Don’t rule out a running back for Seattle (possibly early…)

Robert Turbin is out of contract in 2016

Is drafting a running back early this year a luxury? Sure. The Seahawks have three already, including Marshawn Lynch.

You can’t rule it out though — and here’s why…

— Marshawn Lynch has a new three year contract but nobody knows what he’s planning. That’s a scary situation for the Seahawks.

— Robert Turbin is entering the final year of his contract.

— Christine Michael is entering the penultimate year of his contract.

In twelve months you could be left with only Christine Michael entering a contract year. Some people will embrace that situation. It is difficult, however, to describe Michael as anything other than a disappointment so far. Surely they didn’t intend to spend a second round pick (their first in the 2013 draft) on a #3 running back? He hasn’t been able to usurp Robert Turbin as the #2 and it’s optimistic at this stage to expect he’ll be the feature runner in 2016.

It’s not about writing him off. Yet even if the Seahawks do maintain some internal faith in his NFL future, they’re unlikely to go into a situation where he’s the unchallenged starter. They’ll want to see him competing and beating out a team mate for the job. And not just some camp body either — a legit starter candidate.

Seattle could wait to draft a running back in 2016. That makes sense — they’ll know exactly where they are with Lynch and Turbin.

However, you also have to do some forward planning. You certainly don’t want to be handcuffed in the draft next year, needing to take a running back with an early pick.

That brings us to this 2015 class of runners. It’s not a bad group, some would argue it’s very deep. Nobody performed exceptionally well at the combine but the sentiment during the season was that this is a great class. John Schneider will know what some of the options are in 2016 and he might feel it’s better to address this situation now.

You might suggest they can draft Ezekiel Elliott in a year. If he plays as well as he did for Ohio State in the playoffs he might be a very high pick in 2016. What if he gets injured? These are things you have to consider and you can’t rely on one possible target.

If you’re Schneider and you see a running back in this class who you really believe can be a long-term franchise back for this team why wouldn’t you consider it? You have to take the opportunities when they come. That’s how important the running game is in Seattle.

Yes they have other needs at guard, center and wide receiver. They need further depth at corner and the defensive line. Personally I think there is room for at least one ‘luxury’ pick in rounds two or three. You have eleven total picks including three in round four. You’ll have ample opportunity to bring in some O-liners for Tom Cable in a deep class plus a receiver, not to mention another corner and a defensive lineman or two.

Let’s not forget — Seattle’s biggest need going into the 2013 draft wasn’t a running back and they still drafted Michael. They also took him knowing he probably wouldn’t start in year one. If you’re wondering how likely they are to draft a ‘running back for the future’ with an early pick — there’s your answer. They’re clearly more than comfortable doing it.

The offense will change significantly when Lynch departs and I suspect the Seahawks will want to cover that eventuality with a great plan. They won’t want to leave it to chance. They won’t want to risk the running game taking a step backwards.

It could mean drafting a running back this year and next. They drafted Turbin and Michael in back-to-back years after all.

The point of this piece isn’t to argue it’ll definitely happen. It’s really just to bring up the possibility Seattle will consider a running back at any stage in the draft. It won’t just necessarily be a late round flier. If they’ve identified a guy who is a potential Lynch replacement and he can be had at #63 or #95 — they’d be daft not to at least consider it. Better to be over-prepared than under-prepared.

So who could they consider?

Let’s assume the top two are long gone (Gurley & Gordon). Any player after that is probably fair game. The buzz around one player in particular though is quite notable:

So Davis is going to visit the VMAC — just like Christine Michael in 2013.

Unlike Michael, however, he’s not a workout warrior. It’s always funny seeing the huge discrepancy between pro-day and combine forty times. He ran a 4.61 at the combine and a 4.38 at the South Carolina pro-day according to Rapoport. He’s quick in space and accelerates very well — but I don’t think he’s a 4.3 runner. I think the truth is somewhere in the middle (all the running backs ran surprisingly slow times in Indianapolis — it could be a slow track). has his pro-day time at 4.52 which seems fair.

Davis does provide grit, character and explosion in some areas. He ran a 1.58 split which highlights the burst he shows on tape. He’s a worker who needs a lot of carries, not a flashy sports car with questionable steering.

At times he really underwhelmed in college. There are several games where he just failed to have an impact. He struggled against Clemson, was banged up in the opener against Texas A&M and just looked sluggish and ineffective against Florida, Tennessee and Georgia. We get a ton of access to the SEC over here and I watched a lot of South Carolina’s games. I always seemed to catch him on a bad or average day. Conditioning is also a concern — and there’s a history for that kind of thing at SCAR (Jeffrey, Clowney).

He also had some big games against Kentucky, Missouri and Auburn. I suspect part of the visit will be to find out exactly how good (or average) he really is. He’s one of the toughest projections for the next level. He’s stout at 5-9 and 217lbs and doesn’t always push the pile. He’s not a spectacular running back but he can be effective. He’s not bad in pass protection and he’s capable of wearing a defense down.

We’ll have to see how the Seahawks view him — but they’re showing some interest with that official visit. If they believe he is a possible starter for 2016 they might take him with a nod to the future. It also wouldn’t be a total stunner if he went in rounds two or three the way he’s generating a buzz.

It’s something to consider as we edge closer to the draft.


  1. Nathan_12thMan

    I trust in PC/JS. Its not to say they don’t make mistakes, I mean C-Mike has proven very little and this is the year before his final year…(let alone guys like Rice, Harvin, etc).
    But, overall, I am ready for the possibility that we pick RB. I am kinda expecting it in the lower rounds (4th-5th area) but if Pete wants this team to be a run heavy (51+ percent) team, then the status of Beastmode, Turbin, and Michael demands a RB be drafted. People have argued our getting Jimmy and most likely drafted two WR’s is proof of us moving away from running 51+ percent of the time because we wont have Beastmode anymore. I think us making somewhat of a splash and grabbing a RB in the 3rd round would snap them out of that. I think Pete loves a team that runs heavy, whether we have Beastmode on our team or not we will try to run the ball a LOT.

    I will say this….whoever we draft at RB….I pray to god he’s a hit. To continue our success and get talented depth that can eventually become our starters and at least one of those players be pro-bowl caliber is key to continued success as a franchise. Really need a WR we draft or the RB we draft or an O-lineman we draft to end up being (for us) a pro-bowl caliber player.

    • Jake

      I think Graham is more like a payoff from running the ball 51% of the time. His skill is dominating one on one coverage. The running game demands 8 in the box, so Graham will get his one on one’s within the scheme of the run-focused offense. He’ll just be able to pay them off at a higher rate than Seattle’s previous receivers have been able to. On the flip side, his presence could keep both safeties deep, opening up more running room for Lynch and co. I think even after Lynch departs, the offense is still going to be run-heavy (at least 50/50 run/pass).

