Instant reaction: Seahawks get a reality check

Note — I’m doing the national broadcast of Cowboys vs Eagles so today’s live stream will take place on the conclusion of that game

Just some quick thoughts here until later…

The Seahawks spent a second round pick and change on Leonard Williams before the trade deadline, sensing an opportunity in the NFC and feeling good about life after beating the Browns.

Today, they received a big reality check.

The Ravens are a legit contender. The Seahawks do not. They look like a young team in year two of a reset, with remaining lingering questions needing to be answered. Which is perfectly acceptable, I’m just not sure they’re being honest with themselves about that.

We’ve already seen the offense fail to function for whole halves against the Rams, Bengals and Browns. They even had spells against the Panthers, Cardinals and Giants where they toiled and struggled.

It was more of the same today. Despite all the investment in weapons galore, the offense bore no threat to the Ravens. The offensive line struggled badly but nothing was done to adjust to the pressure. When the offense gets stuck in a rut, the Seahawks don’t have a go-to player or plan they turn to in order to get things moving. Everything just stops. That shouldn’t be acceptable with the array of skill players on the roster, with several costing a big salary or high picks.

Third downs? Awful again. Red zone? Awful again.

Josh Norris and Colt McCoy made a favourable video this week hailing Shane Waldron as a play-caller. Maybe I’m nowhere near as good at analysing football, that’s very plausible, but you could’ve fooled me if Waldron is one of the best play-callers in the NFL. I’m not seeing that at all.

Geno Smith continues to turn the ball over at a league-leading rate. We’ve talked about this so much now, we shouldn’t have to repeat it all the time. Since that hot start last season, Smith simply hasn’t played well enough. Too many turnovers. Too many turnover worthy plays. Not enough of the good-stuff to compensate.

We are getting an emphatic answer on whether he’s any more than a serviceable bridge. He isn’t. I just hope the team is embracing that internally and not kidding themselves that they don’t need a better solution to reach the place they want to get to.

The defense clung on for a bit — making occasional big plays to try and keep the team alive. They also got absolutely destroyed vs the run to the point of this having a ‘2010 Raiders game’ vibe.

None of this is Leonard Williams’ fault. Of course it isn’t. Yet when you use a second round pick for 10 games of his services, you can’t be this bad against the run. This is a big reason why I wasn’t excited about the trade. I like Williams as a player (although I think he’s three years removed from his peak). You need impact now, though. Otherwise you’re playing fast and loose with your assets. The assets that have been so good for you in the last two drafts run a risk of being squandered, as they have been in the past.

The Seahawks are 5-3. But for a Jamal Adams header last week, they’d probably be 4-4. They’re a decent, developing team who will need to find a better quarterback to reach the next level. They aren’t a serious contender on this evidence. They acted like they were this week, with that trade.

Given finding a quarterback upgrade could easily be the priority to everything, trading away draft picks feels slightly irresponsible after watching the game today.

A year ago they went from 6-3 to finish 9-8. With the toughest schedule in the NFL to finish the season, let’s hope something similar doesn’t happen again. Especially after being so bold at the trade deadline.


  1. 12th chuck

    I am so ready for a offensive minded head coach.

  2. Romeo A57

    This Offensive Line and the Quarterback are simply not good enough. I understand that injuries have impacted the Offensive Line, but they need to be a lot better if Geno is going to have a chance to do anything.

  3. Troy

    We need to cut SO many of these underachieving high paid vets in the off-season. Geno, Dissly, Adams, Diggs to name a few. If you are truly in a rebuild, get it right.

    • Big Mike

      How many of those do you think Pete Carroll actually get rid of? Serious question. I predict one

      • Troy

        They all need to be approached to take a paycut or see ya!
        With that said, I wouldn’t be shocked to see all 4 on the team next year.

      • God of Thunder

        Will you bet? 😬

        I wager that two of those will be gone.

        I’ll be happy to be WRONG (provided 3/4 of them are gone!)

  4. Mychestisbeastmode

    No QB on the roster is worth more than Baker Mayfield’s $4 million

  5. Hawkster

    So do they draw straws now to see who gets the honor of facing the media

  6. BA

    They seem very comfortable being a perpetual 8-10 win team with no upside potential.

    • seanmatt

      So does a lot of the fanbase

  7. Nick

    Why is Will Dissly getting nearly 10 million a year again?

