Instant reaction: Seahawks ran all over by Steelers


  1. Big Mike

    Remember when this team was nearly unbeatable at home?
    Remember when 30% of the ticket holders didn’t sell their tix to the opposition fas?
    Remember when the Seahawks wrote the book on tackling?
    Remember when the Seahawks were to bully?
    Remember when the Seahawks were more than just a middling team?

    • jed

      Pepperidge Farms remembers.

  2. Tony

    “The milk has gone bad”

    -Dave Chapelle as Rick james.

    • Albert Bryan Butler

      Chapelle should have made a time travel movie: The Adventures of Rick and Jesse James.

  3. Happy Hawk

    So stale and so predictable. Time for a MAJOR reboot.

  4. Kerren

    Think this maybe the last game Carroll coaches at home.
    Also possibly Wagner and Lockett’s last home game

    • Tomas

      Two more full seasons of Pete after this. I doubt Jody’s troubled at all by the loss. We must gird ourselves to endure.

  5. Tim the toolman taylor

    The Seahawks died by having too many tools on defense and not knowing how to use any tools on defense.

    • Tony

      Pretty sure it’s more like seahawks have 6 rakes and no shovels to dig that hole.

      • Time the toolman taylor

        How’d I get electrocuted then!?

  6. Elmer

    Love the barf bucket graphic. Very fitting.

  7. geoff u

    To be honest, this is exactly what I expected to see from a Clint Hurtt defense right after we hired him. No wonder Pete likes him, fits right in.

  8. RomeoA57

    You people complaining about the Seahawks are not real fans.

    The defense gave up less than 500 yards.

    The Seahawks did not get blown out today.

    The run defense was better in the second half, giving up only 60 yards.

    They only gave up 30 points to the Stealers.

  9. Hebegbs

    Maybe now those in the mainstream media and fans who had just maintained hope that PC could turn it around, will start asking harder questions and stop giving this team a pass?

    They are a long way away from Ravens and 9ers and can’t even find a way to beat a mediocre Steelers team at home. All the Steelers did was run and short routes. Rudolph barely had the throw the ball into anything tight. We have nobody that can cover a TE. Ok I’ll stop here on positional analysis. There are some good players to build from, but we have weaknesses all over this team. It isn’t a few tweaks here and there. And Pete, it’s time to move on man. Appreciate all you did here.

  10. Peppapig

    Looked like a nice day weather wise.

  11. mr peapants

    how in hell do we give up 100+ rushing yards in the first half?! Were they expecting pitt to throw with mason flippin rudolph? WTF, how can you be so unprepared? So sick of this poorly coached team. oh, and i loved carrolls challenge. Ready for something new

    • neil

      Terrible tackling !! that’s how. They got run over again today, I don’t know who the strength and conditioning coach is but he needs to get fired. did anybody count the missed tackles and stiff armed out of the way attempts ?

      • Elmer

        I wonder what the main reasons for poor tackling are:

        Too old?
        Too slow?
        Lack of effort?
        Not smart enough to be in the right position?
        Poor conditioning?
        Tackling technique not taught?

        Whatever it is, fix it!

  12. CHaquesFan

    Gave up 527 yards against San Francisco and now only 468 against Pittsburgh! Massive improvement!

  13. Mr Magic

    I simply dont see PC retiring, nor do I see Jody firing him, she wont make a bold move in a sale year. He will coach this team next year unless he decides on his own to call it quits which I doubt, just not his DNA. We are stuck with this for one more year. The new ownership group will clean house after that.

  14. shotime

    So if we lose next week and not make the playoffs, what would be the best draft slot we can get? I would be very excited to get something like no.12 pick.

  15. Parallax

    My account was just suspended on Fieldgulls for expressing opinions similar to Rob’s. I wasn’t rude. I didn’t insult anyone. Didn’t use foul language. What’s the point of a fan forum if people can’t have opinions. But apparently it’s not alright to disagree with Mookie.

    The same thing happened to me on Seaside Joe. Banned for not agreeing with the host and a few others. Several people said they valued my opinion. One or two said they particularly appreciated what I had to say.

