Instant reaction: Seahawks lose, go 0-4 in pre-season

There really isn’t too much to say about this other than perhaps it was a fitting end to the four pre-season games. This has been a sloppy tetralogy. Even the big positive moment — the starters in Minnesota — were let down at the end as Seattle threw away that game.

One thing is pretty clear — the depth on this team hasn’t been this bad for quite some time.

That won’t necessarily be an issue. The Seahawks have a quality franchise quarterback plus an offensive line and running game that has taken a big step forward. There are some question marks about the new look defense. However, the framework for a competitive season is in place even if they’re a year or two away from seriously contending again.

There is one problematic statistic from this pre-season. The Seahawks only had one turnover in the four games. Remember it? The Colts back in week one had three terrible snaps from makeshift center Mark Glowinski. One ended up going over the QB’s head and into the endzone, a scramble occurred and Seattle got a lucky touchdown.

That is the only turnover they have. No fumbles, no picks. That will bother Pete Carroll. Hopefully it won’t carry into the regular season.

The game against Oakland was a horrendous watch (especially if you got up at 3am to witness it). Two quarterbacks destined to be cut in the next 48 hours led the Seahawks and did fairly well. Seattle’s running game had its moments again.

Shaquem Griffin was probably the biggest highlight. He looks a lot more capable of handling run defense and that’s important because he could be starting in week one. He led the team with eight tackles.

Damore’ea Stringfellow had an excellent long touchdown on an inch-perfect throw from Austin Davis. I’m not sure it’ll be enough for Stringfellow to make the roster. Austin Calitro might have the edge at middle linebacker following a consistent pre-season. It’s very difficult to tell what their plan is at corner. Has anyone stood out enough to write-off Byron Maxwell? It doesn’t feel that way but they might be unwilling to guarantee Maxwell’s contract given he’s been hurt.

It was concerning to see Sebastian Janikowski miss two extra points. Hopefully that was only a blip.

Pete Carroll talked up Delano Hill’s pre-season after the game (despite acknowledging his missed tackle today). It seems like Hill will make the roster (plus J.R. Sweezy who, according to Carroll, ‘is ready to play (next week)’). Germain Ifedi hurt his ankle and might be a doubt for week one.

This is the first time in franchise history the Seahawks lost all four pre-season games. Again it’s worth highlighting the 2008 0-16 Detroit Lions had a 100% winning record in pre-season.

My lasting impression from this game will be this — we don’t need four pre-season games. We’ve never needed four pre-season games. Let’s roll with two in future.

As for the 53-man roster — I wouldn’t be surprised if the Seahawks are very busy over the next couple of days.

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  1. Ely

    I just want to say I will be very bummed if someone poaches McGough before he makes it to the practice squad. Not saying it’s likely but he has shown a ton of upside. That throw for a TD that got overturned was magic. I honestly would rather have him than Hundley in a game should (god forbid) we need the backup.

    • Rob Staton

      That was a nice throw by McGough but he also looked jittery at times too. I’d be extremely fearful of him playing in a proper game. I think he’d look totally out of his depth. He needs time. I’ll be shocked if another team claims him. He should be safe for the practise squad.

      • Shadow

        Yeah, we saw both the potential (that gorgeous throw on the run that would have been a great play if the receiver had just dragged his foot) and the reason why this team traded for Hundley. I like McGough’s potential and really hope we can develop him for a year or so.

    • teejmo

      Yes, the throw was pretty. The one to Reynolds on fourth-and-short – you know, the one where the former Navy QB was wide open, and McGough threw it five yards short – was definitely not. And, need I mention that it was against players who are going to be out of jobs within the week? That, I believe, is called inconsistency, which can be fixed over a year on the practice squad.

    • Group captain mandrake

      I think that if McGough gets cut he will make the PS. Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t he have to go on the main roster if he gets signed? If that’s the case I don’t think many teams would be interested in a raw qb taking up a roster spot.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        You are correct. Any team that claims McGough must put him on their 53-man roster. I don’t see any team doing that.

        • Group captain mandrake

          Me either. If teams are going to pick up qbs off waivers they are going to want ones with experience.

    • SeventiesHawksFan

      Was great to see he has the arm and mobility to buy himself time and make the throw on that play. He still needs a year or two of practice squad time. That’s what PS is for. And will be what’s best for him and the team longer term. He’s not ready this year for when it will matter.

    • BobbyK

      I will say this… a former student of mine loves McGough. He now works for an NFL franchise who recently scouts (and drafted a highly ranked QB this past spring) NFL rosters. I won’t say more. But if he’s one person, you can bet there’s more.

      I took my son to the Vikings game last Friday and met McGough’s Dad (he was wearing a #5 Seahawks jersey with the name and much of the family didn’t have a huge drive from Iowa – I’m in Minnesota, as you Kenny Easley fans can remember). Had a nice talk (not going to share publicly). But so much more to all this…

      Being 0-4 in the preseason is silly because the Seahawks beat the Vikings starters in pre-season game #3. I told my just-turned-7-year old when Wilson left the game (we were close to the bench; mainly at the 25 behind the offense in the 3rd row) that it doesn’t matter what happens anymore (the Seahawks won). And then the Vikings came back and beat the Seahawks with players who, on both sides for the most part, will never play in NFL games again. I’m not sure how losing to the Vikings 102,394,282,495,901,287th stringers is of any concern?

