Part three of my early 2024 QB review

Bo Nix is kind of indicative of what the 2024 QB class is

This process of trying to study the 2024 quarterbacks has been quite interesting. There are so many names to run through and it’s becoming quite apparent that this is a deep class but it lacks star power.

There’s a common trend running through the group. Most of the players I’m watching have appealing qualities. Most of them have decent arm strength and some mobility. They are capable of being winning quarterbacks in college.

Yet so far, there’s only one player who’s ‘wowed’ me and that’s Caleb Williams at USC. The rest just feel like middle and later round picks. It’s not very exciting.

That mine be fine for the Seahawks. If their plan is to draft a player with raw tools in the second-to-fourth round range next year as a development project, I’ve no doubt they’ll find someone they like. There are so many names.

The early hype, however, that this is some otherworldly class that far outstrips the 2023 QB’s, is just nonsense. Nobody is standing out in the way Bryce Young, C.J. Stroud and Will Levis did 12 months ago. Nobody is showing the incredible upside potential of Anthony Richardson either.

It’s quite hard to watch these players and feel like you’re watching potential first round picks or obvious NFL starters.

Increasingly I can see why John Schneider, perhaps inadvertently (or not), name-dropped Quinn Ewers in one of his post-draft press conferences when talking about Jaxon Smith-Njigba. As bad as Ewers’ tape was in 2022, he has the upside and tools. There’s something to work with, even if he needs a ton of development. He plays in an offense that is more translatable than the super-spread many teams use. It’s easier to imagine what he can become, compared to some of the lower-ceiling players I’ve watched so far.

I can make an argument that the Seahawks might see him as a one-day starter who can be worked on in the background. What he’s shown so far, however, isn’t anywhere close to an early-round level of performance.

I’m finding it especially hard to properly judge the PAC-12 quarterbacks who aren’t Caleb Williams because the pass rush in the conference is so bad. The two I watched for this piece played in an environment completely foreign to what they’ll experience in the NFL.

However, it’s also important to note that there’s a full season yet to come. One of the positives of the NIL era is there’s less incentive for the quarterbacks to declare. The current crop are playing a lot more games in college. With experience should come a greater understanding of what they’re trying to do and improved performance. At least you’d hope so.

I remember the first player I wrote about in 2009. It was Russell Wilson, playing for NC State. He was perfectly fine but certainly not the Wilson we saw at Wisconsin. He grew with experience (not literally, obviously). We’ll see if the 2024 quarterbacks can do the same.

I am slightly fearful because for all the talk about this next class, there aren’t a lot of obvious solutions if the Seahawks need to find an answer next year. I don’t see multiple first rounders so far. In fact I see one. There’s time for that to change but right now this looks like a very deep group but one lacking X-factor players.

Let’s get into my three-player review for this piece…

LSU’s Jayden Daniels really kicked on as the 2022 season went along, helping LSU establish themselves as a returning power — denying Alabama a tilt at Georgia in the SEC title game.

He caught the eye as a naturally gifted playmaker who can certainly make LSU another dangerous team in 2023. However, there are some con’s to go with the obvious pro’s.

Firstly, there’s a lot of one-read-and-run stuff in the LSU system. So often on tape he’ll look at his first target and if it isn’t there, he sets off. Often it works in college and he can scramble around to make plays. At the next level, that won’t cut it. You’ve got to sit in there and go through progressions. He also takes his fair amount of hits playing this way. In college he’s tricky and elusive when the initial read isn’t on. For the NFL he’ll need to convince teams he can sit in the pocket and make proper reads. That’s a big question mark at the moment.

When he does run, he’s a strong runner. It’s just too big a part of his game. He couldn’t play the second half against Georgia due to an ankle injury and I worry about the punishment he takes even in college.

Daniels has a good arm and there’s evidence of him being able to throw 50-55 yard passes downfield. At every level he generally throws with timing and accuracy. He has a habit of staring at his read and then throwing into traffic. Strangely he still completes a lot of those passes but in the NFL it’ll be dangerous.

He throws a good, clean ball with reasonable velocity. He showed a good ability to check-down and be patient against Georgia, despite facing heavy pressure. Daniels also took a major hit against Alabama but still delivered a fantastic pass. He doesn’t lack for composure in those situations, I just wish he wasn’t as eager to set off. For every time he avoided pressure he’d run into a sack.

