Curtis Allen on the cap and realizing value for Seattle

This is a guest article by Curtis Allen…

Fresh off the draft and with the bulk of free agency complete, I wanted to share some thoughts on the 2023 roster the Seahawks have put together when it comes to the on-field product the team will roll out this fall.  There is terrific potential for a high value return all over the roster, as well as very real risk at certain spots on the roster that could actually reduce that overall value.

We have talked about this at length recently. Value, in its purest form, is getting more on the field than what you pay for in cap space.  True success in the NFL depends on it.

I think we can all agree the Seahawks have had a very productive offseason with their roster moves.  The plan appears far more effective, needs are being addressed and perhaps most importantly, they are recalibrating their processes to a healthy degree.

As the team transitions into the offseason activities, finalizing the main pieces on the roster and evaluating their major additions, the focus shifts from acquiring pieces from the marketplace to making those pieces fit into a cohesive team that produces more value than the sum total of their salary cap expenditures.

How can they take that next step from scraping into the playoffs to a team that regularly makes deeper postseason runs?  What will ultimately drive this team forward in 2023?  

Two major points of roster value.

Avoiding ‘Comatose Cap Space’

What is that?  Well, if dead cap space is cap space allocated to players no longer on the roster, comatose cap space can be defined as cap space for players on the roster but contributing very little to the overall success of the team, if not being a drain on the roster.

The Seahawks were lousy with this brand of cap space in 2022.  

Jamal Adams busted a finger the first day of camp and then tore his quad in the first game of the season, continuing his pattern of frequently being unavailable due to injury.  The coaching staff more than once made comments to the effect that they built a large part of the defensive strategy around this constantly injured player – a startling revelation that borders on malpractice if true.

Gabe Jackson struggled to have any impact at all on the offensive line.  The team spent 2021 with a weak spot at left guard while Damien Lewis adjusted to being moved in order to accommodate Jackson on the right side.  2022 proved to be a predictable flip in effectiveness – Lewis excelled on the left while Jackson floundered on the right in a job-sharing role with Phil Haynes.

Poona Ford played out of position in the last year of a back-loaded contract as the team sought to revamp their defensive line strategy and the results demonstrated that clearly.

Rashaad Penny had only one above-average game after closing 2021 with a flourish.  The offense badly needed an effective running game as Geno Smith settled into his new job, Ken Walker was brought along slowly in the early going after a hernia surgery and the defense was being the defense early on.

Quandre Diggs did not play nearly up to his potential through the first two thirds of the season.  Coming off a serious injury, helping cover the inept tackling at linebacker and the general disaster of a defensive line all greatly sapped his ability to provide real value as a ballhawk and guided-missile hitter.

All told, those players accounted for about $40 million in cap space last year – nearly 20% of their available cap space.  It was a serious drain on resources that bogged the team down and prevented them from truly capitalizing on amazing value gains such as Geno Smith’s breakthrough season, a low-cost high-yield season by D.K. Metcalf and an excellent rookie class delivering better than they had any right to.

Is it reasonable to expect the team to have zero wasted space in 2023?  To have no major injuries and have every player at least return his full cap hit in value?  Of course not.

Every team has injuries.  Every team has expensive players that sputter at times.  Often what defines a successful program is the coaching, depth development and scheming around these speedbumps with a degree of acumen that keeps your whole program as on-schedule as can be reasonably allowed.  It also means having the foresight and planning ability to smooth out those speedbumps before they even materialize.

If we can identify these speedbumps, we may be able to better understand how competitive the Seahawks will be this fall and evaluate their progress as the season goes on.

Potential Challenges to Value in 2023

Let’s start with the low-hanging fruit:  the defense as a whole.

The team has made major changes to all three levels of its defense.  Once again, they have significantly re-worked their defensive line following a frustrating year.  They have brought Bobby Wagner back to bring some stability to the linebackers and signed Julian Love as a Swiss army knife to provide depth and flexibility to the defensive backfield.

They must get this unit to gel much, much quicker than they traditionally have in the past.  It was a breath of fresh air to hear Pete Carroll admit after this last season that they may have set their sights too high in making all the defensive changes.  As we discussed above, you could see how badly it affected every corner of the defense.

What is riding on making this defense more consistent in 2023?  

They have expensive free agent acquisitions with cheap cap hits this year in Julian Love ($3.9m) and Dre Jones ($10m), structured to fit under the cap.  But those contracts are scheduled to expand significantly in 2024 (to $8m and $18m respectively).  The roster value advantage of the first-year lower cap hit is a limited-time benefit they must take advantage of.  If those two spend a whole year adjusting to a gameplan that is not well-structured from the start rather than being put in a position to succeed in short order, that benefit evaporates and forces a ‘must improve quickly and dramatically to justify the expenditure’ situation for both players in 2024.

The team also needs the defense to be able to cover any growing pains from the 2022 and 2023 draft classes.  As we saw last year, oftentimes the rookies were the ones outplaying the veterans.  Any coach will tell you that is playing with fire.

Perhaps most importantly, they need a unified vision for the defense because the back end is carrying an incredible cap weight.  Brass tacks:  there is no way that Diggs and Adams can return $36 million of roster value in 2023.  The best you can do is minimize that deficit by having sound structure around them that allows them to do what they do best.

A challenge that has really plagued this huge investment at the position is they have logged just as many games apart as they have together.  And yet, when playing together, the defense has never truly realized the benefit of one of the league’s most talked-about and highest-compensated duos to a degree that satisfies the price paid.

Diggs had five interceptions and Adams had nine and a half sacks in 2020 for one of the worst defenses in the NFL.  

Diggs had another five picks in 2021 and Adams was used in a completely different role and could not tilt the field much at all in another poor defensive year.  

2022?  We covered that above.

In three years, we have not seen what these two talented players can really do because the team has not provided them with adequate teammates or in other ways taken advantage of their talents.  Therefore, there truly has not been enough return on investment to justify it.

As has been discussed at length, there is yet one more way the Front Office can chip in some value on this front:  reworking Adams’ contract, reducing the salary down so the 2023 hit is less than $18 million without pushing any money into 2024.  This makes too much sense to not at least approach Adams and have that conversation.

There are other potential value challenges on the offensive side.  Tyler Lockett, D.K. Metcalf and Will Dissly hit the cap for $34 million in 2023 and we should not overlook them as high-dollar contracts that may not live up to their promise.  Yet Lockett and Metcalf have an excellent track record when it comes to providing value and while Dissly’s $9 million cap hit is not ideal, it is highly unlikely to make a significant dent in the team’s output on the field if he is not absolutely worth every penny.

It is all about the defense at this point.  The next three months are critical.  The installation, the prepping, the practice and the decisions they make could push this team significantly forward or keep them treading water in NFL purgatory.

Thankfully, the offense looks so potent and the bar for the defense is not set at an unattainable level.  This squad as currently constructed should meet every expectation that they return a result that is at least in the middle of the pack in the NFL in 2023.  

That is what successful teams do.  They manage expensive (but necessary) components of their roster that may not provide big value to such a degree that they do not hinder the entire team from achieving their goals.

The Seahawks must find a way to at least break even in defensive value in 2023.  Anything less would be a spoiling of the great work the team has done to improve the roster this spring.

What makes that job easier, particularly from Pete Carroll’s standpoint?

There is Ready Value All Over This 2023 Roster

There is an abundance of young, hungry talent along with some cost-controlled veterans to work with.  Instead of just relying on a good quarterback surrounded by tired veteran retreads and one or two young standouts to keep the team afloat, a look at this roster should get every fan excited about the seasons to come.  It will also keep breathing life into Carroll’s enthusiasm for pushing this team towards success.

We have eaten our vegetables by talking about the hard work to make this defense go.  Now let’s have dessert by talking about the ‘fun work.’

Let us count the ways:

— The quarterback room has a cap of $14.1 million.  That includes a $10m number for Geno Smith, coming off a 69.8% completion season where he took all the snaps and delivered 30 touchdowns and only threw 11 interceptions.  Yes, they have pushed out significant cap to 2024 but this team is poised to get big, big value from the position in 2023.  With all of his weapons and a second full year in this offense, an improvement is a reasonable expectation.

— The starting five offensive linemen with Evan Brown at center have a total cap charge of $15.6 million this season and are on track to be the best one the team has had in years.

