Curtis Allen’s week sixteen watch-notes (vs Titans)

This is a guest post by Curtis Allen…

Every game this season has told us something about the Seahawks. What will today’s game against the Titans tell us?

Several things, actually.

Coming off an emotional, last-minute, perhaps season-saving win against the Eagles Monday, we will see if the Seahawks can buckle down and refocus on their next opponent – something that has been very challenging for them this year.

In a big-picture sort of way though, a game like this could tell us all we need to know about where the Seahawks are going.

Consider what happened to them last year.

The Seahawks started out 6-3, in a good spot at the midway point of the season. Then came losses against teams they should have beaten and losses to superior teams that they struggled to keep up with sandwiched around a win that was much harder than it should have been. In a spot where they are playing for their playoff lives, they face a battered team decimated by injuries that they should easily handle.

After a promising start, they stumbled with losses to inferior teams (Las Vegas, Tampa, Carolina), beat a team with a battered roster by a hair (LA Rams) and were handled by superior teams (Kansas City and San Francisco). At 7-8 theyhosted the New York Jets, a tough team but at that time a shell of themselves, needing a win to keep their heads above water.

Ring any bells? Yes, it’s Groundhog Day in Seattle. Again.

A lukewarm 23-6 win against the Jets gave them no momentum. They barely beat the Rams in overtime and then were ushered out of the playoffs when San Francisco stepped on the gas in the second half of their game.

This year’s version of the Jets are the Tennessee Titans. At 5-9 they are out of the playoffs, having waived a white flag of surrender a few weeks into the season. They announced this week that a good chunk of their defensive starters – including monster defensive tackle Jeffery Simmons – are out for the season. They will be running out defensive backs nobody should be afraid to target. Will Levis will likely yield to Ryan Tannehill and their offensive line is no longer the powerhouse it once was.

A team with the Seahawks’ level of talent should have this game in hand by halftime if they truly want to consider themselves a playoff contender.

What makes this such a good tune-up? Several reasons:

— The Titans are tough at home. Their poor record stems from going 1-6 on the road. They are 4-3 at home. Two of those losses were in overtime and the third was to Baltimore — but only by 8 points. Despite their roster being a rotating cast, they have always performed far better at home than on the road.

— They still have talent akin to many playoff teams – a nice running back duo and a top wide receiver on offense plus two good pass rushers in Denico Autry and Harold Landry.

— Mike Vrabel is still a very effective coach. He has proven able to motivate his team and put a good game plan together. Just two weeks ago, they went into Miami and shocked the Dolphins. Two seasons ago, he brought his team into Seattle and turned a 24-9 halftime deficit into a 33-30 win. After that game, Pete Carroll and the players made several remarks that said without explicitly stating it that they were out-coached.

Going into Tennessee and delivering a solidly played, well-schemed, convincing win would do more for the franchise than the last-minute drive to win the game against Philadelphia.

What factors do they have to consider in order to do that?

When the Titans Have the Ball

The Titans defense is so hammered by injuries, this is likely where the game will be won or lost. If the Titans can control the game and keep the Seahawk offense off the field as much as possible, they may have a shot to keep the game close.

The Seahawks have come crashing back down to earth in run defense after a decent start to the season. They currently rank #27 in the NFL in yards conceded per attempt and are #30 in the NFL in rushing touchdowns conceded.

That is a problem. The Titans are running out a great duo of Derrick Henry and Tyjae Spears. Both of them could be a real problem for this defense.

Henry, we know all too well. He ran for 182 yards and three touchdowns in their last meeting, exposing the Seahawks run defense as not up to the task. While he is not the same player he was that year as he approaches 30 in a couple of weeks, he still can be effective — particularly when not asked to carry the whole offense on his back.

He broke the 100-yard barrier on only 21 carries three weeks ago and has six rushing touchdowns in the last four games. There should be no taking him lightly.

Henry is now nicely complemented by rookie Tyjae Spears, who has lately been receiving an increased role in the offense. What does he bring to the table? Rob profiled him before the draft.

I had Tyjae Spears graded in round two in my latest horizontal board. He is so electric and despite being lighter than ideal (205lbs) he has such a proportionate frame with a thick, explosive lower body. He had a big run during team drills…he took advantage to explode through the whole and then make the safety Chris Smith of Georgia miss at the second level. He’s a dynamite player and someone who could be a nice complement to Ken Walker.

That scouting has proven correct. Have a look at what he offers.

These two backs are primed to exploit the Seahawks’ defensive weakness of taking bad angles and poor tackling.

Spears in particular will present a problem in the passing game. He currently is providing the Titans with 8.4 yards after the catch per reception and has several explosive plays. The Seahawks have had real problems defending running backs in the passing game again this season. Spears will be a particular challenge — one that perhaps they are ready for, having made some changes in their defensive backfield.

Ryan Tannehill will likely start at quarterback. Connecting with DeAndre Hopkins could present some real challenges for this defense at times. But the chances of that are not great. Why?

Tannehill has been dreadful this year throwing past the sticks. It likely was the reason that he got benched for Will Levis.

When you cannot make any passes deeper than 10 yards, the defense has very little to fear and can be aggressive.

