Instant reaction: Seahawks humiliated by 49ers


  1. Mr Magic

    you were right, the Leo Williams trade is the worst move PC and JS have made since the Adams trade and its now a total debacle. How do you give up 2 huge draft assets when you are on a draft heater heading into the most consequential QB draft in a decade for a distinguished but aging vet who you now have to pay to justify the move??

    No ownership oversight to stop PC from his mental demons!

  2. DavidM2

    It’s was so bad Rob used Harold on the background for the video thumbnail 🤣🤣🤣. There is so much pain behind that smile

  3. God of Thunder

    I wonder, did Schneider sign off on / agree with trading a fair amount of draft capital for Williams?

    I’m looking for a silver lining here. Surely it cannot be that both the Head Coach and the GM are blind to the lack of talent on this roster? The silver lining would be that ONE of JS and PC is clear-eyed about the team.

    The only good news is the team’s youth, rn.

    • Parallax

      That youth doesn’t do us a lot of good if we don’t get much done while they’re on rookie contracts. Trading that second was beyond imbecilic. Was obvious to me the moment the trade was made. I said so in Seaside Joe, repeatedly, and pissed off some people, including Kenneth and got kicked out. That’s how I wound up over here. I’m hoping this is a place where people are open to opinions they don’t agree with. On this occasion, my view is in line with that of the guy who runs the place but it may not always be. But I think it important that people feel free to speak their truth.

      I feel bad about what went down because I enjoyed hanging with most of the folks in that community. It’s a shame when the powers that be run someone out for having an unpopular opinion. There were definitely those who appreciated my presence.

      • Hawkdawg

        I think Kenneth is beginning to see the error of his ways…the Williams trade was awful. Not because Williams is awful, but because of 1) the yawning chasm between who the Hawks are and where they need to go to be even close to one player away from serious contention, and 2) the cost of a second round pick next year, when we need every damn pick we can get for this team, including especially a high round pick.

        • Parallax

          Right, well I wish he seed his error in excluding me. It was weird. He wouldn’t tell me why he had banned me. I wrote several times privately and he never responded. Then I posted a goodbye comment which he deleted. Some of the fellas responded, expressing regret that I was leaving and hope that we could work it out. Kenneth deleted my comment and wrote a terse explanation of sorts, asserting that I had been a problem for a year and that he wasn’t going to say more. I honestly have no idea what he was talking about. That was news to me.

          Alas, it’s definitely a first world problem. I miss that community but it’s the sort of thing that happens on the internet all the time. So easy for people to misunderstand each other when we know each other only through words on a keyboard. The human heart doesn’t really come through without faces and voices and inflections and non-verbals. We don’t really get a sense of one another.

          • Parallax

            Seed? Did I really write that. Should teach me to proof read. Of course I meant “saw’.

      • Chris

        Yep. Next year and the year after that is the window. After that the draft class with Walker, Lucas, etc, are up to get paid and bumped to market value contracts. Best case scenario, they draft a good QB next year, and really compete the year after before everything starts becoming due, hopefully cleaning up their mismanaged cap situation by then as well. I don’t have much hope …

  4. Hebegbs

    The 4th and 1/2 yard to go call epitomizes the dysfunction of this team. The reality is this team and coaching staff are nowhere near the top in the NFC. Pete seems to have fooled himself yet again that they are right there and competing, enough so to trade a 2nd and 5th rounder that could immensely help the rebuild, with 1 player that is not close to getting them over the top. One that they can’t even afford to keep end of year even if he proves worth keeping.

    I’m ready for Pete to step down and give someone with new ideas a chance. This team is like bad deja vu. Crap O line. Invest in TE’s and don’t use them. The highest paid and worst safeties in the league year after year. Pass rushers that can’t pressure the QB with any consistency. This team is flat boring and just not enjoyable to even cheer on. Time for a big change. This mediocrity is old.

    SF is a great team, but that is no excuse for what we are seeing from the Hawks.

  5. SteveInSequim

    I brought my daughters(16 and15) to the game today. It was their first NFL game. They had a blast despite how bad the first half was. We almost threatened to male it a one score game in the second half. We were seated not far from the EZ with our pick-six. It looked like Geno was not very good. Hopefully the Huskies win this weekend because the Seahawks amd the M’s have been downers for Seattle sportsfans this Thanksgiving. Anyway, I hope we decrease our spending on safties that aren’t so good and try to better address the QB situation at some point. Also what happened to Woolen? I did not see him in the second half.

    • Parallax

      I’m glad your girls enjoyed the experience. That’s definitely the most important thing. I still remember the games that I went to as a kid. Hopefully you gave them some lasting memories of a great experience with you.

      • Peter

        As long as it’s not the 92′-’94 seahawks…..then I wish to forget that.

  6. Marc

    The 2023 season is over. It’s time to clean house and start over. I am sick of seeing the same problems week in and week out. Ownership needs to intervene and fire the whole lot of them.

  7. Malanch

    If only ownership could fire itself … sigh.

