Live blog: Combine day four (Offensive linemen)

Welcome to the 2024 NFL combine coverage on Seahawks Draft Blog

On the final day of workouts I’ll be reacting live to everything happening in Indianapolis as the offensive linemen test and do drills. I will also post a recap article at the conclusion and we’ll do a final combine live stream.

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The workouts begin today at 1pm ET (10am PT).

Measurement notes

— Amarius Mims should be getting far more attention as an extremely high pick. He is 340lbs and barely has an pound of bad weight on his frame. He looks like an AI creation for the perfect offensive lineman. He has 36.5 inch arms, 11 1/2 inch hands and a near 87 inch wingspan. His tape is excellent. He could legitimately be one of the best offensive tackles in the league and he is a once in a generation physical specimen. Let’s see how he tests but too many people are focusing on other linemen. Mims is legit.

— Olu Fashanu has 8.5 inch hands. That is… weird.

— Like Mims, JC Latham needs more attention. He is another colossus — 6-5, 342lbs, 35.5 inch arms, 11 inch hands, 84.5 inch wingspan. You don’t find players very often with this level of size and mobility.

— Job done in the measurements for Troy Fautanu. He has 34.5 inch arms on a nearly 6-4, 317lbs frame. That will be enough for teams to consider him a likely top-20 talent.

— Graham Barton is 1/8 inch away from having 33 inch arms — a good result for him.

— Zak Zinter is nearly 6-6, 309lbs and has 33.5 inch arms. All very good marks for his stock.

— Overall, this really is a stunning class of offensive linemen for size/length. I can’t recall anything like it. It’s going to be very tempting for teams, including the Seahawks, to tap into what could be an extremely rare OT class.

Offensive line forty’s (group 1)

10 yard splits in brackets

Isaiah Adams — 5.22 (1.80) & 5.24 (1.82)
Joe Alt — 5.07 (1.74) & 5.05 (1.73)
Gottlieb Ayedze — 5.01 (1.76) & 5.01 (1.72)
Karsen Barnhart — 5.26 (1.78) & 5.22 (1.76)
Cooper Beebe — 5.05 (1.76) & 5.03 (1.75)
Keaton Bills — 5.41 (1.90) & 5.38 (1.90)
Tanor Bortolini — 4.99 (1.74) & 4.94 (1.69)
Andrew Coker — 5.39 (1.90) & 5.37 (1.85)
Brandon Coleman — 4.99 (1.73) & DNR
Frank Crum — 5.00 (1.70) & 4.94 (1.69)
Olu Fashanu — 5.11 (1.77) & DNR
Troy Fautanu — 5.01 (1.71) & 5.05 (1.72)
Blake Fisher — 5.21 (1.82) & DNR
Jeremy Flax — 5.67 (1.96) & 5.65 (1.97)
Javon Foster — 5.30 (1.79) & DNR
Taliese Fuaga — 5.20 (1.77) & 5.14 (1.78)
X’Zauvea Gadlin — 5.51 (1.90) & 5.51 (1.91)
Nick Gargiulo — 5.26 (1.78) & 5.26 (1.78)
Delmar Glaze — 5.21 (1.79) & 5.23
Tylan Grable — 4.99 (1.70) & 4.96 (1.69)
Garret Greenfield — 5.30 (1.82) & 5.23 (1.77)
Tyler Guyton — 5.19 (1.76) & 5.21 (1.76)
CJ Hanson — 5.00 (1.76) & 5.02 (1.78)
Christian Haynes — 5.03 (1.75) & DNR
Christian Jones — 5.05 (1.78) & 5.07 (1.78)
Matthew Jones — 5.21 (1.87) & 5.23 (1.88)
Trente Jones — 5.19 (1.79) & 5.17 (1.81)
Trevor Keegan — 5.28 (1.81) & 5.25 (1.78)

Olu Fashanu says he isn’t going to do anything else today after one forty run. He says he has a right thigh injury.

O-line vertical jumps (Group 1)

Remember — 31 inches is the ideal mark for explosive testing.

Garret Greenfield: 38.5
Tylan Grable: 36.5
Tyler Guyton: 34.5
Brandon Coleman: 34
C.J. Hanson: 33.5
Christian Haynes: 33
Tanor Bortolini: 32.5
Troy Fautanu: 32.5
Javon Foster: 32.5
Nick Gargiulo: 32.5
Olu Fashanu: 32
Taliese Fuaga: 32
Frank Crum: 31.5
Trevor Keegan: 30.5
Keaton Bills: 29.5
Karsen Barnhart: 29.5
Blake Fisher: 28
Matthew Jones: 28
Joe Alt: 28
Jeremy Flax: 28
Cooper Beebe: 27.5
Anim Dankwah: 27.5
Trente Jones: 27
Gottlieb Ayedze: 26.5
Javion Cohen: 26.5
Delmar Glaze: 25.5
Andrew Coker: 25.5
Isaiah Adams: 24.5
X’Zauvea Gadlin: 24

Garret Greenfield’s 38.5 inch vertical is the best mark by an offensive lineman for 20 years.

