Tuesday draft notes from a Seattle hotel

I’ve arrived in Seattle (I don’t remember the flight being +10 hours, every day’s a school day). Quick shout out to Mattia who I met at the airport.

The jet lag is kicking in so I’m going to run through the weekend notes quickly.

— Another week, another electric performance from Spencer Rattler. Nothing is surprising with draft media but the total lack of attention paid to Rattler is unbelievable. He’s completely turned his career around. Gone is the cocky gunslinger who trusted his arm to a fault, basically doing whatever he wanted in the name of an attempted big play. Now we see an incredibly mature signal-caller who plays within structure, has the arm talent and skill to be creative on the move and he’s spent the entire year playing behind a sieve of an O-line, giving him first-hand experience of dealing with pressure.

Look at this throw:

It’s probably not in Rattler’s top-10 throws for the season (which is saying something) but it’s a big-time NFL play. He’s under immediate pressure. He knows he’s going to get hammered (and he was). He throws a strike anyway for a touchdown. He’s done this all season.

South Carolina have won five games this year and it could’ve been more. It’s all because of Rattler and the man who caught that touchdown, Xavier Legette. There’s no doubt for me Rattler belongs in the first round next year. If he lasts beyond that, someone will get a bargain. He is too talented to ignore. He’s been on a long journey from the High School documentary to Oklahoma and then South Carolina. The player we’ve seen this year is the player who was being touted as a potential top-five pick two years ago. A lot of the quarterbacks who are being talked up in the media wouldn’t stand a chance behind his O-line. He was superb against Kentucky on Saturday and don’t be surprised if a whole bunch of people suddenly remember who he is over the next few weeks.

— Jordan Travis suffered a serious injury on Saturday and will miss the rest of the season. It’s a crushing blow for a player who was showing a lot of promise as a potential mid-round pick (and it also pretty much ends any attractiveness in having Florida State in the final four). How will it impact his stock? He won’t be able to do anything pre-draft and teams will have to check on his progress and recovery throughout. It’s a huge shame for the player. I suspect this will have a fairly serious impact on his stock too, given the extent of the injury.

— Michael Penix Jr continued his run of being clutch, making some eye-catching throws while also being quite erratic and inconsistent in another win for Washington. You have to credit him for the way he is helping the Huskies remain unbeaten. You have to admire the arm talent. Yet you also can’t ignore what’s happened recently.

In the first four games of the season, his PFF grade was 89.9. In the next seven games, his average grade has dropped to 72.2. His completion percentage in the first five games was 75.9%. Again, the number has dropped considerably in the following six games (59.5%).

There’s another trend that’s interesting. PFF tallies ‘big time throws’ as a statistic. He had a season-high five BTT’s against Oregon State, matching the number he had against Oregon. He also had four against Utah, taking his season total to 30. This has enabled him to jump above Jayden Daniels (28) to have the second most BTT’s in college football behind Drake Maye (33). So while the completion percentage has dropped, he’s also started to make more big time throws.

Penix is a really difficult projection. Everything about his arm screams NFL starter. There are 3-5 throws every week where your jaw-drops — arm talent, power, accuracy, touch. Yet there are also so many throws that appear to just be pre-determined shots to areas of the field. Thus, the high number of incompletions. In the NFL you need to be able to throw layered passes with timing and anticipation. It can’t just be shots determined before the snap.

He’s also faced more pressure recently. He’s been sacked four times in the last four games, compared to one sack in his first four games. Penix faced 33 pressures in the first five games when he was putting up massive numbers. In the next six games, when the numbers dropped, he’s faced 67 pressures. Given he will face constant pressure in the NFL, is it safe to argue that what we’ve seen in recent weeks is a better reflection of what he’ll be in the NFL?

It’s also impossible to ignore the brilliance of Rome Odunze. Often you can just identify when he’s 1v1, throw it his general direction and his body control and tracking is so good he’ll make the play. He’s a first round talent.

I’ve spent more time agonising over Penix’s stock than any other player this season because it’s such a contrast in pro’s and con’s, what’s obviously good and what’s difficult to project as translatable. I’m hoping watching him live on Saturday might give me a definitive answer. I’m planning to publish my first horizontal board after the weekend’s college football games.