  2. mrpeapants

    He’s not a spectacular running back but he can be effective

    I would rather give cm a legit shot rather then taking someone average.

    • Rob Staton

      That’s what they need to determine. Just how good is he? He flashes. But he also has a lot of underwhelming tape. I suspect the visit to the VMAC will be necessary in making this judgement.

      • Jake

        I live in NW Florida Rob, so I also saw the SEC constantly. I saw two of Davis’ better games, he reminded me of Turbin. Excellent burst, cut and go – but he didn’t show much in the “wiggle” department. We’ll see how his visit goes, he could be a Turbin replacement if he can be had for a 5th or so pick.

  3. David M2

    Funny Rob,

    Mike Davis was the guy that I pointed out to you last year when I was checking out Bruce Ellington. Not surprised that he turned in a 4.38 when I was checking him out last year he looked Christine Michael fast on tape. His running style is so much like Michael’s too.

  4. Trevor

    Rob I understand your thinking but I really can’t see us taking an Rb this year unless Michael really has flamed out and they plan to cut him. I just don’t see us carrying 4RBs an FB on the 53 man roster.

    I would much sooner see them really test Christine Michael in pre-season to see what they have. I mean really test him like 20 carries per game. They really have not even given him a legitimate shot so far. Beast mode does not need to play the pre-season and they know what they have already in Turbin so why not let him tote the rock for a few games and see if the fumbles or whatever else seems to be concerning them is legit.

    Also as for Turbin I do not see him being difficult to resign if they choose to next year.

    • Rob Staton

      5RB’s on a roster isn’t that many though. They did it to keep Spencer Ware around essentially as a ‘FB for the future’.

      I think they know by now what they have in Michael. And that probably plays a role in this. He’s underwhelmed. They might be ready, privately, to move on.

      Turbin’s cap hit in 2015 is $774,000. To re-sign him realistically you’re doubling that at least I would say and that’s the problem when you can get a rookie for a cheaper cost. I doubt they even really push the boat out at all for Turbin. He’s a backup at the end of the day who doesn’t have a major special teams role. An easy saving, essentially.

      • SeattleBlue

        CMike has tremendous upside and to say he has underwhelmed with so few opportunities is misleading. He hasn’t gotten enough of a chance to prove that he’s elite. If it is an issue with pass protection or his ball carrying (switching hands with the ball) that has kept him off the field, then I would understand the need to move on. I think it might have more to do with the fact that Marshawn has been featured prominently in this offense and the other carries went to Turbo whos best in 2 minute situations. His piece of the pie has been smaller due to the state of the current offense.

        • Rob Staton

          It’s not misleading in the slightest.

          They drafted him in the second round and he hasn’t even won the backup running back job. That’s not down to opportunities. Heck the running backs coach has been on the radio criticizing his technique and fundamentals.

          • Jarhead

            Rob I have been fighting this battle with these guys for 2+ years. Michael has more honks than almost anyone on the team. They all still believe he is some kind of secret weapon waiting to become Marcus Allen. Like I have said time and time again- if a player could contribute then he will play. I think Michael’s playing time is very reflective of the way the Staff views him. They threw RW out there with 33% of the first team snaps week 1. He was ready. He is great. Michael is a JAG with some athleticism. Nothing more. These guys say “Let’s see what he can do!”. Does anyone think the FO hasn’t seen him carry the ball 500 times in practice?

            • Jarhead

              That should first preseason reps. whoops

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Well they did resign Tukuafu to go along with Coleman at FB. If they keep those 2 and the trio of Lynch, Turbin and CMike that’s 5 already.

        Gotta wonder what’s the deal with CMike. Maybe he just stunk up the practice field, or really pissed off Sherman Smith. I never saw anything in his game play that looked terrible. Then again, I never really saw his game play. That’s why you gotta wonder.

        • arias

          They really need to just get on the horn and trade CMike to Dallas. Maybe they can showcase him some in the preseason to increase interest but if he’s really that bad they might not want to watch any remaining value he might have disappear with his preseason performance.

          He’s not going to play much this year anyway, Turbin did it most of the time last season anyway but for just a few plays. Even if they only get a 6th round pick back for him, it’s better than nothing.

        • Rob Staton

          They won’t keep two full backs.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            If so then say goodbye to Coleman. PC was singing Tukuafu’s praises not only as a FB but also on D and maybe even as a inline TE.

            • Attyla the Hawk

              I agree, it’s very unlikely to see 2 fullbacks.

              But I don’t think Tukuafu’s signing dooms Coleman either. It’s competition. I’d expect Coleman to be improved heading into his third year. I’d say the competition should be pretty fierce. I see this battle as pretty even — maybe leaning Coleman given his ability to receive the ball and better familiarity with the offense.

              It’s always easier to recall the immediate impact of Tukuafu and forget Coleman’s value before injury. We should have a pretty good fight between the two for the one roster spot.

      • Drew

        Honestly I think that Turbin would be worth double his current salary. He’s a great 3rd down back and shown capability to have more carries. He definitely progressed this last year. Where he really does a great job is in the 2 minute offense.

        Personally I’d like to see them keep him around. More than likely he’ll get a bigger contract somewhere else (somebody could try to make him a feature back), but I think his skill set isn’t easily replacement by a rookie.

        • JeffC

          “Great” is being generous.

  5. Trevor

    Rob if they do go running back what are your thoughts on Johnson out of Northern Iowa? He would add a receiving element out of the backfield we really dont have right now. Lynch and Turbin are adequate receivers but not great.

    • Rob Staton

      I just don’t see him as an every down guy. I think any back they have at least has to be a realistic candidate to start down the line.

      • Trevor

        Agreed is there anyone out there except Davis who you think fits that bill because when I watch Davis play they thought of him being the replacement for Beast Mode is down right scary. I don’t see anyone in this draft outside of Gurley, Gordon and maybe Coleman who seem like potential every down backs for the Hawks.

        • Rob Staton

          Buck Allen is an intriguing player. I’m not a huge fan of Ajayi but others are. Brown from Texas is interesting in the later rounds and at a certain point T.J. Yeldon will be good value.

          • GeoffU

            What are your thoughts on Duke Johnson?

            • CharlieTheUnicorn

              Here is the back that really intrigues me, similar size to lynch… but he will be gone by #63… oh well, maybe a miracle will happen.

            • Rob Staton

              Not as much of a fan as others. Not sure I see him working in SEA’s offense.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            Was wondering when his name would come up. If I’m not mistaken, Allen is the last “blue chip” high school RB prospect Carroll recruited heavily before leaving USC.

