Earl Thomas update, Elijah Qualls & 2017 draft notes

It’s unnerving that two weeks on from his broken leg, Earl Thomas is still seemingly in a state of flux. Will he retire? It seems like that heat of the moment Tweet wasn’t so heat of the moment. He’s serious. And if he does come back, who knows how long for?

Faced with the thought of never playing with his team mates again, most of us will simply assume he’ll continue his career once recovered. Richard Sherman noted in his press conference today that he doesn’t think Thomas will retire. The front office though have to plan and prepare. Which isn’t easy to do. Free safety, and Thomas specifically, are so important to the Seahawks defensive scheme.

If he continues playing, it’s a non-issue. If he retires, this arguably becomes the #1 need on the team.

Ideally they’d know one way or another by the end of the season. But what if Earl isn’t ready to make a decision in March? Or April? Or May?

The good news is it’s a strong safety class. The defensive backs, plus defensive linemen, appear to be the strength of the 2017 draft.

People are excited about this safety group” — a league source revealed to Bob McGinn in a piece published yesterday.

The following players could all go in round one:

Jabrill Peppers (S, Michigan)
Jamal Adams (S, LSU)
Malik Hooker (S, Ohio State)
Budda Baker (S, Washington)
Obi Melifonwu (S, Connecticut)
Justin Evans (S, Texas A&M)

USC’s Adoree’ Jackson could move from cornerback to safety, ditto Iowa’s Desmond King. Florida’s Marcus Maye is another well rounded safety. One other name to monitor is Washington State’s Shalom Luani. Let’s not forget, nobody really knew about Deone Bucannon until the combine. Luani is physical, athletic, has the gritty background the Seahawks love, he’s rangy and versatile. If he performs well during the off-season, don’t be shocked if he goes a lot earlier than people are currently projecting.

The Seahawks would want someone with great range and playmaking skills. Of the group above Hooker, Baker, Jackson and Luani are most likely to fill that need. Don’t sleep on Melifonwu though — he’s a bigger safety but could be the star of the combine as we discussed in this piece a month ago.

The two other positions rich in depth in 2017 are cornerback and defensive line. The following could land in round one:

Marlon Humphrey (CB, Alabama)
Adoree’ Jackson (CB, USC)
Quincy Wilson (CB, Florida)
Jalen Tabor (CB, Florida)
Sidney Jones (CB, Washington)
Marshon Lattimore (CB, Ohio State)
Gareon Conley (CB, Ohio State)

Myles Garrett (EDGE, Texas A&M)
Jonathan Allen (DE, Alabama)
Takkarist McKinley (DE, UCLA)
Vita Vea (DT, Washington)
Charles Harris (EDGE, Missouri)
Derek Barnett (DE, Tennessee)
Taco Charlton (EDGE, Michigan)
Carl Lawson (EDGE, Auburn)
Malik McDowell (DE, Michigan State)
Demarcus Walker (DE, Florida State)
Solomon Thomas (DE, Stanford)
Derrick Nnadi (DT, Florida State)

These are just a few of the names too. The Seahawks, if they’re after a more disruptive presence in the middle, will have options beyond their first pick. Alabama’s Dalvin Tomlinson, Michigan’s Chris Wormley, Iowa’s Jaleel Johnson and Utah’s Lowell Loutlelei make this a good draft to try and address one of Seattle’s other needs.

One of the players they might show a lot of interest in is Washington’s Elijah Qualls. I spent some time yesterday watching Washington’s D-line. It’s obvious why teams are supposedly so high on Vita Vea (enough, according to Tony Pauline, to consider him in the top-half of round one). He’s 6-5 and 332lbs, mobile and athletic. He can play nose tackle but he’s not just a space-eater. If the Seahawks wanted a disruptive big man inside, Vea might be an ideal prospect for that role.

Yet watching the Huskies, I was still as equally impressed with Qualls and Greg Gaines. They don’t have the size and length of Vea (Qualls is 6-1 and 321lbs, Gaines is 6-2 and 318lbs) but they’re still very disruptive. They’ve combined for 13 TFL’s in 2016 and it’s easy to see why. Qualls, especially against Oregon, was a superior pass rushing threat than Vea. Gaines flashes rare burst for a man his size and has some nice hand technique to swim, explode and finish. His arm length might be an issue at the next level but his skill set and quickness won’t be.

Qualls’ attitude and background are also interesting. For example:

The big difference between Qualls and Vea is the upside and measurables. Qualls’ ceiling isn’t as high. Vea could be Haloti Ngata. Qualls doesn’t have that profile but he’s big and physical and disruptive and could be available in round two. Vea, if he turns pro, could go top-15.

This is a really talented Husky team playing in the Seahawks backyard. There’s a reason they’re #4 in the country with an opportunity to play Alabama. They are really, really good. It just feels destined that the local pro team is going to tap into the talent pool. You can imagine John Ross at receiver in Seattle or Budda Baker at safety. Joe Mathis playing the edge? Sounds good to me. Dante Pettis in the later rounds? You can imagine it.

But that D-line trio perfectly fit what the Seahawks need. The signing of John Jenkins was a nod to that. Size + disruption + TFL’s. It’s unlikely they’re going to get that ultra-quick three-technique this year. And while there will be alternatives (eg Derrick Nnadi) it wouldn’t be a surprise at all if they took a long look at someone like Qualls.

There are still other positions with interesting prospects too. Garett Bolles at Utah as a possible right tackle option, there’s a collection of running backs and some interesting linebackers like Zach Cunningham.

This is going to be a fun draft.


  1. subterranean

    Rob – in your previous post you talked about how late in the draft the Seahawks have been picking. How realistic is it, if they don’t draft a safety this year, that they can find an Earl replacement the next few years picking so late in the draft? The Seahawks have to be concerned that even if Earl comes back next year, that his commitment doesn’t seem as deep as I had assumed. If I recall he hinted at this back after the Super Bowl loss, while recovering from his shoulder injury. This could be an ongoing question the next couple years. While it is far less than ideal to draft a backup in the 1st round, it would be even worse to have Earl retire and not have a replacement ready to go.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s not impossible but it is difficult. Not often you get a year like this with several good prospects. That said, there are possible options they can work on (eg Shalom Luani) who might not go R1. But it’s an interesting thought. By March hopefully Earl will be determined to return.

