Live stream at 3pm PT on Sunday


  1. Big Mike

    Anyone joining you Rob?

    • Big Mike

      Never mind, I see it’s the three amigos today. Nice.

  2. Mark

    ESPN has some observations form coaches on next year’s quarterback class. (ESPN+ subscription required.)

  3. Palatypus

    Film breakdown of OluX2.

    • Rob Staton

      This guy’s videos are a bit hit and miss

      Everyone is amazing according to his channel

      Literally the first snap I watched is a very average rep and he calls it a win

      • Palatypus

        It was all I could find.

  4. cha

    Clowney is dating the jaguars now.

    • Palatypus

      I thought he was dating a cougar.

      • Big Mike


    • Elmer

      He’s dating his wallet.

      • Palatypus

        Is that why there’s a condom in it?

        • Elmer


  5. Rob Staton

    Trey Lance is as bad as expected

    We were 100% right on that evaluation

    • Sea Mode

      Thank goodness Shanny (and Lynch) not only got that one wrong but paid a huge price for the privilege… With the rest of the roster they have built and their coaching, they could have dominated the NFCW and made that team serious contenders for years.

      • Big Mike

        My gut tells me it was mostly Lynch. He my end up lucky that Shanny is so good as an offensive coach that Mr. Irrelevant is very good and they still contend for foreseeable future.
        So which trade was worse, Lance or Adams?

        • 509 Chris

          I would be fine if my team trades a bunch to move up for a high upside qb and misses, especially when the team is pretty much just a qb away. We knew that the Adams trade was awful from the start, and thats when we thought Adams was actually good amd without health issues but just not a great scheme fit. Yannik Ngaoke was on the block at the time and could be had for a 3rd at the very highest, I think he went to Minnesota for a 4th.

          SF took a shot and missed, but it didn’t seem to drag the organization down for the next few years. It might upset the fans a bit but nothing like the peacock blues we’re still experiencing up here.

          • Big Mike

            I agree.
            “peacock blues”……………..nice!

    • Elmer

      If he couldn’t be competitive with Mr. Irrelevant, then how bad did the scouting and talent evaluation have to be? I viewed the Niners as a pretty squared away, effective organization.

      In a larger sense, is there information on how successful players from N. Dakota State and S. Dakota State have been in the NFL?

      • Peter

        I don’t think it has anything to do with the Dakotas.

        Look at Allen from Wyoming.

        I think it has more to do with teams ( including ours sometimes) trying to be the smartest guys in the room and that not being the case.

        • BK26

          Easton Stick. Wentz before we found out he had the on-field maturity of my 5th grade nephew.

          • Peter

            Christian Watson had me almost win my fantasy league last year.

      • Palatypus

        Speaking of Mr. Irrelevent, Elmer, it seems that Alaric Jackson (Iowa, UDFA 2021) has nailed down the starting left tackle spot for the Migratory Rams.

        • Elmer


        • BK26

          As a Hawkeye fan, really not surprised.

  6. Ashish

    Just came back from Seahawks practice.
    Geno looks good, great connection with DK in red zone, JSN was electric.
    Bobo continues good practice, nice catch plus he was good in blocking.
    Drew Lock missed throws, defense were able to break the pass or had to throw away the ball. Let’s hope he does have to start.
    Zach got lots of carry and short passes and he looked fast.
    Db drill happened right in front for us Riq was full speed but Jackson was stands out player.
    Jason meyers was good all the way 45 yards.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Brown, Bryant, Burns, Jackson, Witherspoon and Woolen.

      Plus Adams, Blount, Diggs, and Reed.

      Seattle carried 11 DBs on the 53 last year, so 10 wouldn’t be unheard of for them. But they usually roll with 6 or 7.

      Also, is the plan for 33yo Wagner to play +90% of defensive snaps this year? Cuz there’s no depth behind him or Bush.

      • UkAlex6674

        And Love.

  7. Peter


    If we had to pick one would we rather…

    A. Still be talking about Russell Wilson?


    B. Every time Carter has a single good play go to Rob’s site/ YouTube and tell him he was wrong, when he was objectively right that Seattle would not draft him?

    • Palatypus

      Do you know that episode of Ren & Stimpy where they get a job going door to door as rubber nipple salesmen, then they get to that guy’s house and he says, “mine are all chewed up” ?

      • Peter

        Great shout!

      • Thomas Wells

        Caaaalll the policeee

    • Big Mike

      C. Neither

      • Peter


  8. Thomas


    You should check out Hugh Millen’s breakdown of Lock on KJR. He said he’d still give Lock a double minus on the interception, but he added that the receiver blew the route. The play had a timing element and the receiver was off by several yards.

    Millen was very positive on Lock. Conversely, he had a shoulder shrugg for Bobo. I think he likes him, but he clearly thought Lock was the quality player.

