Curtis Allen’s week ten watch points (vs Packers)

Note: This is a guest post by Curtis Allen and the latest piece in a weekly series. Curtis looks at the Seahawks and their opponents and discusses key factors…

This game has all the makings of a highlight game for the Seahawks. Every time they have played the Packers in recent years, the stakes, the game play and the outcome have all been memorable and had a definite impact on both franchises.

That is no less true this season. The Seahawks are coming off a bye at 3-5, staring down an offseason of seismic changes and are returning their franchise quarterback to the field after a 1-2 stretch that has put into sharp focus what is most important to their continued success.

Of note is the home team has won every game since 2008 in this head-to-head

Can the Seahawks break that streak and get a win in Lambeau Field? A loss would tumble them to 3-6 and may well mean they would have to run the table in order to secure a playoff spot. A win elevates them to 4-5 and would give them some badly needed momentum and confidence for the stretch run.

How can the Seahawks secure a win against Green Bay on Sunday?

Let Russell Wilson remind you why he is your most important player

This is uncharted territory for the Seahawks.

Yes, Russell has played with injuries in the past, even serious ones. This is different. He has missed time. The offense has sputtered and the team has dropped winnable games in his absence. Pete Carroll has even admitted Wilson would have made the difference in those games.

He is back now. Let him make a difference in this game.

It is his first game back after a serious injury. On the road, in cold conditions. Against a tough opponent with their playoff lives on the line.

There will be a strong temptation to ease him in and keep him out of harms’ way as much as possible in this game. To have a conservative, run-centric game plan that lets Russell work his way back onto the field.

That may be a good idea for the first series. Let Wilson get a feel for live game action again. Taking snaps, handing the ball off, and making a simple throw or two.

After that though, they have got to let him play the balance of the game as if his finger had not been hurt.

His value to the team is too high and the stakes are too important to not make full use of him. We have seen the results of Pete Carroll reining in the passing game, relying on the defense and special teams to win the field position game. They need to put the ball in Wilson’s capable hands in order to win this game.

The Packers are obviously preparing for Russell to be 100% but that slight mental inclination that his finger will hold him back could give the Seahawks a window to take advantage of, particularly early in the game, when the unknown could be a real advantage.

One opportunity for effective play that will seemingly go against instincts to protect Russell is to have him run if he sees an opening.

Quarterback runs have proved a useful weapon against the Packers defense this season. They have allowed 18 first downs and 6.71 yards per carry to quarterbacks so far this year.

  • Jared Goff gained 42 yards on four carries and two first downs in Week Two
  • Justin Fields gained 43 yards on seven carries and three first downs in Week Six
  • Taylor Heinicke burned them for 95 yards on ten carries and five first downs in Week Seven

This strategy is not without precedent. In their last meeting (the divisional round of the playoffs in 2019), Wilson single-handedly kept a battered Seahawks team in the game with seven carries for 64 yards and five first downs in addition to his throws.

Watch Wilson take advantage of the openings to move his team down the field in that game:

Cue the video to 6:19. On a third and six, Russell surveys the field and then takes off for a 22-yard run to jumpstart the offense in the third quarter. Notice Preston Smith is closing quickly. If Wilson decides to try a throw there — that is a sack and the drive is over. Instead, the drive is sustained and the Seahawks score a touchdown.

Look at 8:11. Wilson gets a 9-yard run on third and one from the Packers 11-yard line for a first down to keep that drive going, which resulted in yet another touchdown. Notice that he did not wait. He saw the opening and took it decisively. On that drive alone, Wilson had 26 rushing yards and three first downs.

There is an argument to be made that not only is this an effective way to attack the Packers defense but it could also actually protect Russell in a sense. That tender finger is out of harm’s way, being tucked in carrying the football. I think we can all trust him to know when to slide or step out of bounds on a run and keep himself from injury.

Will everyone from Pete Carroll to Shane Waldron to Russell Wilson himself have the guts to play this game aggressively?

Fortune favors the brave.

This is Russ’ team now and they are going to go as far as he can take them this year.

Let him.

There is another key reason why this a good strategy overall…

Aggression on offense is necessary to compete in this game

The Packers play a high-quality brand of complementary football, with an offense that has plenty of weapons and flexibility. They get a lead and allow the defense to play aggressively to keep teams from implementing their full game plan.

Practically every stat the Packers have put up this year on both offense and defense strongly supports the conclusion that the Seahawks need to come out of the gate with an aggressive mindset on offense and establish some forward momentum as early as possible.

An incredible fifteen of their twenty-one sacks have come when leading the game. Seven of their nine interceptions have come when leading.

The Packers defense is allowing only a 52.5% completion rate on third down passes, regardless of how many yards to gain there are, one of the lowest rates in the NFL. Comparatively, they are allowing a 67.8% rate on first down and a 69.3% on second down. Currently, the gap between the rates allowed on first or second and third is the highest in the NFL.

