What I’m thinking about the 2024 quarterback class

Quinn Ewers — there’s something there

Let’s imagine a scenario where Leonard Williams plays really well for the Seahawks this year and they find a way to retain him beyond 2023.

As noted in my article yesterday, this will be a difficult challenge. I think there’s a lot of useful information in that piece so if you missed it, check it out.

Back to the scenario. Williams signs. They either retain or adequately replace their other key free agents, such as Bobby Wagner, Jordyn Brooks, Noah Fant and Damien Lewis.

At this point, the Seahawks wouldn’t have any significant needs. Not a glaring one, anyway.

Theoretically, it could set the Seahawks up perfectly to draft a quarterback early.

This wouldn’t necessarily have to be to start right away. If Geno Smith improves his performance in the second half of the season, there’s no reason why he shouldn’t remain the starter in 2024. If he can lead the team to a good playoff run there’d be little sense in parting.

He does need to improve, however. He has only nine touchdowns and six interceptions in seven games. His quarterback rating of 91.1 ranks only 15th.

He has 11 turnover worthy plays so far this year — eighth most. The players in front of Smith in that category are Mac Jones (17), Gardner Minshew (16), Desmond Ridder (16), Brock Purdy (14), Sam Howell (14), Joshua Dobbs (13) and Patrick Mahomes (12).

It’s strange to see Mahomes in that company and it may be tempting to qualify Smith’s numbers by his presence on the list. However, he’s also a multi-MVP winning double-Super Bowl Champion who we know will bounce back from a rough start to the season, where he’s had challenging games against the Jets (three TWP’s) and Broncos (four TWP’s in two games).

Mahomes aside, this is not good company for Smith to be keeping and speaks to an issue that lingers with Geno. Last year he ranked second in the NFL with 31 TWP’s and he’s already creeping back up towards the top of the list in 2023.

He’s currently projected to finish the season with 22 touchdowns and 15 picks. If that remains, along with a growing number of TWP’s, it won’t be good enough.

Whether he improves or not — drafting a quarterback feels right in 2024. You either bring someone in to compete, essentially the model Seattle chose in 2012 sparking an eventual Super Bowl run a year later, or you bring someone in to redshirt and be the backup. That would also be welcome, given Drew Lock’s $4m salary might not be justifiable next year if he’s only the backup and with money very tight.

Not having a second round pick makes things harder but there’s no reason why the Seahawks can’t still draft a quarterback within the first three rounds.

The players who won’t be available

Despite some recent USC struggles, Caleb Williams is a lock to be the first player taken. He’s the complete package for a modern day quarterback — physical brilliance, outstanding elusiveness, he has the ability to extend plays, he can throw downfield (and to all areas) with accuracy and he has an opportunity to quickly establish himself as one of the best players in the league.

I do not see Drake Maye as a challenger to Williams to go first overall. He is well sized, athletic and has a good arm. He takes risks and that has led to issues. He’s had some poor games this year with bad picks against Minnesota and South Carolina and he’s been part of a North Carolina team that has surprisingly lost back-to-back games against Virginia and Georgia Tech.

That said, I understand why teams will be prepared to use a high pick on him. In a draft without a lot of top-end talent — and with so much buzz around Maye — I suspect he will go early. I only have three players on my horizontal board with legit high first round grades — Williams, Marvin Harrison Jr and Brock Bowers. If Maye becomes the consensus QB2, he will go early in round one.

What happens next?

I actually think that might be it for first round quarterbacks. There’s been so much hype surrounding this class but it’s always been ‘deep’ rather than front-loaded.

There are some I would consider in the first round and I’ll come onto them in a bit.

Where will Michael Penix Jr be drafted?

After the Oregon game, many were touting Penix as a high pick. I think we’ve since received some perspective after two challenging games.

There’s no doubting his arm talent. He has a great arm and he delivers some of the prettiest throws we’ve seen in college football since Mahomes at Texas Tech. However, this has often been under no pressure in what amounts to a weekly pitch-and-catch session.

Only Toledo (0.4) are giving up fewer sacks per game than Washington (0.6) in college football. Within a clean pocket throwing to three NFL receivers, life has been comfortable for Penix and the production has piled up. In the last two games though, he’s faced pressure and has struggled.

I have concerns about his technique. He leans back, puts his whole body into the throw and his footwork is often compromised to generate velocity. This is fine when you’ve got all the time in the world to throw as far as you can downfield. In the NFL, he will need to re-work this technique completely. He’ll need to have far more precise footwork, his drops will need to be tighter, he’ll be required to work within a far more complex system that demands more from him pre and post-snap and the ball will need to come out quickly, on time with anticipation.

This is going to take a lot of work. Seeing the way he’s reacted and struggled to basic pressure against Arizona State and Stanford — and how his game folded — set off alarm bells.

In the first five games his completion percentage was 74.9%. I watched all of these games and he was barely touched in the pocket. In his last three games against Oregon, Arizona State and Stanford where he’s faced pressure, his completion percentage has dropped dramatically to 60.2%.

I’m also concerned that he’s often throwing to an area rather than showing he can be a precise, accurate passer on the intermediate level. He’s had a lot of failed deep-shots, where he’s basically thrown it as far as he can. Sometimes his elite college receivers run underneath the throws or they make outstanding high-point or contended catches. Yet other times it’s felt very ‘f-it let’s go deep’.

Let’s be fair, Penix has also completed some excellent touch throws in big situations that show off his talent. My fear, though, is that what we might see in the NFL is a player with physical tools who can make some attractive plays from time to time but is also going to have stretches where he struggles to play on schedule and lead a functioning offense when the big play isn’t always there.

Can he be more than a big-play artist? Will the big plays even follow him to the NFL if his technique needs re-working to be able to throw quickly from the pocket under pressure?

On top of this there are some injury question marks and I’m sure scouts will wonder if he’s the beneficiary of a prolific offensive system that he’s played in for a number of years and mastered. It’s also an offense that is completely foreign to anything he’ll experience at the next level.

I like Penix as a player but I’ve tempered my expectations for him. I think he’s a viable day-two pick and what happens in the coming weeks will determine how high or low he’ll be taken on day two.

Why Rattler & Ewers might appeal to Seattle

Circumstance and perception matters. If you’re playing for a contender in the national spotlight, you’ll get a lot of attention. If you’re stuck playing for a bad team, the opposite happens.

Spencer Rattler has been dealt a bad hand this year. It’s a shame, because I don’t think people realise quite how well he has played despite the adversity he has faced.

While Penix has benefitted from excellent pass protection, Rattler’s situation is the polar opposite. South Carolina have given up the second most sacks in the whole of college football (4.9 per game). Only Colorado’s O-line (5.3) is worse.

Let’s compare Rattler’s sacks-per-game to the other big-name quarterbacks:

Michael Penix — 0.6
Bo Nix — 0.6
JJ McCaffrey — 1.0
Tyler Van Dyke — 1.0
Jordan Travis — 1.3
Riley Leonard — 1.3
Will Howard — 1.6
Quinn Ewers — 2.1
Jayden Daniels — 2.3
Drake Maye — 2.5
Michael Pratt — 2.9
Cam Ward — 3.1
Spencer Rattler — 4.9

It’s incredible, really, when you look at the comparison.

Having watched all of his games in 2023, I can tell you it barely paints the whole picture. He has been pressured, hit and harassed at a ridiculous rate. According to PFF he’s faced 130 total pressures so far, third most by any quarterback in college football.

Several other quarterbacks wouldn’t have been able to function in this environment. Rattler, per PFF, is still grading higher than Kyle McCord and Joe Milton (both playing in winning teams in QB-friendly systems).

Rattler has only eight turnover worthy plays this season, 72nd most in college football. That’s the same number as Shadeur Sanders, Tyler Van Dyke and Jayden Daniels. In comparison, Penix has four despite being in a far more friendly situation.

His TWP percentage of 2.3% isn’t high enough to even show-up in PFF’s top-200 list among college quarterbacks. This is despite being sacked five times more than the likes of Penix, Nix, McCaffrey and others.

Rattler has five interceptions — one fewer than Penix. I’ve seen him throw one egregious interception against Tennessee that ended up being a pick-six but none of the others stood out.

Furthermore, he’s playing in a pro-style offense that is far different to the extreme spread, half-field read offenses elsewhere. In this clip he details the difference between the system at Oklahoma and the scheme he plays in now.

Someone on Twitter/X started a debate with me last week citing the documentary Rattler featured in during High School and his failed time with the Sooners. It’s time to move on from this. As someone who railed against Rattler as a top-five pick two years ago when there was no evidence of warranting such a grade, I’ve completely adjusted my opinion now. He has grown so much as a person and a quarterback. It shows in the way he speaks, acts and plays on the field.

Despite all the chaos going on in front of him, he is composed in the pocket. He plays on schedule, within the system and he combines big plays with more basic (but no less important) plays. Gone are the days of him hopelessly trusting his arm and throwing into triple coverage. The cocky recklessness is a thing of the past. Now, he just looks like a proper QB.

Physically he is exceptional. He has an elite arm. He can make difficult throws downfield on the run with a flick of the wrist. Rattler can make special things happen.

See for yourself:

He’s also elusive and a surprisingly good runner.

Rattler has become the player everyone hoped he would be in 2021. It’s just he plays for a bad team who lose every week with the second worst O-line in college football. It’s giving him no chance to thrive like he did in huge wins a year ago against a rampant Tennessee and Clemson. I think many have lost faith in him and are simply ignoring him as a prospect because he didn’t justify the hype two years ago.

