Instant reaction: Seahawks beat Giants & a star is born

Devon Witherspoon.

I was thinking of ending this review there. It was tempting.

Tonight a star was born. The fifth overall pick showed he has the potential to be special.

Two sacks, an absolute hammer-hit at the line of scrimmage, a pick-six.

Troy Aikman called him, “unbelievable”, “a shark in the water” and compared him to Deion Sanders. So there you go.

We all watch football for different reasons. Some people love high-octane passing. Others like the X’s and O’s. I want to watch the Seahawks beat the s**t out of other teams.

Witherspoon is my kind of player and I love the fact he’s Seattle’s kind of player too. Watching him come up to the line and level people, as a cornerback, was a joy. He’s physical and impactful.

I am totally fine with the Seahawks using him as a playmaking, tone-setting nickel. We don’t need him to play outside to justify the #5 pick. I want him in a position to be around the ball as much as possible. He won’t be able to do this every week, obviously. But what a stage to announce your arrival in the NFL.

He lit up what was otherwise a slopfest of a game. Mistakes, penalties, injuries. It was a mess.

The Seahawks are a better team and thankfully, managed to swim through the slop just enough to gain a win that never really felt in doubt.

The Giants look appalling. I gained a headache during the game thinking about Daniel Jones’ $40m a year deal. Imagine being tied to this level of performance? They can’t get out until 2025.

For Seattle, my other takeaways were the aggressive play-calling on defense leading to an incredible 11 sacks (great to see) and the quality of their drafting. They have done such a good job the last two years acquiring talent.

The Witherspoon speaks for itself but then you look at the O-line. They’re playing an entire backup unit and it’s not back-breaking for the offense. This is testament to the way they’ve drafted and built. They are targeting the right O-liners from college football and you just have to give it to John Schneider and co. After years of bad moves on the offensive line, they now have talent and depth.

The running game is still too stop-start to be satisfied with. However, Zach Charbonnet is exactly the type of runner you need to play a physical brand of football. Ken Walker is also immensely talented. Please get the run going because you get the sense once it starts, it’ll be difficult to stop.

Jarran Reed just keeps showing to be so vital in the early weeks of the season. His attitude and toughness is extremely welcome in the defensive interior and it’s a concern that he’s banged up so early. He’s critical to this team. Overall the front seven played brilliantly and it was good to see a big play/turnover from Mario Edwards sparking the opening score, plus some flashes from the younger guys up front. The Seahawks smelt blood as the game unfolded and the very aggressive defensive calls created loads of pressure. It was exhilarating to watch.

Also, how can you not love Jake Bobo run-blocking?

Now, there’s a reason why this game gets labelled a slopfest. There are still things that could hold the Seahawks back when they aren’t playing teams like the Panthers and Giants.

They relied on the New York’s ineptitude for their points — three turnovers and Noah Fant probably should’ve been tackle or nudged out of bounds. The Seahawks had an opportunity tonight to do what Dallas did and absolutely obliterate the Giants and they didn’t, which is a shame. It speaks to the messy nature of the game that it didn’t happen. It just wasn’t clean on offense.

They have too many weapons to basically only have one game out of four with rhythm and consistency. I wasn’t sure really what the offensive plan was today, despite the Giants’ defense being horrendous in the previous three weeks. They didn’t find a way to exploit a struggling unit and should’ve done, even with a backup O-line.

Jason Myers missed another kick. He’s having one of those ‘unreliable’ years sadly.

Geno Smith needs to chill. Aside from the injury he got all emotional and angry from what was basically a fair play and an unfortunate injury. I’m not sure why he started the second half. He didn’t look right, gave away a dumb taunting penalty and Drew Lock could’ve held the fort against this opponent. It worries me that teams will see this and think they can get in his head.

The injuries are mounting up in a serious way. You need injury luck to succeed. The Seahawks better be using up their bad luck in this opening quarter of the season because it’s threatening to spoil things. The bye is coming at an ideal time.

It’s unavoidable not to mention Jamal Adams. He lasted nine plays on his return. I think we should give him the benefit of the doubt here though — it was a majorly unfortunate concussion. Yes the tackling technique wasn’t ideal. However, what are the chances of that happening? The bye will give him ample time to return for the next game.

The Seahawks head into the bye with a good 3-1 record. There’s still a lot to fix but the defense is showing signs of life and it feels like there’s a lot more to come from the offense. Going to Cincinnati is a great test after the bye and will be a good gauge on where they are at.

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  1. Donovan

    21. 21. 21.


  2. Andy Heck #66

    Very excited about last two drafts. Almost everyone looks good and Spoon is our most exciting player in years!

  3. Mr Magic

    what in gods name was Jamal Adams doing? He could have obliterated DJones who was running standing up and instead he goes for the ankles with his head down? THat is the single handedly worst way to try to tackle anyone ever, they teach you not to do that on a pop warner level. Amazingly bad play by JA. Too bad to as he might have had 4 sacks tonight. THat bye week is huge hopefully hes fine after and smartens up.

    • BK26

      I had even heard that he was an All-Pro….

    • Jed Simon

      The football gods served an important lesson to Adams by not letting him get away with reckless technique. Will he apply what he’s learned?

  4. geoff u

    Witherspoon is everything you’d hoped Jamal Adams to be, except not massively overpaid and a corner

    • Justaguy


      • Jed Simon

        Indeed, Witherspoon comfortably leads Adams in career start availability at 75.0 percent to 62.6. The night is young, however …

    • BK26

      Thought that a few times throughout the game. He’s a weapon and a difference-maker. He’s going to be a boogey-man that qb’s will be looking around for.

      Exactly what we hoped Adams was going to be.

  5. Tony

    I get the pass for adams today. But when he gets hurt 3 snaps into the cincy game, all bets are off.

    • MarkinSeattle

      Don’t be such a Debbie Downer. I am extremely confident that he will last through the 10th play against Cinci. And then we will again have the best and most highly paid towel waver in all of professional sports!

      • Tony

        10 plays!? That’s insane. Can his stamina even last that long???

        • MarkinSeattle

          Have faith brother, the wonderful seldom discussed upside to constant towel waiving is that it is the 6,379th most aerobic exercise you can get. With over a year of towel waiving, I bet he can squeeze out 10 plays in one game before succumbing to his next injury.

          • Tony

            We are truly spoiled!

        • Palatypus

          His stamina? Only the girlfiend of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Peacock can answer that question. In his current concussed state of mind his answer would be “I’m Batman.”

  6. STTBM

    I think Walker and OC Waldron are in Pete’s doghouse. Walker ran around too much, went out of bounds when you can’t do that, and in general wasn’t consistent. Charbonnet was consistent, but then dropped the fourth down pass. Waldron called three passes in a row when running the clock out was key–and Geno whiffed on all three.

    The play Geno got hurt on was mostly his own fault for slowing just before he went out of bounds….you gotta get out of bounds completely before you let up…

    But the Giants were dirty all night. They suck, and the players themselves know it.

    Still crappy soft zone defense in the secondary. Desai was our best defensive coach. Now that he’s gone, we can’t cover.

    The refs were ridiculous. 5 penalties called on us in 6 plays, but the Giants were blatantly holding and committing personal fouls all night. NFL officiating is a disgrace.

    Witherspoon is a star. JSN needs to get off the field if they aren’t going to throw him the ball downfield. I don’t get the 1-2 yard passes. They don’t fool anyone.

    And I’m not giving Adams any benefit of the doubt: he is a lousy, undisciplined football player with tackling technique straight outta pewee football. This team is better without him.

