Everything I think about Pete Carroll’s departure and what’s next for the Seahawks

I’m going to get into a lot of things here, point by point. I’ll offer takes on ownership, memories of Pete Carroll’s career in Seattle, what I think happens next, who I’d like to see considered to replace Carroll and more.

I’ll be live on VSiN at 4pm PT and you can listen live here.

Seattle’s ownership deserves credit

For a long time, people have tried to state what they think they know about Jody Allen, Bert Kolde and the ownership group running the Seahawks. It’s now official. They are determined for this team to succeed on their watch and are keen for the standards set by Paul Allen to continue.

They didn’t shirk the decision to green-light the Russell Wilson trade. They were prepared to move on from a long-standing coach in Portland. Now, they’ve parted ways with the most successful and high-profile coach in Seattle sports.

It would’ve been very easy to just press on with Carroll, change the coordinators and give it another go next season. They haven’t done that and it’s the right decision. They’ve been bold, proactive and the message this sends to fans is — they want this team to be more competitive.

Change was necessary. The team hasn’t been a proper contender since the 2014 Super Bowl. Avoiding being bad or awful isn’t enough. You’ve got to strive for greatness, even if it’s incredibly difficult to reach that level. Settling for less because you’re not a horrible team is no way to run things.

The next Head Coach may or may not work out. That’s sport. If it doesn’t work out, you move on to the next one. That’s what Paul Allen did in 2009. That worked out pretty well. You can’t fear change. You have to run towards it, embrace it and accept that this is a challenge that must be taken on.

I’m grateful to follow a team where the ownership isn’t settling. Jody Allen and Bert Kolde have shown they mean business. It’ll be intriguing to see what the next era of Seahawks football brings.

It’s clear Carroll was fired

As soon as I read the statement from Jody Allen, it was obvious what’d happened.

Carroll is too respected and too important to flat-out fire. It was always going to be billed as mutual, it’s the respectful thing to do. The note that he would take on an advisors role was just a way of softening the statement. He is not a key decision maker, he is not VP of football operations, he will not be picking the next coach. He has been fired, they’re just not going to phrase it that way.

Yet Carroll in his press conference made it clear he had wanted to continue:

“I competed hard to stay as head coach. So that we could continue to be successful. That’s what I was representing in our discussions.”

I did a video on Monday saying I thought his Brock & Salk interview was a pitch to ownership. I believe that more than ever now. What he was saying was ultra positive yet unconvincing. The talk of being ‘close’ didn’t chime with reality. Thankfully, it appears Allen and Kolde were similarly unconvinced.

It was also made clear in Carroll’s press conference that he has no sway on who replaces him. John Schneider is going to lead the search, supported by ownership.

Schneider deserves this opportunity

It’s never been made clear which big decisions over the last 14 years were Carroll’s, Schneider’s or a combination of the two.

For that reason, it makes it hard to judge Schneider and his suitability to essentially lead the Seahawks’ football operation, which he’s now doing.

What I would say is this — Schneider is incredibly well respected within the league. I’m not going to say I’ve got a ton of sources to fall back on but you’ve seen the people I’ve had a chance to interview over the years. As a talent evaluator and GM, Schneider is seen in the top bracket by many.

People love to push credit away from Carroll and Schneider for building one of the all-time great rosters in the early years but that would be a mistake. Not only that, Schneider has a fantastic eye for quarterbacks. He drafted Wilson, made it clear how much he rated Patrick Mahomes (not with hindsight either, we all know where that report came from minutes after Kansas City traded up for him). There was also a ton of smoke around Schneider’s interest in Josh Allen, before Allen took his year-three stride as a pro.

Schneider’s background is with Green Bay, a consistently competitive franchise. He’s worked with some of the best front office staff to ever do it. Given Seattle’s desire to be newly competitive, probably draft a quarterback soon and go in a new direction, I can’t think of anyone better suited for the role.

His last two draft classes were universally praised and it’s time to build on that with another big off-season, starting with a first opportunity to hire a new Head Coach.

Who could replace Carroll?

A lot of the big-name reporters immediately connected Dan Quinn to the Seahawks and it’s understandable why, given his ties to the franchise. It’s inevitable they will request an interview with Quinn and he could be the next Head Coach.

It’s not a formality he’ll be their guy, though.

Firstly — Adam Schefter reported on Saturday that Jerry Jones is determined not to lose Quinn. So much so, in fact, that if Dallas’ playoff journey flounders — he might be prepared to fire Mike McCarthy and install Quinn as the Cowboys’ Head Coach.

If you want Quinn in Seattle, you probably need to root for a strong post-season performance from Dallas.

I have mixed thoughts on the possibility. Quinn knows the franchise, is highly respected and he has vital experience as a Head Coach (leading Atlanta to a Super Bowl they should’ve won). I think he’ll do a good job building a staff and I’m enthused at the thought of Al Harris (yes, that Al Harris) joining him in Seattle as a possible defensive coordinator. Harris is a dude.

At the same time, Quinn’s best jobs in football have coincided with working with the LOB in Seattle and Micah Parsons and co. in Dallas. When in Atlanta, his defenses were consistently average. The Falcons reached the Super Bowl off the back of a MVP season from Matt Ryan, courtesy of Kyle Shanahan’s coaching. As soon as Shanahan took the 49ers gig, the Falcons became very average very quickly.

I fear that without an elite offensive coordinator and/or elite defensive stars, Quinn’s Seahawks could end up looking a lot like the Falcons between 2017 and 2020, where their total record was 24-29 under Quinn’s leadership. It’s also hard to shake watching Shanahan’s 49ers hammer the Cowboys this year.

For that reason, I’ve been hoping for an extensive and open-minded search. The Seahawks have not had one of these for a long time. Mike Holmgren, Jim Mora and Pete Carroll were all singled out. I like the idea of a process taking place this time.

This tweet is encouraging:

Who would I like to see considered?

There are obvious names and then some wildcard suggestions I want to bring up.

Detroit offensive coordinator Ben Johnson has helped the Lions to 12 wins this year thanks to DVOA’s fifth-ranked offense. He has had great success working with Jared Goff, who is comparable (in my opinion) to Geno Smith. Johnson has shown he can max-out a one-two punch at running back, he’s done an excellent job featuring his key weapons and he turned Sam LaPorta into a rookie star at tight end.

He’s an absolute must-interview for the Seahawks. They need someone who can do all of this with the arsenal of skill-players Seattle has on offense.