— The top four running backs will cost the team just over $4.25 million of cap room and could put a charge into this whole team with their game-breaking ability, toughness and versatility.  If Kenny McIntosh makes the final 53, he will likely be the 52nd or 53rd lowest salary on the team, meaning the Seahawks may not be charged any salary cap money in 2023 for him depending on how they manage the bottom of the roster.  Seriously.  A returner, a special teams man, a third runner and a pass catcher for free.  He could be a unicorn that provides ‘infinity value’ to the team this fall because he has no cap cost.

— They could end up having seven players across the defensive line making less than $2.15 million each in 2023 and four of them figure to have very prominent roles:  Darrell Taylor, Boye Mafe, Derick Hall and Cameron Young.

— The cornerbacks.  Oh my, the cornerbacks.  They have five players who can plug in and start for stretches totalling a mere $10.13 million in cap space.  They might have a top 5-10 cornerback room this year for the sum cost of less than nine games of Jalen Ramsey.

It is going to be a joy to watch these players in training camp and in the preseason.  One of the greatest sights in professional sports fandom is witnessing talented athletes transforming into great pro players and helping their team ascend to new levels.  We will have a front row seat to see this fantastic cross section of young talent develop right before our eyes.

Make no mistake though, there is pressure on the staff to keep developing the 2022 draft class above and beyond just the natural need to develop your young players.  Starters like Walker, Woolen and the tackles have a lot of room to grow.  Players like Mafe, Bryant and even Dareke Young need to take that next step to where they get significant snaps regularly.

The hallmarks of the 2023 draft class should also serve them well in developing at a good pace.  Their abundant qualities like toughness, skill and versatility will very likely result in players like Witherspoon, Jaxon Smith-Njigba, Derick Hall and Zach Charbonnet seeing significant playing time this season.

It is absolutely crucial that the Seahawks do everything in their power to nurture these two draft classes along in 2023.  Why?

One way or another, they are going to have to make a big investment in 2024.  Be it in the form of keeping Geno Smith and his major cap hit on the roster, re-committing to him in the form of a contract reworking, or making the move in the draft and acquiring a quarterback of the future.

They also (at this time anyway) have $39 million committed to the two safeties in 2024 that they will need to decide on.

The more successful they are at finding value with these talented but low-cost players in 2023, the easier it will be to make critical decisions in 2024 that really help the Seahawks reach the next tier of NFL teams.

Honestly, these two areas – putting expensive veterans in a position to succeed and developing their young talent – have arguably been the weakest areas in the entire organization in recent years.  The post-Super Bowl era has been littered with cap space wasted in free agency and young draft picks either not developed or quickly cast aside in favor of those expensive veteran players.

It will be a very big challenge for the team to shake off those bad habits and refocus.

It is fair to say that the front office has re-evaluated their methods and taken great advantage of the opportunities available to them to acquire some serious young talent and free agents who have not reached their ceiling yet.  

They now need the player development and coaching arms of the club to follow suit.  Can they do it?  Can they make this roster into a team that is more than the sum of its parts?

We will see.


  1. Big Mike

    Great article Curtis. Really “scientific” way of looking at roster construction within the framework of a salary cap. Good drafting allows for those small expenditures in some of those position groups, young, talented, hungry and cheap players.

    • swedenhawk

      agreed. thanks, cha, for this intervention.

    • cha

      The best way to manage your cap is to draft and develop well. Everything else is secondary.

      Those cap-aggressive teams we all sigh at when they casually add a superstar despite having no cap room? Your LA Rams’, New Orleans’, and Philly’s? Their secret sauce is they all draft and coach their young talent well. They rarely mess around with the salary cap middle class.

  2. Old but Slow

    Renegotiating Adam’s contract seems logical, but I fear that the Peacock is one of those guys who needs to make a dollar more than the next guy and is unwilling to attach a lower number to his name.

    Prove me wrong, Jamal.

    • Jon W.

      Facemask Doink Adams won’t take a pay cut due to his massive ego and hopelessly inflated sense of self worth. Football Gods: I pray to thee that this individual gets cut on June 2nd.

      • Big Mike

        100% agree with you that he won’t “restructure” and for the reasons you mentioned.

        • St0ptherun

          If the company you work for was doing well, and looked like it would continue to do well for the foreseeable future, would you give up millions of your yearly salary just so your company could be the best that year?
          Knowing that there is no long-term term career for you there and no pension?
          If so, why?

          • cha

            If your company guaranteed you $38 million to be the best in your industry, starting with $21 million in up front money, and centered their entire business strategy around you, investing millions more to give you all the support you could want, and after three years you had spent more time in the hospital than doing your job, and the company decided to not pay you any more money than they were contractually obligated to pay, would you be upset about that?

            If so, why?

            • Big Mike


            • St0ptherun

              I’d completely understand, but if they offered me a contract to accept that offer I wouldn’t sign it, would you?
              If so why?

              • cha

                What are you talking about? That’s the contract Adams signed.

              • St0ptherun

                I’m not trying to have a snarky argument, but I want to point out that no reason why Jamal should want to reduce his cap has been brought to the table, just reasons they the Seahawks organization should want that.
                Adams not renegotiating his contract isn’t immoral, or unjust, he’s not taking candy from a baby, this is $ money from media corporations ect…
                It seems like it’s being suggested that Adams should feel guilty for not being available due to injury.
                The Seahawks argument isn’t: reduce you’re salary or we can’t sign our rookies, it’s reduce your salary so we don’t have to increase DK or Diggs’ $$, and that’s not a convincing argument.

                • cha

                  no reason why Jamal should want to reduce his cap has been brought to the table

                  Adams not renegotiating his contract isn’t immoral, or unjust, he’s not taking candy from a baby,

                  Nobody wants their pay reduced. You’re living in a fantasyland if you think “I don’t want to be paid less” is any kind of convincing argument.

                  It seems like it’s being suggested that Adams should feel guilty for not being available due to injury.

                  You’re arguing about feelings. This has nothing to do with feelings. This is the eventuality every NFL player has to face. Just ask Shelby Harris.

                  The Seahawks argument isn’t: reduce you’re salary or we can’t sign our rookies, it’s reduce your salary so we don’t have to increase DK or Diggs’ $$, and that’s not a convincing argument.

                  I have never, ever heard that argument stated. You’re setting up a strawman to knock down.

                  The argument is Adams no longer provides the value his pay requires. Injuries or not. That is just the reality of the situation. The Seahawks have negotiated non-guaranteed salary into the contract and Adams agreed to it.

                  Demonizing a team for abiding by the terms of that contract, which both parties agreed to and the NFL ratified as in accordance with the collective bargaining agreement is an odd choice.

                  • cha

                    Lawson missed all of 2021 with an Achilles tear and was paid $14m that year.

                    Field Yates
                    Jets DE Carl Lawson has agreed to a reworked deal, per source.

                    Lawson was due a non-guaranteed $15M, but is now due a base value of $9M, $8M of that is guaranteed. He has $3M more available in incentives.

                    The move creates $12.7M in 2023 cap space for the Jets.

                  • St0ptherun

                    I didn’t demonize the team in any way.
                    The comment I initially replied to was suggesting that Adams should lower his cap hit, I was pointing out that there is no serious reason Adams should want to do that.

                  • cha

                    There is.

                    Adams gets to stay employed through his rehab, and probably would be offered a chance to regain the money in performance incentives.

                    The alternative is he is on the street without team support, in an ice cold safety market and probably would not get picked up until very late in the season.

                  • St0ptherun

                    That is a fair point, I appreciate that clarification.
                    The counter that immediately springs to mind is that i think he would have to pass a physical before he could be released, and if so could get signed by another team, even in an ice cold safety market he could get a small contract from another team and still be getting paid us for a good total salary(similar to Byron Maxwell when he came back to us after getting released by the dolphins).
                    Then he bets on himself and his health(biggest personal gamble) to play well on a one year contract and reset his value.

                  • cha

                    He doesn’t have to pass a physical to be cut. He can be cut with a Failed Physical designation.

                  • St0ptherun

                    Thanks for the breakdown, I thought Adams’ camp had a stronger bargaining position.

            • McZ

              If this would really be a strictly business driven decision, they would have cleared the bank a season ago.

              – He is the single worst signing of this tenure, and the forces of throwing bad money after bad to save face are strong with the Seahawks.
              – Building a business strategy centered upon a safety nobody else in the league follows was a really dumb idea, a fireable offense in most franchises.

              Your argument is making the case of the Seahawks working like any other franchise when they clearly aren’t.

              So, we will continue to play the game of pretending we have a top 3 safety in this league. PC has to be right on this one.

