Quick draft notes for a Friday night

I wanted to take some time before the weekend just offer some draft thoughts and status check a few things. So here we go…

— I’ve taken a few names off my horizontal board who opted not to declare for the draft and return to college. This includes linebackers Smael Mondon and Barrett Carter at Georgia and Clemson respectively, receivers Julian Fleming and Josh Kelly (both heading for the portal) and cornerback Trikwese Bridges (also in the portal). There are still a number of players yet to make their intentions clear for the draft.

— I didn’t include Carson Beck on my initial board and the Georgia QB has now confirmed he isn’t turning pro. Tyler Van Dyke is going to Wisconsin, Will Rogers to Washington, Riley Leonard to Notre Dame, Will Howard to USC and Grayson McCall to NC State. Some of these are yet to be officially confirmed, though, so things can change. Cam Ward, KJ Jefferson and DJ Uiagalelei are yet to indicate where they are heading in the portal, with Ward said to be commanding a lot of interest.

— The buzz around Jayden Daniels is incredible and increasingly it seems like he might be the second quarterback drafted in 2024. His case will be aided if Lamar Jackson wins the MVP and/or Baltimore wins the Super Bowl. Teams will recognise the similarities between the two players. I still think it’s a lock that Caleb Williams will be taken by the Bears with the top pick but Daniels as QB2 and Drake Maye as QB3 feels extremely plausible.

— There are so many teams chasing quarterbacks and supply isn’t going to match demand. The key name I’m going to continue to keep an eye on is Quinn Ewers. The latest talk is he’s 80% committed to returning to Texas. However, if he wins the National Championship and plays well in the process there’s little reason to return. His decision will likely hinge on the outcome of the playoffs.

— On the Seahawks, it’s increasingly hard to imagine Geno Smith isn’t on the roster next year. They aren’t picking high enough to guarantee anything in terms of the draft. The veteran alternatives are not attractive and players like Kirk Cousins will cost a fortune (I suspect he’ll eventually be extended by Minnesota, keeping him off the market). The question really is how much can they shave off Smith’s cap hit? They can’t go into next year with Smith on three times what he’s on now. He’s still a bridge and their cap situation is bad enough that they need to find considerable savings. Jamal Adams will be gone, that’ll create some relief. They’ll need a lot more than the $16.5m that will provide (plus other inevitable cuts such as the $5m they’ll get for parting with Bryan Mone). They absolutely should still plan to draft a quarterback as a potential heir apparent. I wouldn’t be opposed to trading up, especially for someone like Daniels — exactly the kind of QB who causes San Francisco problems. Having a big-time playmaker at QB is one way to combat playing a team who simply has far more blue-chip players than you do.

— I’m delighted that the media, at least, continues to sleep on Spencer Rattler. I keep reading so much nonsense about him from people who clearly haven’t fully studied his tape since leaving Oklahoma. For me he remains an excellent option for the Seahawks if they can’t trade up for a QB. Rattler’s a talent I’d be prepared to consider in round one — so if he’s destined to go later than that, fantastic. We see quarterbacks last longer than they should all the time. I mentioned a few days ago — you’ve got to look for special qualities and take shots to find ‘the guy’. I think Rattler’s as talented as any quarterback eligible for 2024, with arm talent to die for. He’s shown maturation at South Carolina, he’s proven he can play within structure. There’s so much to like and without a top-five pick this year, you have to look at other options if trading up isn’t a solution.

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  1. Peter

    I wonder if Seattle does anything with the position?

    This is not a “they never draft a qb,” post. Rather I see:

    New Orleans

    Then they won’t but I would…the Jets. All in front of Seattle.

    Additionally would not be surprised to see a team, Rams is who I see btw, paying to move to get a guy whether they win out or go out in round one.

    Still intrigued about Geno. I’m big on players getting their money. Nine wins? What’s to stop him from saying this is the deal we agreed on? I don’t think he’s worth 31 million but he bet in himself and that was one escalator.

    • LouCityHawk

      I concur and would add:


      Bucs are similar to Seattle.

      That’s a lot of action

      • Peter

        More names for sure.