— It was more of the same for Miami and Tyler Van Dyke. He’s clearly a talented player and there’s a pro in him. However, the Hurricanes are just so badly managed he’s been caught up in the mess. He had some good throws at the weekend. He has a decent arm. He moves well for his size even if he’s never going to be an improv-artist or a threat with his legs. There are flashes where you think he’s legit, then he throws wildly on fourth down in the red zone with the game on the line. I actually hope he doesn’t turn pro and transfers to somewhere like Kentucky or Washington. Go somewhere where they’ve had transfer success with good offensive staffs.

— JJ McCarthy is the most overrated player in draft media. It’s not that he’s bad. He’s just not a first round talent. His arm is nothing special. His accuracy is spotty at best. Michigan have only played one good team (Penn State) and he had eight throws in the game. He’s carried by the rest of the team. On Saturday against Maryland he had a bad pick and two dropped interceptions. Where’s the hype coming from?

— LSU has decided that the rest of their season is a Heisman campaign for Jayden Daniels and I’m here for it. Eight total touchdowns on Saturday and they fed him every one. For more on Daniels, check out my piece from last week.

— Miami saftey Kam Kinchens. My word. He fell asleep in coverage to give Louisville their first score, not travelling with the man he was supposed to be covering. He was ‘Moss’d’ on a downfield shot. A tight end stiff-armed him into 2033. Then, after two other defenders ran into each other creating a wide-open receiver, the pièce de résistance. Kinchens had ideal positioning by the sideline. All he had to do was contain the receiver and push him out of bounds. It’s a bad play already, don’t make it worse. Somehow, the receiver (despite having no space) just runs straight by Kinchens. It’s one of the worst whiffs I’ve ever seen. It ended up being the game-winning score.

Sure, he read a telegraphed, poorly thrown pass for an interception from centre-field earlier. Great. The rest of his game was a house of horrors.

— From overrated to underrated — Washington State receiver Josh Kelly is a heck of a player. He produces spectacular plays, he’s a one-handed-catch ‘trick-shot’ specialist and he’s been a great target for Cam Ward. Another player I’m looking forward to seeing live on Saturday.

— T’Vondre Sweat needed a big season and he has delivered. He’s been the most consistent ‘splash’ interior D-liner this year. He had a blocked extra-point attempt on Saturday that was returned for a two-point conversion. His ability to create and disrupt at his mammoth size is highly impressive. If he can stay motivated and perhaps shift some bad weight, watch out NFL.

— Just as Will Howard was really finishing strongly, he had one of ‘those’ games for Kansas State and Kansas. He has a knack for bad turnovers and bad nearly-turnovers. Kudos to him for helping get the Wildcats over the line but it’s the type of game that makes you think day three instead of day two. That said, he did still have some really nice ‘pro’ throws in the game.

— There might not be a more unheralded duo in college football than Missouri’s Brady Cook and Cody Schrader.

— Carson Beck was excellent for Georgia against Tennessee — the best I’ve seen him play so far. I’m going to re-watch that game tonight before I collapse in a jet-lagged coma.

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  1. Palatypus

    Xavier Legette was invited to the Senior Bowl along with Spencer Rattler, but I am not finding out whether or not he accepted the invitation. Anybody know?

    I saw that T’Vondre Sweat accepted. I was starting to worry that the D-Line was going to be totally outmatched this year.

    Does anybody have stats on how long these quarterbacks hold on to the ball?

  2. Mike

    TVD to the Dawgs would be amazing. I can’t believe that Rob single-handedly changed my opinion about Rattler. The dude can play.

    • EmperorMA

      I don’t understand why anyone would think that a QB with hopes of improving his draft stock would do so by transferring to the Washington Huskies. Maybe because he’d automatically get a ton of wins in a weak defensive conference?

      The UW has the be one of the least NFL-like offenses in college football. I’d look at a transfer there for Tyler Van Dyke as at the very least a lateral move or maybe even a step down if you’re trying to improve your NFL readiness.

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        They won’t be in a weak defensive conference. They’ll be playing the big boys in the Big 10. I agree about the non-NFL offense though.

        • Peter

          UW, OU, USC, UCLA might be in a very rude awakening very shortly.

          • Peter

            Utah in the big 12 will be very odd. The only defense and a team that forever struggles finding a QB.

            • Group Captain Mandrake

              Don’t worry, they’ll have the same QB they’ve had for the last, what, 6 years? Cam Rising is going back for a 7th year.

