Wednesday draft notes: D-line & the QB pro-day tour

Derick Hall impressed at the Auburn pro-day

It’s always useful to look for trends among the top pro’s. While there are plenty of players who match the testing results and never amount to anything, it’s still a means of helping us identify who has the potential to be an impact player in the NFL.

Von Miller — 4.53 (1.62) at 246lbs (4.06 ss)
T.J. Watt — 4.69 (1.59) at 252lbs (4.13 ss)
Nick Bosa — 4.79 (1.62) at 266lbs (4.14 ss)
Joey Bosa — 4.77 (1.68) at 269lbs (4.21ss)
Khalil Mack — 4.65 (1.53) at 251lbs (4.18 ss)
Myles Garrett — 4.64 (1.63) at 272lbs (DNR ss)
Maxx Crosby — 4.66 (1.62) at 255lbs (4.13 ss)
Aaron Donald — 4.68 (1.59) at 285lbs (4.39 ss)

As we can see, the combination of burst/get-off (10-yard split) and agility (short shuttle) is an indicator of success. Only Joey Bosa posted a sub-standard split for his position.

I’m eager to see if Will Anderson runs a short shuttle at tomorrow’s Alabama pro-day. There was a feeling his testing performance at the combine was so-so. Yet if he can run an excellent shuttle, he’ll be in a similar ball-park to Maxx Crosby in terms of size, burst and agility:

Will Anderson — 4.60 (1.61) at 253lbs (DNR ss)

There are two other players who have already reached that mark and they happen to be my second and third ranked ‘edge’ rushers on my updated horizontal board, posted on Monday:

Will McDonald — 4.66 (DNR) at 241lbs (4.09ss)
Derick Hall — 4.55 (1.59) at 254lbs (4.14ss)

There was an expectation that McDonald would test well. He bends the arc better than any pass rusher I’ve watched since starting the blog in 2008. His ability to get low to the ground, round the edge and retain balance is freaky. Here’s a reminder of what he did to Darnell Wright — the best offensive tackle in the draft — at the Senior Bowl:

These are also fantastic testing numbers for Hall. Essentially he has a complete physical profile. Unlike McDonald he’s an ideal weight at 254lbs and he has excellent length (34.5 inch arms). He’s one of the top ‘alpha’ types in the draft and was a team captain at Auburn. What he doesn’t have, though, is a great Senior Bowl performance on his résumé (he was so-so in Mobile) and his run defense is surprisingly iffy given how intense he is.

McDonald and Hall both provide the Seahawks with options if they want to add an early-round edge. Either could be a target in the late-20’s if they trade down, or at #38 if they last.

They feel like serious options if Will Anderson, as expected, doesn’t last to the #5 pick.

Mel Kiper’s latest mock draft aligns with what we’ve been discussing in the top-five. He has the Cardinals taking Anderson, after swapping picks with the Colts.

As of today, I suspect this is the scenario the Seahawks will face. If Anderson lasts to #5 I think they’ll take him and I’ve felt that way for a while. I think they’ll see a player they can build around on defense — who can develop into a core-leader and producer of pressure. This will require the Cardinals to trade out of the top-five (feels increasingly unlikely) or they’ll need to prefer Tyree Wilson.

If Anderson is off the board, then I think the remaining quarterback of the ‘top-four’ will likely be Seattle’s pick — in this case Anthony Richardson. That would be an ideal situation for Richardson, allowing him to sit for the whole year without any pressure to play with Geno Smith and Drew Lock locked into the QB1/QB2 slots.

I don’t think Wilson going to the Cardinals is that outrageous. A good pro-day performance on March 29th will certainly help. He’s a good fit for the Jonathan Gannon defense. He also has the best pass-rush win percentage:

Tyree Wilson — 22.6%
Nolan Smith — 22.1%
Andre Carter — 22%
Mike Morris — 20.2%
Will Anderson — 19.6%
Keion White — 19.6%
Tuli Tuipulotu — 18.9%
Lukas Van Ness — 18.8%
B.J. Ojulari — 17.9%
Myles Murphy 17.8%
Isaiah McGuire — 17.2%
Derick Hall — 16.9%
K.J. Henry — 16.3%
Felix Anudike-Uzomah — 16%
Will McDonald — 15.7%
Isaiah Foskey — 15%
Zach Harrison — 14.4%
Byron Young — 13.2%
Colby Wooden — 12.7%

Daniel Jeremiah mocked Wilson ahead of Anderson on February 21st, noting:

“First edge rusher off the board? Over Will Anderson Jr.?!? There’s a lot of love for Wilson around the league. His combination of size, length and production has teams very intrigued.”

However, in his latest mock published yesterday, he says Anderson “makes the most sense” for Arizona at #3.

I’m not sure what’s changed here, if anything, but on January 31st Jeremiah published his first ‘top-50’ board for He had Keion White listed at #8 overall, suggesting:

“White is one of my favorite players in the class and could emerge as the top defender in the class.”

It’s not clear why, subsequently, he has dropped White to #27 in his latest ranking update and didn’t include him in his latest first round mock. In the blurb, the line about White possibly being the ‘top defender’ in the class remains.

How do you drop from #8 to #27 while consistently being described as possibly the best defensive player in the draft, without any mention as to what has provoked the fall?

Going back to the players — it’s increasingly clear the Seahawks are going to need to add some defensive linemen as a priority when the draft comes around. With virtually no money to spend, it’s hard to imagine how they’re going to do much more than bring in a cheap veteran. Initially I wondered if this would be Poona Ford. After listening to Brady Henderson on with Brock Huard yesterday on 710 Seattle Sports, it seems Ford is less likely to return (and was apparently looking for $10m-a-year at the start of free agency — explaining why he remains unsigned).

Instead it seems more likely Shelby Harris might return. I’d welcome that but I’m not sure it prevents the Seahawks feeling a bit of pressure to select defensive linemen as a priority — the thing we hoped they might be able to avoid.

At the same time, it’s true that they were always likely to draft defenders early. You just hope they don’t feel obliged to force anything if better players at other, less ‘needy’ positions are available.

It’s not a deep class for the defensive front but there are options.

I wondered if the signing of Dre’Mont Jones might make it less likely that they could target Adetomiwa Adebawore. However, the admittance by John Schneider that they were also in for Zach Allen is interesting (before he opted to join Vance Joseph, his old defensive coordinator with the Cardinals, in Denver).

Allen and Jones kind of feel like the same type of player for Seattle’s scheme. If they were willing to pay both handsomely, it suggests they were interested in having two young impact rushers attacking from the front.

Zach Allen was 6-4 and 281lbs at his combine. Adebawore was 6-2 and 282lbs.

Kiper and Todd McShay discussed on the ‘first draft’ podcast yesterday that they felt Adebawore would go between #20-31. With a ridiculous 4.49 forty at his size and an equally ridiculous 1.61 10-yard split and 4.26 short shuttle, 34-inch arms and a top performance at the Senior Bowl in his back-pocket, it’s easy to build a case for Adebawore with Seattle’s second pick.

I’ve been saying for a while that his tape is better than some are making out. He played on a hopeless Northwestern team and was able to provide consistent pressure. He recorded a reasonable six sacks, all considered, plus 31 pressures in 2022.

His pass-rush win percentage was comparatively good for interior linemen in the draft:

Karl Brooks — 23.5%
Calijah Kancey — 22.2%
Moro Ojomo — 18%
Jalen Carter 15.8%
Keondre Coburn — 15.4%
Adetomiwa Adebawore — 14.9%
Bryan Bresee — 14.3%
Keeanu Benton — 13.7%
Byron Young — 13%
Zacch Pickens — 11.6%
Siaka Ika — 11.5%
Mazi Smith — 11.2%
Jaquelin Roy — 9.8%
Jalen Redmond — 9.2%
Gervin Dexter — 8.4%

It’s certainly true that the Seahawks need some big-bodies up front to clog running lanes. They also need disruption and pressure. It would be interesting to see a front that included Adebawore and Jones attacking obvious passing downs. He has a special testing profile and while that doesn’t automatically translate to a special career — the numbers he recorded are fairly incredible.

You can just as easily make a case for the man whose name is second on the list above. Calijah Kancey doesn’t have Adebawore’s length but he’s a disruption machine. If he had 33-inch arms and was 6-2 instead of 6-0, we’d probably be talking about him as a top-15 lock.

Seattle has always made a big deal about length for their defensive linemen. Again though, how eager are they to have two key disruptors? Are they willing to prioritise that? A nose tackle isn’t going to provide you with major snaps. If you take one in the first two rounds, are you getting bang for your buck?

It’s true that Adebawore or Kancey wouldn’t necessarily be a high-snap percentage type — but they offer more than just space-eating. They are potential game-winners.

It’ll be interesting to see how they approach this. Another name on the list above, Moro Ojomo, has a good blend of size, length and testing and his 18% pass-rush win percentage is also attractive. I really like him in round three. I’m also a big fan of Alabama’s Byron Young as regulars will know. He’s not going to ‘wow’ anyone with testing but he’s a first-rate alpha who is ideally matched for the scheme with his ability to read the offense and two-gap. He has great size, strength and surprising quickness. I also think Zacch Pickens at South Carolina is being overlooked.

Back to the nose tackle position — I also appreciate that some people see it as pivotal for the scheme. There were more than a few whispers a year ago that had Charles Cross and the other three tackles not been available at #9, Seattle was seriously considering drafting Jordan Davis.

I think that perhaps tells us what we need to know. For a highly athletic, freakish nose tackle it might be acceptable to consider high picks. Otherwise, just get someone later on. That might put Mazi Smith firmly into play at #38 or #53. Although his pro-day performance was underwhelming, teams might have all the intel they need given his highly publicised appearance at #1 on Bruce Feldman’s 2022 ‘freaks list’.