Bob Slowik the Houston offensive coordinator is a serious up-and-comer who is from the same old Washington coaching staff that once had Kyle Shanahan and Sean McVay working together. He’s done an outstanding job with C.J. Stroud, which could be important if the Seahawks draft a quarterback soon. All of the Shanahan/McVay tree Head Coaches have delivered a base-level of offensive success that has kept their teams relevant. That can’t be ignored.

Mike MacDonald, the Ravens defensive coordinator, inherited the 28th ranked defense per DVOA. He made it a top-ten unit in his first season (#8) and this season they are ranked #1. He’s done it without a blue-chip, elite pass rusher. He’s got everything out of re-treads like Jadeveon Clowney, developed people like Justin Madubuike into a star and if the Seahawks want someone who can turn around their defense — he’s shown he can do it. He also recently gave the Niners and Shanahan fits in a big win in Santa Clara.

These are the three obvious names I would suggest. There are some others I would pitch.

Bengals offensive coordinator Brian Callahan worked closely with Payton Manning during his time in Denver. He’s been part of a Cincinnati staff that drafted and developed Joe Burrow and this year, when they lost Burrow, still enjoyed success with Jake Browning. I’ve watched interviews with Callahan and his approach is very modern and he emphasises the importance of dynamic offense. His father, Bill, is arguably the best offensive line coach in the NFL and could be persuaded to swap Cleveland for Seattle.

The Browns are worth looking at, given how brilliantly they’ve played despite the chaos going on in Cleveland. If Kevin Stefanski was willing to be coaxed out of the disaster zone that is the Browns, I’d be willing to put a trade offer into Cleveland. After all, they face cap hell from next year thanks to Deshaun Watson’s contract. Ownership isn’t great. Maybe you could steal him away — but it would likely be expensive via trade.

Assuming that doesn’t happen, why not look at Alex Van Pelt his offensive coordinator? He’s been in the league a long time. He has ties to Green Bay like Schneider. He’s also the quarterbacks coach in Cleveland and look at what he’s done with Joe Flacco — or P.J. Walker for that matter. Would he be worth an interview?

I would set up an interview with Brian Flores in Minnesota. He did what seemed like a good job in Miami until he was ousted. His Vikings defense is ranked #11 per DVOA. He would be a very different personality to Carroll but that’s not such a bad thing as you initiate change.

Who I don’t think is very likely to be a contender

There’s no way Schneider is appointing Jim Harbaugh. He’s just gained control from Carroll and Harbaugh will command huge personnel sway in his next job. It doesn’t feel like a personality match at all and the thought of Carroll being replaced by his old arch-nemesis doesn’t feel realistic. Further to that, Harbaugh has connections to the Raiders and their owner and might prefer to stay closer to family in Washington with the Commanders. I just can’t see him in Seattle — although I suppose he might like to get after the Niners twice a year.

Mike Vrabel’s personality — I think — could be similar to Schneider’s. I think they have the same sense of humour, based purely on what I’ve gleaned from Vrabel over the years. Even so, he seems destined for New England. If not, you also have to wonder how wise it’d be to go with a coach who just left a job because he didn’t agree with the last two GM’s and the direction of the team. His offensive schemes and hires have also felt archaic at times.

I’d be perfectly happy to take a chance on Kalen DeBoer, who just seems special. However, I think Husky fans can relax. Expect a big contract extension soon. If he ever does end up in the NFL, he’ll likely seek a lot of control. I think Schneider is very much going to be searching for someone from within the NFL.

My preference is…

You have to find a way to stop Shanahan and McVay. There are two ways to do it. Hire an offensive coach who can match their ability and go toe-to-toe. Or, you need to hire a defensive coach with the ability to keep them guessing, not be predictable and get after them.

My preference would be to get a bright offensive mind, make your identity your skill players and focus on point scoring. Schneider is from Green Bay where they traditionally go for offensive-minded coaches with quarterbacks as the focal point of the team. My guess is he will go in that direction, while appointing an experienced defensive coordinator to produce a complementary defense.

I am OK with going for another defensive coach but am more inclined to go with a rising star like MacDonald, leading an impressive unit that is doing more with less, than a re-tread coach who has benefited from star players like Quinn and struggled to produce a great defense in his prior coaching job.

Thank you, Pete Carroll

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was a freelance journalist, sat in the office towards the end of my shift. The report appeared online that Jim Mora had been fired. I saw it on Rotoworld because there was no Twitter back then. Shortly after it was revealed Pete Carroll was likely coming in.

I was excited. Seahawks Draft Blog was two years old. I knew all about USC. I liked the ambitious, flashy hire. It felt like exactly the right appointment for the time.

Mora struggled to set out his vision for the team. After one press conference, Carroll made it abundantly clear what the Seahawks were going to be about.

Right from that 2010 season everything felt like an adventure. There were so many crazy games. Moments that defined an era of NFL football, not just within the Seahawks franchise.

I’ll never forget scaring my poor little dog, George, when celebrating ‘Beastquake’. I remember being in Seattle for Richard Sherman’s first start in 2011. I remember staying up all night to watch a blossoming team beat up the Eagles and bully the Ravens. Then in 2012, the Russell Wilson pick. The win against the Niners in 2012 — perhaps my favourite win and the moment when it felt real, that the Seahawks could actually win a Championship.

My son was born on the day of the win in Houston in 2013. A typical Carroll rollercoaster. I celebrated that win with extra gusto, emotional from a dramatic, long day — after being forced to leave my wife and first-born child in the hospital because she needed to stay overnight and visiting hours were up. The Seahawks made the best day of my life even more special.

The NFC Championship win against the Niners. The Super Bowl.

The legends who were born. One of the greatest defense’s in league history, playing for our team. Marshawn Lynch and Kam Chancellor, setting the tone. Wilson’s brilliance. The LOB.

I have two main teams in my sporting life — the Seahawks and the England national team. I’ll never have more sporting satisfaction in my life than that run between 2011 and 2013.

Things had come to a natural end and I regret that we had to spend as much time as we did discussing it. We couldn’t avoid it though. It was time.

I look forward, now, to reflecting on everything that was great about the early Carroll years. I’ll watch Rain City Redemption again.

And what a press conference to end. As good as it gets. Carroll, highly emotional, ending with a hilarious, killer line.

Q: “If the Bears had won, do you think you’d be in this position?”

A: “Not today!”

It’s going to be a fascinating next few days and weeks — so stick with Seahawks Draft Blog as we’ll be producing articles, streams, videos, radio spots and podcast appearances.


  1. Colin

    What a ride. Thanks, Rob for all the perspective. Pete was the most inspiring and effective coach Seattle has ever. End of an era.

  2. Brodie

    Well said. Looking forward to the next chapter. This off-season just took on a whole new look.