    • Peter


      • Troy

        Insert same reason for Bellore, Diggs, Adams, etc.

        • Peter

          Yep. Not a great way to team build.

        • A-ok

          Dissly was getting TE1 money, but you can’t blame him when he doesn’t get chances. Maybe the injuries are catching up and he’s slowing down hard now, I don’t know. But either way there was too much dead cap this year to cut him, but next year it drops from $11m to $3m to move on. In all honestly, Parkinson seems to have stepped into a bigger role and is blocking much better, so I can see him gettign re-signed and Dissly and Fant let go. I just hope they stop paying TEs big money when they never use them schematically, and the QBs almost never look their way outside of designed plays. (Russ was the same)

          Adams is down to how he plays this season is my guess. If he plays well enough the dead cap hit isn’t worth it, but if he doesn’t they can move on.

          Diggs is just at the end of a back-loaded contract. They can move on next year or cut and re-sign, or maybe that’s partly why they are trying Love for (as a potential carryover replacement).

          I think there’s plenty of room with the Cap even with Geno’s contract, but a huge amount if they can get a QB for $4-6m a year instead. We have $19m in dead cap this year that vanishes in 2024.

          • Dave Stacey

            They are deluded. Re-structuring both Diggs and Adams contracts and making it harder to cut them this off season. The aggressive trade for Williams. They must genuinely believe they are a SuperBowl contender. Cap management is shocking and seriously hurting the roster in the short and medium term..

            But as long as they are all having fun up there it’s all good right ?

    • Tomas

      Cool nickname: “Uncle Will.”

  8. AlaskaHawk

    But they never stink so bad that they can get a top 10 draft pick. It really sucks because there will be good QBs gone before the Seahawks even get their first pick.

    • Dave Stacey

      They had one last year.
      And they passed on Will Levis twice with plenty of stock to trade up and get him ahead of the Titans in R2..
      Could haunt us for years passing on him

      • AlaskaHawk

        When you think about it , Pete Carroll hardly ever changes his backup QBs. I would be constantly trying to develop quarterbacks and change them every three or four years. Maybe even get a little trade value out of them.

      • A-ok

        I think we were better situated to do what we did and go for a QB the following year.. Why? Geno had played well enough and we had a lot of holes. They did a tremendous job drafting and I think we are perfectly situated to get a young kid and support him.

        I hate when teams go out and draft a young QB when they can’t protect him, and have no weapons.

        While I like Leonard Williams and think he’s a good pick-up (only if they re-sign him) I do think the 2nd round was pricey. I would have been ok with a 3rd. However, I don’t think this will stop us from getting a QB we like, as he won’t likely be in the top of the first round.

        It’s unlikely that Levis is any better than the QBs coming this year in my mind.

        • BK26

          I would bet quite a bit of money that there are only 2 qb’s next year that will be at the level of Levis talent-wise (and might be better).

          Ah I’ll just say it. Caleb Williams and Spencer Rattler are it. Literally everyone else almost needs to prove that that know how to ply the position.

          We missed a golden chance last year.

    • BK26

      If only there was another way to get a quarterback…like maybe use more than one pick to trade up….

  9. pdway

    Reality check is right. They look like a legit SB contender – and we do not.
    I still think the defense is well along the right track – not giving them a complete pass on a crap effort today, but it’s not the first time i’ve seen a defense lose their spirit when their team’s offense is 3 and out, over and over.

    The offense is the puzzle to me. Geno’s play is really down this year- and agree w you that it’s become a dead horse not worth beating. But even w that, why is it that we get in these ruts where even a 5 yard pass play looks like a gut-busting effort? For sure it’s the O-line doing their part – all in all – they have been bad this season. But it also feels like the coaching – b/c every Baltimore blitz seemed to work to perfection, and they were a step ahead of every playcall all game. That part feels harder to fix.

    Anyway – what a clunker….and on such a good Sunday of football too….

    • Malc from PO

      Our defensive front was the biggest disappointment for me today. They got annihilated time and time again against the run. Fortunately no NFC offensive line plays like that.

  10. Nick

    No one can make a screaming tackle ten yards past the line of scrimmage better than Quandre Diggs.

  11. Matt

    Fun week to be a Seahawks fan…fluke win inspires an ill-advised trade only to get embarrassed by an actual good team. A week filled with “Geno’s great – it’s Shane Waldron who sucks.” 5 minutes later…”hey some guys who allege to know football say both Shane and Geno are great. It’s just us dumb-dumbs who don’t get it.”