Offensive line broad jumps (Group 1)

The minimum for an ideal explosive testing mark is 9-1. As you can see, this is a very explosive group. And this is only group one!

Tylan Grable: 9’9″
C.J. Hanson: 9’7″
Brandon Coleman: 9’6″
Frank Crum: 9’6″
Garret Greenfield: 9’5″
Troy Fautanu: 9’5″
Gottlieb Ayedze: 9’4″
Tanor Bortolini: 9’4″
Joe Alt: 9’4″
Karsen Barnhart: 9’3″
Taliese Fuaga: 9’3″
Cooper Beebe: 9’1″
Olu Fashanu: 9’1″
Trente Jones: 9’1″
Trevor Keegan: 8’11”
Tyler Guyton: 8’11”
Javon Foster: 8’10”
Delmar Glaze: 8’8″
Javion Cohen: 8’8″
Matthew Jones: 8’7″
Christian Haynes: 8’6″
Isaiah Adams: 8’6″
Keaton Bills: 8’5″
Nick Gargiulo: 8’5″
Jeremy Flax: 8’4″
X’Zauvea Gadlin: 8’0″
Andrew Coker: 7’10”

O-line group 1 on-field drills

Joe alt looked stiff on his wave drill, his footwork wasn’t great and he slipped at one point. Cooper Beebe looks big and bulky but moves as well as you can expect for a chunky guard. He has very short arms which will put off some teams but he’s a very good player.

Tanor Bortolini looked terrific during the wave. Easy movements, very mobile and quick. He’s extremely explosive with his vertical and broad jump and he ran a 4.94. Impressive workout so far.

Troy Fautanu looked really comfortable in his set, he can sit down in his position with the right bend and move around. He didn’t change direction quite as well as Daniel Jeremiah was trying to make out but you can just see the natural leg bend.

Taliese Fuagu had a sensational wave drill. His change of direction at his size — wow. What movement skills. So fluid and athletic. Tyler Guyton also excelled in the wave — just smooth, easy movements. Effortless.

Christian Haynes had a really good rep — another O-line with easy movement skills and got around the field nicely. Trente Jones and Trevor Keegan, two of the Michigan offensive linemen, also did really well in the first on-field drill.

Fair play to Zach Frazier, out there doing drills so soon after recovering from a serious injury. He’s a dude on tape — and he loves to hit people in the face (supposedly what Ryan Grubb wants up front).

The NFL Network having Shaun O’Hara on the field producing actual analysis on the offensive linemen is a breath of fresh air after three previous days of what I’d call ‘areseing about’.

The long pull and deep pull drills feels a little bit of a dog and pony show, given the main aspect of a play like this is an ability to find a second level player to block and execute. They’re really just running around a cone. Fuagu and Guyton again looked really mobile.

I’m really impressed with the movement skills of Jones and Keegan from Michigan. They are really standing out here.

Chris Ballard is down on the field, the Colts GM, watching the O-line drills closely. Can well imagine the Colts being in the O-line market at #15.

Christian Haynes is having a nice workout. He’s a bit top-heavy with his frame but he’s moving nicely enough. I’m constantly draw to the Michigan pair of Jones and Keegan. I need to study Trente Jones more. They both look the part.

On this next bag drill, this is the one that a year ago everyone kept getting wrong and the Eagles O-line coach got all hot and heavy about it. Gottlieb Ayedze did his rep really well — good feet, nice punch, an excellent slide. Tanor Bortolini did so well too — he’s having a very impressive combine and showing off all the kind of traits you want in a modern, athletic center. Zach Frazier is clearly not 100% but he’s muscling through his drills like a champ.

A lot of the kicks on these reps are too shallow. The O-liners are rushing through the final stage and just need to chill, be patient and complete the rep. Trente Jones, unsurprisingly, did it very well.

Fuaga — sensational rep on the left tackle version of the pass rush drop. Ticking every box as he goes through his session. People keep harping on about Joe Alt and Olu Fashanu. Group think. Fuaga, Mims — they are the top two for me.

I didn’t like Joe Alt’s mirror drill. No real depth to his kicks. Just extremely ‘meh’ from Alt today. Cooper Beebe had a much better rep, as did Tanor Botolini — who is one of the big winners today. He has fantastic physical potential based on what we’re seeing today.

