BREAKING: Pete Carroll out as Seahawks coach

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  1. GerryG

    Oh thank goodness

  2. Troy D

    HALLELUJAH!!! Not that I dont respect what Carroll did for this franchise but this has been needed for half a decade. We all know it. Ready for a new chapter in Seahawks football. Whatever may come.

  3. Stephen H

    Statement from Jody. Pete stays on as an ‘advisor’

    • chavac

      This is awesome, and I’m glad he’s sticking around (as a non-HC).

      • Pran

        that’s a nice way of saying he is fired but recognizing his service

      • Troy D

        I am 50/50 on that. Cause Im worried it maybe limits who we may pursue if he has a say in the room on the next Head Coach. Will he be willing to go for a Ben Johnson or just go a Dan Quinn route? Someone who has been a head coach. Just dont know if he will be encouraging being bold on someone like Johnson or Bieniemy.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          I don’t think so.

          It’s Schneider’s team now. The choice will be primarily his.

    • Chris

      Hopefully this is more ceremonial than anything. I don’t actually want Pete advising on anything, that’s probably his biggest weakness. I don’t want him involved in hiring decisions, I don’t want his opinions on trades to be heard, and I certainly don’t want him advising on contract matters. If he wants to raise the 12th man flag every week and do Rah-Rah stuff, fine. Please don’t listen to this guy on team-building decisions though. Great coach, but that’s really about it.

  4. Jonathan Stacey


  5. Pran

    Pete had every opportunity to gracefully retire or transition.

    anyway, a good decision finally

    • Blitzy the Clown

      This is graceful. There will be no bashing of Pete on his way out. He is and always will be Seahawks legend.

      • Picklematrix

        Hear hear. He made the right call to bow out with dignity. Good for him. Couldn’t have been easy for a competitor of his nature. Build the man a statue now. This town doesn’t have a Super Bowl championship without him. I’ll be forever grateful for that. And I advocated strongly for his departure.

        • Gary

          Are you paying attention? He said publicly he fully intended to be back next season. If he wanted to “bow out with dignity”, he’s had plenty of opportunity to do so and should have done years ago. This was a firing, plain and simple.

          • WLO333

            As for Pete, I never expected (or maybe even want?) a guy supposedly that competetive and driven for greatness to give up so easily, and just hang it up on his own. That’s what you have ownership for. And, for their part, I think they made the right move.

            Now, should he have been able to self evaluate himself a little better, and realize he wasn’t cutting it? Did the relentless drive for positivity cause him to not sufficiently realize and address weaknesses in himself and his personnel? When was the last time we heard about “tell the truth Monday”? Was that applied much to his coaches or himself any more?

            I’m just not that convinced that retained the “always compete” mantra into recent years. You know, the one that allowed for a minimum cost free agent felt he had a chance to supplant a high salaried entrenched starter. Or that if you didn’t do your job up to par, that the organization would be actively looking to get better at your position.

            But, maybe he just couldn’t mentally keep up with the Shannahans or McVay’s of the wotld, which is OK. Such is life.

            I think the organization is moving forward in a positive and amicable way, allowing Pete to continue to have that encouraging influence, while allowing for some fresh new ideas to hopefully take us a creative and productive direction.

          • Picklematrix

            Yep. Like many on here I parsed that statement carefully. Much like his statement that he didn’t intend to trade Russell Wilson shortly before he…traded Russell Wilson.

  6. Submanjoe

    I don’t want Pete involved in personnel decisions…
    Of course to save his pride and ego it’s an “amicable” decision.

  7. ShowMeYourHawk

    Thankful for the great years Pete ushered in but SOOOOOO relieved. Hopefully this means that Pete’s guys (Geno, Bobby, Jamal, Tater, Nate) are all elsewhere next year.

    A new dawn awaits us, SDB! Go Hawks!!!!

  8. BrandoK

    This is the new that we all were waiting for. Jody finely made a tough decision that was needed to happen for this franchise.
    At least Pete got a win in his last game for Seattle as a HC.