  2. GoHawks5151

    Mentioned it before, to me Hooker plays much like Earl. Have not heard his name in the first half of the 1st round in projections much. Could fall to the later part where we could pick. Melifonwu is so interesting and would be exciting but Seattle’s D seems a little rigid on the roles people play. Are they going to change the defense to maximize the skills of a Melifonwu, Luani or even Kam to become an extra safety/deathbacker type? They flirted with the idea with Browner this year and abandoned it. Was this a personnel or scheme issue? I don’t know. It would seem to add some spice to a veteran defense.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve personally had him in the top-15 of every mock draft I’ve done. Big fan of Hooker.

  3. JC

    I think with the Earl talk, the alternative for him would be to admit he tweeted in the heat of the moment and was in error. I think he’d rather be stubborn and stick to retirement being a possibility. Either way, the Hawks have gone quite a while without using significant draft capital on a safety, even when you count Kam. That should change with this draft, maybe with the goal of playing a nickel / safety role

    • Rob Staton

      I tend to agree with your assertion on Earl and the idea of drafting a safety. Very interested to see this group test at the combine, particularly Luani.

  4. rowdy

    I watched a interview with earl talking about recovering after his shoulder injury he side then that he thought about retiring for missing practice. My guess as soon as he can run plays in practice this will be on his mind.

  5. Volume12

    If your looking at safeties, something to keep in mind. Remember, this is talking about replacing an All-Pro. Never easy! Much like we found out about replacing a HOF RB.

    100% of multiple All-Pro SS since the ’98 draft class have had 33″ arms or longer.

    100% of mulitple All-Pro FS since the ’98 draft class have had 29″ arms or longer.

  6. Seahawcrates

    Rob, thanks for the link to Earl’s interview. what i found most interesting was his comment about how difficult it is to be a well-rounded person AND be the elite player he has come to be. i think it’s easy as fans to assume players put football first. I know for me when i noticed career had taken preeminence over family i made changes to my career. i respect him for his self-realization and for his honesty and willingness to express his conflict.
    part of why i love rooting for this particular team is how many interesting, complex, thoughtful people are on it. I can only imagine what players like Earl have to pull from themselves to be and remain elite. I found it touching when he said he had found a type of peace these last two weeks.

    • STTBM

      Call me crazy, but when Carrol signed his latest big guy project Jenkins and talked about the move being made to improve the pass rush, I never thought he meant Jenkins would be getting more sacks than his current DT’s; rather, I took it to mean he would take up two blockers and open things up for other guys better than the DT’s we have.

    • STTBM

      Sorry, that above comment wasnt supposed to post there, dont know whats up with my browser.

      Seahawcrates, his comments remind me of the changes Baldwin has gone through. Baldwin really alienated me with his weird behavior in 2014, angry all the time, yelling nonsense at Peter King, the TD Poop Celebration, etc. Then, during last season, he admitted he had gotten too freaked out about being a great football player, had let his family and friendships languish, all in a single-minded attempt to play his best football. Eventually he realized it wasnt having the desired affect, and took a step back, mellowed out a bit, and LO and Behold, his performance improved!

      Ive always thought Earl was annoying always talking about being “Legendary”, especially when I’d see him whiff on tackles and make mistakes you would get benched in HS for making in technique. More than ever, I think he needs to stop trying to be perfect and just focus on being the best he can without setting an artificial bar. And he needs to step back a bit and realize his family and friends can HELP him be a better football player if he lets them. You cant be a robot all the time…

      Aaron Rogers REALLY needs to learn this lesson…

    • lil'stink

      ET3 probably only has a few (several?) years left of being an elite football player. He has the rest of his life to be a well rounded person. Not to take away from the legitimacy of Earl’s thoughts of retirement, but I agree with the previous comment about Earl not being able to refute his original tweet at this moment. I hope he changes his thoughts as the next few months go by and OTA’s roll around. Perhaps I’m just like most fans and don’t want to think of this team post ET3.

      • STTBM

        He has little kids. They are only little once, and you dont get second chances. I have two kids, seven years apart, and I know from experience it goes too fast when you are committed to a demanding career.

  7. AlaskaHawk

    I have been thinking a lot about what positions can be game changers, especially in relation to that first round pick in the draft. Seems like it would be secondary on defense because of the chance of an interception, or running back/big receiver on offense.

    With that in mind it might be safest to draft a player that can fill cornerback or safety positions. I think it would be a major upgrade to one side of the Seahawks secondary to have a first round cornerback. Likewise it would be great to have them available if Thomas is out permanently, though Terrell seems to be doing a fair job of replacing him.

    I know the skill set is different, but wouldn’t it be great to find that player who can fill in for an injured cornerback or injured safety? Some one of that physical caliber would have to be an early round pick. Not sure who would quality out of Rob’s list, just kind of thinking out loud.

  8. DC

    Exactly. We are not replacing ET or Lynch like we never replaced Jones or Hutch. We are looking for a player that allows our defense to continue functioning at a top level.

    I have 31″ arms btw.

    • Volume12


      You’d be a good not great safety ?

  9. Volume12

    Sherm is putting the bullseye on his back isn’t he? This all feels very calculated.

    And screw Jim Moore. Sherm probably shouldn’t of threatened him, but we all know this is who Richard Sherman is. He’s a villian in the NFL’s ‘soap opera.’ To use a wrestling term, the heel who draws heat.

    • STTBM

      I havent heard anything about Sherm threatening anyone, but his behavior during the last game and after is idiotic, reprehensible, detrimental to the team, and flat stupid. The Hubris of it all…

      Sherm hasnt been Sherm all year, and whether he’s getting older, having an off year, or its partly due to Kris Richards obvious struggles as DC, he has no business calling attention to himself and being such a loudmouth. Its not a positive anyway you slice it…

    • Volume12

      Don’t ask questions you don’t want the answer to.

      • Volume12

        Why cant he call attention to himself? Isn’t that his prerogative? He’s always been a loudmouth. That’s who he is.

        • STTBM

          Its the way he’s doing it. Nothing wrong with being a loudmouth, but his behavior and statements after the game are just so far beyond ok as a member of a team.

    • Rob Staton

      Don’t agree there. You don’t go up to a reporter and threaten to ruin his career. That’s bang out of order.

      • Volume12

        I agree there. I said as much.

        He did the same thing with Gary Payton years ago. He’s prodding. He got the response he wanted.