      Biggest things that stood out last weekend…

      Duane Brown is a man. I don’t care about the “tape” in this instance. If you’re behind the bench, you get a certain “feel” for what the team is like (such as chemistry).

      Brown commands respect. However, people love and gravitate towards him. It’s an unbelievable combination. Sure, he’s going to get beat by a speed rusher here or there. But he’s a [needed] leader.

      Also, Fant is considered a future stud by NFL scouts (I know for a FACT). Ifedi is considered a should-be Pro Bowl marshmallow. If you don’t agree, I don’t care. I’ll stick to people who get paid to scout the NFL and I know and trust.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Say dat BK 💯💯

      • STTBM

        Thanks for the inside info Bobbyk!

        I for one will never forget what you did for Easley.

        Brown isn’t the best LT, but his leadership is in the same ballpark as Kams. His salary is in part for that reason. And it’s one reason Earl isn’t getting paid–he isn’t the same kind of leader: he leads by example, which is fine, but not on the same level as BWags, Brown, Baldwin, or Kam. Plus, none of those guys are asking to be the highest paid at their position in the NFL.

        Fants injury last year was a huge big deal, with pluses and minuses: we got Brown, but lost high picks in good drafts. I want Ifedi to succeed at RT, but Fant could be the answer soon, at least while Brown is playing.

        • BobbyK

          Don’t get me wrong, I think (and others think) Ifedi is going to be an above average RT. He just doesn’t have the long-term potential that Fant does. Ifedi doesn’t truly suck, as some would lead you to believe. He’s a James Carpenter. A guy you’re mad at in terms of being a 1st round pick, but yet a player you’d be thrilled to have drafted in the later rounds and would call him a “steal.” Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

          • STTBM

            I think Ifedi could be great. He just needs to pull his head out. Carp was lazy, and was never a fit for what Cable wanted. I don’t think Ifedi is exactly lazy, he just hasn’t come to terms with how hard it is to excel at his position. Hopefully he learns from Brown how to get his mind and body right.

            Do you think McGougj gets snatched if we waive him?

  2. Gohawks5151

    If they cut Poona, we riot!!!

  3. Seahawcrates

    Mike Davis should make this team. That’s about the only positive I saw. This secondary might cause dizzy spells.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      The safety group is abysmal, which makes the corners look more vulnerable than they are.

      There is hope for TT & Hill to improve, but for now they are the weak link.

  4. Donovan

    On the positive side, it looks like a heck of a 2018 draft haul for the Hawks, especially given their lack of capital heading into the draft. Rasheem Green, Shaqeem Griffin, Michael Dickson, Jacob Martin, Tre Flowers, Wil Dissly. Plus Rashaad Penny.

    • Hawk Eye

      not sure how the season will play out, I can see it going either way
      but pretty pumped about this draft

  5. FresnoHawk

    Geez Janikowski got a case of the “chunders” good news is all we gotta do is have Dickson drop kick extra points, easy peasy!

  6. Largent80

    The non tackle by Hill was dreadful. I haven’t seen him do that much but if Pete likes him he will stay.

    Battle looked to be in a lot of pain. We’re pretty thin at OL. Offense should be good to very good. Hopefully they can bail out this defense, which may improve as the year goes on but hopefully not too late.

  7. Georgia Hawk

    I find it very interesting that on one hand we have “this is an amazing rookie class!” and on the other “the depth is the absolute worst.”

    I think while both could be true, the rookies are getting artificially boosted in some regards, because there is no real depth. Would Flowers or Martin look as good as we think they do if they were drafted 2 years ago?

    I’m sure there is middle ground in there, at least a couple will hit and stick around for several years. But I wonder if some are also floating on the back of the lack of overall depth.

    • Coleslaw

      Martin- Yes.
      Flowers- Yes. Although I’d liked to have seen more from him as preseason went on, hes just starting out. ( I was expecting growth at a Sherman rate so I was probably doomed from the get go) interesting battle between him and King.
      They’re both just going to get better

  8. McZ

    Say it loud… Denver will be the ultimate test, forget the preseason.

    I recall having said that Janikowski was the wrong choice. It’s not because of one shoddy game, it’s because of health concerns. Kaare Vedvik will get the boots in Baltimore, as will Jermaine Eleumunor. Two easy pickups, no need for a 2019 6th rounder.

    There is belief in a monster season at the hands of Russ, a Probowl season from Rashaad Penny and hope, that the OL doesn’t relive its 2017 after-preseason dip. Plus Schottenheimer to add a couple of new tricks to his concepts. But this will not be enough IMO, to turn this team into a playoff contender.

    This defense needs time to grow, it will have problems getting a halfway competent offense from the field scoreless. The hope, that gangsta punts from Dickson will make up for what is a secondary in transition, may prove hapless. Earl Thomas’s leverage will grow in the months to come.

    We will see a lot of crap. But that crap needs to happen, as this team grows into a 2019 contender. It’s nonetheless the most exciting time to be a Seahawks addict. Maybe we even crush the Broncos. Go Hawks!

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      How will ET3’s leverage grow? SEA aren’t going to give him the kind of money he’s looking for, no matter what. They’re moving on from him, just waiting for the best deal they can get.