  3. Andy J

    Yep, what a last line!! Couldn’t be more fitting.

  4. Jeremy

    Rob, do you think if the Bears would have won, a) would Dallas have blown our doors off and b) do you think that if they did, the Seahawks still would have made this move?

    • Rob Staton

      Yes this has been coming

      • Jeremy

        I’m an England fan too, but not nearly to the equivalency of the Seahawks. Which was worse? 49 or the Euros a couple years ago?

  5. Peter

    Great stuff. Fascinating day.

    Top of mind we’ve been thinking about Quandre and Adams a ton but I am curious what this means for Geno and Lockett two of Pete’s favorite players.

  6. LouCityHawk

    Carroll sits atop the Seattle sports Mount Rushmore and the Seahawks greats, that is indisputable. I wish he had the wisdom to walk away on his terms and give the chance for the fans to say goodbye, the Carroll farewell is one I would have sparedno expense to attend. I’m appreciative that ownership.stepped in so I could still feel like that.

    Give him his statue, let him be a legend.

    I got started looking at HC candidates in earnest months ago, listened to so many interviews, studied them. I agree 100% that it should be an offensive minded coach.

    Ben Johnson, to me, is the top choice. I’m also suspicious that Johnson’s decision to withdraw from head coaching consideration came after the Seahawks postseason loss. I agree on Slowik and Callahan, and don’t think that Bienemy should be dismissed. One name I would be very intrigued to see is Fleury of the 9ers

    A defensive minded coach doesn’t make sense for all the reasons enumerated. Really for me the list is McDaniel and Quinn. I did see that Weaver (BAL) is getting some HC buzz now, well deserved.

    My optimism has been fully restored. Excited to see the staff get assembled and how they approach the off-season.

    • Anonymous

      Considering that we are in a division with a 2 of the brightest offensive minds in the league it would be imperative to bring in raven dc who shown that he can solve the shanahan problem. Look at the demolition job ravens defence had done on detroit, sf and Miami.

  7. Submanjoe

    Did Brock just suggest Lincoln Reily?

    • BK26

      You mean Cliff Kingsbury lite?

  8. g

    Watch, it’s going to be Nick Saban. Pete said at presser that there was an urgency to make this decision because John had a new hire in mind that would have to be done quickly. Few hours later, Saban resigns.

    • Rob Staton

      He’s retiring

      • Elmer


        Thank you for this very gracious post. My takeaway, besides that Pete Carroll is an exceptional human being, is that it will take 3 strong hires (HC, DC, and OC) to become serious contenders.

        You previous piece on why the Seahawks need to get done is spot on, exceptional. So much so that it could be used as an evaluations guide in the interview process. For example, a less loyal new regime might find it easier to move on from players who don’t fit.

  9. STTBM

    Thanks, Rob, especially for your final portion on memories. I’m a lot more choked up than I thought I’d be at Carrols leaving. I can’t watch Rain City Redemption, just as I’ve never re-watched any of our Super Bowls. Still too fresh of a wound on the losses, and not enough time passed on the win.

    I too want an offensive minded coach, but the Ravens DC is brilliant…I’m not sure about Flores, he treated Tua badly and was dead wrong about him, and I don’t like the idea of having a coach Goodell and the League hate: we get hosed by the refs enough.

    Broke my heart Carrol couldn’t get his team over the SB disaster of 2014. We shoulda won another SB…

    I still think Jody and company should have done this several years ago, but no use crying over spilt milk. I’m not about to sing her praises though, but I’m cautiously optimistic about the future. Let’s see what JS can do.

    Pete Carrol is a legend, and it’s hard to see him go. But perhaps he learns from his hubris of the last few years, and returns to coaching. I wish him the best.

    • Jeremy

      Huge fan of Pete. One stain is that yes, they never got past the second round after that terrible day in Glendale 🙁

      • STTBM

        I wouldn’t call it a stain on Carrol: he did everything you could do, the players just couldn’t move on. Funny, considering the D gave up a 10 point lead in the 4yh quarter, but they are the ones who refused to let go.

  10. RomeoA57

    I have been a Seahawks Fan for 40+ years. Coach Carroll is unquestionably the best coach in Seahawks history, and I am very appreciative for the Super Bowl win and many years of competetive teams.

    My only feelings today were happiness that Pete was no longer Head Coach. I am dissapointed that they are keeping him on as an ‘Advisor’ even though it sounds like a figurehead title.

    Suberbowl winning Head Coach Pete Carroll stayed on way too long. It is unfortunate that he didn’t leave on his own and had to get fired. The 2024 Seahawks were soft and coach seemed incapable of holding his players accountable for poor play or lack of discipline. The handling of Jamal Adams this year was pathetic. Didn’t hold him accountable for his play on the field, or hold him accountable for his pathetic actions off the field. Coach saying that he wanted Adams back next year was deplorable.

    I might be a heartless bastard, but I want coach to only come back to be honored. I do not trust his judgement on player evaluations, or god forbid, coach evaluations.

  11. Jeremy

    Last one from me. Some seem to believe that he was removed as head coach but actually offered a real role as advicor/something in football opps. He mentioned many times in the presser that he’s now “turning it over to Johnny” as if it was his choice.

    Is there a chance he was offered a true titular role as an exec, but just not the HC role, and he wanted to coach so he said “no thanks” and turned it over to John?

    • Rob Staton

      No, this seems like a pure firing

      • Jeremy

        In that case, he was trying to put his best face on it and make it look like he had some say and also support John, who isn’t high enough on the totem pole to have made this decision.

        I do wonder what Jody, Kolbe, and Chuck Arnold (if he was involved which he probably was) saw in John to want him to stick around and help them pick Pete’s replacement.

        • Rob Staton

          He flat out said:

          I competed hard to stay as head coach. So that we could continue to be successful. That’s what I was representing in our discussions.

          There was no saving face. He admitted it. And now, with the decision having been made, he’s being a good bloke and saying he’ll support John.

          • Jeremy

            I saw and heard that. He was fired as coach. I was just curious if he was offered an executive role and turned it down for John.

            • Rob Staton

              No, he wasn’t offered that

          • JimQ

            If there was any truth to the reported 2025 being an option year, wouldn’t the firing also be called “not renewing his contract for the option year”?

      • Jeremy


      • Gross MaToast

        I wonder how long he’s known? John has allegedly been scouting coaches for two months. That’s something that seems difficult to keep under wraps within the building. I think the Williams trade was specifically for Pete to have his best final go – which somehow, I don’t mind as much now. After the last home win over the Eagles, he came back out on the field afterward to soak it all in one final time. He pitched on Sunday that he was “not worn out.” It seems clear that he’s known for some time and he doesn’t want to go. I doubt that anyone else offers, but Pete will forever be connected with the LOB. Not a bad legacy.

