Curtis Allen’s week seven watch notes (vs Cardinals)

This is a guest article by Curtis Allen…

This week, the Seahawks face an Arizona team that looks distinctly unfamiliar for a division opponent.

Not only did the Cardinals part ways with Kliff Kingsbury and Steve Keim this year, the roster looks dramatically different. Stars like J.J. Watt, Markus Golden, DeAndre Hopkins, Isaiah Simmons, A.J. Green and Zach Allen are no longer part of the team.

The two best players on the roster have been on IR since the season started (Kyler Murray and Budda Baker) and running back and offensive rock James Conner will now miss extended time.

This team is seriously lacking in talent.

Knowing a teardown was coming, the organization passed up a shot at one potentially great player (Will Anderson or Anthony Richardson) with the #3 pick in the draft in order to trade down and gather more picks.

The future looks much better than the present does for the Cardinals.

The plucky team that nearly beat the Giants and shocked the Cowboys early in the season has come back down to earth and at 1-5, has been revealed as a team without the skill players to run with teams with playoff aspirations.

Their last three games have been a 19-point loss to the Niners, a 14-point loss to the Bengals and a 17-point loss to the Rams. Each of those teams collected 380 or more yards of offense on the Cardinal defense and have won the turnover battle 5-2 over them in those three games.

As you can guess, Arizona’s defense in particular has been dreadful. They are #28 in yards allowed per game, #27 in scoring per game, #24 in rushing yards and #22 in passing yards allowed. Only a couple of their starting players on defense are currently graded higher than 60 by PFF.

The offense is only slightly better. They are #20 in scoring and #25 in passing yards. They are the #6 team in the NFL in rushing offense – but as we said James Connor is on injured reserve.

They are flat even in turnover differential and are one of the most penalized teams in the NFL.

What happens when you combine a poor defense with a lack of rapid-fire weapons and no turnover or penalty luck? The Cardinals are the NFL’s worst second-half offense, only averaging five points per game in quarters 3/4. The defense is also poor there, ranking #30 by giving up over 16 points per game in the second half. The second half is generally when gameplans have been revealed, teams have adapted and star players make their mark. The Cardinals are just not built to finish games.

When you take all this into account, this should be an easy game for the Seahawks. One that gives the impression that they have regained their footing after wasting a fine defensive effort in a loss last week to the Bengals.

However, there is no lack of questions surrounding the Seahawks. Their offensive line is once again plagued by injuries, as Evan Brown, Jake Curhan and Phil Haynes have been banged up. The combination of injuries to the line and a game plan that did not utilize the tight ends to max protect provided for a frustrating game against the Bengals, one that Geno Smith could not compensate for.

Zach Charbonnet being held out of practice with a sore hamstring is keeping the team from fully deploying their two-headed monster attack in the ground game. And despite back-to-back good performances by the defense, the spectre of a regression is always looming.

It feels like this game could be similar to last year’s Week Six game against the Cardinals, a 19-9 Seahawks win that was comfortable, yet unsatisfying. Kyler Murray rushed for 100 yards in 10 carries but the Cardinals could not execute much when they really needed to and ended up only scoring three points of their own on offense. The other six came from a Michael Dickson fumble for a touchdown. Both teams surrendered more sacks than they would have liked to and the Seahawks had the only offensive touchdown in the game.

Yet truthfully, the Seahawks should have this game well in hand by halftime. How can they do that?

Control the Game with the Offense – Primarily the Running Game

Speaking of halves, what can we learn from the Rams beating the Cardinals last week?

In the first half of the game, the Rams ran the ball a grand total of three times for six yards. That is it. The Rams went into the locker room at halftime down 9-6.

They ended the game with 28 rushes for 179 yards and a touchdown, a meaty 6.39 yards per carry average.

What did the Rams do? Did they employ all kinds of tricks and misdirection? No. They just committed to the run. They came out of the locker room with a mentality, ran the ball right down the Cardinals’ throat. It was a sight to see. Look at it for yourself (the fun starts about 5:25):

The Rams called eight straight running plays and gained 60 yards and capped the drive with a Stafford to Kupp touchdown pass. Just look at Kyren Williams’ run chart for this game by Next Gen Stats:

There is simply no reason the Seahawks cannot do the exact same thing – only, I would advise starting the game that way. Trample this Cardinals defense. Set the terms of the encounter and tell them this is going to be a long day. Turn the tables on the Arizona offense and make them chase you instead of leaving the game up to whether Josh Dobbs has crazy enough legs to pull off a miracle.

The Seahawks are currently running about 22 running back runs per game through five games. Ken Walker is getting 16-17 runs per game. They inexplicably are in the bottom half of the league for running back usage.

That is not enough. The offense is out of synch and sputtering for a number of reasons – the offensive line pass protection has faltered, Geno Smith has been shaky and indecisive at key times and some of the playcalling has been overconfident – but we can all agree that this team should be more run-oriented. Many of those problems tend to be minimized when you can give the ball to your running back and gain 5-6 yards per rush.

Worried about Ken Walker getting hurt, with Zach Charbonnet already nursing a tender hamstring? Get Deejay Dallas the ball and let your offensive line open some holes. I could even see preseason sparkler SaRodorick Thompson getting some touches if things go well.

They have three tight ends who are capable in run blocking, offensive linemen who have scored well in that area and have invested second-round picks in runners in the last two drafts.

It is time to use them.

Bottle Up this Cardinal Offense – Particularly on the Edges

The Cardinals have featured one of the more run-heavier offenses in the league so far, running a 43/57 run/pass split of plays through last week. However, that number is slightly misleading because they deploy Rondale Moore as a sort of ‘line of scrimmage weapon.’ His average depth of reception is a miniscule 1.3 yards beyond the line. Call half of his catches “runs” and they are over 50% in their splits.

