Curtis Allen’s week nine watch notes (vs Ravens)

November 5th, 2023 | Written by Rob Staton

This is a guest article by Curtis Allen…

No need to mince words.  The Ravens will be the toughest test the Seahawks have faced yet this season.

They might be the most complete team in the NFL.  They currently field the #1 scoring defense, the #3 rushing defense and they lead the NFL in sacks.  On offense?  The Ravens are the #7 scoring offense, featuring the #3 rushing offense.

It will take a complete effort on both sides of the ball to defeat them.  Mistakes must be kept to a minimum.

This team is talented, well-coached and has been able to put game plans together that dictate the pace they want to play at.  They frequently accomplish what Pete Carroll and the Seahawks set out to do:  Run the ball well, be opportunistic in the passing game, build an early lead and pressure the opposing offense into keeping up.  Then deploy a defense that smothers the running game and forces the offense into pass-rush friendly situations.

Here is a shocking stat to let you know just how well that formula is working:  In eight games this year, the Raven defense has been on the field while trailing for a grand total of 21 snaps.  Out of 532 defensive snaps, only 4% of them have been taken while the Ravens were trailing.  That is far and away the lowest number in the NFL.

They are the #1 defense in first quarter points allowed, and the #2 offense in first quarter points scored.

It gives them tremendous leverage over their opponents.  In all six of their wins this year, they have been leading at halftime.  This has allowed them the second-half option to either gear down and protect the lead by defending explosive plays and giving up simpler yards, or to load the box to either stop the run or unleash the blitzing hounds and not fear it burning them too badly.

Is there any good news to be had?  There is.

The Seahawks are right behind the Ravens by a sliver in first quarter scoring, sitting at #3 in the NFL.  Last week they ran up 17 points in the first quarter, and in the three previous weeks they scored a touchdown early on as well.  They will be Baltimore’s biggest test in this specific area.

If Seattle can control the tempo early on, it can disrupt the Raven formula like a grain of sand in a microchip.  They might not be able to be as aggressive on defense and must up their aggressiveness on offense – things they do not like to do.

Also, their defensive effectiveness drops off dramatically from the first half to the second.  Note the splits from Pro Football Reference:

Seven of their nine total touchdowns allowed came after halftime.

They allow a full yard per play more in the second half than the first, and a whopping two yards per play on rushes.  As offenses get more desperate, they throw the ball downfield further, and while they have taken more sacks, they have gained twice as many first downs as in the first half.

So, we think of this game as a real test for the Seahawks.  But it will be a test for the Ravens as well.  If the Seahawks are doing their job, Baltimore may be put in situations they are unaccustomed to.  Having to play and come from behind may force mistakes and otherwise open opportunities for the Seahawks to exploit.

How the Ravens respond – and how the Seahawks then adjust – may decide the game.

The other piece of good news is: The Ravens are not infallible.  They have lost to the Colts and the Steelers this year – who, with all due respect, are no world-beaters – and had a bit of stress in putting away the stubborn 1-6 Cardinals last week.

All three used a similar game pattern that proved effective, and the Seahawks would be well-advised to absorb some of their wisdom into the game plan this week.  What made them so successful against the Ravens?

Be Special on Special Teams

Before we discuss what the three teams did, we need to highlight where the Ravens stand in this area.  I talked about the offense and defense being absolutely fantastic, but ironically, they are very average on Special Teams – a John Harbaugh staple for years – and it has cost them at times.

Kicker Justin Tucker, probably the greatest kicker in NFL history, is perfect on field goal tries from 50 yards in, but in the all-important 50+ yard category?  He is 1 for 4.  True, one was a 59-yard try, the other a 61-yard try.  But neither of those would be near Tucker’s career-long (66 in case you are wondering).  The 61-yarder would have won them the Colts game.  Instead, they went to overtime and the Colts prevailed.  And he did miss a 53-yard try against the Bengals that could have cost them if the defense had not held up.

They have also made mistakes and allowed teams to make significant gains in key Special Teams areas.

How did Indianapolis win the Special Teams battle in their game against Baltimore?  Matt Gay was a perfect 5 for 5 in field goal tries, including nailing 3 from 53 yards, and a fourth from 54.  That is absolutely clutch.  Isaiah McKenzie also aided them with a 32-yard punt return.

How about the Steelers?  Chris Boswell was a perfect 3 for 3 on field goal tries, and then Miles Killebrew blocked a punt which just missed being a touchdown but resulted in a safety.  On the resulting possession they kicked one of those field goals.

And Arizona?  Matt Prater kicked an onside kick late in the game that led to a 47-yard field goal and the Cardinals coming within a touchdown late, and nearly got another one as they tried it again.

In a hard-fought game with a clock-grinding physical team like the Ravens, the difference could come down to special teams.

Jason Myers has been perfect in his last 3 games.  He did miss a 53-yard try in the Giants game, and they took advantage of the good field position to drive into the red zone, but Devon Witherspoon shut that down with his dramatic pick six.

If Myers is the difference, he must be up to the task.  As is Michael Dickson, the cover teams and the returners.

Win the Turnover Battle

This is another uncharacteristic area for the Ravens.  They currently stand at +1 for the season, with their heads barely above water.  They have only managed to lose the turnover battle but win the game once this year.

Against the Colts, Lamar Jackson was careless, getting strip sacked twice.  It cost them once.  They had another fumble lost in the passing game.  The Colts did not commit any turnovers and won that battle 2-0.

The Steelers won 3-1 in this area on the strength of an interception and a late-game T.J. Watt strip sack of Lamar Jackson to seal the win.

The Cardinals lost 2-0 on two Josh Dobbs interceptions that the Ravens converted to touchdowns.  They won by seven points.  Those turnovers were the ballgame.

Lamar Jackson leads the NFL in fumbles with 8.  Many of those are on strip sacks.  The Ravens surely are not happy with it, but when you have a quarterback as dynamic as him, it may simply be viewed as a cost they have to live with.