  9. cha

    Pete is scheduled to meet with the media at 1pm.

    If this was “quit or you’re fired, we’ll just call it a mutual parting” I doubt they’d put him in front of a camera and give him a mic.

    • BrandoK

      Yeah it felt like a ultimatum for Pete either go gracefully or not into the sunset.

    • Pran

      on the flip side, this gives Pete an opportunity to say he is going out on his own and close the book

  10. chavac

    Part of me thinks they already have a replacement lined up. Wonder if Pete staying as advisor makes Dan Quinn coming back more likely.

    • Jonathan Stacey

      Most likely, but you never want to be the guy after THE GUY, you want to be the guy after the guy after THE GUY. It’s gonna take a while for Seattle to ween themselves off Pete but at least the process has begun.

  11. UkAlex6674


  12. CD

    Pinch me! I am so happy.

  13. CL

    [Rapoport] #Cowboys DC Dan Quinn would quickly be considered a strong candidate to replace Pete Carroll, who now exits as HC.

    • Gary Garland

      I have seen that from a few analysts. I think it is just lazy reporting. Would have to hope that their search is going to go much deeper than that.

    • Pran

      it does not sound like he is speculating…some leak?

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      *audibly dry heaves*

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Rapsheet impersonating Captain Obvious

      Either that or he’s just being lazy

    • Chris

      Breaking news: Seahawks fire Pete Carroll as coach.

      New breaking news: Seahawks hire Pete Carroll as coach

      Feels like lazy reporting from people that didn’t realize Pete was even on the hot seat.

  14. Thomas

    I just hope it’s not Deboer. I say that as a Huskies fan. It’s a lot harder to get a college coach than an NFL one (unless you’re the Jets).

  15. CJ

    Thanks for your service, Pete.

    I’m so happy today.

  16. Shane

    This isn’t all roses yet. They are leaving him in an advisor and not sure what that means but I don’t want his input on the new coaches or schemes

    • CJ

      In the corporate world, they call that “gardening leave.” He’s under contract, so they figure why not pay him to “advise” while basically doing whatever Jody really wants to do.

      • Shane

        Understand if that is what actually happens. My fear is he is going to have a big voice

        • Blitzy the Clown

          If he was going to have a big voice, he would still be HC.

          This is his graceful exit.

    • CD

      Yes, but its progress. The alternative of him sticking around just meant a guaranteed ‘more of the same’. Even if they bring in Dan Quinn, they won’t allow as much leash as they did with Pete for the past 5-6 years. It just needed to happen, no matter who they put in there – we are closure to a championship right now than we have been in 5 years (because it wasn’t going to happen as Pete kept tinkering too much and couldn’t get good assistant coaches).

      Lets go!


    I truly wish Pete all the best. He has done some amazing things for this franchise, but it was just time for a change.

    I look forward to the future of this team. #gohawks

  18. Denver Hawker

    Once again, Rob way ahead of most Seahawks media and fan sites on this one.

    • cha


    • BrandoK

      Yep Rob always was, other people are just to sacred to talk about the tough topics

    • Peter


    • Blitzy the Clown


  19. Troy


    Man, so happy, I really hope they get a creative offensive mind ala shanahan/mcvay, we need it.

  20. Jay Bee

    Get Vrabel

  21. SeaTown

    Today is my birthday. Happy fing birthday to me!!!!

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Happy birthday SeaTown!

      • SeaTown

        Thanks Blitzy!

  22. CWagner

    Wow they finally did something. Pete would have coached until he was a 100 years if you let him. Obviously we all appreciate all he’s done for the Seahawks but the Seahawks haven’t been a feared team for years.

    • CJ

      I remember (at the heyday of the LOB) someone had an article/post about how teams performed the week after playing the Hawks. The consensus was that we beat the crap out of them so much they couldn’t perform as well. Football Outsiders is goners now, so it’s too hard for me to compare postgame DVOA now…

  23. Mick

    Right thing to do, time for a change. I think it’s a positive they showed respect to Pete by keeping him around.