Their game on offense is to spread defenses horizontally and then attack the spots that develop. If you are covering all these gaps, you are less likely to get upfield and generate a tackle for loss. This gives Josh Dobbs time on his feet to diagnose the defense and choose whether to throw to Zach Ertz in a soft zone spot, find Hollywood Brown on a crossing pattern, or maybe take a shot downfield to Michael Wilson.

The offense is workable for them as Josh Dobbs is not a classic pocket passer, distributing dimes all over the field. His accuracy ratings are poor. He is a 62.8% completion passer, with an “on target” percentage of only 67.5% and a “bad throw percentage” of 18.3%. Those numbers are at the bottom of the league with players like Kenny Pickett, Ryan Tannehill and Derek Carr.

So, what is he good at? Making plays with his legs. He runs about 6-7 designed times a game and frequently picks up first downs with his 5.6 yards per rush average. The Cardinals use his runs as a set part of their offense to loosen up the defense and keep them guessing.

Watch him rip off a 43-yard run against the Cowboys.

It is fun to see Micah Parsons completely fooled and grabbing air. But safety Donovan Wilson (#6) gets drawn into the ruse and leaves the edge completely open for Dobbs to exploit.

He also has no qualms about exploiting the protections afforded quarterbacks in the running game, refusing to go down at the slightest contact.

If he spots a window, he is taking it.

He also is a scrambler, with a bit of early-career Russell Wilson to his game. When the play breaks down, he can hurt you in two ways: finding the man that has uncovered (which requires using his feet while keeping his eyes downfield) and using his speed when lanes open up. He has a league-best 14.5 yards per scramble. As in, a running play that is not designed initially as a run but has broken down and all bets are off.

This will require a great bit of balance on defense by the Seahawks. They will have to maintain their gaps and be strong on the garden-variety runs between the tackles. That’s you, Jarran Reed, Bobby Wagner and Jordyn Brooks.

They will also have to maintain their edges and not get too far upfield or out of position. Boye Mafe, Uchenna Nwosu, Derrick Hall, even Darrell Taylor will have critical roles in this game. Sensing and knowing when to stay home and when to rush the passer will be key.

In case anyone needs a refresher in how to set the edge against the Cardinals…

But the key positions might be Jamal Adams and Devon Witherspoon. They will likely be covering the short passing game and be roaming around the edges in the running game. Also watch for some disguised blitzing from these two. They are quick enough to disrupt Dobbs before he can set up. This game should be a feast for their specific talents and may open up some poorly thrown passes for Quandre Diggs to intercept.


  1. Rob Staton

    I fully expect a comfortable win.

    • Peter

      Yeah Seattle needs this win and frankly they need it to be easy.

      Oline projection barring something else:

      Cross, Lewis, Olu, Bradford, Other.

      Time to put some of the oline talk to bed. Only saw the starters in week one in a loss. Pretty hard to prove at this point that the week 1 line is demonstrably better than the one I listed. A healthy Lucas would be the big difference and I’m crossing fingers and toes he’s gets back and is good as new soon.

      Geno doesn’t need anything one way or the other. Saw sites talking about 300 plus yards and 3 tds. Would be cool. Nothing changes for me on how I see Geno at this point after this game. Currently I see a guy who needs every single thing to be perfect in front of him and if it is he’s pretty great. If things are off, he’s off.

    • Palatypus

      Rob said,

      I fully expect a comfortable win.

      Triple overtime it is.

  2. bv eburg

    Dang that play by Kam, what a hammer.

    • bmseattle

      Kam was one of a kind.
      Unfortunately, you aren’t going to have a long career, playing the way Kam did, blowing up offensive lineman who weigh 80 pounds more than him.
      It’s actually impressive that he made it through 9 seasons.

  3. Palatypus

    I see Cynthia Frelund has abandoned the pantsuits for skorts.

    Is she dating Gardner Minshew?

  4. Palatypus

    I have an important question I need to ask the blog.

    Signs all over town here in Pensacola have been advertising the SEC Soccer tournament. It begins on October 29, with 10 teams at the Ashton Brosnaham Soccer Complex, less than five miles from my house. It concludes on November 4, the day after my birthday, with the championship game. All games will be seen on the SEC Network.

    My question is: When I go streaking on the pitch, should I wear my Seahawks Draft Blog T-shirt AND my Top Gun hat, OR just the hat?

    • RomeoA57

      Just the Sonics hat that Rob has been wearing lately.

      • Palatypus

        The defending champions are the Gamecocks.

        Chicken mask?

  5. RomeoA57

    I would really like to see Geno throwing touchdowns and hitting some long passes downfield. Leaning on the ground game, like cha said, is smart, but if this team is going to wan a game in January, it is going to be through the air.

    The Seahawks have much more challenging opponents coming up and need to be able to put points up through pass dominant drives,

  6. Gaux Hawks

    please, no playing down to your opponent.

    and no “divisional opponent” excuses.

  7. LouCityHawk

    “They will also have to maintain their edges and not get too far upfield or out of position….Darrell Taylor will have [a] critical role in this game. Sensing and knowing when to stay home and when to rush the passer will be key.”

    We’re doomed….

  8. Rob Staton

    Josh Downs playing well?

    Who knew… 🤷‍♂️

    • Rob Staton

      And he’s a team captain as a rookie

      Again… who could’ve guessed eh

      • LouCityHawk

        Downs was my second choice to Zay…Downs has absolutely been clutch in that offense, looks like he has room to improve as well.

