Do you hear that?

… It’s the sound of a thousand pennies finally dropping.

Here’s an ESPN report on Jalen Carter’s pro-day performance:

Georgia defensive tackle Jalen Carter was nine pounds heavier than he was at the NFL combine about two weeks ago and couldn’t finish his position drills at Georgia’s pro day on Wednesday.

Carter, who was once considered a potential No. 1 pick in April’s draft, weighed 323 pounds at the pro day. He opted to do only position drills and didn’t participate in other aspects of the workout, including the 40-yard dash, cone drills and other physical tests. Carter didn’t finish the position drills because he was cramping up and breathing heavily.

He is not being drafted with the fifth overall pick.


  1. geoff u

    What is there to even say at this point? What’s obvious is obvious.

  2. Troy

    It’s funny that some of us (me) were saying that he reminded us of “he who shall not be named” (Malik McDowell), and that just seems to be coming more and more true as time goes on.

    It’ll be real interesting to see how far he slides and what his pro career turns into, my bet is on big slice and huge burn out once he signs his deal.

    • seaspunj

      yup Malik McDowell 2.0 … i am sure JS/PC have learned their lesson from the past …

  3. OakleyD

    Said it before & i’ll say it again……guy’s a prick!

    Move on………next………no interest

    • Hawk Mock

      Come on AZ, do the right thing at 3. He’s the answer to all your problems.

      • cha

        At one point their entire front office had reckless driving/DUI’s in their jacket.

        Just saying.

  4. TomLPDX

    Really wish we could stop giving Carter air time.

    Are we still waiting for Tony to drop his twitter tidbit?

    • Peter

      Tom I’d love that.

      But instead tonight I’m going to fire up the YouTube to listen to two guys I generally like while I’m making dinner, though don’t agree with on everything let’s say “locked on hawks,” set up a twister sheet and play a game of twister on air explaining how an even heavier non testing Dlinemen is somehow a blend of Tez, Suh, and Donald and how he’d be THEE perfect choice at pick number five.

      That’s why we sadly keep talking about him.

  5. HawkFanGA

    Hard pass on Carter in the first round. I would consider taking a gamble on his talent in round two or later, but the red flags here are clear and obvious.

    • jed

      I’d take him off the board entirely. If I was spending millions of my company’s money, I wouldn’t gamble that on him changing. Too much risk for me.

      • BobbyK

        I’d take a flier on him in the 7th round.

    • Chris

      What do we think the chances are that Arizona, assuming the keep their #3 pick, takes Tyree Wilson, or even Carter? Wilson could blow up his pro day, or they could make terrible decisions and take Carter. Not out of the realm of possibility. Would absolutely set up the base case scenario for Seattle.

  6. Ian

    My Newfoundland gained about 9 pounds in 13 days when he was a puppy and was growing like crazy; otherwise, gaining that much weight in that short a time seems pretty challenging to do.

    • Trevor

      Newfies are awesome dogs! You are right though 9lbs is a lot. I ate and drank like a pig at an All Inclusive in Cancun for 10 days a few years ago and still didn’t gain that much.

      • Peter

        Yeah but did you stop running windsprints?

        • Trevor

          Only sprinting was to get another drink 🙂

          • Peter


            Still…you kept getting those reps

          • Group Captain Mandrake

            But you kept grinding. I have a feeling Carter has one of his buddies get him a drink.

            • geoff u

              Carter will be doing the racing, i mean driving, afterwards. What a guy.

              • Group Captain Mandrake

                Right? The idea of drafting this guy in the first, let alone at the top of the round is nightmare fuel.

                • Hebegbs

                  Appears Carter only runs from one thing. The law.

                  Seriously his mental state must be really poor. He’s just throwing $ down the drain. Really quite sad. With that said, no thank you regarding being drafted by the Hawks.

  7. UkAlex6674

    It’s not his talent you’d be gambling with.

  8. Brazilian_Ivan

    It’s absurd to draft Carter at this point.

    I think we’re more likely to draft a QB or Anderson as Rob points out, but I believe with the Seawawks a curveball is always possible (Van Ness? Nolas Smith?)

    • OakleyD

      Save the curve balls for #20 or #58.

      I believe JS could get creative with those picks.

      @ #5 the talent is obvious and arguably fits a need.

      @ #37 there should be A LOT of similarly graded players to pick from so we can afford to fill a need rather than taking an unnecessary risk

  9. Hawkhawk


    • Big Mike


  10. KennyBadger

    This guy won’t stop with extra baggage, literally and figuratively.

  11. geoff u

    It’s really unfortunate for us though, I’d rather he lit it up, or at least did the basics, to push him back into the top 4. But it’s really coming down to the four horsemen or Mr Anderson.

    • Peter

      “The four horsemen and Mr. Anderson,” I’m stealing that for a young adult fantasy fiction series about a guy tasked with doing all the mundane clerical work for the horsemen.

      The wildest thing about Carter, for me, though is last year his own teammates put in a show to see who could outdo each other at the combine. And Nolan Smith. You think any of that would have rubbed off on him.

      • Elmer

        A##hole with a low IQ. Can’t get out of his own way. End of subject.

    • PJ in Seattle

      This is how I feel as well – was hoping Carter would test well and get some other teams excited about him, because I was positive he was already completely off our board. Now he’s off a lot of teams boards, pushing the value up for the other DL guys we’ll be coveting.

      Dude is just a mess and after this Pro Day clown show, he’s likely not even getting picked in the first. Someone will probably take a flyer on him Day 2, but I’m glad it won’t be us.

  12. Trevor

    Who do you think has the most sacks next year as a rookie?

    Will Anderson
    Lucas Van Ness
    Tyree Wilson
    Myles Murphy
    Will McDonald
    Nolan Smith

    Realize it’s hard to predict till you see what team drafts them and the scheme they play.

    • Peter

      Macdonald followed by Anderson followed by Keion White. Dude is a plus athlete with length and a serious motor to at least get cleanup sacks.

      • Trevor

        I agree with you on all 3. Tyree and White was a toss up and depends on the scheme / where they are drafted I think.

        • Peter

          Yeah I’d tie tyree on there. Dude at least looks strong. On a 4-3. I think he’s a great fit.

  13. seanmatt

    Maybe we can draft him in the 2nd round and play him as a nose tackle. Who knows how big he will be by then!

    • Big Mike

      4 bills?

      • BobbyK

        Maybe LenWhale White can train him:)

  14. DK

    Cue the “we can now get Wilson at 5 and Carter at 20 and have a dominant defense next season.” crowd.

    Carter probably wasn’t on the Seahawks draft board before, now it for sure he isn’t. Too many Seahawk fans will just keep going back to his talent and potential, not looking at the full picture that more than likely he will never maximize both because he wont work as hard as he needs to, to be a game wrecker on the defensive line.

    I have been a hard pass on the kid for awhile, but he just keeps showing why.

  15. cha

    Oh yeah. Inject it into my veins.

    • RugbyLock

      Pass the needle Cha!

    • Rob Staton

      Second clip the turf gets Scherff as he tried to re-anchor. Never a big fan of these types of videos where everything is amazing. More often than not the highlights are just rushed out for positivity clicks

      • cha

        It’s OK to have a piece of pizza once in a while Rob.

  16. Palatypus

    Okay, let’s set up our bingo cards for the next 44 days.

