Instant reaction: Seahawks beat Browns, move to 5-1

Welcome to Seattle’s 2019 season. You better get used to this.

Chaos, brilliance, frustration and elation.

Games that swing and sway.

Ultimately though, they’re 5-1. Somehow, some way.

Their winning margins in the five victories so far are:

Bengals — 1 point
Steelers — 2 points
Cardinals — 17 points
Rams — 1 point
Browns — 4 points

With a daunting schedule ahead, it’s possible their luck will change in the coming weeks. For now — enjoy the fact that they’re off to a start that, at least in terms of wins and losses, matches the 2013 season.

You might shake your fist at the TV and wonder why it can’t be easier than this. I’m here to tell you the Seahawks are not that unique. Look around the league. Very few teams are making life easy.

The Patriots? Sure. Now look at their schedule so far.

The rest? Every other team is facing the same peaks and troughs. The Chiefs losing back-to-back home games is a classic example.

It’s going to be this way for the rest of the year. It’s actually a positive that, so far, the Seahawks have shown they’re good at winning close games.

This was actually quite a sloppy and often ugly game — mixed in with bursts of pure excitement. The refs didn’t help. Jarvis Landry’s ‘illegal block in the back’ on Marquise Blair is one of the worst calls you’ll see this season. The Browns magically regained a called timeout so the refs could explain a ruling to Freddie Kitchens. The Seahawks almost had a good redzone play wiped out on an ‘illegal blocker downfield’ — executed by a player who’d declared as an eligible receiver.

The game stuttered and stalled with little rhythm mainly due to the officials.

The two teams didn’t help matters with a number of careless mistakes.

From the Seahawks — they started by giving up a long kick-return that set the tone for a rough first half. They gave up 302 yards in the opening two quarters and offered no resistance on defense.

The Browns really should’ve gone into the break with a handsome 27-12 lead. They were in the redzone and marching for a score. They also needed to take time off the clock to prevent the Seahawks having an extra possession. With time running, Baker Mayfield snapped the ball with about 20 seconds on the play clock and promptly threw an interception.

It was an avoidable massive momentum shift.

Moments later the Seahawks finished off a quick-fire touchdown drive to make it 20-18. Instead of trailing by three touchdowns, they were within two points and fired up a 19-0 scoring run.

The Browns had a punt blocked. Nick Chubb fumbled. Mayfield threw three total interceptions — one straight to Tre Flowers.

And when Seattle were looking for a knockout punch late in the third, C.J. Prosise fumbled.

Still the mistakes kept coming. Kitchens threw an ill-advised challenge flag just as Chubb was about to run for a touchdown, only to see the subsequent fourth down attempt stuffed. Michael Dickson shanked a punt leading, finally, to a Browns touchdown.

There were two missed extra points.

Am I missing anything? What a mess.

Yet amid all the nonsense was a flash of occasional brilliance.

Russell Wilson was again superb — throwing for 295 yards, rushing for 31 more and scoring three total touchdowns. He now has 17 passing and running scores and zero interceptions. It’s clearly his best ever start to a season and he is the shining light that will give fans hope this can, actually, be a special season.

The running game eventually got going and they ended with 170 yards (124 to Chris Carson). More important than the production — Carson again had a couple of ‘beast mode’ moments to match the ones against LA. He’s finding his best form and that’s underrated news for Seattle.

Despite losing Doug Baldwin to retirement and Will Dissly to injury in this game, Wilson completed passes to eight different targets. The receivers are stepping up to make plays.

The offensive line — missing two starters — gave up three sacks and some other pressures. However, they did enough to enable Wilson and the running game to prosper against a talented defensive front.

The defense — so poor in the first quarter — really stepped up in the second half. They forced four turnovers in the end, had the great goal-line stop and made the plays they had to. The lack of sacks or QB hits is still a worry but as the game developed so did the unit.

You also have to credit the Browns. Nick Chubb put on a classic ‘look what you could’ve won’ showing. Odell Beckham — questioned all week — had a couple of drops but also made some spectacular plays. Mayfield had the three interceptions but also gutted through an injury.

In the end, Seattle found a way to win. Again.

The Seahawks still have plenty to work on if 5-1 is going to turn into a serious contending season in the NFC.

The pass rush needs help. Thankfully, Jarran Reed returns next week. This should benefit Jadeveon Clowney and Ziggy Ansah. In fairness to both — the game-plan was likely very run-D orientated this week to stop Chubb. Clowney had a couple of nice rushes and Ansah had the forced fumble and recovery.

The secondary had some moments today including Tre Flowers first interception. The three-headed rotation at safety in the first half, however, shows the Seahawks are still working out their best combination there. The poor moments in the first half shouldn’t be totally ignored simply because the Seahawks fought back to win. They will need to add to this unit in the off-season.

They need a solution at tight end going forward. It could be Ed Dickson but Pete Carroll has not talked positively about his health situation. Will Dissly’s achilles injury is heartbreaking. With Nick Vannett now in Pittsburgh, the Seahawks will need to see what’s out there. They could roll with Luke Willson and Jacob Hollister. Is there a deal to be made? Or can they wait for Dickson?

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  1. Aaron

    Boom Baby! It was uggggggggly to start, but it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish!!! 5-1 BABY!!! GO HAWKS!!!

    • BobbyK

      Tell that to the 2015 Seahawks in the Division Round who found themselves down 31-0 to the Panthers at halftime. The 24-point charge (how they finished) did no good in a 31-24 loss.

      • John_s

        Or the 2014 championship game vs the Packers 🤷🏽‍♂️

  2. charlietheunicorn

    Defense might get maligned for lack of sacks, but they played with a purpose and were opportunistic. Both Clowney and Ansah are impacting the opposing offenses, but the timely strip sack fumble is worth more than 2-3 sacks in a game from Ansah imo. Now the DL will be back to full strength week #6….

    Offense looked balanced and did what it had to do… RW, looking like a MVP.

    I would never have dreamed they would get off to a 5-1 start to the season. Wow is all I can say.

  3. Trevor

    Wow 5-1 to start the season. All five wins were a little ugly but it is much better to have a team that somehow finds a way to win than a team that looks great and finds a way to loose.

  4. cha


    * Carson pounding it
    * RW being RW
    * Being in a position to take adv when Cleveland shoots themselves in the foot
    * OL for missing 2 starters was very solid


    * Defense couldn’t handle hurry up offense (again)
    * Frequent bliztes couldn’t get home
    * Defense allowed 2 or 3 4th down conversions, stopped 1
    * Defense only made a couple actual drive stops – most were Cleveland drops, penalties or sloppy turnovers that ended drives
    * Strange short yardage calls to Prosise and not Carson
    * Dissly hurt (please don’t be out the year)

    • Volume12

      Agreed about the calls to Prosise and Dissly possibly being toast is such a bummer.