    • 805Hawk

      That’s a good point about Geno. He may not be willing to renegotiate his contract. He may think he can get an equivalent contract elsewhere, especially if he sees Cousins doing just that. He’s not young and this is likely his last payday. Seattle will be in a bad spot if he refuses to renegotiate the remainder of his contract. Picking in the 20’s with a ton of QB needy teams ahead of them and no 2nd round pick. If they refuse to honor that contract (which they should do) and cut Geno to save cap space would mean signing a worse bridge and hoping someone falls. At least it will all be known quickly after the SB and can’t drag on.

      • Peter

        Yeah it’s a weird one with leverage. Not sure either party has much.

        Both sides ‘should’ restructure.

        Probably more intrigued by the new league year moves than most things right now.

    • Palatypus

      I could see the Jets trading out of #8 and picking up Sedrick VanPran in the later first round. Just end the Joe Tippman experiment right now.

  2. BobbyK

    Just a couple years ago there was whining about paying a franchise QB $35 million. Now we’ll give that much to Geno to be a “bridge.” So mother f****ng stupid. But, hey, comPete is the King of Mediocrity (and penalties) so lets run it back for another “successful” 9-8 season in ’24 with an embarrassing playoff exit in ’25. But we were so close…

    • Rob Staton

      I think that’s the point in the piece though, they won’t be giving him $31-33m

      • BobbyK

        They’ve lost all my trust. I think they may because they’re either that dumb, senile, or incompetent.

      • BobbyK

        But they sure can churn out 9-8 type seasons!

        • Jack Frost

          If I remember correctly, that was Ground Chuck’s MO

          • Palatypus

            The Jamal Adams dysfunction and aging Pete reminds me of the Brian Bosworth/Fredd Young dysfunction Fred Moody wrote about in Fighting Chance when Chuck Know was nearing the end.

            • Palatypus


  3. Peter

    You and I have been around forever.

    This all feels like a longer version of the end of Holmgren. Bad contracts and praying that something that hasn’t happened is going to suddenly start happening.

    Holmgren and Reid were both good almost great coaches til one day they just weren’t and they had to be moved in from.

    • Peter

      To bobbyk

    • BobbyK


  4. Dennis

    Everyone says it’s a given that Geno will won’t be back on that contract, but what if he decides to ‘bet on himself’ with another team after refusing to renegotiate his contract and gets cut? It’s either Drew Lock time or need for a massive move up in the draft. Thoughts?

    • Rob Staton

      He bet on himself a year ago after the best season of his career and the best offer he got was from Seattle. He knows his value

  5. CHaquesFan


    Adams, Clark, Edwards, Eskridge, Peters all out

    Rough to see Adams end up like this from great safety so malignant oft injured washout

    • Big Mike

      Great with the Jets. Great for one game, his first and only that one with Seattle.

      • Lord Snow

        Was he great with the Jets though? I seem to recall that Todd Bowles let him rove around and freelance a lot but admittedly I didn’t see a whole lot of their games and most of Jamal was highlights. Someone mentioned Fredd young above and he kind of reminds me of the Fred young of safeties. When he was allowed to Rove around and freelance we thought young was the best linebacker in football but when he had to play disciplined and function within a scheme at Indianapolis he wasn’t that good

  6. Dustin

    Good update thanks.
    Hopefully the decision makers are sleeping on rattler. Draft media, year after year show they just regurgitate everything they hear, then engage in groupthink. I don’t think there is any real insight with most of them.

  7. Whit21

    I usually use this blog to rant my opinions and frustrations. However this time I will go with a question.

    Rob, is there enough similarities between Spencer Rattler and josh allen/mahomes?

    The only thing we’ve heard leaked is that JS liked allen and mahomes but had russell to battle with..

    The only thing i feel like they have in commen is big time throwing ability.. Will that be enough to get him on their radar?

    • BK26

      He’s mobile like Mahomes. He’s a capable runner but doesn’t look to run until he needs to. Can throw at word angles like him too.

      Honestly, him being described as “Mahomes light” is spot on. It’s like watching a toned down version of Curly Kermit. If they had interest in Mahomes, they’ll have interest in Rattler. Man I hope he stays under the radar.

  8. Ground_Hawk

    Great material Rob!

    I’m still holding out hope for Rattler at Seattle’s natural spot in R1, and I agree with you that it’s feeling likely Geno is back, but Seattle does need to get on with finding a long term answer at QB.

    As things currently stand, Daniels is seeming more and more unlikely to make it past the Saints and I think you’re right on that Daniels could be QB 2 taken this year.

