Seahawks do not claim Odell Beckham Jr

Odell Beckham Jr cleared waivers today, meaning he’s a free agent and able to select his next destination.

Only nine teams had the cap room to accommodate his $7m salary so once he reached a certain point on the waiver list, this wasn’t a surprise.

Beckham had already made it clear he wanted to play for a team with at least some chance of contending. This would appear to rule out Jacksonville, Philadelphia, Carolina and Washington. You could probably include Denver.

So the list of likely candidates wasn’t huge.

Seattle had the cap space and can at least make some attempt to claim they’re ‘still in the playoff mix’ with Russell Wilson returning.

Twitter is now debating whether the decision not to claim him is tied to the reality of Seattle’s cap situation, which we debated recently. By adjusting Duane Brown’s and Quandre Diggs’ contracts — they pushed money into 2022.

However, you could easily argue both players should be priority keeps for 2022. There’s nobody on the roster able to replace them. The Seahawks don’t need to create any more holes.

Diggs feels like the only player capable of forcing a turnover in the secondary. He is responsible for all three of their interceptions. Literally nobody else has a pick in the eight games played.

Brown’s performance this year might be a regression of sorts but his 70.3 PFF grade hardly signals his play as problematic.

Plus, it’s not like competent left tackles grow on trees.

Re-signing both and working the pushed-forward money into the equation just feels like common sense. Of course, it might’ve been better to tie both players down rather than prioritising the mammoth Jamal Adams contract which now looks like a dead weight hanging over the franchise.

Furthermore, you can always be creative with your cap. The $9m voided for Brown and Diggs is small money in the grand scheme of things. Tampa Bay just kept the band together after winning a Super Bowl despite forking out some big contracts. They also have other players needing to be rewarded soon. Look at the Rams too.

If you want to do something badly enough — you can.

So now NFL fans sit and wait to see what Beckham’s next move is.

This is purely speculative on my behalf but I wonder if a report earlier today that Beckham’s preferred destination was Green Bay was a nudge to the Seahawks to put a claim in.

If Beckham knew nobody was willing to commit to the $7m — he might get less to play in 2021. I suspect that’s very likely, unless he signs a multi-year contract.

What better way to try and smoke out a suitor than hint that you might be lining up against them on Sunday?

After all, it had been reported elsewhere that Beckham wanted Seattle and Wilson was pitching for it to happen.

Of course it’s also plausible he simply wants to play with a legendary quarterback in Green Bay with a legit chance of reaching the Super Bowl.

We’ll see what happens next. I think it’s stating the obvious, however, to suggest the Seahawks stand a better chance of clawing their way into the post-season by leaning on their franchise quarterback and loading him with weapons, rather than hoping for a Carroll-ball special of Alex Collins/Rashaad Penny running and the defense keeping you in games.

They play the Packers and Cardinals next. I’ll go out on a limb and say you’ll need points in those two games. There’s a very real threat Seattle could be 3-7 in a fortnight, making the upcoming ‘easier’ portion of the schedule a moot point.

‘How do we cover Metcalf, Lockett and Beckham?’ feels like a difficult question for opponents to answer. ‘How do we score against this defense?’ or ‘how do we stop Rashaad Penny’ feels like a lesser challenge.

It’ll be fascinating to see what they do. Beckham didn’t guarantee wins and he alone certainly wasn’t the difference between success and failure.

His addition, however, could mean something to the quarterback. It could mean they’re listening to him in the way Tampa Bay listened to Tom Brady a year ago. That, in essence, seems to be all that Wilson wants.

Two weeks ago Carroll admitted he probably wouldn’t have survived in Seattle as long as he has without Wilson. And he’s right. Seattle’s run of winning seasons is directly tied to Wilson’s arrival. Let’s hope he hasn’t forgotten that after a win against hopeless Jacksonville (and yes — they’re still hopeless irrespective of an admittedly impressive win against an out-of-sorts Buffalo team).

Let me repeat some salient points. This isn’t a good looking 2022 draft class at the top-end. The quarterback options are incredibly concerning. Carroll and Schneider’s key additions at quarterback pre-Wilson were Charlie Whitehurst, Tarvaris Jackson and Matt Flynn. They made bad decisions with their top picks in recent years. We’ve just seen what watching the Seahawks without Wilson is like and it was extremely boring and frustrating.