    Reminds me of Moneyball – “if he’s such a great hitter; then why doesn’t he hit good?”

    Just love Seahawks Twitter Braintrust who just know better. Maybe I’m nuts a this has been a mid-tier team buoyed by a bad schedule and insane luck. We aren’t even world beaters facing backup QBs on mediocre teams.

  12. dragonhawk

    Pete Carroll will no doubt find some absurd positive spin on this disgusting crapfest of a loss—“We were so close. We can fix that. It’s just one game.” Seahawks fans need to accept that this team is so far from the elite that it’ll take a lot of moves—including some coaching changes—to become legit contenders. What a dreadful showing. And the toughest stretch of their season has only begun.

  13. AlaskaHawk

    Big Picture we have to get back to owner management (non-existent?), team management (a series of questionable decisions in the last 3 years), coaching and play calling (questionable ) and after all that the players (what the heck are they going to do when all the veteran players hit free agency?)

    • Jo

      Wow, you get it.

    • geoff u

      The only thing we’ve been good at is drafting. But we sure do love trading away picks for players who won’t fit in or stick around.

  14. Parallax

    Man, I could not agree with your analysis more. I’ve been livid over on the Seaside Joe site since we made the trade. Such a stupid, myopic use of draft capital (after we finally figured out how to use it). Stupid!

    Now let’s talk about why Pete Carroll wouldn’t put Lock in when it became obvious in the third quarter that Geno wasn’t going to do anything today? Maybe he does not better but why not give him a chance? Why not find out what we have?

    Carroll is so stubborn he wouldn’t put Lock in at all. Even when all the other starters were on the bench. Not that it would have meant anything by then.

    In my book, Carroll could partly redeem himself by starting Lock next week at home. What better game to see what he can do? It’s a winnable game. If we win it with Geno it proves nothing. If we win with Lock, it could be the beginning of a new chapter — even if Lock is just a placeholder. Still better than a guy who clearly doesn’t have it.

    • A-ok

      Geno is Jared Goff, and if they would use him that way, I think we’d be thinking about this team differently right now.

      I think we’re better than our record, but we’re playing worse than our record. It’s a strange place to be.

      They should give Lock some opportunities unless they’ve already decided he’s a no. If he’s as good as Geno, the salary difference alone is worth it.

      They are positioned for a QB draft this year, I think everything else is in place and they need to get one, even if it’s not the one they really want (because he stays in school or something).

      • Parallax

        I can’t imagine a universe in which Geno’s as good as Jared.

  15. Troy

    After today’s performance, I can’t wait to witness what SF, PHI, and even DAL will do to our paper tiger team. From my view, there is nothing worse as a fan than watching another team run it down your throat with ease.

    • Big Mike

      IF McVay gets a healthy Stafford back we lose to them too. Even if he doesn’t it’ll be way closer than it should be.

    • Malc from PO

      SF, DAL, and PHI all have their issues, just like we do. BAL are on a different level. I’m optimistic we will go 2-2 out of that little series.

      • Peter

        Dang 2-2? Hope so. They can all run and we can’t stop the run unless teams have no running attack.

  16. Troy

    Yep, 💯 . McVay owns Pete and I don’t expect that to change. Damn, we need to hope we can play some backup QB’s otherwise this is too hard. 😃

    • Big Mike

      The secret formula isn’t it

  17. Peppapig

    I was pissed that I couldn’t get to watch the game. Not so pissed now.

  18. Big Mike

    And don’t count the Commanders as an easy win next week folks.

  19. Noah Parker

    Rob – is there a way we can listen/watch your broadcast of the games you are commentating in the UK?

  20. Peter

    Still hearing about the oline as problem.

    No one was saying that last year. What’s changed. Lucas? That’s it. But I heard Brown and Haynes were better than Jackson and blythe.

    Time for some folks to let it go….geno has turned back to what he always was.

    Defense was in it? How so?

    Also Waldron. Why can we not get an o coordinator worth anything?

    • Big Mike

      My mom who is 90 and is a football fan said flat out “Smith needs to throw the ball sooner”. She’s no expert but even she can see it.

