Combine day three recap: Michael Penix Jr shines, receivers run fast & my thoughts on J.J. McCarthy

Michael Penix Jr and Spencer Rattler show off their arms

In terms of pure arm talent, it was always expected that these two would perform the best during on-field throwing drills today. They didn’t disappoint. However, it wasn’t just the pure power that made for two successful throwing sessions.

Anticipation is critical at the next level and teams want to see evidence of it, even when you’re throwing in this setting. It was noticeable how often Penix Jr and Rattler would throw their passes before the receiver’s break — putting it on the money and allowing them to catch in stride.

The accuracy of their throws was top notch aside from the slightly trickier fade session at the end — with the ball consistently firing out of their hands with good velocity. This was a big difference to Bo Nix, for example, who just seemed to play well within himself. Nix also struggled with anticipation, releasing the ball only when he could see the whites of the eyes of each target.

Penix Jr really flashed on the deep-ball throws at the end, flicking his wrist to deliver passes 60-65 yards downfield with touch. He made it look effortless, in a way only really Joe Milton could match.

I still think Penix Jr is a really difficult projection in terms of working out where he might be taken. On the one hand, you have this elite arm that can drive layered passes into the most improbable of windows. You can take 20 throws from last season alone and hold it up against any of the elite NFL quarterbacks and what they put on tape in college. He elevated Washington to new heights and delivered critical, big-time wins against Oregon (three times) and Texas.

On the other hand, there are some legit question marks about his ability to extend plays and get out of the pocket, whether he can be patient and take what a defense offers rather than needing to rely on the explosive play and while Ian Rapoport is reporting the medical checks produced good news — we don’t know how individual teams will asses the results. He also had a stretch during the 2023 season where he didn’t play with any consistency — watching his completion percentage sink in the process.

Look at what Jeff Howe said about Penix Jr after consulting with team sources at the combine:

The performance in the loss in the national championship game highlighted teams’ greatest concerns with Penix. While under constant pressure from Michigan’s pass rush, Penix’s mechanics and accuracy were a major issue, and he took a beating that clearly impacted his game. That element, because of Penix’s injury history (two torn ACLs, two season-ending shoulder injuries), really worried teams.

On the positive side, Penix has a great arm, throws a good deep ball, largely played very well in clutch situations and is believed to be a strong leader. If he can buck the injury history and improve the mechanical breakdowns while under duress, evaluators believe he can develop into a starter.

Penix’s draft stock is a matter of which qualities teams will prioritize. The belief is he’ll be a fringe second/third-rounder.

Whoever takes him will be excited. You can’t help but love the arm and it’s a difference making ability he possesses. It’s special. I also understand the concerns. It’s why it’s really difficult to get a read on how early — or late — he’ll be taken. What I would say, though, is if the Seahawks take him at any point, you won’t hear any complaints from me.

As for Rattler, I think it’s strange how little attention he gets. Even during the broadcast today, it felt like Kedon Slovis — who was distinctly average — was getting more praise. He has a high level of natural talent, he has a really good arm and he’s the one player in this class who played in a pro-style offense in a pro-style setting (facing regular pressure behind a horrendous O-line).

There’s a lot to like about Rattler and while he has to answer questions about what went wrong at Oklahoma (plus he’ll be asked about the immaturity issues he showed during that period) — in the right setting I think he can succeed and start in the NFL.

I’m not sure the Seahawks will draft him. They’ve placed such an enormous focus on character since 2022 that I think when they do draft a quarterback, it’ll likely be someone who is somewhat flawless in this regard. I hate to say it but the best landing spot for Rattler is probably the LA Rams. Sit behind Matt Stafford, be coached by Sean McVay. The scheme would suit him. It’s a great fit, potentially in round two.

I have things to say about J.J. McCarthy

When I watched his throwing session, it was exactly as expected. There’s nothing physically spectacular about McCarthy. He’s a good athlete, he doesn’t have a bad arm. It’s just not great. A few too many passes early on were inaccurate, the deep-balls were fairly unimpressive but there were also some good throws too.

My immediate reaction after he threw was to again question why there’s so much hype about him, with the latest talk even being that he could be part of a four-quarterback run to start the draft.

And then it hit me.

The NFL Network had him in the booth with Rich Eisen and Daniel Jeremiah for an interview. I was blown away by McCarthy’s charisma, confidence, maturity and manner. He just has ‘it’. I bet that sounds ridiculous to some of you, how can you change an opinion based on that? It’s hard to explain, but I have. I’ve never done it before. If you also watched it, you probably felt the same.

I guarantee McCarthy has gone into those meetings at the combine and blown everyone away. I bet when scouts visited Michigan’s facility over the last two years, they were wowed. I bet when owners get in a room with him — they will want this guy at the forefront of their franchise.

After the interview, McCarthy stuck around for the second throwing session. When Xavier Worthy ran his record-breaking 4.21 — he was one of the first to sprint over and congratulate him, despite not even being part of the group. It was all so natural, too. Worthy embraced him like a close friend, not two individuals who played for different teams at opposite ends of the country. He was just giving off a vibe that he was ‘the guy’. Not because he was trying to make it so, it was just naturally happening in this setting.

There is an intangible quality to McCarthy which shouldn’t be underestimated. Then you start stacking aspects up. Statistically he is the top QB in this class on third downs and completion percentage when scrambling. He just won the National Championship as the captain and leader of the offense. He’s been well coached at a serious program. He’s athletic.

The throwing sessions are hard to follow because the NFL Network does a bunch of interviews, they chit-chat about everything and anything but the workouts and there are a ton of commercials. When they cut some replays together to play out during McCarthy’s interview, I took the chance to check his technique. Footwork? Flawless. Throwing motion? Very good.

Imagine you’re a team needing a quarterback. You’ve got this guy who, even at 21, is going to walk into your building and probably just make everyone love him on day one. He has a history of success in college. He’ll be one of the guys but quickly establish a leadership position. You won’t need to spend forever fixing his technique and when he gets on the field, you’ll back him to win key moments on third down and on the move.

I’m telling you now — if a team is prepared to pay Kirk Cousins $40m a year next week coming off an achilles injury, someone is going to take a chance on this guy very early in round one. Maybe even top-five. They will believe in him as a person and they’ll believe as a player he’ll produce a base-line performance that, as a worst case scenario, they can live with.

He isn’t Tom Brady as a player, not even stylistically. Nobody ever will be Brady. But you know what? Watching how he carried himself today, there were Brady vibes. Some team is going to convince themselves of that and fall in love.

His ceiling, physically, will have some limitations. He isn’t a Mahomes, Allen, Herbert or Stroud type. He’ll need a supporting cast to really succeed at a high level, as he did at Michigan. But having him will be better than not having him for some teams picking near the top of round one. I do think there’s a chance someone takes him before Drake Maye. I do think someone could trade up for him. I do think a lot of teams are going to leave Indianapolis on a plane tomorrow night and they’re going to want this guy in their building.

And I do think the Seahawks could be one of them.

Bo Nix didn’t impress

As noted earlier, he just played within himself. He never let it rip — his throws all felt really safe and his workout lacked any kind of dynamism. The deep balls weren’t impressive, the anticipation wasn’t there and you just ended up wanting more. I thought this was a round three pick performance — but his production at Oregon, personality and the importance of the position likely means round two. It’s hard to get excited about what he showed here.

This is a fantastic receiver class

We all knew it was a real position of strength going into the combine — but so many players elevated their already high stock in Indianapolis. I suspect by the time I’ve done some tape review post-combine, I’ll have 18 receivers with a second round grade or higher.

Xavier Worthy breaking the combine forty-yard-dash record was an electrifying moment and one of the all-time great combine spectacles. His lap of honour after running a 4.21 was joyous. I need to go back and re-watch Worthy and Texas team mate Adonai Mitchell, who also ran an excellent 4.34.

Jacob Cowing was a big blog favourite pre-Senior Bowl but I thought he underwhelmed in Mobile. However, here he ran a 4.38 and showed excellent catching technique. He’s adept at separating and I was probably too reactive to the Senior Bowl workouts in dropping him down the board.

Keon Coleman ran one of the slower forty’s (4.61) but I thought he really impressed during drills. He lacks speed but shows great body control and ball-tracking.