Not adding Beckham, persisting with Carroll’s philosophy and failing to make the playoffs will lead to divorce in the off-season.

To the people hoping for that — be careful what you wish for.

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  1. Rob Staton

    — Takes unnecessary sacks
    — Holds onto the ball too long
    — Footwork all over the place
    — Turnovers
    — Inaccurate throws
    — Doesn’t anticipate how defenders will react

    People fancy this instead of Wilson?

    • Peter

      35 seconds in after te commentators are praising him…..i guess he doesn’t see the two defenders running right at him? To me that’s a signthat a guy in college is 100% playing the plays given to him w/o being able to react on the go.. love college ball but this is super easy to spot.

    • Starhawk29

      Wow, you can really see both perspectives here. As a runner he looked electric, improvisational, and perhaps too willing to take a hit. His arm is odd to me though, and it might have to do with his footwork (not a QB expert so can’t say). A few plays I legitimately said “Wow, what an arm,” only to watch a ball barely get there on the next play.

      Truthfully, I can understand why a team would draft him early. Everyone wants a Lamar Jackson type, and he “looks the part” on some plays. He also showed some ability to improvise, which teams are obsessed with right now. And yet…woof he made some questionable decisions in that game alone. In a normal year, he is a late round project, but with this awful class I don’t think it’s out of the question someone gives him a shot early based on the talent he inconsistently displays. No one should take him in the first, but I can absolutely imagine a desperate team picking him in the second or third.

      • Rob Staton

        One thing I will add here is… I loved Lamar Jackson. You could very clearly make a case for him as a very high pick.

        I have Malik Willis as a day three type.

        • Starhawk29

          Jackson was and is special, and John Harbaugh’s decision to go all in on him remains a brilliant decision. Saved his career honestly. Malik isn’t Lamar, not by a long shot. Maybe Tyrod Taylor? Yet Taylor was always a more consistent passer. Honestly shocked people want this guy day one, but desperate franchises do desperate things…

          • Rob Staton

            I see very few reasons to be excited about Willis as a pro QB

  2. GerryG

    Shocking this team would try to get cute/go cheap when it comes to talent acquisition.

    Same story as trading down in 2019 and then getting stuck with L-to the healthy scratch-J Collier

  3. 12th chuck

    yet another reason to be disappointed with this season and front office. tired of hearing “in on every deal” to have nothing happen that can improve this team,

  4. cha

    Not to mention Jamal Adams’ extension reducing his 2021 cap hit from $9.86m to $5m.

    Not sure what that $4.86m in 2021 buys you with an albatross of a contract going forward. Particularly if you’re not going to use it to improve the 2021 product.

    • Scot04

      Thanks Cha, was hoping someone would bring that up.

  5. Big Mike

    Well laid out, even keel article as usual Rob. Thanks as always for the effort.
    I do suspect your theory that OBJ and/or his agent leaked GB as a possible destination in an effort to get Seattle to claim him and thus make more money is correct.

  6. Jordan E

    Fire Pete/JS if we dont land OBJ. I feel bad for Russ honestly
    Working his ass off to come back so early and them giving him the middle finger and not landing OBJ. We dont have early picks this year… this is the year to go out. RW3 may leave, Duane regressing and Bobby getting older…

  7. Denver Hawker

    The cap situation feels like an EDM show waiting for the beat to drop.

    – No 53 man cut down pickups
    – No trade deadline deals
    – No waiver claims/ free agent signings.

    Thus far, they’ve essentially took out a loan just to park the money in a savings account earning hardly any interest.

    • Big Mike

      Well they did commit a huge chunk to a peacock….

      • RugbyLock

        I liked the overpriced shiny coffee mug myself…

    • Elmer

      The GM probably gets a bonus based on a percentage of the money he saves below the cap.

      At least they could be honest and say they aren’t going to do squat about OBJ. He wants a contender. These guys ain’t no contender.

  8. Paul Cook

    I only know one thing. If OBJ was willing/wanting to play here, the Hawks could have claimed him and ended all doubt and speculation right then and there. They didn’t. They must not want him all that much, or OBJ sent all sorts of equivocating signals to them.

    Wake me up when something happens.

  9. Paul Cook

    On a side note, I enjoyed listening to Howard Stern’s rant about Aaron Rodgers. He’s taken hits from all across the celebrity spectrum. Mr. Smug.