The offense would do well to take advantage of those rates on first and second down and make use of the pass to set up the run, rather than the other way around. Having short yardage third downs allows the offense to run their entire playbook rather than be restricted to lower-percentage plays against a tough defense.

Playing ahead of the chains with a pass-heavy approach in order to limit third down distances (or altogether) is a sound strategy for another reason.

It will help the offense move the ball down the field and get into the red zone – where the Packers are currently one of worst defenses in the NFL. They have allowed touchdowns on 76% of opponents’ red zone trips, good for 31st in the league, barely beaten to the bottom by the Detroit Lions. They have shown improvement of late but the body of work this season points to the Seahawks having a full range of offensive options in the red zone.

Therefore, there is real incentive to aggressively move the ball down the field.

Another statistical incentive to build up some momentum in the first half? The Packers defense has demonstrated a strong ability to make halftime adjustments.

Every measurable defensive statistic shows they perform better in the second half of the game, from QB Rating Allowed (99 first half / 82 second half), to interceptions forced (2 / 6), to sacks (8 / 13).

And that is before we talk about what a closer Aaron Rodgers is on offense.

The Seahawks cannot afford a slow start in this game.

A simple ‘test your jab and punt for field position’ mindset early in the game gives the Packers opportunities to set up their offense and employ strategies to strike at the defense later in the game.

Use the offense to attack them early in the series and early in the game.

Disrupt Aaron Rodgers

The Packers offense is a sight to see with Rodgers at the helm. Working with a runner like Aaron Jones and a wide receiver of Davante Adams’ capability gives this offense real versatility and allows Matt LaFleur to flex his creative muscles to set up and attack the defense.

Of note is Rodgers’ average time in the pocket before a throw – it has decreased the last three seasons, from 2.6 seconds in 2019, to 2.5 last year and now so far in 2021 to a miniscule 2.2 seconds. That is in the bottom-five for starting quarterbacks in the NFL.

Do not be fooled, though. It is not a matter of the pass rush being effective or his pass blocking being poor. Rodgers is right in the middle of the pack for total pressures and pressure percentage.

Where are the short times coming from then? That is by design.

Rodgers’ field of targets has been slowly pulled back by LaFluer, so he quickly gets the ball out closer to the line of scrimmage. The Packers employ a generous amount of creativity getting the receivers open, so Rodgers avoids the pass rush by reading the defense, communicating with his receivers pre-snap and making a quick throw.

Davante Adams is an absolute weapon in this area. The Packers will literally line him up all over the field. He has been in the top-15 for targets for all three receiver positions for years now. He and Rodgers have fantastic chemistry.

Everyone on the field needs to know where #17 is before the ball is snapped.

Have a look at Rodgers’ rating chart. He is doing exceptionally well in passing behind the line of scrimmage and within the 10-yard window:

The Packers use these quick plays at times in lieu of a running game. It is a way to stretch the field and test how the defense reacts, in order to feel out some options for later in the game.

Therefore, providing disruption is a process.

The defensive backs and linebackers must be ready to close quickly on receivers in the flat. If they can limit these plays to just a couple yards per attempt — and even occasionally make a tackle for loss — that reduces that option’s effectiveness and makes Rodgers look for his second and third reads.

When he does, the pass rushers must be ready to pounce and provide pressure. Rodgers is not particularly known as a mobile quarterback in comparison to some of the ultra-athletic players around the league but he buys time with his feet and finds open receivers as well as anyone.

The front four defenders must limit the time Rodgers has to scan the field. They cannot rely on blitzing in this game to provide pressure. If they can get pressure with their standard package, that will allow them to have one more defender patrolling that five-to-fifteen-yard pocket downfield and keep Rodgers from turning a potentially negative-yardage play into something spectacular.

Carlos Dunlap needs to kick off his second half with a bang. He provided a huge boost to the Seahawks’ pass rush last year in the second half. When he is on his game, he does so much more than just rush the passer himself. He draws attention and provides a physicality that opens opportunities for the other rushers. The defense badly needs a big game from him.

This game is crying out for Darrell Taylor to have a big impact. David Bakhtiari may not be ready to play at left tackle, as he was just activated off Injured Reserve. There is an opportunity to create some real problems for Rodgers if the Seahawks can get him onto the field regularly for this game.

They need his power:

And his ability to disrupt plays:

It is not just Rodgers that the Seahawks will disrupt if they can keep him from establishing a rhythm. It is their whole offensive system.

LaFluer, Rodgers and Adams work together to gain yards early, while seeing how the defense reacts. They build ‘layers’ of plays, which allow them to anticipate how the defense will line up and handle their formations later in the game.

With their near-mind-meld type connection, Adams and Rodgers can create all kinds of problems if they are allowed to get into a rhythm.

Do not let them.

Win on Special Teams

Special Teams have been quite the adventure for both teams this year.

The Seahawks had two missed field goal tries cost them the game against the Saints.

