Free agency day three thoughts

Can the Seahawks make it 3/3?

After consecutive days of defensive line additions, what will today bring? The Seahawks don’t have much cap space remaining but as we’ve seen over the last couple of days, you can make anything happen really.

Although some of the big names are still out there, we’re getting to the point where players will be coming to terms with their markets. It’s the opportunity, usually, the Seahawks wait for. Can they make further defensive additions now, as the market becomes more team-friendly?

I’d still like to see some more beef added to the D-line and perhaps another outside rusher — although I think everything is gearing towards Bobby Wagner’s inevitable return. I hope the Seahawks wait that one out for as long as possible though — Wagner appears to have a very limited market. There’s no chatter about him and prospective suitors such as Dallas have already moved on. The price has to come to Seattle for me — this can’t be a nostalgia-driven signing.

At the end of the day, you’re looking for someone to hold the fort until Jordyn Brooks is back. I still think a cheap veteran and a draft pick can get the job done. But we’ll see what happens.

What do they do at running back?

A few people are wondering this with Rashaad Penny and Travis Homer departing. It’s worth remembering that this is a loaded running back class.

I’m intrigued to see if the change in blocking scheme could lead to a shift in ‘type’ they are looking for. Ken Walker ran a 4.38 at an ideally sized 211lbs. Yet if they are more inclined to go for quickness these days — the likes of the incredibly dynamic Devon Achane could be on their radar. He’s small and diminutive but he runs like you’re playing NCAA on a PS3. He can cut and change direction with ease without losing any speed. It’s a thing to watch.

He ran a blistering 4.32 and while he won’t push the pile — you can well imagine him excelling in a zone scheme. When gets to the second level, watch out.

Jahmyr Gibbs also ran brilliantly (4.36) and while the thought of another high pick at running back will haunt some Seahawks fans — they’d have the most dynamic running duo in the league.

Zach Charbonnet, Tyjae Spears, Israel Abanikanda and Kenny McIntosh all have the potential to be immediate contributors. Then there’s the likes of Chris Rodriguez, Chase Brown, Tank Bigsby and Zach Evans in the mid-range, with Evan Hull, Roschon Johnson, Eric Gray, Deuce Vaughan, Kendre Miller and Sean Tucker likely to be on the board at the start of day three.

And let’s also not totally rule out Bijan Robinson at #20. It’d be an extreme luxury and I don’t think he’ll last that far. But he’s too good to ignore.

There are so many options — they could even draft two of these guys later on and feel good about their running back group.

Today is the Georgia pro-day

Stand by for hype galore — as everyone waits to see if Jalen Carter works out (and speaks to the media). Nolan Smith will presumably get another week of good press out of this event. Most of the teams (if not all) will be on campus. We’ll also hear loads of chatter about who’s interested in who.

Just give me some short shuttles.

Is that too much to ask?

Pro-day notes

According to Tony Pauline, Bryan Bresee ran an excellent 4.43 short shuttle at 302lbs, plus a three-cone of 7.38. We already know that Moro Ojomo ran a 4.56 short shuttle at his pro-day, with Adetomiwa Adebawore running a 4.26.

Meanwhile, Myles Murphy didn’t do anything at Clemson’s pro-day and has arranged his own pro-day for April 4th as he recovers from an injury.

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  1. clbradley17

    After a LOT of searching, finally found the results of Ade Ade’s pro day yesterday at Northwestern at PFN. “First, he produced three great days of Senior Bowl practice and an outstanding Combine workout. The 283-pound defender timed 4.49 seconds in the 40 and touched 37.5 inches in the vertical jump at the Combine, then a 7.11 in the three-cone and 4.19 in the short shuttle at his pro day. The shuttle time would have been the fastest of any defensive linemen who ran at the Combine, while only two participants in Indianapolis from the group ran faster in the three-cone.”

    That’s almost Nick Bosa #s on the shuttle at 20 lbs more than NB. And only 2 guys, including much smaller players were faster in the 3 cone. Amazing. Still say if he’s there at 38, run to the podium and draft him.

    Compares to John Randle of the Vikings from the early 90s to early 2000s. He was also short, quick and had long arms – 6’1″ 290, and had 10-15 sacks from his 2nd year for about 10 years straight. Ade Ade is much faster, has longer arms and dominated during Senior Bowl week when he was tried at DT for the first time.