    • 12th chuck

      people are starting to call him Karen Rodgers lmfao

      • TomLPDX

        That’s not fair to women. Rodgers is the liar, not women.

        • GerryG

          I prefer Qaren Rodgers myself

    • icb12

      He’s also gained a lot of fans. People who previously didn’t care for him or thought of him as “Mr smug”. Myself included.

  10. Sea Mode


    Matt Schneidman

    Jim Nantz, Tony Romo and Tracy Wolfson have Packers-Seahawks from Lambeau on Sunday.

    • TomLPDX

      I like this group also.

      • Paul Cook

        I thought they were an AFC broadcast team? But good if so.

        • TomLPDX

          Actually, they are. CBS covers AFC, FOX covers NFC.

  11. jed

    I’m not surprised the Seahawks didn’t claim him, just disappointed. Now I’m just getting ready for a press conference that is exactly the same as when Antonio Brown signed with the Patriots. “We were in on him to the end, blah, blah, blah.”

    • jed


  12. Canadian Hawk

    So if they don’t spend the cap dollars for 2021.
    Leave it for 2022.

    Is that a signal that Pete/John will back?

    • Rob Staton

      Not necessarily, no.

  13. Henry Taylor

    My understanding was that Beckham’s preference was to go unclaimed so he can pick his new team and contract. Might not work out for him in terms of dollars, but I would understand why they, and the rest of the NFL, wouldnt want to start a relationship with a player with his reputation by going against his wishes.

  14. JJ

    What happens to void years if we resign the player?

    • Rob Staton

      Well they’ve rolled over money to 2022. So you can account for that as you move towards working out the next contract.

    • cha

      Do you mean like Quandre Diggs’ $2.525m void number for 2022?

      If the Seahawks sign him to an extension before the 2022 league year begins (March 22 if I recall), that number gets folded into the contract. In other words – Diggs has to account for it.

      If they do not, the year begins and they sign Diggs back, Diggs’ cap hit is $2.52m + whatever the cap hit for his new contract is.

      There is incentive to resign the player in the offseason if he is part of your future plans.

      • JJ

        Thanks cha. That is what I was trying to clarify.

        • cha

          You bet. Of course Diggs’ contract could have some strange void date that is earlier and that would supersede the league year date. Just a possibility.

          But it does illustrate the danger of void years – if Diggs wants to see what is on the market (which is his right), the Seahawks have $2.525m of dead money on their cap. How do they get around it and resign Diggs? Spread out his bonus money with more void years. It’s a vicious cycle.

  15. AlaskaHawk

    I still think the key to Seahawks success next year is to build up the offensive line. OBJ is a shiny new toy, but how good is that third receiver when the offensive line blocks so poorly? The question was asked , how can a defense play against the Seahawks with three elite receivers? The answer has been staring us in the face twice a year. The Cardinals line up 5-7 defensive linemen and blitz. Their secondary will be tight on our receivers. Russell won’t have time for long bombs and will be taking a chance on the quick ones. That puts the onus of success on the offensive line to give Wilson time enough to throw with constant blitzing.

    I can’t help but think that Tennessee has built the offense that Pete Carroll dreamed of. A hard running team with a decent quarterback. Now that Henry is injured the question will be what contributes to their success at running? The elite running back or the offensive line? Of course it is both. But in their last game the offensive line with the second running back was enough.

    • Rob Staton

      Number of offensive linemen available worth having: 0

      Number of Odell Beckham’s available: 1

      • AlaskaHawk

        Very true. So to benefit from him he would need a contract extension after this year.

        • Rob Staton

          No we wouldn’t.

          If he walks you get a comp pick.

          In no way what so ever does this need to be anything more than a rental.

          And even if you did re-sign him, that doesn’t mean you can’t improve other areas of the team

          • Sneekes

            I think it should only be a rental.
            There’s an opportunity right now to add a weapon at reasonable actual cost with little opportunity cost.
            Once we get into next year the “Number of offensive linemen available worth having” is non-zero, and we’d be better spending on O-Line than on a third expensive WR (IMHO)

            Also, as previously mentioned, get Russ involved in the decisions, not just to make him feel welcome and in control, but I think it would help frame the cap choices the team has. Presently he seems to want expensive WR, O-Line etc. I think management can involve him to a stage where he sees the trade-offs, and is therefore less publicly critical.

            • Rob Staton

              But we’re talking about a situation ahead of time here.