His fade throws could use a bit more loft and he occasionally throws slightly behind.

Against Alabama he made a clutch red-zone throw late in the fourth quarter then won the game in overtime for his team. You have to admire how he did that, in such a high pressure encounter against a tough opponent. He elevated LSU in a big way after a tricky start to the season. I’m keen to see if he can take his own performance to another level this year.

Overall I think he’s a fun player who will win a lot of games in 2023 if he can stay healthy. Nobody will look forward to facing him. Yet I never felt watching Daniels that I was seeing a high draft pick or necessarily a future NFL starter. There are intriguing elements to his game but he reminds me of a less erratic Dorian Thompson-Robinson (although I think DTR had a better arm).

Oregon’s Bo Nix went the opposite route to Jayden Daniels. Nix swapped the SEC for the PAC-12, Daniels did the reverse when he transferred from Arizona State. It’s done his career the world of good. Despite all of the recruiting hype at Auburn, Nix floundered. He’s rebuilding his career at Oregon nicely.

That said, it’s flipping easy for him. Oregon runs the ball very well and everything plays off that. It helps slow down any kind of pass rush the Ducks face and means Nix can both manage the offense and take occasional shots downfield thanks to the defense cheating up. He also benefits from extreme speed at receiver, with players often running downfield uncovered.

I watched game after game where Nix was basically untouched. In other situations he’s sent on bootleg motions to get out of the pocket and stay clean. Oregon also sprinkles in some well-schemed shorter passes and everything just ticks along. The run is so strong and consistent, the offensive machine chugs along and all he has to do is play the right notes.

Take the UCLA game. They just ran all over them. It’s one of the easier environments for a QB I’ve seen in quite a while.

I don’t think Nix is a X-factor player. I think he’s a good glue-guy for Oregon. He does the little short passes and dump-offs well. He offers a genuine threat as a QB-keeper. The stuff on the run works. He has enough arm strength to drive the ball 50-55 yards downfield and he can do a lot of the basics right. He manages things.

I’m not convinced you can put a game on his back though and I think if they ever play a top team again we might see a repeat of the Georgia game to open last season.

He had some misses on tape vs Utah and he’s not a surgeon with accuracy. He also had a horribly telegraphed interception to the left sideline vs Utah. There’s very little evidence of going through progressions and the main key to the passing game seems to be to get it out quickly and complement the run.

Nix can drive the ball downfield well and he had a nice touchdown vs UCLA to show that off — but he also had four clear seconds in the pocket to allow the receiver to run right down the middle and create a couple of yards of separation. Against Washington he showed off good core strength to throw across his body on the run 55-60 yards downfield for a touchdown. When you actually study the tape though, there are two receivers wide open with nobody near them, waiting for the pass.

Oregon’s receivers are just too good and too fast to cover when they get the free release. With hardly any pressure on Nix, he often just has to bide his time on the big throws downfield and it’s a cheap score.

Nix can run with power and he’s mobile but he’s not especially sudden or dynamic when he scrambles. Overall I think he’s a perfectly fine player who will get drafted later on as a likely project or backup with the view that he might be a facilitator in the right system. There’s not much to get excited about though, not without a big step-forward (and some bigger defensive challenges) in 2023.

Washington State’s Cam Ward can improvise well and throw from difficult angles with accuracy. I was more impressed than I expected to be with his anticipation from the pocket. In particular, you see some great back-shoulder work. He clearly trusts the scheme and his receivers and they combined to execute well in the games I watched.

Ward can be creative in the pocket to extend plays. He’s not Williams-esque but if he gets into bother, his first instinct is to elude and look downfield, rather than just set off and run.

I don’t think he has the freaky torque in his body to be a big-time off-platform dynamo and there are some clear misses on tape when throwing downfield. Underthrown passes are an issue and he needs to be more consistent with his footwork, base and throwing with the right amount of air to give his receiver a chance. He does have some bad interceptions on tape, too.

I found the Washington State offense a bit predictable overall apart from when he was scrambling and creating. Like Nix, he also had games where there was no pressure. Against California there was a play where he basically walked around in the pocket like he was going for a Sunday stroll before delivering a pass when the receiver uncovered. He had time to check Twitter if he wanted.