        JSN has yet to win me over.

  9. Blitzy the Clown

    On defense, I’ll be watching Mafe and Hall play smart and don’t get too upfield too quickly on Dobbs. Fortunately, the IDL has really shown lately. Reed, Edwards and Jones have been very active between the ends. I’ve given up hoping Wagner or Brooks can patrol the middle solo, though they’re admittedly pretty good in assists and combos.

    On offense I hope SaRodorick being elevated is for more than insurance. Based on what I saw from him preseason, I’d rather he take come carries over Dallas. And if DK is limited/out, here’s to hoping they can work JSN into the script. He was open at least twice last week that Geno didn’t see or try.

  10. cha

    Bonus watchpoint: Cards’ Marco Wilson is one of the worst Corners in the NFL and must be punished for that.

    PFF 44.8 (101st of 111)
    Targets 43 (7th most in the NFL)
    Comp Rating Allowed (74.4% – 3rd worst of the top 50 players in targets)
    Yards Allowed (474 – most in the NFL)
    TDs Allowed (3 – tied for 5th worst)
    QB Passer Rating Allowed (133.3 – worst of the top 50 players in targets)
    Air Yards Allowed (321 – most in the NFL)
    Interceptions – zero
    Missed Tackles – 4

    • STTBM

      So of course Carrol will ignore his side, run a lot, and throw more behind the line passes to JSN…then moan afterwards about “execution”.

  11. Rob Staton

    Lions are actually a paper tiger it seems

    • cha

      Came into today with the NFL’s best rushing defense, only allowing 64.7 yards per game.

      Ravens have 101 rushing yards in the first half.

    • Romeo A57

      And the Bills have looked very mediocre again this week. Who are the good teams?

      San Francisco has looked dominant in most of their games but stunk last week. Kansas City and Philadelphia are winning but haven’t looked that dominant. Baltimore looks great today, but looked poor against a very average Pittsburgh.

      • cha

        Miami has Philly tonight and KC in two weeks. We’ll see if they’re legit soon.

  12. Jo

    I got banned from .Net until 1/2324 for this but I don’t think many are giving the Cardinals their due and think it’s entirely possible we lose. I think we barely win but it’s entirely possible this is the beginning of the end and possibly a new era

  13. cha


    DK Metcalf
    Zach Charbonnet
    Phil Haynes
    Evan Brown
    Devin Bush
    Artie Burns
    Raiqwon O’Neal

    Seahawks could really use an infusion of good play from the rookie class today.

    • LouCityHawk

      So many pundits and commenters calling for benching, trading or cutting(?) of DK, guess we will all get to see the offense absent DK.

      Careful what you wish for….

      • 805Hawk

        Yep. I’m tired of his emotions costing yards, but the dude is a major part of the offense. The D has to respect his presence whether he’s getting the ball or not. He’s going to be missed.

    • Peter

      Dk out hurts. Everyone else?

      Slight concern with Charbonet and his hamstring moving forward.

  14. Jo

    Philly has Jamal Carrter I’d prefer to see if he’s legit.

  15. Charlie TheUnicorn2187

    The motorcity kitties…. wow.

    The faiders…. wow.

    A few teams look like they didn’t even get off the bus today.

  16. STTBM

    We all want Seattle to run the ball well. But I don’t think their biggest problem is simply not “committing” to the run. It’s more complicated than that. They have too many runs of negative yards, or one or two yards, and the reasons are several.

    One reason is a bad habit of running on first downs several times in a short period, then abandoning that tactic altogether. And in the Red Zone, it seems almost every first down is a run. Another is their telegraphing a run play: it looked to me like Cincy knew what was coming most of the time–and even a schlub like me can usually predict a run is coming. Are they giving tells? I think it’s highly likely. Yet another reason is they didnt use TEs to help out their RT in the run or the pass game, even on the last play of the game, despite that tactic repeatedly failing. It was reminiscent of Holmgren blowing the SB against Denver by refusing to go Max Protect.

    While Geno was hesitant to the point of hilarity, I believe he’s being over-coached to avoid turnovers. They are too careful and predictable, especially in the Red Zone. And a failing passing game only makes running the ball harder.

    I think we’re in for an ass-ugly game where Carrol runs on most first downs, tries endless passes behind the line of scrimmage, and in general plays scared and tries to “keep it close” and win on the last possession.

    I think the D will play the shitty Prevent Zone Carrol is obsessed with, and I think AZ wins on another defensive TD, 19-13.

  17. 805Hawk

    We might struggle mightily against that Browns D. They are so good.

    • LouCityHawk

      Myles Garrett is the clear DMVP of the year so far, and it really isn’t close.

  18. AlaskaHawk

    I’m rather enjoying the beat down the Patriots are giving to the Bills. Not a huge scoring game, but never the less the Patriots are playing hard.

    It seems like this time of year some of the teams with terrible records are improving, and some of the teams with good records are struggling.

    This has all the hallmarks of a trap game for the Seahawks, lots of starters are out. The Cardinals should fold, but what if they don’t? Will the Seahawks and Geno Smith grit it out? I believe they will, but don’t really trust the team and coaching as a whole this season.

  19. Mick

    Ouch no DK, hopefully we use JSN better. Maybe when Metcalf is healthy he will also keep his cool more.

    Still expect a win, hope not to get disappointed.

  20. Dustin

    Can we cut Myers already?

    • Peter

      Perfect! First game comment

      • AlaskaHawk

        The NFL has screwed kick offs up so much, they wouldn’t make it any worse if they added a sliding handicap scale for starting position. If your record is 0-5 you start on the 50 , 1-5 start on the 40, etc.