  24. BK26

    My biggest concern at the moment: the extinction of the American Crow. It is going to be in high demand by those who said this wasn’t going to happen. A lot of people are going to be eating it in the coming days.

    Poor birds.

    • FloridaHawk

      Yeah, was listening to the latest KJ podcast last night and that G character was absolutely adamant that Carroll wasn’t going anywhere. Someone send him a crow menu

      • BK26

        It was a horrible how they shot down the actual idea of Pete not staying around.

      • Brodie

        I can’t watch that show simply because that dude is so insufferable.

  25. Group Captain Mandrake

    I don’t like it when people get fired, so it’s hard to celebrate that. But it is a cutthroat business and it was time to find someone more innovative. There will be a lot of competition for coaches (6 other teams binned their coaches) so hopefully the Hawks get a good one.

    • 805Hawk

      I don’t really feel sorry for Pete. He’s been making $15m per year and coached for a really long time. He will be just fine. In fact, I think it’s healthier for the dude to relax a little bit. Enjoy your money and family instead of enjoying 12-15 hour days at the facility. Pete deserves a little bit of rest, even if it is a bit forced.

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        Totally get what you are saying, but it is very clear Pete still does this because he loves it and it would suck to be told you are no longer wanted if that’s what you love. I have no issue with the Hawks going in another direction and think it’s long overdue.

  26. pdway


  27. EricB

    I don’t like this “advisor” BS. It’s just going to make it difficult to find a quality head coach. Who TF would take that job knowing Carroll will be looking over their shoulder the whole time? Cut the cord completely or don’t do it at all..

  28. pdway

    kudos for doing this early – – allows us to be in on all the conversations for the top candidates before they go elsewhere.

    and it could go badly for sure – – – but plodding along as we have wasn’t the answer either.

    Always will be grateful for Pete for flipping the switch on the franchise, and getting us our super bowl. Wish him well.

  29. Troy D

    I really think they need to go with an Offensive Coordinator to Head Coach route. A defensive guy is setup to fail. Our defense needs a huge overhaul and expectations will be that it happens too quickly. Maybe they could but outside of the corners and acouple young guys like Mafe…its a complete defensive rebuild. An OC has a lot of pieces in play and may even have John’s backing on going big to get a QB. Cause we have weapons on offense.

    • Chris

      Might be easier to hire a D coordinator later on as well. They’d inherit a lot of talent and can easily improve upon this year’s train wreck of a performance. Guaranteed to end up looking good by comparison.

  30. Jeremy

    I just hope there’s a plan and we remember the grass isn’t always greener. I’m shocked, even if it was the right move.

    • Brodie

      The grass has been dead for years. Glad they took off the action green glasses to see that it needed to be dug up and re-planted.

      • Jeremy

        Good point. I liked what Rob said actually on the video. Even if the new person sucks/grass isn’t greener, they can fire that person TOO and move on.

        I’ll miss Pete but I won’t miss the close games every single week and all the angst…

  31. BK26

    More than happy to see that Rob is getting credit on other pages. Russ trade AND this are both being mentioned.

    Robstradamus strikes again!

    • Peter

      That kjr show is going to fire!!

      • BK26

        PERFECT timing for Rob. He won’t, but he deserves to be taking bows, victory laps, all of it.

        Russ, Pete, saying Kyler will go #1 before anyone else, Abe Lucas, Richardson, Stroud, Levis, the qb’s from 2 years ago.

        Credit where credit is deserved.

        • Peter

          Wilson trade

          No Carter

          Hit after hit

  32. Spencer

    I hear this a lot and I have an honest question…

    Why is there thinking that Dan Quinn will be just like Pete? (Again, honest question)
    He wasn’t hired by Pete, he was already here. What are the ways that he is ‘Pete-like’?
    And the Falcons suffered when Shanahan left, no doubt, but Quinn was the one that brought him in. That seems like it should be an endorsement instead of an indictment. But maybe Shanahan was a hot name and a no brainer. And Quinn didn’t get much of a replacement…so I don’t know. That’s why these are honest questions. Feedback appreciated!

