Curtis Allen’s week seventeen watch-notes (vs Steelers)

This is a guest post by Curtis Allen…

The Seahawks have been playing in playoff-caliber games since Week Eleven. In that stretch they’ve gone 2-4, with two close losses and two not-close losses.

However, the wins have obviously come in the last two games and the team is building momentum to finish out another season, hopefully on a strong note.

Coming to town are the Pittsburgh Steelers, who have also sandwiched some wins around some very frustrating losses and are fighting for their playoff lives as a result.

The Steelers present a challenge not unlike last week’s opponent, the Tennessee Titans. They are physical, well-coached and they run the ball liberally. A win for Seattle will not come easily. However, Pete Carroll has talked through a very tough stretch of games the last few weeks, insisting the Seahawks are ‘battle-tested’ for this.

What will make that assertion a correct one?

Stop the Run and Make the Steeler Offense One-Dimensional

Listen, if I were writing a Steelers Watch Points post, point #1 would be to attack the Seahawks in the running game. Pittsburgh still has an unsure situation at quarterback and the Seahawks are vulnerable there. How vulnerable?

It is downright ugly. In the last five games, the Seahawks have given up an average of 164 yards on the ground, a robust 5.14 yards per rush, nine rushing touchdowns and a whopping 50 first downs. What’s more, the defense has not once stripped the ball on a running play in that stretch.

The Steelers are a league-average team on the ground, in terms of yards per attempt and yards gained per game. However, there is one stat that they are highly proficient in, one that spells trouble for the Seahawks: Broken Tackles.

Najee Harris (24 Broken Tackles) and Jaylen Warren (20) are two of the league’s best in the running game, ranking #2 and #4 in the NFL. They also have another 12 Broken Tackles between them in the passing game.

This is a particular vulnerability for the Seahawks, as they are once again one of the NFL’s worst tackling teams, with 107 missed tackles through 15 games. The trend is not being corrected – in that same recent five-game stretch they have actually gotten worse, with 42 missed tackles.

Typically, Harris is called in more for runs than Warren is but they both are comfortable attacking the interior of the defense and focusing on the outside edges as well. The defense will need a disciplined, coordinated effort to contain the run. Devin Bush will see plenty of snaps with Jordyn Brooks ruled out for the game. A big game against his old mates would be just what the doctor ordered.

The Steelers running backs bring toughness on every play. The Seahawks defense will need to match it in order to control this one.

Mason Rudolph had a great game last week but there are reasonable questions being asked of whether he can replicate that performance in back-to-back weeks. The most sensible game plan would be to lean heavily on the run game, build in some safe throws and occasionally take a shot to George Pickens or Diontae Johnson.

The Seahawks need to disrupt that plan and put the Steelers into tough situations on third down, where they are very poor this year, standing at #25 in the NFL. As a team, their quarterbacks have a 53.9% completion rate on third downs. If they have longer third downs where they cannot just dump the ball off to Warren or Harris to gain the three yards they need, the Seahawks will have a better chance for success.

A good day defending the run would be a huge breath of fresh air for this team. If they want to make any noise in the playoffs, they must be better. It starts with this game.

Avoid Mistakes

Last week the Steelers had an impressive win over the Bengals to sweep their season series. Mason Rudolph had a blast throwing to George Pickins and T.J. Watt was causing trouble. They deserved the win.

That said, Jake Browning’s three interceptions helped them along greatly. They scored 17 points – making each interception pay dividends – and one of the Steeler interceptions was in their own end zone, so they likely took at least three points off the Bengals’ board with the turnover.

In a game they won by 23 points, that was the main difference.

What manner of interceptions were they? Browning made some terrible decisions, with throws that demonstrated why he has been a backup for so long.

Geno Smith had a good game last week against Tennessee, with no real poor throws or other big mistakes. He will need to keep that going in order to win this game.

The Steelers are one of the league’s best in Turnover Differential, at +10. The Seahawks are in the middle of the pack at +3, a stark difference.

Also, penalties could well determine the outcome of the game. Once again, the Seahawks are one of the league’s worst, ranking tied for #30 with 107 flags so far this year. The Steelers? Tied for #8 with only 79. The Seahawks have seemed to struggled to adjust to the officiating updates the NFL made this year. They need to have as clean a game as possible in order to not sidetrack their efforts.

Turnovers and penalties. The Steelers are good, the Seahawks are not. Flipping that – or even just holding them to a draw – in those two categories may mean a playoff berth for the Seahawks.

Attack the Middle of the Field in the Passing Game

The Steelers come into Seattle in an absolutely dreadful position with their safeties.

Minkah Fitzpatrick and Trenton Thompson have been ruled out with injuries for the third week in a row. Keanu Neal is on IR. Damontae Kazee was suspended for the rest of the season two weeks ago.

The opposition has noticed. Even though Jake Browning threw three interceptions last week, he still ended the game with 335 yards passing, including this beauty:

On that play, Linebacker Mykal Walker is playing the wrong coverage and realizes it too late. Eric Rowe cannot find the proper angle to match Higgins’ speed and the play is basically over 70 yards away from the end zone.

Do the Seahawks have that club in their bag? They do:

Shane Waldron and Geno Smith need to regularly and mercilessly attack this zone of the field when they want to pass the ball. It is too juicy a target and the Seahawks have a multiplicity of great options to employ, from the three great wide receivers to tall targets in seam routes like Colby Parkinson and Jake Bobo (remember him?).

Jake Browning’s three interceptions did not come from smart, athletic plays by the defenders. They were poor.

In contrast, one of Geno Smith’s best weapons is his downfield accuracy. If they can regularly attack this area with quick slants that keep the pass rush at bay and gain chunks of yards – all the while putting pressure on the Steelers offense to keep up – it could make the day a very profitable one for the team.

They will still need to devote a hearty portion of the offensive plan to the run game (more on that below) but when they do want to pass between the numbers, in both the short and deep passing game, is precisely where they need to attack.

Do Not Let T.J. Watt Flip the Field

Watt is one of the few defenders that can regularly change the game in a hurry.

He has played the Seahawks twice in his career. In those two games, he has produced three passes defensed, three sacks, 13 tackles with four for a loss, three quarterback hits and two forced fumbles — including this one to win the game in Overtime in 2021:

Some of Browning’s poor throws last week were under duress from Watt (and Alex Highsmith).

So, on the protection side, the Seahawks will need Abe Lucas to do all he can to keep Watt under control in this game. A quiet game for Watt would go a very long way to making this offense work.

However, Geno Smith will also have to do his part by reading the pressure, checking to the correct plays, and either delivering the ball quickly to his receivers or using his feet to create time for them to uncover.

Interestingly, stats do not necessarily always make the game. Against the Colts two weeks ago, Watt recorded two sacks, two tackles for loss and two quarterback hits in a beastly effort on the stat sheet. Yet the Colts won the game by 17 points. How? Three turnovers by Mitch Trubisky and the Steelers offense surely helped. But a big part of the story is the Colts took Watt out of the game. All of his stats were collected in the first quarter and early in the second and he was quiet for the rest of the day.

How did they do it? They must have had a beast at Right Tackle tangling with Watt all day long, right?

No. They lined up fourth-round rookie Blake Freeland over Watt at Right Tackle, he of the 45.2 PFF grade this season.

So that’s not it. What wizardry did Shane Steichen imagine up to handle Watt? The Colts’ website tells us:

“The offensive line did a heck of a job protecting for him. He got the ball out of his hands quick,” head coach Shane Steichen said. “Just clean, precise decision making, knowing where to go with the football and then making the plays that he did. That big third down to (Michael) Pittman Jr. getting out of the pocket, that was a heck of an individual effort by him making that play – kind of directing Pitt to go deep there to hit that chunk play. Managing the game, the operation, obviously taking care of the football was huge going into that game. We didn’t want T.J. Watt obviously to wreck that game.”

Over the Colts’ final seven possessions, Watt was credited with no sacks, no quarterback hits and a single quarterback pressure; his lone tackle in 16 run defense snaps came in the first quarter.