  5. EP

    As Rob has said, with the Seahawks every game is certainly interesting. Frustration and elation in equal measure. Nice to see some interceptions today.

  6. Volume12

    What a crazy game man. Wow. Lucky to have this one.

    Russ is just on another level this year.

    Hats off to the defense for the way they settled down. Rebounded nicely. All those TOs could be a huge confidence boost for this unit too. So happy for KJ.

    Getting Reed back will be huge even if he’ll be limited his first few games.

    I’ll keep saying it until I’m blue in the face. Carson is the most overlooked RB in the league.

    For as raw as he was coming out, DK is coming along beautifully. Think he’ll be special. Jaron Brown is a fantastic #4 wideout.

    I know he dont got the #’s sack wise, but Clowney’s ability to disrupt the pocket seemingly at will is something else.

    • cha

      Personally I don’t care about individual awards, but if RW isn’t in the pole position for MVP after today, something is really wrong with everyone’s opinions. He just refused to let the defense just give away this game.

      • Volume12

        Facts. Deshaun Watson is starting to make a case for MVP too.

  7. Chase Cash

    If you told me we would have started the season 5-1 without reed, I would have had trouble believing that would be true. Get some rest, and get ready for the ravens coming to town.

  8. Doug

    Gutsy win given the ST letdown.

    At 5-1, does anyone think 10-6 is the best record to hope for now? With Reed coming back and the secondary looking better, Russ playing at an MVP level… I say 7-3 down the stretch to finish 12-4!

    • GerryG

      10-6 is not the best to hope for, but this season has a ton of really hard games forthcoming. Looking at the schedule I’d say if they weren’t 5-1, they might be screwed.

      Losing Dissly is mammoth in all facets of the offense. And they have the hardest schedule in the NFL from here. 12-4 would be miraculous imo. They have no pass rush. But it’s possible.

    • Brashmouse

      Have you been watching the Niners vs common opponents? I see a loss to the Niners maybe 2, lose one of Eagles and Ravens, lose to the Rams at home to split, and Carolina is a even odds in my opinion for a best 12-4 and more likely 10-6. Winston makes the Bucs too hard to predict so they could not even make 10 wins.

  9. hawkdawg

    The stat line certainly reflects the difference between a QB wannabe and a franchise QB. Our Qb is something else right now.

    • cha

      Huh?? 2 INTs not Mayfield’s fault, drops and tips by the receivers. Other than that, the stat lines were pretty close.

      Mayfield had a great game. Yes RW was better but this was a nice rebound game for Mayfield.

      • hawkdawg

        No comparison between those two QBs today. Those two picks you are talking about were bad throws. Worse, they were bad throws with defenders nearby to make picks. Baker played better than last week, but he’s not anywhere close to Russ right now.

  10. Paul Cook

    If we can avoid the injury bug in key places and reestablish our home field dominance, then we can certainly put ourselves in a favorable playoff position. Our remaining home games…

    –Tampa Bay
    –San Francisco

    Do any of these teams look intimidating? If we can take 4 out 5 at home, then we only need to go 2-3 on the road to finish 11-5. One way to look at it.

    But let’s keep in mind, this 5-1 record is great, but we haven’t exactly looked great getting there.

    • Eli

      The only win I’d feel comfortable saying is a shoe-in is the game against Arizona. Minnesota is clicking right now, and the other three teams have shown enough on offense to think they’ll present a tough matchup for our defense, even at home. I’d be happy to go 3-2 against that slate.

      • Paul Cook

        Maybe no shoe-in games, or perhaps only one, but as of now, we’re certainly going to be the favorite in every one of those games.

    • TomLPDX

      Just remember…go 1-0 each week. We went 1-0 this week. Go Hawks!

    • neil

      I would say the 49ers. Just finished watching them dismantle the Rams. Their defense reminds me of our D of 5 years ago. They are playing with that same fire also. I wonder how much of that is Sherman’s influence.

      • Rob Staton

        They’re certainly playing very well. Shanahan is an excellent coach. When they appointed him I thought they’d hit a home run.

        I do also think they’re possibly peaking too soon. We’ll see. Jimmy G still makes the odd head-scratching play.

        • Eli

          The craziest thing to me: Jimmy G is 13-2 in his first 15 starts. Play Washington next week, very like a W making him 14-2 in his first 16. I wonder if any QB has a better record through their first 16 starts.

          • icb12

            I believe Roethlisberger started his career 19-2, Going 27-4 in his 1st 2 seasons with a superbowl win… I assume most of us remember that painful event.

            • icb12

              Through his 1st 16 games Big Ben was 15-1. To directly answer your question.

        • GoHawksDani

          Their offense is mediocre if you pull out Kittle and Breida+Coleman. Their defense has the chance to be ridic dominant. Remove the 1st drive great running game and TD. Rams had 94 total yards rest of the game. 0 points, 5 TOs (4 on downs), half of the Rams drives went backwards by sacks and TFLs and penalties.
          And I feel Rams OL is better or not worse than ours. I think we’ll lose both games against the niners, but if not a split is most likely the best case scenario. Hopefully they just has a good season and that’s all

          • McZ

            Sorry for Dissly, but we should not repeat the panic mode show after yesterdays’ first quarter.

            We have an unused slot weapon waiting for his first game. We have Hollister, who will or will not show his value. We have Willson, who is accustomed to RW. Ed Dickson is about to return, hopefully.

            We should rather ask ourselves, how we want to proceed with both out OL and DL, especially re the FA-situation next offseason.

  11. Nick

    Really excited to start 5-1. Playoffs are looking likely, which is all you can ask for.

    The D continues to look porous at times and the open-field tackling has been very concerning. Certainly an area that we can improve. Same can be said for the pass rush. Almost completely non-existent today, and I worry that that is becoming too common for this team. Reed will undoubtedly bring more talent to the D-line, but I’m not sure he’s enough to push us over the edge.

    On the flip side, the O-line looked really, really good against a very stout Brown’s D-line. Jamarco Jones looked to be more than servicable. Ditto with Fant. That sort of depth is amazing to have as we head into the stretch.

    Shout out, too, to Jaron Brown who continues to have one of the more bizarre tenures of any Seahawks WR.

    • Trevor

      The play of Fant and Jones was huge today. Fant made himself a lot of money today showing he is not just a big TE but a legit LT.

      Will Fluker get his job back is a legit question with the way Jones has played?