      • Malanch

        “Football Gods: I pray to thee that this individual gets cut on June 2nd.” –Jon W.

        They don’t work like that, Jon. The principal duty of the Football Gods is to assure balance over time. Letting the Hawks off easy for the Peacock fiasco would obligate them to take from the team elsewhere. Only death can pay for life. The staggering foolhardiness of trading away stupendous quantities of draft resources (and any vestige of contractual leverage) WILL be accounted for—one way or another.

        • Jon W.

          You are totally off the mark here Malanch. The magical Football Gods have nothing to do with balance. I’m simply referring to some higher power that indiscriminately affords either good or bad fortune to teams in a particular circumstance. The Adams fiasco is most definitely the latter.

          And not sure what you mean by “Letting the Hawks off easy.” A post June 1st cut still creates a $21M+ dead cap hit. At least the pain can be spread over 2 years and we gain some much needed 2023 cap space breathing room. Unfortunately there is no financial easy way out.

          As Curtis astutely pointed out, FD Adams has woefully underperformed his contract. If he doesn’t agree to a reworked deal with a significantly lower cap number, then John & Pete should cut bait and move on.

          • Malanch

            I was just being silly, hence the ASOIAF reference. Calm down.

            • Jon W.

              Aha ok got it. Your esoteric and obscure reference is odd within the context of a Hawk discussion forum, but I suppose that I can appreciate the effort.

              • Malanch

                Not obscure at all. ASOIAF references have been thick in this forum (“pay the iron price”, etc.)—I didn’t figure you were new here. But you don’t need to be down with George R.R. Martin to get that pontificating on the adjudicative proclivities and best business practices of the Football Gods ain’t exactly serious stuff.

                • Jon W.

                  Fair enough.

                  I formally recognize your initial attempt at humor, while simultaneously acknowledging that my response was a bit lacking in this category. My initial reference to the “Football Gods” was intended to be tongue-in-cheek though.

                  The vast majority of folks here are primarily interested in reasoned and logical football-related arguments, but good to know that there are occasional moments of frivolity involving the world of your acronym.

    • Malc from PO

      I suspect the NFLPA would not want him to renegotiate a contract to his own detriment. That is a precedent no collective bargaining group is going to allow one of its members to set unilaterally.

      • cha

        It happens all the time.

      • Hawkdawg

        Per cha, didn’t Lawson just do that?

  3. Palatypus

    Cha, the idiom “comatose cap space”, did you coin that? Because it is absolutely brilliant. That phrase, and this salary cap article, are truly worthy of Wu Tang Financial. But I have got to know, are you a Misfits fan? Because I am totally reminded of the song Night of the Living Dead lyrics:

    Stumble in somnambulance so
    Pre-dawn corpses come to life
    Armies of the dead surviving
    Armies of the hungry ones

    Is there such a thing as somnambulant cap space? Because I think that the New Orleans Saints are operating on Zombie cap space.

    • cha

      the idiom “comatose cap space”, did you coin that?


      The Seahawks have beat us over the head with it for years, so you can thank them for drilling it into my head.

      • Big Mike

        It’s brilliant

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Just when I think I got a handle on your zig, Palatypus, you go full zag

      • Palatypus

        Yeah, I totaled the Mini Cooper S the other day.

  4. DavidinBellingham

    Thank you for providing an interesting and different perspective on the team.

    • Palatypus

      Post of the day.

    • cha

      Thanks for reading!

  5. Palatypus

    Here is something that just occured to me:

    Kenny McIntosh, drafted 237th overall by the Seattle Seahawks.

    Justin Forsett, drafted 233rd overall by the Seattle Seahawks.

    If we get Justin Forsett value out of Kenny McIntosh that is a major win. This was a guy who played in the same backfield as Marshawn Lynch and IIRC Aaron Rodgers at Cal.

    And we got Charbonnet in the 2nd…hmmm.

    • Malc from PO

      I have great memories of Forsett. All he ever did was play well for us.

      • Malanch

        Bizarro Christine Michael

  6. JimN

    Really enjoyed this. I love the detail and the real comparisons to get a handle on this emotional thing called value!

  7. Saxon

    Comatose Cap space…lol.

    Superbly written article. I fear some of those 2022 rookies might regress to the mean. Sophomore slumps happen. NFL teams begin to refine their books on these players and neutralize them more effectively. I agree that uncommon player development will be key to unlocking contender status in 2024. Excited with what they’re finally building.

    • CWagner

      Good question. I was wondering the same thing. It’s a great term and certainly something to be considered. When I googled “comatose cap space”, all that came up was Cha’s article lol.

  8. Romeo A57

    CHA, a very interesting look at how the Seahawks have used their available cap space. I hate how much they spend on the Safeties, of course, but I would also like to see them get cheaper at Tight End. Their TE group is decent, but none of those guys are great and shouldn’t be making a lot of money.

  9. Patrick Toler

    Great article Curtis.

    “The starting five offensive linemen with Evan Brown at center have a total cap charge of $15.6 million this season and are on track to be the best one the team has had in years.”

    The most high leverage question about the team in 2023 is, somewhat weirdly, whether they can get adequate starting level play at C and RG. If so, there is nothing (outside of significant injury) that should stand in the way of this being a legitimate top 5 offense. That would boost us to at least fringe contender status in a weak NFC if the defense can avoid being a train wreck.

  10. LouCityHawk

    Great write up and Comatose Cap Space should go on a t-shirt, front runner for Fantasy Team names 2023.

    It is interesting how emotional these player decisions become for fans. Part of me thinks career fields/industry plays a big role in how a Gabe Jackson or a Prez is realized in a dans mind.

    In my industry, everyone makes mistakes, and the quicker you learn from and move on from a mistake the better, you cannot let your emotions or pride keep you invested in a mistake – because the mistake will only grow, and it damages your ability to produce other victories.

    Translated to my fandom I’d rather see a disappointing player cut quickly, and a replacement level starter be paid an appropriate salary to replace them. Some people call this ‘stop-loss’ or avoiding ‘throwing good money after bad’.

    I worry based on prior history the Seahawks these next two seasons will still be governed by the hopes of Prez, Diggs, even Geno… as opposed to the right, even if tough decision. My worries are tempered though by the rapid turnaround in drafting – 2021 may have been the worst draft of my lifetime. 2022 saw them draft 3 of my must draft players and 2023 saw them draft 4/5 (I wanted one of Char/McI).

    A rapid shift in philosophy is possible organizationally.

    PCJS know a lot more about Prez than the rest of us…but if my voice was in the room I would meet with him, lay out exactly what the organization has invested to have him there, and frankly state that through no fault of his own he hasn’t been available. Imagine your employee or coworker missing as much time as Prez has, and also knowing how well compensated that person is…. The next part of that convo would be about expectations (this is what we don’t know) participation in film room, showing up at OTAs, having the right attitud….. lastly, there would be a discussion of reworking the contract.

    The org has proven itself to Prez, he should have no doubt about their belief in him or where the organization is headed. Now it is his turn to show that belief and investment wasn’t misguided.

    If any of that conversation isn’t satisfactory, tell him he can seek a trade-maybe seeing the trade market for his services would humble him. If no deal is out there then make the cut. The legacy of the trade and contract is something that needs to be cleansed on this new team.

  11. Hawks4life

    Not sure I’d anyone saw the video of Bryce Young taking snaps at rookie camp but he looks like a 10 year old. He’s incredibly small!!!

    • DW

      His line at Alabama was actually on average, larger than his line at Carolina.
      Also, we knew he was small, I’m not sure why that video is getting so much traction.

      • Spectator

        Kid just got drafted 1st overall in draft. Of course any video of him will get traction. Especially a video where he looks like one of those edits that makes the players look smaller than he is and look ridiculous standing next to other players. Except it’s not an edit. Lol he looks like a meme out there.

  12. Gross MaToast

    This column had a good beat and was easy to dance to. Thanks.