Ladd McConkey running a 4.39 could elevate him into the first round conversation, Ricky Pearsall had an unreal testing session and I need to consider bumping his grade up. Across the board so many players ran well — which has always been a big thing for the Seahawks at this position.

This is such a deep class I wonder if it’ll re-set the receiver market in free agency? Ever since Christian Kirk’s record breaking deal two years ago, the price of receivers has exploded. The Justin Jefferson’s of this world will still get mega paydays, obviously. With so much cheap talent in this draft class, though, you have to wonder if teams will be less inclined to throw money at the position for older players in 10 days time.

If there was one player who I thought underwhelmed a bit at receiver it was Troy Franklin. Given how fast others ran, a 4.41 forty with his frame was a bit disappointing. Plus his on-field drills were sloppy including a really poor gauntlet.

A final word on the receivers — I love how determined Rome Odunze was to run a 6.6 in the three cone (see below). Everything about Odunze is absolutely first class. I agree with the people suggesting some teams might view him as WR1. He is en elite person as well as a sensational football player.

Thoughts on the running back class

There are no obvious ‘stars’ or high picks among this group — but I think they did fairly well during drills and if nothing else, a few players pass the eye test.

Blake Corum looked absolutely stacked and moved well with it. I don’t want to go too over the top with this kind of thing after my J.J. McCarthy notes — but Corum does just give off a star vibe. I’m sure he’ll do a great job for Jim Harbaugh and Greg Roman in LA as a second or third round selection.

I’m really eager to watch Isaac Guerendo and Jaylen Wright — two well-sized top-testers who I haven’t studied on tape. Guerendo ran a 4.33 at 6-0 and 221lbs, while Wright managed a 4.38 at 5-10 and 210lbs. You can’t ignore that combination of size and speed.

Ray Davis was a lot of fun to watch at Kentucky, he had a good Senior Bowl and while he wasn’t a great mover during drills — he looked physical, tough and kind of led the group during the session.

Trey Benson looks like a smooth athlete, he ran a blistering 4.39 forty at 6-0 and 216lbs and he just looks the part. He got around the bags well, he showed subtle movement when changing direction and I’ll definitely be going back to review his tape.

Audric Estime was the big disappoint, only running a 4.71. I think he’s a talented, athletic runner but this time won’t help his stock. He might provide value to someone if he falls a bit.

You would hope the Seahawks are done drafting running backs at this stage — but there are a few players to admire here, even if it’s not a highly touted class.

If you missed the day three review stream, check it out below. You’ll enjoy the discussion!


  1. Seattle Person

    Yup. There is something about McCarthy that made me flip a switch on him as well Rob. I don’t love his talent but something about him compels me to stick up for him because I thought people were dismissing him too quickly. I think your video and your recap puts it beautifully. He just does X-factor things. This is why I said John Schneider might be into him a few weeks ago and we had a little discussion/disagreement about young JJ. It’s hard to explain like you said but when you get it — you get it about McCarthy and why he gets hyped. We’ll see what happens but I think he might be too out of our range now.

    I watched some of Isaac Guerendo’s highlights. Dude is shot out of a canon fast. That is very real. I think he’s super raw as a RB. He doesn’t set up his blocks. He doesn’t press the line enough for me. Jaylen Wright, I’ve read has been compared to Jahmyr Gibbs or a faster Aaron Jones. He’s super exciting and I think someone is going to get a steal in him. He also has measurables and traits that are comparable to Ken Walker. It’s a huge difference when you watch Guerendo and Wright. JW might be RB1 or RB2 in this draft class.

    • Seattle Person

      Watching more of Wright now. He’s a dude. I have no problems saying he’s probably RB1 in this class.

    • Saxon

      As a “McCarthy Truther” (lol) – I’m pleased to see Rob slowly coming around. Although, I do disagree with the assessment that his arm talent is merely adequate and that it’s mainly his intangibles that are causing him to rise up draft boards. His velocity and accuracy are both very impressive and will likely get even better as his body develops with NFL trainers.

      But I suspect the biggest factor scouts are salivating over isn’t his demeanor or his physical gifts, it’s his rapid processing when plays break down. He’s unflappable when the rush jailbreaks right on top of him. He has great pocket awareness and escapability and always keeps his eyes down field, often delivering pinpoint passes as he buys time for his receivers to uncover. It’s Mahomes-esque and a fundamental requirement to play at a high level in the pros.

      It seems like some are fixated on his size or usage and have ignored the above for whatever reason. I agreed until I really watched him play. No idea if he’ll become special but he’s got some very special qualities and he’s only 21. If there’s any chance he falls I’d love for Schneider to roll the dice on him.

      • Rob Staton

        I’m not coming around though — my feeling on his play is the same as it’s always been

        I just understand now why he will go early

        But nothing about my thoughts on his actual game have changed

        • Elmer

          Yes. I look forward to reading what you say and also what you don’t say. You never said that McCarthy will be a big success in the NFL, just that he has amazing intangibles that could get him drafted early. What you don’t say sets you far apart from other Seahawks coverage,

          • Mad Dog

            Don’t think anyone, Rob included, knows who will be a success in the NFL. If they did, the Seahawks should hire them tomorrow.

            99% of QB is played between the ears and that’s the hardest thing to measure. So many great arms have failed. But the pantheon of great NFL QB’s includes Joe Montana and Tom Brady, guys that you’d never pick to have successful NFL careers.

    • Ben

      Guerendo looks like a fine late round pick, you could do worse for a special teamer type. He’d be a interesting fullback if he wanted to go that route, seems willing to run through people.

      But he’s a real boring looking runner.

      • Seattle Person

        FB? Why?

        He’s raw but he’s the perfect late round RB. Dude ran a 4.33 and is over 220 lbs.

  2. Schadyhawk001

    *Posted this in the reaction video comment section but feel it fits this article more

    I thought Rob’s assertion that McCarthy could go top 5 was insane because I just don’t see anything special (which was further entrenched for me in his throwing session). However articles from ESPN and seem to be gushing over his performance, with Chad Reuter suggesting that McCarthys performance made a strong case to be one of the top 3 QBs drafted, while brushing over Penix’s throwing performance and emphasizing that he’s a draft riser because his medicals came back positive. Similarly, ESPN gave a pretty honest assessment of McCarthys session but stated he doesn’t see him slipping past 13, while complimenting Penix and stating his draft range is somewhere between 39-44. Feels like a bizarro world where everyone seems to be seeing something in McCarthy that I’m not, but this seems to happen every year with a handful of QBs the media hypes up. Additionally, saw a response when I posted it before that aligns with Rob’s outline of how teams may fall in love with him, which I get, I just don’t don’t get that same feeling personally.

    • MountainHawker

      To be fair…Penix having good medicals is a big plus for him. He should absolutely rise if that’s true. Everybody already knew he had an arm. His tape is far more impressive than any of the throws he made tonight.

      Man. I really would’ve loved to have seen Daniels, Maye and Williams participate. I really like seeing all the prospects perform side by side. I understand why they don’t, but there’s something to be said for guys that aren’t afraid to compete and improve. Look at Odunze. THAT is a guy i want on my team

      • geoff u

        With medicals cleared he’s a solid high 2nd/low 1st for me. And with Nix being meh, I’d probably swap the two on my list. Hard to beat that pure arm talent. Someone certainly could fall in love and take him top 10, wouldn’t count it out. This class still feels quite unsettled.

        • MountainHawker

          Agreed. Penix over Nix all day if the medicals are good. I’m not sure i recall a draft that feels this unsettled when it comes to the first round. Caleb will be the 1st pick (then again it’s the Bears so who knows) and then it’s all over the place. Lots of talent at premium positions with teams that have multiple holes. I’m excited!

      • BK26

        To me it’s not that he was cleared. It’s that they happened. 2 knees and 2 shoulders? I don’t think he’s having a long career. On top of still having issues with an offensive line that isn’t elite.

        Fully expected the medicals to check out, but changes nothing on Penix for me.

