Scouting notes: Michael Penix Jr, Tyler Van Dyke & Drake Maye

This has been a slightly elongated week for me in terms of watching tape. The guy who usually produces it got married over the weekend, so today was the first day he published material. I was able to watch Notre Dame vs USC on British TV on Saturday.

I have more to watch in the coming days as more tape is available. For now, here are thoughts on Michael Penix Jr, Drake Maye and Tyler Van Dyke.

Michael Penix Jr vs Oregon

Firstly, Rome Odunze is a first round lock. From the field IQ to the speed, body control, ball-tracking and exceptional character — teams are going to love Odunze and see him as a reliable pro-receiver who will be consistent at the next level. Although this is a quarterback review, I wanted to get that in first.

As I’ve said a few times, Penix probably throws the prettiest passes we’ve seen since Patrick Mahomes at Texas Tech. His arm talent is exceptional. The first two scores in this game are great examples of this.

The first is a throw from his own 35-yard-line off a pump-fake and he makes it look easy. It’s virtually a hand-off into the end zone because he has the arm to put it on a plate for the receiver, combining velocity with touch. Elite-level arm talent enables you to make throws like this look simple.

The second is a throw from the left hash to essentially the right pylon (near enough) from his own 35-yard-line again. This is a long throw but he could not place it any better. The arm strength means the ball gets there directly and the talent means the placement and loft is spot on. You can’t defend this. The throw and the route by Ja’Lynn Polk are just too good:

The throw I liked the most in this game, however, came with 10:44 remaining. Penix is hit as he throws and still manages to make a 3rd and 8 conversion with a 22-yard dime. Because he’s pressured so infrequently, to see this kind of pass under the most intense pressure was vital for projection and shows he can still be a playmaker with defenders hitting him. He’s off-balance, he knows the hit is coming and he still gets the job done.

He can throw from different angles. Sometimes he trusts his arm too much and can get a little bit lazy with his technique but it’s not a huge issue. There have been a lot of downfield overthrows though. At UW it feels like they just take shots knowing they’ll get the snaps to keep taking chances with his arm. In the NFL, you get fewer shots to make these completions so he’ll need to be more precise at the next level and make the most of the limited downfield opportunities. He’ll need to add a short-game to his driver too and blend both together, if that makes sense.

The interception he had in the game felt like an unfortunate issue due to a stumble by Odunze during his route. I didn’t pin any blame on the QB there.

There’s no doubt he has exciting tools. The counter, as we’ve touched on a lot and will continue to do so through until April, is the scheme, situation and injury history.

With the injuries, all teams will check this out obviously. It’s just part of his college career and prior issues will need to be cleared.

Schematically what he’s doing is completely foreign to the NFL. A lot of QB’s are in the same boat, including C.J. Stroud (who is thriving in Houston). So it doesn’t have to be a huge issue but it’s worth acknowledging.

Penix doesn’t make full reads. He is required to look-off defenders and then come back to the intended target. Half-field reads and throwing to well-schemed open receivers is the order of the day — not throwing into tight, complex windows. There’s a ton of pitch-and-catch that is practically worthless from a pro-evaluation sense because he will not get to do that in the NFL. He’s also worked in this scheme for years, mastering it. He’ll need to start from scratch at the next level. For this reason, there’s a high degree of projection required.

Further to this, he has an excellent left tackle, is barely ever pressured and he’s throwing to NFL receivers against overmatched opponents.

Some teams will be enamoured by the arm talent. His arm is well worth taking a chance on. Jim Nagy mentioned this week on a podcast that Al Davies would’ve taken Penix Jr very early because of the arm. Maybe ‘son of Al’ will do so too for the Raiders? They need a QB. Either way, he will have suitors prepared to draft him early while others will be more sceptical. Personally, I see both sides. Yet Penix Jr’s arm is to die for and I wouldn’t bet against him for that reason.

Penix is the #1 ranked QB per PFF with a 93.4 grade.

Tyler Van Dyke vs North Carolina

TVD’s stock has been a bit of a rollercoaster. From showing great promise two seasons ago, to collapsing last season as Mario Cristobal’s wretched offense infected Miami. Now, things have levelled off and I think we’ve come to learn where his stock rests as a consequence.

Van Dyke is big, strong and makes some really nice throws. He also isn’t that creative and while he can execute within structure to a high level at times, there isn’t any special creativity or improv — which feels increasingly necessary to be a first round pick.

He did have a beautiful throw on a wheel route up the left sideline for a touchdown. He was hammered at the 45-yard-line by a defender but still delivered a perfectly weighted throw with pinpoint accuracy 35/40-yards downfield, allowing the receiver to catch it in stride and score. It’s a really nice play:

The other side was on show too in this game. Van Dyke threw an ugly interception in the third quarter, dropping back to his own five-yard-line while not noticing the sitting defender under-cutting the route. The linebacker read the play easily and the quarterback never saw him lurking even though it looked fairly obvious on tape. He locked on to his target and didn’t move off him. It’s a bad, basic error and cost his team seven points.

He had an excellent fourth and 10 throw — a pro-throw — for a touchdown in the fourth quarter. We see a good throwing base, he reads the route well, he places the football exactly where it needs to go right down the line and it was into tight coverage. This is another excellent example of what he can do.

Van Dyke had another late touchdown with 2:22 remaining where he set perfectly, saw the 1v1 outside and lofted a beautifully timed pass downfield from his own 45-yard-line. The ball flew about 35-40 yards downfield for a receiver to catch in stride for a touchdown.

He wasn’t elusive when UNC brought pressure and he can be leaden-footed when contained in the pocket. He’s not a slouch as an athlete. He can do a bootleg perfectly well and when he has to get on the move to extend plays, he can. Yet the NFL is increasingly looking for a young QB who can either scramble around to create or can be adept with their footwork to extend within the pocket. That isn’t TVD.

I think he’s a classic day two quarterback pick. He’s big, strong and has a decent arm. He’s not a bad athlete for his size but not particularly creative or elusive either. He lacks the magical qualities to go higher but there’s a little glitz to some of his throws. Someone will take a shot, I think, in round two or three with the hope that he can become a reasonable starter, while probably knowing he’s unlikely to be elite.

He is PFF’s fifth ranked QB with an impressive 91.5 grade.

Drake Maye vs Miami

I feel like the only person who ever says anything non-gushing about Maye. Twitter was awash all weekend with nonsense about him going before Caleb Williams. That would be nuts. Williams had a carless performance against Notre Dame and it might act as a useful kick up the backside, given reports today that he might seek an ownership percentage in his first contract (come on). However, he is clearly also so unbelievably talented and the rightful #1 pick next year.

Maye is an intriguing player too but this idea that he’s a top-five lock is hard to fathom.

He should’ve thrown an interception on his first possession. Maye felt pressure on his own 20-yard-line and tried to escape but couldn’t. Thus, he just lobbed the ball up for grabs and two defenders got in each others’ way — with a linebacker tipping it away from the grateful hands of a DB, who was about to make the pick. It’s a huge error by the quarterback and we do see moments like this. Maye pushes his luck and sometimes gets away with it but sometimes doesn’t. The NFL won’t be so forgiving.

This play the week prior was a good example. It ended up being a touchdown but could’ve easily been a horrible interception on a lousy throw behind the receiver, who bails Maye out:

Back to the Miami game and he bounced back on the next drive, scrambling to his left and throwing across his body while delivering a perfect throw to an open receiver down the left sideline. These are the two contrasts with Maye. The creativity and improv to make big things happen but also the risk-taking and frustrating, avoidable mistakes that are also a part of his game.