      I do think Haynes is a weak spot but still….plus Peters had a bad day. They do miss Abe but why is Peters out there half the time?
      Defense gave up 298 on the ground alone. 😳 Thought they fixed that issue.

      • Peter

        I think Forsythe should be taking lumps.

        All those “look at these cherry picked defensive stats,” ( week four on when we played a who’s who of the worst teams) sure look like trash takes now.

        Heard a lot if people talking about a top ten defense before today.

        How? Not in points ( 11 before today’s butt whooping) not in the air (21st) and 8th in the ground ( that’s over)

  21. Malc from PO

    I’m very much in agreement with this analysis, with the exception that I believe the NFC is so bad top to bottom, there is no reason we can’t make the Super Bowl this year. It probably means a pumping by any number of AFC teams but you never know. I actually enjoyed this game; we played fine in spurts against an opponent we were hopelessly overmatched by. It’s not like we sucked, they were just much better. We learn more from that than beating the dreadful teams we have been playing to this point in the season. It was nice to watch a good team execute well, that happens too infrequently in the NFL.

    • BK26

      You still have to beat an AFC team. We might not be too 6 in the AFC. And we lost my 34 wto a team who even put their backup in. We played horribly and we showed that we are outclassed from the best teams.

      Now we know where we stand. There are no moral victories getting to the Super Bowl. I want to win the whole thing. Not get second. I’m a Diamondbacks fan. We lost in the World Series and I am beyond pissed about it. I don’t feel good just because we got there.

      • Peter

        Yep. Losing in the superbowl 2x might have felt worse than winning 1x felt awesome.

        If we get to the Superbowl….🙃….I want to feel like we are steam rolling.

        • Malc from PO

          Everyone gets to be a fan in their own way, of course! I’d feel more encouraged about our future if we make the Super Bowl than if we can’t make it through what I see as a very weak NFC. Maybe I’ll feel different after we actually play the Eagles, Cowboys, and Niners but from what I have seen of those teams and of the Seahawks we should be at a point in our development where we realistically think we can beat any of them.

          • Parallax

            The notion of us getting anywhere near the Superbowl with Geno under center and with our O line collapsing as it does is laughable. Both would need to improve significantly.

    • Big Mike

      Super Bowl?
      Let’s talk after 9ers, Dallas, 9ers, Eagles (all NFC teams btw).

      • Peter

        Also the Stealers ate probably going to still be in it at that point. Heck maybe the Titans for laughs. Let Henry run wild for old times sake.

        • Big Mike

          Or watch Will Levis prove we should have taken him in the draft?

          • Peter

            Brother you said it.

            • BK26

              Levis instead of JSN, Legette this next draft. Much, much better offense.

              Or at least a capable offense.

              • Peter

                But when you believe your own hype you think you are something you aren’t. I said they were a drsft away but then they knee capped that a bit.

              • geoff u

                Yeah but Levis we’ll take a few years to be ready to be a Super Bowl caliber quarterback and we’re in win now mode, and as we know know Geno can easily win us a Super Bowl this year. Easily.

                • geoff u

                  Man, I really gotta proofread gooder.

    • KennyBadger

      I respectfully disagree. We sucked dude. Exhibit A : The Scoreboard.

      • Dave Stacey

        The word SuperBowl should not be mentioned after a performance like that.
        5 and 3 is nothing to shout about after this powderpuff schedule to
        Open the season

        • Parallax

          Amen! Could not have said it better.

  22. Peter

    I legitimately have ZERO interest in watching our team get absolutely crushed by the Ravens, etc, because we limp on into the superbowl.

    Spoiler: we won’t btw.

  23. KennyBadger

    Many frustrating things today, but the lack of adjustment (or talent) to keep geno clean was a big one for me today. We never try to move the pocket and those goddamn wr screens are more predictable than the sunrise.

  24. Romeo A57

    Rashaad Penny on the Eagles? I thought he was dead.

    • Troy

      Ahhh Rashaad Penny. The guy we picked at 26 in the first round ahead of Lamar Jackson (32).

  25. RMK-LouCityHawk

    Things I’m thinking about…

    Why are the same commenters/bloggers who defend Geno to a fault…no he’s really good – see stats!, it is the Oline, it is Waldron, it is the receiver…suddenly pouncing on the defense as the problem for this game?

    I don’t trust PC to run the ship after this year, who are the realistic, offensive minded HC available for next year?