  3. Chris A

    After watching some McCarthy film myself, I’m really surprised you haven’t been higher on him, Rob. I love the way he steps up in the pocket and his mobility to scramble out of it while keeping his eyes downfield. His 3rd down percentage combined with never throwing more than 4 INTs in a season tells me he is a great decision maker. And he’s a winner. And now he’s wowing in interviews? I think he’s the 2nd best QB in the class, maybe even on par with Caleb.

    • Rob Staton

      There’s nothing special about him physically. I don’t think he has a high physical ceiling and that significantly limits his potential. You will require the intangible element to make up for that, plus you need the third down stuff to translate. Not impossible by any stretch but that’s what the situation is really

    • BK26

      His film is extremely underwhelming. Doesn’t do anything better than ‘meh except scramble. And 4 ints…when he’s asked to never throw the ball.

      He’s not any better than Travis or Pruitt. Who actually were focal points on their teams and ran their offenses. He can’t really be considered comparable to Caleb Williams, Rattler, or the others.

      • Peter

        Nix: 31 + attempts a game all career

        Mccarthy; 17+ attempts per game

        Nix: 1 interception per 75 attempts

        Mccarthy: 1 interception per 65 attempts

        • BK26

          So you are saying that Nix threw xxx more pass attempt and had a better rate of not turning it over compared to McCarthy, who is seen as the safest and most accurate qb in the draft?

          • Peter

            As Rob would say:

            Just sayin’

  4. Sean-O

    Love that the NFL has released videos specific to the player from the combine. VERY helpful!


  5. Blitzy the Clown

    I couldn’t be prouder of how the Husky contingent has represented so far. I thought the two top performers today were Penix and Odunze.

    Penix, man…I won’t complain if he’s the pick at 16. Still have my reservations about his consistency and ability to handle pressure. But there’s no denying his talent. And his measurables back that up. 10.5 inch hands!

    JJ McCarthy did agility testing and did it well: 6.83s 3-cone and 4.23s 20-yard shuttle. Explains his scrambling ability. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again now that I think Schneider will like him a lot. I just don’t see him slipping to 16, and I don’t see us moving up in this draft. So it seems like kind of a moot point getting worked up one way or the other about him.

    This WR class is so deep I don’t see how they resist tapping into it. Ricky Pearsall, Roman Wilson, Ja’Lynn Polk/Jalen McMillan, Tez Walker, Isaiah Willams, Luke McCaffrey — c’mon! Which makes me wonder about Lockett’s future. His cap hit isn’t justified under these circumstances. And he can be well replaced with a cheap rookie this year.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Also, although Brian Thomas, Jr. tested very well, I thought he looked pretty awful in catch drills. Yikes.

      • Alex Potts

        Yeah, He did look bad

    • Jake

      Yes please to Luke McCaffrey. I’m not sure where he’s projected to go, and I know there’s actual holes on the roster to deal with, so it seems unlikely they’ll draft another WR. It’s hard not to salivate over a trio of a Metcalf, JSN and McCaffrey. They seem exceptionally complimentary.

  6. geoff u

    I certainly hope you’re right and McCarthy has impressed in interviews and has turned himself into a top ten pick, gets taken before Maye, and pushes another player down into our range…

    I’ll have to check out the interviews, and like Maye with only two years of starting he could improve quite a bit, but my gut says 3rd rounder…. I’m sure plenty of players are great interviewers, but it doesn’t overcome other limitations. I’d love an experiment where you put Rattler on Michigan for a season and have McCarthy spend a year behind that South Carolina online and constantly playing from behind and see what happens.

    • Peter

      Great thought experiment.

      I just can’t shake from the Brady, all he does is win talk is that Sam Hartman could have had that team in the national championship.

      3rd down is cool. Super cool even. But his games against ranked teams with players that are going to be there on Sunday are frankly laughable. Alabama he was awesome against.

      The other four games….Matt Hasselbeck himself could have been talking about we want the ball and we’re going to score and he’d be right.

    • McZ

      You could also wonder how much having worked out automatics over time and having a good connection to Legette have done to prep Rattlers numbers.

      This is getting out of hand.

      McCarthy gave Ohio St three drubbings in a row, something he will get a statue build for at Ann Arbor. He played very well in the playoffs, when it mattered.

      Rattler was blooming late and bloomed into a 5-8 season. Many of those teams he lost against are not exactly defensive superpower.

      I think it comes down to this: Rattler’s maxxed out, while McCarthy isn’t.

      Is Rattler a McVay player? I don’t think so. They will spend a 7th rounder on Plumlee.

      • Peter

        3 drubbings.

        I just looked because I was curious. In one of those beat downs Mccarthy threw 1 completion on 1 attempt.

        In one game he threw 3 tds. Which is pretty good. However the team still one by 22 points because they were loaded. He was in that game a big factor.

        Feels more like a mixed bag.

      • BK26

        Rattler maxed out is still a top-end, difference making talent. What is McCarthy going to get better doing? Handing the ball off quicker?

        They aren’t in the same conversation talentwise. One ran a horrible offense in a MUCH better conference and has tape the shows how much he did himself. One guys is lacking tape because his coach didn’t trust him to do anything.

        Rattler kept that horrible team in the game against Georgia until the end. That alone beats anything McCarthy has done.

        Man car salesmen would have a field day with some fans….

    • BK26

      That’s a great point. I think if that was the case, Rattler would be talked about right behind Daniels and his “character issues” would be considered him being fiery and a competitor.

      McCarthy…I think he would probably transfer from having such a bad season. He wouldn’t be able to elevate that team. Kind of like he didn’t elevate Michigan.

      • geoff u

        Rattler could’ve gone to a college offense and padded his numbers like Nix, but he specifically when to South Carolina to learn a pro style offense and prepare himself for the NFL. That’s kind of remarkable. Not sure it’s paid off as far as getting drafted high, but I like how his only goal is playing in the NFL, which he knows he will someday. He was never going to go undrafted.

  7. Alex Potts

    I watched the every 2023 play highlight of Worthy here:

    Gotta say… not impressed. Very fast, but if there is any hinderance to watching the ball, he does not come down with it.

    The NFL isn’t all about speed. There’s a reason Puka Nacua is better than Tutu Atwell and Dee Eskridge types. It’s strong hands, strength after the catch, getting off press, etc.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Speaking of, would love to have the R2 wasted on Eskridge in ’21 to spend on a WR from this class.

    • Brewduck

      Small sample size, but i was underwhelmed with him (and Mitchell) in the UW v Texas Sugar bowl. I recall one moment during the game when the cameras were on him and it just looked and felt like the moment was too big for him.

    • Palatypus

      I agree, but 4.21 is not something you can teach. And you have to have the quarterback.

      • Parallax

        Speed alone doesn’t do it for me. Too many times, we’ve seen some flashy speedster go nowhere in the NFL. There was a fad in the late “70s when teams would sign track athletes and try to retrain them as receivers. The Jets had a guy named Al Toon. He was actually pretty good, so many not an example that illustrates my point. Others went nowhere. He’s just the guy I remember. Didn’t play long but went to a few Pro Bowls and had a lot of catches.

        • geoff u

          Raiders with Al Davis loved trying that. Seahawks even got in on that. Remember Michael Bates?

          • Palatypus


            • sonicreducer

              Renaldo Nehemiah was another one. World record holder in 110M hurdles, signed by the Niners in early 1980’s. I remember him getting knocked out cold trying to catch a pass. I think he hung around for 2-3 years then went back to track and field.

              • Parallax

                You had me literally laughing out loud as I imagine that. So thank you!

          • cha

            *Cyril Grayson

      • Palatypus


    • Peter

      Go look up the list of fastest combines. It’s not a great collection of nfl players.

      Particularly the now, with Worthy, top 12.

      • Palatypus

        Ruggs III was waaaayyyy better than Jeudy. And a lot of those players got drafted by the Raiders. And nothing counts before electronic time. Deion Sanders was probably the fastest all time.

        • Palatypus

          And speaking of Ruggs III, we had a weak-armed, small-handed, short quarterback named David Krieg, who threw a lot of touchdowns one year to a cocaine-fueled speedball named Darryl Turner, and then it fell off a cliff.

          This is different. I suspect Worthy is Jamaican. There is a restaurant in my neighborhood called GudVybz that has a picture of the gold medal 4×100 Olympic team on it. I asked the hostess, “Do you know these guys?” She said, “I am related to three of them.”