    Lord knows that there has been no bigger fan or promoter of Jamal Adams than me – you can look it up. People seem to focus on the negatives with Jamal, like when he got drilled in the facemask with a football from twenty yards away (in his defense, he never saw the ball – had no idea where it was, so lay off), or showing up to a press conference with a $2200 coffee cup (he lost that coffee cup soon after and no longer owns it), or smoking a victory cigar after a win against the Rams when the Rams were coming back for a playoff game the following week (in his defense, he didn’t light it until the post-game press conference so the Rams were wrong for watching), or not seeming to know his assignments during large swaths of the time he’s been able to play (sure, he may not know his defensive assignments, but neither did most of the other guys and Jamal missed a LOT more time than most of them, so who was really in the wrong?). Anyway, I’m a big, big supporter and fan and I’m super worried that he could become a June 1 cap casualty after a “failed physical.” While it would provide some breathing room under the salary cap, I’m worried that Jamal might go to another team and spend the season on their IR instead of ours. How do you spell, ‘disaster?’ I spell it ‘J-A-M-A-L.’ In Cleveland. Are my fears unfounded? Please say ‘yes.’

    Also, let’s play, “What Would the Seahawks Roster Look Like if They Were Paying $45m for an Unnamed QB?” I’ll go first – it would look different.

    Thanks, cha.

    • Big Mike

      Post of the month, possibly even the year.

    • Lawrie

      Not to be rude or pick an argument but your excuses for JA’ s behaviour seem awfully weak.
      He is a peacock that unfortunately hasn’t lived up to any billing he’s made of himself.
      He talks a big game but in the years since we signed him he has not lived up to any, tackling his own teammates as he comes in late to the play, the ball in the face mask happened two or three times not just the once.
      Could he be a good player, we don’t really know because he is never on the field and as such is a liability.
      I would like nothing better than to see our moneys worth out of him, for him to be the player he was drafted and contracted to be.
      I won’t hold my breath though.

      • Big Mike

        Um, did you miss the sarcasm in Gross’ post?

        • Lawrie

          Yup guess I did …….sorry

    • Old but Slow

      “…good beat and was easy to dance to.” Thanks for the American Bandstand reference. As a teen I was very much into that show and Dick Clark. Mainly to check out the chicks.

      Those were the days when Annette Funicello was foremost in most boy’s minds.

    • Troy

      The sarcasm was so thin and well done I almost missed it.

  13. DW

    His line at Alabama was actually on average, larger than his line at Carolina.
    Also, we knew he was small, I’m not sure why that video is getting so much traction.

  14. cha

    ‘Ian Rapoport
    The #Steelers have informed veteran CB Ahkello Witherspoon that he’ll be released, source says. He started 7 games over the last two seasons.

    Mike Morris says hi Steelers and see you in December.

    • Hand of God

      What a great trade that was, fabricating a 5th out of thin air

  15. KennyBadger

    I think the last 2 drafts have shown that PCJS still have some mojo evaluating young talent, but obviously we still have to see how this years class pans out.

    What remains to be seen is if Pete has any ability putting together a serviceable defense. In spite of some of the individual performances from players like woolen and nwosu, the unit as a whole has been a total liability. I’m tired of the Petespeak ‘we’re going to get this right’ when they are getting outschemed and can’t tackle on a week to week basis. Coaching on that side of the ball has to improve.

    • James Cr.

      That is where I am at too. Until I actually see it on the field I am not convinced. It doesnt have to be spectacular; I will be more than happy with a team defense ranked in the teens.

    • Patrick Toler

      I agree that there is some room to criticize Pete coming off of several disappointing defensive seasons, but I think it is being underestimated how tough it is to implement a defense with your entire CB group having a combined 4 career appearances. If the secondary can be a strength this season (very possible with the additions of Witherspoon and Love plus a reasonable amount of development from the young corners), it should make things much easier for the rest of the defense.

      • Rob Staton

        But at no point over the last few years has the play of the cornerbacks felt like the problem

        • Chris

          Yeah. Inexperienced CB play can’t be an excuse for how atrocious the run D has been at times.

          • AlaskaHawk

            I think it was a collective defensive failure. There were a few bright spots like Woolen and Nwosu, but most of the team just wasn’t good enough. I’m talking multiple missed tackles bad.

            So it’s not surprising they have entirely remade the defensive line and made other additions. I like the changes so thinking positive.

  16. Hand of God

    I was watching some offensive lineman drill videos from the training camp…the power Bradford has compared to the other players there (including Olu) was noticeable. He destroyed the sled with one hand, an assistant had to jump in to prevent it from falling over.

    • Big Mike

      Oh hell yes!

    • Big Mike

      Wanna see he and Abe open a Panckae House weekly.

      • Palatypus

        So, is the new offensive line now, “The House of Pancakes”?

        • KennyBadger


  17. samprassultanofswat

    Rob a couple of Questions.

    1). In regards to Boye Mafe. Everyone had high hopes for him. Do you still feel that way?

    2). I know the Hawks were counting on Jamal Adams being a key player in Seahawks run defense last year. How big a loss to the run defense was Jamal Adams?

    3) If Jamal Adams doesn’t show up until training camp would you cut him?

    • Ashish

      Not Rob, but always yes to cut Jamal Adams.Not sure how much Adams has helped in run game but he is liability on passing game. Good first question, JS was also very high on Mafe but an injury right before a season start derailed his progress. Also pass rusher takes season or two before they shine. Will see, with young competition it will be fun.

    • Rob Staton

      1. Yes

      2. None

      3. I would’ve moved on ages ago

  18. j hawk

    As Lord Jon Snow said “June 1st is coming” (Peacock)

    • Hawktalker#1

      It’s not coming soon enough for my taste.

      Also, the North Remembers. (If you can’t show up, pack your sled)

  19. Brodie

    Thanks for this article Cha. Some really nice points in here. Here are some interesting numbers for how we are spending our cap compared to the rest of the NFL:

    Safety: 1st in spending (+$13M over #2 & +$20M over 29 other teams)
    Corner: 31st (about $350k over 32nd Rams)
    LB – 6th (this was a shocker) Bobby’s $7M is more than the Rams & Eagles are paying their whole LB corps
    EDGE – 19th
    IDL – 21st

    QB – 15th
    RB – 29th
    WR – 9th
    TE – 3rd
    OL – 32nd

    Just some more context for the article. #1 for S, #3 for TE, #6 for LB…. yet 32nd for OL, 31st for CB & 29th for RB.

    If you’re building a team from scratch and you say “what positions are we going to spend up on?”… I doubt a single GM in the league would say “Safety, TE & LB are the ticket!”.

    It won’t get fixed this year, but I sure hope they transition that cap space going forward.

    • Glor

      But they never learn, evidence, the Wagner contact.

      • AlaskaHawk

        The seahawks are looking for one last whiff of Wagner’s glory days and hoping he will provide leadership and training for the other linebackers. It’s expensive, but he was slated to make $20 million before he left, so I guess it’s a good deal.

    • Troy

      Highest spenders on safety, super high on TE and LB…yikes. We get super value out of some groups and negative value from others, i would just love one of the following this year 1) Jamal balls out 2) Jamal is cut post June 1. Those are the only two acceptable scenarios imo

      • Rob Staton

        It’s way too much on lesser positions

        They have to turn that investment into the premium areas from next off season

        • OlyFan

          Thankfully, the roster is setup to get free of overspending on QB, TE, S, & LB in one more offseason. Find the right QB in the draft & field some younger, faster linebackers & safeties then the team could invest some more money on interior linemen on both sides of the ball.

    • Big Mike

      How they begin allocating cap dollars is going to be interesting once the peacock and Diggs are gone after this next season. Bobby won’t be back either. Someone refresh my memory on TEs please, iirc there’s savings to be had there too. They’ll need it for upcoming contracts to Woolen, Lucas, et. al. and possibly another couple of seasons for Geno.

      • Brodie

        Exactly Mike. Adams and Diggs are $36M against the cap this year and almost $39M next year. Something needs to give there.

        LB is a bit tricky as OTC has our spending on the position at $20.3M, but when I tally it up I get $19M. We have 6 LB under contract with BW, Brooks, Bush, Bellore, Rhattigan and Vi Jones. It’s not a great deal of money compared to the overall cap. Bobby will be gone, but so will every other LB except Bellore (based on current deals).

        TE –
        Dissly – $9.2M & $10.1M (’24)
        Fant – $6.85M
        Parkinson – $1.2M
        Mabry – $870k

        Same story – low percentage of the cap, high $$ relative to the rest of the league & only one player under contract for 2024.

        The big issue is that we’re paying top 1, 3 & 6 money to S,TE & LB for MAYBE average production. The big silver lining is we’re paying bottom 5 money to OL, CB & RB for what should be 3 of our best position groups.

    • 509 Chris

      I would assume numbers 1 and 2 for TE are SF and KC. If we had anyone close to the quality of theor tight ends than its ok to pay the position, but Uncle Will at 8 some million?