I suspect there will be scouts in the league returning to the tape of those two games against Tennessee and Clemson, pleading for him not to be overlooked. He looked like a poor-man’s Mahomes. This year, he’s not had a chance to reach those heights again. He did, however, outplay Drake Maye in week one.

I think he’s an ideal player for a good team to draft and develop. I think draft media is foolish in sleeping on him and in the right situation, I think he can succeed at the next level. As of today, I would consider him in round one. If you could trade into round two and get him, even better. If he’s available beyond that, run to the podium.

I think the Seahawks will also be very interested in Texas’ Quinn Ewers. I’ve been on a bit of a journey with Ewers. I thought his tape last year was poor. This year, he had an exceptional performance against Alabama but some mixed displays in other games. He is erratic at times including against weaker opponents.

That said, I recently went back and reviewed some of his games. Increasingly I’m willing to chalk some of his erraticism down to a lack of experience. He’s not had a lot of starts in college after transferring from Ohio State and suffering some injuries.

I made a lofty comparison for Rattler and I’m going to do it again with Ewers. The more I’ve watched, the more I think there’s a little Aaron Rodgers to him.

His release is to die for. We’re talking about a very subtle, quick flick of the wrist ala Rodgers and the ball fires downfield. I actually think in time he can become more accurate downfield because he’s had a few misses there in his time at Texas. There’s no doubting though the ball bursts out of his palm with minimal effort. It’s special.

It’s basically the reverse of Penix, who has to put his whole body into the throw to generate (admittedly great) velocity. Ewers has easy arm strength, as does Rattler.

On top of this, Ewers can make very quick and precise throws to all levels. The Alabama game was a perfect example of his potential. He was reading the defense, he knew what the scheme demanded and how to exploit opportunities. There was no hesitation — he played with timing and anticipation.

You can see every play from that performance here:

He’s also a great athlete — capable of making surprisingly good gains as a runner and he’s shifty in the pocket. Rodgers was also an excellent athlete — running a 4.32 short shuttle at his pro-day and jumping a 34.5 inch vertical at the combine.

I think scouts and GM’s will like Ewers a lot more than people realise. I think they’ll see what he can become, rather than what he is right now. There are very few players with his potential and natural throwing talent. Plus, I think teams will like the fact he’s played for Steve Sarkisian. There’s a reason Arch Manning snubbed every other elite college team to play for Sarkisian.

For that reason, he could easily be a first round pick. That’s how good his potential is. You would need to be patient with him though.

There will be some concern about injuries. He might miss the rest of the season with a shoulder injury and he had health issues in 2022 too. Tony Pauline is reporting he’s 50/50 on whether to turn pro. The situation at Texas with Manning complicates matters.

I think he’s John Schneider’s type of player. Very talented. Athletic. Arm strength. His personality will appeal (he’s very religious, like Schneider). He’s also been through a lot during his time at Texas and Ohio State.

Both Rattler and Ewers have natural gifts, they’ve grown as individuals, they’ve battled adversity and they are both — in my view — underrated players and viable draft picks for the Seahawks. I reserve the right to change my opinion but I wouldn’t be against either player being Seattle’s first pick in the draft, whenever that might occur. They are high-upside players with the ceiling you look for in a quarterback selection.

Other options

I really like Riley Leonard’s potential. He’s big, highly athletic and while there’s some rawness as a passer — there’s a bit of Josh Allen to his game. He was seconds away from dragging an undefeated Duke to a win against Notre Dame and crushingly ended with a loss and a high ankle sprain instead.

I don’t like that Duke’s staff is letting him play with the injury. Having seen the last two games that he’s played, he’s not even close to being healthy enough to start. He can barely set his feet to throw. I really hope he isn’t making the injury worse, especially playing behind an O-line at times missing its best two starters.

(Edit — it’s been revealed today he’s suffered another injury, a toe issue, and could miss the rest of the season. This is an appalling situation. He had no business being on the field)

I currently have Leonard with a second round grade but he has the potential to be taken in the top-40. He needs time to develop as a passer but he has all the physical skills to succeed.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching Will Howard at Kansas State. He makes good throws across the middle. He’s big and athletic and another surprisingly good runner. There’s a lot of potential here but he’s also had some iffy games (Oklahoma State) where the turnovers have been difficult to ignore. I like him as a day two option, perhaps round three. He’d be a great player to see at the Senior Bowl.

I feel similarly about Tyler Van Dyke. I’m not sure TVD is a fit for what the Seahawks want to do on offense but he does have some potential as a big, strong passer. He’s played well for the most part this year. He’s not particularly mobile but has shown he can do some boot-leg work. He has the occasional ‘head in your hands’ play but he can also throw with touch and drive the ball downfield. At the moment, he has a round-three feel at best.

If you want a bit of a wildcard name — I don’t know if Missouri’s Brady Cook will declare but he’s already 22 and might want to turn pro. I’ve been impressed with him this year. He’s an intelligent, creative quarterback with a good arm, mobility and he’s leading an underrated team to a strong season.

I think Bo Nix is the benefactor of the system at Oregon but there are certain schemes in the NFL where he could succeed. He’s also been through a lot in college and shown a lot of determination to eventually succeed with the Ducks. I have him in round three or four currently.

I’m still trying to work out exactly where I want to place Jayden Daniels, Jordan Travis and Cam Ward. It appears Michael Pratt might return to college year and transfer to a big-name school. I also don’t expect Shadeur Sanders or JJ McCaffrey to declare (unless the situation at Michigan influences his decision).

Rattler and Ewers are the two I’m keeping the closest eye on for Seattle at the moment. I’d be fascinated to know what the Seahawks think about Penix’s technique and ability to adapt to the pro’s.

A quick note for Sunday — I am hosting the national radio broadcast in the UK of the Eagles/Cowboys game. Therefore, the ‘instant reaction’ live stream won’t be so instant this week. I’ll go live when I complete the broadcast to reflect on the Ravens game. So if you’re tuning in, join us after the conclusion of Dallas vs Philly.

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  1. Seahawk_Dan

    With no 2nd Rounder, and lets say Seattle is 27 on the board. Would they pull the trigger on Rattler or Ewhers there or risk one or both being in the 3rd?

    I don’t see how you could, even if they still had a late 2nd Rounder I’d imagine they’d both be gone by then.

    • Sea Mode

      It’s the most important position on the field. No way you wait that long if one of them is your guy. Especially with the roster coming along as it is and QBotF being the glaring need. (although I guess they did for Russ, but his height at the time was a huge red flag for teams)

      But if they are really, really sure their guy will be there, they could risk a small trade down into the top of R2 to recoup a pick this year.

    • RMK-LouCityHawk

      Too early to tell, it really depends how all the boards line up and what happens through the pre-draft process.

    • Scot04

      I think of they’re at 27 & they really like Rattler or Ewers they should just take them there.
      Don’t get cute if you really like the guy, plus it gets you the extra year of control.

  2. bmseattle

    Is it too much to hope for that both Rattler and Ewers remain underrated by every other team… except the Seahawks… who then draft one of them late in round 1?

    • RMK-LouCityHawk

      Ewers, more than Rattler, feels like he might be a top 10 pick, especially if he does go pro, almost guarantees a first round or early first round grade from multiple teams.

    • WLO333

      Here’s every play from Ewer’s game vs Oklahoma, where the pressure was not intense than the ‘Bama game:


      I’ve only just watched his Texas and Oklahoma games, but he does seem a little Rogers like, in that he reacts quickly to pressure in the pocket. In his prime, Rogers was sub!ime in how he could take a step in this direction or that to buy himself that extra second to get the ball off. Ewers doesn’t perhaps have Rogers’ ability to find the sweet spot in the pocket, but he seems to process things quickly in general, and when pressured constantly kept his eyes downfield. He had some nice contested throws hit guts in the hands but were usually incomplete, and more than one “moon ball” that I initially thought were overthrowns, but were right on the money. The only thing I wanted see was some throws of anticipation and timing.

      • WLO333

        Sorry. I made a few typos in my first post on this blog. I accidentally hit the submit button too soon.

        -The Oklahoma pressure was “more” intense than that of Alabama
        -Rogers’ pocket presence was “sublime”
        -Ewers “hit guys in the hands”

  3. Blitzy the Clown

    There’s something about them, each in their own way, that makes them seem well suited to Schneider’s tastes.

    Feel like Rattler is farther along and probably closer to being an NFL QB, but Ewers has the higher ceiling.

    I like em both. But I really like Rattler’s grit. I dare say he’s a ‘Seahawky’ QB

    • RMK-LouCityHawk

      Rattler kinda screams Seahawk

      Howard is the other one that I’m warming more and more to.

      Ewers upside kind of gives him that top ten feel.

  4. Sea Mode

    That Ewers performance vs. Alabama is something. Love the quick release and calm stepping up in the pocket, as well as the beautiful arc on long balls to give his WRs time to run under it.

    Felt three or four throws, although slightly off target, were quite catchable and dropped by his targets. (the one at 5:55 would have been a TD as well; on replay you can see it was dropped rather than broken up by the safety)

  5. ShowMeYourHawk

    Nice breakdown, Rob.