    QBotF needs to be the focus on this next draft, that loss of a 2nd round pick hurts, depth is good not great.

    The NFC is wide open, every team is beatable, so the Super Bowl is a possibility, but is this really a team that can capitalize on this fact.

    • Romeo A57

      I don’t think the Seahawks have a shot at making the Superbowl. They dont match up well at all against the Eagles, Cowboys or 49ers.

      • Peter

        5 games against top running teams coming up….not good bow that teams can run right at us.

      • RMK-LouCityHawk

        I’m considerably more down on the 9ers and Eagles than most people.

    • BK26

      It will be interesting to hear their excuses this week. You and I know who they are and where they are. Same ones that will question for fanhood for saying anything about negative about “he who doesn’t write back” and Grandpa Pete

      • RMK-LouCityHawk

        Looks like they are rolling out all their classics, it is the OLine, it is Waldron, the receivers…. And now a little sleight of hand – but what about that defense!?!? Woof.

    • Big Mike


      1. Because admitting they’re wrong is somehow an affront to their personhood. I grew up in a family (Dad’s side) who would never admit to being wrong even when confronted with facts that proved they were. There’s a lot of people in the world just like them.

      2. Doesn’t matter cuz she will not get rid of him. Now if he were to retire…..(he won’t)

      3. DEFINITELY needs to be the focus. I was skeptical it would be but as Geno continues to be a career backup, chances look better all the time. Fingers crossed.

      4. Super Bowl? Hell, I question even making the playoffs. So no imo it is not a team capable of capitalizing.

      • RMK-LouCityHawk

        I mean, deflecting is just deflecting. It was like the Week of What About DK’s Penalties? I get it, but why deflect from the bigger issue?

        Unless something changes, my feeling is that PC either needs to retire or be retired. If it doesn’t happen the end could get messy

        I was at the game in Bloomington and spent the day with some of my old crew, as a result I didn’t get to see a lot of the QB play from last weekend. That said, I continue to warm to Rattler and Howard. I’d prefer someone else to try with Ewers and Penix.

        I really don’t think the 9ers or Eagles are as good as most seem to think. I think the AFC > NFC.

      • geoff u

        You know those know-it-all kid’s you knew in grade school who were never wrong and would never shut up? I feel like all those people have congregated on the internet/social media and all the normal people are so sick of dealing with them they’re like, “Screw this, i’m not doing this social media crap anymore.” And now it’s mostly just a bunch of know it alls yelling at each other.

        Except places like this, of course.

        Anyway, my random thought of the day.

    • Peter

      I’m enjoying the post game shows. Very short since there’s no crowing to be had.

      A lot of “the line needs to improve.” And “a running game.”

      So….nothing to see here folks, move along.

    • McZ

      The defense wasn’t able to stop the run the whole evening and only finished below 300yds rushing allowed, because Huntley spiked it at the four. They also gave up 225yd passing.

      If you have watched the Cowboys-Eagles game, those DLs are a freaking terror.
      SF won’t get worse with the addition of Chase Young.
      Those are the teams you play in wildcard and beyond.

  26. GoldenArms

    It is maddening reading the comments from the Geno apologists on other sites. Geno is exactly who I and many others knew he was.

  27. DC1234

    Im not that concerned with the blowout lost. Ravens just dominated the Lions two week before. 38-6. Everyone praises Ben Johnson (Lion’s OC). He couldnt solve the Raven’s defense. Lions have one of the best Oline in the league. Good running game and receivers, with a legit #1 recieiver. Promising young TE. Maybe the Ravens are the best team in NFL.

    Are the Lion’s fan that doom and gloom about their team? Idk. They seem to believe in their team. Of course Goff is better than Geno. But I feel like the Lions have a outside chance to make the superbowl.

    Seahawks have to win the next two games (Commanders and Rams) for a playoff spot. I will lose any hope for this season if the seahawks get dominated by the niners at home in thanksgiving.

    • BK26

      The Lions aren’t as deep as us. Their running back is young, and they have one receiver with plus talent. He’s not a #1 yet. Just the best that they have. They are weaker on offense of top end talent than we are.

      We still lost by 34 to a team that was still taking it to us WITH THEIR BACKUP IN. If we aren’t passed about it or want to just burn the tape, then this is a much bigger problem. The excuses and the whole “eh they were just better” is sad. And people will just be happy that we will make the playoffs….

