?

    Adams is an easy 8.4 Million, but let’s say they keep him.

    Eskridge has been injured 1.2 M
    Dee Jay Dallas – I like him but 1 M
    Joey Hunt, he’s still on the team? 0.94M
    That’s 3 Million for three offensive players in positions they will draft for anyway

    On defense two options are
    Bryan Mone 2.7 M
    Ryan Neal 2.6 M
    I like them both but if they really need cap that’s 5.3 M

    Of the players named, I would cut Adams, Eskridge and Hunt.
    Who would you cut ?

    • Palatypus

      Eskridge is cheap and might be good eventually.

      • Hoggs41

        Remember though, for everyone you cut from top 51 someone has to be sdded in the top 51. Yes you cut $3m but you add back $1.5m which only nets you $1.5m. Not really worth it.

      • AlaskaHawk

        They will draft more wide receivers and they will be competing with Eskridge. I don’t see a bright future for him

    • Mr. Drucker in hooterville

      what do we get for cutting Dissly? Trading him preferred.

    • BobbyK

      You don’t actually “save” 1M by cutting Dallas though. His replacement won’t be free and minimum salary for a rookie is over $700K. You’re talking about a couple hundred thousand. That’s not significant.

    • Hawktalker#1

      Dumping all our depth for a few bucks is a risky game, and JS is not about risk.

    • Brodie

      That’s not how it works though. If you cut Hunt, $940k comes off the books, but it gets replaced by the salary of whoever gets bumped into the top 51. You replace $940k with $750 for Wedington or whomever.

      Cutting Hunt nets you $190k in cap space and costs your backup center. Dallas, Eskridge are similarly meager savings.

      Mone isn’t healthy enough to cut AND he’s our only NT. None of these make any financial sense honestly.

      Extending Nwossu (who knows if he’s even open to that convo), doing something/anything about Jamal and Qandre… those are realistic moves that could help.

      Honestly, for all of the sunshine John pumps about their “Capologist”, it sure doesn’t seem like he’s done a very great job of structuring deals for us.

      • Wilson502

        To your last statement there, I almost wonder if there is a sentiment around the league where if youre a “JAG” go to the seahawks and theyll pay you more than your worth. It always seems like we overpay for medicore players.

        • Brodie

          Out of curiosity, I tried to look up the guys name that JS always mentions. I don’t know if it’s Trent Kirchner – I don’t think it is.

          The only one on the front office list of personnel with “salary cap” in his job title happens to be one Joey Schneider. Guess Pete’s not the only one who likes to dabble in a bit of nepotism.

          • Wilson502

            Nepotism is unfortunately pretty widespread throughout the league.

            • VanHawk

              I don’t understand what is unfortunate about that. It’s a pretty universal and historical practice for children to learn the trade of their parents. Jonsson and sons plumbing, for example

              • Wilson502

                Because, often they get put into positions just because they happened to strike the genetic lottery rather than actually doing it on their own merit.

                • Palatypus

                  And when it comes to the genetic lottery, inbred families ping pong balls just don’t bounce right.

                • VanHawk

                  Not often the case, especially in NFL. Quite a petty complaint based on no evidence

                  • Peter

                    I don’t know I think you two are in the middle somewhere.

                    Kyle Shanahan started coaching on his own as a graduate assistant. Spent 6-7 years in the grind and then joined his dad.

                    On the other hand. Nate carrol literally joined the seahawks at around 22-23 and has been a scout…okay not bad. Then held coaching positions. And is still here as senior offensive assistant.

                    Both have a little or a lot of luck too them. But in Carroll’s case he just got the chance because literally, his dad.

  53. dand393

    I saw a report that both Pete and John are both going to strouds pro day I feel that’s a good sign I’m hoping they both go to all four QB pro days

    • Rob Staton

      I bet they’ll do all four

      • Steve Nelsen

        Yes. This is a franchise-altering decision. They will want to talk to each of them too.

        • Wilson502

          This is why even if AZ takes Tyree Wilson and Anderson is there at 5, If Richardson is on the board you take the damn QB. You aren’t getting another chance at this. Punting on a QB in a top heavy QB class is a blunder of epic proportions.

          • Big Mike


        • Palatypus

          But who will win the staring contest with the Shneid?

  54. Steve Nelsen

    So all the D-line starters from last year are gone. We have 2 new starting DEs but no depth behind them. We’ve got one starting Edge coming back, plus Taylor and one starting ILB when he’s healthy. We also have a backup Edge (Mafe) coming back and one more ILB signed in FA. You could add another Edge and you need another ILB but the Edge/LB group looks pretty solid, especially in comparison to the D-Line group. It looks to me like the “Front-7 rebuild” has become a “complete D-Line rebuild.”