    Obviously, we won’t know how the draft slots will fall until the season ends but with Leonard Williams costing us our 2nd rounder, should we still chance dropping down from our late-ish 1st into the 2nd to take our QB and gain additional draft capital, which I’m sure JS would like to do? I’d imagine that those teams that don’t get their guy (Caleb, Maye) will be ready to pounce at the top of Round 2, provided they don’t move up into the tail end of R1.

    Would you currently feel the value for taking Rattler or Ewers with our native first rounder would be there, if it meant not losing either one? Assuming we aren’t making the Super Bowl, we’ll likely be picking somewhere from #19-26.

    Also, the more I’ve seen of Pratt and Ward, I’ve liked, though they aren’t without their warts.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s still early to say definitively. At the moment I’d be open to it but Ewers is injured and might not declare and there’s football for Rattler to play.

      • DJ 1/2 way

        Plus the fifth year option if you take them in the first.

  6. Palatypus

    Here’s my question: Who develops our new quarterback after Shane Waldron becomes head coach of the Raiders?

    • RMK-LouCityHawk

      Hopefully new head coach Ben Johnson.

    • geoff u

      Awe, poor Shane, why woud you say that? Raiders is where coaches go to die.

      • Jack Frost

        That’s because Mark Davis is a buffoon and should have to wear a clown nose at all times

  7. Sea Mode

    I don’t like that Duke’s staff is letting him play with the injury. Having seen the last two games that he’s played, he’s not even close to being healthy enough to start. He can barely set his feet to throw. I really hope he isn’t making the injury worse, especially playing behind an O-line at times missing its best two starters.


    • Palatypus

      Does his toe go all the way to his knee?

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks for bringing this to my attention

      Terrible from Duke

    • geoff u

      So ridiculous. They ruined his season and theirs.

  8. Donovan

    You’re a treasure, Rob.

  9. pdway

    The Levis aspect certainly ups the curiousity/interest level for this game about to come on….

    • Palatypus

      Kenny Pickett is a quarterback made for Thursday Night Football.

    • IHeartTacoma

      Came for Levis, staying for Tyjae Spears. Can’t stand the Steelers.

      • pdway

        sh-t….Levis looks good

        • king

          The 1st and 23 throw to Hopkins was on point.

        • king

          The 1st and 23 throw to Hopkins was on point.

        • king

          That’s right, it was so good I said it twice.

      • Palatypus

        Spears and Benton were fun to watch at the Senior Bowl practices.

      • Big Mike

        Screw the stealers

        • Palatypus

          Benton is dead to me.

          I did notice they are taking him out for a NASCAR package, which is apparently their game plan against Levis. Even though he’s playing tough against Derrick McHenry.

          Pickett locks on to his receivers and is inaccurate.

          • Palatypus

            I mean Henry.

            • AlaskaHawk

              Levis and Henry are fun to watch. I’m impressed with Levis performance.

              • Palatypus

                Injuries to the offensive line are taking Spears out of the gameplan.

  10. JP

    Does Schneider actually have a serious interest in drafting a QB or is he just hoping Russell Wilson falls into his lap in the third round again? I don’t know about you, but mayo in the coffee isn’t a big dealbreaker for me.

    • RMK-LouCityHawk

      So many characters spilled on this…

      Yes, absolutely, he wanted RW in the 2nd, PC made him wait until the 3rd, he likely avoided drafting QBs b/c of RW fragile ego, and has often heavily scouted 1st round QBs, I have a big list, but Tannehill, Mahomes, Allen and everyone last year….

      Where is this talking point brewing?

      • DJ 1/2 way

        Rob mentioned that the Seahawks GM is religious. Russ obliously was. That having some influence on the QB pick to come is new info to me. Lets all pray he gets this right!

  11. RomeoA57

    Thanks Rob , very informative about the QB prospects. I hope that one of these guys end up on the Seahawks.

    I have been listening to the Thursday Night game. Levis sure looks like a better quarterback prospect then Pickett, even though Pickett has started a lot more games. I think you nailed Pickett being way over drafted and Levis being under drafted. It is obviously very early to know what Levis will be but very certaoin that Pickett is not anywhere near an average level starting QB.

    • DJ 1/2 way

      With the NFL being a copycat league, Levis doing well will impact the next draft. Seems like that would help Maye and Ewers from a profile standpoint and maybe Rattler from a pressure standpoint.

  12. Palatypus

    Interesting that Kirk Herbstreit and Al Michael quote Jerry Glanville’s saying “NFL stands for Not For Long”, forgetting that he was talking to a referee at the time he was miked up on NFL films.

    This officiating crew is calling this game very soft. Perhaps because of injuries?

  13. CHaquesFan

    Really love Rattler and Ewers but feel trepidation drafting them in r1 even if its at the trail end
    Would like to see 2 3rds for a 2nd to move up and pick one of them

    • Palatypus

      Caution? That is not how this team operates!

    • BK26

      Then we’ll probably miss out. And the 5th year matters. I don’t get the allergic reaction that fans have with drafting a high in the first round.

      • Peter

        I don’t get it either. I don’t know how dropping from say #25 in the draft to #35 to pick up an extra third rounder and picking the qb at #35 is better?

        It’s a tiny bit cheaper and you don’t get the fifth year option.

    • geoff u

      If we draft a quarterback at all, anywhere, I’ll be pretty stoked.

  14. Hawks4life

    Levis looks good… who would’ve thought

  15. BK26

    Man…so many of these guys give me little to no confidence. Was hoping that Leonard would be able to declare but he’d be smart to go back (unless this sours him on the Duke staff and he’s done).

    I just don’t trust Ewers. Too little growth, especially for being under Sark. No development and way too much hope. How long is he going to take? And those shoulder injuries worry me.

    I’m becoming a broken record, but how can it be anyone BUT Rattler? To me no one else is close. I think he’s the one that will appeal to Pete the most. And he’s from Phoenix where Pete will most likely retire in 10 years. I don’t know if anyone else available to us will be ready to start at all next year, let alone by the times the 2022 class is all up for extension. I haven’t had anyone impress me (especially from what I thought of him when he transferred) as much as him that I can remember, period.

    Watching Levis tonight, we missed the mark on him. When guys like Chase Daniel are impressed with him, I believe him. And he’s doing it with an old Hopkins and a Derrick Henry as his only weapons. We would be a better team this year with him starting the second half of the year instead of Geno.

    • Palatypus

      The Michael Pratt bandwagon starts right here.

      • BK26

        And I could probably be sold on him. I hadn’t heard that he wanted to transfer, but I think it’s smart of him. Too many of these guys aren’t quarterbacks, just guys through the ball and doing what they are told to do. I at least trust Pratt to lead an offense.

        • Palatypus

          He might be nothing more than Jon Kitna. I haven’t seen much of him, but here in Pensacola the Green Wave is on ESPN radio all the time. While driving my car, those crazy Cajun announcers get as excited about him as I do about Lexi Belle.

          • BK26

            That could make for some…spirited radio 😂😂

            • Palatypus

              She is from that area, but not like Tyjae Spears, more like Britney Spears.

      • RMK-LouCityHawk

        I’ve liked what I’ve seen so far, waiting for the competition to step up. He missed the one game we all could have seen that in (Ole Miss)

    • MarkinSeattle

      There is talk that Leonard may hit the transfer portal, presumably to a competing team with a good OL and some skill position talent. There are probably a bunch that would pay him $1m+ in NIL and put him in a better position to show off his skills.

      • BK26

        This wouldn’t surprise me at all. Either way, why would you go back? Your coach put you back out there and you were injured even worse.

    • RMK-LouCityHawk

      I am with you that a lot of the potential class leaves me wanting…the important thing to remember is that other scouts and GMs will be looking at different traits and intangibles. I am out on Maye, but he appears destined for a top 10 pick, for example.

      Leonard’s injury and usage at Duke is really concerning, enough where he would be smart to hit the portal and see if a showcase propels him to being a lock for the top 10…but the Levis experience might convince him to turn pro if enough teams are talking about him as a first round pick.

      Ewers, I’m going to write more on him once I’ve let Rob’s words sink in a little more and square it with my own feelings. B/L – I think Ewers will be picked in the top 15, he needs a year to sit, he could be great or not, maybe the biggest boom or bust in this class.

      Seems like a lot of commenters here are settling on Rattler, and why wouldn’t they? Rattler has been snake it by his team, he plays with poise, throws a very pretty ball, and (as we’ve seen with Levis) supporting cast matters.

      I would encourage everyone if they find themselves with time between now and the draft to watch Howard and make up their own mind. I had hoped originally he would be available on Day 3 – then I watched him with intent. During the draft process Howard might be the fast rising QB prospect.

      • Peter

        Write away on Ewers….

        Though you perfectly encapsulated how this commenter feels about him in a paragraph.

        • LouCityHawk

          Watch Alabama and then OK games back to back, try to figure out how you feel, it is tough. I do think he is the one of Ewers and Rattler likely to go top 15. At least so far.

      • BK26

        Good post. I think that a lot of coaches and GM’s will be in on the younger kids (more years and less untapped talent) and might shy away from Rattler. Or think that Rattler might be ready faster than the rest of their team.

        Ewers just flat out scares me. I could see him never being ready to start in the NFL. But I could also see him rise into the top half of the first, like you do.

        Howard I do want to watch. He seems a little low-key like I could see John like (like Russ, does his job well, didn’t ever get overwhelmed, a professional). Haven’t watched anything on him, and he’s physically the closest qb prospect to me (Manhattan to KC).