A related component of success: In the two losses and the Cardinals win, Jackson was sacked 4 times in each game.  Making him uncomfortable and killing drives is critical.

Jordyn Brooks had a strip sack of P.J. Walker last week.  Another one by someone on the defense would go a long, long way towards tilting the formula in the Seahawks’ favor.

Jackson also has 3 interceptions thrown, and the same value applies.  The Seahawks will gladly take an interception on jumping the route, taking advantage of a poor throw or a miscommunication, or a deflection off a player’s head.  Whatever it takes.

On the flip side, Geno Smith must tighten up his play.  We keep seeing highlight reels of him spinning perfect passes into tight windows, and they are amazing.  But somehow his turnover-worthy plays and his poor decisions only make the reels for the opponents.

The biggest component of this need might be managing the Raven pass rush, particularly the blitz.  They blitz a very average 24.9% of the time, right in the middle of the pack in the NFL, and shockingly their pressures are not very great, standing at #25 with only a 19.3% pressure rate so far this season.

So how are they leading the NFL in sacks?  One of the secrets lies in getting good pass rush in their standard packages.

The other is how they blitz.  They have blitzed 14 different players this year, and an incredible 13 different players have sacked the quarterback.  They can disguise it because it is coming from all over the field.

A third is once they get a quarterback in their grasp, they take him down.

Smith will need to be much sharper than he has been, in reading, recognizing and reducing his decision-making time to avoid strip sacks and interceptions.  He will also need to use his feet more readily, whether that is in climbing the pocket, or giving his receivers time to uncover as he did splendidly on plays like this last Sunday:

Be Balanced on Offense and Do Not Stray from the Running Game

The last and perhaps most important factor in being competitive with the Ravens:  Those three teams all ran the ball liberally throughout the game.

Indianapolis ran out a 35/27 run/pass split in their win, Pittsburgh a 30/32 split in theirs, and Arizona had a 32/37 split in theirs for a 97/96 split over the three games.

They ran for 355 yards, a meager 3.65 yards per carry.  But they ran for 23 first downs, and Indy and Arizona won the time of possession game, while the Steelers were slightly behind dead even with the Ravens.

Currently, the Seahawks offense is running an average split of 24/33.  Their rushes per game rank at #21 in the NFL.

They need to take charge of the game by running the ball, even if it means we do not get to see a breathtaking Kenneth Walker explosion.

Balance is critical and it must be maintained against this extremely tough defense.  It accomplishes many good things:  it sets a tone, keeps from giving Geno Smith more than he can handle, it tires the defense out and gives the offensive lineman a chance to power forward instead of backpedaling in pass protection.

If you try to run out a lopsided split, the Ravens will punish you for it.  Let me give you an extreme example of this:  The Raven’s blowout win over the Lions in Week 7.

The Ravens took the kick, and the offense moved down the field and scored a touchdown. 7-0 Baltimore.

The Lions took the kick, ran 2 pass plays and 1 run play and punted.  Jared Goff was sacked, fumbled and the Lions recovered it.  The Ravens took the ball down the field and scored another touchdown. 14-0 Baltimore.

The Lions took the kick, ran 2 pass plays and 1 run play and punted.  The Ravens took the ball down the field and scored another touchdown. 21-0 Baltimore.

The Lions took the kick, ran 2 pass plays and 1 run play and they punted.  Jared Goff was sacked again.  The Ravens took the ball down the field and scored another touchdown. 28-0 Baltimore.

Halfway through the second quarter, a pretty good Lions team was down by four touchdowns and the game was essentially over.  They ended up with a hideous 14/53 split, a Goff was sacked 5 times and threw an interception in a 38-6 humiliation.

I am not saying their play calling was the only reason the Lions lost – their defense also deserves quite a bit of blame.

Nor am I saying you constantly must run a 2 run/1 pass sequence in every single series (in fact, the Cardinals called ten straight pass plays on one of their touchdown drives on that defense).

It is, however, emblematic of what makes the Ravens such a tough opponent.  The game can spiral out of control quickly if you do not recognize their strengths and adapt accordingly.

You must give this defense different looks, but also execute the basics very, very well.

Seattle’s tight ends have been criminally underused so far in the passing game.  Will Dissly and Noah Fant are on track for career-worst seasons of targets.  Colby Parkinson is matching his “third tight end” numbers so far this year.

The offense can run a Twelve Personnel set and open all kinds of options.  Running the same personnel – even lining up the same way – but keeping the defense guessing can pay dividends deep into the game.

Let these tight ends lean on the defense in the running game.  Give D.K. Metcalf a chance to exercise his nasty side and direct some of that unsportsmanlike conduct energy on pushing smaller corners around in the running game downfield.

Establish a tone and then open things up and then sprinkle some finesse into the game with some clever plays to Tyler Lockett and Jaxon Smith-Njigba.

It all starts with basing the plan on your running game.  For the first time, all three running backs were not on the injury report this week.  Games like this are what the Seahawks built up their backfield depth for.  What they drafted maulers like Damien Lewis and Anthony Bradford for.  What they collected tight ends for.

Use them.

398 Responses to “Curtis Allen’s week nine watch notes (vs Ravens)”

  1. Rob Staton says:

    Apologies this is late today guys

  2. Big Mike says:

    Thanks Curtis. Excellent as always. With you on needing to run the ball more.
    Ravens would’ve won vs. the stealers had their WRs not dropped 2 sure TDs (or was it 3?). They really should be 7-1. Hawks REALLY have to play well to have a shot at winning today.

  3. Romeo A57 says:

    Good Stuff, run it down their throat!

    The stat that Lamar is 17 and 1 against the NFC has me very concerned. The thought process for this is that his style of play is difficult for defenses who haven’t faced him before.

    I don’t expect much from the Seahawks Offense or Defense today and would like to see them keep it within one score.

  4. 12th chuck says:

    “It will take a complete effort on both sides of the ball ” that’s only happened a few times in 2 years against bad teams. Don’t think that will happen today. But on the plus side, seahawks play up to the completion, also play down to it as well.

