Wednesday notes: QB’s and Seattle’s mini injury crisis

August 23rd, 2023 | Written by Rob Staton

I’ll have some thoughts on a mini injury crisis for the Seahawks in a moment but first some notes on the draft…

The reality (again) of the 2024 QB class

I’ve tried to temper some of the OTT draft chatter about the 2024 quarterback class. People are projecting players in the first round who, currently, have no business being there. Caleb Williams at USC is the real deal and will almost certainly be the top pick next year, unless a team with a young QB earns the top selection and decides to stick and pick Marvin Harrison Jr. After that though, I can’t project any other QB to round one. Drake Maye gets a lot of love and he has some qualities but his play was too inconsistent last year and a fair amount of work is needed to justify the hype.

Today the Senior Bowl put out their extensive watch-list for 2023. There are 47 quarterbacks listed, including some big names. Several players on the list are being touted as top picks, even first round picks.

However, Jim Nagy provides a cautionary yet optimistic note. He says of the 47 quarterbacks named, Bo Nix is rated the highest. He currently has him as a day-two selection. That means, of all the names listed by the Senior Bowl, none are currently carrying first-round projections. This is despite draft media saying they are.

Nagy also notes that at this time in previous years Joe Burrow and Kenny Pickett weren’t considered high picks. Burrow went on to have one of the greatest seasons ever in college football history and became a deserved #1 overall pick. Pickett also found a home in round one (although I’d argue that was a reach).

There’s certainly a possibility some of these players will elevate over the coming months. However, this is what I suspect this class is going to be. It’ll be light on first round players and deep in the middle rounds. That’s a stark contrast to this year, where we had three (deserved, in my opinion) top-five quarterbacks. I think it’s a mistake that C.J. Stroud and Anthony Richardson are starting as rookies but they warranted consideration by the teams taking them.

From a Seahawks perspective, if they end up needing to draft a quarterback next year (either because Geno Smith performs below expectations and/or Drew Lock departs) then it’s quite possible we’ll be debating day-two players, not high draft picks.

Thoughts on how they approach the position

I do think it’s curious how conservative the Seahawks have been at quarterback, refusing to invest any picks apart from Russell Wilson and Alex McGough. For a GM like John Schneider, who clearly loves QB scouting, it’s interesting that they haven’t taken more shots.

The Wilson trade saga didn’t creep up on anyone. It was reported in 2017 they would’ve drafted Patrick Mahomes if available and a year later they were prepared to trade Wilson for the opportunity to draft Josh Allen. Yet they didn’t see anyone in the middle rounds to chuck into the mix and try to develop.

I do wonder if they’re almost trying too hard for perfection. They struck gold with Wilson and maybe Schneider takes so much pride in how he evaluates quarterbacks — thus, why it’s become well known publicly that he loved Mahomes and Allen — that he is almost ‘too safe’ and doesn’t want to take shots, he wants to draft the next star. In order to do that, he’ll need to have a conviction over a player that he arguably wouldn’t need at other positions.

That’s speculative on my behalf but I don’t think it’s out of the question. After all, plenty of teams roll the dice on draft picks at quarterback. To only use two in 13 years, one of which was a seventh rounder, suggests they are very careful at the position. Post-Wilson trade, they also had two loaded classes with multiple picks. Big name players fell. Yet at no point, in either draft, did they feel comfortable pulling the trigger on a QB.

To a degree I don’t mind that. I thought in 2021 they should’ve strongly considered taking either Kellen Mond or Davis Mills instead of Dee Eskridge. The Wilson chatter was building and it would’ve provided insurance. On reflection, the Mond suggestion was a poor one. He had the arm and his college tape improved over four years of progression. I wasn’t the only one who liked him either — Chris Simms was a big fan. However, in the pro’s his rigid throwing motion and mechanical stiffness has prevented him making an impact. Mills on the other hand has looked good, I’d say. He struggled last year in an impossible situation in Houston but I think he’s done well in pre-season this year (I watched him vs New England) and I still believe he could develop into a decent starter.

What I would say though, is I’m also happy the Seahawks don’t force us into indulging in misplaced hype. Raiders fans (and media) are getting all excited about fourth round pick Aidan O’Connell. I’ve watched his tape and he’s fair enough throwing on a short and intermediate level but his arm strength fades dramatically beyond that. He has limitations. The Josh McDaniels scheme has lived without a big-armed signal caller in the past so maybe O’Connell can still excel? I just personally find it difficult to get excited about a player who will most likely only ever be able to chip-away at opponents without much of a kill shot or improv-skill. You need a certain type of coach for this (McDaniels, Shanahan etc) and the Seahawks just play a different way.