    Weapons charge
    Drunk and Disorderly
    Lewd Conduct/Streaking
    Assault & Battery
    Wreckless Driving
    Failure to Appear
    Sexual Assault/Rape
    Criminal Trespassing/Skateboarding


    • Gaux Hawks

      funny, because it is true (but still very, very sad)

    • God of Thunder

      “Streaking” … doesn’t that imply running?

      Take streaking off your list!

    • 509 Chris

      Littering and…. littering and…..

    • Hawktalker#1

      Are these proposed coming accusations or something else?

      • 509 Chris

        I was making a super troopers reference

    • OTS

      Marijuana. Double points for bong, triple for gas mask.

  17. Tecmo Bowl

    I’ve never seen a player so gassed at a pro day. Nolan Smith literally hadnt broken a sweat, while Carter is taking a knee, drinking water and getting cooled down with water. Dude is straight out of shape.

    Carter has talent for days, sure looks like he’s throwing it away. Its pretty sad to watch tbh.

    • cha


      One year I went to the first day of camp in 2017 and Ahtyba Rubin was there doing DL drills. Get in line, push the coach holding the bag, circle around and do it again.

      Every other player was doing it without trouble. Rubin was huffing and puffing. Taking a knee in the back of the line and getting water.

      Turned to my friend and said ‘he’s not making the team this year.’

      He didn’t.

      • Tecmo Bowl

        Believe it.

        It’s like they didnt workout at all, and are spent after markups. Theres no excuse for that. None.

  18. John

    Woof,doesn’t look like he’s trained at all for his pro day.

    • SpennyDunks

      Dont understand how you can piss away millions like this.

    • Cysco

      LOL, looks like he got winded half way through the drill. “Take me out coach! I need a breather!”

      • Roy Batty

        Him lazily pushing that last bag is him in a nutshell.

    • Saucetrich

      Dear lord. Looks like me stumbling home after enjoying a night out of drinking & copious amounts of food.

    • Rob Staton


      It’s the next Aaron Donald!

      • Hawktalker#1

        Exactly, it is unbelievable how disrespectful spectators can be watching Aaron Donald 3.0, who is easily and the undisputed best player in the draft. I still see teams trading up for him?

  19. TheSeaDane

    Hi, Rob (or anyone of you for that matter). What are your feelings on Cory Trice from Purdue? It seems he has the size of an old-school, prototypical Seahawks corner. Not to mention decent speed and explosiveness considering his size.

    I also read that he ran the three-cone in 6.70 seconds (not Julius Brent speed but still quick) and the 20-yard shuttle in 3.96 seconds (quicker than any CB at the combine) at Purdue’s pro day.

    Is he just a long athlete or is he actually a draftable CB prospect?

    Keep up the amazing job,
    greetings from Denmark.

    • Rob Staton

      Not someone I’ve watched, apologies

    • Tecmo Bowl

      Cory Trice looks like a great day 3 option, in a deep CB class. What little bit Purdue had Trice in press, he looked really good. Not the most consistently aggresive tackler at corner, but is not afraid of contact or collisions. Played in a scheme where he has done most of what would be asked of him in Seattle.

      TE Payne Durham is a player I think JS/PC will like in day 3 as well. Needs to get stronger- a year in the in the weight room like Parkinson would pay dividends. Looks natural catching passes with very strong yet soft hands. Consistently makes contested catches in traffic. Knows and accepts his role as a blocker and a 3rd down/red zone target. Former lacrosse player who had college offers, before falling in love with football his HS senior year.

  20. Tecmo Bowl

    Following up with Jim Nagy about Carter:

    “From what I’m hearing, doubt Carter makes it out of top 10.”

    Find it extremely difficult to believe JS would draft Carter.
    Lions, Raiders, ATL, Bears, Eagles?

    • BK26

      Seems like a fit for the Raiders. Now that I’m thinking of it, kind of similar feel to Jamarcus Russell.

      • geoff u

        Ah, but all the draft “experts” have the Raiders taking Levis, and us passing on Levis to take Carter. Me thinks the opposite is most likely.

        • BK26

          Same people that have us still drafting Carter and don’t even mention any issues.

          I agree, the opposite has a much better chance of happening.

      • Tecmo Bowl

        Raiders are always a wild card. Wouldnt be surprised if Chicago takes him. They could sell the pick to their fans- “Carter was in the mix at #1, we got him at #9, along with DJ and the picks.”

        The sooner he goes to a team other than the Seahawks the better.

    • Mick

      In the meanwhile, Penny and Homer graciously saying their Twitter goodbyes to Seattle. There is a reason why players keep coming back.

      • JimQ

        DEWAYNE MCBRIDE RB, UAB, 5-10/209, Might be a RB option, he runs HARD. Checkout his YPC.

        Career stats: 484/3523/7.3-ypc/36-TD’s. Made Bruce Feldman’s Freak’s List – ranked #93. He wrote, “McBride, who ran for 1,371 yards and 13 touchdowns while averaging 6.72 yards per carry and led the nation with an average of 4.72 yards after contact, cleans 345 pounds and bench-presses 385 and has squatted 550. In addition, he ran the 40 in the very low 4.5s.”

  21. cha

    Have fun with that, Canales

    Ian Rapoport
    Sources: The #Bucs have a 1-year deal for QB Baker Mayfield for $8.5M, giving him the opportunity to battle for the starting spot with Kyle Trask. A marquee name off the market.

    • Peter

      Damn some of these people need a thesaurus.

      When was the last time mayfield was a marquee name?

      • cha

        • Peter

          Nicely done.

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        Thesaurus? They need a dictionary to understand what marquee means.

        • Peter

          Even better

  22. Blitzy the Clown

    Watching Free Agency Frenzy on NFL Network and they’re talking about Darnell Washington to the Bears at 9.

    I love Washington. Would really love to pair him with Colby Parkinson and dwarf opponents.

    But he’s not going to be the first TE taken. I’m not sure a TE goes in the top 10 this year, though I could see Mayer go that high.

    • Ralphy

      I said this on here the day the trade happened. I believe CHI made that trade knowing that they would still be taking the top of a tier that they want at 9 and that IMO that means they are taking Darnel Washington and getting another weapon for Fields.

      • Ralphy

        Or Mayer of course.

  23. Palatypus

    I would take Keanu Benton seven days a week and twice on Sunday before I would take Jalen “Junk Food Dog” “Chocolate Cake” Carter.

  24. GrittyHawk

    At this point I am just genuinely concerned for him as a human being. Clearly he has some issues unrelated to football. I have no interest in drafting him but hopefully he lands somewhere with a supportive environment where he can figure things out.

    • Tecmo Bowl

      Same here.

      The only way I’d consider Carter is: IF Carter is in a Lael Collins fall, where his agent instructs teams not to draft him, and Carter wants to play for PC. Its not going to happen, but id give him a chance to get right in that no pressure environment.

  25. Aaron Bostrom

    Excellent news! Now he’ll definitely be there at 5 for us to snag! 😂

    Yesterday Wyman brought up that Nagy said Carter was likely off their board due to what Carroll and Schneider have said.

    • Rob Staton

      Imagine my shock…

      • Roy Batty

        Salk wasn’t buying Nagy’s comment, though. He kept pointing to them bringing Reed back.