    I don’t get it. Maybe it’s being from New York, that I think it’s alright to share opinions. Maybe that doesn’t work in Seattle, a place where such things are considered inherently rude.

    • BK26

      I noticed that there were some comments removed. One was actually whining about people that would be happy about this loss.

      Sharks in the water with the fandom. This is going to get ugly for quite a while.

      • Parallax

        Was trying to respond to that guy when I saw I couldn’t post. One-week ban. I wrote an email to ask why I was muzzled. I really don’t get why any forum would want to ban people for having opinions. If they’re insulting each other or flaming each other, or using inappropriate language, that another matter entirely.

        • LouCityHawk

          I had several comments removed tonight, posted a couple more along the same thread.

          Guess I’ll see if I draw a suspension card as well.

    • Andrew M

      You were banned from two different Seahawks sights? Look inward brother, the light you seek dwells within.

      • BK26

        Look at the sights: he’s fine.

        Kenneth has had some of his readers argue him because he was allllmost being negative about the team.

        • BK26


          • Parallax

            Thanks BK. It was shocking to me because I didn’t think I’d been rude or argumentative. Just forthright. As alluded to, it might be a cultural thing. I’m from New York and that’s a place where it’s perfectly fine to have opinions and share them. Seattle is culturally different. As an example, in New York there must be a dozen ways to honk a car horn and they each have different meanings which everyone knows. At one end of the spectrum are what are called “love taps”. If someone falls asleep at a light which turns green, you go “tap, tap, tap” and the person may waive a thanks as they drive off. God forbid you honk your horn in Seattle unless it’s truly an emergency. At least that’s how it used to be. People would look at you like you were a child molester. So it may be that I’m not getting the cultural rules.

            I’ve been out of New York for more than 40 years but when you’re born and raised there, the rules and assumptions get in deep. For me, if the quality of one’s analysis is good, then the underlying opinions are inherently not rude. But I think to some on some sights here in the west, it’s seen as argumentative if you state your case too strongly. In a way, laying out a complete analysis may be seen as itself rude, a form of beating things to death.

    • FloridaHawk

      I actually wrote a reply to you, only to get done and your comment was gone. Your comment was not rude whatsoever and absolutely not worthy of being deleted. That said, I often pull my punches on that site because the kids can be very testy, and that’s putting it mildly. My response to you was basically that if this same clown show “runs it back” again next year, is likely be tuning out too.

      • FloridaHawk

        That’s “mods,” not kids. Thanks autocorrect. And that other site, I don’t even bother with. I feel like SDB is the only place that has a differing opinion. On those others, Pete and Geno are immune to criticism.

        • Parallax

          Thanks FH. It helps to hear your point of view because I was so shocked by what happened. I think of myself as a nice person, someone who is thoughtful and respectful of others. Perhaps that doesn’t always come across when we’re reduced to works on a screen, with no intonations or other non-verbal cues. But even in person, I’ve been misunderstood sometimes since I left New York at age 18, whereas back there people see me as consistently kind and polite. I appreciate your reflections, as it helps me sort things out.

          Rob is English. I’ve really enjoyed my time there and in Europe generally. I find Europeans much more friendly on average than Americans. Loved hanging in pubs and just talking to folks. Made friends who, though they hardly knew me, would invite me in and put me up, or send me to a friend’s place in whatever place I was going to next. I found that, there, a friend of a friend is a friend. I also found people to be much more thoughtful and analytical, on average, then people are here.

          We are very efficient in the U.S. Life here is convenient. And there’s lots of natural beauty. Europe has natural beauty too but tons of history. Cultures vary from country to country but I really enjoyed people in many of those cultures. I connected least in Germany and similar places. I connected super well in Eastern Europe, particularly in Slavic cultures. In England, I found London to be rather stony and cold but the people out in the countryside are incredibly warm. Made friends on trains and pubs that remained friends for years, and this was before the internet was a thing.

    • jed

      Pacific Northwesterners are as soft as the Seahawks defense.

      • Parallax

        Lol, Jed.

    • Rob Staton

      My advice — just stick to the best Seahawks community online… 😉

      • Parallax

        Thanks Rob. I agree. You’ve been really cool about making sure everyone gets to have their opinion here, regardless of whether they agree with you. That’s the sort of thing I respect.