  12. cha

    PC says Dissly has serious Achilles injury. Like out for the year.

    • Trevor

      Heartbreaking for Dissly.

      Hope Dixon can come back and you have to move TE way up the draft needs board. Too bad it seems like a week TE draft.

      • Volume12

        Either that or sign a FA at TE (have no idea who will hit the open market) and grab a receiver from this class. Like you mentioned earlier, tap into the strengths of the draft. Don’t go away from the board.

        • Volume12

          Should go w/o saying that they can do both draft wise. Get a TE early, receiver later or vice versa.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            Depends on whether guys like Cody Parkinson and/or Albert Okwuegbunam declare.

            I’d spend a Day 2 pick on either Parkinson (R2) or Okwuegbunam (R3).

            Pinkney’s probably a late R1–early R2 pick.

            Might be a better draft to flip that, go WR early and TE later. Some decent R4-R6 prospects like Jake Breeland, Harrison Bryant (not Hunter). Also keep hearing good things about Jared Rice (Fresno St).

            • CHawk Talker Eric

              Meant to include Matt Bushman in the R4-R6 group.

        • Seahawcrates

          When Brown returns at left tackle unleash The Fantasia at right end!

          • Seahawcrates

            Or better yet, Tight End!

          • Johnham

            Jimmy GQ reminds me of Goff under McVay the first couple seasons. Not actually all that good but being dragged along by the scheme and a great D.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            That’s a good point. If Brown isn’t out for an extended period, they could use more Fant in their 12 personnel RPOs and roll with Willson, Fant and Hollister. I don’t have a lot of hope for Dickson’s return, or even if return, his ability to contribute meaningfully.

            I rather liked Hollister in the preseason. At least I liked his hustle and willingness to block. He’s not the best receiver, and neither is Fant. But Willson isn’t bad and he’s got a bit of chemistry with Russ.

            I think OJ Howard for a R3 is reasonable. Or maybe one of SEA’s R2 if they get back TBB’s R3 as well.

      • Eli

        It’s a great year to draft a TE, Trevor. Okwuegbunam, Breeland, Bushman, Pinkney, Bryant, Ferguson, Parkinson, Mitch Wilcox, Calcaterra, Pat Freiermuth, Hopkins. Lots of nice options to consider, depending on what we’re looking for skill set wise.

        • Volume12

          Really wanna take a good look at Giovanni Rice from W. Michigan. #’s seem to indicate he’s pretty explosive.

          • Eli

            football-reference says he was originally a WR, so it’ll be interesting to see how well he tests

        • Volume12

          * Ricci

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Most of those guys are underclassmen. Do you know they’re all declaring?

          • Eli

            Can never say for sure, but a little research shows me:

            Okwuegbunum = RS Jr
            Breeland = True Sr
            Bushman = True Jr
            Pinkney = RS Sr
            Bryant = True Jr
            Ferguson = RS Jr
            Parkinson = True Jr
            Wilcox = RS Sr
            Calcaterra = True Jr
            Freiermuth = True So – my bad, thought I heard during the Iowa game he was a RS So. Not eligible.
            Hopkins = RS Sr

            I guess if it came down to it, Bryant, Bushman, Parkinson, and Calcaterra could return for their senior years. They have been touted though so I would expect they’d more than likely turn pro, 50/50 at worst. I thought Freiermuth was eligible but he isn’t. I would expect the RS Juniors to declare since in theory they’d be done with their degrees and are also pretty well touted by the media.

            • CHawk Talker Eric

              I think Ferguson is a RS So. Which is too bad because of all the guys on that list, I like him the best.

              Pinkney will go too early for SEA — either late Day 1 or early Day 2. Breeland is probably an early Day 3 guy (R4-R5).

              Harrison Bryant from Florida Atlantic is also a Sr. He’s pretty good, probably the best blocker of the group, and a good receiver too. Last year in 12 games he had 45 receptions for 662 yards (14.7 ag) and 4 TDs. Through 6 games this year he has 25 receptions for 413 yards (16.5 avg) though no TDs yet. He might be a late Day 2 (R3) gem.

              Calcaterra isn’t so much a TE as he is a tall WR. He’s not a good blocker.

              • Eli

                Wish there was more tape on Bryant, I’m intrigued by the numbers and limited film I did see. Looks like he lines up as a big slot or H-back the majority of the time, though that could be more a function of FAU running a spread offense.

                He looks good, pretty athletic, not a horrible blocker. Nice find.

    • Sea Mode

      ah, s**t

  13. Eric

    I’m happy with the result. No one seemed to mention that the Browns had one of the best special teams units in the NFL and they showed up today, the game was closer than I would have wanted, but we got the result in the end.

    The browns aren’t a bad team, they just don’t seem to execute well; if they didn’t turn the ball over 4 times, or there weren’t so many penalties against them, it would have been a tighter game.

    The browns were hyped pre-season because they have the talent on paper, the issue for them is execution. If they execute I think they could be a good team. Possibly it is too little too late. However, as a Hawks fan, I’m happy with the result. Just hope that the injury to Dissly isn’t too serious.

  14. UkAlex6674


  15. Paul Cook

    I just feel sorry for Dissly. He worked so hard to come back from the last knee injury, and now this. He was playing so damn well, turned into such a reliable target for RW to go along with his already sound blocking. He must be feeling pretty down now.

  16. Forty20

    Ugly win but we all knew Cleveland were going to be up for this game after the humbling last week and 5-1 is 5-1 at the end of the day. These sort of wins are huge as you look to preserve your margin of error across the season.


    -Russel Wilson has complete command of the offence. On top of the stellar plays he is making with his arm and legs, his pre-snap reads and calls to check out of plays are elevating the offence.

    -Chris Carson is rumbling. Third straight 100+ yard game. Equal parts finesse and thunder.

    -Receivers are coming along solidly. Lockett is money, Metcalf is completely outperforming expectations while Moore and Brown are doing a reasonable job after them.

    -Cornerbacks looked alright today given how little pressure Mayfield was under. Griffin seemed to play things tight all game and forced an interception in the red zone while Flowers rebounded from a tough first quarter and got a gift for his first career interception.

    -Defence found ways to generate turnover despite failing to get home on Baker Mayfield. Luck played a part here but they made sure to capitalise on each chance.


    -The Will Dissly injury. Just brutal for an extremely talented young man if he has to miss another season due to a long-term injury.

    -Pass rush is still anaemic. Jarran Reed will help but I doubt he is the silver-bullet solution.

    -Tackling on defence in general is still inconsistent.