On a quarter of those run plays, Freeland didn’t engage as a run blocker and simply routed Watt upfield – giving the rookie a breather but also taking Watt completely out of a play. When the Colts did block Watt on run plays, they got creative: Left guard Quenton Nelson pulled and stonewalled him; tight end Kylen Granson sprinted across the formation for a cut block; perhaps most impressively, tight end Drew Ogletree locked up Watt one-on-one to help spring Tyler Goodson’s 31-yard rush in the third quarter.

And then Steichen calling 13 consecutive run plays in the second half sapped the energy out of not only Watt but the Steelers’ defense.

“Certainly that progression in the game, running it over and over and over, wears them down,” center Ryan Kelly said. “They don’t want to keep getting up off the ground and do the same thing over again knowing it’s going to happen. It’s a real special feeling.”

Tight end Mo Alie-Cox said the Colts emphasized wearing Watt down and making things as difficult as possible on the three-time first-team AP All-Pro. On passing plays, Watt was frequently chipped by a tight end – like when Ogletree chipped him on Alie Cox’s third quarter touchdown, with Minshew releasing his throw before Freeland could even get his hands on Watt.

So even while Watt got on the board with those two early sacks, the Colts made sure he didn’t wreck the game in bigger situations as the evening progressed.

“He had a sack early,” Alie-Cox said, “but over the course of the game we did a good job taking him out of it.”

There you have it. Brilliant coaching with a plan to focus on the opposition’s best player and take him out of the game.

To summarize:

1. Geno Smith will need to get the ball out quickly and create with his feet

2. The Seahawks will need to rely on the run game to wear him down and take him out of Pass Rush Mode

3. Using Tight Ends to chip and players like Zach Charbonnet to double-team on passing downs will be critical


  1. Hawksorhiking?

    Great write up! Hope we can carry the momentum of the past weeks game-winning drives into a full game of consistently driving down the field and putting points on the board. Go Seahawks !!!

    • Peter

      I’ve been begging for a game against a medium tier or better opponent where we took care of business.

      Game winning drives are fun until they are not…second Rams game this year.

  2. Mick

    Well done cha! I would be happy to see Geno take risks and throw a few interceptions if that also means we score 4 TDs. It’s about time Dissly shows why we pay him so much and gives a big hand against Watt. And in the D I hope we won’t miss Jordyn too much. I am moderately optimistic today.

    • Peter

      Hope Bush’s enthusiasm for playing against his old team has him have a great game.

  3. AlaskaHawk

    Considering the Seahawks poor performance in the run game and that the Stealers safeties are out I believe the key is to throw that ball until your two scores ahead of them. Then grind it out with the run game.

    • Peter

      Got to be a little careful with wily vet and future HOF’er Patrick Petesin talking about how much he enjoyed the move to safety, just last week, and how he thinks it can revitalize and rejuvenate his career.

      Bad safeties indeed but I’m putting him in the be cautious category when throwing towards him.

  4. IHeartTacoma

    Brilliant as usual Cha. Thanks for everything you do.

    What a high quality site this is.

    Happy New Year everyone. Keep the smart content and comments coming.

    • Big Mike

      You left out the part where the Seahawks will have to overcome the officiating. After last night it’s clear the NFL has agendas and they are going to try to carry them out. I think we all know who the team that the NFL would most like to see in the playoffs between Seattle and Pittsburgh.

      Thanks for your as always outstanding write up cha.

      • Peter

        Fairly pathetic way to decide a game last night.

        Unless Seattle is rolling today in a good way I won’t be surprised to see a flag filled game. Son of Ed…can’t imagine him to any less of a *show man* then his dad was.

        • Troy

          The NFL is a business. They want their blue blood teams relevant and in the playoffs. Dallas, Pittsburgh, Green Bay, San Francisco, Mahomes, etc. Viewers, clicks, $$$

          • Big Mike

            And last night It was especially important to them for Dallas to win because It was a standalone prime time game and Jimmy was getting inducted into the ring of honor because he and Jerry buried the hatchet. Just like with Super Bowl 40* they had a story line/script and it was going to be followed.
            All I’m hearing this morning is how the officials screwed u No they didn’t they carried out exactly what the NFL wanted.

            The NFL is really not very smart with this stuff because what will happen is some senator based in some big city that is a huge fan of some team that gets screwed is gonna start a huge investigation and the last thing you want are politicians breathing down your neck with investigations.

            • Troy

              Yep. And as a fan of a team that is largely irrelevant in the NFL landscape, this shit pisses me off.

              • Big Mike

                In case you can’t tell it does me as well, a LOT.
                After Super Bowl 40*, I was suggesting that the Seahawks change their name to the Seattle Sacrificial Lambs

                • Troy

                  Imagine the uproar this morning if the Cowboys lost on that call. Just like SB 40 was no big deal because the Steelers were the benefactors and why the Fail Mary game is still talked about, because the Packers were the victim

                  • Big Mike


              • AlaskaHawk

                Dallas was doing a lot of holding downfield, and the left tackle had his share of holding too while protecting the quarterback. None of that was called.

              • AlaskaHawk

                Also the officials usually publically announce tackles that report as eligible. I didn’t hear any announcement at all. Did anyone else hear one?

                • Big Boi

                  Yes, there are multiple audios that he announced 70.

                  • Mr Magic

                    the ref just blew it, he clearly was told by 68 but he assumed it was 70 and misreported it. Allen and his crew should not see the light of day in the playoffs and if the leagues protocols are upheld they wont.

                  • Big Mike

                    And there are multiple videos of number 68 going straight up to the official, face to face to tell him he was eligible.

      • 12th chuck

        NFL wants drama. a team that doesn’t control their own destiny by winning is good for the nfl. also, it is getting harder for the nfl to say that the Vegas money isn’t impacting the games

    • Mr Magic

      Amazing how bad that ref shanked Detroit last night. Apparently Detroit is 0-6 when Allen refs their games and they have had 2x as many yards penalized against than received in those games.

      At the same time though, Dallas didnt cover 68 cause he wasnt reported as eligible, had the refs got it right maybe they do and the play doenst work.

      Meanwhile, why do you have to report to begin with?? Get rid of reporting, the D should have to recognize who is eligible based on the formation. You cant be eligible if you are inside the line, as in, you have anyone past you on the outside who is on the line. Look at this play, the WR to the outside of 68 had to step back from the line to indicate 68 was eligible, that should have been Dallas mark that 68 was eligible. 70 couldnt have ever been eligible as he had a TE and a WR to his outside both on the line. Get rid of reporting all together.

      • Mr Magic

        HEre is my question, if you report as eligible to receive but then line up at guard or center which is never eligible no matter what, is it a penalty for incorrectly reporting?

        I dont think there is such a penalty. I think its only a penalty if you dont report at all and go downfield and/or catch a pass.

  5. Big Boi

    I don’t mean to hijack a brilliant thread by Cha (as always) but I have to get out in front of this ref thing last night. I am 99.99% sure I know what happened as I’ve been privy to a few of these convos.

    Campbell goes to the refs before the game and says “Look, we are going to be using 70 a lot to report eligible. But there may be a time where we want it to look like 70 is eligible but he’s not. He’s going to run to you and make a motion but another lineman is going to walk up to you and verbally tell you he’s the eligible one, not 70. Got it?”
    Ref nods, because, yes indeed, he’s “got it”. He’s got it that the coach just described an illegal action to him. The coach thinks he’s come up with this brilliant deception but the ref knows that the first person who reports eligible is the person that is eligible. He also knows that he is duty-bound to call things the way they happen, not the way the coach “wants” them to happen.

    As an aside, there is a time to “bounce things” off of refs and it’s during the preseason. The NFL sends full teams to all training camps and the refs are more than happy to sit and listen to ideas that the coaches and players have and help them decide if it’s illegal. I remember a long convo between a coach, a kicker, and old Gerry Austin. Gerry was so good, just listening to these guys about how they wanted to do different onside kicks and would patiently just say “nope”, “nuh uh”, “I like the idea, but that’s illegal”, “he’d be offsides if both feet were there”, and so on and so forth.

