Curtis Allen’s week twelve watch notes (vs 49ers)

This is a guest article by Curtis Allen…

Where do the Seahawks go from here?

A demoralizing loss to the Rams that left Geno Smith banged up, the defense in fits over a gaggle of penalties, fans questioning Shane Waldron’s intelligence and Pete Carroll’s leadership is really dragging the optimism for Thursday’s game against the Niners down hard.

Is there anything we can cling to, to maybe get a spark?

There is.

In Pete Carroll’s tenure, the Seahawks have lost to the Rams 16 times.  What is their record in the following game?  11-3.  12-3 if you count the Rams beating them in the 2020 playoffs and the Seahawks beating Indianapolis in Week One the next year.

The three losses?  Two of them came in 2021, when they took the Steelers to OT in Geno Smith’s first start and then lost to the Bears by one point on a two-point conversion with a minute to play.  Both of those games get a doink the other way and they are a gaudy 14-1 after a Rams loss.

Is that grasping at straws?  You better believe it is.

And yet, this is the upside of consistently having a 9-7, 10-6 or 9-8 team in Seattle:  They have a few clunkers each year but they also do pull out some wins that are not expected.

The team will need a far better effort than Sunday though.  Coming to Lumen are the loaded-for-bear San Francisco 49ers.  They used their bye week to great effect, snapping themselves out of a 3-game losing streak by demolishing the Jacksonville Jaguars and beating the Tampa Bay Bucs last week.  They have quickly reclaimed their place as one of the best teams in the NFC and the presumptive favorite to win the NFC West.

The Rams offered Matthew Stafford and his 54% completion rate and 70 QB rating.  The Niners have Brock Purdy coming off an 84% completion rate and a perfect 158.3 QB rating.

The Rams had banged-up Cooper Kupp and Puka Nacua.  The Niners have a red-hot Brandon Aiyuk, George Kittle and Deebo Samuel.

The Rams rolled out Byron Young and had Aaron Donald running more stunts than I had seen in a long time. The Niners have Nick Bosa, Arik Armstead, Javon Hargrave and now Chase Young.

I think you get the idea.

Absent the Niners tripping over their own cleats, the Seahawks have a mountain of things to clean up to make this game a competitive one.  And that is where we must start.

Play Solid, Fundamental Football

This watch point is going to feel like a simple list of sins the Seahawks committed on Sunday.  If any of these things creep into the game against San Francisco, it will be a very hard struggle to establish any momentum to meet this matchup.

They simply cannot give the Niners 130 yards in penalties and expect to be competitive, no matter what kind of day the referees are having.

The offense cannot blunt a nice drive with a key penalty in Field Goal range that backs them up and forces them to settle for a try instead of pushing into the red zone and scoring touchdowns.

They must have a more balanced offense.  Abandoning the ground game in favor of the pass will give the Niner defense all the opportunities they need to make this game easy for them.

On that point, want to see something crazy?  Tampa Bay ran out almost the exact same game mix in their loss last week against San Francisco that the Seahawks did against the Rams.  Witness:

Seattle Running Game:  21 rushes for 68 yards.  Tampa?  18 for 66.

Seattle Passing: 24 of 40 for 236 yards, 1 TD and 1 INT.  Tampa?  29 for 45, 246 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT.

You see the problem.  San Francisco won by 13 points and it was not worse due to a good defensive effort by the Bucs.  A Seattle output like that against San Francisco will not provide the desired result.

To be fair, Tampa’s mix was more by design.  Years of catering to Tom Brady has left them with a bare cupboard in the running back department and their only option was to put the game in Baker Mayfield’s hands.

The Seahawks?  Their limitation came from the coaching staff being unwilling or unable to do something so blindingly easy as run the ball and eat the clock with a lead in the second half.

Speaking of that, all three of San Francisco’s losses this season?  They lost the time of possession battle.  Keep that offense off the field, fellas.

On defense, the pass rush must step up.  They have the talent to get pressure without any blitzing packages or special tricks.  Devon Witherspoon, Jordyn Brooks and Bobby Wagner coming screaming through the gaps for pressure is fun.  However, those plays should be the topping on the dessert of making Brock Purdy uncomfortable with their regular linemen.

They also absolutely must tighten up defensive fundamentals like coverage.  The Rams schemed Darrell Henderson wide open on a wheel route last week, but Stafford could not make the completion.  Julian Love was the closest defender to him but was a mile out of position.

Tackling as well.  I do not know how many times I can keep saying this.  The Seahawks are shooting themselves in the foot by not tackling well.  Quandre Diggs was the latest to just come steaming in on Sunday, trying to knock a player off his feet with a hit instead of making a sound wrap up tackle.  It did not work.

Players like Deebo Samuel, George Kittle and Christian McCaffrey force you to bring them down.  A mauling of the Giants in Week Three featured these three racking up seven broken tackles.  They challenged the Giants defense to take them down and they couldn’t.

Can the Seahawks?  We will see.

Limit Turnovers and Take the Ball Away from Them

We have talked about this before with San Francisco.

Their rankings this year are formidable.  They are the #3 scoring offense and the #1 scoring defense.  They are in the top-10 in all yardage categories except passing yards allowed per game (#15).

A consistent challenge for them in the recent past has been turnovers.

Their three-game losing streak this year featured seven critical turnovers by the San Francisco offense.

What were the circumstances around those turnovers?  The opposition got out to an early start and put pressure on San Francisco to keep up, while eating the clock.  The Niners got increasingly desperate as the game went on, and the turnovers mounted.  Of those seven turnovers, six of them came in the second half.

The one in the first half?  It was a brilliant play by the Vikings.  On their first drive by Minnesota, Charvarius Ward intercepted Kirk Cousins (really, he just ripped the ball out of the receiver’s hands).  Three good plays later, it looked like the Niners were about to take the lead, and the Vikings stripped Christian McCaffrey.  They recovered and then drove the length of the field for a touchdown.  The Vikings never trailed in the game.

Again, we are rightly frustrated with the Seahawk offense’s second half performance.  But we need them to come out of the gate with purpose like they did against the Rams and put their stamp on the game.  Otherwise, Kyle Shanahan has his entire playbook to work with and that is no good for anyone.

Geno Smith must also be sharp and smart with the football.  Offensive miscommunications, desperate throws and strange decisions cannot be regular occurrences in this game.

It should be noted – in their last two games, the Niners have not turned the ball over once, while forcing six against Jacksonville and Tampa, including four that led to the blowout of the Jaguars.  Turnovers cut both ways, people.

Primarily, the defense must create a turnover or two at a minimum and they cannot miss the chance when it is presented to them.

Limit the Number of Explosive Runs by the Niners (especially McCaffrey)

There is another common denominator to San Francisco’s three losses this year:  They were their three worst rushing performances as a team.  That is no coincidence.

In those three games, they had six explosive runs and ended up with 286 total yards, averaging 95 rushing yards per game.

Last year, the Seahawks also played San Francisco in three games.  How many explosive runs did they concede?

Twelve.  Double what those winning teams conceded.

Twelve runs of 10 yards or more.  And those included three ‘super explosive runs’ of 50 yards or more, one in each game.