        My take is that the Reed suspension was 4 years ago. To my knowledge he hasn’t had another issue since.

        One player seems to have cleaned up his life. The other is about to be handed more money than even he has ever seen and his life is falling apart. Not a good combo.

        Apples, meet Oranges.

        • Peter

          I’m over the mental gymnastics.

          Look Reed. I’m not apologizing, excuse making, anything. But another big difference if I recall was that happened on the team. He was all about football prior to the draft. And he wasn’t some magical all world generational (alleged) talent.

          He was a good value player at a good value pick.

          A top five gift of a pick for a guy who the mcshay character concerns are bearing out right before us who has none of the apparent desire that his own teammates have/had? Because he knowingly was told he’d “be a top ten pick,” before the season.

        • Rob Staton

          I wish someone would put to Salk that there’s a difference between your philosophy on draft picks (people you bring into your program with your biggest asset — draft picks — in this case, the #5 pick) and people you already know and have worked with for years

          • seaspunj

            salks logic of good to great has holes in the logic …

            specifically if the player he wants in Carter has a high chance not producing and or even not playing at all due to the major red flags. Carter had his proday workout he has to show up and perform … if a player already not trying for the biggest interview of his life … i would be extremely concerned when the player gets paid and most likely wont put in the extra work needed to be a professional football player to take it to the next level

            not interested in carter and dont want to ever reward players with entitlement

            right now loving the Seahawk moves rebuilding their dline

            no issues with drafting a different DL in 2nd and having the Seahawks rebuilt their Dline with Jones and Reed

            so pumped with this upcoming draft

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Jim Nagy @JimNagy_SB
        Replying to @jflannez19

        From what I’m hearing, doubt Carter makes it out of top 10.
        7:10 AM · Mar 15, 2023

        This shocks, but doesn’t surprise, me

        • Roy Batty

          I hope he isn’t in the green room on draft day.

          Too much of a distraction compared to the guys who actually put in the work sitting around him.

        • Peter

          Da Bears

        • Rob Staton

          Today might change that

          Atlanta are a big BPA team and the Bears could’ve taken him

          Not sure they’ll feel that way any more

  26. Peanut

    You’ve nailed it Rob. This is the only site i will check for anything about seattle and their drafting etc.

    Also, Quandre Diggs is trying to be the #1 recruiter for Seattle it seems, for better or worse.

  27. Jordan

    This guy isn’t made of the right stuff.

    Maybe he’ll pull it together in the pros, but maybe not. I’m not willing to risk the 5th overall pick to find out.

    1 of the 4 QBs, or Anderson.

  28. Scot04

    Things I’m tired of hearing about:
    1. Jalen Carter or Tyree Wilson at #5
    2. QB shouldn’t be an option at #5
    3. Anything about Aaron Rodgers.

    • Rob Staton

      10000000000000000x this

      • Big Mike

        Fuck Rodgers. Dude won one ring and has shrunk in the playoffs the last 5 or 6 years.

        • Peter

          I’m so sick of the real housewives of Aaron rodgers.

    • cha

      4.Bobby Wagner reunited and it feels so good
      5.Seahawks have the best safety tandem in the NFL

      • Big Mike

        Nice low key Peaches & Herb reference cha.

        • cha

          Oh and

          6.Lamar Jackson is being colluded against and it couldn’t possibly be he’s causing his own mess

          • Peter

            Yep. Couldn’t possibly be that teams aren’t just not doing the Cleveland thing for a guy with injury history who is regressing as a passer.

            • Peter

              Too many double negatives.

              • God of Thunder

                But fewer negatives than Lamar Jackson … badda boosh, I’ll see myself out

          • Trevor


          • Brett

            That one is so dumb. Schefter leaked Baltimore’s contract proposal from September and I’d guess teams already knew about it and realize his demands are unrealistic so they don’t want to engage, especially because he doesn’t have an agent. If he did have an agent he’d be at least $50M richer today.

    • Hawktalker#1

      I would add: “AR15 is rubbish and shouldn’t even be an option in the first round. His completion percentage is horrible.”

  29. HOUSE

    There is word (I cannot confirm) that a 3rd traffic incident with Carter actually happened between the September ticket and the Fatal Accident in January.

    The kid just continues to show he’s going to need to be babysat. I was hearing he didn’t test at the Combine because he was preparing to show off at the pro day. What is he doing??? 🤦‍♂️

    • geoff u

      You can’t babysit this kind of self destructive behavior, and why would you want to disrupt your entire team attempting to do so? He will be off the team and out of the league in a few years.

      • HOUSE

        Exactly. He’s not worth the headache to me and it blows my mind that there are still so many people sticking up for him, saying that we can’t let him get past us at 5.

        I personally wish everybody the best, but my hopes aren’t very high for this kid

    • Mick

      I recall Al Woods moving much smoother than that and he’s 35.

    • TomLPDX


      Well played…the sigh at the end says it all.

    • IDhawk

      He looked like he was about to pop a hammy just turning the corner. Legitimately almost stopped mid way through the drill 😂 Unreal how much damage he’s done to himself…

  30. Palatypus

    Jalen Carter is sinking like a gravity bong.

    • Rowdy

      We need to trade up to get then! The high you reach after that gravity bong sinks is unprecedented lol

  31. Big Mike

    Malik McDowell 2.0

    • Scot04

      So much worse than McDowell

      • Matt

        Yep…way worse.

    • Zeke

      McDowell had slightly better college production tho

  32. Scot04

    Amazes me how it’s taken his Pro Day failures for people to start to believe there’s a possibility the reports about him might have been true.
    Still guessing Bumpus would still go Carter over QB, as well as many of Seahawks twitter.
    Unfortunately, those who are now off Carter say it’s either Carter or trade down. Still so many against QB.

    • dregur

      No, now people are saying we can trade down to get him…at 8.

      Frustrates me that people do not see the huge red flags.

      • Peter

        Oh yeah at 8 now that’s good value…..

        The problem with the always trade down folks is what player and what team wants that?

        I really like Anderson but is he going to be a player that teams are burning picks to come up and get.

        Just there’s no thought put into some of these ideas.

  33. Scot04

    Meant Anderson or trade down.

  34. Dubb

    Indy has been quiet. Does anyone think that they might make a play for Lamar Jackson, instead of drafting a QB?

    • geoff u

      As long as they don’t trade #4 in getting him, otherwise it just means Baltimore will be drafting a QB instead.

      • ukalex6674

        but….but…but….they have another Pro Bowl QB…..what a joke the Pro Bowl has become!

        • geoff u

          Tyler Huntley made the pro bowl how did i miss this 😂

          oh right, because no one pays attention to the pro bowl

  35. Erik

    This is now enough evidence for me. What a shame.

    Question for discussion: if we don’t go QB and we don’t go Tyree Wilson and we don’t trade back, who would you like to see us draft at 5?

  36. Robert Las Vegas

    I am out on Carter too many things keep piling up

    • God of Thunder

      “Cars? Bodies?”

      Me: “and pounds!!”

      • Jordie

        Definitely not Dollars on his rookie contract though.

  37. GrittyHawk

    I would love to take a flier on him in round 7 if we implement one of the following strategies:

    1. Play him at NT since at this rate he will be 375 lbs by the start of training camp
    2. Repossess his car and make him bike to the VMAC. That solves two problems!
    3. Hire a sponsor to be glued to his ass like Cutter in season 1 of Loudermilk.

