Curtis Allen’s week thirteen watch notes (vs Cowboys)

This is a guest article by Curtis Allen…

It is midnight in Seattle.

The Seahawks are 1-3 in their last 4 games, tumbling from a solid place in the NFC playoff race to now being reduced to scoreboard-watching opponent games to see where they stand.

What’s more, those three losses have been incredibly demoralizing. Two of them are heavy defeats by better teams (Baltimore and San Francisco) and a third where they frittered away a lead with poor effort and worse game planning.

Now here comes leg two of the four leg gauntlet, the Dallas Cowboys, one of the top teams in the NFL.

They are the #1 scoring offense, the #4 passing offense, the #4 scoring defense and #2 passing defense, along with being #5 in turnover ratio with +7.

Their weakness (if you want to call it that) is that they are ‘only’ 13th in both rushing offense and rushing defense. For what it’s worth, they are tied for the second-most penalized team in the NFL and even then, it is Seattle they are tied with, so no comfort there.

Even within the grainy details, there is little statistical data that gives us a real weakness the Seahawks can exploit to gain an advantage in this game.

However, Dallas has kept a decade-long trend going: They absolutely thrash poor teams and struggle with playoff-quality teams. It is just that the gap this year looks a lot wider.

The truth is, they have been the beneficiary of several opposition misfortunes this year. It is actually impressive when you look at it in a big-picture context:

— Week 2 they faced Zach Wilson instead of Aaron Rogers (38 QB Rating + 3 interceptions)

— Week 4 they faced the Mac Jones/Bailey Zappe duo (39 QB Rating + 2 interceptions)

— Week 8 Aaron Donald had his lowest snap count of the year and Matt Stafford was fighting to stay on the field while hurt and ultimately yielded to Brett Rypien

— Week 10 they were treated to the second start of Tommy DeVito’s NFL career in front of the NFL’s worst offensive line (52% completion rate and an interception)

— Week 11 saw them taking on Carolina in the midst of the ‘wheels are falling off and Frank Reich is holding onto his job for dear life’ phase of their season

— Last week they were leading Washington 20-10 at the end of the third quarter and the Commanders twice tried questionable fourth down go-for-it plays and failed. Plus, Sam Howell threw a pick-six just trying to keep the game respectable and Dallas sailed to a 45-10 win

The only good quarterbacks the Cowboys have beaten are Justin Herbert and Sam Howell.

Meanwhile, they have lost to good quarterbacks such as Brock Purdy and Jalen Hurts. Josh Dobbs also had a career-best performance against them in a win, with a brilliantly schemed game plan to have him split reps between throwing (21x for an 81% comp rate) and running (6 runs for 55 yards, including a 44-yarder).

No, I am not saying that Geno Smith falls into the ‘good’ category. Nor am I trying to convince you all you have to do is match them up with a quarterback with a heartbeat and they will lose. I am just attempting to provide a little context to the Cowboys’ season thus far.

It does highlight however, the critical nature of the quarterback position. If the Seahawks are to have a puncher’s chance in this game, Geno Smith must drastically improve his play. He has been talking about being accountable and how he needs to improve for weeks now. This game – in front of a national audience and coming off two demoralizing losses – might be their best and only chance to ‘save’ this team’s season if they really do intend to make any kind of move in the playoffs.

In the absence of some clearly defined points to watch, I am going to revert to a past format and just discuss some things the Seahawks need to do on both offense and defense to have some success in this game.

Over and above any of these points, the Seahawks have to just play well. They must have a game plan and play with an intensity and attention to detail that they have only shown briefly this season. Stupid penalties have to disappear and fumbles and poor throws cannot occur in this game.

That is the biggest point right there. It does not matter if an opponent has a weakness covering tight ends or if their offense prefers the short pass to deeper throws. The Seahawks are at a point where they simply have lost motivation, their play calling and game planning on both sides of the ball is atrocious and they are playing sloppy, undisciplined, unsound football.

Get that right and they have a shot. Or they can at least hold their heads up at the end of the game.

When the Seahawks Have the Ball

In five of Seattle’s six wins, they have rushed for 100 or more yards. The sixth was against Detroit where they had 82 yards but Geno Smith had his best game of the year from a passing standpoint. Even then, a healthier run game would have helped the defense and perhaps would have prevented the game from going to overtime.

Meanwhile, in Dallas’ three losses? All those teams rushed for 100 or more yards.

Again, the Cowboys feature the top-scoring offense and the second-best pass defense in the NFL. There is simply no reason for the Seahawks to intentionally put their head in the lion’s mouth by coming out with their year-to-date mix of 39/61 run/pass.

What is more, Geno Smith is attempting 20+ yard passes at the fifth-highest rate in the NFL so far this season.

It. Has. Not. Been. Working.

Thursday would be a perfect time to feature Zach Charbonnet in a tough, gritty, move-the-pile feature role. Then complement him with Kenny McIntosh and perhaps Ken Walker if he is healthy (he’s listed as doubtful). Find ways to get the tight ends involved in short, effective passes.

Grind this game to a slow pace. Keep Micah Parsons from completely wrecking the offensive line and DaRon Bland from having another pick-six. Control the clock, muscle this defense into relaxing and opening up some carefully selected deep shots and let Geno Smith actually mean it when he does play-action.

At this point in the season, this is not just a good strategy to employ. It is a way to keep your quarterback upright, that ferocious offense off the field and actually use the assets at your disposal to make this offense work.

A second key is that Geno Smith has to stop his indecision, trust his targets to be where they are supposed to be and make decisions quicker.

Have a look at this play from last Thursday that Brian Baldinger neatly outlined on Twitter:

He is not wrong. The Niners have extremely tight coverage on the receivers but he perfectly pauses the play when Geno should be winding up his throw to either Noah Fant on the crosser or Jaxon Smith-Njigba running an out route. Geno does that and makes a throw we have seen him make dozens of times and the Seahawks have a touchdown or are a plunge away from a touchdown.

Instead, he hesitates, drops his head and is sacked to kill the drive.

Wait until your receivers are wide open to throw the ball against one of the best defenses in the NFL and yeah, you are going to get sacked multiple times.

Pete Carroll said this week that Geno must get the ball out quicker and Geno agreed the next day when asked about that. The offense badly needs a return to last season’s Geno that stood tall in the pocket, kept his eyes up and made very accurate throws with anticipation when they needed them most.

A simple suggestion: It is not against the rules in the NFL to have your quarterback roll out on designed plays. If Parsons is on Geno’s left at the left hash, roll him out to the right and get those two-option crosser passes going. Why always stand right in the pocket?

There is one more thing I noticed when scouting this Cowboys defense that the Seahawks need to take advantage of: They have to throw something at them that they do not anticipate. Shake up the status quo a little and get them thinking before they react that can give you that half-second later in the game that might be crucial.

Josh Dobbs executed this brilliantly with a mix of RPO and quick throws the Cowboys were not ready for.

The Niners also executed this more than once in their 42-10 whipping of the Cowboys. They called plays that took advantage of Dallas’ aggression by having jet sweeps or clever little screen passes where the entire defensive line was caught up field while the receiver was clear with an escort of blockers.

They also pulled a little trickery early in the game that left George Kittle wide open for a touchdown:

Watch the entire left side of the Cowboy defense pursue the edge, only to stop and “huh?” when they realized the runner does not have the ball.

Must it be some elaborate play that we know the Seahawks will likely have trouble executing well? No. Have a look at what the Eagles did at the goal-line in their win against Dallas:

That is All-World receiver A.J. Brown lining up at a halfback spot and getting isolated in space where he has a clean uncontested catch, two yards of room to gather up a head of steam and two defensive backs who are both smaller and slower trying to stop him. Touchdown.

The Seahawks have been guilty of not helping their quarterback by showing looks that defenses know and read easily. They do not have to reinvent their offense, or show these new looks on every series. But just pick two or three well-executed plays that blunt the defense’s ferocity just a little bit and execute them well.

When the Cowboys Have the Ball

In two of the three Cowboys losses, they have failed to rush for 100 yards. The third, they ran for 185 yards but Dak Prescott did not have a good day passing and every time they got a head of steam on drives, it got derailed by a penalty.

Let’s be right, Dak Prescott is having one of his best years but he still needs a solid running game to support him and the Cowboys are getting just enough out of their backs to keep the offense balanced. If the Seahawks can limit their ability to get yards on the ground and make them one-dimensional, Prescott can revert to his old self at times under pressure and make poor throws.

They are also very effective at ‘running the ball’ by throwing a pass to a running back behind the line of scrimmage and letting him exploit the open space on the field. Tony Pollard is a hugely reliable weapon to keep the Dallas offense on track. They are calling his number regularly and he has delivered: Pollard leads the NFL in broken tackles on pass plays, with a whopping 13 in only 39 catches. That is a broken tackle every three catches.

We have seen the Seahawks’ high-priced safeties and their highly-rated cornerbacks being soft on tackles in recent weeks. That has to stop Thursday if this defense is to contain this high-powered Cowboy offense.

Why? There are times that Prescott is making throws you just cannot defend. Watch him fit a ball in from his own end zone to a tight end with three defenders converging on him:

Old friend Cody Barton actually has pretty good coverage on Jake Ferguson to be fair but Dak just beats him. From the end zone, all Dak can see is his white #57 jersey. Yet he puts the ball in the only place he can for his target to get at it, with enough velocity to get there before the deep safeties converge.