          • Peter

            Whoa. That’s cool about the restaurant.

            • Palatypus

              There are three of them now for your Senior Bowl to-do list. One in Pace/Milton and two here in Pensacola. I had to get some goat curry.

              I really miss the Green Coconut Tree in Lakewood, Washington.

  8. Charlie TheUnicorn2187

    Seahawks are sounding like they are open to all options. This draft appears to be more of a wildcard draft than many in recent years. The QB prospects are all being pushed to the top of the draft, while some other very good players are falling slightly.

    Penix, Mix or McCarthy or some other QB will eat up articles or radio waves running up to the draft … being linked to the Seahawks. Shouldn’t be a dull time period. April 25–27, 2024 can’t come soon enough.

  9. Dregur

    So McCarthy is Tebow if he has the right mechanics?

    • Palatypus

      I think it is insulting to compare McCarthy to Tebow. The proper pejorative might be Rich Gannon.

  10. SeattleLifer

    Is there any resource out there that has the quarterbacks release speeds?

    I ask because I think Penix seems to have a bit of a windup in his throw.

    To me there are five key traits for elite QB play in the nfl. 1) The ability to quickly process/field vision. 2) The ability to make plays/extend under duress. 3) A quicker release. 4) The ability to throw receivers open and 5) a strong enough arm.

    For me Penix has two out of four with a fifth (ability to process/field vision) that remains to be seen both because the nfl game is quicker and it is tied to another key trait (play under duress) – as a QB will be pressured in the nfl no matter what. I think the title game concerns are very real for teams. All taken into account along with some health concerns and his special arm and overall throwing prowess just don’t cover for other areas of lack/concern for me personally so I am hoping we pass on him.

    • Palatypus

      Zebra metrics had RPMs at the Senior Bowl.

      • SeattleLifer

        Thank you👍

    • bmseattle

      I think this is an important consideration.
      I agree that Penix’s “wind-up” release could be a huge factor.

      Not only does it require more time to deliver the throw, but if you are off base, or moving, it can really mess up your accuracy.

      Perhaps this is a reason why Penix’s accuracy numbers while on the move are so poor?

  11. Palatypus

    Jacob Cowing was carted off with an injury at the Senior Bowl when I was there. I was in the bathroom, I think, I didn’t see it but heard the buzz. It was reported.

    Then he runs a 4.38 and does well in the drills at the combine.

    You’ve got to respect that.

  12. PatrickH

    Well, a few years ago a lot of people thought Daniel Jones was overrated but the NY Giants still picked him 5th overall. So JJ McCarthy going top 5 would not be unprecedented. All it takes is one GM (hopefully it is not John Schneider).

    • Palatypus

      But, Daniel Jones could throw a deep ball at Duke and had Peyton Manning’s coaches. It was political for sure, but good things are going on at Duke. On this I think we all agree.

  13. Peter

    Fingers crossed Mccarthy goes top five. I think Rob could be right and that will be great for us.

    • Denver Hawker

      This is where I’m at with it- would be totally cool if he goes early and other teams panic trying to move up for Penix too. Any way to push Verse or Chop down the line would be nice.

  14. Parallax

    Can’t say I share your love for McCarthy, Rob, but you’re bending my ear. “Top five” leaves me wanting to ask for some of what you’re smoking, but you’ve talked me out of “third round.” Heck, maybe he goes top 10 . . . we’ll see.

    Pearsall really impressed me with his athleticism. Rome was amazing. Staying on the field after everyone else has to impress. Goes so well with the story of the punctured lung. He’s a baller for sure. Just as impressive was his willingness to do all the drills today rather than sit out like Harrison and Nabers. One could argue that sitting was the smart move. Why risk injury or performing badly. But I have to think Odunze probably moved himself past Nabers. He may deserve to go first among WRs but my guess is it’s hard to overcome Harrison’s pedigree. To me, the tape looks similar, except that Rome caught more contested catches. Listening to Jerry Rice critique his technique was super interesting. Almost enough to make the day’s side-show tolerable.

    Rattler threw very well. Not as effortlessly as Penix. It looked like he uses his whole body to generate velocity, as opposed to Penix, who seems to throw without effort. Drafting either would be exciting so long as we don’t reach. Much as some project Penix to go high in round 1, my guess is if he’s still on the board and there’s someone graded higher by Schneider, we go with the other guy. But I’d be happy to get him in round two if we can get into it, and I’d be almost as happy to get Rattler in round three.

    I hope we can grab a receiver, given the great value at the position. McMillan has so much potential. I’d love to land him in round three. But he’s not the only good one.

    • Peter

      Not sure Rob loves mcccarthy as much as he’s stating a sense he’s getting.

      Odunze is my number one reciever. I’m. Ot sure how he’s even doing it but his contested catches and today’s effort….hats off to him.

      • Rob Staton

        Correct Peter

        Not sure why people are now saying I’ve ’come around’ or ‘love’ McCarthy

        I’m just explaining why he will go early. My grade hasn’t changed

  15. geoff u

    “It was noticeable how often Penix Jr and Rattler would throw their passes before the receiver’s break — putting it on the money and allowing them to catch in stride.”

    This shows up on tape as well. Definitely something they need to overcome.

    It’s a shame Maye, Daniels, and Williams didn’t do anything. Would love to see how they compare. I assume they’re doing pro days?

    • Peter

      Hats off to the qbs who threw instead of waiting to select their music and choose the recievers.

      • geoff u

        Williams I get, he will or should be the #1 overall pick. The other two didn’t do themselves any favors, but they should go top 10 if not 5 so whatever for them, but it just sucks for us who wants to see them all side by side. I’m also a bit annoyed they’re shying away from a little competition.

        • MountainHawker

          Right there with you. I want players that aren’t afraid of competition. That aren’t afraid to face a challenge. I understand why they skipped, but i still don’t like it. I want dawgs

  16. Andrew

    JJ had excellent zip on short, intermediate and long passes at 21 and with only 1 loss in a wildly tough Big 12, 3 straight defeats against Ohio State, I welcome your arrival to the Seahawks young man, the best interviewer I have herd for his age at the position, anyone who thinks the qb position has changed esp after awkward SR bowl drills & guys in sweat pants is new to the game…Our move up will be needed to grab him because things get dicey after pick #3. His tape and numbers speak for themselves, go get the young man JS, we will be grateful Cheers

    • Andrew

      Sorry wins, not defeats, LOL, Rob I really do appreciate your words on JJ, something about the dude, cheers Hawk Nation!

    • Peter

      The pac 12 was tougher than the big 10/12 by alot in that time.

    • MarkinSeattle

      The Big10 was awful this year. You had a pathetic stench of an Iowa team in the title game. It was truly bad,. They had three good teams this year, one of which was elite. All the others would have struggled to compete in the Sun Belt.

      • LouCityHawk

        This just isn’t true

      • BK26

        Yet it was still the conference that the Pac-12 all wanted to run to and some were turned away….

        And that same pathetic Iowa team had a defense that would sit up with anyone this year that wasn’t Georgia.

        • Greater Ballard

          The only reason Pac-12 teams wanted to go to the Big Ten was for its TV contract. The fact that we were screwed by ESPN (Eastern Sports Promotional Network) doesn’t mean that Iowa isn’t going to get creamed by the former Pac-12 teams.

      • Palatypus

        T’Vondre Sweat struggled in the seat belt.

  17. MountainHawker

    Compare the optics regarding all the decisions/interviews/choices between Williams and McCarthy. By all accounts Caleb is a fantastic teammate, person and player, but JJ is smoking him when it comes to optics. He comes across as a leader and competitor. Somebody that’s not afraid to face challenges. He may not be as gifted, but he’s the type that will find a way to win no matter what. I really hope JJ and Penix don’t go to terrible franchises. If the fit is right i think theyll both be successful

    • PatrickH

      Optics don’t win games. Russell Wilson had the optics of a great qb when he was traded, but look at what happened in Denver when the reality was exposed.

      • Peter


        We got to be done with the talk of Wilson at some point?

        Horrible trade. Terrible contract.

        Two Years later we have still gone nowhere.

