Instant reaction: Seahawks defeat Cardinals 20-10

This was a mess of a game with a few big positives.

Devon Witherspoon’s crunching hit at the end of the third quarter will be a season highlight. That’s why I love football. That’s what I want to see from a Seahawks defensive player.

To look this good this early in his career is quite a thing for Witherspoon. He was unlucky not to end the day with an interception and a sack (both called back for penalties by other players). The #5 pick was well spent on this playmaking, sparky defensive talent who is setting a tone in a way few players are able to.

He’s not the only rookie playing well. Jake Bobo continues to be a revelation. He can make the big play, the important play, the crucial block. Every team needs a Bobo and the Seahawks played a blinder adding him as an UDFA. I had him graded at the top of round four on my horizontal board this year and still can’t believe he wasn’t selected.

It was good to see Jaxon Smith-Njigba get his first touchdown and provide more of a contribution. We’re yet to see what I’d say are flashy, ‘special’ qualities from JSN but hopefully this game will give him confidence.

The Cardinals are not a good team and they lack proven quality on offense but I thought this was another good display by the defense. The D-line is playing far better than I expected prior to the season starting. They’ll be tested in the coming weeks by some powerhouse opponents but so far they are aggressive, stout and not as easy to play against as they have been in previous years. Boye Mafe has four sacks in as many games, Jarran Reed continues to shine and things are looking up.

All in all, though, it was a dog’s dinner of a game. Arizona are dreadful and deserve to be 1-6 on this evidence. The ‘fake punt’ they ran summed things up, as did their inability to cash-in on three turnovers (scoring just three points after the interception and two fumbles). They had a few moments of inspiration but otherwise look like a rebuilding team starting from scratch.

The Seahawks should’ve coasted to a victory but conspired to make it closer than it needed to be. I suppose you could say that’s been a Pete Carroll staple over the years but it’s never a justification for a stop-start performance.

For me the biggest concern coming out of the game is the offense. They have too many weapons to look this middling. They are inept in the red-zone so far. Geno Smith’s performance warrants another conversation this week.

I spent a lot of time talking about Smith after the Bengals loss and this game today just further illustrated the point that he should be seen as a bridge only. Smith has good physical tools and can make good passes, move the ball and he’s far from a terrible quarterback. Yet he’s still Geno Smith. He’s still the player who has too many turnover-worthy plays. He still makes too many critical errors. He still has fluctuating halves of football, as we’ve seen in all but the Detroit game this season.

The interception was horrible — hesitating when the throw wasn’t there, then throwing it anyway. He was responsible for the fumble, dropping a simple snap. He could’ve easily had a pick-six in the first half too.

I’m not calling for him to be benched or anything. I think if Drew Lock were better he’d probably already be playing. I do think we need to be realistic about Smith, though. He’s an acceptable starter for now. Yet if this Seahawks team ever wants to take the next step and be a true contender — which is a distinct possibility given the talent acquisition over the last two years — they are probably going to need a better quarterback. The aim has to be great and Championship caliber, not merely be good and content with life.

There’s also the cost factor. What we’ve seen through six games, in my opinion, isn’t worth between $31.1m and $41.1m (Smith’s salary next year). Especially not when Seattle’s estimated effective cap space is now at $4.5m for next year, with a decent collection of pending free agents on the team.

The next few weeks are going to be interesting. They play Myles Garrett’s Browns next week, an enormous test. Then it’s Baltimore (A), Washington (H), LA Rams (A), San Francisco (H), Dallas (A), San Francisco (A), Philadelphia (H). We’re going to find out what this team truly is (or isn’t) very quickly.


  1. Jordan


    Brooks, Adams, Spoon, Mafe. Great to have some dawgs on the defensive side of the ball to root for.

  2. cha

    It feels like this game could be similar to last year’s Week Six game against the Cardinals, a 19-9 Seahawks win that was comfortable,

    Goodness. I’m scaring myself.

    • Whit21

      Weak pentalties took away witherspoons INT and sack.. if the INT held up there goes their TD.. refs kept the cardinals in the game a little bit..

  3. cha


    It feels like this game could be similar to last year’s Week Six game against the Cardinals, a 19-9 Seahawks win that was comfortable, yet unsatisfying.

    • BK26


    • Justaguy

      Is any Seahawks win comfortable

      • Palatypus


        • Justaguy

          Lay off the fent

          • Palatypus

            The only two times I’ve had fentanyl was on a drip during my cataract surgeries.

            • Justaguy

              this had me rofl

        • Elmer

          Super Bowl bs Manning is the only one that jumps out.

      • Peter

        That giants win felt pretty comfortable

  4. Thomas

    My opinion on win total is the same it was at the beginning of the season.

    High of 11 wins but likely 7-9.

    Bounced from the 1st round if they make it.

    They still have a better chance of getting in the playoffs with Geno. They’re hoping to be like the Ravens with Flacco.

  5. Thomas

    I think if Lock had the whole season he’d be better than Geno at the end of the season, but it’s just too expensive to give him that time. If they can make it to the playoffs with Geno they’ll stick with him.

    • Palatypus

      The difference between Geno Smith and Drew Locke is that Locke’s interceptable balls are more catchable.

      • Justaguy

        Why do I see e to end lock?

        • Justaguy

          Lockeness.. now I get it

          • Palatypus

            John Locke
            Drew Locke
            Locke & Key
            Key & Peele
            Key & Peel

  6. Steven Williams

    Kind of a meh game for me. Geno was ok, but was lucky to not have another pick. Home game against a 1-5 and the feels too close.

    • Jordan

      Covered. Tough to win by double digits against professionals. No style points or polls in the big leagues.

    • BK26

      The posts, articles, and comments that I’ve seen in 20 minutes about an elected defense, the offense, Pete winning challenges. Us being back… A lot of used car salesmen could be making a killing in the PNW right now. Didn’t know struggling to put away the Giants and Cardinals was the barometer that we needed.

  7. Nick

    I feel like JS is working the phones for a trade for picks. He knows this team isn’t probably winning a Super Bowl this year. Get more picks in the top 100. Let’s build from the ground up, get a starting LB, QB, and OG. In many ways, this next year we’re looking for our next Bobby Wagner and Russell Wilson (hard to replicate, I realise).


      DK & Darrell Taylor strike me as the two best chances for a good return in the top 100?

      • Peter

        Straight up I don’t think you’d get anything higher than a fifth for Taylor. He’s a liability in the run. Not sure why but he’s not that good this year in pass plays.

    • Jabroni-DC

      Don’t think you could trade DK until after the season due to the structure of his contract.

      2023 cap hit $13,720,000 with a dead cap of $36,720,000.