          • icb

            With Ajayi mocked at 60, potential for him to be there at 63. I would have a really hard time passing on that pick. After that though… I would just wait for next year. If I can’t get Gurley or Ajayi, I’m content to wait another year.

            Truth be told I REALLY wanted Carlos Hyde with the 1st pick in the 2nd round last year. Looking for him to have a good to great year with the niners now that gore is gone.

      • rowdy

        I see more potential with johnson then I did with turbin. I wouldn’t draft him before the 4th but I wouldn’t draft Davis at all. He looks like a average back up to me.

        • Trevor

          I agree I think Davis would just be a wasted pick.

        • Rob Staton

          As noted in the piece whenever I watched him he looked average. But the Seahawks clearly see something in him — at least enough to take a closer look.

      • OZ

        Johnson carries the ball in his left hand ONLY!!!!

    • Old but Slow

      This to me is wrong. Lynch is a very good receiver, runs good routes and catches the ball with his hands. In my mind he is one of the better pass catching backs in the league. Am I wrong?

      • Attyla the Hawk

        No, I see the same thing. Lynch is a good receiver.

        • Jarhead

          Exactly. That wheel route he runs to the left on boots to the right has saved our butts more than once. He makes some pretty nifty grabs out there, especially for a man his size.

  6. rowdy

    He looks soft. Doesn’t seem to try and run people over for the extra yard, goes down on first contact a lot and avoids contact. Personally I don’t see why they would bring him in. David johnson is a player I really like in the mid rounds. I don’t think there’s a box he doesn’t check. Only knock is he’s a small school guy. I think he fits in perfect as a turbin replacement and more after a year in the system. He could return kicks this year and is a good receiver.

    • Robert

      Yeah, me too. I like Johnson despite the expert’s opinion that he is an H back. Good speed, good strength, great explosion and high character = lower risk/higher upside!

  7. Trevor

    Rob what package of future picks would it take to move into the mid first round to say Clevelands pick at 19 if Gurley is there? He really does look like the perfect option for us to red shirt for a year, then backup Lynch in 2016 and be ready to roll as lead dog in 2017.

    I am guessing it would start with 2016, 2017 1st round picks.

    • Rob Staton

      Yep you’re probably looking at the next two first rounders at least. There isn’t a package I’d consider good value. You’d have to pay way too much.

      • Trevor

        Yeah it is too bad because he really would be such a great pick but that price would be too high particularly with the injury history.

        • Robert

          Maybe…when healthy. The beast is always ready to play on game day! We’re gonna be hard pressed to find a successor that can match that kind of durability. Gurley doesn’t appear to have big, thick bones like the beast….

    • Attyla the Hawk

      Here’s how I’d look at that kind of trade:

      1. Assume we do consider a RB in R4/R5 this year.

      2. Even before the Graham trade, I would have seen the merit in trading up a 1st/3rd this year to secure Gurley.

      3. If we were to make that leap from 63 to say 20, it would require a lot. Figuring the values of trades to go from 28ish to 20 requires #20 and #90ish. We have 90ish. Need back half of R1.

      The R4/R5 pick would be used on RB regardless.

      To get to 57, you’d spend #63 and a fifth round pick. (Niners/Dolphins 2014 – total loss thus far is second, fifth)

      From 57 to say 40, that deal has been made for #57 and a fourth round pick. (Titans/Eagles 2014 total loss thus far 2nd, 5th and 4th)

      From 40 to back half of R1 takes #40 and a third. (Seattle/Minnesota 2014) We don’t have a third in this scenario. Hope for 2016 2nd round pick.

      (total loss = second, fourth, fifth 2016 2nd)

      From 31ish to 20 costs 31 and a third (Cardinals/Saints 2014). Total loss = second, third, fourth, fifth, 2016 2nd.

      That nets you #20 first, fourth, fourth comp, fifth comp, jets 6th, comp 6th, comp 6th, seventh.

      Total cost is now 2nd, third, fifth and 2016 2nd. If you assume we burn a 4th round pick on a RB which we wouldn’t getting Gurley.

      Saves 2016’s first round pick which we would assuredly trade back to R2 to begin with anyway. In all, leaving Seattle with 8 total selections in 2015.

      • Hawksince77

        So let me get this straight. You think we could trade high enough into the 1st to get Gurley at the cost of the 2015 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and the 2016 2nd, is that right? Five total picks.

        Leaving (after selecting Gurley in the 1st) a 4th, 4th, 5th, 6th, 6th, 6th and a 7th, for 8 total picks in 2015.

        Hmmmm, that would be interesting. Costs a lot of draft capital, but still leaves enough to get a couple of WRs, and a couple of OGs, plus a couple of defensive prospects.

        Worth considering, I would think.

      • jdtjohnson

        lol…this isn’t that show where the guy starts with a tennis racket, trades it for something else and keeps trading and and trading and by the end of the show has a new car. Doesn’t work like that. Like the guy on here last year that figured there’s no way we couldn’t trade Malcolm Smith for a 1st and 3rd…”he’s the superbowl MVP!” I think some guys are playing too much Madden, or confusing the NFL with fantasy football or something.

        Gurley isn’t going to happen. Not even a little bit. I think, if we’re going to grab a RB, it’ll be in the 4th round. That’s my hunch anyhow

  8. Steele1324

    Before Lynch re-signed, and around the time we were all looking at RBs, I took a look at Mike Davis and hated what I saw. And I still do. Davis looks extremely average. Not powerful, not really fast. Who cares about his 40 time? His football time is poor. He has an upright “tippy toes” running style. Doesn’t have moves, doesn’t cut well, runs high. Doesn’t hit the holes quickly, needs time to get rolling. Easily stopped.

    It is not surprising that NE is looking at him. He is somewhat like the very average Stevan Ridley, who also has a “running for the bus” style that is unconvincing. (Who is still looking for work, by the way.) (Wouldn’t touch him.)

    So please, Hawks. Avoid Mike Davis.

    • Rob Staton

      I wouldn’t disagree. However, they clearly see something in him to take a closer look. Certainly not one of my favorite players in the draft but a needed discussion point given his future visit to the VMAC.

      • Robert

        I think they “look” at a couple players every year as a misdirection ploy.

  9. rowdy

    UW had their proday today, are the numbers out yet? Really interested in kasen williams numbers.

    • OZ

      Really interested in Kikaha myself.

      • Rob Staton

        He ran a 4.9 today at his pro-day. Not good.

        • Steele1324

          I think Kikaha improved on other things. Enough to quell some doubts.

          • Rob Staton

            He didn’t do any work outs at the combine other than the drills. He had no points to improve on.