    Anyway it’s interesting. Millen’s more than a sports fan commentator. Bobo looked good to me but Millen said he blew at least one big pass with bad route running.

    • Elmer

      Remember how Millen didn’t like Jermaine Kearse? Especially on the pass interception by the Patriots that lost us the Super Bowl. I thought Ricardo Lockette was the receiver at fault but Millen sees things that I don’t.

  9. Palatypus

    My comment on YouTube:

    0 seconds ago
    I just ordered a Seahawk Draft Blog T-Shirt from this channel and a Top Gun hat from the National Naval Aviation Museum here in Pensacola. When I get them, I’m going to “Rob” every liquor store in Mobile leading up to Senior Bowl week. – Palatypus

  10. AlaskaHawk

    Any news about Cameron Young? Is he injured or active?

  11. LouCityHawk

    Great video and insight as always.

    On Mike Morris, I saw a lot to be pleased with, I did not think he would translate, so it is more about him looking competent. Also, he was using his hands well, really encouraging to see from a rookie, this was consistent across the front.

    On Tyreke, DT might be sweating, looks fast and twitchy – like he did in training camp videos. Did not look great in run defense, got ran out of position on a PR rep, still really encouraging.

    Franklin and Sutherland were two guys who stood out in the secondary. Would like to see each of them get a step up in competition.

    The Witherspoon points were good, I was underwhelmed/Fine with his pick, I think he will be a fine player, but a contract dispute, a brittle body, bad practice reps… part of me wonders if there wasn’t a better option (Bijan, then go DT at the Char pick, for example).

    Matt Ioannidis Is a player I’m wondering why we haven’t brought in to kick the tires on, similar to Clowney he can’t seem to find work.

    First week preseason qualification – but SF looked bad, Moody missed kicks, they made Aiden O’Connell look like Tom Brady reborn. The division title is in striking distance, so making that move to being in more help via FA makes a ton of sense.

    • BK26

      Very encouraging for the 9er’s depth being bad. O’Connell…might…end up being…a good backup?

      I think we definitely have a younger, deeper roster overall.

      Witherspoon is starting to make me nervous. Especially if Seattle was so sold on him. I just don’t know who else they could have taken at 5 that would make me feel better. Top 5 draft pick and the top 4 picks were the most exciting in recent memory. After that…not as much.

      • LouCityHawk

        AOC showed enough that the Raiders may want to hand him the ball if JimmyG struggles out of the gate.

        Re 9ers depth – I’ve been saying all off-season that the OLine is a mess (starters didn’t play), and that they would miss 5 players on D. They looked awful. The secondary left guys wide open all game, there was no tackling, DLine moved at will. The bright spots were Ferrill beating a backup tackle and Ja’Yir Brown – who was playing like someone that wanted to win a starters job. IF Purdy is who I think he is, and there are even minor injuries to the key defenders, this team is a WC.

        Until Spoon starts showing up on the field and consistently impressing the second guessing is going to continue…I believe WAjr was the target, after seeing ugly early returns on the QB group I’m not sure they were in discussion.

        • BK26

          I’m pretty sure Purdy is who you and I think he is.. Was stuck watching him all the time as a Hawkeye fan. Can’t get over the fact that he got pulled against us, but he’s good enough to lead a team? It’s a system.

          I’d bet Richardson (especially) and Stroud were in play, we were just stuck in No Man’s Land. And Pete found his perfect shiny new toy. Those two need to sit and Stroud is the only one who can. Not that he will…

          If they weren’t in the discussion, then my biggest fear for the team might end up being a reality. And it’s the kind that could undo all of the good of the last few years.

      • geoff u

        They had trade down options. I’d have traded down for a 1st rounder next year to try and get a QB.

        • LouCityHawk

          Has it been reported that they turned down a 2024 1st?

        • BK26

          That’s half my point: they NEED to do something at quarterback next year. Who, I don’t know. There are options, but you take out the unicorn that will go first overall, then it’s a crap shoot. They have gotten as lucky as possible so far. They could have traded down for more picks and ammo for next year, but they didn’t. Might have gotten too exited about “5TH OVERALL!!!!!”

          I don’t think they a) plan ahead like that, b) are worried about the most important position in sports.

  12. OGHawkfan

    I would be really interested to hear a football coach watch that first pre-season game and tell me Mike Morris was anything but completely lost and physically dominated. He was top three for me to watch and as a casual fan all I saw was a guy moved yards off the play either vertically or horizontally.

    I just didn’t seen any positives other than locking into right place a few times and efforts.

    Hall, very good, Bell intriguing, Olu looks quick but trouble anchoring, Bradford, solid

  13. Happy Hawk

    Did Levis have the best preseason opener of the rookie QB’s?