    • Jed Simon

      What I don’t get about Ken Walker is that he has demonstrated elite vision throughout his career, seeming at times to have eyes in the back of his head, yet the view from behind the QB often shows him appearing to pass up available yards waiting for cutback lanes to open. The run game overall should improve with more reps, as the O-line gains more experience synching up with the backs, and this should result in fewer negative plays for everybody. However, I have to wonder how well Walker is handling his reads.

  7. Denver Hawker

    3-1 going into bye- I’ll take it. Flip the Lions and Rams games and we’d probably still feel the same way about this team.

    We can say we aren’t among the poo teams of the NFL at least. TBD where we stack among the murky middle. Next 5 games will show us that.

    Lot to be excited and optimistic about, especially if they can bend the arc a bit more offensive dominance.

  8. Mr Magic

    4 of our next 5 are very winnable games…

    @ Cincy – THey are a dumpster fire right now, lets hope that is still the case
    vs Zona – This has to be a win
    vs Clev – Should be a tough game but we should be favored
    @ Balt – Id chalk this one up as a loss
    vs Wash – This is a game we should win that will also be closer than expected

    Odds are we go 3-2 in this stretch. Find a way to go 4-1 and we are in some business at 7-2.

    This is the key stretch of the season as after that its a brutal 5 straight weeks with the Rams, SF 2x Dallas and Philly…

    • John

      I agree. Need to be 7-2 entering that stretch, because it could easily be an 0-5 stretch. In reality we win games we shouldn’t and lose games we shouldn’t, and who knows what the teams will be as key players get injured, or teams find themselves. If we can get to 8-6 after the gauntlet, I think we are in great shape.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Washington played really well against the Eagles. They are a team to keep an eye on, they may be even better by the time the Seahawks play them.

      • AlaskaHawk

        This didn’t age well. The next week Washington was soundly beaten by Chicago Bears for the Bears first win in ?? forever.

    • Jed Simon

      A “dumpster fire” is a team in structural upheaval, needing an offseason or three to rectify matters. Cincinnati is not a dumpster fire. They, despite early struggles with an ailing franchise quarterback, managed to play well against the Ravens and Rams—both probably better than the Seahawks. I see no reason why Cincy’s roster can’t come out blazing at home against Seattle, especially if Burrow’s calf is doing better by then.

  9. Steve Nelsen

    The guy nobody in the media is talking about but we should be talking about more is the Seahawks offensive line coach. 5 backups starting tonight and they were still getting the job done. Yes great drafting in the past 2 years but also great development.

    • geoff u

      Yes, Andy Dickerson needs a raise and a beer

    • Sean

      100. It has been shocking to see how well they’ve stood up with four starters down. You’d expect them to look like the Giants O-line in the fourth quarter. Geno gets a little bit of credit for getting rid of the ball and not taking those terrible RW sacks that used to plague us when the O-line scuffled. But above all, it seems most credit is due to coaching.

  10. A-ok

    Tonight made it clear what they see in Adams… The combo with Witherspoon would be unreal. It would turn up the entire team. Seahawks are built on energy and they need those game-breakers who get the whole team jacked.

    Flexibility of LB type hitting, superior outside pass rush and pressure, and DB level coverage. What a combo it would be. They don’t need a coverage LB while Love and Diggs sit back at safety in coverage.

    Offensively, they should have kept Geno out, it was clear dude was no longer in the game and Lock needed to ride that. I think he made good passes but didn’t have the groove with the WRs so things were a bit off and just needed some time.

    WTF are they doing with JSN?? What is with this 1yd pass with him? Get him some inside routes, crosses, seems. They also never throw to Bobo, dude is a gamer, get him the damn ball!

  11. SebA

    Very pleased that the Jalen Carter whining may finally stop now! Good on you Spoon!

  12. Thomas

    I wouldn’t write off JSN by any stretch. Golden Tate and Paul Richardson both had weak 1st seasons. Tate had 227 yards.

    I think it’s a Geno thing.

    • geoff u

      Definitely not. He played one season in college. ONE. And it was two years ago. People forget that, he is still incredibly raw.

    • Ben

      It feels like one of those things where he’s gonna go off randomly for 160. Just gotta get confident and prove it to Geno. His usage is weird. Don’t really care that his production is low early, cause like you say, he’s a rookie.

    • Peter

      Is anyone writing JSN off?

      This on Waldron.

      Lockett and Metcalf went off as rookies. JSN has skills. Serious skills.

      What he never will be is Percy Harvin, deebo.

      Crossing routes. Slants. Anything. It’s just poor usage.

      • UkAlex6674

        Lockett had a solid rookie season. Much like his first 3. I wouldn’t say he went off though.

        • Rob Staton

          He was really really good

          He created a massive first impression

        • Peter

          Too strong of phrasing? Perhaps. I think it stands. Jamar chase, Hopkins, jefferson, etc.. first round talents who all got fed the ball way more.

    • TatupuTime

      I’m not worried at all yet. Year off football, broken wrist, a lot of other mouths to feed. I think the JSN we saw in training camp and pre-season that creates crazy separation is the real dude.

      But gotta admit that the usage out of Waldron so far has been bizarre. It’s like they gave him the Dee Eskridge package. He’s not going to get YAC with bubble screens and stuff behind the line of scrimmage. He should be working quick timing routes and Geno is good at those. Not sure what the disconnect is at this point, but hopefully they figure it out – especially because his skills should match so well as a salve for their 3rd down woes.

      • Rob Staton

        I’m not an expert on these things but how are the Rams using Puka Nacua in this offense? Is there something to pinch there?

  13. Chris

    Anytime you have an entire backup offensive line the offense is gonna look sloppy. Most teams couldn’t even function. Kudos to the o-line coach for duct taping this line together.

    • Jordan

      Yes, kudos to the players, Dickinson and Waldron for the way they’ve adjusted given the losses along the oline. The offense will open up, and JSN will get more work when they don’t have to lean on 12 and 13 personnel as much.

  14. Sean

    Devon Witherspoon played like people fantasize Jamaal Adams will play.

  15. Sluggo42

    So, Carter is good, we knew that was gunna happen
    We didn’t know Spoon was gunna go off, I just hope he doesn’t hurt himself- defensive coaching needs to dramatically insist on proper techniques
    I thought lock should have played second half, to make sure Geno was ok
    I really want to see njigba get involved somehow
    BoBo can block- they should throw him a few bones for all his dirty work
    About Carter, how many sacks did we have tonite!

  16. Volume12

    Couldnt agree more. Spoon is a star. That physicality jumps off the screen and to be able to get that level from a corner is rare. Special. That’s why he was the 5th overall pick and tonight proved why Pete comp’d him to Polamalu. Impactful, disruptive, and high level football IQ

  17. Ben

    I just feel bad for Adams. Regardless of his contract and skill at this point, he does care a ton. And to come back and get hurt again plain sucks. Hopefully he’s totally okay and back fine. Him and Witherspoon could be pretty fun.

    I am really curious, the Rams offense seemed to operate well with 3 WRs working downfield. Obviously Tutu was drafted with gadget plays in mind to some degree. JSN’s role just seems so specifically short area, and we’ve seen the hawks force this over the years. If they wanted it so bad, why is Zay Flowers not a Seahawk instead? Or is it just happenstance and a small sample? Are they trying to prove something? It’s odd.