            Running a 4.9 in the 240’s is UDFA level. Michael Sam ran a 4.9 and he weighed 260lbs.

            • arias

              Carroll specifically named checked him among the players he was most impressed by at UW’s pro day along with Shaq and Shelton. The entire defensive staff and Schneider were on hand too.

            • OZ

              He weighed in at 250 with an impressive 10 yard split.

        • rowdy

          Wow not good is an understatement, really disappointed.

        • j

          A hand timed, inflated 4.9. Could have been in the low 5’s with a laser.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Williams ran around a 4.5 40…. he might have gotten himself into the round 6 range of the draft. More than like still a FA pickup… HELLO SEATTLE!. He finally looked fully recovered from his nasty ankle injury of ~2 years ago.

      • rowdy

        I also seen he had a 35.5 vertical but those are the only numbers I seen

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          Local radio had a few tid bits of info about how the guys at the UW pro day looked…. unofficial clocked at ~4.45 by unnamed scouts, but he said he ran in the low 4.5s. His ankle is not 100 percent back strength wise, but I think he showed enough to get a shot in the NFL.

          • rowdy

            Thanks man, I was really hoping to see his cone and shuttle drills. I expected him to be pretty sparqy.

          • OZ

            The Professor.

      • OZ

        His injured ankle is significantly smaller than the other still not 100%

  10. Hawksince77

    Heck with that: go big or stay at home. From:

    Seahawks trade into first round with Texans (No. 16) to draft Todd Gurley
    The skinny: Now, I have Gurley going to the Falcons at No. 8 in my latest mock draft, but let’s say they go up and get Williams, and Gurley is still on the board as we approach the midway point of the first round. I don’t see Gurley getting past the Chargers at No. 17, so with Collins off the board for Houston thanks to the Steelers’ trade-up, would GM Rick Smith be open to a move down? The Seahawks don’t have a pick in the first round this year (they gave that up in the Jimmy Graham trade), so a first-rounder for next year would have to be included in a deal with Houston. I know Seattle just re-upped with Marshawn Lynch, but what a great backup and eventual replacement Gurley could be for Pete Carroll and John Schneider. Gurley is a perfect fit for their style on offense. He’s my No. 1 RB in the draft and an electrifying talent. Gurley and Beast Mode on the same team? Yeah, that would be fun to watch.

    In all seriousness, as has been argued several times by Rob, RB is a premium position for the Seahawks. Getting a middle-of-the-pack RB in the draft won’t do it. If they made a Julio Jones-type move to get Gurley, it might be the option to consider in this draft. Not only is he considered by some to be the best RB in the draft, he is considered by at least one scout to be the best player in the draft. He is also considered to be the best RB prospect in some time.

    It would take a lot of draft capital, but for the transcendent talent at a premium position (for the Seahawks) worth considering. Or at least arguing about.

    • Hawksince77

      Whoops, just saw the thread above about Gurley. More like an RGIII type trade up.

      Anyway, if CMike isn’t the answer, and shifting to a more pass-happy offense isn’t either, than getting the next AP is certainly worth considering. Seattle won’t be drafting near the top of the first round anytime soon, limiting the opportunity of getting the best RB in any particular draft, and trading for one to replace Lynch unlikely.

      You gotta take your shots.

    • Steele1324

      Hawksince, I am a big fan of Gurley. I do think he is worth extraordinary moves to get—as long as they are not what Mike Ditka did to get Ricky Williams! For next year’s #1? Worth consideration. But this would entail finding willing trade partners in rd. 1. Not easy to do. And for that matter, trading up that far into rd.1, you would also have to consider other potential spectacular gets—at need positions. RB is not a need position, really.

      • Hawksince77

        Thinking about it for another minute, I couldn’t feel good about trading what it would take to get any single player. In fact, I suspect that both Atlanta and Washington suffered longer term declines by making the trades they did for Jones and RGIII respectively. I can’t prove it, but those trades did not lead to sustained success.

        If the offense needs to shift a bit towards passing to compensate for losing Lynch, so be it. That’s what this draft requires – new WR talent to improve that part of the team. If for some strange reason Gurley fell towards the middle of the 2nd, then sure, that would be worth taking a shot.

        I am still hopeful that CMike works out. So talented. Next year we’ll know, I suspect.

        • OZ

          Telling that Lynch would be standing on the sideline in a playoff game talking to C-Mike about Heart while pointing to his chest.

  11. bobbyk

    Whoever this RB would be, he’d need to be someone who could return kicks, too (Abdullah?) or something on ST. We can’t have three back-up RBs who are worthless in helping the rest of the team on ST.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think it’d be any more of a waste than some of the other red shirts they’ve had recently Bobby. If you lose Lynch and Turbin next year and feel like you’ve got a ready made replacement it won’t be a wasted pick. They carried Lynch, Turbin, Michael, Ware and a FB before. It’s basically the same scenario.

    • Steele1324

      The ST help will come from anywhere it is. Why must it come from a RB?

      • bobbyk

        It doesn’t have to come from a RB but if you have positions like RB where the back-ups do nothing on ST then that production has to come from somewhere – such as keeping a worthless WR like Lockette around because of his ST skills that hinders production from the WR group (since a WR spot is being used on a bad WR). I agree though, you pick and choose where this ST help comes from but when you get a position of a bunch of players who do nothing – it has to be made up somewhere which may be a detriment to other units on a team if you want to have quality ST play (of which Lockette is an awesome gunner).

        • rowdy

          Exactly why I like johnson, he could help on special teams this year and learn the system

          • dean

            rowdy that is why I like Johnson too he is a special. He is a former WR turn into a RB .he is a good blocker too so like I’ve said before we can play WR.RB.FB.HB & MOVIE TE,KR.PR ALLSPECIAL TEAM .and this type of player we need .a 6’1″ and 224 pounds coming out of backfield on 3rd . Johnson hands and route running is on another level

  12. Trevor

    We have been so spoiled with Lynch it is going to be so hard to swallow when he goes because he is a once in a generation talent. Him and AP are the two back of their generation who had HOF talent. That is why the Hawks are willing to put up with all his off the field crap.

    Rob have you watch much tape on Elliot from Ohio State? To be he looks every bit the back Gurley is and has no injury history. Also he stepped up huge when the lights were the brightest against Alabama and Oregon.

    I think PCJS have to start planning now how to position themselves to get this guy next year. The only problem is could be a Top 5 pick.

    • Rob Staton

      I touched on Elliott in the piece. He’s a good player but he’s just one guy. We can’t expect Seattle to get a shot at drafting him next year.