    -Special teams are slumping something fierce. Gave up a big kick-off return, missed XP and Dickson skewing a punt (in tough circumstances to be fair). The punt block from Moore was nice though.

    -Prosise fumbling. Carson missed a couple of crucial short yardage situations today and gee we felt it between the failed attempts and then the fumble from CJ.

    • Forty20

      Forgot to give Ifedi and Fant (and the O-line in general) the love they deserve. Did a great job today.

  17. Volume12

    Sam ‘elevated liver enzymes, mono having a**’ Darnold has injected so much energy into this lifeless Jets team. Pretty fun to watch honestly.

    • cha

      “Every other team is facing the same peaks and troughs. The Chiefs losing back-to-back home games is a classic example.”

      The Jets are up 21-3 on Dallas going into the half!

      • cha

        J-E-T-S! JETS JETS JETS!

    • Trevor

      I am a big Sam Darnold fan! I think he is going to end up being a star if they can put some talent around him. Still really young.

  18. charlietheunicorn

    Interesting, Home field is +3 points and Seahawks were favored by 1 on the road…
    Seattle won by 4 points.

    Damn, them gambler are spot on sometimes.

  19. charlietheunicorn

    With the unfortunate news that Dissly is likely done for the year, I’ve been trying to find potential trade targets. One name came up. Will BENGALS TE Tyler Eifert get moved at(or before) the trade deadline?

    I’m not sure what his production is or if he would even fit in Seattle, but might be worth checking out if the Bengals decide to have a fire sale.

    The other guy mentioned previously in a previous thread was OJ Howard. I’m not convinced the BUCS would let him go, since they might feel like they still have a shot in NFCS. However, the loss they took this week might change their mind and make him available.

    This goes without saying, Seattle needs more TE options now in the short term.

    • Trevor

      Great call on Eifert! I bet JS is on the phone right now.

    • charlietheunicorn

      I guess maybe Seattle’s TE Ed Dickson will return into the fold and replenish the position internally….. but he will take some time to get back in the swing of things.

    • Eli

      Eifert is a talent but the injury concern is pretty real with him. I think Austin Hooper in Atlanta could be a good option if Atlanta decides to blow it up.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ll take Howard for the right price.

      Eifert — the injuries are always the concern.

    • neil

      If Dickson is not ready to play, not sure why they unloaded Vannett.

      • Rob Staton

        Think it was the attractive offer from Pitt and the availability of Luke Willson.

  20. Coach

    Last week, Keyshawn Johnson was talking about the Patriots on ESPN and he said the reason they won’t win the Super Bowl this year is because of the Seahawks/Saints. He thinks both of these teams would beat the Patriots and win the Super Bowl if they get there!

    Go Hawks!

  21. Pran

    ST is a let down game after game.. we should consider changes on the coaching side after this season given how many resources were provided in the last 2 seasons.

    Russ is the difference between Browns and Hawks.

    • Rob Staton

      Not this again.

      You know special teams scheming also led to the blocked punt?

      And are the coaches supposed to kick for Dickson too?

      • Pran

        Just like good execution is coaches responsibility Bad execution ends at the feet of coaches. I am not clamoring for heads to roll now but it’s high time to shore up on ST coaching end of season.

        Moore did a special job but there are way many failures on Do your Job category!

        • Rob Staton

          No there isn’t. Every time there’s a bad special teams play someone says a coach has to go. It’s not necessary and I don’t want this place to be a ‘fire the coach’ fest every time a unit has an off moment.

          • Pran

            Let’s agree to disagree. Repeated failures will bring attention to ST.
            If we are not talking about coaching changes we might as well be happy with Richard and Bevell.
            Anyways Pets is not the one to make changes mid way but it’s important to keep that in back of the mind when we are talking about improvements and be a SB contender next season.

            Patriots are winning games on the back of ST this season.. we should at least expect better performance from ours given the resources and ST focus in the off season.

            • Rob Staton

              No, I won’t agree to disagree.

              I’ve been consistent on this since day one. I don’t want people coming on here and calling for coaches to be fired because one or two things in a game have gone wrong.

              You’re hammering the ST coaches today for ONE return which might’ve just been a great play by the Browns. They’re allowed to make plays on ST too. And you’re not crediting the Seahawks staff for an outstanding scheme play on the blocked punt.


              • Pran

                If its ONE agree… multiple in ONE game a problem…multiple games its a pattern..multiple SEASONS worth a discussion. Like mentioned i am not talking about firing the coaches now!

                • Ashish

                  @Pran issue was wind for first kick of return. I was furious too but understood later the reason. Calm down..

        • Sea Mode

          Bob Condotta

          Carroll said team should have taken a safety rather than have Dickson punt out of end zone. Said he was trying to get Dickson’s attention but couldn’t. Said should have called time out. “I messed that up,” Carroll said.

          Oct 14, 2019

          • LLLOGOSSS

            This baffles me. Why? Because you know you can’t get a punt off?

            • Robeetle12

              How about the offense getting a first down and some breathing room?….The pass choices on that series were dreadful.

  22. BobbyK

    This is one of those strange years in the NFL. There is no dominant team that I see and fear. I can see the Seahawks beating any team in the NFL, yet I can see them losing to almost any team, aside from the Dolphins.

    The positives are this 5-1 team isn’t a finished product and has more room to improve thanks to it’s youth. It’s going to be a fun ride.

    If you would have asked me who our best DL was coming into the year – I’d have said it’s the guy who hasn’t helped them become 5-1. Reed’s return could be what the doctor ordered (aside from a 22-year old Earl Thomas or Kenny Easley… someone who can play FS).

  23. RWIII

    Guys. The way San Francisco is playing we are going to HAVE to BEAT the 49ers twice just to win the division. Right now the 49ers are playing really well.They are one tough football team.

    • Rob Staton

      They’re playing very well.

      I sense, however, they’ve peaked too early.

  24. Denver Hawker

    Such a bizarre season. The Saints game and 1st quarter of this game, they looked like total dog poo. Then there are moments where you think they really could beat any team in the NFL.

    We’re left with hoping things come together on pass rush, tackling (a little better today), and special teams. I’m skeptical about Reed’s impact, and concerned about loss of Dissly- he’s been a key playmaker this year.

    Turnovers are so huge for this team the way they play. Nice to see more TO.

  25. millhouse-serbia

    What would you give for OJ Howard?

    Penny + 3rd?

    • Rob Staton

      They’re not trading Penny.

      I would consider a third if they think he can be a long term piece.

      It’s clear the offense is going to carrying things though so with Dissly out I think they need to add another target one way or another.