The punt coverage units have not been as much of a weapon as they have been in recent years as well. Decisions to punt deep in enemy territory have proven ineffective as they typically become touchbacks, for a net punt of 18-20 yards and gives the opposing offense some breathing room.

The Packers had three missed field goal tries against Cincinnati, with Mason Crosby mercifully making the fourth try to win the game in overtime.

They benefitted from a muffed punt by Rondale Moore in the Arizona game and were equally struck by a punt hitting Malik Taylor’s foot for a critical turnover in the Kansas City game last week. Crosby also missed a 40-yard field goal try and had another try blocked in the loss.

It has been so wild for both teams, I’m inclined to say, “whoever makes the least amount of mistakes on Special Teams wins the game.”

It may well come down to that.

Jason Myers rebounded with a good effort against Jacksonville, with one field goal try made and four extra points made. Michael Dickson averaged 45 yards per punt, including a 59-yard punt as well. They must keep up that level of play this week. Mistakes are not an option if they want to win this game.

One area the Seahawks may be able to exploit is on kickoff returns. The Packers are the second worst kickoff coverage team in the NFL so far this season, allowing an average of 27.5 yards per return (the Seahawks are second-best with only 18.2 yards).

Deejay Dallas has done an adequate job, but the Seahawks might consider giving Tyler Lockett or D.J. Reed a chance at a return if they feel the team needs a jolt.

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  1. GoHawks5151

    I can’t help but think Belichick would have kept the QBs availability as questionable all week even if it was obvious just to have them prepare for 2 QBs. Too bad Russ can’t keep a secret off social media. Do you have to prepare for Geno at all I guess is the real question?

    • Roy Batty

      I would think any team would attack the center of the Hawks line with abandon, no matter whom the QB is. Stunts, blitzes, anything and everything to pound at that area in order to collapse the pocket.

      My biggest hope is that they give Homer a fair share of snaps if they let Wilson pass the majority of the time. The guy can pass protect better than any other RB. He’s not to bad at the occasional route, too.

      But, if they run it up the middle over and over, I’m turning the TV off.

  2. Justaguy

    Is it too early to think about how Seahawks can draft Arch Manning? Fire Pete, extend Russ and trade him the year before Manning enters the draft, then commence the year of the great tank job to get the #1 pick… a guy can dream

  3. Andrew M

    So in other words, Seahawks need to play a totally different game than they have all year. Would love to see it happen.

    • cha

      Yeah I’m an iconoclast. Proposing you lean on your best players to make plays? Spicy stuff there.

  4. cha

    Adam Schefter
    Former Browns’ WR Odell Beckham Jr is finalizing a deal with the Los Angeles Rams, per sources.

    • cha

      Adam Schefter
      OBJ expected to be an LA Ram.

      • cha

        IG: JosinaAnderson
        Odell Beckham Jr just told me he’s still, “on the fence” with his decision, as of this minute.

        • cha

          Kim Jones
          · 3m
          Odell Beckham Jr tells me he’s on the fence between Rams & Packers.

          • cha

            Jourdan Rodrigue
            · 9m
            Rams source under the impression deal is done…but Beckham Jr.’s voice obviously the one to watch here.

            • cha

              Adam Schefter
              Yes sir.
              Quote Tweet
              LeBron James
              · 3m
              Welcome to LA my brother @obj! It’s GO TIME!!

              • Peter

                Hey cha,

                You are seriously sucking the funny outta your otherwise great write up.

                The keys to the game: let russ cook.

    • Big Mike

      Is why wouldn’t he sign with the rams or packers? They have modern offenses. They throw the ball with greater frequency than Seattle so he will catch more passes and thus increase his earnings potential. Why would he play for the seahawks when their offense resembles the 1970s vikings?

  5. GoHawks5151

    Sweet lord….

  6. Magmatizer

    How do the Rams continue to do this?

    • Peter

      Because they are contenders. And we are in serious flux.

    • Rob Staton

      They don’t have Pete Carroll running the show

      • Jordan E

        Their a organization that is actually competing and not sitting on the successes of almost 10 years ago.

  7. GerryG

    We were in it until the end!

    • Peter

      Pc/js playing “press your luck,” yelling: no whammies!!! When it comes to FA signings or resignings of it’s roster.

  8. cha

    It’s LA

    an Rapoport
    #Odell Beckham Jr is signing a 1-year deal with the #Rams. His deal is finalized. LA loads up after Odell makes an incredibly difficult decision.
    Ian Rapoport
    There it is.
    Quote Tweet
    Kim Jones
    · 1m
    Odell Beckham Jr just texted me: “Rams.”

  9. crazykind

    everyone wants on when you’re bound for glory, nobody lines up to board a sinking ship

  10. 12th chuck

    this organization is officially a sh*t show, cant wait till pc AND js leaves,

  11. Jordan E


  12. Rob Staton

    Here’s the reality of the situation.

    According to one of the best in the biz, the Seahawks offered the most in terms of concrete salary.

