Seahawks seven round mock draft: 3rd April

Will Ty Montgomery be returning kicks for Seattle in 2015?

The Seahawks are still meeting with veteran players and we could see another addition before the draft. It’ll probably be an experienced center or another defensive linemen. They could use an edge rusher to replace O’Brien Schofield and they’ve met with Chris Myers and Stefen Wisniewski.

For the purpose of this mock let’s assume they bring in a veteran center.

Second round pick
Seahawks trade up for a receiver using pick #112
They’d make a move like this for two key reasons — they need better talent at receiver and the cost to move up is minimal. Seattle can deal the fourth round pick they acquired from New Orleans to move up. Philadelphia jumped from #54 to #42 last year for the price of a fourth rounder. The Seahawks would still pick four times in rounds 4-5 — enough to make multiple additions to the offensive line. Jermaine Kearse is a free agent in 2016, Paul Richardson’s health is a genuine concern and the likes of Kevin Norwood and Chris Matthews are virtual unknowns. Be optimistic over Matthews if you wish — but one swallow doesn’t make a summer. There are likely to be good options in rounds 3-6 but this is all about grading. Let’s say a receiver drops into range in round two who not only grades significantly higher than the others in the class — but also grades well compared to your existing roster. For the measly price of a fourth rounder you can go up and get another big prize for the offense and Russell Wilson. It’s not about changing your offensive identity, this is about putting better talent around Wilson (your future +$100m quarterback). We discussed the possibility of a second round trade in more detail here. In my second round mock this week, Dorial Green-Beckham, Tyler Lockett and Sammie Coates were in striking distance. I’ll let you decide which of those options they might prefer.

If the deal isn’t right or the guy you’ve got your eye on doesn’t fall into range — I think you take the best offensive lineman on your board. I’m curious why the Seahawks have tried to acquire an early fourth round pick on two occasions (Harvin trade, Graham trade). The Eagles used pick #122 to move up twelve spots in 2014. The #112 pick could get you up the board 10-15 places.

Perhaps it’s coincidence, or maybe there’s a plan for that pick?

Third round pick #95
Mike Davis (RB, South Carolina)
I can already feel the angry bashing of keyboards in the comments section. A receiver and running back with the first two picks? Are you insane? I wrote a blog post yesterday arguing why this could be a possibility. In twelve months time the only contracted running back on the Seahawks roster could be Christine Michael. Marshawn Lynch is the new Brett Favre when it comes to retirement and Robert Turbin is a free agent in 2016. I don’t believe they trust Michael enough to make him the unchallenged starter next year. I also think they’d rather be overly prepared for life after Lynch — not needing to force an early pick on a running back in the future. The solution is to draft one this year — a player you really like with the potential to start in 2016. You can carry five running backs — they actually did it in 2013 (Lynch, Turbin, Michael, Ware, Coleman). If you’re prepared to stash a ‘full back/running back of the future’ in Spencer Ware that year — making some tough cuts in the process — you better believe they’d be willing to stash a future Lynch replacement. The odds are against Coleman and Will Tukuafu both making the cut. They can carry five running backs this year, easily. That would present, as a worst case scenario, two contracted running backs to compete for the job in 2016 plus a further opportunity to add. That to me seems like a very viable scenario. I’m not a big Mike Davis fan — I saw plenty of average performances last year. I’m making this pick because the Seahawks are clearly intrigued. He’s making a VMAC visit soon, just like Michael did in 2013. It doesn’t mean they’ll take him but it could mean they’re trying to work out just how good he is. This mock isn’t about picking ten or eleven players I like. It’s about a projection. I might not like Davis that much. You might not like Davis that much. All that really matters is whether the Seahawks like him.

A quick note on the first two picks. You could argue you can get a receiver or running back later on. And you’d be right. You can. But you have to consider the following:

What if…

1. You’re grading the wide receivers in round two in the 5.7-6.0 range and the receivers in the mid-to-late round in the 5.2-5.5 range

2. You’re grading most of the offensive line class in the 5.5-5.8 range

There’s depth in both areas but you might get a player in round two at receiver with a much better grade than the guy you’re taking in round four. The offensive lineman you take at #63 as a fall back if you can’t/don’t trade up could easily have a similar grade to the O-liner you take in round four.

Basically I’m trying to emphasize the overall depth on the offensive line. It’s significant enough to allow you to make one or even two luxury picks to kick things off. And while I flagrantly use the term ‘luxury’ — there won’t be anything luxurious about either pick if Mike Davis is the starting running back in 2016 and Dorial Green-Beckham is enjoying a breakout year as the teams #1 receiver.

Fourth round pick (original selection #130)
Terry Poole (T/G/C San Diego State)
When I watched Terry Poole at the combine, his body shape and posture really stood out. He looked like an ideal interior lineman with a nice straight back, hand technique and solid footwork. He’s a bit of a project for sure but he’s also athletic enough for the scheme with nice size (6-5, 307lbs) and there’s a lot to work with here. Tom Cable has drifted towards project-type linemen in recent years. He moved J.R. Sweezy from defense to offense, brought in the raw Justin Britt and has tried to develop a cluster of other lineman with unique size or athleticism. The Seahawks seem to like players with tackle experience that they can move inside. Poole ticks that box. It’d be an eyebrow raiser for the media — immediately calling this a reach. We have to remember that the Seahawks just DNGAF. They drafted Jimmy Staten in round five last year. Heck, some people were calling Britt a seventh round prospect and he went at #64. They’ll take whoever they think has the best shot to fit in. If that’s Poole and they can guarantee him here, they’ll do it. If you haven’t noticed Cable has a lot of sway in Seattle. He’s trusted to bring in his guys, develop them and start them quickly.

Fourth round pick (compensatory selection #134)
Ty Montgomery (WR, Seahawks)
Look, it’s the fourth round of the draft. While we all like to believe you can find these major impact players in this range (and the Seahawks have a good record on day three) the reality is if you can find a contributor at all you’re doing well. You don’t draft Montgomery here to be a dynamo at receiver putting up major yardage. You draft him to be a return specialist. He takes up the Bryan Walters roster spot — limited snaps on offense but handles every punt and kick return. He scored four touchdowns on returns in 2013-14. Over time you can work him into the offense to see if he contributes there. As a worst case scenario you get a cheap return man on a four-year deal. The Seahawks basically played without a return game last season and spending a fourth round pick to turn that around would be a wise investment. He’s a genuine game-changer on returns. Montgomery is scheduled to visit with the Seahawks.

Fifth round pick (original selection #167)
Shaquille Riddick (DE, West Virginia)
You’re waiting until round five to make your first defensive pick? Of course. The Seahawks put out the #1 defense in terms of yardage and scoring the last two years and are retaining all of their key starters apart from Byron Maxwell (who they’ve already replaced). Seattle doesn’t need that much on defense. They need to replace Jerron Johnson — something they can probably do in UDFA (or just give Dion Bailey his shot). They need to add another cornerback. They need some extra depth for the interior defensive line. They can fill those needs on day three of the draft — starting here with O’Brien Schofield’s replacement. Riddick is very raw — he transferred to West Virginia from Gardner-Webb and faced the same fate as Bruce Irvin. Both players ended up playing the five-technique in WVU’s slightly odd three-man front. It didn’t suit Irvin and it didn’t suit Riddick. He struggled for production but here’s what you need to know — he ran a 1.57 ten yard split at his pro-day, ran an insane 6.67 three-cone, jumped a 36-inch vert and a 10-4 broad. He’s 6-6 and 244lbs. He’s a project and might not last this far. If he does, the Seahawks can take a chance and fit him into the rotation immediately as a specialist.

Fifth round pick (compensatory selection #170)
Mitch Morse (T,G,C, Missouri)
This is why you can afford to wait on offensive linemen this year. Morse isn’t a big name but he doesn’t half play with grit and determination. If the Seahawks are willing to take his former team mate and close friend Justin Britt in round two, they have to at least be willing to consider Morse in this range. For me he’s a project center. He has almost identical size to Max Unger (6-5, 305lbs) and you could redshirt him this year behind a Chris Myers before starting him in 2016. He’s strong at the point and matches up well 1v1, he’s strong (36 reps on the bench) and looks like a really solid fit at center. He will look to get to the second level and he’s enough of an athlete to work into the ZBS. With a bit of seasoning he could develop into a legit starter. On tape you’ll be more impressed with an Andy Gallik at Boston College but Gallik is a limited athlete with marginal upside. Morse has a much higher ceiling and again that all important tackle experience. I have a hard time imagining the Seahawks going with a conventional college center like Gallik or B.J. Finney when they can tap into the upside of a Morse who is bigger and more athletic with just as much (if not more) grit.

Sixth round pick (Percy Harvin trade #180)
Rakeem Nunez-Roches (DT, Southern Miss)
Considering his performance against Alabama last season he might go a lot earlier than this. There aren’t many really intriguing interior pass rushers. Nunez-Roches gave Bama’s O-line fits — consistently knifing into the backfield to make plays. He fires off the snap and wins a lot of the time with a quick get-off. His motor and relentless effort stood out against Alabama — here he was playing on a losing team and still bringing it every down. He won’t fit every scheme at 6-2 and 307lbs. His arms are a shade under Seattle’s apparent ideal of 33 inches but he’s possibly close enough. The Seahawks have enough beef up front with Mebane, McDaniel and Rubin. They need another three-technique who can spell/backup Jordan Hill. Nunez-Roches is the best later-round option available by some distance.

Sixth round pick (compensatory selection #209)
Tray Walker (CB, Texas Southern)
If there’s a rush on cornerbacks in round one (I think there will be) the options are going to be really diluted by even the third round. Players like Alex Carter are going to go higher than initially thought and it’ll leave the Seahawks searching far and wide for their next corner project. Tray Walker is taking a VMAC visit and he’s 6-3 and 189lbs. According to Tony Pauline he’s the biggest corner in the draft with the longest wingspan. He ran in the 4.5’s at his pro-day but only managed a 32.5 inch vertical according to He’d be a project much like the Jeremy Lane’s of yesteryear but this is the market Seattle’s shopping in and it’s why they made such a big push for Cary Williams. The top corners will go early before even Seattle’s first pick at #63. They will be forced to look for project players. Walker with his speed and length at least looks the part.

Sixth round pick (compensatory selection #214)
Rob Crisp (T, NC State)
I’ve been a Rob Crisp fan for some time. Go and watch his performance against Vic Beasley if you’re not convinced he has a future in the NFL. He’s pushing 6-7 and over 300lbs. He managed a 32.5 inch vertical which was the joint highest for offensive linemen at the combine. He’s a really good football player with legit blindside potential. So why is he available here? Persistent injury issues. The Seahawks took a chance on Jesse Williams and they’d be taking a chance on Crisp too. He’s had concussion problems and suffered a broken tailbone. He could still go in the middle rounds — he’s certainly talented enough, tough enough and he really can play left tackle. If he falls because teams are worried about whether he can stay healthy, he’d be an absolute bargain here. He’d provide depth in year one and he’d have an outside chance to replace Russell Okung one day if they can’t re-sign him.

Seventh round pick (original selection #248)
Quinton Spain (G, West Virginia)
He ran a 5.02 at his pro-day despite weighing 332lbs. You’re talking about a massive, athletic offensive guard with horrible hand-technique. He needs a ton of coaching in terms of hand placement, leverage and learning to anchor properly. You see flashes of genuine quality here but a lot of teams will prefer the more polished ‘finished articles’ available earlier in the draft. Even so, we know the Seahawks love this kind of size and he could come in and immediately compete to start at guard. When you can get this type of value later on (Spain is being graded as an UDFA or seventh rounder) you don’t have to rush things with the O-line. You can add other players with higher grades, look at a variety of needs and still find guys for Cable to coach up. A lot of people will prefer the bigger names but guys like Poole and Spain are determined, physical blockers with size and athleticism plus the right attitude. They also have room to grow. That’s what Seattle appears to be looking for.

Overall draft class

Wide receiver (DGB, LOCKETT OR COATES)
Mike Davis RB
Terry Poole G/T
Ty Montgomery WR/KR
Shaquille Riddick DE
Mitch Morse C/G
Rakeem Nunez-Roches DT
Tray Walker CB
Rob Crisp LT
Quinton Spain G

With this class you’d be starting Poole, Spain or Alvin Bailey at guard in 2016. You’d be signing a veteran center with the plan to develop Morse for the role long term. You’ve brought in another dynamic weapon for Russell Wilson in round two after a small trade up and dramatically improved the return game for the cost of a fourth rounder. You have a possible starting running back for 2016, extra defensive line depth for the edge and the interior. You also get a project left tackle and another corner with length and speed.

It won’t please everybody, it’s unconventional. But it fills quite a few short and long term needs.


  1. rowdy

    I would take dgb in the second and why a 3rd on davis? Even if they like him that’s a major over draft imo. I know they talked to josh Robinson at the combine and he seems like a much better fit. I know your just looking at options but that caught me by surprise in the 3rd

    • Rob Staton

      “that caught me by surprise in the 3rd”

      Good — that was the plan 🙂

  2. Trevor

    Rob love all the picks except for Davis. I really don’t see how an average RB like Davis even makes our roster.

    That being said if we came away with this draft class I would be more than happy as it fills our primary needs at WR and OL.

    Really hope we get Riddick and Poole as I think both have the chance to make a real impact in a year or two.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not a big Davis fan either. But the draft where the Seahawks take only players I like will be the first time that’s ever happened.

  3. nolan

    Rob just about to start cleaning my house when I saw your tweet about this thatnks go giving me a reason to put that off.

    • Rob Staton


  4. Forrest

    Interesting. The only thing I’d change would be getting a FS/SS instead of (one of the) four O-Linemen. I could see a trade to get a WR in round 2, but I would personally prefer a Devin Smith or even a Breshard Perriman (spelling?) over DGB or Coats. Honestly unless someone who is impossible to pass up one drops to trading distance (Gurley, J. Strong, M. Gordon, Jake Fisher) I’d rather they trade down to get extra picks.

    Also I notice you included a lot of their pre-order invites; did you know Kristjan Sokoli had the 2nd best SPARQ rating out of all D-Linemen, and that David Irving has an 87 inch wingspan? I know Sokoli is a little older and Irving has the character concerns, but I see then as more likely targets than Davis and Montgomery. Do you see those two (Sokoli & Irving) as potential targets post round four?

    • Forrest


    • Rob Staton

      “I’d rather they trade down to get extra picks”

      They already have 11 picks — I’m not sure how many more they can justify.

      Irving — major character red flags are a concern. Similar to Frank Clark in that regard. Sokoli — there’s virtually no tape out there so hard to judge and project.

      • Forrest

        Yeah I think they’ll just roll with what they have. I’d just rather see a trade back than a possible overreach and a 4th Round pick.

        Montgomery makes sense to me because of his returning abilities, but I cannot see what Davis brings to the table at all. Sokoli is probably a priority UDFA for them, and Irving is probably one of those guys that has so much potential that they can’t pass up on if he’s available at the right time.

        Anyway, great mock, other than Davis I like all the guys picked, and it’s not that I dislike Davis so much as I don’t see anything that “pops” about him. I fully expect a RB at some point; just not Davis

        • Rob Staton

          I’m no big fan of Davis. They are bringing him to the VMAC though — so they’re intrigued by him.

          • Forrest

            Yeah…sure is a head scratcher though…

          • Drew

            Could also be a smoke screen that Schneider does to not make the motives intentional to other teams. Remember last year they never met with or brought in Paul Richardson. He only met with the team psychologist in LA I believe.

            • Ben2

              Yeah might be a smokescreen for another back that they really want….I love the draft!

      • rowdy

        If they do trade down I hope they get picks for next year instead of this. If they trade a 4th this year for a 3rd next year it could really help out next year. What could they do next year with 3 3rd round picks? With 11 picks this year and 3 4th I don’t see there being 3 players they value there. The problem is it would have to be are early 4th witch won’t happen.

  5. Steele1324

    Rob, I don’t like this mock very much, hate the top half especially.

    -Lockett/DGB/Coates- not worth trading up for, problems with each of them. Of these, DGB offers the most x-factor/wow factor but his character problems are real. Coates can’t catch. Lockett is, I insist, not special and not better than others in this draft.

    -Mike Davis is a mediocre back. Very flawed. In a deep RB draft, he is below average. Avoid like the plague.

    -Ty Montgomery can’t catch. To take him in rd. 4 is a reach, an expensive waste to get a pure returner. You can get ST anywhere else in this draft.

    -Terry Poole is a reach at rd. 4

    -Shaq Riddick is a reach at rd. 5.