      • millhouse-serbia

        Before Pete’s friday presser I was 99% sure they would never trade Penny. But at that conference, to me Pete sounds like he is not happy with Pennies toughnes. He was FP at practice all week and out for tonights game.

        And Carson obviously is capable of running more than 20 timea per game.

        • Sea Mode

          No way on Penny for me. They can’t just trade away that kind of talent at a position that runs high risk of injury and is critical to our success.

          I’m with Rob on considering a R3 for Howard. We would have him for this season and next at around just $1.5m/year, with a 5th year option somewhere around $6m.

        • Rob Staton

          There’s no way they remove a member of the RB group with Carson and Prosise’s injury history.

          • LLLOGOSSS

            Pete knew with the style they want to play that they’d need a battery of good RB’s.

      • Denver Hawker

        I’d consider a 2nd for Howard which might be what it takes with other contender needing tight ends. 1.5 year (plus 1year option) of Howard vs 4 years of unproven rookie TE seems okay.

        • Rob Staton

          I don’t think he’s not shown enough though to warrant that type of stock.

          • Henry Taylor

            In terms of production sure, but do you not think the talent is apparent with him. What if they threw a 4th or a 5th back our way?

            • Rob Staton

              I liked his potential at Alabama. He was an extremely highly touted recruit and to be honest, never really lived up to that. Then he was a first round draft pick. Again, he’s not really lived up to that. There’s a trend there. No doubt he can be a really useful blocker with the athleticism to offer some dynamism in the passing game. But we’ve not seen enough of that over the years. If I’m spending a R2 I want to know we’re getting someone who can be our starting TE this season and be a player we want to grow with over the next few years.

              Not sure what his situation in Tampa Bay is. They don’t really use him in the passing game. Would they trade him? Maybe. There’s been a rumour or two this weekend. But can’t imagine Bruce Arians will want to do us any favours.

              FWIW Davis Hsu tweeted a few times before the 2017 draft that he’d heard Seattle had Howard as #1 on their board (for the entire class).

              And if he IS available — I would expect the Seahawks to be in the mix after the Dissly injury. Might write about this tomorrow.

              • Henry Taylor

                Sweet, would enjoy some extended thoughts.

                Losing Dissly and even having to have this conversation is truly gutting, that guy’s done nothing but kick butt whenever he’s been on the field and now for the second year in a row he’s been robbed of a great season. So dissapointed for the guy.

                • Rob Staton

                  Already prepping the piece. If nothing else breaks tomorrow I’ll have it up.

                  • Denver Hawker

                    Pats and Packers are reported to be in the market for Howard’s services as well.

    • Henry Taylor

      I don’t want to lose Penny but I would probably make that trade.

      I think OJ Howard could be a superstar in this offence.

    • Aaron

      I’d rather just get another lunch pail blocking TE and get another playmaking WR.

    • Eli

      Bucs don’t need a RB

  26. Sea Mode

    He’s officially hit the next level…

    Gregg Bell

    Russell Wilson detailing his helmet speaker going out at start of drive to his 1st TD throw to Jaron Brown, late first half. So #Seahawks went no-huddle, Wilson calling all the plays on the fly. 8 plays, 88 yards, 67 seconds to TD. Wilson said he was going off knowing game plan

    Oct 13, 2019

    • Henry Taylor

      He’s playing out of his mind this year. I’d really love for him to win MVP, would be so cool to have that on his resume.

    • TomLPDX

      You realize just how lucky we are to have Russ…just saying. He is amazing and is the current MVP.

      • neil

        With out RW this team could easily be 0 and 5. I guess we all know that. ! But I will keep my fingers crossed that they will gel and get better in all 3 phases as the year goes on.

    • Pickering

      He’s having an incredible year, silencing most of the ‘too short’, ‘game manager’, ‘only good because of Marshawn’, ‘only good because of the defense’ chatter. Knock wood he continues to get even better.

  27. Murphy

    Well that game was an emotional roller coaster to be at. All fan bases have obnoxious fans, and I’ve been impressed with Cleveland as a whole, but man did they make me appreciate the 12s. I know the Safeties struggles but as I mentioned previously, I have a soft spot for Thompson and was so pumped that he got that INT. Go Hawks!!!!

  28. AndrewP

    Jamal Adams is a beast… growing warm to Rob’s idea of him in the Hawk secondary

    • Aaron

      We definitely could use another secondary playmaker and also another receiver after Dissly is out for the year.

    • Rob Staton

      With the way he played today it’ll take a kings ransom.

      • Barry

        He’s good and from what I understand is a leader in the LR. Hard to see a good deal being reached.

    • SoCal12

      I dont think Adams is gonna wanna leave with Darnold back unfortunately.

      Tedric had another interception today and so did Flowers. Honestly I like the way the way the secondary has been progressing and I think we probably wont make a move there. I think Rob is right and if we do make a move it’ll be to add another pass-catcher or a vet pass rusher.

      • Pran

        TT is a tad slow in diagnosing plays and reacting… that 4th down call by Browns in the first half in our RZ is a big tell…


        The “moves” are going to be within the organization, I bet. They wanted to get Blair on the field today 🤞🏼

  29. smitty1547

    I seen Blair on the field for a bit, at least good to see him get some kind of run time other than special teams.

  30. Jake

    Guys I was at the game and it was incredible!!!! I have no voice but it was definitely worth it to go into a very hostile environment and get that last QT dub!!

    • cha

      Nice! They had lots of shots of 12s in the crowd.

  31. GerryG

    I don’t like to clown on the announcers too much, but good grief, they mentioned the starters out on OL at least three times, and not once did they say who replaced them, what their experience was, and note how they played. That’s bad broadcast

    • cha

      The camera work was terrible too. Several times they didn’t give us a replay of what happened or an explanation of the call. All these shots of the guys on the sideline talking instead of showing us a replay.

      Several times they mislabelled things. Flowers INT they called a fumble, the missed PAT they called a missed FG, etc.

      And the graphic about short QBs…how 5 years ago was that? It’s like they just discovered that under 6′ QBs could be good.

      Bad day at the office.

      • Barry

        Announcers aside it’s the production. You cut corners, don’t respect the content you will only produce a sub-par of a product.

  32. Barry

    With the TE situation I hope they go for a ride with the two current guys. A 3rd for a talented yet inconsistent player like Howard makes little sense. I’d agree Penny is in the dog house right now but The trade value isn’t there. If you give a 5th on back thats worth talking about for a team like the Hawks who just put up points with a solid yet oft-injured TE in DIs. Don’t over-react if a good deal is there get it. If not pull some hungry player off the street that will run through a wall for you.