The Seahawks conceded 540 yards rushing to San Francisco for an awful average of 180 yards per game.

The frustrating part is, take those explosives out and the Niners gained 226 attempts on 100 attempts, or 2.26 yards per rush.  Put another way, the Seahawks ‘won’ the majority of rush attempts but had catastrophic failures on the other ones.

It is incredibly easy (and silly) to say ‘the Seahawks just have to stop all the explosives and they are good.’  The game just doesn’t work that way.

However, it is reasonable to expect the Seahawks to allow no more ‘super explosive’ runs of 50 yards or more.  Take those three out of the equation from last year and their per rush average (even with the other nine explosives) is 3.36 yards per carry.

Can the Seahawks manage that?  Cleveland, Minnesota and Cincinnati could.

Currently, Cleveland (4.1 YPA) is right there in yards per rush attempt conceded with the Seahawks (4.1), Cincinnati (5.0) is much worse and Minnesota (3.7) is better.

Every time we have a game against a top opponent, I often cast my mind to significant investments the Seahawks have made.  The latest one of course is Leonard Williams.  This game is where he needs to prove that the very high price the Seahawks paid was worth it.  Williams, Jarran Reed, Mario Edwards and Dre Jones must have effective games to keep this rushing attack from controlling the game.

How important is it?  Think of all the weapons the Niners have on offense that can do damage to the Seahawks.  Names like Brandon Aiyuk, George Kittle, Deebo Samuel.

Christian McCaffrey has more touches than all three of those players combined.

In San Francisco’s three losses this year, McCaffrey only averaged 47 yards on the ground.

Seattle’s Wild Card loss last year?  McCaffrey had 15 carries for 119 yards.  Take out just that one explosive run of 68 yards and what did he get?

51 yards.

It is doable.  They can do it.


  1. Easy Answers Hard Choices

    Always appreciate your insightful analysis, but with all due considerable respect, they CANNOT do it. Grotesque mismatch in talent at both the player and coaching level. 49ers 41-17 and it won’t seem that close. Keep the eggnog close at hand…

    • Parallax

      Hey, a guy who shares my perspective. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one.

  2. KennyBadger

    Happy Thanksgiving Blog, Enjoy Emerald City Rob, Go Hawks-
    Your analysis Cha is money. The Seahawks will accomplish none of it. I don’t think Geno finishes the game – lock will get his chance and There Will Be Blood.

  3. Peter

    Great stuff Cha.

    when the game is done the only thing I’ll know is do we have more dogs than the niners?

    Reductive? Sure.

    The facts? Yes.

    Reading this listening to a podcast saying the defense is getting it done…we are being gaslight.

    Year to date Seattle 2023 vs 2022 rank:

    Scoring: #19………#25 (2023)
    Pass: #21………#17 (2023)
    Rush: #19……….#30 (2023)

    Good. However it is now or never time to knuckle down. Four games against three good/great teams that rank the following on scoring, pass, run offense:

    Niners: #3 (scoring), #8 (pass), #6 (rush)
    Dallas: #2 (scoring), #5 (pass), #12 ( rush)
    Eagles: #5 (scoring), #12 (pass), #8 ( rush)

    For my dour outlook I believe in Witherspoon, Brown, Mafe, Reed, and setting a tone. 10 games in adrift in the puget sound this is it. Are we a serious team that is going to duke it out or are we pretenders still looking to “clean some stuff up,” after the next four games?

    The pragmatist in me expects the excuse machine to be running in the red tomorrow night. The fan since Largent was laying the wood and setting records that may never be broken says: we need it, we gotta have it, we have to have it. We beat them by 10 or we beat them by 1. I do not care. You don’t beat the niners tomorrow in our house on prime time you don’t deserve post season or anything else. They are our most hated modern rival.

    Before anyone gets at me and says ” well if they lose this….but win these other games….” I literally do not care. They already got swept by the loathsome rams and their dark arts. If they don’t care to beat the niners at our house, after getting punched in the mouth in a 3 game sweep last year they don’t deserve anyone’s respect. You will all rarely see me being a goofy fan but that’s that for me and the niners and tomorrow’s game. Get it done……

    • London Seahawk

      Podcast = Seattle overload or…?

      • Peter

        I listen to Corbin Smith/ Rang for appx 30 minutes for news. 5x a week.

        Hawk blogger= that’s 2 hrs/week

        Dan Viens= maybe an 1hr/ week in season

        The captain of the good ship SDB= 1 hr/ week

        Looks like a lot I guess. I don’t know how it is on air in London but stateside I have acquaintances that listen to sports radio 8-9 hrs a day five days a week.

        I’m mostly into Seahawks because we’ve been in a transitory year for about four years running and it’s actually pretty fairly fascinating and slightly weird/sad to watch my team devolve into this cartoony hubristic mess.

    • Rob Staton

      Reading this listening to a podcast saying the defense is getting it done…we are being gaslight.

      Year to date Seattle 2023 vs 2022 rank:

      Scoring: #19………#25 (2023)
      Pass: #21………#17 (2023)
      Rush: #19……….#30 (2023)

      Stuff like this has been going on for a while. Reminds me of the ‘Ken Norton is good at his job’ line that was being pedalled.

      The defense has improved in minor ways as you’ve noted. Not enough to avoid being in the bottom half of those categories though.

      Meanwhile, we’ve spent an absolute FORTUNE on the unit. This isn’t some young, up-and-coming group that needs time.

      The D-line is currently featuring three recent second round picks (Taylor, Mafe, Hall). It includes a massive free agent signing (Jones) and a player they just traded a second and a fifth for (Williams). The addition of Jarran Reed wasn’t minor and before his injury, Uchenna Nwosu just received a big new contract.

      They have a first round pick at linebacker in Brooks and brought Bobby Wagner in to play next to him.

      At cornerback, they have a top-five pick in the draft. At safety, two extremely expensive starters including one who cost a fortune via trade. Added to that, Julian Love and a recent fourth round pick in Bryant.

      This is a major outlay. For all of this investment, you expext a performance that is better than what we’re seeing.

      This context needs to be heard.

      • geoff u

        It may even be a stretch to assume we’ve improved in minor ways, considering we’re about to hit the tough part of our schedule and those numbers are about to drop. I mean, I hope not, as always I hope these defense can be closer to middling, but….Baltimore game. Pretty sad anyway when a middling defense is our idea of high aspirations.

        The biggest disappointment really is the offense though. We were at least going toe to toe with the 9ers in the playoff game, until the fumble and interception. Hard to see this offense getting it together. Could be a whole game of no 3rd down conversions.

        • Rob Staton


      • Peter

        The outlay of resources to results ratio is such an important topic and is currently extremely far out of whack.

        Next year before any contracts are done up at time of writing Adams will be the 7th highest paid defender at any position and #1 safety.

        Diggs will be the 26th highest paid. Third overall safety. And only one Corner will cost more.

        If #26 doesn’t seem that big consider the following….there are appx 768 defenders suiting up for game day across the league and his play is worth more than all but 25 of them….? On our own team by season’s end there’s a good chance that Witherspoon may statistically out play both of them combined.