        • Rob Staton

          I have to go and do press conferences every week, with six teams instead of one. Occasionally I have to go and ask awkward questions. If anyone’s interested, here’s one I did with a Head Coach after one of his players refused to play in a game earlier this season: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p044s393

          I didn’t want to ask some of those questions. I still had to. Jim Moore asked a very pertinent question that IMO had to be asked. It riled Sherman. He then made a threat to ruin Jim’s career.

          For me he should apologise as soon as possible.

          • Volume12

            Right. You asked the HC. Not a player that was riled the whole interview anyways.

            And I’m sure you pose those questions in a way that isn’t trying to get a reaction.

            Moore isn’t blameless here.

            • Volume12

              I don’t think he should’ve threatened him even though its an empty one.

              I don’t think he should’ve went at Bevell on the sidelines either.

              But, when you draft a team full of unique personalities, encourage them to embrace that individuality, and then those characters get a platform to express their themselves, alot of times frustratingly, these things happen.

              • Seahawcrates

                These things will happen, but if Sherman is going to take the podium as often as he does he isn’t only going to get the questions he likes. Moore’s questions in this instance were appropriate, I think. When Richard goes on a sideline rant he is going to get a roomfull of questions. It’s his job to prepare for them. Even if Moore was trying to antagonize him, and I dont see that at all, Richard’s got to handle it better. He knows the boundaries on the field. He’s a bright enough guy to know the boundaries at a presser. If he doesnt wNt to take press conference questions, he doesnt have to.

                • Volume12

                  Actually he does. Do you think these guys want to do pointless press conferences where the same questions are asked over and over?

                  Now we know why Lynch wanted no part of this side ot it.

                  • Seahawcrates

                    i probably wasnt very clear and muddled my point with my last line. Although players are required to answer reporter questions I dont believe thst during the regular season the press determines who speaks at the afternoon press conferences. Regsrdless, what I was really trying to get at was that since Sherm has done so many of these, and since he is a professional, and since his actions on the field on Thursday precipitated the questions; he should have been prepared for questions he didnt like. And that he made things so much worse by what he said to Moore.
                    There are many parts of my job I dont like, but do them because I signed on. Like Sherman I also actively work to change the aspects I dont think are productive.

            • Rob Staton

              Rest assured if I’d had a chance to ask the player questions, I would’ve done for sure. And they would’ve been tougher.

              I think Moore is totally blameless. He did his job. Absolutely no way you threaten a man’s career because he asked a challenging question.

              • Volume12

                We aren’t going to see eye to eye on this.

                And even though they’re separate issues, Moore has always been disrespectful and he wanted to get a pissed off answer. Mission accomplished.

                This isn’t the 1st issue Moore has had with Sherm or the Seattle players going back quite a ways.

                • Volume12

                  Last thing I’ll say on the topic.

                  I ? beleive Sherm went to far. Moore probably had this coming sooner or later. If it was someone else asking the question, after the presser was over anyways, I seriously doubt Sherm gives the same reaction.

                • Rob Staton

                  I listen to a lot of Moore’s show and don’t get that impression at all to be honest.

                  I think he asked a question that needed asking. It was a very good question. And the reaction of Sherman was ridiculous.

              • The Hawk is Howling

                I agree Rob threatening someone’s livelyhood over a question which wasn’t rude or Offensive is not the right thing to do. I really hope he owns up to it and apologies to the guy. However I would be surprised if he does for Sherman is way too prideful, but hey it helps make him the great player he is. It would be be the proper thing to do and say you got emotional and were wrong and apologies to him face to face.

                • STTBM

                  Thats a case of False Pride. Not the positive kind of Pride.

                  Sherm is wrong, and he needs to apologize. Bad look for him and the team.

              • LordSnow

                Agree with your take.

                Moore said if he were still a writer with the PI his questions actually would have been tougher, but as a radio host he tries to tone it down a bit. I thought Sherman totally overreacted after Moore thanked him for answering the question.

                • Radman

                  Moore was very calm afterward on his show- his typical self deprecating approach. Moore is refreshing in that he doesn’t take himself – or sports- too seriously, and doesn’t pretend to be a know it all. He’s ok to say ‘ I don’t know’ and to wonder about the nonsense of it all. After it all went down Jim said ” eh, it’s ok. No big deal.” Compare that to the shock jock/ hot take/ get your name/ stir it up approach many take.

                  Jim is cool. Chill. (And down to earth like Seattle used to be- to make a cultural comment) And that bothers people.

                  We all could take a cue from Moore. Sherman included.

                  • Rob Staton

                    Agreed. I listened to the podcast of the show this morning and Moore proved what a class act he is IMO.

              • STTBM

                I agree. Moore did nothing wrong, Sherm was utterly out of line. He should be ashamed of himself. Ridiculous, asshole behavior on his part. Really, truly disappointed in Shermans behavior the last week.

    • LordSnow

      WHat did Jim Moore do wrong? I didn’t think his questions were out of line. Sherman put himself out there so he has to expect a barrage of questions.

    • C-Dog

      Is anyone else getting the nervous feeling that Richard Sherman might be imploding before our eyes? IMO, he just took what was very strange last week into the realm of absurd today.

      • The Hawk is Howling

        I hear ya C-Dog. Richard Sherman needs to take it down a notch emotionaly. He thinks he is above this as a player, no one is.

      • STTBM

        I agree. He looks pissed nearly every game, and it wouldnt surprise me if there was a big rift between him and Kris Richard. Thats just speculation, but its happened before when Browner and company were pissed at Bradley for calling soft Prevent D at the end of games.

    • Nathan

      I get a bit sick of people on here excusing the players being pricks as ‘a unique personality’ or some other crap like that.

      No, the guy’s just an asshole, and proved it again.

  10. STTBM

    Call me crazy, but when Carrol signed his latest big guy project Jenkins and talked about the move being made to improve the pass rush, I never thought he meant Jenkins would be getting more sacks than his current DT’s; rather, I took it to mean he would take up two blockers and open things up for other guys better than the DT’s we have.

  11. Volume12

    This is Idaho DT/FB Tueni Lupeamanu- 6’1, 290-299 lbs. Has the look and feel of a Seahawk UDFA.

    2016 stats: 70 tackles, 8 TFL, 4 QB sacks, 5 QB hurries, 3 PBU, 1 FF and 2 rushing TDs.

    More of a Hudl type highlight tape. I apologize for the length of it.