      2024 cap hit $24,500,000 with a dead cap of $23,000,000.

      Waiting until after the season you would also know the spot of the inbound picks.

      • Nick

        Great call. DK after the season.

        • Palatypus

          What is the plan after that?

          The salary cap is probably going to grow by $20 Million. I think Rob said the projected cap space is $17 (???). So you gain what? Ten minimum has to go to the rookie class. Out of the remaining $27 Million you are going to be able to resign about a third of your own free agents, maybe.

          What’s the plan for moving a player with a skill set that is almost impossible to replace. See Hugh Millen’s rant on draft day.

          • Spectator

            So, What’s the plan in keeping him? We saw today, we have talent at WR. I love DK. But this is a game where managing the TEAM is important. Not single players.

            Does DK tip the scales for us? Is he essential to getting us to the point of winning a Super Bowl? Those are the questions to discuss, and are worth questioning. I question whether he is, and if so, what is his value in a trade and what would we save in cap and what could we do with that cap.
            I think the talk of “We absolutely should trade DK” is just as dumb as “there is no way we should trade DK.” The discussion is warranted. Obviously it matters how much cap space we gain, and what kind of compensation we can get. But it’s warranted.

            • Peter

              With respect JSN was good. I’m not sold that we saw talent to replace Metcalf…..yet.

              I’m not sure why all the talk about trading DK. I guess if we could get a first you have to consider it.

              I’d love to see DK in an offense that would use him like AJ brown is in. Maybe that’s the real problem. People think he should be a bigger producer and don’t know a guy like Brown is nearly getting targeted 1/3 of all passes. By the end of the year Brown could be looking at around 180 targets. Even if DK played today he was on pace for around 95 targets.

              So if we consider that this team is never going to use DK? Then sure.

  8. pdway

    Obviously not all against great competition – but thats three really strong games in a row for our defense. Can definitely feel a change in talent and energy. So nice to see a D playing w aggression and flying around – its been some low times the last few years.

    • Peter

      Yeah that’s been fun to watch. Witherspoon looking awesome and mafe low key coming on.

    • arias

      Three really strong games in a row against against the worst offense in the league (Bengals), the second-worst offense (Giants), and a 1-6 Cardinals team without Murray.

      It’s nice to see them dominate the worst, but that’s a low bar.

      • Peter

        Sure it’s making lemonade out of lemons but you can say the same thing for the opposing defenses in that time and this offensive can’t do anything that matters, score points, against crap teams.

        At least the defense is giving us life. Imagine this years offense with last year’s defense? We’d talking about “suck for luck,” levels of apathy on the team.

        P.s. still don’t have good rhymes for tanking teams and the matching qbs yet.

  9. Rob Staton

    Instant reaction article now up to go with the stream

    • Peter

      Late to the stream. Great stuff.

      Here’s the current pace and it’s not worth very few million at all:

      3378 yards

      19 tds

      11 ints

      67.7% completion.

      The nine wins mark is the only escalator that seems doable.

    • Jabroni-DC

      Geno to me is a $12-$18M/year player based on incentives reached. There are a lot of grossly overpaid QBs in the league. That doesn’t mean we have to do it too. If Geno were to become an UFA who else is going to pay him $30M+?

  10. Jabroni-DC

    Pretty cool to have 3 rookies with at least one TD so far this season.

  11. Justaguy

    This team is in the playoffs

    • BK26

      Probably. But let’s wait until they play someone to worry about that. They have played one team with a winning record and the Lions looked like they got exposed today. We’ve beaten some bad teams, and not easily.

      • Justaguy

        Not holding my breath. Merely stating facts

        • BK26

          Ah. Now I get it. As of today they are. Apologies, took it the wrong way. I’ve seen too many takes where we are all of a sudden the best defense, Genoa’s clutch, the team “has arrived.”

  12. Palatypus

    As for DK Metcalf not being featured. DK is not Drew Pearson, he’s Bob Hayes.

    As for Boye Mafe not being Maxx Crosby or Khalil Mack. Boye Mafe is not Lawrence Taylor, he’s Carl Banks.

    Yes, I am old.

    • David

      Absolutely great comp on DK!

  13. Sten

    Brooks looked really good this week, it’s hard to believe he’s the same guy that was whiffing on tackles left and right last year

    • pdway

      He’s playing so much better this year. I’ve criticized Bobby some (though he looked good today) – but have to give him some of the credit for Brooks’ improved play I think.

  14. Nick

    Do Seahawks pay Jordyn Brooks big money this offseason?

    Feels like LB, regardless, is a massive need in this upcoming draft.

  15. Erick

    30.M for Geno no way… He is a avarege Guy, not bad but not good…
    And 30.M its to mucho, they should give Lock the chance to play…
    Geno was a better player last year and he was more humble not force some passes, today we could had Lost like last week cause of bad decision of Geno…

  16. Palatypus

    Jalen Carter had a great flop to draw a penalty today.

    He must have learned it from his lawyer.

  17. Palatypus

    I would really like to see K9 and Charb evolve into a modern version of Curt Warner & John L. Williams/ Roiger Craig & Tom Rathman.

    Yes, I am old.

  18. Jabroni-DC

    Since we’re talking about the youth movement & who stays, who goes with limited 2024 cap space, here’s one path, attempting to be realistic about who Seattle will keep.

    Move Darrell Taylor at the trade deadline & give his snaps to Hall.

    2024 offseason;

    Cut Mone ($5.9M)
    Cut Dissly ($7M)
    Cut Diggs ($11M)
    Cut Bellore ($3.8M)

    Trade DK for Houston’s 2024 1st rd pick (via Cleveland) & something in 2025. (saves $1.5M)

    Seattle is projected to have $17,161,665 in total 2024 cap space ($4,539,235 effective space)
    After cuts & trades it’s now $46.36M ($33.7 effective space)
    That’s still chump change with a tiny bit of breathing room to make selective re-signs & check the bargain bin for vets.

    Re-sign TE Parkinson
    Re-sign OG Lewis

    Draft through rd 4. (subject to wild fluctuations of actual draft position)

    #24 (from HOU via CLE) Jeremiah Trotter Jr. LB Clemson
    #25 McKinnley Jackson, DT Texas A&M
    #57 Spencer Rattler, QB South Carolina
    #70 (from DEN) Brevyn Spann-Ford, TE Minnesota
    #89 Cedric Gray, LB North Carolina
    #125 Bryce Foster, OC Texas A&M

    Rattler can develop behind Geno in the hopes of becoming a great NFL QB down the road. Adams can keep whatever incriminating evidence he has on Pete locked in the safe deposit box for another season. The defense gets better, younger & faster. The offense says goodbye to DK, counting on Bobo & JSN to rise to the occasion. Spann-Ford pairs with Parko to keep a good TE duo. Foster can backup the IOL spots.