        If it was Kam and Earl I think a lot of us would be okay with that.

  4. Romeo A57

    Unfortunately, this Seahawks team seems soft and undisciplined. The Niners most likely take advantage of these issues, and are thumping the Seahawks well before the Fourth Quarter begins.

    Geno is playing like he did in New York, the Seahawks don’t want to run the ball, and there should be plenty of holes in the pass defense for Purdy.

    • Peter

      Unfortunately there’s one whole on defense, the middle of the field, which can’t be defended and lines up exactly with Purdy’s strengths.

      • Peter

        Sure let’s add a W to a word and give it a different meaning.

  5. London Seahawk

    Excellent as always, Curtis.

    Happy Thanksgiving all.

  6. Robert Las Vegas

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and I have a question for everyone I have been trying to think about who is the best player in the NFL right now is and the name I keep thinking about is Myles Garrett? The one thought I wonder if the offensive line can hold up against Bosa, hargrave, armstead, and chase young. Tall order.i know one thing we can’t lose the turnover battle and win this game

    • Peter

      Garrett probably.

      If less time was spent in their pathetic offense a case for TJ Watt would not be hard to make. He’s the no doubt comeback player of the year.

      Watt: 1 int, 6 passes defended, 2 FF, 11.5 sacks, 36 tackles.

      Garrett: 2 passes defended, 4 FF, 13 sacks, 30 tackles.

  7. Troy

    Nice work once again, cha!

    I expect the Niners to comfortably win this game, but I want to see some positives from this Hawks team to build on.

    Enough of the stupid, undisciplined penalties.
    Enough of the big coverage breakdowns on defense.
    Consistency on offense
    Find your identity (12 weeks into the season)

  8. Rokas

    no other opponent does irritate me that much as 49ers. Hate them so so much. And it drives me crazy then they smacks us in the mouth with their brand of football. I Always scream at the TV that we should smack them back even harder. If psychiatrist would judge me based on how I behave when we play the 49ers, I would be issued a white ticket without much debate.

    • Troy

      Yep. This. Hate them and their cocky, smug players. Wish our team would rise to the challenge, punch them in the mouth and send a message.

      • PJ in Seattle

        And this is exactly how Niner’s fans feel about us. That we are smug and arrogant and talk a lot of shit, despite being a post-season pretender since the disasterous Super Bowl 49 and not even playing a competitive game against them since Russell left.

        To me, this is one of the best rivalries in the NFL. We need a win today, or at the very least a heavyweight brawl that comes down to the wire, in order to keep it in that echelon.

        • Peter

          Need to split the series with them or this rivalry will be blowing away in the wind on our end. And they will officially be in the ‘have our number’ territory.

  9. WLO333

    What Geno’s up against:

    I read on Niners Nation that the 49ers are #22 in sacks and #2 in pressures, which is behind only the Baltimore Ravens. However, over the last 3 weeks (which I believe is since acquiring Chase Young), they were #4 in sacks. Do, their D line is coming on strong.

    The strategy vs. Geno from “All 49ers”:

    Shannahan: “The goal is to hopefully make him one dimensional and try to get them to have to make some bigger plays and not just stay within the scheme.”

    Bosa: “Just be good in the run game to start off, make him play quarterback. And then I think they run the most boots of any team, so be good there. And just get pressure on him.”

    Oh, and Geno is 0-3 vs the 49ers as a Seahawk.

    The area that Shannahan thinks the Hawks are strong in:

    “They’re so competitive,” head coach Kyle Shanahan said. “Doesn’t matter what the record is, where you play, offense, defense, special teams, they all go extremely hard. They practice hard. I think just the style of their play and when you watch the silent tape, it’s as close to ours as anyone else.”

  10. WLO333

    The time of possession battle seems like the key. I think sound tackling will be important on defense, especially along the edges where they like to attack, not only in the running game, but also with screens. Oh, and jet sweeps.

    I think maybe that’s how we envisioned how the play styles both of Adams and Witherspoon would help. Both are quick to identify and break up screens and quick passes, an area in which the Rams also seem to eat our lunch. This will be the first time both are together vs the 49ers.

    If we can force them out of their “long handoff” style of offense, which relies a lot on run after catch yards, then maybe we can force Purdy into what appears to be a major weakness of his; deep ball accuracy and lack of arm strength. That’s the area that seems to concern the San Fran media most about him. As a result, when he’s playing from behind, his interception rate goes up.

    However, that might be hard to do, as Ken Walker looks like he might not be playing.

    Their all pro safety, Talanoa Hufanga is out for the year, and it seemed like the Niners were susceptible to the deep pass earlier in the year, so maybe we can go for the big shots every now and then amongst the clouds of dust. Maybe even try a pass to a TE…we do have those still?

    • PJ in Seattle

      Ken Walker is most definitely not playing.

    • Peter

      Pretty fascinated/concerned with the plan today. I’d say three TE sets and skip the WR’s but apparently Waldron forgot he’s a former TE coach.

      The niners can be beat deep. If they can be stopped up front.

  11. PJ in Seattle

    Fantastic job as always, Cha.

    Everything statistically and subjectively says this should be a cakewalk for SF. The beauty of the NFL is that great individual moments – the timely turnover, the vicious hit that decleats a key member of the offense, the super explosive play in any phase of the game that ends up putting an unexpected TD on the board – can often flip the entire narrative. And those things tend to show up more in fierce, divisional rivalry games.

    Rob, I hope you have an amazing time here, regardless of the result. Just saw this may be only the third Thanksgiving holiday without rain in Seattle in the past 50 years, so you’re already bucking the odds big time. Let’s keep bucking them.

    My whole family, 16 strong, are eating Thanksgiving dinner at 1PM and rolling into the stadium with full bellies and low expectations.

    • Peter

      16 strong at the game? Dang I hope it rules for you all!!

      • PJ in Seattle

        Thank you, sir! Kind of a logistical nightmare rolling this deep, but If any drunken 49ers fans pick a fight with one of us, they are in for an unpleasant surprise. lol

        • Peter

          Indeed. I’m not a huge Adam Sandler guy but I have an “o’doyles rule,” image running through my head if niners fans act stupid today.

    • Rob Staton

      Happy Thanksgiving!

      I think tonight will feel comfortable throughout for the 49ers but somehow, it’ll be a one score game in the fourth

  12. Mick

    Rob, enjoy the game & cha, thanks for the article. As usual I hope someone in our staff reads it.

    I don’t have expectations to win, it would be quite a miracle, but I hope we’re in it. I want to see them fight and I want to see a 49er with a bloody lip and if at the end of the game we didn’t make it but we did our best I’ll live with the outcome. My money is on a DK touchdown.

  13. Big Mike

    Excellent as always cha.
    Hope you enjoy Rob.

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here that doesn’t use the word “slave” when describing my thought process about the team.

    9ers 30, Hawks 13

    • Peter

      May the sweats be cozy and snacks flowing my friend.

      • Big Mike

        Back at you and if you’re do imbibe may the beer be nice and cold

        • Peter

          Got a big old bottle of ice cold martinellis waiting.