      • Trevor

        Yeah at this rate he will likely be a top5 pick unless he gets hurt so he is probably a pipe dream like Gurley.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      No RB will go top 5, you can bank that. Now top 15, then you might be onto something. But, would the draft capitol necessary to move into position to draft him be worth it… when other RBs might be 98% of what he produces.. and can be had in the second round. I do not see the value of reaching for this specific player.

      • Trevor

        If we can get Elliot at 15 next year I would definitely reach. Watch his tape from the final 3 games last year against Big Ten Championship, Bowl Championship against Alabama and Chamionship game against Oregon. Over 200 yds per game and 7 + yds per carry.

        He is the best looking back I have seen since AP and for me a more complete back than Gurley. The Seahawks are a run focused team so RB for us is a premium position unlike most other teams.

  13. Steele1324

    If we are not ruling out a RB early in this draft, there are scores of them who are better than Mike Davis. You can almost point and find them. At around the same place in the draft, rd. 3-4:

    David Johnson
    TJ Yeldon
    Matt Jones

    Frankly, of all positions, I think you can find good RBs all the way down into UDFA and street free agents. Josh Robinson, the bowling ball, is a late round option.

    • Rob Staton

      I wouldn’t expect Yeldon to be there in the third personally, certainly not the late third.

      The point of the piece wasn’t to suggest Davis is a great player. It was to bring up the possibility of a running back being taken while highlighting their interest in taking a closer look at MD.

      • Steele1324

        Yes. And their interest is Davis is troubling. Hope they don’t go for him, and get stuck with a so-so semi-productive type on the roster for years.

  14. AlaskaHawk

    I like josh Robinson in the 6th round. We aren’t using any of the backups so I wouldn’t put a lot of draft capital into the position. Just need a durable runner to step in if needed. Also I wish the Seahawks would decide on CMike in preseason this year. Carrying someone that you won’t play is ridiculous and uses up space.

    • Rob Staton

      “We aren’t using any of the backups so I wouldn’t put a lot of draft capital into the position. Just need a durable runner to step in if needed.”

      This isn’t about this year. It’s about the possible 2016 scenario of no Lynch or Turbin, as I’ve touched on in the piece.

      • AlaskaHawk

        To gain maximum rookie value I wouldn’t pick Turbins replacement until he is gone. We need to get a few years out of our next running back before he turns free agent.

        • Rob Staton

          And Lynch? That’s the point.

    • rowdy

      I really like him too. He reminds me of mjd a little.i think the 6th would be a steal for him. He has to be a top 10 rb back in the draft

      • Old but Slow

        I don’t mean to be negative, but I have no idea who mjd is, so I ignore your post. And I would really like to know your opinion. The tendency to refer to players by initials, as if we should be able to readily identify them is beyond me. I guess I am just old fashioned. This after I made an earlier reference to Diggy, meaning, of course Odighizowa, but I was just not sure how to spell it at the time.

        So shoot me.

        • David

          Maurice Jones Drew. played for the Jags for a few years and I think is with Oakland or at least was.

        • rowdy

          Mjd was his nickname like run dmc for darren McFadden. He was a pro bowl back for years.

          • SunPathPaul

            MJD retired recently…

  15. CC

    I could have seen RB at 31 or a draft down a few spots, but not too sure they would take one at 63.

    Maybe Buck Allen in the 4th, but really not sure that anyone in this class is someone who would be around. Isn’t D Bronson still on the practice squad? Maybe he’ll get more reps this year. I could also see signing some UDFA types like Jessie Callier or someone like that.

    • rowdy

      Buck is intriguing but the fourth is to high imo. If David johnson or josh Robinson are there i think that would be good value

      • CC

        Thanks! I haven’t looked at the RBs this year – good to know.

  16. HOUSE

    Crazy enough, I had a dream today that we drafted David Johnson (NIU) in the 3rd rd and traded Christine Michael to MIN for a 6th rd pick…

    I am really curious where the FO stands in regards to Turbin. I know traveling, he’s Russell’s roommate and they are best friends. Yes I know it is a business, but if Russell pulls for him will he stick around. If Lynch retires after the ’15 season, could we become more of a pass offense? If so… Turbin and Michaels both could excel.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Trade RB C Mike + a 6th for WR C Patterson + a conditional pick in 2016.

      Grab Duke or David Johnson and call it good. Solves both teams problems, with trying to find spots and production out of certain positions. Vikings might be a little short if they do indeed send AP packing.
      Seattle could use a “Harvinesk” threat in the WR group.

      • HOUSE

        I didn’t even think about that… Something about him screams athletic “UNDERACHIEVER”. I really thought he’d have a big year in ’14 with the coaching change, but he didn’t… He’d definitely help in the ST return game and he could be used to spread the field in the absence of PRich

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          Let’s say Seattle did procure Patterson, then they would not be in the market for a WR and can focus on OL in the 3rd round-5th round. Lot’s of dominoes could fall the right away then, taking pressure off of drafting a WR to draft a WR.

          The Vikings and Seahawks like doing deals, so nothing is too outrageous imo

          • Drew

            They would still be in the market for a WR. At this point Patterson has completely under whelmed as a WR. Reports have said he can’t learn the play book, he’s a terrible route runner. Now as a returner he’s a special talent.

            • arias

              I agree. Why trade for a guy who’s been in the league for a few years and still can’t handle running a few routes consistently well, let alone the entire route tree?

              He could be a free agent by the time he picks it up and makes any worthwhile contributions. I’d rather not have to suffer through watching Bevell try to painstakingly incorporate him into the offense by running jet sweeps and and screens with him just to have him out there.

              Nah, if a guy is going to take up a roster spot and cost anything in a trade I’d rather him at least have high enough of a ceiling where he can be expected make contributions after the acclimation of OTAs and training camp. Not years from now when they won’t own his rights any longer.

      • Steele1324

        I prefer David to Duke Johnson.

  17. RealRhino2

    I’d prefer we not use #63 or #95 on a RB. I just don’t think what should be available at those spots is much better than what should be available in the 4th.

    I haven’t watched him closely, but I like Buck Allen from USC. Seemed like a tough downhill runner with good passcatching ability. Not a star, maybe, but maybe good enough in our blocking scheme to be effective.

    • rowdy

      If t Colman fell I would take in the 2nd but other then a major fall like that I agree with you. I would take David johnson or josh Robinson before buck and both could be there.

  18. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Jay Ajayi, reminds me of a certain current Seattle RB in this clip. It would not hurt my feelings is Seattle grabbed him… he has some big time upside.

    Nice vision and some elusiveness. But what I love the best about his game, he normally get positive yards after contact.. and can break tackles.

    • Steele1324

      Ajayi is rd. 2. I doubt he’s there when the Hawks are up.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        I think he will go upper half of round 2, but most draft geeks are saying bottom of round two or perhaps high in round three. He would be worth watching, due to his size and explosiveness.