Watching someone like O’Connell chew up third and fourth stringers, creating a bit of a false dawn, probably wouldn’t help much in the short or long term. Good look to him in Vegas but I’m happy to wait for more upside (as, evidently, the Seahawks are prepared to do).

Drew Lock has plenty of physical upside and I hope what he showed against Dallas was a player really starting to make the most of his talent. He was more settled, calm, controlled and he impressed. If he plays against Green Bay this weekend, it’ll be a good chance to finish with a flourish.

The injuries are piling up

It’s only a few days ago that Pete Carroll was singing Jarran Reed’s praises (rightly) and then mentioning how important Mike Morris was to the defensive rotation. Yesterday, Carroll used a concerned tone to mention a lingering shoulder problem for Morris with a distinct hint of ‘might need to get this sorted’ and ‘might not see him anytime soon as a consequence’.

It’s increasingly baffling to me why the Seahawks have found themselves in this position. They have no depth up front. When you bring it up, you’re often told ‘nah it’ll be fine’ (© Critical Drinker) by some fans.

The Seahawks basically have Reed as the only trusted +300lber on the roster. I hope Matthew Gotel is the man to end the ‘nose tackle musical chairs’ but that remains to be seen. It’s great that they have such a dynamic inside/out rusher like Dre’Mont Jones who can create issues in numerous spots (including, crucially, the interior). Yet how and why have they ended up with barely no competition on the D-line?

Who is actually competing in camp? It’s just been a bunch of injury absentees and a set (but limited) depth chart. An injury to Reed would be catastrophic.

People have mentioned that in 2013 they didn’t have the deepest, big-name D-line. I’ve made that point myself. However, I made that point right after the draft and still anticipated further moves (even on a low level). Plus in 2013 they had Red Bryant (326lbs), Tony McDaniel (305lbs), Clinton McDonald (297lbs), Jordan Hill (303lbs) and Brandon Mebane (311lbs). That’s a stark difference to the current roster, which is incredibly light in size and numbers.

I keep hearing that cut-down day will be vital for Seattle but what are we saying here, that there’s an abundance of cuttable defensive tackles in the league and the Seahawks are simply the only ones waiting to strike? I fear that actually, options are going to be limited or poor. Teams don’t give away good defensive linemen. They collect them.

Again, I don’t really understand why it’s come to this. We’re agonising over a potential Mike Morris absence and Cam Young is still out too. How did they not bring in a couple of extra veterans between March and now? They have $11.4m in cap space. They had levers to pull that have since been pulled, so there was no reason not to be more active in free agency.

Baltimore just added Ronald Darby and Jadeveon Clowney despite having barely any cap space. Couldn’t the Seahawks have done a bit more over the last five months to help the defensive line? Especially after giving up 150 yards a game last year against the run?

Someone like Greg Gaines, signed to a $3.5m one-year deal in Tampa Bay (structured so his cap hit is only $1.6m this year) would’ve been ideal. Instead, there’s a bit of a black hole at the position beyond Reed. If he gets hurt, it’ll be a crisis. If he takes on too many snaps, he’s more likely to get hurt.

Michael Bennett mentioned in the Dallas broadcast that they miss a Red Bryant type. He’s right. I also think, however, they also need two other bodies. Maybe Gotel can be one? Maybe they will find a cut from somewhere else who can contribute? It just feels like serious questions need to be asked about how exactly the Seahawks have ended up being so light in the trenches and whether it’ll be costly when the regular season begins.

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125 Responses to “Wednesday notes: QB’s and Seattle’s mini injury crisis”

  1. cha says:

    It feels like they’re setting themselves up to be bit in the butt two different ways: Personnel and scheme.

    Last year they had Woods-Mone-Poona as their big bodies and still got trucked with regularity in the run game.

    This year they have Reed. Maybe Young but a PC said yesterday a calf injury isn’t something to be trifled with.

    How is that supposed to even moderately adequate? If Mike Bennett can go on TV and point it out, surely the braintrust knows this will be a problem, right? Right?