    So the moment comes. You can clearly see on the tape that 70 is running TOWARD the ref and makes one single with his left hand and then moves both hands toward the center of the jersey. The ref clearly looks at 70 and points at 70 as the other two linemen are approaching the ref. After the ref has pointed at 70, and the eligible player has been decided, 68 says “reporting” to the ref. The ref knows full and well that the Lions are trying to trick the Cowboys and he’s having no part of it. He gets away from the other two linemen as quickly as possible and runs straight to the Cowboys defense to tell them 70 has announced eligible and then announces it not once but twice over the PA.

    There are multiple salient issues. Most players don’t “say” they are eligible but rather make a motion. Second, 70 is running directly to the ref- there is no reason for that- which is how the ref knows that this is the “trick play”. Third, refs are under no obligation to participate in one team’s chicanery, especially if he feels that there is a definite spirit of unfairness. Lastly, once 70 made his motion and the ref pointed at him, it does not matter what 68 says because you can’t have two players report eligible. I don’t even know if 70 can go back and “undo” his signal at that point. Since the Lions were out of timeouts, they probably would have had to take the delay anyway.

    I have an analogy. Let’s say it’s a kick off and the KR goes to the ref and says, “Look, I’m going to catch this kickoff in the endzone and then pretend to kneel down, but my knee won’t ever actually touch the ground, okay? And then when everyone runs by me, I’m going to go down and score a touchdown.” The ref would acknowledge that he heard the kick returner (acknowledging that you hear something is not the same as agreeing to participate). The KR catches the ball, his knee almost touches the ground, and the ref blows the whistle because that it just a BS attempt at tricking the other team.

    Dan Campbell outsmarted himself and is mad that the ref didn’t “play along”. We know this because 68, after the game, said “I did what coach told me to do.”

    As many issues as refs have, the irony here is that this instance was officiated in the exact right way.

    • Mr Magic

      disagree, the video clearly shows 68 communicating with the ref, the ref looks right at 68 and nods. That’s it, there is nothing else Detroit needs to do, all the other stuff is irrelevant, the ref just flat out screwed it up! 70 wasnt even near the ref when the ref nodded to 68, he was still running up to the group.

      My argument is that there is no need to report at all, the rules dictate who is eligible based on the formation. Defenses should be smart enough to know who is eligible based on the lines formation. In that play given 70 was inside at Guard, Dallas woulda have known right away he isnt eligible, but because the ref said he was, they were confused as well.

      • Big Boi

        68 gets to the ref to say “reporting” AFTER the ref has already pointed at 70.

        Face it, Campbell thought he had this great trick play but the ref wasn’t playing along.

        And you are 100% wrong, The tackle on the end has to report as eligible if he’s eligible and then can’t be covered.

        • Mr Magic

          You dont grasp it mate. They can both report! 68 reported, clearly, openly, it was acknowledged, the ref looked right at him and accepted it, the videos show it from every angle. 70 never reported, he never even made any gesture nor received one back from the ref, but even if he did IT DOESNT MATTER because he lined up at guard.

          All that matters is 68 reported and he clearly did. After the game the ref said 68 never reported which is a complete lie. THe ref just m ixed up 68 for 70, he made a mistake. The right thing to do is the ref admit he blew it and the league to get rid of reporting altogether.

        • 805Hawk

          The ref isn’t allowed to just assume 70 is reporting. 70 has to make actual contact with the ref. He never does. The ref just seems to ignore the other two players approaching him and recognizes 70 from a distance. He can’t do that. If he’s not sure who’s reporting he needs to clarify. I think the ref just screwed this up. Also, I’ve been in those pregame meetings, although not on this level. If the coach brings up something that’s illegal, the ref has to tell them it’s against the rules. If he doesn’t, that just defeats the entire purpose of the meeting. They have to provide feedback to the coach, otherwise what is the point? It’s a two way conversation. For example, we’ve notified them of someone wearing a visor. They inspect it and say he’s good to go or not. He doesn’t just say okay and then, once the game starts kick the player off the field.

    • Big Mike

      And how do we know number 70 didn’t start to run towards the ref and realize that he wasn’t the guy that was eligible on that play and was motioning never mind?
      Usually when it smells fishy it’s because there’s fish around

      • Mr Magic

        dont matter, 70 can report, 2 players can report, all that matters is that the one who catches the ball reported, and in this case that player 100% did report.

      • Big Boi

        Because this was clearly a trick and the Lions have acknowledged it. They sent two linemen to the ref and then ran 70 toward the ref to try to confuse the D. Ref wasn’t having it.

        If it wasn’t a trick, all 68 would have to do is look up from the huddle, tap his helmet to the ref, and it’s done.

        This was a terrible attempt at trickery. Ref was not participating.

        • Mr Magic

          incorrect. 68 was the only lion who waived at his number to indicate eligible and he was received by the ref who nodded at him. The ref just brain farted 68 for 70 who never got within 5 ft of him. Y

    • Troy

      And what if Mike McCarthy rolled out that play? Same result?

      • Big Mike

        Well he’d have to be smart enough and creative enough to do so but setting that aside you know there would be ZERO chance that would have been called.

      • Big Boi

        70 was covered on the line, so by declaring eligible and then being covered made it an illegal formation. The minute Dan Campbell came up with the screwbrained trick play, it was doomed.

        • Palatypus

          This is why Bill Belichick was having players report as “ineligible” all those years ago. Because he knows that the officials are old, stupid, slow, and easily confused. I’ll bet that not every crew in the league does it the same way, too.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Take out the part where Campbell runs it by the ref prior to the game and I’d say this sounds like a reasonable explanation for what I saw.

      More likely he tried to sneak it by erryone.

      I might believe it was a mistake on Detroit’s part with Decker being late to declare, but why would Skipper run towards the ref and signal with his hand if he didn’t intend to declare first? To make it look like he did and confuse the defense.

      Doesn’t seem likely Campbell would try to recruit or set up the ref though.

  6. Palatypus

    Am I the only one who read

    107 missed tackles through 15 games

    and immediately thought of Cody Barton?

    • Peter

      Prop bet alert!! Can Seattle keep their penalties and missed tackles the same number by years end? Currently Seattle is rocking 107 of both.


      Surely it’s not coaching. Face meet palm.

      • Palatypus

        It will be hard without Jamal Adams. He has the uncanny ability to miss a tackle AND get flagged at the same time.

        • Peter

          Good point.

          Second prop bet:

          Does Dissly have more than zero yards?

          Last time I heard his name -or- was paying attention he had a five yard neutral zone penalty and a catch for five yards.

          • Palatypus

            Hmmm…he will have a false start today.

            The ultimate JA play would be this. He reaches to try and tackle Najee Harris and gets ahold of his facemask, but Harris powers through it for the game-winning touchdown in the 4th quarter. He twists his knee in the process and goes down to the turf. Then when the referee throws the flag, he bounces up like a peg-legged pirate and pogo-sticks himself over to argue with the referee. He then loses balance and bumps the referee, who throws another flag for unsportsmanlike conduct and throws his hat.

            1. Missed tackle
            2. Facemask
            3. Injured
            4. Unsportsmanlike conduct
            5. Ejected

            Oh, and another player gets injured tripping over him. Then for some strange reason, Pete calls a timeout.

  7. Sean

    Cha, thanks for another great article.

    Does Jamal Adams’ placement on IR affect the Seahawks options in the off-season or affect what they pay him if cut?

  8. Palatypus

    Here is the football zebras article on the debacle last night.

    And by the way, we have Shawn Hocculi’s crew today.

    We are absolutely screwed.

    • Fudwamper

      Thanks. I love this stuff.

  9. Peter

    Screwed? I hope the gun show is as good as his dad’s was.

    • Palatypus

      Last time we had him this year his crew had thrown the second-most flags in the league going into the game and we had about 15 penalties, IIRC.

      • bmseattle

        So… set aside an extra 45 minutes to watch the game today.

        • Palatypus

          Yep. And Abe Lucas is getting no help from the linesman and the umpire today. They were up all night plugging bath salts.

  10. UkAlex6674

    Justin Fields – yes please.


    • Rob Staton


  11. jed

    Guys, have you noticed Lamar Jackson is really, really good at football?

    He’s a unicorn, but I still hope a QB drops in next year’s draft that in 3-4 years, other teams are wondering what it would be like if they drafted him.