      • rowdy

        My thought too

        • Old but Slow

          Isn’t there some concern about his fumbling? I am no expert here, but have heard some rumblings.

          • icb

            There were rumblings. Unfounded in my opinion.

            His fumble numbers were almost exactly the same as Melvin Gordon. In fact, Gordon and Ajayi are eerily similar in the stat sheets, just have different styles. The two even trained together in prep for the combine.

            Point being is that I haven’t heard anybody say that Melvin Gordon fumbles too much… but with almost identical stats; the argument is that Ajayi does??

            • CharlieTheUnicorn

              The biggest knock on him is the level (or lack of) competition he has faced. He has a knock on fumbling balls…. and I’m not sure how good or great he is in the passing game.

  19. DC

    If Tevin Coleman somehow falls to us then hell yes we take him.

    • Steele1324

      Tevin Coleman reminds me too much of Darren McFadden, and I do not like Darren McFadden. Guys who need several steps to gather steam, and get caught behind the line while they gather it. There are RBs throughout the draft and in UDFA who are more explosive and to the point.

      • rowdy

        He doesn’t reminder me of dmc but they both do take a couple steps to build speed. That the main reason why I like josh Robinson, power back with a fast first step, but I like both players.

      • Josh

        If you do recall though, Run DMC was very successful in Cable’s scheme, so there could be worse comparisons.

    • David

      Don’t remember where I heard it but I do remember hearing he has the same problem as C-mike. the whole ball-hand switch and if its as big a deal as they say (see C-mike). I guess it depends on how well he is at improving. its taken Michael I think going onto 3 years now to fix that fundamental flaw.

  20. CharlieTheUnicorn

    A late round RB, that could really do some damage on ST and as a speed back… AUB RB Corey Grant. He is all that and a bag of chips. Fast, elusive, 1 cut and go…. and he will most likely be around in the late 6th or 7th rounds. That would bring tremendous speed and flexibility at the RB spot for a very small draft cost. Oh yeah, he dropped a ~4.28 40.

    • Steele1324

      Thanks for bringing up Corey Grant, Charlie.

      He is one of many examples of late round/UDFA types who offer game breaking stuff, along with ST. ST really can be found without investing high draft picks for it.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        I noticed him in a 1 big game Auburn played in.. then did some more research on him. The combine numbers were incrediable… then rewatched a few highlight videos. Toughness, great speed, some elusiveness and some yards after contact. He is small, but he could be a very dangerous piece to add to the Seahawks offense. A true burner out of the RB position. (And I failed to mention his possible upside as a ST contributor)

      • rowdy

        We’re those from juco? The seahawks haven’t drafted a rb below 220 I don’t see them drafting a 190 rb.

        • Steele1324

          I think a team should have some pure speed on the roster to keep defenses off balance. The Hawks currently don’t.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          Listed as 5’9″ 201 lbs now. He would be a unique piece for Seattle, not like any other back on the team. I like that he dropped a 1.57 10 yard split in his 4.28 40. If he can KR or PR…. regularly, he could do amazing things.

  21. Old but Slow

    Another late round or free agent back is Tyler Varga from Yale. He catches well and runs very well. He has a bit of Marshawn in him.

    • Matt

      Varga could be valuable ST player along with backing up at RB and FB. If we were to carry 5 RB’s, which I’m not a fan of, this is the type of versatile athlete you would do that for. We kept Ware around because he filled the roles that Varga could. Drafting another pure RB seems like a waste of a draft pick to me. Next year there could be a position open so that’s the time to draft one. Using a pick and, more importantly, a roster spot on a RB who won’t see the field seems like a waste. IMO

      • Old but Slow

        While he does not have a third gear speed, he does have some return ability with his quickness, hands, and toughness.

  22. CC

    Steve Schilling is retiring – not for health reasons, but just said he’s done. I do believe that increases the need for either signing or drafting signing a center.

    • arias

      Hot damn really? Wow!

      • CC

        Yup – I hope he is okay.

  23. Ross

    I’m convinced there’s something else going on with Christine Michael. We just haven’t seen a situation like this before where one of our own draft picks sticks with the team for multiple seasons, manages to get on the active roster for lots of games, and yet barely sees the field.

    I’ve watched every single one of Michael’s snaps as a Seahawk. His chances have been few and far between, and there’s not nearly enough to go on to judge whether he’s really a future starting running back or not, but I haven’t seen anything to suggest that he’s at least competent, that he shouldn’t be given more opportunities.

    Going by a couple of comments coaches have made in the last few years, and his known history of clashes with his Texas coaches in college, it’d be easy to suggest that there are ‘personality issues’ behind the scenes that we don’t know about. Maybe he can’t take coaching, or maybe he’s just not dedicated enough for the fast, grinding environment of the Seahawks. Maybe he’s been involved in some off the field incidents we have no idea about. Maybe it’s just easier to keep him around because he knows the system rather than look for another cheap backup. We just don’t know.

    I hope it’s something as simple as Pete keeping him fresh and out of harms way for the future. The coaches obviously see something worth their time to develop. Every other guy who doesn’t buy in or isn’t talented enough gets shifted pretty quickly.

    As for this running back class, I agree that it might actually be less of a luxury pick than it appears. There’s a conceivable situation where Michael is a top the depth chart running when the season ends. Not great. Even if Michael is secretly amazing he has very little experience. Who do you draft though? I like Ajayi, good combination of size, quickness, power, but he’s probably gone before 63 and not worth trading up for. Mike Davis doesn’t do anything for me. Most of the other guys look like they’d be better as roleplayers than every down backs, but I don’t know enough about them to say for sure.

    The way I see it, finding Lynch’s replacement will be the biggest and most important challenge the Carroll regime will encounter besides finding a quarterback. No expense should be spared in this endeavor. If it meant this team remains successful for years to come, I would be very happy if we went up and got Gurley or Gordon. Preferably the former.

    • Old but Slow

      I think Michael leaves a lot to be desired as a blocker, and the team wants the running back to block well.

      • rowdy

        And not fumble, something he struggles with

    • Hawksince77

      Interesting point about CM (Christine Michael for Old but Slow). I was wondering the same thing – why keep him around? We have seen more than one player blossom after a year or two: Kam didn’t start until his second year. Tate wasn’t fully effective until his third. Maxwell until his 3rd. And we forget that Sherman was 3rd on the depth chart before he became the starter (injuries to the starter – can’t recall who that was – and then Thurmond started in front of Sherman before Thurmond was injured).

      The point is that players that remain in the system do so for a reason. And then it comes down to opportunity. This past year Turbin seemed much improved, and of course Lynch still amazing, so it could be as simple as that.