The other thing with Smith is he can play across the line. He might be 6-3 and 323lbs but he carries it well. He’s not a big, sloppy nose tackle. You can play him as a 3-4 defensive end, you can potentially leave him in for certain passing situations. He’s not just a two-down player. That makes it easier to justify taking him early.

Given the situation with Al Woods, taking someone like Smith feels more likely than it did a week ago. I also think he’s better equipped to start early than most defensive tackles (although it’s noticeable how limited Davis was in Philadelphia as a rookie, despite his testing profile and high pick placing).

I know there are some people ‘in the league’ who prefer Keeanu Benton but I don’t know if that’s the consensus. He’s been a fast riser since the combine. I’ve always had him in the late second as a grade but it seems more likely now that he’ll go in the top-50 comfortably.

Seattle’s trenches need is sufficiently high that it’d be good to see a pro-active approach to this situation. Who do you want the most? Let’s include the center prospects in this too. Unless a player you ‘have to have’ lasts to #20 — which isn’t implausible — it might be best to move down a few spots into the mid-20’s, get your target player, then be prepared to trade up from #38 to get the second player.

As we’ve noted before — the Seahawks were actively seeking to move up from the #40 pick last year. It won’t be a surprise if the same thing happens this year — with a bit of board manipulation limiting the damage by trading down at #20 then up from #38.

Finally for now, I wanted to reflect on this:

The Seahawks are sending a heck of an entourage to the Ohio State pro-day today. I suspect they’ll all be on a bit of a road trip. It’s Alabama tomorrow (Bryce Young) and Kentucky on Friday (Will Levis). On March 30th, it’ll be Florida and Anthony Richardson.

You’ve got to do due-diligence on these players. There are four quarterbacks slated to go early. You pick fifth. It’s no big secret you’re considering taking one at #5 and nobody would believe the Seahawks if they suggested they weren’t considering it. Go and get the intel. Compare and contrast.

The pro-day impact will be fascinating this year. We’re seeing an uptick in chatter about Carolina targeting Bryce Young first overall. Yet there’s still a distinct possibility they’ll have their heads turned. As Adam Schefter put it a few days ago — Young is their answer to Mac Jones. The Panthers traded up with Young the initial target, just as Jones was for San Francisco in 2021. By the time the draft came around, the 49ers had pivoted to Trey Lance. Will history repeat?

A few weeks ago it was reported by Jeff Howe in the Athletic that generally speaking, the league sees a ‘top-three’ at quarterback (Bryce Young, C.J. Stroud & Will Levis) with Anthony Richardson the intriguing, athletic specimen who is a developmental dream.

Let’s see how this all plays out by the end of the month. Josh Allen had a pro-day for the ages. If Richardson can emulate that, who knows what happens? By signing Andy Dalton, Carolina has kept all options on the table at #1.

If you missed my updated horizontal board on Monday, check it out here.

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  1. Trevor

    Another incredible article Rob the content this off season has been next level and really thought provoking to say the least.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you

      • John

        I rue the day a front office hires you and your contents disappears

  2. Trevor

    My dream pick at 5 is Richardson or Levis because finding the QB of the future had to be priority #1 when you have a once in a decade chance to pick in the top 5.

    Worst case scenario though and QBs go 1-4 then they take Anderson and wow this front 7 could go from dreadful to solid really quick.

    #5 Anderson
    #20 Ade Ade
    #38 Mazi Smith
    #53 Luke Wypler
    #84 Zach Pickens or Moro Ojomo
    #123 Dorian William or Dylan Henley

    They might be elite next year wirh so many young players but by 2024 they would be scary.

    DL : Reed, Jones, Smith, Ade, Ojomo + A’shawn Robinson or Veternan run stuffer
    LB : Nwosu, Anderson, Mafe, Taylor, Bush, Williams or Henley
    Safety:Love, Diggs, Neal
    CB: Jackson, Bryant, Woolen, Smith, Rookie

    That’s a solid young group going forward.

    • Trevor

      Meant to say they might not be elite next year with so many rookies and young players.

    • Ben

      I think there is a very clear worst case, and one that could happen. 3 QB’s go, Anderson goes, and the remaining QB is not liked by the FO. Sure, all 4 seem like a potential fit, but they all have issues, and it’s hardly out of the realm of possibility that one is well lower on the board. (I hope not!)

      Then pick 5 looks a lot less appealing.

      It’s a run of the mill, no clear answer kind of spot. One that screams trade down despite being unlikely to garner a ton of value unless the qb the Seahawks don’t want is highly coveted by both the Raiders or Lions and a third team who wants to jump ahead.

      The Seahawks tend to get weird in these scenarios. And weird hasn’t tended to pay off early.

      • Joshua Smith

        I’d like to think that if John/Pete didn’t like the 4th option at QB they would have been more aggressive to move up.
        It’s not often you get a top 5 pick and if they really liked just 3 QBs/Anderson then don’t sit still. Go up an dhet your guy.
        Their lack of aggression to move up causes me to believe they really like at least 5 options. It could be 3 QBs and Anderson/Wilson at DE/Edge. It could even be those 2 ends and all 4 QBs?

      • Nick

        This is my fear too, Ben. I hope PC/JS make good decisions this year. They seem to have nailed 2022, but we are only 1 year out from last years draft class.

        2019-2021 drafts were pathetic at best. outside of DK, are there any foundational pieces drafted by the PC/JS? Jordyn Brooks is pretty good, Darrell Taylor is good a few games a year.

        Point is this. Let’s keep the momentum going from last year and draft some studs!

        • Ben

          Last years draft definitely restored some faith. Especially with John Schneider potentially getting a larger say and talk of drafting less for need. It feels more repeatable. (Not necessarily to keep hitting it out of the park again, but at least having a good process.) I had started to think 2010-2012 was more luck and a perfect storm. But it’s clear JS/PC do have an eye for talent. Getting two of the top draft classes of the last 15 years is not an accident. (I know 2022 is still early…)

          Starting after the 2021 Season:
          1. Nailed Russ Trade
          2. Boring meat and potato’s 2022 FA (But cap really only affected in 2023)
          3. Nailed the 2022 draft
          4. Found a QB, very competitive in 2023
          5. Nailed FA in 2023

          Lots of potential greatness ahead! Pretty cool how well it’s been set up.

    • Tecmo Bowl

      If the stated goal of improving the front 7 is the object, this draft would be ideal. A complete rebuild with high end talent across the board. Ade is trending into the top half of round 1, but White or Van Ness look worthy of #20 if Ade is gone.

      Its hard to gauge how JS will prioritize Edge in the draft. Feels like we could take Anderson at 5, McDonald at 20, one on day 2 or 3, or could see them pass on the position entirely- have some young depth there already. Its a pretty strange and good place to be.

      • AlaskaHawk

        It’s not a bad thing if they just go defense with their first 3-4 picks. Geno is on a three year contract and a drafted quarterback wouldn’t play until year 2 or 3 anyway. I think you could make a strong argument for drafting defense and fixing the teams biggest current weakness.

        • Tecmo Bowl

          Agreed it wouldn’t be a bad thing to load up on defense-early and often- like Trevor illustrated. Will Anderson is a stud and there’d be no complaints from me if thats who falls to #5. As the roster stands now- with Nwosu, Taylor and Mafe- Edge doesnt seem like a big need. If we get Anderson at 5 maybe Darrel Taylor gets put on the block, could get a day 2 pick out of him.

          Personally I’d rather get the QB of the future at #5, then invest heavily in the trenches. Looks like that makes the most sense long term, with how the top of the draft is shaping up, especially now with Carter torching his stock.

    • Zorn Is King

      I’d add a WR 3 and an RB 2 into that mix… maybe ahead of LB…but I love this… and plausible!

  3. Mick

    Rob, if, ESPN or CBS offered you a job to write NFL stuff for them, would you take it? Because sooner or later they’ll figure out your content beats theirs.

    • Trevor


      I have a hard time reading thier fluff pieces now. The only guys who write anything close to the detail / quality of Rob are Barnwell, Breer and Peter King but thier articles are only once a week and still kind of hit or miss.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s a lovely thought but sadly I think it’s about as likely as me winning a ‘hairline of the year’ award.

      • Peter

        Rob your zingers this year are almost besting your content.

        “More likely to draft jimmy carter….”

        To “hairline of the year…..”

        • Elmer

          Jimmy is a good human being but would be a little out of position at DT.

      • Nick


        “hairline of the year”!


    • Bmseattle

      They dont want to compete with Rob’s work ethic.
      He’d make them look lazy…which, apparantly, many of them are.

    • Wilson502

      The smooth brain takes from these major media outlets are getting really really stale. It’s like they r throwing $hit at the wall and seeing what sticks. How r people like DJ still mocking Jalen Carter to the Hawks at 5? I see so many in the fanbase just absolutely brainwashed by these absolute dumpster fire takes and “mocks” from media. Rob is one of the few people that actually knows wtf he’s talking about. The rest of the circus clowns in media are clueless. Oddly enuff Mel Kiper’s top 5 was closest to Rob’s.

    • Mr Drucker in hooterville

      I”m lobbying for Rob to take over the old Mike Mayock seat on NFL Network draft day.

      • Ty the Guy


  4. Case


    Thank you for your sustained commitment to your craft and to the community.

    Are there any scenarios with the top two picks falling in unforeseen ways that would have you trading up to number three with Arizona? Or do you see the top five so bunched up that you would be fine with the player available at five. For me it’s Stroud. Not that I think it will happen, but we do not truly know who Carolina’s and Houston’s guys will be.