    • LeoSharp

      He looks really athletic, surprised to see him him run nearly 30 yards downfield to make a tackle on the running back. Love that he’s showed clear improvement from last year too in terms of stats.

  12. RWIII

    Safety position has now become a NEED position. No question. If the Hawks went safety in the first round I get it.

    At the moment this is how I rank the needs of the Seahawks.

    1) Safety. Best case senario is a Safety who can also play cornerback.
    2) Offensive Tackle. I think everyone on this forum will agree that Offensive tackle has to be a priority.
    3) Pass rusher.
    Ideally the Hawks really need an interior pass rusher. However I think both Michael Bennett and can slide inside and rush the passer.
    Best case senario is a Defensive Tackle that is outstanding both against the run and can create an interior pass rush. Problem is those guys get snagged up in the first 5 picks in the draft.
    4) Running Back. I love BOTH Thomas Rawls and C.J. Prosise but can these guys stay healthy?

    Here is my take on Pass rushers. I really believe you need to take a pass rusher EVERY year in the draft. Especially when you see what teams are paying for pass rushers. Premier pass rushers now cost in the neighborhood of 15-19 million. So you can FORGET about free agency. Unless you steal one. Look at New England. They traded their best pass rusher(Chandler Jones) one year before free agency because they KNEW they could’t keep him.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the Hawks took a cornerback with the intention of turning him into a Safety. Especially if the guy is super talented.

    • RealRhino2

      I’m a person on the forum that doesn’t agree that OT has to be a priority 😉

      Put another way, I think I can live with the tackles we have on the roster right now. One of ’em might be playing RG at the moment, but I think of Odhiambo, Fant, and Ifedi we have a workable tackle group. With the way the talent (or lack thereof) stacks up in the draft this year, far easier/better to grab a great OG (Feeney? D. Johnson?) and either kick Ifedi or Odhiambo to T.

      I hear people say they don’t want to ruin the Glow-Britt-Ifedi “core” we’ve got now, but really, what’s to ruin? Glow and Ifedi look a lot like Britt and Sweezy right now: plays where they will just piledrive their guy into the ground, followed by plays where they completely whiff on their assignments and get way out over their skis. Not like an all-pro level there.

      Having a feeling our first pick will take care of #3, and he’s in the Pac-12.

      • STTBM

        Glowinsky has been inconsistent. I think he’s built himself up bigger than he should be; he’s better and more athletic when a bit smaller. He was a prototypical Cable RG, but Cable tweaked his philosophy a bit. So far, to negative results. Perhaps it would be better to let Glowinsky drop back down 15 lbs and move him back to RG, use the RG to pull more, and either move Ifedi to LG or try someone else there like Odhiambo and put Ifedi at RT.

        Either way, wont happen till after this season. We’re stuck with this mess for the season it would appear.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I agree with #1 need being a safety/hard hitting cornerback. I think the secondary could use a boost, and I’m concerned about future injuries to Thomas and Chancellor. I would like to see someone who is versatile, has speed, is hard hitting and a good tackler.

      I’m going to agree with Rhino that OT doesn’t need to be the #1 or 2. And I also agree with him that I don’t know where Ifedi would be most effective.

      For #2 I think the Seahawks will get better bang for the buck picking a defensive tackle. There is great depth in the class and they should be able to find another great defender that falls (like last years Reed).

      Going defense with first two picks should satisfy a lot of the fans who want the defense to stay strong.

      I would go offensive tackle and running back in the third round. Yes they do need better offensive tackles – yet the Seahawks seem willing to get by on the cheap in that position. Even a third round tackle should be an upgrade if they choose wisely.

      Likewise a big running back in the third. Either Foreman or Perine may still be available. They would add the power that Seahawks sometimes lack.

  13. RWIII

    I believe that both Michael Bennett and Frank Clark can slide inside and provide an interior pass rush.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Reed is going to be a good pass rusher too.

  14. RWIII

    BTW: Did you KNOW that every player on the Patriots takes a discount. Especially Tom Brady.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Brady took a discount this year, so he only lost 1 million bucks suspended… not 5 million+ as his deal was originally constructed. Oh, whoas me Patriots.

  15. Kyle

    Honestly, with all my wants of LF, this earl deal scares me. I feel like we have to sit where we are and just draft a cornerback/safety in the case that earl does depart. I think he will be back, but you can’t risk it in our defense.

    Adoree Jackson is the perfect fit, he can play corner if earl does come back and if God forbid earl hangs it up, he can transition to safety.

    But it hurts so much to miss out on some of this talent when you have needs elsewhere

    • Trevor

      Adoree Jackson would be a great pick no mater what Earl does so he would definitely make a lot of sense.

    • rowdy

      I think budda baker is 5he perfect fit for that scenario.

  16. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Jim Moore….. buhahahahaha. He asked several questions well within bounds, but then he asked a question of Sherman … if he could call better offensive play-calls than the current OC. That was out of line. This was trolling for a response. This is not journalism, this is sensationalism. Moore Couged it.

    • Rob Staton

      That is not the question he asked. Here is what was said…

      “What I don’t quite understand is, Darrell Bevell’s calling plays that he thinks are going to work, and yet you feel like you maybe have a better handle on what should be called?”

      Which is a fair question. Why? Because he caused a great big scene on the sideline in the last game, questioning the offensive coordinators play calling.

      • Seahawcrates

        And it was an especially odd stance for Sherman to take and stick with on a night when Seattle backs were routinely being stuffed behind the line of scrimmage.

      • C-Dog

        It was a fair question. One that probably Sherman didn’t expect a relatively passive Seattle media to ask, but a totally fair question, none the less.

      • STTBM

        And how would Sherm feel if Doug Baldwin or Russell Wilson screamed at Kris Richard or Dan Quinn before him during the MANY games where Russ put us ahead in the fourth quarter, only to see the Defense give up a long TD drive?!

        Its not like the D has never blown a lead in the fourth quarter….

        Sherm is a hypocrite and he’s totally out of line.

    • The Hawk is Howling

      You may be right Charlie? This Jim Moore bloke is a journalist he gets paid to ask questions sometimes tough and maybe sometimes very personal. I’m disappointed in Richard Sherman after all he has said in his career and I backed him up because he’s a Hawk.