That said, there’s evidence again of an arm capable of throwing 50-55 yards downfield (his throwing technique is not orthodox but it gets the job done) and he’s not afraid to throw over the middle.

As with Nix, though, it’s just hard to watch him and feel like I’m watching a high draft pick — at least based on 2022 tape.

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  1. Karlos

    I see it different Rob, watched all 2024 Qbs and am glad we didnt get a QB in 2023. In my opinon Wiiliams, Maye , Pennix are all 1st rounders and better prospects then Stroud and Young. With Nix and Ewers also mid 1sr rounders. Think Tyler Van Dyke is wilcard who can be 1st rounder also. Yes 2024 QB class In my opinon is much better then 2023 although this can always chnage.

    Rob watch Sheduer Sanders he is a dark horse to rise in draft rankings this year.

    • Hawktalker#1

      Holy cow, how many first round quarterbacks do you have there?

      • Palatypus


        Miami will forfeit it’s first round pick for drug smuggling.

        • Patrick Toler

          Will Rosenhaus be found to have been involved after failing to wash the residue from his hands?

    • Rob Staton

      With respect, there’s simply no way anyone can watch Ewers in 2022 and say ‘first rounder’

      Maye and Pennix are a mile off Stroud and Young.

      Tyler Van Dyke is focusing on winning a job in Miami, let alone going in R1

      Let’s be realistic here

      • Palatypus

        This early, I’m not sure I could name a first rounder at any position.

        • Rob Staton

          Caleb Williams is a clear R1 talent

          Marvin Harrison Jr ditto

          But yes, for the rest that needs to be proven

          • DJ 1/2 way

            Those two look like Hall of Famers. Right now they are the first two picks. It will be interesting, like it is every year, to see what changes, but it will take somebody special to displace either one.

          • Malanch

            Williams is a phenom, no doubt. His knack for gameflow and 360-degree vision remind me of Bryce Young’s, and his overall arm talent is even better. Further, according to Colin Cowherd, Williams thinks the praise he’s getting is overblown. If the claims of his superior work ethic are accurate, all he has to do is hold serve in 2023 and he will be all but assured of going at the top…

            …All this having been noted, scouts will nonetheless have to factor USC’s Wack-12 schedule into the evaluation, and some amount of projection will be required as a result of Williams not having the opportunity to face off against competent defenses. Conjecturing over how he might do against the upper-tier of the SEC will be inevitable—and relevant.

      • Mal

        Rob you may be right but your in thr minority about Maye who most say is better then 2023 QB class. Ewres tape is not as flawed and raw as Richardson yet he went top 5. Yes Anthony is a absurd athlete but can’t make throws Quinn can.
        I will be shocked if there are not more 1st rounders from 2024 then 23.

        • Rob Staton

          I don’t really care about being in the minority. People forget how often that happens then the minority becomes the majority

          Ewers didn’t come close to Richardson’s level of play last season

          Not even close

          • Aims

            Rob appreciate your analysis on everything college and NFL. Just a few points I’d like to make regarding Maye. I really think the more games you watch of him the more you’ll like. Thru the first 10 games, imo, it’s easy to make a case he was the best qb in college last year, played very consistently well. His next game was the worst, Georgia Tech, as far as missing some throws, and the next two were not as good as earlier but there was far more pressure and injury issues. But if you take the year as a whole and see the level he played at accuracy wise, on the run, off platform and in the pocket, running thru progressions, generally carrying UNC to 9 wins all as a first year player. There’s a reason he was PFF’s most valuable player in college football, check out the previous years winners. Also I think like most, you underestimate his athleticism, is he Richardson, of course not but who is. He ran for almost 900 yards, making big first down runs and avoiding people in the pocket to make positive plays. He’s right at 6’5, 225, can make all the throws, very accurate, watch all the games, they’re also throwing the ball down the field more than I bet any other of the qbs, hence most big time throws by PFF, can extend and make plays on the move, Pitt, Miami, Duke. And was huge with some game winning drives. He’s smart football wise and will hopefully get better this year. Plus I bet he had more pressure over the course of the season than any other qbs you scouted. Hey , he can play better no doubt, but if you checkout the entirety of the season I honestly think you’ll feel better about him as a prospect. I maybe wrong but just a request to see what you think. Thanks Rob

        • BK26

          Maye is just like all of the other qb’s that the media shoves up. Willis after that season, Sam Howell, Trubisky. There are guys that get propped up every year that haven’t earned that spot yet. If you have a room of 100 guys, 5 guys that are doctors t and 95 guys that like to look at the sun, whose opinion will you trust when you are sick? The minority who knows what they are doing, or the majority that are going to walk into a glass window?