Tannehill this year is 24 of 57 when targeting receivers further up field than 10 yards. That is a 42% completion rate. He has one touchdown against six interceptions. Further, he had been sacked 19 times in six games.

That is great for most defenses. But in Seattle, it could be trouble if the Offensive Coordinator has been watching Seahawks game tape. The Seahawks are still weak in coverage in the short middle zone of the field.

Tight end Chigoziem Okonkwo is following up on a very solid rookie season. He has a fantastic explosive ability for a player of his size, testing with a 1.59 10-yard split and a 4.52 40-yard dash. He could be a matchup nightmare for the defense.

The Seahawks will need to be very clever with their personnel. On the one hand, linebackers like Jordyn Brooks and Bobby Wagner could be assets against the run game. On the other, they are liability in pass protection and last week were ineffective when blitzing (four blitzes and zero pressures or sacks between them).

Last week, the entire defense could only manage three pressures on Jalen Hurts and did not sack him. He had an 8% pressure rate, a quarterback’s dream.

If the Seahawks do not find ways to put pressure on Ryan Tannehill, a game that should be an easy win can turn into something uglier real fast.

When the Seahawks Have the Ball

Before all of their injuries, the Titans were very middling on defense, ranking between #17-20 in rush defense, pass defense and points per game.

A good chunk of that is because the offense has not performed up to their usual standards. When they cannot consistently run the ball and then take shots in the passing game off play action, the defense will be on the field too much. The more chances you give opposing offenses, the better the odds that sooner or later they will break through.

Their best feature is they are tied for #8 in the NFL for sacks with 41. Landry, Denico, Simmons and Arden Key have been a potent combination. Even though Simmons will not play, the Seahawks will need Abe Lucas and Charles Cross to have a very solid game in pass protection in order to avoid the offense being consistently disrupted.

If they can manage it, there should be nothing standing in the Seahawks’ way other than themselves.

In Safety Amani Hooker, Corner Sean Murphy-Bunting and Safety K’Von Wallace, they represent over 1800 defensive snaps that will not be playing. Kristian Fulton (PFF 48.4), Elijah Molden (49.8) and Terrell Edmunds (59.6) will be in their place.

We are all aware that the talent level between starters and backups can be pretty slim and that a terrific coordinator can make up for a lack of talent with a brilliant game plan.

Still, if the Seahawks cannot find ways to dominate this backfield with D.K. Metcalf, Tyler Lockett, Jaxon Smith-Njigba and three very capable tight ends, the chances of it being because the Titans defense is playing well are very, very slim.

In the early part of the game, they need to establish the run, get the tight ends involved and get the wide receivers running some quick passing routes to keep the pass rush off balance. Once they have built up a lead, they can start a mix of pounding the Titans in the running game to kill the clock and calling increasingly aggressive plays that do not fear the pass rush.

This game will likely be the last real chance this season to unleash this offense with all of its weapons. If they can put together a game plan that gets them ahead early, they can control the entire game and come home with a comfortable win.


  1. Mick

    Thank you very much cha.

    I was so sure we’ll win this one until I read your article and got reminded that they have Henry and Spears and there’s a way even for Tannehill to attack our weaknesses. Now I’m not so sure anymore.

    • Rob Staton

      I watched the Titans game last week. Henry looks like he’s on the beach and/or thinking about retiring

      • AlaskaHawk

        Was it last week that Henry went to the medical tent and then sat out the rest of the game?

        Thanks for putting a game plan together Cha, you have been a great addition here.

  2. LouCityHawk

    I 100% agree with your analysis and write up. We are in Nashville for the game and the general mood is that this should be a Hawks win.

    That being said, I wagered against the Seahawks…sooo…..

    • Big Mike

      Yeah Tenn +3.5 is a solid bet

    • RomeoA57

      I wagered on the Seahawks which means the Hawks might be in trouble…

  3. Peter

    As always Cha….great work.

    For this holiday season I’m wishing all the SDB 12’s a boring game. Titans are pretty well down. Had Levis been full strength I’d have kept the game in “watch out,” territory.

    This is a show me game. Show ‘me’ (us) that you are what you think you are. Late game heroics are fun but let’s try and handle our business today.

    Take an early lead and never let them back in this.

  4. Big Mike

    Seems to me this is going to be mostly about the Hawks ability to quickly move on from an emotionally huge win as cha mentioned. Maybe as importantly imo, it’s most of the way across the country on a very short week. I expect a very sluggish first half.
    Thanks as always for a great breakdown Curtis.

    • Rob Staton

      I think this is 100% correct.

      It’s going to come down to moving on from Philly and having to go to Tennessee on Xmas Eve on a short week.

      If they handle that, they will win.

      • jed

        Agreed & I echo Curtis’ thought that the coaches need to put together a good game plan.

        We saw last week it took until the last, miracle drive for them to attack the weakest part of the secondary with the advantages of DK & JSN. Hope it’s earlier in the game this week.

        Great write up again Curtis!

        Hoping we can enjoy Christmas instead of having to shift to a Festivus airing of the grievances after this game.

    • geoff u

      Unfortunately, this team has the emotional maturity of a Jamal Adams. Maybe him not playing will help out.