  5. MontanaMike says:

    Geno has to be good today and not his mediocre to poor from the last few weeks, as far as acquiring Leonard Williams, i hope it pays immediate dividends today, i too lament the cost of a second rounder but see him as a Justin Smith type that does all the dirty work so that an Alton Smith can get all the stats. we do have the pieces and are fairly complete, so if everyone can put it together today, i like our chances. Run the ball whenever possible but you have to mix it up or it won’t work, I hope we see more Jake Bobo and JSN showing up because teams don’t seem to account for them as much. Lastly i hope Pete doesn’t lose the game by doing stupid Pete things and is able to do what he does best.

  6. Big Mike says:

    Hey geoff u

    Just saw your comment on the last thread about your collection of ref jerseys and being particularly proud of your Bill Leavy #127.

    So very well played man!

  7. Mick says:

    Thanks cha. Unfortunately Bradford isn’t playing today, and I’m afraid we’ll miss him in the running game.

  8. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    If I can see OBJ throwing tantrums today… it’ll likely be a quality result.

  9. RMK-LouCityHawk says:

    Watched my Hoosiers defy expectations yesterday and earn a win against Wisconsin, the defense largely looking inspired by Carter, their heart and soul.

    CHA is 100% correct that this will take a balanced, full team effort. I can’t shake the feeling that if one player can elevate their game today and inspire their teammates to do more, it will be Boye Mafe.

  10. Romeo A57 says:

    Disappointing that JSN couldn’t haul in that 3rd down pass

  11. Big Mike says:

    Dial up an excellent play on third and medium, Geno with a perfect pass, ffs JSN catch the ball.

  12. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    Best defensive series of the season, considering the opposition?

  13. Big Mike says:

    Well we are winning the Battle of field position. Pete must be ecstatic

  14. BrandoK says:

    Why is Bradford inactive for the game is he injured?

  15. bmseattle says:

    extend Bellore!

  16. bmseattle says:

    reed is playing so well, it’s crazy

  17. Mick says:

    D are holding their ground, looking really solid.

  18. BrandoK says:

    Good defensive stop

  19. Big Mike says:

    Is that punt sucked…… For us

  20. Romeo A57 says:

    Very impressed with the Seahawks Defense in this First Quarter.

    • cha says:

      Let’s see what happens when the Ravens get in gear. Their offense has sputtered and Lamar has made some mistakes he shouldn’t so far.

      • Romeo A57 says:

        CHA- I expect a Ravens blowout as I believe they are a step above the Seahawks on both sides of the ball.

        I am pleasantly surprised that the Seahawks are hanging around so far.

  21. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    Great start to the game for the defense. Really hope they can adjust, once Baltimore does.

  22. Big Mike says:

    Did Stone get hurt? I know he started at right tackle

  23. pran says:

    Shane and Geno…sucks to see all the talent wasted.

  24. BrandoK says:

    Jason peters looks bad out there

  25. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    Listless offense. Where’s DK? We saving him for a 40yd bomb later on?

  26. bmseattle says:

    Ah… the “natural” pick!

  27. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    Asking the defense to keep up their hot start for three straight series was a bridge too far. Offense needs to step up or the game gets out of hand by the 3rd.

  28. bmseattle says:

    is it wise to have Taylor in the game at the goalline?

  29. Rob Staton says:

    Could be a long game this

  30. BrandoK says:

    Can the offense do anything

  31. Scot04 says:

    I’d like to see them stick with 1 RT. Stop the rotation.

  32. bmseattle says:

    The Ravens run defense is their “weakness”, but we can’t even run the ball decently so far.

  33. Big Mike says:

    Ravens only have 3 more road games the rest of the season? Can you say home field advantage

  34. Big Mike says:

    Such a good thing we spend a second round draft choice that we might have needed to get a real quarterback on another defensive lineman. It is past time for a new regime with this team

  35. Pran says:

    Bench Geno

  36. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, your reigning comeback player of the year. 🤦🏽‍♂️ FFS

  37. Kyle R says:

    Lol Geno is such a piece of crap

  38. BrandoK says:

    Geno is just terrible this is going to be a long long game

  39. bmseattle says:

    Bad Geno?
    Or just… career Geno?

  40. Sean says:

    Geno what was that

  41. AlexHawk says:

    It’s these games against the real contenders that really drive home that you need a good QB!

  42. geoff u says:

    It’s a shame Leonard Williams wasn’t on the field to prevent that interception. Why do we never use our players correctly?

  43. dand393 says:

    You could see pre snap that Lockett had no idea what the play call got changed too not surprised that was a pick

  44. 12th chuck says:

    time to bench Geno

  45. Leo says:

    I’ve never seen a Seahawk protected more by fans and media than Geno, it’s unbearable at this point. It’s like he’s the little kid playing with high-schoolers that we have to be nice to so that he doesn’t run home crying to mommy.

  46. MaxInVan says:

    I don’t understand Waldron man. 3 and manageable, you NEED a first down. Has 3 players in routes and a long developing play.

    • Kyle R says:

      I’ve noticed that too. Baltimore is consistently bringing more guys than we can block. Need quick developing plays and blitz beater routes.

      • MaxInVan says:

        It’s really basic. Quick developing concepts and getting the QB outside the pocket. It’s how you beat blitzing

  47. geoff u says:

    At least Boye Mafe is legit

  48. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    Mafe stays the bloodletting. Great play, young man!

  49. BrandoK says:

    Mafe is too good

  50. pdway says:

    Mafe gonna make the pro bowl

  51. Palatypus says:

    I had to walk the dog.

    What did I miss?

  52. Big Mike says:

    I utterly seahawks. The defense finally turns the corner and the offense turns to crap

  53. Ttoy says:

    The offense hasn’t gotten off the plane apparently? What a joke!

