Enjoy every minute of this golden Seahawks era

John Schneider has signed a contract extension until 2021

News of an extension for John Schneider will be gratefully received by Seahawks fans. A new deal for Pete Carroll feels like a formality too — and all is well with the world.

It’s easy to forget what it’s like to follow a slumping, miserable franchise. The Seahawks have been pretty good or excellent for 13 years. They’ve been to three Super Bowls, winning one, and had nine winning seasons in that time frame.

Since 2010, when Carroll and Schneider arrived in Seattle, they’ve had 60 regular season wins. Only perennial winners New England, Pittsburgh, Green Bay and Denver have more. Only Pittsburgh have competed in a division as challenging as the NFC West.

It’s hard to be as good as the Seahawks have been for this period of time. Carroll and Schneider have now produced a genuine golden era of Seahawks football — perhaps the greatest any of us will experience. They’ve accumulated a collection of players that pair extreme talent with character and charisma. They’ve created a team that is fun to watch, that enjoys a brilliant connection with the community and they’re led by a coach who is enthusiasm personified.

It just doesn’t get better than this.

Sure, that Super Bowl XLIX defeat was agony. It’d be nice if they could add more titles and be known as a dynasty.

Whatever happens, this is a period of Seahawks football to be enjoyed and celebrated right now. Not just when it’s over. Not just when we’re all gray, bald and/or fat — boring future generations with stories about Richard Sherman’s effervescence.

‘And then he tips the ball to Malcolm Smith and they win. Yes. We know what happened’

It’d be very easy to miss the moment and not enjoy the now. This team is capable of multiple titles and its place in history. It sometimes feels like there’s a desperation to witness that. For this team to get its due. After all, this isn’t a franchise with the glorious past of a San Francisco, Dallas or Pittsburgh.

Carroll is Seattle’s Bill Walsh. Russell Wilson its Troy Aikman.

If they don’t deliver multiple Championship’s there will be a tinge of disappointment. That shouldn’t ever replace the absolute joy this group has provided.

There are so many NFL fans already looking at the 2017 draft. So many following teams that exist within a world of constant mediocrity.

So many that operate within an eternal discord.

In Seattle fans can dream every year with legitimate hope. They have a shot. A chance at winning it all.

If it doesn’t happen, there’ll be next year. If it never happens again, we’ll always have the image of a grinning Wilson and Carroll hoisting the Lombardi in New York.

One day it’ll all be gone. Richard Sherman will be arguing with Stephen A. Smith in an ESPN studio. Russell Wilson will be campaigning for president. Pete Carroll will become the oldest man to fly to the Moon.

And the next generation might be more 2009 than 2013.

Breathe it in. Live for the now. Enjoy this golden age. It won’t be here forever.


  1. Attyla the Hawk

    Very well stated.

    It’s especially relevant today after the induction of Griffey into the baseball HOF. As a long time sufferer of Mariners baseball as a youth — the impact and joy of watching Junior’s career unfold was easy to take for granted.

    I have two sons — one about to leave high school. He completely missed out on those Mariners glory years. To him, they always were a terrible team that barely bothered teasing it’s fans with success. His experience with the team was not unlike mine. But as a youth the M’s were still new and sucking was not as insufferable at that time.

    I tried explaining the impact that Junior had. Why he was a first ballot HOF player. Why the M’s of grainy mid 90’s highlights in a dreary mausoleum of a ballpark meant so much. How his glorious talent helped transform a sport from the depths of it’s worst fan crisis to recapture the public’s attention.

    It occurred to me that what made it so very special was how the drama unfolded. Without any predetermined storyline. To witness it in real time. To recognize how special it was to see a player who quite literally commanded attention in a way no baseball player anywhere has done since he left.

    This Seattle team is having that same kind of roll that the mid 90s M’s enjoyed. It’s hard to fully grasp how special that time is when it happens. It’s best to just bask in it’s warmth and do what you can to remember how it feels while it’s unfolding in front of your eyes. That’s what I’ve told my sons regarding the Seahawks.

    This team is their incarnation of my M’s of my youth. And having to try to explain to them how Junior was truly incomparable to their experience really hammered home how this Hawks team is the exact same for them. And I explained to them almost exactly the same sentiment in this article. That they need to absorb the experience in full.

    Enjoy the now. Someday you may be trying to explain the greatness of this team and players and why it meant so much to you to your kids who see ‘The Tip’ in much the same way as I regarded the Ice Bowl or Joe Namath.

    • Drew

      Remember how he was ridiculed for wearing his hat backwards?! Man Jr was awesome, I still remember when they lost in the playoffs in 95 after that magical season ending before the world series made me cry as a 9 year old. Oh the heart break of the Mariners….

  2. Wes

    Agreed. Seattle sports fans should be savoring this period as much as possible. Many of us remember the South Alaska days. One day they will probably be back. Enjoy being good.