          Gonna be a “slave,” to the pumpkin pie😀

  14. UkAlex6674

    Anyone else still think the Lions will win?

    Currently 20-6 GB, and they just recovered another fumble.

    It’s got Detroit W all over it in a Thanksgiving day classic.

  15. 805Hawk

    While a Lions win is good for the Seahawks, the Packers are giving me a bit of hope that something weird might happen in Seattle today.

  16. ShowMeYourHawk

    Thanks for the write up, Curtis. If these next few weeks go as most of us anticipate, these breakdowns should be less cumbersome for you. 🤷🏽 Happy Thanksgiving!

  17. AlaskaHawk

    Thanks for your hard work Curtis, you have been a great addition to the site.

    The start of the Green Bay/Detroit game should give us some hope. Just because we are outclassed doesn’t mean the Seahawks will lose. That’s why they play the game!

    Other lessons, having a viable quarterback waiting in the wings is important, Love sat for three years behind Rogers. Granted the Packers record is worse than the Seahawks, but they look fine. Lets go get that shiny new QB in the draft!

    Go Hawks!

  18. Big Mike

    If Green Bay makes this lead hold up, they have a pretty good shot at finishing 9-8 and maybe even 10-7. Not saying they will but if the improvement of Love we’re seeing now continues, they’d be a playoff contender.

    • UkAlex6674

      100%. And no doubt they will have one eye on our next few games and the potential to over take

      • Troy

        Green Bay has a very manageable schedule the rest of way, no doubt.

        I give them credit for comjng out and punching their division leader in the mouth. Wish our finesse team had it in them to do something like this to the Niners.

        • Parallax

          They did it. 29-22. That much more pressure on Seattle.

          I think Rob’s analysis of what it would take to win is spot on. I just think it’s too heavy a lift to be anything but unlikely.

    • Mick

      That’s why you draft a QB if you plan to let Rodgers or Russ Wilson go. Maybe he sticks.

      • Parallax

        Love looked good today. I’ve not watched every Packers game but I’ve seen a few and this is by far the best he’s looked this year to my eye.

  19. Sten

    We have to pin out hopes on us being lucky this is a short week game where Shanahan hasn’t had ample time to prepare a killer gameplan

    • JimQ

      Does Shanahan actually do a real game plan? All this time I thought he was just drawing plays out of a hat. That hat has seemed to have a lot of screen passes in it, why don’t they ever work? Maybe PC should take over the calling of plays? Run, run, deep bomb, punt. Yes, that should work, (it always did at USC many, many, years ago).

      After watching the Rams game, I can’t believe that the results of this SF game could be any different. If anything, I fear the outcome may be worse. It will be interesting to see the non-SDB fan base responses and excuses. We will be eating thanksgiving dinner during the start of the game; I hope I avoid gagging on our turkey, or later, on my pie.
      Sometimes it’s difficult being a fan of a losing, going nowhere team.

  20. Parallax

    Nothing short of a Superbowl appearance will convince me the Williams trade was worth it, but I’ll give Pete Carroll a lot of credit if Seattle keeps this game competitive, let alone wins it.

    I’ve been super skeptical all year about this iteration of the Seahawks. I’ve felt certain this team is a dud, its record mostly an illusion, albeit one with some signs of great young talent. If they win this game or any of the three that follow, I’ll admit that I wasn’t completely right about them.

    That said, I remain super skeptical of our chances. I’m expecting a beat down, as bad or worse than in Baltimore. San Francisco is damn good. We are not.

    • Peter

      1 out of 3? Doable.

      Lay an egg against AZ, titans, or Stealers? Also possible.

      I have hope because Pete gets his guys up, home game, prime time.

  21. Peter

    Feel for Detroit fans.

    Alternately here’s to the Commanders sucking the funny out of the room for the cow poke’s fans.

  22. JimQ

    Fans over on seem to be somewhat optimistic. This shows you that a case could be made that maybe, just maybe they can win the game, I can only imagine winning if everything goes 100% perfectly in all aspects of the game, on offense, defense and special teams. SO, I guess there is always a maybe, even if it’s a 1 in 10+ chance. These are interesting history & performance comparisons, if nothing else (if accurate).

  23. Palatypus

    Bingo card.

    PC throws a challenge flag.
    PC loses the challenge.
    PC throws chewing gum.
    Camera pans to Jamal Adams dancing on the sideline.
    Quandre Diggs misses a tackle.
    Devon Witherspoon is called for questionable pass interference.
    Riq Woolen called for flagrant pass interference that wasn’t necessary.
    False starts on back-to-back snaps.
    Delay of game penalty because Geno calls too many audibles.
    Sack because Geno holds on to the ball for 5+ seconds.
    Holding because Geno holds on to the ball for 5+ seconds.
    DeeJay Dallas does something stupid.
    Jake Bobo catches a pass designed to get him killed.
    Colby Parkinson catches a pass designed to get him killed.
    Bobby Wagner gets beat in one-on-one coverage.
    Seahawks defense called for roughing the passer on a critical third down.
    Seahawks defense called for roughing the passer on a critical fourth down.
    DK Metcalf actually plays.
    Dk Metcalf gets ejected from the game.
    Dee Eskridge actually does something.
    Zach Charbonnet rings somebody’s bell.

    • Palatypus

      I’ll add two more.

      12 men on the field penalty against the defense in the red zone.
      Illegal formation penalty on the offense in the red zone.

  24. king

    Not sure if anybody has reflected on it, but there is a good chance that Brock Purdy is eating turkey on the Seahawks’ logo tonight.

    • Rob Staton

      Let’s not think about that 😬

  25. Palatypus

    Today we have Tra Blake’s officiating crew. He’s a software quality assurance manager from the University of Central Florida.

  26. Peter

    Let’s go!!


  27. Kyle R

    I’m very worried about over the middle in the intermediate area already.

  28. BrandoK

    Its hard watching bobby play always a step too slow

    • bmseattle

      yeah, they are already exposing him

  29. Palatypus

    Let’s get this beating over with.

    Think they will say, “Bye Felicia”?

  30. Denver Hawker

    Young Bobby stops that play immediately, instead now looks stuck in mud pushing CMC into space.

  31. Peter

    Jones….come on dude

  32. BrandoK

    This is going to be a long night

  33. Peter

    Something about limiting explosive plays

  34. bmseattle

    we have no answer.

  35. Scot04

    Far to easy

  36. Leo

    Jesus so many Niners fans too, this is going to be a humiliating night

    • Peter

      Waaaay to loud from them

  37. BrandoK

    SF are looking to target Bobby/middle of the field this whole game

  38. James

    walked down the field.

  39. Kyle R

    Jesus I could have walked through that hole.

  40. Peter

    Seattle needs a TD this drive. If niners get up they are almost unstoppable.

  41. bmseattle

    Man, imagine how easy that would have been if we didn’t have Leonard Williams being a difference maker.

  42. Troy

    As expected. So easy. No match schematically or physically whatsoever.

    • Peter

      More Jimmie and Joe’s plus x’s and o’s than us.