    • BK26

      Probably DTR. 9-10, 102 yards, one td.

      Or O’Connell. 15-18, 141 yards, one td.

  14. PJ in Seattle

    How bad must Robert Cooper be for us to drop him twice now? Good lord. Are we going to employ some new no-nose-tackle scheme?

  15. LouCityHawk

    Bennett 17/29, 191, 1/0, 3 sacks – none bad.

    Rourke 9/17(drops), 153, 1/0, 0 sacks – looked like Mahomes

    Malik Cunningham was impressive.

    I liked a lot of what Tanner McKee did 10/20(drops), 148, 0/0, 1 bad sack

    • LouCityHawk

      reply fail, meant to thread with Happy Hawk and BK26

  16. cha

    I appreciate the viewpoints expressed in the stream about the defense. Especially the concern.

    A fair bit is being made of another analyst saying “I’ve analyzed every defensive snap of the Vikings game and this scheme is better than last year’s.”

    This person has been feverishly working to convince us for nearly two years that this defense isn’t nearly as bad as we think, using impressive-sounding football words.

    And the defense has been absolutely dreadful.

    I’m not here to troll anyone or throw dirt on their work.

    But we have every right to 1-express serious concern, and 2-not to change our minds until they’re changed be real, actual results.

    • LouCityHawk

      Not sure who this is….

      Last years scheme was cover your eyes bad, I’ve hated every adjustment since DQ left.

      Things look better this year, in one game, but better is not ‘we are all good now’. I don’t know if Jordan has the chops to coordinate a whole defense, but his work with the DLine has been impressive. If there aren’t significant strides Hurtt has to go, especially with all that has been invested.

    • Rob Staton

      Is this the same person who tried to convince everyone Ken Norton Jr was great?

      • cha

        Yes. And that Jamal Adams is being utilized well.

        • Rob Staton

          🤦‍♂️ 💩

  17. Big Mike

    I’m not here to troll anyone or throw dirt on their work.

    Obviously true considering you did not name the person. And it doesn’t matter because those of us that frequent this site can see the issues and yes, we need to see real progress in real games. Last year’s run D was abysmal, no matter how someone wants to spin it.

    This leads me to something I have often wondered about and just don’t understand: why do people like this guy whoever he is (and I frankly don’t care) and others like him constantly spin things to make it sound better? Are they people who have “access” to Pete and they’re afraid they won’t anymore even though “access” is usually nothing more than coachspeak? Are they just fanboys? I’m interested in your pwerspective on this, Rob’s and anyone else that wants to chime in.

    • Big Mike

      Meant as response to cha’s post above.

    • LouCityHawk

      MSD is the most juiced in reporter I’m aware of, and he hasn’t been all roses about the Seahawks D. I’m kind of thinking this must be a 2nd tier person with a lot of clout on Seahawks Reddit (which I viewed one time and decided it was a swamp).

      To that end I’d just guess it is someone being contrarian so they can pay themselves on the back for being right, and if they are wrong never acknowledge or live up to it. It is modern NFL online punditry – take a bold stance to get views, crow about being right, ignore being wrong.

    • 509 Chris

      All over American sports, but especially in the northwest, we have this misconception that to criticize the team makes you a bad fan. Also people constantly love to say you’re not employed by the NFL so obviously you don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s very tiring. We’ve said it here a lot but the “amature” criticism from this blog has typically proved to be true. The receipts all are there just go back and read entries from whenever, they’ve mostly aged well.

  18. Saul G

    The only reason Adams is on this roster is because of Pete. In fact, we only traded for him because of Pete. Pete may have gave up some control during the draft, but could it have been on the condition that Jamal stays this year? It seems like a mad thing he would do.

    • Big Mike

      I agree with your first 2 sentences. But despite loving a good conspiracy theory, I just don’t see your thoughts about giving up draft control. I think he actually realized he was screwing up the draft and just told John it was his baby.

    • Huggie Hawk

      The Jamal hate on this blog has gone too far. He didn’t make the Hawks trade for him or then give him a giant salary. He’s a Hawk, I’m rooting for him to fully recover from a nasty injury and ball out.

      • Rob Staton

        There is no ‘Jamal hate’

        Discussing the player and his situation beyond just ‘gee I hope he is great this year’ does not constitute hate

        I know other places on the internet like to reduce everything beyond gushing praise and homerism to ‘hate’ but this isn’t one of those places

      • BK26

        Let’s do two things: a) actually be healthy enough to play b) actually be useful on the field.

        He hasn’t been either for quite a long time. He is the biggest obstacle right now. Loss of value in the draft from the picks, liability when on the field, ate up WAAAAAAAY too much cap space, and just not easy to root for.

        I will admit, other pages are more welcoming of you keeping your rose-colored glasses on and assuming that the team and players do no wrong.

