New podcast (July 8th): Previewing the return of Seahawks football


  1. Steve Nelsen

    It’s getting real when I hear Rob talking football again.

    • H M Abdou

      Yes, indeed!

      Can’t wait for training camp and those preseason games to come. I love preseason games, because you get to see players (on all teams) that you normally don’t see much of in the regular season.

  2. Beanhawk

    Another wonderful podcast, Rob and Kenny. Really gets those Seahawk football juices flowing!

  3. James

    …this is ridiculous, when does training camp start already?!? I guess there is nothing else to do but prep ourselves for the 53 man countdown. A few things to remember:

    – the final few “inactive” spots on the 53 are generally not for 3rd string backups, but are a glorified practice squad protected from the waiver wire. For instance, it is highly unlikely the Seahawks would keep C-Mike as their 4th RB, because the odds are nil he would ever be activated with Rawls, Prosise and Collins on the roster, and therefore the spot would not be spent on someone who will not play and who does not project in the future. The 53rd spot is more likely to go for a guy like Tye Smith, Eric Pinkins or Terry Poole.

    – a few guys are kept on the active part of the 53 man primarily because of special teams play, such as Brock Coyle or potentially Tyvis Powell, and the same consideration can impact the final WR, CB and LB slots.

    – what gives with the FB position? If he is truly on the field for just 8 or so snaps per game, wouldn’t it make more sense just to insert your backup O-lineman into the game in those situations, and save the roster spot? Is it really a rarified special skill just to be the lead blocker through the hole?

    – the roster crunch means that Paul Richardson and Tharold Simon had darn-well-better stay healthy all preseason or else.

    – and speaking of being healthy, if Jimmy Graham is truly healthy this season, he is the very definition of a secret weapon, in that no one is really talking about what a special, unstoppable talent he is, and with him, I don’t see how anyone can hold down the Seahawks offense this season.

    – and finally, light candles for Tom Cable, for if he can find five winning guys and have them ready to go game one, we are off to the races.

    • Volume12

      Good FBs are much more than that. ‘Seek and Destroy.’ It’s a mentality that’s contagious. They can set a tone.

      It’s not coincidental that the 8-9 teams that start or deploy a FB are arguably the toughest, grittiest, most physical teams in the league.

      • vrtkolman

        Plus they factor in on special teams where backup O linemen do not.

  4. Volume12

    Illinois DE Dawuane Smoot is exceptional. Goes 6’3, 255 lbs., productive (40 tackles, 15 TFL, 8 QB sacks, 3 FF, 2 PBU), explosive, long, highly physical, knows how to use his hands, has a repretoire, can stop the run, instinctual. Has a next level ability to read the O-lineman’s stance/split.

    He’s the complete package.

    Really looking forward to see him being used by HC Lovie Smith.

  5. Saxon

    What do you think of Brexit, Rob? I have been following it pretty religiously for about 5 months. It’s been fascinating.

    I know a lot of young people in the UK supported remaining, but I think in the long run it is better to maintain your autonomy and have some control over the laws you are governed by. It seems the media wanted to focus on economic Armageddon and the alleged xenophobia of UKIP, rather than just acknowledge that the central issue for Brits was regaining their democracy. I was appalled to find that 60% of UK laws were made in Brussels. Absurd.

    I know this isn’t a political site, but you briefly mentioned it in your podcast so I was curious to get your take on it. .

    • Rob Staton

      “What do you think of Brexit, Rob?”

      I’m not actually allowed to talk about it due to concerns over impartiality as I work for the BBC. Needless to say though it had everyone talking over here for days. Following the consequences politically has been fascinating.

      • smitty1547

        I think it was a great thing for your country and look forward to visiting again

      • Saxon

        BBC…impartiality…hahahahahahaha! I’ve never seen more slanted coverage in my life – which is saying something since I usually watch MSNBC. But, hey, it’s really cool that you got a gig with them!

        • Kenny Sloth


          • Del tre

            Let’s leave the politics or of here guys we’re all hawks fans and really isn’t that all that matters?

            • Saxon

              I was just interested in getting an Englishman’s take on one of the most important political stories in the last 50 years. Brexit defied political classification since there were Tories and Labour voters that were for and against leaving – so you needn’t fear partisan bickering. It’s just culturally and philosophically intriguing to me…

              Anyway, back to Hawks ball…

              • Del tre

                Nah I got ya there I think that’d be interesting too I was just referring to them continuing the argument to different territory not a knock on an innocent enough question.

  6. Volume12

    Ole Miss TE Evan Engram is so intriguing. He’s a WR in the NFL IMO. 6’2, 225 lbs.

    One of the most unique players in CFB. Unique size and athleticism.

    Long arms, big hands, good speed for his size, cat like quickness, great COD skills, flexibility is outstanding, smooth receiver that glides around the field, ‘bouncy’ kind of athlete, like Lawler he can make the circus catches and one handed grabs. Can go up and get it.