    I don’t get it. The whole premise of a 3-4 is you need a space-eating 1T/NT to consistently engage two OL inside and let the DE’s and OLB’s have one on one matchups. That’s it.

  2. cha says:

    All the Clowney incentives are NLTBE and so if he earns them they hit the 2024 cap for the Ravens.

    Field Yates
    Jadeveon Clowney’s incentives with the Ravens:

    5 sacks – $500k or
    7 sacks – $1m or
    9 sacks – $1.75M

    50% playtime – $500k or
    60% playtime – $1m or
    65% playtime – $1.75m

    A max of $3.5M incentives on top of the $2.5M in base value.

  3. Walter Smythe says:

    Chris Jones could be available. Thoughts on that?

    • Peter says:

      Multiple picks for a guy who wants to be the highest paid player at his position.

      I didn’t like that movie the first time. Want no part of the sequel.

    • Rob Staton says:

      I’m sure he could be available… for two firsts, a third and whatever else KC want

    • TatupuTime says:

      The frustrating part of all of this is that they don’t need a Chris Jones (yes he’d be amazing and every team could use Chris Jones). But he’s expensive because he’s good at generating pressure and stopping the run. They have interior guys (Dre’Mont chief amongst them) that can generate pressure. Expensive DTs are usually the ones that can create pressure because they are hard to find.

      They need guys the can be stout in the middle, take up multiple blocks and not be moved. They need Gaines, Al Woods, Mone body types. Big interior run stuffers don’t command high salaries. For a team that got their ass handed to them in the run game there is no excuse to not have some big boppers that would at least allow them to hold the interior line in the run game. If you are a team with 330 pound guards, why wouldn’t you tell those guys to hammer the much smaller guys on the interior of the Seahawks line.

      • Luis says:

        I love Al Woods, but we had him last year and still gave up 150 ground yards per game. Why would it be different this year?

        • cha says:

          Because personnel is something we can easily identify. The scheme and game plan’s effectiveness is only known when they get on the field.

          You need a real living breathing 1T/NT to make this defense complete. That we know.

  4. JimQ says:

    Matthew Gotel is listed as 6-1/341, must be built like a fire hydrant, hopefully he can move a little bit. His XFL experience may add some positives to his acquisition. We can hope anyway……

  5. James says:

    Welp, with JSN out now too, all things are looking Bobo.

  6. BK26 says:

    While reading this, I had a thought: since taking Russ in 2012, have we used the fewest resources on quarterbacks in the draft? I think it’s a very easy yes. The most critical position and they have only tried to get “their guy” once, in Russ. McGough wasn’t serious, never pushed for anyone else other than having interest.

    No matter what happens this year with Geno and Lock (unless Lock ends up playing all year and takes us deep into the playoffs), they need to take a quarterback next year. And earlier than later. I still don’t know who yet. Kids coming out aren’t polished enough. There is too much projection because the schools aren’t making them much better.

    With the line, it’s exhausting to have the issue still be there. I’ve been listening to KJ’s podcast and interviewing Mebane and Red Bryant showed me that not only are we missing that size and power, we are missing those guys who you don’t want to mess with. When they are arguing who was the toughest and the most impactful, it was all linemen (each other, Clemons, McDaniel). We need big giant headaches that the other team doesn’t want to mess with.

    The team has made some big strides, but they still have the same long-term issues that they created from years ago.

    • Peter says:

      Trying to be optimistic sometimes i think the dline faults are simply a function of fixing the team as they can.

      Meaning….they’ve addressed the oline. Rbs. Wrs. Dbs. Unfortunately the options might just not have been there for the dline.

      Again that’s giving them a bit of a pass and thinking maybe they just attack it next off season.

    • zezinhom400 says:

      Yeah seems pretty clear at this point Schneider/Carroll are just not going to be chasing 1st rd QB’s. Some rumors during some of the past drafts but has never happened. Including after losing Wilson. Who himself wasn’t a 1 or 2. Is what it is.

      • Rob Staton says:

        But we have to remember here, the Seahawks had a franchise QB from 2012 to 2021.

        So the chances of spending a R1 pick on a QB in this period were extremely limited — and by all accounts were reportedly still seriously considered.

        It’s not about ‘just chasing’ anything anyway. It’s not about taking any old player. But I would posit that no team in the league is indifferent to drafting QB’s, especially in R1, given the significance of the position.

  7. cha says:

    Niners announce Sam Darnold will back up Purdy to start the season.