    OBJ didn’t even have Seattle in his final two for one reason — offensive philosophy.

    Carroll’s philosophy.

    • Denver Hawker

      Wish we knew how often that has been the case with Free Agents. Hawks having to offer market premium to compensate for perceived organizational shortfalls.

      Russ will know why these guys don’t join him.

      • Rob Staton

        Russ will know why these guys don’t join him.


        And make no mistake, this is why they don’t join him.

    • Jordan E

      Seahawks are getting hard to root for. If I’m Russ- I’m out man. This is the 2nd year in a row. What a fcking joke.

      • Rob Staton

        It’s Carroll or Wilson.

        This franchise cannot look its fans in the eye in a few weeks time and say the pick a 70-year-old Head Coach who is coming to the end of his career and the natural end to his time in Seattle.

        I sincerely hope Carroll makes this easy for them and does the right thing.

        • Jordan E

          Im with ya. Its sad because he is a legend in Seattle but this is pretty inexcusable. Losing out on OBJ when we were the initial frontrunner and then losing out to him to our rival is alot. Local media will prob spin this to being a good thing for the team and a poor move by the Rams -_-

          • Rob Staton

            Of course.

            It’s all good. Didn’t need him anyway.

            Careful what you wish for with Carroll going etc etc

            • Tomas

              Pete’s analysis: OBJ’s blocking skills minimal, wouldn’t have helped pound the rock.

              • Rob Staton

                More like OBJ’s analysis: ‘F*** that’

          • cha

            They’ve been pretty sanctimonious about the Seahawks’ cap space. ‘A lot of people want the Seahawks to spend, but you have to remember they have void years to account for next year.’

            Oh really? You honestly think fiscal responsibility and conservatism is the pathway to success? Have you not been watching this team the last three weeks without Russ?

            The Rams started the offseason $29m over the cap and added Stafford, Von Miller and OBJ.

            • Rob Staton

              ‘Seahawks can still make the playoffs!’

              ‘Seahawks need to save as much money as possible for next year!’

    • Ryan

      I mean, he just left Cleveland because he was unhappy. Why would he come to a team that *wants* to be Cleveland, but isn’t quite that good? — And where he wouldn’t be competing for scant targets with Jarvis Landry and DPJ and Anthony Schwartz, but with DK and Lockett?

      I just know that if Beckham had signed with us, his first game would’ve seen him catch 2 balls on 3 targets, and Carroll after the game would say that the flow of the game didn’t lead to them targeting him much but they’re still excited about what he brings to the team, and blah blah blah.

      • Rob Staton

        Well you’ve just highlighted the problem.

        The way they’d use him, Carroll’s reaction, Carroll’s philosophy.

        Take Carroll out of the equation and I’m telling you, there’s a very realistic prospect OBJ is in Seattle right now.

    • Hawkdawg

      Not just that. Also, current record, and likelihood of season success.

  13. Paul Cook

    The Seahawks should have claimed OBJ off waivers just so he couldn’t go to one of our chief NFC rivals.

    I think the best way to stop Aaron Rodgers is a failed Covid test this weekend. Seriously though, does anyone have any real faith that the Hawks offense will look markedly different philosophically and schematically in the ways we’ve been screaming for? Some of what you said in the way that Rodgers has been attacking the opposition from the pocket is what I’d like to see the Hawks do.

    I don’t like the look of either of the next two games. If I’m objective about it, we’re 3-7 after the Cardinal game and every game after that is a must win.

    But who knows? Maybe things will just go our way and we’ll get a victory or two the next few weeks. Doubtful, but what else is there but hope?

    • Peter

      Chicken. Meet, egg.

      Would be nice to attack the middle but for this weekend i think it’s going to be bombs away after seattle falls behind. If seattle could control the packers offense or set any tone, even dial tone at this point with it’s running game maybe they could open up a different playbook.

    • Hawk Mock

      Yep, call me petty, but exactly why I would have claimed him. If he doesn’t want to play for us and would rather hurt his future value, then pay him to sit but don’t give the Rams, Saints, Bucs or Packers more talent for nothing.

  14. Henry Taylor

    Kinda sad, was hoping for the best. But honestly there is zero reason for him to choose use over the Rams.

    Hopefully Dee Eskridge can be good and stay healthy.

  15. Peter

    So as not to add to the percieved negativeness on this site on other platforms I’m actually hoping seattle splits the next two games. Win both would be amazing but Lambeau has been the hawks achilles heel for forever.

    Generally a lot of us are down on the early playoff losses and for good reason but I’m yet not cynical enough to reckon with the idea that Seattle could be all but out of it in two weeks time with seven games remaining.

    • Jordan E

      Yeah lets just hope we can even get into the playoffs before thinking about an early playoff loss. This is beautiful how Rams sign OBJ. I wonder what Brock Huard thinks about that

      • Peter

        Don’t dislike huard generally but…haye dated, hokey takes about culture or whatever. You get good talent whenever you can. And if you think OBJ is a diva how does it grab the team to see a 17 plus mil jag preen about on the field.