        • Peter

          Alaska this is too good.

        • Sea Mode

          I almost… like this??

  21. ShowMeYourHawk

    Trash tackling? That’s a paddlin’.

  22. Blitzy the Clown

    Nice start for Adams

  23. AlaskaHawk

    Belichick just got his 300th win. He is hall of fame for sure.
    90% of football fans still can’t spell his name right!

  24. Blitzy the Clown

    More Bobo!!!

  25. nfendall

    More Bobo!

  26. BrandoK

    More BOBO

  27. Romeo A57

    More Bobo!

  28. Blitzy the Clown

    I love the smell of More Bobo in the morning

    Smells like…victory!

  29. Blitzy the Clown

    Bradford out there planting DTs like cans of corn

    • Peter

      Glad he gets more and more game time.

  30. Mick

    Terrible from our RT, two snaps in a row.

  31. BrandoK

    Is it just me or does Geno throw terrible screen passes

  32. Seahawkwalt

    Quit throwing these passes where the receiver has to jump!!!! They have no chance..

    • Seahawkwalt

      Throws to the flat that is

    • Peter

      Pete loves the jump ball.

  33. Romeo A57

    3rd and long at midfield throw deep not to the line-of-scrimmage. An Interception is the same as a Punt. Way too conservative

  34. Sea Mode

    Parkinson would have been wide open on that sack…

  35. James

    Apparently, someone can’t count. How many times are they going to leave two linemen to block three dudes…

  36. Sea Mode

    Well, at least it allows us to get the best player on our team out on the field… (Dickson)

    • Blitzy the Clown

      I don’t mind. I enjoy watching our young defense play

      • Peter

        I’d like to see a bit more from the offense. AZ defense sucks.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          Apparently all you had to do was ask

          • Peter

            I’m enjoying it. There’s literally zero reason for AZ to ever be in this game.

  37. 805Hawk

    Geno has to recognize there is an end lined up really wide and adjust. The RT ain’t getting to that.

  38. Blitzy the Clown

    Pretty cool the defense delivered the ball right back to the offense in pretty much the same position they gave it up. As if the failed 3rd down conversion never happened.

    Granted it’s against an anemic offense, but still…

  39. BrandoK

    Did the commentators just say that Deejay Dallas is one of the best return man in the league WTF

    • Romeo A57

      The NFL has basically regulated kick and Punt returns out of the game so it is almost an irrelevant accomplishment.

      • Romeo A57

        Of course he fumbles after the announcers try to prop him up.

  40. JC3

    Stone Forsythe is not a NFL player.

  41. STTBM

    Can’t wait to see more behind the LOS passes to JSN….bound to work eventually if we try it enough…

  42. Blitzy the Clown

    K9 with the lethal lateral bounce

  43. Mick

    Walker is top 3 RB in NFL right now.

  44. BrandoK

    Keep giving the ball to K9

    • Peter

      Here’s to a monster game.

  45. Blitzy the Clown

    Hey! Hey!

    JSN welcome to the NFL!

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Nice adjustment by JSN to make the catch too

  46. nfendall

    Let’s go JSN!!

    • Romeo A57

      There is the JSN big play we have been waiting for for 6 games.

  47. Mick

    Witherspoon so happy that JSN scored, reminds me of his draft reaction.

  48. BrandoK

    JSN finally got a look beyond the line of scrimmage and its a TD

  49. AlaskaHawk

    YES! That will boost Geno Smith and JSNs confidence! Go Hawks.

    The Seahawks will do just fine with Bobo and JSN playing with Lockett.

  50. Peter

    Tyler lockett…..perfect. picking up the ball for JSN to keep. Best dude ever.

  51. Sea Mode

    Broken play and all, but JSN on the board!!

  52. Palatypus

    Who is #11?

    • Blitzy the Clown

      You with that # painted on your naked torso as you streak in front of a soccer tournament crowd

  53. CL

    Peacock hurt again, who got the bandage at the knee area?

    Just looked the second they switched cameras again

    • Palatypus

      I’ve got band-aids.

      Spongebob? Barbie? Hot Wheels?

      • CL

        Yeah nvm, still on the field😄

        But I think he’s a Spongebob kind of guy!

        • Blitzy the Clown

          That quad is probably sleeved in ice whenever he’s not on the field

  54. nfendall

    Derrick Hall just abused their right tackle.

  55. Blitzy the Clown

    JFC DeeJay

  56. BrandoK

    Dallas is trash

  57. BrandoK

    Can we bench dallas already

  58. AlaskaHawk

    It’s early to challenge, but maybe they will get the spot on the ball right.

  59. Palatypus

    Deejay Dallas needs to go beck to his job at the strip club.

  60. Sea Mode

    He turned and took two steps. Not sure how you challenge that… I guess we’ll see.

  61. Mick

    Pete with a right use of challenges… expect something surprising today.

    • nfendall

      I legitimately thought that was a bad challenge. I was wrong.

    • Romeo A57

      The most surprising moment today might be Pete winning that challenge.

    • Sea Mode

      I will never understand what a catch in the NFL is… 🤷‍♂️

      • Palatypus

        Someone was flagged today for flashing the peace sign.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Yep, and how long do you have to wait before tackling a receiver?

  62. Blitzy the Clown

    I am really liking our IOL Lewis-Oluwatimi-Bradford

  63. BrandoK

    Why do they keep using Dallas in weird plays

  64. Palatypus

    Offsides on the guard?

    • STTBM

      Must have been the Rg. LG helmet wasn’t on the ball…weird call…

  65. Blitzy the Clown

    Freakin love that play to JSN to convert the 3rd down

  66. BrandoK

    JSN too good

    • Sea Mode


  67. nfendall

    Bobo deserves the credit for that first down to JSN.