              If Odell Beckham came in, had a sensational half a season, then the situation changes. If key O-liners are franchised or retained before free agency begins, then again — the situation changes.

              There’s little point pre-empting anything now or trying to have an ‘O-line vs Beckham’ debate because it’d be utterly pointless.

              Simply put — there is an opportunity to add Beckham now and there isn’t an option to add O-liners. So there’s no either/or.

              • Palatypus

                Pointless bickering is the American way.

      • BruceN


        Also wouldn’t the Hawks get a high comp pick (4th or may be 3rd) if he signs a big contract next year? Another plus in signing him.

        • GerryG

          It was reported nobody gets a comp pick for him due his contract being amended to cancel last two years.

          Regardless Seattle has so many holes no way they are a net negative on loss/gains of players this off season

          • BruceN

            I hadn’t seen that. Thanks. My 2 cents, he would go to GB or NO. He’s not interested in being option #3 in a run first team.

    • Poli

      They drafted a WR3 instead of Humphrey/Myers.

      WR3 is more important than a starting OL at this time, apparently.

  16. BobbyK

    Love how it’s okay trade a boatload of draft picks (young players on cheap contracts) and pay a huge contract to a crappy safety but it’s not okay to claim a good players making a lot less than said crap player.

    • Big Mike

      Good to see you understand their approach Bobby.

      • BobbyK

        I’m sure they’ll comfort us by saying we “were in on it” though. lol

    • TomLPDX

      Bang! You got it, Bobby.

    • Ashish

      We will try to low ball in signing OBJ and Packer will sign him

      • Scot04

        Even if we offered more by quite a bit, it would seem crazy to pick the Seahawks over GB.
        If the Seahawks really wanted him it seemed obvious they needed to put in a claim to ensure it.
        Hope i turn out to be wrong and he signs here.

  17. Rob Staton

    If the Seahawks are not seriously in on OBJ I’m finding it hard to understand Carroll’s coy comments from yesterday which went a little further than the usual ‘we’re in on everything’

    • Marcus

      I suspect they are seriously in on OBJ. But OBJ has a big vote in where he goes now that he’s a free agent. And while he’s friends with Wilson and he may have actually preferred Seattle before sliding through claims, I’m sure the situation in Green Bay is starting to look rather appealing as a free agent.

      An interesting situation to watch for more than a couple of reasons.

      • Rob Staton

        Agreed. I just think Carroll ventured a little bit further from the usual ‘we’re in on everything’. The wry smile, the ‘you’ll see’, it all felt a little like he was nodding and winking at the camera when so often he goes to great lengths to not give anything away in these situations.

    • Sea Mode

      Could be that, after days of thinking the pull of playing with Russ had them in pole position, they decided they could safely let him clear waivers and get him on the cheap. Perhaps they even sent out feelers to his agent. Agent realized he needed to create some leverage, and so sent out the Green Bay interest.

      Or… the Seattle preference was just a leverage move for his true preferred destination all along: Green Bay, which was simply finally revealed yesterday…

      Btw, if I’m him, I’m going to Green Bay to rebuild my value. They fulfill all 3 of his criteria (contender, offensive-minded head coach, good QB) and Seattle only meets one of those. Even playing alongside Locket and DK is matched by playing with Davante Adams and Aaron Jones. He’s already used to playing in the cold. He’s already made a boatload of money, so that’s not the deciding factor. I don’t see the downside of GB right now.

      • Rob Staton

        Agreed. If I were him I’d prefer Green Bay

        • Mick

          Especially if the Packers will get to 8-2 this week, which buries Seattle’s season for good.

      • Scot04

        This is why if Seattle truly wanted him they needed to put in a claim.

  18. Sea Mode

    Lol, I get she’s a respected reporter and all, but I could have tweeted as much:

    Kim Jones

    My sense is that Odell Beckham Jr. is and has been weighing options. Will sleep on possible decision, which could — could — come tomorrow.

    • Rob Staton

      My sense is that Odell Beckham could breathe oxygen over the next 24 hours and could — could — eat a meal.

      • Sea Mode

        I should just tweet that out immediately, citing “sauces”.

      • Palatypus

        Does he have time to take a dump?

  19. Mac

    If I were OBJ, I’d be a Packer.
    Better at practically every position but wide receiver.

    Makes me wonder if qualify free agents have even wanted to join the Hawks recently and not just use us for leverage with other teams.