        Bobby Slowik
        Ben Johnson
        Mike MacDonald

        I think each would bring a great new and necessary energy to the franchise.

        Great work today, Rob. It’s going to be a very interesting week or two around here.

  12. DJ 1/2 way

    When the big events happen we come here to see what Rob and this community have to say, especially if it is something that has been discussed here for months or even years. Great job Rob! Cheers to all the great content to come.

    DJ 1/2 Way comes from 1/2 way between Seattle and Portland. I do follow the Blazers and just wanted to add that trading Damian Lillard was another bold move by Seahawk ownership. Likely it was bigger than the Blazer coach and even Russell Wilson. Lillard was still at his peak and coming off one of his best years ever, and the top player on a team of less than 15 players in a one team town.

  13. James

    Rob, simply amazing contact. Not only one of but my FAVORITE website. My sometimes unhealthy fascination with the team building aspect in sports is well fed – thanks to you and your hard work!

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you James

      • Elmer

        In your opinion does Shane Waldron have an OK future in the NFL?

        • Rob Staton

          I thought he was underwhelming in every way

  14. Palatypus

    Thanks to the NFL Network, I know exactly what to say to Pete Carroll today.


  15. Anthony

    New regimes mean new QBs. Geno and Jamal have their tickets out of town now.

    Speaking of QBs, has Michael Penix become the most overrated QB during this entire draft cycle? Sites like PFF and Mel Kiper cementing him as a top 10 pick. Seems so frustrating when people base their opinions on “He was the runner up in the Heisman and roasted Texas” but ignore all the injuries, bad games, and age.

    • BK26

      No. I’d say JJ McCarthy is more overrated. Still talked about about a 1sr rounder when he’s played like a Day 3 guy.

  16. Orcas Viking

    Today is equally satisfying to the day the team traded Russell Wilson. It’s unfortunate that both events did not occur at the same time. On a different note…perhaps I am over reading Pete’s comments today, but he appeared to suggest the JS operated as Robin, rather than Batman, these last 14 years. Pete said he was excited to see what JS is able to do with taking full control. So, perhaps we can place the blame for a lot of the trades, hires and draft picks at Carrol’s feet and that JS was a reluctant side kick.

  17. whit21

    Listening to the first few minutes of the press conference. It sounded pretty clear in Pete-isms that he was asked to step down. Then when questions started, he basically flat out said he competed to remain the coach.

    It feels a little bit like last seasons end. When they had their meeting, it felt like it could have happened last season that Pete steps down. Didn’t sound like it from Pete’s perspective, but credit to ownership that said ‘enough is a enough’.. We have a higher expectation, and that’s what its gonna be.

    Hearing Mike Holmgren on KJR, he was saying Chuck Knox always said you have about 8 years. The message gets old and you might need to move on. After 2016 it felt like Pete was losing what he and JS built, but you had a few players left and a franchise QB to turn it around. Sadly, he never did. It was a long time coming and only hindsight will tell you thats a fact now. They were never competitive in the playoff games they did get to play in and Pete lost the magic that was 2012 to 2016.

    At the end of 2017 season pete would have had more than 8 years. Paul Allens health and passing probably prolonged his stay, but there comes a time when you have to move on. Didnt sound like Pete wanted to, but again to commend the leadership. They did the right thing.

    Let the coaching speculations and news commence and a new dawn on Seahawks football, predraft coverage, the draft, and to see what JS can really do.

  18. Palatypus

    With all the bombs going off today, here is a link to the Senior Bowl reveal show last night, in case you missed it.


    The big news is that the 5th quarterback spot has been taken by Sam Hartman of Notre Dame. There is one spot remaining.

  19. Henry Taylor

    Man, listening to Pete’s press conference has got me quite emotional. It was time for this happen, but sad to watch him go.

    As well as being a hugely successful coach, he was also an outstanding leader and human. So many head coaches in this league come off as toxic terrible people who dont care for their players at all, but Pete was a guy I was proud to have in charge of my football team.

  20. Chris J

    Carroll gave us so many glorious games. Untold step counts, pacing around the living room late at night as we toughed out seemingly so many one score games. His teams performances gave me the impetus to reach out and speak to you, Rob, and have always appreciated the opportunity to converse. My eldest was born in 2013 and now always asks me on a Monday morning how the Seahawks got on. It’s been an amazing ride, an incredible tenure, that could and should’ve been more. Tonight is about looking at the past and celebrating the good times. Tomorrow is for looking to the future. There are two main sporting teams in my life. My other team has spent 23 years chopping and changing managers and coaches and not going anywhere . It’s been great to follow a team that had continuity and that brought with it, success. For that we should all say thank you!

  21. Alasdair

    Hey Rob,

    I began reading this blog in High School. The year Aaron Curry was drafted if I recall right. Your section about the Caroll hire really resonates because I remember logging in CONSTANTLY to the website to see your thoughts on the whole Jim Mora to Pete Caroll transition. And I remember having exactly the same thoughts. Recollection is a lot of folks were skeptical about it. But I also thought Caroll was just the shot in the arm the Seahawks needed. And that probably earned you a lifetime reader for it.

    Now, years later, I’m in my frickin 30s! And am thinking the same is needed as back then. Just needs a shot in the arm. And if it touches anything close to 2011-2013 (I highly doubt, that’s a once in a lifetime run if you ask me). Look forward to the change!

    About Caroll, I’m appreciative of his making PNW Football relevant. Time has taken me so far from my home. (From Washington, to Arizona, now to North Carolina), but I’ll always be a Washingtonian at heart.

    Really appreciate all your coverage of the Seahawks. It’s really the only site I go to follow them (or anything) Football related these days. Through waxing and waning interest in Football vs all the other priorities of life, always come back to the Seahawks Draft Blog.

    • ArmyHawk

      Wild, that was when I started reading the blog as well at about the same age! What a fantastic run it has been and how exciting it is just to have some change again. Even if it ends up being worse the same ole same ole of the last few years has really put a damper on my Seahawks fandom.

  22. Seattle Murphy

    You sure had that bullet in the chamber! Great breakdown, Rob, on a big day of change.

    Seahawks, Chargers, Falcons, Raiders, Panthers, Commanders, Titans. Perhaps New England.

    Of the open head coaching franchises I think Seattle has a lot of potential appeal in roster, GM and environment.