    Bobby hasn’t looked like Bobby this year. Looks too heavy and out of position, slow and behind plays.

    Rob called this season a few games ago. Enjoy the ride. Everything other than Wilson’s play gaining on new levels and him that the O staff being on a whole new function says we shouldn’t be 5-1. But we have a top 3 player, and D-backs are catching the balls that fall to them.
    A football can bounce crazy directions. Right now a good TEAM is making the most of what they can.

    • GerryG

      I’m not sure Penny is in the doghouse, they put up with Procise for 4 years of injuries.

      Regarding Wagner, he’s in a different world this season. Base D all the time, LBs in coverage more, the safety play and role is different.

  33. cha

    Nice clip of Ifedi handling Garrett on RW’s TD throw

    • Kenny Sloth


      • cha


      • JOPA726

        So true…so hard to break the negative narrative that surrounds Ifedi with fans. The coaches seem to be happy with him but, The 12’s are not there, yet.

        Note: It’s the same thing with C.J. Prosise.

    • CHawk Tallker Eric

      Mitch should’ve shown the previous play too. I think it’s even more impressive that Ifedi handled Garrett because he was beaten on the previous play. That kind of in game adjustment, on consecutive plays, is more impressive than the play all by itself. Ifedi just needs to clean up his game. Still a lot of penalties. I hope he’s not too expensive to retain. He’s really starting to come into his own.

      Impressive adjustment by Ifedi vs Garrett on back to back red zone plays 1st play Garrett beats Ifedi who takes a bad set that allows Garret to pressure WilsonBut on the 2nd play Ifedi just stonewalls Garrett giving Wilson time to find Brown for the TD— Seahawky (@CHawkTalkerEric) October 14, 2019

  34. neil

    Losing Dissly is a real downer, for him and for us. I am wondering if he is just one of those guys that are born injury prone. If so his value to the Hawks going forward will be minimal. does anyone know his injury situation from his collage days?

    • Nathan W.

      Husky fan here — as far as I know he’s played in every game since 2015 and was available for every game in his true freshman season (2014). I think his recent slew of injuries have been his only major injuries to date. Really tough to see for the local dawg..

    • Aaron

      Another Husky fan here. I don’t recall Dissly ever being hurt in any significant way in his time on Montlake. He was almost exclusively a blocker so maybe his body isn’t used to the rigors of running routes so much. On a related topic, with Dissly headed to IR I think we need to consider a receiving threat and a secondary playmaker before the trade deadline.

  35. MarkinSeattle

    Keep in mind that most of Clowney’s pass rush production has been in the last two months of the season. For whatever reason, he has collected the vast majority of his sacks in Nov and Dec. add in Reed’s return taking pressure off Ansah and Clowney, and I am optimistic that we could see significant improvement in the pass rush in the coming weeks. Hopefully that also coincides with a team peaking as we head into the playoffs.

  36. cha

    This is great by itself. But it’s also hilarious because…

  37. charlietheunicorn

    Baltimore at home
    Atlanta on the road
    Tampa Bay at home

    2-1 is a very real possibility. Every game is winnable. Their time to shine.
    Positive: The DL gets an upgrade to re-stock the shelves and get after the QBs.

    • EranUngar


      ATL is imploding and we should be able to handle BAL and TB at home.

      Week 10 – the 8-1 Seahawks travel to face the 8-0 niners….

      • Doug

        That is the way I see it, too, Eran.

  38. Coleslaw

    I dont hste Earl, but I cant wait to watch Russ torch him next week!

    • cha

      Be curious to see the press stuff this week.

      My guess is the Hawks/PC will take the high road. ‘Earl was a great player for us’, ‘we had a lot of success with him’, ‘won’t be forgotten soon’, ‘unfortunate his Hawks career ended with an injury’, stuff like that.

      But will Earl take the high road too? Or will he start beefing about their history? Make a comment/comments that gets every news outlet to reference the middle finger as he’s carted off in Arizona? The ‘come get me’ moment in Dallas?

  39. Donovan

    Special shout out to the make shift offensive line. Hawks got almost 500 yds of offense, including 170 on ground (4.5 yards per attempt). Ifedi played well against Garrett. Can’t and JaMarco appeared to more than hold their own. Not much more could be expected, I think.

    • charlietheunicorn

      It is refreshing to be talking about young OL being developed and contributing to the team.
      I’m not sure is Pocic or Hunt is a long term fit, but they both don’t seem to be in the plans.
      Haynes, Fant, Simmons and Jones have all flashed at various times in preseason or regular season.
      Perhaps it has taken 3-4 years to get the good foundation/teaching installed in the young OL after the Cable “experiments”. OL coach Solari should get some rightly deserved kudos.

      • DC

        Pocic was playing his best football before he got hurt.

  40. Jopa726

    Has Tyrone Swoopes been spotted at SeaTac, yet?

  41. Volume12

    RW’s helmet communication system went out in the 3rd quarter. Called all the plays himself and led Seattle to a TD.

    • DC

      Nah, he was just saying that so that the coaches didn’t get pissed at him.

      OC??? We don’t no need no stinking OC!!!

    • cha

      ///Jared Goff breaks into a cold sweat

  42. Mark

    What about Austin Seferian Jenkins to fill the TE void? I see he is still a free agent and is 26 years old. The hawks love a redemption story. I wouldn’t be surprised if they kicked the tires on him.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s a decent shout.

      • Simo

        Agree, might be worth a look/tryout, but there’s gotta be a reason he can’t stick anywhere. They kept Dickson around for a reason, didn’t cut him or reach an injury settlement. Maybe this is that reason?

  43. Chawk Talker Eric

    Wilson en fuego

    With a 117.6 passer rating vs the Browns, @DangeRussWilson has a 100+ passer rating in all 6 games this seasonThe only 2 players with more such games to start a season in the Super Bowl era were Tom Brady (8) in 2007 & Aaron Rodgers (12) in 2011Both won NFL MVP that season— NFL Research (@NFLResearch) October 13, 2019

  44. CHawk Talker Eric

    Not a good day of officiating in Cleveland.

    I see 2 illegal blocks in the back by the Browns against the Seahawks in Dontrelle Hilliard’s 74-yard opening kickoff returnSorry for the poor production quality— Seahawky (@CHawkTalkerEric) October 14, 2019

    • cha

      Disastrous day.

      You have

      -those missed blocks in the back
      -the phantom PI call on Cleveland
      -the blindside block that clearly wasn’t on Landy
      -OBJ catch where he clearly only got one foot in
      -Giving back the Cleveland coach the timeout he called because he didn’t understand the rules and needed an explanation
      -Throwing a flag for illegal downfield on Hunt even though he declared (they did correct that one – but did they announce he was eligible before? Maybe not)

      • Volume12

        It was a constant theme around the NFL yesterday. 4 flags in a row on the Jets when Dallas was driving with under 2 minutes left.