Fautanu had a good rep, seemed very much in control. Didn’t klick his heels, very balanced, made it look easy. Impressive.

Gottlieb Ayedze is someone I really need to study, I think he’s had an impressive on-field session.

The first O-line group have now concluded their workouts.

Offensive line forty’s (group 2)

10 yard splits in brackets

Jarrett Kingston — 5.02 (1.73) & 5.03 (1.73)
Brady Latham — 5.32 (1.84) & 5.32 (1.80)
Matt Lee — 5.05 (1.82) & 5.04 (1.76)
KT Leveston — 5.40 (1.88) & 5.38 (1.85)
Beaux Limmer — 5.22 (1.75) & DNR
Christian Mahogany — 5.14 (1.74) & 5.15 (1.76)
Mason McCormick — 5.15 (1.75) & 5.08 (1.71)
Dylan McMahon — 5.10 (1.77) & 5.11 (1.75)
Amarius Mims — 5.07 (1.78) & DNF
Jacob Monk — 5.09 (1.74) & 5.12 (1.76)
Jordan Morgan — 5.05 (1.70) & 5.07 (1.70)
Drake Nugent — 5.23 (1.83) & 5.32 (1.86)
Patrick Paul — 5.14 (1.77) & 5.24 (1.84)
Prince Pines — 5.34 (1.82) & DNF
Dominick Puni — 5.48 (1.86) & 5.36 (1.86)
Andrew Raym — 5.42 (1.94) & DNF
Roger Rosengarten — 4.92 (1.73) & DNR
Kingsley Suamataia — 5.06 (1.74) & 5.04 (1.74)
Nathan Thomas — 5.20 (1.76) & 5.21 (1.78)
Sedrick Van Pran — 5.20 (1.77) & 5.23 (1.77)
Caedan Wallace — 5.22 (1.77) & 5.16 (1.74)

Amarius Mims pulled up during his second forty yard dash. Prince Piles also pulled up and had an ugly fall after running his second attempt. Then Andrew Raym had an injury. What’s going on?

Offensive line broad jumps (Group 2)

Mason McCormick: 9’9″
Caedan Wallace: 9’8″
Dylan McMahon: 9’7″
Roger Rosengarten: 9’5″
Layden Robinson: 9’3″
Amarius Mims: 9’3″
Matt Lee: 9’3″
Jordan Morgan: 9’2″
Beaux Limmer: 9’2″
Brady Latham: 9’2″
Kingsley Suamataia: 9’2″
Charles Turner III: 9’1″
Christian Mahogany: 9’1″
Jacob Mon: 9’0″
KT Leveston: 9’0″
Dominick Puni: 8’11”
Nathan Thomas: 8’11”
Jackson Powers-Johnson: 8’8″
Sataoa Laumea: 8’8″
Drake Nugent: 8’5″
Andrew Raym: 7’11”

Offensive line vertical jumps (Group 2)

Beaux Limmer: 36.5
Mason McCormick: 35.5
Dylan McMahon: 33
Christian Mahogany: 32.5
Jackson Powers-Johnson: 32
Jarrett Kingston: 31.5
Charles Turner III: 31
Caedan Wallace: 31
Matt Lee: 31
Roger Rosengarten: 30
Dominick Puni: 30
Prince Pines: 30
Drake Nugent: 29.5
Jacob Monk: 29.5
Patrick Paul: 29
Brady Latham: 29
Kingsley Suamataia: 28
Jordan Morgan: 28
KT Leveston: 27.5
Layden Robinson: 26.5
Sataoa Laumea: 26
Amarius Mims: 25.5
Nathan Thomas: 25
Andrew Raym: 24.5

O-line Group 2 on-field drills

JC Latham didn’t run a forty but he looks fantastic in terms of his massive, well proportioned frame. Beaux Limmer had a fantastic wave drill — very easy change of direction, fluid mover, another player who looks the part of a modern center. Dylan McMahon also had a really good rep.

Jackson Powers-Johnson also didn’t run a forty. I thought his wave was a struggle at times — his feet got caught underneath him and he stumbled. He isn’t a mobile center — he’s very bulky and built like a big block.

Roger Rosengarten moved very quickly through the wave but he was bending his waist and didn’t show natural bend.

Charles Turner had a really good wave drill — the LSU center. He got a roar of approval from the coaches.

If Tanor Bortolini was an impressive performer at center from the first group, Beaux Limmer is really standing out here. A great athlete, explosive off the snap, very quick and decisive with his movements.

Rosengarten has a shape to him I didn’t expect. He’s mid-heavy if that makes sense. Not a big base or substantial upper body. Sedrick Van Pran isn’t the most athletic but he just looks like a dude.