If the Cowboys are smart, Ferguson is going to be as big a part of their game plan as CeeDee Lamb is. Who is going to cover him? Bobby Wagner? Jamal Adams? Jordyn Brooks? Julian Love? The Cowboys are going to get favorable looks to their tight ends most of this game.

As good as Michael Gallup and CeeDee Lamb are for this offense, the Seahawks simply must trust their corners to cover them and win those battles more than they lose. Because if the Cowboys are able to run the ball, swing pass all day to the backs and have tight ends in the seam regularly, those wide receivers are going to run free and wild on this defense.

Lastly, I will bring up a similar point for the defense as I did for the offense: You have to come up with something to give Dak Prescott a different look. Some kind of occasional blitz package or an odd alignment to keep him off balance.

It is no coincidence that Prescott is having a career-best year so far, all the while facing a career-low pressure in the pocket. He is only facing 16% pressure on average so far this year. To put that into perspective, that means he has 3-4 more stress-free throws per game than he typically has.

Bring Devon Witherspoon. Bring Bobby Wagner 8-10 times in this game (he is vastly better going forward than going side to side or backwards). Bring Jamal Adams and Jordyn Brooks. Make Dak have to keep his head on a swivel and think.

This is a go-for-broke type strategy, I realize. Yet if the Seahawks can accomplish a couple of the above points and then pick their spots to send rushers, they can disrupt the #1 offense in the NFL in a way that is within their grasp.


  1. Big Mike

    Excellent as always cha.

    If the Cowboys are smart, Ferguson is going to be as big a part of their game plan as CeeDee Lamb is. Who is going to cover him? Bobby Wagner? Jamal Adams? Jordyn Brooks? Julian Love? The Cowboys are going to get favorable looks to their tight ends most of this game.

    This may be the biggest achilles heel for the Seattle defense. No wait, maybe it’s poor tackling? Sporadic pass rush?
    Now that Geno has been told to get the ball out quicker, does that mean more interception worthy passes? I frankly have little faith that he’ll turn it around because this is who he’s been since the Tampa game last season.

    • Big Mike

      Cowpukes by 13 going away……..

      • Peter

        I already hate Thursday games. Week nights is time for me to draft bids, other boring crap for work/farm. Plus be a normal human and hang out with the missus.

        I already suffered the most comical side eye on Thanksgiving sneaking around to listen to Wyman tell me a tale.

        It’s taken longer than I thought this season but I might miss this whole game.

        • Group Captain Mandrake

          I realized that my wife is going to a work function late this afternoon so I would be able to watch the game and not miss spending that time with her. Then I found myself wondering why I should even bother. This game just feels like one where Seattle is going to get crushed. I hope I am wrong but they just look so lifeless lately. I am done with Pete although I don’t think anything will be done by management. It’s just hard to get excited about this team anymore with him at the helm.

        • Kyle R

          It’s my Wife’s birthday and usually I would have still found a way to watch the game and make it up to her on the weekend or something bigger. This year however, I’m going to miss the game and go out to dinner tonight at a place of my Wife’s choosing. The Seahawks are doing everything they can to make me a better husband this year.

    • cha

      Thanks Big Mike

  2. Gary

    I don’t know how you do it Curtis, but these weekly game previews are gold and must-read posts. Thank you so much, your work is admired and appreciated.

    • Peter

      Agreed. Considering where the team seems to be at this was a great read.

    • cha

      Thanks for the kind words Gary!

  3. Big Mike

    Quote from Carroll:

    I have to make sure that I get us on all cylinders better than we did (against the 9ers). As always, I’m going to take full account for this. I have to make sure we’re all firing better than we have. That’s what we’re going to get done.

    Um Pete, earlier this week it sure sounded like you were laying the blame for the struggles by the offense on Waldron’s doorstep. Have you taken “full account” over the last 5+ seasons of mediocrity or have you just terminated coordinators implying at least that they are to blame? A lot of us see the answer to that question. You Pete, are the constant in this.

    • Peter

      It’s one of the hardest things in sports. To put every piece together in the right order. I do and always will, I think, have tons of respect for Pete for doing it once before.

      But if this goes the way it seems like it will it’s shifted from groan worthy Pete being pete….to a guy a don’t want to hear a single word from about anything.

  4. Mick

    Thank you cha, great work as always.

    At the risk of being unfair, I’ll put this game on Geno. It’s his last chance of proving he deserves to be the starter in Seattle. Give us yet another terrible performance and you’re gone. I’m tired of excuses, Oline, Walker, Shane and Pete. Make the right decisions or let the place for someone else who can.

    • cha

      Glad you enjoyed it Mick

  5. ShowMeYourHawk

    Thanks, Curtis. I’m convinced you put more time into these gameplans than the coaching staff does.

    • cha

      I don’t. But I appreciate the kudos ShowMeYourHawk

  6. geoff u

    I feel like you spend more time on these than the team does on their gameplans.

    • cha

      Thanks geoff u.

      My pieces are usually ‘here’s what they need to do.’ Figuring out exactly how to do it is above my paygrade.

      But it is concerning when they can’t run the ball, the QB can’t throw on time and the defenders can’t tackle.

      • geoff u

        Even worse when we average 9 ypc but only run the ball 13 times, while passing for 37 (Clevelend game)

  7. Peter

    Not trying to sideline the thread but I have an honest question as this season gets weird.

    As we try to figure out what moves are needed to catch the serious contenders and/or return to a form that is basically 10 years gone now I’d like to know as it feels like we are heading into blow everything up potentially territory….

    For those of you that dislike the coach ( me, btw) contract length aside, meaning I already understand why Jody Allen is not doing this, what exactly has John done in his tenure to show anyone that he “deserves,” to continue being the GM any more than Pete does the HC?

    The case for John seems to come down to this idea that the last two drafts were good and they were his drafts. I hear often “I’d like to see what he could do.” But no one ever says why that’s the case.

    The counter to that to me is the drafts were good as they were because the overall talent has been poor. Including free agency and including contract structuring.

    Lost in the shuffle of what seems to be bad “pete,” decisions is:

    Why a player like Dremont Jones over Hargrave?

    Why the player returns in the Russ trade for guys who aren’t worth anything to this team? Why not more picks?

    Why moves for guys like Gabe Jackson, a ton of money for Dissly for no reason?

    I don’t know. I’m pretty over Pete. But I feel the strongest case anyone can make for John is that he chose to stay at a franchise where his powers were thwarted, willingly, and that he’s here so why not?

    Most likely I’m being cynical here….I love Witherspoon and really like Mafe. Not going to pass judgement on last year’s picks yet I just don’t see such a massive influx, via John’s acumen, of talent that leads me to believe we are any closer to fighting at the top than we were 3, 4, 5 years ago.

    • Sultan

      I’m with you Peter. This is the first time in a while that I’m not excited for a Seahawks game. I’m done with Pete as the HC. I think getting a brand new coaching staff and drafting a rookie QB would get us ALL invested into Seahawks football again. I’m willing to be the worst team in the NFL by doing that too, at least you’d be able to figure out the mistakes in the team easily. I just want something different

      • Peter

        If Pete retires and John gets a brand new coach….so no promotions of current coordinators upward and a new QB I’d be pretty stoked to see it.

    • bmseattle


      I agree about JS.
      Ultimately, to be elite, you need elite, blue-chip players.
      We can excuse and explain all we want, but JS has failed to build a team with enough elite talent.
      Right now, the best we can say is that Witherspoon appears to be capable of reaching that level.
      Otherwise, it’s been a decade of mediocre players with a handful of “pretty good” ones thrown in.

      • Peter

        I just wonder about a guy who laments Josh Allen and laments not getting to pick a head coach where there’s been openings for a GM and John’s on paper got a solid resume.

        Why stay? Obviously hindsight being 20/20 but before Tepper went weird why not go to Carolina or other and do it your way?

        • RMK-LouCityHawk

          My guess is loyalty, respect for Paul/Jody…promise of more authority (or actual grant of more authority)..

          Established staff, established in the community, young fan base, adoring media….

          • Peter

            Maybe. I swing a hammer for a living. Before that I spent two decades in the restaurant world. I have mad respect for most of my mentors in both careers. But at some point in both I either went to a better kitchen for bigger stakes or….struck out on my own as a contractor.

            I still respect my last employer so much that when I find kids with half a brain in a job skills program I’m part of I send them his way to turn them into something great.

            You can have all the respect in the world for your mentor, Pete hired him after all. Sometimes you need to shake up your life if you want to be the thing you believe you are.

            Also….Vulcan, et al. They can write anything down and seal it in a box under Lumen field. The next owner could well be a Tepper, Davis and axe John and his future hire mid season.

    • Big Mike

      Jones over Hargrave……possible he wasn’t interested in Seattle. Also possible SF offered more money. Nwosu was a good signing. Other FA signings……..?

      Contracts…..If he’s responsible for some of these, he must be shown the door as well. Adams, Diggs, Dissly et. al. are criminal use of the salary cap. Unfortunately, I don’t know that there’s been much said publicly about contracts so we don’t really know who has lead the charge on this foolhardy waste of resources.

      Trades…..rumor I read here was that the Williams trade was one John wanted. Was the Adams trade his? How about Sheldon Richardson?