    • Rob4q says:

      So Trey Lance on the trading block?

    • Rob Staton says:

      Well, I’m delighted to be proven 100% right on Trey Lance

      Imagine that Niners roster with three more first round players on it!

      • geoff u says:

        Anyone else not that impressed with Michael Jackson? I was hoping for two shutdown corners to pick up the defense, but now who knows what’s going on with Witherspoon.

        Oh well, at least we’ll have pass rush, which is the most important unit on defense. Hope it means something.

    • Brodie says:

      I wonder if they’ll even be able to move Lance.

      Talk about regret. The picks the 9ers gave up to move from 12 to 3 were:

      2021 #12: Micah Parsons
      2022 #29 (plus a 2nd and 4th): Tyreke Hill
      2022 #103: Channing Tindall
      2023 #29: Bryan Bresee

      Now they would be lucky to get a day 2 pick for him.

      • Rob Staton says:

        They’ll probably get no more than a conditional late rounder

        Packers as a look-see project is all I can think of

        • Brodie says:

          Chicago maybe? Offense that will center around a mobile QB and be a bit of a shambles going from Fields to Peterman.

          Hurts has Mariota backing him up. Lamar has Huntley and Josh Johnson. Maybe the NYG?

          Maybe Daboll can work his magic as Daniel Jones backup.

          • LouCityHawk says:

            TL has no value, he’ll likely end up on a practice squad though.

            • geoff u says:

              I don’t think the XFL has practice squads…

              • AC says:

                I understand the musical chairs to see who might be a find but I believe Akiem Hicks and Matt Ioanissidis are both still available. Both have had great years as defensive tackles. They could help early on giving our young guys a chance to develop.

                Just a thought

          • Luis says:

            Lance has value as a Fields backup in Chicago, true.

            But right now the trade value of Lance is worse than zero, given his draft pedigree making him expensive.

            Since you cannot send Trey Lance + picks for cap relief, the 9ers would probably have to trade for a player and include both Lance and picks to get rid of him.

    • cha says:


      Dianna Russini
      While the 49ers are exploring trade possibilities for Trey Lance, the front office has been shopping him for much of the offseason, according to a league source.
      The team never received a significant trade offer.

      • Jabroni-DC says:

        Maybe the 49ers should sweeten the deal & throw in a 2024 1st rounder to offload TL. That would make some history.

  8. LouCityHawk says:

    Not going to belabor the point, but I’m starting to really feel that even minor impact DLine are looking for schemes where they can put up numbers that will get them paid. That, to me, means that Seattle will need to focus on drafting or paying a premium to get a player at those positions. It isn’t the case of it will be fine, more of it’s going to be what it is for this year.

    The Prez sitch is the one that has me completely confused.

    The QB drafting to me has come down one answer over the years: the anecdote about JS wanting to draft RW in BWagz spot, and PC telling him to wait a round. The Seahawks value QBs differently than the rest of the league (although I believe Reid had a 3rd round grade on RW – Reid also not throwing a bunch of darts). Because of that, the QBs they have targeted have gone earlier.

    Examples: Drew Lock – I thought they would look his way in 2019, but likely were looking at him later.

    Agree 100% on the boredom of AOC – he needs more competition, but he is a JimmyG type (maybe better) glad he is not a Seahawk.

    • Rob Staton says:

      It isn’t the case of it will be fine, more of it’s going to be what it is for this year.

      Well if it’s a disaster, then they didn’t do a good enough job of addressing a clear need. Simply saying ‘it is what it is’ won’t be enough, we will need to discuss it. And I don’t buy this idea that nobody will sign in Seattle based on scheme. You go and make it happen.

      The Seahawks value QBs differently than the rest of the league

      I don’t buy this either. They made Wilson the highest paid player in the league. I don’t think the Seahawks treat the QB position any differently than anyone else. They know how vital it is. I think, as the article says, when it comes to the draft they are taking a perfectionist view. That’s not cost them so far, so it’s perfectly fine. I hope they do find the next great QB soon, if that is necessary.

      • Peter says:

        I do like your thoughts in regards to possible perfectionism regarding John.

        One thing that’s remarkable is just how lucky they’ve been since 2012. Look at how many qbs have played just in our division. Players with major injuries, huge whiffs in drafts.

        It’s quite the feat to have probowl level play with only one down year and a seemless transition from back up to starter.