    I would much rather go for something like:

    2- OT/OG Sambrailo. I think he will be there. If not, C Grasu
    3- Flex position. OL Ali Marpet. If he’s gone, BPA here. WR/CB Tony Lippett, or RB David Johnson/TJ Yeldon. If a top corner is here, take him. Also consider DT Marcus Hardison or DE/OLB Lorenzo Mauldin (who would be bit of a reach)
    4- WR Kenny Bell. Hands down the most technically gifted WR in this draft, and a tough football player who will help any team win. And he has return ability.
    4-WR Chris Conley/Darren Waller/Tre McBride (who is probably gone but who knows)
    5-If we don’t have the center yet, take C Gallik or OL Morse
    5 Best OT left. Terry Poole/Laurence Gibson. Or look for your speed/smurf/ST WR here (JJ Nelson/Mario Alford)
    6 DT Nunez-Roches/Derrick Lott
    6 CB T. Walker. I agree with this one
    6 OT Rob Crisp/OL Q Spain or Shaq Mason
    7 DE/OLB Ryan Delaire

    • Steele1324

      There should also be a safety somewhere in this draft, low mid to late round. Kurtis Drummond, Damien Swann, etc.

      • Rob Staton

        Jerron Johnson was an UDFA so I suspect they’ll go down that road again here or just use Dion Bailey as the Johnson replacement. It’s a bad safety draft.

        • Drew

          We also have Pinkins that they’re grooming for safety as well. I think Jeron Johnson’s spot goes to either of these two.

          • Steele1324

            I think there are some good free safeties.

            • hmabdou

              Rob and Steele: I love the idea of getting Ali Marpet. He is for me this year what Aaron Donald was last year: he’s my draft crush! LOL.

              Seriously, though. We HAVE TO get Marpet. Even if we reach a bit and get him in the 2nd round (63). I don’t care. He has unbelievable ceiling and with Cable’s coaching might become as good (or even better?) than Unger.

          • TJ

            If I remember correctly, Pinkins was a college safety who they are trying to convert to CB, not the other way around. I could be wrong though…

        • rowdy

          I feel it’s bailey spot to lose.

          • arias

            But they’ll still want insurance by having him compete with someone other than a stiff for the job in camp. That’s why it makes sense to spend a pick somewhere if to provide better competition since they have picks to burn, they’re implicitly going to be picking guys that are going to be competing with each other or with last year’s redshirts for the same spots.

            • drewjov11

              The kid from San jose state is really intriguing.

            • rowdy

              Absolutely, I hope he does loss it because he looked good last year and if a rookie could beat out all the better.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not projecting who I like though, I’m projecting what might happen. I’m sure if we put down Seattle’s 2014 draft on a piece of paper we would’ve called certain players average or reaches. I think we should expect that this year too. They’ll do whatever they want and not think twice.

      I’ve stated several times I’m not a big fan of Mike Davis. If, twelve months ago, I’d put down Justin Britt to go in round two I’m sure it’d get a similar reaction (average, reach, flawed). That’s the point of the projection — to try and think like the Seahawks and not what I would do personally.

      As for a pure returner being a reach in round four — I disagree strongly there. Seattle played without a return game last year and it made a huge difference. Getting a quality return man on day three cannot be considered a waste.

      • Steele1324

        If we are anticipating what JSPC will do, then I would lean even more heavily on their VMAC visit list.

        • rowdy

          I have no doubt they use that as a smoke screen as well though, just like they don’t talk to players they covet to. A couple players they drafted only talked to their srink.

      • rowdy

        Jimmy staten comes to mind and I still have no clue why they picked him.

      • arias

        So even if Lockett is the the pick at two do you still see them grabbing Ty Montgomery? Since Lockett could play that role and a 4th seems like a high pick to burn on competition for Lockett when Montgomery’s only role would be a designated return specialist.

      • OZ

        I agree and he can catch…

      • Madmark

        I’m grabbing my in the 5th and its for the return if he can play WR bonus’

      • JMac

        Last year they drafted only 4 players that had visits/interviews at VMAC. That means not all had visits. The thing about this mock is that we are assuming Seattle mostly doesn’t know what they are doing with skill positions: WR, RB, KR. What about Tre McBride, Kenny Bell, Darren Waller, Devin Funchess, there are even obscure high value KR and much better running backs, players that have a chance at being good to great at both KR and skill position.

        Sure, this incites conversation, but I was hoping for a compelling view at some players we could all look forward to, look into before the draft – Not, shake our heads at.

        Like KRs: Kaelin Clay, WR, Utah, or Stefon Diggs, WR, Maryland. Ty Montgomery is slow – not NFL speed mark my words.

        Why not comment on some of these diamonds in the rough in one of the last 7 round mocks before the draft?!

        • Rob Staton

          “Last year they drafted only 4 players that had visits/interviews at VMAC. That means not all had visits.”

          Only three players from my ten-player projection here are currently scheduled to visit the Seahawks.

          “The thing about this mock is that we are assuming Seattle mostly doesn’t know what they are doing with skill positions”

          I’m certainly not making that assumption. I’m not sure why you’ve said that to be fair.

          “Sure, this incites conversation, but I was hoping for a compelling view at some players we could all look forward to, look into before the draft – Not, shake our heads at.”

          I guess you can’t please everyone.

          • JMac

            Not looking for you to please everyone. I look forward to your blog – best thing going this time of year. Seems like my thoughts are shared throughout the comments on this one. Look forward to seeing what else you do.

            Haven’t heard you comment on Kenny Bell or a few other skill positions myself and others have mentioned, and I like the idea of your best players at each position, at different phases of the draft, like someone else mentioned. Keep putting out good stuff.

            Can’t wait for the draft. Hopefully all of us are right and they make some good pics.

    • Hawksince77

      Completely agree – I much prefer Steele’s version, both as a fan and what I think Seattle will actually do, for the following reasons:

      1 – none of the targeted WRs are worth trading up, IMO. Major issues/questions about each one of them to spend two picks on. Lockett too small (the best of the options). DGB not worth taking a two-pick chance on. If he was on the board at 63, that would be fine, as long as Seattle took two more WRs in this draft. Coates is the next Patterson, I fear. All athlete and an untalented WR.

      Seattle would be far better off using those two picks on two other WRs, greatly increasing the odds of landing a long-term contributor. You already know my preferences: Bell/Conley/Waller/Mcbride/Smelter. I am sure there are other WR prospects Seattle likes, so I am not stuck on just these, but fairly sure that Seattle will/should draft 3 or so.

      2 – Ty Montgomery can return kicks, but is questionable as a WR. If available in the 6th, that could be good value. No sooner, but he could be one of the WRs they take a chance on. He represents better value, IMO, in the 6th than any of the names they would have to trade up in the 2nd to land.

      3 – I would be shocked if Seattle took this RB in the 3rd. From what I am made to understand, Davis is no better than what is already on the roster. Major waste of draft capital. I would much rather they take a shot at someone like Corey Grant (a fast version of Forsett) in the 6th or 7th then spend a luxury pick on an RB in the 3rd.

      4 – staying on RBs, if they were to trade up in the 2nd, I would rather see it for someone like Abdullah – that guy might be special.

      5 – I like the emphasis on the offensive line, and can’t really fault it. Those are the two positions that need to seed the next few years – offensive line and WR.

      6 – only 3 picks on defense seems a little light to me. Not sure what I would advocate, but would like to see more emphasis in the secondary, somebody we haven’t even necessarily considered.

      So yeah, I really hope the actual draft differs greatly from what you are projecting.

      • Rob Staton

        We’ll have to disagree on a lot of those points. I think Seattle would absolutely be prepared to spend a late fourth round pick on a kick returner.

        • Hawksince77


          I like Montgomery as a prospect, but he only returns kicks, not punts, and he has a questionable future as a WR (although I also like the idea of giving him a chance to mature into a competent one). So it’s just a matter of cost, and if Seattle drafts him in the late 4th, that means he is worth more than I think, and I wouldn’t bet against their judgment.

          Only two really big disagreements: trading up for the WRs you list, and using a 3rd round pick on Davis. As has been pointed out several times in this thread, the WRs you have targeted don’t appear to provide the clear separation in value/risk as those that can be obtained later.

          One minor disagreement: I see more than 3 defensive players drafted. DE/CB/Safety, in some combination, four to five or so.

          As for using all their picks making for a crowded roster, I just don’t see that as an issue. If anything, it means fewer UDFA come to camp.

          • Rob Staton

            I believe they will add a safety in UDFA or just use Dion Bailey.

            On Montgomery — he can do the punts as well IMO. At the end of the day it’s a fourth rounder. I think we are in danger of overstating sometimes the value of those later picks. If you can get an impact player at all — even if it’s returns — it’s a success.

            • Madmark

              I choice a Kyshoen Jarret for SS. He’s physical enough to play like Kam except for his physical height. I’m sure he can take Johnson place on Special Teams.
              I’m also take a WR/PR/KR just to play on special teams and to fill that last spot on the WR roster. I just choose Stefen Diggs.
              Special Teams is a big part of this game because it plays to much into field position.

        • Madmark

          Just something I came upon that talks about Special Teams;

          • drewjov11

            Ty Montgomery was inconsistent at catching the ball at times, but he’d basically Kearse with more athletic upside. Oh, and he’s cheaper. I believe he can become a valuable weapon and would love to see him as a SEAHAWK. He’s just a strong, athletic, physical player.

            • Madmark

              I understand another Golden Tate hehe

  6. Therick05

    Agree 100% with this draft,at The WR in debate in 2nd rd, i want SEA to take either DGB or Sammie Coates, not Lockett Cuz we already have a slot receiver in Doug.If we cant take a great receiver at 63 The other options are Hronnis Grasu and Ali Marpet, and im fine with this two.
    I like Mike Davis at 3rd round.
    Like The pick of a OL in 4th rd, and also like Montgomery, who is a good returner.
    We would have 6 picks, my perfect scenario would be 2 CB,2 DL, 1 more OL and a Safety to fill The spot of Jeron Johnson or a LB.

  7. Lil'stink

    If we are going to trade up in the 2nd for a WR Agholor, Dorsett, and Devin Smith should also be considered IMHO.

    If this mock is what you think could happen, I would like to see a mock of your preferences given which players will likely be available in each round.

    • Rob Staton

      “I would like to see a mock of your preferences given which players will likely be available in each round.”

      I’ll certainly consider doing a projection like that.

      • JMac

        Rob – I couldn’t agree more!

  8. jj

    one of the more intriguing drafts. appreciate the site. I like the idea of moving up, but would target Eric Rowe if he lasts. I like the two mid round DL – I think we will see the team keeping 2 developmental guys every season and filling out the depth with vets. Assuming Marsh is healthy, I think he and Hill established themselves as locks on the roster over all the veteran signings – more upside, scheme discipline. Scruggs still has to show if he has any it factor. Staten better make a show of it. But I like a DT and a DE in the mid rounds – shoot for the stars with your draft picks, fill depth needs with veterans.

    • Rob Staton

      I have Eric Rowe slipping into the late first round.

      • OZ

        And I think that’s where Rowe will go…

  9. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I like the mock draft…. Seattle taking unexpected guys, which is closer to the truth than any mock might get in projecting Seahawks picks. One p[ick, however… might be a hit in the real draft/mock draft… Rakeem Nunez-Roches DT. This “feels” about right for a DT type of pick. (Sixth round pick (Percy Harvin trade #180))

  10. Jon O

    Here is what I’ve got with…..

    Saints trade 2nd rd pick & #13 to Skins for #5 to draft whoever Raiders don’t draft White/Cooper

    Skins trade RGIII to get him off books to Bills (join Shady, Harvin, Clay and Watkins) for Bills 2nd

    Skins trade 2nd round pick (was Saints #45) to Hawks for 4th #112 (was Saints) and Christine Michael to be explosive back to compliment Morris (hoping Scot McG was influential in original pick). In this scenario Skins would still have 2 2nd Rd picks to draft OL like Laken Tomlinson and a QB like Garrett Grayson.

    With pick #45 Hawks select Jay Ajayi – closer to Lynch in style with nose for end zone.

    I think Hawks trade back from #63 5-7 spots and acquire early 5th rd pick
    With late 60’s Hawks select Tre McBride WR William & Mary – improve return game with upside

    Late 3rd Hawks pick Marcus Hardison 3T from Arizona State – may allow release of Tony McDaniel and more $ for Wilson and Wagner

    Original 4th Hawks select Shaq Mason – great run blocker who converts to center and upside to start.

    Comp 4th Hawks select Quienton Spain OG – an overdraft for most teams, but run blocking with nasty disposition fits Cable.

    Early 5th (acquired from 2nd rd trade back) Hawks select Adrian Amos FS Penn State.

    Original 5th Hawks select Laurence Gibson OT from Virginia Tech. Athletic enough to compete for LT even with experience at RT this past year

    Comp 5th Hawks select Frank Clark DE from Michigan. Off field issues will anger some. Upside there.

    Early 6th (Harvin) Hawks select Darryl Roberts CB Marshall. Go watch film (all I’m going to say)!

    Comp 6 Hawks select DeAndre Smelter WR Georgia Tech. I know everyone loves Waller, but tape says to me Smelter is better football player (not better tester). Before knee injury in bowl game, I think he looked like late 3rd round pick. Have to redshirt him,but size and physicality a roster void.

    Comp 6 Hawks select Tray Walker CB from Texas Southern. Has length Hawks desire

    7th Hawks select Tory Slater DT from west Georgia. Athletic former WR has intriguing upside.

    Sorry for length 🙂

    • Hawksince77

      For what it’s worth, I much prefer this mock as well, for a couple of reasons:

      1 – I think this better reflects what Seattle will do in the secondary (3 picks, if I am counting correctly).

      2 – while I would prefer a third WR chosen, I think McBride/Smelter provide two high-probability selections at the position. This would go well if they took someone like DGB in the second to off-set the risk of that pick.

      3 – if Seattle trades up, I think the value is at the RB position. Whether they go all-out for Gurley, or something like this for Ajayi, they get a legitimate potential starter, and give themselves a chance of landing a future star.

      4 – nice focus on the offensive line in the middle rounds – where we think the sweet spot is for the position.

      5 – the heavier focus on defense (over Rob’s) just feels better as well.

    • Hawksince77

      One other comment: in your mock, Seattle trades CM. I would rather that CM was successful with the Seahawks, but a trade would make sense if they have decided he will never be the future at the position. It also makes sense they use him to get someone they believe might be, so this makes a ton of sense.

    • Steele1324

      Jon, good one. I like Smelter and Swag Roberts too. I wonder, though, if Shaq Mason would be a better choice than a more finished center around the same spot.

    • Robert

      Darryl Roberts may have a level of competition issue, but his athleticism and ball skills are phenomenal!

    • JMac

      Rob – this looks way better!

    • JMac

      I like this draft

  11. Donald

    Thanks Rob, interesting ideas, and I like very much trading up in the 2nd rd.

    But, I have to agree with some of the other comments above, the selections were very underwhelming and average at best.

    Remember, the picks are really the beginning of the next round, Stupid Superbowl…

    2 rd) I hope the Hawks would trade up in the 2nd and get WR Agholor or Devin Smith. They are both “Tate” like, fast, high point the catch. Agholor is one of the best at punt returns.

    3 rd) RB….Angry bashing of keyboard, are you insane? 🙂 Ali Marpet, Grasu from Oregon (probably gone by now) The best available OL

    4) WR Conley , He is good, fast, and combined with Agholor / Smith would make for a fast combo.


    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I’ll borrow a line from the Matrix… “Expand your Mind” about potential picks for Seattle. The actual picks are not very exciting to me, but the logic behind the picks and why they were made might be very close to how Seattle might approach the draft when they are hunkered down in War room on draft day.

    • Rob Staton

      “the selections were very underwhelming and average at best”

      Which, in fairness, is what people would’ve said if we’d projected Justin Britt as a second rounder a year ago.

      • SeaTown

        Every year the “draft experts” tell us how underwhelming the Hawks draft picks are LOL

    • Robert

      I am a big fan of Conley. His physical and athletic measurables allow him to run by defenders AND dominate above the rim. He is a smart, high character guy with a great work ethic. If he commits to being a great WR, he will be!

      • Dave

        Thanks for posting his highlights. I saw a recurring theme. Hands catching, adjusting to the ball in flight, walking off DBs, hangs on even when hit, and plays 4.35. I know a lot of you guys like Tre McBride and Darren Waller, but they don’t play their 4.4 speed. McBride keeps getting caught from behind against lesser competition. Waller looks 4.6 on tape. Conley would have caught for 1000 yards if they didn’t run the ball 55% of the time.

    • Dave

      Donald, Agholor and Conley are my two favorite WRs in this draft. I hope we can get one of them. Getting both would be amazing!

  12. ontoic


    Your latest post was a bit shocking to me, considering the amount of time you spend discussing guys like Ty Sambrailo and Ali Marpet. You spent a bit of your post in what amounts to an admission regarding your previous opinions, but I’m not mollified.

    Can you elaborate more on this tectonic shift?