    • STTBM

      I think it’s mostly because Jody and Seattles Front Office have known Quinn for a long time, and like and respect him. Jody no doubt struggled with moving on from Pete, mostly due to wanting Continuity so the Team sells for maximum value in a year. Hiring someone you have a comfort level with is something that happens every day, in Business and Sports: often at the expense of better candidates, sadly.

      Quinn fit in with Pete, John, and Jody. For an owner on the brink of having to sell, the idea of hiring a known quantity who likely may keep many players and coaches, will be very hard to overcome for other candidates that may wish to bring their own staff/philosophies/players in.

    • BK26

      Because he is/was Pete’s guy. Still was under him and from what has been mentioned, it is who Pete would have chosen. He wasn’t fired, just hired out.

      And it is also easier to tie an offensive HC to a young quarterback. If you draft the kid and find a good OC, he’ll get hired out and then there goes your qb’s development.

      I want as fresh a start as possible.

    • UkAlex6674

      That’s a great point re bringing in Shanahan

  33. STTBM

    Sad day, for Carrol and for Seahawks fans. It’s hard to move on from the greatest coach in Seahawks history (though Knox is still my favorite). But it’s several years past time to rip the band-aid off. It was a well-earned firing. He had chance after chance after chance to get it right, but couldn’t. When multiple OC and DC candidates turned us down flat the last couple years, that was a clear sign this franchise was floundering.

    But as Rob has said, we should all celebrate Carrol and what he’s meant to this franchise.

    And even if the next coach fails, we’re closer to contending than yesterday. Forward momentum is a breath of fresh air–to mix metaphors!

  34. whit21

    I see a lot of people elated about the news.

    I have been saying for a long time I think he should retire. Its still a sad day. I am not happy about the news, however its a needed step forward the franchise needed.

    • Brodie

      Ambivalence: the state of having mixed feelings or contradictory ideas about something or someone.

      I think most share that. He’s meant a lot for a long time… and it was time to move on.

  35. Donald_Duck

    Yes!!! I’m so glad that ownership did not accept the dog at my homework excuse!
    I’m delighted it occurred early enough that we can get a good coach.
    Thank Pete for his service and the ownership for recognizing it was time to move on!

  36. FloridaHawk

    I wasn’t expecting this, but I was thinking yesterday that it was a little weird that we hadn’t heard about Hurtt getting canned yet. Now we know why.

  37. CornDog472

    I’ve been a long-term lurker here. Almost never agreed with your opinions, but appreciated the depth of your research and your commitment to creating quality commitment.
    I’m probably a lot younger than other posters on this forum. Pete has been the head coach for almost all my years as a fan. It’s gutting to see him go out like this. Feels like losing a grandfather.
    I still had hope. But it was growing more and more difficult to reconcile that hope with the on-field product. I would have been willing to tough it out through more seasons of mediocrity – an unpopular opinion here, perhaps – because I believe Pete earned the right to coach as long as he wanted. But I fully understand the rationale behind this decision. I’ve come to terms with it. The game, the rules, the players are all changing. The team needs to move forwards.
    And now, hopefully, we as a fanbase can think of Pete with more fondness. We can forget about the 1-yard-line, all the RW bitterness, all the bad drafts and trades and roster construction, all the wasted years and false hopes. Instead, we can remember the pure enthralling energy of the LOB, the incredible culture he brought to our city, the Beast Quake and one of the greatest playoff upsets in NFL history, and of course, the Super Bowl win. We can remember him as, objectively, one of the greatest coaches in the history of the sport, and as perhaps the greatest person ever to be a coach.
    Thank you Pete Carroll, and thank you Rob Staton.

    • cha

      Excellent post!

  38. Palatypus

    So, if he stays on as an advisor, obviously we are hiring Jim Harbaugh.

  39. Tomas

    Color me shocked … a happy shocked. I was completely wrong. Feels like Christmas morning!