        Just ruminating here because we’ll never know how their process is unless both geno gets hurt and lock can’t actually play.

        I also maintain that Ron Wolf way is remembered for the successes, brunell, Hasselbeck, Rodgers but they had their fair share of Mcgoughs along the way.

        • LouCityHawk says:

          Thinking about the Seahawks backups though, during the Wilson era, most were older players who couldn’t get a fair shake at a starting job, at least that is my memory.

          • BK26 says:

            Tavaris was probably as close to Russ they could get, as a veteran. Boykin was them actually trying to get a high-upside backup.

      • LouCityHawk says:

        The OLine of 2021 was a disaster, I felt last year it was an encouraging disaster. 2022 DLine was a disaster, I’m not sure they’ve moved the needle. Could/should they have done more? Yes. Now they have bound themselves to a degree – and the Prez salary is an albatross. I’m for trading DT if the return is favorable, and the player acquired would sign a long term deal. There is smoke (see the Woods interview), if there is fire is another issue.

        The feeling I get is that they wanted to draft another DLine, probably in Round 3, probably Pickens or Young (Bama), copy what they did on OLine last year. There was a run so they punted to 2024, why they didn’t quickly pivot following the draft to get a veteran?

        By value, I meant draft valuation, in other words a player who might be a Round 2 pick is valued by the Hawks at Round 4, etc…. I agree with the perfectionist point, I’m not sure what that level of perfection looks like.

        Forgot to mention, I see no one talking about cutdowns, but if they are they’ve lost their minds. Maybe we offer TL a spot on the PS though?

    • Brodie says:

      DreMont signed with us, as did Reed.

      Since Malik, we’ve really only drafted one DT – Demarcus Christmas in the 6th (2019) & Cam Young in the 4th (’23)

      It seems like more of an organizational approach than anything. The biggest deal they’ve given out to a FA in that span is QJeff and we’re eating dead as a result. Everyone else is 1 year/$1M or vet minimum types.

      They just don’t seem to care about the position. At the very least they’ve shown it is literally the lowest priority position on the roster (based on investment via draft and FA)

      • Rob Staton says:

        But they’ve just paid Dre’Mont Jones a fortune, so it can’t be that low on the priority list

        It’s the depth. Why is there no depth and serious competition? It makes no sense.

        • Brodie says:

          That was my counter to ‘DL won’t sign with us’.

          If they have pass rush skills like DreMont, I think they do value it more. For a lane-clogger/run-stuffer NT type, they just don’t allocate any resources to the role.

          You’re absolutely right about the depth. I’m just as much at a loss as to why we’re two weeks away from opening day and and are left hoping that Jarran Reed can play an obscene amount of snaps at a new position and not get hurt.

          If cut-day comes and goes w/o any progress, I hope they’ll consider a trade. Prior actions don’t seem to lend much credence to that hope though.

          • Peter says:

            Reeds been very solid but last two years he’s moved down to a 65-66% of snaps guy. Like you I’m a little concerned if they are thinking he can still play 85% of snaps.

            • LouCityHawk says:

              Right, Reed & Gotel are the guys until Young is back.

              • geoff u says:

                Young, a 4th round rookie who’s never played a down in the NFL. I like how we all just assume all will be well when he comes back.

      • LouCityHawk says:

        They paid over market for Dre’Mont and Reed.

        And the DLine had some mainstays for years.

        2022 was a dumpster fire, so they are trying to rebuild.

        5 Witherspoon (No JC and we know why), 20 JSN (no Mazi and we know why), 37 Hall, a 1st round graded player per team (then Benton and Keion White go off the board), 52 Char, this is a player someone argued for at 37 (then Dexter, Pickens, Young (Bama)go off the board) Seattle trades away next pick.

        To me, 2023 draft they traded out of around 3 rather than make a LJ Collier move and overdraft. The process was right, would have preferred they trade up to grab another DT/NT – Benton and Pickens have played well so far, but the other players were better choices. That is the point where additional action needed to be taken.

  9. Ashish says:

    I like Myles Adams as DT, yes he is not 300+ but as a run blocker, I really liked how he performed last year preseason games. Even before all rookie injuries, they should have some vet depth.

  10. Blitzy the Clown says:

    How many years did we suffer with the worst OL in the League before Carroll and Schneider allocated proper resources to fix it?

    How many no-names, has-beens and never-weres turnstiled through the locker room before the invested a R1 and R3 (stealing a fringe R1 caliber player in the process) and setting the unit right?