    Unless they free up enough cap space to sign some FA D-Linemen, I think they need to add 3-4 in the draft.

    I know you think 10 picks is enough Rob but if Bryce Young is the player left at 5, I would look to trade back (as far as 12-15 where they can still get Ade Ade) and add some Day 2 picks. I’d use 20 for D-Line too (Kancey?) and use a Day 3 for a 3rd guy. They can add a NT on Day 3.

    This is a total D-Line overhaul and they only have 2 of the 6 parts they need.

    • Rob Staton

      But they don’t just need bodies to fill out a spreadsheet

      They need talent

      They need stars

      Trade down every year, get a thousand picks

      Eventually you need to actually get some really good players who can be difference makers

      Imagine watching Bryce Young lead his team to the SB while we’re sat there with a padded out roster and our seventh seed finish discussing which R3 quarterback we might get to compete with Geno

      • Wilson502

        Yeah I still see so many in the fanbase and even media still pushing this dumpster fire take. Hell Joe Fann just put out that dumpster fire of a suggestion on 710sports.

      • Steve Nelsen

        I don’t see picks in the 12-15 range or Day 2 as padding out the roster. Seattle got a starting OT and a ROY feature back on Day 2 last year. They could easily add a starting C and a WR3 plus an ILB and maybe a starting TE on Day 2 but then there are no new bodies for the D-Line.

        I totally understand your point about watching Bryce Young though.

        • Rob Staton

          But you framed your comment in the context of the D-line is thin, trade down for more picks, in the process passing on a player who many think is the best QB in the draft

          I don’t want to tick off needs in this draft. I want to add quality at key positions. At #5 you are guaranteed one of Will Anderson or one of the top-four QB’s. Trading down just to be able to say you’ve added a WR3 or center in round two just doesn’t really cut it for me. That’s ticking off needs, not focusing on quality and making a pick that will carry this team to glory.

          • Dave

            Rob, I don’t think you’re framing the situation accurately unless you’re willing to assert that talented players can only be found in the first 5 spots of the draft. But your own draft board suggests otherwise.

            You already acknowledged that Anderson isn’t an elite player like Bosa and wouldn’t even go in the top 5 in other drafts.

            Chris Simms has Hendon Hooker as the third ranked quarterback. It’s quite possible the Hawks have their eyes on him. And if that’s the case, I could easily see them trade down to 12-15, pick up a very talented player, and obtain another 2nd round pick in the process. They could use that pick to draft a very *talented* center – not just another body – and still have two more picks in the 2nd round.

            Meanwhile they use pick #20 on Hooker if they don’t think he’ll last into the 2nd round.

            Lots of options. We should be open to all of them.

            • Peter

              Love Simms.

              But when asked about hooker being old in relation to beating up young talent Simms brushes it off.

              Then he thinks DTR is higher than levis. Now I like DTR. A lot. But DTR played with a mostly healthy in a five year system and legitimately Levis had one of the least talented power five roster.

              Does anyone know of a time where the Trade down worked for Seattle? I know they’ve used that capital to come back up and that player has worked. But has the actual first pick from a trade back worked? I really don’t know.

            • BK26

              Hooker isn’t close to the other 4. And he is older, hurt, and needs to learn a big-boy, NFL offense. He’ll be lucky to be ready in two years.

              Simms is wrong. He also said that Levis was the least athletic of the top 4 and Stroud’s decision making was easily the best. Both of those facts are flat out wrong. He also thought Zach Wilson would be better than Trevor Lawrence. His talent evaluation is comparable to his professional career.

              If they don’t get one of the 4, punt on the position. No one else compares. There are 5 elite, top end players. We pick at 5. Anderson is still up there and is the best besides the quarterbacks.

              I’m getting tired of saying this: they need to quit getting cute and trying to outsmart. That means no trading back. You have the pick for the talent, don’t trade it for 2 or 3 lesser picks with a lesser talent pool. They burned themselves from trying to accumulate picks as a main strategy. It’s one of the biggest reasons why they are in the position that they are in talent-wise. Take. The. Talent. Look at last year.

              They have changed their strategy. They have said what a gift this pick is and how rare it is for them. They aren’t going to do it. Not from 5.

              • wilson502

                I agree, if one of the 4 QBs is on the board (likely Richardson at 5), you CANNOT punt the opportunity and just settle for Will Anderson or Tyree Wilson. Above average edge rushers are much easier to find than long term answers at QB.