        Wish he hadn’t become a goofus. Wish my gm hadn’t whiffed almost 4 straight drafts.

        • PatrickH

          I didn’t mean to re-litigate the end of the Russell Wilson era in Seattle. Just want to point out that the optics of a winner can be misleading, and Russ is the obvious recent example of that.

          If you prefer, we can use Pete Carroll as an example. He has the optics of a successful coach. Under his tenure the Seahawks usually had winning seasons and made it to the playoff multiple times. It’s misleading to then suggest that with Pete the Seahawks has the better chance to win the Superbowl again.

          • Peter

            No I get it. You weren’t doing that. That’s my bad.

  18. LouCityHawk

    Not for nothing, the Bills GM was interviewed at some point today during the inane coverage. He repeats a line I’ve heard many times:

    People thought we gave up to much to move up and get Josh, but from a GM perspective this is easy: it either works out and you got your guy, or you’re not around anymore.

    –cue raucous laughter, that scamp–

    It is true, but to trade up (or down) you have to have a partner.

    • Peter


      I love Robs thoughts but you don’t get multiple cracks at it. You do if you’re greenbay and have a HOF level talent still playing.

      John…after what we saw with Pete has probably one shot this year or next.

      • Big Mike

        Agree Peter. He’s gotta do it and get it right in one of the next 2 drafts or mediocrity will be the best he can muster imo.

      • Rob Staton

        I highly doubt he has one shot

        • Peter

          I don’t know. Your logic is spot on for team building. I would do that as an owner any day any year. As long as team/product wasn’t a dog’s dinner.


          If you’ve been here for 14 years, you built and the could not maintain a legendary team, you win the battle over the best qb team ever has, you win the battle and control from not just a legendary coach but…..a winning coach*

          If you do not deliver “the goods,” I’d actually guess in two years based in his contract he might have the hottest seat.

          This is not newish GM gets overruled by owner, coach. This is a top tenured gm who finally outlasted everyone.

          * if bert and Jody were willing to fire a coach on a two year winning record which is almost unheard of I just really can’t see them letting John 2,3 cracks at resetting the roster til he gets it right.

          • Roy Batty

            If they canned Schneider he would get hired by another team within a week.

            • Peter


              It’s not true though. The premise is two things just so everyone is clear:

              1. I agree with Rob wholeheartedly that teams need to be taking shots repeatedly until you have a field tilter at the position.

              2. If John falters in this it doesn’t matter how we, the league, anyone feels about him as of today. Just like Brady and Bill. Russ and Pete. Narratives change.

              If you tell ownership this isn’t working but I’ve got it and they go all in on you and then you don’t “got it.” That’s on john now.

              As per John getting canned. I’m not advocating it nor calling for it and am actually super stoked for the future as of now.

              But if Vulcan gave him his walking papers and he was picked up the next day who cares? That would mean that after x years as gm here ( 16? 17?) We would be at that point around 11 years removed from contending. Why would I or anyone care if John got picked up that day?

              If we are not trending to annually competing he doesn’t need to be here either.

        • Greater Ballard

          John has a luxurious shield against criticism of his past performance = our ignorance of what he should be held accountable for in past drafts, versus Pete. We don’t know what good or bad decisions were his. (And he hasn’t made any effort to clarify that, either. )

          “Yes, it was my idea to draft Christine Michael, LJ Collier, Malik McDowell, Dee Eskridge, Paul Richardson, and…!”

          Success as many fathers, failure is an orphan…

          • Rob Staton

            And some people only want to focus on the negatives and not the far more important absolutely blinding positives he has produced as a GM, including building one of the greatest rosters ever

  19. Palatypus

    I think it might be worth examining after we have seen the quarterbacks, who are the rational actors with each franchise.

    1) Dallas. Jerry Jones is ancient. Regardless of how good his GM and HC are, what he says goes. His ego won’t let his most valuable sports franchise in the world do nearly as well as it could every year. If he just leaves it alone with competent managers, he could have ten Super Bowl trophies.

    2) Seattle. Just had a dominant insanely rich and influential owner die. The team is in a trust with a new caretaker. It may be eventually sold. The GM has ousted the former head coach who defined the franchise for a decade, whose methods have become outdated. His career and the fate of the franchise depend on the moves he makes now.

    • Cysco

      The Cowboys don’t have a General Manager

      • Palatypus

        Good point.

  20. Whidbey Tom

    I’m not a Salk fan, but if this WR class is so good and deep, why not trade DK for picks, then move up to grab your QB and a couple good WRs in later rounds?

    • Rob Staton

      Because you’d be trading away a great WR in hope of finding another and what would you get in return? If the draft is so good nobody is going to give you a haul

      • Peter

        This is the exact equation Salk can not square with his premise.

        He’ll even say “this draft is loaded…but”

        Why would aby team prior to the draft give us a single thing for DK?

        • Roy Batty

          I can’t believe we are still discussing this topic.

      • Whidbey Tom

        It remains a question whether the Hawks should have extended DK at the cost of his contract, especially if there now isn’t much of a market for him at such terms. At least we get his great play, and maybe even better under Grubb, but let’s hope he’s matured some and stops incurring those bone-headed penalties.

    • Cysco

      I completely support the idea of replacing Lockett with a rookie, but DK? That’ just silly talk. In the right offense, DK can be a top-3 receiver in the league.

    • AndrewMR

      Like what Tennessee thought they were doing with AJ Brown?

  21. Charlie TheUnicorn2187

    PFT Chris Simms is pretty down on Drake Maye as a pure QB. He believes he might slip to 4th or 5th QB taken in the draft. He liked tape of McCarthy and Nix better. No mention of Penix in QB top 5 talk. His opinion of course, but interesting.

    • McZ

      I guess, Rob is simply right on this one.

      That said, if you’re at 16, Geno is your starter and Maye is available, you’ll take him. He is still young and has tremendous ceiling.

      • geoff u

        Maye at 16 would be insane, don’t go getting my hopes up. I really wish he’d have thrown at the combine though.

  22. McZ

    I remember taking lots of flak here suggesting to take a chance on McCarthy.

    The things I would search in a QB he has aplenty, and it’s notable that under pressure, every QB outside of perhaps Justin Herbert is dang average making deep throws.

    I’ve always wondered if people read the Bears correctly. McCarthy is an Illinois local, who wanted to go to Ohio State. He was 3-0 vs Ohio St, two thrashing and a win that was never in doubt. McCarthy is everything Trubisky or Fields never were. So, prepare for JJ McCarthy, #1 pick.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m still not convinced by McCarthy as a player in terms of tape and what he offers

      I just think he will go very early

      • McZ

        I’m constantly finding myself questioning, if the Bears trade down with Washington, taking a 2025 first round pick, then drafting Harrison Jr with the #2 pick and McCarthy with #9.

        They are in no rush to replace Fields, they have the cap to retain him to let it play out.

        If Fields is the guy, they would still have aplenty firepower in this draft and 2025, if McCarthy is the guy, he would be definitely better than Fields and look like a bargain.

        At this point, the worst thing they could do is putting all eggs into one basket.

        • Rob Staton

          The Bears are taking Caleb Williams at #1

          • Roy Batty

            Good Lord, what is happening in here? People are still talking about a DK trade. McCarthy going #1?

            Chicago fans would burn down the Bears facility if they skipped on Williams.

            • Peter

              This right here. The only reason to be a bears fan right now is Williams. I think people forget that it’s not just passing on Stroud this team pretty famously took trubisky when they could have had Mahomes.

              I know Chicago is a good hockey city but that kind of hat trick is the worst kind if they get clever and don’t take Caleb.

    • BK26

      You don’t pass on the most gifted qb prospect since Andrew Luck for a game manager.

      The kid is a good interviewer and Rob says that team will like him and now the he’s #1 pick….

    • Peter

      What is going on…..

      We are attributing wins to a college qb with the literal most stacked college team to ever be invited to the combine as a function of his great ness.

      All Trevor Lawrence did was win…until he didn’t.

      • BK26

        I just realized who McCarthy reminds me of: Colt McCoy. A more athletic, less talented-passing McCoy (typing cC over and over with both of them helps the comparison).