        • Peter

          Never known the desire to root for every player.

          It’s not hate, it’s indifference. Dudes played half the games he’s been here and is not good at his position. Even when he was getting sacks he’s not a good safety.

          Even if he comes back at some point most likely Seattle will play three safety sets because they’ll still need safeties to cover the field.

          If he was Seattle’s singular first round pick and cost about half I’d probably have even less opinions about him. But as someone with few rules in life….one of them certainly is you can’t call yourself the best of anything if you are not the best of that thing.

  19. Blitzy the Clown

    Current DB depth chart

    17 players competing for maybe 11 spots (would tie for the most under Carroll). The first 8 are pretty baked in (swap Adams for Sutherland). That leaves at most 3 spots for 6 guys


    Michael Jackson
    Devon Witherspoon
    Benjie Franklin
    Chris Steele

    Riq Woolen
    Tre Brown
    Artie Burns
    Arquon Bush
    Lance Boykin

    Julian Love
    Jonathan Sutherland
    Jerrick Reed II
    Jamal Adams

    Quandre Diggs
    Coby Bryant
    Joey Blount
    Ty Okada

    • Ashish

      After Sundays practice, I asked hey Adams are you playing first game answer was “Hell No”. So my money is he start on PUP. Waste of money.

      • cha

        You’re saying you literally got to ask Adams if he’d be ready Week One and he said “hell no”?

        • Elmer

          I wonder if they keep records on which NFL players have been paid the most to not play. Adams would probably be on the list.

        • Ashish

          Yes Cha, I asked Adams face to face when he showed up again to sign the ball after the practice. Last year my daughter asked you could write Best In Nation on the football and sign he said no. This year, someone said out loud best in nation and everyone including Adams chuckled.

          • cha


            That’s so weird. He had a pretty big reputation for nagging PC to get him in the game even before he’s recovered from injury. The first year Pete had to ‘rule him out’ early in the week because he wanted to tell Adams to cool off and quit with the nagging.

  20. Hoberk Unce

    Rob, you said you didn’t know who Bobo reminds you of. To me, he looked like a young Mike Evans against the Vikes. Big for a receiver, sharp routes, deceptively fast. I’m not predicting he’ll have Evan’s career, only that Evans is my Bobo comp.

    • BK26

      Mine is Ed McCaffrey. Solid, solid, solid. Knows what he is doing and extremely reliable.

      Evans to me is too much of a freak athlete. One of the biggest that I remember, on top of being such a good prospect coming out of college. And he’s VERY physical for a receiver.

      • LouCityHawk

        The way he moves and catches minds me of Herman Moore – the old Lions player who was considered a tad slow at 4.6

      • STTBM

        McCaffreys a good comp. Or Brandon Stokely. If he keeps improving, maybe Adam Thielen though he’s slower than Thielen in his prime.

        • drrew76

          He has 5 inches on Stokely — there is only one thing similar about them.

          • STTBM

            Not true. Neither are speedsters, but could get open using guile. Both could box out their opponent. I also think Bobo will do most of his damage from the slot, like Stokely and other not-fast but smart WRs.

          • LouCityHawk

            Hey, I saw someone suggest Wes Welker on another site, there seems to be only a certain type of receiver that Bobo gets to be compared to.

            • Peter

              Cue Steve Largent comps

            • STTBM

              Welker is a poor comp, to be sure: he was insanely quick, and pretty fast too. He also wasn’t tall.

              I can’t think of any non-white guys 6′ or over who ran poor 40s but still got open and played inside/out but mostly slot, who move/play like Bobo. Anquan Boldin ran like a 4.7 40, but he was a different kind of player, and didn’t move like Bobo. The Eagles had a guy who was pretty good out of the slot a decade or so ago, he was tall-ish and not screaming fast: but he lost his speed and faded fast, can’t think of his name…

    • JN

      Jake Bobo is the perfect McVay system WR. He has the receiver skillset but still has the size that can help create extra gaps as a good blocker in condensed formations. I think an interesting comparison for Bobo is Skowronek for the Rams.

  21. Robbie

    Sad news about Alex Collins passing 😢

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Only 28 too

    • Palatypus

      Rest in peace old friend.

    • STTBM

      That’s terrible! I hadn’t heard. He seemed so exuberant. His Irish Dancing really made him a better runner, I was sorry he couldn’t stay healthy and Seattle moved on.

      28 is far too young.

    • Al Bundy


    • Big Mike

      Just saw it this morning. RIP AC

      Motorcycle accident and as a fellow rider, it hits home doubly hard.

    • Kyle R

      It just really hits home when you see all these players in pro sports passing away and they are younger than me now. I always liked Collins too.

  22. Al Bundy


  23. cha

    Indianapolis Colts

    Per Shane Steichen – Anthony Richardson has been named the starter for the regular season.