    • Palatypus

      That is a best-case scenario that doesn’t factor in the $20 Million the cap is probably going to grow if follows historical trends plus the new gambling revenue.

      But not a bad projection, otherwise.

      We are not trading DK. This is not a Russell Wilson situation. Russell Wilson didn’t have more testosterone in his system pound-for-pound than bull sharks and fire ants.

  19. BK26

    Rattler is going to probably be gone by pick 24, let alone late in the second round. Take the kid early if you are. No getting cheap and pushing it off. Can’t afford to any longer. He also would probably beat out Geno.

    And they are probably keeping DK no matter what.

    • Palatypus

      As someone who has attended the Senior Bowl game three times, and the practices four times in person since 2011, wherever you think players are going to be drafted right now are going to be upside down entering the combine.

      • BK26

        He’s the only guy I’d say that about right now. Everyone else hasn’t been impressive or will impress later. Other positions I haven’t watched. But Rattler has been easily the most consistent and impressive qb. I would LOVE to be wrong but I don’t think he makes it to wherever we pick. He’s done enough already in my opinion.

        • Spectator

          I am a huge fan of Rattler and hope we end up with him or Ewers. But I will bet money Rattler isn’t taken in the first round. He is NOT the model of consistency. He is on a bad team, which could be the cause. But it is very hard to argue he is consistent in many eyes. We also thought Levi’s was gonna be top 4… and Rattler doesn’t have the intangibles that Levi’s had. Rattler is only 6’1 and lighter. Isn’t the same athlete. And Levi’s still went round 2. Again, I really like Rattler. But I don’t think he goes round 1.

          • BK26

            I think no one has been more consistent, including Williams. Williams is out there doing whatever, improvising, and the defense is making him do it all, which can create bad tendencies (Russ at the end). Rattler is playing phenomenally on a really bad team and hasn’t dropped to that level. He’s a better passer than Levis and more natural. Levis pushed the ball and made mistakes that Rattler doesn’t. Number 1 qb recruit in his class for a reason.

            Other than Maye and Williams, I don’t think you can safely put someone ahead of him. Draft-wise or in terms of readiness

  20. cha

    Matt Calkins again has a read on things:

    “Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith has become about as dangerous to his own team as he is to opposing defenses”

    • Rob Staton

      He’s willing to talk about things many others aren’t. Fair play

      • cha

        And he’s getting lots of feedback for it.

        • Peter

          User-1234567 arguing against user-112345. Reads like someone going through a terrible health crisis.

        • Rob Staton

          Seahawks fans being delicate because someone talks about a relevant, not overly positive topic

          What a surprise

    • BK26

      Man that is refreshing to read from someone in the media.

  21. Gross MaToast


    I think if DK was going to be traded, the time to trade DK was before DK signed the extension. The savings with the trade is minimal, so I’m not sure what the point would be other than many are upset that he’s drawing dumb penalties out of his continued frustration that the ball’s not coming out when he wants it. You can’t replace DK. Seattle, despite arguments to the contrary, does not have a deep WR room. Lockett is on his last legs, JSN is a huge question mark and Bobo is potentially a nice complementary piece. DK is a show pony. If you want him to be better, get him a better QB.

    I’m guessing that at some point within the next month, we’re going to be openly questioning whether Geno should be benched for Lock. I, for one, would welcome an extended audition for Lock, at least let him show that he’s a career backup. They’d probably go back to Geno at some point, but at least Lock had a chance.

    Finally, I’m tired of the Seahawk unis. Please change them whoever’s in charge of that. Just going back to the classic would be fine. Thank you.

    • Peter

      My meh of the week. Continued talk about “3 starters on oline out!!!”

      No. It’s Lucas. That’s it. Just one guy. A great player. But just one. Brown was not a starter here before this year. And while good here in short viewing, was still not a world beating Center with center bona fides. Just a journeymen career guy and upgrade from blythe.

      And Haynes? He’s never been more than what he is now…oft injured.

      What this line lacks is reps. Not starters.

      • STTBM

        I think you’re wrong about Brown. He’s been one of the top C in the league, having given up no sacks and only a handful of pressures so far. He’s good in the run game, and I rarely see Seattle trying to block 3 guys with 2, as happened multiple times yesterday, when he is on field. He also played LG for a game and was just as good as Lewis, if not better.

        In our system, he’s perfect. He’s playing at a Pro Bowl level, and he can play G too. If he keeps this up, he’s a must resign.

        • UkAlex6674

          Exactly this.

          We dont need to have a world beating centre.

          Just everything STYBM outlines above.

          And thats part of the problem I feel when analysing this team. Not everyone has to be a star or an all-pro.

          • Peter

            While that’s true. I like Brown. I also like Olu. I’m not saying everyone needs to be pro bowl or better.

            I’m actually saying I’m tired about hearing about x amount of players out on the oline as an excuse when only Lucas out was a provable upgrade from their replacement.

            Brown out….but Olu isn’t bad. Might be good if given reps.

            Haynes out….but Bradford might be better.

            People like Wyman are acting like the gulf from good Brown to rookie Olu is as wide as Unger vs. Hunt. Or Haynes to Bradford is like switching Locklear to Gabe Jackson.

            And I contend its not.

        • Peter

          I like Evan Brown quite a bit. He’s started four games at center. So technically he is the starter. But the excuse making continues as if he was Unger on year 2,3,4 and he was an absolutely rock that we always counted on is getting tiring.

          I think they should resign him from what I’ve seen.

          I also don’t think the difference between Brown and Olu is all that far and I suppose the main difference is Brown got all or most of the reps through training camp while Olu and Bradford weren’t practicing as much together.

          My point stands mostly though. Haynes is on a one year deal and has never been a reliable starter so it’s hard to hear the crying about him out.

          • STTBM

            I liked Haynes, thought he’d step up and be The Man. But he hasn’t, and he’s always hurt. Bradford is the guy at RG, Lewis is LG, with Brown the next man up there IMO.

            Brown makes better adjustments on the line calls. That can swing a game. Olu is the future, but Brown might be a cheaper alternative to Lewis at LG going forward, or a swing player, depending on his market.

      • pdway

        starters or back-ups – – the O-line was terrible in the 2nd half against the bengals. Geno was bad too – but the O-line couldn’t block.

        Yesterday too – we had the ball 1st and goal from the 1, and ran it twice at a time where a TD ices the game – couldn’t gain an inch.

        • Peter

          The bengals game I’m putting on Waldron. Terrible RT and yet another oline line-up, sure let’s abandon the TE concepts.