  40. Burner

    A sad day, thanks for everything Pete. The best HC in our history, took us to the top of the mountain.

  41. mantis

    i wonder who has more power, pete or john? hopefully john

    • BK26

      Well Pete was let go nicely. John is still there.

  42. pdway

    one good thing too going forward – new coach will have no strings/loyalty to Bobby, Quandre, Jamal, Dissly, and anyone else who really needs to move on. That part feels really hopeful.

    • Peter

      Great points

  43. KennyBadger

    You’ll know how much water ‘adviser pete’ draws when JA, Diggs, Bobby, and Geno decisions are made.

    Thank you Pete but this decision is better for your legacy and for the organization both.

  44. BK26

    Rob is right, we can probably pencil in a quarterback for the 16th (or sooner) overall pick.

    John finally gets to do and pick whatever position himself. Does he continue the same route that let Pete get let go?

  45. Jeff M.

    Still think they should have cleaned house with JS at the same time.

    Either he agreed with Pete on a lot of the terrible decisions in recent years (like the Adams trade/contract) or he was getting steamrolled–neither one is a good look for a GM who you’re going to hand control to.

    But if he gets the keys, I guess we’ll see how he does with picking a new HC and trying to fix the cap/roster this off-season (and if he doesn’t, and everything’s still run by advisor Pete or directly by Jody, he probably won’t last much longer anyway).

    • BK26

      Pete helped hire him so he knew his role when he took it. You tend to do what your boss ultimately tells you to do.

      He took over the last two drafts and we know guys that he did want to draft (all pro qb’s). That’s good enough for me.

      • Phil

        I have no reason to doubt that Schneider actually wanted those QB’s. I think there is a fair chance that those are just the greatest hits that get mentioned though. Why mention that you rated Trubisky or Zach Wilson highly? This is more of me just going against that singular point; I think Schneider showed an ability to compromise with the HC and to run the front office quite well. I think he deserves a chance to bring about the next HC and if it goes poorly, then the organization goes from there.

  46. Big Mike

    I sincerely hope “advisory role” actually means cheerleader.
    Please no Quinn. This is a chance for real change let’s grab that chance by the horns. Quinn will not be real change.

    • Mick

      I don’t want to believe we’ll blow this chance. John should be smarter than that.

  47. tomm

    Have to wonder if the Vrabel firing accelerated the timeline. I can imagine John loving the guy and it’s likely he’ll be off the market quickly, long before the young OCs Rob has mentioned are available for interviews.

    • BK26

      He got fired because he had troubles with his GM’s. He might be the one guy that you can cross out.

  48. CL

    Not gonna lie, I’m as happy about the change as anyone, but seeing Pete fighting with his emotions and having tears in his eyes, makes me super sad.

  49. Ukhawk

    The only thing I’m surprised about is that Pete didn’t go out on his own terms but maybe he had to be push.

  50. Troy

    John gets to choose his coach…this should be very interesting.

  51. Jordan

    It was time. But man, I am going to miss seeing him on the sideline as the Seahawks HC. What a coach, what an era! But all great things come to an end.

    I’m not confident that they will be better off. As the bar has been set so high. But it was time to try.

  52. Blitzy the Clown

    I won’t be the slightest bit surprised if Carroll coaches again somewhere next year.

    He said clearly he wanted to remain HC, but it wasn’t available to him and he doesn’t really know what his role will be moving forward. And he’s still really jacked to be in the game.

    I just don’t see him hanging around VMAC.

    • Jordan

      Even at 72 years old, if he is still interested in coaching he’d be a great hire for any team that needs a culture overhaul.

      • Rob Staton


        The culture in Seattle has not been good this year

  53. Troy

    Pete just said he doesn’t know what his role will be in QandA, this just emphasizes this was a soft firing, he will not have major decision making power.

    Pete you are a legend, thank you for the super bowl. But it was time.

    Seahawks football has been so uninspiring since 2017-2018, we need a change.