    • Big Mike

      And in another development water is wet

      • Palatypus

        Not when you’re so cool you’re as cold as ice. Hajven’t you heard, Anthony Richardson can walk on water.

      • CD

        Knowing how close we may have been, I asked my buddy about AR as he is a huge UF fan/attended UF. He said his decision making is super suspect, sure super athletic, but he thought it would take some time (if ever) to become a trusted QB. In his opinion he left too early and now being called a starter, it seems like this is a huge gamble on his future.

        • BK26

          We talked about it: his coaching at Florida was bad, didn’t have much of a positional coach, weapons were horrible. His best bet to hit his ceiling was to move on. Florida wasn’t going to help him get any better.

          Despite that he still improved throughout the last year. I just hope that the Colts don’t ruin him.

          • Peter

            Didn’t work out to something like a different coach/qb cosch/ o coordinator nearly every year he played football?

            Either way. Steichen probably knows a bit about qb play with two successes so far.

            • BK26

              Something along those lines. Pretty sure he didn’t have anyone in high school working with him specifically as a quarterback, positionwise.

            • LouCityHawk

              Norv Turner disciple…

              I was not impressed by the first preseason game, but it is still early. The Colts have zero benefit from sitting ARich – they will not be competitive this year, may as well get him experience on the job and hope for MHJr. or Bowers.

              Hurts and Herbert took big jumps in year 2, and bigger jumps in year 3. There was talk that Hurts might be benched before last year.

              So ARich is going to need some time, and will learn in the fire.

              • Brodie

                Oh what might have been.

                Remember the Eagles were trying to get RW and Russ vetoed going there? Jalen Hurts would have come back in the deal (I would have to assume) and Howie Roseman would likely not be the reigning NFL GM of the year. Who knows what other dominoes might have fallen.

                For Richardson, you’ve got to give him time and expect growing pains. He’s raw and on a bad team. Peyton Manning was considered a very pro-ready QB and threw 28 picks as a rookie. AR may pan out as a great QB or he might not, but coming to either conclusion after this year will be impossible.

    • Elmer

      I hope he has a really good OL in front of him. He’s going to need it.

      • BK26

        Or his star running back.

        I’m really happy for him. Getting a chance with a coach that should be able to help. The Colts fans are excited to have him and sounds like they have faith in him. Hope he tears the league up. Then Irsay gets cheap again, lets him go, he signs with us down the road and conquers the NFC West.

    • Kyle R

      That’s a shame but obvious it was coming. Of all the early quarterbacks he would have benefited the most with to reach his very high ceiling by having a redshirt year and learning. I really just hope the Colts don’t ruin him.

  24. Brodie

    Feldman’s Freak List is out:

    Kris Jenkins is this year’s Mazi Smith. Also from Michigan. Also a ton of DL guys on here. My favorite write-up:

    16. Dontay Corleone, Cincinnati, nose tackle
    “The Godfather” is quite the character. He’s 6-1-ish and 323 pounds. He has size 18 shoes and size 11 hands. He emerged as a star last season in his debut for the Bearcats. His 94.7 percent run grade was the best, according to PFF, since Micah Parsons in 2019. Corleone was PFF’s highest rated defensive player last year, landing a spot on the AP’s third-team All-American squad — and as a backup nose tackle. Corleone made the most out of his snaps, piling up 44 tackles, 5.5 TFLs, three sacks, two fumble recoveries and two forced fumbles. His power is something special. He benches 485, squats 605 and deadlifts 700. He also can really move, clocking 18 MPH on the GPS and running a 4.68 pro shuttle. The only defensive tackle over 300 pounds at the combine with a faster shuttle this year was Wisconsin’s 309-pound Keeanu Benton, who ran a 4.65.

    • Jabroni-DC

      Nice. Wonder what his arm length is.

    • LouCityHawk

      Lots of good DL in the 2024 draft – deep – looking forward to Rob writing them up. I count 6 DT that might be potential 1st and 2nd.

  25. cha

    Jordyn Brooks just cleared a hurdle by passing his physical.

    Coming off PUP

    • Big Mike

      Good news. I’m surprised it was this soon.

  26. Rob Staton

    Devon Witherspoon still out today

    Concern is growing…

    • Thomas

      I wonder if he just can’t be durable enough for the nfl. He could be a great college player who doesn’t quite translate. I was worried that he was only 185 but was known as a hard hitter. Earl Thomas was 202.

      How about this – can you imagine Tyler Lockett as an “enforcer” in the secondary?

      I didn’t like the pick. He’s welcome to prove me wrong.

      • bmseattle

        The pick itself was somewhat underwhelming.
        It felt like we were “settling”, and then trying to talk ourselves into it being a great pick.