He scrambles well for his size and can be a plus runner. When he plays within structure he’s very good at letting things develop and executing. He has the arm to fit the ball into tight windows across the middle. There are no physical limitations here. However, sometimes the head and the body aren’t necessarily co-operating.

He threw wildly with 1:15 left in the first half and completely missed the receiver, almost throwing it straight to a defender. There were some inaccurate throws and some avoidable sacks too.

A deep-shot touchdown to Tez Walker was badly played by the last defender who jumped too early and once he didn’t tip the (slightly under-thrown) pass, it was a simple TD. On Walker’s next score, it was awful coverage leaving him wide open across the middle, then a missed tackle enabled him to find the end zone with YAC.

Maye clearly has appealing tools — size, arm and mobility. He’s a very solid prospect who will find a home in round one. I still think some of the hype is over the top. He’s a good, fascinating player who deserves to be praised as a prospect. The idea he could go before Caleb Williams, though, simply isn’t true.

For what it’s worth, Maye is the 16th ranked QB per PFF with an 85.6 grade.

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  1. cha

    He’ll need to add a short-game to his driver too and blend both together, if that makes sense.

    Drive for show. Put for dough.

  2. Peter

    Man Riley has a type. Reports of ownership share. Bruh. Get a grip. Why don’t you go out there and shatter all the records and get a ring before you start with all that.

    • LouCityHawk

      My guess is this is Caleb trying to pick his landing spot, what other things can he say to deter a team like the Bears, or the Cards from drafting him.

      Williams would much rather try to leverage a team to a franchise of his choosing, so everything you can throw out to make that happen…then you end up on the Jets or the Patriots or whatever and just sign.

      • Peter

        Good for him. Hope it works. Hope he’s great at the pros cause he’s done not much in college. The accounting looks good but USC is basically done for the playoff mix.

  3. cha

    My greatest hope would be the Huskies in the playoffs and Penix has a CJ Stroud in the playoffs type game.

    • LouCityHawk

      Doesn’t get out of the top 5 if he does that.

      • Big Mike


    • Peter

      Not a deep seahawks run? Some fan.

      Not sure if penix will get the playoff chance. Still some tough games to go.

      Would be cool if it happened.

  4. LouCityHawk

    Enjoyed the write up as always. Curious to see the order that Rome, Ebuka, Legette, Keon Coleman and a couple others go in (following Harrison).

    I have to keep putting cold water on Penix, one of his greatest intangibles is his leadership and character. He is the sort of guy who has instant charisma in a room. I do wonder if some team will fall in love with him.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who is a bit cooler on Maye. TVD does intrigue me…could be an interesting value as Cristobal has ruined his development, leaves me wondering if he might be a real sleeper.

    With the Bears as the presumptive 1st pick, maybe picks 1&2, I’m curious if they will move on from Fields.

    • Rob Staton

      Odunze will be WR2… book it

  5. Kdawg

    Do you ever factor in interviews into your assessments? Only reason I ask is because in some of his sit downs the things Penix says about in terms of what he’s reading and interpreting about the defense seems to reflect that he is processing quite a bit pre snap and during the play. Now, that doesn’t mean he always needs to get through the entire progression, nor does it mean he can do it at a nfl level, but it seems that part of his game at least has a decent foundation in place.

    • Rob Staton

      I study interviews, yes, for hints at personality and character. And I’m sure he does talk about those things. But we can all see what the scheme requires. You only have to watch the games. And a half-field read or an instruction can always be determined by: ‘if the defense gives this look, do this, if they give this look, do that’. It’s still the same issue.

      Nobody can argue that the UW offense isn’t extreme-spread, no pressure, lot of very basic reads etc.

  6. Thomas

    Thanks Rob.

    Again, I know it’s hard to navigate the overlapping fanbases between UW and the Seahawks. Stick to your guns! I’m a Husky fan and it sounds like Penix is a high 3rd (pending medical clearance). Fine by me.

    I don’t think the Seahawks would be a good fit for Penix anyway. He should go to a team that has a good but aging QB he could sit under for a year. Perhaps the Rams would work for him.

    You’ve sold me on Rattler. I also no longer believe he’ll be there for us. It sounds like he’ll find his way to the top 5.

    At this point I don’t want Ewers.

  7. Rob Staton

    Hate this combo

    • cha

      You couldn’t be more wrong on your wrongingest day of wronging.

      This combo rocks.

      • Rob Staton

        You misspelt ‘sucks’

        • cha

          It’s the white on greys that are awful.

          They just come out of the tunnel looking bad.

          I think that Buffalo “we thought they would run more and we played Dunbar on one leg despite having 4 DBs on the bench but it was RW’s fault we lost that game and Danny O’Niell actually apologized to Pete Carroll for the loss on air” game was the last time they wore them.

          • Rob Staton

            I like white on grey 😂

            • cha

              OMG what is wrong with you?

            • Sultan

              White on grey with white shoes>>>>

              • Sea Mode

                Maybe the whole team should jog out of the tunnel in Air Monarchs at PC’s last home game…😂

          • Big Mike

            It’s the white on greys that are awful.


            I know how to get the 2 of you to agree on unis with one word: throwbacks

            • Peter

              Heck yeah to throwbacks.

        • Joe

          Rob you finally did it: analysis I completely disagree with…. That combination is FIRE

          Maybe it was inevitable but well done, chap!

    • Peter

      I’ll take that over putrid neon green everyday.

      • geoff u

        Neon green should be the default uniform

        • Thomas Wells

          You should be in jail for that take 😂

          • geoff u

            We either find a franchise QB or we get the green again! There will be no other color until then

            • Peter

              Goodbye horses by q Lazarus plays quietly in the background.

        • Peter

          Home and away. It has a certain utility to it.

        • RomeoA57

          100% that Neon Green should be the default uniform

      • Big Mike

        Likewise Peter. Freakin’ puke green

        • Palatypus

          FWIW, that color of neon “tennis ball” green is right in the middle of a dog’s visual spectrum. I put on my cycling gear when I’m going to take Daisey to the park. That’s how she knows.

        • Peter

          All I know about that uniform is it was unveiled in late 2016.

          That following draft was the worst in team history and began the official end of that era.

          Coincidence? I’ll let the reader decide.

      • LouCityHawk

        Nothing better than walking into an enemy stadium in my Action Green Beast Mode jersey.

    • PJ in Seattle

      You misspelled ‘Love’. cha is right. This combo is great, IMO.

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      I love most of you takes, but not this one. Blue and gray is a fantastic combo.

  8. Saul G

    Todd McShay has returned to the airways finally, he joins Ryne Russilo’s podcast on Mondays and they talked about QBs.

    He had some interesting things to say about TVD. Basically said he does not see the field well, locks on to his main target and he has not adjusted to teams taking away option one. He did add the whole Cristobal element too. A lot of college QBs fall into this category, but it was interesting to see him specifically mention TVD for this.

    • Palatypus

      What is Suzy Kolber doing? Streetwalking?

  9. ShowMeYourHawk

    I’m really struggling to cope with the fact that the NFL is going to subject its viewers to a Bears-Chargers matchup for Week 8 SNF when they could have easily flexed in the Hawks-Browns. I get the markets are larger but… really?