      • DC1234

        Wouldnt having Ben Johnson over Waldron tip the scales to the Lions? Lions Oline is way better than the seahawks. Dont discount David Montgomery. Gibbs is a stud. I think better all around than K9.

        Sometimes you have to just say the better team won. We got kicked in the teeth.

        Im not as down on this team over this lost. They almost beat the Bengals. NFL is all about matchups. Maybe the seahawks dont matchup well with the ravens.

        As I said, the Niners games are the litmus test. That will be for the division. And we would face them in the playoffs (if we make it)

        • BK26

          You still need the players.

          And I’m taking Walker 10x out of 20 over Gibbs. Montgomery is fine but Gibbs is a higher upside.

          This was the test: a good team. Who cares about another playoff appearance if it’s just another first round loss? We found out how far away we are and what the problem is (or everyone else did, people here have known).

          • DC1234

            Agree to disagree. Gibbs has all the tools. And can run between tackles, unlike K9.

            Also Lions have Goff. Better and more clutch than Geno. Lion’s offense have the players and coaching staff. Imo, better than the seahawks.

            I already know this year’s seahawks ceiling is one playoff win. That is why im not that upset with the blowout. Ravens are a elite team in the NFL. Seahawks are not at that level yet. They are missing the QBOTF to take them to superbowl contenders.

            Also, they still have time to gel and improve. I am just not so doom and gloom about this lost. Probably cause I expected a lost today. Them struggling against the Cardinals got me more upset than the blowout today.

            • BK26

              I’ll agree with Goff being better than Geno. He has confidence where Geno scrambling to find anything.

              I also agree about seeing this loss coming, just not this bad. Some of the weak wins were just as telling. We just ran into a complete machine today.

  28. Forrest

    FINALLY!!! In the post game press conference, Pete Carrol admits that his teans are undisciplined – “This is about the discipline it takes to make it to the next level”.

    And the Seattle media follow la up and asks – nothing! 🤮

    Not, why does your team keep jumping offsides on 4th down (I think it’s been something like 3 of the past four weeks).

    Not – You had problems with DK’s unnecessary penalties, which he didn’t seem to care about, you’ve had problems with the discipline on 4th downs, you’ve often cited gap discipline as an issue and the team seems to waste a time out nearly every week – is this a problem that starts at the top?

    Not, why does this team waste time outs at a ridiculous pace

    Not, w

    • Forrest

      Another week, another Diggs head scratching tackle at the goal line – standing there waiting for their player to come to him so he can miss a tackle. Dude, as soon as the ball is handed off, run straight at the ball carrier when they’re inside the 5. It does no good to stand on the goal line waiting for the RB to come to you. His momentum will carry him forward. Cam would have leveled him up high to knock him backward, not wait to make an ankle tackle after he’s already scored. The game was close at the point, so put some effort into it, man. You’re getting paid $13M/yr for a 55.6 PFF!

      I hope these are the kind of things that are discussed publicly on “Tell the Truth Mondays”. I have no doubt Dan Campbell would get the message across. But, Pete? After DK’s comments about the penalty board, I have no confidence.

    • DJ 1/2 way

      Specifically about the discipline, I think it might be connected to the load music at practice.

      I love Rock and Roll, but no popular music is about discipline. If they want loud music and discipline it would need to be classical symphony music. Imagine that! If I was Pete I would try it for a week. Mozart Monday, Tchaikovsky Tuesday.

      The counter arguement could be that under Pete this team has always had loud music at practice. They have won, but have any of Pete’s Seahawk teams demonstrated discpline? Do we want discipline or wins?

      • A-ok

        I hope you’re taking this one for a ride and not serious hahah

  29. ShowMeYourHawk

    Unless this team wins a game or two in the postseason (possible, if not unlikely), I say we rip the long standing contracts out by the root and take our lumps next season.