        And I agree about having trepidations about one of Witherspoon’s main attributes being his tendency to hit hard.
        Guys his size don’t last long in the NFL with that style of play.

        Now throw in his persistent injury and that we are seemingly viewing him as a slot corner.. well, it’s not what we all envisioned with a top 5 pick.

        All that said, it was a crappy draft to have a top 5 pick and none of our choices were great.

        • Big Mike

          Well said. Agree with all that you said.

        • Denver Hawker

          Not even sure how to redraft the 5th pick, Tyree Wilson may not play this season, Carter looks good, but risky, Will McDonald maybe? Like you said, tough spot to pick.

          Health is one thing, but position is another. Haven’t seen anything full speed to suggest he’s a better outside corner than others on the roster. I’m content if he ends up being a dominant Nickel back for 70% of snaps, but that still feels like a reach of a pick right now. Unless Nickel is the new base.

          • LouCityHawk

            It helps me to abbreviate it NCB or say NickelCORNERback, so as not to associate it with a certain ear disease. NCB is a new starter, much like WR3/TE2.

            If someone saw a trade for a 2024 1st reported, and turned down, let me know.

            I suggested Bijan above, and don’t hate that idea as the Char pick could have been used on another DL or a similar CB.

            • Denver Hawker

              This is how you remind me

              • Peter


              • LouCityHawk

                I want to report this comment for violating community guidelines, verbal abuse, and hereby invoke the Articles of the Geneva Convention.

          • Thomas

            Skoronski if you were determined to pass on Levis. But Witherspoon may play.

            It just seems like John and Pete set fire to their first round picks more often than not. Is their hit rate below league average on first rounders? They’re great in the middle and late rounds. They’re excellent with UDFAs.

            • Peter

              Great question. I tried a little sleuthing and comparing between JS/PC vs. Tge eagles Roseman since he and John are the most similarily tenured gm’s active I’m not sure Seattle is any worse than anyone else.

              Seattle drafted 3x all pro earl thomas. Five “washes,” meaning players that didn’t get a second contract, collier a straight up bust. Cross looks solid but it’s that second contract that to me is the tell. Of course jsn and witherspoon.

              In that time the eagles drafted: Lane Johnson…great. Fletcher Cox…..always great. Brandon Graham….good but overdrafted. They also drafted 6-7 washes. Derek Barnett is just a guy so far.

              Looked at the reigning dynasty, the Chiefs. McDuffie.
              ?…karlaftis like Jordan Davis look at least good so far. CEH has been good. And of course spending, not very big, on the current best in the game with Mahomes.

              I think this is why I love the draft so much. But also hated the conversations about this position bust rate vs. that position bust rate all positions have a bust rate.

              • BK26

                Difference with the Chiefs that I noticed: out of the top 100 players on that pointless list put together (heard that it’s not so much the players that voted), the Chiefs from 2 years ago had 4 out of the top 10. Tyreke is gone now, so even today, they have 3. All drafted.

                Interestingly, current GM Veach only drafted Mahomes. Dorsey drafted the others. Veach was still a scout and head of scouting, however.

                It all comes down to getting your difference makers/high-end talent, and then getting enough contributors with the rest of the picks.

          • Happy Hawk


    • ErickV

      Getting a little more worried for sure, but I’ll be fine as long as he’s good to go for Week 1.

    • cha

      Well great.

      PC: Spoon’s is..uh…he’s….in his own spot right now. He’s running straight ahead and he’s getting there. Gonna be a bit still

      • Big Mike

        … his own spot right now

        And what is his own spot, the diva spot? Is it the “I’m pissed about the contract so I’ll show them” spot? Is it the nagging injury for the season spot? You have to wonder…………

        • Peter

          When you have tissue injuries that go on for the majority of the year I start have real concerns.

          • Troy D

            A tissue injury in August can take till January and you missed the NFL season. It happens. Its obviously crappy for a rookie but Im guessing there was nothing to suggest that this would be an issue. Maybe his size and leading to shoulder issues and such but its probably more so bad luck.

            • Peter

              Witherspoon has had some injury since before the draft process. This is a little worrisome.

    • Palatypus

      If he misses the first three weeks and plays as well as Kenneth Walker III did last year, I would be fine with that.

      • Peter

        For years fans have quibbles with a certain qb’s pay…..and how “the team,” felt about his preferential treatment.

        But I’d love to know how players like Woolen feel getting shortlisted for DROY and making several hundreds of thousands of dollars or frankly any other position to position comp throughout the league when a guy like Witherspoon gets that 20 plus million dollar bonus for doing exactly nothing thus far.

        I’m surprised by myself. I’m very stoked on JSN and how he’s getting on. And am currently very disappointed by Witherspoon. Which post draft I thought would be the reverse.