    On another note, Rob did you see this leak:

    It’s fascinating to see what they thought of players, and especially the new Seahawks. Looks like they thought pretty highly of Quinton Jefferson.

  3. Rik

    Schneider is still a young (ish) man, and he seems committed to the team and environment that he has helped shape in Seattle. I think he will still be a strong GM in Seattle even after Carroll retires (and apparently becomes an astronaut in his next career). I think Schneider will have the same impact going forward as Billy Beane has had in Oakland in baseball – “Moneyball” is a very good read for those interested in sports analytics btw. And very relevant since Paul DePodesta is now working his magic with the Browns. I’m keeping a pretty close eye on that situation.

    • Rik

      It will be interesting to see if Scneider has the same “Packers opt-out” clause in his new contract that he had in his old one.

      • Attyla the Hawk

        Reportedly no

  4. Troy

    Glad to have you back writing again for the Hawks Rob, missed ya!

  5. Darnell

    Thank you.

    Ultimately, are we not supposed to enjoy something as inconsequential as professional sports really are?

    The loss in SB49 sucked, but it was great for me as a sports fan. After 2-3 nights of not being able to sleep I realized that it was stupid to not let the outcome of a sporting event impact me that much; and have totally focused on the enjoyment/entertainment aspect of the game and being present in the moment.

    Appreciate Russell Wilson and Earl Thomas; appreciate the opportunity to see Aaron Rodgers, O’dell Beckham and Aaron Donald come to town and compete against our boys. This is all very cool.

    • Darnell

      ** “to let the outcome”

      • bankhawk

        This is better than Christmas morning! Camp starting next week and Rob back in the house and in peak form. You have expressed my own sentiments to a t, Rob. These ARE the good old days! Good thing, too. I already qualify as old, bald and fat. But Im as excited about this coming season, with all ít possibilities as I could be! Im amped to see hơ position battles at rb, db and 5th wr come out. And of course ive got my own list of favorites who are on the bubble to sweat over. And not least will be the suspense as Coach Cable tries to mold all the new piéces into a coherent unit. Welcome back. We missed you.

    • Drew

      I was upset immediately, but it didn’t last long for me. It sucked but it was still a great game to watch on the biggest stage.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Yes it sucked – but at least Seahawks fans aren’t hated by all the rest of the league like New England is in danger of becoming. Most other fans don’t want to see the same teams in the superbowl year after year – or a team that hasn’t paid it’s dues make the superbowl. For Seahawks a come back win in the superbowl will be that much sweeter.

  6. Darnell

    Best time of the year coming up.

    Daily training camp reports, young fellas competing in preseason games, interviews galore.

    College football only a couple weeks away; both in state teams look set to have nice seasons. Harbaugh keeping it really interesting on a national level.

    Fantasy drafts.

    I have a sneaky suspicion that there is a star in waiting on the Hawks roster that we don’t yet know about – R Robinson? Vannett? Porsise? Jean-Baptiste? T Smith? Farmer? Q Jeff?

    • JakeB

      Those names are certainly all interesting. I kinda wonder if Robinson will be in direct competition with Clemons to make the team. What I’m looking forward to most is the undrafted class though. Pete hinted a couple times after rookie minicamp and in OTAs that there were some guys who really impressed them, but he didn’t feel comfortable elaborating at the time.

      • Drew

        I think there was a couple OLBs in that UDFA class that he named

        • JakeB

          Yeah I think the OLB and edge rusher types are the most intriguing. Sounded like maybe Robertson, Perkins, or Overton might make a little noise.

          • Beanhawk

            Clemons retiring only adds to that speculation as well.

  7. Del tre

    No no no win forever. Go hawks. Well at least win through 2021

  8. Coleslaw

    Just bought tickets to the preseason game vs. The vikings, can’t wait to see all the roster battles for myself!

  9. Shadow

    I remember last February thinking how strange it was that the Seahawks weren’t playing in the Super Bowl.

    Then I realized how strange it was to think that Seattle not playing in the Super Bowl was strange after all of the 7-9, 9-7 teams I grew up watching.

    We’ve come a long way….

  10. Mylegacy

    After the Draft, Rob “Terminator” Staton said, “I’ll be back.”

    Today, he’s back. Let the games begin!

  11. Thy Hawk is Howling

    Thanks for the write-up Robbie. You are the best and we are so fortunate to have you M8!

    Go Hawks Forever!

  12. Thy Hawk is Howling

    My cousin’s boyfriend gave me a wolf grey Wilson jersey! My last name is Wison and I was born on the 3rd of January. It’s the perfect Jersey for me! I’m going to one of the training camp days this August with my Mum and her sisters. I’m so excited!

    • David M2

      Now you must never wash it…

      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        Ha ha, I got to get it dirty before I don’t wash it. Wash the Sins not just the Face or Hawk’s Jersey.

  13. Thy Hawk is Howling

    I get pissed at myself when I don’t proofread. My last name is obviously Wilson not Wison. I need to learn to follow my own rules. It’s a wonderful time to feel alive!