    Overall, good to see the o line hold despite injuries (albeit against a terrible rush as Cha pointed out) and really good to see the defensive energy. Witherspoon has a special energy and makes some of our secondary players look soft! Always seemed to make sense for him to play more nickel, so glad he’s doing it.

    • dregur

      No matter what you think of Adams, it was freak concussion getting kneed in the head by the QB.

      • Duck07

        That’s not a “freak concussion” when you tackle with your helmet. It’s trying to get your neck broken and it’s bad football.

        • TatupuTime

          It was a putrid tackle attempt. He was also very unlucky to get hurt on the play – those types of tackles are more common than most people think – even in the NFL. I see multiple most games.

          The man hasn’t played in over a year and open field NFL tackles aren’t exactly something that gets practiced midseason. Jamal was likely attempting that play for the first time in at least a year going 1:1 in the open field with a guy coming full speed.

          Jamal is insanely overpaid and it was a brutal trade. He’s also a lot more bark than bite sometimes on the field. But heaping blame on the guy for this play seems a bit much to me.

    • Jordan

      Yep. I can dismiss and dislike athletes who dog it and don’t seem to care.

      Jamal cares and puts his body on the line for this team, and his motor runs hot. He genuinely cares about being out there and contributing. It’s tough to see happen consistently to someone.

  18. Jon W.

    Carter has 1.5 sacks YTD. Witherspoon exceeded that total in 1 game. Admittedly the Giants O is historically bad but still mighty impressive. Kid has some serious mojo.

  19. Andrew M

    Devon Witherspoon is amazing. He was the best player on the field tonight and should give Seahawks fans something to daydream about during the bye. I really hope Adams can come back in two weeks and contribute, he was wanting to hit hard and influence the game, and despite all the negatives about him and the trade, and the contract, when he is on the field we all want to see him make plays. And I want to see that secondary at maximum potential, with Woolen and ‘Spoon and Adams bringing the ruckus. I’d like to see that for at least a few drives, just to get a taste of what that potential could be, as ideally constructed.

  20. mantis

    We should give props to the OL coaches, we were banged up more than the Giants
    but out performed them by a lot

  21. Rob Staton

    If anyone wants to listen the pre-game segment I did on VSiN it’s available here:

    • Scot04

      Nice Pregame on VSIN & Postgame wrap upbwithe the blog. Thanks for the usual top content.

  22. Palatypus

    As promised from Devon Witherspoon’s home in Pensacola, Florida, THE FIVE FINGERED DISCOUNT !!!

  23. Mick

    The Mannings with funeral vibes, and 5:15 here is crazy funny:

    I’m really really happy we won, but not so happy how we won. I think the realistic goal should be making the playoffs, we’re far behind SF, perhaps get the 5th place in NFC somehow. And in the playoffs hope that the rooks developed enough to pull off surprises.

  24. Peanut

    I’ve only seen the highlights, but what a game it seemed to be!

    Plenty sacks, couple picks, Drew Lock led a TD drive? Brother call me hyped.

    To go into a 21 day break with this kind of performance has to be just insane for a lockerroom. And with the injuries, sounds like we need it.

    Also i don’t give a shit if Carter goes all pro this season, Witherspoon is my guy. Is the giants a good team? No, but you just have to play good against those teams to build momentum.

    • Jordan

      A game like this really highlights how Pete came to the Polamalu comparison for Witherspoon. Good DBs excel at stopping things from happening; they truly great ones can make things happen and take over games.

      Man, I love him in the slot closer to the action.

  25. Henry Taylor

    Witherspoon is that dude. Protect him at all costs.

    On the offense, I’m willing to overlook how sloppy they played given all the injuries they’re dealing with. Hopefully after the bye we’ll see an improvement from that side of the ball.

  26. Chris

    Love me some Spoon. Kid’s looking like a star in the making.

    I can’t be the only one though … he did seem a bit slow on that TD run back, no?

    • Rob Staton

      He’s not a blazer, never has been really

      • Scot04

        4.39 40 at his Pro-Day. So not too bad. Guessing a fast track; so more likely high 4.4s.
        Regardless I’ll take it.
        Love the instincts.

        • Thomas Wells

          I don’t think Witherspoon was showing a lack of speed so much as he was showing good instincts as a ball carrier. Jones – who is a tremendous athlete for a QB – was selling out to the sideline and had an angle on him. Instead of just trying to beat Jones down the sideline with pure speed, he made Jones commit to the sideline and then cut back at the perfect time. Then he patiently set up the block from Love who was hustling downfield to block the only other Giant to have a shot. Anyways like Scot said I don’t care about his top end speed if he gets these kinds of results!

  27. LouCityHawk

    Hey Guys, I think Witherspoon will be just fine.

    For context, my buddy who is a die hard Lions fan reminded me that I kept saying that about Aaron Curry back in the day, when I kept saying it about the Spoon pick, and subsequent failure to launch. Now I can say I’m excited to see what he does next.

    This was a complicated, yet thorough beat down of a team in their house. The type the Seahawks haven’t delivered in a while, and while I’m going to savor this win, there were spots for improvement, and no matter what other fans say, pointing out areas for improvement isn’t being negative, it is exactly what the team is doing. If you want only sunshine and rainbows, go curate that community for yourself.

    The defense was really good. Really.

    I’m getting a little irked at the ‘but’ crowd. The run defense, DLine, and Edge play was good at Detroit-but they cry, Detroit was coming down after the KC game (didn’t look like that to me, but whatever), Detroit had key injuries, etc…. The Defense played much better against the Panthers at home, as you’d expect against an inferior team, the safeties were godawful, the corner play outside of Spoon was bad, and the LB were embarrassments – still you’d hear, it was the Panthers, they gave up on the run, etc…. Now the NYG, where the announcers essentially started the game trying to excuse a Giants loss. The DLine and Edge dominated in away we haven’t seen (save Taylor, who I’m ready to be cut), and with Riq back and Spoon in the slot, the secondary came alive. Yes, Danny dimes is the exact type of QB the Seahawks will eat alive, refusing to take check downs and easy crossers while looking for deep shots. Still, an impressive win is an impressive win. That is 3 wins in a row, and excuses are already being made about why a win at the Jungle in Cincy doesn’t mean anything either.

    This is a lot of positivity, and it still doesn’t change my opinion about what this team needs to do, it cements it more than ever, capture these good feelings.

    On the Defense: Chenna, Mafe and Hall all look great no reason to rotate in situational ham sandwich Taylor. DLine depth is concerning, but we knew that, every member of the squad impressed and played like their mothers had been insulted on every snap – still want to add 2 players in the 2024 draft to this group. LB benefitted from letting Bobby and Brooks blitz and cover less, Bush is better in coverage and may need to stick there. Spoon on the slot receiver is a must for this defense, it takes away a key weakness and opens him up to make plays. Riq being back makes a huge difference. And Love needs to play this way every week. All in all, this was the best game plan, game calling, and adjustments I’ve seen from Hurtt- who must have enjoyed that cooling of his chair last night.

    On the offense: if you told me Geno was going to play like that, I’d assume we would have lost (credit to Spoon, that was his impact). Dickerson needs a pay raise, a reserved spot at the VMac, and whatever other perks they can give him. Evan Brown is now on my ‘to retain’ list, lots of value to be had by him sliding over and having Olu come in. DK continues to look like the best player on this offense. We need to talk about Geno, JSN, & Bobo. I worry about PC putting Geno back in, this reminds me of the decision making that made RW3 such a toxic suck. Geno was obviously dinged up, needed to sit; Lock clearly was ready to play (even if he was throwing Favre style fastballs). Geno wanted revenge, PC may still be worried about a QB controversy (unlikely), but Geno was out there taking unnecessary hits in a game that had been decided.