    • cha

      Remember 2020 when the Seahawks brought in Snacks Harrison and had him exercycle for like 3 weeks on the practice squad before putting him in a game?

  38. Ashish

    One month ago no one was talking about Anthony Richardson or Will Levis as 1st round pick let alone in top 4. So other people takes time to catch up. The good news is what matters is how JS feels about the QB? What he thinks about character for drafting players? He has already made that clear in his show.

    There’s no chance Carter will be drafted at #5. I’ll just watch how those people change the tune once JS draft QB.

  39. Kuya

    Rob, any thoughts on Georgia’s other EDGE – Robert Beal Jr? The lack of experience may scare teams away (10 starts only in 5 seasons), but the measureables are Seahawky.

  40. LouCityHawk

    There are three things that have baffled me about the Jalen Carter love:

    1. He was completely absent in the Ohio State game.

    2. His legal issues stemming from the accident are serious, presenting a very real possibility of him being mentally or physically unavailable. Won’t say anything more on this, other than people should talk to real practicing lawyers about his potential criminal and civil liabilities.

    3. He is interviewing for the (presumed) job of his dreams. A job that could present him with unimaginable wealth. He is not trying to impress his employer, or even maximize his money (bizarrely)

    • Spectator

      He wasnt absent in the Ohio State game, he was getting worked by future Seahawk Center, Wypler (hyperbole of course, kinda).

  41. Blitzy the Clown

    Bofo pro day big man bag workout!

    • Peter

      I know people like Nolan smith but if we’re getting a possible tweener get me the real freak show of the combine. Ade ade is one of a few guys on my big “draft crush,” board.

      • Hawk Mock

        It looks like he actually wants to be at his pro day, you know, like it’s an actual interview and preview of what the team that drafts you might be getting. Carter – ugh, I’ll just get through this with as little effort as possible, gosh, they’re always trying to make me put forth some actual effort, haven’t they seen my natural, god-given gifts and physique enough already to know I’ll just start really trying after they draft me? Sheesh.

        • Peter


  42. Hawkster

    If one has decided to move towards high priority on high character, then it is not just the draft risk of the one player, it is the legitimacy of the argument. Character when convenient? There is a message component. The potential collateral damage is unacceptable. I’m going to stick my neck out and suggest that it is possible to win without Jalen Carter, and maybe the plan is to do that.

  43. Matt

    Tony Pauline’s tweet on Carter…

    Poor, poor reviews on Jalen Carter today from Georgia pro-day. Will have a report up much later after our show this afternoon with

  44. Trevor

    Wish someone could do a side by side of Ade Ade / Jalen Carter prod day drills.

    • 509 Chris

      I’d rather not draw attention to him. We know the Hawks have zero interest in Carter anyway so only trouble can come from shining light on our guys. “Our guys” meaning SDB community favorites.

  45. Gaux Hawks

    Update on Myles Adams? Was surprised to see the Tanner Muse news…

    • GrittyHawk

      Just saw per the Seahawks Facebook page that he received an ERFA tender along with John Rhattigan and Mike Jackson.

  46. Peter

    The final thing that intrigues me ….barely…is which talking head in Seattle braves the chilly water that Carter is not all that first?

  47. SeaTown

    Put the legal issues and horrific pro day aside. I watched a few Georgia games late last year with the intention of really watching Carter. Quite frankly, he was invisible and I couldn’t understand the hype I kept hearing. Go back and watch the Ohio St. game on New Year’s eve–he was a total non factor in a huge game. Hard, hard pass.

    • Matt

      He’s the most overhyped prospect I can remember over the last 10 years.

  48. JD

    Rob, any update from Tony Pauline regarding that tweet last night? IF not, any more of an inference what it might be about?

    • SeaTown

      I didn’t see anything on Twitter but on Pro Football he linked John Michael Schmitz to Seattle and speculated that he wouldn’t be surprised if they took him at 20. Not sure if this was the big news but it got my attention.

  49. Ryan P

    Rob, I love your content and the endless dream scenarios that your insight provides in terms of who the Seahawks could draft.

    I would love to learn more about your process, I think it would make some amazing content. Walking us through how you compile a list of draft prospects, how you scout them and determine rankings on your big board, as well as determining best fits for talent vs. needs in your Mock drafts. I think these would be some amazing videos. Food for thought!

  50. jujus

    If I was carter I would have lied and said I had covid and couldnt test.

    • Osprey

      Funny, was just thinking his agent would come out tomorrow with Carter testing positive. Technically I think he can schedule an individual workout in a couple weeks if he wants.

  51. cha

    Tom Pelissero
    Veteran LB Lavonte David is returning to the #Bucs on a one-year, $7 million guaranteed deal, sources tell me and
    . Back for a 12th season in Tampa at age 33.

  52. Mel

    Somehow it gets worse…per ESPN, Carter couldn’t even finish the position drills. He got winded badly and cramped up.

    Shows up overweight
    Announces he’s not doing anything resembling explosive testing
    Cannot finish position drills

    This is a guy who will only work hard when someone is riding his ass. And that’s not how the pros work

    • ukalex6674

      Re Carter – someone will draft him in R1 despite all of what Mel rightly says.

      • Rob Staton

        I wouldn’t be so sure

        • Blitzy the Clown

          If I were him I’d withdraw my draft eligibility and do whatever it takes, for however long it takes, to get myself right in all ways.

          Give it another go next year. Or the year after if needed.

          Assuming he isn’t prohibited from trying because of criminal liability.

          But right now, everything surrounding him is dark and gloomy

          • 509 Chris

            I was thinking the same thing. He’s imploding and a fat infusion to the bank account will most likely send him over the edge. We know for sure he likes to party and eat. The best thing he could do is withdraw to deal with “legal issues” and go get his life in order. Hit the combine next year and blow everyone away. I don’t think he has anyone in his corner giving him good advice though. Wouldn’t surprise me if he falls out of the first round now.

          • Mel

            IIRC, once you sign an agent you can’t go back to school. Carter would have to take the year off and train on his own or enter the CFL for a year before re-entering the draft pool. At this point, he’s gotta take his lumps and try to make it up on the next contract if he even gets that far

  53. RJ webber

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bigger fall from grace at this point of the process for a prospect. I only see Seattle taking a chance on him if he falls to late 2nd early 3rd

    • Peanut

      we do need a ranking for this cause this is incredible to witness

      • WallaSean

        I give this 2 bong masks.

    • Cysco

      Seriously. I just can’t wrap my head around someone who is slated to get drafted in the top-5, which will get them a $20m+ rookie deal. All you have to do is avoid giving people a reason not to draft you.

      Just show up in shape. Impress some people in some underwear drills. Tell them what they want to hear. and Lock yourself in your room so you don’t get in trouble.

      Jalen Carter – NOPE! I think I’ll just do literally everything wrong and cost myself MILLIONS.

      Forget all the red flags, I wouldn’t draft the dude based solely on the level of stupidity he is displaying. A man that clueless about the opportunity he is facing doesn’t deserve the opportunity.

      • TomLPDX

        Stupid is as stupid does.

    • Sluggo42

      Well, well, well….