    • clbradley17

      Nick’s unofficial 40-yard dash time was 4.79 seconds, his 3-cone drill time was 7.1 seconds and he ran the 20-yard shuttle in 4.14 seconds. Nick also had a vertical jump of 33.5 inches, a broad jump of 116.0 inches and he pumped out 29 reps on the bench press.

  2. GF

    I’m really not that excited about Bobby’s most likely return, and btw I love a lot Moro Ojomo (day 3)

    • Trevor

      Agree completely would love to see Ojomo anytime from Rd 3 on.

  3. GF

    SOURCE: Georgia DT Jalen Carter will only do position drills at today’s pro-day. No 40 or other testing. Carter weighed in at 323 pounds, up 9 lbs from Combine. (Jim Nagy)

    • Trevor

      The red flags keep piling up for this guy. But yeah the Hawks are definitely taking him at 5 as an instant fix the the DL.

      • Peter

        Is jalen carter the only top five pick who was/is apparently not recovering from injury to have no testing numbers?

        That’s that always compete mindset we really need…also heavier? For no reason. Maybe stopped doing windsprints?

        This guy doesn’t have bust written on him but right now he looks like a player who bounces around endlessly on teams searching for they day they can strike gold.

        • Palatypus

          DO NOT DRAFT !!!

          • Peter

            You’ll know better than me but is there another Georgia pro day or regional thing he can do or is today it for him?

            Really intrigued later today to see some of the talking heads for seahawks spin this while I’m making dinner.

            • Roy Batty

              I believe any prospect can do their own individual pro day later, but just have to pay out of pocket to fund it.

        • pdway

          man, he’s just costing himself more and more money. lack of maturity…maybe will come someday, maybe not.

  4. DCSeattle

    Best of luck to both Penny and Homer.

    The RB room can be filled/improved, through this draft. I’m wondering if they’d look at Jamaal Williams as veteran competition if the price is right (low)?

    • HawkfaninMT

      I will be interested to see where he goes and what the contract looks like… seems like a hard nosed runner and a glue guy in the locker room

    • Peter

      I think I’d rather draft a runningback.

      I am for paying your own guys at rb a second lucrative contract if they’ve performed well and had minimal injuries.

      But spotrac estimates he is worth 4 million a year. A second rounder is worth around 8-9 million for 4 years.

      • DCSeattle

        100% agree. Would much rather fill the room through the draft. But if the market fell right, I’d be ok picking him up for cheap.

  5. Peppapig

    Carter. 36 1/4 pounders with cheese since the combine.

  6. DK

    I am hoping Schneider shocks everyone and signs Drue Tranquill today and then adds a backer or two in the draft. Even goes and lands Devin Bush on a low cost veteran prove it deal. Please just say no to bringing Bobby Wagner back. Love BWagz, and they say he retires would be the minute they need to start his ring of honor ceremony and start playing to retire his jersey when he gets to Canton. However, he isn’t the same player he was just three years ago, and the last thing the defense needs is an aging middle linebacker, who has lost a step and when he got hurt his last season here, the defense didn’t suffer that much when Cody Barton took over.

    Get young and in expensive at LB, find guys that can run and cover, so the things Wagner used to do.

    • Peter

      I’m extremely uninterested in Wagner.

      I know the team missed with Barton and drafted Brooks too high but LB after RB is the position with the easiest transfer from college to the pros.

      Tranquil or as you said a get right deal for Bush. And head to the draft.

      Good for Bobby for playing well last year. Where was that the year before when he was just standing around or worse for a legend…going for a ride by the ball carrier.

      Some of his plays in Seattle reminded me of the time Marshawn juked Ray Lewis into another dimension. Time reaches out and catches us all.

      • pdway

        completely agree w you on the above. zero interest after what we saw with our own eyes his last year w us.

    • BK26

      Agreed. It doesn’t do much to make the defense better. And I don’t want to see him get progressively worse while he’s with us. I don’t want a legend to fall apart in front of us. I don’t think the feel good part will be enough. I think that ship has set sail.

      Get fast and young: exactly what the Chiefs did and Bolton and Gay immediately changed that defense. Draft Campbell and watch the destruction. All for signing Tranquill too.

      • JimQ

        I only want Wagner back if he comes in as a new “coach”.