I liked watching Jarrett Kingston on tape and I think as someone with some guard/tackle flexibility he’d be a really useful option. Dylan McMahon, like Limmer and Bortolini, just looks the part of a center Seattle’s/Washington’s/Baltimore’s scheme has bee using.

There are a lot of positives for Jackson Powers-Johnson but this isn’t his setting. He’s extremely big and lacks mobility. He looks pretty scheme-specific. Sedric Van Pran, another bigger guy, just has a better proportional frame and is handling the drills a lot better.

On the pass rush drop, Dylan McMahon had a really good rep — dropping in the proper way with a decent punch. This was Jackson Powers-Johnson’s best drill of the session so far but he still looks almost ‘too’ bulky.

Too many of the players in this drill again are not kicking out and providing the right kind of depth in their drops. This second group has been less impressive as the first one.

Miami center Matt Lee had a really good rep when they switched to the left side. JC Latham’s was fairly good — but you can’t stop looking at his amazing frame. It’s so impressive. McMahon’s second rep was as good as his first — he’s had a great session.

Jarrett Kingston, JC Latham, Sataoa Laumea and Dylan McMahon did well in the mirror’s the NFL Network actually showed, before cutting off for a commercial break and then a few minutes of absolute waffle from Charles Davies.

I think that’s it. I think they basically went to a commercial, we missed the end of the session, and that’s your lot. Awful.

Let’s end the live blog here. Another year of feeling like my ears want to run away from my head listening to the combine coverage. Live stream shortly, O-line (and combine/Seahawks) review coming up.


  1. Roy Batty

    This day might just mimick the amount of talent we saw in the receiver group.

    Your horizontal will need a few more cells added to it by tonight, Rob. 😂

    • Rob Staton

      The receiver board for round two is going to look ridiculous!

      • Trevor

        Makes you wonder why the Hawks have two receivers making over $45 mil when there is so much WR talent coming out each year now.

        • Roy Batty

          Different time, and different era of receivers.

          My take is that third contracts might very well be the smallest we see in history, on average, from here on out. Unless a receiver is HoF worthy, second contracts should diminish, too, just as Rob alluded to last night.

        • Patrick Toler

          The ridiculous depth of this receiver class just strengthens my belief that Lockett will be cut.

        • samprassultanofswat

          “Makes you wonder why the Hawks have two receivers making over $45 mil when there is so much WR talent coming out each year now.” Metcalf/Lockett are two of Seattle’s best players. A major part of the situation was when their contracts expired. In the case of D.K. Metcalf the Seahawks had to pay him a competitive salary or lose him. No choice. With Lockett a couple of times they restructured his salary to create salary cap space.

          Lockett’s situation for the 202 season is really up in the air. Not sure what the Hawks are going to do with Lockett. He has a 27million dollar salary cap hit.

      • Roy Batty

        Do you have tomorrow off, or is your day job in play?

        You’ll need some sleep, at some point. Robbie and his constant, “You’re tired”.

        Loved it.

        • Rob Staton

          Tomorrow I’m commentating on Sheffield United vs Arsenal for the BBC

          No rest for the wicked

  2. GF

    I like Fautanu but I think we could get some good OLs in the 3rd round, this class seems pretty good

    • GF

      Garret Greenfield: 38.5″ vertical jump WOWWWWWWWWWWWW

    • Trevor

      Fautanu is a legit Tone Setter for the OL though and you can’t find those guys in Rd 3 normally.

      • Seattle Person

        I like Fautanu but I have a hard time saying no to ‘The Mannequin.’

        • Trevor

          I agree if both are there you probably have to take Mimms because guys like that only come around once every 5-10 years. Don’t think he makes it to 16 though.

          Fautanu or Latham would be incredible A+ picks IMO.

          • GF

            So, no LUCAS ?

            • Seattle Person

              You have them compete it out. The loser can be kicked inside. Plus, Lucas might not be a 2-contract guy.

              • GF

                Lucas can’t play inside

          • MarkinSeattle

            Want Evan Neal the Mims of the draft two years ago?

  3. Seattle Person

    I know a lot of fans want Troy Fautanu but Amarius “Mannequin” Mims might be the pick. You want rare and unique.

    But boy do the Hawks have some options. OT, QB, CB, Edge are all positions with dudes in the first round.

  4. PJ in Seattle

    These tackles are indeed tremendous. If we go that route, what are your thoughts on moving either Cross or Lucas to guard? I assume Lucas to right guard, Cross to right tackle and INSERT BLUE CHIP LEFT TACKLE here to the blindspot would be the result.

    I am wary of switching positions for guys who are still developing but if we think we can bring in a tackle who will anchor our line for a decade, you have to do it.