    I hope you might provide some future analysis on the varied teams searching for a new HC, and who among these candidates could be good matches with which organizations.

    • Anonymous

      SEA ownership clearly lets the football people run the team, and then evaluates the results at season end. That *must* be an attractive feature for this opening. They’ll let the football people do pretty much anything during the season, chuck around draft picks, coddle peacocks, anything. And on black Monday they evaluate. A person needs only a basic understanding of sport (10 yrds for a 1st down in this game … give up 9 yrds on 1st, and a bunch fully extenuated chest pounding celebrations is a really bad look, the whole Adams twitter thing and the pseudo mea culpa a really bad look, etc.) and it was very fundamentally plain to see this franchise was going nowhere fast and had lost its mojo. Any clear headed business person could se this, one does not nee to be a football guru to see this.

      I’ve always felt JS accomplishments have really confined to when been Scott McCloughan is in the building but that is ok, it is what I GM is supposed to do, bring in and listen to capable people.

      So now I can look forward to following every single move and rumor as opposed to barely giving hoot.

      Bring on the churn.

  23. Bertelli

    I prefer offensive minded and would be fine with Ben Johnson. I’d also like to see them interview Eric Bienemy. Look what he did while at KC in developing Mahomes. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the KC offense fell off a cliff without him around. I know he’s been interviewed a ton and hasn’t gotten any jobs yet, but that’s the kind of guy I’d like to see AND you can interview him right away. I’m afraid they’ll wait for Quinn while other teams will swoop in and grab all the good candidates.

    • Dregur

      I just have a feeling Bienemy is the Anti Pete for better or worse. He might swing the the culture too much the wrong way, and I think there’s a reason he hasn’t been hired as a HC despite all the success as an OC.

  24. CHaquesFan

    It’s been a wonderful era of Seahawks football seldom matched by any other team, however over the past couple of years it came to its end. I’ll forever remember watching the peak LOB shut down offense after offense, Sherman running with his shoe off down the sideline, the Superbowl beatdown, the Russ miracle wins and scramble drills, and even the Geno-ssiance.
    It truly was a great decade to be a Seahawks fan

  25. Snicko

    Jim Harbaugh is the dream choice. He won National Championship with a team ranked 15th in talent thats is goated. Was great in the NFL, also plus will want to stick it the niners.

    • Rob Staton

      It aint happening bud

  26. Hebegbs

    Great write up Rob. Really agree with everything you have said here and great job celebrating Carroll in the end. He’s a class act and took our beloved team to the top! This was the correct decision by ownership today to part ways.

    Good luck to Carroll in whatever he does next. I hope he stays around the franchise but more as a legacy than an influencer in any way.

    I’m very excited about the process in front of the Hawks to find our new team leader. Look forward to all the rumors and to the day this ultimately settles out and we have our guy.

  27. bmseattle

    Watching Pete’s presser, a couple of things stood out to me.

    1. Pete is a great guy, and his passion for success and supporting others is very admirable.
    2. He’s justifiably proud of his accomplishments here, as he should be. The man is a coaching legend and I’ll always be appreciative for what he did for The Seahawks and the fans.

    3. It’s very clear that Pete would *never* have left on his own. It’s just not in his DNA. He would *always* think he could “battle” and “fight” and “work” and get back to the glory that he once built.
    So… this move was necessary.
    As Pete said, “It’s a blessing and a curse”.
    He would never back down or give up. It’s what made him great, and, unfortunately, what led to him hanging on too long.

  28. nfendall

    Excellent write up as always, Rob!

    I am very ready for something fresh and new, but the press conference today was really great to see and sent the memories from the last 14 years flooding back. My favorite memory is the NFC Championship game against the 49ers that got Carroll and the new look Seahawks to their first Superbowl. I was very fortunate to be able to attend that game and the atmosphere was absolutely electric. Easily one of the greatest moments of my life and by far the greatest sports moment in my life.

    Thank you, Pete! It was a hell of a ride.

    • KennyBadger

      That was the only game I’ve ever seen in my life in Seattle. Talked my wife into flights, hotel, and secondary market tickets. Barhopped, tailgated, met awesome people, Seahawks won, the niners lost, partied after- entire day was worth every expense. However I am now required to say it was the second best day in my life in comparison to my wedding day. Pete Carroll played a big role in making that happen and I’ll remember that day as long as I live (the game that is).

  29. SEAhemoth82

    I loved reading that you we’re in Seattle for Richard Sherman’s first start because I too was at that game against the Bengals. If I remember correctly, he also got his first career interception and told AJ Green that he’d seen better hands on a snake.

    • Rob Staton

      Me and my poor suffering wife were there 😂

      • SEAhemoth82

        She’s clearly a champion Rob!

        • Rob Staton

          She really is

    • HawkfaninMT

      This was the game Andy Dalton was a late scratch and a back up started and they still beat our Hawks

  30. Lord Snow

    As a guy who wanted Pete gone since 2016 and thought he would be here until the next ice age I’m thrilled that I was wrong and I will tip my hat to Jodi. For Better or For Worse This team just got exciting again

    • Curt

      Snow, Exactly how I feel and have felt since 2016. Exciting indeed!

  31. HawkFanGA

    Firstly…just want to say THANK YOU to Rob for your live stream and content on this historic day of Seahawks football.

    I am so thankful for Pete Carroll and what he brought to this organization. I will never forget all of the special moments throughout the 2011-2013 season. Pete’s leadership and legacy should not be forgotten. After all, he is the only Head Coach to bring a championship to Seattle. And the way he did it was just as memorable. Stealing guys like Kam Chancellor and Richard Sherman in the later rounds of the draft and developing them into key pieces of a vaunted defense that will be talked about for generations to come. Trading for a centerpiece running back like Marshawn Lynch is also something that Pete should be remembered for. Truly grateful for the best coach that the Seahawks have ever had.

    For all of the praise, there are lots of areas to criticize about Pete and the Seahawks lack of performance over the past few years. Simply put, I agree with most fans on this site that it was time to move on.

    Looking forward with anticipation for this next chapter of Seattle football. Go Seahawks!

  32. slartibartfast42

    I like that Pete is rooting for John and the “advisor” role suggest he’d help out if asked. Honestly, that won’t happen, but the body of work that Pete produced while here points unwaveringly to how the coach needs to not only a good leader, but a champion of the players who can empower them to do things beyond even their best athletic talents. That’s one of the best things Pete has given the Hawks–that you can treat this like a “program” in the college sense and grow and develop a championship team, and that’s as important as having brilliant schemes that outsmart your opponents. I’m optimistic that John will hire the right guy and not make the mistakes so many organizations make where they fall in love with brilliant schemes and ignore how important the people are to the entire Hawks team. In lots of ways, I think that’s one of the best things Pete has brought to the organization and could be a pillar of his legacy.