  54. cha

    PC “I competed hard to be the coach still”

    “Went along with their intentions”

    Sounded pretty confident you’d continue…what happened?

    PC “Year end sessions, talking about what’s next. Isn’t about me being HC, it’s about Org being successful for the long haul. I realize that, I’m as about as old as you can get in this business. This is a good move for them.”

    Gonna miss most about coaching?

    PC “Chance to be in a [Super Bowl] parade. Nothing like it.”

    Coach again in right opp?

    PC “Today’s about today.”

    Difference of opinion?

    PC: “Not sharing.”

    • Mick

      OK given what cha just posted, I can’t rule out him taking a head coach position elsewhere.

    • cha

      PC “We lost our edge to be great. Not as good as it needed to be. Weren’t as clear the last couple years. Need special qualities about your team, got in the mix [run defense] too much.”

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Ownership put out the social media statement that this was a mutual decision. Pete’s basically saying now that that isn’t true. Curious that he’s being touted as “an advisor” when he clearly thinks he should still be on the sidelines. I’d have to think that the odds he’s actually associated with the franchise in an advisory role come next season are incredibly low. He’s too old to wait a full season for another chance to HC.

      • cha

        An advisor = collecting a golden parachute while swinging in his hammock in Hawaii.

        • ShowMeYourHawk

          That’s how I took it too, initially. Maybe working with the scouts and the player visits to the VMAC. Hearing him talk now, even if he’s a prisoner of the moment, he certainly sounds like a man that’s determined to HC, come hell or high water.

          • cha

            Who’s gonna want him?

            Seriously. Who?

            • ShowMeYourHawk

              LAC comes to mind. A return to L.A.? Has a premier QB already? An existing narrative as an underachieving franchise that he’s broken once before? Why not?

              • BK26

                They’ll take either Harbaugh or an offensive coach. That team needs work done and that just isn’t Pete anymore.

                • Phil

                  I am unsure about that. I think one of the big things that played to Carroll’s strengths was his ability to rebuild a team when he was first hired when none of the players were “his guys”. I think this caused issues for future rebuilds since old players were kept when it was time to replace them.

                  I think with recent years, we saw a shift in that with letting Wilson and Wagner go while also getting a new WR to eventually replace Lockett. I think Carroll was able to convince the front office to bring Wagner back based on adding leadership and his contract being fairly team friendly all things considered. If he were to join the Chargers, I think a lot of these problems would go away on the basis that he does not personally know many of the players, so would be much more cutthroat.

        • Hawkster

          Yea, all that stuff that Jody would never pay somebody to not work was bollocks. The correct investment is the golden parachute. Keep things civilized, scoot the boss gently aside and prepare to churn. And churn begins with people that don’t put on pads.

          Is there a coach anybody wants to keep?

          • cha

            I would have no problem if Izzo wants to stay and coach Special Teams

  55. Denver Hawker

    Pretty classy – all-around, little drama

  56. Leo

    “We lost our edge on what it takes to be great. We weren’t as clear.”

    Pete sounds like he’s not pleased to be leaving but gets why they’re making the move. He knows they weren’t good enough.

  57. seaspunj

    Hope sells and Jody Allen offered hope to the 12s fanbase.

    thanks for the amazing career PC very grateful we had a Super Bowl victory

    I am very optimistic with John Schneider as GM i suspect drafting a QB will be a very high priority this upcoming draft

    honestly this season reminded me of 2009 Jim Mora Jr era. it really feels a new era is on its way.

    Pump in the hope! I look forward to Schneider being the architect and be curious how he drafts this season.

  58. BeingZinfull

    The most impressive part of this event is Jody Allen not being content to wait for the sale of the team, but taking the bull by the horns, and apparently demanding accountability. This also signals that she might be interested in being a future owner of this team. Kudos to her. Now, it’d be simply astounding if Schneider and her were to go on to hire Jim Harbaugh, Ben Johnson, or Mike McDonald, instead of going the conventional route with Dan Quinn. If they do end up hiring a creative coach, I’m sure the Seahawks could be back in Super Bowl contention quickly and the admiration for what Jody has accomplished would reach its zenith.