    – Diggs? Gone, take the hit.
    – Adams? Gone, take the hit.
    – Geno? GONE.
    – Dissly? Cut or renegotiate. Paid WAY too much for a glorified blocker.
    – Bobby? Unless he’s coming back for league min to stay in the game, don’t resign.
    – Honestly, I’d take calls on Lockett and DK this offseason. Don’t HAVE to trade either but Lockett has been vocal about his life post-career lately and DK straight up disappears in games. Not a #1 for his size and speed. Perhaps he is elsewhere.
    – I’d resign Brooks to a responsible contract, Lock for cheap to be our bridge while drafting a QB in the late 1st/early 2nd and resign Williams to a couple of years, if for no reason than to justify the cost to obtain him. It’s bad business to spend money to cover your bad choice to trade picks (hello, Adams!) but it’s worse to throw those picks directly into the trash.
    – We’ll need help at G and T too, since we have no idea what Lucas’ deal is or if Cross will ever improve to the standard of a Top 12 OT.

    Unfortunately, since Jody Allen is essentially pleasure sailing, margarita in hand, while Pete steers the megayacht into the land of sunshine and lollipops, we’re stuck in stasis.

    • Big Mike

      You’re hired

    • Forrest

      💯 Why is it that we can all see this, but no action is taken?

      • dave Stacey

        They are deluded and believe their own hype.
        It needs fresh eyes

  30. Gross MaToast

    How many of the current Seahawk coaching staff would be hired in the same position by another team and why?

    Maybe Tater? Because he’s apparently a coach whisperer?

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Izzo is a capable ST coach. He’d land on his feet promptly, if available.

      • Gross MaToast

        Agreed. That’s one.

    • Big Mike

      Yeah Tater and also cuz he’s really good at cooking hash browns for team breakfasts too.

      • Gross MaToast

        Hash browns are the foundation of a solid, calorie-laden breakfast for any team.

        • Big Mike

          Unfortunately though I’ve heard his gravy game leaves a lot to be desired.

    • DC1234

      Last year two were. Canalas and Desai. They were promoted too.

      Maybe those two have a bigger impact than we imagined.

      • BK26

        Canales is leading an offense that is third place in a bad division and Desai is from outside the organization (and chose to smartly leave after one year).

        • DC1234

          The Bucs offense is not bad. Lets give a first time offensice coordinator a full year before throwing judgement. Baker is playing well under Canalas. Maybe Geno is missing that this year

  31. Peter

    Geno truthers telling me 31 mil is worth it because that’s mid tier money and he’s worth it!……w/o a trace of irony.

    • Big Mike

      See my post above about people never being able to admit they are wrong

    • BK26

      If it’s a waste at 10 mil then it’s a waste at 30 plus. S-e-t-t-l-i-n-g.

      Pathetic at this point.

    • Brodie

      I remember this argument when I was siding with NOT paying Geno. I laid out the fact that the QB’s who were being paid in the top 15 were largely disappointments.

      Matt Ryan, Tannehill, Wentz, Cousins, Carr, Dak… hell, I think Sam Darnold was up there.

      “The going rate” isn’t an argument when it comes to average. If you have a great player, you pay the ‘going rate’. If you have a replaceable cog, you pay as little as possible.

      9 TD’s and 8 INT’s through 9 weeks is awful. Throw in the fumbles and he has more turnovers than TD’s. How anyone can claim that is “mid-tier” is beyond me.

      • Peter

        Exactly. The “it is what it is,” with middling qbs is such a pathetic argument.

        Most those guys aren’t worth it. 4 million. Okay. But “just cuz,” is such a weak reason.

  32. Tezza

    We nowhere near being a contender. Loosing out will be best thing for us give us best chance landing QB in draft. Looks like we may regret passing on Levis.

    • Dave Stacey

      Big time – I really like Witherspoon , he’s a baller but I was gutted when we didn’t take Levis at 5 and doubly gutted when we didn’t take him at 20.
      I think a lot of people on here shared those sentiments at the time.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Agreed with your thoughts on getting a QB in the first round. The choices they made are fine players, but we really need a good quarterback.

        • A-ok

          Witherspoon is looking like a generational player, Levis looks like an average starting QB so far to me.

          What are you seeing that makes you look at Levis and regret not taking him?

          • DC1234

            Against the Steeler, Levis played well. Considering its his second career start. Under a short week.

            He had great pocket awareness. Great throws on 3rd down against pressure. Strong arm that looks effortless. Didnt look like the moment was too big for him.

            I think he would fit well with seahawks. He definitely has the arm strength and accuracy Pete and John want. Idk why they passed on him twice.

            • DC1234

              Its gonna pissed me off when the seahawks play the titans later in the year. During the week press conference, Pete will glow about how talented and tough Levis is. But he could of drafted him!