          And Ewers might not finish the year starting. And hasn’t even earned being called good. Richardson carried his worse team against much better competition and is the most athletic, high upside quarterback that we’ve seen.

          We’ve talked about this for months. Just because the media says that next year is better doesn’t mean that you have to buy the car.

        • Malanch

          “…your in thr minority…” –Mal

          Being in the minority is always a good sign. Have you taken a look at the mainstream lately? Good effing gawd. And nice English, by the way.

  2. Zxvo3

    The two QBs who have caught my eye so far are Quinn Ewers and Jayden Daniels. Ewers for the potential he has and Daniels for the competition he plays against. I could see the front office falling in love with Daniels if he’s got the character, because he’s certainly got the grit in playing in the SEC. But I am open for more QB options! The four QBs last year all wowed me more than the top QBs this year.

    • Big Mike

      Thanks a bunch Rob. If the plan is round 2 or 3, there’ll be no chance at Pennix who is likely going to be the #3 QB drafted (at this point obviously). I would guess we’ll of course have no chance at Williams or Maye. I hope we don’t look back several years from now on just missing on Richardson.

      • Big Mike

        Any chance you could move this as a stand alone post rather than a response? Sigh

      • Patrick Toler

        I doubt they will have a rigid plan about what round they target a QB. If they loved Penix I would imagine they would go after him wherever they thought the value was right.

  3. Jeremy

    Rob, in Part 2 of your QB evals, you gave a ranking. Now that you’ve seen more, how would you rank them?

    • Rob Staton


      And the rest

  4. LouCityHawk

    I feel like all of these takes are validating my feeling that people saying ‘wait until next year’ had no idea what they were talking about.

    Ewers and Daniels remain the two outside of Caleb Williams I’m most intrigued by, will have to see what the season holds.

    • Patrick Toler

      I can’t remember a year when ‘wait until next year’ worked out like people expected. Even if next year is great, it is usually with some unexpected guys rising. For sure many of the prospects that people are excited about begin to wilt under closer examination.

    • Lord Snow

      Oh no problem. Pete and John just go get Caleb Williams. It’s just…that…easy…

  5. geoff u

    And just when I thought you were taking a break, you suck me back in.

  6. Rj

    My personal favorite QB so far is McCarthy from Michigan. He’s tough has won some big games. Needs to cut back on some of the bad decisions but man you can see the kid has a ton of talent

  7. Burner

    Slight change of subject, what did you make of Holton Ahlers before the draft Rob? I see he’s starting to get some positive reviews on twitter.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve never seen him play

  8. GoHawksDani

    I’m pissed we didn’t draft Levis.
    Sure don’t select him #5, but in R2 you could take a chance.
    And next year, you’ll need a QB who can start or AT LEAST start in year 2 (because of Geno’s contract).

    Hawks will have really slim (with big trade up) to no chance to draft the 2-3 best QB.
    Rest doesn’t seem much better than Drew Lock.

    I guess we go to QB hell and buy yearly lottery tickets until get lucky. Or suck that bad that we have a chance to pick in the top10 and potential to trade into top3.

    I didn’t watch tape but trust Rob. And based on these infos it seems like there are a ton of possibilities to draft a mediocre QB who’ll keep the team around 7-10/8-9/9-8

    • Patrick Toler

      I can’t remember if it was Pete or John who talked way back in March about how they felt like they had the infrastructure and support to help a quarterback be successful. It made me think about Pete writing in his book that he learned from Bill Walsh that the most importing thing in football is making life easy for your quarterback. I think they believe that Geno and Russ were both talented but flawed quarterbacks who they have been able to put in good situations to play well. I think they will believe they can continue to do so with the next talented but flawed quarterback.