  59. Blitzy the Clown

    Pete flat out says it’s John Schneider’s team now. He’s behind him 100% but it’s John’s team.

    So no need to stress his “advisory” role

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      John’s clock is now ticking. If he can’t make the right call with HC and drafting before the team is sold, he’s probably on the outs when a new ownership group comes aboard.

    • nfendall

      As cha mentioned earlier, that is just a golden parachute. A “thank you” title to make the break seem less harsh to the public.

  60. Blitzy the Clown

    We weren’t complicated. We just did stuff really, really well

    Speaking about the LOB defense

    • whit21

      They all did their jobs for most plays and covered their assignments. Then had the playmaking ability to get stops and turnovers.

      Thats what the best defenses do.

  61. cha

    Rob will you still be on tomorrow? I hope so.

    Ride the tidal wife and add a dose of common sense to this whole process.

    • cha


      • James Cr.

        Oh my god that made me laugh!!! Thanks Cha!

  62. Hawkster

    If one just takes in the entire landscape of this team, the breadth and depth of change needed … the cap, the relationship between resources and allocation vs needs and performance, specific personnel, and dare I say culture … this break gives the GM the space to lean into a 5 yr plan instead of a 1-2 yr fantasy.

    The big money vets are gone. Get a QB and the new HC will have an offense to work. Sure, some salaries need to get cut here as well, but there is some stuff to work with.

    The D is a shambles, there are a couple of promising players, some cheap players, the rest can go.

    Navigating the fact that they may well become a 6-11 type team next year will be a PR thing “never shoulda fired Pete”, but IMO they need to pay zero attention to winning in 2024. Gut this thing, start building, and let a new era of excitement build around a new start.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      This is a keen analysis.

      It certainly sounds like Schneider sold ownership on a longer term vision than Carroll’s.

      • Hawkster

        Pete’s whole notion of how close they were in previous press confs was agonizing. This means we are done with that. This means we are not close. And that is the truth and when you are not close you need a multi-year vision, stop dumping draft picks to win today, not clos enough for that. Everybody needs to be evaluated on where do you see them 3+ years from now.

        I’m stoked. Rebuild is fun if you are actually rebuilding.

    • Troy

      100000% agree with this take. Reset is needed, they need to do similar to what they did in 2010, which is a huge turn over of players. Any overpaid vet not performing, gone.

      I’m happy with diggs/adams/dissly being cut, im fine with a cut or pure lowering of geno contract, i really hope we can keep lockett but something has to be done about the cap hit.

      If we return 3-4 starters from the defense i think I’m good with that.

      Man I wish we had our second round pick tho 🙁

  63. Happy Hawk

    Rob great job as always setting the stage and delivering the goods! Where do you think the Seahawks opening ranks with the other teams looking for head coaches?

    • Mick

      Not Rob, but I’ll share my two cents.

      Stability in the organization, top GM, already a bunch of young players to build on, no problems with the fans, excellent facilities. I would say it’s probably the best job available. The only negative is 9ers and Rams in your division, but a good HC should not hide from competition.

  64. whit21

    Pete almost said “WE LET EM OFF THE HOOK” lol. he pretty much said it but it was more somber regret not getting some of those close games that should have been wins.

  65. Justin Kradenpoth

    Thank Goodness!!! I will always look back on the LOB/Super Bowl times with the greatest fondness(and wistfulness) and I wholly appreciate Pete for that era, but the last 4-5 years have been very tough to bear and I got to the point where almost a year ago I dropped out of commenting here on this best Seahawks site anywhere – it all became too upsetting and Pete was the absolute driving force behind it. A sport shouldn’t make me so angry so I had to step back but I told myself as soon as Pete moved on I could breathe and engage again.

    Thank you Pete for the amazing times earlier on and even though I came to loathe how you ran this franchise (and carried yourself) in the later years, nothing can take away the golden era.