    • Seahawkwalt


  68. Sea Mode

    Bobo dominant blocking, as per usual

  69. Gaux Hawks

    I’ll take that 1st Quarter…
    G. Smith
    7-7, 83 YDS, 1 TD

    K. Walker III
    6 CAR, 48 YDS

    J. Smith-Njigba
    2 REC, 38 YDS, 1 TD

  70. STTBM

    Geno is not a good QB.

  71. BrandoK

    Geno with another terrible decision

  72. Palatypus

    BTW, we have Adrian Hill’s officiating crew today.

  73. 805Hawk

    So that would be one of those turnover worthy plays. Geno gets away with another one there.

  74. Sea Mode

    Another dropped INT for Geno. Wow.

  75. MattG

    His talent for avoiding turnovers on turnover-worthy plays continues to impress.

  76. STTBM

    Adams whiff alert…

  77. Mick

    Our D is so dominating today.

    • Peter

      Dink mode activated for AZ

  78. ShowMeYourHawk

    How about drawing up some pressures, Clint?

  79. nfendall

    Taylor with garbage contain on that Moore run.

  80. Blitzy the Clown

    Julian Love is the weakest link

    And Spoon with the INT!

    • BrandoK

      Diggs is too

  81. bmseattle

    Ah, a classice Taylor “im not going to set the edge” play.

  82. Palatypus

    Okay, Football Zebras was wrong. This is Scott Novak’s officiating crew.

  83. BrandoK

    How is that roughing the passer

    • nfendall

      Classic grazing the helmet roughing penalty.

  84. Sea Mode

    Does it make any difference if he hit the QB’s hand?

    • Palatypus

      He didn’t give him a manicure.

  85. Blitzy the Clown


    Hang your heads

  86. STTBM

    Seattle serves to lose this game. Sloppy, classic Carrol game…

  87. ShowMeYourHawk

    Great job, D. 🤦🏽‍♂️

  88. nfendall

    Awful tackle attempt by Woolen.

  89. Mick

    I’m sorry for Spoon but if they don’t have their LT anymore we win the play.

    • 805Hawk

      I hate to see that, though. He was swiping the Hawks play’s hand away and the ref was in the middle of it. He didn’t strike the official.

  90. AlaskaHawk

    Oh my, the Cardinals are going to miss Humphries. That’s a pretty major loss.

    Krikey – NOOOOO. LOL I guess they don’t miss him after all.

    What college did Dobbs come from??

  91. STTBM

    Seattle DESERVES to lose this one. Autocorrect fail…

  92. BrandoK

    Wow these safeties are so trash especially Diggs

    • Hawkster

      Pretty embarrassing

  93. Romeo A57

    On that Dobbs TD, looks like the pathetic talking we remember from last year.

  94. Mick

    It starts with Taylor, then Brooks, then Woolen, then Diggs. Can’t anyone tackle in this team?

    • MattG

      Bobby can. He can’t run, however.

  95. Seahawkwalt

    2nd time he has lost contain. First was on the end around by Brown. 2nd was on Dobbs TD run

    • Seahawkwalt

      Darrel Taylor

  96. Tecmo Bowl

    Darrell Taylor needs to find a spot on the bench, and stay there.

    • Seahawkwalt


  97. GlastoHawkUK

    Can we bench this Riq Woolen and bring back Tariq Woolen

    • BrandoK

      Yes please

    • Palatypus

      Theon Greyjoy Woolen is lacking…something.

  98. Palatypus

    Mick said,

    It starts with Taylor, then Brooks, then Woolen, then Diggs. Can’t anyone tackle in this team?

    I believe Michael Dickson can tackle.

  99. AlaskaHawk

    Woolen didn’t even try to wrap up. Dobbs just bounced off him.

  100. ShowMeYourHawk

    JSN’s usage and success rate here won’t do much to silence the “trade DK” crowd, even though they’re ridiculous.

    • BrandoK

      The reason for the trade DK crowd is because of his temper tantrums on the field that results on the negative plays for seattle

      • AlaskaHawk

        Not to mention he will want prima donna money with his next contract.

  101. 805Hawk

    Geno getting a ton of time

    • Palatypus

      The DE fell down in front of Cross on one play.

  102. Sea Mode

    Lockett = too easy

    • Mick

      Wonderful player.

  103. BrandoK

    Does anyone know who the 3rd string RB is today?

  104. Blitzy the Clown

    That’s a TD

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Hell of an effort even if they don’t give it to him

    • Palatypus

      But I don’t think that is conclusive enough to win the challenge.

  105. ShowMeYourHawk

    Don’t challenge! You’re giving the D a breather, Pete. He’s out of bounds!

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Wow. Okay. No complaints. Carry on.

  106. Romeo A57

    More Bobo! That was close

  107. bmseattle

    it kinda looked like the toe taps down in bounds for an instant, before the rest of the foot rolls out of bounds.

    • downtownjewelrybryan

      thats what im seeing

    • nfendall

      That’s what it looked to me too. Worthy of a challenge.

  108. Sea Mode

    Heck of a grab either way. Incredible concentration.

  109. AlaskaHawk

    I have to say that Geno Smith is a really good quarterback.

    A good QB as long as he isn’t pressured. har har

  110. Mick

    Bobo’s got Baldwin gene, whether they give him this TD or not.

  111. KennyBadger

    Bobo for president.

  112. LouCityHawk

    But someone give me 50,000 more words, and 20 more hours of podcasts about how DK’s penalties are really becoming a problem.