      • Big Mike

        There’s simply no way it can’t.

        • Bmseattle

          I wonder if our the great “leader” that is Adams will be “leading” from the sidelines today…or his couch?

  5. ShowMeYourHawk

    This result is going to be extremely telling. If the postgame presser is a bouncy Pete, celebrating the deciding Myers field goal that gave Seattle the late victory over a team that they should beat by three scores, I’m not sure that I’ll even be upset. I think I’ll just be numb, sliding towards indifferent.

  6. Palatypus

    Great write up Cha. I don’t know much about the Titans. Thank you for this.

    One note, Rob said,

    I had Tyjae Spears graded in round two in my latest horizontal board. He is so electric and despite being lighter than ideal (205lbs) he has such a proportionate frame with a thick, explosive lower body. He had a big run during team drills…he took advantage to explode through the whole and then make the safety Chris Smith of Georgia miss at the second level. He’s a dynamite player and someone who could be a nice complement to Ken Walker.

    Yep, that was what I was talking about the other day. I saw this in person. He was voted by his peers as the best player.

  7. Robert Las Vegas

    Rob I have a quick observation and correct me if I am wrong . I was looking at the New Orleans Saints cap situation and kinda like it has been for the last couple of years the only thing they can do is basically reconstruct more contracts add more void years to basically the same crappy roster they have this year they will have next year as well.i can also remember the Seahawks played the Titans in 21 I believe and we played them we lost the game at home because we couldn’t stop Derrick Henry.who just happened to have a horrible game last week . unfortunately I have no idea how this game will turn out

    • Palatypus

      You are right about the Saints.

  8. Canadian Hawk

    On another note….

    Rob/Curtis, the amount of work you put into this blog truly is remarkable.
    And Rob, your post game analysis is my go-to after every game.

    You’ve spoiled us Seahawk fans but please keep up the great work!

    Cheers & Merry Christmas to you both.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you

      Merry Christmas all

      Live stream will be on as usual after the game

  9. Big Mike

    Levis officially out. So that means we’re playing against a backup quarterback. Yikes!

    • Mick

      No, Yikes is out 🙂

      • Big Mike

        Mick for the win

  10. RomeoA57

    Merry Christmas to all the SDB Wankers out there!

    I expect and easy Hawks victory today. That means that we are in big trouble.

  11. RomeoA57

    Seahawks have a Tush Push now?

  12. nfendall

    That’s a catch.

  13. Blitzy the Clown

    Looks like a Bobo catch to me. I hope Pete challenges

  14. Big Mike

    Will they screw us?

    • nfendall

      Guess so.

      • Scot04

        Yep, bad call

    • Big Mike

      God I hate the NFL’s officiating

  15. Mick

    Right thing to challenge though.

    • Big Mike


  16. Blitzy the Clown

    They screwed us

  17. Tanner

    Find someone that loves you like Hawkblogger loves him some Geno

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Nah. Stalkers are scary business.

  18. Kyle R

    To be fair I’ll defend Pete here. That was a good challenge and we got screwed on a bad call.

    • Big Mike


  19. Blitzy the Clown

    Mafe’s on his game today so far.

    Some run stops and some QB pressure.

  20. Mick

    3rd and 9 and they get 14 yards is not acceptable.

  21. Blitzy the Clown

    That was an ugly non tackle by Wagner

  22. Kyle R

    Name a more iconic duo. Seahawks on Defense in 3rd down give it up on a pass over the middle.

    • Peter

      Wonder how unstressful 3rd and long is in the practice week?

      Imagine having your whole playbook up and ready all three downs for basically any distance….

  23. Blitzy the Clown

    Love is on a streak

    • Scot04

      Great hit

  24. ShowMeYourHawk

    Ooh. Show me something, Love! Making that call to flush Yikes even easier.

  25. 805Hawk

    Making it obvious that they have to cut Adams and roll with Love. Save 10m and get better coverage.

    • Peter

      Still think if we were ‘always competing,’ the team should have seen this about week 6 when Love was shaking off his rough start and Adams was trending further down every week.

      • 805Hawk


  26. Anthony

    Is it safe to say that Pete was the driver of the Jamal Adams trade? JS never seems too fond when he talks about him to the media. Not badmouthing him per se’, but he’s not smitten as he is for dudes like Lockett and Dissly

    • Sten

      You’re probably right. Pete is/was desperate to create a new LOB. JS seems like he likes blue-collar workhorse type guys who put their head down and don’t create drama. Al Woods comes to mind too as one of his type guys.

  27. Peter

    Hat tip to Big Mike for calling this slow as can be start.

    • Big Mike

      Would live to have been wrong 🤔

  28. RomeoA57

    On a side note, Jets are already up 17-0 on the Commandos. Looks like Rivera might get fired at halftime

  29. nfendall

    Even the scripted plays seem very vanilla and uninspired today.

  30. 509 Chris

    Thats what we missed last week! He’s back boys!

    • GlastoHawkUK

      It’s so boring when he plays

  31. Blitzy the Clown

    I think Cam Young was the first to push Tanny out of the pocket

  32. Big Mike

    Brooks high ankle sprain?

    • Mick

      I don’t know but it looks serious and we’d miss him against the run.