  33. 805Hawk

    I am more excited and interested in Seahawk football than I have been in four years! The future is wide open. Even if we go through some tough times, it’s gonna be interesting again!

    • Peter


      Stoked to see what happens next. Who they draft, free agents all of it.

      • BobbyK

        I am expecting a boring free agency period. I believe they will try to add compensatory picks for 2025 and won’t be reckless with that formula. I also think they’ll try to add back a pick or two in the draft re: ’25 since Pete has already thrown one away. We’ll see.

  34. BobbyK

    You can tell more than ever that Schneider was second fiddle all these years (we knew it as fact the first decade). I had hoped things changed especially last off-season, but it appears it was Mediocre Pete or Penalty Pete who definitely ordered the Jamal Adams trade and gave up future assets to rent Leonard Williams.

    Good riddance to that type of behavior that was 100% opposite of how the Seattle Seahawks built up that great team from 2011-2012 in the first place. I still know/believe the ’11 team was better than the ’13 team that lost in the Super Bowl. They were young/hungry and up and coming (thanks, Gus, for giving Ryan the free drive at the end of the Falcons game). The ’13 group was dominated at home by the Packers and only had the 1-seed thanks to a tie-breaker with themselves, Packers, and Cowboys. By then, players had become entitled (see Chancellor holdout the following training camp).

    I hope Schneider has learned his lessons and has enough job security to actually attack 2024 for what it is… another 2010 when you try to add picks, not waste them… when you try to build for the future, not focus solely on now… if I see those types of moves, even if it means a 5-12 season next year – it’ll make me happy.

    I don’t mind rebuilding if you do it the right way. I do mind continually trying to tread water.

  35. Rob Staton

    VSiN video from earlier, check it out:


    • whit21

      great interview.. Wish I could interview at a TV level…(I had a job interview today)

      As good as I think I am in my chosen profession, interviewing is another level.

      One aspect that I heard in the Pete Carroll press conference. He noted that the culture they built from his time at USC.. Having a player driven and appreciative franchise. We all know they took care of players and did things that other teams didn’t do. Pete talked at length about having a player driven league and what he wanted for this franchise. Which was good for the team for a little while, but towards the end wasn’t a good look to the media and then the fans.

      I would just say, mentioning that aspect as Pete’s legacy would be a good thing. Maybe they didn’t get the free agent signings we all wanted, but they made the players feel like this was a destination. It was interesting that Pete talked about asking players where Seattle, Wa was.. “they thought it was almost alaska.” There’s many players that got to the PNW and they don’t leave. Mike Holmgren still lives in the Seattle area. Its a different place. I think the best we can all do is appreciate the legacy and the positive things Pete said was the team that cares more than most franchises about players, and to be player first.

      It sucks that it probably brought this team down in the later years, but it was a driving force for the best years this city has had.

    • Palatypus

      Great bit. Succinct, organized, efficient.

      • Rob Staton

        Thanks man

        • Peter

          The bit was great!!

          • Rob Staton

            Thanks Peter

  36. pdway

    As you and others have stated, this immediately makes everything so much more interesting and fun to be invested in again. It’s great to know that ownership isn’t satisfied with where we’ve been, b/c for all the conversation on this site – this wasn’t an easy firing. We never really bottomed out record-wise, but this season that ended was as dreary as we’ve endured in a really long time.

    I appreciate this post full of memories – it’s been a pretty great run. Like others, my top sports moment of all time was that NFC Title win over the Niners – the SB was the cherry – but it was house money after that incredibly gratifying and energizing win over those rivals.

    My son is my biggest Seahawk buddy – we live and die w the team on Sundays – he’s 22 now, and was commenting that he can barely remember any coaches pre-Pete – so yeah, it’s been a pretty long run.

    Here’s to what’s next….

    • Peter

      That nfc game was magic. The two toughest teams in the league.

      One of my all time favorite moments in sports.

      • Orcas Viking

        Yes, and it started perfectly with Ann Wilson singing the National Anthem.

        • Peter

          Forgot that. Thanks!!

  37. Palatypus

    How’s this for a plan? We hire Slowik or Callaghan to be the head coach, then snag quarterbacks coach Brian Griese from San Francisco to be the offensive coordinator.

  38. Peter

    Have we all considered that Mike Macdonald is basically just waiting his turn to run the Ravens. Dude is great. But I didn’t know until after I watched his press conference that he’s been there forever just moving up.

  39. Ground_Hawk

    A well written and fair summary for a Seattle legend. Great work, Rob. This decision has given a jolt to this franchise that has been needed for some time. Good luck, Pete, and thanks for the memories.

    Now go get Rattler JS!

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you!

  40. cha

    This is one great writeup Rob. Well said, all of it.

    I was there for so many magic moments facilitated by Pete.

    Russell Wilson’s first preseason game
    The Niners/Harbaugh games
    The Fail Mary game
    The MNF Detroit “Kam punch” game
    The MNF Carolina “Earl breaks his leg and tweets cryptic retirement” game
    The Rams “Tyler Lockett toe tap/missed Rams FG” game
    The 2014 season opener/banner hanging/Green Bay tail-kicking game
    The 2019 game in SF when Clowney, Diggs and RW sparked an OT win

    And so many more I can’t think of this minute.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks man

  41. Greg

    To piggyback of the Quinn comments I wouldnt want him either. Just feels like your continuing to hire “Petes” guys even know he wouldnt have much to do with it. Id also rather got with a Johnson, Slowik or Callahan then let an older DC take over the defense. Im guessing the Chargers might get first pick of those guys as they are the most stable at QB.

  42. Palatypus

    I’ll bet you can’t look at this and not vomit.


  43. pdway

    ah, man – – just watching Pete’s press conference. didn’t realize it was so emotional. he’s a good guy. maybe overstayed his time by a year or two…but who among us wouldn’t want to hold onto something like he had. it’s time – but it makes me sad/nostalgic.

  44. Big Mike

    First of all, I’m having a drink tonight in celebration which during the week is very rare. A celebration was in order.

    Secondly, I’m with what Rob said in the stream that maybe now the franchise can look forward instead of back.

    Lastly, myself and many others implored you to walk away before getting fired Pete. I will say you accepted it with class and dignity but I wish you had stepped away on your own. I’m one of the biggest Beatles fans in the world, so big I have “Beatles” tattooed on my left arm, but sadly I feel like Paul McCartney should’ve walked away about 5 or 6 years ago because his voice just isn’t good anymore. It saddens me to see greatness stay too long and I feel the same about Pete. That said, thanks for many great memories Pete. It was incredible to be the best after 48.