  43. ShowMeYourHawk

    Pathetic. Why Pete always opts to defer when his defense is sure to allow a lead is baffling.

    • Troy

      He still thinks it’s 2013

  44. Kyle R

    I would too. Debo, Kittle, and McCaffrey all too fast and physical at this point in his career and our safety are terrible.

  45. BrandoK


  46. Palatypus

    That’s one for the bingo card.

    Dee Eskridge did something.

    • Romeo A57

      I am stunned 😲

  47. Peter


  48. BrandoK

    WTF was that a QB run with Geno why why

    • Troy

      Broken play on your first offensive snap. What a joke!

  49. Peter

    No. You play deep after catching them on a kick off.

  50. James

    3 and out #1.

  51. Troy

    Wow. We managed 1 yard. Nice work offense.

  52. BrandoK

    Geno’s looking to throw multiple Ints this game

    • bmseattle

      Yep, weak/injured arm and playing from behind equals many turnovers.

      • BrandoK

        Gotta add throwing into doubled and triple coverage

  53. SeaTown

    Love the Waldron script so far. Charbonnet a nice decoy. SMH.

  54. Romeo A57

    Looked like a miscommunication with Charbonnet?

  55. bmseattle

    Two more turnover worthy plays from Geno.
    His velocity looks down tonight.
    He’ll probably throw a couple of picks unless we call some very safe passes.

  56. Peter

    Turnover worthy play and a qb keeper. Well if colt Mccoy says the play designs are good that’s enough for me….

  57. Troy

    This team is so soft.

  58. Scot04

    Amazing how 5yrds can impact a field goal. Still not over Geno choosing not to spike the ball on Sunday

  59. SeaTown

    Smith has a bad wing so let’s let him throw it 45 times tonight.

    • Peter

      Legit worried about this.

  60. ShowMeYourHawk

    Nice job on that series, Geno.

    It’s the Great Pumpkin, John Schneider!

  61. Peter

    Okay need a stop here because fieldgos in great position are not the answer.

  62. Palatypus

    Surprised Bryant wasn’t flagged for targetting on that kick return.

  63. Troy

    Our defense sucks.

  64. bmseattle

    zone isn’t going to work tonight.
    gotta man up

  65. BrandoK

    SF’s WR’s are wide open coverage is soo bad

  66. James

    I think the Niners could wear themselves out from being too productive on both sides of the ball.

  67. Peter

    Seattle kind of lost in defense…no really Raible. Thanks.

  68. SeaTown

    What an embarrassment. I’ve seen enough of Hurtt. He and Waldron need to go.

    • BrandoK

      Have to add Pete too

    • Peter

      Pete’s kid should be good to go. Why get a real coordinator.

      • SeaTown

        Nate Carroll OC. Has a nice ring to it.

  69. Troy

    1st and 18. Should be no problem.

  70. ShowMeYourHawk

    Maybe Purdy will hurt himself celebrating on the next easy touchdown and we’ll have half a chance.

  71. Scot04

    The only one who seems to be doing anything so far on defense is Williams.

    • Peter


  72. BrandoK

    Alot of SF fans at the game thats bad

  73. Palatypus

    Does DJ Dallas’s mouthpiece count as something stupid?

  74. Peter

    Wasn’t pretty but it’ll work.

  75. BrandoK

    OK what was that

  76. Troy

    High school offense

    • Troy

      2 drives. 0 yards.

  77. Palatypus

    That drive was an ugly Christmas sweater.

    More nog!!!

    • Romeo A57

      I think it is almost Lock Time. Geno doesn’t look right.

  78. Peter

    Maybe the niners will get enough penalties to stop themselves.

    • Palatypus

      I think we might actually have a good crew tonight.

  79. Peter

    And now Wyman is sighing into the microphone.

    • Big Mike

      He’s working on his next Jamal Adams excuse
      Or maybe it’ll be his next Pete Carroll excuse

  80. BrandoK

    How long are they going to keep sticking with Geno

  81. Troy

    Seattle is no match for San Francisco. I’m out. Family time is more important than this performance.

    • SeaTown

      Yup. I’m Not far behind you.

  82. ImUrHuckleBerri

    If Woolen isn’t going to actually hit. Take him out and put Bryant in.

    • SeaTown

      Woolen a huge disappointment. Bench his arse.

  83. dand393

    That was like watching a clown show trying to tackle Jennings utterly embarrassing

  84. Big Mike

    Remember when the seahawks did videos on how to tackle
    Good times

    • Palatypus

      The only one who touched him was Spoon and he held on.

    • Scot04

      Sadly those days are a bit blurry in my mind now. Seems like forever ago

  85. Kyle R

    The great hawk tackling at it’s finest!!

  86. Scot04

    Well brown and woolen were no help to Witherspoon on finishing off that 3rd down stop. Brutal tackling.

    • ImUrHuckleBerri

      Twice now where Woolen has came in there like princess avoiding contact.

    • Palatypus

      They ran into each other and took themselves out of the play.

      • ImUrHuckleBerri

        Came in there weak as hell is what they did.

    • McZ

      Witherspoon is not bulky enough to stop big receivers. Jenning basically carried him four yards.

  87. Denver Hawker

    Schneider to all the coaches: what would you say you do here?!?

    Pete: I have people skills!!

    • BrandoK

      Pete: Always compete

  88. Mick

    Rob was right, it might end up a one score game.

  89. BrandoK

    It’s getting harder and harder trying to find any positives with a Pete led team this is just sad

  90. Leo

    Someone put that missed tackle to Benny Hill music. Good grief, no one expects us to win, but you’d hope as a fan that we’d at least make them win it instead of playing like clowns

  91. Peter

    Cripes on a cracker.

    • Palatypus

      Actually, it’s hummus.

  92. Kyle R

    How can you even attempt to be the bully when you can’t tackle or even try and run the ball.

    • Scot04

      Hey Geno did on heck of a job tripping over Charbonnet’s Bully of a foot.

  93. Palatypus

    Pete: Always compete.
    Geno: Always Incomplete.
    Myers: Always feet.

  94. KnoxHawk

    My father in law just said, “looks like the Seahawks are playing flag football” – by god is he right

  95. SeaTown

    McVay and Shanahan have put a vicious beat down on Carroll the past two weeks. PC needs to go home and take a good long, hard look in the mirror.

    • Palatypus

      After I drink all this vodka and cranberry sauce, I’m gonna take a good long look at the toilet.

  96. Mick

    Geno being Geno. We need a QB.

  97. BrandoK

    Oh look a Geno Int

  98. Scot04

    I’m sure they’ll blame Geno’s elbow

  99. Kyle R

    The results of that and this game will look very similar

  100. Dave Stacey

    Run the ball!!!!

  101. Romeo A57

    I had low expectations for the Seahawks Offense tonight. So far they are way under those expectations.

  102. BrandoK

    Its time to put Lock in Geno’s looking for 3+ ints this game

    • Elmer

      They have a backup they don’t want to play. It’s like not having backup.

  103. Scot04

    Teams don’t even seem to worry at all about us trying to run the ball.
    Embarrassing for a team who’s HC wants the identity to be a team that can impose their will with the run.