      Now if John will ever actually spend a draft pick on another quarterback, we may see this theory in action with another young QB.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Levis didn’t make it to our round 2, but if he had the choice would have been Hall for defense or Levis for QB#3.

  9. Edgar

    Maybe they have their future QB already in house-

    • BK26

      Who? The career journeyman quarterback who is 32, has only ever beaten out Drew Lock, has one good half of a season, and was signed to a short-term deal? Or the kid that is already 26, has shown ZERO for his professional career, is literally a trade throw-in, couldn’t start for a really bad Denver team, and is signed to a one-year, back up deal?

      Or the practice squad guy who is literally there so someone can throw the ball on the practice squad?

      The team has said that neither Geno or Lock is anything long-term with their contracts. So has the rest of the NFL by not wanting them.

  10. UkAlex6674

    Move of the off-season so far – Jamie Erdahl straightening her hair out.

  11. Bmseattle

    It’s going to be fun watching Levis be better than all these guys.😑

    • Big Mike

      Maybe Williams, maybe not but otherwise quite possible.

  12. Trevor

    Great stuff Rob! Have really enjoyed these QB intro pieces so I have names to watch and follow this season.

    I feel almost crazy saying this after he was such a disaster at Oklahoma but the best tape I saw for any QB in this draft class not named Caleb Williams was Spencer Rattlers final 4-5 games last year. He has the arm and dynamic play making ability that many of the rest in this class don’t seem to have. If he can build on it this year think he could challenge for QB2 in this class.

    • BK26

      He’s my hope to build off of the end of last year. The talent is there. He’s got the alpha mentality (and I think/hope he has dialed it down enough to where it isn’t a liability). I like that he went to South Carolina instead of somewhere easy like Oregon. I think John will like that fact. He seems like he can take over the game. Just needs more consistency and to build off of last season and how it ended.

      I’ve watched highlights of them vs. Clemson and Tennessee quite a few times already. No one else gives me any excitement or hope.

    • TomLPDX

      It will be interesting to see how Rattler (cool name!) does this year.

      • BK26

        Best name for a quarterback. Marketing would be salivating over it haha.

    • Lord Snow

      It’s become apparent to me that the only way we’re going to get one is to get one that is flying under the radar. Therefore I’m keeping an eye on Spencer Rattler and hoping that he doesn’t get too great and I’m also looking at Tyler Van Dyke and thinking Super Mario will keep him buried

      • Rob Staton

        Rattler made some exciting S happen at the end of last year

        Hope he shows more

  13. James robinson

    I am a fan of Riley Leonard. Have you seen his tape yet? Athletic , good arm , can make all the throws , etc

  14. Romeo A57

    It will be interesting to see the media hype surrounding the Quarterbacks vs. how many are legitimate first round projections. There will be a lot of stories comparing the QBs in the 2024 Draft to the 1984 Draft. Since the 2022 Draft was a huge disappointment for Quarterbacks and the media was very late to the fact that 3 QBs would go at the top of the 2023 draft, I suspect that many media members will be hyping the 2024 Quarterbacks all season and through the draft process.

    • cha

      I get your thinking, but I’m 100% certain that the “this class is garbage, wait for 2025” will find its way into the conversation as well.

      • Romeo A57

        Of Course I meant the 1983 Elway-Marino Draft…

        If the 2022 and 2023 NFL Drafts were trash( I believe that some of the 2023 QBs will be solid to great) for QBs and the 2024 Draft turns out to be garbage, then maybe there will be elite QB prospects in 2030?

        Can JS go another six seasons, without drafting a QB. and say that he intended to draft a QB every year? 😀

        • Mr drucker in hooterville

          When can we quit saying JS is a “qb GM”?

  15. Buckaroo

    I’m kind of interested to see what QBs emerge this year as it only developing players, but also replacing drafted QBs. Most notable is Tenn, OSU, Bama, and Georgia. For Tenn, Milton reminds me of Richardson as far as tools. He’s got a cannon Cotton. At OSU, you have McCord who is former 5 star in his 3rd year now having waited behind Stroud, what’s most interesting is he was HS teammates with MHjr, so if that chemistry stayed, he could be looking at a big year with weapons at OSU. Will be interesting who starts at Bama and Georgia. Qb rooms are stacked, but may end up being young guys starting.