    • Rob Staton


    • Peter

      Chargers audience is probably less than the whole of cleveland.

      • ShowMeYourHawk

        No, they’ve got that one TOTALLY LEGIT lady from the Monday night game that went viral, remember? They’re some kind of Superfans.

    • Big Mike

      And the Hawks are wearing throwbacks vs. Cleveland. How good would those babies look under the lights on Sunday night?

      (answer: badass good)

  10. Hunter

    First off I’m all in on Spencer Rattler, feel like he’s literally the perfect QB for Seattle later in the first, along with his physical traits would be the perfect sit for a year QB
    Do you factor situational plays at all in grading QB’s? Like would you count the late TD from Penix or late interception from rattler harsher than something that happened earlier in the game?

    • Rob Staton

      Penix Jr leading a great final drive is a big positive for him and has to be considered in terms of what he achieved in college. The Rattler pick, no. It was a desperate situation and it was a ‘hit and hope’ type moment with seconds left.

  11. Big Mike

    Despite your obvious lack of taste in uniforms, I’d like to thank you for this article Rob. Some fine afternoon reading. Your work is always appreciated.

  12. Rob Staton

    From a PFF article today:

    “..if we remove the Giants game where Seattle teed off on the worst offensive line in the NFL with a quarterback who has the second-worst pressure-to-sack rate in the league, the Seahawks’ edge defender group would rank 31st in the NFL with a 13.6% pressure rate. It’s not fair to just strip this dominant performance out of the equation, but it illustrates the lack of a consistent rush off the edge that has existed in their other four contests.”

    • nfendall

      I am not a huge fan of PFF (good or bad grades), but that is the same as what I had thought watching all of the games. Darrell Taylor in particular whose “specialty” is rushing the passer hasn’t even been doing that very well from my view.

    • Red

      I would be interested to see what the how each team’s pressure rate would change if you took out their best games. Not saying we dont need better pass rush (GIVE ME BRIAN BURNS). I have been pretty disappointed with D Taylor, was hoping he would show up a bit more this year but at this point I would rather see more Mafe and Hall. Maybe he can be a trade piece for iDL or something.

      • Red

        Wow really screwed up that first sentence…

        “I would be interested to see how each team’s pressure rate would change”

    • Matt

      Not at all surprised to read this. It’s no different than a RB ripping off an 80 yard run and the rest of the game was 19 Carrie’s for 20 yards. “But he averaged 5 yards a carry!”

  13. DHawk

    It appears John Schneider has been getting intel on Quinn Evers from a very young age:

    • Rob Staton

      Ewers is a scout’s type of QB IMO

      He has the tools

      • Peter

        Is this a way of saying that he’s the kind of qb you have to project abit about who they could become?

        • Rob Staton


          And I think scouts will see upside and future development beyond the common impression

          You only have to look at the release and the flick of the wrist stuff to acknowledge natural talent — but the erraticism is frustrating (and the small college sample size)

          • Peter


  14. Alec

    Hey Rob,

    This is the second time I’ve seen you talk up Penix’s left tackle Troy Fautanu, and I was wondering where he slots into your OL rankings, and if you project him at OT or OG in the pros? He has an unusual frame (6’4 317 3468) but certainly is quick and strong enough to try outside.

    • Rob Staton

      I think he can play either. Might be a top level guard though. Just looks so smooth, so functionally clear in what he needs to do. Very impressive. Top-45.

      • KHammarling

        I have Fantanu on my early ‘Hawks draft wishlist. That frame paired with his skill is exciting, usable as a Tackle in case of injury with regular snaps taken at Guard, I like it a lot! Downside, he’d be a Rd1 reach (maybe) and probably gone by the time we get on the board in Rd2.

        • Peter

          I could see guard for sure if Lewis goes.

          Starting to worry RT might end up a bigger need next year.

  15. Romeo A57

    I was one of the fans that really wanted Anthony Richardson to end up on the Seahawks. Time will tell, but Richardson going through multiple injuries so early in his career is very concerning.

    The most impressive QB performance last season was CJ Stroud vs the Georgia Defense. He almost, seemingly single-handly, pulled out a victory for Ohio State in a playoff game.

    Are any of the current college QBs capable of such a performance? Caleb Williams is most likely the best of the Quarterbacks. but his defense is pitiful. I don’t think USC will make the Pac12 Title Game let alone a playoff game to see of he could have a “Stroud Like” Performance.

  16. BK26

    I’m putting that all on the Colts’ coaching. You’ve got to teach him what to do. They are using him to run like he’s Derek Henry. I always worried that they were going to ruin him and so far I’ve been right.

    To have complete control and domination of a game? Caleb Williams, maybe Rattler with a full green light. Maybe Ewers? Idk if anyone has that specific talent, natural and cerebral. Now the likelihood of it happening is much less. There isn’t a CJ Stroud. Or an Anthony Richardson is this class.

    • Big Mike

      I always worried that they were going to ruin him and so far I’ve been right.

      Likewise. Another reason besides their obvious tanking twice in the last 15 years (“suck for Luck”) to hate that franchise.

      • TJ

        The Colts have a history of being in position to draft generational QBs. It goes back even further than Luck. They drafted John Elway and Jeff George with #1 overall picks too. Not accusing them of shenanigans, but it does make one wonder.

      • TJ

        And of course Peyton Manning.

    • geoff u

      And they should’ve sat him a year to teach him all this. The coaches botched it so bad they’re sitting him anyway, except now most of his time’s in rehab. I’ve never seen an organization get so lucky on QB’s and then screw them up royally.

      I mean the first couple of games he gets injured in each one, including a concussion. Solution? More QB runs! AT LEAST teach him how to protect his body on these runs. Completely asinine.

  17. Peter

    Evan Brown hip injury.

    For the oline is the problem not Geno crowd. Please explain to me how:

    Cross, Lewis, Olu, Bradford/Haynes, “other”

    Is miles worse than…

    Cross, Lewis, (*uh oh getting sucky* Blythe, Jackson/ Haynes), Lucas

    Obviously healthy Lucas rules. But you can argue that LT through RG is possibly better than last year.

    • Gritty Hawk

      I’m no Geno defender, but in fairness, he is being pressured significantly more this year (31.9% vs. 22.5% last year). He’s been pressured on over 31% of dropbacks in all but 1 game this year. Their pressure rate allowed is somehow even worse than the Giants, and we’re giving up more than twice as many hurries/game than last year. He needs to be better but the o-line isn’t doing him any favors.

      • Rob Staton

        This isn’t a surprise at all

        They’ve had injuries across the line

        But QB’s have to deal with this frequently and there were key throws that were not made on Sunday, there was hesitancy (inviting pressure) and Seattle blew a chance to get a winnable game because those key opportunities were not taken

    • Peter

      Tough to square. If he’s hot and having a great game there’s rarely any problem. If he has a 4 catches/ ten targets game and he plus the team is floundering he gets like this.

      Still a bit proponent of benching him.

    • Brodie

      That did not read well. Basically – I don’t care what anyone thinks, I’m going to keep doing what I want, even if it harms the team. That includes my head coach.

      Leading ALL WR’s by 5 penalties since entering the league. Twice as many as Lockett in 4 fewer years – and all of Tylers are false start/OPI except one.