        Don’t know anything about him, but I would have to be sold HARD on Brady Cook. But that is more PTSD with Blaine Gabbert being forced for years as a top-end player. And you know…Drew Lock!

      • Blitzy the Clown

        I’d add Brady Cook to the watchlist. Howard makes some truly wacky decisions that scare me.

        Cook isn’t great at any one thing. But he does a lot of things really well. Definitely more of a manager type, with the ability to extend a play when necessary. Scrappy, gritty.

        • LouCityHawk

          Brady Cook strikes me as a McVay type of QB.

          Unless the Rams make a move for Williams or Maye, I’ve thought Cook would their eventual choice.

          Howard feels like a pivot to me. If a player like rattler is gone, shoot for Howard with a later pick

    • Peter

      If “fans don’t deserve…geno,” doesn’t step it way up real soon or Seattle strikes themselves out in this upcoming draft on the QBOTF it’s a pretty good point that these vaunted drafts will start to become undone due to expiring rookie contracts.

  16. Palatypus

    This is actually the perfect game to watch while discussing an article about QB prospects.

    • IHeartTacoma

      I’m looking forward to watching Zay Flowers on Sunday too. And a pretty good QB drafted at #32 back when.

  17. Palatypus

    Benton wasn’t on the field for a 3rd and 6, when Levis audibled to a run for a Henry 1st down.

  18. geoff u

    My QB ranking so far:

    1. Spencer Rattler

    • BK26

      Im glad it’s not just me hahaha.

  19. Thomas

    I don’t think they’ll take Penix.

    It’s probably take Rattler or Ewers and pass on everyone else.

    One thing I did wonder about was what John had noticed in Charlie Whitehurst way back. The Seahawks sort of “drafted” Whitehurst.

  20. Brodie

    I think a big factor in who we consider is going to be the mental side/interviews. Part of why they liked Russ so much was his competitiveness, leadership and drive to be great.

    There seems to also be a more recent focus on character/grit in general in the draft. It will be interesting to hear the backstories of the QB prospects as draft season really ramps up.

    Pass rusher was a big need for us last year and by all accounts Kayvon Thibedeaux and Jermaine Johnson weren’t in consideration despite skill and position of need. See also Jalen Carter this year.

    QB’s tend to be a bit more squeaky-clean in general, but I think some will stand out as Seahawky as we get nearer to April. Look for guys who ‘elevate their teammates’, take ownership of mistakes (even if it wasn’t really theirs), coming through in the clutch, etc. What do they do after throwing a pick? Basically the intangibles.

    • LMK-LouCityHawk

      Also see why they weren’t in on Chase Young.

      Lots of interviews out there with these QBs, you can watch a whole documentary on young Rattler. The personality is for sure a part of the process.

  21. line_hawk

    If Trey Lance & Zach Wilson can go top 3, what prevents Evers & Rattler from going top 5?

    • RMK-LouCityHawk

      Caleb Williams, Maye, Harrison, Bowers…

      I’d list a couple OT prospects here, as well as some Edge Rushers, but will save that. Not every team in the top ten will need a QB.

      Every draft is unique though, you need to look at the forces that create that demand.

      • Peter

        Additionally re: ewers, rattler..

        Due to injuries and limited starts Ewers is not even projected in many draft sites as of this time. Rob’s right his arm is awesome. Hard to get too excited by him until it’s known what he’s doing next.

        I don’t have a good feel on Rattler yet. Watched the six td game against Tennessee and was more impressed by the WR’s. Not that he wasn’t great but I counted at least three maybe four of those TD’s as the results of WR effort.

        Jayden Daniels….are you a big fan of good Geno? Right now he’s that guy. Tall-ish, way slim/skinny for me. Shots to the sidelines for days. Watched two games thus far and if he threw over the middle the WR was clearly open. Trusts recievers to make plays and does throw a pretty ball.

        TVD…what has Cristobal done to my boy? Watched a game, opponent unknown, where he even included a pre-scripted shoulder dip before he threw it in a pretty fake attempt to trick the defense. It was so egregious the commentators mentioned it. Looks like a statue.

        Unscientific scouting remark. Will Howard looks like a giant sized Zac Wilson to me.

        Before draft season begins in earnest I think Rattler has solid third round pick energy. Not because he’s bad at all. In fact I think he’s probably pretty good. But FO’s are no less immune to publicity and momentum than fans. Right now Rattler has neither.

        • RMK-LouCityHawk

          Rattler does feel right now like he may be available in the early third, which I think would be a run don’t walk scenario for the Seahawks.

          Howard as ZWilson is a rough comp, but I can see it, the key to Howard is that he could be available on Day 3. If the Seahawks had R2 grades on Ewers and Rattler, but they both went before a trade up could happen, you pivot to Howard (ala Cameron Young) and take Howard with a 4th. Not ideal, but better than reaching for a QB above where you have them.

          Cristobal should be banned.

          Jayden Daniels is a player I like a lot. Projection is hard with him, feels like a player who will get sorted out in the pre-draft process. I would not be mad at him being the pick at all.

          • Peter

            Howard in earnest is next up to watch for real. I’m honestly pretty intrigued. And I love his size.

            Not sure why the new standard for qb is 6′ to 6’1″ around 195-208lbs.

            Daniels to me is an upside project player. Not in the level of Ewers. And someone I’d probably be pretty happy with in a true develop in your system sense. But that mariota frame….he’s young but I’d like to see him 10lbs heavier to take hits.

    • Brodie

      Nothing. Burrow, Mac Jones and Anthony Richardson weren’t on many big boards at this time in their draft classes either.

      A long way to go before the draft and a lot can happen. Maybe those two rise up, maybe a Penix/Nix lead their teams into the CFP or Championship and are the ones. Maybe Jordan Travis or Cam Ward wow at the combine.

      Zach Wilson seemed like ‘one throw’ at his pro-day vaulted him up, whereas Trey Lance’s unispired pro-day didn’t do anything to his stock. Who knows how things look in 6 months.

      • line_hawk

        Yes, QB upside always trumps. If there are 3 legit high first round type players, then why would the Giants, Raiders, Broncos, Commanders, etc take someone else over a potential answer at QB?

      • Matt

        Zach Wilson had an insane season at BYU that showcased a lot of elite throws. His problem was that he never faced any pressure. He absolutely wasn’t the product of one throw at his pro day.

      • DJ 1/2 way

        Just a reminder. Most of the posters/lurkers already know this. Rob is not trying to predict what will happen at this point in the process. That is a very small part at the very end.

        For now he is trying to rate the prospects like he is a GM/Seahawks GM and his job is on the line with these evaluations. Have I got that right Rob?

        • Rob Staton


      • Rob Staton

        By this time, Burrow was my clear #1 overall pick, Anthony Richardson we endlessly talked as a top-five pick and Mac Jones, while not a favourite on here, was getting a fair bit of national attention.

        By November there aren’t any secrets out there

  22. Julian L

    I’m all in with the Seahawks drafting a QB in 2024, especially with the scenario as Rob sets up his article. So the first issue is how to set up a roster with the players mentioned back next year.

    I can’t see Quandre Diggs being retained with a $21 million cap hit, could Julian Love move into his position, with either Coby Bryant or Tre Brown taking over the 3rd Safety role. That would help retain the likes of Leo Williams but we need more.

    It would flag to the league that the Seahawks plan to draft a QB, but perhaps Seattle could trade a 6th or 7th round pick to Houston for Davis Mills?

    Mills had a better two first seasons in Houston than Geno did with the Jets. It could be that with a better offense in Seattle he couldn’t match what Geno has been so far this season, but with the considerable advantages he’d be a great bridge on the last year of his rookie contract AND his low salary would release the money necessary to re-sign the roster as envisaged in Rob’s scenario for next season?

    • HOUSE

      I liked what I saw from Davis Mills in Houston. They were a team that was in need of a major overhaul, and I think he played some admirable football with less than stellar talent around him. Initially, I would’ve said that there’s no way they would give him up that cheap, but if that were all they wanted, I would highly consider trading for him.

      • Julian L

        Yes, CJ Stroud is working out for them and they have Case Keenum under contract as a backup in 2024, so they might be happy to get something in a trade for Davis Mills before he’s a free agent in 2025? As a 3rd round pick who’s now a backup, I think perhaps a sixth round pick might be his market?

        I’m just investigating ways we might be able to keep this roster together beyond 2023?

  23. HOUSE

    With SEA picking at 25-28 in the current draft order projection, I think we’re in a perfect spot to get either Rattler or Ewers.

    I’ve started watching more of Rattler’s games (not just highlights) and I will say that while he is scrambling for his life most of the time, he is very deliberate in his reads and throws. I do think that due to his crappy offense of line in front of him, that he does trust his arm, a little too much in some spots, but I also get the vibe that he is not Jay Cutler just slinging it. The more I watch of them, I really really like the tape and a poor man’s Mahomes on a rookie contract is EXACTLY what SEA needs to reconcile the cap situation for the next 2 years.

  24. Peanut

    I just want them to draft a QB so there atleast seems to be a long-term plan at QB. And by long-term i mean longer than the potential 3-4 years of Geno. I’d love to see a team try to establish themselves as a decade long contender.

    • Brodie

      Agreed. I don’t have a favorite yet, but it sure would be nice to have a rookie QB to pin some hopes on.

      Honestly, based on Rob’s assessment of this class, we might be in a better position to draft our QBOTF in the 20’s than we were last year at #5. Last year was top heavy and this class sounds deeper without necessarily as much top end talent.