    I really hope that the Hawks stock up on bodies on the OL and WR spots. I’d like a safety as well, or is that coming from our current stock, such as Dion Bailey?

    • John_s

      I don’t think either guys will be there when the Seahawks pick and by trading up you selecting a play at a position where there’s a “cliff” which is a word that JS uses a lot during draft time.

      For example if the cliff for a WR is the 3rd round whereas the cliff for an olineman is the 5th round you are going to use your early pick on the reciever.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        There is a chasm from the top 15 picks, to the next level below, which lasts until around pick #75, with second round graded talent. After #75, the drop at some positions in talent is immense, think CB, TE for this example.

        It comes down to value of the #7 (ranked) WR vs the #2 center or the #4 OG or #3 TE….. in the Seattle offense or the #6 DT, #9 DE/LB or #6 CB on the defense. I’m a fan of diving into the “deep” OL pool, but spreading the picks out… 1 early, 1 mid and 1 late…. maximizing your draft capitol value, grabbing a higher caliber of talent overall and still minimizing your potential contract costs over the next 3 seasons on the OL.

    • Steele1324

      Ontoic, I think Rob is anticipating what the Hawks might do, not what he prefers. I hope it doesn’t turn out the way it is in this one!

    • Rob Staton

      I try to cover as many scenarios as possible pre-draft. This isn’t a tectonic shift, it’s just a new angle to consider.

  13. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Plenty of NFL franchises were sent back into the draft room on Friday as news surfaced from NFL Media’s Albert Breer and Ian Rapoport that Florida State cornerback P.J. Williams was arrested on a DUI charge.

    Let’s say there were no trades, would Seattle take a hard look at this guy. He is a low 1st round talent, but the off the field stuff knocked him down into the Seahawks #63 pick range.. should they take a swing at him…. on the field he is very good, off the field….. ST contributor out of the gate and could play nickle CB… a tad small 6’0 194 lbs

    “But his big moment was in the 2014 BCS National Championship game when he had seven tackles and an interception and was named Defensive MVP. Williams played through early hamstring problems early last season, but still showed his aggressiveness as a sure tackler and was named first-team All-ACC. Williams can help immediately on special teams, both in coverage and as a returner” ~ The Sports Xchange

  14. Jon

    What is the possibility that Seattle trades Turbin away if they draft a RB early. The reason I pick Turbin for this thought is that he only has one year left, as well as his upside already having been reached. Perhaps this would take place after competition at camp if C-Mike and Rookie are up to snuff. Just trying to think future here mostly. The potential would turn from having C-Mike as the only RB still under contract going into 2016 to possibly having all of your RB’s remaining under contract plus a 5th or 6th round pick in 2016 from the Turbin Trade.

    • John_s

      The organization loves Turbin because he doesn’t make any mistakes which you can’t say the same about michael. I can’t see them trading Turbin. I think he will be on this team for a while unless he wants too much money or chooses to chase a starting job

      • rowdy

        He also doesn’t have many weaknesses just isn’t great in anything either

    • Drew

      Even though most might not like the idea…from the improvement Turbo showed last year, I’d be fine with him as our #1 after Lynch with another complimentary back until we can find the next feature back.

      He could start on several teams already. I don’t see us trading him unless they were to get a significant return.

      • rowdy

        He did look a lot better last year. I guess he really did stop stepping on snakes, whatever that means

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      There is no value to trading Turbin, you may get a 7th rounder at best… if AP is going for a low 1st or possibly a second round pick.. a back-up RB like Turbin is worth almost nothing on the open market.

    • Rob Staton

      Wouldn’t rule it out.

    • OZ

      They would get more value out of Turbin especially with Atlanta or Jacksonville.

      • OZ

        Trade up Maybe?

    • Madmark

      I don’t see Seattle trading Turbin because he has done everything they have asked of him. He filled that 2nd spot superbly and that’s why CM hasn’t broke the Lynch/Turbin combo. They’ll let him finish and offer a reasonable contract for his place. It he is offered more money it will be because of what he has done for Seattle so far and we would wish him the best. This is what I think happens.

      • Carl

        He is also very good friends with Wilson, which probably matters too.

  15. Bilbo

    Hi Rob,

    Given that we (think we) know what positions the Seahawks will be going after, I’d love to see a draft board based on your knowledge of players the Seahawks might like or have shown interest in. Is that something you plan to do or would mind sharing? I’ve always found it the best way to do fantasy drafts and I think it would make watching the Hawks picks that much more fun during the draft.

    BTW, absolutely love what you do here and glad I stumbled across your site a couple years ago!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks man — I’ll consider doing a board like that.

      • JMac

        Agree with Bilbo

  16. Cysco

    I don’t know how likely a Christian Michael trade could be, but if it were to happen, I could see the Cowboys being really interested.

    Texas connection, big time athlete. Jerry would have to be interested.

    No one down here in Dallas believes the Cowboys are going to go into next season with what they currently have. The assumption has always been that they’d get Peterson, but that’s looking less likely. So who else out there could the Cowboys get that has the Murray/Peteron type of power and speed? I can’t think of any obvious targets in free agency and Todd Gurley probably won’t last to their pick.

    See if you can get a 3rd or 4th for Michael from Dallas.

    • Steele1324

      I don’t see much of a market for CMike anywhere. The Cowboys have McFadden, and will draft someone. That will do.

  17. CC

    Some interesting choices Rob – I finished my mock yesterday – some similar picks. I did let the VMAC visits influence my picks a bit. I’m also fudging a bit because that 63 pick could go so many ways.

    Second round: 63rd overall selection Hroniss Grasu C Ore or Cedric Ogbuehi or another tackle or top guard

    Third round: 95th overall selection Demarious Randall S Arizona State

    Fourth round: 112th overall selection# Donovan Smith OT Penn St

    Fourth round: 130th overall selection Mitch Morse G Mizzou or Andy Gallik C BC

    Fourth round: 134th overall selection Ty Montgomery WR Stanford

    Fifth round: 167th overall selection David Irving DL Iowa St

    Fifth round: 170th overall selection Shaquille Riddick OLB WVU or Shaquille Mason C – if not take before
    Sixth round: 180th overall selection Tory Slater DE W Georgia
    Sixth round: 209th overall selection Tray Walker CB Texas Southern

    Sixth round: 214th overall selection DeAndre Smelter WR GTECH or another taller WR here Jordan Taylor Rice Devante Davis UNLV

    Seventh round: 248th overall selection Jon Feliciano G Miami

    • Drew

      Just curious…why would you spend a third round pick on safety that isn’t going to play except for special teams? Assuming he beats out Bailey and PInkins? 3rd rounders are supposed to be starters. I think that is a wasted pick. There’s a reason why we haven’t drafted any DBs high is because they aren’t likely to win the starting job from any of the Pro Bowlers / All-Pros we have on the roster.

      • CC

        Randall is a good player. It is possible that he beats out Pinkins – and with Johnson signing elsewhere there is a need. What happens if you get an injury at safety? Don’t you want your depth. If you use the always compete mantra as Pete does – if Pinkins is better, Randall won’t make the team. If Randall is better, Pinkins may not make the team.

        You can’t pass up good player just because you have guys ahead of him. We drafted Michael even though we had Lynch – and that was a second round pick. I like Randall as a player – and if the Seahawks didn’t need a safety, why even bring him in?

      • OZ

        He can also play corner. I don’t think he lasts till the end of the 3rd.I don’t think he makes it out of the 2nd.

  18. Seafan

    I have no problem with a WR/RB early if they are the BPA. They can take a QB too for that matter. I doubt the Hawks are going to let a talented lineman get passed them so I suspect that will be their first choice. However, by the 63rd pick there may well have been a run on linemen and the BPA may be a RB or WR.

  19. Abbott D. Action-Boss

    Hey Rob, nice work. Thanks for the player insights.

    I understand you are trying to think like the Hawks organization in this mock.

    I would just disagree about a move up to take a WR in the 2nd round. IMO the Hawks grades on Tre McBride and Chris Conley will be in the ball park with those other WR picks. I would rather keep my 4r 112th pick and move up the mid to late round guys that I really like. Moving up the other picks has a greater value, for fear of losing these players (IMO). (If these mid/later round guys are truly Seahawk guys.) I would change to:

    2r 63rd: McBride or Conley
    3r 95th: Mike Davis RB
    4r 112th: Terry Poole G/T
    4r 130th: Ty Montgomery WR/KR
    4r 134th: Mitch Morse C/G
    5r 167th: Shaquille Riddick DE
    5r 170th: Rakeem Nunez-Roches DT
    6r 180th: Tray Walker CB
    6r 209th: Rob Crisp LT
    6r 214th: Quinton Spain G
    7r 248th: CB or DT prospect that falls. Cam Thomas or Tyeler Davison or Kristjan Sokoli …

    • TurnagainTide

      I totally agree with you that they should take Chris Conley at #63 (I like McBride but I think he could be there in round 3) I think Conley’s size/speed/length/good hands & body control will be very appealing to the Hawks.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Conley is that guy who blows up the combine, gets over drafted and we never hear from again. I would stay away from him if I was in the draft war room.

        • Robert

          His tape and intelligence/character combo do not suggest a player who will simply vaporize at the next level.

          • Steele1324

            I agree. Conley is going to be good.

          • CC

            Conley had a poor QB – he could be a solid pro.

    • Madmark

      I still don’t like the Mike Davis pick hehe

    • Madmark

      I still don’t like the mike Davis pick HeHe.

    • CC

      FYI – Gil Brandt says Assistant WR coach for Seahawks was on hand for Tre McBride Pro Day. Rob was on Tre several months ago!

    • xo 1

      Nice additions to Rob’s mock – I like Davison and Sokoli quite a bit.

      • EmperorMA

        If Tyeler Davison is still available in the 7th round, I’ll buy you two beers if we land him there.

  20. Ben2

    I love the Myers/Morse center mentor-on-last-legs/physical-upside-with-grit combination. Just like Law & Cahancellor & look how that worked! Loved the mock, Rob! I like the idea of moving up for a more impactful receiver – it’s a definite area of upgrade vs our OWN roster and how many picks can make the team anyway? Trade the 4th – Russ deserves better weapons!

  21. matt509

    Turbins contract is the main reason why I am concerned about RB. It’s a huge deal and I don’t know why more people aren’t talking about it. Lynch retiring after this season and Turbin walking for a bigger contract is a HUGE possibility. Seattle barely used Turbin his freshman year and CMike even less his freshman year. I doubt Seattle wants to go into next season with CMike and a rookie RB. Draft one this year, sit him and let him learn pass protection and the ropes of the NFL.

  22. rowdy

    Rob you talked about them not taking know players you like. What pick did you hate the most on draft day? Any draft, just the day they picked them not after you watched them more.

    • Rob Staton

      John Moffitt.

  23. SunPathPaul

    My favorite position to get in to is the WR’s… If we took Coates/Montgomery, I would be pissed off to be honest! We need 2-3 full spectrum WR’s, not guys that are spectacular on occasion but them drop a 3rd down pass in the Super Bowl like Kearse… We want to go away from that, not add more of it…

    I’d prefer Lockett out of those three, but would also consider Funchess at #63 too…he is somehow left off now. We have Jimmy, but why not double down?

    I’m also like some here much higher on Chris Conley and Tre McBride.

    I’d prefer: Rounds 2 – Funchess, Conley, McBride, Lockett
    Round 4 – Bell, Conley?, Hardy, Waller

    2 of these guys would rock our WR corp… Can’t wait for April 30th! (and May 1st)

    • Drew

      If Funchess is there, I think he’d be the best choice at #63. The great thing about this draft is that if we don’t get our WR/KR with our first pick and get a guy like Funchess or someone else, there’s still options to get the KR/limited WR later.

      Or you could go WR/KR first and then get a guy like Waller in the 4th

    • Hawksince77

      Totally agree. Seattle needs to draft several good prospects at the WR position, as none of them are locks to succeed. They need to give themselves every opportunity of seriously upgrading the position. No one player will do it (at the spots they are drafting).

      • Steele1324

        Agree, SunPath. I’ve been banging the table on the need for “full spectrum” WRs—a legitimate #1 and a legtimate #2. Baldwin is a #3 slot.

        This draft appears to be deep with WRs, but relatively few are complete #1 prospects with both size and speed and versatility after Kevin White and Devante Parker. There are a lot of question marks like Coates, a lot of slots like Lockett/Agholor/Dev Smith/Dorsett.

        That is why I have continued to focus on McBride, Bell, Conley and even Tony Lippett, who I still believe can develop into a Michael Irvin type. Bell and Lippett are underrated, in my opinion. Both are bigtime ballers.

  24. Jlkresse7

    Hey rob,

    Wanted to get your opinion on stefon diggs? Could be an option in rd 3-4 and would provide a boost to the return game

    • Rob Staton

      Definitely another option for the kick return role.

      • OZ

        All in on Diggs! Late fifth.

    • Madmark

      He’s the guy I grabbed. He an all purpose yards machine.

  25. Alfred

    I like the Tray Walker CB pick. Will he last til late 6? There are 8 teams bringing him in for pre-draft visit. There are demand for his service. Hard to imagine he will be available in rd 6.

    • arias

      I love that guy’s measurables.

    • Ben2

      Especially with all of the Caroll big DB disciples in Atl &JAX….and the league copying

      • OZ

        Walker is getting a lot of love right now….
        I like the skinny kid from Marshall

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        The team that needs to look long and hard at CBs…. Patriots. They went big and physical last year, lost both of their starters and need to find suitable replacements.

  26. CharlieTheUnicorn

    So I redid a mock draft, with the new information being pumped out via various sources for “probable” draft pick/round… after the various pro days… and came up with some old draft friends and few surprises.

    1st Traded
    2nd Ali Marpet, C/G, Hobart (No shocker, fits multiple OL spots, SPARQ Warrior)
    3rd Jaquiski Tartt, SS, Samford (OLB) (I like the idea of a back up hard hitting SS)
    4th (1) Justin Cox, CB, Mississippi State (FS) (I do not know much about him, but was a FS)
    4th (2) Darren Waller, WR, Georgia Tech (TE) (No shocker, the big body WR)
    4th (3) Lynden Trail, OLB, Norfolk State (TE/DE) (Back on the board, unique athlete sold me)
    5th (1) Laurence Gibsen, OT, Virginia Tech (Another repeat customer, quality depth pick)
    5th (2) Derrick Lott, DE/DT, Tennessee-Chattanooga (He might have a ton of upside, flexibility on DL)
    6th (1) Mark Glowinski, OG, West Virginia (Dark horse, but was a SPARQ warrior)
    6th (2) Corey Grant, RB/KR, Auburn (Speed at RB position, ST+KR skills)
    6th (3) C.J. Uzomah, TE/HB, Auburn (Dark Horse, need more competition at backup TE)
    7th Blake Sims, QB, Alabama (RB/WR/KR/ATH) (Seattle mentioned picking a QB, here you go!)

    • Drew

      Why would you spend a 3rd round pick on a guy that isn’t going to get hardly any playing time other than special teams? There’s a reason why all of our backup safeties were undrafted….they are very unlikely to see the field. I hope we don’t waste a 3rd round pick on a safety. You can get much more high impact players there, plenty of other guys in the late rounds or UDFA to compete for a backup spot.

      • OZ

        I like the pick. He’ll get plenty of playing time. S/T not a huge drop in talent if Kam gets hurt. A upgrade over Pink.

    • Rik

      I like most of it, except I’d look at RB in the 3rd. Coleman or Abdullah if they last that long. Then pick up one of Hardy, McBride, Conley, Smelter, or Waller at WR in rounds 4-6.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        The RBs Allen, Artis-Payne and Cobb are all intriguing, if they go RB in the 3rd.

        As for it being a wasted pick, I think the ability to play a big nickle (3 Safety look) would be useful. The ability of Tartt to possibly play some OLB when called upon. I think the back-ups for Seattle at safety are not very exciting and they need some quality depth. I love UTAH CB/S Rowe, but he will be long gone…. otherwise, I would have picked him… but his stock is on the rise.

        • AlaskaHawk

          I love our safeties but their physical play with chance of injury calls for a quality backup. I haven’t heard anything about Corey Grant, what do you like about him?

          • OZ


          • CharlieTheUnicorn

            HE is a speed player at RB, which Seattle doesn’t really have currently. The bonus is that he can handle some KR duties, without risking more “important” WRs in KR duties…

  27. EranUngar

    Rob, that was very crafty of you. Set us up with a RB pick at 63 so we are more receptive to the same guy picked at the end pf the 3rd. It sounds like a real bargain now…lol

    However, my main issue is not the RB pick which i’m not in love with. I want to make a point regarding the possible logic (or lack thereof) of trading up for a WR. I’ll use something you said –

    “What if…

    1. You’re grading the wide receivers in round two in the 5.7-6.0 range and the receivers in the mid-to-late round in the 5.2-5.5 range”

    It makes sense to use you pick at a position that will drop in value more if you wait. I get that. The same logic should prohibit you from trading up using a 4th pick. The value of this guy you are picking can not compete with the value of the TWO guys you’ll picking with your late 2nd and 4th picks. It just can’t.