        KC had a PI call in the end zone taken away even because it actually wasn’t on that WR, but rather a Texan defender throwing Travis Kelce to the ground. Should’ve been illegal contact instead.

        • GerryG

          Pretty sure there was SIX in a row on that Jets/Cowboys sequence, 4 NYC, then 2 DAL. It was unwatchable

          • Volume12

            Was it 6? I must’ve missed a couple when I got up to put clothes in the dryer. I thought there was 1, maybe 2 good calls amongst them.

    • Doug

      I only saw one (around the 15 yard line) and that is what I was yelling at the tv during the play!!

  45. GoHawksDani

    This was a good game. Probably one of the best of the season. Why?
    Hawks will lose this kind of game like 80% of the times.
    They had a major win. They had a semi-bye with the long week. Browns were a bit underestimated. Browns had a major losing game. Browns wanted to show they’re contenders. On the road. Early game. Major injuries (Brown, Fluker, Penny).

    They did an awesome job.

    Fant and Jones are no jokes. I tried to watch them at the beginning of the game. They had the least issues with rushers.

    Yeah, Russ was sacked a couple of times, but mostly when he held the ball a loooong time.

    Not a fan of Jaron Brown but happy he stepped up and snagged a couple of TDs

    Carson is a beast, I was wrong, benching him or even worse cutting/trading him would be a mistake. Hopefully he can handle the ball well in the future. He’s awesome. Catching the ball, blocking, running.

    Russell was amazing. One little thing… If you try to run/scramble behind 7 yards of the LoS it might be better to throw the ball away instead of sliding and losing 7 yards

    Dissly’s injury sucks bad. It’s so sad he could’ve had a great season

    DK was awesome. Running all kinds of routes and showing great hands. I doubted him, but no more

    Love PC, but still, he should grow some balls. That 4&3 at CLE 45 is a “bit” weak call. I get risk-aversion, I’m cool with running a draw on 3&20, but that was an awful call. Best case scenario, you pin the opponent inside their 10, which gives you 35-40 yards. Worst case, but more real scenario, you punt into the endzone and they only “lose” 25 yards. Go for it with an RPO with QB run option and it’ll work at least 50% with RW3. Demoralizing for their defense and let you try for at least 3 points, but possibly 7. Kitchens is a madman going for it on 4&7, 4&9 and on most of 4&3 or less, but in opponent territory when FG is unlikely and you have to go for 3 or less with this offense, if it’s even or you’re trailing should be almost automatic (unless opponent is really great at press coverage and defending short runs).

    This is a good team that won’t go far into the PO and no chance at SB. 49ers just too good. I think they’ll beat us badly. We struggle against good runners (Breida), their front7 is vicious. That DL will dominate our OL. Good against the run great passrushers. Their secondary is also pretty good. They dominated the Rams. It doesn’t show up on the score, but they were in control the whole time.
    It hurts as hell to say this but as of now they seem the best team…IN THE NFL.
    Smart passing game, OK WRs, good RBs, solid lines, dominating defense

    • Rob Staton

      I’m a bit bored of this latest obsession to go for it on 4th time among NFL fans. Those plays are massive momentum shifts and giving a team a short field increases the chances they get to score. I’m not bothered at all about punting.

      • Robeetle12

        I was scratching my head at why Clevelands coach was so obcessed with going for it at the goal line like 5 times trailing only by 5 and 11 minutes left.

        • UkAlex6674

          Crikes Dani way to go. You think the 49ers will bear us badly? Lets see what shape we are both in when we play. Lots can happen before then. Lets not amount the 49ers Superbowl champs just yet. GO HAWKS!

        • cha

          He really blew what seemed like a sure TD Chubb was going for when he called TO on 4th and goal.

          • dcd2

            I’ve watched a few Browns games this year (LAR, SF & us) and Kitchens makes some really bad calls when they get goal-to-go. Against the Rams at the end of the game, they ran empty backfield 4 straight downs to lose. Chubb is their best weapon and they all but told the Rams that they were throwing every time. He also called a really bad draw play on 4th and 9ish in that game.

            Yesterday, they got down to the 1 or 2 and ran a fade, followed by an empty backfield WR hitch to the bunch side. That was the one that got fumbled, but we had 12 on the field. They finally call run and decide to challenge right as Chubb was getting ready to walk in. After the failed challenge, they got stuffed.

  46. Trevor

    I think the NFC West is now has the best collection of HC / QB combos in the NFL and it is not even close.

    PC/ Wilson
    McKay/ Goff
    Shanahan / Jimmy G
    Kingsbury / Russ 2.0

    Going to be a tough division for the foreseeable future. McKay gets all the hype for being an offensive mastermind but I think Shanahan is actually the best OC in the division. Also Kyler Murray is legit!

    • McZ

      The foreseeable future is RW being 35, and PC out of business.
      We should cherish every ounce of this time, because the years after that will possibly be dull.

  47. Matt

    Feel so bad for Will Dissly. Man, what a loss. Unfortunately I think this means that TE is a very high priority next offseason. Yes, they have been freakish injuries, but that’s 2 years in a row and both are pretty devastating. Dissly can’t afford to lose a step.

    I know it’s been mentioned, but I think OJ Howard is a very intriguing guy to Target. I would be all on board trading a 3rd for him, if available. They way I look at it, Nick Vannett cost you a 3rd and netted you a 5th – while I think the R3 has serious value, so does the upside of a long term answer at TE. IF Dissly comes back healthy, now you have a potentially dynamic duo at the TE position, moving forward.

    Don’t know if it’s realistic, but Howard makes a lot of sense IMO.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Carroll just said they’re still waiting for MRI confirmation, but they’re pretty sure Dissly ruptured his achilles tendon.

  48. millhouse-serbia

    Uf Fant get really poor grade from PFF.

    • Trevor

      I thought Fant was good yesterday considering it was his first start at LT in a while. Also thought Jemarco Jones was excellent.

      I wonder if Fluker gets his spot back?

      • millhouse-serbia

        I would try to move Jones to LT ( his natural position) with Fluker or Hynes at RG and Fant as 6th OL (blocking TE).

        • Trevor

          Definitely an option. I just think JOnes has played so well at G and coming out the only really concern about him was if he was a good enough athlete to play OT.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Why move him to LT where he’ll just sit on the bench behind Brown? Even while Brown is out (which shouldn’t be long — Carroll said this morning he’s likely back this week, but if not, then for sure the following week — why move him for a couple of starts especially when they already have Fant?