  20. clbradley17

    Excellent article on our salary cap Cha.

    A way too early PFN 2024 mock draft – they had hardly any IOL available after the first few, and noticed QB Rattler was still there in the late 3rd.


    Quinn Ewers
    QB Texas
    trade icon

    Sedrick Van Pran
    C Georgia
    trade icon

    Omar Speights
    LB LSU
    trade icon

    Mekhi Wingo
    DT LSU

    Jaylon Carlies
    S Missouri

    Johnny Wilson
    WR Florida State

    Jalin Conyers
    TE Arizona State
    trade icon

    Shemar Turner
    DT Texas A&M

    Roman Hemby
    RB Maryland

    • BK26

      I think I’d still like Rattler at 25 over Ewers..or about anyone else that isn’t out of LA….

      But Van Pran and a young quarterback….wow…

      • clbradley17

        You’re right, Rattler instead of Ewers in rd. 1. Just re-read what Rob said about Quinn Ewwwwww-ers, lots of misses and other flaws. Of course Van Pran is awesome and probably won’t last to rd. 2.

        Quickly used espn bio to get an idea about the others. LB Speight looked great getting 80 tackles and multiple int. at Ore.St. – transferred to LSU, his new teammate DT Wingo was 3rd team all american last year, can play DT or rush from DE.

        S Carlies is 6’3″ 215 and flies around the field getting ints and tackles. Wilson of FSU is a 6’7″ 240 lb. WR reminds me of Darren Waller coming out, might bulk up and become TE, had just under 900 yds and 21 yd. avg. in 2022.

        Big TE Conyers is an ex BB player, 6’4″ 265 and played very well for ArizSt., Turner is a former 5 star DT now at TX A&M had almost 40 tackles last year and RB Hemby of Maryland is 6′ even 200 lbs and ran a timed 4.4, also a KR. He had just under 1000 yds at 5.3 avg and 10 TDs last year.

  21. Paul

    “The coaching staff more than once made comments to the effect that they built a large part of the defensive strategy around this constantly injured player – a startling revelation that borders on malpractice if true.”

    Going into 2022, Adams had played in 70 of a possible 80 games.

    • Rob Staton

      And both the 2020 and 2021 seasons ended with injuries, with him also struggling on the field playing with injuries (famously shirking a tackle on the GL against LA)

      So let’s not make out injuries weren’t a thing with him

    • BK26

      He still hasn’t been good when he’s been out there. They structured their defense around an injury-prone, safety who doesn’t play that position. He’s been a liability as much as anything.

      So he’s been injured and hasn’t made much of an impact when he’s been out there. He might be the weakest piece of the starting defense this season.

    • Ashish

      Just compare the amount of draft capital involved and contract given to Adams vs the return. Just accept it was bad deal and move on. He is distraction in all cases. Somehow i feel writing is on the wall when they sign Love, obviously they want to recover draft capital and/or cap space if they can. So no surprise what they say in media about how important he is. Remember they spoke same for Clark and Russ before we traded them.

      • Big Mike

        Remember they spoke same for Clark and Russ before we traded them.

        Oh no, you just gave me a glimmer of hope that he’ll be gone soon. Hope can be a very dangerous thing particularly when ego (Pete) is involved.

        • Ashish

          Big Mike, we indeed got Center in this draft. How JS thinks about Jamal I’m sure he will be gone max 1 year. Will hope it happens before season starts.

          • Hawk Finn


  22. samprassultanofswat

    I guess the next question is. Will the Seahawks cut Jamal Adams? If he skips the voluntary workout. And if he isn’t that much of a value in the run defense. What good is he?

    I don’t think the Seahawks will cut Adams. But I do believe this will be his last year as a Seahawk.

    Not happy if Adams skips the voluntary workout.

    My first reaction was. When the Hawks traded two first round picks and a third round pick for Adams. I just shook my head. But this trade has got to be the worst trade in Seattle Seahawk history.

    • Brodie

      Agree with every word, though I was a bit more demonstrative than shaking my head.

      • Big Mike

        Me too. I think he’ll play little to not at all this year with injuries being the perfect excuse when he’s cut next offseason. And worst ever? Yep.

  23. no frickin clue

    I suppose the question of whether Jamal will restructure his contract comes down to one question:

    Does Jamal think that the Hawks potentially releasing him by June 1 is a credible threat, or not?

    If he sees no way that Pete/John would do that, then why would the self-declared Best In The Nation ever agree to lower compensation?

    And if you’re Pete/John, can you handle the cap hit in 2023 and 2024 from a post-June 1 designation and release him?

    • AlaskaHawk

      I think it’s bad for team morale to have a constantly injured and overpaid player on the team. All those rookies and other vets want a permanent position on the team – and here is this injured player sucking up all the money. Not only does it affect them, but it affects the entire team’s chance to add useful players.

      Just bite the bullet and get rid of Adams – your two years late but you can still salvage some money.

      • Big Mike


      • samprassultanofswat

        Alaska: Agree with you. But will the Seahawks do it?

        • AlaskaHawk

          It’s a test for Pete Carroll. Has he changed his ways? Is he drafting better or has he just gotten lucky?

          I notice Cha didn’t try to analyze the cap space. I don’t see how the Seahawks can stay under the cap without cutting two high paid players. Things were tight and then they hired Wagner. I just don’t know how they can carry everyone. But the whole cap thing remains a mystery of managers shuffling money around into different bundles paid in different ways in different years.

          • Big Mike

            Did you take into account the reworking of Tyler’s contract? I don’t know the numbers and cha can speak to that, but guessing that was enough to make sure they can pay the glass peacock. Hope I’m wrong of course and he gets cut 6/2.

            • cha

              They picked up about $5.6m on Tyler, they’ll need another $4-6m to just cover the practice squad and injury replacement players.

              More if they want to keep shopping in free agency.

              • Big Mike

                Thank you
                Cutting Adams 6/2 picks up 8 million. Sounds like perfect solution.

              • AlaskaHawk

                Thanks for the info. It was an informative article. Thanks Cha.

      • HawkfaninMT

        If you follow players on Twitter they would probably disagree with you. They seem to be in lockstep support of JA

        • Rob Staton

          That’s rarely indicative of much

        • cha

          Players are not the best judge of worthiness, the salary cap or what is really best for the team.

          Quandre Diggs was lobbying for the Seahawks to trade for 32-year-old Darius Slay and his $17m 2023 salary this spring.

          • HawkfaninMT

            While I agree with both of you that Twitter is not an excellent source for data points or cap value, it is a place that you can just say nothing. I was speaking more to the fact that teammates are supporting him is all vs bad guy to have in locker room

            • Malanch

              “…I agree with both of you that Twitter is not an excellent source…”

              Twitter’s worthiness or unworthiness as a source is immaterial to this discussion, just as x number of Jamal Adams’s friends posting nice things about him is immaterial to team-building. Now, if Adams had established a legacy as a foundational team leader and VMAC denizen, then perhaps John Schneider would find a critical mass of locker room enthusiasm to be worth factoring into the equation. But last I checked…

              • HawkfaninMT

                I’m simply pushing back on the assertion that he is bad for team morale… I’ve just seen zero evidence of this.

                • Malanch

                  I would reject that “bad for team morale” assertion, too. Bad for team quality, however…

                  • HawkfaninMT

                    I’m on board with that. You will not catch me saying JA is worth the contract he has, and I 100% agree that the contract has impacted the teams ability to properly attack the DL and C position.

  24. Ukhawk

    Any chance we create enough space to sign Sun or Hicks or another player who can bring some vet leadership and strength in the trenches

  25. cha

    Rob – that must have been incredible to cover the Sheffield Wednesday comeback and win on penalties. Good for them – Darren Moore seems like a good guy and a leader of men.

  26. cha

    Ian Rapoport
    Reunion: The #Texans are signing pass-rusher Jacob Martin to a 1-year deal, source said. He played on the edge for Houston from 2019-2021 before landing with the #Jets and #Broncos last year.

    • Sea Mode

      LOL! 👍

  27. Sea Mode

    Ian Rapoport

    Reunion: The #Texans are signing pass-rusher Jacob Martin to a 1-year deal, source said. He played on the edge for Houston from 2019-2021 before landing with the #Jets and #Broncos last year.

  28. samprassultanofswat

    Jamal Adams. Over the Cap,Seahawks%20for%20%2470%2C000%2C000%2C%20of%20which%20%2421%2C000%2C000%20is%20guaranteed.