  14. dylanlep

    And now they got Pete!

  15. Barry

    I’m not incline to great exasperation but, this got me pumped! Great to have the “Draftblog back and feel the season upon us!

  16. Spireite Seahawk

    Just read Pete Carroll has been extended until 2019. Great news.

  17. D-OZ

    Bennett next? Go Hawks!!!!

  18. Scott

    You don’t ever think you NEED a reminder to appreciate the good things you have.
    But when a great reminder like this comes along, it’s nice to step back, see the big picture, and say “Hell Yeah! I’m blessed!”

  19. Saxon

    Great read, Rob.

    Been following this team since 1983. There were so many miserable seasons; over a decade of futility amid the occasional flirtations with mediocrity. I don’t live in Seattle so I got 20 plus years of grief from friends and family about my sorry Seahawks. I really never expected them to win a championship, especially after XL when we had the better team, outplayed our opponent, and still had it stolen from us. I think pessimism permeated the franchise in some ways and most honest, long-tenured Seahawks fans didn’t really believe it would ever change. Just S.O.S. ‘same old Seahawks’.

    And then Pete Carroll…

  20. Steele

    A long term perspective is a good thing to have. Especially given that the team faces brutal schedules every season. This coming one, for instance.

  21. East Side Stevie

    Chris Clemmons retires, I was looking forward to having him back this year

  22. Coleslaw

    Curious to see what people think of Martrell Spaight, I know he hits really hard but I’m admittedly bad at scouting linebackers.

    • Volume12

      Is he still with the Redskins?

      Former JUCO guy, not a great athlete, stiff, looks lost in coverage, has trouble getting off blocks.

      He’s a tough, physical, old school 2-down thumper that just screams GM Scot McCloughan IMO. If healthy, he should be a stud on STs. Good fit as a MIKE in a 3-4.

      Smart, instinctual guy that appears to play with a high football IQ, but it can get him in trouble, because he’ll ‘overthink’ instead of just reacting. Excells against the run, attacks the LOS with tenacity, good looking kid (build/physique wise).

      You said you struggle to scout LBs?

      Watch Tennessee LB Jalen Reeves-Maybin against Oklahoma from last year. He puts on a clinic.

  23. STTBM

    Excellent point, Rob! While we all know in our hearts that Seattle is built to win multiple championships, they arent the only Dynasty-Level team out there, and winning a championship aint easy. Its possible we dont win another one, and sad as that would be, we should still enjoy the heck out of what we have. This a great time to be a Seahawks fan, the best in my memory, dating back to my first season watching football in 1983. Chuck Knox’s coming to town got everyone excited, and for a few years it was awesome–but the owner lacked the money to build a great team, and the joy faded to mediocrity as fast as the team. When Holmgren finally had a great team put together, that was exciting…but those glory years only lasted a couple seasons. What Carrol and Schneider (and Paul Allens money) have built is by far the best era is Seahawks football. I have to keep pinching myself to make sure this is real….

  24. STTBM

    Pete Carrol and John Schneider are Kharma coming back to us for the debacle of the stolen SB which shall live in infamy forever. But we’re still owed…having your first SB stolen by refs can never, ever be fully made right.

  25. Volume12

    I’m beginning to think that C-Mike is in store for a breakout season.

    Prosise man. Hope he’s a gadget guy. Durability seems to be a concern.

    And Frank Clark. What a monster!

    • line_hawk

      Cmike wows in preseason every year. And then disappears.

      • JakeB

        That has always been the case, but the way the coaches speak about him now is completely different. It used to be “He looks very explosive, but”. Even Bevell is piling on the praise now. I don’t know how the RB group shakes out, but from my seat he sounds like a legitimate factor for the first time in his career.

        • Volume12


          Plus with Prosise looking like he could be out awhile, they’ll need him or Zac Brooks. It’s why I hope Prosise is brought along slowly and used as a Tavon Austin kind of guy (obviously bigger and more of a RB) early on.

          FWIW, I try not to read too much into things since they’ve only been in shells for one day, but OL Germain Ifedi has stoned DL MosesBread twice in a row. Bennett got in his face both times, and Ifedi ain’t backin’ down. He’s gonna fit in perfectly. 🙂

  26. 503Hawk

    Who knows where to get legitimate, reliable camp notes / updates?!

    • Volume12

      Sheil Kapadia, Bob Condotta, Stephen Cohen, Greg Bell, Rob Rang.

      Those 1st three are your best bet.

  27. bankhawk

    Anybody have more details on the in each others faces thing with Ifedi and Bennett? What happened in the 1v1 drill leading up to it? Sure wish I coulda seen that one!

    • C-Dog

      Ifedi more than held his own against Bennett’s bull rush, and Bennett didn’t like that. From what I’ve been reading, Britt, Glow, Ifedi, Webb and Hunt all showed up well on 1 v 1s. Hunt apparently pancaked Reed with text book leverage. Pretty cool stuff.

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