    • IHeartTacoma

      Lucky Ravens. They have Lamar AND a defense.

      • IHeartTacoma

        And Zay Flowers, and Isaiah Likely, and that Hamilton kid.
        Just resign in shame now, John Schneider.

    • nfendall

      Miami’s defense is solid and Baltimore is making them look like swiss cheese. Impressive.

      • jed

        Feels like it’s easy to lump Pete, Harbaugh, Tomlin in the same tier of HC. CEO type, long solid record with the last SB win a decade plus ago. QB is the obvious advantage but maybe Harbaugh is better at finding coordinators and the GM is better at drafting?

        • nfendall

          Harbaugh’s willingness to hire coordinators and then get out of their way to let them do their thing makes me jealous. Pete is just too stubborn to do it.

          • Big Mike


        • geoff u

          He also lucked into Lamar Jackson landing in his lap.

          Not literally.

          I hope.

  12. KennyBadger

    Another great write up Cha, but you spelled stealers wrong. Shout: Big Mike.

    • Big Mike


  13. Phil

    Off topic, but anyone interested in studying Spencer Rattler might want to start by looking at his 2023 Season Highlights (yeah, I know highlight videos can be misleading, but he sure is talented ….). I’m impressed with his arm strength, his mobility/accuracy when on the move, and his running/scrambling ability — looks like Mahomes when he runs — not the fastest guy, but shifty). Sign him up ….

  14. ShowMeYourHawk

    Watching HOU dismantle a TEN team that played us close last week.

    “Yep, this year’s Hawks are a team no one wants in the playoffs! Oh, and Geno deserves another year.” 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Peter

      In other news I’m officially penciling in AZ as a team to be in alert for next week.

      Since the Titans fielded street free agents and we played fairly poor until the very end I stand by my take that the Titans were going to be a rough out.

  15. Dancingeek

    Stadium is at least 40 percent Steelers fans right now

    • Peter

      Is Jerome Bettis raising the flag?

      • Big Mike

        Naw he’s at home in Detroit. Did you know he’s from there Peter?

        • Peter


          Surprised they didn’t his family and high school coach to be the officiating crew.

          • Peter

            * did not get*

  16. Blitzy the Clown

    Giants just returned a punt for a TD, go up 26-25 with 3:27 left in the game

    • Mick

      Such a present if the Giants win.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      over the Rams is why it matters to us

  17. Blitzy the Clown

    Cards beating the Eagles isn’t much of an endorsement for our win over them on MNF

    Philly, you in danger girl!

    • Big Mike

      Puts the cowposers in line for the NFC East title.
      Hmmmmm……………………(in my best Church Lady voice) How conveeeeeenient

      • Peter

        Not convenient for us if we hold that 7th seed.

      • Big Mike

        And you all do know the Hawks could easily lose to the Cards next week, right? Could lose today too.

  18. Peter

    Lamar stat line today is ridiculous.

    3 incompletions….321 yards and 5 tds.

  19. Blitzy the Clown

    Rams will punt on 4th down deep in their own territory. Absent some catastrophic mistake, the Giants will win and gift Seattle control over their own destiny.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Tyrod Taylor seals the deal with a long scramble into Rams territory. Giants win.

      • nfendall

        Still have to make the FG.

      • Mick

        I don’t believe it until the field goal is through and the refs call the game over. Didn’t see this coming at all.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        OMG I need coffee I have the score backwards

    • Mick

      Yeah now I wish the Rams won 42-3, I had high hopes…

  20. Peter

    Wish Pete wouldn’t defer every time.

    Would love to see Seattle get a fast start.

    • Big Mike

      Don’t you enjoy watching the opposing team hold the ball for 7 mins and drive for at least a FG on their first possession?

      • Big Mike

        Or one of the NFL high 7 TDs on the opposition’s opening drive

  21. nfendall

    Missed tackles right off the bat.

    • Bmseattle

      Witherspoon.. probably rusty after time off.

  22. Big Mike

    2 dropbacks with ZERO pass rush

    • Big Mike

      Blitz with no pressure. Fortunately Riq stepped up

  23. Blitzy the Clown

    Woolen cool as a cucumber with the no look pbu

  24. Henry

    Are the Bears going to pass up on Caleb Williams and pick Marvin Harrison Jr first overall?

  25. Blitzy the Clown

    3 n out

  26. Big Mike

    I guess when you’re the 29th rated rushing team in the NFL you punt on fourth and one at midfield

  27. jed

    Pete playing coward ball again

    • 805Hawk

      Well, you can’t win the game in the first quarter, after all. Hold on, just threw up a bit.

  28. nfendall

    Mike, after you get the ball you are supposed to go forwards. Nice turnover though!

  29. Blitzy the Clown

    Lucky break

  30. Big Mike

    Was his foot out of bounds and are they gonna rule it stealers ball?

    • Bmseattle

      Thats what i thought…stepped out of bounds first.

  31. Peter

    Thankfully the Steelers overall have decided to be us and abandon the run.

  32. Troy

    Pete Carroll. No guts to go for it on 4th down. 2 plays and Steelers are at midfield. FFS. Quit acting like you have a defense.

    • Troy

      Mike Tomlin. Trusts his offense to get 1 yard

  33. Blitzy the Clownb

    Najee Harris is a load to bring down

  34. Big Mike

    And here we go with the opposing team dominating time of possession. Sound familiar?

  35. Blitzy the Clown

    Giving up 9 yard runs on 1st down ain’t gonna cut it

    • Big Mike

      Hey he only got 8 on that carry on first down. Improvement!

  36. nfendall

    That is quick to signal a first down with no measurement.

  37. Bmseattle

    No measurement?
    Just a first down, huh?

    • Big Mike

      I told you guys before the game anything that is close will go Pittsburgh’s way
      The NFL wants their precious legacy franchises in the playoffs

  38. Tony

    Opposing coaches not afraid of going for it vs us on 4th down. Defense is soft.

    • Whit21

      Because they have no problem running it over and over.. if they dont so something, its gonna be another 150 yard rushing day against hawks defense

    • Jon W.

      Extraordinarily soft. Physically overmatched on a weekly basis.

    • nfendall


      • Whit21

        The nonchalant weaving through the defense is worse than leaving a guy wide open..

  39. Jon W.

    Pittsburgh is on track for 200+ rushing yards. Punched in the mouth yet again,

    • nfendall

      Seahawks defense says hold my beer and they are now on track for 300 yards.

  40. Troy

    No pass rush. No run defense. Poor tacking. Pile always moves forward. Hate watching this team play defense.

  41. Big Mike

    Listen to all those stealer fans cheering that touchdown

    • icb12

      Just turned it on.

      There’s a LOT of yellow in the stands.

      • Tony

        Well I sold my tickets. Not wasting my time with this team.

  42. jed

    Diggs watching someone run by him again for a TD. May not be his fault but it seems like it happens a lot.

    • SEAhemoth82

      Diggs totally gave up on the pursuit. He made a yet another business decision this season. It’s okay though because no one on the coaching staff will hold him accountable.

  43. Blitzy the Clown

    There it is. Embrace the suck boys

    Taylor is less than useless vs the run

  44. Big Mike

    They’ve run 21 plays the Seahawks have run 3

  45. Tony


  46. Scot04

    Absolutely embarrassing

  47. Big Mike

    Like Jon W. said above this defense is physically overmatched on a weekly basis.

    • SEAhemoth82

      Physically outmatched and Defensive Captains like Quandre Diggs lacking the effort to stop running backs when they reach the second level of the defense. Looks like Diggs continues to make solid business decisions on the field. At least he’s consistent.

      • Elmer

        Matador tackling. Some big boys are warriors and some not so much. If you’re going to be a doo when the chips are down, sit down and let somebody who wants it play.

  48. Big Mike

    Awesome job by Geno there

    • Big Mike

      And that was one of the points that cha made in the pregame write up, that Geno needed to be able to move around to avoid the rush.

    • 805Hawk

      Not a Geno fan, but props to him. Great slide in the pocket and kept his eyes down field. Good job.

  49. Blitzy the Clown

    That’s better. Run it back down their throats and see how they like it

    Nice series of runs on this drive

  50. Peter

    Great series.