  104. SeaTown

    So glad we are burning 2nd round picks on RBs we refuse to use.

  105. Peter

    Honestly great stand.

  106. Mick

    Our gameplan can’t be “throw it to DK until you finally make it”. Where are the TEs?

  107. BrandoK

    3 and out again

  108. Scot04

    Feeling bad for the Defense

    • Pran

      Defense sucks.. Clint can be fired right away

  109. BrandoK

    At least Williams looks good

    • bmseattle

      Enjoy watching him for no reason this year.
      We should have just waited and signed him as a free agent.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Then the Seahawks would have been stuck paying him 6 million plus a year. This way they can use him and dump him.

  110. Fan

    The Seahawks are a high school JV team compared to the 49ers. Embarrassing

  111. Kyle R

    Bully vs pretender game

    • bmseattle

      We are sooooo far away from competing against this team.
      It really puts things into perspective about where we are at in this rebuild.
      We need a lot more good players.

      • Gary

        We need a lot more good coaches.

      • Kyle R

        And all new Coaching staff

  112. Leo

    They haven’t had time to introduce the 49ers defense yet, have they? What a pathetic showing

  113. bmseattle

    Man we are the most un-physical defense.
    How many times do we have them contained, but somehow we don’t tackle and they bust through 3 defenders?

  114. Romeo A57

    Geno is hurt, and this game is most likely already over. Get him the hell out of this game.

  115. SeaTown

    Do the 49ers drop a 40 burger tonight?

    • Palatypus

      That is being conservative.

  116. Palatypus

    Speaking of Geno’s elbow, CMC has blood all over his.

  117. odway

    somehow even worse than my increibly low expectations.


  118. SeaTown


    • Gary

      Best line from Rob’s post-game video after the Rams debacle: “What is the point of Pete Carroll?”

      • Dave Stacey

        That was the line ‘what is the point in Pete Carrol?’

        Other than dicking around and having a laugh up in the PNW I don’t see it

    • Romeo A57


  119. Peter

    Easy to bag on the defense….two really good stops and the petehawks give 19 total yards, 1 first down, and 0 for 3 on third downs.

    Do they suck? Yep.

    Is the offense worse… decide.

    • Gary

      The offence is worse.

      • Romeo A57


  120. BrandoK

    Does Pete or Geno get any accountability for how terrible they are

    • SeaTown

      Pete is the emperor. There is no one in the organization that can or will question anything he does.

      • BrandoK

        That’s the sad truth about it only the late Paul Allen would’ve done something years ago

      • Dave stacey

        The emperor is wearing no clothes

  121. bmseattle

    charbonet wide open in the flat, but no… bomb to a doubled DK

  122. Peter

    Imagine lying that you spent all off season move and decision to beat the niners.

    • Palatypus

      Pete: Always compete.
      Geno: Always incomplete.
      Myers: Always feet.

      Schneider: Always deplete.

    • bmseattle

      Even worse… imagine if they are telling the truth, and this is the result.

  123. AlaskaHawk

    I’m in favor of putting Lock in for the third quarter and Ahlers for the fourth quarter. Let the Seahawks freak flag fly!

  124. Palatypus

    Tick that one off the bingo card. Geno had five seconds before the sack.


  125. pdway


  126. Denver Hawker

    4 weeks now of absolute dog shit football for this team- can’t wait sit to learn the next round of excuses

    • Pran

      I am here for the beat down. Every game should be like how Ravens beat us so there is no false sense of hope and Pete and Co can GTFO.

      • Gary

        Sad but true.

        • AlaskaHawk

          I want them to have a better draft position anyway. Beat Down! Beat Down!

          And unlike some , I’m perfectly happy with them sucking for that draft position.

      • SeaTown

        Yes. That might be the only hope he retires.

  127. BrandoK


    • Dave Stacey

      Fire Pete and Fire Pete 4 years ago

      • BrandoK

        His seat should’ve been hot for years but we have no owner that would do what’s needed.

    • Romeo A57


    • geoff u

      Jody would never and John Schneider can’t.

      • BrandoK

        And thats the truth John wants a change but just can’t fire pete

  128. Palatypus

    Deejay Dallas did something stupid. Check that off the bingo card.


    • Mick

      We’re really trying our best to make every possible mistake.

  129. Mike

    Where will we pick with a 7-10 record. Take a QB.

  130. SeaTown

    What a complete and utter shit show

  131. geoff u

    I dont know how theyve accomplished it but somehow this is the most pathetic Seahawks team I’ve seen in the Pete Caroll era

    • Pran

      I don’t know how Pete has affinity for bunch of losses like DJ Dallas. Must be nudes?

    • bmseattle

      The sad thing is, the hope was for improvement this year. A sign that the rebuild is working and we have hope for the future.
      Instead we are just spinning the same wheels we have been for years now.

  132. Romeo A57

    For the first time ever, I wish that Eskridge was on the field to catch that Punt. Que Yakety Saks- Benny Hill Music.

    • Palatypus

      Bonus points for a Benny Hill reference on a British blog.

  133. Gary

    Feeling bad that Rob made the trip for this, but feeling good that I sold my tickets.

    • BrandoK

      Atleast he gets to see the Apple Cup tomorrow

  134. BrandoK

    It keeps getting worse and worse. Why not just put Lock in what can you loose at this point how bad can it get.

    • Rowdy

      We might do better and there obviously looking to loss at this point

    • Gary

      Because being down by four touchdowns takes away more than half the playbook and sets him up for failure.

    • Palatypus

      It’s the headless turkey running around the barn yard.

      • geoff u

        Wait, all this time we’ve had the option of putting in a headless turkey?! I’m in.

  135. Denver Hawker

    Geno doesn’t eat meat?!?

    • Palatypus

      Just soylent green.

    • Denver Hawker

      I know it’s popular among some elite endurance athletes who look like twigs, but would love to know any vegan or vegetarian all-pro NFL players- seems unlikely

  136. bmseattle

    ok everyone… it’s still a 3 score game!

    • Palatypus

      Good thing we didn’t give away our secret plays against the Rams.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Wait What?? We have plays?

        • geoff u

          Shhhhh…it’s a secret. A very well kept secret. So well hidden away not even the team knows where they are.

      • bmseattle

        It seems like we are saving them for next week.

  137. Palatypus

    Shouldn’t it be illegal to have a robot at running back?

    You saw that, right?

  138. Leo

    I just can’t feel like this team is going anywhere until we have a real owner again. No one’s at the wheel, we’re running on autopilot and the results show it. One divisional round appearance in seven years…

  139. MattG

    Defense could be better. Offense is at least 80% responsible for the debacle though. D has shown make stops eventually. Can’t expect them to win the game single-handedly.

    • ImUrHuckleBerri

      I think the same. But it’s been going on for years with the offense. Just huge chunks of games where the offense just gives absolutely zero. Happened when we had Russell and with the amount of offensive coordinators we have gone through. Are they really the issue? As much as I like Pete I really wonder if he has influenced the offensive philosophy in such a way that you get those stretches of complete ineptitude.