          Yesterday I don’t know. First and goal at the one? I’m old fashioned and would put everyone that can move the pile in the game. If you don’t get that, to me that’s everyone’s fault.

          • ukalex6674

            Exactly this. I cringe watching teams passing on whatever and 1. Whatever happened to you v me and let the strongest win? It sends a statement.

            Get the big hogs in and give let the FB eat!

            • Justaguy

              Same could be said for the red zone play calling

  22. Henry Taylor

    I didn’t think it was worth getting too down on last week’s loss, nor do I think it’s worth getting to high on this win.

    Same thing as before, fantastic sign of progress by a defence that looks sustainably good and worryingly poor from an offense and a QB who does some great things but none of it matters if he keeps giving the ball away like that.

    And Jake Bobo is the man. What an awesome player. Good to see JSN do more as well.

    • Henry Taylor

      Oh and I’d like to shootout Jordyn Brooks, I thought he was flying to the ball, played much better this year as Bobby’s second fiddle. Impressive coming off an injury.

    • Peter

      I agreed with Rob and Robbie.

      1. It’s actually hard to look at this game and see what are the hawks even. Like last week as well.

      2. Alternately 6 games in if you don’t know what they are….they feels like a problem as well.

  23. Hawkdawg

    I swear I saw Taylor crash inside and lose contain on multiple plays, once again. Apparently, Wagner got in his grill after one of them and he rushed outside-in thereafter. I sure am tired of watching that dude act like a raw rookie, game after game, season after season….

  24. samprassultanofswat

    It is obvious that Geno Smith is NOT the answer. His decision making at times is less than stellar. Too many mistakes. Also he easily could have at least another 2 or 3 picks this year. Last year the Seahawks started the season at 6-3. Since then, including the playoff loss they are 7-7. The Seahawks red zone offense is not very good. Which is surprising considering they have two very good young running backs and plenty of pass receiving tight-ends. I will slightly give Geno the benefit of the doubt. Because of all the injuries along the offensive line. That might be a major reason why the Seahawks struggle in the red zone. The catch that Bobo made today was spectacular. Looks like he could be a red-zone option. Defense was outstanding. Nice to see. But Geno and his decision making is not going to take the Seahawks to the Promise land.

  25. JC3

    OL & QB should be the priority this off-season.

  26. Peanut

    I’m personally hella hyped for this defense, with its young stars and solid veterans. Give me a fiesty safety that doesn’t cost a top end QB, another field general at MLB and a demolisher at DT, i’d be set for a decade.

    Are we now in the days where the defense makes the stops, but the offense couldn’t score a redzone TD to save the earth?

    Final thought: If Geno Smith leads, and by leads i mean actually plays good and don’t get carried by a good defense, I’ll print out every QB scouting report sice 2020 and until 2024 and eat them with only pepper.

  27. Big Mike

    The answer to your question Rob is yes, Seahawk fans in particular and Seattle sports fans in general are delicate.

    • Kyle R

      Hey now Big Mike that hurts! You only should mention the positives about Seattle sports fans!!

      • Big Mike

        Good one man!

  28. GoHawksDani

    Let’s be real. WR2 should be Bobo and I’m not even joking.
    That kid is the best damn blocker on the whole team (just check out the JSN short pass/screen at the Q1 for example), he grabbed that TD beautifully, use leverage good, seems to have good hands. Yeah, he’s not quick or fast, but a good route runner and a perfect big WR that PC always wanted.
    DK is huge, fast, but his hands are sometimes good, sometimes not. And he’s hotheaded, always costing the team 15 yards. JSN didn’t show anything special. So yeah…I really hope Bobo gets WR2 or at least WR3 reps.
    And with Lockett, JSN, Bobo I’m perfectly fine trading DK for an early R2 or mid-late R1 and getting a rookie next year in R2/3/4 for depth.

    #21 started to look like a #5 recently. I was disappointed in his performance in the first 2-3 games, but he’s really stepping it up.

    Reed and Nwosu still play pretty good football. Brooks played well in this game too I think.
    Adams is also pretty good, although I hope they’ll trade him when the dead money allows them (if he plays like this to the end of the year and can stay healthy maybe they can get an R3/4 for him?)

    Overall I liked the defense, there were some bad tackling, but other than that, they played well.

    I like K9, but missed Charbonnet a lot…is he hurt?

    The offense was a bit flat and I mostly put that on Walrdon and Geno.
    Geno is far from a bad QB, but he’s a bit better than mediocre one. Not real good, not great.
    I’d be happy to keep him for 20-22mil but I don’t think he’s worth over 30m or more.

    There are good building blocks on this roster (K9, Char, Spoon, Woolen, Reed, Nwosu, Mafe, Bobo, JSN?, OL was decent too), but I’m not sure the coaches can elevate the roster, and there are some key pieces still missing imo.

    My guess is that this team won’t go for far, but thanks to some of the players, it’s an enjoyable ride while it lasts

  29. Big Mike

    I have a question form those of you that listen to games on radio: how the hell do you stand it with Wyman doing “color” to Raible’s play by play? Dude is utterly and completely abysmal. I had to listen on the radio driving back from my parents’ 70th wedding anniversary party (yes, freaking 70 years married!) and it was all I could do to not just turn it off. Blamed Geno’s fumble on the Center “cuz he’s a rookie” rather than look at the play and be objective. Steve tried to softly ease into the pick by Geno being a poor decision but Wyman was too busy singing the praises of someone else. Listening to this guy you’d think the Hawks were up 38-3 rather than being in danger of losing to a shit team. Raible deserves so much better. So do people that listen to the games.

    • Peter

      1. I don’t get the games where I live due to my ISP being a super small co-op and none of the “systems,” offering veiwing packages recognize my internet company.

      2. I also stopped watching regularly some time back because it was ruining my day. If I had watched yesterday the hardest 10 pt win it would bum me out all afternoon. I do watch nearly every game after folks.

      3. On to Wyman. My friend. It is actually hard. I’d love to joke about it but it’s only funny in a dark sense.

      – JA is so fast he runs himself out of the play
      – Bobby is having his best year ever. Well maybe not as good as year two or three, but…maybe…
      – regularly a play goes for a first down ( even yesterday) man Brooks is always there. I actually like brooks this year. But a first down is a first down and not to be praised dreamy eye’d like a school yard crush.
      – Diggs is playing his best ball yet. Next play a shoulder tackle bounce off and even Raible has to politely denounce it.

      If it didn’t keep me connected to the game and I could listen to any other play by play as easily I would.

      The kiro app is clean and fast and never cuts out on me.