    If we stick at #16, it’s going to have to be for a QB, Tackle, or Edge.

    • Seattle Person

      I’ll throw in CB too.

      • Mick

        I think we invested enough resources at CB, I would be disappointed with another high pick there. Mims might be available after a small trade down, I could deal with that path if John decides to take it.

        • Seattle Person

          I wouldn’t. Mitchell, Wiggins, Arnold are legit players. I wouldn’t be mad at all.

          • Peter

            I would. At some point you need to stand up and beat the other team up front.

            I get bpa but just looking today’s testing it’s hard to see how oline won’t be bpa as well as greater need than CB.

            • Seattle Person

              I still see a fit with 2 CBs like Woolen, Mitchell, and Witherspoon creating havoc near the LOS.

              I like either QB or OT but I get it if they draft an Edge or CB. It makes the team better. That’s my mindset. At the end of the day, do these picks make sense and do they make the team better?

      • PJ in Seattle

        Mitchell’s the only CB I could see making sense at #16.

        • PJ in Seattle

          And only if he’s truly BPA at that point. I’d trade back in a minute to get back into the second round if another team has their sights on Quinyon.

          • Roy Batty

            At this rate, I could see the Hawks getting a nice return on a trade down. The amount of talent from several positions groups has been eye opening.

          • Seattle Person

            This is why I’m certain the Hawks are going to be able to find trade partner(s). In the teens are sort of the sweet spots for some of those premium positions.

  5. Belfasthawk

    Not sure if this has been posted elsewhere but Graziano and Fowler’s combine notebook mentioned Fant, Parkinson and Lewis potentially having interest from teams. It also linked Brooks to Dallas.

    • Mick

      I heard rumors about Brooks to 49ers, but he would make sense in Dallas too.

      • Rob Staton

        What rumours?

        • Mick

          I’m sorry, I didn’t pay attention to where I read it.

      • Anthony

        With what money? They’re over the cap worse than we are

        • Patrick Toler

          Pretty much every team can make significant space – it just depends on how willing you are to push cap liability into future seasons.

          I think Dallas, like us, has been a bit more on the conservative side.

  6. CC12

    I really wish we had been better with keeping our draft picks – this would have been a great year to grab a couple of OL and WR. I hope John can work some magic this year given that next year’s draft doesn’t look as good

  7. L80

    I wonder how far down we have to drop to pick up a 2nd, would be awesome to trade a player for pics as well. I don’t feel married to many current Hawks.

    Because there’s a lot of good players to be had the Hawks can use, even dudes that go in the 20’s.

    • 509 Chris

      Who would you put on the block? Metcalf I don’t agree with but I understand why people are for it. Otherwise the only players anyone would trade any real capital for are still on rookie deals which is counter productive. Every year around draft time its easy to get excited about prospects but at some point the team needs the developed talent to step up and lead the way, and presumably with a few good drafts now and a new regime we’ll see that talent take a big step forward.

      • cha

        I am convinced (with no evidence whatsoever) that JS is waving Quandre, Jamal, Tyler, maybe Dre Jones through the league and taking best offers. (there won’t be much)

        It is concerning that they said they converted Geno bonus to open up cap room when there’s $35-50m of room right there.

        Maybe the post-combine week will clear some of the mystery up.

        • Roy Batty

          They need as much ammo as possible to fill out the TE room, LB, safety, Oline, and QB in FA.

          The list is long and the draft can’t fill them all. Plus, they can’t ignore a position, thinking they’ll get someone in the draft. That’s where you start drafting an Ifedi or Collier, just to fill a hole.

          • cha

            They need to stop wasting cap as well.

            $75m for Lockett, Adams and Diggs will not get them where they want to go.

            Hope this week proves fruitful on the cap and signing Leonard Williams back.

            • Roy Batty

              Your lips to John’s ears.

              And stop the desperation trades.

              • Hawkdawg

                I don’t see them as desperate trades. I see them as delusional trades. Thinking that you are 1 or 2 players away, when you are really much further away than that. That’s a matter of not knowing what you have, or what you don’t have, on your existing team.

                Of course, Pete may have been in a different place than John on this, given his age….

        • Seattle Person

          Questions Curtis:

          Does it matter when Tyler retires? Pre/Post June? What happens to the bonus money?

          • cha

            Doesn’t matter. If he retires, the Seahawks can either process it now (like a pre June 1 cut) or wait until June 2 and process it then (like a post June 1).

            The bonus money – in the here and now, it’s treated just like a cut, dead cap. The Seahawks could seek to reclaim it, and if and when they do, it comes off their salary cap. But would they?