            • BK26

              They sound exactly like Iowa….they’ll get along just fine!

              The teams will have quite an adjustment with the physicality.

              But the Big 10 will as well with the influx of offense.

  3. DJ 1/2 way

    Welcome to Seattle Rob!

    I am a Husky fan and Seahawk fan and I do not want to see Penix drafted by the Seahawks. Odunze yes, but give me Rattler with the first round pick.

    I think one game can change a team and change a season. The Husky-Oregon game changed both teams and while they are both undefeated they headed in different directions. That said, the comparison between the Huskies first five games and next five is off. Three out of conference games and one easy game against the bad California defense is skewing the numbers. I say throw out the numbers and trust your eye on Penix. This blog audience knows your track record there. (it was good to see DTR come through last week!)

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you!

    • Peter

      What are you getting with penix?

      The clutch throws?

      Or the do nothing stretches like last Friday?

      Or both?

      • Palatypus

        Peter, I have a Thanksgiving Mutha’ Goose nursery rhyme just for you.

        Michael Pratt could eat no fat,

        His wife could eat no lean,

        And so her site on OnlyFans,

        Was hardly ever seen.

        • Peter


      • Jason Eric Nelson

        In fairness to Penix, in the Oregon State game he was hitting guys right in the hands and they were dropping it left and right in the rain. Seven drops, plus another catch or two where the receiver caught it in stride and promptly slipped to the ground on the wet turf instead of turning it up for easy gains. Change even half of those to catches and his game stats would look an awful lot better.

        • Peter

          I like penix but it’s not just drops. As Rob breaks down pressure goes up, success goes down.

          Same with everyone of course but the swing between those points is pretty significant.

          • cha

            As Rob breaks down pressure goes up


            • Parallax

              Of course not but the concerns about Penix are legit. I agree that he’s one of those guys who’s difficult to project. Of couse that’s true of every quarterback who gets a shot in the NFL.

        • DJ 1/2 way

          Agree on the rain, drops, slip and such. Also agree Penix looked better vs OSU. Saturday is suposed to be sunny, and the Pac-12 Championship is in Vegas. We might not see those conditions again.

  4. cha

    Did the little orange football make the trip, Rob?

    • Rob Staton

      It didn’t — I’ve decided it’s too precious to travel these days 🙂

      We’ll have to win without it

  5. JimQ

    Has anyone seen any tape or have any additional knowledge of EDGE-Jalen Green from James Madison?

    Per cfbstats.com — In the 9 games played so far this season he is #1 in FBS in both sacks & TFL’s.
    Green currently has 15.5 sacks for 120 yards and a 1.72 sack per game average and currently has 21.0 TFL for 132 yards and a 2.33 TFL per game average. Additionally, Jalen Green has 50 total tackles, 1 INT (pick-6), 1-PBU, with 7-QBH & 2 FF in those 9 games. My thoughts? He often looks like a man playing against boys. I think I’ve seldom seen a better spin move and some of his sacks are ridiculous. Seems good in the running game defense as well. He obviously overcomes his size with his quickness, hand use & speed. He has been listed at 6-1/245 with unknown length, he may seem small, but he has plus, plus movement skills, body control and speed.

    Recent highlight tape, Green is #10 and gets his name mentioned a whole bunch.
    I wasn’t able to find Green in current rankings, so he’s a small school unknown, I guess. I can’t imagine scouts (including the Senior bowl director) not taking some kind of notice on stats alone. Thoughts?

    • JimQ

      I just saw that Jalen green had a knee injury (unknown extent of injury) and is out for the season after drawing considerable NFL interest in the last few weeks. This obviously eliminates the Sr. bowl, combine, etc. and makes him very much a later round crap shoot prospect. Still may be worth consideration if at the low cost of a late round pick or UDFA signing????

    • Palatypus

      OL Nick Kidwell was the only player on the Senior Bowl watchlist from James Madison from the pre-season.

      I haven’t seen any of James Madison this season, except a ten-second recap when they finally lost on Sportscenter.

  6. Peter

    The heisman is weird.

    Going back to the turn of the century it might be the least indicative award of future success. I count Burrow and Lamar as the ONLY players I’d want on the seahawks.

    Mariota, mayfield, murray and a whole host of do nothings.

    Rob and I have disagreed but the Outland, etc though not total hits have better hit rates.

    All this to say I’m not against Daniels but he needs a year to learn a pro system.