  9. bigten

    Rob, do you think the Seahawks wait to make their cuts until tomorrow? Or can we expect to see a lot happen today?

    • Rob Staton

      I think there might be some news today with the official announcement coming hours after everyone else (like usual!)

  10. Logan Lynch

    Well, time for me to take a stab at the final 53. This is a guess at what PC/JS will do, not what I would personally do.

    QB (2) – Wilson, Hundley

    RB/FB (4) – Carson, Penny, Prosise, Davis

    WR (6) – Baldwin, Lockett, Brown, Marshall, Moore, Johnson

    TE (3) – Vannett, Dissly, Swoopes

    OL (11) – Brown, Pocic, Britt, Fluker, Ifedi, Fant, Battle, Odhiambo, Roos, Sweezy, Jones*

    Total Offense = 26

    DL (8) – Clark, Jordan, Reed, Johnson, Naz, Green, Stephen, Jackson

    LB (6) – Wagner, Wright, Mingo, Griffin, Martin, Calitro

    CB (5) – Griffin, Flowers, Coleman, Johnson, Thorpe

    S (4) – McDougald, Thompson, Alexander, Hill

    Total Defense = 24

    Special Teams (3) – Dickson, Janikowski, Ott

    PUP – Ed Dickson

    Did not report – Earl

    *Jones will be kept on the 53 and will move to IR as soon as possible for the chance of an IR return later this season.

    A few notes here. First, yes I realize I left Poona off and that I have 11 OL which is more than usual. The Jones injury along with the Ifedi ankle situation had me make a last second change. Originally I had Sweezy out and Poona in. That very well could happen, and then they sign Sweezy back as soon as Jones goes to IR. For as good as Poona looks, keeping him would put them pretty heavy at DT, especially pure run stuffers with Reed and Stephen already on the roster. Pete has also tended to not keep young DT in the past (Howard, McGill) and Poona does have a very unique body type for the position.

    I know we can’t always trust what Pete says, but he sure made it sound like they expect Sweezy to make this team. Same with Dontae Johnson, which is why I have him making it over Maxwell. Thorpe is really just a placeholder for a slot type CB coming from somewhere else. With Wright’s injury, I think Calitro makes it so they have a backup MLB. I expect Darboh to either be cut and signed to the PS or put on IR. I’m reading into the tea leaves with what Brock and Salk said about Dion Jordan possibly being ready soon and keeping him on the active roster. With how thin the pass rush is, he’s worth keeping off PUP if he can make it back within the first month of the season.

    I expect SEA to be active in the trade market and waiver wire for help at DE and secondary especially. I wouldn’t be surprised if they try to move either Davis or Prosise and then keep McKissic or Madden if they can get an RB-needy team to bite.

    The Saturday afternoon roster will probably have pretty significant changes before week 1 even starts. There, now to see just how wrong I am.

    • AlaskaHawk

      After watching Battle last night with multiple holding calls, and also the leaky pass protection of the second unit, I could see them picking up another offensive linemen. Sweezy maybe makes the team – but I don’t recall seeing him play yet – there are unanswered questions about whether he can still play.

      • Logan Lynch

        Agreed, I could see RT being a pickup. Sweezy is probably the last guy I put on the roster and that was mainly based on Pete talking about him in the presser. I would easily drop him and keep Poona instead.

      • AlaskaHawk

        If the choice is Poona Ford and some other linemen- I’m keeping Poona. That guy is going to be productive for a long time. And probably won’t ever get the recognition (what no combine invite??) or big pay because (1) he is a defensive tackle and (2) he is too short (I’ve heard that one before). But what he is good at is anchoring the line, making plays at the line, and occasionally penetrating up the middle. I see a bright future for the former first team defensive player of his conference.

    • SeventiesHawksFan

      I don’t think the coaching staff cares at all if either Sweezy or Byron Maxwell played a single snap during training camp and the preseason. The only question with those two is health. Byron Maxwell isn’t healthy so probably not on the roster to start the season.

      If Sweezy is good to go, then he’s the first backup behind either guard. And every other OG backup sits behind him.

      Byron Maxwell probably gets added back after he’s ready to go.

    • jc1688

      You list on defense spells a dismal record this season.

  11. Matt

    Oof…game 4 is usually ugly, but that was something else last night. Couple thoughts:

    Alex McGough is not ready, but he has a future in this league and I hope we retain him on the PS. I’ll go as far as saying that I could see him being the type of guy that nets us a 4th or 5th round pick in a few years bc someone is willing to give him a shot. He does remind me of young Tyrod Taylor.

    Shaquem Griffin is a really nice player but his incredible story is making people pump up his pre-season performance, which has been “ok” (IMO). I know he has a bunch of tackles, but I don’t really use that as a great way to evaluate LBers. He’s young and I think he’s just swimming mentally. He will be a good player in the long term, but I do think he has been propped up a bit too much this preseason.

    Mike Davis is a fantastic player and I have no idea why there is any talk about him being in jeopardy. He is the perfect #3 RB. He can do everything. And by all accounts, he looks like a fantastic teammate.

    Austin Davis time has come to an end. Like Rob, I loved him coming out of college. It’s clear as day that his physical ability is just a lot to overcome. Thankfully for Austin, he has made some great $ and has a smoking hot GF (ha).