  7. Rushless pass

    No tender for Tanner Muse

  8. Peter

    The curious case of Bresee. He’s obviously athletic. I know he has recent tragedy and injury.

    I looked at the numbers. Are you drafting him for pure potential? Is there something there? Was his first year just a fluke or can he grow from that in the right place and time.

    • clbradley17

      Pauline’s article at PFN mentions that Clemson put out a med. memo stating that Bresee wasn’t actually injured last year, but had a kidney infection. And the medication caused a huge weight gain that slowed him down. Of course he was also dealing with the loss of his sister. So a devastating mental and physical year for him. Also says he bettered his combine bench 28 to 22, had a great 3 cone in the 7.3s and was outstanding in the drills.

      Ade Ade’s SS was actually 4.19 it says in the article, which would’ve been faster than any DL at the combine and in the elite category, and his 7.11 3 cone would’ve been 3rd fastest for all DLs. Nick Bosa had a 4.14 SS at 266 (Ade is 282) and also a 7.1 3 cone. He looks like an athletic freak with a sub 4.5 40 that you have to draft and develop at DT where he looked so good in 1 on 1s at the Senior Bowl.

  9. BK26

    Get ready for a day of everyone telling us what Seattle needs to do and will do ad nauseam:

    Carter weighing in heavier. He’s added more muscle, he’s even better already!

    Nolan Smith is the generational athlete and Carter’s teammate. We can’t pass that up!

    Stetson Bennett is the future, another short guy that’s just a winner! Don’t worry about his character issues.

    Keelee (went through this whole last year reading Keekee in my head) Ringo will be the perfect opposite to Woolen. Can’t pass up that raw talent. Pete will fix it.

    Bookmark the Super Bowl!!

    • Peter

      The day Carter added nine pounds of muscle since the combine is the day I wake up a full 6′ tall.

      Imagine drafting a guy who can only see the field sub 30% of snaps at the pros with a 17 game schedule where it’s not beating up against good to great high school talent playing in college but grown ass men.

      Carter vs. A guy like Damien Lewis who goes from good, to bad, to best performing (pff) olinemen on the team and is clearly trying to make a run at best paid guard he can be.

      • BK26

        There are going to be so many media members, Youtubers, writes, fans, etc that are going to lose their minds when they pass on him. It’ is so ridiculous. I’ve never seen one pick so pigeon-holed. This is all with everyone overlooking the 11 issues that have come up, with more on the way.

        I don’t even see generational. I saw very good flashes on occasion out of those 30% of snaps.

        There will be anarchy after round one, especially when we take Levis or Richardson instead. But a little bit of schadenfreude never hurt anyone.

  10. Robert Las Vegas

    It would not surprise me if the Seahawks bring back JD Mckissic

    • Mick

      I thought about it too, but I’d so much rather draft a RB with 152 and 155 and call it a done business. We start Walker, we have Dallas, get someone young and don’t get him because he can play special teams.

      • Mick

        Lol 152 or 155. I wouldn’t get 2 RBs.

  11. Hawks Fan 0503

    Well, so much for wishing we will sign Cole Holcomb. Read he is signing a 3 yr deal with the Steelers.

  12. Aaron Bostrom

    I wonder when Tony will release his Seahawks tidbit.

  13. Forrest

    If Wagner could shut his mouth and bring a lunch mail to work, I’m fine with a one year $5 million deal. But, I think he’ll be a distraction, especially at that market rate price. He’d also be moving to a 3-4 off ball LB role, which is less valuable than a 4-3 Mike that has to cover more space.

    That said, just as I said about needing two 3-4 DEs and not liking the options in the draft, the Hawks need two 3-4 ILBs and I don’t like the options in the draft for that position either. I believe their next move will be to add at least one inside LB in free agency.

    • Madmark

      The 2 inside LB in a 3-4 defense have different roles so their can be quite different. The Weak Inside LB has more freedom to get the splash plays like 9.5 sacks and 13.5 TFL. The Strong Inside LB has dirty job he’s responsible he has gap responsibility and there’s nothing glamours about it.

  14. Roy Batty

    I’m right on board with your thinking, Rob. The money is tight for so many teams. We should see decent savings on FA targets from here on out.

    I wish they would extend Nwosu and cut Adams. Free up the money to fill in more holes with quality starters/depth. Walk into the war room on April 27th free to do anything and everything you want. The thought of them staring at multiple prospects at the top of their big board on day 1 & 2 to choose from would be a dream come true.