    The logic for trading up can not be a perceived drop in talent. That argument can be used for a “reaching” pick but not to support a trade up. The only logic for trading up is a higher perceived value for the player you are trading up for over his draft position. I.E. – If there is a player at 50 which in your evaluation should have been gone 20 places earlier and has somehow dropped to 50 but won’t be there at. You trade up is the player has better value then his current position, not because there is a drop after him.

    Is any of the possible targets you mentioned worthy of that ranking?

    Assuming we stay at 63, do not trade up and pick 2 WRs. One at 63 and another using the 4th round pick we were about to trade. Who would those 2 picks be? Is the accumulated upside of those 2 picks?

    You’ll get your Ty Montgomery for free plus the guy at 63rd. You can get your WR at 63rd and add a Conley or a Waller with potential huge upside. You give those up for Coates?

    I’m sorry, i know my English is not that good but i hope my point is clear. You only trade up to catch a guy that should not have been there in the first place by a big margin.

    • EranUngar

      Arrrrrr, i just read what i typed and I’m ashamed at the amount of errors. Sorry…

      I hope it still makes sense.

      • Drew

        It makes sense. I think part of the problem for staying put and not trading up is that have that many roster spots open. Personally I’d rather spend the 4th to get a higher impact player than to more average players. We need someone that can contribute day 1.

        And for the love of Pete, I seriously hope we stay away from Sammie Coates, period. The dude is a freak, but is so stiff and has boards for hands.

      • Madmark

        I do it all the time. My thinking of RB in the 3rd with all the FA out there doesn’t happen till Lynch is gone.

      • Phil

        Why not save all of us and proof read what you have written before you post it?

    • arias

      It made sense to me. What you’re saying is if you’re anticipating a drop off of WR talent after, say pick #50 because the teams picking right after that are WR needy teams, it only makes sense to trade up if a WR you have a much higher grade on has dropped that far.

      Otherwise, it doesn’t make sense to trade up to #50 for a guy you have as a #50 talent and give up one of your picks to do so. The odds are better if you roll the dice with two guys you’ve got rated lower.

      I think there are a number of variables in play with this argument, primarily being the picks you have to give up to trade up. Obviously if it’s a 6th round pick you throw in then that might make it worth it. But if it’s a 4th, not so much. It would depend how steep the drop off is so you can judge whether you have a better probability of hitting with the extra guy you get in the 4th and at #63 if you decide to stay put.

  28. manthony

    Hey Rob, cool mock, ive been trying all the 7rnd mocks over at fanspeak to get a feel for possible trends and depth at each position, and while i do hope they improve the line, it seems like they couod get guys they like in the 4th, and i think/hope the 2nd and 3rd is used on a CB, WR or a DE. I dont like the rb in the 3rd, but other then that, i could live with this draft.

  29. MoondustV

    Is there any possibility that SEA will trade Christian Michael for a 4rd-5th pick? He seems abundant for SEA now.

    The idea of “Home Run Threat” in Bleacher Report intrigues me. Considering the way Bevell use P-rich and we already have Jimmy, maybe a WR like D-Jax is worthy of trading up in rd2. But I’m not sure any WRs like that will be available then.

    But I’ll never take a RB in rd3 this year…

    • lil'stink

      Not sure Michael has any trade value at all given this year’s RB draft class and the fact that PC hasn’t shown any faith at all in him.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Unfortunately I agree with you when you consider Seahawks have a poor record for getting value in their player trades. Plus he is essentially still a college rookie in playing time. He might be worth a 4th in fair trade but why would a team do that when they will have a wide selection of backs in the 4-UDFA? I think they would get a 6 or 7th for him. A more likely trade would be for another teams backup or practice squad player. Let’s say we wanted an extra center for competition. It isn’t a premium position so they could probably swing a trade.

  30. Jeff M.

    I wouldn’t be too upset with that draft if it’s what we ended up with, but it would look a lot better with another contributor on defense at #95 (Henry Anderson?)…

  31. JaviOsullivan

    My seven round mock draft:

    – Second round pick #63

    Ali Marpet (OG Hobart)

    – Third round pick #95

    Tre McBride (WR, William & Mary)

    – Fourth round pick #112 Graham trade

    Davis Tull (OLB, Chattanooga)

    – Fourth round pick #130

    Tray Walker (CB, Texas Southern)

    – Fourth round pick (#134 compensatory)

    Rakeem Nunez-Roches (DT, Southern Miss)

    – Fifth round pick #167

    Shaquille Riddick (DE, West Virginia)

    – Fifth round pick (#170 compensatory)

    David Irving (DL, Iowa State)

    – Sixth round pick #180 Harvin trade

    Dexter McDonald (CB, Kansas)

    – Sixth round pick (#209 compensatory)

    Gavin Lutman (WR, Pittsburg State)

    – Sixth round pick (#214 compensatory)

    Mark Glowinski (OG, West Virginia)

    – Seventh round pick #248

    Reshard Cliett (LB, South Florida)

    • Trevor

      I like this list as well. Particularly the top 7 picks.

    • manthony

      No way do we only take 2 olineman with 11 picks, i think we’d take more recievers or two better ones. I know the seahawks are guilty of reaching on certain players, i dont see them reaching at every pick, i think theyre gonna target ‘there’ guys, but wont shy away from bpa in spots either, especially when they have a guy rated much higher then the remaining options. Im not sold on just bringing in marpet and expecting him to be a guarenteed improvement. Your mock bulsters our already dominant D, but leaves the offense high and dry. I believe the majority of our picks will be on the offense, and out of 10 mocks i did, i didnt draft more defensive players once

      • Madmark

        We lost 3 Offensive Lineman so we at the least need 3 more back Right?

        • manthony

          I agree mark, i was just looking at your draft and noticed u went oline 3 out of the first 5, and i w0uld agree, its that big of a priority, but could understand if they wanted to wait a little loger to pick up the 3rd pick if they feel as good about crisp as rob does, but yeah i think urs looked awesome overall. Enjoyed the tidbit about finney, and will have to check some of those other guys out

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          They will bring in 1 or 2 additional UDRFA + FA and draft several OL…. they will keep 9 or 10, so I think 2 or 3 is about right for expectations out of the draft.

        • Attyla the Hawk


          Assume keeping 9 as last year:


          Those guys are sticking. Three spots up for grabs. I think it’s likely we take 3, but could just take two and a post June 1 designated UFA. You probably need 2 guys capable of playing at some point this year assuming some attrition.

          I’d expect one OT development project. Possibly to be groomed at LT.

          The depth at OL seems like taking 3 OL would be wise. But Seattle also wants to spread their draft picks around. They’ve done this every year and I don’t think it’s a coincidence. Depth (or lack of it) at other positions may force us to use higher picks for other positions. Figure as normal, DT/LB/DB/OL with four picks. The other 7 being optional.

          If you assume 2 WR and 1 additional OL pick, that’s 4 other optional picks.

          I think the relative lack of seasoned depth may result in just 2 OL picks with a UFA added to bolster depth and possibly compete to start. DT is still a position of lean depth as well.

      • JaviOsullivan

        Thanks Trevor!

        Probably we choose 1, 2 olineman more and also I think we take 1 DT/NT more.

        It could change any name in the list for 1 olineman and 1 DT/NT and choose these boys in UDFA.

  32. Chris Calvert

    Love this draft. Iffy about Davis as well. But who am I to argue with the Seahawks brass?! They see things I certainly don’t!

  33. Madmark

    Thanks Rob for the website you have here and all that you do for us. I’m trying to think outside the box cause this is Seattle we are trying to draft for. Last year I think everyone was in for a Joel Bitinio but seattle went with a WR. This year everyone thinking WR so I thinking they go OL. Its been 4 years since we draft a 1st round OL and after the trade this year it will be longer. That’s ok because there’s plenty of talent this year to replace the 4 guys we lost and I think that’s what they do. I don’t see us trading 112 pick away. Is just to valuable. Jimmy Graham is the tall pass catcher we wanted and they don’t get no bigger than 6’7″. It was a brilliant move by our front office and they did it even after what happen with Harvin. My biggest hope is like in 2012 when the unthinkable happened in the 2nd round. We needed that MLB and they traded down and you saw a reaction from Seattle when Tampa picked Kendricks. Well we then picked the SPARQ demon Wagner and he’s been incredible for this team. I’m betting that Ty Sambrailo, the guy they want goes before 63 like you’ve been saying and that leaves us with Ali Marpet the SPARQ demon. If he turns out anything like Wagner we will be the winners again.
    31 Jimmy Graham WR/TE Ya, I’m putting him in my draft so you can see that we actually put a lot already into this draft to address big pass catcher. The bonus is we got a early 4th round pick out of the deal and another big contract to contend with but it was worth it.
    63 Ali Marpet OL(Guard) He has the size and he has the technique but he lacks history of playing against competition. He played outstanding at the guard position in the Senior Bowl and he might get a little ruffed up like Britt in his 1st year, but what rookie doesn’t. He the SPARQ demon Seattle likes.
    95 B.J.Finny C This guy has Tom Cable written all over him. He walked on to Kansas St. and started immediately and play 52 consecutive games for them. He was the leader of that team being voted 3 time captain. He will walk in and take over without even batting an eye. In many ways he just looks like a young Cable also.
    112 Marcus Harrison DL(3-tech) How many years have we been looking for that 3 tech spot in FA. Hill has finally come into his own and Harrison could be that guy to rotate with him and has pass rushing ability. You can never have enough pass rush, right. This was why I wouldn’t have traded this pick.
    130 Senquez Golson CB There’s only 1 problem with this guy and that’s is his height. He a ball hawk with every ability you want in a CB. When I look at him I see the perfect nickel back for those fast slot receiver we had a hard time with. Lanes probably gone for the whole year the outside CB spot has been covered by FA. This is the make or break season for Simon, I am sure of that.
    134 Lawerence Gibson OT This guy had an exceptional combine tops in everything except the reps. This guy is perfect pick here giving Cable a year to work with him. He could possibly be ready when Okung finishes his contract.
    167 Stefan Diggs WR/PR/KR We actually have been blessed with good return guys until last year and it stood out big time I’m sure for everyone. This guy was the 2nd all time in his schools history for All purpose yards 1 year. He would be a backup slot receiver who shows great ability to get the 1st down on 3rd and long.
    170 Thomas Rawls RB YaYaYa I know all about his problems with the law nut he’s man up to it and took care of it. This is a smaller compact version of Lynch. Because of the issues that’s why I got him so far back in the draft. JC/PC love to give 2nd chances to talented arhlete’s and this guy worth the shot here. If it works we drop a MC with 2nd rd contract for a late 5th.
    181 Kyshoen Jarret SS He a little short but very physical safety that plays up in the box. He would fill Jeron Johnson spot on special teams.
    209 Shaquille Riddick OLB/Leo He’s maybe takes O’Brians place and he may not be better but surely couldn’t be worse.
    214 Alana Fua OLB A very versatile player with unbelievable blitz speed. He’s 2 inches taller but has the same size as Kam. Could work at OLB or SS spot. If there’s a way to use a guy like this, its Seattle.
    248 Andre Smelter WR This is guy that Seattle finds late to fill the competition role. Theres a lot of WR already signed this year and theres going to be a lot of competition already. Since I live here in Washington St. I’ll be at camp watching and hoping that Douglas McNeil III turns out to be the guy we’ve been looking for. He has the Sydney Rice size but looks so much faster.
    Ali Marpet Guard
    B.J. Finny Center
    Marcus Harrison DT
    Senquez Golson CB
    Lawerense Gibson OT
    Stefen Diggs WR/PR/KR
    Thomas Rawls RB
    Kyshoen Jarret SS
    Shaquille Riddick OLB/Leo
    Andre Smelter WR
    Everyone has Seattle looking for a early WR so that’s why I think Seattle will do the opposite. Its a perfect time to take another shot at the OL like they did in 2011. Instead of a 1st and 3rd OL and 2nd for WR. They do a 2nd and 3rd OL and have already done a 1st for WR. This team is built on the run and we will support Beast mode at least for the next 3 years.

    • Madmark

      I just have to say Rob your a good evaluator of talent. We all love the Joel Bitinio pick and its was a great pick but unfortunately another team got his talent. He sure had a hell of a year and was everything you said he’d he be.

      • Rob Staton

        Thanks man

        • Madmark

          Wonder what you thought of my mock? I had a thought of Will Tukuafu at 6’2″ 280ibs. Leading the block thru the hole between Ali Marpet and a B.J.Finny , Lynch, the man, for 1 yard to win next year’s Superbowl. He played half a season for us. He also plays on Special Teams and from time to time Defensive Line. I like it a lot.

          • Rob Staton

            I like the upside of Marpet but I also have to temper expectations too. He looks the part but it’s impossible to judge how high he’s going to go considering we’ve only see him playing left tackle for Hobart. The teams will be doing a lot of internal review and organizing visits. It’s hard for me to argue for or against him going that early.

            I do have a hunch, though, that the Seahawks won’t go interior OL that early unless they have the potential to play tackle too. For me Marpet has the body of a center.

            B.J. Finney is a meat and potato’s type. Great blocker fronting 1v1 but doesn’t do much laterally or at the second level. Has the wrestling background but is he a third rounder? Not sure.

            I think they’ll look for possible impact players for offense personally and rely on the great OL depth later on to fill those interior needs. Interesting thoughts though.

            • Madmark

              Always have Bailey if Ali not ready at the beginning of the year.

              • Rob Staton

                I think Marpet’s a center personally. Ideal body type for it.

                • Madmark

                  So I go for guard in the 3rd and Ali the center. I take Lewis as a go between till he’s ready. What would you think of a Darryl Williams OT move to LG in the third. I mean I’m flexible but I like Finnyfor those leadership skills and the fact he’s an Ironman when it comes to injuries which every rookie we’ve draft has a problem with this 1st year. At least for us it seams.

                  • Rob Staton

                    I like Williams as a like-for-like replacement for Carpenter (if that’s what they want to do). Massive prospect, similar skill set.

                  • Madmark

                    What you think of Marcus Harrison?

                    • Rob Staton

                      Quick off the snap, great athleticism for a big man. Like him inside as a three-tech.

                  • Madmark

                    No matter what defense was going to get this pick at 112 in my draft. Had a Lorenzo Mauldin here before this draft another name for people to look at to consider.

                  • CharlieTheUnicorn

                    A guy I keep kicking the tires on.. as a prospect that might be uniquely gifted and athletically a freak…. Trent Brown out of Florida. The dude is 6’8″ and 355 now, having lost 20-30 lbs from his college weight. Then he dropped a 5.2 40 at the combine.. that is very impressive for that size. He is a 7th round or UDRFA type of guy…. not sure he fits Seattle, but I could see him playing Right Tackle down the road. A project pick, but if he lost another 10 pounds, he might be able to unlock all his athletic gifts. Paging Mr Cable, we found you a project!

    • CC

      Some nice choices there. I’d be okay with your version of the draft.

      I agree that we’ll probably look later in the draft for the WR spot.

      • Madmark

        You throw Jimmy Graham in that 1st draft slot and this draft really looks a lot different don’t it.

        • AlaskaHawk

          Yes Graham makes a giant difference. I think your draft is spot on with OL early. The reason why is because they get good value and two starters from day one. The value at wide receiver simply isn’t there once you get past mid first round. Instead you have some players who may be more talented then the players in the fourth, but probably about the same odds of being a starter as someone chosen later. And the Seahawks will undoubtedly go for unique talent again next year, which probably means wide receiver or a monster defensive linemen. So whatever wide receiver is chosen this year will be competing with a more talented draft pick next year.

          • Madmark

            Okung, Marpet, Finny, Sweezy, and Britt with Bailey as the number 6th Offensive Lineman. Patrick Lewis 7th, Gillian 8th and Gibson as the 9th for starting the new season.

            • Robert

              I think Gilliam is gonna show up with 15 pounds of new muscle and make a strong challenge to take over the RT position, which would allow Britt to move inside to LG. Gilliam is a SPARQ freak with great length and nimble feet. He only needed to add some weight/strength.

    • Madmark

      I forgot to mention B.J. Finny was also a wrestler. HEHE

      • CC

        Maybe Finny and Britt can have a match!

    • Madmark

      I’d take names of player you prefer at any picked helps me to expand my search and I do have 25 more days and until then My options are still open for that last mock draft.

  34. Hawksince77


    Thanks again for this site. This is a wonderful way to discuss the upcoming draft and to learn and debate. We are all very grateful for the effort you spend on making this possible.