      Draft……I’m guessing he’s been given more control over the draft the last 2 years as has been rumored. Generally where there’s smoke there’s fire. What about some of the other poorer drafts though. Can’t be all Pete, which leads me to the conclusion that……

      A full house cleaning is necessary. Carroll and Schneider are a team though Carroll has final say. Certainly though, logic tells me that at least some of the poor moves are on John. The franchise has gone utterly stale and mediocre at best. Getting drilled by the Ravens and Rams and maybe more importantly becoming 2 or 3 steps behind the 49ers in your own division means it’s time to move on completely and start over imo.

      • Peter

        He’s done some good stuff. He’s done some great stuff.

        There’s just a trail of misses as well. I’ll give him a pass on JA. That has pete all over it. But why the restructuring to keep him here forever?

        Or a low key one. Maybe Reed really did want too much money. Letting him walk angrily pushed us unto a series of increasingly dumb moves that cost way more in draft stock and actual cash. Oh and less results.

        I don’t know. We’re a team with no real plan at the moment. There’s nothing besides pinter that we are great at. And looking towards the future as the cash, picks diagram looks today I don’t see how we make big strides best year.

        The beginning of the season folks said this us 2012. I pushed back and said more like 2011. As it is now I’m not sure it’s comparable to either of those years.

    • TatupuTime

      I think overall the Seahawks amateur scouting and drafting has been good during the JS/PC era. That’s even with some lost years where they chased need over BPA.

      Where they have been absolutely putrid is with veteran contracts (both re-signing guys and free agency).

      I’ve tended to blame Pete for this more over the years than John. But at this point its impossible to continue to give JS the benefit of the doubt. If it’s really Pete pulling these moves and overriding JS, then JS has had multiple opportunities to jump ship and actually run his own team.

      There is no cohesive plan or identity and there hasn’t been for many years with this team.

      Dremont has obviously been a huge disappointment all around and some of that is on him. But are they using him properly? I’ve talked to friends that are Broncos fans and they all thought he was great. I’ve seen plenty of clips of him wrecking shit and blowing up plays while with the Broncos. So either he completely lost a step from last year to this year, or at least part of the problem is not using him effectively.

    • BK26

      I am not sure why, but I trust John. I would say these last two draft classes (where we are pretty sure he was in charge of), as well as the earlier ones (where I feel that Pete let him get some guys, John was the one banging for Russ, and him heading the best scouting ever) are enough for me. And I want to see HIM running things. I also feel that moves like DIggs and Coleman were more John, while Adams, LW, and the line churning were Pete. The higher the risk or the cheaper the move, the more clearly Pete’s fingerprints are on it.

      I don’t know if it is a comfort, good working relationships, how close the team is compared to the wheels falling off, or what for his loyalty.

      I want to see him find another quarterback. Problem is, what involvement will Pete and his coaches have? You know that it is going to be a hinderance.

      • Brodie

        I trust John to acquire talent. I think he got cute and got burned in a couple of drafts (Collier draft being lesson learned) and has decided to not risk losing guys he’s got conviction on – which has been a success.

        I don’t fully trust him with the trades, the cap & extensions.

        For every good 5th rounder for a Diggs, there has been a 1,1,3 + extension for an Adams. For every claiming DJ Reed off of waivers there is a trade for an aging Gabe Davis that would have been cut, ends up forcing our promising rookie out of position and leads to dead cap.

        I’ve been griping about our cap management for years and pointed out yesterday that we’ve not have a comp pick since Earl Thomas left.

        I can virtually guarantee that next year, we’ll have a bunch of dead cap, need to extend Leonard Williams, (but backload it because we’re cap poor), have more holes that money, no comp picks and be no closer to being a contender than as we sit here today.

        There is a lot of young talent on the team, but somehow it isn’t a cheap and the cap will still be a mess while all of these guys are on their rookie deals. I think most (not all) of that is John and his team.

        • BK26

          I wonder if the cap is also a “Pete” problem: we traded for Adams with no contract, what I say goes, we have to keep him. Until his legs fall off.

          There is just so much that we don’t know because there is a very unique structure to our front office. They say that they are all on the same page, but Pete runs it.

          I think the Collier draft was huge for John: missed out on Sweat and had to settle. Missed out on Abrams and had to settle. It’s maybe the worst overplanning that the team has done and it showed when they announced the picks. I bet it BURNED John that year.

          IDK, for some reason I am perfectly fine giving him another run with him in charge of it all.

          • Brodie

            Fair points. Entirely possible that some of these moves are not ones he’d make without Pete’s directive.

            I think with most things John goes shopping around at Pete’s behest or to present to Pete for approval.

            Rumor was that John (apart from the Allen, Mahomes stuff) had a RW deal lined up with the Browns that Pete eventually said no to. And another deal with Philly for Hurts and picks that RW vetoed. That’s 2 major trades that John (allegedly) worked out the details on and were ready to go that he couldn’t move on.

            On the flip side, the rumor is that Pete made him wait until the 3rd to get RW and that got us Bobby. The best draft ever might have gone very differently without landing our future HOF MLB.

            I’m with you in that I lean toward keeping John, despite not knowing exactly how many of these decisions were made.

      • Peter

        Pete said in a press conference LW was John’s guy.

        I’ll give anyone the last two drafts.

        I’m not willing to budget much on the good drafts early on were John and Scott then Pete stepped in then back to John.

        John wanted and got Wilson. Someone traded for Whitehurst. Someone famously wanted Dalton. And Pete as documented had them wait on Wilson.

        Additionally Pete knew Sherman. Always loved Marshawn. A bold trade by John. Knew Wagner and Earl.

    • RMK-LouCityHawk

      Schneider’s contract runs through 2027, and there is a rumor he got greater control in his last renegotiation.

      Other than that, Schneider has show an impressive ability to scout, develop scouts, and seems to be well thought of around the league.

      We have a very incomplete data set, as we don’t know which picks, signings, and contracts were Carroll calls versus Schneider choices. Without that info we cannot really judge where he was on something like the Collier pick, or the Adams trade, or the Prez contract….general cap management (which may very well be intentional at the moment)

      There are worse things than a well respected GM, who has shown an ability to scout, develop scouts, and has an eye for talent.

      There is also the matter of a short leash with a new coach, that if the problems were Schneider’s, that will become apparent quickly with the arrival of a new HC, and then Schneider can be transitioned out in favor of a new GM.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Agree on having incomplete to no information on who made the decisions. There is a difference between wanting someone and actually approving a draft pick or free agent contract. Based on that – I believe Pete calls the shots and has approval authority . Why?

        1. Pete is the one pacing around in the draft room with his subordinates.

        2. Pete would have thrown JS under the bus for these lame contracts. I know you all think he’s a nice guy, but he has thrown head coaches under the bus and fired them. He would do the same to JS for the Adam’s trade and the latest Williams trade – except he was the person who approved the trade.

        3. If he did blame JS for his own decisions then JS would at some point speak up to protect his reputation.

        4. As to why JS and PC are still there , the only reason people stay on at crappy jobs is a boatload of money.

        So I think JS role is to negotiate contracts and draw them up. But PC is the one that signs off on EVERYTHING.

  8. Palatypus

    Cha wrote,

    That is All-World receiver A.J. Brown lining up at a halfback spot and getting isolated in space where he has a clean uncontested catch, two yards of room to gather up a head of steam and two defensive backs who are both smaller and slower trying to stop him. Touchdown.

    Well, I guess we could put DK Metcalf in the “I” formation with two tight ends.

  9. bv eburg

    Thanks Cha, as always a well thought out write up.

    • cha

      Thank you for reading bv eburg

  10. BeingZinfull

    The Cowboys are good, but their numbers on offense and defense are massively inflated by playing against Sam Howard, Bryce Young, and Tommy DeVito. Their offense has been given short fields, and the defense has scored multiple times. Call me unreasonably pessimistic, but I think the Seahawks will win this game, and everyone will go back to thinking all is well with this team 🙁

    • Peter

      On the other hand we got to 6 wins against the red rifle, Daniel Jones, Howell, and the pass-tranaut.

      I mean we had an ‘elite’ run defense until we played running teams and a top five offense at week three.

      • UkAlex6674

        On that logic, do people discount wins v us because its Geno?

        • Peter

          Not sure.

          I think a,lot of the league doesn’t really respect this team one way or the other. Or rates very many of our players. As it is.

          • geoff u

            Why? We’re the best very slightly above average team in the league right now.

            • Peter

              They had me going!! Thanks.

              I watch Corbin Smith talk to reporters from the teams we are facing every week and it’s a lot of “the seahawks…they sure are a team.”

              • Peter


              • geoff u

                Of all the teams in the NFL this is definitely one of them, can’t argue that

    • Palatypus

      It’s Sam Howell, but has he really earned enough respect to have his name spelled right?

  11. RMK-LouCityHawk

    On my way to Jerry’s spaceship now, will be sitting with some customers who are Boys fans.

    They are actually worried about the game tonight. Talking to them over breakfast they ran down exactly their concerns

    they may as well have been reading CHA’s article to me. I didn’t bother to correct them that Seattle is no longer a pound the rock team, and that Geno turns into a turtle at the first sign of pressure. Or that our defense has been suspect ever since Chenna went down.