  54. BrandoK says:

    Seattle needs to draft a QB

  55. Pran says:

    can we bring some mobile QB…Geno the statue does not have brain to use checkdowns nor can scramble. play calling does not help either

  56. bmseattle says:

    It’s debatable whether DK can be a true #1 receiver… but we pay him like one, and don’t use him like one.

  57. 12th chuck says:

    can we bench Waldron?

  58. Joe says:

    A week 6 debut of a rookie Levis w/ these weapons………… oh well

  59. Troy says:

    Blowout brewing…

  60. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    Win or lose, if I can see Spoon decleat OBJ once, I’ll sleep okay tonight.

  61. MaxInVan says:

    Mario Edwards has been held every play this series

  62. Troy says:

    9 TDs, 7 INTs. Not good enough

  63. Troy says:

    Baltimore going to rush for 250+ today

  64. Pran says:

    guess what…Baltimore does not need to throw the ball. our pass D is holding up well today and Harbaugh keeps running until you stop. only turnovers can save the day for Hawks..

  65. 12th chuck says:

    2nd game in a row where j adams is absent.

    • Big Mike says:

      Hes had one good game as a seahawk and that was the first game he played against Atlanta he has done nothing since then….. When hes even played

  66. James says:

    The Seahawks are “light work” for the Ravens…

  67. Rob Staton says:

    Getting exposed here

    We are not a contender

    • bmseattle says:

      In retrospect, I’m grateful that we didn’t send a 1st round pick for Williams.
      I have zero doubt we would have done it, if pressed.

    • Big Mike says:

      Like most of us thought this is about a 500 team

    • jed says:

      Just came here to say the same thing.

      Huge difference between Geno and a real franchise QB. Huge difference between a good team and a real contender.

    • Pran says:

      the mighty rush D is not so much mighty… this D is bang average good teams can pick their poison and move the ball at will..

    • Pack of K9s says:

      Do you blame Geno or the OC more? Dreadul performance from both imo but Geno aint it

  68. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    Trash. Utter trash.

  69. 509 Chris says:

    Glad we just invested important capital into shoring up the middle of the defense.

    Stupid undisciplined penalties have been a problem lately.

  70. Troy says:

    Must pass now. Cue Geno for a few more turnovers.

  71. Big Mike says:

    Plenty of time here for the Seahawks to go 3 and out the Ravens to score again then get the second half kick off and score again to make it about 24 to nothing

  72. MaxInVan says:

    Zietler gets beaten by reed on a swim, turn around and hugs him by the waist and no flag

  73. Palatypus says:

    This is about how I thought this game would go.

  74. Tony says:

    This was totally expected. But we don’t build our team to win a super bowl. We build it to win just enough to sneak into playoffs.

  75. dand393 says:

    Sure looked like metcalf could have gained at least an additional 5 yards on that play instead of going out of bounds untouched

  76. 509 Chris says:

    Do we have anything to lose by seeing what Lock can do? I know Geno just found Metcalf but I’d like to see what the other guy can do.

  77. Big Mike says:

    If Geno throws that better it’s a touchdown. DK was open

  78. ShowMeYourHawk says:


  79. Troy says:

    Our offensive line is getting DOMINATED.

  80. 509 Chris says:

    Why does Geno get so many balls batted down? An xs os guy might know but I dont.

  81. nfendall says:

    They HAVE to turn this turnover into a touchdown.

  82. Pran says:

    Jittery Geno keeps giving… i am not sure what Pete and John saw in the first 8 weeks to mortgage draft…

  83. Tony says:

    Can we please have lock now. So done with geno.

  84. KennyBadger says:

    The OL is getting the business but ffs geno.

  85. Leo says:

    Geno looking an awful lot like Tarvaris Jackson…would really love to have our second-rounder to take a punt on a toolsy QB prospect…

  86. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    Geno, they’re writing back, homie.

  87. MaxInVan says:

    Our running backs have been TERRIBLE in blitz pickup this season. Like seriously. No awareness whatsoever

  88. Troy says:

    Games are won (and lost) in the trenches. We getting manhandled.

  89. 509 Chris says:


  90. Tony says:

    Turning the ball over for ravens actually was the plan. Ravens knew the defense would be more efficient gaining yards

  91. MattG says:

    Ravens defense got some good yardage on that drive.

  92. Palatypus says:

    I am Van Noyed with Geno.

  93. HOUSE says:

    Geno now has 8 TOs in the past 4 games… CHA mentioned above we gotta win the TO battle and giving up an INT and a fumble in the 1st ain’t good

  94. SimonGER says:

    The only question I have after two quarters of that debacle: Why in gods name did they not draft a QB in last years draft? I mean, are they so sure, that there is a QB in this class that is in reach, that is better than a Will Levis who they could have taken in the late first round/beginning of the second round after a trade down? Just curious…

    • Troy says:

      Geno is bad, but his offensive line has been worse

      • bmseattle says:

        Well, we didn’t draft an Offensive lineman high, either.
        And we won’t with our native 2nd rounder in 2024.

      • SimonGER says:

        Tbh, yes this line is getting dominated in this game. But still, lot of those batted down passes, dropbacks etc. are on Geno I feel like..

  95. dragonhawk says:

    It’s all up to Pete to correct the personnel on the field….nothing else to say

  96. Rob Staton says:

    Nobody criticise Geno, you’ll just be confirming your priors remember

  97. Dustin says:

    Geno sux. Time to put him on the bench.

  98. Kyle R says:

    I really want to see what we have in Lock the rest of the year so we can see if he’s a suitable bridge. We know what we have in Geno by now and I don’t want him even if he’s only ask for 5 million next year let alone anything more than that.

  99. Rob Staton says:

    So glad we’re only a player away and went and got him this week!

  100. Pran says:

    may win 2 more games at best 3….2 good drafts team is decent and back to old ways. i am not sure we can see a contending team again under Pete…just do enough to be in the middle to not lose job.

    • pdway says:

      oh come on…..