    Austin Kalitro is VERY intriguing. I feel like the excitement for Griffin should actual be applied to AK. He looks very instinctive, explosive, and I love the way he attacks. I don’t think he makes the team but I think he ends up being in the league for awhile. Really like the way he plays.

    Naz Jones continues to impress me. He is extremely active. Not terribly sure why there isn’t more excitement about him.

    TE position…I love this group. And quite frankly, I’m comfortable with releasing Ed Dickson and rolling with Dissly, Vannett, and Swoopes. I really like that trio.

    Our depth is clearly way behind. A weird thing to see in this era of seahawk football. I expect a ton of movement on the PS and back end of the roster.

  12. Trevor

    My two biggest takeaways from this pre-season

    First and most importantly I think this will be the best OL in the Russell Wilson era by a wide margin if they can stay reasonably healthy. Brown-Pocic-Britt-Fluker-Ifedi should be a great run blocking unit and solid in pass pro. Add in a legit NFL starting quality Guard and OT in Sweezy and Fant and you have actual depth for the first time I can ever remember. The injury to Jemarco Jones was unfortunate because I think he will be a solid addition as well. This offense should go to another level with a solid OL and run game.

    Second as expected this is a young and inexperienced defense that will struggle at times. This could be a big issue unless JS can address the lack of pass rush. There are some great young pieces (Griffins, Green, Clark, Coleman etc.) but realistically this team will go as far as the offense takes them this year.

    For me the goal for the Hawks in 2018-2019 should be to really solidify the OL and Offensive Scheme under Schotenhiemer and Solari. Use this year to identify the young talent on Defense then next off season focus on brining that defense back to championship level.

    If the defense comes together this could easily be a wild card team but more realistically it is a 8-8 team with a top 20 pick where they should be able to find a solid DL with this draft class.

  13. icb12

    Aaron Donald with 135 million, 87 guaranteed for 7 years.

    • Volume12

      Secure that bag! When you got the leverage, use it.

    • 12th chuck

      I guess that’s a ball park figure that Mack will want , which is probably too rich for the seahawks to trade for. It raises Clarks value as well IMO. Interesting to see after all the smoke is cleared to see the cap space for the rams as well

      • Eburgz

        Aaron Donald is unique. Just like Aaron Rodgers is. Not sure why other players would think they could get as much or more than the best offensive/defensive player in the league. If anything Donald just set Mack’s absolute ceiling.

    • Hawk Eye

      guess the hold out worked for him.
      They’re paying a lot of guys and Goff will want top money soon, Peters will want to get paid next year.
      Will be curious to see how it all plays out there. They could be great and it could blow up.
      Hoping the Hawks can return the favour of beating them when they are the favourite.

  14. Pedestrian

    Anyone know if Nazir Jones is injured? I assume something is up since he hasn’t been noticeable this preseason. Hopefully all is ok

    • C-Dog

      He was held out of the first game, but had a good game last night, making a number of stops, and I thought he looked good against the Vikings. He’s kinda gotten lost a bit in the Rasheem Green and Poona Ford hype, but Green and Ford both kinda came back to Earth a bit against the Raiders.

    • Logan Lynch

      He was injured early, but played the last 3 games I believe. He’s been getting work as a DE in addition to the DT position.

      • Pedestrian

        Thanks for the info guys!

  15. Gohawks5151

    I’m finding it really difficult to project the OL, DL and secondary without seeing who gets cut from other teams. If anyone with any pass rush value or veteran OT experience is cut we have to at least take a peak on them. I really want to keep Poona, even at the expense of Stephen who has been solid but not popped IMO. I feel like Seattle may go hunting for value at corner like they have before (Neiko, Coleman although trade) .

  16. Bigten

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t Antonio Garcia a blog favorite a few years ago? Just cut by the jets. Interesting prospect. Also what is your thought in scooby Wright rob? Also a cut.

    • Rob Staton

      I thought Garcia was overrated.

      • Omar

        Kony Ealy also just got cut. Seattle could use him?

  17. Volume12

    That was the most boring, sloppy game I’ve seen in a long time. Must’ve watched it from the 2nd quarter on through FF. Not a good team. Top 10 pick would not surprise me one tiny little bit.

  18. Volume12

    CHAWK, I saw your comment about the safety group up above and yell it out for those in the back.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      V12 my man! Lookin forward to some Saturday live threads with you this season. Some mighty fine prospects in CFB to chat about.

      Also pretty excited to see what Chip Kelly does for UCLA, see if he can get the crosstown rivalry going again.

      Hope you’re well brother

      • Volume12

        Me too. Will be nice to have ya back come Saturdays. Pretty fired up for today actually.

        Chip will make it interesting if nothing else. UCLA has a couple weapons at WR & TE I like quite a bit.

        Doing good. Can’t complain. Everything on your end going well?

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Going well and getting better!

  19. Dylanlep

    I don’t think it is people’s expectations this year anyways but an interesting state to note – none of the last 10 SB winners have had a losing record in preseason.

    • Dregur

      You literally go back 1 more year, and the NY Giants went 1-3. A year before, Colts went 1-3 as well.

  20. Volume12

    Why isn’t ‘Bama EDGE Anfernee Jennings (6’3, 260 lbs.) getting more national love? If this dude puts it all together this year he’s not only a 1st rounder, but top 20.