    • Roy Batty

      That’s one of my biggest arguments against a future with Carroll. People keep claiming his culture at the VMAC draws players.

      What players? Where is this list of marquee players coming to Seattle? All his big splash moves were via trade, not FA.

  20. no frickin clue

    I can see how Russ would want OBJ given how much he produced with the Giants, along with a willingness to write off his experience with the Browns as an aberration that says more about the QB who was throwing to him than anything else. I can also see how, if Russ is pushing for him, and the Hawks don’t actually get him, this just adds fuel to the fire to get out of Seattle and find a new home that won’t waste what’s left of his prime years.

    However: I also worry that OBJ has a little bit of Dwight Howard in him. Wants to be associated with a winner, wants to be paid like a winner, not willing to put in the work needed to be a winner, isn’t willing to recognize that more work is needed, and ultimately alienates himself from teammates. There has to be a reason why Dwight played on 8 NBA teams in his career, including six different teams from 2013-2021.

    So if we do get OBJ now, to me the upside is that we keep Russ happy and we have a puncher’s chance of getting to the playoffs. The downside is that he possibly wears out his welcome, becomes a distraction, we lose whatever cap could have been rolled over, and we maybe get a comp pick out of it, depending on whether some other team is willing to roll the dice with him in 2022.

    All of those things sound better to me than Russ demanding in March 2022 that he get moved to a new team and we trying to re-load during a historically-bad draft.

    • Jordan E

      Exactly. The biggest risk is losing Russ. There was some fire to those rumors this summer. Russ is not happy that we dont build around him nor let him get his his guys nor are able to seriously contend…

      If I were him, I’d absolutely leave if we dont land OBJ. It reeks of the same ol’ same ol’ nothings really going to change under PC/JS and they wont build around me and let me be that legend I want to be. PC/JS need to be held accountable and Seattle media culture needs to change to value SB wins more instead of all the off field stuff.

    • Simo

      I agree that OBJ has a bit to much diva in him, and that may not be a great fit on the Hawks. He’s talented sure, but why so unproductive in Cleveland? Baker is just that awful? The offense wasn’t a good fit? But why so many drops? Those weren’t on Mayfield.

      How will he be a good fit in Seattle though? Pete isn’t going to just switch over to a spread offense and throw the ball 65% of the time. It’s not in his DNA. How many targets can he realistically expect to see each game?

      I understand trying to keep your franchise QB happy, and that’s probably worth bringing him on. But unless Pete cedes control of the offense to Waldron, and let’s him spread things out and go up tempo, nothing really changes IMO.

      • Peter

        First. For me the diva stuff….i don’t know. The list of WR’s that aren’t divas is pretty small. Plus it seems some of that is a holdover of erception from when he was a young kid in a big market.

        I completely get that pc isn’t going to want to change. However this team with this coach used to take opponents apart. And now i guess there’s supposed to be some joy in keeping games close til the end?

        Additionally….whether or not OBJ comes to seattle, PC does actually value weapons at WR. And he may NOT want to get out of his comfort zone but if Seattle wants to pretend to be contending for a playoff spot this sad sack defense and nonexistent running game isn’t going to do it.

  21. Blitzy the Clown

    I’m jag so what do I know…

    But it seems to me that the issue in claiming OBJ off waivers for the Seahawks wasn’t so much the $7.25m for this season, but rather the lack of a comp pick in the 2022 draft, which they would get if they signed him as a FA.

    I think they would like to have him on the team, even at $7.25m. But only if they have the promise of a comp pick in this coming draft.

    Except, now that the Packers are in the mix. And if I’m OBJ, and I have the opportunity to play with Wilson or Rodgers, I’m going with the team that’s 7-2, with a legit shot at the NFC Championship and trip to the Super Bowl. Not to mention, as an offensive player, I’m going to the team coached by LaFleur rather than Carroll.

    I do still believe they can sign him. Wilson and OBJ are well-documented friends. I’ve never seen OBJ and Rodgers together in the same way. Who knows how persuasive Wilson can be?

  22. Jordan E

    Prove me wrong PC/JS but my read is that they got way too confident that OBJ would sign with them and thus low balled him and/or let him explore other options with other teams. OBJ is now seeing/realizing he has options to pick from and Seattle may not be the best fit because he would be #3 and that Hawks may not reach playoffs.