    He’s one of, if not the best blocking prospect at WR I’ve seen so far. Just a tenacious, nasty run blocker that also blocks well in space. Was blown away by this aspect of his game.

    Route running needs work but he does exhibit good traits there right now. Could get a little stronger.

    Production isn’t as good or high as it should be due to poor QB play, talent around him like Laquan Treadwell, and the biggest reason is because Ole Miss doesn’t use him that way. But, him and WR De’morea Stringfellow should both see upticks in their #’s this year.

    Interviews are impressive. Artiulate, intelligent, big time family guy (little sister is a CBB player). Gives off a RW and Lockett kind of vibe when listening to him. And he’s been noted for his community service and work off the field.

    He’s not TE Jordan Reed. More along the lines of the next Devin Funchess (potentially).

    • Beanhawk

      “Production isn’t as good or high as it should be due to poor QB play.” Uh, you are clearly mistaken, Vol., or must not have heard… 🙂

      • Volume12

        He’s played one year with Kelly aka Jay Cutler 2.0

        • Kenny Sloth

          So inconsistent re Chad Kelly. Live arm and above average mobility.

          Been a big fan of Engram’s for a couple months

  7. Nathan

    Cards get the pats minus Brady.

    I think they have to be favourites to win the west again.

    • Rob Staton

      We’ll see…

    • James

      Odds the 37-yr-old Carson Palmer can stay healthy all season… slim to none. He is a statue in the pocket, or he takes a step forward in the pocket if the DTs are dumb enough to allow themselves to be run up the field past him. Rush someone up the gut and he is toast.

      • Del tre

        38 year old*
        Also from 38-39 production in qbs goes way down its amazing the decline is huge according to trends

        • Del tre

          Well it seems I was wrong he’s 36 going on 37 soon enough

    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      No they aren’t, Hawks all the way M8!

      I believe this will be are best team yet, were going to dominate!

      • Del tre

        I wrote an article for fanposts on fieldgulls about how the Hawks upgrading their interior offensive and defensive lines could be the key to this season having an even more explosive offense than years previous. The key is that if the tackles get beat Russell will then have a clean pocket to step up into and will have the opportunity to run if needed. It was essentially the same thing with newton he had more time to make his reads pushing him to become a better passer and player overall. Without the strong offensive line I highly doubt newton could have accomplished what he did this season.
        With the interior my reasoning was that since the pocket had been pushed back in years previous and the line of scrimmage was regularly offset it helped Avril and Bennett get the the QB better while also destroying the pocket. The Seahawks also lacked any of the interior pressure this year that they had gotten in years past from Mcdonald and hill. Also the likely upgrade in the run game that Jarran Reed will provide will make it nearly impossible to move the ball. This team has the makings to become even better than the 2013 in terms of overall balance.

    • Ukhawk

      Cards will be better this year too esp along the DL

  8. Thy Hawk is Howling

    I’m making a comparison of three 5’9 recievers in their rookie years who were all primarily drafted for their kick return skills.

    Player A. 10 receptions – 154 yards

    Player B. 16 receptions – 167 yards

    Player C. 51 receptions – 664 yards

    A. Steve Smith
    B. Antonio Brown
    C. Tyler”The Ninja” Lockett

    I’m pretty sure that’s a good sign of things to come. Hell yeah,

    Go Hawks Forever

  9. Thy Hawk is Howling

    • bankhawk

      I think much will depend on Cables Alchemy across the O line. Im intrigued by the pieces he has arrayed on his table before him and the depth there is there. But we have two weeks to wait till we start getting any hard info back on how things are gonna play out on that front. Then its down to the ever present breaks of a 16 game NFL season. One thing is sure, though. These two teams have all the firepower in place for a divisional race sure to provide a near classic level of drama and excitement! Go Hawks!

  10. Mobilebro

    Over on the SB nation cowboys site they may have the ‘Boys draft board. Very interesting stuff and i’d love to hear your thoughts on it rob. Didn’t know if you wanted a link posted so i’ll leave that.

    • Nathan

      Funny that they had Ronald Blair III ranked higher than Charles Tapper, but took Tapper(with both still on the board) when it was time to pick.

      Seems like such a Cowboy thing to do.

      • Volume12

        They’ve done this before.

        I feel like it’s on purpose. How are they the only team who’s draft board gets leaked? What’s the point?

  11. JakeB
    Apparently Madden 17 believes Prosise is the #2 rated rookie RB overall.

  12. Volume12


    Florida CB Quincy Wilson is very ‘Seahawk-y.’

    He’s big, long, aggressive, ball skills, big time confidence, his ability to mirror oppossing receivers is impressive. But, what stands out most about him is his ability to use the boundary/sideline as help. Something more college corners need to do.

    Lock the receivers hips toward it so he has to turn to get back inside.

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