    • Palatypus

      I don’t want to trade down any lower than 20.

  8. geoff u

    John was right, we needed more draft capital this year :/

  9. Yikes - Cut Adams Now

    Hey Rob. Watching the OL 40s on the NFL network too. It was Frank Crum of Wyoming not Brandon Coleman that matched Bortolini’s 2nd run numbers of 4.94 40 and a 1.69 split on his 2nd run. Understandable to get them mixed up, they’re alphabetically right after each other.

  10. LouCityHawk

    Cooper Beebe looks very good

    • Denver Hawker

      If Fautanu is off the board, and we pickup an R2 trading back- Beebe is the one I want – looks like complete package at guard

    • Roy Batty

      Looks like a tank. Just a big evenly spaced torso.

      I always had him going top of the 2nd.

  11. Palatypus

    Just took the dog for a walk.

    How does the room feel about Tanor Bortolini?

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Looks good in movement drills. So does Zach Frazier.

    • Alex Potts

      His tape is really good. Starter

  12. Blitzy the Clown

    Fautanu is a unit. Nice wave drill

  13. LouCityHawk

    Fautanu looks great. Very good movement.

    Frazier good, hope he clears injury flags

    Fuaga – excellent mover.

    Guyton is a little sloppy

    Announcer says he likes Christian Jones – looked like Herman Munster dancing.

    On to pulling.

    • Palatypus

      Shaun O’Hara is a breath of fresh air.

      • LouCityHawk

        Fantastic switch, we needed this every other day

      • Seattle Person

        They need to get former players that are good at dissecting the movement and skills needed for each position. Daniel Jeremiah doesn’t cut it for me.

        O’Hara for OLine.
        Steve Smith Sr. for WRs

        • Rob Staton

          And people who are willing to critique, not just say everything is great

          Charles Davis would need 400 draft picks to take all the guys he likes here

          • Blitzy the Clown

            Like saying Alt’s right hand stance looked awkward.

          • Seattle Person


            I get the appeal of moving it to more prime time slots and making it more ‘entertaining ‘ to casual fans but this is boring…

  14. LouCityHawk

    You could field a complete OL off group 1!


    LT: Fautanu
    LG: Beebe
    C: Frazier(needs more buzz, wow)
    RG: Haynes
    RT: Fuaga

    Give me them all

    • Seattle Person


      It’s only group 1…

  15. Blitzy the Clown

    There are like 7 or 8 OL prospects I’d be thrilled to get, plus another handful who are really interesting. And that’s just the first OL group!

    Not sure I’ve seen as deep a group as this one

  16. Palatypus

    Rich Eisen: What do you think of these Michigan boys?

    Shaun O’Hara: None of them are going to fit in your trunk.

  17. LouCityHawk

    Fuaga looks so impressive, I wish his tape all looked like this…

    Looking like a top5 blue chip Tackle.

    • Rob Staton

      Fuagu’s tape is fantastic

      • LouCityHawk

        But there are lapses in his tape that make me feel that he will not be able to play left tackle and he will need to stay at right.

        Other general inconsistency

        At his best I take him over Charles Cross

        • Rob Staton

          But nobody’s expecting or projecting Fuagu to play left tackle — that’s not even a question

          He’s a fantastic right tackle

  18. Palatypus

    Braden Fiske may be “The Kingpin”, but Garret Greenfield actually looks like Vincent D’Onofrio.

    He must be eating that Mystic Pizza.

  19. 509 Chris

    Why don’t the teams complain about the changes in the combine? I would think they’d be pretty vocal about the event being suited to the teams and not the fans. Are they ok having to scout pro days much heavier to make up for missed drills or poor preformances because players are tired at the end of the day? I cant imagine the league would hold firm in a fight with the teams because even in prime time the combine isn’t a big draw ratings wise.

  20. LouCityHawk

    I’m curious about these ‘knowers of ball’ who are willing to write a billion words in the comments section about Geno, and they disappear when OLine is going and have very generic and lukewarm opinions.

    Oh. And Daniel Jermiah needs a GM job, maybe for the 9ers.

  21. Julian

    A bit concerning, in the pre Combine show tonight, I heard Lance Zierlein say that Amarius Mims ‘needs to get the attitude a little sharpened up’, even bought up teams wouldn’t want an Isaiah Wilson situation. Not a great potential situation to have in the back of teams minds. Possibly not the high character kind of guy John Schneider would have on his board, unfortunately? I would caveat this was just after Zierlein mentioned he doesn’t have any bad weight on him, body beautiful with great traits.

    It was during the discussion of Bucky Brooks Top 5 tackles if you want to check it out in the link below, 25m15sec.