      Of course by draft night the media will be projecting 8 QB’s going in the 1st round.

      • cha

        Of course by draft night the media will be projecting 8 QB’s going in the 1st round

        All while saying next year’s class will be superior.

        • geoff u

          Laugh it up, but the 2025 class will have minimum 15 quarterbacks taken in the first round! I say we wait till 2026 thought, honestly, because then it will be quarterbacks all the way down. I guess you could say, there will be a plethora of quarterbacks.

          • cha

            You laugh, but if Kyler Murray, Deshaun Watson, Daniel Jones, Jordan Love, Zach Wilson and Justin Fields don’t pick up their play and the Mid-30’s group hits the wall like many do (Geno, RW, Cousins, Stafford), it may get that bad.

            There’s a reason guys like Jacoby Brissett and Josh Johnson have been gainfully employed for years.

  25. Zach

    Given the depth of QB in the draft and their relative depth at other positions, I almost wonder if they’d do what a few teams have done in the past and draft two QBs, one early and one later on.

  26. Happy Hawk

    Interesting conversation. The last time the Seahawks took a QB in the first round was 1993 – Rick Mirer. That was 30 years ago! It is about time is right. Worried that they don’t value the position like other teams do when it comes to the draft. Great read again Rob-thanks.

  27. Denver Hawker

    How much of a factor when scouting college QBs do you weight 1) winning, and 2) elevating their teams? Seems to me that results are rather mixed.

    I hear a lot of talking heads care about a proven winner which props up QBs with strong talent around them. I suppose there could be some merit to this getting to the NFL and leading strong talent. But the last decade of top CfB team QBs haven’t been stellar in the NFL.

    Elevating their team is another matter. Perhaps more like a baseball WAR metric, like how many fewer wins would that team have without the QB- makes me think of Levis, Rattler more recently and perhaps several successful pro QBs like Lamar, Mahomes, Allen, but there are plenty of duds mixed in this category too.

    • Matt

      For me, winning isn’t a big deal but elevating your team is. Here’s the difficult part…that can be very subjective, obviously. I personally like to see QBs have to overcome their situation. That said, that’s not foolproof either, as Stroud is showing.

      There’s a reason it’s the hardest position in any sport, to project. So many variables and so many internal things that are truly impossible to objectively measure.

  28. ShowMeYourHawk

    So… not directly related to the Seahawks but perhaps you can cross one “local” potential buyer of the team off the list?


  29. Anthony

    I was just told by people that “Michael Penix hasn’t been injured for 2 years now, the injury factor is non-existent.” But then when you mention he plays behind arguably the best OL in college football and has still been reportedly fighting a rib injury, there is no response.

    Rob, if Michael Penix Jr is fighting injury this season despite having a great OL, what does that say about his overall durability down the line?

    • BK26

      He’s been hurt or banged up every year except last year, where he never got hit enough to be hurt. Those are people that believe the sky is green no matter what you say.

      He can’t age well. Just the knee injuries alone are going to wear him down sooner or later. Between the die-hard Washington fans, Oregon fans, and already some Texas fans (who by default are anti-Oklahoma, so anti-Rattler), it’s going to be a looooooong draft process. And a lot of people who are going to be very irrational.

      Good thing Seahawks fans don’t have that same irrationality….

    • Rob Staton

      The injury issues will be a legit concern that teams will study

  30. Starhawk29

    While we’re all discussing QBs, I just wanted to take a second to point out how well our resident draft scout (Rob) did at projecting QBs from last year into the NFL. It’s extremely early in their careers, so we don’t yet know who will be great from among the names. But we can evaluate how they adjusted to the NFL in their first games and how ready they were as prospects for the challenge. This, to me, is a really important component of scouting: how did you do on the projection? Did they look woefully unprepared, like a typical rookie, or like someone familiar with the concepts and just adjusting to the speed of the game?

    With all four major rookie QBs having started a game, we can see that Rob was very effective at highlighting who would be NFL ready. Stroud was Rob’s #1 QB and he acquitted himself well against the Ravens in his first start. Richardson looked like a superstar talent that needs time to develop (and learn to slide more), but the game was not too fast for him. He showed familiarity with NFL concepts and executed well. Levis we have all seen explode onto the scene with a 4 td performance, while Young has simply lacked the traits to allow him to succeed this early,

    None of these guys are done growing as players, who’s best of the lot will take years to determine. But as far as projecting these guys to the league, Rob did excellent last year.

    • BK26

      He deserves all of the the credit. He called them all and was dragged through the coals because of it. It’s actually very impressive. It’s a very impressive rookie quarterback class and he was by far the most accurate about the players, but about where they would go in the draft (he was right about Levis more than some teams).

      With Levis especially, there are a lot of videos and breakdowns by reputable people who are floored by how good he looks, or making apology videos for being so wrong on him.

      Rob deserves all of the victory laps that he wants, but his work has done the talking.

      • Starhawk29

        It’s been very funny to me to watch Levis suddenly become a darling of the media after they tore him to shreds last offseason. All I could think watching him against the steelers was that his line, injured though it was, is in a different stratosphere to what he had at school. And we know he can play under pressure and still deliver. It just emphasizes to me how impressive Rattler looks now. This guy is probably going to be torn apart all draft season for his history and his losing record this year. And I hope we are one of the smart few that take a chance on him. Cause if he can do what he’s doing behind such an awful O line, well….

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Starhawk

      I had them as Stroud, Levis, Richardson and Young as a top four and feel comfortable with that. Not many people had that order. Also said Richardson should be reshirted, which is evident now.

      It’s early for all of them so there’s a long way to go on their journey but so far, content with the projections.

      And I’m even more content with my projections from the 2022 draft. I thought it was a bunch of nobody’s worth avoiding while others had Wilks and Ridder etc in their top-10’s! Awful QB draft and that projection feels especially valid today.

  31. Happy Hawk

    Does Rick Mirer have a son who plays QB?

    • Rushless pass

      Charlie. He plays for Stanford

  32. EmperorMA

    I like your take on the QBs, Rob. I am firmly with you in the case of Rattler and Ewers.

    I also might even have Penix rated lower than you, as I can’t see him with anything higher than a Rd 3 grade, although I think he will go higher than that due to all the gaudy stats.

    I also like Riley Leonard, but agree he needs to get away from his current situation. He should transfer to a good QB school like Fresno State (Texas is probably out of the question) or similar to showcase his talent in a pro-style offense with a solid QB coach.

  33. Trevor

    The Hawks roster is in good shape. Young talent at most positions. Still think biggest needs at QBOF and more DT depth.

    1st Rd – Rattler or Ewers
    3rd Rd – DT
    3Rd Rd – OL
    3rd Comp – S to replace Diggs or Love. Can’t have both back at that price.
    4th Rd TE to replace Parkinson or Fant.

    • cha

      It would not surprise me if they like a Love-Jerrick Reed-Jonathan Sutherland combo and if they’ll dip into the market and see if there’s an Adrian Amos type for around $2m.

      • Julian L

        I wouldn’t be surprised to see Ryan Neal back in Seattle next season.

    • Denver Hawker

      I wasn’t aware we’re in line to get an R3 comp for 2024- how’d we get that?

      • Romeo A57

        Some fans have been convinced that the Seahawks are getting a 3rd Round Compensation Pick for Leonard Williams if he leaves in Free Agency. Rob said he believes they may get a 4th Round Comp if LW leaves. They may also not get a Comp pick at all as the rules around it are rather convoluted.

        • cha

          That wouldn’t be awarded until 2025

          • Romeo A57

            I understand that by following what you and Rob write:)

            Seattle is not in line for any Compensatory Picks in 2024 according to my not thorough reasearch. If some fans believe that the Seahawks are going to get a 3rd Round Comp Pick from the LW trade, why not believe they will get it in 2024 instead of 2025 draft? Also maybe Santa Claus will also bring us a QBOTF and a stud NT for Christmas.

    • Ashish

      3rd Comp – not sure if comp pick is allocated. If not, I don’t see getting 3rd comp for sure.

  34. jed

    Throwing out an unfair comp here. Does Levis have a young Phillip Rivers vibe or is it just me? Could be the wonky throwing motion, but there is something about the chaos that does it too.

    And young Rivers was athletic. We just remember him as having the mobility of an old broken shopping cart (trolley for the Brits).

    • DJ 1/2 way

      I am a sucker for comps. Levis/Rivers sounds good. (insert joke about too many kids) I like Robs comps for Rattler and Ewers. They are ceiling comps and neither are likely (math) to make the hall of fame, but they give us style and performance comparisons that are helpful when thinking of a player. Also, it is more fun to be optimistic.

      A comp for Penix is tough. I am always tempted to look for a same handed comp for QBs and baseball players. Penix might be a Matt Leinart (Floor as a pro, ceiling for college) or Boomer Esiason (ceiling). There are probably better comps that are right handed. Suggestions?

      Who does the best comps? I got to say the Ringer does great comps for the NBA draft and at least interesting ones for the NFL draft. Great formatting also.

      • jed

        Yeah, all these comps are the super high end, but they’re fun. I hope Levis has a good a career as Rivers. Their skill sets are different, but Levis made some great throws, some head scratching decisions like throwing it backwards like a fumble, and his hero throws at the end of the game both good and bad. But the good throws were so good.