      All of this certainly has changed my opinion on the human fail…
      A perfect example of believing your own clippings, but doing the exact opposite of what was needed to make it all come true-

      I remember many moons ago of being young and powerful- except I was small. But it was so effortless to run and jump etc. now as a fat old fart, I can say I know exactly how he feels physically.
      If I knew I had a chance at making millions, just for being a stud and working out!!!, I would have been/become a living monster, because being in killer shape was fun! Cuz you can at that age!
      How stupid can one person be to screw that all up??
      Can’t wait till he pulls the poor victim card next!
      The stupid runs deep with this one…

  54. Blitzy the Clown

    Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter

    49ers reached agreement today on a one-year deal with former Raiders’ first-round draft pick Clelin Ferrell, per source.

    11:57 AM · Mar 15, 2023

    49ers ABC man

    I don’t necessarily admire or envy every move they make. But I do admire that they’re constantly making them

    • Brett

      Ferrell with some Kris Kocurek coaching could be something…

  55. EP

    The thing I find most infuriating about the Jalen Carter situation is the simple fact that off field issues (investigation/effort) aside, is he really the difference maker that carries Seattle to the promised land?
    Highly doubtful. Potential may be enticing but potential means nothing until it is fulfilled. We have had one great off season and are set up already for another. The decision making process upstairs seems pretty logical and on an obvious upward trend. Why would they scupper that on a player who is absolutely miles off being a home run pick. Even Aaron Donald doesn’t lead LA to a super bowl win every year. At this point it’s surely obvious to everyone that culture trumps everything. We want to build winning culture throughout every aspect of the organisation, not amass a glut of potential and talent (it doesn’t work unfortunately)

  56. Madmark

    I’m just amaze how Seattle can be so far in salary cap hell. The offense we have D.K., Tyler, and Geno getting the with Geno being a friendly contract. Uncle getting a nice but after that just about everyone else is on a rookie deal, Restricted free agent, or a small veteran contract like Haynes. The defense now has Adams, Diggs, and now Dre’Mont. We have free agent edge rusher making money in Dizzly range and the rest are restricted free agents or on their rookie contracts. So where is all the money going.
    I agree it’s time to rip the band aid off and let Jamal Adams go. It’s really more like tearing off the surgical bandage to let the would get some air so it can heal. We really need to take steps to fix this cap problem because some of these rookie will be coming to an end in the next couple of years.

    • Ashish

      Next year we will not have Adams and Diggs on the contract for sure that free up 36 mil. They might just let it go this year as Adams was injured and Diggs was just back in groove. If Adams plays very well this year they might have chance to get something in trade. That is just wishful / optimistic thinking.

    • Brett

      I don’t think Seattle is necessarily in cap hell, but they don’t get great value out of some players. $45M in cap hits for Dissly, Adams, and Diggs is really bad. In comparison, the 49ers have Kittle, Bosa, and Warner at $45M this year (though that will get higher in the future – it will be about $45M for Kittle and Warner alone in 2024). But outside those three and maybe Bellore (his cap hit isn’t huge but I don’t like $3.3M/year for a 34 year old ST player) they get pretty good value out of everyone. I suppose $9M for Dickson and Meyers is kinda steep, but it sucks having a bad punter and kicker.

      Seattle doesn’t restructure many contracts or add void years, which a lot of teams do to stay under the cap and pick up great players with low cap hits in earlier years, but can bite them in the ass later on (Brady has a $35M cap hit for the Bucs this year and is retired; I think they could restructure that and spread it out over another year, but you get the point). I think it’s generally smart to avoid restructures and void years as much as possible, although with the salary cap projected to explode in the coming years with the new TV deal kicking in ($250M in 2024, $272M in 2025) I think it could be smart to start using those levers a little.

  57. Chavac

    What an idiot. Start giving this guy a nice fat top 10 rookie contract check every week and I bet it only gets worse.

  58. Bballin

    The options at 5 outside of qb are pretty crappy

    • TatupuTime

      This is true. Fortunately they need a long term QB! Whenever I get down about picking 5th I remember that the gap between 5th and 6th pick is absolutely massive. At least we likely have a shot at Levis or Richardson.

  59. Pran

    Jerry Jones, its your call now!

  60. Hoggs41

    Well Anderson for sure goes 3 to AZ now assuming they keep the pick. Its either QB or maybe try and trade back. I keep thinking about pairing Bijan with Walker as it just sounds so good. Not sure if they would do it taking a QB at 5 but maybe if it was Anderson.

  61. Rob Staton

    For those wondering what Tony’s Seahawks line was…

    It’s interest in John Michael Schmitz

    Given they’ve done nothing at center, looks like they’re going to make sure they get their guy

    • Blitzy the Clown

      He looked so good in drills. Not just doing them, but how he’s built.

      I’m 100% behind drafting him. Only question is when.

      52? Does that seem high?

      Highly doubtful he lasts to 83, so either at 52 or a trade down from there/trade up from 83.

      I wonder if both Schmitz and Wypler are still available at 52, they don’t try adding a R5/6 pick while moving around to get whichever falls to wherever they trade to

      • Rob Staton

        Agreed, I thought his on-field drill session at the combine was very good.

        I worry a little bit about his frame. I’m trying to find the right words here and the best I come up with is he looks like a potato. And when blockers get him off the angle it’s a bit of a chore for him athletically to seal that off. Wypler is a better athlete and gets into those areas. I do think JMS has more power in his hands though and that same frame can help him drop the anchor better than Wypler.

        One of them is going to be drafted by Seattle, as we’ve been saying. It’s guaranteed.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          He is a bit ovoid, isn’t he? Like a giant human lima bean.

          But he’s thick where you want your Center to thick. He looks like a weeble who wobbles but won’t fall down.

          I think 52 is too high because he’s a fairly middling athlete. I think I’d prefer Wypler at that pick.

          But if they trade down/up, either one works for me.

        • GrittyHawk

          We need Tariq in here to rank every prospect based on their physical similarity to potatoes and other tubers, since he’s clearly the expert on that subject.

      • CojackTX

        Rob, how could you so disparage the rich winning hockey tradition of the Columbus Blue Jackets? If Pauline is being intentionally cryptic, it could also be Wypler (or both).

    • cha

      I can confirm they like hockey in Columbus too. :\

      • Rob Staton

        True… but isn’t Minnesota/Minneapolis ‘hockeytown’?

        One of them’s getting drafted anyway

        (just please not at #20)

        • cha

          isn’t Minnesota/Minneapolis ‘hockeytown’?

          Yes, just giving you the business.

          “Tony Pauline’s Draft Clues”

        • Madmark

          It won’t be 20. If Seattle reaches for him it would be 37. I think they get him at 52 and if he gone they will really reach and take Wypler. It kindia like few years back when Seattle got cute trade down a few and Levonta David got picked and Seattle had to settle for Bobby Wagner. Today, seeing seeing the Seahawk staff face David was the guy they wanted and I remember we drop down 4 spots.

          • dregur

            So…what you’re saying is that they’ll be disappointed but ultimately get the superior player? (And David is not slouch!)

            • Madmark

              I know 3 of the LB that Draft became all pros Luke Kuchley, Levonte David, and Bobby Wagner. I actually wanted Luke but going at pick 7 there was no chance.

        • Gary

          Detroit is known as “HockeyTown USA”.