      • pdway

        completely agree w this

  140. Hawks4life

    Pete needs to go, that is all

    • Seahawkwalt


  141. Gary

    Just think … we get to do this all again next Thursday.

  142. BrandoK

    How worse can it get

    • Palatypus

      Hold my beer.

  143. Palatypus

    Between Spoon and Forsythe, this team has some good wrestling moves.

    • Romeo A57

      Stone should have been awarded 2 points for that awesome Takedown.

  144. Dave Stacey

    This great Pete Carroll culture. Get your asses kicked and then give someone a cheap shot

    • Palatypus

      Always defeat.

      Always excrete.

  145. Gross MaToast

    Geno has an injured arm, something you’d think they want to protect.

    After thinking about it for a couple of days, Shane Norton Jr calls a QB draw on the first play of the game.

    After that it was all downhill.

    This is not a serious franchise as long as the current owner and coaches are in place.

  146. Kyle R

    Simpsons monkey paw curls

  147. Kyle R

    Meant that as a reply to BrandoK

  148. Rick Mirer Fan Club

    Good luck team, I can’t do this anymore after 35+ years of viewership I’m retiring from having hope. It’s been fun watching these teams some days, but I’m exhausted seeing an underachieving team get beat instead of doing chores or going hiking or fishing or really literally anything else productive. Appreciate the articles and analysis and mutual interest/camaraderie, and happy holidays!

    • Palatypus

      This is not Star Wars: A New Hope.

      This is the end of Rogue One.

    • bmseattle

      Well… I’ve got some leaves that need raking

  149. ShowMeYourHawk

    Debacle. Can’t wait to hear Pete’s “we just gotta keep pushing. I could do better” pressers.

    • BrandoK

      Gotta add if a few play just went our way we’re always in it at the end

  150. BrandoK

    Today marks the end of the Pete Carroll Era

    • KnoxHawk

      Haha wishful thinking

    • Romeo A57

      This should absolutely get everyone talking about where this organization goes from here. This team has not been on an upwards trend. It would be easy if Pete finally realizes that this team is still years away from contention and he retires.

      • BrandoK

        Pete will never realize that tho and thats the truth he will keep on spouting we’re always in the hunt so close

    • Elmer

      Yeah. It’s sad. You’re embarrassed for a man who has had a very distinguished coaching career. It’s like watching The Alamo.

  151. Kyle R

    We are really close…just gotta clean up a couple things.

    • SeaTown

      Pete: I don’t even recognize that. We’ve turned the page. We are on to Dallas!

  152. Peter

    Pro: some truth.

    Con: all the good folks from this site that went to this game.

    Geno airing it out in the second half should be brutal.

  153. Palatypus

    John Madden, John Madden, John Madden, John Madden, John Madden, John Madden…

    I hope the John Madden Christmas Special is better.

  154. pdway

    all this – and my dog got up on the kitchen counter and ate all of the leftover turkey.

    • Palatypus

      Is your dog a 49ers fan?

      That’s a little preview.

  155. Peter

    Miss my big dogs who could pull that move off.

    • pdway

      pretty sure he’s a Niners fan too

      • bmseattle

        He’s been holding back the “steal the turkey” playbook all off-season

  156. SeaTown

    Can’t wait to hear Salk and the Seattle media coddle Pete.

  157. McZ

    It’s the time of the year when PC starts to lose the locker room of his ill constructed squad.

    56 total yards. 7:29 possession. No run game. No use of TE.
    A defense, that’s more of a set of feature players than a unit.

  158. BrandoK

    Atleast after this game everyone sees this team as pretenders

    Plus we are stuck in purgatory with Pete at the helm of this team

  159. Palatypus

    I think Peters pulled a hammy.

  160. Scot04

    Imagine that an actual pass to a tight end

  161. Palatypus

    95 yard touchdown drive upcoming.

    • Palatypus

      Damn, I cursed them.

  162. Big Mike

    Hey Pete you’re tarnishing what legacy you have left. Please step aside…do what’s right for the franchise.

  163. Mick

    D putting more points than the O. Good job Jordyn.

  164. Romeo A57

    Yeah, A Seahawks TOUCHDOWN!

  165. Peter

    Great play. Nice to see them not quit with this offense

  166. Palatypus

    I think Riq got benched.

    • Scot04

      Yep. He did

    • BrandoK

      Can they Bench Geno to

    • Big Mike

      My guess is because he won’t tackle won’t give the effort to tackle

      • Big Mike


    • ok

      i was just ranting to family that when pete and the seahawks were cool, they would bench/cut/change personnel. glad that tariq got benched. diggs can get benched.

      kicking a field goal there doesn’t make sense to me.

    • Hawks4life

      Surprised it took that long, he’s been garbage all year. IMO he’s an average CB with great athletic potential. Our coaching doesn’t help

  167. Mick

    Someone should count how many incompletes to DK this game.

    • Scot04

      Don’t forget the drops

  168. KennyBadger

    One of the best catches I’ve ever seen in my life JSN. Also, Pete needs to go..

  169. Palatypus

    Pete threw the gum. Bingo card.


  170. AlaskaHawk

    It’s great to see some signs of life from this offense. Great interception by Brooks. Great catch from JSN.

    Lets hope the league doesn’t do any drug testing after the game. Just kidding!

  171. Mick

    All that for a field goal. Not good enough guys.

  172. Big Mike

    Red zone woes continue

    • bmseattle

      amazing that we could have potentially made it a one TD game there.

    • pdway

      man, we didn’t get the same call that they gave to kittle on brown in the first half

    • Palatypus

      And special teams are all over the place.

  173. ShowMeYourHawk

    Another red zone debacle. Drink.

  174. Romeo A57

    Disappointing end to a great drive. Nice to see some power running.

  175. KnoxHawk

    Nice drive. They were having some success running the ball, and yet, it feels like they are still getting away from it.

  176. SeaTown

    Don’t be fooled by this little spurt. When the game mattered it was 24-3.

  177. Scot04

    Bad no call on the play to njigba.
    Too bad they couldn’t do that for Witherspoon last week.
    Oh wait Witherspoon actually didn’t deserve a flag

  178. KennyBadger

    Peacock makes tackles sexy. Just ask him. Or give him 5 minutes if he’s ever out of the training room.

    • Big Mike

      18 million

  179. Big Mike

    And we got away with a DPI

  180. SeaTown

    For a defense that has been outclassed all night with the exception of one play these clowns sure do celebrate a lot of meaningless plays. It’s actually sickening to watch.

    • Wilson502

      Suckers for mediocrity.

  181. Big Mike

    That’s on Geno for having it snapped too soon

  182. Gary

    It never fails. A more competitive second half is gonna mask all of deficiencies and the fact that this game was lost in the first half, and is gonna allow Pete to get away with another week of his “we were this close and we just gotta clean a few things up” B.S. When what we really needed was a 45-3 beatdown.

    • Big Mike

      Likely tho 9ers will probably score another TD to make it more representative of the actual game.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Plus Geno is playing with an elbow injury and now a gimpy leg. Come on man, he will be even better when he is healthy! I just hate the way he freezes up when they blitz, just bends into a vertical fetal position around the ball and waits for the sack.