        • DJ 1/2 way

          Yes, agree. Better to try a hero throw than to get sacked and not have a chance.

  35. PatrickH


    Have you had a chance to watch QB Carson Beck of Georgia? I recently read a quote by Jim Nagy that Beck is worth a third-round pick and may improve his stock depending on how the rest of the season go.

    • Rob Staton

      I need to do more study on him but I intend to

  36. Sea Mode

    Geno Smith: The Man Who Never Wrote Back | NFL Films Presents

  37. Sea Mode

    The Adams we all want to see…😉

    Jaxon Smith-Njigba on Game Winning TD, DK’s Leadership, Witherspoon Friendship, Pete Carroll, & Geno

    • Sea Mode

      Interesting he said PC is calling this week a must-win.

      • Ground_Hawk

        If they don’t win against Baltimore, in fairness we know it’s no guarantee, but if they do loose then the LW trade will look pretty pathetic for what they gave up for him. Winning will keep the wheels greased though

        • UkAlex6674

          What? Calling the LW trade a bust on the basis we lose ONE game, against what a lot of people are saying is a top 5 team? How did you arrive at that?

          This is a huge game for us.

          Win or lose we will see how close we are as a team to being a contender. Even a tough loss will show us what we are.

          • Ground_Hawk

            You said it yourself, “this is a huge game for us.” After the FO makes such a bold and costly trade, for a player who is currently a rental, then their team should be winning tomorrow, no excuses.

            • Sea Mode

              Yeah, I don’t follow your logic on this either. The trade is for at least 10 games, plus hopefully a post-season run. It’s not about the very next game after the trade in any particular way.

        • Rokas

          Really, is it that simple? If we don’t win against a top 3 team on the road, when we are underdogs, LW trade is a failure? What if he gets 3 sacks and we still lose? What if we lose this one and win next 4?
          Is this trade supposed to give us a BYE suddenly?
          I almost never agree with Newhouser, but in this case i think he is right, the failure or success of this trade will be determined not only by this year, but whether we will find the desire and resources to extend him on a longer term.

          • Peter

            Personally I don’t think there’s any way to ever know if this trade means anything.

            All I know is the following:

            1. If we resign him for whatever the number he was scheduled to be a free agent ipso facto that would have been his value regardless of giving up a second this year.

            2. Seattle’s Achilles heel is finding DT’s. So I think that this move is a tacit admittance of this.

            An example of this. We all know the big what ifs on draft day: watt, Humphries, Buddha baker…..how about this as a what if, instead of drafting the absolutely useless Ifedi ( a need based pick) instead we draft Chris Jones the same year we draft Jarran Reed?

            I actually hope LW really provides a spark tomorrow and the rest of the games going forward. It’s going to be cool having three good DT’s plus additional depth.

          • Ground_Hawk

            3 sacks…yeah, that would be something…

            This game is huge for this team’s momentum, and after giving up a 2nd and 5th for not even a full season of a journeyman DT, this move needs to push them clearly towards the top of the league.

            • UkAlex6674

              This game is huge whether we signed Williams or not.

              • Ground_Hawk

                Sure, but now there is more pressure to for this team to deliver, and it’s fair for some fans, like myself, to expect results after this FO pumps all of these resources into their product.

  38. Sea Mode

    Seahawks Mic’d Up: Bobby Wagner – Week 8 | 2023 Seattle Seahawks

  39. 509 Chris

    Wonder if Tennessee would like to trade Levis for JSN? You know since he’s gonna be a bust and all. Pittsburghs D is definitely not the Falcons and he played his ass off against them. I really was wondering why everyone got so down on him. He works out too much and drinks his coffee with mayo? No idea how the entire league talked themselves out of this guy but I feel like this is going to be 10x worse than the Creed Humphries pass. Dont worry though boys we have Geno.

    • Sten

      If JS wanted Levis that badly they would have taken him when they had 3 opportunities to do so. Needless to say John loves a big arm but I doubt that’s the only thing he looks for when he scouts a QB, otherwise Levis would be a Hawk

      • UkAlex6674

        Well said Sten.

        It’s not just about physical tools.

        I think all passing on QBs last year was for a couple of reasons.

        1. 2024 is a good year to get good value for a QB.

        2. We’ve said it on here before – taking a (say) top 5 QB is great, but what happens if you make that pick and parachute them into a team that is struggling all across the board? We get a rookie QB next years he’s set up to do well with all the pieces we are putting in place.

        • Peter

          I hope this is a good year for Seattle and qb’s. Most years I share Rob’s enthusiasm for his early prospects but this year I find myself in the “cover one eye and squint with the other territory.” My favorite prospect to watch is Ewers but injuries, plural, and a big pinch of projection are stopping me from getting excited.

          I like rattler but something about his throwing motion is not gelling with me. Just me.

          Really looking forward to senior bowl this year. Hope that starts to separate some of these names.

          • Blitzy the Clown

            I think it’s really hard to get a read on Rattler.

            He’s got baggage he carried with him from Oklahoma. He plays on one of the worst offensive teams I’ve ever seen. We criticized UK’s OL last year wrt Levis and SC’s is a whole magnitude of suck worse. He throws to WRs with bricks for hands.

            And yet, every week he’s out there leaving it all on the gridiron for team and teammates with steely determination. Some of his throws are ‘wow’ throws. Enough of them for me to think it’s not a fluke when it happens. If it happened more often now, he’d be in the convo for the top draft tier.

            Between him and Ewers, it’s a little like choosing between CJ Stroud and Anthony Richardson in that Ewers is much more of a moonshot imo.

            • Peter

              I’m going to continue watching Rattler.

              I was a big fan of Levis because I liked his size, the cannon arm, and there were clips with some of the nastiest footwork I’d seen in sometime.

              I believe in Rattler.

              W/o a second rounder this year I think it’s going to put the team in a bind when making the decision on qb. The levers to control the draft have moved away to a degree.

            • BK26

              What shocks me with Rattler is that he doesn’t make the forced mistakes that Levis made. Levis HAD to force things too often, so I don’t put it all on him. But you see how bad USC is and his sack numbers and expect 3x the int’s. He just hasn’t played to the level of the rest of his team. And he’s got a terrific wr to show what he can do with some weapons.

              I think how he came along and what he went through will be what Pete eats up. I think he is who Pete and John will BOTH want.

              • geoff u

                I’d have to watch more (unfortunately SC games are hard to find) but I suspect Rattler would rather take a sack than throw a pick, which is one reason why he gets sacked so much while throwing few interceptions. Russ was kinda the same way. Geno would rather throw a pick, except on fourth down at the end of the game apparently.

                • BK26

                  I need to watch more too, but seemed to be throwing it away. There are some plays where he’s getting hit about as soon as he’s dropping back. It’s…bad hahaha.

                  I’m not seeing the same gun slinger from Oklahoma. I see a guy that knows how to be a quarterback. This time last year he wasn’t even a consideration to be drafted in my opinion.

                  • geoff u

                    Well certainly the overall high sack rate is due to a bad o-line, but usually that kind of pressure leads to poor decisions and interceptions. Credit to him for not throwing those interceptions. He does also throw the ball away well, and yet still has a near 70% completion rate. How can you not love that? Give this guy an o-line and a team and good lord. Call me nuts but I might even take him over Caleb Williams.

        • BK26

          I don’t agree with this. I don’t want a good value at quarterback. I want a legitimate guy who can lead the team and be a difference maker. There were 3 last year and one that they passed on 3 times. A rookie qb playing this year would have been better for the team next year. We weren’t a bad team. They had a chance let year and didn’t take it. They have one opportunity left to capitalize on the current roster. If they blow it or pass again, as far as I’m concerned, that is the end of their run and we are heading for a full rebuild.

          • Big Mike

            Good post and I agree with what you said about wanting a difference maker. Looks like you may be right about passing on Levis 3 times too. I don’t agree that we’ll be in full rebuild if they don’t get a difference maker at the position this draft though. I think the roster 9s good enough that we’ll be in 9-8, 8-9 purgatory with mediocre QB play for the foreseeable future/until Pete is gone and the new regime likely tears it down to the studs.

            • BK26

              My thinking is more this: if they don’t take someone this upcoming draft, then Pete and John aren’t going to. They are going to roll with Geno and waste the rookie contracts of the last 2 drafts. Then we’ll need to pay everyone. All while not winning enough. At this point, it’s all mediocrity and then waiting until they are both gone. Unless they are able to drag the roster along (where it could be nice to quit throwing picks away in trades), a new regime will most likely come in and tear it all down.

              To me it all comes down to maximizing these last two draft classes. Click is ticking.

      • geoff u

        Two opportunities, but they could’ve tried trading back into the end of the first to snag him. Then we’d have JSN and Levis.

    • Mick

      Not that I’m a fan of Geno in any way, but what’s JSN done to you? Rookies aren’t all supposed to peak in first year and he’s already got more TDs than Eskridge, so why would you call him a bust and want to trade him already?

      • BK26

        I’d rather have Levis 10 times out of 10. We have Bobo now, which is obviously hindsight. Buts it’s MUCH easier to find a wide receiver than a future quarterback.

        We would be a better team with Levis and Bobo playing more than with Geno and JSN being mismanaged.

        • Big Mike

          Agree BK

        • UkAlex6674

          Levis has played 2 games.

          Not enough for me to annoint him the QBOTF that would have led Seattle to a dynasty.

          Also see R.Wilson – considered a value pick in r3?