  33. Blitzy the Clown

    Wagner’s just taking up space out there today. Not much else

    • Anthony

      But how good is Bobby Wagner?!

    • SeaTown

      So is Derrick Hall.

  34. Blitzy the Clown

    Seahawks LB group have been pretty poor since about 2018, when their only good one Wagner started declining

  35. ShowMeYourHawk


  36. jed

    This is not a serious team

  37. KennyBadger

    Merry Christmas Rob, Curtis, SDBers!

    I don’t want much for gifts this year, simply never to see the peacock in a Seahawks uniform ever again. Although I suppose that’s a pretty expensive present…

  38. Henry

    Can we fire Pete at halftime? Coming out flat after a big win, who could have seen this coming?

    • Big Mike

      Me, unfortunately.
      See above

  39. Bmseattle

    Diggs decided to juat watch that play and do.nothing, i guess.

    • Mick

      Draft a safety and cut both Diggs and Yikes.

  40. SeaTown

    Pete going to be right back in the crosshairs after a let down loss today. I won’t be too upset.

  41. Dustin

    Maybe cut diggs too?

    • nfendall

      But he yells at people to get INTs and then they do!

      • Dustin

        And people say he doesn’t do anything. Unbelievable

  42. RomeoA57

    Yuck, looks like a long game of the Titans running attack controlling this game.

    • Big Mike

      Any team that doesn’t run consistently against Seattle isn’t very smart *cough Eagles cough*

  43. 805Hawk

    I get you have to respect DH running the ball, but Diggs just caught flat footed. Geesh.

  44. 12th chuck

    How many quarters of good offensive play have we had this year? 6,8? what a shame

  45. SeaTown

    Rob, Are there any quality KR/PR specialists coming out in the draft? Dee Jay Dallas has got to go.

    • nfendall

      He is so boring and is a 0% threat to ever return one for a TD. I do not want him in a Seahawks uniform next year just so we can see someone else return kicks.

  46. Blitzy the Clown

    Did the caffeine just kick in?

  47. jed

    DK! Followed by poor coaching can’t get a play in.

    • Bmseattle

      Soooo many of our wasted timeouts come after big plays.

  48. GoHawks5151

    Let’s trade DK

  49. cha

    Did the broadcast just say that Geno has the 2nd-worst completion % in the NFL in the red zone???

    Did I hear that right?

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Right behind Will Levis

    • Mick

      Yes, I heard that too.

    • Scot04

      Yeah, wasn’t expecting to hear that; but actually makes alot of sense.

  50. Blitzy the Clown

    Why in the country fried freak is there open concrete on an end zone field wall?

    • Scot04

      I was thinking same thing

    • Palatypus

      That’s where the referees hide their weed.

  51. Pran

    Geno is not good under pressure in pressure situations all season.. But yeah Pete likes him

  52. Tony

    Geno really runs this bend don’t break offense really well. Constantly keeping them to fgs.

    • Pran

      Bend but don’t score offense

  53. Palatypus

    “This is where we’ve been having trouble with transmissions, sir. They call it earth bulge. Has anyone offered you a coffee?”

  54. SeaTown

    I play fantasy football. Chig Okonkwo has done nothing all year. All year.

  55. Blitzy the Clown

    That was Wagner’s first tackle today. At 9:05 remaining in the 2nd quarter.

    That’s just not good enough

    • Bmseattle

      Dont worry, he’s back to tackling 10 yards downfield, again

  56. jed

    This run defense is so, so bad.

    • jed

      Then Henry Carrie’s Wagner & Diggs for 11 right after this. So bad.

  57. Bmseattle

    I see our “improved run defense” is making Henry look like an MVP again.

  58. RomeoA57

    So glad that are run defense was fixed…

    • RomeoA57


  59. nfendall

    The 4th player with 4+ passing TD and an 80+ yd TD run. Thanks for telling me that CBS, very enlightening.

  60. SeaTown

    Our D is making Henry look 10 years younger.

    • Kyle R

      Making Tannehill look ten years younger and better too!

      • Bmseattle

        Making us fans look 10 years older

  61. Blitzy the Clown

    We have some players on the DL and some players in the DB. But there ain’t nobody in between worth a darn.

  62. Peter

    Thanks Bobby. Total legend. Here’s to the HOF.

    Also, I don’t want you playing for the hawks anymore.

    • jed

      My 2nd favorite on field and maybe favorite off field Seahawk ever and I agree.

      • Peter

        The best.

        But father time

        • jed

          Nobody has ever beat Father Time.

  63. nfendall

    Delay of game after a timeout. That was very Seahawky

  64. SeaTown

    The Dremont Jones signing was met with lots of positive press. I’ll be honest he does nothing. Is he just not good? Or is it a Clint Hurtt scheme thing?

    • Kyle R

      When I see players leave here and do better and I see good players come here and disappear it tells me it’s the coaching.

    • Tony

      I think he’s good. I think there’s a potentially really good line in reed, Leo, mafe and dre. I still think coaching is the biggest issue. Coaching or scheme.

  65. nfendall

    What on earth was Coby Bryant doing there? Just ran into a blocker instead of attempting to tackle Tannehill.