  16. Big Mike

    Carroll in his postgame press conference backed bringing Jamal Adams back for next season
    If he does that I will not watch a single Seattle Seahawks game and I have never felt that way before

    I watched them when they were 2 and 14 when I lived in Southern California every chance I got because they’re my team
    I have had enough of Jamal Adam’s I have had enough of Pete Carroll’s ego desperately trying to hang on to the worst trade in seahawk history
    He could be blowing smoke but if he’s not I’m done until Carroll and Adams are gone

    • BobbyK

      Pete Carroll is senile and doesn’t care about the good of the team if Adams returns. They both should be kicked to the curb if there’s a chance Adams returns.

      • Lord Snow

        It should be kicked to the curb regardless of what he does with Adams.

    • Thunder66

      I wouldn’t trust Pete on this. It is too early to make any declarations about next year’s roster and btw what answer can he give to the Press with still a game left? This is best done after the season and if we were to believe wouldn’t JS have a say on that too?

      • Parallax

        Given the salary cap, it’s hard to imagine them bringing back Adams. But nothing that happens under Pete Carroll would surprise me. The man has charisma and charm but lacks strategic discernment. Perhaps Schneider or others can help set him straight, assuming he takes advice.

    • Elmer

      Since they haven’t done anything about it for the past two years, they have given us no reason to believe that they will do anything for next year.

    • FloridaHawk

      I’m right there with you. This team simply has a bunch of players that I just don’t want to watch and a coaching staff that is in place because Pete Carroll has carte blanche in that building.

  17. BobbyK

    Geno isn’t the problem (looking at you – worthless pathetic defense, along with the trash interior OL) but this team needs to get a QB and build the team around him.

    I love Lockett and Wagner. They are two of my favorite Seahawks ever. Both are great people and I love having guys like on my favorite team (the anti-Jamal Adams effect). But this team isn’t winning the Super Bowl next year with a rookie QB.

    This team needs to get rid of the fat (releasing Adams, Diggs, etc.).

    They need to invest in OL help. They can’t bank on Cross being the only decent player and Lucas will magically be healthy. Without Lewis under contract they absolutely must have a total of at least 3 quality OL players (not counting Lucas).

    They can’t fix this team in one off-season, but they can fix the offensive side of the ball with a rookie QB setting themselves for longer term success. If they can do that, they can maintain and do defense heavy in the ’25 FA period and draft. Throw in the fact said rookie QB will be on a rookie contract – there will be lots of resources available to legitimately help this team actually contend in ’26. Because I’m sick of the contending pretender Pete Carroll has perpectually “built.”

    Does a defensive head coach deserve to give up over 130 rushing yards in the first half on a defense that can’t tackle deserve to keep his job when his unit sucks weekly? This isn’t a one week hiccup. This is called years of data kind of like how Carroll always has one of the most penalized teams year after year after year after year. Time to write a new story. That’s a wrap for this one.

    • Big Mike

      contending pretender

      Love that Bobby! Spot on

  18. spencer

    So how about Charles Cross? To save myself time and anger I only watched a few dozen plays because I could see the writing on the wall. In so many of those plays I saw Cross getting outplayed, including where Geno fumbled (he needs to get that ball out, but still) He’s still young, but I’m not seeing second contract potential right now. He was billed as fluid and so technically sound, but he appears to have zero toughness. And with Lucas seemingly always hurt or dealing with something, the future of this line is looking like the most bleak part of the offense (second to coaching, of course)


    • SEAhemoth82

      Was Charles Cross really that bad?
      Or was Geno holding onto the ball for too long?
      I think every tackle on the NFL has their hands full when facing Watt and Highsmith. Did Cross have some bad snaps? Sure. Was he a liability overall? I don’t think so. He think he’s gotten better this year with room to improve, which should be the case for every second year player on this team.

      In the end, I would like to think that the offensive coaching staff would scheme around the Steelers’ aggressive pass rush pass rush, but then again it seems like every week Pete Carroll is out coached in every phase of the game.