      Talking about his penalties this year: Taunting, Blindside block, unnecessary roughness, facemask, holding…

      “So I’m doing pretty good if I look at it and judge myself…”

      Way to be accountable bro. You only lost your cool and hurt the team 4 times in 6 games. That’s 1 out of every 3 games where you’re not making a completely avoidable mistake.

    • Romeo A57

      DK is the most talented player on this roster outside of maybe Witherspoon or Woolen. At some point he will be too much of a pain-in-the-ass with his antics overshadowing his talent. Some believe we are already there and he should go.

      I am not as bothered by this as many because the Seahawks don’t currently have a lot of highly talented players and I would hate to see one go. You can try to bench him, but I believe a trade demand would quickly follow that benching.

      • Peter

        Or….and this is just me. Feature him more. Apparently he’s 55th for targets amongst all pass catchers.

        I’ve already touched on this before but his targets per gane are down about 2.5 per since the JSN experience began.

        The other thing you can do with a guy who is like this is get them busy in the game.

        • RomeoA57

          Yes, DK should be targeted more. Look at Adams on the Raiders complaining hard about not getting enough targets. All of these types of Wide Receivers get upset when they don’t get the ball enough.

          Instead of complaining to the media, DK just takes cheap shots on opposing players.

  18. Saul G

    Friend of the blog Tony Pauline has first round grades on Caleb Williams, Drake Maye, Shadeur Sanders, and……Quinn Ewers. Wish we could speed things ahead and listen to Rob interview Jim Nagy, Scott McCloughan, and Tony.

  19. ShowMeYourHawk

    Rob, you’ve previously been above it but just a taste of the anti-SDB clout-chasing…

    • Matt

      At least she didn’t do the “racist!” bit like her dumbass usually does. This fanbase is becoming insufferable and unserious.

      • Peter

        Geno led hawks are 12-11 including a playoff loss.

        Had another podcast tell “me” that the offensive weapons don’t matter.

        Looked ahead at the schedule and see a solid 9 wins for the season. I think for most fans that’s awesome. We can just do that for forever.

        • James Z

          I wish the Seattle fanbase had a dose of ‘Philly’ in it: get the job done right or get the hell outta town.

    • LouCityHawk

      I’m not sure she is clout chasing there as much as she is just toxic.

      And not to promote my own comment, but it was on the thread.

      “I actually blame a lot of the Seahawks media for the way fans are divided, I used to subscribe to some channel (cannot remember what), this offseason the host of one of their shows said drafting a QB, and anyone saying that was ‘stupid, stupid, stupid…’. I just unsubscribed, I don’t have time for that nonsense. However when you have influential bloggers and media types engaged in that sort of discourse, it feeds into a fan mentality where civility is second to owning your ‘opponents’.”

      Her Twitter handle and posts are enough to demonstrate the level of toxicity she oozes.

    • James

      That is a typical strawman argument. trying to oversimplify a genuine take by Rob to criticize it. There are not enough brain cells in a human head to comprehend how that particular troll functions day-to-day.

    • Rob Staton


      • ShowMeYourHawk

        As it should be. Well played.

      • Big Mike

        Damn that’s good Rob

  20. Gaux Hawks

    What would it cost to trade for Channing Tindall? Just curious, maybe a 4R24?

    Could be great, he’d get a 1/2 year behind Bobby Wagner (and we’d get 2.5 years of cheap club control for a very thing position).

    Thoughts? I know he was a blog favorite…

  21. Gaux Hawks

    Is Milton Williams on the trading block ??

  22. Blitzy the Clown

    Any thoughts on the relative development of two blog EDGE favorites from the last draft class?

    Other than Young has one more game in this sample.

    Through Week 6

    D. Hall B. Young (Rams)
    Sack 0 3
    Comb 8 24
    Solo 4 14
    Ast 4 10
    TFL 0 0
    QBHits 4 11

    • Peter

      Hall: 116 snaps

      Young: 350 snaps

      The real mystery to me is why Taylor is getting 44% of snaps to do nothing while Hall is in the patented Pete special of 33% of snaps.

  23. cha

    Jordan Schultz
    Michael Mayer is breaking out before our eyes! He had a monster week of practice leading up to his 5/75 game. The #Raiders love him. They want to feature him. Mayer posted an 89.1
    receiving grade, which led all TEs in Week 6.

    We should expect big things moving forward.

  24. Happy Hawk

    What are your thoughts of trading for Kyler Murray? 3rd round pick in 2024 and 2025?

    • Peter

      The hardest of passes. Expensive. Sort of a problem with an albeit bad management, injured, has never really done anything.

    • Ashish

      There are many issues like expensive, player but QB with less than 6-3 is no.

    • cha

      If a division rival would happily ship their star QB to the Seahawks for only two third-round picks, something is really, really wrong with him.

    • BK26

      Why? We already have retreads from other teams as quarterbacks.

    • Big Mike

      Hell to the no. Dude isn’t nearly as good as he thinks he is.

    • RomeoA57

      Can we just trade Diggs, J. Adams and D Eskridge for Murray and give them Three 3rd Round Picks instead for taking that trio off our hands?

      I would think hard about that trade, but wouldn’t do it. Murray seems to not give a flying F about playing QB. It was basically proven that he doesn’t study film and would rather play video games.

  25. Scott

    Interesting tidbit from former NFL QB and current FOX college broadcaster Brock Huard “Michael Penix Jr. is reportedly thought to be a “stronger-armed” version of CJ Stroud” by Brock Huard (Former NFL QB).

  26. Scott

    Interesting tidbit from former NFL QB and current FOX college broadcaster Brock Huard “Michael Penix Jr. is reportedly thought to be a “stronger-armed” version of CJ Stroud” by Brock Huard (Former NFL QB).

    • geoff u

      He also really really didn’t like Anthony Richardson, iirc

    • Romeo A57

      A former Husky QB that has a local Seattle Sports Talk Show says something that will please most of his listeners, color me shocked.

      I do like Brock, but if he had something bad to say about Penix, that would be an interesting tidbit. We should look to see what scouts and other neutral observers have to say about Penix, like Rob

      • BK26

        Yeah…I’ve never trusted his tales on college players, his comparisons, etc. Nice of him to say but he’s playing to the crowd. And usually wrong too.

    • Sten

      I wonder if this is brocks opinion or if he’s saying what John Schneider is thinking. I’m pretty sure he’s the one that hyped up that John and Pete loved Russ at the combine

    • Peter

      We’ll see. Huskies have to hold serve and winout against some decently tough outs and then not get whacked like every other pac whatever team in the playoffs.

      Feels a little lazy. One was young and not been injured.

  27. Whit21

    Unpopular opinion and take….

    Would mac jones be better in a PC offense and a cheap pickup?

    He didnt beat RW in skills competition in his rookie year, but he is talented and has not had an easy road with the patriots.. they didnt even have a O coord. For a whole season.. Bill Obrien is good.. but something is still missing there.. Do you take a shot with Mac and a drafted QB? Double down like Flynn and RW?

    If you dont want Lock or Geno… could be something there..

    • Rob Staton

      He doesn’t have the tools Seattle likes

    • BK26

      Saying he’s talented…but of a stretch. He gets benched every other week. I don’t even know if he’ll get picked up if he was cut. Enough of the retreads and the cheap options. They need to get THEIR OWN GUY. They need to put their work in and not go cheap. That’s why we are where we are.

      We need someone that can give us a chance at a Super Bowl, not someone that is having troubles starting for a bad team and a horrible offense.