  51. Tony

    As much as I like those runs. These are not physical runs. This is very much a finese offense. I miss the physical run game.

  52. Sea Mode

    That was easy. Now let’s play some run defense…

    • Sea Mode


  53. Bmseattle

    DK could easily have been called for holding there

  54. Peter

    Whoopsie doodle

  55. Troy

    This defense. My god..

    • Big Mike

      It is so difficult to watch
      So third and 8 any chance we stop them and hold them to a field goal here?

  56. Peter

    Dave Wyman calling it 5 missed tackles on that play

    • Bmseattle

      If Wyman admitted 5, then there were 8

      • Big Mike


      • Peter

        Sounds like he’s upset with all his kids.

  57. Sea Mode

    Fumble and INT not bouncing our way…

    • Tony

      The fumble was on a blown coverage and a wild punch from behind.

  58. Pran

    I love Pete’s defense. Defensive guru

  59. Scot04

    Pittsburgh already at 100 yds rushing

    • Big Mike

      Pete Carroll

  60. Palatypus

    Was that a false start by Dissly?

    • Tony


  61. Blitzy the Clown

    Brutal move by Walker to get past the LB there

  62. Blitzy the Clown

    Great play call. Easy pitch and catch from Geno to DK

  63. Big Mike

    Porter’s probably hurt from getting completely turned around by DK

    • Bmseattle

      It’s juat a bruise…bruised ego.

    • Big Mike

      They are singled on DK gotta get him the ball here

      • Big Mike

        Or they could throw to JSN

  64. Palatypus

    Was Noah Fant double covered on that? Don’t they know we never throw to him?

  65. Blitzy the Clown

    JSN notches another sweet TD catch

    • jed

      Really nice play. Both the throw and catch.

  66. nfendall

    Offense has been sharp after the first drive.

    • Big Mike

      At the risk of jinxing him Geno has looked really good since that 1 turnover worthy pass

      • Tony

        This is where he usually goes dormant for 2 qtrs after 2 really good drives.

  67. Palatypus

    What the hell was that? Interceptable touchdown?

    • Blitzy the Clown

      I think it was the angle. Won’t look close at all in All-22

      • Big Mike

        Yeah from that behind Geno angle JSN was clearly open

    • SEAhemoth82

      I believe Christopher Nolan would call that an Inceptionable touchdown.

    • Sea Mode

      Definitely was a tight window. Geno just got it over the jumping defender.

  68. Tony

    Well atleast half our team showed up today.

  69. Big Mike

    There’s a novel idea, how about a third down stop

    • Big Mike

      No chance

  70. Blitzy the Clown

    Lmao Diggs got trucked!

  71. jed

    Diggs giving it the old Cody Barton get carried for 20 yards before tackling a guy

  72. Bmseattle

    Ah…good ol’ Diggs

  73. Troy

    This defense is pathetic

  74. Tony

    Diggs absolutely punked.

  75. Big Mike

    It’s a good thing Pete committed to shoring up the run defense this last off-season
    Can you imagine how bad they’d be if he hadn’t?

    • Peter

      Tragedy plus time equals comedy

    • Troy

      They are going to rush for 300.

    • Scot04

      But hey atleast they’re continuing to work on things.

  76. Blitzy the Clown

    Not looking good for Derick Hall.

    Yeah he’s still young but he’s pretty clueless out there

    • Bmseattle

      Yeah, early results are not encouraging.
      Not even the occasional splash play that shows upside

    • 12th chuck

      TBH, Bryant and Woolen looked good at one point, but have regressed quite a bit

  77. Mick

    Geno and the guys better score as much as they can to keep up, not like we gonna stop anything in the D.

    • Big Mike

      I think we will need at least 31 to win this game

      • Tony

        I say 42.

        • Big Mike

          You may be right

  78. nfendall

    Clint Hurtt said that the Seahawks cleaned up their tackling the last 2 weeks. Cue the Maury Povich meme: “The results have come back FALSE.”

    • Palatypus

      Clean up the tackling…and put it in the trash.

  79. Peter

    All the “muth,” chants….never want to hear about who is and who isn’t a real fan from seahawks fans ever again.

  80. SEAhemoth82

    Quandre is getting run over on every run play. Stiff arm after stiff arm. Just lay down on the tracks Diggs.

  81. 12th chuck

    when is the last time a seahawks d were good at the basics of tackling?? pathetic

  82. Big Mike

    Cmon Mafe, wrap up!!

    • nfendall

      Do the Seahawks put vaseline on their gloves instead of stick-um?

  83. Palatypus

    Boye Mafe missed a tackle. Sigh.

  84. Peter

    9 or 10 missed tackles Dave? Feels like 12-14

  85. Big Mike

    He was stopped at the 5 and scored a touchdown

  86. Troy

    Absolutely no-tone setter or toughness on this defense.

    • SEAhemoth82

      100%. No offense fears this defense.

  87. Big Mike

    Listen to Velma with the truth bombs

    • Big Mike


    • Bmseattle

      I prefer Shaggy’s commentary

  88. nfendall

    On a positive note, the Steelers are only on pace for 290 yards for the game instead of 300.

  89. Peter

    Double possessions. Double TOP.

    Geno is playing solid but need a controlled drive.

    • Peter

      To start the second half I mean.

  90. 509 Chris

    “I dont know who on the Seahawks d would be talking trash right now because you’ve done nothing.” Spot on Velma.

    • dand393

      Vilma has been dunking on Seahawks all day and deservedly so

  91. Kyle R

    There’s that being the Bully defense Pete wants and made!

  92. dand393

    Seahawks coaching staff should be doing nothing else but practicing tackling all next week not even game planning for the cardinals nothing but tackling and see who can at least remember how to complete a tackle because this is utterly embarrassing

  93. Troy

    How can one of the most fundamental parts of football (TACKLING) be this poor 4 months into the season??

    • 12th chuck

      It’s been SEVERAL years

  94. Big Mike

    I think Troy is right. I think we need 40 to win this game

  95. SeaTown

    Could losing out Milan Pete considers stepping aside? Beat still my heart.

    • SeaTown


    • Sea Mode

      Nah. We were “so close”. Just need to “tweak” a few things… etc.

  96. Joseph

    Seahawks certainly disappointed and did not disappoint us at the same time by not addressing the run defense in the offseason. Im getting flashbacks from late in the season of last year. How are Pete and the defensive coaches not addressing tackling fundamentals? It’s like this whole defense is covered in oil lol

  97. Sea Mode

    Embarrassing run “defense”

    • Peter

      Well 3 when we were *elite* feels like five seasons ago.

  98. Peter

    Pittsburg is something like 5-0 when scoring 20 points this year.

    • SeaTown

      This Pittsburgh team is garbage. The Seahawks should be embarrassed. But they won’t be.

      • Peter

        Agree. UT winning against a trash titans team…presto superbowl or bust!!

  99. 509 Chris

    I wonder what the Saints during the who dat years would have done without all that bounty gate mess. Velma was a force if I remember right.

  100. RomeoA57

    This Seahawks Defense sure looks pathetic. Do people really want Pete to keep running out this shambles year by year?

    • Big Mike

      Of course they do because he won a Super Bowl 10 years ago
      Never mind that they haven’t been Super Bowl worthy since the year after that

      • Joseph

        These fans are way too appreciative. They talk about the other winning seasons as another reason to keep them.

        We should remind them of other 1 time SB winning HCs who are now coaching other teams:
        Sean Payton
        Mike McCarthy
        Doug Pederson!!!!!!

    • Joseph

      Of course, because he won a Sb along with a bunch of meaningless winning seasons. And they delude themselves into believing Pete’s gonna run it back to the early 2010’s. And if you don’t buy into it, well then you’re a bandwagon or fair weather fan, according to the Petehawk fan police.

      • Big Mike


        • Joseph

          I don’t want to lose but I feel like we need these loses because the Petehawk fanbase needs to be humbled. They think the win over the Eagles is something. Eagles suck right now and we barely beat a Tannehil lead Titans. lol

  101. 509 Chris

    Where’s this pocket awareness from Geno been all year?