    • LouCityHawk

      Watch Rattler’s stock soar following the Senior Bowl.

      • Ground_Hawk

        I expect it will, as it should. All the more reason I support Seattle being aggressive and moving up to get their guy at QB and then pop the bubly (I don’t see Pete as much of a drinker)

    • Ben - Fort Worth

      Don’t be surprised if Chicago tries to trade Justin Fields and drafts Caleb Williams.

  9. LouCityHawk

    Anyone else watching Mizzou v OSU?

    Lot of Tigers impressing me….I know Harrison isn’t playing, but I might have to watch some more Missouri, only a few prospects made the horizontal board however.

    Player to watch for 2025…Johnnie Walker

    • LouCityHawk

      Liked it so much I did a 7 round mock for shits and giggles

      12. (Trade)
      Jayden Daniels
      QB LSU

      Zak Zinter
      OG Michigan

      87. (Trade)
      Javon Bullard
      CB Georgia

      Curtis Jacobs
      LB Penn State

      149. (Trade)
      Erick All
      TE Iowa

      Ashton Gillotte
      EDGE Louisville (as a DT/DE)

      Tatum Bethune
      LB Florida State

      Cody Schrader (I know Rob has him listed in the 3rd, but I’d really like him now, and PFN has him at a ridiculous #348)
      RB Missouri

      • Joseph

        The no 2nd rd pick pisses me off so much lol

      • Ben - Fort Worth

        I just can’t see Daniels getting past the Top 5 anymore. A couple of months ago, sure. But as with last year, B. Young, C. Stroud, A. Richardson, it’s looking like it’ll happen that way again. Especially with all of the horrible QB play and injuries this year.

        • Rob Staton

          Daniel’s is going to be a top five lock

  10. Thomas

    I’d rather they just go with Lock as the bridge. Sign him for two years. Maybe trade Geno if the veteran market is so bad. They might get a 4th for him if they can rework his contract for a suitor. Maybe Washington?

    • Zach

      I actually think they could easily get a second-round pick, if not better, for Geno. The way his contract is structured, it would be something like a two-year, $40 million contract for the team they traded him to, which is way under market for a QB of his caliber.

      I’m not sure they’ll actually do it, but I think it’s more likely that they trade him than release him.

      • Rob Staton

        There’s no way they’d get a R2 pick for Geno

  11. Andrew Fleming

    Rob, would you consider bringing back Russ on a 1 year veteran minimum deal, Broncos are on the hook for his salary this next year so he gets paid all he is currently due. Minimal salary cap hit and would help ease the burden of unloading our safety contracts. Throw in Rattler in the draft and put picks into the trenches and we could move the team along nicely.

    • Rob Staton

      No, there’s no way it’d happen with Pete and/or John still in Seattle

  12. Big Mike

    I’d be absolutely shocked if they moved up for a QB but it sure would be great to see an aggressive attempt at a long term solution at the position.

    Prediction: McVay loves Penix and takes him in round 2 as the heir apparent to Stafford.

    • BK26

      Honestly, I could see that with Penix. Sadly, that would be the coaching that he would need to take off in the league….

    • Peter

      I can see that.

      I’m still on the idea that they take Rattler.

      Either way I think it’s more likely the Rams take a qb earlier than we do. Though I think Seattle takes one this year.

    • LouCityHawk

      This reminds me a lot of 2012 draft for the Hawks.

      I remember reading about Schneider drooling over Tannehill and saying there was no way they could move up where he would go…that was 15 to 8.

      That was the same draft that Carroll convinced Schneider to wait until the 3rd round to take Wilson.

      Just because they haven’t doesn’t mean that they won’t, just because waiting worked before doesn’t mean it will (yet again).

      The biggest variable for the Seahawks (other than other player selections of other teams) is Ewers declaring or not.

      I see it as Caleb, Ewers, Daniels [gap] Rattler [big gap] Maye, Penix, Travis…

      The beauty is that we all don’t see it the same, and neither do the teams. I went onto a Broncos blog and they were all clamoring for Maye, Nix, Penix, McCarthy — they were cool on anyone else.

  13. Mr drucker in hooterville

    Oh man, I wish I rooted for a team that valued the QB position.

    • CL

      I mean I totally understand that many of us are nervous about what they’re going to day, me included.