    As time goes on- the Hawks offer looks less and less appealing. Patriots & GB offers look more so…

    PC/JS are poor at bringing in free agents. Aside from Cliff & MBennett we have been unable to bring in any real big free agents… OBJ will be another example.

    • Simo

      I agree that a serious offer from GB is likely more attractive to OBJ than the situation in Seattle would be. Better overall team, better record, better chance of going deep in the playoffs, and he might be able to be the #2 WR there!

      The problem is we don’t know anything about these offers. Has GB even made an offer? If so, for how much? Has Seattle made him an offer? Seattle, or another club for that matter, may still prove more “attractive” to OBJ if they put a substantially better offer on his plate.

      Money talks, always does and always will!!

      • Jordan E

        🤞🤞🤞 Lets pay up!! This is an investment for RW3 too.

        • Simo

          I agree that keeping Russ happy is the best reason to sign OBJ. If Russ really wants him, then he better be recruiting him heavily as we speak. And the Hawks need to come forward with a significantly better offer than GB, or TB, or any other legitimate contenders!

          • L80

            So, they could have paid him 7 mill off the waiver and now everyone wants to get in a bidding war?

            They would have claimed him if they were truly interested. And now more shit is being flung at the walls when in reality nobody knows anything.

  23. George

    per rotoworld ” Free Agent WR Odell Beckham is likely to sign with the Chiefs, Packers or Saints. “

  24. Forrest

    Not claiming OBJ was my preferred outcome. Now we can sign him for much less and there’s no excuses, since no one else claimed him. If Russ wants him, it’s time for Russ to go recruit him!

    As for this week, I’m wondering if Rodgers’ future is in Jeopardy. We’re catching GB and AZ at just the right time, while getting our QB back for the big games, after a bye week for preparation.. …and somehow we still have a chance to make the playoffs because the NFC lacks legit wildcard teams.

    I’m excited for this week! Win and I’ll be excited for next week and the rest of the season.

    • CL

      “On the day in which he could make his final decision, free-agent WR Odell Beckham Jr. is honing in on the Chiefs, Packers and Saints, per league sources.”

      • Tomas

        Wilson’s recruiting ability is severely compromised by the fact that the head coach remains Carroll, with his Neanderthal offensive views. Russ needs to recruit a new HC first.

  25. Paul Cook

    I’m fading fast on the idea that OBJ ends up here. Once he went through the waiver wire and we didn’t claim him I said to myself…well that’s that. We either quibbled rather than acting with conviction, or he sent clear signals that he wanted to be a FA and we backed off.

    KC and Green Bay both seem like good landing spots for him.

    • 12th chuck

      another team that was brought up was the titans, as they shift from a running team to passing

      • Paul Cook

        My guess is that the Titans don’t want a diva. But what do I know.

    • Jordan E

      Only hope is that contract and friendship with Russ. Let’s hope Seahawks offer him something that the other teams cannot financially provide and that the friendship with Russ is very good. DK called OBJ a big brother… Don’t think our WRs would have a problem with OBJ.

  26. Forrest

    Do we really think he wants to play November-January in Green Bay? Sounds cold!

    Would love to see him getting 5 targets and two catches for 14 yards each week with Jordan Love!

    Nothing says rejuvenate your career like Taysom Hill!

    Sadly, Chiefs might be a good fit. But, I suspect this is all posturing to get more from Seattle.

    • Scot04

      He’s used to playing in the cold. GB & KC make alot of sense. We sadly do not. We missed our chance when we decided not to claim him.

  27. no frickin clue

    I’m just envisioning the next Russell Wilson pre-game press conference if OBJ signs a 1-year $5m deal with the Packers.

    He would undoubtedly be asked about losing out on the possibility of OBJ in a Hawks uniform and does he think the front office should have gone and grabbed him. There are really two possible responses to this question I think.

    Option 1 is to emphatically declare that all of the people they need to turn this season around are already in the room.

    Option 2 is to smirk, laugh a bit, point out that you guys (the reporters) are giving him way too much credit with his ability to influence the roster, that he’s focused 100% on beating the Packers this week and that’s that.

    If we get Option 2, I think Russ is gone in the offseason.

    • Big Mike

      The ONLY way he isn’t gone this coming offseason is if Carroll is, OBJ or no OBJ.