    Talk about worrying over a small problem when a worthy one is staring you right in the face.

  113. BrandoK

    BoBo is a playmaker More BoBo

  114. Hawks4life

    DK could never make that catch!

    • Mick

      Let’s not lose our heads here, DK’s made a lot of very important catches for us already.

  115. Blitzy the Clown


  116. AlaskaHawk

    Bobo is living the rookie dream! JSN too!

  117. Palatypus

    Did Pete just win two challenges in the same game? In a row?

    • Romeo A57

      And I thought there was no way he was going to win either.

  118. GoHawks5151

    Pete 2 for 2 on challenges. Haha

  119. Hawkster

    Wow. Pete wins a red-flag. I’m buying a lottery ticket today.

  120. Hawkster

    Was a big Puka fan in the draft, but gotta like Bobo.

  121. ShowMeYourHawk

    Mafe with the whiff.

    • GoHawks5151

      Why would you jump? Dumb

    • Palatypus

      It took Jamal Adams a year to teach him that.

    • Mick

      Happens, he did everything right until he reached the QB though, and he’s still learning.

  122. STTBM

    Wags letting up before the play is over, letting someone else do his work…

    Sad. Just sad.

  123. BrandoK

    Mafe’s been good but just has to tackle the QB

  124. SEAhemoth82

    Hurtt needs to use the stunt blitz more. Mafe is so good at getting to the QB and creating pressure when he’s assigned to blitz on the stunt.

    When Harbaugh coached the Niners, they blitzed with the stunt a lot, and it was really effective.

  125. Palatypus

    Rules question.

    Do we get a third challenge since we won both?

    Never been here before.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      We do for the 2nd half

  126. BrandoK

    After Riq Woolen changed his name hes not played well

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      So…. you’re saying he “riq”s?

      • Romeo A57

        That is not nice. He is saying that he Peacocks.

  127. ShowMeYourHawk

    That’s more like it, Mafe. Well played.

  128. nfendall

    Mafe made an oops on that jump, but he is getting pressure all day.

  129. BrandoK

    Great finish by Mafe

  130. Blitzy the Clown

    Mafe’s finally finishing his plays off. He’s turning into something good

    • Peter

      Now less taylor and more Hall.

  131. nfendall

    My god Taylor. Just gave them a FG attempt

  132. Mick

    Mafe is so way ahead Taylor, unfortunately.

  133. nfendall

    or not

    • bmseattle

      i didn’t see the false start, even on replay

  134. Sea Mode

    If Mafe can put it all together, watch out! Great move there.

  135. Mick

    I think we’re gonna win this, but we have these moments when we’re completely out of game and they could prove really dangerous.

  136. Blitzy the Clown

    So far Mafe, Spoon showing well on defense

    JSN, K9, IOL showing well on offense

    • nfendall

      Geno has played well in the first half too, minus the one poor throw.

  137. ShowMeYourHawk

    Doesn’t look like anyone is really tanking it right now. If the Bears only get Carolina’s #1 overall and don’t pick again until #4 or #5 with their native pick, do they just draft Harrison at #1 or trade out of the pick?

  138. Palatypus

    Watching Red Zone.

    The Rams are probably going to win against the Stealers, but Stafford is taking a beating.

  139. Palatypus

    Puca Nacua just did a Jake Bobo and Mike Tomlin is going to lose a challenge.

  140. Palatypus

    Puca Nacua has 126 or the 191 yards Stafford has thrown for.

  141. Blitzy the Clown

    Thoroughly satisfied with Oluwatimi at C. He’s had a clean game so far.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Also, I’d say Forsythe > Curhan

      • Scot04

        Totally agree

    • BrandoK

      He would’ve started from the beginning if he didn’t get hurt

  142. ShowMeYourHawk

    I don’t know how Fant came up with that but that’s another INT-worthy pass from Geno.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      The INT Committee wrote Geno

      But he ain’t write back

      Now he’s channeling Randall Cunningham

  143. BrandoK

    Great play by Fant but throwing into triple coverage again is terrible decision by Geno

    • Palatypus

      It seems to be confusing them.

  144. BrandoK

    Geno just wasting time outs early in the 2nd half for no reason

  145. Peter

    Wyman and I in agreement….cool play but let’s never do it again.

  146. Troy

    Geno without pressure is all pro. Geno with pressure is sad.

    If our oline can get healthy and get our shit together he might be good enough to go all the way

    • SEAhemoth82

      I would also add that Geno plays well with a lead, but not so much when playing from behind. He tries too hard, and then makes costly mistakes.

      • Peter

        Love for Lucas to get back but I don’t think these four minus the RT are doing that bad considering they have never played together.

      • Troy

        Good point, he presses, as seen by that InT. A smart QB throws that away and takes the 3 points, geno pushes it and gets the INT. Sigh

  147. ShowMeYourHawk

    Jeezus. How about a designed play action run? A pitch to the TE in motion? My God, what is it about this offense in the red zone?

    • STTBM

      Pete Carrols meddling. With an assist from Tater Smith.

  148. Peter

    Any redgoal specialists we can hire?

  149. Mick

    Go for it there, if you miss you might get a safety…

  150. Romeo A57

    Disappointed that Walker had 2 chances and couldn’t punch it into the endzone.

  151. downtownjewelrybryan

    looks like geno broke the plane

  152. Mick

    Taylor redeeming himself a bit with helping Brooks there.

  153. AlaskaHawk

    I take it back, Dallas can return punts.

  154. Blitzy the Clown

    Wow that run by K9!

  155. nfendall

    That’s the decisiveness we need from K9. Less dancing.