    Fair questions, because if past is prologue, we’re in for a long, dark night on the DL.

    More specifically, it’s the 3rd season in a row now where he DL is unacceptably suspect to open the season in terms of front line talent and depth. And not much seems to have changed.

    Ok, the outside pass rush is much improved. As bereft we are of DT talent/depth, we’re overflowing with the same at EDGE. And with Brooks returning, Bush’s promising showing so far, and Wagner, I feel much better about the ILB group.

    But right now, there’s nothing behind Reed to firm up the middle on the LOS.

    • 509 Chris says:

      I tend to agree with you that this may be the new version of the past’s o line problems. I remember before last year Rob had that guest talk about the 3 4 defense and it stuck out in my mind when he said how important the nose is. When they didn’t address the position last year we all assumed it would be done this off-season. Now we’re here at the eve of the season wondering what the hell the team is going to do with d line. These comments are probably getting repetitive but the problem is repetitive. Sure wish the local media would show half the concern that the SDB community does.

  11. cha says:

    Jarran Reed did not practice today.

    I am guessing they’re trying to rest him for the ungodly number of snaps he’ll be playing this year.

  12. Huggie Hawk says:

    I would trade a ham sandwich for Lance

  13. Big Mike says:

    Since we don’t have mention yet on this thread about how money could be freed up by slashing Adams’ salary or outright cutting him, I’m going to drop this nugget I heard today as a message to Pete Carroll. It sums the situation with Adams perfectly:

    Is it more important to be right or to get it right?

    It would appear it’s the former Pete.

  14. DarrellDownUnder says:

    Yup. Huge anchor dragging the team down.
    Unbelievable that they are going to keep plowing ahead.

  15. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    No word on if Williams will also be charged for the battery of our starting LT…..

  16. LouieLouie says:

    Rob: Good points in your article. I have a couple of comments:
    1- Kenny Pickett is the QBOTF for Pittsburg. He was a great pick for that franchise.
    2- Schneider looks to get veteran QB’s who can run Carroll’s system. When a young QB nocks JS’s socks off, he’ll draft one.
    3- I think they are waiting for final cut down day to put some beef on the D-Line. There should be a high number of options for them to pursue.

    • Peter says:

      Not an argument post but a counterpoint post:

      1. Pickett needs to play better. Just thinking about Rosen per example you can be a high pick and be bumped soon if it doesn’t work.

      2. Actually hope the team can play well with Geno and then Lock. It’s not the crapshoot factor that worries me. It’s if you look back to 2017 there’s three ways to get a qb high in the draft: 1. You suck which would be a rough season to go through. 2. You trade up see, mahomes and Allen 3. You are lucky and you get Lamar jackson.

      3. Beef from cut day is flawed a bit. Other teams will want and need certain players. But more importantly not only are these players cast offs they won’t have played with team more than 7-10 days before the first whistle blows.

    • Rob Staton says:

      1- Kenny Pickett is the QBOTF for Pittsburg. He was a great pick for that franchise.

      We’ll see about that

      3- I think they are waiting for final cut down day to put some beef on the D-Line. There should be a high number of options for them to pursue.

      As I said in the article though, teams don’t cut good defensive linemen — they collect them

      • LouieLouie says:

        Rob: It’s about the system. Top notch D-Liners won’t be released, but many medium players, like Michael Bennett was when he was signed, will be released. Some younger players will also be released. There will be some free-agents that will come available, who are at least an upgrade to the status quo.

    • cha says:

      3- I think they are waiting for final cut down day to put some beef on the D-Line.

      The Panthers cut Marquand McCall, a 6’3″, 345lb DT loose last week. He was an UDFA who started some games for Carolina last year. New England immediately claimed him on waivers. He’s banged up and couldn’t pass their physical.

      I just say that to illustrate how hungry the marketplace is for interior DL talent.

  17. HOUSE says:

    Isaiah Simmons traded to NYG for a 7th rd pick. I know we were high on him back in the day

    • Brodie says:

      Have to assume every team that plans on cutting guys is shopping them for anything they can get.

      5 days of clearance rack shopping coming up.

    • Mick says:

      Positional value too. I wonder if we get more than a 7th for Jamal Adams.