      Saying he might try to ruin someone’s career is a horrible rebutle to a reporter who was just being a smart ass and trying to be sarcastic. Jim Moor asked “If he could make the offensive play calls better” Richard Sherman has brought this upon himself with his overly free speech attitude. His arrogance is the main reason he’s never been one of my favourite player’s despite his exillense at Football. I’m starting to feel why so many people despise him, which sucks because he’s one of our team’s best player’s.

      How about Richard Sherman to the Buc’s for Gerald McCoy.

      Then we draft Budda Baker or Adore Jackson in the first. I’m overreacting but I’m getting sick of his attitude. Calling out the offensive play calls as a player is completely inappropriate. It’s literally childish

      • C-Dog

        Sherman’s antics have been a bit troubling here and there this year. The sideline antics against the Falcons, the BS antics against Bevell last week, and then this today? Wow.

        Hopefully, he collects himself the rest of the way. It’s understandable that frustrations mount when there isn’t the consistency on the team that they would like to have this time of the year, but this is getting ridiculous. He’s such a smart guy. That’s what’s so troubling about this. I don’t know if he’s feeling extra pressure playing without Earl Thomas, or if it’s genuine PTSD from the Super Bowl loss two years ago filtering in, but I would love to hear from him how these antics and this demeanor is good for the team.

        • Sea Mode

          Can’t excuse that type of comment from a pro, regardless of one’s take on the reporter. (plus the threat is total BS anyway, as many have pointed out)

          What came to my mind was a quote from Cliff Avril in an article on The Players’ Tribune a couple months ago, mentioning how all of Sherman’s antics are planned PR stunts too:

          “So I realized pretty quickly — and I’ve noticed it even more over time — that everything he does is calculated. People don’t realize how intelligent he is. The Revis battles, the Crabtree incident — everything you’ve seen him say or do on TV or in the media is all part of his master plan. He was trying to build a brand. Now that he’s established one, he’s trying to sustain it.”


          Obviously his passion and personality are the foundation for it, but I also wonder if it’s not just that he needs more attention, and gets it by playing the villain role and making some noise.

          • C-Dog

            Yeah, maybe. He’s already established himself as one of the top players in the league, has made himself a very wealthy man, has been honored with another pro bowl year, though. I don’t know what he has left to prove. Maybe it’s boredom, and not feeling like the attention is on him enough, but I kinda get the vibe something else is going on there. He ripped into Kris Richard pretty hard during the Falcons game, as well, and that was equally ugly. The Crabtree stuff felt a bit forced, the Richard/Bevell/Moore stuff feels genuinely ugly.

            If I were Daryl Bevell, and the ball was on the one yard line again, I’d totally call a pass play, and if it goes for a TD, I’d make a point of walking right up to Sherman afterwards. But that’s just me.

            • STTBM

              Richard screamed at Sherm, blaming him for the miscommunication that led to an Atlanta TD. Apparently, it wasnt Sherms fault, it was McCray’s, and Sherm wasnt going to put up with being called out for someone else’s mistake, certainly not by his DC IN A GAME! So, I have zero problem with Sherms blowup vs Atlanta, except he carried it too far and it impacted his play the rest of the game.

              However, his behavior last week and ever since has been inexcusable. He needs to be reprimanded and punished by Seattle. There are lines that cant be crossed, even with Pete Carrol, and Sherm is way over the line…

              • C-Dog

                Yeah, I think the operative words are “carried it too far” re: Kris Richard.

      • 503Hawk

        “Richard Sherman has brought this upon himself with his overly free speech attitude. His arrogance is the main reason he’s never been one of my favorite player’s despite his excellence at football. I’m starting to feel why so many people despise him, which sucks because he’s one of our team’s best player’s.”

        Couldn’t have said it any better! Love the player, not so much the person.

  17. Ed

    Sherman was wrong. End of story.

    To the topic at hand.

    Would a rookie be better than Terrell?

    Would the Hawks be better trading back a bit and going DL? Really need to get a DL and OL in FA. Someone young that can play (Short/Poe/Khalil)

    2nd DL
    2nd RB
    3rd S
    3rd LB

    • C-Dog

      I think Terrell has a great opportunity in front of him right now. If he continues to play well, maybe he is the guy moving forward. If not, Budda Baker or Melifonwu could be targets, if they want to go safety with a high pick at the bottom of R1.

      It still seems to me like the #1 focus might be finding a solution at RT. Listening to Tom Cable today, he literally said they are good with Fant at LT, Glow at LG, Britt at C, Ifedi at RG, and if they can figure out RT, the team will be set. He said he wouldn’t rule out Odhiambo at RT if it comes down to it. That could be through the draft or FA, possibly FA if Thomas does retire.

      They may also want to add something to RB.

      I kinda think they might go FA to find another DL. I still wouldn’t discount the young players on the roster to continue developing with Reed, Jefferson, and Smith.

      • Ed

        I hope not a 1st on the RT. It’s the last piece, but won’t make as big a difference as pass rusher (inside or outside), RB or S.

        I agree about DL in FA as well. Wouldn’t a Poe/Short/Fairley/JPP/Campbell help the inside push?

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Short would be ideal. But most likely too expensive.

          Campbell would be an excellent acquisition. Long and strong. Capable of stuffing the run and getting to the QB. Plays with attitude. And he’s at an age where his next contract won’t bust the cap. The only problem is whether ARI will let him walk, especially to a division rival.

          Poe is really intriguing. Probably the best run stuffing DT in FA next year. A true NT who can clog the middle and hold the point of attack against double teams. And we’ve seen how SEA like to use 3-4 personnel in their 4-3 front, so I wonder what they could get from him. As Rob stated, he’s likely a cap casualty for KCC. Can SEA afford him, and if so, would they pony up the dough?

          The pick I’m currently most confident of SEA making in this draft is a RB in R3.

          • C-Dog

            Something that I’ve been reading about with Poe though, is that he has been having problems with his lower back that has been holding him out of some games with KC. When healthy, he is clearly dominant, but I think Seattle would have to weigh how much $ they want to put into a player that they might not be able to rely on for 16 games. If he played 3 tech in Seattle 4-3, that might save his back some.

        • C-Dog

          RT may not need to be the first pick, it might even be another veteran, or a later pick, but clearly, they don’t see things close to being settled that.