    • pdway

      wasn’t his best game – but he’s been good this year. he’s a keeper/building block in my opinion.

      worried about Lucas’ knee – – huge downgrade this year when he’s not in.

      • Peter

        Big time worried about Lucas

        • jed

          I wonder if he dropped to the third round because of medical concerns about that knee?

    • BobbyK

      Cross isn’t a blue chip cornerstone LT but he’s a good solid NFL player with mostly good weeks with the occasional problems you don’t see as much of from consistent Pro Bowl LTs. He’ll never be in the stratosphere of Big Walt, but that space is too rare to compare a mere mortal to. Moving forward, LT is one of the few offensive problems up front for the Seahawks.

      With Lewis being a free agent, we basically have all trash on the interior OL and the RT situation is now in crisis mode with the uncertainty of Lucas.

      This offensive line is an utter mess moving forward but LT is the one spot where we don’t need to worry. My two cents.

  19. Gross MaToast

    Can you win the Super Bowl in Game 16?

    Pete’s going to get this thing figured out this week and then everybody better watch out.

    Win Forever!

    (I look forward to having these same conversations re: Pete and John next year. It’s become a holiday tradition. Also, JS doesn’t “deserve” to come back – he had a major role in selecting these ‘Alpha Dogs’ who are all bark and no bite. Let’s have a clean break.)

    • Big Mike

      Agree Gross

    • Peter

      Carson (good but ultimately didn’t matter)

      When you select four players from 2017 to 2020 drafts that deserve second contracts you probably shouldn’t be the gm anymore.

      Parkinson maybe, maybe

      • BobbyK

        No way a sane front office gives that much to Dissly. Unreal the irresponsibility they have shown allocating resources.

        We need a new regime with fresh eyes to assess the situation. Just like PC/JS were when they looked at the Seahawks 14 years ago.

        • Parallax

          I can’t speak to Schneider because I don’t know to what extent the decisions were his. I know I feel the way you do about Carroll. I’d be fine with sweeping clean and starting over but I’d also be fine with replacing Pete and seeing what Schneider could do without him.

  20. Palatypus

    AI drawings of Seahawks “Charmin Soft” add.

    • Big Mike

      Love it! Already sent to several friends

      • Parallax

        Funny. Years ago, the slogan was “Please don’t squeeze the Charmin”. The Hawks could put that on a Christmas Card with a team picture and send it around the league.

  21. Marc

    Rob has been banging this drum for a while and guess what, it’s even worse than he has been saying. The Seahawks are going nowhere until there is a major house cleaning. This has to be the most uninspiring defense in decades. It lacks heart, grit and toughness. Cortez Kennedy is spinning in his grave.

    • Parallax

      So true. And yet Carroll is still thought by many to be this defensive guru. Maybe he was in a different day and time but that day is long past.

  22. Jason Covey

    If Pete were to be replaced. Do we know who specifically would be in charge of hiring the next coach? Can’t be Jodi Allen. Is it Schneider?

    • Parallax

      We don’t know. Ultimately, everything’s up to ownership but if she keeps Schneider, she could delegate the decision to him. Many GM’s are given the authority to make coaching hires.

  23. Eric

    Just wanted to say that’s a great hat, Rob. Go Dawgs tomorrow!

    • Parallax

      Hoping and praying for a Husky win in our house. My 9-year-old son is literally praying, all day every day. To the point where I’m thinking I may have introduced him to being a football fan too soon. If they lose, he’ll be devastated. This is his first year rooting for the Huskies and he’s really gotten into it. In a sense, he’s incredibly lucky. What an incredible season it’s been. But it also means he’s never suffered and survived a loss. He doesn’t know that in past years, it was considered great to go 8-4 and to a NY6 bowl. I’ve tried to explain it but he’s kind of stuck. No way I can talk him out of heartbreak if either of the next two games don’t go our way.

      I know we either get what we want or we get to build character. He may have to find out the hard way.

  24. Marc

    Pete and John need to leave. Things won’t improve until they do.

  25. Big Mike

    Seahawks defense, by yards allowed

    2023: 25th, I think (24th going into today, passed the Giants, not sure if any team below us passed us)

    2022: 26th

    2021: 28th

    2020: 22nd

    2019: 26th

    • Parallax

      With our defensive genius head coach.