    * very bummed for Travis

    * is howard JAG? Leaning toward this though I still have hope.

    * rattler. Let’s run, not walk to the podium for maybe the only qb who doesn’t need a bridge year. Yeah I mean Williams as well.

    • UkAlex6674

      Agree. The Heisman ain’t what it used to be.

      Growing up over here in the 80s and living on minimal college football info (pre-internet), the Heisman for me was the mysterious pinnacle of college football as an individual. Maybe not having much access made it that way for me. Even Aubirn were good back in those days.

      But now……meh.

      My favourite now is the Rimmington trophy.

      • Peter

        Even stateside college was so regional that Heisman had a mythical feel to it.

        Now it’s just: most points wins! Regardless of context on the team. It’s sort of like how the MVP vote now has gone off its axis.

        Stroud or Garrett are the most valuable players this year. Lamar is balling. Tge ravens are so good on defense, special teams,without taking anything from him the other two names are just way more important to what is going on with their teams.

        Back to college. Like the Rimington, Butkus is pretty solid. Bednardik is probably filled with the most names that we all know….meaning I think it’s a solid guide.

      • Parallax

        The Heisman has never necessarily correlated well with success in the NFL. Doug Flutie anyone?

        • Parallax

          Having said that, Flutie’s a terrible example because he wasn’t really given a chance. Too much bias against short QBs in those days. Black QBs too. How many guys might have been stars if given a chance in a supportive environment, not just at QB. So much of what happens in sports is arbitrary.

          • Peter

            It used to be. Go check out the heisman winners this century. It’s fools gold.

    • Palatypus

      It’s not all bad for Travis. He could declare eligible, get signed undrafted with his pick of teams (and get to negotiate), rehab in a pro facility on the PUP list for a year while learning a pro offense in meetings, and then be a backup for a year. Entering the third year he could compete for a starting job. Then if it doesn’t work out and he gets cut, he can swim to better waters.

      • Peter

        That’s pretty solid. Maybe that’s right instead of an on the cupboards 3rd rounder some team never considers.

        I just feel for him because a team like saints, atl if they can’t or wint push the chips to far in for a qb could take someone like him as that plus development guy.

        But I like your scenario quite a bit.

  7. Donovan

    Go Cougs!

  8. WLO333

    Its hard for tell how well Penix could handle a consistent NFL pass rush since his line is so good. His accuracy seems to dip significantly when teams get pressure on him. Gotta love those Russ like moon balls, but I wonder if he could place so many good throws under duress as Rattler did against Georgia. Here’s that performance that maybe could have been a victory if not for the two picks he threw:


  9. GeorgiaSeahawks


    Looks like DT Jer’Zhan Newton of Illinois is headed to the Senior Bowl. Would’ve been so nice to have either QB Rattler and DT Sweat in rounds 1 and 2, or DT Newton and QB Daniels in the reverse order.

    But we had to trade away our 2nd rounder to get Leonard Williams so we can win the Super Bowl this year. Made us look even more foolish when the 49ers got a much younger and better player for a 3rd a day later.

    • Peanut

      Both of your suggestions would be stellar. Imagine trading for a player with premium capital and lose 2/3 games right after

  10. Peanut

    Question with the LSU QB looking interesting and Rattler being a sneaky candidate
    Would you prefer another run=pass or a pass>run QB?

    • BK26

      Pass>run. Rattler I don’t see getting overwhelmed. I still see that in Daniels. And I don’t know how he will do if he’s having a bad day. Rattler can clearly get though hard days. And it’s better to have the running aspect as the sneaky surprise when the defense falls asleep than the other way around.

  11. Big Mike

    I mentioned him earlier this year, but do me a favor Rob and take a look at Lincoln Victor, WR Washington State and let us know what you think..

    • bv eburg

      Also watch a lot of WSU Mike.
      Victor, my concern with him is size and speed. Love him as a college receiver but not sure he will survive at the NFL level. Kind of reminds me of a smaller version of River Cracraft.
      Kelly, again think he is a decent college player and that’s about it.
      Ward, man he’s hot and cold. Last year his footwork was so bad he was inaccurate. But this year there’s been some improvement. He still get’s into odd throwing setups because of his feet and it still leads to accuracy issues. He has turnover issues at this level as well which would only get worse at the next level. For me he is more geared to arena football than the NFL.