    I don’t quit understand the cap situation. But it looks to me that if the Hawks cut Adams (Post June 1st). Financially the Hawks would save $8,440,000.00 Is that correct?

    • cha


    • Hawkster

      But then they would miss out on a quarter and a half of greatness

      • Hoggs41

        Feels like they made there bed for the 2023 season with Adams as soon as they released Ryan Neal from his tender. Next year they can save around $9m releasing him before June 1 and $16m after June 1.

      • Big Mike

        You have a low bar definition of ‘greatness’ my friend

  29. Big Mike

    Rest in peace Jim Brown. If he’s not in your conversation as the GOAT in pro football history, you have no idea of his greatness. The ONLY running back to average over 100 yds rushing per game and the highest per carry average among RBs at 5.2.
    I consider it very fortunate to have watched the last 2 years of his career when I was old enough to begin really paying attention to what football is.

    • Old but Slow

      Jim Brown was a force of nature. Big, strong, fast, nimble, and angry. RIP

    • TomLPDX

      Football was definitely a different game back then.

  30. Palatypus

    So, about $1 Million a minute.

    • Palatypus

      Meant as a reply to Hawkster.

  31. Allen M.

    Excellent analysis, Rob. I really enjoyed the way you weaved in so many logical, strong points about the team while discussing numbers. Keep up the great work.

    • Rob Staton

      Curtis wrote this

  32. samprassultanofswat

    Jamal Adams is now 9 months removed from his injury. It is T asking that much to take three days off to be with your team mates. The front office has been more than fair to Adams.

    If Adams can’t take the time to spend three days getting to know your team mates. Then I say:”Adios!

    • Nathan

      Well forgive me but think this through.
      Who says he won’t spend 3 days at some point?
      The players are getting orientated and don’t need any media distraction.
      He’s a vet and rehabbing.

      • AlaskaHawk

        My guess he is rehabbing and planning for retirement. The Seahawks have already made him wealthy. He doesn’t need to play another game, and why bother risking injury after rehab? He has his whole life ahead of him and tens of millions of dollars to spend.

  33. Rob Staton

    Look at the state of this:

    • Rob Staton

      It’s amazing by the way how the people in that thread aren’t really welcome on here. I wonder why… they seem like such nice people…

      • TomLPDX

        Just take the high road, Rob.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I’ve come to the conclusion that it is impossible to state your opinion on the web without being attacked both personally and for your opinion. Often those attacks are also projection of the responders anxiety.

        Glad your still blogging Rob!

      • Big Mike

        Place is an inbred shithole Rob. Haven’t been there in quite a number of years and reading that I see nothing’s changed.
        Not worth your time, energy or caring.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          First time I visited that site.

          Even the few commenters who acknowledge Rob’s scouting chops…

          …that they acknowledge Rob knows what he’s talking about demonstrates they understand football and they’re intellectually honest.

          But they say they don’t like how he treats people he disagrees with while they defend top billin…

          Excuse me? You prefer name calling? You prefer puerile attempts to body shame (as if that’s even a thing a well adjusted adult is even subject to)? You prefer veiled threats of physical violence as a means to settle the dispute?

          The rest of those trolls don’t mean a fart in a hurricane. But the ‘serious’ posters, what’s wrong with them?

          • Palatypus

            That site went completely to hell after Doug Farrar left in about 2006.

            But, what IS impressive is that it has been around since about 1989, IIRC. It was like AOL/Compuserve.

            • cha

              I was there in those days. I miss Editor Doub.

      • samprassultanofswat

        Rob: Don’t worry about those people. You are not going to make everyone happy. It’s just that simple Your knowledge of football is at a high level. Sometimes I am blown away by the depth of your detail.

        When it came to Jalen Carter, you were right. And all the talking heads were wrong. Mike Sauk, Micheal Bumbus, Bucky Brooks, Daniel Jeremiah, Walters Football. The list goes on and on. They all had the Seahawks taking Jalen Carter. So don’t worry about the “talking heads.” Your record speaks for itself.

        Now these same talking heads think that Anthony Richardson should start asap. Michael Lombardi thinks that RIchardson is probably two years away.

      • BK26

        You shouldn’t assume, but I picture a bunch of grown men sitting in their rooms in their parents’ basements, waiting for their mothers to bring them lunch while they comment on forums in between playing Fortnite with 13 year olds.

        Kind of guys that get called “mommy’s little angels” and “the world just isn’t ready for your wonderfullness sweetheart.”

      • Hawk Finn

        That place is trash. Was a member since it was and watched it slowly decline after XL*. I took a voluntary permaban there after hawkstorian and an overzealous mod deleted my posts and called me “disrespectful” for discussing how Kam’s retirement may impact the salary cap. Don’t miss the hostility one bit.

        I do remember a cool chap named TheEnglishSeahawk who was very insightful when it came to draft prospects. I wonder what ever became of him.

    • Ashish

      Lots of effort on discussing Rob Staton then Seahawks. Just ignore them, you do what do the best.

    • Mychestisbeastmode

      A few lame opinions about you from otherwise mostly ignorant sounding people with time on their hands and an axe to grind. In America, it seems one always has to pick a side.

      I, for one, hope you continue this decade long “ego-stroking” blog for a long time to come.

    • cha

      I can confidently say this site has made me smarter about my seahwks fandom.

      If you want to come here and present an argument, you better do your homework and bring facts and logic.

      You better also be ready to say “that’s a good point, I never thought of that”, or at least be prepared to accept another viewpoint and let it go.

      If you want to shout your opinions at an unreasonable volume and argue you’re right based on your feelings or the prevailing wisdom in the press and on other boards, and then insult Rob or the community when presented with said facts and logic, I’m afraid this place is not for you.

      Read the room, fellas. We debate vigorously but we never insult each other. Rob only moderates when there is no other choice.

      If you think that you can live with that, come on over. We’d love to talk seahwks with you and we can all get smarter together.

      • 509 Chris

        100% agree about being a smarter fan because of this site. As a whole from the content here I probably think way deeper about football outside of just what happens on Sundays.

      • Rob Staton


      • Palatypus

        That’s a god point. I never thought of that.

        I better do my homework.

    • 509 Chris

      I can’t recall a time where you were ever cruel or mean to someone who disagreed with you. You typically follow up with a fact which is expected on an open fourm site. And the thing with top billin is nuts. Didn’t you just use a few seconds of his video while telling the fan base to pump the breaks on the superbowl talk? Even after he attacked your appearance and your nationality you never really said anything about him personally, only laughed at what he’d said about you. I feel like insecure dudes are pissed that a non American knows more about our game than most of us do. I really appreciate what you do here Rob, Curtis too.

      • Rob Staton

        And the thing with top billin is nuts. Didn’t you just use a few seconds of his video while telling the fan base to pump the breaks on the superbowl talk?

        Not even that.

        I said there are a ton of non-Seahawks led channels saying nice things about the Seahawks (and showed a bunch of current day thumbnail screen-grabs to emphasise that point) and then suggested that me, as someone who follows only the Seahawks and has been critical of the team, saying they were on the right track I would hope was a reason to believe in the direction they were heading.

        That was it.

        Even after he attacked your appearance and your nationality you never really said anything about him personally, only laughed at what he’d said about you.

        Yet weirdly some claim I attacked him. The internet is so strange.

        • Palatypus

          Top Billin’ eats his chips with mayonnaise and sips tea from Pakistan.

          And while we’re on the subject, I have been looking for a book of British insults and I don’t think one exists.

          As far as I can tell, if you want to find a good British insult, you have to go to William Shakespeare.

    • Rushless pass

      It’s really weird how everything is win or lose on there

      • Rob Staton

        It’s incredible how angry they are

        Over a blog

  34. Palatypus

    Well, there are eleven days left in May. Should we start the Jamal Adams countdown clock tomorrow?

    • Malanch

      Setting yourself up for disappointment, don’t you think? Those odds seem long to me.

      • Palatypus

        I set myself up for disappointment every time I look in the mirror.

        • STTBM

          Lol! Tell me about it…

        • Malanch

          Just do your shaving and beard-trimming by feel, and you’ll never need a mirror again. Should you run into asymmetry issues, no big — you don’t have to look at it. See, I’ve got this aging thing licked.

          • Palatypus

            I used to do it in the shower, but then I had a couple of toes amputated, so now balance is an issue.

            Oh, and my Podiatrist’s is named Dr. Victor Nwosu. Those Nwosu boys really know how to chop toes off.