    • Trevor

      Agree completely. A 3 yr Extension for Nwosu and June 1st designation for Adams should be no brainers at this point.

  15. Trevor

    Watching Will McDonald move at the Senior Bowl and Combine was the most impressive edge rusher performance I have seen in drills to date. His ability to bend and dip is second to none and his counter and spin move are already really well developed.

    Rob’s comp to Brian Burns is perfect but I think. Burns was bit heavier coming out but Mcdonald is even more advanced as a pass rusher, has slightly longer arms.

    Personally I think he is the best edge rush prospect in the last couple of drafts including Will Anderson this year. Would be shocked if he is not a double digit sack guy from year 1. Would much sooner see the Hawks take him at 20 than Anderson at 5 as long as there are no character issues.

    • BK26

      Agreed. McDonald to me has shown more and I see him doing more than Anderson. Will everything since the season ended weigh more to Pete than what Anderson has shown? We know they really take into account the Senior Bowl and Combine. Where McDonald played sick.

      To me, McDonald (who I could see a slight trade up for) and either Levis or Richardson is much better than Anderson and any other player at 20. Much, much better.

      And I can’t be 100% sure, but there aren’t any character issues with him that I’ve heard of. With the whole Iowa/ISU rivalry, I’d like to think that I know the players pretty well and he has always been a nightmare to account for and was always known for busting his ass and trying to improve.

      Definitely sold on him.

      • JimQ

        I have to wonder if after his great season in 2021 and the somewhat drastic reduction of his stats in 2022 are a product of his holding back a just a little. Playing not to get hurt with slightly less effort, after already being mentioned as a top-3 pick + the millions hell earn? Maybe, the team that gets him will recognize that to their great benefit. In the event the Seahawks can’t get a QB with #5, Anderson might be a really great acquisition that removes the sting.

  16. Spectator

    Really hard to project where Ade Ade goes, for me. Such amazing athletic potential, like the character and work ethic. But still cant figure out the lack of production. He had zero help at Northwestern, so maybe that is it. And give him credit for sticking with NW instead of transferring, that kind of does say something. But with the lack of on field production and lack of seeing the athletic ability translate, where will teams put him on their boards? I would really love to grab him, maybe he is the trade up candidate in the second that we hit on?

    Also cant help but really like Gibbs for us in the early second. Taylor made it to 41,so I don’t see why Gibbs cant fall to 38. Pair him with Walker = great combo for years to come.

    I am more feeling like Richardson is going to go 1 overall. Its either him or Stroud. And I think whomever doesnt go number 1, will fall to us at 5.

    1.5 Stroud or Richardson
    1.27 Washington (we pick up a third from Buff trading up to grab the best LB in Nolan Smith, even as a tweener they feel they can get most out of him and value his character)
    2.37 Gibbs
    2.39 Ade Ade (we trade up with panthers for 3rd from the Bills)
    3.83 Wypler

    With Ade Ade, Washington, and potentially Richardson, JS gets 3 of the freaky athletes to let PC and Co mold. Gibbs just reminds me of Alvin Kamara. And even tho i kind of think JS/PC will prefer JMS, Wypler is available in a spot that JMS wont be.

    Bold, crazy, unlikely prediction is that Ringo falls to round 4 and PC grabs to try and work his magic on. I see the athletic traits in Ringo, but man when I watched him play it was rough lol maybe there is a diamond in that rough, but to me I just dont see the first round talent and even though a lot of straight line speed and size, CoD was lacking. But I felt same about Carter in just nor seeing the hype.

    • Spectator

      Forgot to mention with my Buff trade up, Nolan Smith and Vonn Miller seem similar personalities. If they stood next to each other, Nolan Smith would look like his little brother, both wearing glasses and smiling haha

      • clbradley17

        Have heard some guys at PFF say that at NW Ade Ade was just playing a conservative reactive role in filling gaps or lanes and not attacking. Also think they may have used him out of place at DE instead of DT. When they tried him at DT for the 1st time in the 1 on 1s at the Senior Bowl he looked fantastic. If he beefs up with some heavier meals and hits the weights even harder if possible, should be able to bulk up to about 300 and be a 3 down dominant player in a year or so. And he’ll still run a 4.5 40 at 300!