    Stout at the POA, plays within in the scheme and assignment sound. His hand use is some of the best outta this years pass rushing group. Rushes with a plan. Multiple tools.

    Already back after a PCL injury caused a blood clot and almost resulted in his leg having to be amputated.

    Anfernee Jennings vs Clemson (2018 Sugar Bowl):

  21. Dregur

    Barely any starters played. How can extrapolate a bunch 2nd, 3rd, and 4th to a top 10 pick?

  22. SoCal12

    Kony Ealy got cut by the Cowboys. We seem to need some pass rush help so I wonder if we’ll show any interest.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Ealy is rapidly becoming a career journeyman. I don’t know if I’d give him a roster spot.

      I’d probably look more at George Johnson (released by NOS).

      Also maybe give Corey Moore (released by HOU) a look. SEA need safety help badly

  23. DC

    Playoff predictions

    NFC West – LA Rams
    NFC North – GB Packers
    NFC East – Philly Eagles
    NFC South – Atlanta Falcons
    Wild Card – NO Saints
    Wild Card – NY Giants

    NFC Champ – LA Rams over GB Packers (I hate them both! But I hate the Packers more)

    AFC Champ – Jacksonville Jaguars over LA Chargers

    SB Champ – LA Rams over Jacksonville Jaguars

    Where are the Vikings? Weird things happen in the NFL and this season it happens to them. As for NE? After 7 straight AFC Championship Game appearances… Can we have some new blood please? They go out in the Divisional round.

    I’ll go with 6-10 for the Seahawks this year and that’s assuming a looong holdout by Earl Thomas. I do think it’ll be a fun year though watching these guys learn and grow and that the win trajectory will go up from here.

    • FresnoHawk

      NFC SuperBowl Contenders in order Packers, Falcons, Saints. AFC Patriots, Patriots, Chargers.
      SuperBowl Packers & Patriots

    • Pedestrian

      Think the saints will be better than you have them. Better than GB and Jacksonville (not NFC). Probably better than ATL and definitely way way way way better than the giants. Making the call here. Browns and giants in race for 1st overall. Sorry not trying to offend your predictions

      • DC

        Predictions are mostly so I can laugh at myself looking back on the season. No $ or lives on the line.

      • FresnoHawk

        Pedestrian I definitely think the Saints are a contender a real good team and I would not debate GB is a better team than NO, but I’m speculating injuries will get them and safety play will get them. I’m speculating GB is going to have a great season based on circumstances & probability not entirely on personnel. I’m throwing Jacksonville out due to QB play

    • mishima

      Super Bowl: Minnesota over San Diego

  24. Robert Las Vegas

    Rob my thoughts last night was that game was brutal couldn’t convert 4 and short we lack some depth at dB’s we were not playing Tom Brady but you could have fooled me .Joey hunt playing tackle didn’t see that really was unwatchable

  25. Isaac

    Has anyone seen that Braxton miller was cut? That is very intriguing to me.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      He hasn’t adjusted to the WR position. I wouldn’t give him a roster spot.

  26. Isaac

    Kong ealy was also released. This is another name to look at.

    • UKAlex6674


  27. Pugs1

    the Saints cut Hau’oli Kikaha. Anybody interested?

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I dunno man. I think he’s had 3 ACL surgeries

      • Thomas Wells

        With our pass rush issues I think he’s worth kicking the tires on if healthy. Big if.

        What about Adam Bisnowaty? Somewhat troubled that a team with serious tackle issues like Carolina let him go, but I do remember rob mentioning him as an interesting prospect when he was in college

  28. Isaac

    Please congratulate rob on his job switch. Our puriah has been noticed!!! Stand with him he is one of the best at what he does with us and for sports as a whole!

    • Old but Slow

      I am ignorant, what job switch? Edumacate me.

    • SeahawkeyezSubj80

      Congrats Rob! So do tell whats the new job!

      • SeahawkeyezSubj80

        I googled it congrats on your move as Sports editor job in hull england. I hope its a move that benefits your family and u. keep on keeping on. 😎💪✌👏👏👏

      • Isaac

        This is a post from his twitter account.

        I’ve got some personal news to share. The next two weeks will be my last at @bbcsheffield. I’m leaving to be the sports editor for the BBC in Hull, working for @looknorthBBC & @RadioHumberside.

        Sad to be leaving Football Heaven but very excited about this opportunity.

        • STTBM

          Congratulations Rob!

      • Old but Slow

        A well deserved move up. Good on ya’, Rob.

        Hopefully, this does not involve some adjustments like having to move, and such.

        Go, brother.

    • mishima


    • FresnoHawk

      Congratulations Rob and best wishes in your new endeavor, looking forward to learning more about it here once you get settled in.

  29. Rik

    Browns traded T Shon Coleman to the 49ers for a 7th. We surely could have used him at right tackle.

  30. Gohawks5151

    Blog fav Shon Coleman traded to San Fran for a 7th. I would have done that.

  31. jc1688

    Hawks’ secondary is un-watchable.

  32. No frickin' clue

    Treston Decoud released by the Texans. He had good measurable s didn’t he? Given the mess in the secondary, maybe the Hawks make some room for him? Of course the question then is which DB you cut.

  33. Coug1990

    I agree, four preseason games are too many now. It is hard to imagine that back in the 70’s, there were six preseason games.