    • Rob Staton

      Appreciate that HS77 — thank you

  35. smitty1547

    completely off topic, when do they usually announce the schedule and tickets go on sale?

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      The 18th of April is the target date this year, but J. Clayton mentioned it might be late, due to some scheduling “issues” a few teams are having. It will be out no later than a few days before the draft.

  36. Madmark

    I thought I throw this out there:
    Ahtyba Rubin
    Anthony McCoy
    Gregg Scruggs
    Clint Gresham
    Mike Morgan
    Will Blackmon
    Demarcus Dobbs
    DAthony Smith
    All have 1 year minimum contracts for their pay brackets. Any can be released and only money guarantee is signing bonus,
    this is link for more info.

  37. Pauld

    Doug Farrar projects Ty Sambrailo in the 3rd Round. Undoubtedly, he will fall to us and instead the Hawks will pick somebody that makes us go “huh”. One draft review last year read: “Every pick seemed like a reach and I haven’t heard of half these guys. I give John Schneider an A+.” Ha! But these last two drafts make me wonder if this front office may be reading their own press clippings. I guess they deserve a lifetime free pass for building a perennial SB contender in Seattle.

    I would love this draft to fall somewhere along the lines of this mock draft, but I suspect JS might do the draft equivalent of throwing on the 1 yard line in the SB – just a little to cute for his own good. Reading this site voraciously last year, I came away hoping the Hawks would draft Bitinio and Jarvis Landry. They could have still picked up Britt in the 4th. So it could have been those two guys future pro bowlers for a 170 pound Richardson with a ACL repair. And they were going take him in the 1st! The previous draft yielded Hill, Bailey and Willson. Meh.

    Looking at this roster, in the next two years there are probably only a few spots on either side of the ball that would give a draftee the chance to get any meaningful playing time. And we will have 22 picks. I do think it makes sense to trade a 4th to move up in the 2nd when the run on receivers begins. I like Devin Smith given RW’s ability to throw the deep ball. Keep that explosive metric popping.

    While they may take a flier on a running back, I doubt it will be so high. And I am not so sure as everyone else that this will be Lynch’s last year. Marshawn does not rely on his speed and quickness. His kinesthetic brilliance is all about his vision, power and balance – all things that may not just evaporate in the next two years. Indy has high hopes for Gore who is 31. While it is all about how his back holds up, dude doesn’t really practice. I think his extension wasn’t just all about the cap. Don’t be surprised if the Hawks next running back draftee spends his rookie contract on the bench watching Marshawn in beast mode.

    • Madmark

      Last 5 years PC/JS has 4 playoff appearances, 2 Superbowl appearance, and 1 Superbowl win. I completely trust their way of going about their business to make this a better team. They had very few setbacks and over came all of them. This is a hit or miss business but they have a good percentage in my books. As for the Roster, it’s all built around competition if you want to be on it you have to earn it. Speaking about RB, I’m not a Davis guy and I wouldn’t that high of pick but I will bring in somebody that will compete and like Russel Wilson proved has a chance I be all over it. If nothing else he will compete against Turbin and Michaels for that 2nd and 3rd guy. My pick is a kid from Central Michigan Thomas Rawl at pick at 170. A young guy that needs the right Mentoring that Seattle has.

    • Rob Staton

      Sambrailo goes before the third IMO.

      • Madmark

        It doesn’t matter Ty or Ali I’m Getting a starting Guard. I do like Ali more I thinking he could be a Chris Gray who played 16 years. You know the guy you try to replace every year but he won’t go away.

      • Pauld

        He very will might but Farrar feels that Sambailo lacks some root strength, can be pushed around and could also fall due to some off the field incidents. Bitinio, in retrospect, should have been picked high the in 1st he is gonna be an All Pro – but he dropped to the 2nd round. As good as JS/PC have been, the bloom is a bit off the rose. Remember how the Raiders would make these head scratching picks and talked about how they just cared about getting their guys? They picked Carpenter, Irvin, Michael and Richardson with their top picks and said the same. Ours is the honey badger front office.

        Cable prides himself in finding starters in mid-rounds. We are bringing in veterans for depth on the dline and secondary. Having finally found our big target in Graham, our receiver group is significantly improved. My point; we approach the draft in the perfect position of not having to fill glaring needs with our top picks. We can let the draft come to us and pick the highly rated guys who somehow fall to us. But that is not likely; you know they are going to surprise us. I just hope they strike lightening this year. If we can have a big draft, we will be set up for years.

        • Rob Staton

          Farrar is welcome to his opinion. I prefer not to focus on root strength, whatever that means. Sambrailo had a similar bench rep to Bitonio who did just fine.

        • Madmark

          Walt’s has him at pick 146 I believe that at all.

          • Madmark

            don’t believe that at all.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          I think when he is talking about “root strength” he is talking about the ability of the offensive lineman to withstand a bullrush by a DT, DE or LB. Perhaps he sees him as giving up too much ground and not keeping the pocket clean for a QB….

          • Bruce M.

            This is right. It refers to the ability to anchor against a bullrush, mostly. The idea being that quick feet are great, but if you can’t anchor you will get exposed in a different way.

  38. CHawk Talker Eric

    I’d like to share my thoughts on this mock in general, and on Mike Davis in particular.

    Firstly, I think this is the best 7 round mock so far this year. Not because I like it but because I think it will prove to be eerily accurate in the overall breakdown (4 OL, 2 WR, 2 DE/DT, 1 DB, 1 RB) and relative order of selection. Maybe not all those exact players, because there are many intriguing options at OL (and WR), but something very, very close.

    My first reaction to Mike Davis @95 was what a reach, if for no reason other than because he doesn’t stand out in a deep and talented class of RBs. His 2014 tape is mediocre at best, and his Combine performance didn’t boost his stock any. If SEA want him, fine. But not in R3. No need to spend Cadillac money on a Chevy. Of course, I didn’t really think it was fine if SEA wants him at any point in the draft. I sure didn’t.

    But there’s no escaping the fact that he’s on a very short list of VMAC invitees, and the only RB at that. Why? There has to be a reason, and it can’t be anything in the (admittedly) little information I knew about him. So I dug deeper, back a whole year to 2013. And now it all makes sense. Kind of like how PRich made sense in retrospect after we dug deeper into the player few of us really knew previously.

    I’ve come to conclude that SEA likes Davis for 3 reasons:
    1. Powerful runner with workhorse mentality and surprising speed
    2. Skilled receiver out of the backfield with nice hands and great concentration
    3. Experienced in pass pro – a willing and capable blocker

    Sound like a RB currently on the roster?

    Below are some links to Davis’ tape from 2013. He’s a completely different player than he was last year. He’s not Lynch, but he’s tantalizingly similar. For example, he doesn’t have Lynch’s power at the point of attack but he makes up for it with “aggressive hustle” – if Lynch puts a target right on his defender and powers through, Davis puts his target right off the defender and powers past (or between). He’s not as agile as Lynch, but he’s slippery and has a way of squirting through a pile of bodies. Like Lynch, he won’t be arm tackled, and he fights for every yard, his feet always moving. Like Lynch, Davis has great hands. On a screen, in the flat, down field, the kid can catch.

    I’ve seen comparisons to Alfred Morris and Ray Rice. But to me, Davis looks like Frank Gore, almost identical. At least the 2013 version of Davis.

    FWIW, Davis had some injuries in 2014 that no doubt dampened his performance. And then there’s that whole “saving himself for the NFL” thing that everyone accused Clowney of when he regressed from his junior to senior year. Maybe there’s something not quite right in the Gamecock training program. At any rate, SEA wants a closer look to see if the real Mike Davis is more like the one from 2013 or 2014.

    If you’re at all upset about the possibility of SEA taking Davis in this draft, especially at 95, you owe it to yourself to watch these videos.

    2013 Season Highlights:
    2013 75-yd TD run vs UNC:
    2013 vs. Miss St.:

    • Rik

      The 2013 tape is intriguing. Great hands, good burst, and I really like the way he plays off his blockers. For some reason, he looks faster in the 2013 tape than the 2014 tape. Is he better than Coleman, Ajayi, Abdullah, or Johnson, at least some of whom will probably be available in round 3?

  39. jj

    just threw together a draft at… ended up with something like this (after trades to add picks):

    2 – Hroniss Grasu, OC
    3 – Shaquille Riddick, DE
    4 – Ramik Wilson, ILB
    4 – Kenny Bell, WR
    4 – Nick Marshall, CB
    5 – Laurence Gibson, OT
    5 – Karlos Williams, RB
    6 – Stefon Diggs, WR
    6 – Mark Glowinski, OG
    6 – Joey Mbu, DT
    7 – Wild card, Connor Halliday, QB

    Grasu is probably the most complete OC in the draft. He would provide immediate starter competition in camp. If he didn’t beat out Lewis for the starting position, he would be a starting caliber backup, and would shore up the position for 4 years.

    Shaquille Riddick developed late, so doesn’t have the production. He’s a SPARQ beast. I don’t honestly think he’ll last past the 2nd round, but all the mock boards have him listed b/w the 4th and 7th rounds, so I’ll take him here.

    Ramik Wilson led the SEC in tackles. He’s got plus athleticism.

    Kenny Bell is a fine WR. He gets open, he fights for the ball, and he’s a tenacious blocker (even though he’s quite lean).

    Nick Marshall will redshirt for the year, but projects to be the starter opposite Sherman for 2016-18.

    Laurence Gibson is another SPARQ star.

    Karlos Williams had a disappointing 2014, including some off the field issues. His 2013 tape is much nicer than 2014, when he added 10-15 lbs.

    Stefon Diggs had two injuries in the last two seasons. He’s raw in a lot of was, but has serious after the catch ability.

    Mark Glowinski is another SPARQ star. Tenacious and nasty.

    Joey Mbu is a big dude.

    Connor Halliday can sling it. He’s not the end all be all of backup QB prospects, but let’s just make it a thing with QBs graduating from the state university system.

    • CC

      I like picking a C at 63 – with Schilling retiring, it is even a bigger need unless we pick up a FA. I like Kenny Bell a lot. If Seahawks were to draft a QB, not sure Halliday fits the system here.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      You had me until you Couged it with Conner Holiday 😉

      • jj

        honestly, I’ve never seen a single WSU game with Halliday at the helm. I’ve never watched a single play of him chucking the ball. That draft engine doesn’t account for compensatory picks, so the draft ends before you get to our 7th rounder. I actually expect a QB to be drafted mid rounds (4-6) if one drops appropriately.

        As far as our “scheme”, it’s clear that our scheme is to maximize the production from the players we put of the field by adjusting the scheme to the players/talent.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          Before the injury, there was serious talk of him being at least mid round draft pick. He has the arm. He can play, but his health / ability to stay healthy is the question.

  40. Lyric

    All the talk about life after Marshawn Lynch could be for nought. Lord knows I love me some Beast Mode but I also remember how Tom Cable also made Justin Fargus look like a beast back in Oakland. I wouldn’t even worry if the backfield was stacked with Girl Scouts.

    • Rob Staton

      Well, you would be talking about replacing one of the best running backs of his generation with a third rounder.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        1-2 years away from a HoF RB. The highlight tapes, they will (and have) set up at the HoF will be some of the greatest runs that have ever happened in the NFL. Appreciate him while we have him, because you may never see a guy like him come along again.

  41. Therick05

    What you guys think about picking Marpet or Grasu at #63, and trading up a little from #95 to pick Tre McBride? Because we need to pick an OL at 2nd round and McBride is the best WR/Returner at the 3rd round, and trading up for him cuz he won’t be there at the end of that round.

    And, if someone have watched Tre McBride play, can one of u tell me if he is a good RECEIVER? Because i heard he is a good returner, but i’m not sure about him catching passes from Russ.

    • Rob Staton

      “we need to pick an OL at 2nd round”

      It’s a very, very deep class on the OL.

    • Steele1324

      McBride is an excellent all-around receiver. But there are others in the draft and in UDFA who are also outstanding at both WR and returning. He would be a good get, but if they miss on him, there are others.

      • Jim Q

        “”Experienced lining up inside and outside. Extensive special teams experience as both a kick returner (23.1 average) and punt returner (11.1) over his career.””

      • Phil

        McBride plays on a run-first team and has never had 900 yds. receiving in a season. In his career, he has returned 11 punts, averaging about 11 yds. per return, with 0 tds. IMHO, those who project him to be a #1 or #2 receiver are delusional.

        I don’t have ready access to Tyler Lockett’s stats, but they include being named NCAA kick returner of the year, and I believe he caught 108 passes last year alone.

  42. Misfit74

    I would be absolutely thrilled if we drafted DGB and a RB early. The rest of the draft would be Gravy.

    Who knows? Maybe the team is going to floor us once again by somehow moving up for one of the big 2 WRs by sending future considerations. We might be more ‘all in’ than any of us know.

    Imagine a year in which we add Kevin White or Amari Cooper AND Jimmy Graham to the offense! (It’s fun to dream).

    Adding DGB or Perriman along with Cobb, Ajayi, or even Davis would kick major ass.

    Adding to the Oline icing on the cake.

    • Steele1324

      Realistically, the Hawks have more needs than draft picks. That is, if they want to compete for a SB right away. So it is not all gravy.

      • Rob Staton

        I’m not sure they have more than ten needs.

        • j

          Realistically they are going to whiff on many of those picks. You can’t count on every pick filling a need.

        • Steele1324

          I think they have needs, including depth needs, that are more than 10 picks worth.

          • Rob Staton

            In fairness that would amount to nearly a fifth of the final roster. I can’t agree there Steele1324.

      • Madmark

        With out the the dradt this year seattle can still start this year with a team that could make the Superbowl provided they don’t suffer the injuries like last year. I mean the starting OL could be Okung, Bailey, Lewis. Sweezy, Britt. The DL besides Williams is back and healthy. Just something to think about.

        • arias

          Not going to happen. There are *always* injuries. The question is degree and timing.

          Has Okung ever NOT missed games from injury in a season?

          Not ever.

          So there you go, there’s no point entertaining the impossible. He’s getting older, not younger. Sure it’s a fun creative exercise that stays in the land of fantasia.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        OL – Need to develop quality and depth; in most peoples view, the single biggest need for the team
        Secondary – Need to develop some depth at safety and perhaps CB.
        LB – Need to develop a bit more depth.
        LEO – Need 1 more guy in the rotation.
        DL – Depth is good, just need to improve the quality perhaps and define roles.
        WR – Quality is the concern, more than depth. Need some speed or ability to get separation.
        RB – It is mostly set, unless someone of great quality falls into their lap
        FB – Looks like it is set
        QB – Need to develop a young back-up.
        ST – Find a KR and PR if possible.

        OL and WR are the only two places where I go… man we need more guys. Everywhere else it is minor concerns overall or depth picks. As Steele said, the core of the team is SB caliber already.

        • Rik

          The only place other than OL and WR where I think we need more guys is LEO. We need another powerful pass rusher to put some pressure on the QB and give Avril some breathing time on the sideline. It’d be great if we could get a versatile pass rusher who could play from DE or DT. I like Frank Clark in this role as a football player, but not so much as a person.

        • Madmark

          I would say Seattle looks good at LB, Wagner, Wright, Irving, Coyle, Morgon, and JPL. add 1 more late round.

          • CharlieTheUnicorn

            Coyle is smallish. Irving is in his last year. JPL will have to stay healthy. Morgan has been up and down…. They need around 8-9 for camp, so one in the draft and 1 FA is very possible. They are a tad thin at LB for my taste.

            A guy to watch for late (6th round+) could be Zach Vigil, ILB Utah State. Good size and speed.
            The other guy that I keep trying to work into my mocks, but can’t make fit….. OLB Alani Fua from BYU. He is a projected 6th rounder as well… so there are some options at LB if Seattle wants to go fishing late in the draft. One last guy, that has been making a few waves as of late… OLB Marcus Rush of Michigan State. This guy could be a LEO target….

            • Madmark

              I took a OLB for Malcom Smith departure. I have At pick 214 Alana Fua is Versatile played OLB and SS he’s built a lot like Kam but he’s 2″ taller. 5’5″ 238ibs. 31 1/4″arms, 10 1/8″hands. 4.57-40, 20reps, 34.5″vj, 119″bj, 6.83 3-cone, 4.15 20yd shuttle. I”d like him for his blitz speed but I what him for a backup for kam.

            • Icb

              I agree.

              I like Zach vigil.

              I also like DE Zach wagenman out of Montana.
              Been looking at those two for a while.

          • JaviOsullivan

            Reshard Cliett is the guy. LB, South Florida, UDFA


            • jj

              nice find. with his pro day numbers and that tape, I’d be surprised if someone doesn’t pull him in the 6th or 7th for pure potential. On a side note his arms look awfully short, and that tape doesn’t show him in coverage or against the run, two things you kinda expect an LB to do – do you envision him as an LB or as a Leo or as a whatever fits kind of guy.