      • Whit21

        Part of what I said was to draft “their guy” if hes there in this next draft. Not all QBs are starter ready..

        They signed matt flynn and drafted RW.. rhey found out Matt Flynn couldnt throw the necessary amount to be a starting QB.. his throwing motion put a lot of stress on his elbow.. he was sidelined in training camp for elbow soreness and RW took the 1st team reps and he was good enough to start..

        Not a bad option to do it again and go cheaper for QB and fill out the roster with the money saved..

        • BK26

          They will do it, but it needs to be a guy that can actually play quarterback. Jones might be out of the league completely once his rookie contract is up.

  28. Denver Hawker

    Broncos seriously considering benching Russ after trade deadline to tank. Would cut him post-June 1.

    Seahawk reunion? Have him compete with Lock and, oh say, Rattler for a starting job.

    • geoff u

      Two words: no

      • Denver Hawker

        Maybe he can backup Geno then?

    • Peter

      What a weird ride it’s been. Thankfully Sean Payton is definitely not tanking. And is definitely a great coach. Denver should be in great hands for years.

      • Denver Hawker

        I hate him:

        • Peter

          Pretty wild that he just says that.

          Hope it works for him. Pete’s a goofus and Harbaugh drives most people around him insane but at least both those coaches could rebuild while trying to be good.

          I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a coach talk so much junk about their flawed qb while the defense is so bad. Or just not get players involved for ambiguous reasons: mims Jr.

      • geoff u

        Is he a great coach, though? Or was he just lucky enough to be the coach of the Saints when they acquired Drew Brees?

        • Big Mike

          And iirc Mickey Loomis was the GM doing the drafting.

          • Peter

            Don’t forget that patented 3-4 ( illegal hits on opposing teams) defense the saints employed.

    • Romeo A57

      The problem with bringing back Russ isn’t that he may only be a spot starter or high level backup at this point in his career. The problem was that most of the Seahawks despised him.

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      The writing seems on the wall that barring some amazing spate of games, Russ is out of Denver after this season. While there’s NO WAY he should be back in Seattle, it will be interesting to see where he could end up. Which on-the-cusp team could believe in him enough to bring him in as a grizzled vet to lead them to a WC appearance? Or, is he destined to become the next gen Andy Dalton, picking up occasional starts behind a younger QB?

      • Denver Hawker

        I bring it up mostly in jest- but would make a fun story to bring him full circle to be beat out by a rookie the same way he entered the league on the same team.

  29. Forrest

    DK definitely does’t get it.

  30. Mick

    cha, sorry if you posted them already and I missed them, but did you find the PFF grades for our Bengals game? Thank you.

  31. Palatypus

    I want you all to be prepared. At some point, right before he’s about to get benched, Geno is going to have a great game.

    He will be just good enough to stick around. You know how this goes. You’ve seen it before.

    • Peter

      Geno’s not getting benched.

      Old Waldron is just going to have to run multiple TE’s forever because this line will be tinkered with all season. Brown and Haynes both not practicing.

      I’m not a Geno guy but has Pete ever benched anyone?

      His play has been less dynamic than the memories of last year would have the fans believe. I wouldn’t quite say his play has lost games. Rather he’s not won games. Semantics sure. But the Waldron offense has been poor at redzone for sometime.

      Kind of agree with Adam Nathan and Parcells but the backup qb is the favorite player after a loss.

      This week the 1-5 cardinals with an oline of Cross, Lewis, Olu, Bradford, other should be well enough to get right. I’m sure the vibes will be just right this Sunday post game.

      Let’s see what we look like after browns, ravens.

      • Palatypus

        Geno Smith=Black Dave Krieg

        • Peter

          Just me but I don’t remember anyone thinking kreig was better than he was.

  32. Blitzy the Clown

    Penix makes this look effortless

    Hard to covet that

    • Denver Hawker

      Thou shalt not covet thy home teams QB

  33. cha

    Two steps forward, one step back. Always one step back.

    Jonathan Jones
    Source to
    : NFL fined Seahawks S Jamal Adams $50,000 this week after he “directed verbal remarks and made inappropriate physical contact” with an independent doctor during a concussion evaluation of a teammate Sunday vs. the Bengals

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      He should be careful. That’s three steps more than his body may be able to handle.

    • Peter

      Lucky that’s it after losing it against the giants.

    • Vinny

      Kind of hypocritical to fine someone for their behavior when you just diagnosed them with a brain injury.

      • cha

        This was Sunday vs Bengals

        After he’d been cleared from the concussion protocol, and had apologized for his behavior.

    • Romeo A57

      Yikes! I didn’t hear about this before.

      I am way past done with Jamal. Can we trade him plus a 6th Round pick to anyone and get a 7th Round Pick back?

      • Peter

        I’m trying to find peace with it. He’s here for forever and if the majority of tge fanbase is fine with a few tackles a game and “vibes,” for top of the mountain defensive player money…I guess it’s good for me.

    • Big Mike

      *yawn* just don’t care about him anymore. His act has worn paper mache’ thin. He had a good game last week. Pleased to see it cuz it helps the Hawks. Still not worth what he’s being paid. He’s being paid to be a game wrecker and he’s not.

      • Peter

        Edit: he had a _____ game last week.

  34. ok

    i’m sure it’s been said, my comments tend to just re-warm something i’ve heard/seen before: DK’s penalties are a consequence of building a finesse team. someone needs to be a bamf. preferably those warriors would along the line, but the seahawks have chosen to try and get a marshawn (dk), and a kam (ja). i think pc is totally fine with dk fighting, scratching, bitin’, competin’

    • cha

      Pete said DK needs to go to the “Breno Giacomini school” which means being an agitator, not an “agitatee” and pushing the envelope right up to where you’d get flagged.

      It took Breno a while to figure it out.

      DK has done it before, getting Lattimore to foul him more than once in the MNF game vs New orleans

  35. Jo

    HI, guys I’m Jo I live in KCMO and AROS banned until Jan 1st behe doesn’t like that I think Geno is the most expensive bridge quarterback ever and hate the ridiculous safety situation I’ve been lurking for 2-3:years now and you guys make sense.

    • RomeoA57

      Jo, how could you possibly believe that 30-40 Million per year for a quarterback that has 5 Passing TDs after 5 Games is too much money? Paying 2M per touchdown pass for a QB is totally reasonable.

      Just stay where you are and we will send people with rubber hoses to beat you until you agree that Geno is great and worth high-end Franchise QB money 🙂

      • Jo

        Do it hon.

  36. Jo

    I can only donate a dollar a month I’m embarrassed Rob but it is what it is.

    • Rob Staton

      No sweat, I appreciate every single contribution

    • Palatypus

      A Seahawks Draft Blog hoodie makes a great Christmas gift.

  37. Jo

    I like this community because you can tell what you think and not be banned for 2 months.

  38. Jo

    Actually Jan 31st he is so petty. But that doesn’t matter I hope I know enough to give a decent opinion here. I’m a girl and like football but not totally knowledgeable.

  39. Jo

    But my hope is we somehow get Rattler. We totally missed on Richardson and he’s getting the Luck treatment please God stop the bullshit

  40. Hawkster

    It is kinda crazy watching the “PC hid RW’s flaws” meme play out at the same time there is a “Brady hid Belichick’s flaws” meme building in the east, and “was Payton ever a good coach?” and is LaFleur the “runt of the Shanahan litter” (for whom Aaron hid the flaws). Mine is more of a “the Seahawks can only draft well if McCloughan is in the building”.