      But can we really say the Seahawks don’t value the position?

      We know they were quite willing to trade their franchise QB away for Josh Allen. They were also reportedly very interested in Mahomes and might have picked him with their first round pick if the Chiefs didn’t trade up.

      The first year of QB competition then was kind of obvious anyway.

      And then this year, well.. it’s definitely possible that there wasn’t really an option of getting their QB (talking about Stroud or Richardson here), without giving up an insane haul.

      They had ample opportunity to draft Levis though, but passed, so it remains to be seen if this was a failure or not.

      Looking ahead at the 2024 draft, I also feel kind of nervous, but given their past, I’m willing to give them credit of the doubt and judge afterwards.

      • Peter

        Here’s a thought experiment:

        Leonard Williams

        For Stroud. Because that’s what Carolina gave up ( two 1sts, two 2nds and a player….but we had the higher pick)

        I think with Witherspoon and JSN we may have dine better to not do that. However 10-7 to 8-9, Seattle is going to have to do one of two things going forward.

        Get very, very lucky and hope a top talent falls and/or is not seen as a top talent at all and thus they are not falling.

        Or…..pay a hefty price. At some point.

        • Peter

          With some of the wild trades to this day I’m unsure how the Chiefs moved from the late twenties to the #10 spot for just a future first and a third round pick. Or how the Bills got Allen with two 2nd rounders.

      • BK26

        Yes. What have they done about the position? Drafted Russ and then rode him until he broke, then went with bridge quarterbacks since then. No drafting, no chance of developing.

        The position has been woefully neglected.

        • Palatypus

          Drafted Russ and then rode him until he broke,

          Let’s ride!

  14. Palatypus

    Do we have any other quarterbacks committed to the senior bowl than Spencer Rattler and Michael Pratt?

    • Palatypus

      Okay, answering my own question, I see that Joe Milton III of Tennessee has accepted a spot.

      That means there are three spots left. If Washington wins on Monday, I don’t think we get to see Penix Jr. Maybe Bo Nix?

  15. Blitzy the Clown

    I appreciate the end of week, end of year draft notes, late of a holiday weekend night.

    Thank you for your tireless efforts Rob.

    Still too much uncertainty around Ewers for me to have any sense of how things may shake out.

    I think Ewers might be QB2 if he declares. Especially if it comes on the other side of a national championship. At the least, he’d be QB3.

    I think Schneider might be willing to spend big to move up for Ewers. Not as much for Daniels. That’s just my gut.

  16. Blitzy the Clown

    NCAA storm clouds brewing over Jim Harbaugh reminds me of one plucky youthful coach from USC who had some troubles that pushed him out of the NCAA

    History rhymes?

  17. AlaskaHawk

    Geno may be a bridge QB but he would play a lot better if the Seahawks had a decent interior offensive line and if they could muster up a running game. I blame both on the poor performance of guards and center.

    I don’t know what to say about Geno’s contract. They have already sunk money into him, and the contract does have performance sweeteners so they seem committed until the team is sold and Pete Carroll leaves.

    On the other hand if they did get an elite rookie quarterback in 2024, they will probably have to trade more draft picks to move up. If they can’t get an elite QB but go next tier like Rattler, Penix or Nix, our they willing to let Geno Smith go and depend on that rookie quarterback? All in on their new pick? Because if you keep Geno Smith then he will be getting what’s in his contract.

    • Rob Staton

      About three teams have great interior OL’s

      You have to find a way to combat that

    • AlaskaHawk

      I really thought highly of Bradford and at one time of Lewis. Really thought they would do great. They have ripped my heart out. It won’t get any better if they are blocking for a rookie QB.

      • Peter

        Made a lot of reasons for Lewis over the years but I’m fine moving on.

        Let’s hold off on bradford for a season. He needs reps.

    • 12th chuck

      Better play calling would help as well. I am not sure why it takes so long to make in game adjustments

    • Peter

      While I don’t disagree last year’s iol wasn’t good and he played better.

      I’ve heard all year about the oline. Last year I heard the praises of the rookie tackles. With two weeks remaining we are sitting in a situation where I see it as likely to go one win, tied, or one loss than last year.

      Which to me says there’s a bigger issue at play.

      For every change they made and the ones they didn’t this team is nearly the same for another year. It’s actually kind if remarkable when you think about it.