      The Ravens are just better than us. Doesn’t mean we have a terrible team that is going to lose 8 out of the next 10 games.

      • bmseattle says:

        there actually *is* a blueprint for beating the Ravens (see Colts), and it’s by running the ball.
        We have given up on that already.

      • Big Mike says:


        Would you be surprised with losses to the niners twice, the eagles and the cowboys? And don’t forget the rams cause McVay owns Caroll lock stock and barrel.
        That’s 5 very possible losses.

      • Pran says:

        you are playing most of those games against contenders…

      • geoff u says:

        Have you seen our remaining schedule? If we lose this, 9-8 or 8-9 is the most likely outcome.

  101. Kyle R says:

    And for the love of God get a QB for the future in this draft!!

  102. mantis says:

    Geno is playing horrible but the line is just as bad, putting Lock in could ruin his confidence and where do we go from there

    • pdway says:

      I don’t know who we think is going to come in and excel at QB in a game where their D-line is dominating ours….Geno isn’t killing it, but this isn’t close to being all on him.

      Ravens are GOOD.

    • Dustin says:

      Leaving Geno out there to play like this will also ruin his confidence. A benching can do him some good.

  103. 509 Chris says:

    Regardless of how much better the qbs are this year or next year or 2027 or whatever, 2022 was when this team had the capital. I seriously fear that the fan base will look back on that draft and see passing on qb as catalyst to the coming mediocrity.

  104. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    Remember when we were told “we have two Number 1 QBs?” But….. we keep Geno in because…..?

    “Always complete…” I guess.

  105. ScandicHawk says:

    You gotta give Drew a shot in the 2nd half, not because the back up qb is always the most popular player on the team, but because: a seriously underrated part of quarterbacking is getting rid of the ball quickly and Geno is not processing defenses fast enough. And when he has a great play call, like the slant or post by Metcalf (couldn’t see where Metcalf was lined up pre-snap on my computer), butMetcalf IS WIDE OPEN IN THE ENDZONE. Geno throws a 58 foot fastball, or more like a change up, really.

    That is a throw you have to hit, not many coming in this game against this defense. I’m not sure about Waldron as our OC, but that play looked scouted and schemed open. Geno blew it.

    Drew also has legs. We’re gonna need them against this defense.

  106. Mick says:

    Well it’s a reality check, and we should ask ourselves if Shane is the right call, if Geno will be worth so much money next year, and how do we kick the right gear in the running game.

    • ShowMeYourHawk says:

      Should Waldron and Geno “accidentally” fall out of the plane on the ride back, we’ll weep for them, briefly.

    • Mychestisbeastmode says:

      There is zero % chance that Geno gets that money next year. (Based on his performance thus far).

    • Pran says:

      Hope some team makes Shane the HC and he takes Geno with him…just like McDaniels and Garropolo…

  107. 12th chuck says:

    Geno is who we thought he was. Pete Carroll needs to bench him for all the turnovers, flat out, plain and simple. What do we have to lose by letting Drew paly at this point?

  108. Blitzy the Clown says:

    The difference between the Ravens and Seahawks from 1st to 2nd quarter?

    The Ravens coaching staff implemented effective adjustments. Seahawks coaches did not.

    Also, how does Geno not see the defender standing right in front of him? 3 blocked passes in a half? C’mon man.

    Starting to sour significantly on the Williams trade and the whole FO in general.

    • 12th chuck says:

      Inability to adjust during the game has been going on for several years now. You can get rid of O and D coordinators all you want, the lack of adjustments have not changed at all.

  109. dragonhawk says:

    Do you really think that Pete is going to bench Geno? Place your bets!

  110. CL says:

    Can y’all stop hating Geno already?

    • 6 for 14
    • 93 passing yards
    • 1 INT
    • 1 lost fumble
    • 35.7 passer rating

  111. STTBM says:

    This is coaching at its worst. Kindergarten level routes by receivers, no adjutments to deal with the rush, going fo low percentage deep passes on third and short even though that has repeatedly failed this year.

    The defense is a mess, despite obvious contributions from so many players.

    Seattles Oline is not getting it done, coaches not helping them out at all.

    Ive wanted Carrol out since 2017. I see nothing to change my mind.

    I dot think any OC will succeed with Carrol as coach.

    • 805Hawk says:

      It’s as if I wrote this myself. Perfectly stated.

    • Big Mike says:

      Could not possibly agree with you any more on every point you made. Been calling for Carroll’s firing for about that long myself. Won’t happen cuz she won’t pay someone to not work. We are stuck with this crap until she sells, whenever that might be.

  112. Kyle R says:

    Pete has been a hypocrite for a while now. It’s has been about competition or who’s the best at their position for a while now. Other wise the safety, QB and Haynes at guard situation would be different.

  113. Romeo A57 says:

    FFS what Run Defense was that to start the second half?

  114. James says:

    A real man just ran right over your vaunted young defensive backs.

  115. Redhawks says:

    Defense keeping us in it. Feel it could get ugly though.

    • STTBM says:

      Defense going to give up over 30 points and 250 rushing yards…

      How is that keeping us in it?!

      • bmseattle says:

        the one thing is, the defense has caused a couple of turnovers that could have “kept us in it”, if we’d been able to capitalize.

  116. STTBM says:

    Pete going to blame the loss on not running the ball enough. Wait and see….

    So frustrating….

  117. Kyle R says:

    Smart pass by Baltimore on 3rd downs. They can settle for field goals the rest of the game don’t risk anything. No way this offense can over come this lead against that defense.

  118. BrandoK says:

    How long is Pete going to keep sticking with Geno?

  119. Big Mike says:

    O-line getting totally owned along with the QB sucking on the rare occasion they don’t.

  120. Kyle R says:

    Another reason I’d like to see Lock is because I want to see how much of this is on Waldron as well.

  121. David Ashton says:

    Feels like they mailed this one in!!

  122. Troy says:

    This team is a f*c*king pretender and far from a contender. What a pathetic showing..

    Last post for me today. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday everyone.