    • Peter

      1. Brady didn’t make Bellichick. Brady had a top 10 defense for every ring and a top five defense for half of those.

      2. Who knows about LeFleur.

      3. Sean Payton….needs to tank to get who he believes is a top qb. Other coaches make do with what they have. See: Pete. Is intentionally hsmstringing his team.

      4. Pete….maybe. who knows. Maybe he and the former qb ran themselves into the ground together. Jury is still out if we ever get back to where we want to be in this lifetime.

      • Big Mike

        4. I don’t believe it with Pete but of course I’d love to be wrong. I do know it won’t happen without a high end QB. They simply have to draft for that.

  41. Jo

    I definitely like it here you guys understand when I’m sarcastic

  42. Jo

    It’s always the quarterback Pete or John needs to take a real shot. I prefer Rattler because his team is shit and he’s still elite.

  43. Jo

    I’m completely fine if Rob says I’m completely full of shit he full out knows more than myself.

    • Big Mike

      100% agree about the QB. See my post above.

  44. Jo

    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome and Rob actually replied to me. That was very unexpected England is like 6 hours ahead of me but bonus for you guys I’m a 3rd shift girl so I’m pretty much on Europe time.

    • CL

      Hey Jo, welcome.

      I’m also mostly a lurker. I always want to get more active but just end up soaking everything in haha.

      Rob wrote a fair bit about Spencer Rattler here:

      Almost a month old, but a lot of people here, including me, really like him.

      Greetings from Germany, Seahawks fans are really all over the world!

      • Jo

        I read that article and it made me think this guy is the Patrick Mahomes of this drat. Most people shut me down but this is a quarterback that runs a NFL offense with a terrible OL and still wins or keeps his team in the game against superior competition.

        He will be worth a trade up because he shouldn’t be out of range if he’s your guy. Just like Mahomes he has correctable flaws and just needs one year behind a good professional quarterback.

  45. Jo

    Hi CL where you from?

  46. cha

    It just hurts…

    Curtis Allen
    Budda Baker back difference? PC: “Great player. Real factor in run and pass. Unique in way he attacks. Style I really covet, love the way he plays. Terrific hitter, playmaker, commitment to go for it. His mentality. Tough as they come.” #Seahawks

    • Peter

      Would have preferred Pete to just say “who?” When asked about baker.

      Tj watt is everyone’s go to but I think not drafting baker had a much bigger butterfly effect.

      • Jabroni-DC

        I was on the Baker train that year as the heir apparent to ET.

  47. Jo

    Stop it you know we wanted him.

    • Jo

      Love him but even if DK is being stupid WR isn’t an issue for the Seahawks but quarterback and DL are currently and next year LB, TE and safety needs to be changed fast.

    • Palatypus

      I fear that if a PAC-? school gets in the playoff, nobody will be able to cover him.

  48. Palatypus

    Penn St (6-0) @ 3 Ohio St. (6-0) -4. Don’t think this one is going to be close, do you? Buckeyes by, say 13?

    The Navy is probably going to take a beating from the Air Force.

    Mississippi State @ Arkansas should be entertaining.

    Rutgers @ Indiana might be a good game. Each team has seven players on the Senior Bowl watch list.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I’m watching Penn St vs Ohio St as long as it’s close.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Lets see Vegas has Ohio State minus 4 points and the over/under at 46.5.
        Should be a good game.

        • Palatypus

          But Penn State had a soft schedule.

          • AlaskaHawk

            I think the Ohio State QB Kyle McCord (who replaced Stroud) is more accurate.
            At one point Penn State was 0-6 on third downs. But they are moving the ball.

            • BK26

              I think it’s because he doesn’t have anywhere near close to the arm. Or overall talent as Stroud.

              • AlaskaHawk

                Unfortunately I’m not sure any of this years draft QBs will match Stroud. We shall see how they develop over the season.

            • Starhawk29

              Right now, both look awful. Playing like young qbs.

    • RomeoA57

      Early in the 4th Quarter.- my take from the OSU-PSU game is that this game should be shown on a loop for Death Row Inmates. Penn State is 0-11 on 3rd Down conversions.

      The Seahawks are 31.58% on 3rd Down Conversion and ranked 30th in the NFL. PSU would love to be anywhere near that today.

    • RomeoA57

      Early in the 4th Quarter.- my take from the OSU-PSU game is that this game should be shown on a loop for Death Row Inmates. Penn State is 0-11 on 3rd Down conversions.

      The Seahawks are 31.58% on 3rd Down Conversion and ranked 30th in the NFL. PSU would love to be anywhere near that today.

      • Palatypus

        Your post was played on a loop.

        • Romeo A57

          Operator Error

          Operator Error

  49. AlaskaHawk

    Penn St using second sting punt returner, they totally misjudged what turned out to be a 70 yard punt from Ohio State endzone.

  50. MarkinSeattle

    I have two under the radar names I am curious to get Rob’s take on: LB Payton Wilson NCST and CB Cam Hart ND.

    Payton Wilson is listed at 6’4” 238 lbs and I have heard he runs in the 4.4’s, which is what the Seahawks seem to profile at LB. He has good stats this year as well, in 7 games he has 81 tackles, 39 solos, 4 sacks and 1 INT.

    Cam Hart is listed at 6’2” 207 lbs and I have heard he will run in the 4.4’s as well with long arms. The ND defense has faced two likely first round QB’s (Caleb and Riley Leonard) and an OSU offense that has at least two first round picks on it (Harrison and Egbuka), in all three of those games they effectively shut down those passing offenses. Per PFF, in 8 games this season as the starting CB, Hart has given up 8 completions on 19 targets for 94 yards with no TD’s surrendered. I know that we have really good CB’s right now, but if we can pick Hart up in the later rounds he seems like a guy that Pete can turn into a good starter opposite Woolen.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I’ll add that J. T. Tuimoloau #44 Ohio State is a defensive end to keep an eye on, but he’s a junior.

      • MarkinSeattle

        I pull for JT because he went to my HS. Physically he and Jack Lamb both were top 10 HS ranked players and have elite physical skills, but neither has been able to put up decent pass rush numbers. Even more perplexing considering they play opposite each other. JT has 19 tackles, 8 solo and 3 sacks this year in 7 games. I hope he turns it on, but despite playing for one of the best DL coaches in the game (if not THE best), neither he nor Lamb has taken that step to turning raw physical gifts into production on the field.

    • MarkinSeattle

      Some testing numbers from Feldman’s list of Freaks.

      Feldman ranked Payton Wilson as #27 on host list. “Wilson has clocked in the 40 at 4.49 and ran a 4.21 in the pro agility shuttle this offseason. He bench-pressed 390, vertical-jumped 35 1/2 inches, and broad-jumped 9-8 1/2.” The Seahawks seem to really like LB’s who run in the 4.4’s and Wilson is the leader on the NCST defense with numbers to back it up.

      Feldman had Cam Hart at #32 on his list this year. “The 6-2 1/2, 204-pound Cam Hart is a two-year starter for the Irish who made 25 tackles with three TFLs last year. Hart has great size for a corner, but also elite measurables. This offseason, the Baltimore native broad-jumped 11-2, vertical-jumped 38 inches and hit 23.01 MPH on the GPS — a big improvement from the 21.7 he was at last year. In addition, he squatted 505 pounds and did 40 pull-ups.” One draft sight showed Hart with a 4.45 40, 4.10 shuttle in HS, and 32.5” arms. They also listed him as a fifth round pick.