          I would love nothing more than see them add a Poe/Short/Campbell, etc, but if they want to add a veteran RT, they might look for more of a solid middle level veteran to play DT. Personally, I think if Bennie Logan hits the market, he could be a good replacement for Brandon Medane, and plays the run very well with that low base, he’s gotten home to the QB some this year with 3 sacks and 6 QB hits, he can play. Jarran Reed could be the base down 3 tech, and I’m not ready to rule him out as being just a 2 down run stopper just yet. He’s been seeing a number of looks in the nickel each game, has had some pressures, I think there might be some decent room for him to grow there. Plus, I think Jefferson was drafted to be a 3rd down interior rusher, and they still have Garrison Smith who has flashed.

        • lil'stink

          Breno Giacomini is likely to be a cap casualty after the season is over, and probably could be had for cheap. Does he have anything left? Would the Seahawks bring him back? I wonder if there are any names out there that could fill this need without spending a high draft pick.

          • Drew

            It’d be worth a flyer to have him compete in Camp

          • Trevor

            Would love to see him brought in as a Veteran presence.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Terrell is a tremendous athlete who obviously lacks experience, both in general and in SEA’s defensive scheme. He also seems to lack instinct, which tends to expose his lack of experience even more. If he has a high enough football IQ, he will become a much better player as he gains experience.

      The silver lining in the cloud that was ET3’s season (career?) ending injury is that Terrell will get as much experience as he possibly can before the post season. SEA will have a good opportunity to find out exactly what kind of player they have in him.

      • Ed

        I hope he plays well. Not only for another SB this year, but for some peace of mind with Thomas’ future and the draft.

      • C-Dog

        Hearing PC speak of Terrell, though, he praises his football intelligence and knowledge of their system. He had a bad misread against the Rams that would have been a TD if the WR had caught the ball. For what it’s worth I thought ET let Kenny Stills go wide open against the Dolphins what would have also been a TD if it weren’t for his drop. I thought the play against the Rams was kinda spooky similar to that.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          PC is the eternal optimist. Almost always praises his players.

          • C-Dog

            Accept when it comes to RT.

            • STTBM

              And Christine Micheal.

  18. Vista

    Cliff Avril and Mike B got pro bowl nods, as well as Wagner and Sherman. No other ‘hawks were selected to the pro bowl

    • The Hawk is Howling

      Shame I was really hoping KJ Wright would get his due this year, he’s been playing so great.

      • Trevor

        Yeah I have no idea how KJ Wright did not make the pro bowl. He and Wags have been our best and most consistent players this year IMO.

    • vrtkolman

      I think Wright deserves it over Bennett.

      • The Hawk is Howling

        Yeah the Pro Bowl is really the name game. Wright did make it as an alternate however. Good for him he deserves it!

        Go Hawks

  19. bankhawk

    Was watching the link on Zach C. Vandy LB last night-from Sea mode IIRC-and just kinda got to browsing. One thing I watched was some highlight tape on Takk McKinley. Í it just me, or does the dude have freakishly long arms? Also some tape on Pitt rb James Connor-candidate for Pétes bigger back? Wondering what kinda ballpark range he might draw á a draft grade? Thought to my eye he could stand to get hí pad level a tad lơer when he runs, he hed make add a real pounder to the tool kit!

    • Sea Mode

      Hey, bankhawk. I think Conner will go in Rd. 5-6 because he is limited. NFL is trending ever more towards the speedy, pass-catching back (LeVeon Bell, David Johnson, CJ Prosise) and away from the pounders. Plus, because there are so many good backs in this draft, it will likely push him down even more.

      That certainly doesn’t diminish his potential value to a team like the Hawks that ideally wants to run the ball down the opposing team’s throat. Could be a value pick in Rd. 5 perhaps because of the unique size (6-2, 250) and sneaky speed he brings to the table.

      Not to mention total alpha of the team, as you can see from the first 30 seconds of these highlights:

      Back story and personality off the charts Seahawky (and some decent hands at 5:07, 5:45) displayed in this tribute video. Well worth a watch if you haven’t seen it:
      “Running Through; Never Running From – A Tribute to James Conner”

      I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the Hawks took him in the mid-late rounds. It will just depend on what kind of back they are looking to add to the stable this time around.

      Also, DeAngelo Williams turns 34 before next season, so the Steelers might like to grab the guy from their backyard as a big back to complement Bell and bring back some memories of The Bus (5-11, 251)!

  20. C-Dog

    If Earl retires, I’d love to see Seattle address DL and RT in free agency, maybe grab a couple mid level guys like Bennie Logan, who could handle the Brandon Mebane role fine, and then maybe kick the tires on Matt Khalil to compete at RT, still draft someone to eventually take over. Then I’d love to see them not mess around, just grab the best FS available, perhaps none other than Budda Baker.

    Budda is not Earl. But I think he is pretty close to Honey Badger territory, if replacing Earl with a Honey Badger with some nice range and will make plays around the LOS is not a bad thing.

    It was interesting listening to Tom Cable today. He sounded pleased with George Fant, said they were good with LT, Glow, Britt, and Ifedi, just need to figure out RT, looking for consistency, said he would not rule out Odhiambo as a possible candidate there. I’d maybe look for Seattle to find a player that’s been a starter for another team, and maybe someone who still might have some upside. PC’s familiarity with Khalil could come into play. Dion Dawkins might be a player that they look to draft later.

    Mike Sando was on 710 this week talking to Groz, Bob, and Wassil, and he made the point that moving forward into the playoffs, and beyond, he’s not convinced Seattle has an every down work horse back on the roster, and that’s a big problem for the offense. A guy like Foreman still makes a ton of sense.

    If Seattle adds a veteran DT, I think the next spot on the defense might be a rush linebacker. John Carraway has been an atheltic sack machine for TCU. They could bring back Morgan for another year or two until Carraway is ready to take over.

    27: R1P27

    59: R2P27

    91: R3P27

    134: R4P31

    206: R6P27

    214: R6P35

    229: R7P11

    • Nathan W.

      I quite like this draft. I could also envision a R1 DB, R2 DT, and then an R3 RB, with some added depth to CB, OG, and random athletic freak at FB to pound the way for Prosise and Rawls next season.

      • C-Dog

        It could definitely go that way. Freddie Stevenson of Florida St is kind of a wish list player of mine for FB. Qualls could be a good R2 DT if they don’t get veteran help there.

  21. Hawks425

    Any thoughts on Deveon Smith (Michigan) or Kalen Ballage (ASU) as late round Seahawks prospects?

    • Rob Staton

      Never been overly excited by Smith. Wrote about Ballage at the start of the college season — very intriguing player, fantastic personality. Do wonder though why his production tailed off at the end of the year.