      Wyman is trash. Glad you heard that rookie center comment. Olu has what, 1000 snaps over 4-5 years at a ton of programs in college. I know Geno is the favorite son but he’s been well and truly boneheaded this year. And it’s okay to not give him every single excuse under the sun.

      Back to the radio if the game is snug and filled with action whether close or high scoring just a snug battle it’s better. Slow, sloppy games like AZ or Bengals are trash. Wyman just gets in old man rambling mode and actually jams up the play calling.

      At least he stopped calling noah fant George which he did every single game last year.

      Btw…..70 years!!!! Holy cow that’s amazing.

      • Big Mike

        Thanks for all the great examples of his buffoonery.

    • Peter

      Btw you nailed it perfectly. You’d think we were crushing them and not what it was a game where one executed offensive drive by AZ, just one, and they might have had our number.

    • Romeo A57

      Yes, Seahawks Radio is a tough listen for objective fans. I listened to a few games last year while driving from Portland to Tacoma.

      Bumpus was the one who bothered me the most sticking up for all the Seahawks most mediocre of players.

      Wyman saying on multiple occasions that Cody Barton is a good player was pure comedy.

      It is pure State Radio just talking about how great the Seahawks are even though they ended up 9-9. Most Seahawks fans don’t want to hear anything negative about their team. They don’t understand how we could complain about a team that just won. Pete won a Superbowl 10 years ago and that is good enough for them.

      • Peter

        Robbie said on the stream all fans are delicate of their team. And that part is true. Having lived a lot of places NO sports media is worse than Seattle’s.

        I’ve never lived anywhere with a more boys club chumminess than Seattle. When I lived in Denver in the Tebow years those fans had brain worms but the media rarely got on board and would regularly say it like it was watching it unfold.

      • Chris

        Bump is the worst. Makes Wyman look like a Seahawk hater by comparison. Ex-players tend to have a hard time saying anything negative about a player or the organization, and he epitomizes that. If anything negative does happen to be said it’s always couched in an apology as if he’s breaking some kind of bro-code. It’s also amazing how little X and O’s he brings to the table, which is part of the point of having ex-players on. He doesn’t bring anything else either, no jokes, few stories, very little personality. Poor Stacy has to carry the show, and she doesn’t quite have it in her. Very poor man’s Mike Salk at best. At least it seems like she’s trying though. She’d be okay as a 2nd fiddle, but that show sucks.

    • cha

      There was plenty of it on the Fox broadcast as well.

      The color analyst was straining credibility hard with his hyperbole.

      Defenders like Adams and Wagner make routine tackles, they’re the greatest thing since sliced break. Adams whiffs on Dobbs on the third play of the game to extend that first Cardinal drive, they don’t even mention his name, let alone that he had a chance to kill a drive and missed it.

      • TomLPDX

        I hate it when Velma is the TV color analyst for Hawks games. He sucks.

    • IHeartTacoma

      To be fair, I can’t think of one football color analyst that I like. I wonder if the whole football coverage schtick is due for reinvention?
      I wouldn’t mind cutting the “analysis” way back and just go with good play by play. Let the audience see or visualize for themselves what happened. For god’s sake, on television, get rid of the panels of unfunny geriatrics talking with their hands.
      I guess what I’m saying is give me Gus Johnson and skip the rest.

      But most of all love to your parents, 70 years is really something.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Cheers and congrats to your parents Big Mike!

  30. Bruno

    I too was annoyed by the radio broadcast. Their calls were not in sync with the action. Dave’s color was overlapping the start of the next play. Raible’s play-by-play detail is fading and not on par with most other announcers.

    • Peter

      Aside from busting Dave’s chops about his takes this is the real issue. He just keeps talking sometimes all the way through snap to whistle.

  31. SeaTown

    I’m the biggest critic out there, but what I have come to realize over my many years of watching football is that you don’t want to peak too early. The defense seems, I say seems, to have turned a corner. The offense is not there yet. However, I would rather have both sides of the ball getting better each week and winning rather than peaking eartly then fading away late.

    Let’s get Abe Lucas and DK back. Let’s see the starting O Line in tact and then hope that the offense finds a groove. Go back to 2013. That offense was poor for many games that year. Geez go back and watch that Monday night game in St Louis. Brutal. The Tampa game at home? Brutal. But they won. Now let’s hope the O and D keep building and come together.

    • cha

      Just be careful about saying ‘the defense has turned a corner.’ They’ve played the Giants and Cardinals, and Joe Burrow clearly was not having a good game. Yes they took advantage and made the plays they needed to.

      But this reminds me of last year. In the second quarter the defense busted through and was awesome.,Successes,-1.Defense%3A

      The next quarter, they absolutely collapsed and made me beg them to fix it.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        100% cha I agree. The opponents haven’t been, shall we say, “challenging”

        But, good squads beat the teams they should. That didn’t happen in the opener vs the Rams offense. They have done that pretty well since then.

        Also, and for me this is the key, we’re starting to see individuals step up into their potential, and we’re starting to see that “team dawg” mentality — tacklers homing in on on the ball in swarms.

        Lot’s to be encouraged about as we head into a difficult stretch of games.

        • Peter

          I’m going to stay pumped about the defense for as long as I can. Witherspoon not getting DROY because it was given to Carter in junior high school and his own teammates thwarting him still doesn’t take away from how awesome he has been.

          Reed playing like it’s 2016.

          Mafe Low key just stacking the production.

          Brooks greatly improved playing in his more natural area.

          • pdway

            same here….part of this is to enjoy the good moments too…..

            • Peter


            • Gaux Hawks


          • Big Mike

            Witherspoon is the player they envisioned Adams would be in the role they envisioned for Adams isn’t he?

            • Peter

              Yep. And it is awesome.

              If I’m feeling low I’m just going to rewatch witherspoon tackle players into different dimensions.

              • Gaux Hawks

                does feel good to see the young guys “stacking” positive plays

                just need JS to draft his QB

                • Peter

                  2 for 2 on great drafting. Let’s hope this trend continues.

    • Simo

      Good post, I agree with what you are saying. Let’s try to work out the kinks and get better each week, although it would be nice to see them click a bit more on offense six games into the season!

      I certainly agree that they need their starting offensive line back together in hopes this provides the stability and security Geno needs. It’s clear he’s not anything like the better QB’s who always seem to do more with less, and improvise brilliantly! He needs all the help he can get!

      I do like how the defense has responded after starting so poorly, although the Cardinals are not an offense that scares anyone. Keep getting better though!

      I’m already with Rob on looking for a new QB. Geno isn’t going to magically be more than he routinely shows, and $30-40m is way to much for what he’s showing!

  32. Blitzy the Clown

    You wanted More Bobo?