        McCoy won a lot of games, led VERY stacked teams, was a team leader first and foremost (at least in college), and was ultimately a game manager. Wasn’t flashy and wasn’t going to elevate the team or be a difference maker. But perfectly fine (until you realize that you are ready to replace “fine”).

        McCoy was much better in college and was a difference-making player. But in the NFL, neither of them are going to be that level. Just a guy good enough to cross off the position as a need.

        • bmseattle

          So… exactly the type of guy who will randomly have an amazing game to beat the Seahawks as a backup QB?

  23. GoHawksDani

    So if Williams, Maye, Daniels, McCarthy all higher R1 picks it’s not unreasonable that one slips between #4-10. If JS rates all highly I don’t think it’s out of this world he moves up to #7-8-9-10 to get the one that falls a bit.
    How much would cost to move up to that range? #16, R3, 2025 R1 would make it happen or would it need more?

    I hope they either trade up to get one of these guys or get Penix/Rattler in R3 (I like Rattler more).

    • Murphy

      I would love to see them trade up if that meant JS really rated a guy. However, I doubt Penix gets out of R1 (may not even make it to 16) and I think Rattler is a R2 guy (at the latest) after yesterday

      • PJ in Seattle

        FWIW, I think Rattler is going to go in the first round now. Could be that John has him and Penix next to each other on his board. I wouldn’t be shocked if Penix goes earlier, say to the Raiders, JS trades back later in the first for an extra pick or two and takes Rattler in the 20’s. Or could even stick and pick if he doesn’t want to risk losing out on who may be the last legit QB prospect on his board at that point.

        There’s too much tape on Rattler making chicken salad out of chicken shit in an NFL-style offense for GMs to ignore. He was a 5 star recruit for a reason and it appears that he has been humbled and finally got his immature ego issues turned around. He doesn’t have the size you want nor the x-factor mobility, but if he did he’d be a top 10 lock. I think more than a few teams will have a late first grade on him when April rolls around.

        Obviously, he’s been a blog fave for a while but he’s not flying under the radar anymore. I think his value has only increased with how he looked yesterday alongside the rest of the QBs who threw. If anyone emerged from the “mediocre-middle” of of this QB at the combine , it’s him.

    • Roy Batty

      Moving from 16 to 7 is a difference.of 500 points on the trade chart. That’s equal to the #40 pick. Which would mean they’d probably need to offer next year’s first to make it happen.

      The only way I see a reasonable trade up is if they did it with Atlanta. Trade the 16, next year’s 2nd and Geno. That might not even be enough if you are in a trade war with Vegas or Denver.

  24. Booner

    I get what people are saying about McCarthy, and the last thing I want to do is degrade a 21-year-old with a dream, but can someone please help me understand how he is any different from Tim Tebow? Basically, if you replaced McCarthy’s name with Tebow in this article, it sounds like you’re talking about the same person.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not a huge fan of McCarthy’s game but Tebow couldn’t throw

      • Blitzy the Clown

        JJ McCarthy reminds me a bit of So Miss Brett Favre. Not quite the same arm, but similar gritty playing styles.

  25. Henry Taylor

    I’ve not watched his tape, but Johnny Wilson ran a 4.11 short shuttle at 6’6 230lbs…

    Move him to TE?

    • Rob Staton

      Just not sure he’ll ever have the blocking ability for that

      • Palatypus

        Tim Tebow is a slow Joe Milton with a weak arm.

  26. Volshawk

    Any cimment on Joe Milton’s ridiculous physical attributes and where you think he’ll go in the draft (especially after AR goes top 5 last year)? As a Vols fan, he’s obviously fools gold but a GM is going to fall in love with him.

    • BK26

      Not sure when it starts, but he probably goes to the CFL after going in drafted, maybe invited to camp, then ultimately cut.

  27. Trevor

    My biggest take away from yesterday is that Rome Odunze is freaking awesome. When was the last time a top 10 receiver came out and did every test and drill? He came out and competed in everything and excelled. No hiding or backing down waiting for a pro day.

    He is everything you want to see in a football player as a star on your team. For me he is the surest thing in this draft as a prospect and the #1 WR on my board, #3 player overall.

  28. Trevor

    Watching Rattler and Pennix throw yesterday it became crystal clear what I think JS plan was this off season at QB particularly once they hired Grubb.

    Draft Pennix and have him come in and learn behind Drew Lock competing daily for that starting spot and then move in there once ready. Resign Lock for say 2yrs / 16 mil and recoup some draft capital by trading Geno.

    Thats why they have been talking up Drew Lock and made Geno’s deal as trade friendly as possible. People point out the $27 mil dead cap hit by trading him but if you have Lock on a chap deal say $6 mil and Pennix on a rookie deal #16 pick is a $3 mil cap hit. Thats still only around $35 mil being spent on the QB position this year.

    My guess is they resign Drew Lock before the draft. Then draft Pennix, Rattler or Maye on Day #1 or 2 and trade Geno on draft day for a couple of Day 3 picks.

    Am I crazy for thinking this?

    • Cysco

      You wouldn’t have sounded crazy a couple weeks ago, but it sure sounds like the Seahawks tried to find a taker for Geno and there was no market for him. Hence the story(s) about Geno being told he’ll be on the roster for the 2024 season.

      You’re not crazy in the drafting Penix part. It’s pretty easy to connect those dots. That said, You don’t draft Penix with an expectation that he’s sitting behind another QB for a year. You draft him with the expectation that he will be give every opportunity to win the starting role. What more could he possibly learn about Grubbs’ offense? If anything, he’d be viewed as the veteran of the offense and the other QBs would be looking to him for knowledge.

      • Peter

        The Grubb connection pretty much eliminates the need for penix to sit and learn.

        • Henry Taylor

          I don’t think this is true, the NFL is a different game. They aren’t just gonna run the exact offense that UW ran.

          • Peter

            I just don’t see what advantage Geno would have over him.

            Mahomes, rodgers, love sat.

            Wilson and Stroud did not.

            Sure they are not going to run the same offense. Huskies had the best line in college. Hawks do not. On the other hand penix has 6 years of playing in a variation of the same scheme, terminology and two seasons directly under the OC.

            • Henry Taylor

              The advantage Geno has over him is 10 years of NFL experience, and let’s be real there’s lots of things that he’s very likely to do better than Penix out the gate.

              And look if they draft Penix, I’d let him compete for the job from day one. But it is also very possible that he would need some time.

      • BK26

        I just don’t know if he will be ready day one. It depends how much the offense will change (and I think it needs to; NFL coaches and players will eat the college version alive).

        Penix ran the simplified version with all of the pre-snap, hand holding parts to it. We’ll have to see how he translates it. If the do draft him, Geno probably should be gone. Let Lock and Penix fight it out and push each other. He needs to be getting at least 2nd team reps.

      • Ben

        I admit I’ve been slightly curious about Schultz’s report. I don’t feel confident that quote actually means he’s been assured he’ll be on the opening day roster.

        It seems possible the assurance was: Geno will be on the roster at the “start” of the league year and there will be no requests to redo/restructure his contract.

        I’m perfectly okay with Geno being the starter going into the year, I was just surprised how that quote was taken.

  29. MNF Hawk

    As others have said would’ve been nice to see Maye and Daniels out there too.

    Caleb Williams to me seems about as interested in playing football as Jamal Adams does. Some people like the aesthetic of being an athlete more than playing. Thought the sour candy segment flopped.

    McCarthy was largely unimpressive. Not putting too much weight into the cliche factory that is his mouth or that he ran onto the field like some crazed fan crying at Messi’s feet after the 4.21. Eisen is famously a Michigan man, NFL network has no shame. Head unusually shaped, strong garbage pail kid vibes.

    Rattler reminds me of Jeff Garcia. Not sure if it’s his actual game or that he looks identical to Jeff Garcia. Get career borderline starter vibes from him.

    Penix was dropping bombs on a ants toe from 60 out. Reminds me of the saints Aaron Brooks, worried about how his body will hold up though.

    Leary looked more ready to return khazad dum than hold a clip board for an NFL team. Poor disheveled man’s Jaren Hall.