    Here’s hoping they are right.

    Fun factoid, I went with these guys in 2015 and 2017, but was unable to stay for the game in 2019…Hoping to keep the trend alive.

    • cha

      Dallas and their fans have as complicated a relationship as there is in the NFL.

      Always loaded with talent, but always a bridesmaid never a bride.

      • Big Mike

        And God do I love that fact.

      • Jabroni-DC

        The Cowboys are stuck in the same QB purgatory that the Seahawks are but in a potentially worse situation because they don’t know for sure that Dak is not the one (he’s not). Seahawks fans KNOW that Geno is not the one.

        • UkAlex6674

          I’d rather have the Dallas version of purgatory QB please.

          • AlaskaHawk

            Cowboys have had so many years where they didn’t even make the playoffs. It’s no wonder their fans are worried.

  12. Dubb

    The 49ers put out the blueprint to stop Seattle’s offense. Ward followed DK man to man. Dallas will let Bland follow DK. Seattle will expect DK to win the matchup or draw PI’s. Seattle doesn’t do bunch formations or rub routes to get DK the ball in space.

  13. cha

    NFL just flexed Eagles @ Seahawks Week 15 from Sunday day game to MNF

  14. ShowMeYourHawk

    Unbelievably (and unfortunately?), the league has flexed the Eagles vs Seahawks into MNF. Another primetime disaster? Yippee.

    • Peter

      Broncos v. Lions

      Bills v. Cowboys….easy choice for viewership

      Titans v. Texans

      All three could be more compelling.

      • Big Mike


        • Big Mike

          Maybe a silver lining if as expected our team suffers another ugly beatdown on national TV it’ll spur her to move on from Carroll
          I know, I’m living on Fantasy Island 🏝

          • Peter

            Same thoughts my friend. What exactly happens ‘if’ Seattle gets worked in this stretch. Two score plus kind of games.

            The thing I see is how do you hope for a strong run to end it? If Seattle really goes on a five game slide what stops it? Do players tune out? We have a big roster of free agents. Do they start making business decisions?

            I know 6-8 they aren’t out of it but losses can become a mindset. Same as winning.

            • Big Mike

              VERY well said

    • 805Hawk

      I’m conflicted. I was going to miss that game due to my daughter’s volleyball tournament. Now I don’t have a conflict and will have to watch it. I was kind of happy that I wasn’t going to be able to watch. This is what Seahawks football has become.

      • Rob Staton


  15. Kyle R

    Not to root for a an injury but Hynes to the IR and Lucas activated yay!

    • Peter

      Excited to see if Lucas can really go. Also glad to see Bradford getting that spot and stop this ridiculous shuffling.

      • Kyle R

        Yeah me too. I’d rather just take some rookie lumps with Bradford because I believe he has more talent and a higher ceiling plus continuity is very important in line play.

  16. KennyBadger

    I feel like watching tonight is like watching the nightly news. I know I should so I can stay informed but I’m going to feel gradually worse as the program goes on and wonder at the end of it why I watched in the first place. I really expect an embarrassing loss again tonight. Thanks as always for the write up Cha, I feel like you can copy and paste this article for the 2 games after.

  17. Rob Staton

    Can I ask, what is the obsession with what the players wear before a game?

    Every week Seahawks social media is obsessed with endless posts about what they’re wearing.

    I was amazed during the game when a ‘fashion show’ segment popped up on the big screen, asking the fans to cheer for who they thought was the best dressed.

    Am I just turning into an old man at 39, or does anyone else NGAF about this?

    It’s football FFS! Make a freakin tackle! Run the ball!

    • Denver Hawker

      Speculating an attempt to broaden the NFLs interest to female fanbase. The Taylor Swift thing has been a pretty big swing and I think they’ve been experimenting with ways to increase its reach in that demo.

      • Peter

        Get that cash. When that next album is about how kelce broke her heart and young women start burning KC jerseys for tik tok views that’ll be the end of that.

        • Big Mike

          As hot as she is, and she is indeed hot, I would be rather hesitant to be her boyfriend cuz you know, subject of a song in eternity. Yikes.

          • Palatypus

            Remember when Derek Jeter was dating Mariah Carey, and they let her go pee in the clubhouse? Something I was always wondering about when you bring a woman with a five-octave operatic range to climax, does it shatter all the windows?

    • Dancingeek

      Anything to distract from the product on the field.

    • 805Hawk

      It’s so stupid. How deep the coverage has gotten into the players and every aspect of their lives, including their fashion, is ridiculous. It actually makes me question whether I like a player sometimes then remember that their fashion/car/music preferences/political views are irrelevant. I just want to watch football.

    • Peter

      Same. Though what else do they have to promote?

      Team on a two game slide vs. Team with a 13 game winning streak at home…

      Can’t hardly promote the prime time magic…

      #1 offense vs. #20 something defense….

      Best punter in the league….

      Being sharp dressed men is basically it.

    • Big Mike

      C’mon Rob, “every girl’s crazy ’bout a Sharp Dressed Man”.

      Seriously, Alan just called and said “you suck”.

      OK really seriously, I’m with you man, I don’t give shit one about what they wear.

      • Rob Staton

        It’s every bloody 10 minutes before a game

        They literally just tweeted this again now!

        • geoff u

          Is that the “when your team’s about to get blown out and humiliated on national TV again” sweater?

  18. Palatypus

    Just wanted you all to know that a dude in a 49ers jacket gave me a dirty look at McDonald’s today. I was puzzled at first, but then I realized I was wearing my Top Gun hat and Seahawks Draft Blog T-shirt.

    He must really hate that movie.

    • Rob Staton

      He was probably jealous

  19. RomeoA57

    I am working in Honolulu this week and am not going to be able to watch this game tonight. I was so looking forward to seeing Dak put up 30 points and The Dallas Defense outscore the Seahwks Offense.

    Let’s see the Seahawks prove me wrong!

    • Peter

      Feels like the “I’m working in Honolulu this week,” part is extraneous….😀

      • RomeoA57

        Absolutely, It was 30 degrees and I was scaping ice off the car before I left Portland 🙂
        Lots of rain here though.

        • Palatypus

          In the 50’s here in Pensacola, thunderstorms are on the way.

          If this game goes completely sideways I have No Hard Feelings stopped at the part where Jennifer Lawrence goes skinny dipping.

  20. geoff u

    With Walker out again, I’m glad we didn’t waste a 2nd round pick on another running back.

    Not that we run the ball anyway.

  21. Palatypus

    Okay, so how are Draft Kings/The Refs going to screw people over tonight?

  22. Big Mike

    Nice pass rush

    • Big Mike


  23. nfendall

    Adams just zoomed right past Pollard on that screen play.

  24. BrandoK

    I wish these Unis would be the main uniform for seattle

  25. Troy

    LOL. Cowboys O went thru Seattle’s D like a hot knife thru butter.

  26. nfendall

    Nice hold at the goal line at least.

  27. SeaTown

    Over under Dallas 38 points

  28. geoff u

    So anyway, back to fashion, I have to say Seahawk classic uniform is 11/10

    • Big Mike

      Now that is a fashion statement I can get behind

  29. Big Mike

    That’ll have Pete all fired up

    • Hawkster

      with Nick Bellore making the the 1st down stop to start it off, yea, Pete is pumped.

  30. Hawkster

    They didn’t roll over but sucked it up in the RZ, gotta give them that.

  31. Brodie

    Time to see if Pete and Shane read Cha’s keys to victory. Let’s go Charbs!

    • Brodie

      Or that!!

    • cha

      A second key is that Geno Smith has to stop his indecision, trust his targets to be where they are supposed to be and make decisions quicker.

  32. KennyBadger

    If the Seahawks have a chance tonight, charbonnet will have to be the reason.

  33. Big Mike

    Parsons is only 24? Good Lord

  34. Hawkster

    pretty stale, a minor motion from a very vanilla formation on 1st and 2nd. Are these script plays?

  35. nfendall

    LET’S GO!!!

  36. BrandoK

    Wow they really finally scored a TD good catch by DK

    • bmseattle

      yeah, and those are the types of throws the make Geno look very good.
      not easy.

    • Scot04

      He had good hands on that ball. Great throw by Geno.

    • Hawkster

      nice to see him reel it in, pass almost had some anticipation to it. It is amazing DK doesn’t have lot of these… size, speed…. it should happen more often. Force 2 deep safety, let Charb make em pay for that.

  37. AlaskaHawk

    Okay I take all my criticism back and ow worship Geno Smith and Metcalf! Hat hat 😁

  38. Hawkster

    spoon on the flush

  39. Big Mike

    That’s 2 covered sacks already

  40. BrandoK

    Seattle still sucks at tackling

  41. nfendall

    Classic underthrow PI

  42. Pran

    3rd and 16 Seattle special

  43. Peter

    Got a little time to listen.

    Great start!!

  44. geoff u

    That was not a penaly

    • geoff u

      Well maybe a penaly, but not a penalty

      • Peter


  45. Peter


    Come on.

    Is thos more PI’s then Ints from last year?

  46. Troy

    This defense is comically bad.

  47. bmseattle

    that seemed pretty easy

    • Troy

      It’s gonna be that way all night

  48. nfendall

    Offense is going to have to show up for a full game today. Cowboys are putting up at least 30.