      • Big Mike

        Yeah size will definitely be a negative.
        I live in his hometown (Vancouver, WA) so am interested because of that.
        Ward? I just don’t see it though maybe with better protection………..CFL for him?

        • bv eburg

          Yeah CFL a good thought for Ward.

  12. Joseph

    It’s funny how Rattler isn’t considered a 1st round pick in a lot of draft projections. Maye, McCarthy, and Williams I feel are hyped up too much. Rattler gets a bad rep for his experience in Oklahoma. I think he’s the most pro ready of all the QBs. The team around him isn’t very good. But I kinda want him to be looked at as a 3rd or 4th rd pick so he’s not on a lot of teams radar. But that could change with a good senior bowl performance, combine, and pro day.

    • Jabroni-DC

      The media’s radar often proves very different from how the draft actually falls. Look at the QBs from 2022 for instance. Many were hyped rounds above their actual selection slot.

      • Peter

        Speaking of goofy media stuff. Read a borderline AI generated article about Rattler being cagey as to whether he is going to declare.

        I mean….maybe SC fans really love him and don’t want him to leave but if he doesn’t go I assume he’s getting into media, coaching, other at that point.

        • Rob Staton

          He might feel like with another year, a better season for SC, he could properly elevate his stock.

          But I don’t want to think about that 😂

          • Peter

            I’m going with Nagy’s tweet to mean Spencer Rattler and not Stone Cold Steve Austin is going to shoeing out at the Senior bowl.

            • Peter

              Showing out.

              • Blitzy the Clown

                Hey don’t pooh-pooh a really good shoe

      • BK26

        I feel like that was more the starvation of NO quarterbacks being good in 2022. Media tried and tried to hype them up, its just more exciting with quarterbacks involved.

        We haven’t really seen anything quite like that: no qb’s being drafted in even the second round (Picket was clearly a Pitt connection). Even in the third, it turned more into a value pick than “oh, so and so is still there??”

        It would be nice if Rattler stays under the radar, but it’s just not going to happen. It’s not like Lucas. It’s the most important position in sports. There are just too many smart coaches and gm’s and he is just way, way too good. I think if John wants him, he’d better be able to move up.

        • Peter

          The Lucas thing is right. Our own media folks will talk about how surprising he was as a run blocker mentioning air raid.

          That was on a corbin/Rang show I believe.

          I get its WSU but that wasn’t true then.

          Rattler at the Senior bowl. Short of injury, tomorrow’s takes today…”rattler surprises as he ‘potentially’ enters first round consideration.”

          • BK26

            I think him going to the Senior Bowl is what almost makes sure he will go where he should. Short of someone going absolutely going nuclear and dominating the game.

          • AlaskaHawk

            I like Rattler and applaud Rob for his early analysis and recognition. Unfortunately everyone else will also recognize him soon. Which is why I have a hard time getting excited about any quarterback this year until I see him available when the Seahawks draft pick comes up.

            If he’s as good as projected that puts him in the top 3 with Williams and Ewers. Which would be awkward for our current draft position. I really don’t want to root for Seahawks losses but it looks like it will happen anyway. I would just like to see them get into one of those top three picks.

            • Peter

              Current pick #22. I think that’s still the range.

              You mentioned and I agree it’s very hard to be too hopeful on a player you like at this point in the process.

              • AlaskaHawk

                I figure by the end of the season the Seahawks will be picking around the #16 spot. That should get us the third or fourth quarterback. I forgot about Daniels in my thoughts above, and so that would be four quarterbacks that will go either in first round or high second round.
                We should be able to get one of the above.

                • Parallax

                  Honestly, I consider 16 overly optimistic (in terms of the season it would require). I think we lose badly on Thursday and then lose the following three. When all is said and done, I’m guessing we pick somewhere from 10 to 15. Possibly lower. I see the success we’ve seen this season as mostly illusion. I could see us finishing 7-10 or 8-9. For me, 9-8 would be an outlier best case scenario.

  13. Sea Mode

    So, reading that 2nd to last paragraph, will PC/JS just go ahead and grab him in R1 or will they have the strength to hold off until R3? LOL


  14. Sea Mode



  15. Peter

    Watched a fun less weird than normal Hawks pod last night and the only thing that made me sit up was….

    The seahawks have been planning all off season for the niners with all their moves to build the team, expect potential trick plays and secret plays yet to be revealed.