    • Rob Staton

      Can’t remember who said it — but saw someone else say Mims had really impressed teams with his interviews

      • Julian

        I hope so. But this stuck out to me because he used Isaiah Wilson as an example, though I wouldn’t say as a comp. Of all the people!
        If he interviewed well I hope one was with the Seahawks.

  22. Alex Potts

    Impressive first group and we are just getting started. This is the best OL class I think I’ve ever scouted.

  23. Rob Staton

    I don’t care about Frank Krum’s hair

    • Palatypus

      I DO care that he’s an EXOS guy.

    • Sea Mode

      The only hair to care about this year belongs to a certain QB…

      • Roy Batty

        I now remember who Hartman reminded me of: Sly Stallone’s character, Deke DaSilva, in “Nighthawks”.

        Spitting image.

        • Sea Mode

          Well, I had to google it, but you’re right!

    • geoff u

      So you’re not going to do a hwTEF?

      • Sea Mode


  24. Alex Potts

    Shaun Ohara clearly did his homework and studied these guys.

    DJ’s standard insight: “solid time.” “good time”, “He’s a Big dude”, “That’s a good time for him”

    • Palatypus

      I wish it were Brian Baldinger instead of DJ.

  25. Alex Potts

    Another Alabama OL not running the 40. They usually have slower lineman that don’t test as well. That was my concern with JC Latham. Thought his feet were slower than you’d like at OT.

  26. Peanut

    Give me a little tradeback, and just draft trenches unless insane value lands in your lap.

    • Palatypus

      I didn’t want to trade back past #20. But Kingsley Suamataia may have changed my mind about that. Ambidextrous and has a boxing background.

  27. Sea Mode

    Made it.

    Powers-Johnson didn’t look good at all in that wave drill.

    • Sea Mode

      Van Pran showed MUCH better feet than him.

  28. Blitzy the Clown

    Beaux Limmer 👀👀

    • Palatypus

      36.5″ vertical and still got pancaked by T’Vondre Sweat at the Senior Bowl.

      • Sea Mode

        Going to happen to a lot of good centers. He’s a unicorn and from time to time there may be no stopping him. One bad step/lean/hand placement and you’re pancaked.

  29. Roy Batty

    I would avoid any all you can eat buffet anywhere near Lucas Oil Stadium tonight.

    These guys have been hustling today.

    • Palatypus

      I think Puni already hit it.

  30. Sea Mode

    JC Latham looks like a beast, true dancing bear.

    Suamataia can move.

    Patrick Paul is too tall, long legs build.

  31. Alex Potts

    Not that it’s an unknown but you can really get a good sense of the types of lineman Huff/Grubb like watching Fautanu and Rosengarten. Such athletic movers in space.

  32. Robert Las Vegas

    Sometimes I watch John Middlekauff and sometimes he makes interesting points if Arizona drafts Marvin Harrison they better hope he is Jamarr Chase because there is a chance chance some receiver in round 3,4, 5 will put just as good as numbers as he will.check Puka Nacua.the thing is you have to pay him top 5 money. Plus Tyreek hill, AJ Brown, Davante Adams, DK Metcalf, Cooper Kupp none of these guys where first rounds deebo and they receiver from Detroit St Brown not first round picks.can you find decent wide receivers later in the draft

    • Rob Staton

      I bet Arizona trades down…

      • Sea Mode

        Will probably get a really good offer and still a really good player for trading down a few picks.

      • Alex Potts

        NYG go up and get JJ McCarthy? Then Arizona more than likely gets one of MHJ/Nabers plus extra picks. Would be a good move for them.

  33. LouCityHawk

    This is what I hate about the new combine.

    Have to wait to come in ungroup two until I watch them

  34. Sea Mode

    Nathan Thomas is really light on his feet and has a well-proportioned build.

    Caedan Wallace looked good in the kick step too.

    Wow, JC Latham. Perfectly in control of that huge body, too. Fierce punch. Outstanding.

    Limmer a little light in the pants but some (most?) teams won’t care.

    Van Pran showed well again.

    • Denver Hawker

      Van Pran looks quick and powerful

  35. samprassultanofswat

    There is going to be some blue chippers when Seattle is on the board. However, the name of the game is going to be to find their QB of the future. Otherwise they are just spinning their wheels. After all what good does it do to win 9,or 10 or 11 games and then not even get to the NFC Championship. I don’t know about you but I am tired of these 9 win seasons. The Hawks need to get their franchise QB this year for a number reasons. In Russell Wilson’s second season they went to the Super Bowl and won. So if the Hawks fail to take a franchise QB you are probably looking at least a minimum two years (plus this season) before the Hawks entertain a legitimate shot at the big dance. I mean when was the last time a rookie QB led a team to the Super Bowl? So if the Hawks don’t take on this year. You are probably looking at least 3 years(this year plus the next two years) before they are ready to have a realistic chance of winning all the marbles. So in my opinion do whatever they can to find the right guy. And if it means trading this year’s 1st round pick. And the first round picks of the next two seasons they need to do it.