    • Rob Staton

      I cannot see any scenario where Arizona trades with Seattle

      It would be career suicide for their new GM

      If that pick works out, let’s say it’s a franchise QB, he would be the bozo who gifted the Seahawks — a division rival — a decade of success

      It would have to be a mega offer from Seattle which I can’t foresee

  5. Ian

    Thanks for all your hard work, Rob.
    Do you have a current NFL player to whom Tyree Wilson favorably compares?

    • Rob Staton

      Not really. Lance Zierlein reckons Ziggy Ansah but I thought Ansah was a more fluid mover

    • Trevor

      Have seen Aldon Smith as a comp and it makes some sense. Really wish there were some testing #s for Wilson because he still seems over rated to me.

      • DW

        I think I saw the tweet that you saw and I thought it was kind of lazy. They just compared body measurements and then showed one bull rush clip from each. Smith seems like a much freakier athlete and part of his freakiness was his bend. Wilson is not of that same caliber. He would have to test through the roof to warrant that comparison in my mind.

  6. Peanut

    Saw the draft expert himself Daniel Jeremiah hook Seattle up with Carter at #5 and a reciever at #20 (forget the name as i was just shook to the core with the Carter pick)

    How is this still a thing?

    Also, did we go from a great free agency to a bad one with a single Al Woods cut?

    • Rob Staton

      How is this still a thing?

      Beats me

      If a blogger from Rotherham can speak to people to find out what was going on at Georgia… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • SpennyDunks

      Seems like a pretty dramatic statement to say cutting a 38 yo completely ruined a promising offseason. Money needs to come from somewhere and theres lots of quality NTs in the draft. Hate to be pigeon holed into a position but the value meets where the picks are so hard to say we’d be reaching.

      • Hawktalker#1

        There are a lot of quality nose tackles in this draft? I understood more of the opposite.
        Can you list them?

        • SpennyDunks

          Mazi Smith, Benton has the skillset to be a Greg Gaines type if he puts on weight, Siaki Ika. I mean, Mone was a UDFA so its possible they have a guy they like who will be available late. A’shawn is still out there. My main point was that its extremely hyperbolic to call this offseason disastrous based on cutting a 38 year old. Their moves recently have been sound and I doubt highly they’d move on and be content with having 0 bodies at NT, wait and see what they do before using those kinds of statements.

    • UkAlex6674

      I’m not sure you could say it’s now a bad FA period because of Woods being released! Not by a long shot.

      • Peter

        It would be nice to have a hedge. A true NT is important for a 3-4. But I’m not calling this a bad FA when a team goes out and almost singlehandedly redoes it’s line.

        Whether it works or not it’s still putting into action their words.

        • dregur

          Yeah, it’s mostly about the hedge that is incongruent what they did with Al Woods. They’ve been hedging across the board on the defense, but decide to create a large hole at NT with the release. Just seems a step backward from what they did in FA, without another corresponding move currently.

  7. TatupuTime

    Just an incredible amount of high quality content Rob. Thank you so much for all of this hard work. It feels like every year I know more and more come draft time thanks to this blog. Can’t fathom that the draft is still more than a month away.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you

  8. bv eburg

    Thanks for the continued quality content Rob.

    We have 10 picks so I much prefer to trade up instead of trading down. I like your board manipulation thought. Maybe end up with 8 picks but at a little higher draft spots if there is players they like.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you

  9. JJ


    Any players not gaining any traction like Lucas last year?

    • Sea Mode

      (Not Rob) Mingo. Posted a couple days ago that I rewatched all the Senior Bowl 1v1s and he was on another level.

      The only other Senior Bowl WR I came away liking at all is Jayden Reed.

      • Rob Staton

        Yes, I would echo Mingo

  10. Comfect

    Thanks for all the thought-provoking work, Rob!

  11. Katal

    I have started wondering if we’re sleeping on Bryan Bresee. Defensive tackle is very much a position of need, he was a terrific tester, and he’s faced outside adversity as recently as last season. It seems like he’s checked many of the boxes, and he’ll likely be there at 20, too. What am I missing here?

    • BK26

      His tape is incredibly underwhelming. Throughout all of college. There’s a reason why he’ll be there at 20. And maybe 38.

    • Rob Staton

      His tape is pretty crap, he’s wildly inconsistent, he hasn’t been able to stay healthy

  12. Julian L

    Good read as ever Rob. I suppose my point here is more relevant to yesterdays article, but it’s clear with all the roster cuts and dead cap, the Seahawks are still paying in a big way for the Jamal Adams trade. There’s no coming back really from giving up so much draft capital and cap space as they did. If the Russell Wilson trade hadn’t come along to offset much of the damage, I can’t imagine the pickle they’d be in sorting out the roster. Hopefully a BIG lesson learnt there.

  13. Mr Magic

    Correct me if totally off here but in general interior DLineman take at least a season or two to really develop if not more. Im thinking of Quinnen Williams of the Jets particularly with this comment but can rattle off a number of really good DL who took a solid 2-3yrs to develop. Another reason why letting Harris and Woods go is so surprising.

    I guess mgmt can never get it totally together. Lets see what they come up with, surely there will be some signings to come.

    • ska

      Another way to think about it is if it takes two years for a DT to get up to speed, let’s start now before we are in our hoped for SB window.

  14. DW

    Thanks again for all your hard work Rob. This offseason/FA has been one of the most enjoyable in recent memory. Some part due to the FA moves the team is making but I think for me at least, it is in large part due to the work you’ve been putting in and the content you’ve been creating.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you 👍🏻

      • wilson502

        Have to give a big thank you as well, without you putting in the work, we are left to rely on absolute dumpster fire takes and “mocks” from clowns in media that little to no credibility.

  15. Roy Batty

    A minimal presence at Georgia’s pro day compared to pretty much all the Seahawks decision making the journey to Ohio State’s, Alabama’s and Florida’s pro days says a lot about their mind set.

    • BK26

      Especially when they show up at Kentucky. There is only Levis and Rodriguez (that I know of, could be someone later round), and no one is going to watch Rodriguez.

      Same with Florida, no one going to watch ol’ Cyrus.

      If you look at the wall, the writing is indeed on it.

      • Peter

        Ol’ Cyrus.

        I actually worry that last year’s draft was the outlier and Cyrus fits the previously seen draft picks.

        Torrence does fit the bill of the all “sloppy,” pro team that we’ve seen manning the line before.

      • YDB

        Possibly Gervon Dextor at FLA. Not a good tester but they may get some questions answered about a run stuffing, late round option.

  16. Peter

    Found the most succinct comment/analysis on Carter buried deep in the comments from “that’s good sports,” on you tube:

    “Someone is going to draft Carter. Truly one of the players of football history.”

    Now I’m sure they meant to say BEST players of football history. Which would be so hyperbolic it might turn into histrionic.

    So I’m going to take them at their word and just completely agree…he really is indeed a player in football history.

    • geoff u

      Of all the players in this draft, Jalen Carter is certainly one of them.

      • Peter

        Thank you. Actual lol.

        • AlaskaHawk

          I just don’t understand th negativity on Carter. He is a hard working capitalist building a late night racing empire. Working two career paths, dedicating himself night and day. Minority business owner. Come on guys, we all want that side hustle!

          • Peter

            As a small business owner I love this post Alaska. I get tons of videos in side hustles in my feed. Mostly the side hustle is selling people side hustles.

            But late night racing? That’s one I have not seen yet.

  17. Win Forever

    Worth mentioning that Moro Ojomo has 34.5 inch arms.

    • God of Thunder

      All the Moro reason to have another look at his tape.

  18. Peter

    Listened to a lengthy seahawks discussion about the virtues of Seattle trading down. I know Big Mike, I get it. It’s a problem and I’m going to get help as soon as the draft gets out of the first round……

    Just looking at a combo of the larger draft sites. Carter, Anderson, wilson, Gonzalez, Paris Johnson, Levis. The typical names.

    I know I sound like a broken record. If people put a little thought into their experiment which player would be available that some team would be burning the phone lines to get to?

    Would Vegas Jump detroit to get the last qb we did not want?

    Are the bears going to take their new draft stock and blow it to come back up for Carter or Anderson? Looking at 6-10 I can’t see any of them giving Seattle anything for a player short of a qb.

    Moving out of the top 10. Is Houston really going to give us a high second round pick (400-500 points draft value wise) to come all the way up for a player.

    I know it sounds good on paper but are people even bothering to look at “if X than Y?”

    If per example Will Macdonald is a massive get at 12. Wouldn’t Chicago with their terrible defense just draft him at 9? Why would a team in Houstons range not just stand pat and draft him there?

    Rant and ramble over. I just wish people would put a half second of thought into how that would look instead of tossing it out to the universe.

    • Rob Staton

      Too many people have decided what ‘they want’ and are working it into a scenario

      They’re not actually looking at what is likely, what is possible or who the players actually are that they are basing their opinions on

      • Carl

        PFF and PFN mock draft simulators don’t help either, they let you trade down 5 spots in the first for a 2nd rounder this year and an extra first next year, this does not seem likely in reality.

        • Peter

          It’s not at all reality. And I wish those sites would do a little analytics as to what those trades truly net.

    • Spectator

      I agree on addressing the what ifs. My biggest concern is “what if” PC/JS don’t actually like all 4 QBs. What if they go to the OSU pro day today and see Stroud as who we saw before the Georgia game, and decide the Georgia game was the outlier? What if they really are expecting Young to go before, but if he landed at 5, they dont like him. What if they dont see the same things mentally in Levis or Richardson that they saw in Allen or Mahomes. Rob, you are amazing at what you do with the information and scouting you do and have at your disposal.