  49. Hawkster

    looked like Diggs kinda screened Spoon out on that.

    • Pack of K9s

      He boxed him out like a power forward. The defense has some promise if theyd just bench Diggs

  50. Peter

    Damn. Maybe I’m the problem

  51. Pran

    Hope offense did not score their points for game already…

  52. BrandoK

    Back to back screen plays why why

    • bmseattle

      yep… throw out the running plays

  53. Rob Staton

    Start game with two runs

    Score on first throw

    Now resort back to throwing all the time

  54. Peter

    Checks out.

  55. geoff u

    Boneheaded move declining that penalty, i’ll take it

    • Big Mike

      Is Mike McCarthy

  56. Rob Staton

    Carroll looks absolutely knackered

  57. Hawkster

    I called that 1st down play along with everybody with a star on their hat.

  58. geoff u

    Geno does throw a pretty spiral

  59. Rob Staton

    Cross is getting worked by Parsons

  60. nfendall

    Get away from Waldron, Pete.

  61. BrandoK

    Geno still stares down his receivers and holds the ball way too long

  62. Rob Staton

    Delay of game on a FG…


    • Rob Staton

      Of course he missed after. Of course.

      This team man.

      • Troy

        Stupid penalties and self inflicted BS. A staple of Pete Carroll coached teams.

  63. BrandoK

    Myers is terrible

  64. bmseattle

    no excuse to get a delay of game in that situation.
    just terrible

  65. Hawkster

    Well that was pretty Seahawky

  66. Big Mike

    Just more undisciplined football

    • Hawkster

      undisciplined, Seahawky – tomato tomaato

  67. nfendall

    And of course Myers follows it up with a miss.

  68. Dustin

    Can we cut Myers already?

    • Rob Staton

      Right after we get rid of the person responsible for us being unable to get a bloody field goal sorted on time to avoid a penalty

      • bmseattle

        its infuriating

        • Peter

          I’m not pro or con myers.

          I am con a 4 year 21 million contract.

      • Pran

        Or may be the one who called 3rd and 16 play call on defense the previous series. If we keep firing only Jody may survive.

      • Denver Hawker

        Broncos had no timeouts and 12 seconds running- got FG unit on the field and nailed it before clock expired…twice….in the same game

        • Dustin

          Myers is too easily flustered to do anything like that

  69. KennyBadger

    That sequence crystallizes everything that frustrates me about this coaching.

  70. Pran

    If there is anything with this team…it’s consistency in being inconsistent. You do not which offense, defense or special teams show up.

  71. nfendall

    Still 0 involvement from TEs so far from this game on offense with 3 solid options. I don’t get the abandonment of using them this year.

    • Hawkster

      The whole Shanahan Mcvay tree without TEs. Curious.

  72. Denver Hawker

    Just me or is Pete visibly more intense?

    Had some gesture to Waldron on a play call (the one Geno get grabbed by Parsons), screaming for a timeout on the FG, chirping at line judge on Woolen PI…

    • Rob Staton

      He looks absolutely knackered and like he’s in a horrendous mood

      • Denver Hawker

        Tossed his headphones, yelling at everyone

  73. Troy

    The simple truth is that this is not a good football team.

    • Hawkster

      The uni’s are #1 in all of sports.

    • BrandoK

      But people don’t want to believe that tho. Always making excuses saying if we things went our way or we just need one more guy

      • Peter

        We need around 7 more guys.

  74. Denver Hawker

    Did anyone else’s Amazon broadcast not show the first 2 plays of the cowboys drive?

  75. bmseattle

    Woolen having a rough game… again

    • nfendall

      The PI was rough, but he has had some nice PBUs and his tackling has been much better than it had been lately.

  76. Mick

    I swear to God, if I woke up at 4 for another total annihilation, it’s gonna be youtube videos the rest of the season.

  77. geoff u

    Watching this defense is like not watching a defense

  78. Troy

    This defense. My god.

    • Peter


  79. Rob Staton

    Sure, why not waste a time out

  80. Hawkster

    It is as if Pete is detecting genuine suckitude

  81. bmseattle

    Our safeties must lead the league in flying into the backfield, past the ballcarrier.

    • Peter

      They play too fast….

      I kid you not.

      • bmseattle

        you’d think with our LB playing too slow, it’d even out.

  82. Pran

    You have to see to believe.. Dallas offense is playing so relaxed and carefree. So much for the defensive genius Pete

  83. Peter

    For big mike..

    “It’s rare when Diggs misses a tackle….”

    “Adams had a hand in there first”

  84. BrandoK

    Bobby with great coverage out there

  85. bmseattle

    Just when you think it’s a good idea to have Wagner covering a WR

  86. nfendall

    Wagner in coverage on a WR. Brilliant.

    • Pran

      Wagner is limited not just physically

  87. BrandoK

    It looks like Dallas will target Bobby this whole game

  88. Troy

    LOL. So easy. This team/staff simply doesn’t have it. Blow it up.

  89. Rob Staton

    I am officially taking my victory lap on not wanting Wagner back

    (Starts jogging)

    • bmseattle

      I bet you are jogging faster than Wagner runs!

      • BrandoK


  90. Hawkster

    Brooks could have been more aggressive about getting his arms up

  91. Mick

    Not like we have someone to replace him this season, but no way we should extend him for the next one. We were brutal with KJ, should do the same here.

  92. Hawkster

    Quinn converts a safety to LB for speed, SEA raids the retirement shelf for same.

  93. BrandoK

    Seattle can’t match Dallas in a shoot out at all this game

  94. Peter

    It’s time to let it go with him. He can’t do half of his responsibilities anymore.

    • bmseattle

      we don’t even give him plays off to rest!
      he plays every damn snap!

      • Peter

        So stupid.

      • Hawkster

        The slow guy on the field in passing downs is odd

  95. nfendall

    TE sighting!

  96. nfendall

    Lockett is such a cerberal player. He made sure that would be a flag.

    • Peter

      Not joking. Lockett probably has 300 hidden yards a season.

    • Hawkster

      it’ like he drew up that PI

  97. 805Hawk

    The under throw DPI taketh away and giveth back.

  98. BrandoK

    Why does Pete keep sticking with Peters on the Oline

    • Hawkster

      So wagz can feel young

    • bmseattle

      he’s rotating in at guard now, i guess. Filling in for Haynes.

    • Big Mike

      Bradford got hurt

      • Big Mike

        And Haynes is inactive injured

  99. Mick

    Let’s see if we blow 1st and 1

  100. Palatypus

    Was doing laundry, How did we get the ball back?

  101. Peter

    Had to have it.

    One unit has to work to stand a chance today.

  102. Palatypus

    Is Olu available?

  103. BrandoK

    Diggs is so bad

  104. Rob Staton

    Diggs won’t be tweeting about that hurdle

    • Rob Staton

      Remember those people on Twitter blowing smoke up Diggs’ arse?


      • Peter

        Hey. He’s paid top 10 ipso facto he is top ten. 🙃

  105. Hawkster

    Does Diggs get leaped at least once a game?

  106. Mick

    Diggs is worse than Adams, didn’t think that was possible.

  107. KennyBadger

    I love that the nation got to see that diggs Clark sequence.

  108. Troy

    This defense can’t stop anything. Same story for the last 3 years. Pathetic

  109. Pran

    Will Dallas punt today

  110. nfendall

    Saying that Wagner is as good as he’s ever been is comical.

    • BrandoK

      It really is only if you just look at on paper and thats it

      • nfendall

        He’s leading the team in tackles. That means he is doing well right? /s

  111. BrandoK

    Are they really saying Bobby is playing great. What are you watching

    • Rob Staton

      It’s just the assumed narrative

  112. Rob Staton

    Jamal Adams there, shit talking after a seven yard gain on first down

    • Jon W.

      Prez gonna peacock! What an astounding doofus.

      • Big Mike


  113. bmseattle

    Adams strutting after a 7 yard play against him

  114. BrandoK

    Looks like Brooks is gonna be out

  115. pdway

    Probably won’t be enough, but Hawks definitely came w more/better energy tonight.

  116. Mick

    If I’m any team playing against Seattle, why bother test their corners when you can pick on Bobby and the safeties?

    • BrandoK

      Middle of the field is always wide open with Bobby playing 100% of the snaps plus you can always count on Diggs and Adams to miss a tackle.

      • Troy

        If I am any team playing Seattle, I leave the punter at the team hotel.

  117. Peter

    You all catching this.

    Really (not) enjoying Dallas OC going full west coast dink and dunk to control the game.

  118. Troy

    I want Diggs and Adams gone so bad.

  119. DW

    Quandre Diggs has gotta go man. Yikes

  120. Rob Staton

    Pete looks like he’s on the brink of just saying f this

    He doesn’t look remotely like the Carroll we know. He looks hagged, tired and miserable

    • Palatypus

      You can just say old.

    • Denver Hawker

      Real urgency to win this game- things get bad with the loss

      He’s completely frazzled

    • bmseattle

      His team isn’t even good enough for him to pretend/imagine that we are “close”.
      He’s out of answers and no amount of optimism can change the path his team is on.

  121. nfendall

    Why accept the hold instead of the sack?

    • nfendall


  122. Palatypus

    Earlier, I thought I lip-read Pete saying, “This crew is the worst.”