    Here ya go!

    PFF SEA Seahawks @PFF_Seahawks

    Jake Bobo: 88.5 PFF Grade vs. the Cardinals

    1st among all Seattle players 😤

  33. Blitzy the Clown

    Other than Ryan Neal, do we really miss any of the other defensive cuts from last season?

  34. dahveed

    Geno is a Bridge~ I disagree
    This offence is scuffling right know but Geno is just A part not the Reson why all

    i would like to see a qB drafted and developed but I think Geno is acually really good
    Look around the Nfl at all the top Dogs at Qb they scuffle and then find thier stride as a team that is good you want your defense to pick up the slack.What I want is Red zone stategy .

    • Rob Staton

      So if he isn’t a bridge, you think he’s the man to lead us to where we want to be?

      I disagree strongly with that

      • dahveed

        There is a long list of QBs who won playoffs and Superbowls that were not Elite. Really Good is what you need ,

        • BK26

          Take out the ones with generational defenses or the best roster top to bottom and see what is left.

          We don’t have really good. We have fine. We have a guy that has reached his ceiling. We have arguably the deepest, most talented offense in the league and have looked lost more often than not.

          I don’t understand the settling for this. Week in and week out we watch this team just go along and get by. If we waste these last two draft classes with this mediocrity, it will be a loooooong rebuild.

    • Peter

      If Geno is not a bridge than what is he?

      If he needs 5/5 oline starters, better play calling at the redzone, all the weapons humming to get back to where he was the first half of *last* season wouldn’t his 31 million be better spent on more special players and just get a rookie?

      A great qb or even a really good one needs to overcome some things.

      Whether it was just the LOB and beast mode or not, Wilson was actually more efficient with points for and turnovers against and the team paid him a few million for his services to get to nfc championship games because everything else was all world.

      I don’t see the merit in paying 31 or more million for someone who needs everything set for him.

      I know fans don’t want to hear it but I wouldn’t want our team to pay cousins, goff, or this version of Wilson ( who repeatedly gets talked about benching but somehow is on track to have a significantly better season with crap weapons and a crap oline) anymore than I want them to pay Geno medium high bucks to be less productive than the qbs I listed.

    • Romeo A57

      Geno is a bang average Quarterback. He looks good compared to Dobbs or Dalton, but he is not special and doesn’t see the field well.

      His carrer is much worse than Mayfield, Prescott, Cousins, Garrapolo or Carr and those Quarterbacks are criticized all the time for not being good enough.

      Thr goal is to be a perennial Superbowl Contender and you need an elite QB for that. Too many Seattle fans just want to settle for good enough. As long as the team is near .500 it is good enough

      • Big Mike

        Too many Seattle fans just want to settle for good enough. As long as the team is near .500 it is good enough


      • dahveed

        I just didagree respectfully ….look around the league ..Qbs are up and down , Look at Hurts and Tua..Buffalos qb and the Chargers…these guys are cream of the crop and all have multiple bad games. My point is this..Geno will Progess and Digress beacuase he is a good QB

        • Gritty Hawk

          I don’t think there’s really any argument to be made that he’s any better than an average QB. Over his last 17 games, he has a passer rating of 95.8 and AY/A of 7.2. That rating would be good for 9th last year or 11th this year. Likewise, that AY/A would be 11th this year or 12th last year. Mind you, I still would not rank him ahead of guys like Burrow or Hurts who are just having bad years.

          His total stat line over 17 games is 4,211 yards with 28 TD and 13 INT. If that isn’t average, I’m not sure what is. He’s definitely in the top half of the league but he’s a far cry from “really good”. He’s a guy who will be in that 10-15 range with some great games and some huge stinkers. He cannot rise to the occasion in big moments, and he certainly isn’t elevating the play of the team. He’s a less accomplished version of Kirk Cousins who is good enough to get you 7-9 wins a year.

    • Mick

      After 2015, Wilson never had the roster that Geno has now and he kept us there. That’s a really good QB, not Geno.

  35. Zane

    With Geno’s current form, the murder’s row of defenses we’re about to face is terrifying:

    – Cleveland
    – Baltimore
    – Dallas
    – San Fran (2x)
    – Pittsburgh
    – Philadelphia

    Dear lord help us

    • Romeo A57

      Cleveland didn’t look great yesterday, but Philadelphia shut down Miami’s offense. Look what Baltimore did to Detroit.

      After all of those games let’s see how many fans are still excited about Geno.

      • Big Mike

        Likely those numbers go down if not plummet

      • cha

        Judging by the amount of pushback we received this offseason over his 2nd half regression, the potential DUI and suspension, turnover worthy plays, and the logical reasoning that the Seahawks cannot give him a massive contract extension, I’d say the excuse-makers would still be out in full force no matter what.

        • Peter

          Yep. It’s narrow minded of me to think about how many tds to ints a qb has. . An actual comment to me on another hawks site.

          It’s a terrible way to view the game. 31 million is fine.

          From the same fans that at week three were telling me about that top five offense. And our qb is a probowl player. But this year that doesn’t matter.

          It’s like the five stages of grief. Bargaining: what if k9’s tds were throws from Geno. Another comment to me.

          What the actual….. is going on, folks?

    • Peter

      I’m with Robbie that I still don’t know what this team is.

      Opposing teams’ overall record first six games:


      Wins against AZ, Carolina, Giants. Most likely three teams picking ( minus Carolina not having their pick) top five.

      Opposing teams’ overall record next 11 games:

      42-29. AZ and Titans thus far are the only true duds up next. Games against Browns who don’t even need a qb be to 4-2. Ravens might be brutal and that’s before the “hard,” part of the schedule.

  36. BobbyK

    So many things looking up moving forward… yet we’re stuck with Geno Smith. Spoon gives us glimpses of what it once was and could be again… but when Geno Smith is your QB you know you’re not going to a Super Bowl. We need a rookie QB coming in on a rookie contract… then I can get excited again.

    • ukalex6674

      Not so sure we should all assume getting a rookie QB will suddenly elevate this team to the level we all want.

      • Peter

        Well the expensive qb didn’t do it.

        The journeymen to mid tier player isn’t doing it it.

        If not a rookie then what? More weapons, a different OC to solve this red zone mess? Wait and hope all the oline comes back? What if it doesn’t? Try again and hope that’s perfect and injury free next year?

  37. samprassultanofswat

    Coming into this season. I had such high hopes for the offense. Even though the Hawks won. Somehow it feels like a defeat. Now part of the reason has been injuries along the offensive line. But let’s face it. Geno Smith’s decision making is a major concern.