  45. SEAhemoth82

    I only attended a couple games during the Carroll era as I always preferred to watch the Seahawks from the comfort of my home.

    In 2011, I attended the game when the Ravens came to town. I sat in the South End Zone, 10 rows back. I really wanted to see Ray Lewis play as I was a big fan of his football play and on the field leadership. Not to mention also seeing Ed Reed, and Terrell Suggs in action.

    The Seahawks won this game, and the experience was incredible in regards to the momentum that Carroll was building as a coach and the roster he was putting together. I got to witness the LOB cutting it’s teeth against a strong offense lead by Joe Flacco. I watched Mike Rob absolutely BURY Ray Lewis on a run block up the middle where Lewis was put on his a**. We all could here the pads hit when the play happened. It was unreal.

    Kam Chancellor brutalized Anquan Bolden on a deep pass, T Jack played with a torn pectoral muscle, Max Unger went at it with Haloti Ngata snap after snap, and Marshawn Lynch broke Ray Lewis’ toe with a filthy juke on a run to ice the game.

    This game was so LOUD. My voice was hoarse for over three days and my ears took about to days to recover.

  46. Palatypus

    Colin Cowherd on Twitter:

    Two sources confirmed to me late this afternoon, that Bama athletic director Greg Byrne, knowing that Nick Saban retiring was always a possibility, has had his eyes on Kalen DeBoer for some time. Byrne is highly respected.


    If I see him at the Thursday Senior Bowl practice, that is a bad sign.

    • Rob Staton

      One thing we have to remember here — I think Saban is retiring because of NIL’s changing the game

      I’m not sure if Alabama will be ‘that’ appealing if they’re struggling to compete financially with other teams. I also think coaches are going to get burnt out quicker

      Replacing Saban is a daunting task for anyone — so it’ll be interesting to see who fancies it

      Personally I’d expect a massive new contract for DeBoer at UW

      • Palatypus

        I agree. And Seattle versus Tuscaloosa is like Godzilla versus Bambi.

        But Jim Nagy lives and works in Mobile. Obviously, he’s nuts.

  47. Big Mike

    And a huge thank you to Jody. I doubted you’d do this. I appreciate your desire to win and in doing so also honor your brother’s memory/legacy. I was one of the people that didn’t think you’d make this change. Definitely happy to be wrong.

  48. Rob Staton

    New video on my channel discussing possible Pete Carroll replacements:


  49. Denver Hawker

    Seeing Bears request to interview Waldron got me thinking, if Hurtt gets a DC job (however unlikely), would we get comp picks?

    • Palatypus

      I think that how it works is that if you hire a minority assistant to be a head coach you get a second-round pick.

      I’ll pass.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think so — it’s not a promotion and we’ve given them all permission to speak to other teams

    • cha

      Nope. HC or GM brings the picks, nothing else.

  50. GoHawks5151

    Man, Pete protected the team til the bitter end. Wouldn’t sell out management even after they got rid of him. He lives his beliefs, and never put anything above the relationships. I respect the heck out of him as a coach and man. I know the advisor role seems like BS but hopefully he can help the team in some way because he really has a lot to give still. Excited to see what the next guy can do

    • cha

      I agree it’s not his nature, but the golden parachute sure salves a lot of things over.

  51. Cysco

    Good takes from Cowherd


  52. cha

    When big change like this happens, I always look back and wonder what could have been differently.

    For instance, after SB49, there was about 18 months with guys like Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas still in their prime. Michael Bennett and Javon Kearse as guys who had struck gold as UDFA’s and had trade value.

    There was talk the Seahawks would follow the Belichick mold and trade at peak value and churn the roster.

    Of course, the fan outcry would have been very hard to take. But cashing out your winnings and infusing your team with a whole new generation of talent. Talent that hadn’t gotten bored of PC’s message. Or gotten big contracts and were within a year or two of showing some unhealthy traits.

    If Pete and John had taken a deep breath and transformed the team into a Russ-led team and just reinvested all those picks gained into OL/DL and then bought a couple top young free agent pass rushers and maybe a safety to pair with Kam. Maybe a free agent offensive weapon instead of trading for Jimmy Graham and keeping Unger as the trench warrior he was.

    I honestly would love to see what that alternate timeline would look like.

    • nfendall

      Assuming you meant Jermaine Kearse, but you bring up a good point. As excellent as Pete was as a coach for the first half of the 2010s, he was loyal to a fault. Being able to make business decisions to trade some of those names would have likely made the most sense, but that just isn’t Pete.

      I would be very interested to see the alternate timeline as well.

    • GoHawks5151

      So hard to predict though. Those were some lean drafts after 2013 or 14. Schneider may not have been on his game. Also as we have seen now, just because they have more picks doesn’t mean they work out. Current they have drafted a lot of defense and still don’t have a lot to show for it. They whiffed on Britt, Carp, Moffitt etc too. Makybe they dedicate those picks to OL/DL and get nothing. You never know.

  53. Blind Hope

    The head coach decision may be the biggest decision of Schneider’s career. Get it right and he’s likely in the Hall of Fame. Get it wrong and he’s likely fired in two years along with the coach. It should be fascinating to see who he picks, and pretty insightful as to what he values.

  54. Denver Hawker

    Upon more reflection: seeing soooo many former players saying nice things about Pete.

    Says a lot and makes me wonder about how many guys had their best years with him giving so much encouragement only to be average or flame out in other cultures. Certainly wasn’t for everyone and more impressionable on younger guys/draft picks. For all the vanilla schemes, undisciplined play, clock management, and, oh my the challenge flags, his positivity and energy probably kept the team competitive most years.

    I do wonder what could have been if he handed over the X and O’s to brighter minds and stuck with motivation- powerful combination.

    Might be my algorithm, but I’m not seeing the same former player sentiment shared for Saban (mainly coaches), despite leading more championships.

    Pete will probably someday be more remembered for his culture and how he treated people than for his on-field success which is more enduring as a legacy for its rarity. One of a kind.

    • Peter

      It’s an incredible legacy he created. Letting players do their thing and see their ceilings instead of caring about their floor.

      Sure he had a type(s). But if you wanted to go all out the job was yours.

      Hope John does an incredible job. One wonders many things. To me I’m grateful the games as we were building.

      You mad bro game and others…..

      • pdway

        there was a time when – at least apart from the X’s and O’s part of things – that Pete was an innovator. Weren’t we among the first NFL teams to embrace things like healthier food in training camps, and yoga?

        agree w Denver’s post – his positivity, energy, ability to motivate – were a very legit asset for a long time.