  34. FresnoHawk

    No Mack for us! NFL Total Access GB, Jets, and Cleveland are after him!

    • Group captain mandrake

      ESPN is saying they are working on a trade with the Bears. I’m glad. As much as I like him, I think the price is too steep since they already don’t have a 2nd this year. Too many holes already that need to be filled.

  35. Old but Slow

    For all you scout types and fans of good football. We have the rarity of two top ten college teams with a whole list of potential draft picks going at it. Washington at Auburn. A must see.

    Sorry, OT, but we do like the draft.

  36. red

    Nice to see Lockett extended. Would like to see Coleman extended as well, the secondary is becoming thin. What kind of extension do people here think Coleman is worth 4 year 32-36 mil 20ish guaranteed?

    • Trevor

      I think Coleman is a must resign as well. Best slot CB in the PC/JS era and a top 5 slot corner in the league IMO.

      Coleman, Griffin and Flowers have the potential in a year or so to be an incredible CB trio.

  37. Hawk Eye

    looks like the Bears are the favourites to get Mack – hopefully not until the 3rd week of the season

    • Volume12

      That’s such a great get for Chicago. Sometimes it’s why I wish there wasn’t a salary cap. You don’t trade away generational pass rushers in an era that’s all about them.

      As good as this upcoming class is in terms of that particular position, you ain’t getting a Khalil Mack. Always take the proven commodity over the unknown in terms of LTs, QBs, and pass rushers.

  38. STTBM

    Anyone else a bit worried about Norton as DC? I know it’s preseason, but Seattles pass D has been less than stellar. Not sure how much blame Norton was due in Oakland, but his D had some players and still was bad.

    Why are Third and longs still Seattles Achilles heal? I know Carrols scheme prioritizes not getting beaten deep, but still…

    • Volume12

      Wasn’t overly excited about the Norton hire personally. However, I do think guys will respond much more to him than Kris Richard.

      • STTBM

        Norton is a fine motivator and LB coach. He was missed. And, as Rob has stated, this is firmly Carrols defense, so it won’t be Norton operating the D in a vacuum.

        I liked Richards aggression, but his results weren’t as good as I expected. Hopefully we blitz more than under Bradley, but we need to make the pressure count. Too often our blitzers never got home the last couple years, and we hit burned.

    • Volume12

      ‘Why are Third and longs still Seattles Achilles heal? I know Carrols scheme prioritizes not getting beaten deep, but still…’

      Just my 2 cents FWIW, but teams have seen what Brady & Rivers did.

      It’s all about making the ‘Right’ throws, underneath and check down stuff, and not the ‘big’ throws. That’ll be tough for the yunger QBs to do who lack conifedence, but the ones that do and especially the vets will dissect this defense.

      • BobbyK

        Brady did nothing overly special until Avril went down (Rivers was simply a regular season game in extreme heat). Just like he {Brady} couldn’t beat the Giants pass rush. Either time. Not rocket science… get the opposing QB or make his life miserable and you’re probably going to win.

      • Gohawks5151

        Every throw a s over the middle on a drag or checkdown. Our under zones drop depth is really deep and they are stretching teams knowing that. If we blitz more we will have to run more man coverage underneath anyways . Even still it would be to our benefit to mix it up and man up under, and zone over top.

    • SeventiesHawksFan

      Good OC’s with any talent to work with had Kris Richard’s tendencies generally completely figured out on third down. And the tendencies of the Pete Carroll scheme in general. This showed up prominently in the first game last year against Green Bay. They would chronically keep six or seven men in to block our four man pass rush, then send one receiver to the spot they knew would be open in our zone and Aaron Rodgers wouldn’t even make a read, knew exactly where his target would come open and deliver it right on time. Meanwhile we’d have seven guys back there guarding space. Taken completely out of the play.

      The shoot out against Houston was another salient example. Sending sometimes just two receivers downfield but knowing when they’d be singled up or where the hole in the zone would be. Their first TD bomb (I think it was the second play of the game) was just one guy sent downfield. All the OC had to do was buy their fast receivers and Watson enough time on play after play. So they had constantly seven and eight man blocking schemes. On two plays I counted nine men blocking. Both plays were completions. Richard had no answer and made no adjustments the entire game. We were saved only by RW heroics.

      I could give one example after another, but Richard was easily one of the most out of his depth DC’s in the league, ESPECIALLY in critical down and distance situations. It wasn’t just third down. It was critical downs period. When the OC knew he needed to get to a spot and he knew what Richard and the defense would give him. Our odds were no better than fifty percent.

      Whether things will be different this year, I have no idea. Could just be that Pete Carroll just won’t adjust. Or it could be that knew concepts and adjustments are made and Ken Norton will be a part of implementing them. Either way, a change in direction was necessary. The system itself was broken even with pro bowl level talent.

      • STTBM

        Interesting take. I have been frustrated for years with TV coverage of games because the cameras zoom in too close to the qb so you can’t see the play develop; you can’t see the WR’s routes, or judge S play. Consequently, I wasn’t sure what exactly Seattles pass D was doing wrong.

        • SeventiesHawksFan

          The basic formula against Richard the defense on third or critical down and distance situations last year if I could formulate it in a few sentences:

          We know where your guys are going to be and how many and where they’ll be coming from to get to the QB on this particular down.