      Honestly, I really dont understand how you are able to identify talent the way you do before anyone else. Beyond impressive. But there is still info none of us are privy to, which could mold the view on a QB, especially a QB.

      Worst case to me would be to come out of this draft without a QBOTF or an extra future first rounder next year. I dont like next years class like people seem to. Not a fan of Caleb Williams, and Maye seemed talented, and if he is, will be high high with Caleb. OSU seems to produce QBs every year, so likely another one coming out next year. Van Dyke was once seen as a potential, but this last year was rough. But still on the off chance there is a player that emerges at QB, would be at least positive to think about having an extra first rounder next year. Without that, we are in deep trouble with the QB situation long term. Im just ranting but im just hopeful we can come away with a QBOTF and JS love all 4. The what if on us not is concerning.

      • Rob Staton

        If it reassures you, ‘what if PCJS don’t like really talented QB’s who perfectly fit JS’s physical preferences’ doesn’t feel like something to worry about

        But there is still info none of us are privy to, which could mold the view on a QB, especially a QB.

        Sure, but we’re not talking nuclear physics here. The QB’s are who they are and we have history dating back to 2010 to refer to. And I have talked to multiple people ‘in the league’ about the QB’s

    • MountainHawker

      I just tell people…if there’s a player that other teams are dying to trade up to 5 to get….we should probably take that player.

      • Rob Staton


        Chicago Bears might feel that way in a few years too

    • Big Mike

      Get that therapy my friend.

  19. Matt

    Danial Jeremiah has obviously paid his dues and knows how to scout, but in terms of mocks/projections he’s either lazy and/or a hack. Putting Jalen Carter to the Seahawks at #5 overall exemplifies this. He’s the only one linking them with Carter because there’s no reason to since they won’t take him.

    Then Jordan Addison at #20…??? That is not a Seahawks type player, but moreso that just not even a fit at 20th overall. Maybe 2nd round, but Flowers and Downs would be better fits if they decided to go WR there.

    Jeremiah’s mocks are so bad that I’ve lost interest just listening him break down individual players.

    • Rob Staton

      In fairness plenty of people are putting Carter at #5

      They’re all wrong but… 🤷‍♂️

      • Wilson502

        Really makes you question the credibility of these media hacks.

      • geoff u

        Of the 13 mock drafts that came out yesterday, it went like this:
        Wilson (5)
        Carter (4)
        Anderson (3)
        Richardson (1)

        Carter is definitely back on the menu.

        • Rob Staton

          Well, make a note of who is saying it

          And then treat future mocks with suspicion

      • Matt

        Well yes I’ve seen multiple people put Carter to the Seahawks at #5, but Jeremiah is the most prominent analyst I’ve seen do so.

        And the point is that for someone with as many eyeballs as he has on him, it’s a VERY LAZY mock.

    • Mr Drucker in hooterville

      He does his mocks they way I”m learning not to: by positional need and a check list. DL? check WR? check QB? no need OG? check.

      • Hawktalker#1

        Might be a bit harsh but . . .

        Clown analyst, check.

  20. cha

    I wondered if the signing of Dre’Mont Jones might make it less likely that they could target Adetomiwa Adebawore. However, the admittance by John Schneider that they were also in for Zach Allen is interesting (before he opted to join his old defensive coordinator with the Cardinals in Denver).

    Allen and Jones kind of feel like the same type of player for Seattle’s scheme. If they were willing to pay both handsomely, it suggests they were interested in having two young impact rushers attacking from the front.

    I take it more that the Seahawks were casting a wider free agent net, and not pinning all their hopes on one player, like they did with Clowney and to an extent Jamal Adams.

    Court both, and then pick one. Good cop/bad cop style, first one to sing gets the deal.

    They appear to have done the same with Julian Love and Lonnie Johnson Jr…looking for a versatile DB option with veteran experience.

    • dregur

      They were after both, I think the full quote from JS was that they wanted both, but could not fit them both due to financials.

    • Troy

      this would make sense, hedge the draft with free agency, hedge free agency with multiple free agency…its hedging all the way down really

  21. Roy Batty

    When I listen to Will Anderson talk, all I can think is “True Alpha”.

  22. Beastie

    Rob, with pick 5 the only scenario that scares me is if Bryce Young falls to us with the other 3 qbs and Anderson gone. In that scenario would you take Young despite his size? Trade back? Who else do you take if you can’t do either?

    • Rob Staton

      Take Young

      • Hawkdawg

        Besides AR, I think the QB most likely to drop to us would be Levis, not Young.

        • Ben

          Stroud is the only one I feel confident we won’t have a chance at. But even he could fail to pass the “can he run a real offense” test. Seems highly unlikely, but if Richardson goes one, and Bryce goes 2… Irsay is a wildcard.

          I’d say like:

          30% Levis
          25% Richardson
          25% Young
          15% Anderson
          5% Stroud

          I hope it stays pretty muddled until draft night. Could make for some great TV.

          • geoff u

            I certainly hope so. Levis or Richardson, IMO, would be ideal.

            • Wilson502

              I swear if one of those 2 are on the board at 5, and they punt at take a DE, ill be livid, as I think many on this board will be too. Good DE prospects can be found later in the draft, whereas the top QB prospects mostly all go early in the top 10 if its a good QB class.

      • Wilson502

        QB should be the priority over an edge. If it comes down to a QB or an edge, take the QB every time.

  23. dahveed

    I think we seriously have to look at the draft as Richardson going N umero #1

    Carolina climbed the ladder for this guy and signed a qb to let him develope.
    What does this do to our chances of landing Anderson at 5

    • cha

      Thomas Davis says a couple Panther front office guys are enamored with AR.

      FWIW also says he isn’t in favor of the pick at #1.

      • Sea Mode

        You beat me to it. Heard that this morning and found it interesting.

      • dahveed


      • geoff u

        How can you not be enamored with AR? The potential is massive. Now whether or not they are willing to risk the #1 pick on him, vs a safer option, is another matter and one that I’m sure they are currently debating.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        I’m listening right up to the end when he said:

        Anthony Richardson on the other hand, Will Levis on the other hand, those guys have been programs that could potentially be good, but they just haven’t been and the reason, to me, has been the quarterback position

        Seriously? WTF is this guy talking about? It sure seemed to me like the exact opposite: Levis and Richardson were the only good things going offensively for their respective teams.

        Hard to take Davis seriously as an analyst after this.

        • Peter


          Just did a rough search and florida has one wr prospect who is tall. Not explosive. Not fast. Probably a udfa as a prospect…

          And kentucky has rodriguez who didn’t play the whole season.

          Not exactly stacked rosters.

        • geoff u

          Well then…excellent point

      • Glor

        I like his statement of “we’ve watching this kid play allot”. Really? Like all 13 games?

    • Ben

      I have to agree with Rob on this, Dalton isn’t a very strong bridge QB. Folks are gonna be calling for Richardson in week 3, and it just seems poorly set up to redshirt him. Then again, Tepper may not care, and dumb owners can do dumb things.

      • Peter

        That’s it right here. Tepper feels most likely to make a stupid decision like that.

    • Mr Drucker in hooterville

      Robbie, is this you?

      • Robbie

        hahaha not me!!! Listen if he goes 1st it’s a win for my pocket book. But if he goes 5 he’s also a win in my pocket book as a season ticket holder. So…I win either way 🙂

  24. geoff u

    “How do you drop from #8 to #27 while consistently being described as possibly the best defensive player in the draft, without any mention as to what has provoked the fall?”

    Alternatively, it’s not clearly why he put White at 8 other than “he’s my favorite player”? Favorite why? Jeremiah is a bit of a buffoon, probably.

    Adebawore or Kancey (if Anderson isn’t selected at 5) is probably my preference at 20. It’s really hard to mock though, I don’t envy you Rob, because it really depends on the players that get picked above us. If another special talent falls, you have to consider them.

    • cha

      I think DJ was the guy who was silent on White, and then when Kiper had him in his mock, DJ mocked White the very next day and was effusive with praise.

    • Peter

      Kancey…choice one but short arms. Have to see Seattle do it to believe.

      Ade ade/White are currently tied for me.

      Freaky athlete, slowly improving production, room to grow.

      The other guy. Plus athleticism. Pretty good ( compared to other top names) production. Room ro develop skills.

      Hard to see if Ade Ade with the rarest of athleticism or Keion White with the size/height/length combo is the move.

      • geoff u

        As far as physical profile, I agree, but it’s hard to ignore his production and ability to make plays – length be damned.

        Will McDonald is another intriguing option, especially considering Seattle hired Brandon Jordan, the guy training him.

        Anybody know anything about Karl Brooks? His pass rush win rate is outstanding.

        • Peter

          Got to be honest. I rarely consider Macdonald for Seattle. I just think there’s too many teams and not enough elite athletes at his position.

          I’d love him as the pick.

      • MyChestisBeastMode

        Do we have comps of short armed players who’ve been successful in the league?

        • Peter

          Not sure. That quickness is so far on another level it might compensate. I actually think he will be successful.

        • dregur

          My research is muddled because there’s “short armed” which is everything below 33″ and there’s Kancey, at just a shade above 30″.

          • geoff u

            Damn, that is quite the outlier

        • MyChestisBeastMode

          8 other D lineman ever at combine with sub 31″ arm length. Not very promising. Even worse if we are asking that position to control 2 gaps requiring engaging, read, react, disengaging with O-lineman on all run downs.

          Kancey might be the exception, but he would be the first with such short arms at DT to be “good”.

          With such an outlier I would not feel comfortable taking him before the 4th round.

      • Tecmo Bowl

        “Kancey…choice one but short arms. Have to see Seattle do it to believe.”