    • Rob Staton

      Williams looked fine. You don’t need to hammer the guy for no reason

      And by all means ignore the JJ McCarthy stuff, we’ll see if I’m right in May

  30. PJ in Seattle

    I feel like this WR class has a legit shot of looking like one of the best ever 5 years from now. A #3 overall argument can easily be made for Harrison, Nabors, and Odunze. They are that all that good.

    Xavier Legett sure passed the eye test and in most WR classes he’d be a first rounder for sure – probably top 10. He doesn’t fit the mold of the guy we’re looking for to potentially replace Lockett, but it’s hard not to get DK Metcalf vibes off him and wonder what it would like with him and DK on the outside and JSN working the slot. And like DK, someone’s going to be pretty thrilled to get him in the second round.

    • Peter

      I think the class is so loaded there’s a chance he goes round three.

      Second seems very likely but it is a stacked class.

  31. LouCityHawk

    If I’m reading the comments correctly, we now have 6 QB, and possibly 7 going in the first 15 picks? That only leaves 8 slots for players to be taken in, maybe Chop isn’t so far fetched after all, but it looks like we will have a good shot at a trade down partner.

    I’m OK with Travis in Round5 this year, if there was a R1 run on QBS that saw 7 go, count me in on 2025 and a rehabbed Travis with a year of NFL learning.

    • BK26

      That’s the route I’m really starting prefer.

      • Peter

        The missing second rounder and this weird media pressing for 6 qbs round one has me pretty much off a lot of it this year.

        Rattler did what I thought he’d do. Nix had guy who plays for a bunch of years energy. Penix always the great arm sure would have liked to see that “more athleticism,” that I hear about.

        At least they threw. Maye is just straight up coasting at this point. Daniels…..ehhhh….no testing? No throwing? I don’t know feels goofy to me.

        Mccarthy. I feel like I’ve seen this so many times before in the draft. I see this every week from my own team. I’ve got to look at all this interesting yet incomplete stats, I need to see a bunch of intangibles, I actually need to do the opposite and yet oddly the same math with Geno…..where mccarthy has the most loaded team and if only geno had the most loaded team *tada* they did or would, just win.

        • BK26

          Yeah, I took zero away from what happened yesterday. I already knew everything and there were no surprises.

          Rattler and Penix were the best with the balls, placement, etc (and have the best tape), Nix needs some time and the right coaching to tap into what he can be, but you can tell he is going to do whatever he needs to to get there. Milton is a howitzer with the same accuracy.

          McCarthy…. You can’t sell this much fluff for a guy and expect it to stick. I shouldn’t have to comb through everything 3 x to find out what there is with a guy. If you are trying so hard to prove something, you ar spinning your wheels. Tape isn’t there, skill set isn’t there. He’s a car salesman. Just the right person can sit down with him and you end up overpaying for something when you were just going to look. He’s a game manager. Safe.

          Maye: man I wanted him to throw (just because I’ve watched the least amount of tape on him). I’m sold on the kid for Seattle. I wonder if he is either fine as a high pick or falling a bit and going to a better team with a better situation. I took the most away from his interview.

          We were spoiled rotten that we went so long without having to worry about qb’s for so many years.

          • Rob Staton

            A car salesmen?

            Here’s the actual reality. Teams get to be around the campus. They get to talk to players. We don’t. It’s not fluff when we get an insight into what teams have already experienced

            That’s the reality

            • Peter

              I’m sure he’s a great dude. Positive of it. But when unapologetic superman Eisen gets him on the stand during the combine I get a sense I’m being sold something.

              Penix comes off like a great dude with a great attitude.

              Rattler in recent times comes across awesome with Legette and the coaches.

              Nix. Curiously a little controlled and flat but actually though his family and himself really did a great thing.

              I don’t hear anything about the three qbs I listed. Best not to mention Daniels or Maye who I also don’t hear about.

              You’re reporting on a very rigorous look at the situation as it does appear. Why teams would rate him very high.

              • BK26

                Yeah, that was more tongue-in-cheek for the fans that are now 100% sold on trading the farm for him, he’s the can’t miss pick, better than Williams, Rob mentioned Tom Brady so that means he can be Tom Brady.

                Rich Eisen is unwatchable with anything tied to Michigan. I remember listening to Harbaugh’s press conference when he was hired and he kept interrupting it, making remarks, wanting him to break out into the school cheer….

                I appreciate Rob finally getting to why TEAMS view him so highly. The stuff we don’t get to be privy on. Chiefs were sold on Mahomes when they put him in front of the black board. Its the meeings that we dont get to know about until later.

                • Peter

                  The problem with Rob

                  ( I mean this with as much appreciation and respect as humanly possible because I love all his work)

                  Is people suck at reading and listening comprehension.


                  Robs drawing a diagram and people think he’s saying GOAT status activated.


                  Robs painting a picture and fans start doing numerology, astrology, and using decoder rings to see if Michael penix junior is any kind of anagram for Patrick mahomes.

                  Both have an M and P as their first initials. There you go folks I gave you your first clue.

    • PJ in Seattle

      I have similar thoughts and hope that a dash for QBs drops a Chop or Verse into our laps. If so, Kedon Slovis sticks out to me as a QB I’d take a flyer on later. He threw with better touch and accuracy than I expected.

      • Phil

        I was impressed with Slovis. I remember him from his USC days and then wondered what happened to him after COVID and Lincoln Riley. Today I see that he moved on to Pitt and from there to BYU. His highlights tape looks good, but — no chance to see a “lowlights” tape. If he lasts to late in the draft and the Seahawks have missed out on Rattler, I would think of drafting him.

    • LouCityHawk

      Ran a mock that I thought seemed like a realistic 7 QB run…

      Caleb Williams
      QB USC

      Jayden Daniels
      QB LSU

      J.J. McCarthy
      QB Michigan

      Drake Maye
      QB North Carolina

      Marvin Harrison Jr.
      WR Ohio State

      Rome Odunze
      WR Washington

      Brock Bowers
      TE Georgia

      8. Cards
      Dallas Turner
      EDGE Alabama

      Malik Nabers
      WR LSU

      JC Latham
      OT Alabama

      Michael Penix Jr.
      QB Washington

      Bo Nix
      QB Oregon

      13. Rams
      Spencer Rattler
      QB South Carolina

      Joe Alt
      OT Notre Dame

      Quinyon Mitchell
      CB Toledo

      In this scenario: no QBS…sorry, Fashanu, Fuaga, Guyton, Mims; verse/Chop; Wiggin/Arnold; DeJean…

      History would be made, and I wouldn’t envy Schneider. Who do you take? Or do you trade down?

      • Dan Nicksic

        You think 7 is realistic?

        I don’t see that happening

        • LouCityHawk

          Reading the comments above, it seems some are concerned about it.

          I never cease being surprised with the draft.

          I’m very different than most.

          R1: Williams, Daniels

          R2/R3 Penix, Rattler

          R4 or later – everyone else.

          Obviously, I’m not a NFL scout.

        • Seattle Person

          Well, it’s not crazy.

          1) Bears: Caleb Williams.

          2) Commanders: Jayden Daniels

          3) Patriots: Drake Maye

          11) Vikings: McCarthy

          12) Broncos: Nix

          13) Raiders: 14) Saints: Penix

          I don’t know about Rattler but I can totally see 6 go in the top 15 or top 20.

          • Peter

            I’ve heard a few places talking about new England not taking a qb because the roster is atrocious and most likely they are picking top of the draft next year.

          • Rob Staton

            Telling you, McCarthy will go earlier than that

            • LouCityHawk

              Put him at 3, if he goes above Daniels I’m eating my hat.

      • LouCityHawk

        I finished it out for s* and giggles

        16. Eagles
        Nate Wiggins
        CB Clemson

        17. Cards
        Terrion Arnold
        CB Alabama

        Taliese Fuaga
        OT Oregon State

        19. Vegas
        Olumuyiwa Fashanu
        OT Penn State

        Tyler Guyton
        OT Oklahoma

        Jared Verse
        EDGE Florida State

        22. Seahawks
        Chop Robinson
        EDGE Penn State

        Byron Murphy II
        DT Texas

        Amarius Mims
        OT Georgia

        Malik Mustapha
        S Wake Forest

        Jackson Powers-Johnson
        OC Oregon

        27. JAGS
        Ladd McConkey
        WR Georgia

        Xavier Legette
        WR South Carolina

        Laiatu Latu
        EDGE UCLA

        Keon Coleman
        WR Florida State

        Troy Fautanu
        OG Washington

        Xavier Worthy
        WR Texas

        Chop at 22, picked up a late second, no QB though. Joe Milton Truthers rejoice.