      • HOUSE says:

        Very true. I know he was a blog favorite for a little bit. If something would give us a seventh round pick for Jamal Adams, I would personally provide him a security detail, so I knew he got there safe and sound

  18. LouCityHawk says:

    JS 12 dimensional chess season has started. (sarcasm)

    Kellen Mond anyone?

  19. no frickin clue says:

    If you were the opposition, and knew that (1) the Seahawk offense looks formidable, plus (2) the front lines of the Seahawk defense look soft against the run…wouldn’t you just ram it down their throats on the ground?

    Chew up clock, make Geno stand on the sidelines for long periods of time. And as the game goes on, and the Seahawks D has been on the field for long stretches…they get more tired….leading to more clock-killing drives.

    I guess not every opponent is going to have a strong running game, but the ones that do…yeesh.

    • Blitzy the Clown says:

      Just load the box and hope your shutdown corners live up to their billing

      This is the way

    • Peter says:

      So basically last year all over again.

    • cha says:

      I guess not every opponent is going to have a strong running game

      If things are like last year, it won’t matter.

      The Seahawks gave up season-best rushing days to these rushing offenses last year:

      #32 Tampa
      #27 LA Rams
      #19 New Orleans

      And if the #30 Chargers, #26 Jets and #22 Cardinals had bothered to game plan and run the ball more they’d be on the list as well.

      Simply put, the worst rushing teams the Seahawks faced last year ate their lunch.

      If the Seahawks cannot make a turn, and if anyone in the opposition is smart enough to watch the tape and game plan this way, it will be a long year.

  20. Volume12 says:

    Doesn’t help Seattle now but has anyone watched some of the DT options in the 24 draft? Has the potential to be an absolutely loaded positional group.

    As a side note, really like Minnesota TE Brevyn Spann-Ford

    • LouCityHawk says:

      I really like the DT in 2024, of course there is a whole season for me to focus on them and decide they stink.

      Rob mentioned in his last video that he is diving into the DT class and that it might be wise to pump the brakes on the hype train. I’m looking forward to his take.

    • Rob Staton says:

      Doesn’t help Seattle now but has anyone watched some of the DT options in the 24 draft? Has the potential to be an absolutely loaded positional group.


      I’ve started watching them and think people are going overboard (as they always do about a draft class the summer before)

      • Malanch says:

        Overboard? You mean like this:

        “Lotta good players this year. Great draft. Great, great draft. Last year, a bad draft.” –Colin Cowherd

  21. Peter says:

    Just finished listening to Chris Simms unbuttoned podcast do his over/unders for the NFC.

    Seattle currently at 9.5. He takes the over. Says the same glowing things: “added some pieces.”…”getting Adams back.”….”next step for Geno.”

    I’m certainly more optimistic than I was last year. Where I got a car of eggs on my face with a 5.5 win total.

    With one more meaningless preseason game that won’t tell us anything and at worst gets another player injured, where are all of you at heading into the season?

    Tougher schedule. If JSN misses more time than one game, for me I see the offense about the same. Big move on Jones. Love Hall and Mafe. Less in love with wagner and reed simply because time catches us all. The defensive backfield until I see Witherspoon seems around the same as last year. Love probably an improvement over Neal who played solid last year. Whether it’s Jackson or Brown I don’t see LOB 2.0 at outside corner.

    I think I’m going 9 wins.

    • Volume12 says:

      10 wins for me. I think they need 1 more good off-season. They’ve turnt this team around quickly. Need more on up front on the D-line, more speed @ LB (O’Connell hasnt looked bad tbf), and probably another piece on offense. Either an iOL or a TE depending on how Fant plays. Getting the QB of the future would be a smart move while Geno is still here. Just the consummate professional and IMO a great guy/leader to learn from.

    • Rob Staton says:

      I would estimate nine or 10 wins

  22. samprassultanofswat says:

    This is just my gut feeling. Last year the Hawks gave up 4.9 yards per carry. Atrocious number. This year’s run defense will depend on the health of Michael Morris and Cameron Young. I think their run defense will be improved. But how much. I am guessing somewhere between 4.0-4.5 yards per carry allowed. The Hawks have brought in a ton of players on defense. They will be much improved. But they need Morris/Young to be healthy. Otherwise, the number will be closer to the 4.5 yards allowed per carry.

  23. Ryan Purcell says:

    Two names that came up on are Lawrence Guy and Neville Gallimore as possibly available for a late round pick.