        • Big Mike

          Yeah I don’t live in the Seattle area so don’t listen to Brock hardly ever.. If anyone has heard his opinion on “the best in the nation” I’d love to hear it. Mr. 53rd ranked is a bigger prima donna than OBJ and delivers next to NOTHING for the 17.5 million he’s being paid.

          • Jordan E

            Exactly. We could have handled him in the locker room. Another consideration is that when the culture is strong enough (as it supposedly is) then it should be able to handle more disruptive players to it and immerse them in the culture.

            Example, Earl Thomas appears to be a toxic player but was handled very well in our locker room and thrived. Beast Mode notoriously too was trouble in Buffalo… We could have handled OBJ easily.

            Brock Huard is just one of many Seattle local media who are so focused on culture, “good-guy”, “fit” over winning a superbowl. I hate that the local media is so rosy-eyed and unable to critically assess/evaluate the Hawks. To be honest- we are in a dire situation right now. If things don’t go well we lose Russ… We cannot rebuild at least until the year after next year at the earliest because we already traded for the “best” safety in the NFL. Duane is showing age already. Bobby and Tyler are getting older too. Cardinals and Rams are nasty and a different level then we are… The complacency of PC & JS & Seattle media is just astounding.

      • Peter

        Btw i’m not sure seattle gets in. I’m just not interested in having x number of games at the end of the year with no chance of getting in.

    • Roy Batty

      Seattle home games against the Cardinals have also been an Achilles heel for years.

      • Peter

        Hey now….just one (miserable) game at a time….

        • Roy Batty

          It’s why I get a kick out of comments on other sites talking about possibly stealing the next two games. They forget their history so quickly. All eyes are on GB and the dreaded Lambeau jinx. I had to remind two coworkers today of why Arians always trumpeted his owning Seattle in SODO. (Although that same Arians didn’t say diddly about him losing so often to the Hawks in Glendale);

  16. 12th chuck

    The worst part about all this, RW will leave next offseason, hawks will get some high draft picks. Does anyone that reads this blog trust either pc or js to use those picks and not get a questionable “reach” and solid ( not injury prone ) player, cause I sure the hell don’t

    • Rob Staton

      Also, it’s a horrendous looking draft class.

      Especially at quarterback.

      There isn’t a WORSE time to trade Russell Wilson.

      We will be bringing in a new era of desperate, bottom-level football.

      But what do I know. The pass rush was great last year. The secondary great this year. The Russell Wilson saga never happened. The inevitable major drop-off in performance never came around. The Jamal Adams trade was a superb move. Things are peachy, just like so many people predicted.

      • Cambs

        Rob, if it comes to pass that they part ways — whether that’s the org’s choice or Russ’s — surely the right play is not to go hunting a Carson Strong type but to blow it all up in ’22 and aim at the ’23 or ’24 draft classes.

        All the stipulations you’ve made here are correct, of course! It’s hard to evaluate QBs, it’s hard to pick one that’s actually good, never mind a superstar, it’s not guaranteed such a QB will even be available. It’s hard to stick the 1.01 even if you’re trying. You can get yourself trapped the post-Krieg ‘Hawks era real easy. Turning the ship around with the stud you’ve got is surely the optimal path.

        But if one stipulates that Russ is out.

        Then a lot of other pieces line up for going the Sam Hinkie route next year.

        To begin with, you’ve got two Super Bowl contenders in division who’ll likely be at their apex in 2022. A Russless Hawks are highly unlikely to trade blows productively with the Cards and Rams next year no matter what approach they take.

        Then, there are a basket of roster moves you can make to “complement” Russ leaving: Wagner will already be cut for salary reasons regardless. You can shed Jamal Adams and take $20M on the chin. They’ll have to make a decision next year on DK Metcalf; there’s perhaps already some wariness about making that commitment so this is the perfect window to swing a Percy Harvin type trade and let someone else pay Seattle [a premium pick] for the privilege of paying DK [a premium salary]. Let Duane Brown walk and pocket the high comp pick by having the discipline to constrain free agent signings.

        Considering how talent-dry the rest of the roster already is, and the dearth of draft picks in hand (… you definitely want future picks moreso than ’22 picks for Russ or DKM), voila, one of the worst teams in the league, and you haven’t had to go much out of the way. Arguably moving on from each of those guys individually (Russ aside) is the correct long-term decision for the franchise, and by choosing to write off ’22 you’ve got an opportunity to organically focus all the near-term pain from those moves within 1-2 years and hope for a sharp and short plunge with a Bryce Young, CJ Stroud, or Caleb Wiliams coming out the other side. And then cross your fingers that the guy you get, if you get him, can actually play NFL football.

        A zillion ways for it to go wrong, but there is a path forward there if you’re content to take the longest view in the room.