            • Rob Staton

              I’m not framing anything, I’m replying to the comment, which framed it in the context with which I replied

              And I think I’ve made it very clear that I really like Anderson and the top four QB’s. That I think they will do too. That trading down would not be worthwhile. I get a bit bored of the never ending ‘more picks’ stuff. They didn’t trade down a year ago for obvious reasons in the same scenario. They have 10 picks and trading down just to get more, picking weaker players? Been there, done that. Time to draft good players at key positions and build.

              And if they want Hooker at 20 god help us all

              • Mick

                I’ll be extremely disappointed if we trade down at 5. I’d much rather we reach for a player John and Pete think is worthy of being picked at 5, say Bijan Robinson or Will McDonald or Peter Skoronski.

                And I don’t get what advantage people see in bringing in a beat up QB who’s not ready to start and will likely have his rookie season when he’s 28. I hope we learned our lesson and stop bringing in injured players.

                • Dave

                  If trading down from 5 allows us to get another talented player in the second round, why the heck not?

                  Those against it assume talent cannot be found beyond 5. This is clearly not the case as Rob’s own board indicates.

                  As for Hendon, he’s been climbing up draft boards for a reason. I suspect he goes in the first round – second latest.

                  He turned 25 this year. Will Levis turns 24 in June. Age should not be a factor here.

                  • Dave

                    Reminder that Micah Parsons was chosen at #12 in the 2021 draft. Tristan Wirfs at #13 in 2020. If the Hawks think there’s a player just as good at 12-15 as top 5, they’ll have good reason to trade back.

                    Imagine getting two great players in round 1 and having 3 picks in round 2 to select another three great players.

                    If they’re not sold on the remaining quarterbacks at 5, they have to do it. And I think they will.

                    • Rob Staton

                      Great cherry picking there Dave


        • Peter

          Steve I like your thought process. But I would counter that last year when the cupboards were very bare and a bit more talent in the top 10, Seattle held fast with their picks.

          I don’t foundationally disagree with more shots.

          I’m just not convinced they would do it.

    • 509 Chris

      Unless anyone thinks the Hawks are winning the superbowl this year we can slow down a bit. There might be some weak spots on the roster this year, but no one planned on this being the final year of the rebuild. I said it earlier but the team just needs to keep trending up and look better on defense. Next off season we’re finishing up on a contender. That’s best achieved by grabbing the best player on the board within reason.

      • UkAlex6674

        There is never a final year in the development of a team. It’s an ongoing process and grind year in year out.

  55. line_hawk

    Given the crazy testing numbers plus flashes in college, what makes Will McDonald’s ceiling inferior to Will Anderson? If Anderson is available at 5, can they get down to 8-10 range & get anadditional second this year or first next year and still get McDonald?

    • Rob Staton

      Nobody will cough up a future first to move up about three spots to five

  56. DarrellDownUnder

    I fear PC/JS are going to add a couple FA journymen DL at cut downs on 1 year deals.
    Same ol’

    • Mick

      I mean that would be nothing if we didn’t overpay and made their contract in such a way that we gather dead cap when we finally figure out they’re no good.

      • Jeff

        It’s not nothing in that it leaves us in the same place next year: filling the same holes while more and more holes appear.

  57. samprassultanofswat

    Let’s face it. Because of the signing of Q Diggs and the trade and bloated contract given to Jamal Adams the Seahawks have put themselves into a deep salary cap hole. No way you can sugar coat it. Because of the Diggs/Adams deals the Seahawks are stuck.

    In regards to Adams. We are going to find out how committed he is to the Seahawks organization. Where is Adams going to rehab this off season? Is Adams going to train at the V-Mac? If not then “HIT THE ROAD! And don’t you come back no more no more. The Seahawks have been more than fair with Adams(financially). Adams needs to prove that he is committed to the Seahawks. We will see.

    • BK26

      This is why I see the process as about 2 years. Enough time to get the rookie quarterback and all of the other picks ready. If they are on it like they have been for the last calendar year, our roster could be as good as anyone else’s. Just need to cut off the dead weight and get the cap right. That will just take time. Geno prevents us from falling off the edge and keeping us competitive.

  58. UkAlex6674

    My view is yes Diggs and Adams contract wise have hamstrung us to a degree but I’d counter that with I think the FO – despite that – have done a good solid FA job so far this season.

    Darrell in a post above suggested that the FO will sign 1 or 2 journeymen on the D line on1 year deals. I’ve got no issue with that. It wasn’t long ago everyone was saying these are the sort of players/signings that Seattle have no problem getting.

    I’m also against trading down to gain a fistful of picks.

  59. Sea Mode

    Nagy reported an even better shuttle time for McDonald.