      • Blitzy the Clown


    • Rowdy

      Anyone else find it funny that AB and OBJ were both really close to wilson and neither want to play with him

      • Rob Staton

        Perhaps they don’t want to play Carroll ball?

  28. Noah

    Hopefully this seems like a glimmer of hope, judging that Jake Heaps is close to the Russ camp. Could potentially be some posturing to PC/JS also.

  29. cha

    Field Yates
    It seems possible the Bucs could be without Antonio Brown, Rob Gronkowski and Chris Godwin on Sunday against Washington.
    Quote Tweet
    Carmen Vitali
    · 28m
    Chris Godwin is dealing with a foot injury, per Arians. His status for Sunday is uncertain.

    cANt SiGn odElL NoT enOuGH bAllS to gO ArOUnd

    • Peter

      Fans with this take still keep hoping 10 yrs on that annnnny day now the TE’s are gonna get involved in the passing game.

  30. cha

    Ian Rapoport
    Two more big ones: The #Seahawks designated RB Chris Carson to return off IR, and the #Browns did the same for LB Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah.

    • GerryG

      over/under on number of games played before returning to IR: 3.5

      • Ashish

        As soon as Hawks is out of wild card race, may be next 2 games

  31. cha

    Remember the Great Pass Rush Drought of early 2020?

    How is 2021 doing in comparison through the first 8 games?

    2020: 19 sacks / 82 pressures / 130 blitzes

    2021: 13 sacks / 85 pressures / 123 blitzes

    Why isn’t this being talked about more?

    • Paul Cook

      Because you haven’t brought it up yet. 🙂

      Carlos Dunlap has been a disappointment this year from my perspective. The blitzing has been a little less and not very effective either. And then there’s the mind-boggling distribution of snap counts.


      • cha


    • Rob Staton

      Which was the worst Seahawks fan take?

      ‘The 2020 secondary is the best in the league and therefore it doesn’t matter that the pass rush is essentially Benson Mayowa and Bruce Irvin’

      ‘The 2021 pass rush has great depth and it might be comparable to the 2013 group’

      • CHaquesFan

        2nd because 2020 secondary looked good on paper and Adams was thought to elevate the pass rush,

      • Roy Batty


        I’m also fond of the “Even in this down year we can still make the playoffs”.

        To what end? Getting bounced in the first round? Allowing Carroll and Schneider a way to stick around longer? Give Wilson more impetus to demand a trade?

      • Big Mike

        I’m pretty partial to “Jamal Adams is elite” myself.

        • Rob Staton

          ‘Hall of Fame trajectory’

    • L80

      But the Hyder signing was a slam dunk…facepalm. When they signed him I said WHO?….How many times have I said WHO? during this regime?….More than going to a Who concert for sure.

      These guys have missed way more than hit, especially since early on before their defense got figured out by even Pop Warner teams. Dudes, you suck at drafting, you suck at trades and you suck at changing up to your suckitude.


    • GoHawksDani

      I think 2021 group is better, the FO sucks at giving out snaps for a better rotation. And secondary is pure awful this year. Last year they were awful also, but this year it’s even worse. The 4-7 yards dump-offs are always there. If the secondary can make the QB hold the ball longer, and you have Ford, Woods, Taylor, Dunlap/Robinson on the field you make sack the QB. If no hold-up by the secondary or you have a worn-down Mayowa and Hyder on the ends they won’t reach the QB

  32. Ashish

    OBJ has list of teams interested in – hawks not part of that list. Well may be OBJ would have kept Pete so it is better is not with hawks. Trying to see it positive in this awful decision.

  33. Paul Cook

    On a different topic…Hugh Millen reporting that Jimmy Lake is done at UW and that they are currently negotiating a buyout of his contract. He may or may not coach these last games when his suspension ends on Sunday.

    Hugh’s not the kind of guy that talks out of his arse. And Brock Huard (uncle of their 5 star freshman QB) has recently been quite vocal about his disenchantment with Lake both from a recruiting and head coaching standpoint. Brock was stunned when he chose Jon Donovan as his OC before he initially took over, and it’s been down hill from there.

  34. cha

    Remember Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, where they build the computer to find The Answer and it comes up with 42?

    So they build another computer to ask The Question, and it takes a billion years to come up with it?

    I can save everyone a billion years.

    The Question is: How good is Bobby Wagner?

    • cha

      And apparently it needs to be asked twice.