    Sounds fine if slightly conspiratorial.

    Except surely no team would get swept by a division opponent who is not mathematically out of the playoff hunt and owns you as a coach rivalry to focus on another team in division?….

    Then I remembered Pete got the band together to celebrate the nine year anniversary of the superbowl winning team and would have driven the oberto hydroplane around lumen himself to hype the team to face the fighting Russels….only to not be prepared for a good deal ( half) of the remaining 16 games.

  16. Blitzy the Clown

    Well for once I’m a little jelly I don’t live in Seattle. Hope you have a fantastic time

    Maybe it’s just recency bias but when I compare what I thought about Mahomes in 2016 to what I think about Rattler now…

    I think more highly of Rattler.

    Obviously Mahomes went on to become something much, much more than he was in college. And I’m not saying Rattler will be another Mahomes. So many variables go into it.

    But IMO 2023 Rattler > 2016 Mahomes

    I also think Rob’s right. Rattler won’t get out of R1. Probably won’t last to Seattle’s pick unless we really do go .500 or less and miss the playoffs. And even then, he still might go earlier than that.

    • Peter

      Rnd one that is the question.

      The mahomes thing is weird because my lasting memory was we already had a qb and it was hard to, still is, predict how that system/style under coach handsome would look in the pros.

      I’m still curious how baked in bias from his younger days carries on through the off season.

      • Peter

        Just one site…( walter so handful of salt)

        1. Williams
        2. Maye
        3. Sanders….?
        4. Daniels
        5. Mcarthy….a pass less passer
        6. Rattler…..rnd 2-3
        7. Penix…..same
        8. Ewers….same
        9. Nix….same

        Then a whole bunch of weirdness like Hartman , Ugalalei (sp?),

        • BK26

          Daniels winning the Heisman, Penix being right behind him, and Ewers declaring and showing his magic in the offseason will be big for Seattle. Both if they want any of them, or if they are targeting Rattler.

          (Just realized that Daniels, Rattler, Nix, and Penix are all the same age)

          • Big Mike

            Mahomes got Andy Reid
            Rattler would get Pete Carroll?

            • Blitzy the Clown

              Russell Wilson got Pete Carroll ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

              Carroll can make magic happen, especially with young’uns. He just can’t sustain it like Reid.

              And not to scratch old wounds, but how different would the trajectory of this franchise be, Carroll’s legacy be, if only 42 had ended like we all thought it was gonna?

              • Blitzy the Clown

                Ugh of course I mean 49

            • BK26

              Might want to look at it like Carroll has Rattler hahaha.

              I would have more faith in him running the offense than Pete, tbh.

  17. ANDREW

    I really like Rattler esp after you started bringing him to my attention, lets hope the media keeps sleeping on him and Seattles gm has the stones to pick him in the first rd like they did a slot CB with pick #5 last yr.. I have been a massive fan of Ward since he transferd to Wazzu last yr, makes amazing throws with a sub par team around him most weeks he plays against pac 12 teams, I look forward to your write up on him after watching him live, enjoy your trip. Cheers

  18. RMK-LouCityHawk

    I know I’m not the only one who waits on the horizontal board like it is Xmas morning.

    Rob always has a dozen or more players I have missed or didn’t really appreciate.

    Particularly looking forward to Edge, OBLB and Safeties this year.

    • Peter




      DT, DT, DT……

      I hear you on the board. Can not wait. The true kick off to the season.

  19. Happy Hawk

    Welcome to Seattle Rob!

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you!

  20. Red

    Rob, welcome to Seattle! Hope you have a great time at the game tomorrow and enjoy your time here. Wonderful write up as well.

    That Rattler throw is really nice, what impressed me the most is how quickly he delivered the throw. I havent watched him much, but that quick throwing motion was beautiful. Under pressure, no long wind up, gets the ball out quick. Really impressive. Time to spend the next several months taking him in every mock draft I do.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Red!

  21. ShowMeYourHawk

    Enjoy your time in the PNW, Rob. Let’s hope the Hawks game is at least competitive, if for no other reason than to justify the flights to and from. Cheers!

    • Rob Staton

      I’m at peace with the Thursday game 🙂

      I’m looking forward to just watching it and if they lose, meh. I’ll just look forward to the hockey and Apple Cup

      • Lupe Green

        Rob, will you be attending the Canucks/Kraken game on Friday?