      And as pointed out above, ball security and blocking may be where CM needs to improve to become a starting option.

      This year will tell.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        But Tate, Maxie, Kam all saw substantial playing time in their early seasons such that they could develop into the players they are.

        CMike really hasn’t seen the field in comparison. Gotta wonder why.

        • dawgma

          I’m sure sitting behind a hall of famer has nothing to do with it. The more worrying issue is that he hasn’t banished Turbo to the bench. Turbo’s a league average backup. If CM was any kind of a future #1 bell cow, Turbin would have been on the bench long ago.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Plus there is his position in the draft. First and second rounders should be starting or have a darn good reason why they aren’t. I feel like there is a lot of needless speculation over a player that isn’t being used. Not even as a punt returner. After last years trials, there must be something useful that CMike can do….. NO? Then cut him and move on.

    • mrpeapants

      its weird, if they don’t like him or have plans for him, why not cut him? they’ve done it before. its not hard to find a 3rd string rb.

  24. donald

    Remember the Hawks need to draft players 1 round ahead of where they are slotted, because they are drafting at the end of each round.

    I say the Hawks wait and see what CMike does next year. Elliot is a very good RB, and it would be cheaper to move up next year from #32 to #15 to draft to Elliot than to move up this year to take Gurley.

    • Steele1324

      But the entire NFL will also be after Elliot. So that is a dicey scenario to bank on.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Elliot may not even come out in the draft, he might stay another year in college. No way they are thinking that they need to draft a certain player in 2016. I’m not convinced this is Lynch’s last season either, if he is back in 2016, then all bets are off on who or when they pick a RB.

  25. j

    There are Mike Davis’s, Josh Robinsons, etc. in every draft class. If we are drafting him for 2016, we could get a get a similar player in the mid-rounds in 2016. All drafting him this year would accomplish is avoiding the need to take a mid-round back in 2016. Not enough value there to warrant punting a roster spot on a non-contributor in 2015.

    The only way this makes sense is if we get one of the top RB at 63.

    • Steele1324

      I suppose the question is how long it takes a back to learn and develop. Is it too much to expect a 2016 rookie to immediately contribute? It depends on the guy, of course.

    • rowdy

      When your talking about 4th or lower round picks there will be players in every draft at every position that low. Learning the zone system in seattle takes time to develop. It’s better to be ahead of the curve.

  26. Old but Slow

    I know this is not a wide receiver/tight end thread, but are there any basketball players who might be coming into the league this year? There have been some real success stories with basketball players, especially the big power forwards making a place in the NFL.

  27. Madmark

    Rob or anyone where would you draft a Thomas Rawls from Central Michigan?

    • icb

      I wouldn’t.

      Fumbles, Slow-er, Suspect pass pro, charged with 3 felonies, missed games for bad academics.
      I wouldn’t draft him.

      But i will say when his game is on– it’s fun to watch. Physical, Violent, and can handle a lot of carries.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      On the field. Great. Off the field… a disaster. UDRFA pick-up at best now for “Black Beast”

  28. EranUngar

    I am all for early rounds “luxury” picks. If this FO find a talent that supersedes whatever needs we have they should go for it. We have a good enough roster as it is and a potential gem for 2016 and onward would be great. If it is a RB or any other position it’s fine with me.

    Having said that, some of the arguments above for this pick do not sit well with me.

    Spending your top pick this year just so “You certainly don’t want to be handcuffed in the draft next year” is a very weak argument.

    What if Elliott gets injured during the year? – You say thank you that it’s him rather then the RB you picked with your first pick in 2015. This guy we pick now can get hurt too during his first hard NFL year…

    “Seattle’s biggest need going into the 2013 draft wasn’t a running back and they still drafted Michael” – Yes they did, they also draft Harper as a WR in the 4th and traded for Harvin that year. I hope all those great hits serve as a lesson of things to avoid rather than something to do again.

    Still, it could all happen just like you outlined. If it does i hope it works out. I’d still prefer OL/WR with our top pics.

  29. Miles

    Hey Rob! This website seems more popular than it’s ever been. Congrats on that.

    I have a question for you. A report just came out that the FSU cornerback PJ Williams got a DUI this morning (see report below). Just wondering if you think this will cause his stock to drop and how much. Seems like a pretty big blow considering its just a month before the draft and he’s getting into so much trouble with so much on the line. Previously considered a first round pick, do you think this could drop him into the mid-to-late rounds? Aside from the seriousness of DUIs, his on-field abilities could be a steal for some team if he were to fall that far.

    The situation makes me think of Tharold Simon, who the Seahawks drafted in the 5th round just days after he was arrested.


      • AlaskaHawk

        Just looking at his speed and size I thought he would be end of first, top of second, and the article put him at 35. Considering the repeat offenses and the way the article insuates that he was given special treatment by the police, he could easily slip 15 spots. I doubt if he will be there at 63 because of the premium at that position. I would guess he will be picked up in the mid to late second round.

        • Steele1324

          I think PJ Williams’ game has the swagger you’d want. But he doesn’t have the arm length. Certainly this will drop his stock a bit. Worth consideration. A team could find a lot of talent just looking at police blotters these days.

  30. Jeff M.

    FO came out with their full “playmaker score” WR projections:

    Some guys it likes (ignoring 1st rounders) are Agholor and Lockett early, Titus Davis and Stefon Diggs a little later, and (in decreasing order) DeAndre Smelter, Antwan Goodley, Jamarcus (JJ) Nelson, Da’ron Brown, Mario Alford, and Devante Davis at 7th/UDFA range.

    Cross-referencing with SPARQ ( to try to find the ultimate “analytics-approved” targets: Agholor doesn’t have enough data, Lockett is average, T. Davis is poor, Diggs below-average, Smelter and Goodley not enough data, Nelson is average (super-fast but weighs 156 lbs), Brown slightly above-average, and Alford and D. Davis below-average but better than T. Davis/Diggs.

    So no real standout by both metrics, but Tyler Lockett, JJ Nelson, and Da’ron Brown are the three guys whose college production looks the part while also being NFL-caliber athletes. Combine standouts Chris Conley, Kenny Bell, Ty Montgomery, and Darren Waller do all right by Playmaker Score as well (depending on how far they fall in the draft)–it likes Waller the best of that group but his teammate Smelter a fair bit more, but it does note that it’s had some issues projecting GaTech wideouts before (Stephen Hill)–Tre McBride (who I know Rob likes) doesn’t show up, I assume because they don’t project small-school stats.

    And if you’re one of the folks who really wants an upgrade in the return game, you’ll be glad to see that a bunch of those guys (Lockett, Nelson, Bell, Montgomery) are ST weapons as well.

