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Seattle bound?

Quarterbacks and Will Anderson the key at #5

For weeks I’ve thought it’s been about Will Anderson or Anthony Richardson for Seattle. I think they are the two players they have been most focused on as this process has developed. The only question is whether C.J. Stroud also comes into contention, now that he isn’t expected to go in the top-four.

I think the media has missed a trick covering the Seahawks this draft season. From the minute they executed the Russell Wilson trade, I think it has been John Schneider’s intention to draft a young quarterback for the future. An excellent half-a-season from Geno Smith was never going to change that and they can’t bank on him being a long term solution. That’s why they structured his contract the way they did. He’s essentially turned into a well paid bridge, which is good for player and team.

Schneider is traits driven at the position. From the Charlie Whitehurst trade to Russell Wilson and then the reported interest in Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes. This quarterback class isn’t flawless but it has always felt tailor made for Schneider. Big, strong, mobile, athletic passers with high upside. That’s what he likes.

Anderson has the character traits the Seahawks are emphasising, not to mention big production at Alabama and he can be an impact player for the front seven. He is a clean player with no injury flags. The expectation would be he can start immediately and contribute, even if he lacks the magic of a Bosa brother or Myles Garrett.

I wouldn’t completely rule out Tyree Wilson given Richard Sherman’s hint that they’re switching back to the old defensive scheme but I think the #5 pick will come down to Anderson or Richardson and potentially Stroud.

This is my best guess on how Seattle views the top-five options, assuming Bryce Young is the #1 overall pick and the Colts select Will Levis at #4:

1a) Will Anderson
1b) Anthony Richardson
3) C.J. Stroud

They won’t take Jalen Carter

This is the final time we have to touch on this before the draft. Here’s what it comes down to. Over the last 12 months, Carroll and Schneider have spent considerable time talking about re-establishing what a ‘Seahawk’ is. They put their success in the 2022 draft down to a focus on character ‘without compromise’.

Reportedly the Seahawks did not consider Kayvon Thibodeaux in round one a year ago. Carter’s list of flags is far more extensive. These are all quotes from NFL scouts in Bob McGinn’s explosive article discussing Carter:

Carter lied to police about his proximity to the crash. In mid-March, he pleaded no contest to two misdemeanor charges of reckless driving and racing. He was sentenced to 12 months on probation and ordered to pay a fine, perform community service and attend a safe-driving course.

“That was all about half lies, half-baked truths,” said an executive in personnel for an NFL team. “The championship is over so he’s out from under their purview and he’s racing on the streets of Athens and people get killed. He had to lie like a dog at the combine. And there’s not one person there at Georgia that will endorse him. What are the red flags here?”

Enraged though they might be about that tragedy not to mention Carter’s ticket in September for driving 89 mph in a 45-mph zone, teams now must make a multi-millionaire business/football decision about a controversial player that remains eligible for the draft.

“His football character’s a mess,” said one evaluator. “You can’t compromise football character. If they don’t love football and they don’t know how to work, it’s going to be hard for them to become who they should become.”

Another scout said Carter had demonstrated to him during his three-year career that he didn’t love football and didn’t love the weight room. His conditioning became such an issue at Georgia that the coaches put him on the treadmill almost daily.

“They haven’t found a person yet at Georgia that wasn’t relieved that the season ended and he was gone,” said a seventh scout. “Not one. What’s ironic about it is Georgia would have won the national championship without him but they would not have won it without Stetson Bennett. And he’s so far down the rail we’re not even talking about him.”

I think the media and fans alike mistakenly view Pete Carroll as someone who is prepared to take on any lost soul and make it work. That isn’t true. Whether it’s Bruce Irvin, Frank Clark, Richard Sherman, Marshawn Lynch or several others — nobody ever questioned their love for the game and effort on a football field.

The above quotes paint a picture of someone who is the antithesis of Carroll’s famous ‘always compete’ mantra. While the talent will be enticing to all 32 teams, I suspect the majority will grudgingly take the position that Carter is best left to be someone else’s gamble.

A final point. The Seahawks have already been burned by the Malik McDowell experience. The point of raising this isn’t necessarily to compare the two players, although there are similarities. Both were physically brilliant defenders with rare traits, with Drew Rosenhaus acting as agent and cheerleader. McDowell never played a down for the Seahawks because in the long, unmanaged period between rookie mini-camp and training camp, he had an ATV accident.

The concept of Seattle being the team to guarantee Carter $30m before waving him off for the summer seems fanciful at best, mostly because they keep saying they are learning from past mistakes. You can’t lock Carter in the VMAC. He’ll be a newly minted free man. Of all the teams who are willing to take on the inevitable sleepless nights between May and July, hoping Carter is working on his conditioning and not doing stuff he shouldn’t be, the Seahawks feel like one of the least likely to do that.

Two of my first three mocks paired Carter with Seattle. I wish the character flags weren’t as extensive as they are. Guess what? So do the Texans and Cardinals. My opinion that the Seahawks won’t take him has been shaped by the evidence and information that has emerged over the last few months. If I’m wrong, I’ll own it. I think one of the reasons they made such a big splash to land an impact pass rusher in Dre’Mont Jones is because it was never their intention to take Carter in round one.