      For the debates when you boil it down its the coaches first. I’d even argue Geno himself and the team as a whole would be better off as is with a whole different system of business.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Now that you mention it I remember Hasselback in the shotgun getting pancaked by an unblocked guy running up the middle. It happened again on the next play! He was looking pretty ragged after two consecutive brutal tackles. Of course that team wasn’t super bowl bound.

        Anyway, I have watched a number of unblocked defenders running past Bradford. You just can’t let that happen.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I would sing the praises for Las Vegas Raiders interim coach Antonio Pierce. He has that team believing they can win. Even with their second string quarterback O-Conner playing. Incidentally the QB was a mid round pick from Purdue. This is the year of the backup quarterbacks.

  18. AlaskaHawk

    This draft board by Glynn Morgan has five QBs going before Seahawks pick. While Rattler isn’t listed , you know that if he makes a good showing he could leapfrog two of the other quarterbacks.


    • RomeoA57

      I am beginning to expect that five Quartebacks will be off the board before the Seahwks native pick in the FIrst Round. As Rob has stated, they are going to need to be aggresive if they want one of them. Myself, like a lot of commentors on this board, expect them to roll with Geno at a negotioted salary next year.

  19. Palatypus

    ESPN this morning was calling the Orange Bowl “the opt-out bowl” because Florida State has so many players skipping the game for the draft or in the transfer portal. I read one article the other day claiming that if they somehow beat Georgia while missing 16 or 17 players, they should have a claim to the national championship.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Even the ones who didn’t participate? LOL

      I’m not liking the trend to sit out. But I don’t blame them either. It affected a couple games I watched yesterday. Even Oregon State coach moved to Michigan St. , that’s a kick in the nuts for the team.

      • Palatypus

        And Tulane’s head coach went to…Houston? Why?

  20. 805Hawk

    Rob, Is there a quick link somewhere to find your horizontal board? I thought it was as on the sidebar but I can’t seem to find it.

  21. Ukhawk

    Would it make any sense to consider Wilson as a bridge as an alternative to Geno ??

    He might end up cheaper, would be able (and willing?) to teach a younger guy and could possibly be ready to right some past wrongs.

    Clearly he’d have to want to take on that role and it might be a bit premature in his career. But the recent comments moments by KJ make me think that Geno could also be unsuited for that mentorship role.

    Anyway just a thought.

    • RomeoA57

      RW is not and option for the Seahawks.

      He tried to get coach Carroll fired.

      John Schneider hates his agent Mark Rodgers and would not want to deal with him again.

    • BK26

      He’s not going to go somewhere where there is a threat of him not starting.

      This is the guy that couldn’t handle Schneider going to college pro days.

      • Peter

        Tbf I can barely handle after last year’s total goof off fest.

    • Sten

      My instinct is he’ll go to a team like the vikings that has no problem moving from one veteran QB to another

  22. geoff u

    Increasingly looking like we’re screwed yet again at the QB position with a FO that has zero ability to past its nose. What’s the point of having a bridge QB if there’s nothing at the other end of the bridge? More like Geno is a pier Qb 😆

    Just do what it takes this time Seattle, FFS. All this mediocrity is killing us.

    • BK26

      I get the strategy. Just keep building that bridge and tell everyone that we’ll get to the other side “sooner or later.”

      • Albert Bryan Butler

        I think I’ve seen that movie.

  23. CL

    [Schefter] Seahawks are releasing former three-time Pro-Bowl LB Frank Clark today, per me and @BradyHenderson. Clark had been a healthy scratch for two of the past three games, and three of the nine games overall since the Seahawks re-signed him.


  24. Denver Hawker

    Ewers might declare just to avoid the Arch Manning noise: https://x.com/txlonestarlive/status/1741153190425375173?s=46&t=cOHU3a7sncZq-_1QP4M1Og

    • BK26

      I’ve never seen an article (let alone 16) about the fact that a player is now a backup.

      It’s a weird world that we live in….

  25. Troy

    Jamal Adams. Season Ending IR

  26. cha

    Jamal Adams has been put on Injured Reserve.

    His season is over.

    • Denver Hawker

      Putting the trade compensation aside for a moment, his contract extension alone has to be one of the more disastrous contracts in Seahawks history.