  123. Redhawks says:

    With zero offense including 2 bad turnovers, those 2 big defensive plays have prevented this from being a rout. Atm it looks like it will end that way anyway. We are supposed to be an explosive offense with a middle defense, but we aren’t getting anything from our O. Tbh, when Ravens are playing peak, we are nowhere near them.

  124. STTBM says:

    Eskridge cannot play football. He cant even play gunner.
    Were a better team with him inactive. He’ll be lucky to be on a PS next year at this rate.

  125. Gross MaToast says:

    You guys keep blaming Geno, but the Ravens are out there doing stuff to confuse him and stuff. Plus, I’ll bet Pete says tomorrow that this wasn’t the defense they saw on tape. I’m almost certain that Shane Norton Jr probably had a great game plan for the defense they saw on tape. Now he looks stupid. Let’s blame the Ravens for doing tricky stuff.

  126. Big Mike says:

    Hey Peter if you’re out there, how about coming in and telling us what the genius Dave Wyman is blaming this performance on. Sun in their eyes? Jet lag (even tho they usually win at 10 AM on the east coast)?

    • Kyle R says:

      I’m not listening to Wyman but let me take a shot. “You know it’s hard getting up for a game going back to your regular uniform after you played last game in those sweet throw back uniforms.”

  127. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    “I just need to be better.” – Geno, at the fourth consecutive postgame presser.

  128. bmseattle says:

    More…or Any… Bobo!

  129. MaxInVan says:

    What is Waldron’s plan? Play calling has been atrocious. All 22 will show a lot, but really other than the pick and one of the sacks, I think it’s really hard to pin stuff on geno. Just not a good offensive performance. And to be fair, I do want a new QB, but there are bigger questions to answer in regards to the OC

  130. Anthony says:

    Well there appears to be no doubt that the Seahawks are cutting Geno after the season. No team in the NFL will sign him for anything more than 10 million.

  131. geoff u says:

    Dre’mont Jones finally makes a play, but for the Ravens

  132. cha says:

    And there is Jamal Adams making a form tackle and then getting up and barking at the Raven sideline.

  133. Big Mike says:

    Undisciplined Jr. High football by Jones. What a joke.
    Well coached my ass Romo

  134. Pran says:

    Draymont Jones feeling it…

  135. nfendall says:

    So undisciplined.

  136. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    Jones has been a MASSIVE bust.

    • bmseattle says:

      don’t worry, after we extend Williams and Reed, Jones will be the 3rd highest paid DT on the team next year.

  137. BrandoK says:

    This game keeps getting worse

  138. Palatypus says:

    What’s that smell?

  139. Mick says:

    Jordyn keeps making plays in the meanwhile.

  140. Tony says:

    Dre Jones makes me hate his contract more every game

  141. Big Mike says:

    Jamal makes a couple of decent plays but then whiffs on the tackle allowing them to get to 4th and 1 instead of 4th and 6.

  142. nfendall says:

    Let’s have nobody within 10 yards of their primary pass catcher on 3rd and 18. Brilliant.

  143. Palatypus says:

    When Shane Waldron and Tyson Bagent are hoisting the Vince Lombardi trophy for the Raiders next year, we’re going to have a good laugh over this.

  144. Big Mike says:

    Adams doing the dancing “blitz”.

  145. BrandoK says:

    I have no joy in watching this team anymore

    • STTBM says:

      Nope. This is just bad football, poorly coached, poorly executed.

      At least Chuck Knox had them play tough, fisciplined football–even with no moneyto spend on players.
      PC and JS maxing the cap out, but fielding worse teams.

  146. Pran says:

    Beckham is perfect high energy player for Pete like Adams

  147. Big Mike says:

    Did they abandon the Spoon blitzes so Adams can get more “blitzes”?

    • Peter says:

      Pretty glad to not hear Wyman this week.

      Pretty over hearing how much better the d plays with adams out there.

  148. MaxInVan says:

    Drives me nuts that there hasn’t been an offensive penalty called against Baltimore’s OL today. Countless missed holds, several OPI or illegal man down field. Obviously not the reason why we are losing but it makes a defense that has played pretty decent given what’s happening on the other side of the ball lol worse

  149. Rob Staton says:

    Can they stop talking about Geno Smith like it’s week four in 2022 on the broadcasts.

    • bmseattle says:

      I was just thinking the same thing!
      What is with this narrative?
      It’s been played out for a year now!

    • Romeo A57 says:

      I was just about to post something similar. Geno is not good today, just be honest about that. Sure the offensive line is atrocious today which isn’t helping.

  150. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Honestly, I’m pissed they’re rolling with Peters instead of Forsythe

    I think Forsythe is better right now. But regardless, one has a future and one doesn’t. The insistence of the FO to roll with dead end players to the detriment of young emerging talent is one of their worst failings

  151. Redhawks says:

    They look like Michigan, stealing our signals lol

  152. Big Mike says:

    Another turnover worthy play he lucked out on

  153. geoff u says:

    Geno completely blows that read and hands it off, then almost throws a pick six. Things are looking up!

  154. BrandoK says:

    Geno with more terrible plays and Pete still sticks with him saying hes the guy

  155. ScandicHawk says:

    Gotta try Drew. Nothing to lose at this point and see what he has, if anything, to offer besides Geno…. and next year.

  156. Kyle R says:

    Had the RB on a flat wheel route where he didn’t have to throw against the blitz but hey a floater to the numbers for an almost pick 6 is the better call Geno.

  157. STTBM says:

    This offense is the worst in the NFL since Greg Knapp and Jim Mora were stinking the NFL up. At least they could move the ball in garbage time when down multiple TDs. Waldron and Carrol cant even do that.

    This coaching staff is an absolute travesty and embarrassment.

  158. dand393 says:

    I mean honestly at what point does Pete make a change at QB if he’s worried it will hurt Genos Confidence I think we’re way past that point just try something

  159. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    Only half serious but I don’t think I’d object if Pete just forfeited the rest of the game to avoid injuries. The sooner they can get back on the plane and dissecting how poorly they prepared, the better.