  22. CHawk Talker Eric

    FWIW, Daniel Jeremiah’s take on Ifedi’s rookie season:

    Seahawks OG Germain Ifedi
    Grade: B
    Pick: No. 31 overall
    The skinny: Ifedi has started 11 games for the Seahawks this fall. He has been inconsistent, but he flashes the power to create a lot of movement in the run game and enough athleticism to handle talented interior pass rushers. It hasn’t all come together for him, but his future looks very bright.

    Also, FWIW I agree with DJ

    • AlaskaHawk

      Seems like Ifedi does well when he knows who to block. I get frustrated when defense stunts and a defender loops around and runs past him without being touched. Maybe there are issues with his reaction time or peripheral vision?

      He’s a big guy with long arms – is guard his best position? Or should Seahawks move him to tackle and draft another guard?

      • Trevor

        I have been saying the exact same thing. I really think he could excel on the edge where his length become a huge asset.

    • Rob Staton

      I think with time Ifedi will become a real asset.

  23. CHawk Talker Eric

    Another FWIW:

    NFL.com Elliot Harrison’s perspective on SEA’s season (specifically their 4 losses):

    “… this team is likely going to finish 11-4-1. The four losses that everyone’s been freaking out over? At Green Bay in December, where even the ’07 Patriots might lose … at Tampa Bay, after a 2,500-mile plane flight … at New Orleans, where superior ballclubs often fall to the Saints … and an early-season loss to a division rival, again on the road.”

  24. McGruff

    Rob, sent you an email with an in depth profile of RB Brian Hill . . . curious what your thoughts are. I cam away really impressed. he and Gallman are my favorites at the position early in the process.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks — I’ll check it out. Would you be interested in me publishing it as a guest post?

      • McGruff

        Sure . . . I will be doing many more for my own rankings. I’m going off script this year and ranking players myself instead of relying on the rankings of others and SPARQ profiles.

        • Sea Mode

          Thanks for putting the name out there. I’m looking at RB’s these days too and I’ll be interested to read your take on Hill.

          I see effortless change of direction at full speed (in the mold of Gurley) and decent burst. Some hint of the wide running style Marshawn had even came to mind on a couple runs.

          At the moment, I’m most intrigued by Samaje Perine and Kareem Hunt. Posted a long take the other day, but didn’t get any response since it had to wait to get the links approved (which is totally understandable, btw):

          • McGruff

            Both those prospects are on my radar. Doing Wayne Gallman next, and will follow with Perine.

          • Trevor

            Really like Perrine or Hunt if available with that 3rd round comp pick. Either would be the ideal big short yardage / goal line back to go with Rawl and Prosise. Would make for a very diverse and dynamic RB group IMO.

            The great thing about Hunt and Perrine is that if Prosise or Rawls go down with an injury both guys are able to carry a bigger load as well and Hunt in particular seems to be a pretty well rounded back.

            Really really hope Prosise can get back for playoffs he can be a difference maker IMO.

      • McGruff

        Might also be fun to have your insight as part of the post as well, Rob. Kind of get some internal dialogue going.

  25. Jason

    Did a fanspeak draft today and I know unlikely, but a boy can dream…

    27: R1P27
    59: R2P27
    91: R3P27
    134: R4P31
    206: R6P27
    214: R6P35
    229: R7P11

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      It’s always interesting to me to see how certain scouts/commentators/pundits rank/mock prospects. For example, Draftwire’s Luke Easterling (whose opinions I respect), has 3 QBs going in the top 10: Trubisky @#2 to SF; Kizer @#4 to CHI; Watson @#9 to ARI.

      He has CLEM WR Mike Williams going to SDC @#7 and Vandy LB Zach Cunningham (the subject of recent discussion here on SDB) going to CIN @#10.

      He also has WISC OT Ramczyk as the first tackle off the board (@#20 to DEN) and Cam Robinson to SEA @#27.

      • Volume12

        Arizona is definetly gonna grab a QB this year.

  26. Coleslaw

    I remember that “plan” PC/JS used to talk about, and with all the needs on tho team I can’t help but think things aren’t going according to plan. The plan was all about finding and keeping a core intact for years. Is it time for a new plan? About adding controllable star power in the first instead of need to add to the core. Cause if we’re talking about getting back to 2013, we need another star player or 2, that team wasn’t built up of scrubs, backups, yes. But backups who became starters eventually somewhere else

    • Volume12

      Backups from a SB team. It happens every year.

      They can deviate from their plan, but that sounds a lot like the teams in Cleveland, Chicago, etc. They have no plan. Or when they do, they deviate from it.

      You find a core group of guys and build around it.

      Is PC gonna give up on these guys because they’ve had a tough year?

      • DC

        A tough year = Division Champs

        Pretty funny

  27. CHawk Talker Eric

    @SheilKapadia: Seahawks offense ranks 19th (DVOA). Never finished worse than 7 w/Russell Wilson. Improvement/consistency will determine season’s outcome.

    That’s because Wilson never played a season without Lynch.

    • vrtkolman

      Lynch was out during the huge offensive run last year, not sure I buy that. There have been so many issues this year it’s hard to pin point a specific one to blame on the offense. Injuries, offensive line, Kearse, Wilson himself – all these have played a big part in the offense’s consistency issues. Lynch doesn’t really have a lot to do with it IMO.

      • Logan Lynch

        Agree, to a point. Lynch was unreal at getting positive yards on plays where he was hit in the backfield. Defenders needed to account for him on every play. He was a generational talent, let’s be honest.

        That being said, there are a lot of other issues. I think Russell’s knee injury was worse than we’re led to believe. Did you see the size of that brace he’s still wearing? If he still needs that for stability purposes (and he must need it, otherwise he wouldn’t still be wearing that bulky thing), he may not be able to put his full weight on that front leg when he throws. That might explain why he’s been so off. And he probably won’t fully heal until the offseason, so he and the rest of the team will need to step up.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          @bcondotta: Russell Wilson says likely will continue to wear knee brace rest of season, says “it’s smartest thing to do.”

    • Rob Staton

      Wilson also hasn’t ever played a season with significant injuries.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        True dat

      • C-Dog

        Spot on.

        • Volume12

          It looks like the game is speeding up, not slowing down for RW.

          He’s always had issues and been protected by a dominant run game and defense.