    Jim Nagy

    📈Iowa St. and @seniorbowl EDGE Will McDonald is making strong first round push.

    He was up 6 lbs from Combine to 245, ran 4.66, and posted absurd 4.09 SS & 6.79 3C times.

    Coaches were PIT (Tomlin), DAL, JAX, MIN, NO, & TEN.

    One NFL scout described his OLB workout as “freaky”.

    • Ukhawk

      Wow – Yes Please at 20!

      In line or better than, if accurate, TJ Watt, Micah Parsons, Montez Sweat, Brian Burns, Josh Allen, Von Miller

      Only Pitt & Tenn ahead of the 1-20 pick

      • Mick

        I guess with these stats he’s gone at 20, if you want him you have to trade up.

  60. Big Mike

    Since Seattle seemingly has no money left under the cap, would the 8+ million saved by cutting Adams post 6/1 cover draft picks and emergency fund?
    Asking for a friend.

    • Rob Staton

      They have $12m in cap space, $2.4m in effective cap space — before the Love signing comes onto the books.

      So they already have the picks/emergency fund covered

      The $8.4m by cutting Adams could be used on free agents

      I think they would’ve done it by now if they were going to do that. Suspect they are looking at other ways to free up money.

      • Ben

        I would hope, that Wilson’s bad year, the draft class and Geno’s good season would generate the goodwill, as well as Schneider’s press tour, that the media/fan hit of cutting Adams is greatly lessened.

        As I’d hoped last year, and continue to hope this year, is to remove Adams from the team and move on from that era entirely. Obviously there’s plenty of holdovers, but Adams represents a last gasp of the previous window. He’s hardly a part of the team at this point.

  61. dahveed

    It just shows as Brilliant as an evaluator JS is like anyone mistakes are made being too stubborn and doubling down on earlier gambles.
    That Aside the tear down on the DL has begun
    and is the result to those blunders in the backend ~albiet to Rob’s point they have severly handcuffed themselves and must turn to the draft and At this moment it sure looks like a Jalen Carter pick to fill that hole . The linbacker they just signed is not a blockbust , Ive never seen Bush shed a black however he is effective with angles if the Front is creating space.

    • Jeff

      What evidence is there that JS is a brilliant evaluator?

      LIke seriously, if you evaluate the totality of the evidence over the past decade it’s…. not pretty.

  62. dahveed

    meant to say shed a block.

  63. Jeff

    “Gabe Jackson is somehow taking up $4.8m in dead cap money”

    Recall that the Seahawks restructured him during the last season. They freed up $1.76 million by converting $3.5 million of his salary into a signing bonus.

    • Rob Staton

      What a great move 🤦‍♂️

  64. Jeff

    Something else I have noodled on: Schneider has a habit of signing free agents to one and two year deals, it’s rare that he ever goes beyond that. Do you think that’s been a problem? It seems to me that compounded with a decade of subpar drafting you’re in a situation where you’re just filling the same holes over and over again while new holes appear. There’s been a real inability to find stability at several position groups now and it’s haunting them.

    • Ben

      In theory it allows them to constantly fill new holes. Whatever hole pending FA or injury or bust leaves they can fill with a short term FA. And then the draft fills it long term. If a signing is a failure no loss, if the signing is good they can sign long term. And more importantly they can reward homegrown players and not lose them.

      On the negative side you limit upside. The benefit of a long term deal in my opinion is one of two things: 1. Spread the cost of a player and get surplus value now, the all-in if you will. 2. Sign a guy for an undermarket deal, that has value down the road. Had they signed Geno for two years last year, that’d sure have been awesome in retrospect!

      I’m bummed yearly when the Hawks don’t splurge more. But typically I’m okay the following year. That said, abstaining entirely from the high end FA inherently caps your upside. No one can draft consistently. And to win a Super Bowl you almost have to hit in multiple drafts AND spend smartly, leveraging the future to some degree.

  65. Avery Garmire

    I rewatched most of the games last year and often focused on the d line. I thought Poona was pretty terrible the year before last, but felt he was far and away the worst d lineman last year. He never gets real pressure and he often turns himself sideways and gets pushed offline easily on delayed runs and screens attempting rush. I thought he was just atrocious, in close contention with Barton for worst player on a very bad defense.

  66. Cougar

    Check out this tweet from Greg Doyl (Indy Star).

    Clear to me now: Colts GM Chris Ballard will trade down for Tennessee QB Hendon Hooker and more NFL Draft picks. Veteran Gardner Minshew at QB now, Hooker later, and more picks to plug holes. Brilliant, really:

    • Rob Staton

      That isn’t going to happen but it’s good for a laugh anyway

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