    • Big Mike

      Damn good question cause this is the best I’ve seen

      • RomeoA57

        I am very impressed with Geno today.

        • Big Mike

          No jinx!!

    • Dustin

      I was thinking the same thing. He seems to be in the moment instead of thinking about it. If he could do this consistently he would be a good QB.

  102. geoff u

    Stealers running backs at the half: 20 – 141 – 2td – 7 ypc

    could we have any worse of a defense?

    • Tony

      I feel like the defense will be gassed by end of 3rd quarter. So yes, it can get worse.

  103. nfendall

    Well Bobby Wagner has 9 tackles. How good is he?!

    • Sten

      If grabbing the collar and riding for 5 yards didn’t count as a tackle this team would have like 10 tackles per game

  104. Palatypus

    Raise your hand if this was exactly what you expected at half-time.

    • Tony

      I expected bad offense today. Thought steelers d would control us. Didn’t expect them to run out prime AP on offense. Our defense has looked worse than what I ever imagined. Super disappointing.

    • RomeoA57

      I thought that the Stealers would have 150 yards rushing by now so I was wayyyy off.

      • Peter

        Totally dragging butt so far.

      • geoff u

        Got ahead of yourself

  105. SEAhemoth82

    No one on the Defensive coaching staff holds these players accountable for the lack of fundamentals, glaring example: form tackling. Veterans on the Defense don’t hold anyone accountable on the defense for poor play. The defense does not play “together”, it’s obvious. When you have a Defensive Captain like Diggs jogging to make tackles, let alone making “business decisions” in regards to making certain defensive plays, then that rots the team camaraderie, and sets the example for the younger players. Carroll’s message and philosophy has flat lined with this team.

  106. Troy

    There is nothing worse as a football fan (IMO) then watching another team run it down your throat. It’s been happening for years and I am fed up with it.

  107. Mick

    If your system only works with players like Kam and Earl and Sherm and prime Bobby and KJ and the rest of the guys, change the system, it’s not like you can get such players year after year.

    • Big Mike

      The system will not get changed until and unless the man in charge is changed

    • Sten

      Last year they changed the system and then said after the year was over “we could have taught it better.” Sounds like an admission of guilt

  108. Joseph

    These fans are way too appreciative of Pete. Along with the SB win, they talk about the other winning seasons as another reason to keep him.

    We should remind them of other 1 time SB winning HCs who are now coaching other teams:
    Sean Payton
    Mike McCarthy
    Doug Pederson!!!!!!

    These fans to a grip of reality. I feel even if we lose this game and Arizona next week they still wont’t change their delusions.

    • Rob Staton

      We’ve not been good for a long time

      • geoff u

        But we’ve been good…enough!

        • Mick

          Sadly so true.

  109. nfendall

    Wants for the 2nd half:

    Offense – Feature DK more and keep balance with K9 running the ball.

    Defense – Learn how to tackle.

  110. Peter

    Abe lucas talking to Forsythe, helmet off. Hopefully not a serious issue.

  111. Blitzy the Clown

    Did Velma call him Porkinson?

  112. Bmseattle

    And…the inevitable recurring knee flare up for Lucas is here.
    Off season surgery awaits ,id wager.

    • Mick

      I hope he gets it fixed over the offseason, he’s such a strong player when healthy.

      • Bmseattle

        My worry is that its something that’s not entirely “fixable”.
        Either way, if its surgery, he might not be good to go until late in the season.
        Needing a starting RT sure could be a big priority this off season.
        Man, i wish we had our 2nd round pick.

    • Big Mike

      And now Brown is down so we’re gonna be without 2 starting offensive lineman

  113. nfendall

    With how blah Brown has been at center I’m actually intrigued for Olu to get some playing time. NOT excited that Lucas is out.

  114. 509 Chris

    Excited to see olu

  115. Bmseattle

    DK holds almost every outside run his direction.

  116. Tony

    Dk outsmarted by rookie.

  117. Scot04

    Dk really needs to learn how to block. To much grab and hold.

    • Bmseattle

      He needs to keep his hands insode the pads.
      He always grabs the shoulder and its easy to see the hold.

      • Troy

        Like proper tackling, that requires coaching. He’s been doing it all year…

  118. Tony

    You can see other teams players trying to get in DKs head. It’s so easy to see this is a gameplan every week.

  119. Big Mike

    Damn it Geno you had him open for the first down

    • nfendall

      For whatever reason, his chemistry with Lockett this year has been a little off.

  120. Palatypus

    The Seahawks D isn’t coming to play, but these Tandoori Ghost Pepper wings certainly are.

    When I fart it’s going to take about four and a half hours for the shockwave to get to AlaskaHawk, so give him a heads-up when it reaches Seattle.

  121. Pran

    All the calls and bounces blowing Steelers way…Seahawks better play clean and aggressive if they want to win this game.

    • Palatypus

      I called this.

      • Peter

        I feel like 10 of us called this.

    • 509 Chris

      Ya that hold on Metcalf was really tikky tack

      • Peter

        Dk unfortunately going to get that call every time. He’s huge and has a reputation of being undisciplined. Even if it should be offsetting with face mask penalty.

  122. Tony

    When do we start hearing, the steelers wanted it more.

  123. 509 Chris

    Too many tech boys and vegans in the stadium these days.

    • Bmseattle

      …too many fans of the other team, actually

      • Big Mike

        This is correct

    • Peter

      Weird take but possible.

      For real not enough actual citizens of Seattle living there anymore.

      • Bmseattle

        Lots of people have moved to more affordable areas. (Raises hand)

        • Peter


    • Tony

      Honestly, Seattle fans are wanting a team to get excited for. But this product sucks. And the prices to pay, park, eat all suck. So who wants to waste there money to watch a mediocre team. Same with Ms. Show us something better than this crap.

  124. Blitzy the Clown

    Dremont Jones hit Harris near the LOS but didn’t finish the tackle until 7 yards later. I hope they waive him in the offseason.

  125. Mick

    This is getting hard to watch.

  126. jed

    This is not a serious defense. Could probably go with 7+ new starters next year.

  127. Big Mike

    This defense is utterly abysmal
    This may be the worst seahawk defense ever under Carroll

  128. geoff u

    The only thing good about this defense is

  129. nfendall

    Seahawks defense making the Steelers offense look like a top 5 unit.

    • Pran

      All pro Rudolf vs Pete

  130. Kyle R

    The Steelers offensive players are playing with just so much more fire and want to compared to the Seahawks defensive players it’s embarrassing.

  131. Tony

    Defense is pure reactive. We dictate nothing. Simply just reacting to whatever the offense wants to do. Just clean house. It’s all broken.

  132. Blitzy the Clown

    Talking about 1st ballot HOFer Wagner like he should still be playing like a 1st ballot HOFer in his umpteenth season is peak something but I’m too lazy to puzzle it through

    • Rob Staton

      It’s so predictable and boring

      Every broadcast crew talks up Bobby… look at his grades for the last few weeks. Awful!

  133. Peter

    And pushed the entire Seattle defense….quote Steve Raible.

  134. Rob Staton

    This defense is a total embarrassment

    • Tony

      Burn it all down. Scorched earth.

      • Big Mike


    • Pran

      What do you expect from a defensive genius running the same shit for 6 years in a row. Pete is not ashamed but I am.

    • Sea Mode


    • Picklematrix

      If only there was some way to see this coming

    • RomeoA57

      I haven’t seen or smelled anything this bad since I was at that construction site and used the portable restroom that hadn’t been cleaned for weeks.

  135. Big Mike

    It’s a good thing Ego Caroll made the halftime adjustments to get this defense squared away. I mean he did say to the sideline reporter that they needed to improve the tackling. Way to get it going in the right direction Petey

    • Peter

      When you switch the entire dline and it’s the same or worse….

      Something, something…definition of insanity ( thanks Cysco I’m stealing that!)

  136. Troy

    There has to be SOME accountability for Pete Carrol’s defense at some point right?

    • Big Mike

      Why would Pete Carroll be subject to accountability at this point in time? Serious question Troy
      I mean he never has been by the media, possibly the owner and most of the fans.