    I like this team, I like them making it to a 6-1 mark before taking on their stretch of death. Could the team who showed up beat the 9ers? Not easily, but I saw a lot of things that told me they could become the team that sweeps the 9ers.

    I like Rob’s take, give me violent players, at multiple positions. Bradford brought an energy the second he went in the game, these are our guys, and need to establish their brand (not try to recapture LOB).

    • LouCityHawk

      Apologies for another book, I don’t edit these things before I post. So if they come out stream of thought, it is because they are.

      • UkAlex6674

        Could sweep the 9ers?

        Bold statement.

        I agree though that there is ALWAYS room for improvement even after coming off a win.

        Hard to call the schedule at the moment; we will definitely have a regression game against someone we think we should beat (Cardinals on 22 October) so we can be suitably frustrated again.

        • Rob Staton

          Sweeping the 49ers feels like a leap of faith

          They are clearly the best team in the NFL by some distance IMO

          • Rokas

            Would be great if we could split the bill with the 49ers.

          • LouCityHawk

            1. Never underestimate a fan base coronating their team too early. In central Cal right now, they are talking about whether their dynasty will eclipse the Pats, whether Purdy is the secret love child of Montana and Brady, and are already booking their travel to Vegas.

            2. I’ll take the Bills as the class of the NFL, three convincing victories after a weird loss in Week 1. More complete team, and haven’t been nearly as lucky as the 9ers. I’ll concede the 9ers as the luckiest team in the NFL, but luck runs out eventually. The Bills have only one difficult back to back (Eagles/KC). Road to the Super Bowl going through Orchard Park, elite offense and defense.

            3. The Seahawks are a young team that has started out the year snakebit with injuries. Thanksgiving in Seattle could present two very different looking squads. The T-day game is one I expect to be a war, the 12s will be lit. I could see the Seahawks entering 8-2…and I could see the 9ers getting knocked off a couple times…

            4. Purdy, the GOAT, will face two elite defenses with Dallas and Cleveland (Myles Garrett has been another level this season). So far, he has crumbled at the first sign of adversity. If the 9ers roll these two squads I will start to get nervous, both have flawed offenses, so I expect the 9ers D to carry the day. Neither game will be a cakewalk, lots of pride, and you can bet that Dan Quinn would love to put out a blueprint for stopping ShannyBall.

            5. The 9ers go to Seattle, to Philly, then host Seattle. I can see them losing, then playing the Eagles like it is their Super Bowl, then not being ready for that rubber match. The Seahawks on the other play at Dallas in between, which luckily features DAK – a QB from the Danny Dimes school – but also one where Seattle’s let down will come at Dallas (Thanksgiving day is their Denver game this year).

            Leap of faith? Maybe. I prefer to think of it as my hope. I’m encouraged by what happened on D, I need to see another fear from this offense, I need to see them hit that 6-1 mark in these next 3 games.

            • Peter

              I’m here for it. I think today the problem I see is that the defense (!) Might get rolling and be a problem for the niners but the offense feels like it’s regressing.

              I don’t want want to hear about the oline folks. You can’t praise the oline in one hand, which we are, and then excuse make in the other hand.

              You know who also has oline problems? A ton of the league. Including the rams who beat us. The lions we beat. And the giants who are inept.

              Back to the offense:

              Geno is on pace for 3800 yards, 22 tds, 4 picks…..a very clean stat sheet. But not one where you say “watch out!”.

        • LouCityHawk

          Yes, could, see my response to Rob below. I’m not marching with the rest of the Hawks pundits in fawning over the 9ers. Maybe it is being in their territory at the moment, but these fans make peak New England fans seem humble by comparison.

          I’ve heard that might be Murray’s first game back, which gives me hope.

          I think AZ will be a dogfight.

          I’ve got a wish list for the bye week (starting with Taylor getting a new address, we can have anyone else lose contain, and more gaudily – PC announcing it will be his final year with the Hawks, so the emotional tour can begin).

  28. GeorgiaSeahawks

    Watch the Seahawks’ best defensive plays vs. the Giants | Week 4

    Just want to play this over and over. Team record for sacks and the pick 6!

    Usually dislike us having an early bye week, but it’s great timing to let our OL recover after having more injuries in this game with already being down our 2 starting tackles.

  29. Big Mike

    Coming in this morning for a heaping helping of crow as it relates to Spoon. I suggested toward the end of training camp it was possible he was slagging off because of unhappiness over the contract situation that caused him to hold out. It wasn’t an accusation but a suggestion that it was a possibility. It seems like someone who puts the kind of effort we’ve seen from him the last 3 games would dispel those notions so I admit my suggestion certainly was wrong.
    Tasty crow, especially after last night.

    • LouCityHawk

      I watched a lot of Spoon in college, he found another level last night, if he brings that every week, he might be the steal of the draft (depending on Stroud, ARich, Anderson).

      Personally I enjoy eating crow, especially on positive turnouts.

    • UkAlex6674

      Props to you Big Mike for this 👏

    • Denver Hawker

      I think a lot of fans were fair to be critical with his usage at Nickel as well. Not exciting to draft a Nickel at 5 overall.

      As Rob said, I’d be perfectly fine if he stayed there all season. Nickel formation has been gaining favor in the league and having a dynamic player at the position can affect modern offensive schemes. Challenge would be keeping him on the field in non-Nickel lineups.

      • Tien

        Our best two CBs are Woolen and Witherspoon so on non-nickle downs, wouldn’t we just have him play CB on whatever side Woolen isn’t and bench the CB who normally plays there?

        • Denver Hawker

          Ideal if not too disruptive to personnel packages, still need to mix up coverage/personnel looks.

  30. Trevor

    Everyone talking about how the Giants OL struggled because they were missing Thomas and then the rookie Center got hurt. The Hawks were playing an entirely new OL with not one starter in the opening day spot and 4 of the 5 being backups.

    Props the OL coach Dickenson and Waldron for the protection schemes to limit the impact. Great coaching job and effort by those guys on the OL. When was the last time the Hawks could go 2 deep across the OL and not be a liability?

    • LouCityHawk

      The answer is never, but Curhan did look every part the backup OLine last night.

      • Mick

        I think he had good moments too, e.g. the DK touchdown. And he needs more NFL games to progress. I wouldn’t label him a mere backup just yet.

  31. Mr Magic

    Only issue with Spoon is size if they plan to keep playing him inside like that. At 180lbs throwing hits like that will take its toll, popping guys 30lbs heavier all game. They need to be careful there. Tricky spot, but if he can stay fit what an asset.

  32. LouCityHawk

    I really recommend listening to all of Rob’s solo session, he gives some really good thoughts on some college players and name drops Howard Cross (Irish), a player I had noticed.

    Nagy tweeted this morning

    I think Rob has Cross on the list of waiting for testing, but this looks like an early draft crush in the making. I’ll be taking him in at field level this next weekend.

  33. Demitrov

    I wish we had seen more of Drew Lock and I don’t know why we rushed Geno back in. Genos fine, he’s a bit elusive and can make some nice finesse throws but it just seemed like Drew was able to shift the offense into a higher gear and that’s just something you don’t see from Geno. The age difference was so noticeable I thought in that Geno just looks a little sluggish, both running and throwing and I just want to see if there’s something actually there with Drew.