        Scot McCloughan said in Rob’s interview, “If you start making exceptions on your player ideals, you end up with a roster full of exceptions.” Think that quote is pertinent when evaluating Kancey.

        • Peter

          That’s why I never think about him on the team.

          That’s why I never think about early corners.

          That’s why when people say testing doesn’t matter I roll my eyes. It does to Seattle.

          I can easily see Kancey being very good and Seattle still not drafting him.

          That’s why I look at Ade ade, keion white, Pickens, benton, and others because they all meet certain thresholds.

        • geoff u

          That was a great quote.

  25. Sea Mode


    Absolutely no one:

    Mark Rodgers: Comeback player of the Year 2024…

    Ian Rapoport

    #Broncos QB Russell Wilson had arthroscopic surgery on his right knee following 2022, a procedure to fix an issue that had nagged him for a few seasons. He is back working out and throwing after the minor scope and should be fine for OTAs. He’ll be at full health for 2023..

    • Mick

      I wish him well and hope it’s part of what kept him from achieving more. He did us a huge favor by having a bad season last year, now I’d love us to face him in a Super Bowl.

    • cha

      They hired a top tier HC and rebuilt their OL.

      They’ve done as much as they possibly could to set up RW for success in 2024.

    • Mr Drucker in hooterville

      Did he do high knees in the hospital?

  26. EmperorMA

    If Bryce Young falls to #5, I am A-OK with trading down to #6 – #9. Even going back to just #6 should gain us another Round 2 pick which can be used to move up from #20 or #38 to get who we want. There should be an EDGE, DT, OL, RB or CB available at #6-9 who appeals and you have more capital to move up and get more quality additions.

    • Rob Staton

      An extra second for moving down one spot???


      • EmperorMA

        To beat the Raiders offer for #7. 🙂

        • Rob Staton

          I think this is wishful thinking

          And why let other teams have the QB???

          • EmperorMA

            Because I don’t think the QB that will be available is going to be Stroud or Levis. It probably is wishful thinking, but if there is only one QB left on the board at #5 there are fully three or four teams who could be making offers to move up for him. The old Jimmy Johnson draft point value system doesn’t account for that kind of competition and the Seahawks will have all the leverage.

            • MyChestisBeastMode

              If other teams are very interested tham this is possible. But, I think the Hawks would be happy to take Richardson. We’ll see.

              Personally, I would love if two of Levis, Richardson, and Anderson were available at 5 (fat chance!) Only to know who the hawks value higher from the group.

            • Rob Staton

              And I’ll say again

              It makes no sense for the teams behind Seattle, Detroit, Vegas etc, to covet a QB that Seattle also doesn’t covet for themselves

    • Peter

      That move is 100 points draft value. A fourth rounder. Let’s be super generous and call it a very late third rounder.

      Why would either team do this?

      If John thinks there is great value deep at the bottom of round three surely detroit would think that as well.

      • EmperorMA

        See comment, above. When three or four teams are making offers, that old points system goes out the window.

        • Peter

          But I address this my very generously moving a middle fourth rounder to a late third.

          Your scenario presupposes vegas’s initial offer is pretty big.

          What if both teams heck even ATL start with cheap offers that are still better than draft value chart. Literally a mid fourth and let’s say a sixth?

          This is what I’m talking about above. I could see vegas trading up just not with us but AZ. After that…why would they need to?

  27. Rob Staton

    On a fast track with home-cooking, JSN only runs a 4.53 at pro-day. Possibly a 4.58-4.62 at combine

    • Peter

      Short arms. Not seahawk’s speed.

      Perfect for pick #20….🙃

    • DoubleTT13

      I read that as JMS and was hella impressed for a second😂

    • Brodie

      I’ve heard the OSU 40 is more like a 38.5

    • Spectator

      Seems faster than what was expected. I know its unpopular on here… But I still want him haha this was a scout’s stop watch, what was the official time from the osu staff or whatever?

      • Rob Staton

        I expected 4.60 at the combine and that’s probably what he would’ve run

      • Peter

        He’s not a bad player at all. Not a bit. It’s just very high for a player with almost no outside game.

    • PJ in Seattle

      Slow Golden Tate 🙂

      • Rob Staton


      • geoff u

        So Jermaine Kearse. In the first round? No thank you.

      • Spectator

        Not sure I get the comp. No point in arguing it, I’ve said it before and its always been unpopular. lol Unlikely as well as he probably doesnt make it to 20 and we have other needs anyways. Before draft i was hoping to grab him with our first 2nd rounder, but his testing put him out of that range. Personally, I love Mingo too, with him and JSN being my favorite WRs in this class followed by Downs and Q Johnston (but also think Downs and Johnston will be out of range).

        Golden Tate Combine numbers:
        Height: 5 feet, 10 inches
        Weight: 199 pounds
        40-yard dash: 4.42 seconds
        Vertical jump: 35 inches
        Broad jump: 120 inches (10 feet)
        3-cone drill: 7.12 seconds
        20-yard shuttle: 4.34 seconds

        JSN Combine:
        Height: 6 feet, 0.5 inches
        Weight: 196 pounds
        40-yard dash: — seconds (reports of 4.48-4.52 by Rapaport at pro day)
        Vertical jump: 35 inches
        Broad jump: 125 inches (10 feet)
        3-cone drill: 6.57 seconds
        20-yard shuttle: 3.93 seconds

        2 inches taller for JSN, significantly slower 3-cone and 20yard for Tate. Can put an asterix by the time at pro day, I agree. But what makes the comp to Tate? Tate was seen as a long speed guy, opposed to sudden, which is opposite for JSN. Just because both had the high production, reliable hands, and good route running? Or just because both did a lot of work in the slot, when JSN had Wilson and Olave on the outside, and arent seen as elite speed or other physical tools?

        • Rob Staton

          As I said initially, they run the same way

          You’re reading too much into the comp

        • Cambs

          Similar size and crushed him in the agility drills … I like to call JSN quick Jerry Rice.

          • Rob Staton

            You’re comparing JSN… to Jerry Rice

    • IHeartTacoma

      I hope next year we are talking about Emeka Egbuka to Seattle. Steilacoom kid makes good.

  28. Aaron

    The cult of Jalen Carter is out strong today. “He is exactly what this team needs, they cut Al Woods and Pete doesn’t care about character.” The same prople that say to take the BPA are the same pounding the table for Carter because it fills a need. Totally hyperbolic here, but Jalen Carter could drown an animal on live TV and Seahawk fans would still want to draft him

    • Wilson502

      I’m with you here, so many smooth brain takes from the fans on Jalen Carter. The incessant jock riding is getting really stale and makes the fanbase look moronic from the outside.

      • dahveed

        So far Jalen Carter has not responded well to tragedy he has been a part of. Is there a chance he finds a path through this..? is there a chance he not only begins to fight for those lost but for himself..we will see and the Seahawks will be watching

        • Tomas

          Pete might believe he can turn him around.

    • Matt

      It’s REAL bad today. All of a sudden, he’s one of the best players of all time…literally have read that multiple times. “He was so good, it’s impossible he doesn’t have great work ethic.”

      The laziest teammate I ever had ended up pitching in the big leagues for 5 years. You know why? He was 6’5”, left handed, and threw 92 in HS. Had he worked, at all – he would’ve been an all star with $100M in his bank account by now.

      Sports is littered with unGodly physical talents with no brain or heart.

      • Peter

        It’s like these people woke up halfway through the college season and just discovered sports broadly. Kj literally said he’s never seen a player cost himself millions like Carter did.

      • Rob Staton

        The problem is a lot of fans just want a special DT that badly. And I get it. I want it too. People don’t realise that I’ve done five mocks and the player I mocked most to Seattle was Carter. I wish this was just a minor conditioning issue and they can work on it. I’d love to see a top, top DT in Seattle.

        Then I made some calls and did some digging. Now I won’t mock him to Seattle again. I might put him at 10 to the Eagles in my next mock. But not in R1 to Seattle.

        I don’t do this for any other reason than the info I have been given. I won’t go into details because I don’t think it’s appropriate given certain subject matter. But there’s enough out there for people to know there are significant questions about whether your favourite team should draft him and the maturity, background, decision making and approach to his work are not small issues. They are big issues with this particular player that some teams will shy away from. Other people are saying the same things at a much higher level, such as McShay and Zierlein.

        This is nothing to do with my preferences. Again, I’ve done one mock with a QB at five, the rest had DL at five. If a QB-hungry team trades up to 3 with Arizona and they move out of the top-five, I will put Will Anderson to Seattle the rest of the way.

        I wish the Carter-ites would have some perspective on the likelihood of him actually being taken by Seattle. But they are being driven by their wants and being very vocal with it.

          • Peter

            To whatever lurker who dislikes Rob but apparently by the reply reads the blog….hi!!

          • Rob Staton


            As for the original tweet… it’s not too early to know if Carter will be on their board. If you know what was happening at Georgia. There’s no big investigation required here by the team.

            • BK26

              It does have to sting though Rob. Someone across the pond has better connections at your full-time job than you, and it’s done in his free time.

              I halfway expect the American crow to go extinct after the draft when everyone has to eat one.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s painful really

      I can’t spell everything out but I know a LOT about the situation at Georgia.

      He will not be a Seahawks first round pick

      • Rushless pass

        I just hope that you will be able to retire comfortably on your ego currency!

        • Peter

          Why I don’t write multi thousand word columns for 15 years and instead talk junk on Twitter is bcause I am an ego less form floating free with my one-ness all in perfect harmony….

          Also: jAlEn CaRtEr iS tHe bEsT pLaYeR eVeR!!!! (Insert poop emoji for anyone who disagrees with me)

        • Rob Staton

          It’s amazing how simple people can be sometimes

          “This person disagrees with me. I know this but keep engaging with him on twitter about it anyway. And because he won’t just agree with me, I will select my smear. Ego? That’ll do.”