          And we also know how to use our guys in routes to get your guys on the back end to where WE WANT them to be based on those tendencies . . . so that we can get the actual guy we’re throwing to into single coverage or the cleared out spot in your soft zone.

          It didn’t matter if we had seven guys dropped into coverage. So often six of them were taken completely out of the play and guarding empty space or a receiver running a route that was never an option.

          Was all too easy for good OC’s to exploit when it mattered. Especially when they had a few offensive weapons to deploy.

          And even all world talent on our side cannot beat that. Sending predictable four man rushes against seven or eight blockers and one of their guys is running free to a completely open part of the field with no one near him. Or is singled up on our weakest corner or an LB who will concede the underneath route.

          The game plan to defeat this isn’t even that complicated. Bracket coverage on receivers when only a couple are sent. Sending an extra rusher on delayed stunts once their seven or eight blockers are all engaged (this did get better as the season wore on; and out of necessity). Having simple awareness of what the OC is trying to get you to do and where you are making it so very EASY to be exploited.

          Richard never really ‘got it’ or adjusted much. That may all be on Pete Carroll. But either way a change in DC’s was pretty essential.

  39. Coleslaw

    Site favorite Nico Siragusa got cut

    • Rob Staton

      Bad knee injury hurt him

  40. BobbyK

    Corey Coleman is a stud. He must be a moron to be getting traded and then now cut. I’ve seen him in person and was so impressed. As Schneider has said though, his biggest mistakes as a scout have been not knowing what’s inside a player (and that was BEFORE taking ATV Boy over TJ Watt).

  41. Volume12

    That Bears team just turned into instant contenders for the foreseeable future. Good Lord are they loaded!

    EDGEs- Khalil Mack and Leonard Floyd
    ILB/MIKE’s- Danny Trevathan and Roquan Smith
    Safeties- Eddie Jackson and Adrian Amos
    CB- Kyle Fuller
    DT’s/DL- Akiem Hicks and Eddie Goldman

    QB- Mitch Trubisky
    HB- Jordan Howard and Tarik Cohen
    WRs- Allen Robinson, Anthony Miller, and Taylor Gabriel
    TEs- Adam Shaheen and Trey Burton
    OL- Kyle Long, Cody Whitehair, Charles Leno, James Daniels

    Did I mention the fact that except for Kyle Long, Hicks, and Trevathan this group is 28 or younger?!? 🔥🔥🔥

    • BobbyK

      They better be because there isn’t going to be any good picks from guys 22 or younger for a long time. lol

      • Volume12

        Can you only build a roster with 1st rounders or something?

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Disappointed to miss out on Mack, but I wouldn’t have wanted to give up 2 R1 picks for him.

      • Volume12

        Only one though. Essentially your swapping a 1st for Mack

      • BobbyK

        Yep. Trading James Carpenter and Bruce Irvin for Mack would have been stupid. Same as trading Penny and ATV Boy for Mack. Dumb. Or trading Ifedi and someone (anyone else minus QB) for a guy who will end up in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Come to think of it… teams who trade #1 picks are smart, because then they won’t get good players (or as good) and will then not have to ever pay them… lol. The teams who try to lose, actually win this NFL. lol

        • DC

          I’ll sleep better tonight knowing that the ‘thought police’ is on duty.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Uh, ok?

          Not sure what you’re saying. For every example you want to give about why trading R1 picks is a good thing, I can offer a counterpoint.

          Also, is Mack injury proof? Cuz an accident would pretty much ruin your theory.

          Thanks for the polite discourse bobby have a nice weekend

  42. Troy

    Browns traded T- Shon Coleman to the San Francisco 49ers for a seventh-round draft pick!

    Panthers release T- Adam Bisnowaty

    49ers release DT- Will Sutton

  43. clbradley17

    Some interesting cuts we may take a look at: S Ron Parker from Atlanta, DE Daeshon Hall from Carolina, CB Tony Lippett from Miami.

  44. DC

    UW LT Trey Adams is out vs Auburn due to a back problem. That is not welcome news.

  45. Hawk Eye

    is the O line improved??
    we shall see very soon,
    Von Miller Week 1, Mack Week 2, Demarcus Lawrence Week 3, Chandler Jones Week 4, Aaron Donald Week 5. Might not be pretty.

    **Pass rushers may appear closer to QB than they seem**

  46. FresnoHawk

    I think the Hawk are gonna have a hard time letting 6 2″ 215 pound WR Darboh go! I probably wouldn’t let him go.

  47. Burner

    I see Luke Falk has been cut by the Titans.

  48. Shady Hawkster

    Shalom Luani to the seahawks via trade, per Michael Gehlken

    Interesting addition, he caught my eye in the wk3 preseason game

  49. mishima

    Xavier Su’a-Filo cut by Houston Texans.

  50. All I see is 12s

    It’s all good. We got Luani.

  51. Bigten

    We traded for shalom luani! Pretty pumped for this haha

  52. Lewis

    Oakland and Hawks trade a safety, but it is Shalom Luani, not Thomas. No word on compensation yet.

    Maxwell on IR

    • Hawktalker#1

      Luani was popular with us when he was drafted. Not sure how he has performed to date, but there has always been something about that guy I have really liked. Fingers crossed he does well with us.

      Go Hawks

    • GerryG

      He was drafted in the 7th, probably around that range of compensation.