        • Rob Staton

          I will! Thanks to Cha

      • JimQ

        My last plane ride was from Dubai to Amsterdam and finally Seattle, total transit time including layover was over 22 hours. For the very first time in probably 50 flights over the years I actually got a little sleep, likely from pure exhaustion. The jet lag thing is indeed a real thing. Welcome to Seattle Rob, I hope you have a great experience and come back soon.

  22. Rob Staton

    Today, my mission is not to buy too much merchandise

    I am addicted to buying anything Seattle sports related. Hats, hoodies, any old tat.

    Wish me luck

      • Rob Staton

        Even though I am clearly Canucks through and through 🙂 I am going to be buying some Kraken stuff today

    • Peter

      Black logo on black hat is always sharp.

      And if you get to the market you can find my favorite game day shirt:

      Rock out with your hawk out with the old logo in the spot of well….

    • Sea Mode

      Seahawks throwback incoming? But what number…?

      • Rob Staton

        I tried but sadly NFL jerseys never fit me! I’m too tall and long. So they end up too big or too small. I would’ve probably gone for Mafe (that’s what I tried)

        • Peter

          Surprised. Thought for sure it would be witherspoon.

          • Rob Staton

            I didn’t see any Witherspoon’s to be fair but now that you mention it, he should’ve been the choice

  23. cha

    Action Green uni’s, and the Seahawks are distributing light bands for the halftime Steve Aoki show.

    Mental note: no need to have any caffeine before heading out for the game.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Do the Dew!

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Shiny distractions to take attention away from the on-field performance?

      Perhaps the Hawks took a page out the M’s operational guide.

      • Big Mike


    • Rob Staton

      I wish we could just wear the throwbacks

      • Peter

        I wish the throw backs were just the standard.

        • Big Mike


        • 509 Chris

          I must be the only one who thinks this but I don’t need reminding of the 80s and 90s hawks every week, but I love them compared to those ridiculous action greens.

          • Peter

            I’ll take the 80’s.

            We could actually run. And there was no confusion who gets passing targets.

        • Rob Staton


  24. pdway

    Important crowdsourcing question. I am still alive in my football suicide pool – one of 43 survivors, down from 880. Last one standing stands to get around $19,000…..

    My best remaining choices (point spreads not relevant): (1) Ravens over Chargers (in LA); or (2) Vikings over Bears (Monday night game in Minnesota).

    what say this wise crowd, 1 or2?

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Tough one. Chargers are more talented than the Bears but divisional games are sometimes wacky and Staley has likely lost the L.A. locker room at this point.

      I’d say Ravens over Chargers.

      • Peter

        Same. Hard to know when Fields is going to have a great game and the pass-stranaut is a fun story but still kind of shaky.

        Chargers feel like they might be giving up.

      • Palatypus

        I think the announcers said that the Chargers hadn’t won in Green Bay since 1984.

    • RMK-LouCityHawk

      I’m in similar straits this week, final ten in 3 pools.

      I have either the Vikings or the Colts, With the Colts at home.

      I had planned on taking the vikes, but cousins.

      In your case, I think I would go Ravens.

    • Brodie

      Ravens for my 2 cents.

      Charger wins: Vikings (should have lost), Raiders (AOC’s 1st game), Bears (Tyson Bagent), Jets

      Playing decent teams they never seem to pull it out. Baltimore is definitely a decent team.

  25. UkAlex6674

    Have a great trip Rob.

    Are you meeting up with any others from UK Seahawkers?

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not planning to but happy to chat to anyone!

  26. cha

    Florio & Simms talk SEA-SF and each guy busts out great metaphors to describe the Seahawks


    • pdway

      damn…the ‘rolodex offense’ metaphor stung b/c it’s struck home so well….

      • Peter

        Dang. In before me. That comment hurt. But true.

        Florio made a point that’s been ringing in my ears since Sunday when we lost….if we end up with the same record as the Rams we’re out.

  27. Andy J

    Where’s the SDB bar (what they call a pub in your parts) meetup??

    • Rob Staton

      There’s a bar in the hotel I’m in! (Mayflower Park)

      And think I’m eating at a sportsbar nearby

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        So what time’s the meetup in the hotel bar?

        • Rob Staton

          Hey just say a time and I’ll be there!