      • Peter

        It’s gonna be a nightmare to replace him when that time comes. I know, i know lb’s are not necessary in today’s game but that output coupled with consistency has been something to behold. It seems like national pundits have gotten on board with him being great to a degree but at the expense of homerism i think he is one of tge best defensive players of his generation.

        • Peter

          Haha! So out of tge seattle looop i didn’t realize this was still being asked. Good grief

  35. Big Mike

    GB has offered vet minimum according to this

    • Big Mike

      I saw a similar article on another site and sent it to a Niner fan friend if mine. He is in no way in favor of getting rid of Shanny. If I were York,, I wouldn’t yet. I’d give him a couple more years to try to develop Lance. But, it’s obvious that the natives are getting restless in Frisco.

      • GerryG

        Remember when they finally took the GM reigns from Holmgren, that worked out well (for a few seasons)

  36. Rob Staton

    Today… we had the return of…

    ‘How good is Bobby Wagner?’

    • TomLPDX

      What do you mean “the return of…” It’s asked every week.

      • Rob Staton


        • TomLPDX


  37. cha

    Jordan Schultz
    · 36m
    Sources say #Seahawks QB Russell Wilson and #Saints HC Sean Payton both reached out to Odell Beckham, Jr. to make their respective recruiting pitches.

    • Gross MaToast

      Was Russ recruiting for Seattle or the ’22 Saints?

      Or ’22 Philly?

      • TomLPDX

        Ha! Wish we could love a post! This is awesome…nice one Gross MaToast!

      • Peter


      • Big Mike

        Another 👍 from me! Outstanding

      • Sea Mode

        Well played.

  38. clbradley17

    Why are they hoarding every penny? Or is this just incompetence? According to Brady Henderson reporting on Wednesday’s injury report for ESPN “Cody Barton was the only injury-related non-participant (other than Marquise Blair, whose season is over but has yet to be put on IR).” What’s it been? Almost 3 weeks since he’s been lost for the year?

    • Rob Staton

      No idea what they’re doing

  39. Luis

    I agree on Diggs, I disagree on Brown. Brown is great, but age is finally showing. I remember you saying that next draft is good for offensive linemen, so it’s an avenue to explore. We need to see how Stone and Jake develop and draft a center, making Pocic a C/G backup eventually, and draft at least one promising tackle.

    • Rob Staton

      Who said that?

  40. Paul Cook

    Brown is still our best OLman. Even if we draft a tackle to replace him, or one perceives his eventual replacement on our roster, we’ll need another year of him unless we trade for a new LT, or put some real money into one in FAcy next off season. You’ve got to have a plan, or at least a plan would help. He’s our best plan at the moment.

  41. Sea Mode

    This is what I’ve been waiting to hear!

    Bob Condotta

    Carroll says Dee Eskridge is “ready to go full speed.” Good recovery as well from his Monday work.

  42. Sea Mode

    Interesting if true, since Davante Adams has been openly recruiting him too:


    Green Bay’s minimum-salary offer to OBJ is being regarded by some as not a serious attempt to sign him, but as a hollow gesture aimed at creating the impression that they tried.

    It seems he might just be looking for $3m so as not to miss out on anything he would have been due. Surely some teams have offered him at least that, right…?

    Brad Spielberger, Esq.

    After 100 different reports on OBJ’s contract, believe this is the $ situation (which is apparently impacting negotiations):

    – OBJ waived his right to $3M in Termination Pay
    – OBJ CAN still file for Term Pay up to $4.25M & “double dip”

    If signed for $3M, would make full $7.25M

  43. Sea Mode

    So are we playing the Packers for OBJ…?

    Dianna Russini

    There are teams who are talking to Odell Beckham Jr. that believe the free-agent wide receiver will wait until the games are complete on Sunday before making his final decision, per league sources.

    • cha

      The Beckham Bowl?

      • Paul Cook

        He’s already boring me.

      • Scot04

        If he’s seriously thinking about Seattle this would make sense. If we lose badly and go to 3-6, makes choice easy.
        If true Wilson needs to put on a cape; Then carry this team to it’s 1st win in Lambeau in forever.
        We’ll be playing a healthy GB, not the GB Arizona saw last week.

        • Rob Staton

          I think we’re going to get a good old spanking on Sunday

          • Big Mike

            Packers gonna score in the 30s if Rodgers plays

            • Rob Staton

              He will play

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