  62. Leo

    Here’s my question: what if three quarterbacks and Will Anderson are off the board when the seahawks pick, and they don’t like quarterback #4? Who makes sense with pick #5?

    • Rob Staton

      I think they will like QB4

      • Madmark

        It comes down which of 3 teams buy to Anthony Richardson star power the I think we get Will Levis. Either one I fine with.

  63. jed

    Can Carter undeclare for the draft? I thought in basketball undergraduates could do that under certain circumstances, but I don’t know about football.

  64. Romeo A57

    Hey now! Carter has the moves like Jagger. If Jagger only ate nachos and ice cream for 3 months before trying those drills.

  65. cha

    A slight amount of intrigue added to the QB queue in Baltimore.

    Jeff Zrebiec
    The Ravens will use the low RFA tender (Right of first refusal) on QB Tyler Huntley, per source. He was viewed as the most likely of the six Ravens RFAs to get tender.

    • dregur

      I mean, he is a Pro-Bowl QB Tyler Huntley.

  66. Gross MaToast

    10 Things I Think I Thought:

    1. Jalen Carter’s lousy, low-effort Pro Day made it a near certainty that Seattle will have every opportunity to draft him at 5…or at 20…or at 38…or as an UDFA should any additional shoes drop. I’m predicting another shoe, maybe two, and several more throughout his pro career. A segment of Seahawk Nation still considers grabbing him at 5 an absolute steal.

    2. As his mother’s BFF might tell you, Zach Wilson doesn’t mind an age gap when it comes to some things, so the QB battle in NY may be just getting started.

    3. Pound for pound, the Seahawks pay more per-snap for their safeties than any other position in football. Money well-spent, I say.

    4. It’s too early, but if I were to participate in such things, here are my guesses at the first five picks in the draft:
    1- Stroud.
    2- Levis
    3- Richardson
    4- Young
    5- Anderson

    Who picks where? Who knows?

    5. The RB class is deep enough that Bijan could be available at 20.

    6. Tortilla Soup!

    7. Aaron Rogers to the Jets is bigger than Brady to the Bucs.

    8. Aaron Rogers to the Jets is bigger than Unitas to the Chargers.

    9. Aaron Rogers to the Jets is bigger than Namath to the Rams.

    10. Aaron Rogers could be the best Jets’ QB since Chad Pennington. Mark it down.

    Bonus – Seattle will trade up to get a QB. Genomania will be outraged because Jalen Carter was right there at 5.

    Goodbye Haiku:

    Levis joins the Hawks
    A Quarterback with skills so bright
    New hope for the team

    • Mick

      Really appreciate the Haiku, so underrated form of art.

    • Gaux Hawks

      Tortilla Soup !!

    • Andy J

      Wow Peter King’s a SDB reader cool, lmao

  67. Blitzy the Clown

    Still available to bolster the DL…

    Cory @realcorykinnan

    Calais Campbell
    Poona Ford
    A’Shawn Robinson
    Greg Gaines
    Matt Ioannidis
    Mario Edwards Jr.
    Fletcher Cox
    Shelby Harris

    12:32 PM · Mar 15, 2023

    • Gaux Hawks

      Best fit?

      • Roy Batty

        If they can get Gaines on a good deal for 3 years (3rd year helps lower 1st year cap hit), I wouldn’t be mad. Young, solid player who can be an interior anchor. Then go get Mazi in the draft and there’s your stout DT’s for at least 2 years.

      • Rokas

        I watched much more Washington games when i would like to, since my best football buddy is their fan, and was always impressed and entertained by Matt Ioannidis. De does not have many moves but is constantly pushing the pocket, and his sacks are literally when he drives offensive lineman into the QB. Not sure how much of that he still have though, since he was not playing for the WAS last year.

        • Rokas

          But he is definitely made for 3-4 scheme.

  68. Blitzy the Clown

    Ari Meirov @MySportsUpdate

    The #Commanders are signing QB Jacoby Brissett, per @diannaESPN. He joins Sam Howell in Washington.

    1:01 PM · Mar 15, 2023

    Another FA QB off the boardd

  69. Mr Lerf

    Mr Irrelevant before the draft even starts.

  70. Rob Staton

    It’s going to be a bonita year.

    Is this a reference I’m just not getting? Anyone help?

    • Joe

      Bonita = pretty in Spanish. That’s all I got.

    • Henry Taylor

      It’s a tic toc thing that references a Family Guy bit. Just means good.

    • Rob Staton

      I know what bonita means I just wondered if this was a hint to anything specific

    • Skirmish

      Well a Bonita is in the tuna family but more like 2nd cousins. Not as fast, or big, or pretty, or delicious. Just something you regret loosing your bait on as you throw it back after you got your hopes up.

      • Zorn Is King

        Fun fights though…and used in Japanese cooking as a source for dashi…central flavor of Japanese soups…delicious…and nutritious….;)

      • crazykind

        Bonito flakes are a staple of gourmet cuisine, as any fan of Iron Chef knows…

        Hawks must be bringing in Bill Parcell.

    • ElPasoHawk

      International game in Mexico

    • downtownjewelrybryan

      pretty = purdy

    • Osprey

      Casa Bonita!
      Look for someone with a diving background.

      • downtownjewelrybryan

        😂 didn’t know it was a real place. please tell me raisins is real too

  71. Beacon of half truth

    I never thought Carter was that great before the stories about his arrest or character/maturity issues. If a team drafts him before 3rd round they’re nuts. That video is cringeworthy at best.

  72. Matt

    Not to beat a dead horse here…

    But Jalen Carter is

    1) not a child. He’s a 21 year old adult.
    2) he is strictly the victim of his own decision making and laziness.

    I’m really tired of this “helpless kid” BS that’s flying around.

    • GerryG

      Also the line “how many stupid things did you do at that age?”

      Me? I did a ton of stupid things! I can also say that ALL of those things definitely would have disqualified me from any company considering giving a $20M career.

      • Peter


        How about all the players who aren’t doing stupid things? There is that.

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        In addition, how many stupid things did you do on national television? I did lots of dumb things in my life but the ramifications were considerably lower.

  73. GerryG

    The mental gymnastics people on Seahawks twitter do to downplay these reports on Carter are absolutely hilarious. “Its the stress from his legal situation” “There were no red flags before this” “Teams asked him to put on weight” “if you just lost friends you’d be upset too” etc etc etc

    Good grief people.

    • Zeke

      Look at this beauty. copypasta:

      “the kid is depressed after the accident. If he was really close with the two were killed and he feels partially responsible, he may not have his head on straight for any of this. Hopefully he gets the help he needs.

      As far as the weight problems, the kid needs a real nutritionist and someone who knows what a weight cut done properly is. It definitely looks like he tried to cut weight incorrectly for the combine and his performances suffered for it leading up to the combine, so his agent probably advised him not to do anything to lower his draft stock. So, they decided to try to put the weight back on for the pro day, but again went about it the wrong way. Bad weight cuts can screw you up for weeks. Hopefully he gets an MMA trainer who knows what the hell they are doing to get him back on track. Those who have never cut weight have zero idea what it does to a body.”