      • dahveed

        well that settles that!

      • Mr drucker in hooterville

        I have to not let the Carterites bother me. “Seattle takes Carter, guaranteed” “taking a qb is stupid. They need defense” “kiper is stupid. Seattle doesn’t need QBs”. “Carter is an elite talent. No QB is worth it”. Etc etc. i cant help trolling them. Forgive me.

  29. Brodie

    I’m surprised that so many people want to take a QB at #5, UNLESS it’s Bryce Young.

    Bryce Young is a hell of a QB. Joe Montana and Tom Brady didn’t have the prototype measurables that AR does, but they sure did win a lot of rings.

    I’d be pretty excited about him as the heir apparent. I’d hope that we wouldn’t trade down for a middling pick if the opportunity presents itself to take him.

    • geoff u

      I think there are two things at play here: 1) John Schneider’s interest in acquiring a prototypical QB (Mahomes, Allen) despite having Wilson and 2) Seattle fans not wanting someone who looks similar to Russell Wilson.

      Both maybe way off base because: 1) Schneider is also the one who took a risk on Russell Wilson and it paid off and 2) as fans we are prone to irrational thinking.

      • MountainHawker

        Would add a 3) the other qb’s are big, strong and athletic with big arms. It’s jolting looking at Bryce by comparison. Bryce has it mentally. If the team feels comfortable with it, go for it. I personally don’t

        • Rob Staton

          “He’s like the ultimate point guard of an offense”

          A quote from a scout in the league

    • TJ

      I agree with you 100% Young is an outstanding QB. The only thing he doesn’t do well is stand 6’3″ and weigh 220 lbs.

      • Orcas Viking

        Seahawks already have an athletic QB that is 6’4” 220…Drew Lock…so I guess size may be overrated.

        • Group Captain Mandrake

          I guess you have to ask yourself: If Drew Lock was the size of Bryce Young, would he even have been drafted? Probably not. If Bryce Young was the size of Drew Lock, there would probably be no question that he would be the number one pick. Size isn’t everything, but it sure does matter.

  30. Pran

    If Seattle does not pick a QB for future, does it mean:
    1. JS is not sold on the remaining option OR
    2. Pete does not have much time to sit a QB an year or two

    • TomLPDX

      Pete is perfectly content with Geno at this point and I doubt he feels that way. He’s still on his “5-year plan.”

    • Rob Staton

      3. Will Anderson lasts

      That’s the only one to focus on really IMO

      • Pran

        #3 again reminds us of #2.

        i have a hard time imagining not picking a franchise QB on a rookie deal in favor a DE. does this also mean they are picking a sure shot which is #1.

        Is it hard to acquire a good DE from FA or trade vs QB?

        • Wilson502

          Good DEs are much easier to acquire than long term answers at QB. Which is why if it comes down to Richardson or a DE, I’m taking the QB everytime. There’s more good DE prospects later in the draft that can be taken at #20 of they wish.

      • Wilson502

        Only way this happens is if AZ goes Tyree Wilson instead of Anderson. I’m sorry, but punting on a potential franchise QB in favor of a DE is a major blunder.

    • geoff u

      1. Yes
      2. No, because we signed Geno for 3 years and is already our presumed starter for next year, so it’s not a big deal to sit a QB.

  31. Brett

    Thanks for the recap, Rob, this was much needed. I agree that Seattle needs to focus on adding difference makers to the front 7, not just check the boxes. Lets hope John Schneider and co. can pull that off.

  32. Madmark

    Tell me Rob after the combine what really stood out to you that you would draft for Seattle?

    • Rob Staton

      I’ll refer you to the several long-read articles I wrote during and after the combine if that’s ok!

      • Madmark

        Hehe, that’s such a John Clayton answer. I don’t feel a need to draft a player for need like others although getting him might solve a problem a year from now. I know Seattle needs defense line but the guy that really stood out for me I wasn’t even considering before the combine. When I think of a 1st round player, I think of will this guy after 4 years receive the 5th year option. Darnell Washington really caught my eye and not for the 1 handed caught. The agility numbers are crazy and watching him in the sled drill compared to the others TE. I guess I’m tired of grabbing TE in the 5th round. They need to take advantage of this talented TE group to strengthen the offensive line to improve the run game and open up the pass game. I get the feeling it’s not going to happen for Seattle because of defense needs but he sure is that freaky monster.

        • Mr drucker in hooterville

          Mayer is quite good too.

  33. JD

    Not to take away the discussion from the defensive line but with Rob referencing the John Boyle Inside the Draft Room piece, I reread it. Such great insights everywhere in there.

    I wanted to ask what people thought about the part when they were debating between KW3 and an Olinemen at 41. (“The decision is down to Walker, college football’s top running back last year, and an offensive lineman.”)

    These were the Olinemen that went between 41 and 72
    51. Cam Jurgens C
    57. Luke Goedeke OL
    59. Ed Ingram OG
    65. Luke Fortner, C
    67. Joshua Eeudu OG
    69. Nicholas Petit-Frere OT
    72. Abraham Lucas OT

    Through that piece, it seems as if they had 2 DE’s and 2 RB’s comfortable with and once 1 of each went before in the previous 4 picks, they were going to take the other.

    I wanted to see who people thought was the Olinemen they were debating for #41. IF it was Cam Jurgens, who I suspect, then it gives us a little more insight into how they view Center in this draft.

    • Rob Staton

      I am almost certain the OL they nearly took in R2 was Abe Lucas

  34. Jordan

    While I could be wrong, I really do think that ultimately it ends up being Richardson to the Hawks.

    As much as Richardson’s upside is tantalizing and that investment could pay off huge, I don’t know if Reich/Fitterer (Reich recently fired, 2nd HC shot), Caserio, Ballard (has held the job since 2017), and McDaniel (2nd HC shot; moved on from Carr) have the equity, job security, or record of success to “roll the dice” or “wait” at the QB position. If they don’t take a QB that can play right away they could be 1)in the Caleb Williams sweepstakes and 2) unemployed when Richardson is ready (even if it is only a one season wait). Tepper, McNair, Davis and Irsay have not been patient men as of late.

    Seattle’s floor with Geno raises the floor on where they will be picking (probably not in this range again anytime soon) and allows for a patient development of Richardson, whereas I don’t think the other brainstrusts are in a position where they can afford to be as patient at QB.

  35. StevenD

    The Al Woods situation has me thinking more on Mazi Smith…

    Any idea why he didn’t run at Michigan’s pro day? He jumped fairly well and obviously is a beast at the bench from the combine, but not sure if there is an issue with running agility?

    A Michigan blog has the Steelers being very interested at #17.

    Not sure how the math would work, but if we can’t get a Levis/Richardson at #5, I’d hope for a viable trade down that somehow leaves us with a Adebawore/Kancey AND a Mazi Smith with our first two picks + another player.

    • cha

      Pittsburgh is always slightly annoying to me.

      They telegraph their intentions well before the draft.

      They get their guy.

      Most of the time, he’s pretty darn good.

    • Brodie

      From the UM site:

      As for why he was not a full participant at the combine in Indianapolis, an event that saw him sit out the 40-yard dash and several other events, including media interviews, Smith said he was dealing with “little tweaks.”

      He did not run the 40-yard dash on Friday.

      “You start training like a track star as a big fella, it starts getting hard on you a little bit,” Smith said. “I’m good at football, man. I ain’t no 100-meter sprinter.”

      • STTBM

        I like this kid already!

    • Scot04

      I could also see Pittsburgh going corner.

      • JN

        Joey Porter Jr………

        Najee Harris pick 2.0, everyone knows it

  36. no frickin clue

    4-round mock draft with no trades.

    Picks 1.1 – 1.4 went as follows:
    1. Bryce Young
    2. Anthony Richardson
    3. Will Anderson
    4. CJ Stroud

    Not an unreasonable start to the proceedings. So I went with
    5. Will Levis

    Now in the bottom half of the 1st round, and even with Bijan Robinson still on the board (which I doubt), I decided to tap into the RBs later on given the depth. Instead went with:
    20. Will McDonald

    Early round 2, two picks available, I want some trenches guys. I want a center and I want a DT. This is how it ended up:
    37. Mazi Smith
    52. John Michael Schmitz

    Round 3, I’m debating between another RB to tag-team with Kenneth Walker, or an ILB in case Brooks can’t go. I went with:
    83. Daiyan Henley

    Finally, in round 4, I decided to pull the pin on a RB. With some of my favorite candidates now gone (I’m looking at you Israel Abanikanda), I went with:
    123. Eric Gray, RB, Oklahoma


    • Peter

      Jms probably higher….thus no Smith, maybe?

      Richardsonis such a wild card. Robs made the point that the first time any of the bridge qbs falter fas will call for him which probably won’t be great.

    • STTBM

      Personally, I’m hoping Seattle takes a WR and a RB before LB in this draft. And a C, and a DT…if they plan on going with two outside and only one inside backer alot, it’s a far lesser need than NT, third WR or second back. You can’t trust one beck not to miss time with injury, and Dallas ain’t going to carry the load in that scenario.

      Eskridge can’t remember how to play football, and Goodwin is falling apart, we got nobody after DK and Locket who belongs on an NFL roster.

    • Trevor

      Think JMS goes before that but switch him with Wypler maybe and that would be ideal IMO.

  37. samprassultanofswat

    Rob: IsTuli Tuiplaotu’s size a good fit for our defensive scheme? I can’t understand why no one is talking about him. He played at U.S.C. 13 sacks and 22 T.F.L. Those numbers speak for themselves.