        I know ncb is important…..but I’ve got to see it to believe that it is fifth overall, 31 million guaranteed important. When reports that classic seahawks no names like Mike Jackson are stepping up big time.

        • BK26

          I agree, JSN was the one that I felt an unnecessary worry about after the draft. With Witherspoon, really didn’t like the pick and didn’t understand it/didn’t really see it, but had hope and really penciled it in as “he’ll be just fine, at a minimum.”

          Everything about Witherspoon now just feels…sour. Is he a diva? Is he injury-prone? Can he have a long career? Are they already hurting him by moving him around too much (I don’t trust the coaches doing this)? How much has he lost by not showing up to camp and then not getting out there.

          It’s kind of feeling like another version of Adams: Pete saw a shiny, popular, new toy that he just HAD to have. Did he blow the biggest asset that we have had since…IDK when? It really was the worst position that we could have had in the draft.

          • Big Mike

            All of this is moot of Indy isn’t allowed to throw that last game against the Texans. I’m convinced Seattle takes Richardson at 4 if Indy/Irsay don’t get away with it. But good ol’ Rog did nothing when they purposely sucked for Luck and again did nothing when they threw that last game to get AR.

            You’re right I do believe when you say

            It really was the worst position that we could have had in the draft.

            • Peter

              1. F indy forever

              2. This is why I dreaded the in russ we trust last year. There’s a chance anyone we took due in part to all drafts being fickle might not work.

              3. Still optimistic. But have been low key concerned they drafted so far from type since draft day when I was trying to tell you this is fine….worried it might not be.

              4. Still think there’s a world where Seattle puts on its big boy pants and gets the qbotf. Like a trade up to one. But alas we’re hoping Geno is the tiniest percent of the tiniest percent of late blooming qbs who doesn’t get found out. Or “we need to see what we have in Lock.” Since I guess the new move is that we found Geno after a decade than in three years Lock should be ready to roll. I know it’s sacrilege but maybe Lock is just who we thought he was….

              It’s almost as if going back to old mud bone tge team is constitutionally opposed to the idea that it ever needs to find a qb in the tradition way.

              • Big Mike

                By the way Peter, really good point about how other players, especially a guy like Woolen, feel about Mr. 31 million sitting out nearly all of camp.

                • Peter

                  Just something I’ve run around my head over the years.

                  In other news. Sure there’s varying opinions on Brooks. But much respect to him for getting back off the pup in a fairly amazing time.

              • BK26

                Agree with you both. I think it would have been Richardson. There was just too much smoke leading up to the draft. Also never seen a situation through the whole draft process with a player like that. He really acted like he wanted to come here too.

                I don’t know what they are going to do about the qb future. I think they do have faith in Lock, but as of right now, I think he just is who he is. I think they are trying to simplify what they do at the position, which is them thinking that they are smarter and can get away with more than other teams. That’s been a huge weakness of them over the year.

                It’s my biggest worry, as I’ve said many times. Hopefully some quarterback’s show up this coming college season.

                • Peter

                  Team is young and Geno looked mostly sharp last year

                  If he stays the same and they figure out their cap perhaps there’s room to add the last few pieces the following year to pit it all together.

                  That’s the positive.

                  The contrarian take is….geno? Who knows. The defense until I see it doesn’t seem improved as a whole from last year. A lot of eggs in the basket on dline ( jarran reed and jones not getting hurt) which has maybe better players but less overall players. A bit concerned about the Quandre cap move where he’s now on the team longer. Like the cb/safety depth but that wasn’t really the problem last year as well.

                  Hope springs eternal for better interior line play but as of now it feels about the same as last year. Early prediction: Lewis is the highest rated olinemen again and Seattle let’s him walk because they are adverse to continuity on the line.

  27. Brodie

    Does anyone know how long the camps at VMAC run? Going tomorrow and the start time is 1:45pm.

    • Ashish

      Try to go early, it was full on Sunday. 1:45 pm practice starts so you should be at renton landing by 12:45 pm.

      • Brodie

        Thanks! That’s what we’re shooting for.

    • Palatypus

      Training camp practices will begin at 10:30 a.m., 1:30 p.m., or 1:45 p.m. depending on the date. The Seahawks encouraged the public to double-check the time for the date they are registered for.

      These practices will be around two hours, but that is subject to change, according to the Seahawks.

  28. Palatypus

    If you need a good laugh.

    “I’m five years in. I’ve proved that I can play,” Collier said. “Now, it’s about being consistent. Can I be a Pro Bowl-type player? Can I help an organization get to the playoffs? Can I be a showstopper? That’s what’s important to me.

    “I have nothing left to prove to anybody but myself that I deserve to be here and that I can play at the highest level with the best.”

    • Denver Hawker

      I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggonit, people like me.