      • HOUSE

        Gotta love the enablers that coddle and make excuses for everything. Easy rebuttal…

        1. He’s not a kid. He’s made MAN decisions that have effected himself and others
        2. His conditioning has been piss poor for the past 2 years
        3. How does this person writing this know what his agent told him? At his peak performance, he was playing at 316.
        4. An MMA trainer doesn’t fix lazy. I’ve trained and fought MMA for almost 14 years and it’s about effort

        Carter has been allowed to run around with little to no accountability and people think the Seahawks are going to want to babysit him? 🤣🤣🤣

  74. Chase

    Off topic but so far my favorite part about this offseason is Barton signing somewhere else

    • Romeo A57


  75. Roy Batty

    Dallas continues to push money out into the future. They keep restructuring contracts.

  76. Scot04

    Hey Rob in Regards to Bonita. How about Will Levis here, a man can dream.

    • Scot04

      Although I’m hoping Levis being in the comments is good. Not like I’m hoping for Trace Mcsorely

  77. Zorn Is King

    Interesting comparison to Nick Miller, top 2 NBA prospect…similar stories and timelines.. completely different outcomes. Miller is focusing while Carter dissolves.

  78. Madmark

    I thought I throw out another mock draft for everyone to criticize. That’s alright I’ve grow a thick skin. In this mock I’m introducing my value pick at 237. No trades.
    5 Will Levis QB
    20 Darnell Washington TE
    37 Mazi Smith 1tech
    52 John Michael Schmitz C
    83 Byron Young 5tech
    123 Nick Broeker G
    151 Riley Moss CB
    153 Chris Rodriguez RB
    198 Karl Brooks 5tech
    237 Nikki Remigio WR/return specialist

    • Brett

      I like all those players but… no LB? Even with the draft thin at that position I kinda expect them to double dip there considering our LB depth is thinner.

      • Madmark

        Sorry. I to take care of trench’s first and when Drew Sander came off the board I just think the talent dropped and I didn’t see anyone to pick. This might be the year we bring in a couple veterans to patch the spot.

        • CojackTX

          Then they better hurry. Holcomb, Long, David, and countless others with the exception of Tranquil and Wagner are all gone—most on reasonable deals.

          • Madmark

            Every pick fills a need. You could say we don’t need a TE and I would say after next year this will the TE left. I just ran out of picks for needs. That’s what cheap veterens are for.

          • JC3

            We need a off ball LB sign before the draft.

    • Madmark

      2 spots open at RB. I always liked Leonard Fournette I wouldn’t bringing him in if the price was right and he was willing sign heat.

  79. Gaux Hawks

    5 Will Levis QB
    20 Will McDonald OLB
    37 Mazi Smith NT
    52 Luke Wypler C
    83 Zach Charbonnet RB

    237 Jalen Carter (PS)

    • Trevor

      Very realistic draft and one I would like a lot.

    • samprassultanofswat

      Actually. Jalen Carter. Undrafted Free Agent

    • Spenny Dunks

      Looks like the general consensus on here and I love it. Sets up the front 7 for next year and the future. OL has 4/5 young solid starters as well, and KW and Charbonnet to run wild for the next 5-10 years.

      Would still need a LB and WR in the next few picks in this scenario and we have youth and talent at virtually every position except maybe Safety.

  80. Peter

    Literally watched your video about a dozen times. Dying with the your enthusiasm at the start. So good.

    The comments rule.

    “Can’t argue he’s the most productive player….”

    Yes. Yes you actual can argue that.

  81. Turnagaintide

    hahahaha – This made my day! I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. Thanks, Rob, you’re the best! I hope this goes viral so you’re not the only person on the planet who doesn’t thing Jalen Carter will be considered at #5.

    • Rob Staton


      • Wilson502

        That video was a classic Rob, I def got a good laugh out of it too.

    • Trevor

      Have to admit it was really well done Rob. Nicely played.

      Sad part now the narrative among Hawks fans has changed to now we can get him at 20.

      What in the hell is wrong with these people. Do they think his character issues disappear if he falls 15 spots? Is he going to magically get in shape and love football at 20? Amazing

      He hasn’t been on the Hawks board for months likely but people can’t let it go. A talented DT with 6 career sacks in college and people seem to have lost thier minds. My guess is most have not even watched him play a full game just a few hilights.

      • Peter

        Nailed it. Let’s all stop working on his ring of honor banner for a second and maybe just do a little comparisons between production, snaps, rumors that are turning true, and stop acting like he’s a cross between Tez and Sapp.

        He’s a guy that most outlets have been touting since last year and that’s been mostly job done.

        I remember last year talk of him being the best Georgia defender not the guys in last years class.

        And then it never happened.

  82. cha

    Adam Schefter
    Six-time Pro-Bowl DT Fletcher Cox is returning to the Eagles on a one-year, $10 million deal, per sources. Eagles get the “hometown discount” as he turned down more lucrative offers.

  83. GrittyHawk

    Honestly the biggest red flag from this whole Carter debacle is if he actually did have cramps. Like, the workout was held in an air conditioned dome. It was just a few drills. He didn’t even do any testing. I’ve honestly never even heard of a player getting cramps from such a small amount of physical activity. I’m trying hard not to throw such a serious accusation out there, but the only things I can imagine that would cause a D1 athlete to cramp up under these conditions are either a serious undiagnosed medical condition, or severe dehydration caused by unbelievably bad personal nutrition (don’t tell me Georgia doesn’t have coaches telling them how to hydrate) or alcohol abuse (aka a massive hangover). I hope I’m wrong on that but it would certainly fit his larger pattern of behavior.

    • Peter

      Honestly that’s what I thought I was watching. Big time hangover energy.

  84. CHaquesFan

    Looking more and more like the QB available at 5 is going to be Bryce Young. Not sure how I feel about that, another short QB especially with his build

    • PJ in Seattle

      Could change after his Pro Day.

  85. Ben

    Well, my account apparently can’t post on Fieldgulls anymore, so I’ll just post this year instead:

    Anyone complaining about a 1st year starter throwing under 60% should consult with Joe Burrow and Patrick Mahomes.
    Justin Herbert threw under 60% his 3rd year starting.
    Tom Brady threw just 61% in college.
    Peyton Manning threw 60% his 4th year starting.
    Russell Wilson threw under 60% his first 3 years starting and put up 72% when he moved to Wisconsin.
    Andrew Luck’s first year starting was under 60%

    Cam Newton threw 66% his first year starting… It’s not like I cherry-picked the worst ones. I pulled up the college stats of the biggest names I could think of, and Cam Newton was the most accurate QB in his first year starting.

    Clearly accuracy issues don’t clear up for some, but if you’ve got talent and a year of experience under your belt, it doesn’t have to be a limiting factor.

    And it’s not as if Richardson played in the MWC against weak competition and still couldn’t complete 60%+ after 2 seasons.

    Stop using the accuracy a first year starting QB as a reason to write someone off. It’s insane to do so.

  86. Zeke

    What about Parris Campbell as the WR3? Still only 25, plays inside and out, and seems like he’s got a good character. 4.31 40…..

    Seems appealing off that, but has anybody watched much of him in Indy? Is he still getting better?

    • BobbyK

      I remember really liking both OSU WRs that year (he and McLaurin). I know he had some injury issues but never knew why his career didn’t take off more.

  87. cha

    Ian Rapoport
    It’s a 3-year deal for $12M with $8M guaranteed fully, source said.
    Quote Tweet
    Ian Rapoport
    The #Saints and former #Lions RB Jamaal Williams have agreed to terms on a 3-year deal, source said.