          Now we’re seeing what he is without those 2 elements. Yes the injuries have played a huge, huge part in it as has the O-line.

          • C-Dog

            Honestly, I think it is really tough to say that. The game didn’t speed up for him against the Jets, the Falcons, The Bills, the Patriots, the Eagles, Rams at home, etc. He’s had a really awful game on the road against GB. That’s the one I squarely put on RW. He didn’t play great on the road against the Saints, the Cardinals, and the Bucs, but the OL was getting pretty abused in those games as well. I don’t think the game a sped up, I just think there are teams that are going to match up well against Seattle, and in those games, RW can ill afford to have a bad game, i.e Green Bay.

      • Trevor

        I agree completely Rob. The injuries can play havoc with a guy mentally whom relies on is athleticism. It has caused him to have very happy feet and pull the ball down early instead of keeping eyes down field.

        I really think the pec injury was worse than they let on because his mechanics have been off all year.

        I hope he can pull it together in playoffs and get healthy this off season. One thing about him he is mentally tough so if any QB can bounce back for the playoffs it could be him.

        He seems to be missing the magic from previous seasons. Hopefully is all waiting for playoffs to come out.

      • Trevor

        OL has been awful there is no denying that.

        Injuries + lack of mobility + no run game + bad OL = Bad QB play almost all the time.

  28. JimQ

    Some decent stat guys I have my eyes on, the post season & combine can’t come soon enough.

    An interesting potential Rd 4/5 CB to consider may be:
    –CB-Rasul Douglas, W. Virginia, 6-12/208, — 33.3%-opponent passer rating against, = #1 in FBS, 2016: *8-INT*, 3-TFL, 1-Sack, 7-PBU, 1-FF, –Size, fair speed & sticky coverage ability. Safety=??

    An interesting potential Rd 4/5 SS to consider may be:
    –SS-Tedrick Thompson, Colorado, 6-0/205, –Potential Rd 4/5 & maybe Undervalued there.
    2016: 58-TKLS (40-solo), *7-INT*, 3-TFL, *15-PBU*, 1-QBH

    An interesting potential later round or UDFA DE to consider may be:
    –DE-Trey Hendrickson, Florida Atlantic, 6-36/270, — Potential inside out pass rusher. Consistent.
    2016: 15-TFL, 9.5-Sacks, 2-PBU, 8-QBH, 1-FF, 4-BK’s. (small school, but nice #’s)
    2015: 14.5-TFL, 13.0-Sacks, 7-QBH, 5-FF

    An interesting potential later round or UDFA DE to consider may be:
    –DE-Pat O’Conner, E. Michigan, 6-4/270, –Potential inside out pass rusher. Gets into backfield well.
    2016: 38-tkls, 15-solo, 12.5-TFL, 8.0-Sacks, 2-PBU, *15-QBH*, 5-FF (small school, but nice #’s)

    • Trevor

      Big fan of Thompson from Colorado. He plays big and is productive. Seemed like a real leader as well.

      • C-Dog

        yeah, I like this guy too.

  29. CHawk Talker Eric

    Michael Bennett on being flagged for sack dance: “Two pumps get you a baby. Three pumps get you a fine.”


    • Volume12

      When did the NFL become a Key N’ Peele skit?

      Its a glorified 7 on 7 league.

      • The Hawk is Howling

        As soon as Peele and Key did that shat. Word yo!

        • Logan Lynch

          The sad thing is that Bennett’s sack dance should really be attributed to Rick Rude. He did that many years before Key N’ Peele.

    • The Hawk is Howling

      One! pump having some fun, two pumps boredline baby making action, Three pumps? you’re Fucked now welcome your baby to your Pumping waiting arms.

      Go Hawks

  30. CHawk Talker Eric

    Interesting perspective from PFF on Toledo RB Kareem Hunt, for those of us who have expressed an interest in him:

    “Toledo’s Kareem Hunt was PFF’s highest-graded running back this season, despite getting just 240 rushing attempts. When he has the ball in his hands, Hunt is one of the most unpredictable backs in the nation. In addition, he is a three-down back, as he is equally as dangerous as a receiver out of the backfield as he is as a pure runner. In fact, Hunt forced 19 missed tackles on just 39 receptions this season.”

    • Trevor

      Linking him more every time I watch him play.

  31. The Hawk is Howling

    I made this loop up the other night. I started with a darbuka drum, then layered two guitar parts over it. Then I sang Live from random words from my poety books while my friend Joe recorded me. This way you can put a picture to the frame that is me. Love you guys.


    Go Hawks !

    • The Hawk is Howling

      Yeah sorry about that. This is a damn American Football Blog. Robbie is the man with many master plans!

      • The Hawk is Howling

        Now I shall go into the night of life and dreams

  32. Ishmael

    Just on Earl, I’m not… Shocked? That’s probably the right word for it. To play, train, and commit, at that manic level of intensity he has, it just isn’t particularly sustainable. It requires a huge degree of selfishness. I’m not saying that to have a pop at him – it’s just the reality for athletes delivering at that level. Maybe his kid starting to grow up, along with the injuries, has shifted his perspective on what really matters to him.

    • C-Dog

      I think you might be onto something here.

    • The Hawk is Howling

      You are a very clever person Ishmael, I really enjoy all your post’s and everything you say. Keep it coming Brov!

    • STTBM

      Its all in how he handles it; he could return to Seattle with a new-found perspective, find peace, and play even better. Like Doug Baldwin, if he relaxes a bit and allows himself to detach from football when he’s not at work and allows his family and friends to help him grow and be a part of his football success, he could become an even better player.

      Quite often, single-minded focus on work to the detriment of personal relationships can emotionally stunt a person to the point their work performance falls apart–see Rogers, Aaron…

      Taking a step back for him might be just what the Doctor ordered. It was for Baldwin, who was rapidly losing his mind before finally finding a way to move forward without alienating his family.

  33. kenubrion mincy

    Hi Rob. In the second post GoHawks5151 says he really likes Hooker as a safety replacement for Earl and thinks he should go in the first 15 of the draft. You say you’ve always had Hooker in your first 15 in the first round.

    Rob, does it bother you that there is no one named Hooker in this draft?

    And what are the odds that someone would ask about a guy named Hooker in the draft? Only you are under the impression there is a Hooker in the draft.

    How do you square all this, Rob?

    • Rob Staton

      Malik Hooker. Try harder.

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