        • Rob Staton

          You can certainly make that argument with some validation. In reality though it’s hard for any team to go in that direction for a multitude of reasons. Paying fans, coaches, players on the roster. You’re asking them to waste a year of their lives.

          So while it could be beneficial to do that — it’s also incredibly difficult for a franchise to actually commit to it.

          • Cambs

            Yep … and would take some commitment to the via dolorosa from the organization level that as you’ve pointed out is a real cipher at this moment. Hard to see a prospective future GM winning the job selling the team this vision, if we were even to know who such a vision would be sold to.

            Hope they sort things out with #3!

  17. Ashish

    Shame on Pete, he says something and will do exactly opposite. What you will do with 12 mil cap space now? I’m furious and happy OBJ is in RAMS it will remind everyone what Pete could have done. No more Pete in 2022.

    I will not blame Russ if he is out next year, I mean come on look at KC, RAMS, BUCS, Saints they support their QB to be successful.

    • Roy Batty

      “What will you do with 12 mil cap space now?”

      You’ll see.

  18. ABCinco5

    Is it possible OBJ initially claimed that Seattle was his favorite destination after being waived to convince the Seahawks NOT to claim him?

    Like he knew they would be interested and had cap space to claim him so he wanted to make them think that they could get him for cheaper without being claimed? And then he could be free to pick from the teams that he actually wanted to join.

    • Rob Staton


  19. Roy Batty

    To me, the combination of a winning team that loves tossing it to receivers AND being located in LA, is what made it a no-brained for OBJ.

    Once he learned they were interested and would free up cap space to accommodate him, it probably took him all of 30 seconds to say “yes”.

    Listen, I lived the majority of my life in Seattle while growing up. I still love the city and all it’s quirks. However, Seattle is considered Southern Alaska by anyone who hasn’t lived there. It is so far removed from any other major metropolitan area that not many big name celebrities bother to visit, let alone live there. OBJ has a major brand he is attempting to re-establish after his purgatory in Cleveland. He needed an offensive team that was located in a big media/entertainment market. LA is the very definition of that.

    • Rob Staton

      OBJ wanted to play with Russ.


      The reason he’s in LA instead is because Pete Carroll runs things in Seattle unchecked. While LA has Sean McVay, a proper attack-minded and creative offense and the Rams are going for it.

      • Roy Batty

        Oh, to be sure. It’s the reason Seattle hasn’t drawn any star FA’s.

        • Rob Staton

          IMO — Pete still sees himself as a master recruiter and the Seahawks as a destination team.

          And that’s part of the problem. It aint true.

          They’ve been too clever by half when chasing some of these players and relied on their ability to ‘recruit’. And players like OBJ are saying ‘thanks but no thanks Pete’.

          • Andrew M

            If the Hawks offered OBJ more money and still lost him to a division rival it says a lot about PC’s recruiting. And now it’s another question about Pete’s relevance in this league. If he can’t draft, can’t recruit, and can’t scheme…what is he doing exactly?

            • Rob Staton

              He’s in the way

              • Les Thomas

                Truer words were never spoken!

            • 12th chuck

              so, Cam Newton signed back with the panthers again, rumor has it, that Seahawks gave him an offer and he turned it down. It would be a safe statement that pc has lost his ability to recruit

              • Roy Batty

                I still don’t understand this belief that Carroll could recruit talent. He traded for stars but never really enticed any major free agents to sign with Seattle.

                • Rob Staton

                  Bennett and Avril

                • 12th chuck

                  Sidney Rice, BMW

                  • Roy Batty

                    Having to dig a decade in the past for examples is so depressing.

  20. Gaux Hawks

    …reached my tipping point, this feels like a betrayal. good bye.

  21. KennyBadger

    Great write up again Cha and it’s too bad it comes out when OBJ goes to LA. Maybe silver linings will be more time for eskridge and it dawning on certain people in the front office that players don’t want to come here.

    I live in Wisconsin and have been to lambeau for the last 4 Seahawks games. I turned down face value tickets not because of the jinx, but because I really don’t want to be in GB when the hawks lose by 24. The packers might score on all of their possessions even if Aaron Rogen is rusty.

  22. Pran

    Its LA baby.. Hard to compete with Lebron, McVay and LA!

  23. Submanjoe

    Disappointing Seahawks couldn’t get OBJ. I’ve suspected for a while that Seahawks have cap space because they can’t get players to sign. Because of Pete, because of declining old school culture, because no clear style of offense, etc.

    Frankly, I’m not sold on OBJ putting the Rams into some unbeatable category. Seems like there he could potentially be more of negative if things don’t go well and quickly.

    If the Rams don’t win this year, what do they do next?

    • Rob Staton

      Frankly, I’m not sold on OBJ putting the Rams into some unbeatable category. Seems like there he could potentially be more of negative if things don’t go well and quickly.

      I don’t think anyone expects them to be unbeatable. But they’re going for it. There won’t be any ‘what if’s?’ with this team. I respect that.