          • Rob Staton

            Not enough for me to annoint him the QBOTF that would have led Seattle to a dynasty.

            This is hyperbole though Alex

            BK26 saying he’d rather have Levis than JSN is a fair opinion. He never said anything about leading anyone to a ‘dynasty’. Come on.

          • BK26

            Russ was considered a lucky pick. Should have gone earlier and would have today. There are no value picks with quarterbacks. It’s either an actual investment with a high pick, or a depth pick where you are basically throwing a dart at a board.

            And Levis in two games sold me more than Geno in a year and a half.

        • 509 Chris

          This is exactly what I’d say too. Nothing against jsn but we’re ridiculously wealthy at wr, not so much at qb.

      • Romeo A57

        Being better than Eskridge is not much of a compliment. All you have to do is be available most every game and not get punished by the NFL for an alleged Domestic Violence Policy violation.

        I believe that the vast majority on this blog really like JSN. The issue is that he has not been utilized properly with deep balls. Not sure if this is on play calling or Geno being unable to throw deep to JSN.

        If JSN is not going to be much of a difference maker, especially since it seems that Bobo could fill his role, then we would rather have a potential QBOTF than another WR.

  40. Forrest

    When I watch Quinn Ewers, the thing that sticks out to me is his footwork. Tom Brady always knew where to step in the pocket and when. Ewers may not be Brady, but good footwork can be a big deal. Just ask Mac Jones who used it (with an uplifting smile and good accuracy) to get picked #15 overall by Brady’s former coach. Quinn probably has a Mac Jones floor, but the comp I’ll pulling is Jim Everett.

    When I watch Rattler, I just love the early Brett Farve in him. He’ll throw an overaggressive pick far too often, but his riverboat gambling luck was so ridiculously fun to watch! I see Rattler having a career just like Farve. I’d take the younger years expecting some later dive drama.

  41. Palatypus

    Baltimore has the manatee listed at 6’8″ and 380 lbs.

    I hope Boye Mafe busts him up like I saw him do at the Senior Bowl 1V1s.

  42. Romeo A57

    I know it is ridiculously early, but if you were to re-seed the top 4 Quarterbacks drafted this year, it would probably match Rob’s final board in 2023.

    1 CJ Stroud had been playing well all season and looks like he could be really good.

    2- Will Levis- What we saw from him in just two games looks very promising. With Richardson’s injuries, I would rate Levis at this spot.

    3- Anthony Richardson- showed some flashes during his brief playing time

    4- Bryce Young- Least impressive of these four Quarterbacks. You can make a case for him to be higher with Richardson’s injuries, but I think that his height is going to be a major issue.

  43. BK26

    I turn the game on and right on cue, Rattler throws a perfect 65 yard td off of play action to Legette.

  44. Tony

    Jeremiah trotter going off for Clemson. Guy is all over with game wrecking plays. Maybe he lasts to 3rd.

    • Palatypus

      And Sam Hartman has just lost to Clemson for the 5th time.

    • Rob Staton

      He’s a disappointing season overall but today, he seems to be back to his playmaking best

  45. Blitzy the Clown

    This KSU-UT game is pretty entertaining

    Will Howard is playing like a man possessed in the 4th quarter

    • Blitzy the Clown

      The comeback wasn’t meant to be

      • Tony

        Too aggressive going for the win. Thought the kst d was playing good enough to hold.

        • Rob Staton

          Should’ve kicked the FG. Texas were mistake-riddled all game on offense

  46. Palatypus

    Am I seeing this right? Is Army up by 20 on the undefeated Air Force?

  47. Palatypus

    It doesn’t mean much, but Lee Corso predicted an upset by #14 Missouri (7-1) over #1 Georgia (8-0), and so far it appears plausible.

    • Big Mike

      Screw him for his negative comments about Wazzu and Oregon St. His schtick is stale.

      • Palatypus

        Was is ever fresh?

        • Big Mike

          Fair question

  48. Starhawk29

    Jim Nagy has forgotten more about scouting than I’ll probably ever know. That being said, he reportedly called carson beck (QB for Georgia) a 3rd round prospect, and I really don’t see it. Minute he faces pressure his accuracy disappears.

  49. 509 Chris

    That td Penix just threw was pretty impressive. I know one throw on the run off script doesn’t absolve him of all doubt but there may be hope yet. The kid has heart too.

  50. cha

    Penix and Caleb are playing “anything you can do, I can do better.”

    If UW could tackle on defense this game would be a bit closer.

    • Palatypus

      Tennis, anyone?

    • Blitzy the Clown

      What a touchdown effort by Dillon Johnson!

      • Palatypus

        The USC MLB got fooled badly on that play.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          Is anyone going to play some defense this game?

    • Romeo A57

      First team to 63 points wins?

      • Palatypus

        Both teams are just under that pace at the moment.

  51. Palatypus

    New, Dr. Pepper “Fansville” commercial debut for this game starring Caleb Williams.

    I guess R.G. III got sick of telling himself how good he looks in the mirror.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      No he’s somewhere practicing his delivery for his next spot

  52. Blitzy the Clown

    Finally some defense!

  53. Rob Staton

    Even some modicum of defense would be nice, USC/UW

    • Palatypus

      This kind of game is exhausting if you are in the pep band.

  54. Palatypus

    Meanwhile, in Raleigh, the Wolfpack is up 10-6 on TVD and Miami.

  55. Saul G

    Remember when everyone said three other QBs are better than Caleb Williams in this draft?

  56. AlaskaHawk

    I like watching LSU quarterback Daniels. He’s going to be draft eligible. What about him as a long shot? Shouldn’t cost too much in the draft.

    • Anthony

      He should be there in the third. I’d be down for a shot on developing that

    • Rob Staton

      Worry about his lack of progressions. System is very user-friendly. Good athlete and has tools but when the mistakes happen it’s nearly always because he locks on to the primary target.

      • Anthony

        Isn’t the lack of progressions pretty consistent for most college offenses though? You could probably count the QBs that do that on a regular basis on one hand

        • Rob Staton

          I wouldn’t say that. There are plenty of QB’s who don’t lock onto their first read and then set off running if it isn’t there.

    • BK26

      They need to invest and take it seriously, not toss a late or mid round pick.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Considering that the Seahawks keep playing well enough that they probably won’t get the top three quarterbacks.
        I think the best strategy is to pick a QB each year until you find the one you want.

        I’m liking Milroe a lot too. Look these guys are playing on good teams in hard conferences. They are worth a shot, just like Jalen Hurts was worth a shot.

        • Rob Staton

          Milroe’s a mile off being a pro prospect. Needs a ton of work as a passer I’m afraid

          • AlaskaHawk

            He’s a strong runner. Made a few excellent throws, including the classic rainbow to the side of the end zone.

            I guess I’m just looking for some players who are competing in strong conferences.

        • BK26

          Picking a guy each year and throwing middling picks are two different things. I don’t get the fear of using a high pick. It’s like an allergy. Seahawk fans especially have an issue because of guys they took 30 years ago. They. Need. To. Seriously. Invest. No more cheapness, no more thinking that they are the smartest in the league.

          And look at the good teams in the best conferences. Riddled with quarterbacks that didn’t pan out. If they even got drafted. The tape matters more than the name on the front of the jersey.

          • AlaskaHawk

            Pete Carroll big move was to pick Ahlers last year. whoo hoo!

  57. BK26

    They need to invest and take it seriously, not toss a late or mid round pick.

  58. Palatypus

    “Gap control hasn’t really been a thing this game.”

    • Romeo A57

      Defensive Playcalling doesn’t seem to be a thing either.

      • Palatypus

        I haven’t had this much whiplash since the 7th time I saw Metallica.

        • Big Mike

          7 times for me too

          • geoff u

            I remember watching them before they were popular. They were the opening act and cranked everything to 10 and thrashed away. Halfway through the first song the people at the front had entirely cleared out 😆

  59. Palatypus

    USC got away with about three holds on that drive.

    • Ashish

      Seriously this is on top of no defense on both sides.

  60. Ashish

    Rob, did you get chance to see Texas A&M QB Max Johnson and Ole miss WR Tre Harris No 9?

    • Rob Staton

      I did not, sorry

      • Ashish

        Thanks Rob. Harris made some spectacular catches and Max Johnson looked poised great size still sophomore. I’m sure when you watch tape you can’t miss it.

    • Palatypus

      Pretty sure, he was watching Brady Cook go against Georgia.

  61. Palatypus

    It’s 2:22 until the 4th quarter and Miami @ NC State is still at 6-10.

  62. Palatypus

    Not that it matters at all but TOP: Washington = 27:35, USC = 19:19.

  63. Palatypus

    The single-game rushing record for the University of Washington is 271 by Corey Dillon in 1996.

    Dillon Johnson is at 255.

    • Jabroni-DC

      Corey Dillon Johnson?

      Didn’t realize the Huskies could run the football. Good.

      Corey Dillon was my favorite Husky RB of all time. Absolute Beast.

      • Palatypus

        He had a 1-yard TD run right after I posted this and ended with 256 and 4TD. 199 yards BEFORE contact.

    • James Z

      The broadcast said that Hugh McElhanny has the record at 296 yards in 1950.

      • Palatypus

        I missed that. And my Bing search did too.

  64. cha

    Did you know – both UW and USC had players that got a red card in the last game, so they both are only playing with 10 on defense?

    It’s true.

    • Palatypus

      This is why I read your articles.