      • vrtkolman

        If Seattle has more than 10 needs they have to fill in the draft, they are screwed and will be playing for a top 10 draft pick next year. I don’t think that’s true at all.

    • Phil

      Misfit – I’d love to see us somehow move up to get White or Cooper. Picking at the end of the first round, it is very unlikely that we are going to draft a consensus #1 receiver this year, or for years to come.

      The front office has shown a willingness to trade our #1 picks for veterans. I don’t think it is too big a leap to envision them trading a future #1 and whatever else it might take to move up to get White or Cooper. Especially when Schneider says that there are only 15 (or so) players that he grades as first round picks.

      Some of the responders to your post say that the Seahawks “need more guys”. I’d say that we have enough “guys”. We need a few key players.

  43. M3rc_Nate

    Thanks for this article, it is written and formatted exactly how I want a mock draft to be written. As a big Seahawks fan but not a college football fan, articles like these and tweets from Hsu are really all the info I get on who we might draft and why.

    Something that I have slowly gathered listening to JS and reading articles like this is how in the Draft there are draft grades (duh) and cliffs/voids/drop-offs. They are also groups/clumps/bunches of talent, so there can be a bunch of guys of a certain position players that all grade so similar that you don’t mind taking almost any of them. Which is something you use to explain certain draft picks, why you think we will wait, why you think we might move up for a WR, why you think lots of stuff, is because the talent is still there where we have picks lower in the draft.

    Something I read (so i may be partly mis-remembering) is how the WR talent is so deep this year that it spills over quite strongly into the UDFA market. Because each team has only so many picks that they’d use on WR, it means a lot of WR’s aren’t even in the draft even though their talent is potential draft talent worthy (even if just the 6th or 7th round).

    So I don’t really comment like “Thats a reach!” and all that cause maybe they move up cause what they want can still be had in their lowers pick and what they are trying to get (by moving up) is significantly better than what they could get had they not traded up.

    I’ll say this…all I hope for is at least SOME of the talent we drafted in 2014 to pay off and be high quality. I want to see KPL show up and really dominate (i really like him), i want to see Marsh show up and add talent and skill to the D-line, I want to see Norwood take multiple steps forward going into his sophomore year as a WR (aka its time for him to show up, its time for him to put up more than 200 yards).

    My dream is Norwood shows up to camp and balls out and does what Kearse does but better and more consistently and we either cut Kearse (hate his tender, $2.35 mil?!?!) or we give him a 2 year contract for like $1.x mil a year but its worded/setup in a way that if we cut him after 2015 (before ’16) we don’t have any (or much) dead money because of it.
    He was making $1.4mil over 3 years before this insanely expensive tender (given his talent/production level). I want to see that contract change happen and Norwood earn Kearse’s starter spot (be a more talented/consistent WR) and Kearse become a backup/depth guy that if someone goes down he can plug right in and continue doing what we know he does. The problem is he has too many negatives IMO; drops balls, gets open inconsistently (partly due to him being WR2 and drawing CB2 when he should be WR4 with CB3 or 4 on him), and is a HORRIBLE blocker (literally rewatched games from ’14 and every screen he blocked for failed because of his horrible blocking. It continues all season until SB 49 where his failed block cost us the game).

    It would also be really nice if we got some hits in this years draft as well. RB is a borderline must hit (we’d have one last draft in ’16 to grab a RB before we started the ’16 season without Marshawn and Turbin) and WR just needs to hurry up and happen…we need a #1 WR (thankfully not as horribly as we did before we got Jimmy).

    • SunPathPaul

      I’m with you on the “Kearse/curse” thing. He has made a fews plays that propelled this team forward, but he also messes up quite often. I also hope Kevin Norwood, now free of a foot injury that sidelined his start to the year last year, shows up and takes that spot as a strong number 2 WR.

      I’d love to see us either use #63 on Funchess or Lockett/Dorsett…

      Then that first 4th rounder on Kenny Bell, Conley or McBride… A mixture of two of these would be sensational for this team…

  44. CharlieTheUnicorn

    There is metric called SackSEER by Football Outsiders that could illuminate some mid to late round picks for Seattle… in the LEO/DE pass rusher department. This might be helpful when trying to project a sleeper pick or two when you are mock drafting. 😀

  45. Seahawcrates

    Rob, I’m happy because I actually know most of the guys you have in this mock. Until I started reading your blog the draft was something I paid attention to after it was over, when I could read up on who the team drafted. But your work has inspired me to do more research (with your thoughtful posts as channel markers for what to look for) and it’s made the offseason much more interesting and fun. It has also helped me think more deeply about the team needs as well as how Pete and John go about their thinking when constructing the roster.
    I’ve been a fan since expansion but your blog has helped me be a better, less passive offseason fan and I wanted to let you know how much I’ve appreciated your work.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks man I really appreciate those words

      • Bernardo De Biase

        I guess most people around here think the same way. Your blog is really appreciated by me. Gotta love the deep and insightful analysis that sports coverage usually lack.

        • David

          I have to agree… makes the workday go by faster for sure

  46. Hawksince77

    This is going to be a fun draft with only one guarantee: none of us will get it right! 🙂

    • Madmark

      OK but how much entertainment are you having figuring out this puzzle.

      • Hawksince77

        A ton. It’s great fun and interesting, mostly because the more we learn the more we can refine our understanding of the prospects and the more we can enjoy the actual draft.

        There is so much to know – imagine what collection of facts and tape and scouting the Seahawks have access to. We only scratch the surface.

        But it is fun.

  47. Ross

    This is great stuff. Appreciate your hard work Rob, as always. I think it pretty much hits all the right positions in the right places at the right value and in the right volume. Personally speaking, and sticking with the same players because I like them all, I would draft Lockett or one of the other speedsters to be the return guy in the mid-second and use the Ty Montgomery pick to move everyone after it one pick further up the draft. One thing I like about Rob’s draft blog is that he always stays realistic with where he grades players. These athletes seem to go earlier than their production or buzz would suggest, so I think you ‘reach’ to get the guys you want. Shaquille Riddick is the only player I would absolutely love to have. This guy is a freak. Exceptional length and burst, with the power to stand up against double teams as a defensive tackle despite weighing about 240bs. Freak.

    I’m struggling with which receiver I would rather have in the second. I’m assuming we end up at about 48, or halfway through the second at least. Of the top twelve, some of Funchess, DGB, Smith, Coates, Agholor, Lockett, Dorsett and Perriman should be available. Not necessarily all of them, but some of them. Ideally, there’s a host of options. Size or speed? Both, with drops? Both, with character issues? They’re all impact players, so it should be some kind of fish, barrel and gun exercise. Adding a speed compliment to Graham’s size is intriguing.

    • Trevor

      Ross I agree Riddick is the one mid round defensive player I really want us to get as well and would be ok even if we had to take him with our 3rd round pick. He is the one thing we we really don’t have from a physical standpoint and with a year of development I think could turn into a star opposite Avril letting Bennet move inside more on pass rush downs.

  48. Ukhawk

    4 thoughts:
    1 Love the mock. As such I’m gonna propose an alternative with many of the same players or those previously highlighted on the blog.
    2 The only problem is that it fights the board in trying to go WR in the 2nd rather than taking a higher ranked player at another position. This is evidenced per the recent trade up chat earlier in the week.
    3 It’s too heavy on OL when there are holes elsewhere and it prioritises RB before it is a hole rather than addressing a current depth issue like nickel CB
    4 I believe the FO won’t fight the board and will aggressively fill the biggest holes as a priority – which they’ve purposely left at OL.

    Here is my alternative:

    Ty Sambraillo T/G
    Horniss Grasu C
    Tre McBride WR/KR
    Darren Waller or Chris Conley WR
    Shaquille Riddick DE
    Terrence Magee RB
    Rakeem Nunez-Roches DT
    Tray Walker CB
    Rob Crisp LT
    Damien Swann CB

    • Trevor

      UHawk that would be a dream draft except for maybe Terrance Magee. I love the rest of the picks. Not sure they will all be available where they are slotted but if we got that collection of players I think everyone would be ecstatic.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      “I believe the FO won’t fight the board and will aggressively fill the biggest holes as a priority”

      This is probably the biggest key, not forcing the draft board. Seattle has been know to “overdraft” players, Bruce Irvin comes to mind, but overall they let everything come to them. Sometimes they employ the Patriots method of trading back for more picks…. I’m beginning to suspect they might trade back from the 2nd round pick into the early 3rd, swapping for some future picks in 2016. If you can get a high 2015 3rd and a 2016 3rd or 4th on a minor trade back, I’m all for it.

  49. Thorson

    Rob I enjoy your site very much. Thanks for all of your hard work. My take on why the Seahawks drafts seem so mystifying is that we’re missing a key element, perhaps the most important piece of information to them, in their player analysis. We’ve discussed the information that the Seahwks seem to value – the SPARQ scores, a certain length to their players, hand size, “special” athletic qualities …etc. that is public knowledge. Occasionlly, aptitude test score are leaked, so we can have a rough idea of a player’s ability to assimilate information. We can look at a player’s collegiate production and some of us possess the ability to analyze a player’s technique and qualities that may play up at the next level. What we can’t measure, however, and what I think the Seahawks value perhaps the most, are the player’s intangibles. In other words, their drive, grit, resiliency, toughness, competitiveness – the things that make a player “Seahawky”. What makes a player with all the talent in the world into Aaron Curry? What makes another player with length being the only exceptional physical attribute into a stud like Richard Sherman? I think it’s these intangibles that separate players for the Seahawks. As fans, we have little or no access to this information, nor do the draft pundits and that’s why the Seahwks drafts are considered mystifying. Also, I think the Seahawks know which of their players they’re going to retain and so they draft not just for the coming year, but often for the year after.

    So, on the surface, Rob’s draft may look a bit underwhelming. Similarly, when the Seahawk’s picks are finally announced, no doubt many of us will be scratching our heads. But at the end of the day, the Seahwks will pick the players that check the right boxes for them. Obviously, their analysis is not perfect, otherwise they would have picked Joel Bitonio last year 🙂 Overall, given what PC/JS inherited, I can’t complain too much given the state of the franchise.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks for the kind words Thorson and also for sharing your thoughts with us.

    • Hawksince77

      I think you are spot on. And the emphasis on ‘football character’ has increased, I believe, based on their experience. The will to be great; the love of the game; the willingness to strive continuously to get better (think of Earl Thomas and his drive – already one of the best, if not the best, at his position, and he talks and works like he is an UDFA trying to make the team).

      So you are right. How does the team view each prospect from this perspective? We can only guess. But I am certain that they weigh such things as high, or higher, than measurables and college production. They want guys who will work hard, compete, and win a place on the team and on the field.

  50. smitty1547

    Thanks charlie I got a lot of family from TX coming up Thanksgiving weekend and if Hawks are in town I want to show them how real fans cheer.

  51. Wil

    Tall physical possession WR though not fast can block . Yeah , we call those TIGHT ENDS !
    My guess would be offensive lineman as Hawks first grab and a returner/burner like Dorsett or Lockett for their second grab . It is ROCK/PAPER/SISSORS with CBs and WRs . Speedy small DBs beat Speedy elusive WRs . Tall possession WRs beat small speedy DBs . Tall physical DBs beat tall possession WRs .
    Back to the small speedy elusive WRs again . EVER WONDERED why Walters was our most elusive speedster to catch punts ? Opponents punted 81 times of which a returner would have almost as many targets as our top receiver had targets . Hawks receive 25% more punts then opponents yet average over 30% less return yards. We REALLY need to REWARD our defense MORE for forcing PUNTS then 7yd return average with the longest being only 38 yards !

    • Rob Staton

      Dorsett or Lockett will be long gone by the end of the third though.

      • Therick05

        Where you expect McBride to get picked?

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          He is looking like a solid 3rd round pick now, possibly a low 2nd if one team becomes enamored with him. “..(he) looked outstanding catching the ball with smooth routes and above average body control. McBride gathers himself so effortlessly in his route breaks, showing off natural hands and overall receiver traits. A Pierre Garcon-like player” ~ nfl scout

        • Rob Staton

          Third or fourth round.

  52. AlaskaHawk

    Rob- what I like best about your picks is all the offensive linemen you found in the mid to late rounds. They all sound good. I imagine cable working with them and schooling them till the winners emerge to become starters. I was a little worried about Crisp injuries. He seems like an UDFA. I hate drafting a player that you know will be on injured reserve the first year and then may not make the team. I was surprised by the way they handled Jesse Williams (I liked him in college). What was the advantage to cutting him and then resigning him? I guess this preseason will be his chance to prove himself in the pros. He only gets the signing bonus if he is cut right? Do the get some pay for each preseason game.

    You had a couple mid round defensive line choices that are intriguing too. Seahawks will fill those backup positions this year and get a line rotation going.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Happy Easter everyone. Time to pray for the resurrection of Christ and the Seahawks!

  53. Madmark

    In my mock yesterday I talk with a few people and Rob was 1 of them. Then I reread This article, his draft and I thought about another article he put out about a month ago. Thank you Rob in a way you brought me into the light by showing me Ali Marpet in a better light. It seems to me last year they was working Jimmy Staten as a center. In this article Rob bounces the idea of the draft grade for WR. Heres my new mock with draft grades.
    Cedric Ogbuehi OL Texas A&M 5.91
    Marcus Harrison DT/DE Arizona St. 5.64
    Lorenzo Mauldin Leo Louisville 5.64
    Terry Poole OL(guard) San Diego St. 5.09
    Sequen Golson CB Ole Miss 5.6
    Stefen Diggs WR/PR/KR Maryland 5.5
    Mitch Morse OL(center) Missouri 5.36
    Thomas Rawl RB Central Michigan 5.41
    Deandre Smelter WR Georgia Tech 5.1
    Alania Fua OLB/SS B.Y.U. 5.24
    Quintain Spain OG west Virginia 5.16
    Instead of a Marpet and Sambrilio at 5,5 get the Ogbuehi at 5.91 . That was the article a month ago you was talking about doing and I’m all in for that.

  54. Steele1324

    A brand new RSP film room on Ty Montgomery

    Everyone knows he can return.

    I am just not that impressed with him. Does a lousy job tracking balls and deep balls, so his speed is wasted. Much better on short/intermediate comeback routes. Does try to catch with his hands (doesn’t always succeed). Has height for high point (unlike guys like Lockett and Dorsett).

    But he has some Harvin-esque stuff that might impress Bevell: bubble screens, YAC. Gadget plays at RB. Etc.

    I think he will be overdrafted for his ST ability, and at best be a Ted Ginn type. Kenny Bell is far better on the things that Montgomery does well.

    I still think Hawks should go for someone like Bell, and a deep threat who can actually do that job.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I’m coming around on Bell. I see a Golden Tate (year 3+ in NFL) clone in the making.
      I like the idea of spending a (roughly) 4th round pick on him, instead of a 2nd or 3rd on the other guys. Much better value for draft pick invested. Imagine, you sent the probowl quality C packing, got back probowl TE Graham and then also pick WR Bell with the saints 4th round pick. You have improved 2 positions via 1 trade.

      PC/JS pull off this move, they deserve GM/Coach of the year.

      • Steele1324

        I would love for them to grab Bell, and then Conley. Conley can get deep.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          Bell + Waller for me.. both in the 4th. That would be a solid WR tandem to bring into the Hawks.

    • Hawksince77

      That is a great resource and I found it fascinating. But agree – Montgomery shows limited ability to track the deep ball, and had several other mediocre drops (ones an excellent WR would generally make).

      I was wrong about one thing though – he can return punts. But I still don’t think that makes him worth a 4th round pick. Too many other WRs that would be on the board that have more potential, IMO.

  55. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I thought this was interesting, how graded some of the likely Seahawks suspects for OL
    I also put the scouts prob round selection after each guy….. showing possible value picks

    OG A.J. CANN – 6.0 2nd Round
    OT CEDRIC OGBUEHI – 5.90 3rd Round
    OG JARVIS HARRISON – 5.77 7th Round – FA
    OG TRE’ JACKSON – 5.72 2nd – 3rd Round
    OT ROB HAVENSTEIN – 5.62 3rd – 4th Round
    OG LAKEN TOMLINSON – 5.60 2nd – 3rd Round
    OT TY SAMBRAILO – 5.55 2nd – 3rd Round
    C CHRONISS GRASU – 5.52 2nd Round
    C ALI MARPET – 5.40 2nd – 3rd Round
    OG MARK GLOWINSKI – 5.40 4th – 5th Round

    After looking at this, the two guys who scream value picks… Glowinski and Harrison.