  88. Chris b

    I’m going to board up my windows on draft day so when we don’t take jalen carter and all the people on Seahawks twitter heads explode the shockwave won’t shatter my windows.

    • Big Mike

      Or get brain matter all over your windows. Just remove the plywood you used to shutter and take to the dump. No messy clean up.

    • Wilson502

      The clowns in the fanbase that still want Jalen Carter at 5 need to seriously have their head examined.

      • Bmseattle

        Now the topic is…”maybe he’ll fall to us at #20!” 😑

        • Peter

          It’s like the five stages of grief with these folks.

          20 is perfect. If you’re not dialing in your life for top five money then surely a slight fall 15 spots will be just the reality check he needs to really turn it.

          Bububu…but Pete does great with these types.

          No. Actually he does great with eccentric (bennett,) alphas who talk shit (sherm) and funny dudes that are trying to hammer you (marshawn) and puts them all on a team with a corny ass, maybe even fake qb playing choir boy because they all wanted to be or already were badasses at football.

  89. Whywouldntya?

    He’s fat and has a HSF. Not a chance

  90. ElroyNumbers

    Rob has certainly been vindicated on this topic. He was one of first to pick up on the Jalen Carter personality issues. That being said. I am a sucker for thinking this time will be different. And willing to take a flyer on Carter if he falls to the 3rd round.

    • Big Mike

      Todd McShay has been vindicated too.

  91. IDhawk

    Remember when, at the last possible second, someone leaked that video of Laremy Tunsil with the gas mask bong. The fact that that impacted his stock and yet people insist that Jalen Carter will be a first round pick, is hilarious… I won’t be surprised when I still see mocks with him in the top 16.

  92. geoff u

    Dude’s gonna lose 10-20 million in guaranteed money simply because he couldn’t handle his shit for 3 months. I mean all he had to do was the bare minimum and then nothing for the rest of his life.

    • Orcas Viking

      He obviously has some personal issues, but if he did what you are suggesting…fool them for three months, get your guaranteed dough, then sit on your ass..he, in my view, would be a far greater loser.

  93. Rob Staton

    Tweet of the day for me:

    • Bmseattle

      Oh man…😅

    • Peter

      Carter doesn’t have Thompsons production nor his stamina singing and dancing in the “what’s up with that,” sketches.

      • Bballin

        😂😂😂 I thought Jalen was doing his best lj collier impression

        • Peter


    • Dave

      At least Keenan Thompson would have made us laugh. Thompson’s athletic career peaked when he scored the knuckle puck against Iceland.

  94. Palatypus

    You know, I am going to be in the extreme minority when I say this, but doesn’t Nolan Smith meet the profile of a certain box safety we’ve been trying to find…and replace.

    After what Greg Cosell said today on KJR, I think that even more. I don’t know if he can cover, but I know he can tackle.

    Also, consider what Hugh Millen said today about us NOT being a 3-4 team even 37% of the time. And when we are in Nickel defense we are really a 3-3 even front,

    And seriously, could he do any worse as a linebacker than Cody Barton?

  95. samprassultanofswat

    Actually. Jalen Carter. Undrafted Free Agent

  96. samprassultanofswat

    Last year Travon Walker sign a 5 year 37.4mil dollar contract. It is looking more and more like Jalen Carter is going to cost himself 10s of millions of dollars.

  97. Thomas

    It’s too bad.

    I really want a QB, but this makes it all the more unlikely.

    Rob, I try to share your enthusiasm about Will Anderson but I just can’t. He doesn’t sound much better than Nwosu. He sounds like a non-bust pick but not a game wrecker.

    • Rob Staton

      Will Anderson is a very good player

      It’s important not to get ‘he isn’t Myles Garrett or a Bosa’ mixed up with ‘he isn’t any good’

      I like the DeMarcus Ware comp. And if he has that kind of career, it’ll be a great pick

      I am comfortable with one of the four QB’s or Anderson

  98. Pugs1

    Ok going to lay out a worst case scenario for Rob or anyone else. The Seahawks try and trade up for their preferred QB but the price is too much. AZ picks Will Anderson. It’s safe to assume Carter is not an option at this point and the three acceptable QB’s go off the board and the one that’s left John doesn’t like and they are not a fit and are off their board. He feverishly starts working the phones to trade back but no trade materializes. It’s the worst case scenario. The clock is ticking. They’re stuck, who do we think they are taking?

    • Rob Staton

      Why has this question suddenly been posted, almost word for word, by different accounts today multiple times?

      I don’t really see this a worthwhile topic. I think they’ll like the four QB’s and Anderson and they are guaranteed one of them

      • Pugs1

        My bad I must have missed the other post. I was just trying to see what other players might interest them if they had a big grade difference between some of the QB’s. I’m

    • geoff u

      With picking at #5 i guarantee you they’ve already run through every possible scenario…

      • Pugs1

        I’m sure they will. I was just trying to see who people think they might take other than Will Anderson or one of the QB’s. Which I’m totally cool with but It’s not like PC/JS have never made an outside the box pick.

        • geoff u

          Well according to most draft experts, Tyree Wilson 😂

          That is a very difficult question to answer though. I think someone would want that 4th QB if Seattle didn’t.

          Assuming Seattle is least high on Bryce Young, I still think they take him or easily find a trade partner.

          • Pugs1

            You’re probably right. I’m sure they would have a trade lined up.

    • JP

      Bijan Robinson at 5 here we come.

  99. Josh

    Currently wish for the seahawks without late-round picks as I’m not across all prospects and definitely don’t have the ability to scout players like many on here.

    5 Anthony Richardson
    20 Darnell Wright/Broderick Jones
    38 Mazi Smith/Calijah Kancey/Keion White
    53 Darnell Washington/JMX/Luke Wypler
    83 Julius Bents
    123 Rochon Robinson
    154 Dorian Williams/Daiyan Hendley

    • Josh

      If anyone can name some LB’s and RB’s I can look into that would be greatly appreciated

  100. Mike

    Taking him at five would be a legacy killer for PC/JS IMO. OK that is an exaggeration. My thinking is that a QB is guaranteed at 5. The team has to be sold per the trust and I am guessing that will be around when PC’s contract expires. New owners I suspect would want a new couch of their choosing and if (assuming they get either one) Levis/Richardson turns into stud it would be the perfect time to sell.

    Then again what do I know. I once said I would bet every dollar I had that no way in hell that Tim Tebow and the broncos would beat the Steelers in the playoffs so there is that 🙂

  101. HOUSE

    The two Jalen Carter takes that blew my mind early this morning:

    1. It’s unfair that the media is trying to tank Carter’s career before it even starts. It is effecting his mental health.

    2. If you had a friend die in a car accident, you wouldn’t be focused on football either.

    I legitimately am trying to understand how people can actually think this way. It is mine blowing that it is everyone else’s fault but Carter’s.

    • drrew76

      The first one is silly.

      The second, especially if his driving/racing directly helped lead to the deaths isn’t that unreasonable for a normal person.

      Now, he had all sorts on conditioning issues already, so I don’t think it’s an excuse for why he’s not currently in shape, just pointing out a normal person would probably be a little messed up if they were involved in the deaths of multiple people through their recklessness.

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