    • Big Mike

      OK that explains it!

  65. Matt

    Not sure I’ve seen 3 worse undefeated teams at this point in the season as I have with UW, FSU, and tOSU. In a decent year, I see all as 3 loss teams. Ugly stuff.

  66. Jabroni-DC

    Beating Oregon & USC in the same season is sweet.

  67. Anthony

    If UW and Oregon meet in the P12 Championship, UW would get boat raced with how they’re playing. Still would be a better game to watch than tonight

    • Big Mike

      If UW and Oregon meet in the P12 Championship, UW would get boat raced

      Sadly I agree. Oregon at least plays some defense. That’ll be the difference. I would LOVE for us to be wrong about this though.

  68. Zach

    Rob, is it absolutely bollocks that there is even a question about Caleb Williams going first overall? “He’s not a winner and quits on his team.” Is this just the talking heads trying to stir the pot?

    • Palatypus

      Let’s be fair here. People also say that USC misses a lot of tackles. But that is just a matter of perception. Consider this. Of the 256 yards rushing that Dillon Johnson had, 199 were made before contact. That means only 57 yards were gained after contact with his 26 carries. That’s only 2.19 yards after contact. Not bad at all, really!

      And you see, Luke Skywalker, you will find that truth may very depending on your point of view. I didn’t carve your father up like a Christmas turkey. No, that was someone else completely named Darth Vader.

    • Rob Staton

      Caleb Williams is playing his heart out

      So yes

      It’s all bollocks

      He’s a lock to go first overall

  69. Charlie TheUnicorn2187

    I’m beginning to wonder if Seattle believes they already have the answer to the QB position on the roster, specifically Drew Lock. From what we have seen of him, he really has developed into a more efficient player throwing to open WR or TEs and hasn’t been as locked into specific players (ex: Smith locks onto Medcalf and forces throws some games).

    The sample size is small, preseason and a few snaps during the regular season, but he can throw all the passes required of a modern NFL QB and has plenty of talent around him to succeed.

    I especially like how he gets the TEs and RB into the passing game in the middle of the field.

    • Palatypus

      Charlie TheUnicorn2187 said.

      I’m beginning to wonder if Seattle believes they already have the answer to the QB position on the roster, specifically Drew Lock.

      Well, as Rob has pointed out, JS is deeply religious.

      • BK26

        There are miracles like finding a $50 bill, and then there is parting the Red Sea….

        Lock hasn’t shown anything, and couldn’t beat out the guy that is the weakest player in the offense. Guy can’t get on the field. His best bet is to maaaaaaybe play some next year until a rookie beats him out.

  70. samprassultanofswat

    As far as Drew Lock is concerned. We don’t know. Drew Lock the back up QB is not the same player that he played for at Denver. Seattle has decided to sink or swim with Geno Smith. As Rob has pointed out a number of times. Geno Smith has been guilty of a possible 11 turnovers. Last week against Cleveland, Cameron Mitchell dropped a pick-six.. https://www.nfl.com/videos/cameron-mitchell-comes-incredibly-close-to-pick-six-td-vs-smith . The guy just played dropped a pick-six. Also the play before the winning TD pass JSN Geno Smith also nearly threw a pick six in the end zone. Denzel Ward had D.K. Metcalf covered like a blanket Geno Smith threw in that direction anyway. Smith was lucky he didn’t throw a red-zone inception on that play.

    • BK26

      And Drew Lock couldn’t beat him out.

      And Michael Penix has numbers too. Isn’t looking great for him.

      Daniels seems like the other LSU guys: great raw talent, can’t capitalize on the talent he has around him, runs a more or less simple offense. From what I’ve seen he gets a little frazzled easily. Seems like who he was at ASU. (He’s surprisingly bigger than I thought though).

    • Romeo A57

      Lock never seemingly came close to beating out Geno in 2022 or 2023. He was a free agent last year and the Seahawks signed him to a modest 1 year contract for 4M. That deal could have easily been beaten by another team if there was any kind of hype around him.

      The fact that the Seahawks only signed Lick to the 1 year contract is very telling. They are not too worried about losing him in the offseason.

  71. samprassultanofswat

    The big question I have is why is no one talking about Jayden Daniels?. Check out his numbers. https://www.espn.com/college-football/player/_/id/4426348/jayden-daniels 25TDs 3 Ints. QBR rating 92 1st in the nation. WOW!

    • Peter

      Skinny frame. Looks like mariota meets geno. Throws easy passes. Very accurate. Most of his passes are easy tosses to the pylons.

    • Palatypus

      Why is nobody talking about Jayden Daniels?

      The same reason that I am afraid to open the birthday gift I just got from my cousin when my mom came back from New Orleans a few hours ago.

      It’s a trap! (In Admiral Akbar’s voice,)

    • Rob Staton

      Because too often with JD it’s one read and run

  72. Sea Mode



    • Blitzy the Clown

      That reaction is totally ok and totally understandable.

      I’d draft Caleb Williams if I had the first pick in the upcoming draft. No questions, no hesitations.

  73. Sea Mode



    • Rob Staton

      Rattler and Legette are so underrated

      • Peter

        Wish this team had some Legette in any of the WR’s.

    • Rob Staton

      That’s because they can’t

      People don’t have any idea about the cap issues for next year because a lot of the media don’t discuss them

      But they physically can’t even think about signing Williams without cutting some big names first

    • geoff u

      Truly sickening if they threw away a second and fifth for a ten game rental

  74. Samprassultanofswat

    When it comes to the cap situation fans are clueless. I respect K.J. Wright a ton. Except for one thing. The cap situation. The other day K.J. was talking about Jordan Brooks. Brooks as you know is a free agent. K.J. says “pay the man”. Well I agree except for one thing. In 2024 the Seahawks are going to be in salary cap “Hell”. So then what?

    Next year Seattle will lose a Tight-end. Probably Noah Fant. Damien Lewis. Either Diggs or Adams. And either Bobby Wagner or Jordan Brooks. A lot depends on if the Seahawks keep Geno Smith. In regards to the Geno Smith contract. John Schneider played it exactly 💯 on the money. The Seahawks can get out Geno Smith’s contract after this season. That contract not only gave Seattle flexibility. But it also tells you that John Schneider and company were not 100 percent sold on Geno Smith. 🤔

    However. How many teams in the NFC have the answer at QB? At the moment Kirk Cousins was playing as good as any QB in the NFC. But he is out for the season. Right now who is the top QB in the NFC? Jalen Hurts? Hurts has 13 TD passes. But Hurts has more pics than Geno Smith (8). In 2022 Dak Prescott led the NFL in pics with 17. Brock Purdy and the 49ers are on a three game losing streak. In fact Purdy has 5 pics in his last three games. Matt Stafford has seen his better days. I sure would not want Kyler Murray and his contract. Dak Prescott is making 20+ million more a year than Geno Smith. WOW! The Giants signing of Daniel Jones was probably the worst decision in the history of their organization. You could go on and on. Right now who has the best QB situation in the NFC South? Probably Derek Carr who was rejected by the hapless Raiders. You could make the case that Jared Geoff and the Lions might have the best QB situation in the NFC. At the moment in the NFC who had the best QB situation?

    • Rob Staton

      Well, there are other things I don’t respect KJ Wright for

      • Sten

        People have been cancelled for far, far less… I have a friend that stopped supporting the Eagles after their players said the stuff they did a few years ago. He picked the Cardinals as his team unfortunately

  75. UkAlex6674

    Genuinely can’t remember when I’ve been so excited for so many games in one day.

    I’m not one for being a couch potato at all, but as soon as the Dolphins game kicks off, unless it’s for food/beer/toilet, I’m.not moving until the clock expires in the Bengals game.

    Dolphins/Cheifs; Ravens/Seahawks; Eagles/Cowboys; Bengals/Bills.

    Oh baby.

    • Sten

      The way they back-loaded the season with good games this year is crazy, they definitely did this on purpose. I was getting sick of watching the chiefs/bills/niners beat up cupcakes every week as the only other game they were showing.

    • Big Mike

      Right there with you Alex. In my sweats and chillin’ in the recliner already. Helluva a day of football.

      • Peter

        Nice…..pretty bummed… The missus wants “to do something fun,” on this “last nice day of fall,”….😀

        I’ll only catch about half of the game!

  76. GoHawksDani

    I don’t feel like any QB other than the top1-2 is likely change the world. Why not cut Geno, roll with Lock either be similar to Geno and act as a bridge or be better and could be a QBOTF, or be worse and we’d have better ammo for a rookie QB?

    • BK26

      See the comments above. He’s not as good a Geno, can’t get on the field, and it would be a waste of the first contract players. They are trying to win NOW. They can’t afford to run the team cheap.

  77. Blitzy the Clown

    Miami are having the Seattle experience in Frankfurt today

    • Peter

      Miami is not a good team.

      • Peter

        Something like five straight losses to teams with winning records….looking like six straight as I type this.

        • Big Mike

          Are the Phins the Cowboys of the AFC, a team that beats up on crappy opponents and gets beat by the good ones?

          • Rob Staton


  78. ShowMeYourHawk

    Rob, are we getting a gameday Curtis article this week?


  79. Big Mike

    I really like that they’re calling a penalty on almost every play in this Kansas City v. Miami game because you know I tune in to watch referees not football players.

    • geoff u

      I, for one, have amassed quite the collection of ref jerseys. I’m particularly proud of my Bill Leavy #127

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