    • Denver Hawker

      He’s not wrong- they’ve been terrible

      Waiving off flags, blatant holds missed, poor communication, seems like very inexperienced crew

  123. Mick

    They should go for it there.

    • Mick

      Thanks for messing it up

  124. Palatypus

    43 plays to 18.

  125. nfendall

    First half is a new game, same story for this defense. Pass rush is not getting home while they get abused between the numbers in the pass game.

  126. Scot04

    Frank Clark getting too many snaps

    • Big Mike

      Bruce Irvin 2.0

  127. BrandoK

    What a surprise an undisciplined team by Pete

    • Scot04

      Yup too many stupid penalties

    • Palatypus

      That looked like a flop worthy of Dennis Rodman.

  128. Rob Staton

    Where’s Abe Lucas???

    • bmseattle

      I think they are just doing their weird rotating thing.

      • bmseattle

        …but, yeah… he should be in the game right now.

  129. BrandoK

    Lucas still injured?

  130. bmseattle

    We are helpless in pass pro

  131. BrandoK

    JSN what a play

  132. Hawkster

    JSN is playing some good football

  133. nfendall

    Offense has done their part in the first half.

  134. BrandoK

    Might not be a TD 50/50 chance

  135. Mick

    Yes, now that’s a statement. Well done guys.

  136. geoff u

    That’s a touchdown

    • geoff u

      Or not. Eff the refs

  137. Denver Hawker

    The Amazon broadcast team and this officiating crew combo is such a terrible product – I feel like I’m watching a completely different league of football

  138. BrandoK

    I can’t tell if the offense is back or is Dallas Defense just bad maybe somewhere in the middle

    • pdway

      Geno is just letting it go tonight…it’s kind of working

      stating the obvious of the obvious – – good QB play makes a world of differnece

    • MattG

      Welp, they earned that one. That’s a lot of laundry to fight through.

  139. pdway

    Love the fire from JSN tonight

  140. Mick

    JSN is a hell of a player, totally nailed first round picks last draft.

    • Palatypus

      Can he play safety?

      • Mick

        Wouldn’t be shocked to see us use our first for a safety next draft.

        • Rob Staton


          • Rob Staton

            Thankfully there aren’t any R1 safeties

          • Mick

            Not saying it’s smart but it would be such a Pete thing to do.

        • Sten

          Only if Rattler and Ewers are still on the board

  141. pdway

    let’s go Hawks!! there’s your red zone play….

  142. geoff u

    We should get credit for 3 touchdowns there. Should be 35-20

  143. Palatypus

    When did touchdowns become worth two points each?

  144. Sten

    We saved our entire seasons worth of red zone touchdowns for this quarter

  145. Hawkster

    Like I’ve been saying all along, a finely tuned juggernaut

    • Sten

      Is this how other teams feel when they’ve got less penalties than us?

  146. DC

    Why can’t Waldron attack weak spots on other defenses like this. Games like this drive me crazy, just shows how good they could be but rarely ever put it together….but that defense, yuck.

    • BrandoK

      It’s probably a combination of them trying to overly target one player like DK one game then JSN, and Tyler instead of just playing matchups. Plus just having Geno getting rid of the ball quick whenever he holds the ball too long its gonna be bad.

      • pdway

        whatever has happened …Geno looks like a different QB tonight. Not overthinking, getting the ball out.

  147. Jon W.

    First half time of possession:

    Dallas – 20:19
    Hawks – 9:41

    This has to flip 180 degrees in the second half. If not, then our gassed D will completely fall apart in the 4th quarter.

    • DC

      Well we do 2nd half adjustments so we’ll I completely expect that to happen.

  148. AlaskaHawk

    Well done Geno Smith and team. I would have lost money betting on the score at half time.

    • Peter

      Tremendous showing.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Geno looks like a new quarterback tonight. Even in the face of a pretty decent pass rush. It’s just crazy. He had so many touchdowns called back, but he just keeps throwing with accuracy and timing.

        But time of possession is still an issue. And they did have some success with the run so lets not completely abandon it.

  149. nfendall

    Opinion: Tony Gonzalez is the worst analyst on TV. He is bad.

    • Palatypus

      He’s no Troy Aikman.

    • Denver Hawker

      Hard agree – the entire Prime broadcast crew is awful

      • nfendall

        I can at least tolerate the other 3 but Gonzalez to me has no idea what he is talking about despite being a HOF TE.

    • Rob Staton

      Absolutely dreadful

  150. Palatypus

    Watching the Prime Stats cast for the first time. I kind of like it.

  151. Sean

    As bad as everything has been. Man how good has our last two drafts been!! There cannot be very many teams that have had better drafts last 2 years. So many hits, so much potential. If we can get one more good draft, we could really set up a run in the future. Just gotta find a QB lol.

  152. cha

    The Cowboys got flagged 7x for 107 yards in the first half.

    The Seahawks are executing at times, yes. But Dallas is helping them tremendously.

    They badly need a second half where they clamp down on defense and get the RBs and TEs involved.

    This is just like the Rams game. A couple of quick 3 and outs with stupid WR screens and false starts and all the momentum is gone if they’re not careful.

    • nfendall

      100% agreed.

    • cha

      Great drive to get ZC involved.

      And more help from the Cowboys with penalties.

  153. Mick

    I don’t think we can score a TD every time we get the ball, so the D needs to kick up a gear.

    • Jon W.

      Maybe we can? GENO!

  154. Rob Staton

    Draft media said Abe Lucas couldn’t run block though

    • pdway

      man it’s good to have him back

    • BrandoK

      I’m just glad hes playing instead of 40 year old Peters

  155. GoHawks5151

    Waldron unleashed. Shaking off Pete’s chains. Shaking off the haters. 😉

    • Mick

      Going run, run in the redzone doesn’t sound like that.

  156. BrandoK

    Does this game indicate DK growing up and not throwing tantrums anymore during games?

  157. Mick

    Luckily we’re playing against a reflection of our D.

  158. BrandoK

    This game just baffles me I don’t understand what I’m watching at all. What is this team?

    • Palatypus

      Well, they did put Dk Metcalf in the backfield like Cha mentioned with A.J. Brown.

  159. MattG

    Disappointing that he missed Dissly, but commendable that he came right back and got the ball out quickly and made good decisions again and again.

  160. pdway

    i mean – – – what the F is going on?

    Everything looks easy. Dallas’ D is not this bad.

    • Palatypus

      But the commit a lot of penalties and these refs are a bunch of divas.

  161. Romeo A57

    ESPN is saying that the Seahawks are ahead 28 to 20. Is this Fake News?

  162. Troy

    Well. Time for our defense to let them march right down the field. Book it!

  163. geoff u

    Where’s this offense been my whole life?

    And people want us to hire Dan Quinn. Guess no one knows how to exploit a Pete Carroll defense like Pete Carroll.

  164. Leo

    I’m happy that Geno and DK are clicking but my main takeaway is that the Cowboys are paper tigers, nowhere near as good as their record suggests. Ravens and Niners were just a different tier to us

  165. Denver Hawker

    Charbonnet brings a different dimension to this offense.

    He’s logging tough yards against a stout D- and the playcall is sticking with him, but his style running just seems to have a different level of respect for the opposing D

    Geno is playing well tonight but I’m seeing a nice complement with the run game finally even if the yards aren’t there

  166. BrandoK

    Adams injured again not a surprise at all

  167. BrandoK

    What ever happened to Coby Bryant is he injured or just not playing?

  168. Sean

    It just feels like we are still so many players away on defense… Idk even know what we need, what is even the priority in the draft… So bad.

    • cha

      I’ll take Derick Hall in for Frank Clark for a start.

  169. Jon W.

    Zero punts for Dallas. Hurtt’s D is as soft as ever.

    • Troy

      Pete’s defense!

  170. Leo

    How different would our defense be if Woolen still had last year’s form? He should have so many opportunities with Spoon as a partner but he has been a sieve…

    • Rob Staton

      Think he bought into his own hype

      • geoff u

        That’s how this secondary rolls. Spoon better buck this trend

  171. nfendall

    This crew is calling the game way too tight.

  172. Troy

    This officiating crew needs to chill.

  173. Sten

    I won’t be an NFL fan for very much longer if this is the reffing standard

  174. GoHawks5151

    Horrible calls

  175. Mick

    Every single play is a penalty. Come on refs.

  176. Pran

    Bobby made a play finally

    Referees are horrible

  177. BrandoK

    This game has so many penalties

  178. geoff u

    Refs are having a hell of a game today. Making plays left and right

    • Pran

      Is Amazon playing refs for more playtime

      • geoff u

        “If we can just squeeze in four more commercials a game Bezos can buy a new lambo”

  179. BrandoK

    What is Diggs doing?

    • cha

      He’s going to get fined for that helmet to helmet hit on Ferguson.

      Of all the things to flag the Seahawks for, he didn’t get flagged for that.

      • BrandoK

        Yeah plus he could’ve got at flag for taunting too him and Adams

  180. Sean

    Man we had so many chances to put them at 3rd and long, just gifted them everything. Although that Bobby penalty was bs.

  181. Troy

    I can’t watch this team play defense. They don’t tackle, they don’t hit, they are undisciplined, they are uncreative and they are overpaid.

  182. Jon W.

    Pushed around like a bunch of punks. They will kill us in the 4th quarter.