    • Misfit

      If the coaching staff can be upgraded – DC and/or HC especially then it has to be on the table.

      What about John Schneider?

      Is our personnel just not as good as we’d like to think? Does he stay?

  26. Parallax

    Watching the night game, finding it much easier to root for Green Bay than to root against the Seahawks. Even though I’m doing it because I think it’s in the long-term interest of the team. Still wish we had given Lock a chance but I know I sound like a broken record. Alas, this season is done and I really don’t want the Hawks backing into the playoffs.

  27. L80

    First of all Happy New Year to Rob, Robbie (and everyone else) from me, also Rob….

    The very moment Riq..(who, in my opinion needs to add the Tar back to his name) because they were beating the tar outta him… What an absolute truck job,

    If tackling is a team wide problem are you telling me every single player missing tackles has been poor at tackling their entire careers and you obtained them knowing that …..orRRRRRRR….

    Is the coaching so poor they can’t get fundamentals down?….Not buying it. This is mostly coaching/philosophy, and length of time all working against the regime, which has come to it’s end.

    Whether it actually happens or not we all know, and it’s in hopes on this new years eve that ownership makes the move if Pete doesn’t…..I LOVE coach Carrol just kie everyone but the redundancy is ruining my fandom.

  28. LouCityHawk

    Slowly moving from force Pete Carroll to retire to Fire Carroll…

    Watched this game with a bunch of Steelers fans, curiously they are very different in their mindset regarding Tomlin than we are…

    Can’t really say much after this game other than it is time for Carroll to go, if your other favorite bloggers or pundits or bloggers aren’t talking about it, ask them why?

    This is the least fun I’ve had in a season since the Mora era, I don’t want to end up like the Pats, the time to move is now.

    • Troy

      Pete has been given opportunity after opportunity to right the ship. I don’t think he deserves another chance. Been there done that on replacing coordinators. The defense is among this NFL’s worst. The team lacks toughness. The fan base is turning against him. The home field advantage is gone. Ticket holders are selling to opposing team’s fan. The salary cap is a mess. What are the positives of more Pete Carroll???

      • LouCityHawk

        I’ve been wanting the ending where we are all happy.

        Now, I am just wanting the end, clear that no growth will happen without major changes.

  29. SimonGER

    Just for the sake of clarification, because i do not want to Watch that Team in the Playoffs: WHO to Root for in the Packer vs Vikings Game? Assuming the Packers win this one and also the last one against the Bears: If we win against Arizona, are they ahead of us?

    • LouCityHawk


      • Troy

        Packers against Minnesota’s 3rd string QB. Stop the run. Force him to beat you. Up 23-3 at halftime.
        Seahawks against Pittsburgh’s 3rd string QB. Let them run it down your throat. No pressure on QB. Lose 30-23.

        Should’ve lost in the same manner to Tennessee.

        This team needs serious changes.

    • Parallax

      Depends. If we lose next week, we’re out. If we win, then the winner of this Green Bay — Vikings game has to win again to get in ahead of us. Green Bay plays the Bears at Lambaugh but the Bears have been hot and there hasn’t been a home field advantage for Green Bay this year. The Vikings would have to beat the Lions, but it’s not clear if the Lions will be playing their starters.

  30. Mick

    The perfect ending of the season would be to have the Packers blowing it against the Bears but we’re unable to beat Arizona and we still don’t make the playoffs.

    • Big Mike

      Quite possible

  31. Jabroni-DC

    I’d like to see the NFL go to a 21 game regular season schedule with multiple bye weeks & have 20 teams make the playoffs.

    Things aren’t watered down enough & not enough players are getting hurt to keep the NFL exciting.

    UFC is King in sports now.

  32. Rob Staton

    FYI we currently have the #15 pick

    We can get as high as #13 next week if Denver and New Orleans win against Vegas and Atlanta respectively (this is if we lose to Arizona of course). We might be able to jump the Vikings into #12 if they beat the Lions because our SOS will reduce vs Arizona and theirs will rise vs Detroit. The difference is currently .507 (Minnesota) and .515 (us).

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