    • Mr Magic

      while Spoon looks legit, I still wish we tarded up for Richardson who looks truly like a franchise of franchises. Last week vs a vet like McVey I though he was toast but he turned in a 2nd half for the ages. He along with Parsons and garrett are the top total athletes in the NFL. Shoulda coulda woulda moved up just 1 spot for him….

    • BK26

      There was an excitement with Lock. Idk if it was him finally getting out there, personality difference, or what. But it was noticeable.

      Then Geno came back in and the offense did nothing for the rest of the game.

      • Peter

        Did not enjoy seeing two things at once.

        JSN not catching a pass from Lock


        That JSN can in fact be in other places that standing on the LOS. They need to throw that play and whole concept into the puget sound. The only time that has ever worked is when Lynch was catching out if the backfield and maybe like two times in between Harvins myriad issues.

        I wouldn’t even run that play with DK. I said it yesterday but for older fans it’s basically Holmgren going straight up the gut with Mack Strong on every single 3rd down over 10 yards. A lower before it starts.

        • BK26

          It’s mind-boggling. That is literally the antithesis of his game. Get him out, moving, with room.

          DK and Tyler can do what they want JSN to do. Shoot Bobo might be able to do it better.

    • JimN

      I too saw a burst of energy when Lock came in. Geno indeed looked slow. I still think the Lock is every bit the QB that Geno is when given a full chance. Was hoping this would be it. Geno seemed to keep the offense in first gear and unable to establish some real offensive momentum. I think he was hurting and favoring his injured leg or knee. Next year, i wouldn’t be surprised if Lock takes over, we save cap with Geno and draft a QB.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I’m unsure about Lock. Which is why it would have been great to play Lock in the second half so we could evaluate his progress.

  34. Mr Magic

    and lastly, while Spoon looks legit, I still wish we tarded up for Richardson who looks truly like a franchise of franchises. Last week vs a vet like McVey I though he was toast but he turned in a 2nd half for the ages. He along with Parsons and garrett are the top total athletes in the NFL. Shoulda coulda woulda moved up just 1 spot for him….

    • Mr Magic

      oops this duped!

      Just a curious question though, after 4 games, would you rather have ARicahrdson or Spoon and JSN?

      • BK26

        Richardson. 10 out of 10 times.

    • GrittyHawk

      We had no opportunity to trade up. End of story. Why bemoan a scenario that was never feasible?

      • DC1234

        How do you know this for a fact? No one knows for sure besides Pete and John and the seahawks Organisation.

        I still believe the seahawks could offer a better package to the Bears than the Panthers. The Texans, Cardinals and Colts will not trade with the Seahawks. But Bears prob would.

  35. Peter

    On the back of a great defensive win heading into the bye week a thought.

    When you look at how the points are coming in this season:

    -Five fields goals from an unreliable kicker against Carolina

    -spoon and the highlight looping pick six last night

    -brown’s pick six plus Chenna’s game altering fumble against detroit

    And you stop attributing every point to the offense and say “top (insert # here,) offense!!”…I don’t think any of us thought we’d be winning because of our defense. Mind blown.

    And at the quarter mark…this is not for trolling because I’ve said a hundred times I think Geno won’t be the team’s problem….how good can this team be if the offense can actually put it together consistently?

    • LouCityHawk

      I feel like a broken record saying it, but: the 2023 Seahawks will be limited by Geno, he ultimately is their ceiling and floor every week.

      This game was so pleasing, because the defense won with the offense struggling.

      I’ve been in the barrel since the preseason saying that DLine and Edge have greatly improved, now I can see that with Riq and Spoon the secondary has life, especially if we get that Love every week.

      • Romeo A57

        I believe the Geno’s Nickname should be “The Governor” because he will continue to limit this offense all season.

        • Peter

          That’s pretty good. Sounds tough and imposing but if you know what it is it’s not great.

  36. Denver Hawker

    I’d love to arc this season to a 2012 vibe. Young, ascending stars emerging, tasting success, going toe to toe with NFC elite, but sprinkled with mistakes and learning opportunities. Setup a strong run for next few years.

    Only issue is I don’t trust Geno to win a SB. Would love for Lock to cleanup his game and be that guy but I can’t see it either. Maybe 2024 we draft a QB to compete and they end up winning the job and riding a strong D and running game to the SB.

    • Peter

      People want to believe this is the 2012 seahawks. Going on two seasons now.

      This team is already on an arc. It’s the 2010-2011 seahawks. In 2010 we got into the playoffs in a miserable division. Last year we got in because an extra game and another team’s win. It’s not that much diffferent.

      But if you look at how we got to 2012 and then to the superbowl it took three important drafts in a row. Right now we are at two important drafts in a row.

      • geoff u

        It took hitting on a 3rd round too short QB who played out of his mind in preseason and became the starter.

        Geno is certainly better than Tarvaris and Flynn though. But can you win a Super Bowl with Geno? We’ll need that 2013 defense to do that, which is highly unlikely.

        • Peter

          Obviously Geno is better than those two. There’s a lot to like about his game. Heard hawkblogger say about a week ago that Geno would become a more ‘important,’ read: better, qb than Wilson.

          I know a lot of us were spurned by our favorite son. But the way Geno is playing at the time of me typing this he is not currently on that trajectory.

          He’s more accurate. Does a ton of things better than the other guy ever did. Right now, I’m not sure he has the juice to put many games on his back. Phenomenal when everything is rolling. But I’m seeing a lot of these poor halves waiting for everything to click around him.

          I think our back up oline is better than a lot of our former starters. Whether it’s two TE’s or three it’s still better than ever before. DK is still DK. Lockett is timeless. The two running backs are much better than anyone not named Lynch.

          • Blitzy the Clown

            I was disappointed with Geno last night. Not necessarily with his play, which was about average for him.

            Rather, it was his rage session. I don’t mind seeing fire in a player’s eyes, even one not known for passion. But I thought he lost his cool and it hurt the team. Also, I’m not sure I understand what he was so hot about. Not that it matters, but to me his reaction seemed totally disproportionate. And coming when it did in the game, I suspected Geno was cracking a little under the pressure.

            I give him credit for coming back and settling down (if not quite regaining functional play — Seattle didn’t score an offensive TD in the second half). But he lost a little stature in my eye.

            Sorry not sorry

            • Peter

              I didn’t understand that at all. I really get being pissed at getting hurt. Felt pretty over the top.

            • geoff u

              I don’t know, I know it’s legal, but after Tony Pollard broke his leg from this kind of tackle in the playoffs the NFL nearly banned it. I can definitely see how they would think Simmons was intending to injure him and he may have been.

              I do also agree though, letting it continue to get to you for the rest of the game is not helpful to your team.

              • Rob Staton

                The thing is, this kind of tackle can be both dangerous and purely accidental. When the aim of the game is to physically take people to the ground, while running at full pelt, it’s inevitable that tackling form isn’t going to be perfect.

                Can any of us really say in this instance that Simmons is ‘trying’ to hurt Geno? I think that’s a stretch.

          • BK26

            That’s…an example why I don’t listen to them anymore. Russ at his best could beat anyone on any day with the teams we fielded with him. I don’t get why we feel the need to take away all that he did and was. He won games himself. One of the best of his generation.

            Geno isn’t a weapon. He’s more or less the guy pointing the weapon. He isn’t a difference maker, that is clear. He’s not even close to what Russ was in his earlier years.

            The penalty by him was stupid. From him going back into the game, he wasn’t helping the team at all.