    • AlaskaHawk

      It also supports picking offensive line at end of second round and a couple picks in the late rounds. I would really like the Hawks to take care of their offensive line. I can live with them using the receivers they already have, but they have to solidify the offensive line.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        What is interesting about Jackson, in 2013, he was rated very highly… mid 1st round type of guy. He had a substandard ear and didn’t progress. Let’s say you take him at the bottom of the 1st, you know he can play LG for you from the start and he can improve…. with his high side being probowl/all pro potential… with the proper coaching. He is durable and a mauler. I think I see what Cable sees in the guy.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          oops… substandard year… take him at the bottom of the 2nd : /

          • Matt

            Jackson was an all-American this past season. That’s hardly a down year. Solid plug and play OG.

  56. Steele1324

    Rob, and everyone: I have gone back to look at Rob’s old scouting reports.

    Rob, there are several prospects you were very high on and wrote reports on, but you haven’t talked about them lately. Why not? Perhaps we should revisit them:

    Markus Golden-LEO/edge, rd. 4-5

    Nate Orchard-LEO/edge, low rd. 2

    Isaac Blakeney-big WR- UDFA

    Damien Swann-S/CB ball hawk-late round

  57. Therick0508

    Hey guys, is there any chance we could trade into the first round again, to pick a top receiver?

    Like Jaelen Strong, DeVante Parker, Amari Cooper or even Kevin White?

    • Steele1324

      I think that would be a desperate thing to do.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Strong is the only one that might be available, but not at the draft capitol expenditure it would require. As they say in the military, “hold your water” and let the draft come to you.

  58. Seachick Erin

    Rob I love the work you do on this blog and it certainly keeps the off season more interesting leading up to the draft. I will attempt my own 7 round mock for the Seahawks version #2. Myself and my BF debated a lot of the picks but in a perfect world here are my picks. As with any draft it will depend on how the board falls but I tried to be realistic about who would be available.

    Rnd 2 #63 Ali Marpet – Guard or Center with so much athletic ability.

    Rnd 3 #95 Tre Mcbride -WR / Kick Returner- Rob your write up and his combine sold me on him and I think he would make a great Seahawk

    Rnd 4 # Darren Waller- He has the size and athleticism to be a #1 receiver eventually and with him and Mcbride our WR group would be look like a strength not a weakness in a year or two. Another option in this spot would be Conely out of Geargia. Either would be a great pick

    Rnd #4 Shaq Riddick -LEO- Length and athleticism to be a future star outside pass rusher in the mold of Aldon Smith

    Rnd #4 Tony Lippett -Corner- I know a lot of people are excited about Nick Marshall but for me the best Corner convert in the draft is Lippett. He played some corner last year and when he did he excelled. Almost exact same measurables and speed as Sherman and he is 6-2 with 33 inch arms. He has great ball skills and I think could be a pro bowler in a couple of years in our system.

    Rnd #5 Lynden Trail -LB- Very raw but a unique physical specimen who could end up playing LB in our system.

    Rnd #5 – Mitch Morse – Guard- See Robs write up

    Rnd #6 Lawerence Gibson -OT- Great developmental tackle prospect with the potential to stick at tackle

    Rnd #6 Tory Slater -DL- He is a physical specimen and has he raw athleticism our front office loves with late round picks

    Rnd #6 Kristjan Sokoli – DL – He is another physical freak and would bean idela development prospect.

    Rnd #7 Andre Smelter -WR- The GTech WR was my favorite sleeper Wide receiver prospect prior to tearing his ACL. I would love to see us take a flier on him and let him red shirt for a year. If he recovers from the ACL he could be special.

    I did not take a Safety because of Bailey and Pinkins but depending on how the FO feels about them it may be an area they address as well.Also no QB, RB or TE were picked.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks for the mock Erin — and thank you for the kind words too!

      • Seachick Erin

        Thanks Rob have you ever thought about trying to get into the scouting business or are you more of a journalist who blogs for entertainment.?

        The hawks are such a difficult team to predict which makes all these mocks fun but also likely so unlikely. Either way it makes the time leading up to the draft fun.

    • hmabdou

      I absolutely love this mock, especially Marpet, Waller, Morse, Gibson, Sokoli.

  59. Hawksince77

    In the spirit of this mock, let’s say Seattle prioritizes getting a potential starting RB in this draft. If so, I liked the following better than Davis, all of whom should be available in the 2nd or 3rd round:

    Trevan Coleman:
    STRENGTHS: Narrow frame, but good thickness and muscle tone on his body. Runs with a physical temperament and good body strength, lowering his pads to plow into defenders at the line of scrimmage and run through arm tackles. Works off contact with his aggressive run style and toughness to finish carries, almost always falling forward.
    Hits his top speed quickly with long-striding acceleration and natural burst. Races away from defenders with his striding long-speed to hit the home run, posting an impressive touchdown distance of 40.3 yards and leading the country with eight 60-yard runs in 2014.

    Doesn’t have any trouble changing directions with excellent balance. Sees the field well with vision to read blocks and find holes, making himself skinny and keeping his pads square to the line of scrimmage.

    Soft hands as a receiver and reliable catching the ball in space or tight spaces. Nice job bodying up defenders in pass protection and not shy about extending his arms and being aggressive with his hands, showing a lot of promise in this area. Has experience as a return man on kickoffs and could fill that role in the NFL if needed.

    Durable and toughs his way through minor bumps and bruises. Displays stamina and didn’t wear down late in games, averaging 8.4 yards per carry in the second half of games in 2014. Strong character on the field and away from the game, earning high praise from his coaches for his work ethic and accountability. Impressive production, averaging 142.6 rushing yards per start and 7.5 yards per carry the last two seasons as the full-time starter.

    WEAKNESSES: High pad level can be an issue at times due to his taller stature, making a big target for tacklers. Tapered and slender frame and near maxed out physically, lacking ideal body type for the position. Average power and doesn’t run with much shock to deliver hits.

    Lacks the creative elusiveness to dance his way out of trouble in the open field, showing more of a one-cut style to dart through creases. Has some tightness in his running style, struggling to fluidly change directions on a dime. Will chop his feet at times when the hole isn’t there and shows some indecisiveness at the line of scrimmage. Good field speed at the second level, but will never be the fastest player in an NFL stadium.

    Ball security has room for improvement, especially at the contact point, with four fumbles (three lost) in 2014.

    COMPARES TO: DeMarco Murray, Dallas Cowboys – With similar body types and run styles, Coleman mirrors a lot of what Murray does on the football field, running with athleticism, toughness and the home-run ability to carry an offense.

    Jeremy Langford: (ran a 4.42 at the combine, best for the group)
    STRENGTHS: Runs low to the ground with excellent pad level and energetic feet to get the most out of every touch. Displayed improved vision, balance and finishing ability as a senior.
    Langford is a workhorse type with a hard-nosed, no-nonsense style of running the ball, getting stronger as the game progresses. Has a little shake-and-bake to him to extend runs, keeping his legs pumping through contact.

    Langford really shines in areas where most young backs struggle like pass protection, reliability in the screen game and also the ability to get stronger and better as the game goes on.

    WEAKNESSES: Lacks ideal ankle flexibility to be overly shifty. Takes a moment to get back up to full speed after gearing down and needs to show better patience with a bad habit of running into his own blockers. Handled a heavy workload for the Spartans over the past three seasons.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      And yet only Davis got a VMAC invite. It doesn’t mean that’s who they’d take if they take a RB. But it does mean they’re very interested.

      Don’t limit your investigation to his 2014 season. 2013 Davis was exactly what PC wants in a RB. If PC thinks he’s capable of returning to that level of performance, they’ll probably take him. I wouldn’t mind.

      The only thing that does concern me is the round. I don’t think he’s going before R4, so anything earlier than that could be an overdraft. Then again, if he’s their guy…

      • Steele1324

        I am no fan of Mike Davis, no matter what year’s film. High “tippy toes” running style, no sharp cuts, no explosiveness. A backup type at best. I really, really hope he is not a Hawk.

        • hmabdou

          Unlike many 12s, I actually really like CMike. I hope he is the future starter in Seattle.

    • j

      I don’t see drafting a RB. We already are full at the position, and I don’t think red-shirting a mid-round RB makes any sense. Outside of Melvin Gordon/Todd Gurley the rest are nothing special – guys who are available in every draft class.

      Picking a guy in the third/fourth this year, and wasting a roster spot on a non-contributor, so we won’t have to use a third/fourth round pick on an RB next year just makes no sense to me.

      Unless we move on from C-Mike. Which is entirely possible. Maybe we could get a sixth for him?

  60. Seachick Erin

    Rob since you have discussed us taking a running back early I was wondering what your current thoughts are on Melvin Gordon? There seems to be a real lack of buzz about him after his average combine workout. Any chance he falls to the bottom of the 2nd round? I know you liked him quite a bit early in the year. Do you still think he would be a good fit if he slid.

    • Rob Staton

      I think he goes in the #17-24 range. Hard working, honest player with genuine talent. Teams will love him. He and Gurley both go in round one IMO.

      • Seachick Erin

        That’s what I thought. Based on his interviews he seems like such a great kid I would have loved to see him and Russell in the backfield for the rest of the decade.

  61. bobbyk

    I like your reasons for taking Ty Montgomery. We need a good kick/punt returner and he would fit the bill. He might even be great at it. We know he probably won’t suck at it like Walters. That’s a huge upgrade right there and you can argue that a great kick returner is most definitely an impact performer worthy of a 4th round pick. And if he develops into a solid WR – that’s almost gravy with a pick like that.

    I’m still against trading up. We all know for a near fact that our regime is going to draft a few guys who suck and deserve to get cut. They are going to whiff and cut draft choices like they do every year. I’d rather have the extra picks so they have more chances to hit the lottery on some of these guys.

    I’d much rather keep our 2nd rounder and draft a Marpett and keep our 4th rounder and draft a Montgomery than trade both of those guys for an opportunity to draft a DGB or Lockett. That’s just me.

    • bobbyk


      • Steele1324

        Please look at the RSP film study of him. Link in the previous section. He is not worth anything higher than a rd. 5, in my opinion, and is a very flawed WR with a good frame. He has speed he doesn’t take advantage of.
        I repeat: you can find great ST players throughout the draft and many in UDFA.

        • j

          He looks a lot like Golden Tate when he was coming out of Norte Dame.

          Mainly used in the short game in college, questionable deep production, inconsistent hands, excellent YAC/tacklebreaking ability, versatile, etc.

          Wouldn’t mind trading down to the third and taking him with our first pick.

        • bobbyk

          Carroll likes players with unique skill sets. Even if he sucks as a receiver, he’s a guy you could throw the ball to quick once in awhile like they did with Percy last year and watch him run. Just not as much as they tried with Harvin.

    • Hawksince77

      Agree with the logic of not trading up. The Seahawks can get two quality prospects with those picks, and I am having trouble seeing someone in the target range worth two picks.

      As for Montgomery, my concern is that we spend a relatively high pick (4th – I think those 4th rounders are near gold) for another WR specialist (as Ricardo Lockette has been the past couple of years as an ace special teamer). If the Seahawks prioritize getting a quality returner, I would rather they select the other Lockette, because he adds something else to the WRs that they don’t have – the smurf-speed guy, someone you can use for jet sweeps and bubble screens.

      But I don’t like the idea of trading up for Lockette, and really don’t like the idea of Seattle adding a small WR. So that brings me back to one of the other WRs that are proven returners: McBride or Bell, for instance. That way, you get a better chance at adding a starting WR and a returner. And one or both will likely be available in the 4th, perhaps even later.

      • Hawksince77

        Trade down into the 3rd to add another 5th rounder. Select Conley, McBride and Bell at the WR position. Smelter in the 6th or 7th.

        Doing so would have Conley compete with Matthews for the #1 WR.

        Bell/Richardson compete for the #2 WR.

        Baldwin/McBride compete as the slot/#3 WR

        Kearse/Norwood/Smelter compete for the #4 WR

        Lockette and the losers compete for the 5/6 WR.

        And let the best player win. That should seed the position for the next several years.

        Then target three offensive linemen in the 3rd – 6th.

        Draft Corey Grant as the RB in the 6th

        That leaves four picks for the defense. Two likely in the secondary (CB/safety).

        That leaves two for the defensive line.

        That would be a haul.

        • Seachick Erin

          I really like that idea! If one of Bell, Conely or Mcbride are gone then replace with Waller. I really like Smelter to be a breakout WR in 2016 after a redshirt year.

        • SunPathPaul

          If what you wrote played out I’d be ecstatic! We would have fresh WR blood for years!

          Even if we 2 out of Conley, McBride and Bell, we would be Golden…Smelter is a no brainer w or 6-7 Round pick… he could IR a year and show up ready to kick some butt year 2! Plus Jimmy Graham will have an influence on these guys, and all their rookie contracts would help us afford JG longterm…

        • Steele1324

          This is exactly the kind of scenario that I would also like to see, Hawksince. However, it might not be possible to get all three—McBride and Bell and Conley—unless they pass on other positions at the top, where I am guessing McBride would go. Conley might go earlier than we think also.

          We have three more weeks for things to move around!

        • Madmark

          My first thought was 4 WR is way to many. Smelter will have to red-shirt for a year but that’s alright in a year we have a 6’2″ 226Ibs. WR to compete next year with a better chance to compete for a spot. Its a perfect 7th round draft pick. If we was to do trade for high tier 2 WR. I have to take Phillip Dorsett and I’d still take a Stefen Diggs for WR/PR/KR, Deadre Smelter(project), and I have to throw in a Jimmy Graham(Already Have). That’s 4 Pass Catchers. I have 7 picks left for OL and Defense.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        The sweet spot for WRs will be the 4th round.. which coincidentally Seattle has 3 picks. Happenstance, I think not. This has been carefully thought out months ago. My targets for Seattle to grab would be Bell with the 1st 4th rd pick and the last comp 4th rd pick would be Waller. Then, no more WRs in the draft. Side-note: I still think Kasean Williams will end up in Seattle as well… love that guy as a prospect.

  62. Steele1324

    There are many D linemen on the roster and in reserves. On O line, there is G Nate Isles and G Drew Novak. If JSPC is happy with some of these guys, will they not draft at these positions, or take fewer?

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Defense: The DL looks pretty full with guys already. The LB group is a little thin, might be room for 2 more. CB needs 1 more guy as well as Safety.

      Offense: The OL needs about 3 more guys to compete. The depth chart is pretty spartan for quality depth. TE could be a need, I’m not convinced they have a 3rd TE that can be counted on… McCoy is often injured and the other guys are marginal. RB could use a little juice, for competition purposes. WR they could use 2-3 more guys, but they have a large number already signed… around 11 last I checked. They have stated they would like to bring in a QB as well….

      • Steele1324

        I’m not too concerned about TE. Luke and Helfet are fine. McCoy has a chance. If not, there is always Moeaki. But yes, a TE in UDFA would not surprise me.

  63. Thy Hawk which is most Screeching

    Andy Gallac all the way! Next pick Ty Montgomery trust me nobody really knows it’s the nfl draft after all and we are all just taking a shot in the dark. I personally feel how stacked we are there is not alot of room for addition. Shame on anyone for dissing Kearse. He is an overarching awesome person and has done so much for our club. Sure he has f’d up some but he is a true Hawk born and raised and I will never give up on him. American Football is such a team sport and believing in your teamates is so important for the spirit of the team. Same reason LOB is so good. They Love and believe in one another. Next Golsen, Conley, Diggs. And in the 7th round a giant white guy so that maybe one day there shall be at least 10 pastie dudes on the Hawks roster, praise Largent.

    • Jake

      Good to hear a fellow Hawk fan has Kearse’s back. He had a rough NFCCG and he couldn’t get off the press of Brandon Browner. Those are his two biggest failings, yet he was an UDFA and has arguably the four, I repeat FOUR biggest catches in Seahawks post-season history. Game winning Touchdown bombs in each of the past two NFC Championship games, his unbelievable catch to get into the redzone on “the drive” (the Tyree redux – which Bevell erased from its rightful place in SB lore), and his pinball TD in last year’s Super Bowl which was amazing in its own right – despite the blowout.

      He isn’t Calvin Johnson, but he doesn’t suck – so lets stop armchair GM “cutting” him.

      • Steele1324

        Jake, Kearse’s inconsistency is a major issue. For every spectacular play, he makes five boneheaded ones. If the WR corps is stacked, as it was in 2013, then a team could afford to have him used on a limited basis. He is not starting caliber.

        • Jake

          FIVE boneheaded ones? He had two drops in the NFCCG, one would have been a miracle catch. It isn’t his fault that Wilson underthrew him in the endzone, that pick was completely on Wilson – he underthrew a 50/50 ball and Kearse had no shot. The deep middle pass into double coverage was on Wilson too, obviously. The two slants touched Kearse’s hands. The first one was a terrible decision by Wilson – Kearse was tightly covered, it touched Kearse’s fingertips and then contact by Williams (or was it Shields) a split second after broke it up and it popped up into Clinton-Dix’s hands. The 4th pick was on Kearse, it was a slant, he was open, he should have caught it – no excuses. He made one mistake in that NFCCG, no matter how much you want to paint it otherwise. I’d say he made up for it by making a tough catch through contact in the end zone.