  16. Happy Hawk

    Another great piece Rob – thank you. The conclusions this article presents is very problematic for the Hawks. Williams clearly the best and most likely only premier NFL starter in this draft and no way the Hawks can get him without trading their entire draft and a couple of players. I think all the eggs are in the Geno basket until 2025 or 2026. Scary to think that was the plan all along!

  17. Sea Mode

    A big part of the success of this draft seems like it will be dangling by a (ham)string all season…

    • Great news that Seahawks rookie Jaxon Smith-Njigba was able to get through the weekend without incident. The hamstring issue that plagued him last year was often referred to as a “freak” thing by staff at Ohio State—he was first injured in the team’s opener against Notre Dame on Sept. 3, and tried twice, against Toledo on Sept. 24 and Iowa on Oct. 22, to come back from the injury after rehabbing. After reinjuring it on both occasions, he eventually made the decision to shut it down and prepare for the draft.

    On each occasion, Smith-Njigba was able to get back to full speed, and what looked like full health, in practice, before the hamstring went on him on game day (it was explained to me where the hamstring was stretched, not popped). So, again, that it didn’t recur over a full weekend of football activity is a good step toward Seattle getting what could wind being a really good bargain with the 20th pick.

    • cha

      that it didn’t recur over a full weekend of football activity


      JSN was very limited according to PC. He spoke of him taking ‘mental reps’ as in being in the huddle for play calls, then stepping back to the sideline. He did a little warmup and a drill or two.

      That is not a ‘full weekend of football activity.’

      • Sea Mode

        Exactly. I don’t think Breer realized he was just jogging around at most.

  18. The Graduate

    Thanks for this, Rob. This is excellent!

    As an Oregon fan, I want to offer an important caveat for Nix’s game against Utah. He absolutely shouldn’t have played that game given how badly he injured his ankle the previous week against Washington. And if Oregon had a backup quarterback that could generate even a first down (they didn’t), he certainly wouldn’t have played. That absolutely doesn’t excuse some of his decisionmaking that game, but he couldn’t move or plant the entire game. And you also have to wonder how much his ankle became a mental distraction as well.

    We don’t see Nix move well on that ankle the rest of the season, including the bowl game. It’ll be interesting to see how he evolves this year with a new OC and almost entirely restructured offensive line.

  19. JDH

    This is very interesting info on possible 2024 QBs, though discouraging too since the Hawks are not going to have the #1 pick without giving up a ton of draft capital (assuming that’s even a possibility). I’m sure they have a plan, but I’m not sure what the plan is. Maybe they don’t even know yet. They need to see what kind of player Geno can be with the offense they’ve put around him. A lot of things can happen between now and the 2024 draft. I hope Geno can make the decision to pay his upside contract going into 2024 a difficult one.

  20. Thomas

    Thanks Rob.

    I like Ward over Penix (despite being a Huskies fan). I think he’s the one to watch next year.

    I also don’t think they’ll draft a QB high unless the wheels just come off the team. That said, the veteran market seems surprisingly shallow next year.

    What if the unthinkable happens and Peyton cuts Wilson after one year? I don’t know if I’d even sign him. What if Stafford got cut?

    • cha

      An $85m dead cap hit would be really something to see.

    • BK26

      Sounds like a disaster of a situation. They have to do something next year (and not Geno nor Lock). Otherwise the whole thing will fail and all of these draft picks will be a waste. They need to draft someone and sooner than later.

      Russ won’t get cut and Stafford will probably retire. They need to get a QBOTF. Not try to outsmart themselves. That is why the roster was a mess. No veteran reclamations, no retreads, take the position and the future of the team seriously.

      • Big Mike

        Which they have done in the last 2 drafts. No reason not approach the QB in the same fashion.

        • BK26

          It just worries me that this is the one position that they will revert to their old ways: Pete doesn’t think much of the position to really go for an upgrade and John is going to be too careful. Then it all erodes away pretty quickly.

          They have changed their ways in every way for the best except for qb. Most likely because they haven’t gotten to do anything yet, but I’m still REALLY REALLY worried it will be the exception.

  21. cha

    I can take this more with a grain of salt, as it is still very, very early.