    • Sten

      He’s probably done with the team. Will be interesting in the coming years to find out what happened between him and Pete.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      I mean dress it up any way you want.

      Not you cha, the Seahawks

    • Palatypus

      Well, he’s free now to drop the ball on New Year’s Eve.

    • Yoonhawk

      End of an error.

    • Ground_Hawk

      Get well JA

      Minn S Nubin in round 3!!!

  27. Palatypus

    Wow. Ohio State is 1-13 in its last 14 games with the SEC.


  28. 805Hawk

    How many first round picks has this organization wasted over the years via trade or draft busts?!? It’s absolutely insane.

    • Palatypus

      Well, two for Percy Harvin, two for Jamal Adams, and one for Jimmy Graham via trade.

      • 805Hawk

        And throw in the loss of Unger on the Jimmy trade. Carpenter was a waste. The drafting of McDowell (granted they traded down to the 2nd) and LJ Collier were disastrous. Sheldon Richardson was a second, but that was a disaster that had a cascading affect. Lots of bad stuff in there until recently.

        • Big Mike

          You guys left out Germain Ifedi. 🙁

    • Peter

      If you count players by just deserving a second contract it is a terribly small list of successes vs failures.

      • Big Mike

        Absolutely excellent way to look at it.

        • Peter

          Who needs all decade Fletcher Cox when you can get Irvin, Jaye howard, and Jeremy Lane….good grief.

  29. Andy Heck #66

    Clark and Adams done. Addition by subtraction.
    Here’s hoping revamped defense can be average and gelling offense can be above average here on in.

  30. Amanuel Abraham

    It’s a no for me on rattler unless it’s 4th round or later. I don’t believe he has the intangibles and maturity to be a nfl qb anytime soon. that viral video of rattler talking down to his teammate in high school is not going to fly with Pete. He was clearly unprepared going into OU and will be going into the NFL. Let’s not act like he instantly turned around SC or that there’s a swell of fans/teammates that go to bat for him. That red rivalry game he got benched in is going to stick with him in US sports culture for a while and I wouldn’t be surprised if it isn’t brought up during the draft process since he/caleb are both in the draft. I’d hate to be the team that reignites his ego taking him in the upper rounds. You want someone pissed off getting not taken as the first qb, I can almost guarantee he’ll be celebratory because of what he already overcame in college.

    I’d also do more background work on Ewers and how coddled he’s been from high school to now. There’s ALOT of drew lock personality-wise and we’ve seen how that seeps into their gameplay

    PCJS will take a qb with a chip on his shoulder. In my opinion if they get a playoff win and/or 10 wins they’ll focus on improving the roster and making tough decisions (dremont jones for example) in order to retain/keep geno/Leonard Williams.

    My pick for qb for them to draft is Bo nix if he were to fall to the Will Levis range after 1 (if not 2) trade backs of our upcoming native late 1st round pick.

    • ok

      @Amanuel Abraham

      thanks for posting your thoughts.
      i disagree with possibly everything you wrote.

      • Albert Bryan Butler

        I think Amauel might be Michael Pratt.

    • BK26

      I don’t think that you’ve watched tape… Hate to say it but your take is why Rattler isn’t talked about: no one has realized that he’s changed in the last few years. If you had watched any interviews since he left OU then it’s easy to pick up on. His story and adversity that he HAS OVERCOME is exactly what Pete will want.

      And how has Ewers been coddled? He had to go to another school and fend off high recruits, hold down the starting job, play through injuries, beat Alabama and other great teams, lead his team into the playoffs, and is talking about going back to school specifically to make himself better.

      No other quarterback will have bigger chips on their shoulders or more to prove than those two. This sounds like a post that would have been made 2 years ago.

      Trading back or drafting Nix before the third are both bad ideas. Do both and you are just trying to make the team bad on purpose.

      • Peter

        Wish people could explain why if no one goes to bat for Rattler then why did his OC at Oklahoma welcome him as the starter at South Carolina when he became the coach?

        Re: ewers. Coddled? Imagine sportscaster running viral clips of your backup getting an ovation when you walk on for the final minutes in a game that was already decided when you are the qb leading the team to the playoffs. If anything I think he’s had a weird go of it because the first real slip up fans and boosters would be talking about benching him for manning.

        Doesn’t matter though because I think an offensive head coach will select Rattler before Seattle does and we’ll be left wondering if mcvay, stefanski, etc, like him why didn’t seattle….