  17. Luis

    Regarding Running Backs, this is really interesting

    • clbradley17

      Seems like a good predictive indicator of future success. I was looking at Prince’s #s from the combine a couple weeks ago, and he has that Seahawks size and explosiveness too. Plus he had a 1.53 10 yd split to go with the 4.41 40. Might be a good option sometime on day 3, possibly with one of our 5s or the 6th rounder.

  18. Zorn Is King

    Immediate Needs shaping up to be
    A) starting center and depth
    B) RB 2 and depth
    C) WR 3
    D) LB depth
    E) CB depth

    The rest can be best available athlete

    A) future QB
    B) young DL and edge
    C) badass OL
    D) young CB 1 across from Tariq…

    Going to be a fun draft!!

  19. Rhouse412

    Rob, I have a draft day hypothetical question for you. I too hope that the Seahawks grab one of Will Anderson or the top 4 QB’s. With that said, it’s draft day, pick 5 comes, Will Anderson if already taken, and the Seahawks are not interested in any of the remaining QB’s (Hypothetical remember), and they are unable to find a team to trade back with. Who do you think they would take? And, who do you think they should take at 5?

    Considering Tyree Wilson might not be a scheme fit, Jalen Carter will most definitely be off the Seahawks board , and no other obvious top 5-6 players in this year’s draft I am scratching my head playing the what if game on who the pick might be if we run into such a situation.

    I’m sure they could find a trade back partner, and I honestly believe they are in the QB market but what if they can’t and what if they aren’t?

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t really like hypotheticals much, because I don’t think this is anything we need to worry about. They will have a good option at five

  20. JimQ

    I’ve been thinking about the Center options. It’s indeed a NEED & and it seems nobody is talking about —>

    OG/OC-Steve Avila, TCU, 6034/332, with 33″-arms I have looked closely at the potential Centers & I think many people are overlooking a guy that is considered more of an OG than a OC in the rankings. At 6-3 & 332-lbs. with 33″-arms (& plays with good leverage). This guy was a team Captain and a “leader” + he has full seasons of play at both OG & OC. Over his college career he has played OC for about +/- 20 games. Versatility is a valued OL asset, and this guy has it. Per an area scout ““Good teammate and good worker. You can watch as much tape as you want, and you aren’t going to see anyone purely outmuscle him.”” — Area scout for a NFC team.

    Avila would benefit greatly from professional coaching. He’s currently ranked #56 and the Seahawks have pick #52, so this guy would fill an OL need with the versatility to also play well at OG, if they pick up a free-agent OC hedge & Avila competes and Avila loses he’s still a great OG option. Logic says if JMS is gone at #52, they could choose between Wypler & Avila & with the OG capabilities of Avila, he should maybe be the more valued pick at #52. If they were to wait for #83 to select an OC, both could be long gone. Logic says that IF they compete at OC & Wypler were to lose, he’d likely be cut or more likely PS’-ed, while if Avilia were to lose, he’s still a very viable “big boy” option for either OG position (also a need) & thus a potentially higher value at #52? – Thoughts?

    • Rob Staton

      We need to think about scheme though. The Seahawks are highly unlikely to draft a 330lbs center who runs a 4.74 short shuttle. The blocking scheme is consistently going after smaller, shorter centers with greater agility than Avila possesses

  21. Forrest

    Julian Love, Devin Bush visit Seahawks today.

    Ever notice how the Hawks bring people in and then don’t sign them for another couple days? I believe they host visits as a strategy to steal another day that free agents could he visiting other teams to lengthen their time on the market and lower their price.

    Here’s betting neither of these two sign today, but one of them signs tomorrow or the next day. I hope I’m wrong and we sign Love and dump Diggs/Adams.

  22. Bill

    I love that the Seahawks seem to be signing every area of need in free agency. It leaves them open to take the best player available. I too am concerned about Jalen Carter. Not as much about the racing(bad enough) but the fact he left the scene with his friends in trouble, then HIS pro-day. He comes in overweight and can’t complete drills. I just have flash-backs to Malcom McDowell. I realize his position is different, but isn’t there another player out there close to Jalen’s potential( Tyree Wilson) I don’t know, but this is the 5th pick that fell in our lap. I’d hate to see them swing and miss. We’re a lot closer to being a beast on defense than offense. Please take the best 2 defensive players on the board. It’d be great if Nolan Smith fell to 20, or even if we could trade up a bit to get him>

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