          He’s outperformed Fluker at RG in his two games. Don’t try to fix something that isn’t broken.

  49. Henry Taylor

    Has anyone noticed the two undefeated teams in the NFL right now are two teams built around a dominant Defence and a strong commitment to running the ball?

    Just one year after the common narrative was that building a winning team around those things was no longer possible.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s as if… Pete Carroll knows what he’s doing…

      • Nick

        Say it ain’t so!

    • cha

      I think the Rams are a really interesting test case. They’re still a good team, but is the model sustainable? Can Goff withstand losing a super-effective Gurley and his OL being banged up? Have the Patriots broken the ‘McVay tactical genius :15 play calling’ advantage?

      Too early to say but it feels like the Rams have spent their powder. They’ll be competitive but calling them the new vanguard of the NFL last year was premature.

      Defense and running the ball. Like novocaine, give it time it always works.

      • neil

        I don’t know if I agree fully with that premise. Sure, during the season injuries happen, and team fortunes change. But right now the 49er defense reminds me of our defense of 5 years ago. They are playing with intensity and swagger. I am sure Richard Sherman has a lot to do with their mind set. I am sure Sherman is relishing the chance to exact his revenge on the Hawks. Add to that the 49ers will want to avenge their two losses to the Hawks last year, so I don’t see the Hawks beating them this year. I hope the Hawks can manufacture at least two wins out of the next three games to enhance their chances of getting to 10 wins. The games on the east coast against the Eagles and Panthers are iffy at best. Add the Viking game to it and it is going to be a close call.

    • line_hawk

      Its not that defense and run-game don’t win games. Its that you can’t win with a bottom 10 defense and a run heavy game. Unless you want luck and your QB to bail you out every time.

  50. Aaron

    Yep, and the teams that typically go deep into the playoffs are good to great at running the ball and have at least a solid defense. Well that or the Pats who do it differently than anyone else in the NFL.

  51. CHawk Talker Eric

    Luke Willson blocked extremely well yesterday, especially considering CLE’s DL/ED

    • Kingdome1976

      Maybe we should consider getting an above average TE before the deadline. Anybody out there that can block decently?

      • McZ

        Jermaine Gresham?
        Taking chances, Troy Niklas or Austin Seferian-Jenkins?

  52. Ukhawk

    Great article by Jim Moore today

    Looks like the classic NFCW rivalry is back and Niners are looking strong.

    I like how we are improving but it may be too much to ask too soon..

  53. Volume12

    Watching that Baltimore/Cincy game from yesterday and Lamar Jackson has so much Colin Kaepernick to his game. From their build, to the way they move and can turn on the jets, the offensive structure is almost identical.

    • Eli

      Same offensive coordinator (Greg Roman)

      • Kenny Sloth

        Good shout this

  54. CHawk Talker Eric

    Since we’re talking about TEs

    Bad news for #Oregon: TE Jake Breeland, who'd become a go-to guy for Justin Herbert, will miss the rest of the season after getting injured Friday night.— Bruce Feldman (@BruceFeldmanCFB) October 14, 2019

  55. CaptainJack

    So bummed out for Dissly. Such a great Seahawk… but terrible injury luck to start his career.

    I think we should either make a little trade or just sign a street FA.

    Antionio Gates is out there. Austin Seferian Jenkins also out there.

  56. Volume12


  57. Madmark

    Well I right on schedule still for an 11-5 season. I had us losing to the Saints and I had us winning close games against the Steelers, Rams, and Cleveland. The Bengals game was closer than I thought it would be but the Cardinals was exactly like I thought it would be. I have us winning against the Ravens because I think we have the better QB. I love the team and the direction its going in. I actually see it growing stronger as the year continues like it did in 2012. This team is not lacking in the leadership department and it shows.
    The 2 players that we stepped up this and paid the big money showed us why. Wilson ran the offense better than he ever has and Wagner talking to his defense. It was an absolute blessing. In the NFL its all about wining.
    The Offense is I believe going to get so much better. I’m all in for Jamarco Jones staying at the RG spot its not the 1st time a Tackle has moved inside. I’ve been waiting to see if Fant would end up at LT. I like Jones when we took him 5th round and I think he’s ready to start and take starting RG position. I’m wonderously amazed at D.K. Metcalf. I said we would need a year like Jermaine Kearse did with his 37 reception in 2013 and so far he’s having no problem’s. Everytime Brown catches a pass it a good chance it’s a TD. Willson, our 5th level draft pick coming back and the fans in Cleveland knew who he was when he caught a pass. It’s such a shame for Will Dizzly I really don’t want to talk about it. Carson is now the new Beast running for the hawks. I currently looking at OL this draft and Isiah Wilson of Georgia.
    The defense well they are doing the bend don’t break just like 2012. They getting better especially in the 2nd half of that game with 4 turnovers. It will be nice to have Reed back who is definitely a leader on that line. I expect he’ll play some 3rd down and long plays in the next game and have about 20-25 snaps at most. I want to see more from Ziggy and Clowney it seems at times they disappear for periods of times in a game. I miss Cliff Avril. The 4 turnovers in a game should boost the confidence. All you can ask is that your team is always in the game at the end to win it. Go Hawks

  58. WALL UP

    One of PC’s staples is being strong down the stretch of the season. Their schedule poses a difficult task for them achieving it. The one good sign is that they haven’t played to their potential as yet, or it appears as though.

    That’s the mill $ question. What is their potential? Injuries will always determine the outcome for all teams. The trade deadline will also factor in, as to the potential outcome. Unfortunately, the Dissly injury affects the Hawk’s potential, adversely. His blocking prowess will be solely missed. Outside of Fant, he was the only TE that could handle a 1 on 1 blkg assignment against DE’s in the likes of Blockers. Ultimately, the run game will suffer, and so their potential.

    It appears the run game has started to pick up steam, and the pass pro has improved. Hopefully, it won’t take a big hit with the loss of Dissly. How they perform in Clara, Nov 11, will determine the outcome of the season, and show their true potential.

  59. neil

    How many agree here that the officiating in the league is outrageously bad this year? Just finished watching the Lion, Packer game which was decided pretty much on two bad ” hands to the face ” calls. The season is only 7 games old and I have seen a number of games decided unfairly by bad calls. Calls that even the ref in the booth has said were not correct. It is taking all the joy out of football for me.Something has to be done. I hope their is a groundswell of protesting to the League to make some changes. Other wise they might as well go to flag football.

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