    • Tony

      I literally yelled at that. 0 awareness.

  66. Palatypus

    Question for Derrick Henry at post-game press conference, “How great is it carrying Bobby Wagner?”

    • Sten

      Shades of Marshawn breaking old Ray Lewis’ ankles on that play

  67. Blitzy the Clown

    Would have loved to see Mafe make that play instead of just setting it up for Burns. But either way he did his job

  68. Peter

    Qbs that can move > Seattle defense

  69. Blitzy the Clown

    Can Mario Edwards be Clint McDonald?

  70. Mick

    Glad it’s only 3 points, but we have the D on the pitch way too long.

  71. Pran

    It feels like Titans can run every play and still win the game.

    • Peter

      Nothing like our elite run defense to rejuvenate a player.

      Truly do enjoy Corbin Smith but if we just take out this gane, ravens, niners, eagles….this run defense could be special

  72. Blitzy the Clown

    The butt tackle returns!

  73. Mick

    Is Waldron doing his best to get fired? No imagination, no nothing.

    • A-ok

      This happens every Q2 or Q3, the offense starts to fumble around.

      They just keep trying to run the ball on 2nd and 10, then get nothing and then end up 3 and long, then run deep routes and bam sack or pressure.

      Its really maddening that they don’t throw more short balls inside and force it outside all the damn time.

  74. Dustin

    So we all agree that Geno isn’t leading this team anywhere. What’s there to lose by giving lock the rest of this season and making sure he isn’t the answer either. The most Seattle sportsy thing to do is to not find out what lock has to offer so Geno effing Smith can start and then watching lock go somewhere else only to light the league on fire.

    • BK26

      Sigh…because we already know what he is.

      One drive. That’s all it took….

      • Dustin

        Let me be clear. I’m not saying he IS the answer. I’m saying let’s find out for sure. The idea that we can know what a young QB is after two starts is absurd.

    • BobbyK


      I’m so mad they don’t have a 2nd round pick this year or a 5th rounder next year!

      I’m so sick and tired of our front office buffoons F-ing over the future all the time to “comPete now.”

      Absolutely ZERO long term vision.

  75. ShowMeYourHawk

    At half, please put in Lock. Not because he’s going to win the game, but because the only thing that could make this any worse is if Geno suffers an injury that triggers any money for next season. Shut him down, ala Carr in Vegas, please.

    • Peter

      We’re in playoff contention.

      I get you. But Pete will never do that.

      Not sure he would do that even if we were out of it.

  76. Blitzy the Clown

    Kameron Chancellor @KamChancellor

    How many times do you let the same play continue to happen before you do something about it? SMH

    In case you’re wondering what the alumni think

    • Kyle R

      At this point I’d take Kam as defensive coordinator without any experience.

    • A-ok

      Which play is this referring to? I’m just curious because it could be like 5 different ones haha

  77. nfendall

    Oof that was a bad drop by Charbonnet.

  78. Big Mike

    By the way wouldn’t it be nice to have those wasted time outs right now?

  79. jed

    Geno throws those out routes like he thinks he has John Elway’s arm instead of Geno Smith’s arm.

    • A-ok

      Is it just me or is he scared to throw anywhere else?

      • jed

        He throws a lot and they all seem real dicey

        • A-ok

          It’s weird because he’s a very accurate thrower.

          I just don’t understand why we don’t hit DK on slants more, or in breaking routes. Why is Njgba not sitting on the zones more. Why is Bobo not used more, he just keeps making catches.

          It drives me crazy haha

      • cha

        He is scared.

        Last year he stood tall in the pocket and found receivers.

        Now he’s throwing off his back foot and checking down at every opportunity.

  80. Kyle R

    Waldon is like a 10 year old on Madden….fuck it go deep all four Vert routes.

  81. Dubb

    I’ve seen enough of Geno. Refuses to push the ball down field. Out routes and check downs.

    • Bmseattle

      It was so refreshing at first, with Geno.
      He was throwing over the middle in ways that Russ never would.
      Where has that gone?

      • A-ok

        He honestly looks scared to, and when the outside routes are shut down he checks down or takes a sack

      • Peter

        It’s turned him into something entirely un-special

  82. Blitzy the Clown

    I just checked the games stats to confirm Wagner’s first tackle of the game came about a third of the way through the 2nd quarter. He has 2 total for the game so far.

    Think about that. Your MIKE, the QB of the defense, was a non factor for most of the first half. I say that because not only did he not have the stats to show, he wasn’t helping other players make plays.

    He looked more like a maitre d’ frantically trying to keep the restaurant floor moving than an NFL LB.

    Tremendous respect for who he is and what he accomplished. But this is becoming painful to watch.

  83. Dustin

    Artie Burns having a good day so far

  84. Blitzy the Clown

    There it is!

    Mafe with the sack

  85. nfendall

    Mafe has been creating a lot of pressure today. Glad to see him be a factor again.

  86. Joseph

    Anyone at this point thinking the win vs the eagles is a fluke?

    • BobbyK

      The Eagles are a shell of their former selves.

    • Peter

      Sort of but they are struggling.