        • BK26

          I think teams will be regretting missing out on both, wherever they go.

          They both have adversity and preconceived notions to get over. Rattler with how he was YEARS ago, and Ewers with trying to live up with his recruit status and having to fight off “the next guy” over and over.

  31. AlaskaHawk

    I hope the other teams think like you so we can get Rattler!

    Also not a big fan of trading down, they can get somebody good in the first round.

    • Peter

      Trade down from the probable 20’s to lose a first but get a second and maybe an extra fourth? No thanks.

      That’s the compensation btw from 22 to say 35-37….not much.

  32. BK26

    I don’t think that you’ve watched tape… Hate to say it but your take is why Rattler isn’t talked about: no one has realized that he’s changed in the last few years. If you had watched any interviews since he left OU then it’s easy to pick up on. His story and adversity that he HAS OVERCOME is exactly what Pete will want.

    And how has Ewers been coddled? He had to go to another school and fend off high recruits, hold down the starting job, play through injuries, beat Alabama and other great teams, lead his team into the playoffs, and is talking about going back to school specifically to make himself better.

    No other quarterback will have bigger chips on their shoulders or more to prove than those two.

  33. Big Mike

    Adams done for the year?


    • Big Mike

      Finally the end of one of the worst chapters in the 47 season history of the Seattle Seahawks. The only worse chapter to me was Behring trying to ship the franchise to LA. Nothing will ever be worse than that in my mind.

      • pdway

        will be f-ing cathartic to be done w this chapter. sometimes you really do just have to (literally) cut your losses.

  34. pdway

    bummer that Brooks is out tomorrow – defense definitely suffers some w out him.

    • Peter

      Hopefully the one good game by Rudolph is a fluke.

    • Mick

      We played decently without him against the Titans though. But yes, he’s important against the run, especially.

  35. JAFreeman

    Concerning Rattler, this happens every draft season. Rob is way ahead of everybody at this time of year, but it won’t be long until they catch up and rate Rattler appropriately (or close to it). Last year was Levis, where he was even mocked in the top ten at some point long after Rob was able to dig his ability out of his crap 2022 tape.

    I recently saw Rattler projected in the 5th round in the coming draft. I will be surprised if he falls out of the first round, given Rob’s assessment.

    • BK26

      I would say Richardson last year, Levis the year before (he just went back to school), and even Kyler Murray. He was in on him going that early long before anyone else.

      No one has watched Rattler except Rob and then a lot of us because of Rob. Otherwise it is “insert the guy with the insane stats” or “the guy on the insanely good team, so by default he has to be good.”

      It’s just too hard to watch something and get your own opinions I guess.

      • JAFreeman

        Otherwise it is “insert the guy with the insane stats” or “the guy on the insanely good team, so by default he has to be good.”

        It’s more than that though. It’s extremely difficult to properly scout college QBs and the best minds in the NFL get it wrong every year. I haven’t studied this, but my impression is that Rob is very very good at it, in his assessment of what he sees. For example, I recently saw a re-draft of last year’s QBs, and they went Stroud, Richardson, Levis, Young, in that order. If I am not mistaken, that is precisely the ranking of Rob’s prior to the draft.

        Now the age is yet young, and five years from now we may rank it differently depending on how things work out. Regardless, it seems that Rob has far more hits than misses in scouting college QBs. He is my secret weapon in fantasy.

        • BK26

          I think it comes down to: what is the guy doing and does it translate? There are obviously more detail and certain skills that can sway beyond that, but people (and some of the biggest draft guys anymore) get blinded by the wins and the stats. I think the gimmicky college offenses make it too hard to factor in.

      • Peter

        December 8th, 2017 Rob selects a qb out of Wyoming to go #2 overall. Before awards, post season play, combine, or pro days. For his initial draft.

        Josh Allen is selected #7 overall.

        In that draft Rob identifies 8 of the first 12 draft picks before anything is measured and scrutinized.

        If Rob’s talking qbs ( or any player,) people need to listen up.

        • BK26

          Exactly. Results matter. And there is definitely proof.

  36. Forrest

    Jamal Adams going on IR sounds like a scam. I don’t believe he’s hurt and incapable of playing.


  37. Big Mike

    Dee Eskridge also put on season ending IR I see.
    Stellar draft pick.