  31. icb

    Anybodys thoughts on Abdullah?

    Smallish frame and not the greatest blocker. However In my opinion he might be the most explosive back available. Top performer in nearly every category at the combine.

    Was slow in the 40 at the combine, but reportedly improved on it at pro day. And even if he didn’t, I’m personally more interested in his sheer explosiveness through a hole, his awesome acceleration. Straightaway speed I’m less concerned with.
    On tape he appears patient and has good vision.
    Can play ST, and works in the passing game as well.

    He has a LOT of fumbles though…. which is concerning.

    By all accounts a high character guy. Probably not an every down back, but if the hawks are looking for a future back up instead of cm or turbo… Worth a look.

    • Steele1324

      I am not a fan of Abdullah. Not a smooth runner, bow-legged, very effortful. There are more gifted and explosive backs throughout the draft. And his special teams ability does not, in my opinion, justify a high draft pick for him.

      • icb

        Combine Numbers disagree with you on explosiveness.

        Among RBs

        Vertical Jump= #1
        Broad Jump = #1
        3 Cone = #1
        20 Yard Shuttle = #1
        60 Yard Shuttle = #3 – (Behind Gordon & Ajayi)
        Bench = #4 at 24 Reps
        40= sloooow 4.6 (Reportedly Ran 4.4 -4.5 at Pro Day)

        Tops of a pretty dang good RB class in a lot of categories. Numbers say he is pretty darn explosive.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          SPARQ champion as well. He blew up this metric for WR and RBs.

        • arias

          You’re right, that’s pretty damn explosive.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Here is what you have to love about Ameer Abdullah, he is a self made RB. He wasn’t highly touted out of HS… worked his butt off for several years .. getting better each season, then absolutely exploded last season. If you are looking for a guy who is “Seahawky”, meet Mr Abdullah.

  32. AlaskaHawk

    There are a lot of good backs in the draft this year. The top two are really good and worth a first round pick. There may be another 3-4 that are chosen in rounds 2 and 3. Round 4 or below there will still be many choices that are talented enough to be starters. I was looking at yardage and number of catches instead of combine numbers. Looking for what they actually did in college, instead of what they can do on a track field. A few interesting names that will go mid round to late:

    Josh Robinson, Miss State
    38 games, 1997 yards, 6.2 y/c, and 43 receptions.
    A bit on the slow side (4.65 40) but a powerful runner with good hands.

    David Johnson, Northern Iowa,
    50 games, 4,682 yards, 5.4 y/c and 141 receptions
    Geez this guy was a beast for Northern Iowa.

    T.J. Yeldon, Alabama
    39 games, 3,322 yards, 5.8 y/c, 46 receptions
    A very strong runner.

  33. Kip Earlywine

    What a weird build. He has the legs of a six foot tall man, and the abdomen of a 5 foot tall man. Every now and then you see a RB with long legs do well in the NFL (DeMarco Murray), but it’s pretty uncommon.

    Gotta be honest, his tape feels like watching a camp body RB. He is physical and fast enough, but his vision is lacking and he’s not a tackle breaker. A poor man’s Robert Turbin.

    • Kip Earlywine

      I’m fine with Seattle drafting a RB early-ish. Ajayi at the end of the third? I’d be down with that.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      It’s the return of the prodigal Kip!

      Nice to hear from you old boy 🙂

  34. Madmark

    So who are your 2 picks you got to have in this draft? Good to see ya on

  35. James

    I have no doubt that John and Pete are working just as hard as ever, but if I am Paul Allen, as their boss, I have three questions:

    1) What was it about John’s and Pete’s approach in the first three drafts that allowed them to land Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor, Russell Wilson, et al, in the middle rounds?

    2) What was it about the approach in the past two drafts that have not (thus far) landed players of equal talent and/or contribution? Is it as simple as no-available-playing-time; or an epidemic of injuries (see Cassisus Marsh, KPL, Paul Richardson, Jesse Williams, etc); or did our scouting values change or did we lose our mojo?

    3) What must be done to find another Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor or Russell Wilson in this draft?

    ….if the future hall-of-fame players (Sherm, Russ and Kam) were simply the result of a top 5 pick in R1, then the answer would be easy, but they came mid-rounds, of which we have at least six picks this draft, so how do we do it again, and again? And let’s not forget the magic of the Beast Mode trade… is Jimmy Graham the next genius trade, or the next Percy Harvin? And make no mistake, Sherm, Russ and Kam are not just good players, and they are not just great players, but they are future hall-of-fame players, and they were not the result of luck, but of insight and hard work, so if I am Paul Allen, I would express my expectation that we find a hall-of-fame offensive lineman in this draft, but will settle for a pro bowl WR/KR or Leo.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      If I were Mr Allen, I would not say anything to them. I allow them to do what they do best, evaluate talent and build/keep building the team. They deserve the respect to do what they do best without ownership meddling in the draft or personnel decisions. Look no further than the Browns, with a meddling owner, on how to NOT run an organization and build a SB winning team.

    • Hawksince77

      It’s not just about scouting and selecting in the draft. The reason those three fell in the draft is that few scouts recognized the talent or actual potential, not even JS/PC. If they did, they wouldn’t have waited so long to take them.

      It’s not just who they select, but the philosophy that evaluates the players – how they practice, how they play – and making it clear that the best person plays, period.

      Remember, it wasn’t just Lynch who was traded for. There were others that didn’t stick (what was the RB’s name that played for PC at USC? He didn’t last more than a few weeks and they spent a mid-round pick on him, if memory serves).

      Maxwell was a late round pick. Sweezy as well. We don’t know who will emerge in 2015 as the next star, or at least, competent starter, but their approach in bringing in talented and motivated prospects and allowing them to demonstrate their ability to learn, grow and work is the side of the equation that isn’t given enough credit.

      They have missed on plenty of players at all levels in the draft. But they have also hit at every level as well. Their willingness to keep/start the best player, and cut/trade those that don’t fit, is what will maintain this team at the highest level.

  36. Misfit74

    I am still confident in CMike. It’s too early to give up on an elite physical talent mired behind two other good runners. He came in raw and I expected a development period. Time will tell with him, but the simple fact we have two quality runners leaving means we may dip into a deep RB pool this year, if not next.

    Given our strong championship window right now, though, I think we have far more pressing needs.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s about finding the balance between addressing short term and long term needs. You don’t want to wait until the last minute to address a situation all the time. Making a move one year early is better than a year late.

      • Misfit74

        That’s true, Rob, however the short shelf-life of backs has to factor in. I also think the drafting of Michael was exactly that move – just a year early, though Lynch has stayed around longer than perhaps anticipated. Regardless, we still have a need for another runner and it will be fun to see who we take be it this year or next.

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