    • SEAhemoth82

      I don’t think there is Troy, unfortunately. There is no improvement in the play of the defense, let alone the attitude.
      We don’t see Bobby Wagner lighting up Diggs for poor play on the sidelines, I mean he should be right?
      Wouldn’t Chancellor be all over Diggs for his uninspiring play? I would like to think yes.
      The team is fractured beyond the point of recovery, which means they are not playing together in my opinion.

  137. Sea Mode

    Now all we need is for our offense to sputter and the full cycle will be complete…

    • Big Mike

      Bingo and now it’s time for the defense to give up at least a field goal and about 6 minutes of possession

      • Peter

        It’s called completing the circle.

  138. Big Mike

    Brilliant play call Waldron with your backup center
    There goes this series

  139. SEAhemoth82

    This is what happens when there are no leaders on the defensive side of the ball.
    You except the beating you take play after play. You except getting punched in the face.

  140. Mick

    What the heck happens with Woolen? Not like he didn’t show he can play better.

    • jed

      Doesn’t seem like he’s pissed off for greatness or whatever it takes to be consistently great in the NFL

  141. Kyle R

    Yes let’s get cute with a direct snap with our back up center on his fourth play.

    • Pran

      That’s how you surprise defense. Mojo of Pete for a long time..

  142. Sea Mode

    Happy New Year, by the way, for anyone else on Central European Time…!

    • Mick

      Thank you Sea Mode. Not a very happy start to be honest.

      • Sea Mode


    • Blitzy the Clown

      Cheers Sea Mode!

      • Sea Mode

        🥃 Some Ardbeg Corryvreckan raised on my end!

        • Blitzy the Clown

          Single malt sublime

          • Palatypus

            Vodka Cran later. Tea right now.

    • Peter

      Happy new year Sea Mode

    • Jon W.

      It’s already January 1st here in The Philippines. Happy New Year to all!

      • Big Mike

        Happy happy Jon

    • Big Mike

      Happy happy my friend!

  143. Peter

    Trick play snaps….sure thing

  144. geoff u

    Let’s do a direct snap from a new center to a running back with an arm/shoulder injury. real smooth move

    • Mr Magic

      what an unbelievably stupid cal.

      we were moving ball with short quick passes the prior series, stick with it…

  145. Picklematrix

    Good idea…punt the ball and trust your defense. Not like they’re giving up 8 yards a carry or anything.

    When did Big Balls Pete become such a coward?

  146. Bmseattle

    Yet another game that, even if we somehow win it in the end, is another example of how unworthy we are of a playoff spot.

  147. Big Mike

    Steelers have not punted today
    That’s the surprising stat of the day isn’t it?

    • geoff u

      I wouldn’t say I’m all that surprised…

  148. Blitzy the Clown

    Nice to see that from Witherspoon

    • nfendall

      Finally someone shows some fire on this defense.

    • Mick

      At least one guy in our D who cares.

  149. Kyle R

    Takes a rookie coming back from injury to show some leadership and heart on this defense.

    • Kyle R

      Jesus Christ another screwed up dumb trick play.

  150. Jack Frost

    Need more defenders with the fire and skill of Witherspoon

  151. Blitzy the Clown

    This is tragedy bordering on farce

  152. Pran

    There is only one pissed dog in the defense…

  153. Blitzy the Clown

    If DK can be wide open on a crosser like that once, he can be open like that a lot more than it seems

  154. Blitzy the Clown

    Forsythe playing well vs Watt

    • Scot04

      Yep, two straight very nice 1v1 reps

  155. Mick

    Gee, wouldn’t it be a good idea to target DK a bit more often?

    • Sea Mode

      Wouldn’t want to overuse our $24m weapon…

      • geoff u

        If you don’t go to him all game, they’ll never expect it when you use him exclusively on the final game winning drive. 5DD chess baby.

  156. Big Mike

    I know it’s been talked about before numerous times but what would this team be with just an average defense? 10 and 5 going into this game?

    • jed

      What games do you think would have flipped? Maybe 2nd Rams & Dallas?

      • Big Mike

        Definitely the second Rams game and yes I could see the Dallas game
        Not the Baltimore game though LOL

        • jed


          Baltimore is playing really good right now. If they can keep it up and be healthy, they should win it all

  157. Big Mike

    This isn’t a good thing now we have to depend on the defense to make another stop

    • Troy

      Good luck with that

  158. Jon W.

    Watt is an absolute game-wrecker.

  159. ok

    scheme and coaching.
    there is talent on the seahawks defense, i don’t feel like the schemes help the players, at all. i can appreciate that this is just a feeling of mine.
    leonard williams is trying, witherspoon is trying hard, jarran reed too.
    the tackling is on the players, penalties too, but both of these issues have been around for quite awhile with this coaching staff.

    • Peter


  160. Tony

    4th qtr offense! Which geno will we get today?!

    • geoff u

      Spoiler alert. Bad fumbling Geno

  161. Sea Mode

    Need a timely turnover here.

  162. Big Mike

    “Get off me”

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Stay down puny human

  163. Troy

    Pittsburgh is the tougher team. F##k this soft ass team.

  164. Big Mike

    More like he made Woolen his bitch Vilma

    • Peter

      184 freaking yards on the ground.

    • Pran

      Najee = Tomlin
      Woolen = Pete

  165. Big Mike

    Just flat out fuck this defense

    • Blitzy the Clown

      It was a helluva catch by Pickens though

      • Bmseattle

        Yeah…game altering play

      • RomeoA57

        Tough to defend that pass. That was special.

      • Big Mike

        So get a pass rush so he isn’t able to stand in and throw

        • RomeoA57

          As a Seahawks fan in 2023, I have no idea what pass rush or pass defense is.

    • Big Mike

      Just getting owned lock stock and barrel.

      • Jon W.

        How can Clint Hurtt look at himself in the mirror? Just beyond shameful at this point.

        • Peter

          How does pete do it

    • Peter

      Pete had a hot hand against backups all year. House always wins though.

  166. nfendall

    This is so incredibly frustrating to watch.

  167. Donovan

    We’re getting Beast Moded. It’s that simple.

  168. Mick

    Right when you think “3rd and 6, we can do it” we give up 34 yards. And it does not suffice to fire Hurtt.

    • Peter

      3rd and long is basically a gimme this year.

    • Kyle R

      Everyone remember this defense is Pete’s idea of being a bully.

  169. Bmseattle

    Shouldnt the ref have to go into the tent?

  170. Big Mike

    Diggs and Wagner hit him 1 yd short of the first down and he went through both of them

    • jed

      No drama on that 4th & inches

    • Big Mike

      The 2 of them stop him Tomlin kicks the field goal
      2 of them

  171. Blitzy the Clown

    Just give it to em already. They’re gonna get it anyway

    • Blitzy the Clown


  172. nfendall

    Oh now they measure.

  173. Palatypus

    Drive a stake in their hearts and fill their mouths with garlic,
    This game is making me an alcoholic,
    They are absolutely, utterly…shambolic.

    • Jon W.

      Our horrendous defense is making me feel decidedly vitriolic.

  174. SeaTown

    Once again. Losing at home. Mason Rudolph. Pete Carroll, you sir, need to leave.

    • Big Mike

      Needed to leave 3 or 4 years ago

  175. Tony

    This td is happening. So just jump routes and go for punchouts.

    • Palatypus

      Uh, that’s what Woolen was trying to do.

      • Tony

        On the punch out? He made the most half assed attempt. Looked like my 8 yr old trying to tackle me.

        • Tony

          Meant on the stiff arm.

  176. Mick

    3rd and long again, who wants to take a guess?

  177. Troy

    I can’t stand pouring my energy into a team (and defense) like this.

    • Hawks4life

      Then don’t! I’ve came to the conclusion that we won’t/can’t be a top tier team with Pete and his staff years ago. Until then I could care less what we do (which is stink)

  178. Big Mike

    Ball game

    • nfendall

      Yep that will do it.

    • Troy

      Good night. Hopefully this spells the end for this coaching staff.

      • Big Mike

        Almost 0 chance

    • RomeoA57

      Cross was not good on that play

  179. Blitzy the Clown

    Sad and sorry to say this is the kind of game we needed to have in front of the home crowd to usher Carroll out.

  180. SeaTown

    Game over.