      Thinking this spells the of Hill

  53. Volume12

    Ole Miss WR DK Metcalf is gonna be special. 6’3, 225, 4.4-4.5 speed and flat-out explosive.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Also like TEN WR Jauan Jennings 6’3″ 220

      Having a nice game vs WV

      • Sea Mode

        I’m a fan of Louisville WR Jaylen Smith myself. 6026, 219 and the cleanest hands I’ve scouted in a while. Might even have Evan Engram on that one…

  54. icb12

    Shead cut by Lions. Could we see him come back with Maxwell on IR?

    • Lewis

      Why not? You can plug him right in, since he knows the system. At least for the moment.

    • Brandon Miller

      Lets not forget aswell as being CB depth, Shead was and still is a multi-tool in our system. Much needed saftey depth aswell. would be a safe move and a smart one at that.

    • Hughz

      I believe Shead hasn’t been able to stay healthy this year. Maybe kick the tires in a few weeks.

  55. Hawktalker#1

    Does anyone know if the money that the community raised for the purpose of replacing Rob’s laptop ever got to him? If not, and he has already fixed that, which I believe he has, perhaps we can direct that money to him still and use it to upgrade the website and reduce the posting delays. For me personally, the delays seem to be very long. If nothing else, as a community, we should have some accountability and integrity when we say we are collecting funds for Rob or a community purpose.


  56. cha

    Hawks trade Marcus Johnson to Indy for TE Darrell Daniels.

    Wonder what’s going on there. Dilly and Vannett aren’t going anywhere.

    Dickson tweeted he’s ready to play. Maybe the Hawks don’t think so.

    • cha

      Maybe they like Daniels as a FB/TE hybrid.

    • SeventiesHawksFan

      Dickson has been out NFI-designated injury.

      One possibility is they don’t have to pay him any of his guaranteed money if he’s cut. Maybe they think we can make it with the guys we’ve got and we’d rather have the salary cap space back.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Too much depth at WR. Not enough depth at TE.

      Johnsons was either going to be waived or traded. Might as well try Daniels out.

  57. Rik

    Holy beans! Cowboys released K Dan Bailey. Is that real?

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      C’mon JS, go get him!

  58. Hawk Eye

    Maxwell going to IR.
    I read that meant he is out the whole year, cannot return unless he gets waived with an injury settlement. And I think he cannot return tot he Hawks for 6 weeks or something?
    anyone know why they would do that and pay his salary when they could just cut him?
    Can they not cut him when injured? That is the only reason I can see to put him on IR and pay him when he is on a 1 year contract.

  59. cha

    Ian Rapoport

    Verified account

    5m5 minutes ago
    The #Seahawks are taking pass-rusher Dion Jordan off the PUP list and he’ll be active, source said. He was dealing with a leg injury but doing well.

    • STTBM

      Excellent news! We need him! Hope he can stay healthy…

  60. Shibu

    Shocking that Alexander was cut but Seahawks apparently just traded for Shalom Luani from the raiders who was a blog favorite from WSU

  61. Nathan M

    Any interest in Nate Orchard to possibly help the pass rush?

  62. CHawk Talker Eric

    Damn fine game in Atlanta today

    Go Huskies!

  63. CHawk Talker Eric

    Congrats to Myles Gaskin on becoming UW’s all time leading rusher!

  64. EP

    Bring Deshawn Shead back?

    • Hawktalker#1

      NO. If they really needed or wanted him he would already be on the team.

  65. Nathan W.

    Ugh! UW had this game in hand! Kind of awful play calling at key moments.

  66. All I see is 12s

    Just thinking out loud here, and of course this is definitely a fan theory. But it has been rumored that two years in a row the Cowboys directly screwed over the Seahawks in the draft. In 2017 they supposedly told the Seahawks that they were not going to take taco Charlton and then went and took him anyway. Then this past year supposedly there was a trade in place for Earl Thomas for the Dallas second round pick which Dallas went back on once the guard they wanted was available.

    Now here we are, there seems to be a mutual interest and a need for Earl to be a cowboy and it doesn’t seem like the Seahawks ming trading him for proper value. I wonder if there’s a certain price for the Cowboys and then a lesser price for the rest of the NFL. I think the last thing that John Schneider would want would is for the Cowboys to get one over on them again. Not to mention that we have to see Earl Thomas and week three so maybe there would be a little additional price tag for that as well.

    • Hawktalker#1

      Doubtful. More likely it is as many believe, no one will pay the needed price in a down safety market.

  67. STTBM

    Jordan Roos cut, Joey Hunt makes 53. Odhiambo made the team. Thorpe and Johnson kept, but only 3 safeties–plus Luani. Poona made it!

    I’d like to see Magoo, Malik Turner, Keenan Reynolds on the Practice Squad. We’ll see.

    Wonder if Shead comes back. They like him, and I don’t trust Thompson or Hill.

  68. Old but Slow

    Odhiambo and Brandon Jackson cut today.

    They signed CB Simeon Thomas, a 6-3 190 rookie who has 35″ arms, and G Jordan Simmons 6-3, 339 who was on the Raiders practice squad last season.

  69. Ben Ft. Worth


    Omg Jacob Phillip’s was a BEAST at Linebacker!! Hey Rob, any info you got on this guy and if he’d be good for our Hawks!?

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