  37. 509 Chris

    Really happy for the win. I live that the defense stepped up when the offense is having injuries and struggles. I’m pulling my hair out though watching this team throw the ball with big leads in the second half and even in the last few minutes of close games. It could have led to a loss against Detroit, and if the Giants are a little better like say when we play Philly they’d have an easier time coming back in the second half. A few big plays went our way and gave us a good lead, please don’t squander it throwing the ball when Geno clearly looks off.

    As it pertains to Geno I really wanted to see how Lock was going to come out in the second half. Geno hasn’t looked like a difference maker this year and I think we’ll really get to see it in the next few games. They’re all winnable but not gimmes and the team will need a qb to put the game on his shoulders against better teams. In a very small sample I feel ok with Lock if he has to roll, or at least I think he’ll be able to bring at least what Geno has brought to the table.

    Adams went low because he was clearly afraid to square up his shoulders and take the contact, giving him a stupid avoidable concussion. I hope that’s just first game back jitters and he’s able to come back and handle the physicality. He looked good in his brief showing. Either way I think the team better not actually be depending on his return to be able to play D.

    • Peter

      Adams was jacked and pumped. I’m not going to pile in on him. An uninjured Adams doing Adams things will be very good for this team.

      I’m resigned on it though because you still see the high energy guy and get the enthusiasm. You also see him not getting Jones down who is much, much bigger than him.

      • Brodie

        “Adams was jacked and pumped”

        Peter – Is your last name Carroll, by chance?

        • Peter


        • geoff u

          His name is Peter Carroller, totally different guy!

    • Mr Magic

      I was frustrated because man what a lick he coulda put on Dimes who was running like an ostrich at that moment, coulda really walloped him. I actuallyt hink JA didnt want to end Dimes career or at least risk a penalty so he went for a leg swipe that went horribly wrong. Man though what a hit that might have been!

    • BK26

      He went low because that is what he does: home run for a fancy tackle. Bad form and not a good tackler. If he does it, it’s hard. That’s where his reputation comes from. Saw the play and just shook my head.

    • Big Mike

      Adams went low because he was clearly afraid to square up his shoulders and take the contact

      Never thought of this but it makes sense. It would be a subconscious reaction thing but still a shame.

      • bmseattle

        His shoulder may be damaged goods. He’s injured it more than once, and he may know (or fear) that he is one direct hit away from potentially injuring it again.

        • bmseattle

          I’ll be shocked if he is ever able to play more than half of a season again. Even that may be generous.

  38. Blitzy the Clown

    Cheers to Cam Young for a great follow up to his first NFL game last week vs Carolina. I like the look of his play.

    Ditto to Edwards Jr for his second strong game in a row.

    I said in a comment leading up to this game the only thing I didn’t want to see Adams do was go off halfcocked and hurt himself. I said it because it felt all too predictable. I guess it really was.

    It’s an accident. Shit happens. But…only to him?

    I’m as chagrined about it as any of you. But c’mon man. Change up the script. It’s too predictable

    • BobbyK

      “But….only to him?”

      No doubt!

      I can’t think of too many guys who’ve had that kind of “luck”. Chris Carson was hurt every year, too. Even every year in college. Some guys it just happens to all the time. Wonder if Alan still has a job?

      • Denver Hawker

        Sad Darrell Taylor face – no after game pizza party for you

      • Peter

        Pff keeping their calculations freaky deeky.

        Woolen with the bad grade when he plays a million snaps. Adams with the very good grade on nine snaps…..they must have missed the snap when he whiffed on bringing jones down.

        Edwards Jr. Confirmed. Played like crap….checks notes….actually played very well for a journeymen’s, journeymen.

      • Henry Taylor

        Derick Hall with a team leading 5 pressures, very cool.

        • Peter

          Hall this time next year I hope will be a name.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Has to be the first time in a while where all defensive players scored above 50

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Oluwatimi’s pass block grade 👀👀

      • Peter

        Evan brown is playing alright but Olu next year….

    • GoHawksDani

      PFF smokes something good if they give Bobo a run block grade of 55 🤦‍♂️

  39. Hawkster

    Couple thoughts.
    Geno going off like that is not ok. If it was a real game against a real opponent and a close game, that sort of durable loss of composure isn’t the way to lead and in a tough battle can send it off the rails.
    Waldron seemed to actually accommodate the fact that the starting OL was not on the field. Refreshingly un-Seahawky to actually deal with what is.
    I’m as flippant as the next person on the whole JSN as a screen-only tool, that said when he did go down field things were not in sync, this looks like it is going to take some time to perhaps get JSN up to speed, i.e. maybe Waldron is right and they need to ease into more robust slot duties for JSN.
    On a couple of occasions Wagz actually had important tackles at the LOS, but him as the tampa-2 type dropping-back MLB is painful, I put my hand up to block that part of the field from my vision, it is too unbearable.
    A truly dynamic off-ball LB would do wonders for that D.
    Maybe the pitch-and-catch to Diggs serves as a snap-out-of it moment and they can get mediocre play form FS.
    Feel like they can pound the rock more than they do.
    There was a stretch where Locket just took them to school, another undercelebrated but great showing from the all-pro.

  40. BobbyK

    Spoon is going to make us finally not second guess a pick. Love it! He’s a stud!

    JSN does not look good. That is worriesome. I didn’t expect him to dominate, but I expected something through almost 1/4 of the season that would make me think he’s not Dwayne Eskridge II. Early returns are bad, but luckily it’s still too early to tell.

    It’s fun to have two young, great RBs.

    The bye comes at a good time.

    Jamal Adams trade just keeps cementing itself as the worst of my years as being a fan. He’s so worthless. Witherspoon is everything he isn’t.

    • bmseattle

      It’s crazy how Witherspoon is doing exactly what we hoped Adams would do… blitzing, hitting hard, covering over the middle. He’s the jack-of-all trades that Adams used to be.

  41. Thomas

    I looked at the stat lines and I have to ask – is Geno better than Daniel Jones?

    I don’t think outcome would have changed if you flipped the QBs.

    • Rokas

      I don’t think that’s a very fair to make the comparison on one game as if it was some kind of a duel. Otherwise, you might come to the conclusion that Mahomes is not better than Zach Wilson. BTW, Jones is paid a bit more than Geno. But yeah, this is like the first game this season, which made me worried about Geno. He seems to have lost some of his swag and mojo from last year. I for one thought that a full offseason after a season of encouraging play will make Geno even better than last year. And he is not on pace to that.

    • Palatypus

      Daniel Jones has lost 25 fumbles.

  42. Peter


    Go watch the Rosebowl highlights. First 2-3 plays line of scrimmage. Against Utah an always good not great defense he gets a little bit going.

    Then at some point shortly you’ll see exactly how they should be using him. 10 or so yards out middle of the field in motion for simple YAC.

    Not one yard turn and go. Over the middle on the run. It could be a thing of beauty. It’s one of Geno’s big advantages and could be a pretty filthy offense to watch if they ever did that.

    He is not fast enough to turn and go against NFL defenses.

    Until further notice I remain bullish that he is not a bust and is in fact misused.

    • bmseattle

      It is fair to question whether a player with that limited a skill-set is worth the #20 overall pick in the draft.
      If he can only succeed in one particular way, how valuable is he, really?

      • Peter

        Totally fair.

        I don’t know what really to say. I tried to frame it the other day like I don’t think it’s a JSN problem and more was that the right pick, right time, for the right team.

        And there was a good amount of “this is fine because everything else dk, tyler, the te’s are fine.” But that’s not really great use of resources.