      Like Rob said we did nothing until the final 2 minutes.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        This version of the Seahawks offense has a couple to a few minutes of solid play per game. That’s it

      • A-ok

        We did limit their big plays, and shut down their pass game which was why Hurts had to scramble.

        We have mostly shut down the passing attack today as well, but we are too small and slow in the middle to stop Henry.

        And wtf with the offense, throw over the middle man, put charbonnet in and grind some easy 3-4yd gains.

        • Rob Staton

          We haven’t shut anything down

          If you can run for 113 yards in a half, you aren’t passing as much

          That’s why they only have 76 passing yards, not because we’ve ‘shut it down’. They don’t need to bloody throw. They’re not even trying to get it downfield. They just want to complement the run.

          • A-ok

            Sure, if you want to count 37 yards of scrambling as a result of nothing being open down field.

            The only big play all game was the one scramble.

            The run game is so dominant that their drives keep stalling? Their passes are short, and they can’t hit anything down field to keep a drive alive.

            The safeties had big hits and pass breakups.

    • Rob Staton

      Philly chucked it away


  87. BobbyK

    Good thing Geno is back! Not sure how we could survive without scoring a FG through an entire half of football.

    • Bmseattle

      Clearly, Lock would have only scored 1 point at this point

  88. 509 Chris

    Are we playing the 49ers defense with Lamar at qb? Seriously this Titans team just shouldn’t be killing our drives and moving the ball at will. I feel like Lock gave more spark to the offense if not a bit erratic but maybe thats a grass is always greener kind of thing.

  89. David Ashton

    Turgid first half god this team is so frustrating!!!!!

  90. AndrewMR

    These are the types of games where it’s clear Pete isn’t adding enough value. Defense is getting gashed and the offense and gameplan are pathetic. Pete needs to retire so we can move foward

    • BobbyK

      He’s already traded away picks in the next two drafts so even if he retires he’ll continue to keep screwing us over for a few more years yet.

  91. 805Hawk

    93 yards of offense in the first half. My God. I predict we still win and fans will forget about how poorly they looked. “A win is a win!” will be Cho over Twitter. Pathetic.

    • nfendall

      Cue Pete Carroll in the locker room after a 17-16 victory against a decimated Titans team: “Can you win in the first quarter?!”

  92. cha

    As terrible an idea that the 7th seed is, and as traditionally poor as those teams are, the Seahawks do not deserve that spot.

    • jed

      The Vikings offensive HC can seem to make offense run with backup QBs and no star WR. More fun to watch as a rando playoff team.

  93. Blitzy the Clown

    So good to have Abe Lucas back. He sealed the inside for Walker on that gain

  94. Kyle R

    So this is the offensive out put against a Titan’s defensive with a lot of back ups in?

    • Kyle R


  95. Blitzy the Clown

    Nice conversion

  96. nfendall

    I’ve never been so happy to see a slant called.

  97. cha

    Let’s have our strained groin-ed starting QB run the ball.

    Yup, that’s the ticket.

    • Big Mike

      Waldron plan 4-D chess they’ll never see it coming

      • Big Mike


  98. SeaTown

    Geno stinks.

  99. Big Mike

    2 straight overthrows

  100. Mick

    We simply don’t deserve it, no matter if we win today or not.

  101. SeaTown


    • Big Mike


  102. Pran

    Can we move past Geno pls.. He does not give receivers a chance to make a play. So many games lost this season because of him

  103. jed

    Mafe looking good again. Interior run D not so much. I think coaching has something to do with it because they don’t have a lot of bad players there.

  104. SeaTown

    Which of these two teams is playing for their playoff lives again?

  105. GoHawks5151

    This is a classic Bellichick type game plan by Vrable. Take away what we do best. Seattle doesn’t have the patience to do what they need to win

    • Peter

      A small round of applause for taking street free agents and getting them to play reasonable defense.

      • Big Mike

        My Holmgren loves this post

        And you are old enough to get that I suspect

        • Big Mike


        • Peter

          I get it.

          Mike for his time was a heck of a coach.

          ( he’d appreciate me not using h-e- double hockey sticks)

          • Big Mike

            Thoroughly outcoached the great Parcells that game

    • Pran

      That’s a bit much credit to Pete who runs vanllla game plan with mediocre players and play callers

      • GoHawks5151

        Ok. What we would like to to but have mixed results doing

    • nfendall

      I don’t the Seahawks do anything well enough to be considered their best.

      • nfendall

        don’t think*

  106. Blitzy the Clown

    Damn Riq!

    • Peter

      Are we sure Tariq and Riq aren’t actually different players.

  107. Pran

    Woolen drops the int ashe prepares to hold his head.. Call it a timing issue

  108. 12th chuck

    this officiating SUCKS

    • Rob Staton

      Don’t swing a punch


      • 12th chuck

        the elbow wasn’t even close to contact, and it’s like the announcers said, fair catch interference

  109. jed

    I’ll enjoy it if they come back and win, but it still won’t change how I feel about this team being mediocre.

    Coaching, players are just not NFL contenders. They are average, which means you can find good tape to make your point on specific players. But they are 500 for now for a reason.

  110. 805Hawk

    Deejay? Why? It looked worse than it was, but why make that punch like movement. SMH.