  156. Mick

    He crashed the poor Cardinal there.

  157. Blitzy the Clown


  158. ShowMeYourHawk

    For Christ’s sake, Geno.

    • Gary

      True colors.

  159. BrandoK

    Wow what was he thinking throw it there

  160. nfendall

    Geno seems befuddled in the red zone. Locks on to one target way too much.

  161. BrandoK

    Geno’s just looking to throw more Int

  162. Pran

    Can we get Lock in pls..

  163. Romeo A57

    Geno was playing with fire on some questionable throws and finally got burnt. Throw that away and go up by 10 😞

  164. AlaskaHawk

    Troy got it right: Geno without pressure is all pro. Geno with pressure is sad.

    • Peter

      Bengals, ravens, niners twice, eagles…..teams that can bring it.

  165. 805Hawk

    They aren’t going to drop all of them, Geno.

  166. Mick

    I doubt Pete will tolerate too many of these, we might see Drew Lock this season.

    • KnoxHawk

      Lock isn’t exactly known for taking care of the football either…

    • bmseattle

      it will take losing games to instigate change…and even then, it’d have to be a combo of several losses, combined with multiple Geno errors.

  167. STTBM

    Don’t know which is worse: Geno under any pressure, Pete meddling in and utterly ruining our Red Zone offense, or Shane Waldrons hilarious inability to scheme anything in the Red Zone.

    Seattle trying desperately to throw this game.

  168. Peter

    Folks unable to talk about Geno….I love you, but you are not serious people.

    • bmseattle

      tune in later for Hawkblogger’s explanation of how it’s not Geno’s fault.

      • Peter

        Literally said “he’s got a chance to be our most important qb of all time….”

        I get it. Four probable starters for the oline is not enough. Need 6 or 7 of them in the field at one time.

  169. nfendall

    Legion of SPOON!

  170. BrandoK

    What a hit by Witherspoon

    • Mick

      I love this kid, who cares about Carter

  171. AlaskaHawk

    Seahawks defense is fired up!

  172. Peter

    Chenna with a pec injury. Say it’s not so.

  173. Palatypus

    Rob has already got a video up of that hit.

    • Peter

      Has that “kam chancellor changes your career,” energy.

    • Troy

      Denver, thank you thank you thank you for the absolute gift of Witherspoon

  174. KnoxHawk

    Man who the heck saw Brooks coming to life like this? It is a contract year, but coming off the ACL with record recovery time and he looks FAST, for once

    • Peter

      Brooks I’m pretty stoked on.

    • SEAhemoth82

      I think having Wagner back has helped Brooks immensely, in regards to shouldering the responsibility of running the defense. It’s possible that Brooks wasn’t ready to assume Wagner’s leadership role after he left, which is why we saw his struggle a little last year before he was injured.

  175. SEAhemoth82

    Can the Seahawks make Witherspoon a Captain already?

    • BrandoK

      Next year for sure when Diggs is gone

      • Peter

        I think we’re stuck with him until 2025.

  176. Hawkster

    mafe was being mugged

  177. Mick

    Great that we answered that interception with forcing a punt, we gotta put some points on the board now.

  178. ShowMeYourHawk

    Geno stans, where you at?

  179. BrandoK

    Geno with another turnover WOW

    • seaspunj

      Seahawks dont make it easy on themselves

  180. BrandoK

    Bench Geno

    • seaspunj

      Geno can keep saying he needs to get better and it’s on him. the reality is he isnt good enough and Seahawk fans are gonna feel the pain down the stretch run for a playoff spot. i can see them missing the playoffs the way they are playing

  181. Pran

    Jets Geno is back.. lets move on

  182. Dustin

    Just Geno geno’in

  183. AlaskaHawk

    Foresythe almost sat on him! lol I wonder if it hurts more when he sits on your throwing arm or your head and shoulders?

    • Peter

      Knees and toes, knees and toes.

  184. Peter

    Pumpkin spiced qb

  185. BrandoK

    So Pete still trusts Geno to not turn the ball over

  186. SEAhemoth82

    Can the Seahawks please demote Quandre Diggs in regards to being a Captain?

    All business decisions on the field.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Pete should let them fight it out during practice. Who wants it???

      • SEAhemoth82

        Dude Diggs doesn’t want any part of being a physical player. He’s a Captain by name only, period.

  187. cha

    Dave Wyman just said” Jamal Adams is so fast that sometimes he misses tackles.“

    • bmseattle

      I didn’t realize that Wyman has such a dry sense of humor.

      • Peter

        If you treat almost all of it like sarcasm it’s pretty funny.

    • BrandoK


    • Palatypus

      He’s as fast as Kevin Spacey in K-Pax.

      • SEAhemoth82

        Are you guys sure Ron Burgundy isn’t filling in for Dave Wyman today?

  188. Mick

    No way we don’t give Brooks a new contract if he plays like this.

  189. ShowMeYourHawk

    Wow. Prater bailed Geno out.

  190. Palatypus

    This is just the sort of painful-to-watch game I always expect when we play the Cardinals.

    They are to the Seahawks what Arizona State is to the Huskies.

  191. Peter

    Thankfully the cardinals “want,” it less than us.

  192. STTBM

    They’ve yet to throw for 100 yards, yet we are up only 7. Our run D is a joke. Seattle is an absolute mess, top to bottom.

    Adams can’t tackle. Darrell Taylor tackles like Deion Sanders: alligator arm tackles.

    Coaching is pathetic.

    This team NEEDS to lose this game.

  193. Palatypus

    Here ya’ go.

  194. ShowMeYourHawk

    My word, I just remembered that the Browns D comes to town next week. Geno may be out of the game by halftime, be it injury from pressures or just turnovers.