        Then there was some “he’s the future or insurance for DK or Lockett.” But how’s that? They were both burners out of college and JSN is not.

        Is he worth the 20? I don’t really know right now.

        I just think that possibly limited skill set isn’t even being used right now.

        Last year every other poster was stoked on the short game and the over the middle game from Geno. Where is that now? They drafted a guy who excels there and refuse to create any plays there.

        I don’t want to hear about TE’s and the oline. Want to help the oline? How about a quick pasing game that is eight yards forward as opposed to eight yards to the side for a gain of 1yd.

  43. John

    Great write up Rob. Spoon was incredible. That swag and violence is delicious.
    Rob, you’ve written at length very eloquently about the risk of QB purgatory of you wind up paying premium prices for less than premium play. I’m curious your assessment of how Geno is matching up not just to this year’s mid-level salary, but presumably a higher one next year. My first hype-glasses eval is he’s doing great, but I know he had a lot of turnover-worthy-plays last year.

    • Peter

      As of today Geno is not on track to meet any of his escalators/incentives except the one he can’t control which is wins.

      His yards, tds, passer rating, and completion percent are all down from where they were last year if his play continues.

      • Jordan

        I think he, Waldron, and the offense really are doing close to the best that they can at the moment given the injuries along the oline. So much of the playbook has had to be condensed to largely 12 and 13 personnel in order to protect all the backups along the line. I think we’ll see a significant uptick from Geno, and likely JSN and the running game, as the line returns to some semblance of reasonable health.

        Watching the disaster that is Daniel Jones, Daboll, and the Giants depleted offensive line made me appreciate the baseline level of competence that Geno, Waldron and the Seahawks backup oline have been able to maintain given the hand that they’ve ben dealt early.

        • Peter

          Most likely all this is true.

          Hope in a few weeks cross and lucas are back and the line normalizes.

        • John

          Jordan, that’s a great sentiment. This game in particular highlighted the brilliance with which everyone in the org is dealing with the O-line situation. The Giants showed us what could have been had the myriad of steps taken to solidify the position not occurred (from drafting to game planning to individual efforts). Especially after years of horrible O-line play, its a breath of fresh air. Does anyone remember that game in Green Bay where on like the 3rd snap, all 5 of our lineman were laying on the ground, and all 4 GB rushers were swarming Wilson? And Cable’s response to that situation was, “our first step looked good.”

      • John

        But does he have the “it” factor where he can make something happen when no one else can? I don’t have a sense of that yet, but my feeling so far is no.

  44. Neil

    How about kudos for Julian Love on the Witherspoon pick six. Racing down the middle of the field to thwart the lone giant with a shot at a tackle, with out fouling from behind.

    • Simo

      Agreed! That was a great hustle play, and he deserves credit for it. At the same time Woolen, maybe the fastest guy on the team, didn’t try to make the block, just kind of coasted along.

  45. IHeartTacoma

    Wow, the Giants are really bad. Daboll didn’t look like he was handling it well, chucking around Microsoft products (OK, who doesn’t) and getting pissy with his players. Not a good look. He may be out before long.
    Entonces, not gonna get overly excited about our defensive performance against that team. But a win’s a win, doubly so on the road.
    I do get excited about Mafe, Witherspoon and our RB’s. Two good drafts in a row. JSN will be OK, he’s just playing for the Hawks. Ask yourself, if JSN and Puka Nacua traded places, what would that look like?

    • Mr Magic

      dont forget, if Dimes doesnt throw it right to Spoon for the pic6 and gets into the endzone there its 14-10 halfway thru the 3rd and we have a ballgame…

  46. Nikki G

    Last night I watched Devon Witherspoon take the stage and birth “the Legion of spoon”

  47. HOUSE

    After last night and only playing 2 games, Devon Witherspoon has more sacks than Jalen Carter. 🤣

    Pete mentioned it on the radio this morning!

    • Hawkster

      His straight line speed is sub-elite but he is damnah quick on the blitz release. If you get half a dozen sacks, a dozen TFL jarring run stops, competant slot play, and ball skills to make one pay, then he can wreck games. From the slot.

      What stands out to me is that immesurable of field awareness. It makes everythinhg work, the run support, the blitzing, jumping a route. He just knows what is going on.

  48. Canadian Hawk

    I was lucky enough to be at the game.

    From my angle defense looked terrific – Jones couldn’t breathe out there.

    Best part?

    Turned into a Hawk home game midway through the 3rd quarter.

    Giant fan couldn’t leave fast enough after DW’s pick 6.

    • cha

      ESPN had a blimp camera angle of the parking lot in early in the 4th Q and it was a traffic jam of cars trying to leave.

      • Big Mike

        Yeah Buck made a crack about that. LOVED it!

    • Hawkster

      There was serious crowd cheers on the spoon pic6

    • Sea Mode

      Ya hate to see it… 😉

  49. Peter

    Very few things better than hawks being great on prime time and the media heads have to talk about them.

    Florio calling his shot on Witherspooon being DROY!!

    • BobbyK

      When you’re the 5th overall pick in the draft, you should be in consideration for an award like that.

      Last night should forever cement Witherspoon as the right pick at #5.

      Bobby Wagner isn’t the same player. We all know that. But his return has been undeniably positive. I’m glad he’s back. It really sucked watching him in a different uniform last year. He needs to retire a Seahawk.

      If JSN can make a few break out plays soon, that’d be huge. He’s got about 20 targets for about 60 yards this year. That’s downright pathetic. We need more. Soon.

      • Peter

        You are correct sir. But week one all the talk was Carter….

        As Florio said “sorry eagles fans, Carter can’t do that!!” Meanning 2 sacks plus an interception to the house.

        • DC1234

          Its still way to early to declare if Witherspoon or Carter was the right pick at #5.

          I will say this; having watch the two Eagles prime time games this year, Carter does not play a lot of snaps. He is a backup and plays every other series. Witherspoon plays majority of the snaps.

          Also, the eagles’ defense is so good, they prob have way more 3 and outs than the seahawks. So Carter would play less snaps per drive.

          Carter with the seahawks would not be as effective this season because he would have to play more snaps. And his conditioning is poor. If he was with the seahawks we would complain about Carter not being a difference maker. Looking like he is gassed. Like he was during the National Championship game.

          • Peter

            I know four games is too early.

            Carter’s in a great spot for him. And everything you said is on the money. First the dline is playing better than I thought and hope it translates to better teams. But he’d be a cog here, even a flashy one, where as witherspoon can play all the snaps and gives you a chance at multiple cool plays.

  50. cha

    Just rewatching the game highlights, it dawned on me.

    In 3 NFL games, Witherspoon already knows how to disguise his own one-man blitzes better than Jamal Adams ever has.

    Now that I see Witherspoon pre-snap on his blitzes, Adams looks ridiculous.

    Seriously. Even in his best days of 9.5 sacks, Adams might as well have shouted to the QB “I’m blitzing on this play!” He had this basketball-defender energy presnap like he was trying to make the QB guess whether he was coming. But it wasn’t very effective.

    Witherspoon settles into his position, gets a read, listens to the presnap cadence, and doesn’t waste a darn step. He has a plan to disguise. Adams doesn’t, he just flops around.

    • BobbyK

      Josh Wilson was really good blitzing in the slot, too.

      I never thought we’d see another CB who could be in Richard Sherman range. We could be in the process of seeing it now. Different players, same position, same early career greatness we’re seeing. I know it’s a gigantic comparison since Sherman is a first-ballot HOFer but it’s fun to watch this kid play!