    • Rob Staton

      No, afraid not. Big time tweener. Not a 3-4 DE or OLB. Hard to place him in any scheme really but better off at 4-3 end and kicking inside if he gets bigger

      • samprassultanofswat

        Thanks Rob

    • YDB

      The first two things John talked about when referencing the gap between Seattle amd Santa Clara were run after the catch and sure tackling. Although Tuli’s stat line is great, he missed A LOT of tackles. I’ve seen as high as 30% quoted.

  38. JD

    Any obvious over/under drafts? Any glaring positions avoided? Maybe Mingo at 83 instead of Schoonmaker. But QBOTF, EDGE, C, DT, TE, WR, 2 RB’s (1 bruiser, 1 shifty), G (depth and development), and LB for culture.
    5. Anthony Richardson
    QB Florida
    20.Will McDonald IV
    EDGE Iowa State
    37.John Michael Schmitz
    OC Minnesota
    52.Keeanu Benton
    DT Wisconsin
    83.Luke Schoonmaker
    TE Michigan
    123. Jonathan Mingo
    WR Ole Miss
    151.Chris Rodriguez Jr.
    RB Kentucky
    154.Nick Broeker
    OG Ole Miss
    198.Deuce Vaughn
    RB Kansas State
    237.Ventrell Miller
    LB Florida

    • Trevor

      Nice group of players. I think JMS goes before that but seems reasonable for most of them.

    • Madmark

      Switch 83 for 123 and Ventrel Miller goes at end of 4th or in the 5th. Simulator having him at 350’s I believe is off.

  39. Mick

    If there was any doubt about what we’d like to do at 5:

  40. samprassultanofswat

    Not sure I would take Bryce Young. I love his production. But his frame is scary.

  41. Scot04

    The exact opposite of a Jalen Carter Pro Day.

    • Peter

      Bit is he trying to dog his pro day to slip to a team he likes better….?

  42. Blitzy the Clown

    Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter

    Compensation: Jets are trading Elijah Moore and their 3rd-round pick to the Browns for their 2nd-round pick, per source.

    12:42 PM · Mar 22, 2023

    I wouldn’t mind seeing some pre draft moves of our own like this

    Get at least one more pick in the R2 sweet spot of this draft

  43. Brett

    Austin Hooper signed for $2.75M while Seattle has the oft-injured Dissly on the books for $9M this year /facepalm

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Seahawks are financially tied to Dissly this season, which means they’re probably moving on from him next season (unless he renegotiates).

      Seahawks are almost certain to move on from Noah Fant next season, mostly for financial reasons, some of which source to Dissly – they simply can’t tie up roughly 10% of the total cap in the TE position moving forward.

      Which means Parkinson is the only viable TE on the roster in 2024. They’ll have to draft a TE this year or next year. Or maybe even one in both years.

      But it sure seems to me that they’re coming out of this draft, with it’s amazing breadth at the top, with one.

      • TatupuTime

        Parkinson is a free agent after this year. Dissly is the only TE they have under contract for 2024 at the moment and he’s an obvious cut candidate after this year.

    • Rob Staton

      Absolutely staggering use of resources

      • MountainHawker

        Thoughts on Laporta? I’m not sure he’s got the size Seattle likes but he looks really fluid in his routes. Good hands. Tough runner.

        • Rob Staton

          It was hard to scout him in Iowa’s offense. If you just watch a highlight video and the testing numbers, it’s very easy to see how he could become a very dangerous receiving threat at the next level. So you’re projecting on the flashes and the physical profile and it’s intriguing.

        • BK26

          Very good blocker, good at finding the spot to get open. He was Iowa’s only receiving threat. One thing Iowa does: puts tight ends in the NFL. Would love him later to save an earlier pick.

      • Wilson502

        Hated the dissly deal soon as it was announced. Like, why r we overpaying for an oft injured TE? I seriously don’t understand the thought process behind these contracts. It’s not like other teams were banging down the door for him.

      • Big Mike

        Not as staggering as the resources used on Safety.

  44. Old but Slow

    One area that I do not agree with, in terms of the general feeling in here, is the need to use a fairly high pick on a center. With the signing of Evan Brown I feel that the position has been addressed well enough for a season or two, and they we have more pressing needs.

    No, it does not give us the complete offensive line we would like, but I think it is a situation that can be dealt with in the future.

    This is a strong center class, and I would understand if one happened to be the best player available at some point, but I would not target one. Who knows what will happen, but maybe we could end up with Van Pran next draft, as he would have been the top guy this year if he had declared.

    • Rob Staton

      This is a strong center class

      I would disagree with that

  45. Sea Mode

    As Garafolo said, the pick is in…

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Still a couple more important pro days to go I wouldn’t write that in stone just yet

    • MountainHawker

      I can see Stroud starting day 1 in Carolina and looking solid. Can’t picture that with Richardson. But I’m biased and think we’re the perfect fit for Richardson

    • Brodie

      Todd McShay said on their recent podcast that his source – who’s always been right regarding QB links to teams said they traded up for Young. He also said that it might be similar to the 9ers trading up last year to take Mac Jones and then pivoting to Trey Lance once they had the pick in hand (meaning they could switch to Stroud).

      Take it for what it is, but Todd seemed to put a lot of stock in his source.

  46. Blitzy the Clown

    Seahawks hosted DE Mario Edwards for a VMAC visit

    Another tweener outside-in DLer.

    Where’s the beef gonna come from on this new DL? Will there be any beef?

    • Scot04

      Regardless he’d be a nice rotational D-lineman at 1yr 1.5M-2M; and right now we need bodies.

    • Wilson502

      No beef, only chicken 😂

  47. Brodie

    Rob, what is it about Cameron Young that caught your eye? I’ve only ever seen him projected as a Day 3 guy, but you have him as a 3rd round talent on your board.

    Where does he fit on our DL?

    • Blitzy the Clown

      He’d be a NT on our scheme.

    • Rob Staton

      Fantastic size/length combo. Controls well at the point of attack and can disengage. Like his upside potential, think his best football is ahead as a very solid if unspectacular DT, he can play across the line

      • Brodie


      • DaveYoung

        To borrow a phrase from a Nottingham Forest forum, Gerrim in !!!

  48. GoHawksDani

    I don’t understand the shift of perspective for the DL need. SEA only cut Woods without an apparent heir, or am I missing something? They could bring in almost anyone who’s a bigger guy to fill that hole (although Woods must leave a big hole based on his size 😀). And while Woods played well, he only played a handful of snaps.
    They could easily get AR #5, a center or Ade #20 for example and Mazi in R2. Not saying they’d have good depth but they didn’t have last year. They could get some space eaters in R4-5-6.
    I don’t think this situation means they have to reach for an NT/DT for #5 or after a trade-back. Neither at #20. You likely won’t get a huge NT who’s a wall and stops the run and can rush the passer too in this draft. A basic NT usually goes in the R3-6 range. So I doubt they need to reach to fill the hole. And if they reach a bit for #38 to get their desired NT then I’m ok with it.

    I don’t even need someone who definitely capable to push the pile. If he can stop or at least slow down well inside runs then sign me up.

    Just protect R1 picks to use BPA and rest can go a bit for the needs

    • Simo

      Actually the Hawks have cut not only Al Woods, but Shelby Harris and Quinton Jefferson. They also lost LJ Collier in free agency and Poona Ford is an unsigned free agent.

      So, that’s five defensive linemen lost and only Jones and Reed signed so far to replace them. There’s quite a bit more work to be done here in free agency or the draft!

      • Rob Staton

        Which is the point

        It’s not ‘OMG Woods has gone!’ for anyone being sensible

        It’s more a case of… we have two defensive linemen. How’s that going to work??

        • cha

          Mine’s more…

          Six Weeks In: “Our all new DL is still adjusting…don’t worry…we’re giving up record numbers of yards but give it time and it’ll work!”

          Ten Weeks In: “See! We had two good games against weak offenses and the defense looked great! It’s working!”

          Fifteen Weeks In: “Well the offense has hit a lull and the defense is fighting like crazy but gave up 35 points and 425 yards. We just need the whole team to be connected.”

          One and Done in the Playoffs: “I really thought our defense would be more connected. We have some things we need to clean up.”

          • AlaskaHawk

            Making lemonade out of lemons, Pete Carroll invents the 2-5 formation. I the press conference he glares menacinglY as he drawls “Linemen? We don’t need no stinking defensive linemen.” Cue Clint Eastwood music..

            • geoff u

              “Linemen? We got linemen, two of em, what more do you need?”

            • MyChestisBeastMode

              Maybe we run a 3-3-5? One of the colleges did that and found good success. How else do we get Adams (if…IF health), Diggs, Love, and Neal on the field!?

              Some sarcasm, but also, really… How do we get those guys on the field and have so few D linemen?

          • bmseattle

            As long as it’s not…
            Six Weeks in: “We really need to get Will Anderson into the game more. The coaches are really trying… we need to do a better job of giving him opportunities.”

          • Big Mike

            I’d laugh if I wasn’t too busy crying cha.

  49. Palatypus

    These late hours of March are the days of the dog.

    Thank God, for Seahawks Draft Blog.

  50. Rob Staton

    People will overreact to this (McCown isn’t making the pick, at the end of the day)

    But my biggest thing to note was David Tepper IS attending the pro days

    So be prepared for the owner having the final say on who they take #1

    • Rob Staton

      Might not be the best thing that Stroud addressed his as coach 🙂

      • Peter

        Of Carter is sandbagging his pro day to go to a team he likes….

        Maybe Stroud is doing that to come play for his favorite team: ours.

  51. Peter

    Very interesting to see if he goes for the pro ready Stroud or the excitement factor Richardson. Or other I suppose.