              Reminds me of when Pete praises Tj Watt and Nick Chubb. So annoying

              • geoff u

                “four legit first round prospects…”

          • BK26

            The fact that you win with a top qb, not a top corner. He’s shown that he has the talent and can lead a team. Stay in the pocket and take the hits. Scramble when needed. Chase Daniel (who was behind Brees, Mahomes, Andy Reid, and Sean Payton) put out a video about how impressed he was and broke down how well he was doing.

            If you see average then IDK what to tell you.

      • God of Thunder

        How many guts do you have?😲

  33. Forrest

    With regard to DK – Why is he running out if bounds when he has a blocker in front of him and outweighs the safety by 30 lbs? Cut it back inside, man! I thought you wanted to punish defenders – or was that just with cheap shots?

    • geoff u

      DK getting 5 extra yards was the least of our worries today lol.

      And we’ve seen DK fight for extra yards in the past, and it would often end with either a dumb injury or dumber fumble.

  34. Samprassultanofswat

    Mean Jean the turnover machine. However, you can’t blame it all on Geno. The Seahawks offense couldn’t block anyone.

    • Elmer

      Today was a s**t sandwich. Yeah, the O line deserves criticism. No running game, 4 sacks. However, IMO it’s time for the Hawks, for better or worse, to find out why they have in Lock in a real game situation. That knowledge will inform what they need to do at QB for 2024.

    • geoff u

      Yes, you can. The Texans have no run game, pedestrian receivers and tight ends, a very average offensive line, and Stroud put up 470 yds and 5 tds.

      QB is king and this is the same Geno we’ve been seeing for a year and half. Get used to it. A team only goes as far as their QB and we’ve hit our ceiling with Geno.

  35. Denver Hawker

    Baltimore might be the best playing team in the league right now so no shame losing to them on the road.

    Losing this way, after that trade, is unforgivable. This team is impotent.

    Nothing about this team even sniffs the word contender and it never has this season. I expected a loss today, but a competitive loss.

    This is Geno, this is who he is and he’s not good enough to elevate the team when other phases/units aren’t playing well. Russ masked many worts for years in Seattle and I’m afraid many fans assume the same is possible with Geno. He’s a great backup QB and average to below average starter. Without a top notch Defense and run game, he can’t win you games.

    I can also forgive the defense for being unable to keep Lamar from running for 1st downs- he’s elite. But getting gashed up the middle run or pass over and over shows something is clearly broken on the defense and they got pantsed.

  36. Elliott Atkinson

    Getting pretty close to the point that I would rather Lock start, just to see what we have. Unsurprisingly Rob you are right again. I can’t wait for the cult of Geno this week to pull out some obscure stat to show that he’s actually been really good this year.

  37. Lord Snow

    To All of you posting that the Super Bowl is still possible I’d like to thank you for bringing laughter into my day.

  38. Seahawkwalt

    Trade for Mills on off-season. Draft QB in round 1- Ewers, Cook, Nix,Penix

    • BK26

      None of them are first rounders. Maybe Ewers if you want to give him 2+ years to hope he’s ready. I’d almost rather go with Lock….

  39. geoff u

    I’m really having a hard time wrapping my brain around Geno Smith throwing (previous to the trade) 5 picks in the last 3 games during the easiest part of our schedule and the front office honestly thinking if they just mortgaged a bit of our future for Leonard Williams we have a shot at the Super Bowl this year.

    • cha

      That was literally my first thought when I heard about the LW trade.

      They must have convinced themselves Waldron, the OL and Geno will get exponentially better in the coming days and weeks.

    • Rob Staton

      When you spell it out like that… it’s difficult to accept

  40. jo

    I’m sorry that I am a broken record but it is time to move on from Pete and possibly John. I want new ownership and a new coach now. I want an actual quarterback because Geno definitely isn’t it.

  41. Forrest

    For all the people saying why not play Lock, here’s why – if he goes out next week and looks good the rest of the season, HE will want $30M next year.

    The Seahawks know what they have in Lock. If he’s the QB next year, sit him all year and act like he’s garbage and no team should sign him (and please stop saying you have two starting QBs on this team to unnecessarily inflate his value). Then sign him to a Baker Mayfield contract next year, except make it a longer deal. Rather than $4M, give him 3 years and $20M. He’s not getting that anywhere else – unless you show him off to the rest of the league by putting him in midway through this year.

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