    • Jo

      An actual starting quarterback might help? I’m sorry you’re under the impression Geno is anything more then ridiculously overpaid bridge quarterback. He isn’t worth more then 12-18 million full stop go and no $200.00.

  38. Jo

    Who’s dumb idea is “lets trade DK?”

    • Peter

      People want DK to produce like a true number one though he’s only ever had one season with that level if targets.

      “Why can’t DK be aj brown, cupp, etc?!?”

      Well. 6 targets a game to nearly 11 targets a game for the top recievers is a big part of the problem.

    • Troy

      I’m not in favor of trading DK personally, but what certainly is dumb JO is to say its dumb to trade DK without any further discussion.

      WR appears to be a strength of the hawks with Lockett/JSN/Bobo/DK. IF you can get a great return, you have to consider it. If someone offers you a first round pick +, the conversation has to be had.

      DK has done a lot well with his time here, but he has also unfortunately consistently had drops, had costly mental lapses/penalties, and hasn’t truly turned into the #1 his contract is paying him to be.

      In my mind, if trading DK grants you YOUR DESIRED QB of the future, you make the deal.

    • Ashish

      I will trade DK to get QB next year in a heartbeat. DK is a great player in patches but his behavior is BS and not a team player.

    • GoHawksDani

      If getting rid off Geno is OK because he’s average or a bit above avg because of the money and not living up to QBOTF why is stupid to trade DK for good return (not next year, when it’s worth money-wise also) who has some good games and also games where he just disappears and games where he is an issue for the Hawks?

      He’s a slightly above avg WR in the body of a greek god. And it doesn’t seem like he is going forward with his game or mentally.

      As for why trade HIM? Which other position is moderately deep, can be filled relatively easily and has enough talent that we can give up one guy?

  39. cha

    PC says on the Geno red zone interception, terrible throw competitiveness got the better of him.

    Also points out that Jake Bobo should have done more to help his QB but getting open / scramble drill more.

    • pdway

      re-watched the extended game highlights. Geno made some great throws in this game – both of the long ones to Bobo, a tight window throw to Fant. but you just can’t throw red zone picks – literally takes points off the board – no excuse.

    • Jo

      Pete needs to retire I’m tired of him protecting average quarterbacks at the expense of the team. You think he would have learned I guess not.

    • Big Mike

      You’re in part covering for an absolutely inexcusable mistake Pete. Why not hold your “leader” Geno accountable publicly? Maybe he’d respond and actually quit making mistakes like that.

      • pdway

        disagree w you here – the place to do it is in person, in the locker room. coaches who call out players in the media, lose the team pretty quickly I think.

        • Big Mike

          What I meant was why even bring Bobo into the convo? Saying Geno’s mistake was a result of competitiveness getting the better of him is fine to say publicly. It gives a positive reason for a negative result and publicly, I get that.. However even though it’s likely true, shifting part of the blame to Jake PUBLICLY is imo the wrong approach and deflecting for Geno.

          • cha

            Personally, I liked that PC criticized Bobo a little, and publicly. He’s ascended to Seattle folk-hero in record time and fans cannot see him doing anything wrong and are jokingly fitting him for a gold jacket not even halfway through his first season (I’ve made those jokes as well). Take a little shine off that rookie, coach.

            What bothers me about no attention on the Geno mistake, is all last week, all we heard is Geno telling the press he’s at fault for those horrible decisions in the Bengals game. That he told the team it’s on him. That players like Bobby Wagner told the press Geno won a lot of credibility for calling himself out. He’s wonderful, etc.

            And then he goes out Sunday and essentially does the exact same thing. Truly awful decisions to make a game that should have been a blowout much more closer than it should have been.

            You earn credibility by not repeating those awful mistakes and working on those tendencies. If you keep making the same mistakes over and over again, it is extremely hard to point to the accurate passes as proof that “he’s doing mostly a good job” and the team won so it’s just sour grapes talking about these critical areas that leave the team wide open when the rubber meets the road down the stretch.

            • Peter

              Take the first paragraph and change Bobo to Geno and rookie for 10 year veteran.

              I hope folks are joking about Bobo-sanity. He’s fun but let’s see him get to Baldwins level first.

              • GoHawksDani

                I think Bobo is an OK receiver…but I can’t think of a WR or a TE who blocked like him in the last 3-4-5 years. And we really need that for screens and run game especially

            • Troy D

              I thought the same Cha. I felt Pete challenging the TD throw was more him backing his young player than it was him thinking he would actually win the challenge. Obviously thoughtt he could but I felt he was backing a great play even if it was an inch wide at the time.

              Keeping Bobo grounded cause the reason he is where he is at is he is willing to outwork people. Honestly feeling some Jurevicius vibes with him when

              Geno looks and I mean that he LOOKS like he is having a crisis in confidence. You can see his facial expressions which is refreshing to see more than justt getting angry on the sidelines like most players but its also worrying since the opposition knows they are in your head or atleast got you into your own head (more likely the case).

  40. Jo

    Purdy is exactly the type of quarterback he’s desperate for but he won’t ever be willing to be terrible like San Francisco for years at a time to build a team around a Purdy 1 in a million pick by the way. Always compete or actually always be 8-9/9-8.

  41. JimQ

    RE: Wyman. I agree with the above completely. Wyman only wants to talk about LB play ONLY, that must be all he knows. IMO- He is okay as a casual, commentor but has no business being a “color” commentator. Raible is good, compared to many of the network guys so I always mute the TV and listen to the radio broadcast (often the TV is behind the radio by 5-10 seconds), so I then know where to focus my attention on every play.

    As an MLB – -60+ years ago I was taught to watch the initial snap from center. If he stands up and moves forward or sideways at all, it’s likely a running play. If he stands straight up an goes backward at all, it’s most likely a passing play 9 times out of 10. However, modern day run/pass options are a bit trickier to diagnose and may lower those outcomes.

    • Peter

      He was a LB but at some point you have to cover other stuff. I like Brooks this year….but his gushing about him can get cringey.

  42. cha

    Titans just traded safety Kevin Byard to the Eagles.

    Philly aint messing around.

    • pdway

      they are a crazy loaded roster….most talented on paper since ours in ’13?

      I have no Carter regrets at all – but he’s also really good.

      • cha

        Just FYI, they have financed something like $180 million of future dead cap to make this roster happen.

        • Jabroni-DC

          If you have a Mahomes, Brady, Brees, Rodgers, Wilson, etc (in their prime) then you can afford to be patient with the roster & plan accordingly to keep the ‘window’ open.

          If you don’t then you pull a Rams, Eagles & shoot for the moon, title or bust, consequences be damned.