  51. Forrest

    Anyone have any thoughts on JSN from watching the tape? I’m wondering why he hasn’t been more involved. I could see him being a Tyler Lockett type where it takes a year or two before he pops or perhaps fully recovers from his college injury. I’m just wondering what Rob, Cha or others have seen so far on tape for why he hasn’t been more productive.

    • BK26

      Lockett still had over 600 yards and 6 td’s, while only starting half of the games that year. Not to mention what he did returning. He took off right away.

      With JSN, they aren’t using him correctly. You need to get him down field. He doesn’t have the shirt yardage agility for short catches at the LOS, screen, etc. That should be for literally anyone but him. It makes zero sense. Reminds me of Jimmy Graham all over again: make him do what YOU want him to do, not what his skill set is. It’s another knock on the coaching staff that makes this offense a little toothless. Problem is, they know it. Look at this last week. Tried forcing the ball to him over and over.

      • Palatypus

        I completely disagree about the agility. He had a 6.57 3-cone drill at the combine. Anything under 7.0 is great.
        DK Metcalf was a 7.33. JSN ran the 20-yard shuttle in 3.93. Anything under 4.2 is great. Dk Metcalf ran in in 4.5.

        What he doesn’t have is top-end speed. JSN ran a 4.48 on his pro day. DK Metcalf ran a 4.33 at the combine.

      • Peter

        Total misuse….or…..and this sill hurt some fans, Geno can’t actually read the field and is bigger system guy then many think.

        Watched a breakdown pf JSN’s plays this week and if he was thrown open or when he was definitely open instead of what happened he would have had a ton of plays on the move for around 7 catches, 8 targets, 100+ yards.

        I know that is speculation….but….I do wonder what is going on why Seattle curiously looks sharp out of the gates but struggles when things break down.

    • Palatypus

      Some of this was covered in the last article on Geno. Hugh Millen had some great points about Waldron’s scheme in his hardcore football segment on KJR with Ian Furness.

  52. Saul G

    All the “Bo Nix is going in round 1 guaranteed” folks are awfully quiet as they’re losing to Wazzu

    • Palatypus

      Actually, I think we are seeing some great defense today. I’m surprised.

      • samprassultanofswat

        The halftime score is Oregon 17. Washington State 13.

        • Palatypus

          There was great defense on screens, otherwise, it would be 37-33.

        • samprassultanofswat

          Guys we need to get real. The Hawks have a ton of weapons. It is impossible to keep everyone happy. This JSN talk about being a possible bust. Is absolute nonsense. JSN is not happy that he isn’t getting more targets. DK Metcalf is complaining that he is not getting enough targets. You have Noah Fant, Will Dissly and Colby Parkinson at the tight-end position. You have running backs Kenneth Walker III land Zach Carbonnet at running back. You also have Jake Bobo and Tyler Lockett. Guys there is only one football. How in the world are going to keep all these guys happy? Impossible. With all the weapons the Seahawks have at their disposal there is no need to rush JSN. JSN is a good football player. Seattle is fortunate to have him. The Hawks will incorporate JSN more and more as the season goes on. JSN right now is on a pace to catch 54.4 rec. for the season. Guess how many receptions Metcalf had in his rookie year? 58. If JSN stays healthy his number will probably be very close to Metcalf’s number during his rookie season.

          • Palatypus

            The spokes of the wheel are not the problem.

            • samprassultanofswat

              “The spokes of the wheel are not the problem.” Explain?

              • Peter

                Jsn getting touches is not the problem.

                The problem is his touches take away from metcalfs which is not a problem except….JSN is still on pace for 54 catches on 85 attempts for less than 400 yards. That part is actually hurting the offense.

                DK had 58 catches but massively more yards and TD’s.

                Overall I think the offense is fine. Just some headscratching decisions.

          • BK26

            How does his yards per catch look? He can have 100 catches but it’s on the 2 yard line and he can’t do anything, his total yards aren’t going to be anything.

            He’s being misused.

            • Romeo A57

              It took Geno’s injury for us to finally see JSN get targeted down the field by Lock. I have been wondering if there is just no chemistry between Geno and JSN because he is a rookie. Also Geno has been very mediocre and not throwing the ball downfield much.

    • Romeo A57

      All the ” Michael Penix is going in round 1 guaranteed ” folks are awfully quite as they’re losing to ASU.


  53. Palatypus

    The announcer in WSU@Oregon just said that Evan Williams replaced his brother at safety. Was that Jim Beam or Jack Daniels?

  54. Rob Staton

    South Carolina’s O-line is a disgrace

  55. AlaskaHawk

    How is it that neither Tennessee or Alabama is in the top 10?

    Speaking of Alabama, how the mighty have fallen. What happened to their program? Are the other schools getting more of the top recruits? Or is it training and coaching?

    • AlaskaHawk

      Looks like there won’t be a miraculous win for Tennessee this year. Alabama is looking pretty strong. Worst part of their game is the center snaps have been all over the place but Milroe has been pretty good about fielding them. Maybe it’s easier when you expect your center to scatter the snaps.

    • Palatypus

      The writing has been on the wall for the decline of the SEC now. I’ve been telling anyone who will listen that the political climate is killing it. Think about it. You’re a 17-year-old recruit who is a three-sport star and a virgin. Would you want to go to a school in a state that is hostile to the very idea of sexual freedom?

      Not to mention that the NAACP has taken the state of Florida out of the green book. Texas is worse.

      Wouldn’t it be better to go to UCLA and get NILA money in the biggest television market in the world, residing in a state that by itself is the world’s fifth-largest economy? Sure, you can hawk cars at East-Shore Chevrolet/Toyota like A.J. McCarron, but there are more car dealerships on Ventura Blvd. than the entire state of Alabama.

      It’s that documentary “Against the Tide” in reverse.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I wouldn’t link anything to politics. It’s still a bunch of athletes going to college, they won’t be lacking for girlfriends.

        I’m going to blame all this on the BCS system taking over bowls. It’s totally screwing over the bowl prestige and sponsorships.

        Who will own the rights to the rose bowl now?

        • AlaskaHawk

          I was curious enough to look it up. From wiki:
          The stadium and adjacent Brookside Golf and Country Club are owned by the city of Pasadena and managed by the Rose Bowl Operating Company, a non-profit organization whose board is selected by council members of the city of Pasadena. UCLA and the Pasadena Tournament of Roses also have one member on the company board.

          and from other sources: How much does Capital One pay to sponsor the Rose Bowl?
          The credit card giant replaced insurer Northwestern Mutual, which reportedly spent $25 million a year to attach its name to the bowl game – the same amount Capital One is said to spend on its Orange Bowl sponsorship. ESPN broadcasts the Rose Bowl as part of the $470 million it pays the CFP annually for media rights.

          and: The Big Ten and Pacific-12 conferences receive about $19 million each after TofR pays the expenses for the Rose Bowl game. The rest pays for the parade, salaries and other operational costs.

        • Palatypus

          AlaskaHawk, you don’t understand how bad it’s getting. If you lived here, you would know.

          And sure, athletes can get laid anywhere. But William Gibson once called Singapore “Disneyland with the death penalty.”

          Florida is “Disneyworld with the death penalty.”

          275,000 people left Florida in 2022.