    • Troy

      The first time we have to punt, the game is over. Our defense is stopping anything.

  183. Denver Hawker

    17 flags for 217 yards

    • BrandoK

      Not even the 4th quarter yet

  184. Jon W.

    Dak’s “Here we go” is the new Manning “Omaha”

  185. Troy

    There it is. Ball game!

  186. BrandoK

    Welp a Geno Int

    • Jeff

      Not his fault relaly; that was just a fantastic play by Bland. Defense gets paid too, turns out.

      • Troy

        Hmm. Someone should tell that to our defense.

  187. geoff u

    Horrible pass. I hate out routes. I would eliminate them from my playbook

    • Pran

      That’s 2 consecutive underthrown passes by Geno

  188. Jon W.

    Game over. Well it was fun for awhile…

  189. Mick

    We’re talking Geno Smith not Joe Montana. Of course he’ll miss some. If the D doesn’t stop anything we can’t win.

    • Pran

      Some is an understatement

  190. Rob Staton

    Geno giveth and taketh away

    Draft a QB

  191. BrandoK

    Geno just gets full of himself and tries to be more aggressive and throws an Int

  192. GoHawks5151

    Jesus the commentary. BlaNd wAs a HighScHooL reCeiVeR. Every DB was most likely a high school receiver

  193. Dustin

    Geno just Geno’in

  194. nfendall

    Thank you Cowboys for botching that turnover.

  195. geoff u

    Thankfully the Mike McCarthy/Prescott duo is the best in the business at choking

  196. Mick

    Dallas missed a chance, we have to make sure not to give them next present, not Christmas yet.

  197. Rob Staton

    Can’t believe they went for that 4th down with their kicker

    Why not be aggressive on the two pointer, only to go for it there?

    • nfendall

      I was wondering the same thing on the extra point.

    • Jon W.

      McCarthy channeled Lanning on that one. And also lucky that CeeDee dropped it.

  198. Pran

    McCarthy the savior.

    Passing on 2 point conversion play and now 4th down instead of taking lead. Pete can use all the help

  199. geoff u

    One does not expect the sense from Mike McCarthy!

  200. BrandoK

    Trick play with Deejay Dallas why why

    • Jon W.

      Unnecessary razzle-dazzle to be sure.

  201. nfendall

    This officiating crew is wild.

    • Troy

      Dallas is favored by 9.5. Officials got to go to work…

  202. geoff u

    “There is no foul on the play, as it would be against Seattle.”

    But thankfully, Charbonnet

    • geoff u

      *for Seattle

  203. Pran

    Bobo sighting.. Blocking for Chabornet. Should feature him more

  204. Palatypus

    This whole game is setting up that crucial moment when Deejay Dallas throws a pass.

  205. Mick

    This is how it should be. Everybody making plays. We got the weapons, but we don’t always deploy them.

  206. geoff u

    Go for two

    • Mick

      Agreed, thinking of that too

  207. BrandoK

    DK with another one

  208. Big Mike

    Where has this offense been since Detroit?

    • Pran

      I think OL is holding up with Lucas back?

    • Jon W.

      Glad that they finally showed up. Must be the Charbonnet factor.

    • Peter

      More than both rams games

  209. Palatypus

    Who had up by 8 in the 4th on their bingo card?

  210. Mick

    I still want to see them show up like this against the 49ers.

  211. Pran

    One thing is apparent, two pretenders are playing a shootout

  212. GoHawks5151

    I joked before but Waldron doing some really nice things

    • nfendall

      That begs the question of where has this creativity been all year.

  213. Rob Staton

    I think we’re going to win

    • Leo

      Cursed comment Rob lol

    • Palatypus

      There’s going to be a super chat to punch yourself in the nuts.

      • Rob Staton

        Nah. Dallas are flaky AF.

  214. Big Mike

    Gotta keep Dallas in the game eh NFL?

  215. BrandoK

    How did Taylor not sack Dak

  216. nfendall

    I hate how the refs are calling this game.

  217. Rob Staton

    Darrell Taylor FFS

    • Big Mike


      • bmseattle

        He’s the only guy we have who can speed rush like that…
        unfortunately it does no good if he can’t finish

      • Troy

        Seriously, though. You can’t tackle QBs anymore and they don’t call in the grasp? Next time body slam his ass.

    • Jon W.

      Immense schmuck

  218. Pran

    Darell Taylor can be released

  219. Mick

    Having enough of Taylor.

  220. Hawkster

    forward pass and no flag wow

  221. Jon W.

    Holy christ Darrell Taylor. How do you miss the sack there?

  222. Mick

    Let’s see if we learned to keep the O on the pitch for a long drive.

  223. Pran

    Worst officiating.. It’s tough for viewers to track ball and flag sametime

  224. MattG

    We’ve been critical of Woolen and the safeties, and rightly so, but it does seem like there have been a lot of coverage sacks and pressures this game. Dak’s waiting around for someone to get open and it’s often not happening.

    • Pran

      Short throws are there.. It’s waiting for deep shots just like Geno used to

    • bmseattle

      Of course, all he has to do is throw it up deep and there is a better than decent chance of a PI flag

  225. nfendall

    Surely that timeout won’t come back and bite us in the ass.

  226. Big Mike

    Touchdown drive here may do it

  227. Palatypus

    Obviously, Dallas’s evil master plan is to take the ball out of the hands of our best player…

    …Michael Dickson!

  228. Big Mike

    That is a rare sight

  229. nfendall

    Rare drop by Lockett.

    • bmseattle

      Damn… would have been a huge play, too

  230. Jon W.

    JSN baby! What a coming out party.

  231. Scot04

    Crap that was a touchdown there if Lockett catches that

  232. nfendall

    Offensive line got wrecked on that 4th and 1.

    • Big Mike

      Yep, dominated

    • KnoxHawk

      Dissly and Cross both whiffed, really badly

  233. Big Mike

    Uh oh

    • bmseattle

      Man, what a shame.

    • Scot04

      Yep, I was surprised by that call. Not feeling confident at all

  234. BrandoK

    Well that happened

  235. Troy

    Well guys. It rests in the hands of our defense. How you feeling?

    • Scot04

      Not confident at all.

      • Troy

        Ditto. Our defense sucks.

    • bmseattle

      very, very not confident

    • Jon W.

      Like I just got punched in the gut.

    • Big Mike

      Not good but I think the offense will have a chance to win or tie it with a field goal

  236. Pran

    Bad play design on 4th. Dallas was getting penetration all series

  237. Denver Hawker

    Just saying again- Charbonnet has changed this offense

    They’ve really committed to the run, he’s not breaking run plays but a hard style run keeps the defense honest- I’m fine if they keep resting Walker

  238. Scot04

    Cross has been getting schooled tonight

    • Big Mike

      So has Woolen

  239. Rob Staton

    Diggs run over

    • Jon W.

      Herbstreit: “Adams was lost out there on an island.” No he is just lost period.

      Peacock gotta go!

  240. BrandoK

    Zach injured? I don’t want to see Deejay dallas at all

  241. Peter

    Absolutely horrible officiating.

    I’ll take the calls but this is ridiculous.

  242. geoff u

    Why was Parkinson running away from where the run was going…

  243. Leo

    Our top 10 pick LT just can’t whiff that badly on a crucial 4th down.

  244. Palatypus

    If Woolen even breathes on Lamb he gets a penalty.

  245. Jon W.

    Hurtt’s D is getting steamrolled. Not looking good,

  246. cha

    Was that JS on the sideline yelling after Woolen & Dak jawed at each other?

  247. Denver Hawker

    Schneider sighting on the sideline yelling behind Pete yelling

    • geoff u

      Good thing we pay that guy 30 mil. Clutch

  248. nfendall

    My eye tells me Dre Jones is more non-existent as an edge than as an interior lineman.

  249. Palatypus

    These refs are going for the record.

  250. Big Mike

    Come on Jamal strut for us

  251. Rob Staton

    Jamal gives up a TD

  252. BrandoK

    OK Adams I see you

  253. bmseattle

    Adams… got nothing

  254. Denver Hawker

    “Adams lost out there on an island..”

  255. Mick

    I apologize for saying Adams plays better than Diggs.

  256. Big Mike

    Talk shit now Jamal
    We want to see it

  257. Troy


    • Scot04

      Dallas fans probably fell same aboit their defense being bad; until that 4th downcstop.

    • Pran

      Honestly when defense holds other team our offense can’t score a FG for their life. Otheraay around is the same.
      Inconsistency is Pete’s trademark

  258. Scot04

    Adam’s being lost is definitely right Adam’s being lost is definitely right.

  259. James

    Dingus out there swatting the air… god I hate him.

    • KnoxHawk

      Juice head that has no awareness. He’s thinking “at least I got rich!”

  260. BrandoK

    Rob did you jinx Seattle with that comment earlier?

  261. KnoxHawk

    Dak is cringe

  262. geoff u

    Adams, Diggs, Woolen, a trifecta of turnstyles

    • bmseattle

      You left out Cross

  263. Leo

    Moving on from Jamal and Diggs should be the easiest decision this front office ever makes. If either dude is still on this team next August, we’ll know all is lost.

    • Big Mike

      Wager you a beer Adams is…

      • Jon W.

        Pete’s ego won’t allow him to be cut.