    • Kyle R says:

      I’m asking this in all honesty. What changes or lessons do you think this coaching staff with make or take away ? It’s been the same shit different day when it’s come to issues and problems and they are never fixed.

  160. geoff u says:

    Jamaal Adams running like Jake Bobo’s 40 time

  161. Big Mike says:

    What an utter embarrassment

  162. Redhawks says:

    Embarrassing now

  163. Mick says:

    Can’t remember last time we looked that awful.

  164. David Ashton says:

    Adams sleepwalking his way to a trillion dollars

  165. Big Mike says:

    Has our 2nd round rental recorded a pressure yet? Maybe one?

  166. Pran says:

    Pete and his coaches can stay behind in Baltimore with their fav’s

  167. BrandoK says:

    Geno’s still the QB why

  168. Joe says:


    The Seahawks are the Groundhog Day of the NFL, same ol crap since 2017……

  169. geoff u says:

    Let’s not lose sight of the fact that we are the better team, it’s just that the Raven’s wanted it more.

  170. Romeo A57 says:

    Do I have permission from everyone to switch to Red Zone Channel, or do I have watch what is going to be a miserable 4th Quarter for the Seahawks?

    • geoff u says:

      I’m out of market and they swiiched to Bears/Saints. You know it’s bad when they say, “Here, watch the Bears instead.”

  171. Gross MaToast says:

    Pete is wearing his “confused” face. That’s a bad sign.

  172. Kyle R says:

    Why not both? Lol

  173. STTBM says:

    So impressed with Baltimores blitzes and adaptive offense.

    Id kill to have a coaching staff like that.

  174. geoff u says:

    Remember when we had that years long stretch where we’d never lose a game by more than one score and we were always in every game? That started when we got a franchise quarterback.

  175. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    You know the worst part? We can’t even have the hope of a hack-and-slash rebuild, as Pete’s job will be safe for as long as he wants to keep getting paid for mediocre returns.

  176. bmseattle says:

    Ah, it’s the ol’ “just chuck it downfield” offense!

  177. nfendall says:

    Waldron default play call – Sideline go route. So innovative.

  178. Pran says:

    All the wins against backup QBs except Goff. loses against Stafford, Burrow, Lamar.

    Lions win is courtesy their HCs aggressiveness on 4th downs even though Hawks scored.

    next 2 wins are against.. Commanders and Cardinals. All the other teams have franchise QBs or starting QBs with better D.

    • Big Mike says:

      Will pull one out unexpectedly and finish 8-9 or pull 2 out and finish 9-8 and get the last WC and Wyman, Hawkblogger and a huge portion of Seattle sports fans will slobber all over Pete for what a remarkable coach he is.

  179. Thomas says:

    Well… they went win now mode with Geno.

    What do you do? They can still limp into the playoffs with him and hope something happens.

    Look, I know the old thing about the backup QB being super popular when the starter isn’t good, but I don’t think it’s as clear cut that Geno was hands down better than Lock. It’s not like Lock is Kyle Allen or something.

    It’s just Geno seemed like a safer bet. He’s also popular in the locker room.

    It kind of feels like we could be eliminated from the playoffs and continue to start Geno. The rationale would be that Geno is signed for next year and Pete wants the team to come together more or something.

    I fear you’re looking at your starting qb for next year and no contract renegotiation. Full price, just like Adams.

    • geoff u says:

      You start the backup to see what he’s got and if he can be a franchise QB. It’s very likely he’s worse than Geno, but only one way to find out.

  180. Peter says:

    Really enjoyed the dark horse superbowl predictors from hawks-verse this week. Thank God this is week 9 and not ya know…the actual superbowl watching this garbage.

  181. Hawks4life says:

    Geno is bad, Waldron is bad, Pete is tired, we are tired.

  182. STTBM says:

    Seattles ceiling is 9-8 this year. They have a good shot at ending up 7-10. I dont think Playoffs are a part of their future.

  183. Kyle R says:

    It sucks being a Seattle football and baseball fan because ownership only strive for mediocrity.

  184. geoff u says:

    Stroud has a crappy team and o-line and no run game and has thrown 1 interception all year. Texans will be force next year.

  185. Tony says:

    That geno stone safety is really good. He must be getting like 30+m a yr.

  186. Pran says:

    So disrespecful… Ravens are playing their backup QB before ours

  187. Robert says:

    Well, CBS just changed the game to the Chicago and New Orleans game.

  188. Mick says:

    Zero run D all game.

  189. bmseattle says:

    the ultimate insult… putting in their backup QB against us with 12 minutes left in the game

  190. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    Well, CBS has decided that the game is no longer beneficial to show in my region. Praise be, I’m out.

  191. Big Mike says:

    270 on the groun d today huh? Good thing we got that run D fixed

    • bmseattle says:

      but, imagine how much worse it would have been without Leonard Williams.

    • Peter says:

      It’s almost like playing against absolutely zero running backs anyone respects and Carolina, etc, running like 15x a game…..might have not made the greatest stats.

      Skip on the Montgomery replies. Dude was running great til brooks tweaked his leg for him.

  192. Peter says:

    Tomorrow’s talking point today:

    Today’s list does not really matter guys. It’s actually only bad if it’s in conference or division.

    This loss is more like an international friendly if you really think about it.

  193. HOUSE says:

    How about we just sign Huntley at QB? He is definitely going to be cheaper than Geno

  194. BrandoK says:

    This team passes the eye test to be superbowl bound

  195. KennyBadger says:

    Atta boy Dee.

  196. nfendall says:

    Can we just cut Eskridge? He brings absolutely nothing to this team.

  197. Romeo A57 says:

    I expected a loss today but letting OBJ score is just adding salt to the wound.

  198. BrandoK says:

    So Geno’s still in the game like why

  199. nfendall says:

    Always compete baby!