    He’s been in and around football for a bit so I wonder what kind of owner he turns out to be.

  52. Rob Staton

    Now watched every throw from the Stroud pro-day

    Excellent, assured performance

    Looks the part

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Amazing. His ball placement is exceptional.

    • wilson502

      Hopefully Carolina takes him at #1, so Richardson falls to us at #5.

      • ShowMeYourHawk

        Don’t discount Irsay taking AR at #4. Indy’s had nothing but OAPs at QB for so long, he may see a 21 year old that can actually move as a “must have.”

        • Wilson502

          In that case we take Levis which I am more than fine with, what I am not ok with, is if Levis or Richardson is available and punting on taking a QB to take a DE instead of a QB. Above average edge rushers are easier to find than long term answers at QB. Passing on one of the big 3 QBs for an not elite DE prospect is a major blunder no matter how u cut it.

    • Brett

      Looks the part

      That’s always the impression I get from watching Stroud. My quick overview of each of the top 4 QBs:

      Stroud: most sure thing to be a top 10 QB
      Young: highest floor, lowest ceiling
      Richardson: lowest floor, highest ceiling
      Levis: most pro ready but still needs some development

    • geoff u

      It really does feel like any four of these QBs could be the best player of the draft. Yet people don’t want us to take a QB…

  53. Trevor

    Is Jeffery Simmons really on the trade block? If he is the Hawks need to at least explore that right?

    • Rushless pass

      Probably pretty expensive but I’d be all over that

    • cha

      He might be

      And yes the Seahawks should be looking into it

      • Trevor

        Would much sooner pay Simmons $20 mil than $35 mil to Diggs and Adams that’s for sure.

        • cha

          It’s gonna take at least $25m to lock Simmons down.

          • MyChestisBeastMode

            Eff it. Cut Adams. Restructure Lockett, extend Nwosu, do magic things that GM’s do with NFL contracts to make today cheap at the cost of tomorrow. Just get Simmons.

    • Rob Staton

      I can’t imagine he is

      I know they’re in a bit of a contract stalemate but the last GM got fired for trading away a star on the cheap

      They feel like the last team that’ll do business

      • Trevor

        That makes sense I was just surprised to hear that rumor and thought he is exactly the type of guy the Hawks need.

        • Rob Staton

          They’re really just in a contract impasse but they have to get it done and will do

        • cha

          FWIW Arden Key said he called Byard (who reportedly the Titans asked to take a paycut) and Simmons and asked them if the Titans were serious about winning. He said he got a resounding yes from both.

    • Zeke

      #20+#83+2024 2nd for Simmons

  54. Rob Staton

    Confirmation from Jim Nagy that Carroll & Schneider are also attending the Alabama pro day tomorrow

    Also worth mentioning they won’t just be checking out QB’s. I bet they spent time with Luke Wypler today. Also bet they spend time with Will Anderson and maybe Byron Young tomorrow. Possibly some of the other defenders too. Maybe Ekiyor the guard who was asked to snap at the combine.

    Bob Condotta also saying PCJS expected to go straight to Kentucky after for that pro day to see Will Levis.

    • Ashish

      The wait for draft day is killing it. So excited.

  55. TatupuTime

    Not sure how much trust we put in Smith-Njigba’s 40 time at his pro day, but was interesting to see him at 4.48. Still seems unlikely for the Seahawks, but a 4.48 plus his agility stats (6.57 3 cone) makes it at least a possibility.

    Also interesting to hear Tony Pauline ( talking about the Giants (23rd overall) and Vikings (25th overall) being interested in John Michael-Schmitz and how teams like him a lot more than draft twitter is projecting.

    • Steve Nelsen

      I saw that post about JSN running a 4.48 but there was no source. The reports were all 4.50-4.53. Which is still faster than I expected.

      • Rob Staton

        On a notoriously fast track

  56. JimQ

    Levis dropping down in 1-st Round? – Per: Dan’l Jeremiah in linked article below:

    One man’s opinion? Smoke screen? I don’t care, Levis is my favorite QB, sure hope he’s there at pick at #5.

    • clbradley17

      Less than a minute to show what a beast Levis is. Can run through several LSU players and has the touch to loft it perfectly right by the sidelines. Showed at the combine he has a canon to throw it 60+ yards downfield. Would be great if he falls to us.

      Saw this stat today about C Wypler, would like to get him late rd. 2 instead of having to draft JMS rd. 1. He allowed only one sack in two seasons as a starter at Ohio State.

    • Matt

      I like Levis, but there is zero buzz about him and if Indy doesn’t snatch him up – I could see him falling quite a bit (maybe to Tampa?)

      • Geoff u

        He just needs to make it to 5…

        • Wilson502

          Richardson or Levis at 5 for me, passing on either for a non-elite Edge rusher just seems like a massive fail to me.

          • Rokas

            I am 100 % with you on that. It’s a good spot to debate whether we need the best defensive player in the draft or not at No. 5. But i can’t get my head around that after Rob talked over and over again how JS loves traits, he won’t pass on QBs for a defender who’s ceiling, arguably, is “very good”. Not if AR or Levis last.

          • geoff u

            I also agree 100%. If there was an elite edge rusher I’d consider them, but even then nothing trumps an elite quarterback.

      • Rob Staton

        There might be no buzz for a reason

        And that is he isn’t going top two and people don’t want to advertise their interest

    • Ross

      Watching Levis throw the football is a thing of beauty. Effortless zip. It’s actually mesmerizing. I’d take any of the big 5, but Levis is my fav after Stroud. I think he’s JS’s fav too.

  57. Hawktalker#1

    Open question

    Any idea why we didn’t push harder for Tranquil instead of Bush? Contracts seemed relatively close and Tranquil seems the far superior player.

  58. Purpleneer

    I’m gonna be one who says sitting really isn’t what AR needs, outside of the bad OL situation or to a lesser extent a bad overall offense. What he needs is time without being judged and dismissed on one NFL season. It’s weird that judgment has been accelerated over the same stretch that development has gotten so much more difficult with how practice has gotten so restricted. The only thing that makes me still consider that aspect in making a decision is that I know too many would still rush to call it.
    I still definitely have a preference for Levis. Everything Rob has pointed out about his positives I agree with, as well as the lens of situation. It blows my mind generally how little a lot of fans and media consider situation in their evaluations. A certain widely regarded coach in Foxboro made a lot of hay on the NFL side of scouting by finding guys who looked worse than their ability based on a crappy situation (think Browns players), and it’s one of the biggest reasons for busts. Many prospects look better than they are based on situation. I remember the year Chris Jones was knocked as an underachiever, while being a 3rd year guy on a relatively weak MSU team who gained 60 lbs since high school and was still the best player on the field against LSU and Alabama. We weren’t knocking Adolphus Washington, who was a 5th year guy on that OSU team, and you had to put on NIU as an opponent to see more than a couple flashed here and there.
    It’s hard to feel as good sometimes when a guy consistently plays with more talent around him than across from him.
    I’m also thinking QB or roll that #5 over as best you can for 2024 capital, even though I think Caleb Wiliiams is incredibly overrated right now. USC’s best win last year was in Corvallis, and that game was a win for the defense overcoming a bad game from him. Not like it’s the first time Heisman voting was so wrong.

  59. UkAlex6674

    Bush has far more upside..

  60. Sea Mode

    That last throw especially was 👌

    C.J. Stroud’s Elite Pro Day Performance!

  61. Ukhawk

    Excellent Brock & Salk interview with Dan Orlasky re AR

    • Rob Staton

      Dan’s fighting the good fight on these QB’s

      Good for him

      • Trevor

        Orlovsky is aweome at looking at what a guy can and could be able to do instead of the stats and what they can’t. He recognizes any flaws and if they are fixable but his focus is always on the potential. Seems very similar to how JS and Pete tend to think.

        • Peter

          The comments though….brain bending how people are so bad at “listening comprehension.”

          • Wilson502

            Smooth brains out in full force whenever a QB is mentioned. Brock’s grin during that interview was quite annoying.

    • geoff u

      I like how he spells things out very rationally and clearly, and then at the end Brock and Henderson are like, “nah, let’s trade down for a bunch of jags instead.”

  62. Robert Las Vegas

    I saw today that the raiders signed Austin Hooper today for 2.75 I was thinking he is probably better than any tight end on are roster.and fant and will are making a lot more than he is

    • Rob Staton

      Whether he’s better or not — he’s a lot better value for money than spending $15m on Dissly and Fant

  63. Robert Las Vegas

    Rob do you have any thoughts on Yannick Ngakoue he is only 27 years old and he’s had 8 or more sacks every season he has been in the NFL

  64. Robert Las Vegas

    I guess I am just trying to figure out the plan is for the defense line perhaps the answer is the draft or wait it out and sign guys at a cheaper price or a combination. And as far as linebackers are concerned does it seem like they have a difficult time shedding blockers they get locked up. Is it because they are not aggressive enough or strong enough or is it mostly due to the guys up front do you have any thoughts

  65. Niklas

    Lots of good stuff here, but nothing I have ever seen from the Hawks would, to me, support them taking Anthony Richardson or really Will Levis either. And Bryce Young will be long gone. Stroud checks a lot of Seahawks boxes, but I hope they do not trade up for him either.

    Bryce Young = a modern Doug Flutie. Anthony Richardson = an even more athletic and erratic Cam Newton. Will Levis = a far less toolsy Josh Allen. CJ Stroud = a black Troy Aikman type robo QB. Aikman was actually somewhat faster than Stroud out of college in terms of 40 yards. Discuss!

    • Rob Staton

      Aside from the GM’s history of QB’s he’s either acquired or coveted?

    • Mick

      Boy how could would we ever discuss without someone to give the order?

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