    But any thought that puts pressure on the safeties to do their job, I will get on board with.

    • TomLPDX

      Didn’t he talk about Blair like that as well?

      • LouCityHawk

        No, Marquis was always ‘very good’, ‘a big hitter’, at least to my memory. Never talked about him as a double stud. Talked about pushing Blair to start and compete, etc…

      • cha

        He definitely drooled over Blair’s size and physical traits.

        I recall vividly he was once asked about Ugo Amadi and ‘yeah he’s great’ and immediately went back to raving about Blair.

        • Sea Mode

          Then about how he was still learning the scheme… in like year 3…

          • cha

            Back to back season ending injuries and an attempt to shove him to nickel after acquiring you-know-who will do that to you though.

    • LouCityHawk

      It looks like Prez heard Carroll

      • cha

        • Rob Staton

          I agree with Brock

          • cha

            Bumpus doesn’t.


            • Rob Staton


              • cha

                Bumpus is ridiculously pro-player.

                • Mr drucker in hooterville

                  Mr. Chump billin’ is man-crushing the Peacock. Sort of pathetic really.

                  Did you know he once played the sport?

      • cha

        I wish I knew more about quad tears.

        8 months on, he can’t run at full speed and shows a VERY noticeable hitch in his stride.

        I just can’t see him playing until October or November at the earliest.

        • Big Mike

          Is there a chance he may not play at all this year?

          • cha


  22. Russell Clifton

    There is a lot of talk about Snieder not dressing QBs even though he wants to. But what he does a lot is being in young QB that have talent but flopped. He brings in a lot of former 1-3 rd round QB to compete. And see who can stick like T Jack , Geno Smith and now Drew lock. Many others have come and gone.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Along those lines, I’ve been thinking that maybe Pete and John preter a seasoned vet instead of a rookie quarterback. Of course the big rebuttal is that they promoted Russell Wilson to starter right away. But I still get those feelings. They didn’t have to resign Lock but they did.

      • Rob Staton

        I don’t think they have a preference

        John wanted to trade Russ for Josh Allen

        • Russell Clifton

          True but to my knowledge there is only been two quarterbacks that we know of that they were willing to trade Russell for during his prime.

          • Rob Staton

            Well how many do you realistically think they have to be willing to trade a proven franchise QB for?

            Nobody does that

            The fact they were willing to do it once was enough to know they are very comfortable going young at QB

  23. Gaux Hawks

    The trick might be to trade for another quarterback like Stafford (but not like Rodgers, although our situation does seem to be following in the steps of the Jets the last couple years – at least the drafting).

    Maybe there are some QBs next year that are hitting free agency that we might like?

    • cha

      I hope not. Pretty slim.

    • BK26

      They need a long-term solution and an infusion of talent. They don’t need to duct tape the biggest hole on the team. No getting cheap, no trying to outsmart everyone. They’ve gotten by only because Russ was so durable. What they do next year will be how their legacy is set.

    • UkAlex6674

      Then we would be the Seattle Colts

  24. Dave Thompson

    If my memory serves me well, Mel Kiper was early on the Anthony Richardson train, has Mel published his early list of qbs he thinks might be this year’s best.

  25. clbradley17

    ESPN’s Louis Riddick: How the Texans & Seahawks Won the 2023 NFL Draft | The Rich Eisen Show

  26. Palatypus

    You know, it just occured to me that if Christian McCaffrey and Deebo Samuel are the problems, Devon Witherspoon might be the answer. I would be inclined to have him shadow McCaffrey for an entire game, since he does not in any way appear to be a liability in run support.

    I don’t have any idea who is going to start at quarterback for the 49er’s but they may have a real headache on their hands.

  27. Van Gogh

    Started watching Daniels at Sun Devil in ’19 – most poised QB I’ve seen. Very calm and Very Skinny. Had Aiyuk to thrown to. Best memory: Bomb down the sidelines to Aiyuk to close out the Ducks. He had poor receivers and coaching the next 2 years, so left for LSU.

  28. Mr drucker in hooterville

    Rob, thank you for considering Cam Ward. This year will be telling. As a Coug, I agree their offense was stale. It was bubblescreens and WR screens and 2 yard passes. A new OC gives us hope. It will be interesting to see how Ward does in a more open style.

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