  181. Mick

    Bye bye playoffs.

    • Troy

      I have no interest in watching this defense get hammered in any more games than the 17 scheduled.

  182. Thomas

    I have a sinking feeling that the “lesson” that John and Pete “learn” from this game is that they need to pass on a quarterback in favor of a defensive player.

    I’d put the odds of them taking Rattler at about 20 percent if he’s still there in the 1st. I think it’s more likely they do a small trade up for the Texas D-tackle.

    Sorry to pour more salt on the wound…

    • Troy

      Well, there aren’t too many quarterbacks that can overcome a defense as shameful as this one.

  183. SeaTown

    Pete Carroll: Golly we were battling. It was going back forth. We were right there. Just needed a little more.

  184. Tony

    This team should be embarrassed. Soft ass team.

  185. geoff u

    We’re totally gonna get blown out by the Cardinals next week…

    • Jon W.

      Kyler will have a field day.

    • Pran

      It’s going to be epic. Cardinals playing like in SB and Hawks fighting for life.

    • Big Mike

      I’m predicting a loss for sure
      And all Pete will talk about and all his sycophants will talk about is how they turned it around after that 4 game losing streak and they’re on the right path

  186. nfendall

    What is the point of this challenge?

    • Big Mike

      Good job Pete 0 chance we need that time out, right?

    • Troy

      Hormonal Pete

    • geoff u

      So we can win the competition with McCarthy for worst end of game clock management.


      • Big Mike

        When your game management skills are talked about in the same breath as Mike McCarthy you are really really bad

  187. CHaquesFan

    Guess we’re going to have “Tough Discussions” I hope, this is terrible

  188. SeaTown

    What the F is Carroll challenging? My god what an idiot.

    • Big Mike

      Is idiot is being kind

      • Peter

        Pete plus losing a challenge…

        An iconic duo

  189. Pran

    Bullied all game on both sides…

  190. jed

    Offense has to be perfect for the Seahawks to have a chance to win and they weren’t today

    • jed

      Nick Bellore is in the game at the goal line for the most important plays of the season

  191. SEAhemoth82

    “The [Steelers] wanted it more, played harder, and executed better”.

  192. SeaTown

    34 points allowed at home to Mason Rudolph. Pack your bags Pete. Your time is over.

    • geoff u

      30 points, so there

      • Peter

        Yeah! The boys on the radio saying great job for the defense….that’ll do radio crew that’ll do.

        • Big Mike

          They have yet to give up 500 yd of offense so far so it’s a great job right?

          • geoff u

            Hey we may be losing but we only gave up 40 yards rushing in the second half don’t know why ya’ll are so down

  193. Mr Magic

    this game is over. seasons over. what a disaster, really is time for PC to call it a career.

  194. Bmseattle

    Pete doesn’t “recognize” what happened today…so lets just forget it happened, ok?

    • Big Mike

      We’re gonna get this thing turned around
      They just need to make a couple of tweaks

      • Peter

        It’s a long season. Everything coming together at the right time.

      • Geoff u

        Just a couple more weeks and we’ll have it figured out.

    • nfendall

      “We were really jacked up to play today and it just didn’t come together.”

      • MattG

        Omg, almost verbatim!

  195. Troy

    The script is so familiar. Hammered in the run game. Killed in time of possession. It’s been happening for years. Pete you can’t win in the 4th quarter when the other team kicks your ass for the first 3.

    • nfendall

      Given up 35 minutes in time of possession with 3 minutes to go. Oof.

  196. geoff u

    How was that late low blow to Smith not a penalty?

  197. Bmseattle

    Luckily we wont need that wasted timeout on the stupod challenge

  198. Big Mike

    A bad season made even worse by the fact that my team lost to both the stealers and the cowposers in the same year

    • 509 Chris


    • Tony

      Swept by rams and 9ers too!

      • Big Mike


    • Bmseattle

      I agree.
      My 2 most hated teams

  199. nfendall

    Shane Waldron – Well I don’t know what to do. Let’s go with the end zone fade.

    • geoff u

      NGL wish they’d have done that at the end of the Super Bowl instead of that other play that shall not be named

  200. Mr Magic

    why did carroll challenge a spot and blow a time out again? we need all 3 to have any shot.

  201. Peter

    I hate how the stealers invite you down to the redzone and then lock it down. False hope.

  202. Big Mike

    And the sad thing folks is we’re gonna see the same shit next year

  203. Whit21

    Now.. heads must roll!

    • Jon W.

      100 % agree but doubtful that Jody has the requisite courage.

  204. Mr Magic

    why onsides there? and why did PC blow that challenge ? we needed all 3 tos to have a shot.

  205. Troy

    This brand of Seahawks football is bad for my health.

    • Big Mike

      It’s boring
      And so predictable

    • nfendall

      I would agree if I was as invested as I normally am, but I just can’t anymore with this team until something changes.

  206. 805Hawk

    Remember when Pete put out a video teaching tackling? Maybe they should pull that baby out and play it for the new guys.

    • Peter

      Wish that Pete was still coaching….

    • pdway

      players should also know how to tackle — this ain’t pop warner – – they are a soft bunch…..give me more guys like DK, at least he doesn’t get pushed around.

      • Peter

        Reed, Williams, witherspoon.

        Need about three more like that

  207. jed

    Jackson just got torched by Pickens

    • SEAhemoth82

      “I’m Bad” – Michael Jackson

  208. Mr Magic

    LOL funny!!! haha. wow we are such trash. This team cant make the playoffs, please just dont.

  209. pdway

    just a demoralizing L today in a middling season. I thought maybe we were building something on defense…what a paper soft bunch we’ve put together. It’s wack a mole w this team – Geno was good today – the defense? Not a bully, or even physical player, among them. I’m ready to move on from Pete too, but you know what, I’m sure he’s coaching them to tackle – and they ain’t doing it. Lack of effort, lack of toughness. Hard to watch.

  210. Mr Magic

    the onside kick made zero sense….

    • Whit21

      Without 3 timeouts.. they would have to force a 3 and out with around 1:10 remaining.. its a toss up there.. and you need a TD.. especially with how the steelers ran the ball.. allowed them to throw in first down anyway to pickens..

  211. geoff u

    Najee Harris with his first 100 yd rushing game. Stealers with a record high in yards for the year.

    Things are looking up.

  212. Sten

    How many times does a Pete team have to get beat in every Pete metric for us to get rid of him? Explosive plays, turnovers, time of possession, rushing yards, we were behind in every category today. As big a guy punch to lose this way as it was last year vs the Raiders and Bucks. If we’re lucky we lose next week and don’t sneak into the playoffs and see some real change

    • Sea Mode

      Don’t forget the lost challenge for good measure.

      • Sten

        That one made me convinced he’s senile. He was always bad at them but wow. His son and tater must be giving him hell

  213. Sea Mode

    Making Rudolph look like the 2nd coming of Tom Brady out there… #PeteOUT

    • Whit21

      I was saying he looks like brock purdy..

      I just dont understand how the steelers have had so many problems on offense, and the hawks defense makes them look like the 49ers

  214. geoff u

    Looks like drafting a QB is back on the menu, boys.

    • geoff u

      Or we could draft another corner and improve our defense from 28th to 27th

  215. Peter

    First spealers win in Seattle in over 30 years.

    • McZ

      1983, to be entirely correct.

  216. SEAhemoth82

    Do you all see Diggs on the kneel down, with his hands on his hips on the final play of the game?
    That’s the most effort he gave all game on that single play.

  217. Kyle R

    I honestly loved the Seahawks Defensive’s part in the Ten Commandments as the Red Sea.

  218. Big Mike

    Remember when this team was nearly unbeatable at home?
    Remember when 30% of the ticket holders didn’t sell their tix to the opposition fas?
    Remember when the Seahawks wrote the book on tackling?
    Remember when the Seahawks were to bully?
    Remember when the Seahawks were more than just a middling team?

    • SEAhemoth82

      Meeting adjourned.

      • Palatypus

        Not until I get my cake!

    • Palatypus

      Cue 70’s yacht rock.

      • SEAhemoth82

        Cue “Sailing”, by Christopher Cross….?

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