  111. Kyle R

    So glad we never activate Kenny McIntosh instead of Dallas.

  112. Big Mike

    Undisciplined penalty followed by predictable run play for no yards

  113. SEAhemoth82

    Pete Carroll, the sh***er is full!

  114. Pran

    Only need few more Titans penalties to be in RZ for a FG

  115. Blitzy the Clown

    AITA for thinking the worst thing that could happen to this team is for them to win this game?

    • cha


    • Pran

      Nfc is top heavy.. You could possibly make it to playoffs 8-9 and a victory lap from Pete

    • jed

      Nothing should change based on the outcome of this game.

      DK is fun to watch. Think how different Tennessee would be with AJ Brown.

      • jed

        That’s a TD. DK is becoming the best player in the team.

  116. Mick

    Can’t believe we played that poor and we’re still in it.

  117. Blitzy the Clown

    Solid reception DK

  118. btc

    Oh my! DK!

    Hmm that looked dood to me

    • Blitzy the Clown


  119. nfendall

    Surely they can’t miss this challenge call, right?

  120. Big Mike

    If they don’t give this to us as a touchdown the fix is in

  121. Kyle R

    I’m not blaming the poor play on the Refs but Jesus Christ that is two catches they’ve blown that Pete has had to challenge.

    • A-ok

      If they rules the Bobo catch a catch, I expect that it would have been upheld.

      It was def a catch, but I think because it was ruled not, they didn’t have enough obviousness to overrule it I guess.

      Shame, I love every Bobo I can get

  122. Blitzy the Clown

    Looking forward, DK and JSN are one helluva WR duo

  123. Anthony

    Welp, another week of “Pete is doing an amazing coaching job on this team! They’re going to da Super Bowl!” talk

  124. Blitzy the Clown

    Credit to Geno for perfect placement on that throw

    • Big Mike

      Agree and he’s missed on a couple of those earlier today

  125. Mick

    Let’s trade the guy, right? Our best receiver.

  126. Blitzy the Clown

    Sorry guys but I have to ask

    How good is Bobby Wagner?

    Just shoot me now

    • jed

      Better than Darryl Taylor?

  127. Blitzy the Clownb

    Titans OL literally pulling on Reed’s left arm no call

  128. nfendall

    The refs are doing a terrible job on these reception/no reception calls.

  129. SeaTown

    It’s like Clint Hurtt had no idea the Titans love the screen play.

  130. Mick

    Our run D is completely crap, we need new linebackers.

  131. Kyle R

    5-9 offensive just wants it more than the 7-7 defense with “playoffs” on the line

  132. Blitzy the Clown

    Wow Derick Hall makes a play

  133. Big Mike

    got us right where they want us second and 18

  134. SeaTown

    Will the Titans burn the entire 4th Q clock down?

  135. cha

    Anyone else listening to the game on 710?

    Steve Raible sounds like he’s utterly exhausted and fed up with this team.

    • RomeoA57

      I am not, but it is about time that everyone be frustrated with this mediocrity.

  136. nfendall

    Discipline an issue yet again.

  137. jed

    Epic poor coaching & disciple drive.

  138. Big Mike

    More undisciplined football

  139. SeaTown

    Wow. A 5-9 team with tons of injuries just wants it more.

  140. Blitzy the Clown

    Seahawks can’t stop won’t stop Henry

  141. Kyle R

    Not only are they bullying us they are also in our heads getting free yards off our stupidity. Great coached team I tell ya.

  142. Big Mike

    9 minute drive when the playoffs are on the line
    Please retire Pete please

  143. SeaTown

    Now we get the Geno INT into triple coverage to seal it.

  144. Mick

    I would cut Burns tomorrow.

    • Tony

      What about all the other players that do this every other week. It’s literally everyone on the team showing undisciplined play.

  145. Tony

    This team deserves to lose. Just incredibly bad in so many key moments.

  146. 12th chuck

    I really can’t take one more year with pc as coach. Again, need 4th quarter miracle to win smh

    • Peter

      Is there a better way to win?

      Imagine what the niners are missing out by not playing every single game as an absolute struggle.

      I feel for that team…..🙃

  147. Mick

    Who wants to bet Geno gets sacked?

    • A-ok

      Not a fan of losing money, sorry!

      • A-ok

        good thing I didn’t take that bet hahah

      • Kyle R

        Lol smart man!

  148. SeaTown

    At this point I hope they lose. If Geno some how leads a game winning TD all it does is embolden PC and put lipstick on this pig of a team.

  149. Tony

    Start the media obsession of lock vs geno all week lol. Like it even matters which backup qb we start.

  150. Peter


    I’m listening on radio and Steve sounds cooked.

  151. nfendall

    You cannot hold the ball that long.

    • Mick

      Not that Drew were any kind of top QB but Geno is so average…

  152. Tony

    Geno sack on final drive. BINGO!

  153. SEAhemoth82

    What more is there really to say about this game, let alone this team?

    • A-ok

      The holes are the same.

      I dont think it’s players. Williams is as solid a DL as they come and we still can’t stop the run any better. Mafe and Taylor get bullied on the edges, and we only ever have 2 LBs even when we only ever seem to run 4 DL.