  264. SeaTown

    Peacock gonna peacock. SMH

  265. Mick

    Field goal to tie it though, not impossible.

  266. Pran

    There is neither a defender near Dak nor the receiver on both plays. Pete’s special!

    • Troy

      There is nothing worse as a fan (in my opinion) than watching a defense that cannot stop anything.

  267. KennyBadger

    I remember when Jamal adams played for the jets. The before times.

  268. Sten

    Hopefully Jodi sees what 20 million of her brothers money gets with this staff

  269. Robert

    Can we please get rid of adams? He sucks.

    • BrandoK

      They don’t wanna admit it was a bad trade

    • geoff u

      Wtf was that. Oh right, our season

  270. Scot04

    Well it’s time for Geno to step up and show he’s the man now

  271. BrandoK

    Can we see Kenny this game?

  272. Mick

    Come on guys don’t choke now…

  273. Pran

    DJ Dallas has no place on team

  274. Troy

    Ball game

    • Big Mike


  275. Big Mike

    Jamal Adams second worst trade in the history of the national football league only topped by the Herschel Walker fleecing that Jimmy Johnson put on The Vikings

    • Whit21

      He cant cover.. dont know why hes a safety..

  276. BrandoK

    This the real Geno

  277. nfendall

    Geno gives a receiver no chance

  278. Rob Staton

    Bloody hell

    Draft a QB

    • geoff u

      And an entire defense

    • BrandoK

      Hopefully they do but knowing Pete he’ll always say just run it back Geno’s good enough.

  279. nfendall

    This defense is laughable.

  280. Jon W.

    Three games into six losses in a row.

    • geoff u

      We lost because we left our best player on the bench the whole game: Michael Dickson

  281. Big Mike

    I think we shot our wad tonight I think we’ll get rolled the next 2 games

    • SeaTown

      Well that might be the only way to get Carroll to realize he needs to retire.

  282. Sten

    What’s the opposite of a pyrric victory? That’s whatever this is

  283. Scot04

    Even as bad as our defense is I was surprised Pete didn’t punt there. But after watching the defense now, I get it.
    Reminds me of when Wilson was here, only with Wilson I felt we had a chance to come back.

  284. SeaTown

    Time for Pete to sail off into the sunset. Take that bum Clint Hurtt with him.

  285. Jon W.

    Another Diggs whiffed tackle. But he’s great on X!

  286. Pran

    Consolation prize: offense putting up some points (except when it matters). Pete will brag all week.

    Nothing changed.

  287. Hebegbs

    All I can say is these refs look like Pac12 refs tonight. It is a fairly one sided nightmare.

    No hold on #18 on the Cee Dee sweep? Give me a break refs.

  288. Big Mike

    Good thing we’ve got all 3 time outs….oh wait

  289. nfendall

    DK was absolutely destroying on offense and nothing thrown his way for most of the 2nd half.

    • bmseattle

      Yet Dallas keeps feeding Lamb.

      Have we even tried the slant that scored in the 1st quarter again?

  290. geoff u

    This offense could be the best in the game, if not for one vital piece

  291. Troy

    Shane Waldron has been dragged thru the mud the past 2 weeks. Seriously, lets talk about Pete Carroll and Clint Hurrt’s defense. How many seasons of this type of defense (or lack thereof) do we need to witness. Soft zones, poor tackling, no creativity, overpaid underperforming vets. I am fed up…

    • geoff u

      It’s been 5 years of trash, worst part is people still pretend like it’s the LOB days.

      • Jon W.

        Like Sherman during halftime? Talking up Riq, Witherspoon & ole man Wagz like a trio of all-pros. The reality is that we got pushed around and physically dominated all night by a much better football team.

  292. Scot04

    On that second & four I was surprised they didn’t run with Dallas again especially with a lead.

  293. Chris

    Sad thing … I think this was about the best we can play.

  294. Scot04

    Totally agree with you Troy

  295. geoff u

    Lol Mike McCarthy keeping us in it

  296. Peter

    Geno wasn’t perfect but did enough to win this.

    Years and years of qbs getting let down by defense.

  297. Denver Hawker

    Some significance to Pete’s intensity, Schneider suited up on the sideline- clear this game matters to them

    Statistically it’s a big swing in playoff probability but I also wonder if they realized this team needs a kick in the ass

  298. Pran

    Dallas is a pretender. I don’t think they can win in post season with McCarthy

    • bmseattle

      Yeah, this game doesn’t inspire confidence that they are very good

    • Peter

      Mccarthy and his career reminds me of another coach.

  299. Mick

    No timeouts, 1:43. At least now give it to DK.

    • Peter

      This is the move

  300. Scot04

    Well Geno gets another shot to be a hero.

    • geoff u

      Is this team allergic to hot routes?

  301. nfendall


  302. bmseattle

    deep dropback on 4th and2, huh?

    • bmseattle

      and leave the best pass rusher in the league untouched

  303. nfendall


  304. BrandoK

    Did Geno just throw the ball away on 4th down not even giving the WR’s a chance

    • nfendall

      I am as critical of Geno as anyone but he had no chance on that 4th down.

    • Big Mike

      I’m no Geno fan but that is not on him that is on the offensive line failing to block one of the best pass rushers if not the best pass rusher in the NFL

      • Peter

        Yeah you need one of three TE’s put there. That was bs to go down like that.

  305. Mick

    Sorry Geno, if you can’t get 2 yards on three attempts with the game on the line, you simply don’t belong.

  306. Hawkster


  307. Hawks4life

    That last offensive play sums us up. We’re average, our coaching is mediocre, and we need change.

    • SeaTown

      We are the Vikings West.

      • Pran

        That’s an improvement from Jets East.. Victory lap time

  308. BrandoK

    This game should indicate that Geno’s not the answer he’s just good enough to be mediocre. He can’t win you the ball game when your down. He’s ok against bad teams and just dreadful against good teams.

    Please Please draft a QB just move on from Geno

    • Chris

      Thought Geno was decent this game. One of his best recently.

      It’d be nice if the defense could stop a single drive. I might’ve missed it going to the bathroom or something … but, did Dallas punt even once?

  309. Scot04

    Last 2 playcalls were horrible. Then on the last play Geno just has to throw it up there. You can ground it.

    • Troy

      And don’t even block their best pass rusher? FFS

    • Pran

      3 plays for 2 yards with game online and failed. That’s Pete and Co

  310. Pran

    Well.. They scored some and then choked. At least happy for the draft position.
    That 2nd rd pick might have helped

    • bmseattle

      not having that 2nd rounder is going to be extremely frustrating.
      It’s going to be a much higher pick in the round than they were anticipating, I’m sure.

      • Praneeth

        Shanny played Pete both on and off field

  311. SeaTown

    I’m done with Jason Myers too.

    • Whit21

      All his kicks were jumping right.. but the dallas kicker was off too…

      • SeaTown

        Dallas kicker didn’t miss.

  312. geoff u

    We don’t have to choose between it being the QB and the defense, both can be true

    • Chris

      Seahawks scored 35 in a game the defense did not help them at all. Sorry to go against the grain and the immediacy bias of the last drive, but this loss was on the defense.

  313. SeaTown

    My god the resources blown on that defense is just staggering.

    • Troy

      Adams and Diggs. 2 worst starters on defense.

  314. Sten

    Anyone else feel apathetic after that one? I feel like a win would prolong the inevitable

  315. Whit21

    Chris Sims has said there is very little that seperates a backup qb and a starter..

    Geno is showing he is not a starter.. basically grounds the ball on 4th down.. chucks it deep because of pressure when JSN ran his route right.. maybe the hawks need to be smacked down for some real change…

    • BrandoK

      Well Pete doesn’t want to lose the locker room by benching Geno

      • Sten

        Genos in the same spot as Pete and this team: doesn’t play terrible enough to bench, doesn’t play well enough to carry the team. He’s the perfect QB for us because he will always keep us between 7 and 9 wins

  316. BrandoK

    I hope after this game and season it results in major changes and starting with Pete then Geno

  317. Hebegbs

    Entertaining game. I do think the refs were atrocious and super one sided. Many flags on Hawks that were close. Many kept in their pocket when Dallas was doing the same or worse. How does Cee Dee not get Offensive PI? If Hawks did that to him, our corner spends the night in a Dallas county jail. No hold call on #18 on the sweep that sprung Cee Dee for a long gain? The no call on the Reed hold in first half? How egregious was that for a huge gain? There are so many my fingers hurt already just typing these. Terribly called game I believe.

    Offense was good enough tonight minus the end. Our defense looked like they played hard but we have proven to be an over priced squad. Our LB play is bad. Adams can’t cover. Diggs is a shade of himself. And our pressure is simply not good enough despite all the investment.

    Hurtt should be fired tomorrow. Not doing enough. Dallas has a good O and when you let them hold all night it makes it tough. I didn’t think Hawks would cover and they did. So at least there was a little fire. Just not good enough from the D. Sure beats the hapless team I saw play the 49ers last week.

  318. Hebegbs

    Btw. Where in the heck is Dre Mont Jones? I saw him chase someone early in the game like he was playing LB. Never again did I see the guy do anything. Did he get hurt? Is he hurt?

    • Chris

      He had one good play I remember …

      Good use of resources. Anyone remember the Bennett and Avril free agent signings?

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