        • Peter

          Listened to Golden Tate tonight and he agreed with your thought. Best facilities, food, the trainers at the time.

          And…..he ( to a fault maybe?) Never gives up on players.

  55. Murphy

    Rob, thank you as always for the incredible content. It blows my mind how many times you have you have been right over the years. Not only right, but on point months before anyone else. Whether it was you stating during the college season that Haason Reddick would be a top 20 pick (when no one else was talking about him) or correctly linking Ifedi to the Seahawks. Year after year, you are on it! I am so pumped for this off-season and the hope and excitement that comes with big changes. Two questions:

    1. You have been great at figuring out the kind of players PC/JS look for. Will the coaching choice affect how you scout for them? Or do you think it will be consistent since John is still there?

    2. I love the coaches you mentioned and will admit that I am not well versed on the personalities and baggage some coaches bring. But what about Bienamy? The Chiefs have flat out said he brought accountability (the Seahawks need that). He has kept the Washington offense afloat despite their lack of talent. He helped develop Patrick Mahome’s and there just so happens to be a QB that you’ve described as a poor man’s Patrick Mahome’s in this draft. Do you think he is a possibility? Or am I giving him credit too much credit.

    Cheers and thanks again!

    • Peter

      I’m low key stoked to see draft board open up.

      Watched Cam brit-taylor and couldn’t help thinking dang him with witherspoon would look amazing.

      But there was always these types. At the time he didn’t fit.

      Bigger olinemen? 33″ arms ideal but are 32 and change arms in play? Still old school TE’s are “y” te’s in play. Feels like it’s all possible.

    • Rob Staton

      Murphy, thank you. I really appreciate you highlighting this. To answer your questions:

      1. Quite possibly it could. There might be some serious crossover with Schneider actually adopting/inclufencing a lot of the scouting models. Or it could be very different. I’m intrigued to find out.

      2. My interest in Bieniemy has cooled a bit since Howell’s season collapsed. Plus the fact he isn’t getting interview requests anywhere, having been passed over so many times. There has to be a reason for that.

  56. 12th chuck

    grateful, sad, and excited

  57. Rowdy

    Deboer was the first coach I though of. Definitely worth the risk but I hope he stays with the Dawgs. I can Alabama calling as well.

  58. Mike


    The last section thanking Pete and sharing your personal memories of this era is fantastic…personal, relatable, and exactly what being a fan of a team is all about.

    I’m excited for whatever the next era brings and happy that this website will part of it. Thank you for all you do.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you Mike, I really appreciate that

  59. Forrest

    I am so thankful that this decision was made before other teams start hiring their coaches. It’s great that we have all options available to us, and can take our time to do a lot of interviews and get this right. I’m also thankful that this issue is behind us.

    …and the offseason just got a whole lot more interesting!

  60. Old but Slow

    The first decision for me is do we find our coach sooner or later.

    Early to get the cream? Or, wait on a guy who wants to be here. The Seahawks have to be attractive. Organization, facilities, fan base, environment, recreation (fishing!) and I could go on.

    Obviously, I think the team should be patient.

  61. HawkfaninMT

    Hypothetically, if LA calls and PC wants to coach there… does Seattle have to let him given they did not fire him? Would there be trade compensations given like Sean Payton yo Denver?

  62. Andy Heck #66

    Great youtube hit on the candidates. Intrigued by the double Callahan combo.

    Ben Johnson or Callahan duo are my early hopes.

  63. McZ

    Tbh, if Schneider gave us Quinn, he should be instantly fired as well.

    It’s the whole philosphy of playing hard fought close games that is failing. We need a HC with the will and means to outscore an opponent. A guy, who can take his offense to new heights, while delegating his defense.

    In 2021, I though Mike McDaniel has to be that guy, and he indeed is. This opportunity has passed, so Slowik to me is the guy. Add Staley as DC, and we’re good to go.

  64. M. Brown

    Great article.
    The NFL came to me in 1984 watching on British TV and watching Seattle as the big underdogs in the playoffs and thought that’s my team. I attended the 86 Bears showpiece game at Wembley Stadium. Shortly after gained a season ticket at Arsenal FC (which i still have).
    The next 20years my only NFL came via serveral vacations across The Pond and any NFL game I could attend.
    Then in the early/mid 2000s with the internet more British TV coverage I started following The Seahawks results and reports weekly. Since then Pete Carroll’s Seahawks has been fantastic to follow and watch – what a great coach and so many great games had me staying up all night and waking up my household with me cheering and shouting at the TV – it’s does feel like the right time now to move on.
    Thanks Pete – Legend – and now very excited about the possibilities of the next era

  65. GF

    Hello Rob, another great article as usual, my number one in defensive terms would be McDonald and not Quinn, however I would like to ask you something (I agree with you, we should go for an offensive-minded HC): do you think John would be more inclined towards an HC with a defensive mind that can fix this defense and hire a new OC to improve the offense? …. in the end the worst thing we have is the defense and the offense is “decent” (although it should be excellent because of the weapons we have)…. even wanting a coach with an offensive mind I think having McDonald or Quinn and hiring a Keleen Moore (it just occurred to me, not that I like him very much) I think we would be (supposedly obviously) a very good team, what do you think? I know I’m taking it almost for granted that these 2 coaches would fix the defense and it doesn’t work that way, but it’s made me think about whether I prefer an offensive-minded HC who hires a coach for defense or a defensive-minded coach who hires an OC that can improve something that is already “decent”

    • Rob Staton

      Something to remember — John is from Green Bay. They have consistently appointed offensive-minded coaches. John is also a big QB guy and loves that side of the ball.

  66. Jo

    The firing of Pete and your suggestion of the Detroit OC has given me hope for the first time since 2017. I was so wrong about Jody and so glad to be so. I’m so confident she’s all in like Paul but she’s way smarter then most people think.

  67. Jo

    I think offense is the way to go we have awesome talent there already and with a young and actual top tier quarterback we will be dangerous next year and after we fix the defense we will be in the mix for real.

    We just need to cut all the overpaid guys and try to sign Locke to a fair1-2 year deal and let John go get his guys without Grandpa Pete fucking him over in every possible way.

    Fact is we will suck for probably 2 years until we recover from Pete’s bullshit “we are close bullshit” and get more dogs like Devon and a real quarterback.

  68. Jo

    Let’s be the Miami Dolphins for a couple years their defense is disastrous but their offense is wicked and they’re in the playoffs and have a real chance to fuck people up.

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