  200. cha says:

    Raible: is Geno coming back in for this series? He is.

    Wayman: he needs the reps.

  201. Rokas says:

    Geno is the worst player by far today, and we will address this after the end of the season.
    However, i hope we will talk some other points as well today:
    – our oline is bottom 8th in allowing pressures before today (i expect it will get worse after today), how confident we are about our bookened-tackles going into the future?
    – why nobody can get open except Lockett?
    – how on earth Waldron is not prepared for constant blitzes from the Ravens, when every reader of SDB knows they gonna come in bunches?
    -how can we are so incapable of running the ball on a consistent basis?
    – why DK gets a first target 28th minutes into the game?
    – are we still a finesse team, which losses line of scrimmage against good teams on both sides of the ball?
    – is there any reason to keep any of Diggs/Adams for next season? They are both a liability. A very expensive one.
    – why Carroll isn’t giving at least a quarter of garbage time to Lock?

    • geoff u says:

      JSN is our leading receiver today so he’s getting open, other than that great points.

    • Red says:

      All great points Rokas. I think the one I want to harp on the most is Waldron’s inability to adapt, though this has been a Pete thing for a long time.
      They did absolutely nothing throughout the game to adjust to the Ravens defense. Its really frustrating. Waldron seems to be too interested in being call a genius than coming up with an offensive game plan that actually works.
      Defense got thrashed in the second half, but those guys have to be absolutely gassed. They played pretty dang well in the first half, offense couldnt buy them a minute to have a glass of water on the sidelines.
      I am not sure where this team is headed, there is too much talent for the offense to be this bad. I dont really think the move to Lock is the way to go, but I am not looking forward to watching Geno the rest of the season.

  202. BrandoK says:

    I wonder what excuses Pete will make after this game while still sticking with Geno

  203. AlaskaHawk says:

    I just came by to hand out the crying towels.

    Not sure how much analysis is needed for this stinker!

  204. Romeo A57 says:

    At least the Seahawks didn’t get shut out today.

  205. BrandoK says:

    Does the Geno bandwagon still exist after this game?

    • Mick says:

      Count Pete in. I can’t understand why you don’t let Lock throw in this last quarter.

      • AlaskaHawk says:

        That’s a pretty good indicator that Pete doesn’t consider either backup as worth a try.

        As far as the Geno bandwagon, I don’t think it will truly fall apart until the Seahawks have a losing record.

      • Tony says:

        Because the worst thing that can happen is lock does better and then pete will look bad when he strolls out geno next week to another dud.

  206. Tony says:

    A Pickett led steeler team beat ravens last week.

    • Henry Taylor says:

      We’ve been shit, but I don’t think we need to pretend this Ravens team isn’t really good.

      • Tony says:

        Ravens are top 3 in nfl. I’m just saying a Pickett led steelers team actually stuck with them last week. But this is like watching a high school team play a junior high team.

      • AlaskaHawk says:

        Or at least that they look good against the Seahawks. The defense looked like a throwback to last year with all those long runs that the RAvens made.

      • CL says:

        Yeah, this game has 100% shown how bad we are AND how good the ravens are. They might indeed be what everyone thought the 49ers would be just some weeks ago

    • Troy says:


  207. MattG says:

    Once upon a Sunday dreary, while I chewed gum weak and weary,
    Over many a quaint and banal offensive play of yore;
    Deep down the field staring, peering, long stood my QB wondering, fearing;
    Might a miracle occur once more?
    Again obscure the weakness at the core, and close the score?
    Quoth the Ravens “Nevermore.”

  208. Mick says:

    At least the Rams lost too, we still have a shot at finishing second, not that it brings much. Another year of hiding behind making it to the playoffs with no chance of actually beating someone there.

  209. Ashish says:

    So furious with seahawks offensive game plan. Why in world they keep throwing in first half. They never did when russ was good. I can fire whoever has say in game plan. Just absurd.

  210. RMK-LouCityHawk says:

    I’m in no hurry to read or listen to retrospectives on this game.

    This was Tampa 2022 all over again, this time it was the offense that clearly is just not good enough.

    I thought L/W played well, but I’d like the 2nd round pick back now pls.

    This looked like 2013 Geno. Not anywhere close to good enough.

    A lot of people will point to this game as a defensive failure, but they really would be missing the lede.

  211. geoff u says:

    Washington Commanders really should’ve hired a graphic designer to come up with a proper logo

  212. neil says:

    Well get used to it. This is what we will have to look at the rest of this ear and next. They gave away their 2nd and 5th draft picks for Williams so they have no draft capitol to move up in next years draft so getting a good QB is buy the boards until 2025.

  213. Dave says:

    I love it. Just what the fan base needed. We (SDB) knew what this team was, and today it showed. Absolutely love it.

    • cha says:

      I’d rather the Seahawks win and be proven wrong. So I don’t love it.

      But I get what you’re saying.

  214. geoff u says:

    CJ fucking Stroud man, what an absolute baller

  215. Romeo A57 says:

    470 Yards 5TDs for CJ Stroud today along with an incredible last second comeback.

    I sure wish the Seahawks had a chance to draft him.

  216. Jo says:

    Looks like my thoughts about this team being 8-9/9-8 are right on schedule. At least it should be clear change is needed from the top down ie. change in ownership and please Pete just retire before you force a very ungrateful firing. I just don’t understand why Pete thinks Geno can carry team he’s a total JAG. Why isn’t he doing what he is? Run first.

  217. Jo says:

    You need to be ready for 2-3 years of really bad to get a CJ Stroud. This isn’t something the Seahawks have EVER been willing to do because in the PNW overall it’s acceptable to win 54% every year.

  218. Jo says:

    Just understand where I live Chiefs Kindom they got humilateby Baltimore and immediately traded for Alex Smith and the year after traded up for Patrick Mahomes. We are facing something very similar currently.

  219. Jo says:

    That’s what a bridge quarterback is. Alex Smith was far better then Geno Smith no question.