      • Palatypus


        Hey, how many times do you think Cody Barton cried during The Barbie Movie?

        And has Rob seen it more times than Top Gun:Maverick, yet?

    • Peter

      Really enjoy the wording on the link. Collier ready to prove to Arizona why Seattle made him a first round pick.

      Would have been nice if he “proved,” to Seattle why Seattle made him a first round pick.

      • Big Mike

        Remember when he said basically the same thing in the preseason while still a Hawk year before last iirc?

        • Palatypus

          I think Charles Cross showed him why he was a first round pick.

          BTW, I just got my Top Gun hat in mail today. Just waiting on the shirt.

      • JimQ

        I predict an early “cut” is very much in the possibilities for this dude.

  29. cha

    Every offseason PC brags about how advanced their training staff is, and how they’re learning so much about how to keep their players healthy.

    And when camp rolls around, 85% of press conferences are asking for updates on recently-injured players and whether they’ll be back sooner or later.

    I know football is a violent game. But my goodness, maybe you need to stop talking about your conditioning and treatment staff as world-class?

    • UkAlex6674

      What’s the context though in respect of injuries/injury issues at other teams? Is it just us? Or are we taking an insular viewpoint?

      It does seem to be rte same record each year.

      But has it always been this way?

    • James Z

      Coach Kumbaya just can’t help himself. He might break into a 1000 pieces if he ever lifted the veil. It’s a ‘legit’ sprain that will never heal…

    • Rob Staton

      It does seem like every press conference is 15 mins of injury updates

      • Elmer

        It’s beginning to have a familiar feel to it. Could it be that last year’s success is correlated with relatively good fortune with injuries?

        But…. The Lionesses are into the WC final!

  30. Saul G

    I really wish college football would get here sooner. Being a Duck fan and still part of the Pac12, I constantly hear about how Bo Nix and Michael Penix Jr are locks for the top 10. Bo Nix has the easiest job in all of college football, hand it off to RBs that get 10 ypc and throw to WRs that are open by 10 yards. When asked to make other reads or audibles, the dude folds like a lawnchair. Seems like a good round 4 pick and no way should be a cornerstone.

    As for MPJ, he has a great arm, great attitude, and also plays in an offensive friendly system. I just can’t get past the 2 prior ACL surgeries, two shoulder injuries, and all of that despite getting hit among the least in college football. What happens when he gets more in one half of NFL football than he did the whole college season combined?

    • Rob Staton

      I can tell you now, neither is a top-10 lock. That is absurd if people are saying it

    • LouCityHawk

      I watched every snap that Penix took for IU – many in person. Hoosiers still love him and root for UW because we wish him well. The guy is an absolute warrior and has a special arm.

      That said, Penix probably isn’t a starting NFL QB, neither is Nix. Rob posted some great breakdowns of the QBs who might be on the radar as QBotF, and I’d recommend going back and reading his posts on them.

      Even QBs like Daniels (remember him?), KJ Jefferson, and Rattler look to be R2. Maye is talked up as top 10, but I need to see a lot more from him in 2023.

      • BK26

        I agree with Penix. He was fun to watch at Indiana, but all I can think about is Iowa running him down all day. I just can’t see him lasting in the NFL. And he hasn’t really played in any system to help him. They have all been pretty player friendly. Him (and Nix) are just behind an 8-ball with the offenses that they are in. Not saying they can’t play outside of them.

        I’m ready to watch Rattler, Daniels, and Van Dyke. Ewers too.

        • LouCityHawk

          I suppose I should be differentiating between Jayden Daniels (the former ASU and current LSU QB) who I really like, and Jalon Daniels (Kansas) who kind of gives off the RW vibes with his play (seen the first version, can skip the sequel).

          • BK26

            I meant Jayden. Jalon is exciting, especially locally since I’m in KC. Kansas fans enjoyed it last year. But I don’t see him translating. Did hear that he got offers from Stanford.

            I was rooting for Jayden at ASU. Now he doesn’t really have any excuses.

        • Saul G

          I just think it’s funny that a lot of Seahawk fans put Geno in the same echelon as Mahomes, Burrow, Lamar, and company like that. Now that the league has an entire year of tape on him, how does he respond? He got a big payday and this time last year there were zero expectations. Now if the offense isn’t going full speed, where will the finger be pointed to?

    • Elmer

      It looks like the PAC-12 has gone toes up. I am very interested in what happens with Oregon State, Washington State, Cal Berkeley, and Stanford in whatever conference realignment happens. The other schools all have eventual destinations, it appears.

  31. Palatypus

    I just realized that OluX2 is probably going to get reps against former Michigan teammate (and blog favorite) Mazi Smith on Saturday.

    Anybody got any film of this?

  32. Justaguy

    or even when Jamal Adams returns from injury.. does he immediately supplant the starter?

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