    They say that the hardest thing to do in sports is hit a baseball. Well that could be true. But maybe it might even be harder to find a franchise QB.

    Another reason the Hawks need to find a QB this year is because of their draft position. This year they are drafting 16. Next year their is a good chance the Hawks will be drafting higher. So it will be even more costly to trade up. And their are less options next year. I realize that finding the “right guy” at QB is very tricky. Sometimes you need a little bit of luck.

    So what happens if the Hawks can’t find the QB of the future? Then you probably have to trade down. I have complete confidence that Hawks will be able to fill out the roster. What hurts big time is not having that 2nd round pick. But it is what it is. One thing the Hawks have going in their favor is that a number of Key coaches. Have recently coached at the college level. Including Mike MacDonald, Ray Grubb, Jay Harbaugh. So maybe the Hawks can come up with some hidden gems in the later rounds.

    • Alex Potts

      My “dream scenario” is one of the elite DL is the pick at 16 and we are able to either trade up to the 2nd for Penix or he falls to the third. If the QB dominoes fall a certain way, there is a chance Penix is able to fall to the 3rd from everything we’ve been hearing.

  36. Alex Potts

    I’m going to watch NFL+ next year… I believe they have more draft focused analysis with former players. This year was so bad

  37. Blitzy the Clown

    ProFootballTalk @ProFootballTalk

    Chris Mortensen, one of the original NFL insiders whose work informed millions of football fans for decades, has died at the age of 72.

    • Misfit

      RIP Chris Mortensen. A staple for many, many years in sports coverage and he’ll be missed.

      • Peter

        Yeah he was.

      • samprassultanofswat

        That is very sad to hear the passing of Chris Mortensen. RIP

  38. Misfit

    JC Latham performed well and looks like a monster in a good way. Great body type, fit, and moves well.

    Fautanu was impressive. Fuaga too. They set a high bar in drills. Fautanu has such great movement skills.

    Van-Prann impressed me far more than JPJ. Better body type and far better on the move.

  39. Ben

    Really interesting group. Hope they bring in at least one guy. I feel torn wanting to go cheap at linebacker and safety, while really just wanting them to pick O-line and WR over and over again. We need more picks.

    The center group is definitely interesting, someone to compete with Olu would be great. I still have money on Coleman Shelton from the Rams being the Seahawks center. Zietler wouldn’t surprise me either. Need some old man experience.

    Cross, Zietler, Shelton, Fautanu/Zinter/, Lucas sounds alright to me!

    Final thought- In JS’s post draft show with 710 last year, he emphasized that they made the Broncos trade to get the third round pick because they really wanted more picks in the 2024 draft. Moving the 2nd for Williams could not have been an easy choice. I think he’s burning up the phone lines to get more ammo.

  40. Charlie TheUnicorn2187

    Rob, you should do a top 10 of best hair do for the combine.

    • Rob Staton

      1. Sam Hartman
      2-10 Anyone else

  41. Charlie TheUnicorn2187

    Taliese Fuaga. Man o’ man….. the broadcast was highlighting him during his drills. The cut-ups of his game tapes were outstanding. The grit, the fire and passion. Road grading fools. Nastiness. I automatically thought, this is a Ravens kind of guy….. then remembered, we have a Ravens kind of HC now.

    The NFL broadcast mentioned he was on a short list of interviews that GMs really responded to at the combine… personality, business like and leadership traits were readily apparent during the interview process.

  42. MarkinSeattle

    When was the last time we had a Pro Bowl OT that wasn’t selected in the first round? The vast majority of top OT’s are first round draft picks. We have a great draft for OT’s. Assuming there isn’t a perfect fit at QB, I think the Hawks should roll with the draft and take an OT in the first round: preferably someone who can play either LT or RT. Provide insurance at RT and competition at LT. I am not sold on Cross as anything other than an average LT on the NFL.

    • Rob Staton

      We can’t measure the decision on whether to go OT or not based on ‘when was the last time we had a pro bowl OT not selected in round one’

      They took Germain Ifedi in round one. That can happen too

  43. Elmer

    Rosengarten might have helped himself. Andrew Raym did not.

  44. Qoolio

    Any thoughts on Mason McCormick from South Dakota St?

    I realize that FCS is a step down in competition level, but I easily could pick him out on the field when he played my alma mater. Maybe another good later round option for the left guard spot?

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