    • Troy

      If I hear this in any post game comment from Pete, I will lose it. This was an ass kicking in every meaning of the word. The offense earned 3 points. The defense has coverage and tackling breakdowns galore. This is a BAD football team.

  183. bmseattle

    Like clockwork… 3rd and long… deep drop… long developing play… Geno tucks and ducks… Geno gets sacked.

    • Big Mike

      What do you want something quick developing against a great pass rush?

    • KnoxHawk

      Really hating the gameplan on those plays. Or most plays actually

    • AlaskaHawk

      I want him to throw that ball in the first second when it’s an obvious blitz.

      • Big Mike

        But the qb has to recognize the blitz and then have some sort of pattern where there’s a quick throw option and I question whether either of those happen

  184. Palatypus

    Dickson almost fumbled that.

  185. ShowMeYourHawk

    Nice running backwards into a sack, asshole.

  186. KennyBadger

    My favorite part is when protection breaks down and geno poops in his pants. Anyone who thinks this guy can qb a team to anything meaningful should be committed.

    • pdway

      its like clockwork – every time there is any pressure

      • Dave Stacey

        Defense shows blitz. So hold the ball as long as possible and take the sack

  187. SeaTown

    Geno and Waldron have zero game situational awareness.

  188. Mick

    The most annoying part is that we didn’t lose the game because the 49ers are some sort of superteam that were out of our reach. With decent coaching, less stupid mistakes and a slightly above average QB we would have been in it.

    • AlaskaHawk

      It’s funny because the fan base has been saying that for years now.

      • Wilson502

        The “fanbase” for the most part are delusional.

  189. Gary

    Oh, so this is what you’re supposed to do when you have a lead in the fourth quarter!

  190. Big Mike


    Number 205 straight losses

    • Big Mike

      *Number 2 of 5 straight losses

  191. ShowMeYourHawk

    Maybe we’ll luck out and Clint Hurtt will choke while swallowing Pete whole, then fall over directly onto Waldron. Bada boom, bada bing. New coaching staff.

    • Peter

      I’m dying😅😅😅

    • Big Mike

      Haven’t scored a touchdown since the first quarter of last week.

  192. Peter

    That’s a lot of millions to spend to have two guys standing around doing nothing.

    Feel like me and big Mike could do that for a lot of savings.

    • Big Mike

      Oh hell yeah I’ll do it for half their salary

      • Peter

        Put us in coach.

  193. pdway

    o line is weak – but geno taking so many sacks has really become about our biggest issue on offense

  194. Big Mike

    Collinsworth you are an idiot
    Pete just went on a couple of national Championships at USC you know

    • Big Mike


  195. Gary

    Hawks offence with three touchdowns in almost 16 full quarters.

  196. Mick

    Great timing Waldron, use the TEs when it doesn’t matter.

  197. Tony

    Well atleast our team sucking has a good qb story. That’s a bigger deal than finding a good qb.

  198. Big Mike

    And there is the coup de grace

  199. bmseattle

    Parkinson just decided not to step forward a yard and get the 1st down before stepping out of bounds… and we turn the ball over on downs 3 plays later.

    • downtownjewelrybryan

      soft ass offense…bet they dont call shit like this on tell the truth monday anymore

    • Palatypus

      I don’t think Parkinson can see that orange line.

  200. Mick

    Three attempts for a freaking yard…

  201. Scot04

    Well that was embarrassing

  202. Big Mike

    Say it again
    Pete you’re tarnishing whatever legacy you have left please just step aside

    • Tony

      At this point, it’s the only way he chose to go.

    • Ashish

      Next 3 games please mark it L and i hope we let Pete go/retire.

  203. KennyBadger

    Someone needs to be fired over the 3rd and 4th down play calls. This thanksgiving I’m thankful for the Super Bowl win 10 years ago.

  204. SeaTown

    Geno and Waldron aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed. SMH.

  205. BrandoK

    Pete’s gotta go after this year

  206. AlaskaHawk

    Time to teach the Seahawks the Tush Push.

    • Palatypus

      I swear to God I read that the first time as turd polish.

  207. Big Mike

    Shanahan’s a moron for leaving Trent Williams in the game
    He’s way too important to the 49ers to be playing in a game that’s in the bag

    • Big Mike

      Keep walking Pete…. Right on into retirement

  208. Troy

    What an absolute ass kicking. Embarrassing night to be a Seahawk fan.

    • Big Mike

      Oh come on man we just need to tweak a few things we’re right there

      • Troy

        I hope this fraud of a team loses out.

  209. downtownjewelrybryan

    rob…hit the ID for some late night chinese food

  210. Denver Hawker

    Out coached again.

    We have talent. JS has drafted well last two years.

    The plays are boring, unimaginative, and defenders look out of place and confused.

    The poor product on the field is the result of coaching and scheming poorly.

    Sure, Geno ain’t it, but he’s not the problem. This team isn’t a QB or highly paid lineman away from contending with this coaching staff.

  211. Gary

    Pete looks … confused.

    • Tony

      Confused, senile, early dementia…

  212. Tony

    Geno all fiery during game. Moment it’s over, all smiles. Collect that check!

  213. Mick

    What’s the last time we won against a really strong team?

    • Troy

      We only beat teams with shitty QB’s. That is a fact over the past 5 seasons.

  214. BrandoK

    Can’t wait to hear what excuses Pete’s gonna say at his presser

    • Palatypus

      Yes, he chucked those free turkeys quite well. I saw Melissa Stark’s segment.

      • Palatypus

        Meant as a reply to Geno’s heroics by Pran.

  215. Pran

    Geno”s heroics

  216. 12th chuck

    Hard to guess what or who is cooked more, Pete Wadron or Geno. No question, they are all cooked

    • Palatypus

      Pete Waldron doesn’t know if he’s coaching offense or defense.

    • Palatypus

      And Shane Norton Jr. is completely screwed.

  217. Peter

    Heard a lot about Myers costing us the game against the Rams.

    Last four games:

    Geno: 3 tds, 21 points I’ll include PAT’s (BAL 0, WAS 2, rams 1, today 0)

    Meyers: 11 field goals, 33 points, I’ll minus the PAT’s

    Whether it’s geno, the coaches, or both this is unacceptable.

  218. Troy

    With the draft capital this team had the last 2 seasons, it is VERY concerning to see where this team is at from a talent, rebuild and overall performance standpoint. Very pathetic showing the last 4 weeks.

    • Tony

      I see talent tho. Young talent. But I see more bonehead coaching decisions, bad personel usage, bad schemes, bad gameplans. But I see actual player talent, which is good.

  219. Denver Hawker

    DK can’t catch footballs.
    Geno doesn’t eat meat.
    Waldron has no red zone playbook.
    No offensive TD in 20 straight possessions.

    Wouldn’t shock me to learn our o-line are eunuchs.

    What is happening?!?

  220. Elmer

    My main takeaways:

    The O line was overmatched.

    Metcalf looked overrated

    They were fun to watch. (SF, that is)

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