        • Seattle Person

          I’m not sure Malik Mustapha has that type of buzz. Plus the NFL is now giving safeties the RB treatment.

          • LouCityHawk

            Getting buzzy

            Plus I wanted to do some unexpected things.

      • RomeoA57

        I have been saying that 7 QBs would go in the Top 40 picks for awhile to counter everyone saying that the Seahawks could wait to draft a Quarterback in Round 3. All seven of the QBs going in the top half of Round 1 is insane. Remember last year when many on here were convinced that 4 QBs would go in the Top 5? That did not happen as Will Levis fell into Round 2. One or two of these 7 QBs will fall into Round 2. I do not know which ones as they all seem like flawed prospects and each has a different upside.

  32. Hawkward

    I agree that Penix was a great college quarterback when he had all the time in the world, operating behind what was voted the best offensive line in America. (The Michigan line was actually better, as seen in the National Championship)

    His arm is undoubtedly great, but will he have time in the pocket in the NFL to wait for those 40-yard routes to develop? When Penix was pressured against Michigan or even against Arizona State his results weren’t good. Remember, he couldn’t even manage a single touchdown against Arizona State. Michigan had a great defense, but every defense in the pros will be better.

    What happened when CJ Stroud faced the best college defense in his bowl game? He balled out, big time. Penix crumpled up. I think NFL teams are starting to prefer good mobile arms rather than great stationary arms.

    • Peter

      I’ve come around quite a bit on Penix….

      But I still have this interview in my head with Grubb on the national championship game. Where unlike a lot of the rah rah we got with Pete, Grubb very bluntly said as the pressure was too intense for penix he dropped his eyes too much.

      It was just such a weirdly honest appraisal it made me wonder if penix was “the guy,” or just the very best guy for the situation.

      • PJ in Seattle

        To me, his tendency to collapse under pressure is the biggest weight on Penix’s draft stock, more than the medical/durability concerns. He tore apart a lot of teams, including juggernauts like Oregon and Texas, and was a legit Heisman candidate for a reason in doing so. But his worst games showed him missing easy throws and making bad decisions which just kept spiraling on him .

        He’s mobile and nimble enough to evade pressure and still get the ball out, so the ability is there and he probably has the strongest arm in this class. His velocity and spin are next level and I’ve never heard anything but praise for his character, humility and leadership. His physical measurements are top notch as well.

        But he had arguably the best OL and WR corps in college football to work with, so you have to wonder what he would do behind a mediocre line facing NFL defenses every Sunday where even the poor ones would make Michigan’s look like Appalachian State. He might represent the widest range of variance in this class – could be a Super Bowl winner or out of the league 5 years from now.

        I don’t know what to think. I’m inclined to not dismiss the vast majority of what he accomplished by focusing on how bad he looked when defenses really got to him, but the concern is real. I read that the Broncos really put the screws to him in their interview, walking him through a lowlight reel of his worst plays and asking him to explain himself. I don’t think he gets past Sean Payton if he was able to answer those questions well.

        • AlaskaHawk

          If you can’t block out the defense then your best option is to get rid of the ball quickly. Routes should allow for quick passes, and a fast attack. Brady got the ball out in 2.5 seconds. It works!

    • Roy Batty

      All QBs have their flaws. It’s why there aren’t 16 consensus #1 QBs every year.

      What he does have is an incredible arm.

      I’m not completely sold, as yet, that he will be the one true answer for the Hawks, but I am willing to accept that Schneider might see him as the next step up from Geno. Someone who can lead this team to a championship, should he be coached correctly and surrounded by quality talent. A player who can evolve to fit into the proper scheme and thrive.

    • Dan Nicksic

      You are cherry picking Penix’s 2 worst games. How’d he look against Texas(2x) Oregon (3x) and USC???

      He will be top 5-10 QB in the NFL.

      Watch him at Indiana -> Washington. The development is uncanny. He will.continue to grow and get better.

      He is a star in waiting

  33. BK26

    Rumors that Washington and AZ open to trading their picks.

    Sounds like teams are thinking that a mad rush for qb’s could happen. I wonder if teams missing out on, say McCarthy, would be willing to turn to someone like Nix right away. Option 1 is gone, let’s go for option 2 immediately.

    Looking at who could get pushed down, if someone like Maye is becoming more available.

    • Rob Staton

      Rumours from where?

      I’ve heard the Arizona one on two podcasts (respected reporters)

      • BK26

        Bleacher Report. The same accredited source that broke the Geno Smith job safety news (there is no sarcasm font).

        Peters said that they would do whatever it takes to make the team better, so Bleacher Report’s banner for the article is “WSH Open to Trading No. 2 pick.”

        Diana Russini at least stated that the Cards could trade back. So someone at least said that headline.

        • Seattle Person

          I have a hard time imagining the Commanders trading the #2 pick when they have a sure-fire pick of either Caleb Williams or Jayden Daniels.

  34. Happy Hawk

    Rob did Oregon State’s Gould move up with his testing and drills yesterday?

  35. Dan Nicksic

    The JJ love is so over the top….. so on tape, and the combine he is disappointing…..

    But hey, he’s a good guy and very likeable, so let’s draft him 2 rounds earlier???

    That is a crock.

    Penix in round 2 all day

    • Seattle Person

      But that’s how it works??

  36. bmseattle

    I wish we had last years draft stock, this year.

    Is there any way to get back into round 2 *without* trading back at 16?
    It seems likely that there will be a guy we love at 16, and I can’t reconcile whether it is worth sticking and picking, or trading back to tap into the talent in round 2.
    We have soooo many holes to fill.

    • PJ in Seattle

      My guess is there could maybe be a taker for both of our thirds in exchange for a second. But we’re probably looking at having to cough up next year’s first to get back into the second unless we trade back in the first this year. That’d be a hard no for me.

      • bmseattle

        Yeah, I could see that.
        Trading both 3rds would be rough too. Then we’d have 2 picks in the first three rounds.
        Not good.
        Trading back at 16 seems almost a foregone conclusion, at this point.
        I’m doubting they will decide to pick there regardless of who falls to them… even Chop or Verse.

        • Roy Batty

          Good reference to bookmark for pick valuation.

          • PJ in Seattle

            Very helpful, thanks.

            Even pulling a Mike Ditka and giving up our entire draft would only get us to a #8 or #9 slot.

            I agree with BM that trading back seems almost inevitable. If not, stick and pick and hope those two third round picks yield some fallen gems. Trading up in the first is off the table unless you believe that selling off multiple future firsts and thirds is a wise move. If so, Trey Lance and Jamal Adams appreciate your lack of short term memory.

  37. Palatypus

    I had completely forgotten that Austin Reed started out at the University of West Florida right here in Pensacola the year they won the national championship.

    Go Argos!

  38. CC12

    If Penix or a higher ranked QB isn’t available for whatever reason – is Milton worth a flyer? Is he sort of Dak Prescott when he came out? That could become a starter with some work? It just seems with that arm talent if you’re going to draft a QB late…

    • Rob Staton

      He isn’t. Dak Prescott was on a totally different level as a passer and had a fantastic college career. It was a major oversight by the league to let him last to R4. Milton can’t throw with any semblance of accuracy or consistency. He’s just a big armed athlete

      • CC12

        Thanks – I haven’t watched him – appreciate the response!

  39. David Joaquin

    its hard to compare Penix to McCarthy , as tha later still has to develope as a passer where Penix has . But McCarthy is young and will develope as a passer has leadership skills that is made not given and Geno does not seem to be the leader as KJ Wright noted . I would be for either man for very different reasons. McCarthy you get a phone booth fighter…leadership ,upside development (he is young) but it will take time, and capitol, trading up. Penix I think will be there at 16 and as a older more developed passer be ready to go. But you have Geno, I say go in go hard ,get McCarthy , let him compete and develope for a year .

    • BK26

      I’d rather stick with Lock. More upside.

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