  66. SeattleLifer

    Rob previous post was supposed to be under the name SeattleLifer – auto filled on me…

  67. Jeremy

    One thing I disagree with in his wonderful presser is he still accepts the Browns Titans Eagles etc etc as “normal wins we got those” but stresses we were “that close” in Bengals Dallas Rams.

    I love Pete Carroll but you can’t have those both ways!

  68. BobbyK

    Much needed change. Good timing.

    It’s time to get a QB of the future and get an OL who will protect him. If that means the defense suffers in ’24 in terms of investment, so be it. You can’t have it all in one off-season if you’re this far away. And the Seahawks are. It’s time to build this thing the right way.

  69. Pran

    My read from Pete’s presser is it all came down to Jody’s question: can you make this a contender next season? we all know it needs more than 1 season and Pete is out.

  70. BK26

    Top on my list is Ben Johnson. Loved him in Gunsmoke and Hang ‘Em High. Wild Bunch is one of my favorite movies. Don’t see much of a coaching resume, though.

    Ah wait, wrong Ben Johnson!

    Ben Johnson the Lions OC is still my top choice.

    • cha

      Also ran a 9.79 so you know no players gonna get past him.

  71. David Ashton

    Implied current oddschecker probability runs

    Steve Wilks (49ers DC) +425 19.1%
    Dan Quinn (Cowboys DC) +425 19.1%
    Kellen Moore (Chargers OC) +450 18.2%
    Mike Macdonald (Ravens DC) +500 16.7%
    Mike Vrabel (former Titans HC) +600 14.3%
    Ben Johnson (Lions OC) +1000 9.1%
    Frank Smith (Dolphins OC) +1200 7.7%
    Raheem Morris (Rams DC) +1200 7.7%
    Bill Belichick (Patriots HC) +2000 4.8%

  72. GoHawksDani

    Pete is an awesome human being. A great mentor, a role model with huge heart and ton of joy to spread. I hope all the best to him.
    And I’m also super happy he got soft-fired. I’m happy Schneider stays as I’m curious what he’ll do next. I think if the next 2 years will suck he’ll likely go too, so it’s a low risk move by Jody. But if he’s the guy that made good decisions and can hook a good new HC, this team can be in the SB competition like 2-3 years from now. And I hope Pete stays close to the NFL as while he might not be the best HC but he has good player-life/wellbeing-management skills

  73. Nathan W.

    WHOA Saban to retire

    • Palatypus

      Hey, Pete, there’s a job opening!

    • BK26

      Well…Pete was the top story for a couple hours I guess.

      Shocking after shocking.

    • Palatypus

      Saban retiring is going to make the Senior Bowl, which is a big job fair for coaches, absolutely nuts.

    • Troy

      Pete to Alabama is def the funniest timeline

  74. Greg

    Bittersweet but I commend the decision from Jody. Also great that he will be staying with the franchise as the culture he brought is one of the best things about him. Excited for the future.

  75. Jo

    Thank God I was fully prepared to completely ignore this team for the next 2 years. We may really bad for the next couple years but sometimes that’s needed to become an actual contender again.

  76. Simo

    Wow, I absolutely did not think Jody and/or Bert K had this in them. She deserves a ton of credit for taking this huge step forward! Maybe she’s a SDB reader???

    Let’s hope John gets the next selection(s) of HC and QB right!!

  77. Leo

    From a purely football standpoint, I do agree it was time to move on from Pete Carroll. He is the coach and he needs to be held accountable for the poor performance of the team, which does seem to be a problem with coaching. Whether the team will be better in the future is unknown, but I am certain we will never again have a Seahawks coach who is as open and warm with reporters and who so clearly expresses his love of the game on and off the field. The one thing I wish had happened differently is that the ownership had made clear to him before the end of the season that they planned to move on so he could have avoided making public statements about his desire to remain the coach that made clear he was fired and that the decision was not mutual. As when John Clayton died, Seattle Seahawks football will not be as enjoyable without Pete Carroll-even if they again become winners.

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