  24. Palatypus says:

    I just made a delivery to the Andrews Institute, University of West Florida and half expected to see Devon Witherspoon there on a training table.

  25. cha says:

    Trey Lance news isn’t surprising. 49ers are a smart team. Not going to chase a big mistake. Just admit it was a terrible failure and move forward

    How analysts say this and also scoff at the notion of Seattle moving on from JA I will never understand.

  26. Mr Magic says:

    THe D had a lotta holes. They did a pretty solid job fixing most of them with only interior DL the clear issue. Its not a one year fix, we built up quite a problematic situation on D and it will take another years draft to fill it and that is ok with me. We don’t have the options available or the $ to spend, you have to do your best. If we vastly improved the LBs, CBs, S and DE that is a pretty impressive upgrade.

    We could argue going with a 2nd RB so early in draft over best DL avail was a wrong move. We could also argue that the league is going so heavy pass that our only true weakness on D being the run isn’t the worst problem to have.

    Bottom line, if we go into the next draft with our biggest need being DL we should be in good shape to get someone early and depth later.

    • Rob Staton says:

      The point is, really, that they didn’t even address the depth and competition level and could’ve. We’re sat on $11m cap space right now and even one extra veteran DT on a modest amount would’ve provided some insurance

  27. Thomas says:

    The strangest thing about the Adams situation is how Pete was willing to turn the page on Harvin almost immediately.

    I still respect Pete, but this is odd.

    I think maybe it’s his belief he can really coach up players. He also does not want to part with potential superstar talent.

    Pete can coach up players. He’s proven that. But maybe you can only do that so much.

    We also don’t know what the DC and John are telling Pete.

    To complete my ramble, are there any failed large O tackles the Seahawks could convert to space eating D liners?

  28. Thomas says:

    How about the Seahawks see if they can swing a cheap trade for Daniel Faale from the Ravens. He’s a backup O tackle and listed at 380. I don’t think the ravens would do it, but maybe a conditional 6th rounder?

  29. Gaux Hawks says:

    To Rob’s point, depth chart “A” feels much stronger than “B” (I like to visualize it).

    DE: Dre’Mont Jones, Mario Edwards, Mike Morris (PUP)
    NT: Free Agent, Cameron Young
    DT: Jarran Reed, Myles Adams

    DE: Dre’Mont Jones, Mike Morris (PUP)
    NT: Jarran Reed, Cameron Young
    DT: Mario Edwards, Myles Adams

    • Peter says:

      Just to change up my normal vibe, week 2? Week 3? Can’t imagine he will be game ready in 17 days.

    • Blitzy the Clown says:

      All contract/salary cap issues aside, props to him on an impressive recovery so far. You can’t lie your way through a physical.

      I’m fully expecting him to reinjure somehow, some way at some point.

      But it’s obvious the man is working hard to make it back.

  30. Coach says:

    Are there any NT’s that are going to possibly be cut that could help us? If not, let’s get Suh on the line!
    He seems to be the best way for us to help our run defense at this point. Does he still have enough left in the tank and do we have the money to sign him? Thoughts?
    Go Hawks!

    • Brodie says:

      We’ll know in 5 days about the cuts. Hard to get too excited about another team’s castoff though. Anyone that can play 400-500 snaps and anchor would be welcome though.

      Not sure about Suh. I guess anyone is a possibility at this point. I’m guessing that they’re going to see what shakes out after cut day and then look at the vet FA’s as plan B.

      Linval Joseph (6’4 323lb) joined the Eagles about midway through last year and helped add depth to their DL
      Mike Pennel (6/4 332lb) played all 17 games for Chicago last year

      That’s about it for Plan B though, if we’re looking at NT’s.

  31. Steve says:

    Maybe the plan with the 11 million is to use it to sign and cut a new DT every week for the rest of the year?

  32. Palatypus says:

    Can we trade Jamal Adams for Trey Lance straight up and play him at wide receiver?

  33. Mr Magic says:

    Id avoid, stay the path. So we give up a top tier pick for him then we have to negotiate a new deal as well as hew ill be just as mad here as there without it. So we give up all leverage by trading for him like we did with Adams?! Nah, pass, unless it costs a later rounder

    I agree with path A Rob states, stick to the plan, we will have a run d issue this year but all next season to focus on it, we closed a ton of gaps this year on paper, lets see how it plays out. We arent built to win a SB this year but make some waves. Next year with another draft we should have the goal of truly competing!