      We play way too light and get pushed around by physical run games.

      I like our talent, but we’re way too volatile series to series.

  154. SeaTown

    Can you win the game in the 1stQ? Can you win the game in the 2nd Q? Can you win the game in the 3rdQ? Ugh. I won’t be sad not to hear this BS anymore.

    • Tony

      Yeah, I think we’ve seen many examples this year of teams winning games in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd qtrs this season.

      The real question is can the seahawks win a game in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd qtrs? No, I haven’t seen this team even remotely close to doing that.

  155. nfendall

    Great blitz pickup by Charbonnet.

  156. Big Mike

    Gonna screw us here?

    • jed

      Think the defense can hold on for the win?

  157. ShowMeYourHawk

    Refs bailing us out.

  158. nfendall

    2 run calls. Really?

    • A-ok

      They want to burn Titans TOs.

      Parkinson what a catch! Solid contested catch.

      Now we will see if I was right that we have stepped up in pass D last week and today.

  159. nfendall

    Good strong catch by Colby there.

    • Big Mike

      That was a hell of a catch

      • A-ok

        Parkinson deserves to be back, makes catches, improved blocking.

        Dissly and Fant can be cut, re-signed if they take a 3-5m salary I think, but we don’t need 3 of them.

  160. Tony

    Was wondering when they were going to use Colby as a Jimmy Graham redzone guy.

  161. Kyle R

    Yes you can use our huge weapons like our TE and DK in the Redzone. Glad Waldron has discovered that in week 16.

  162. Anthony

    Here comes another PC extension and first round exit. Yay!

    • geoff u

      We could very well win the first playoff game in this terrible NFC and then get blown out by the 9ers again, and everyone will talk about how close we are if we just draft more defense players instead of a qb.

  163. Mick

    Charbonnet over Walker was a bad decision. Happy to see Colby score there, but unless Love pulls some magic, expect overtime.

  164. Big Mike

    Another game putting it on the defense makes me very nervous

  165. jed

    I should be way more amped up for this crazy comeback game than I am.

  166. Big Mike

    3 man rush playing not to lose
    There is nothing I hate worse

  167. Big Mike

    If their quarterback had half a brain that could throw it away before he got sacked it would help to them but we will take it

  168. RomeoA57

    It was a win. I don’t have much else to add.

  169. Tony

    Helluva play by riq

  170. Peppapig

    Why am I not excited?

    • BrandoK


    • nfendall

      Cause we know this team is going nowhere even if they get into the playoffs.

  171. Anthony

    I love being in the 7th seed to get waxed by Dallas or Philly

    • Big Mike

      Pete Carroll

  172. Mark

    PC looking like he just won the Super Bowl. But mostly because he won’t be asked a single question by the media about his mediocrity

  173. jed

    Good to see Jones at the end of the game and a nice hit by Woolen. Fun stuff.

  174. Mick

    I mean wonderful, mentality, never give up, can’t win the game in the first three quarters, but you can’t possibly expect to play this bad and keep winning.

  175. Gary

    Unimaginative offence? Check.
    Third down challenges? Check.
    Red zone woes? Check.
    Lose challenges? Check.
    Waste timeouts? Check.
    Defence unable to get off the field? Check.
    Lose time of possession? Check.
    Lack of discipline? Check.
    Uninspiring and misleading win? Check.


    • Big Mike

      💯 all the way around

    • A-ok

      Unimaginative offence? Check.
      Third down challenges? Check.
      Red zone woes? Check.
      Lose time of possession? Check.

      Agree here, the offense is a mess save for like a drive or two per game where they somehow put it all together. No idea why they can’t the rest of the game.

      Lose challenges?
      Waste timeouts? Check.

      Bobo caught it, good challenge, should have won it. DK caught it, good challenge, got a TD
      TOs being used in the first half, who cares. They had them when they needed em second half so disagree

      Defence unable to get off the field? Check.
      Lack of discipline? Check.

      The Titans had one outstanding drive all game, it came when it counted, otherwise, Defense wasn’t horrible and got off the field.

      I wouldn’t call that undisciplined. Dallas’ call was weak, Artie Burns call was a good dive. Only 6 penalties, 4 if you cut those two weak calls.

      Uninspiring and misleading win? Check.

      I think a 4th quarter final drive to win the game is about as inspired as you can find. No one complained when it was Russ doing it all those years. He was like second to Matt Stafford in 4th Q comeback wins.

      I don’t think it was misleading at all. We saw the holes, we saw the improvement, we held on long enough to get a chance to win. Thats the only way we can win this year.

      • SeaTown

        They were playing an injury riddled, eliminated 5-9 Titans team. Sorry can’t get excited.

      • Gary

        Uninspiring because as you say yourself, the offence is a mess. Misleading because it’s gonna go in the win column and make us a playoff team despite the myriad of flaws. This team is just good enough to claw out a come-from-behind, edge-of-your seat, win-it-on-the-final drive victory against mediocre teams but gets regularly exposed by any legitimate contender. Good teams step on the other team’s throat in the first or second quarter and win going away, not continually recite this “win it in the fourth quarter” nonsense which we can only pull off against teams the caliber of the Titans.

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