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      Don’t worry. He makes up for his injury history with being a stellar person off the field.

    • Mick

      I would cut him together with Adams, he’s too fragile and I doubt he will ever be a NFL player.

      • 805Hawk

        Would save us $1.4m. We can use every penny.

    • geoff u

      Don’t miss that end of game Dan Quinn prevent defense

      • Forrest


  38. Donovan

    To Rob’s overarching season long point, I watch the Lions (scoring over 30 points a game on season) and come away thinking the Seahawks have more offensive talent. Yet not near the same results.


  39. Big Mike

    Mike McCarthy is worse at clock mgmt than pretty much any HC I’ve seen in 59 seasons of watching football.

  40. SEAhemoth82

    This is an honest and genuine question, but why isn’t Jared Goff being considered a front runner for MVP?

    • Albert Bryan Butler

      Did you see the Barbie movie?

      • Olyhawksfan

        That’s so perfect! Goff will probably quit once he realizes it’s not about horses.

    • God of Thunder

      I’m happy to admit that I was wrong about Goff. He’s turned into a bona fide NFL signal caller, and I didn’t see that level of improvement coming when he was a Ram.

    • cha

      Because the league knows he’s still Jared Goff and Ben Johnson is very smart.

      They have a dynamite running game and they call run plays 56% of the time. Only the Ravens call runs more often.

      He’s still a one read and throw guy, it’s just masked by the scheme talent and YAC.

      His whole shtick is to get the ball out of his hands as quickly as possible. His time in the pocket and avg air yards per throw are among the lowest in the NFL.

      Look at the INT he threw yesterday. No QB in his right mind should have diagnosed that as an open receiver. But it was his first (and only?) read and he did not stray from it.

      And that failed 2pt try was just a poor throw with the game on the line.

  41. Quinn

    Is there any doubt Chicago takes Caleb Williams with the first pick? There’s no way they hold onto Fields do they? I also think there’s a snowball’s chance in hell that Marvin Harrison Jr is the first overall pick

  42. Blitzy the Clown

    Sure looks like Decker walked up to the ref and reported on the 2 point conversion. There’s even an angle showing Goff grabbing Decker and telling him to go report to the ref right before he walks over to the ref and looks like he reports.

    If so, the Lions win was stolen from them by what is pretty clearly a mistake by the ref here.

    Just slap an ugly asterisk on this entire season as the one the refs got wrong. Totally ruining the product

    • BK26

      I didn’t see that, but I had probably turned the game off already from frustration. Decker is one of the better players in the league and a veteran. He would known what to do. I was yelling at the screen “they wouldn’t have ran the play if he wouldn’t have known to report himself!!”

    • Mick

      It’s so hard to believe the Lions got it wrong


    • cha

      This is like the second or third time this has happened this year.

      I am shocked that whoever is in Goff’s ear in his helmet (Johnson?) isn’t tasked with listening for the ref announcement and if he does not announce the guy you’re going to be targeting, you advise Goff and call an audible.

  43. spencer

    Anybody know if Adams ending the year IR has any impact on his contract? Like, is he now guaranteed more money now if he gets cut or something?
    (Please say no…but I can see Pete wanting to do something like that because he ‘loves his guys’…eyeroll)

    • cha

      He has no more salary guaranteed for injury

      If he cannot pass a physical they can release him with a Failed Physical designation

      If he could not get signed by a team in 2024 he’d be eligible for the veteran injury benefit, which would entitle him to $2m, of which $1.2m would hit the Seattle cap

      • Easy Answers Hard Choices

        Cha the salary cap/player contract guru comes through yet again. Thx for your expertise (and making us all smarter)…

  44. dragonhawk

    Two shit defenses

  45. Joseph

    Seahawks certainly disappointed and id not disappoint us at the same time not addressing the run defense. Getting flashbacks to late in the season of last year lol

  46. BurchMt1

    Our run defense is the Salmon Curtain, the most embarrassing display of tackling I’ve seen.

  47. Troy

    Pete Carrol’s defense everyone

  48. SeaTown

    Losing at home to Mason Rudolph. If that doesn’t scream fire Pete Carroll, well I don’t know what will.

  49. dyermd@hotmail.com

    I’d be shocked if Leonard Williams signs up for more of this bullshit .

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