          I would say he has made 4-5 spectacular plays for every bone-headed one, not the other way around.

  64. Thy Hawk which is most Screeching

    Cheers Rob for giving us Seahawks fans an awesome outlet to express ourselves until the next kickoff!

    • Rob Staton

      My pleasure man thanks for reading.

  65. ontoic

    How far away are the Hawks away from being able to do a straight “Best Player Available” draft?

    Do we need to sign Myers or Wisnewski before we can do it? Is there another “position of need” that we need some veteran depth before we just draft the best player on the board at each spot?

    Schneider said to Clayton, I believe, that he is never really comfortable with his roster depth. Are there any depth issues that will require us to reach?

    • Jake

      The BPA approach to the draft is a bed-time story that lazy analysts use to fill time and space on a page. No way do all 32 GMs see the talent in the draft the same. Every GM picks their favorites, Schneider seems to be extreme in his approach – and why screw with a good thing. That said, Seattle doesn’t really have a MUST FILL hole, that needs to be filled in this draft. So, Schneider is absolutely picking the player he thinks is best (or at least the player that has attributes he doesn’t think he can find later in the draft) every time.

      He knows who he wants already in the late rounds and those are his primary targets. I think the holes in draft depth are the likely places he goes with earlier picks. Unique is a buzz word that you hear a lot on Rob’s SDB and on Fieldgulls, so its pretty clear that you can expect freaks of nature to sort of permeate the Seahawks draft board.

    • Steele1324

      Ontoic, I don’t think the Hawks are far from an all BPA draft at all. To me, the signal was when JS suggested that they will “have fun” with this draft.

      How much confidence does JS have in existing players coming back from injury, and on reserves? Are there starters on this list already? If so, eliminate those needs.

      I am like most people in that I would look at needs, prioritize them, and methodically address them, top down. But that is not how the Hawks do it. The Patriots don’t either.

  66. Madmark

    I’m more excited buy my Defensive pick than I am with the offense. What’s not to like if I can add 2 DL with pass rush ability. They say you can never have enough pass rush in this pass happy league.
    95 Lorenzo Mauldin Leo 6’4″ 259Ibs. He’s got Avril size and could easily fill O’Brian spot on the roster. I still open to another pick here the reason for that is he just may not last this long. Everything I’ve see has him going up in the draft and he could be gone by 95. I could see Seattle taking this guy at 63 because he just may not last thru the 3rd round and we saw the Bruce Irving pick.
    112 Marcus Harrison DT I got to have this guy and I’m still debating whether or not to take him at 95. I mean we have been looking for that 3-tech in FA and draft for so long. This guy ticks all the boxes as a rotational guy behind Jordan Hill and would add Youth to an aging line. I’m already ready to move him to the 95 pick cause I think Mauldin is gone and Harrison wouldn’t last after the 3rd round.
    134 Sequen Golson CB this guy doesn’t have the build of a PC CB. He sure does show the play ability of PC CB thou. Has all the skills you want out of a CB. Had 9int and 16 pass defenses. He just ticks the box of an future All Pro nickel corner which in this league has become very important in its own rights. Lane will most likely be gone for the year and with this guy that’s alright we can let Lane recover from 2 bad injuries.
    209 Alana Fua OLB/SS This guy is 6’5″ 238Ibs. He’s versatile to play anywhere and has incredible blitz speed. I think he can take Malcom Smith place on the roster. The right coaching and we could work him as a backup for Kam. Regardless whether this happens Seattle is the perfect place to use his abilities in someway.

    • SunPathPaul

      Funny you mention Sequen Golson…when I watched the combine he stood out. I realize he isn’t like you said a Seattle CB by basic size definition, but hey…neither is Marcus Burley! This guy looks good and like a fit to me.

      • Madmark

        He’s the one guy I had on my draft from the beginning and Harrison , Golson I got at the position that might be a slight reach but will definitely get him him here. I’m still pushing Harrison around to have a spot. I thinking 95.
        95 Marcus Harrison
        134 Sequan Golson
        I pretty sure that these 2 won’t change in my final draft. These are my 2 Kip picks I want to see on Seattle’s draft this year

        • Steele1324

          (Guys, get your spelling right!)

          Senquez Golson is a ballhawk and playmaker, but he is a pure slot corner. Completely against the long armed big type that the Hawks target, and would be a liability on the outside and against big WRs and TEs. Is there a role for a guy like him? Yes. The Patriots use Kyle Arrington that way, and every time Arrington is forced to match up against big guys, he loses. Depending on the system, Golson could be a great player.

          Marcus Hardison. Like him a lot, and he also has unusually good pass rush talent.

          Lorenzo Mauldin. A legitimate option for LEO.

          But if they for defense in rd.3, where Hardison and Mauldin are likely to go, they might lose the opportunity for WRs and OL.

          • Madmark

            I have 4 OL guys targeted in this draft. My 1st is a steal at 64 Cedric Ogbuehi OT Texas A&M
            I’ll start him on the puplist. Halfway thru the season he can play LG and in a year step in at LT if Okung isn’t brought back. You just can’t let talent like this to pass. I thinking Mauldin gone at 95 probably by Indianapolis and to be honest I really want this Marcus Hardison more so I might be reaching at 95 but not by much.

  67. Madmark

    I just had to do this.
    31 Jimmy Graham TE/WR Miami : no draft grade ? 6’7″ 260Ibs.(265now), 35″arms, 10 5/8″hamds,
    4.56-40 38″vj,120″bj, 6.9-3cone, Was raw coming out early in the draft and we get the Polished Version that’s at All Pro ability. I’m going to give him my own draft grade no for today. 9.2 I might be a little but then I don’t believe in perfect.
    167 Stephan Diggs WR/PR/KR :5.5 6′ 195Ibs.,31 1/4″arms, 10″hands. This guy will make the roster for ST and while active will fill the backup slot receivers spot behind Doug Baldwin. He could go sooner in the draft. I’ve seen him once at 120.

  68. Trevor

    7 Round Mock Focus on guys with upside to be starters. I think OL and WR are our two biggest needs and spent alot of draft capital to address them. I am assuming we pick up a veteran Center (Wis or Myers)

    2nd Rd – OT Donovan Smith (Penn St) I’ve watched a lot of tape of offensive tackles from this draft class, and so far the most impressive and dominant tape I’ve watched came from Penn State’s Donovan Smith. I have seen Smith get beat rather painfully by smaller speed polished pass rushers and he is far from a perfect player, but Smith still manages to check off more boxes of key traits than any other offensive lineman I’ve seen this year.

    Apparently Smith impressed numerous scouts and NFL personnel during his week at the Senior Bowl.This is where I was first exposed to him as a prospect and was really impressed with the power he had in his arms and his footwork for such a big frame. He constantly looked like one of the best blockers during one-on-one pass-protection drills. He weighed in at 345 at the Senior Bowl but was 10 -15 pounds lighter at his pro day and looked even quicker. Against Nebraska’s Randy Gregory, Smith showed off his impressive array of abilities while completely destroying one of the most highly-touted edge rushers in this draft class. This is partly why I think he has the potential to become a future Pro Bowler.

    I have heard talk about his work ethic but on the tape i watched he plays from snap to whistle unlike a guy like Sambrailo. I cannot overstate how rare it is to find a skilled blocker who actually puts in the effort to finish his blocks and play snap to whistle. Smith does that.Using SPARQ he also happens to be one of the most physically gifted offensive tackles in this class. rob he is my Joel Bitonio of this years draft. I just have my fingers crossed that he lasts till the end of the 2nd round. This is our LT in a year when Okung is too expensive to resign. Hawks seem to like Penn St guys as well.

    3rd Rd WR / KR Tre Mcbride (Willam &Mary) He is a favourite on this blog and Rob has already done a write up so I won’t expand. Love his game and he would be a huge upgrade over Kearse saving us about $1.5mil in cap space. Also immediately would upgrade our kick return game

    4th Rd WR Conely (Georgia) He is a SPARQ freak with some good game tape as well. He played in a run focused team this year at Georgia with poor quarterback play and still looked good. He is an incredibly smart guy with great character and would seem like an ideal fit to work with Russ.

    Conely would give us a true burner who can take to top off a defense. By adding him and Mcbride our WR group would get a huge upgrade in talent and both seem like character guys who would develop nicely with Wilson

    4th Rd CB Tony Lippet (Michigan St.) You always hear guys touted as the next Sherman. Very few however have the measurables, length, ball skills and football IQ to merit this comparison. Tony Lippet is one guy who does. He is 6-2 and has 33 inch arms so he he has the length the Seahawks love. He is incredibly fluid with great hips and more than enough speed. Unlike Nick Marshall another convert prospect Lippett played some corner for Michigan St. last year and excelled.

    With a year in Corner Back U I truly believe Lippett will be the starting corner opposite Sherm in 2016 and a pro-bowler in 2017. One quote a scout had sticks in my mind. “[Lippett] has hawk awareness. He can pick the ball up at the blink of an eye and determine where it’s going and pick it.”

    4th Rd LEO- Shaq Riddick (West Virginia) – See Robs write up. Very raw but tremendous upside and could be used like Irvin was as a pass rush specialist year #1

    5th Rd DT Christian Covington (Rice) I thought the biggest issue we had in the Super Bowl was a lack of inside pass rush. When Hill went down our inside rush all but disappeared. Covington reminds me a lot of Hill in that he get good penetration and is incredibly quick off the snap. His tape is a little hit and miss and he has some injury concerns which is why he slides to the 5th. If we can gt him this range I think he would be a steal and be a great addition to our DL rotation and provide some youth and security in case Hill gets hurt again as seems to be the norm. I am not projecting him to be a star but a consistent 5-6 sack per year penetrating DT

    5th Rd OT – Lawernce Gibson (Virgina Tech) He is an ideal developmental tackle prospect. He is very raw but a good athlete with great length. He could be our RT of the future after Cable has a full year to work with him. I see Smith switching to LT after Okung leaves and Gibson sliding into the RT spot. I think Smith and Gibson could be nice book end tackles on Rookie contracts for the next 4 years which would help offset Russel’s big raise.

    6th Rd OG – Mitch Morse (Missouri) See Robs write up. Great guy to add depth on our OL

    6th Rd CB Trey Walker (Texas Southern) See Robs write up he has great length and would add youth / depth to our CB group

    7th Rd DL Kristjan Sokoli (Buffalo) or Tory Slater (West Georgia) – Both guys are incredibly athletic DL with high SPARQ #s and good productivity at lower levels. Both are very raw and projects but seem to have high character and the skills to eventually contribute to our DL rotation.

    With a draft like this we address both OL and WR spot and set ourselves up nicely for the next couple of years at low cap #s

    2015 OL RT D Smith, RG Sweezy C Wisnewski LG Britt LT Okung (Backups Bailey, Lewis, Gibson, Morse)
    2015 WR Baldwin, Matthews, Mcbride, Norwood, Conely (Last spot Kearse or Mcneil) Hopefully Mcneil so we can save the 2.1 mil cap hit on Kearse.

    2016 OL RT Gibson, RG Sweezy, C Wisnewski, LG Britt, LT D Smith (Backups Morse, Bailey, Lewis)
    2016 WR Mcbride, Conely, Matthews, Baldwin, Richardson, Norwood

    • Steele1324

      Trevor, great stuff.

      I think Lippett is not only an option at corner, but a damned good receiver. Underrated. He may lack some vertical speed, but he just makes plays. What great slant routes, reminds me of Michael Irvin. He’s faced top competition and excelled. I would love the luxury of not knowing what to do with a guy like Lippett.

      Morse won’t last to rd. 6, I don’t think.

      Other than that, I like your mock very much.

      • Trevor

        You are probably right about Morse. Might be wishful thinking. If he is gone you could replace him with a guy like Glowinski.

        • AlaskaHawk

          I would be happy with your draft. Well done. I like Devon Smith as a second rounder too! Scouts have graded him with a pretty wide range, considering the premium on tackles I wouldn’t wait any longer then end of second round.

          Why not bring in his teammate Jesse James as a tight end. Should be able to get him in the 6th round.

  69. hawkfaninMT

    I think you have another reader posting!

  70. Thy Hawk which is most Screeching

    I like Sequan Golson because his one knock is he’s on the shorter side yet very quick and perfect for covering the slot. If the Patriots are lucky enough to play us again in Superbowl L(50) we must be prepared for Edelman or any other player of his style. I’m high on Gallac because he is refered as a starting calaber center specifically for a zone blocking scheme, Right? So anybody else dig him as well? Rob likes Mopet so I trust his intuition. We need two Ol high in this draft, I’m pretty sure we’ll pick up a veteran who may or may not make the roster. After getting some depth for compation. I say draft at least 2 Wr’s/returners Montgomery and Diggs. Conely has too much potential to pass up and I wouldn’t be displeased If we used our 3rd on him. Personally the draft should be about how you value the players and screw what the so called experts think what round they should go. I believe Antonio Brown was a sixth rounder, perfect point.

    • hawkfaninMT

      Yeah, if they draft a Center I am hoping it is Gallick from BC. I like the tenacity and technique I have seen from him, and BC runs a similar ZBS from what I have read. In addition to him costing a 4th/5th (probably) vs a 2nd for Marpet.

      Would leave a Tre Jackson or WR option in the 2nd. I would rather Jackson/Lockette and Gillick than Marpett and Montgomery in a vacuum.

      • Madmark

        Who ever takes over the center spot I think they will have to work there way into it. A idea I had was outta Ty Sambrailo and Terry Poole report from Pauline. Maybe they coach Poole up to be a center to backup Patrick Lewis who we won 6 games with until Ungar returned. Poole played ROT but he’s interior lineman if he wants play in the NFL. I’m going to pick 4 OL and let Cable pick there spot.
        64 Cedric Ogbuehi My steal pick
        112 Daryl Turner Omen pick(I know what I’m getting. I still want this guy)
        130 Terry Poole Project pick (He needs a year of coaching, why not at center)
        181 Rob Crisp Solid pick (To Talented to let him get away so late)

  71. Thy Hawk which is most Screeching

    Check this guys review of our 2012 draft this guy lives football and was spot on in his opinion of the players we are so fortunate to have drafted. Look at his big board for 2015 on the second link he’s high on Gallik, Montgomery and Golson which I must say is part of the reason I hope we draft them.

  72. Madmark

    The revised mock after twitching again.
    31 Jimmy Graham WR/TE
    64 Cedric Ogbuehi OT/OG
    95 Marcus Hardison DE/DT: 3-Tech YA finally
    112 Daryl Williams OT/OG
    130 Terry Poole OG/C
    134 Sequen Golson CB
    167 Stefeb Diggs WR/PR/KR
    170 Shaquille Riddick LEO/OLB
    181 Rob Crisp OT/OG/C
    209 Alana Fua OLB/SS
    214 Deandre Smelters WR
    248 Thomas Rawl

    • Hawkfaninmt


      I have several of these guys on my list and Hardison in the 3rd is a beautiful thing!!

  73. James

    I prefer Josh Robinson or Jeremy Langford, to Mike Davis. It will be better to draft a RB with one of our 3rd or 4th round picks, if they are just going to duke it out with Michael and Bronson.

  74. Pablo Honey

    Not crazy about taking a WR at 2 and a RB at 3 just on general principle, unless someone falls and it’s just a great value pick. If it’s a true dual threat receiver/returner, I’d be okay with spending a 2nd or 3rd on that player. I do like the idea of getting Montgomery or some other return specialist in the 4th.

    I’d prefer some o-line help early, especially if no FA center is signed before the draft (OTOH Cable’s o-line picks have been a bit dubious so I’m not sure if drafting o-lineman earlier is the answer).

  75. Pugs1

    I would be very happy with this mock. I really like the Nunez-Roches pick. I live in Mississippi and have seen a lot of USM games. Southern Miss has turned out a lot of defensive talent and they all seem to slip. IMO he will be there in the sixth round.

  76. Misfit74

    DGB and Mike Davis are exact results I came up with as possibilities I like using Fanspeak’s mock draft Simulator, myself. I really love both players.

    I wonder if Perriman or Strong were to fall if they might be options, too,, especially in light of the recent injury news regarding Strong. This is an exciting draft to try and forecast.

    Of course, I remember when we drafted Chris Spencer, James Carpenter, and Justin Britt, too. Especially the fact we didn’t draft Martavis Bryant like I had hoped.

    Maybe this is the year they get wide receiver right.

  77. thor

    Here’s a few players I like that have gone without consideration…

    David Johnson, RB, Northern Iowa, 4th rd.
    Jamison Crowder, WR, Duke, 5th rd. – use for KR/PR.
    Jalston Fowler, FB, Alabama, 6th rd.

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