          It’s quite a nice bar actually

      • Peter

        Dang wish I was still in my hometown.

        I could give you 1000 tips but the only one I’m envious of….if you drink coffee on Friday morning walk on over to 5th and pike to a tiny hole in the wall and go to monorail espresso. Top 5 coffee in Seattle. Top 1 within four blocks of you.

      • Andy J

        I’d invite you to Thanksgiving… but assuming you’re gonna be at the game.

        • Rob Staton

          Appreciate it, I am going to the game

  28. Sea Mode

    LOL! If this is even true, I’m sure the No Fun League will soon hire someone to review this and fine him…


    • Palatypus

      Well, they have those commercials for deaf player technology. Why not a deaf official?

      All of them are blind already.

      • Big Mike

        I literally LOL’d man

    • king

      He is a child. I know he works hard, but he puts way too much of his on field mental energy on this shit.

  29. WLO333

    Rob, it will be fun to hear about yout Seattle experience.

    I just wanted the mention that the Seahawks website fieldgulls.com (which links to your site almost every week under “Pre Snap Reads”) ran a piece explaining that the botched field goal management issue last week was due to a helmet speaker malfunction that caused Geno to have to audible. It shows that there was a lot of green past the first level, had they gotten past the first line. It probably still wasn’t a good choice.


    By the way, Pre Snap Reads is how I found out about your site in the first place, probably a couple of years ago.

    • BK26

      Still on Geno. Have to know the situation and know to spike it.

      They are prone to making excuses for him and the team.

      • WLO333

        You’re probably right, but to be fair, the writer didn’t excuse him in this case:

        “Personally, I don’t give the team a pass based on this excuse. Geno Smith had a great opportunity to make the call here and spike it; he is a decently compensated veteran who shouldn’t need a playcaller to tell him to spike the ball in this situation.”

        Neither did Pete, according to the writer:

        “We didn’t do it right. We didn’t do that exactly the way we’d like to do that. Didn’t come out right.”

        I like the amount of content found on fieldgulls, but they are prone to bad analysis and foolish notions at times. For example, not too long ago one writer was trying to convince people that running the football in the modern NFL was completely worthless to the point that teams should actually stop doing it all together. I found that to be quite rediculous.

  30. cha

    Marshawn is a national treasure


    • Peter

      If I had not seen Mike florio rocking out to “windy,” on a recorder on PFT today Marshawn getting a 1 of 1 jersey would have been the best thing on the internet today.

  31. Rob Staton

    Jet lag is a nightmare

    • geoff u

      Traveling east is always the worst. I always have a hard time arriving in Asia. It should be much better for you on the return though. There’s an app called timeshifter that’s supposed to help you coordinate when to sleep, haven’t tried it yet, but i will give it a shot on the next trip.

  32. Hawkdawg

    I don’t know whether WSU’s front 7 will force him to show it, but Penix’s athleticism is underrated. The guy can get out of trouble and throw on the run as well. He does have a very strong instinct to stay in the pocket. But if he is forced, he can move and make good throws out of his normal pocket and rhythm. He shows that every now and then. Certainly against USC, for example, and last week against OSU. Both throws to tight ends, in fact, good distance and on the sideline.

    What I’ve noticed in the last few games, though, is that he has had a tendency to sail his throws high. He almost never misses low, but he certainly does miss high.

  33. geoff u

    Pretty Spencer Rattler or bust at this point, though there’s a few other QBs I wouldn’t mind taking a chance with. It’s obvious why the media doesn’t get it, they’re allergic to homework, but the big question is what teams are going to do their homework on him?

  34. PJ in Seattle

    Sadly, barring an inury, I think Rattler probably goes in the top 10 and out of range for us by the time the draft rolls around. The media’s gonna hype a bunch of other QBs like Penix, Nix, Sanders, McCarthy, etc. but I think more than a few scouting departments are going to have him in the Top 3 QBs in this class along with Williams and Maye when it’s all said and done. The game tape certainly shows it, he has shown the ability to face down adversity and improve his game, and he’s pro-ready. We can hold out hope for a Levis-like fall, though.

    What would really suck is if Rattler did fall to our pick and we passed him up to fill a legit need at LB with someone like Barrett Carter or Jeremiah Trotter, Jr. With our 2nd rounder gone, any hopes of landing Rattler would surely be down the drain witout a huge overspend of draft capital to trade back up.

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