  43. Pran

    Jets Geno:

    Against Bengals: two 4th down attempts in Red zone, takes sacks instead of throwing to give the receiver a chance to win the game.
    Against Cardinals: Throws a red zone INT when there is neither urgency nor necessity instead of taking a sack or run…

    You cant win meaningful games with him at the center as you never know which Geno shows up and makes the playcaller life a hell lot harder. he is decent but that’s about it..

  44. Gaux Hawks

    Cha, what happens to Bryan Mone’s cap hit/contract if he stays on PUP all year?

    • cha

      NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement
      Article 20
      Other Provisions

      Section 2. Physically Unable to Perform
      Any player placed on a Physically Unable to Perform list (“PUP”) will be paid his full Paragraph 5 Salary while on such list.

  45. Blitzy the Clown

    To me, the curious thing about Geno is although he’s generally a League average QB, he goes about getting there rather manically. Mostly excellent play like this, but brought back down to earth by increasing mistakes in multiple facets of his game.

    Next Gen Stats @NextGenStats

    Geno Smith & Jake Bobo (18-yd TD)

    🔹 Air Distance: 42.3 yds
    🔹 Target Separation: 0.4 yds
    🔹 Completion Probability: 15.9%*

    The completion was the most improbable touchdown pass of the season.

    #AZvsSEA | #Seahawks

    • Palatypus

      I heard Brandon Perna say that Kenneth Walker III was the only 100-yard rusher this weekend, but I need to fact check it.

  46. cha

    Just in case you need to spice up a trade deadline conversation.

    • Trevor

      DK for Johnathan Allen. Which team says no?

  47. Volume12

    I know Prez ain’t popular in these neck of the woods but I’m loving the energy him and Spoon are not only giving to each other but the rest of this defense is feeding off of it as well. Brooks looked inspired yesterday. Not a coincidence Rerd has played like he has either.

    Let’s see what they can do w/ the meat of their schedule coming up but I dont think I’m crazy in saying that right now? I get a lot of 2012 Seahawks defense watching this unit. Just a year and a couple pieces away from being truly elite.

    • Peter

      Hands up for me. I like the energy.

      That’s not the problem though is it?

      It’s the 18 million then 27 million cap hits for energy. I need a TON more than energy for 27 million next year.

      He needs to play like witherspoon+ for 27 million.

    • LouCityHawk

      Overblown rumor, people conflate hating the trade and extension with hating the player.

      The trade was a disaster. The contract an abomination.

      That doesn’t mean I and others here don’t like the player, heck some love him. They just wish resources were allocated differently.

      • pdway

        I think that’s right – both things can be true. He’ll never be worth what we gave up for him in the trade, and the contract is an overpay – – but, for me at least, that’s a problem to tackle in the off-season. Right here and now – he’s been additive since he came back – both in his energy and his play. Keeping him up around the line of scrimmage is a good thing – he’s good at getting penetration, and helps make tackles in the run game. Once you divorce him in your mind from the trade/contract – he’s not nearly as hard to like.

      • Rob Staton

        100% correct, LouCityHawk

      • jo

        This is my position exactly. I like Jamal but that contract is ridiculous and the extension insane.

    • Big Mike

      As Robbie put it on the stream after the game, he’s no longer a detriment. Progress I suppose but as you said, is that what an 18 and then 27 per year player should be producing?

      Are we so “delicate” that we are happy or at least OK with Adams no longer a detriment?

      • BK26

        Even worse part: Witherspoon is EXACTLY what Jamal was supposed to be. As far as I’m concerned, there is your spark for the defense. Jamal is holding down a starting spot and being a general positive on the field. Reed, Spoon, and Bobby to a degree are what I’m seeing as the driving force.

  48. ShowMeYourHawk

    Looks like CLE will be without Jerome Ford. It’ll be the Kareem Hunt show.

  49. Blitzy the Clown

    This sucks

    Dugar, Michael-Shawn @MikeDugar

    Uchenna Nwosu has a pec injury that’ll require surgery, Pete says. Surgery would mean Uchenna would be out for the year, Pete says

    3:28 PM · Oct 23, 2023

    • Big Mike

      Totally sucks 🙂

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Bummer. Nwosu was the best pass rusher we’ve had, even with Mafe showing improvement. At least this happened before the trade deadline….

  50. dragonhawk

    More Bobo less DK drama

  51. cha

    Geno Smith Escalator Check

    There’s $15m on the table for Geno to gain in escalators next year. What does he need to do over the next 11 games to get them?

    Passing Yards (4,282) Total through 6G: 1391. Need through last 11:2891 or 263 YPG (done that 14x in 23G)

    Passing Touchdowns (30) Total through 6G: 7. Need through last 11: 23 or 2.09 TDPG (done that 14x in 23G)

    Completion % (69.8) Rating through 6G: 68.6 Need through last 11: Avg 70.7% completion if he maintains passes per game avg through 6. (done that 10x in 23G)

    Passer Rating (100.9) Rating through 6G: 93.6 Need through last 11: Avg 104.88 (done that 10x in 23G)

    Wins (9) Through 6G: 4 wins. Need to win 5 of final 11

    Additional $5M escalator if all 5 categories are exceeded in a season

    The $2m for the 9 wins seems the only reachable escalator at this point. Geno would need to reach and maintain career-best levels for the last 11 games to activate any of others, let alone get the all the other 4 and gain the extra $5m for clearing them all.

    • dragonhawk

      Seems like having these escalators is having a negative effect on him?

      • Rob Staton

        It’s a line worth considering

      • Jed Simon

        O-line upheaval has put serious downward pressure on all of Geno’s contractual metrics, and this has to be pissing him off something fierce. He did choose to sign the contract, so there’s not much to be said but that the injury situation has been bad luck for him. However, I could imagine him feeling a bit of resentment toward the Seahawks for their insistence on including performance measurables that are dependent on team health remaining within the normal range. Umpteen different o-line combinations in six games and more running backs in the tub than on the field tell me that team health has not remained within the normal range—and as a result, something entirely beyond Geno’s control has all but assured him of failing to reach even one of his four individual performance markers.

        If I were Geno, one thing I might try in order to sooth any nagging resentment that might be creeping into my psyche would be to stop blowing off wide-ass open receivers and start taking advantage of the plays that are available, whatever patchwork lineup might be in front of me. If nothing else, this could at least help distract me from the endless thoughts of vanishing millions.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s very much looking like the max cap hit will be worth $33.1m

      • cha

        The 4 INT are absolute killers. Huge drain on his numbers.

        He completes those throws and his Comp jumps to 70.7%, his QBR jumps significantly and probably has a couple more TDs.

  52. Jo

    Will John be allowed to trade up for Rattler? He’s pretty much tailor made for us especially if we go with Geno in 2024.

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