      They kept talking about wanting guys who were BAMFs. But with Spoon and Charbonnet – it’s finally nice to see them draft like they mean it.

    • BK26

      I’ve been saying it. He’s been the liability when he’s been on the field. Telegraphs his blitzes, game plan changes for the worse to accommodate him, really bad tackling form, coverage, and ball skills.

      It’s like watching the 3 year olds and my daughter’s daycare running around for recess.

      Witherspoon did in one game what we begged to see from Adams over a season: be a multi-faceted, game-changing weapon. Be something for the opposing offense to fear.

    • Big Mike

      Worst trade in team history.

      • ShowMeYourHawk

        Taking into consideration the draft capital and extension costs, probably.

        Trading away Unger for Graham comes to mind as a VERY close second. We’re still looking for our franchise Center since 2015. Hoping Olu is him.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Funny you mention that. Someone commented on his lack of straight-line speed, but my memory of his first sack was he looked much quicker than that. So I went back and watched the clip and you are correct. He’s not so quick as he is sneaky. Even after the snap he runs an angle that all but hides his approach from the QB.

      He is pure instinct. Wait til he gets some experience.

    • SEAhemoth82


      I saw the reply of his sacks, I noticed that he kinda squats behind the defensive end pre-snap, and when the ball is snapped, he comes out of no where.

      Not sure if that’s intentional, but he made it look like a complete ambush.

  51. Palatypus

    K.J. Wright, “Giants fans are hotter than a spoon in a crackhouse.”

    • Rob Staton

      Did he seriously say that?


      • Palatypus

        At the :35 mark.

      • AndrewMR

        I think it was Gee that said it

        • Rob Staton


          I don’t watch it, I stand by Adam Nathan and others who call out KJ’s offensive remarks that he never properly owned or addressed

          • ShowMeYourHawk

            Confirming that this was Gee, not KJ. KJ laughed and repeated the “punchline” but the quote shouldn’t attributed to him. A simple confirmation before posting by the OP could’ve clarified the matter.

            • Rob Staton


              Now go and do what other players and former players have done who spouted the same nonsense. Show that you are educating yourself on this subject so that in future, you will not promote offensive, nonsensical bile on social media. K.J. Wright was asking fans if Hitler may have been right about some things. Here is the exact quote:

              “Oh I watched the entire documentary. Do you believe those words? I know it’s coming from a terrible person but what do you think of those words?”

              “there’s a big difference between being antisemitic and spreading what you believe to be the truth. Very big difference”

              It isn’t enough to do a token twitter video and call it a day, with more than a whiff of ‘I am doing this so I can carry on doing my job in the media’.

              The fact that he is being promoted as much as he is by the Seahawks despite this sorry episode is, quite frankly, an appalling disgrace and it needs to be called out.

              • Mac

                I miss the days before Twitter.

                When you were a kid, you’d imagine what it’d be like to read the thoughts of others. Then social media happened and people willingly let you into their thoughts.

                Athletes get a lot more leeway than others, they just have to say they’ll ’educate themselves better on the topic’. I much preferred sports when everything was about the sports and not each athletes brand(bundle of political beliefs, conspiracy theories they believe in, what celebrities they’re dating).

                • DC1234

                  I so agree. Twitter made everything worst. I dont care about athlete’s opinions/beliefs if its not related to their sport. Also, I dont like cancel culture. If an athlete apologised, let it go. If he does something like this again, then its on him/her.

        • Palatypus

          You’re right Andrew, my bad.

  52. Volume12

    Anthony Bradford weighs 360 lbs!!??

  53. samprassultanofswat

    In regards to Anthony Bradford. The guy is STRONG! Bradford is a human Bulldozer. Time and time again
    Bradford was frustrating the DTs for the Giants. Dexter Lawrence II and Leonard Williams.

    There has been some comment about the fact that the Seahawks only got 24 points. There are a number of reasons. First of all the Giants defense is still pretty darn good. They have not played very well this season. But despite that fact. They still have some very good players on defense. Number 2. Penalties killed a number of drives. Probably the most important reason is the fact that they were playing with back ups on their offensive line . The fifth starter Evan Brown was playing out of position. But despite this situation. The backup managed to protect Geno Smith fairly well.

    Should the Seahawks have scored more points? Yes. But under these circumstances I completely understand.

    Also. After the pick-six by Weatherspoon the Seahawks probably should have pulled Geno Smith.

    • AlaskaHawk

      There was a lot of offensive holding penalties, some of them by the receivers.

  54. Sten

    Something I’ve noticed this year is DK looks like he’s finally at that next level that he’s always had flashes of. It’d be interesting to look at the numbers but it seems like he’s catching a much higher percentage of his targets and using his physicality better after snagging them. Obviously not a big game for him yesterday but even if some games he gets a few first downs on short routes that will be huge for our offense. Past several years it felt like there was something missing with him where you wonder why he’s not making plays but now it seems like he’s got the it factor that the leagues best receivers have.

    • pdway

      His hands seem better this year – he’s made a lot of heavy contact catches – using his big body. Feels like we’re using him the right way these days too.

      Not sure what to say right now re JSN – it’s a fair critique I suppose that we are running him on what seem to be pretty vanilla/short routes – but he also really hasn’t flashed even once during the season. Would have been nice to see him make that guy miss on the short screen last night.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Would have loved to see Lock connect with him on that one pass that was just a little low and away but still catchable

        • Big Mike


  55. Zxvo3

    Now that Witherspoon is the official nickel CB, who wins the outside corner job across from Woolen? I’m willing to try Coby Bryant out there, since it was his job at Cincy. I’m not sold on Mike Jackson or Tre Brown (although he did have that pick six out there against Detroit)

    Also moving forward I’m changing my title from Zxvo3 (gamertag) to Sultan

  56. Big Mike

    Sultan of Seahawk Fandom?

    • Sultan

      I’m gonna act like that was what I was going for

  57. Mac

    I really wanted to see Lock play more. The offense was really boring with Geno at QB. I want to see the ball get pushed further down the field to JSN, it never felt necessary to have Geno comeback.

    It was an awesome Defensive game, I’m just hoping it’s not like in recent years where we drew up pressure only cause the opposing offense was bad and then when we face a good team we’ll play conservative.

    • Rob Staton

      Have we had a big downfield completion this season yet?

      • Bmseattle

        I don’t even recall us *attempting* anything over 30 yards.
        I noticed last year that the deep shot to DK was rarely attempted, relative to previous years.
        This year its even less.
        I don’t care if defenses are “taling it away from us”.
        Get creative and take a few shots deep!

      • BK26

        He had a few very lame-duck throws down the field and all I could think was “this is the guys that was supposed to be the best deep ball passer last year….”

        Stats don’t always show the real picture.

      • Jed Simon

        Only throwing a dart here, but maybe you’ll see more third-level targets after the tackles have returned to the lineup and the starting five has had a few games to jell? Carroll sees the ground game as fundamental to setting up downfield shots, and clearly the Hawks’ rushing attack is feeling the squeeze of the compromised personnel situation in the trenches. The ramifications of having five revolving doors for an o-line could also be exaggerating this short-yardage emphasis we’re seeing in the throw game. Further, I’ll conjecture that Geno’s confidence on passing plays extending beyond the three-second mark is directly reflective of the presence or absence of Cross and Lucas on his left and right. Their simultaneous participation would really help open up the playbook for a more professionally diversified aerial attack, I would think.

    • Rokas

      That’s awesome and well deserved!

  58. Olyhawksfan

    No way! That’s awesome.

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