  35. AlaskaHawk

    Two best players that Seahawks could trade for are LB Devin White and DT Grover Stewart. Show me the money!!!!

    • Ukhawk

      Love to get Grover, one of the best NTs in the league and good value

    • Rushless pass

      Grover alone would make me feel more confident going into the season. Grove is pretty underrated

  36. Palatypus

    This is kind of interesting.

    While I was searching for the local reaction here in Pensacola of Devon Witherspoon going #5 overall to the Seahawks, I found out there was another star in their defensive backfield named Dacarrion McWilliams.

    “Dacarrion McWilliams essentially ran his way into three more NCAA Division I offers, after recording a 4.4 40-yard dash time at a camp at Mercer.

    McWilliams picked up offers from Marshall, Southern Miss and Western Kentucky, adding that a dozen coaches approached him immediately after he ran the 40 at the camp.

    The 5-11, 170 pound Class of 2020 defensive back is now up to eight offers, which also include UAB, South Alabama, Jacksonville State, Coastal Carolina and Murray State.”

    He ended up going to the University of Alabama Birmingham in 2020, which would make him a Senior this year.

    • Malanch

      Have you tried tactfulness? Thoughtfulness? …Accountability?

    • AlaskaHawk

      Can’t wait to see Devon’s gold chain when he is doing interviews after the game.

      • Palatypus

        The caption says, “Dacarrion McWilliams (left) and Devon Witherspoon combined for a joint effort, pick six in Pine Forest’s win over Milton.”

        So, I guess the iron chain with the school mascot on it is the turnover chain, like they do in Miami. Maybe the gold chain is for the touchdown?

  37. MyChestIsBeastMode

    What would one do with ~$8 million in savings if JA were cut in June?

    The only free agent options that look appealing to me are D-line Clowney, Clark, or maybe Houston. But all of those guys take time away from our youngins on the D line who need the experience in a rebuild.

    Part of me feels the upside potential of a healthy and relatively young JA (I know, I know, oxymoron) is more valuable or at least worth the risk rather than adding a stop-gap veteran D lineman or saving the money towards next year’s cap.

    • Gaux Hawks

      My issue (and not sure if true) is that it would cost more in 2024. Cha?

      • cha

        JA would hit the cap for $23m in 2024.

        • Hojo

          Cha – How is that different vs. cutting him next off-season? I’m trying to sort out if there are tradeoffs between cut JA now for 2023 benefit or cut JA in 2024 for more relief in ’24 / ’25.

          • Brodie

            If you’re on OverTheCap, go to the team page. Just below the logo are tabs for the league year.

            For Jamal just click on 2023 (default) and post June 1 cut from the droop down (dead cap & savings).

            You’ll see $9.67M in dead cap and an $8.44M savings

            Then click 2024 and post June 1 cut. You’ll see $7.11M in dead cap and $16.5M in savings.

            I’m pretty sure that you can spread the dead cap hit over two years, which would mean that half of that first amount could be added to the cap savings, but the other half would carry to next year. I’ll defer to Curtis on that aspect.

            Playing around with those yearly tabs and the drop down should help you walk through any scenarios that you’re wondering about for any of our guys though.

            • Hojo

              Got it. Thanks Brodie.

          • cha

            Yes that’s a great question. You can look at Brodie’s reply and get a general feel.

            I will add:

            Cut Post-June1 this year:
            Seahawks pick up $8.44m of cap to use this year and accrue $23.89m of dead money (split between $9.67m in 2023 and $14.22m in 2024)
            2024 would have $14.22m in dead money and $9.39m opened up.
            2025 would have all $24.61m off the books.

            Cut pre-June1 next year:
            You’ve picked up nothing in 2023 and fully guaranteed the 2023 cap of $18.11m if he is on the roster Week One 2023
            2024 would have $14.22m in dead money and $9.39m opened up.

            Cut post-June1 next year:
            $14.22m dead split between 2024 and 2025
            2024 cap of $16.5m opened up June 2
            2025 cap would have $7.11m dead and $17.5m opened up.

            Waiting until next year means the Seahawks would carry the full $18.1m for a player who probably will not play until well into the season. The only way to get him off the roster and save cap at that point would be via trade, and nobody is going to trade for a badly banged up guy by the deadline.

            So waiting actually means the $8.44m gained in 2023 you’d gain by cutting or negotiating Adams down gets paid to him, every penny.

            • Hojo

              This is super helpful, thanks Cha.

              It seems like the first decision is whether to pay JA $8.44M in 2023 or use those resources otherwise. That would allow them to sort out whether to cut him now or pre-June1 next year since the dead cap is the same in either scenario.

              The next variable becomes how / when do you want to eat the dead cap. $14.22m in 2024 or split that amount between 2024 / 2025.

              Want to spend the cash otherwise this year and ok to eat $14.22M dead cap in 2024 –> Post June 1 This Year
              Want to spend $8.44M on JA this year and split your dead cap in ’24 / ’25 –> Post June 1 Next Year

              • Hojo

                posted before I was done and can’t edit..

                Last option:
                Want to spend $8.44M on JA this year and ok to eat $14.22 dead cap in 2024 –> Pre June 1 Next Year

              • cha

                I’ll keep saying this – Adams is going to but sooner or later.

                Sooner – Invested 2023-25: $23.89m
                Later – Invested 2023-25: $32.33m

                Even the most ardent Jamal fans know that 2024 he’ll probably be cut. They push back against cutting him this year to ‘give him another shot.’ Well, that will cost you $8.44m – all guaranteed if he is on the roster Week One in 2023.

                He likely won’t be available until November. So you’re investing $8.44m for about 8-10 games of Adams. The cost/benefit ratio is way out of whack.

                I’ll say it again: if they can cut his 2023 salary in half through negotiation, then you can afford to give him that one more chance. If not, he needs to go.

                • Gaux Hawks

                  Thank you Cha… makes perfect sense!

                • Hojo

                  Thanks Cha. You did a much better job of summing it up than I did.

                  The only argument against cutting him now is if the team strongly prefers to split the $14M dead cap across ’24 and ’25 and think that he’s a net positive in ’23.

                  I’m in favor of cutting him now.

                • samprassultanofswat

                  Cha: Awesome report.

                  Paying 18mil for a player that is only going to play 8-10 games. Really???

                  Adams doesn’t even take the time to spend three days with his teammates.
                  Unless he takes a pay cut. It is sayonara time.

                  I am sure that Pete Carroll was behind the push to get Adams.

                • Jon W.

                  The last paragraph hits it on the nose. Agreed 100%!

    • Gaux Hawks

      So, if I understand, cutting Adams post-June 2023 vs pre-June 2024 doesn’t change 2024 dead cap, but does save ~$7M in 2025 (and the ~$8M in 2023).

      Wow, feels like a no brainer (especially considering the market adjustment and his injuries).

  38. Blind Squirrel

    Not concerned about the cap. So many ways the FO can maneuver
    it to hit there needs moving forward.

    • Rob Staton

      But they aren’t the type of team to do that and it has been restrictive to an extent already this year

      People who say the cap doesn’t matter should also note the mess teams like the Rams are currently in

  39. Gaux Hawks

    I don’t like seeing all of these NT signings…

    Feels like they weren’t blown away by Cooper or Tavai (which is reasonable).

    • Hand of God

      Fully agree, i was going to come here to post something similar. I would assume that they are not fully satisfied with Young nor Cooper. Its a sensation at this point, no need to over-react…but i am getting the same feeling.

  40. cha

    Bob Condotta
    One Seahawks jersey news of note — Devin Bush is now wearing number 0.
    12:52 PM · May 22, 2023

    I’d love to see Blitz launching some Twitter beef Bush’s way.

    • Rob Staton

      I hate the zero numbers

      • Big Mike

        The only time I like 0 as a jersey number is if then guy’s first name is Orlando, Oscar, etc.

        • Marc Edge

          or Otto 00

    • Palatypus

      Leave it to a guy named Bush to choose a number that looks shaved.

  41. cha

    Bob Condotta
    Seahawks off the field following first OTA open to media. Both Jaxon Smith-Njigba and Devon Witherspoon got some work in, but fair to say each was also still somewhat limited….

    Bob Condotta
    … A few guys we didn’t see were Darrell Taylor, Nick Bellore, Michael Dickson, Mario Edwards and Tariq Woolen, as well as Jamal Adams and Jordyn Brooks. But again, these are voluntary and guys miss these for any number of reasons. We did not hear from Pete Carroll today….