      If the Rams don’t win this year, what do they do next?

      Try again next year. They’ve not had any problem retaining or replacing players.

      • Submanjoe

        “I don’t think anyone expects them to be unbeatable. But they’re going for it. There won’t be any ‘what if’s?’ with this team. I respect that.”

        I don’t disagree. It makes perfect sense for the Rams to go after OBJ, same as the Packers.

        I’m annoyed with how disconnected Pete and his team and philosophy is from the reality of their situation. I think if Pete doesn’t wake up quickly, it could be very disastrous. So I’m annoyed that the Rams get OBJ and there was never any real chance Seahawks would once he cleared waivers.

      • Ashish

        Or gave up any draft picks or big contract – if works great. OBJ did pick right team, what’s point going with Hawks who may not even throw to him.

  24. cha

    OBJ to the Rams news came just as Russ was finishing his press conf.

    He finished off his question and then ended the press conference. He wasn’t huffy or ended it super abruptly, it was interesting to watch it happen in real time though.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m telling you now.

      Russell Wilson will be pissed off about OBJ in LA.

      Some people are going to tell you otherwise. Or they’ll say this doesn’t matter. And they are going to be absolutely wrong.

      Wrong, wrong, wrong.

      The fact OBJ has picked a division rival — and the reason why he’s picked a division rival — will be absolutely eating Russell Wilson tonight.

      Carroll or Wilson.

      That’s the 2022 choice.

      • cha

        He was calm about it. I took it as he already knew.

        • Submanjoe

          And Seahawks have nothing to entice OBJ other than Wilson and money. And a joke of a situation is way worse than money and Wilson. Wonder if Pete will figure it out.

        • cha

          Your ex-girlfriend-who-dumped-you-just-got-engaged level of cringe.

      • Rlmer

        I have to wonder if the FO even tried. We’ll probably never know.

        • Big Mike

          C’mon man, as was mentioned early in this thread they were “in it til the end”.

          • Elmer


      • SeaTown

        Clearly this OBJ choosing McVay over Carroll.

      • Jordan E

        Russ is the type of competitor I could see on outside he knows not to react bc it wont help him lead and win but on the inside can totally see him being like yeah- PC & JS dont want me to cook and/or treat me like Brady/Mahomes

        • Rob Staton


      • Pran

        This packers game is going to get real ugly… call it disappointed or psychological impact!

  25. Hoberk Unce

    Great write-up, Cha, thanks for getting it out for us to read and discuss! I’ll be at the game Sunday and I’ll use your key factors to argue with my cheesehead family.

    • cha


  26. cha

    Remember when Pete and John began their predraft press conference by putting cardboard cutouts in their chairs?

    • Rob Staton

      Oh how we laughed at their zany antics

      Those guys

      • Jordan E

        Its like their jobs were never in question 😂

    • TJ

      Maybe the cutouts actually made the picks?

  27. 12th chuck

    differences between rams roster and seahawks? one team builds their trades and free agents that were arguably the best at their position at least once in their career, seahawks find 1st or 2nd round busts that haven’t made it with their team and sign for cheap

    • Donovan


  28. Big Mike

    Hey cha, Pete Carroll just called and said if by “Let Russell Wilson remind you why he is your most important player” you meant “hand the ball to Rashad Penny over and over yet again try to justify his draft position” your first point is excellent.

    • Peter

      Nick “injury concerns” Chubb average yardage per year 800… Raashad “procice” penny has 847 yards rushing total his career….

      Best not to look up their differences in touchdowns. It’ll give you heartburn.

      I’m certain he’s due for a big game any day now. Just keep feeding him the rock.

    • cha

      “They go through periods of the game where you think ‘are they TRYING not to give the football to their best players?'”

      • Peter

        That was a rough assessment

      • Big Mike

        Truth hurts

  29. STTBM

    Ha! Say it ain’t so…

  30. TomLPDX

    We’ve digressed into slobbering wannabe fans drooling in the corner uncontrollably…It’s sad what we’ve become

  31. Gaux Hawks

    it’s not unimaginable to think this could have happened… without getting too greedy:

    QB: Russell Wilson, Gino Smith
    LT: Duane Brown, Stone Forsythe
    LG: Damien Lewis, Jamarco Jones
    C: Creed Humphrey, Ethan Pocic
    RG: Ben Cleveland, Jamarco Jones
    RT: Jack Conklin, Stone Forsythe
    RB1: Nick Chubb, Chris Carson
    RB2: Alex Collins, Travis Homer
    HB: Gerald Everett, Nick Bellore
    TE: Will Dissly, Colby Parkinson
    WR1: D.K. Metcalf, Odell Beckham Jr.
    WR2: Tyler Lockett, Dee Eskridge