  8. Parallax

    Thanks so much, Rob, for putting in the time to recap that game despite the long flight and the long day. Hope you managed to find a late bite on this holiday evening when most everything was probably closed.

    • Peter

      A cheap Uber or a brisk walk and he could have been enjoying a dicks deluxe….

    • Rob Staton

      I am starving 🙁

      • Parallax

        Hope you found something. No fun to collapse iin exhaustion, half starved.

  9. Peanut

    Oh boy oh boy. sometimes, just a few times, i am actually glad i live in EU and don’t stay up for the late night games. This had to be a true pain to sit through live.

    • Mick

      I woke up at 4am to see the game. Totally not worth it.

  10. Palatypus

    Rob said,

    It was like Bobby Wagner had cement for feet.

    Always concrete.

    • 805Hawk

      That’s a pretty solid take. Really weighs on you. At least his place in NFL history has already been cemented.

  11. Gross MaToast

    There are facts that we ignore when calling for “cleaning house:”

    – The owner is an unknown commodity. She seems to be largely hands-off when it comes to Seahawk matters. She may sell soon; she may not.

    – Pete Carroll answers to no one. He is, arguably and outside of Jerry Jones, the most powerful individual within a single franchise in the NFL. His hand is in every aspect of the franchise. Pete does not fail; he is failed by others. He’s likely being paid to hold the fort until the team is sold.

    – I, and this may just be me, don’t want Pete involved any way in the drafting of the next QB. I don’t want Pete involved in growth curve that new QB should experience. Calls for a new QB before a new regime is in place seem shortsighted if Pete or Shane Norton Jr (or any OC named by Pete) are involved. “Well, Russ turned out ok.” Great argument. Russ had Marshawn, a good OL, and one of the top 3 defenses the league has ever seen. The next guy seems highly unlikely to be so lucky.

    – “Seahawky” means nothing anymore if not referring to overpaid/underperforming and needlessly showy. Their offense should be as well choreographed as their dance routines after the rare touchdown.

    – The team has reached that dreaded place where no self-respecting coordinator is going to sign on for a year, or two of the Pete experience. He’s 72 and ownership is in flux. Better to wait on the next opportunity if you’re an up and comer. That leaves yes men and “Pete’s guys.” Replacing Shane Norton Jr will result in the same significance we’ve seen since moving on the Shottenheimer years – negligible. It’s Pete. It’ll be Pete.

    – Franchises can turn on a dime with some small measure of competence, planning, and a little luck. The right hire at the top can begin assembling a very good team in short order. Dolphins and Texans apparently made decent decisions and it shows. New ownership in Seattle could do the same.

    There’s no question that a house cleaning is in order, but it starts at the very top. I believe May, ’24 has been mentioned as the earliest possibility for a change. That’s not far away.

    • king

      I don’t think Pete had a lot to do with it but let’s be right about this: Wilson at his peak did not have Lynch, a top O-line, or a good defense. He also never was a part of a team losing 3 games in a season by 17 points or more and he was almost certainly the reason that didn’t happen from 2017 on. There is more talent on both sides of the ball right now than Seattle had 2017 to 2020, when Wilson carried the franchise. Revisionist history about Russ runs rampant.

      • Gross MaToast

        Revisionist history? The statement was that as a new QB, Russ had Marshawn, a good OL and a great defense – something the next new QB is highly unlikely to have. I said nothing about “Wilson at his peak.” It’s arguable at this point whether Russ “carrying the franchise” through some absolute shit rosters did more harm than good. Without him, it’s probable that changes would’ve been made years ago.

        Also, if you don’t think for one minute that there is any aspect of this franchise that “Pete had a lot to do with,” you’re sadly mistaken.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I used to get mad at the late Wilson era non-performance in the first half. In fact I skipped watching the first half for a year. But he was also the king of 4th quarter come backs. Geno has been more consistent in being non=consistent over the entire game. But it’s pretty obvious that when the pressure is on in the 4th quarter Geno will not rise to the occasion.

  12. PJ in Seattle

    My expectations were low going into this game, and were met. I don’t recall feeling this down on the direction of the team since the Jim Mora experience.

    Paul Allen wouldn’t have tolerated this.

  13. 805Hawk

    It’s Pete’s roster, Pete’s coordinators, Pete’s philosophy, Pete’s lack of discipline, Pete’s clock management, and it should be Pete’s head on the chopping block. It’s time. Move on. (But we all know that ain’t gonna happen.)

  14. Hebegbs

    The only thing mildly entertaining from a Seahawks perspective last evening was when the cameras caught Pete chewing his gum furiously, tossing it toward the stands (amazing he had time to do so before getting sacked or just holding the gum in his hand too long and sacking himself) and then reloading another full pack in his mouth.

    This team is adrift. Where are they going? They got whooped and are also losing to bad teams like the Rams and almost choked against the Commanders (who are terrible). They are nowhere near the top of the league. Miles away. I see no plan. Trading for L Williams for a 2 and 5 proves to me they have no clue what they are or where they are going.

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