    Bob Condotta
    … so no explanations from him on guys who weren’t here. Jamal Adams and Jordyn Brooks, each recovering from injuries, also were not here, as expected. Bryan Mone was here but did no on-field work.

    Bob Condotta
    With Woolen out, Witherspoon took many of the reps with the starters at one cornerback spot with Michael Jackson at the other. Quandre Diggs and Julian Love were at safety with Adams out. Bobby Wagner and Devin Bush were the ILBs.

  42. Brodie

    Artie Burns is back on a 1 year deal. Talk about not moving the needle.

    Last year he played in 3 games and totaled 8 snaps – all on special teams.

    Camp body, I assume.

    • cha

      There is a man
      A certain man

      A man whose grace
      And handsome face
      Are known across the land.
      You know his name
      It’s Mr. Burns!

      He loves to smoke.
      Enjoys a joke.

      Why, he’s worth ten times what he earns.
      He’s Mr. Burns!
      I’m Mr. Burns!

      He’s Artie Burns!
      I’m Mister Burns!

      To friends, he’s known as Artie,
      But to you, it’s Mr. Burns!


      Okay I got that out of my system.

      If this is a vet min, little guarantee signing I’m all for it. Burns can lead some offsite workouts and provide depth. I take it as a positive sign that the Seahawks got a year of him and even though he was hurt and healthy scratched often they brought him back.

      Best case, he can push the nickel spot and make sure Tre Brown and Michael Jackson do not get complacent. Worst case, he’s Damarious Randall and he’s a practice squad guy and/or cut.

      Smithers, have the Rolling Stones killed.

      • Palatypus

        You are the very model of a modern major general.

      • jed

        I heard Mr. Burns has a pretty nice vest too.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        I was saying Boourns

        • James Cr.

          Hahaha – that kills me every time.

      • Big Mike

        still laughing……………

      • Brodie

        Tariq got his knee scoped. Guess that was the missing info for bringing Boourns back

        • cha

          Shadow Roster activated

          • cha

            Bob Condotta
            Am told the Seahawks were actually planning to bring Burns back, anyway. Just hadn’t gotten the deal worked out until this week. But obviously the timing of adding depth makes sense to finally get it done now.

            • Brodie

              Here’s the thing Bob. I have 8 different sources telling me the plan was to bring so-and-so back, but it rarely happens. 8 sources that tell me Russ isn’t going anywhere. 8 sources that insist bringing Clowney back is a priority. You know Bob, that will only make someone nod their head enough to not get blasted on Twitter.

              You see Bob, it’s a problem of motivation. If Twitter tell me the Seahawks plan to do something and don’t do it, there is no accountability. If they tell you it was the plan after the fact, who’s to argue? Sources still get clicks, but I don’t get any actual information. So where is my motivation to read Twitter?

              I’m gonna go now, but I hope your tweets go really well. Okay then.

              • cha

                Why is the printer telling Pete Carroll to “load letter”?

                • Brodie

                  It was on the TPS report, but Pete forgot to put the new cover letter on it. I’ll check to see if he got the memo.

  43. UkAlex6674

    Bob, are you at Wembley this weekend to cover the Dingle Derby? What an occasion that will be.

    • Rob Staton

      *South Yorkshire Derby


      • Palatypus

        It’s terrible how they make those little dogs fight to the death.

  44. Sea Mode

    There’s a sense, you know, of something special happening. I felt this before in other years.

    PC literally copy/paste every year! 😂

    • Big Mike

      Along with “we’re going to get the defense right”

      • Jon W.

        Exhibit 1: Our vastly improved depth and experience at NT. 🤣

    • cha

      Positive Pete Predictably Prophesies Prodigious Progress

    • Palatypus

      I thought about cutting and pasting coach speak from various press conferences on here to see if anyone could tell who they are just from the text.

      A few stand out though. It’s pretty hard not to know Bill Belichick. You can hear the boredom when you read it.

      Thought I would throw Denny Green and JIm Mora in there just for giggles.

      • Big Mike

        Mora would be easy since he threw guys under the bus in his.

        • Palatypus

          Senior, not Junior.

          “Playoffs? Playoffs? Didly poo!”

          and Denny “They are who we thought they were” Green.

    • Mychestisbeastmode

      Pete’s providing the preamble to the next episode of Rain City Redemption.

  45. Robbie

    Well there goes my Robert Cooper hype LOL

    • Rushless pass

      Yep my hype train derailed and is currently on fire! 🚂 🔥

      • Big Mike

        NTSB would like a word with you Rushless.

        I assume Cooper got released?

  46. samprassultanofswat

    Robert Cooper is released.

    • Palatypus

      I’m guessing they knew about the shoulder injury ahead of time, but wanted to get him in to be part of the culture.

  47. cha

    Good Lord.

    In his first 10 years with Carroll and Seattle, Wagner stayed primarily between the hash marks, in the center of the intermediate pass defense covering tight ends and crossing routes. And Monday in the first OTA practice, Wagner was lined out to the sideline boundary opposite rookie running back Kenny McIntosh in man coverage. The next play, he raced outside left to pick up rookie back Zach Charbonnet on the second-round pick’s swing route.

    “So I think that’s just the difference is more a mixture of coverages, versus just sticking to one,” Wagner said.

    He turns 33 next month. An inside linebacker entering his 12th season coverage more, not less, ground with more, not less, responsibility after a year away? Just one of the many questions on how this overhaul Carroll is making to Seattle’s defensive front seven from its failed 2022 is going to work in 2023.

    “This is the time to build a defense and so we are just trying new looks, new formations,” Wagner said of offseason practices, “and I’m excited to just learn and get to know everybody again.”

    I really, really hope this is just a trial phase. I can tell you without even seeing it that Wagner is not going to be good in coverage on running backs.

    Isn’t this why the Seahawks are acquiring safeties and corners like they’re going out of style this offseason?

    • Rob Staton

      I get a really horrible feeling that sticking with this hodge podge of a defensive scheme is going to undermine a lot of positives in terms of the offense and team building in 2023

      • cha

        When Gregg Bell questions the validity of your choices (albeit with an absolute world salad of a paragraph), you have to wonder how far from reason and sense you have strayed.

    • Big Mike

      Pete Carroll week 6: “We’re going to get this thing (the defense) turned around.”

      I’m sorry but a high school coach would know better than to run an aging player who’s ALWAYS played between the hashes out into the flat to cover RBs. Is this Hurtt?
      I know it’s early but are we going to see a repeat of the last several years defensively?

      • cha

        They opened camp last year with Bryant at outside CB so they’re not averse to making changes.

        But this seems like an absolute waste of time.

        Christian McCaffrey and Saquon Barkely are going to be needing to wipe the drool off their mouths.

        • Sten

          At least we know with him he’ll be able to bring them down when he gets near them (albiet after 15 yard gain)

  48. Rob Staton

    Apologies for the lack of articles recently. Massively busy time in the day job

    • TomLPDX

      You’ve already spoiled us this year, I think you get a pass my friend! Thanks for all the content!!!

      • Big Mike

        Yeah no need to apologize

      • Nfendall

        I agree with Tom. The amount of content you gave us this year was above and beyond anyone could have reasonably expected. Hope you are enjoying what are you are doing in the day job. From what I have seen on twitter, it seems fun.

    • WallaSean

      Blew your chance for the Robert Cooper deep dive, but oh well. Enjoy the day job, it sounds pretty awesome to me.

    • KennyBadger

      Dude, you just completed a marathon of content. Put your feet up and have a few pints.

    • Sea Mode

      While “walking” on the practice field…?? They really don’t want to get docked any draft picks, do they? 😂

      Adam Schefter

      Tariq Woolen injured his knee while walking on the practice field for OTA’s one week ago. Doctors reviewed the injury and Woolen underwent surgery today in Houston, which went as well as doctors could have hoped, per source.

      • Rob Staton

        How do you injure a knee walking to a field?


        Feels like this is a question that needs to be asked

        • Palatypus

          Department of Silly-walks?

          Ask Joel Seedman. He’ll show you how.

        • Group Captain Mandrake

          As someone who has pulled a muscle sneezing, I can understand. At the same time, I am far north of my early 20s.

          • Rob Staton

            I once suffered a double bone and ligament fracture in my ankle… celebrating a goal

            • Palatypus

              Well, if you had listened to Joel Seedman and Top Billin’, you wouldn’t have pencil ankles. Would you?

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