    DE: Rasheem Green, Kerry Hyder
    DT: Jeffrey Simmons, Robert Nkemdiche
    NT: Poona Ford, Bryan Mone
    LEO: T.J. Watt, Carlos Dunlap
    SAM: Darrell Taylor, Alton Robinson
    MIKE: Bobby Wagner, Jon Rhattigan
    WILL: Jordyn Brooks, Cody Barton
    NKL: Sidney Jones, John Reid
    RCB: D.J. Reed, Nigel Warrior
    LCB: Tre Brown, Bless Austin
    FS: Quandre Diggs, Ugo Amadi
    SS: Ryan Neal, Marquise Blair

    K: Jason Myers
    P: Michael Dickson
    LS: Tyler Ott

    …and with a full cupboard of picks in the coming years.

    very curious if Jeffery Simmons was their target in 2019

    • Peter

      I find it’s best not to look up former draft placements. It’s bound to drive you insane just thinking how much more stacked this team could be if they had just done obvious picks that were screaming at them instead of being stoked on either tons of mid round guys who did next to nothing -or- traded decent to great picks for expensive coffee mugs and rentals.

    • Andrew M

      This list is missing “Best in the Nation”

    • Poli

      I think you meant Montez Sweat instead of Simmons. Simmons was selected before the Seahawks were on the board.

      • Gaux Hawks

        starting to believe that first round face plant was because they assumed Simmons would drop to them based on his injury (hence “not unimaginable”)… but agree that this is a very painful exercise

        • Rob Staton

          I’m led to believe he wasn’t a target

          And that the main two were Burns and Gary

          But what do I know

  32. SeaTown

    To be honest, even if OBJ signed in Seattle it wouldn’t have moved the needle all that much. OBJ’s best days are clearly in the rear view mirror. However, the the fact that he didn’t sign speaks to a much deeper and troubling issue. Like AB last year and to a lesser extent Josh Gordon earlier this year, players no longer view Seattle as a preferred destination. It’s not a Russell Wilson issue; it’s a PC/JS issue. From Earl Thomas going out on a cart with a double barrel middle finger aimed at PC, to Richard Sherman and Mike Bennet going out taking shots at PC, it’s clear to anyone with a brain how this is going to end.

    Now the ball is in Jodie Allen’s court. Do you care so little about this team. a team that your brother absolutely loved, that you are willing to let a 70 year old dinosaur run it into the ground and run off a HOF QB? Or will you do what is right and tell PC/JS that they had a great run but it is now time for a change? Like Rob said, this is now becomes a Wilson or Carroll choice. They cannot coexist.

  33. Denver Hawker

    Pete, you’ve lost 7 of your last 9 games to division rival LA Rams, what is your plan to beat them this season?

    Pete: “you’ll see”

    • Jordan E

      We need to establish the run game with Alex Collins and pound the rock and play “seahawk” football.

      • Big Mike

        Don’t you mean “establish the run game with Rashad Penny”?

        • Jordan E

          Ah good point. Yes feed Rashad Penny!! He had the best injury grade in College ya know. Much better fit than Nick Chubb

    • Andrew M

      You could make the argument that McVay’s Rams were really the first team to show Carroll’s game philosophies had grown stale, and that major change happened in the 42-7 beat down at home in 2017. It hasn’t been very pretty since then, even in the couple games Carroll was able to get a win. Bookend that 2017 embarrassing loss at home with the playoff exit last year, also at home, and you have a head coach who consistently looks outsmarted by a man half his age. Throw in a montage of Aaron Donald just wrecking the Seahawks offense and handing Russ his first major injury in the process. Pete should have been retooling the OL to counteract, beginning right after that 2017 sea changing game.

    • KD

      “You’ll see.” is becoming a meme on the level of “Dany kind of forgot about the Iron Fleet”

      • Rob Staton

        Ah yes, the final season of Game of Thrones

      • Denver Hawker

        Only second in Seahawks lore to “we want the ball and we’re going to score!”

  34. Sea Mode


    That is all.

  35. Andrew M

    Tickets for the Lions-Seahawks game on Jan. 2nd currently starting at $70. Very real possibility that’s the last home game for either Wilson or Carroll. Didn’t think that would be a real possibility back in August.

  36. Hawks4life

    Not sure if anyone is watching the game tonight but Tua really is that bad. If I’m MIA I’m going all in on Watson.

  37. Rowdy

    Looks better then jackson

  38. Rowdy

    No team has played worse this year then Baltimore has tonight

    • Rowdy

      Looks the refs are going to try keep Baltimore in it now

      • clbradley17

        How about the Bills losing 9-6 last Sunday to a Jaguars team we destroyed the week before with Geno Smith at QB?

  39. cha


  40. Sea Mode

    It was never about the money in our case.

    Ian Rapoport

    The #Rams gave WR Odell Beckham Jr a 1-year deal worth up to $4.25M, source said.
    — $500K signing bonus
    — $750K for the rest of the season
    — Another $3M available in team-based incentives for how they finish the regular season and the postseason.

  41. downtownjewelrybryan

    joe brady working this az defense

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