          • Sean

            You are ignoring the fact that the SEC has consistently got the best recruits for the last 20+ years. Just go look at the recruiting rankings, its always SEC domination with multiple teams in the top 10. Also, the SEC area is where the best players in the country are from. They are used to living there..

          • Spectator

            And 444,000+ people moved there… ignorant post from all. Why do we bring politics into this?

  56. Rob Staton

    Quinn Ewers injured again

    • AlaskaHawk

      How did Rattler look today?

      • Rob Staton

        The streams I’ve been watching on YouTube are being taken down every week now

        From what little I saw he was being hammered every snap and did well with no support but he’s receiving zero help

        • AlaskaHawk

          Yes, it sucks when the offensive line isn’t blocking well. It really screws the QB stats for the worse too.

          Unfortunately the major stations aren’t broadcasting the North Carolina game here, the score is close.

  57. Palatypus

    Duke is up 10-0 at 5 Florida State.

    • Palatypus

      10-7 now.

    • Palatypus

      Duke with a pick 6 on Travis Jordan.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I’m watching that game too, Duke just got a lucky bounce off the receiver that resulted in an interception and touchdown.

      • Palatypus

        Riley Leonard struggling, but I can’t believe he is even playing.

        Duke defense not backing down.


        • BK26

          Thought the same thing when I saw he was playing. And now his stat line.

          Didn’t record the beginning of the game because I just assumed he wasn’t playing.

        • Rob Staton

          Leonard shouldn’t have played

          Awful decision by the Duke staff

          He has a high ankle sprain! Protect your player

      • Palatypus

        Jared Verse being used as a spy on that last Riley Leonard run went all the way across the field just to get juked by a guy with a bad ankle.

      • Palatypus

        #94 for Duke is having a hell of a game.

  58. AlaskaHawk

    Caleb Williams scrambles real well, but he is holding the ball low away from his body in his right hand like a loaf of bread. If I were on defense heading for a tackle I would go right after his right arm and strip him.

  59. KD

    That Penix INT is a classic example of the problem with the translation of this style of offense.

  60. KD

    This is why I was nervous about this game. Forget the records, AZ State always gives the Huskies trouble. ALWAYS.

    • KD

      BS non PI call than a fumble. AZ State is BIG trouble. I’m telling you

  61. Anthony

    Penix proving that he is all system and relies so much on his arm talent and superior supporting cast. Gives me major Jameis Winston vibes and that doesn’t even include the medicals or looney tunes offense.

    • KD

      When I saw the spread was -27, i knew that was bullshit. Sun Devils are the biggest thorn in the side of UW

  62. Ground_Hawk

    ASU football is trash. Classic Seattle football in that they can’t destroy lesser opponents. Maybe UW also silently preaches PC’s 4th quarter philosophy?

    • KD

      For several years, ASU has just known how to handle UW. I don’t know how, but this little team just knows how to do it every year. It’s almost as if they know the playbook…..

      • Ground_Hawk

        You could be right fam lol

  63. Myles

    One of my friends bet me $100 that Caleb Williams isn’t going #1 in the 2024 draft. Easiest money I will make ever?

    • Blitzy the Clown


      But he has chinks in his game like anyone else

      • Peter

        Woah. Blitzy….that is not great.

      • KD

        Typo? Drunk post? Based and Red Pilled?

        You decide!

      • Peter

        Blitzy I mean the stat line.

      • Romeo A57

        I was just checking my account Draft Kings account and Tankathon looking at odds for the first overall pick in the 2024 Draft.

        Right now Chicago has the first two picks thanks to Carolina being 0-6. They would probably select Williams and Harrison. Safe to assume they would probably take the QB #1 overall.

        Draft Kings odds for some of the 2024 First Selection.

        -450 Williams – Would he refuse to go to Chicago? Are people going to sour on him since USC isn’t playing well.

        +400 Maye- He did not have a good game tonight. I am not that impressed by what I have seen.

        +2000 Harrison JR- Might be the best player but would a team take a WY #1 overall?

        +2500 Penix- Bad game tonight and would a team be comfortable with his injury history to take him first overall?

        +2500 Ewers- In a sling after the game. I am not at all sold on him

        +4000 Sanders- Colorado is not very good but has he shown enough to be Selected this high?

        • Peter

          Sanders stays, just me.

          Penix is not a first rounder except for Atlanta.

          Ewers I don’t know yet. Rob has has good thoughts, but now injured…don’t like his size.

          Honestly this whole idea that this class is waaay better than last year is starting to not take shape for me.

          • Romeo A57

            I am pretty sure that Coach Prime will get some offers from better programs than Colorado this offseason. Does he jump at a chance to coach a team back east or stay at Colorado for another year?

            Coach Prime’s Recruiting and Gravitas is going to be very attractive to a lot of teams, especially in the State of Florida. Is Miami sick of Christobal, yet?

  64. Ground_Hawk

    You could be right fam lol

  65. KD

    UW vs ASU over the years:
    2022: LOSS: 45-38
    2021: LOSS 35-30
    2020: Covid, so blah
    2019: DNP
    2018: UW wins 27-20
    2017: LOSS 13-7
    2016: WIN: 44-18
    2015: LOSS: 27-17
    2014: LOSS: 24-10
    2013: LOSS: 53-24
    2012: DNP
    2011: DNP
    2010: LOSS: 24-14
    2009: LOSS: 24-17
    2008: LOSS: 39-19
    2007: LOSS: 44-20
    2006: LOSS: 26-23
    2005: LOSS: 44-20
    2004: DNP
    2003: DNP

    Just sayin….

    • Peter

      Pac 12 striking again…..

      Wonder how Dawgs and ducks do next year? Still competitive or also rans?

      • Romeo A57

        We know they can compete against the California schools. Beating Ohio State and Michigan regularly will be tough. Penn State is a solid program right now, but none of the rest seem to be on their level, atvkeast this year.

        Remember that everything changes next year with the 12 team playoff. I would expect that at least 11 of those spots would go between the 4 Power Conferences. I think that you can lock in 3 spots each from the SEC and Big Ten in the playoffs. So going forward just trying to finish in the top 3 of the Big Ten.

        • BK26

          From what I watched tonight and in a few other games, it will be a long season for them in the Big 10. Finesse teams will have troubles with that full schedule.

    • KD

      It is beyond absurd to suggest that despite several coaching changes for both teams, that there might be a person who has been employed by one team but paid by another. That is conspiracy theory nonsense.

    • Rob Staton

      I went to the 2016 game

  66. Jo

    Yes, he wasn’t great today but isn’t the reason they lost.

  67. Thomas

    Huskies won.

    No, they are not 2019 LSU (who is?), but they won.

    The top 6 teams in college football are all fragile.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Oregon got a number 1 vote tomorrow.

    Anyway, I remember one year Alabama only beat Tennessee because the Vols messed up taking a knee or something. A wins a win.

  68. Charlie TheUnicorn2187

    Pennix performance today put a bit of a dent in his Heisman chances.
    I really like the kid, but I’m not sure what he will do in the NFL.

    • Rob Staton

      And his draft stock. Didn’t handle pressure well at all. That was a NFL type day and you need to manage it, he didn’t.

  69. Charlie TheUnicorn2187

    USC WR Freshman Zachariah Branch (5’10” 175) looked very explosive in the punt return game today.
    If his hands and routes line up with his speed, he could be very wealthy in a few years.

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