    • Mick

      Maybe we should consider protecting him.

      • ShowMeYourHawk

        From himself?

  195. BrandoK

    Geno’s still in the game WTF

  196. GeorgiaSeahawks

    Feels like if we weren’t playing about the worst team in the NFL, we’d be losing. And still it’s close in the 4th qtr. and we could lose at home.

    • Peter


  197. BrandoK

    Geno’s so trash

  198. Mick

    God damn throw it somewhere Geno

  199. KnoxHawk

    That looked like it could’ve been a catch, but we were out of challenges right?

  200. BrandoK

    What happened to JSN in the 2nd half?

    • Peter

      Well….genos not that good. So that’s one thing.

  201. Peter

    Looking forward to Chas watchpoints against actual teams coming up.

  202. downtownjewelrybryan

    tyler caught that

  203. SEAhemoth82

    Not trying to beat a dead horse here, especially with Rob’s article on Geno last week after the Bengals loss, but the book is out on Geno. All opposing teams have tape on Geno, we know that, and are starting to attack him schematically and psychologically. Geno is showing that he can’t mentally handle the load of leading a team. He’s exposing himself by making terrible mistakes when pressured. He’s even worse when playing from behind.
    He’s reached his ceiling and arc of potential already. It seems like he just can’t adapt each game, and it’s showing.

  204. Peter

    Witherspoon….good lord….

    • Trevor

      The most instinctive rookie I have seen in a while.

      • Peter

        An awesome game getting snuffed put by his own players. So fun to watch.

  205. nfendall

    That illegal contact penalty was garbage.

    • bmseattle

      he should have and interception *and* a sack today

  206. Palatypus

    Pissburgh with the go-ahead TD against the Rams.

    No matter who wins it will leave a bad taste in my mouth.

  207. Peter

    Petition to change riq back to tariq?

    • Palatypus

      I would settle for Tar.

    • HOUSE

      I SECOND the motion… Shortening his name has hurt his game. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  208. Mick

    Wagner and Brooks played really good today.

  209. ShowMeYourHawk

    Okay…. maybe AZ is tanking. What was that?

  210. Palatypus

    Josh Dobbs Hi-Lo’ed Jamal Adams there. Lucky the pass was dropped.

  211. nfendall

    What in the world was that fake?

  212. MattG

    Spoon is the Jamal Adams we always wanted.

  213. 805Hawk

    Glad AZ is doing everything they can to lose or we would be in trouble.

  214. AlaskaHawk

    Despite all our bitching about Geno Smith, he has a pretty good QBR rating in this game. Maybe we are just too critical??

    • BrandoK

      The eye test says otherwise

    • Peter

      7tds to 4 ints as of typing this. On the season.

      Az has a nothing defense.

    • BK26

      Good thing that directly relates to his play on the field….

  215. Mick

    I want a long slow drive, barely making it, lucky penalties for us, ending with a field goal.

    • Peter

      Weird. Would be nice but feels like a let down considering I thought we’d roll yhem.

  216. SEAhemoth82

    7 point lead against a 1-5 team.

  217. Scot04

    A Shame, Witherspoon has been robbed of an Int & Sack by his teammates penalties.

    • Peter

      Road to DROY paved with bad intentions.

  218. Palatypus

    What is wrong with this picture.

    Puca Nacua 8 rec 154 yards
    Cooper Kupp 2 rec 29 yards

    • Troy

      Have to imagine Kupp is no where close to 100%

  219. Pran

    Woolen regressed this season.

    Offense is broken officially..should be lucky to win 8 games

  220. Palatypus

    Bad news/good news.

    Bad. Witherspoon with a pass interference penalty.
    Good. It’s the Witherspoon who plays for the Rams.

  221. Peter

    Wyman carrying water. Rookie center is the problem…

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Looking forward to the PFF cards

      • Peter

        Hope witherspoon isn’t knocked too hard because he should have had a classic today

    • bmseattle

      Yes… as long as everyone is healthy and everything is perfect, Geno is good.

  222. Palatypus

    Green Bay just did the most Broncos thing to the Broncos.

  223. Mick

    This game made me lose any bit faith in Geno I had left.

    • BrandoK

      He gets worse week by week

  224. Peter

    Pro: a win is win.

    That’s it.

  225. Palatypus

    I apologize for predicting a triple-overtime game at the beginning of this thread.

  226. GeorgiaSeahawks

    Since Pete’s going to always go with “his guy” Geno unless he’s injured and can’t play, I can see us only winning 2-3 more games this year. Probably lose to the Browns at home next, then the Ravens away, might win vs. Wash. at home, then losing streak to Rams, 49ers, Cowboys, 49ers, Eagles, Titans and Steelers.

    They might win last game away at the Cardinals with Murray back at QB by then. Could be 1 more win somewhere in there to make it 3 after this, so 7-10.

  227. Mick

    No cheering involved, but luckily Pittsburgh is giving us a good hand too.

  228. nfendall

    Taylor did something positive!

  229. Blitzy the Clown

    Nice sack by Taylor

    • bmseattle

      when he can worry about nothing but rushing the passer, he is disruptive

  230. BrandoK

    Great play by Taylor

  231. BrandoK

    Reed plays best in Seattle

    • Peter

      Should have paid him back when.

  232. Mick

    The D won this game for us

  233. Peter

    Bobo giving love to the defense. Held it down. Great dude.

  234. Troy

    D was great but the Arizona offense is atrocious. Geno looked great at times and also looked terrible at times. Happy they got the win, and I’m really hoping Lucas gets healthy soon.

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