A quarterback in round one is extremely viable

I agree with Todd McShay that the Seahawks might pivot to Hendon Hooker at #20 if they don’t take a quarterback at #5.

It’s not what I would do personally but it comes back to what I said earlier. I think they’ve deliberately set up a situation where they have a viable bridge solution at quarterback for 2023 and possibly 2024 — but they’re on the look-out for a longer term option.

Hooker, just like the top-four, has the traits Schneider covets. I think some teams will grade him close to the quarterbacks who will go in the top-10 and thus, in that mid-to-late first range, they might be willing to take him.

I appreciate the Seahawks have spoken about not wanting to reach to fill specific needs but in terms of their grading — it might not be a reach on their board to go QB/DE or DE/QB. They might think the stars align to do that.

I wouldn’t be shocked if they took Will Anderson at #5 if he’s available and then selected Hooker at #20 or with a move back into the first round from #37.

That said, I think a few teams have been targeting Hooker in that #20-40 range. I wonder if some who were plotting a trade back into the first round, may now be preparing to simply take him in round one to make sure they get him. Tennessee (local hero), Houston, Washington, Detroit, Tampa Bay, Seattle, Minnesota. There’s enough buzz out there to think he’ll go in the teens, even if originally the most likely bet looked like someone trading into the back-end of the first to secure Hooker with a fifth-year option.

What will they do at #20?

I have a really strong sense that Will McDonald is going to be a big target for the Seahawks. He ticks so many boxes for them. He has the burst and quickness to attack the edge with venom. His balance and bend around the arc is the best I’ve seen since starting this blog in 2008. He has fantastic length. He’s a gritty, fierce competitor — highlighted by his willingness to play in an unfavourable position in the Iowa State scheme, compete at the Senior Bowl and do drills at the combine despite suffering with flu.

It wouldn’t surprise me if they view McDonald as the best ‘EDGE’ rusher in the draft. When you watch him beat Darnell Wright multiple times at the Senior Bowl, then watch Will Anderson struggle against the same opponent on film, they might not be alone in that assessment.

I think he could be Seattle’s answer to Brian Burns. It’s another reason why I think they might be fully prepared to draft a quarterback at #5, knowing they can get McDonald at #20.

This very much feels like a luxurious position to be in, knowing you have picks #37 and #52 still to come. They can make the most of it and go BPA. Aside from McDonald, they could also tap into a great tight end class. Michael Mayer could be the next Zach Miller in Seattle, while Dalton Kincaid also has his fans in the top-25. With Noah Fant and Colby Parkinson out of contract in 2024 — and with Fant’s $6.5m salary appearing movable to create much-needed cap space this year — it shouldn’t be a shock if they draft a tight end at #20.

If they are switching defensive schemes, Myles Murphy could also be an option. The Seahawks love big-time athletes with his kind of size. They were reportedly fans of Rashan Gary in 2019 and Murphy is similar in many ways. I just wonder whether he’s too inconsistent on tape and whether he has enough ‘dog’ in him to excel in the pro’s.

Lukas Van Ness is another option if they are turning back to the old scheme. He could play inside/out and has the athletic profile they like at the position.

I think they’ll rate Adetomiwa Adebawore very highly. He has rare physical traits (always a plus in Seattle) to go with excellent character. His performance at the Senior Bowl will have been noticed and the Seahawks might see him as a versatile chess piece, not too dissimilar to Dre’Mont Jones.

I’d like to say Calijah Kancey could also be an option as BPA at #20 but his lack of length makes me hesitant. The Seahawks have always placed a lot of focus on length for the defensive line. That said, Kancey is just so dynamic and explosive and having had to face Aaron Donald for so many years, Seattle knows the benefit of rolling the dice on a player like this.

The center position is also one to keep an eye on. The Seahawks sent Steve Hutchinson to work-out John Michael Schmitz and Joe Tippmann. Both are projected to go in the top-40. Seattle could trade down from #20 and select either, securing their interior O-line for the long-term. It’s also worth remembering that a year ago they tried to trade up from #40. Don’t be surprised if they go BPA at #20 (or after a small trade down) and then trade up from #37 to make sure they get one of the consensus top two centers. They could also trade down from #20 and take a center in the late first.

When will they bolster their interior D-line?

I think this is an area to be targeted between rounds 2-4. The Seahawks have only used one high pick on a defensive tackle before — Jarran Reed in 2016. I don’t think they will force this need, particularly with Shelby Harris and Poona Ford still available as post-draft options.

It won’t be a surprise if one of #37 or #52 is spent on Keeanu Benton, Mazi Smith
or Zacch Pickens. All fit the bill in terms of length, agility testing and mentality. I am a big fan of Alabama’s Byron Young and think his personality and character is comparable to Red Bryant, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if they focus on him too — possibly in the late second or early third round. Mississippi State’s Cameron Young continues to fly under the radar and could be an attractive one-technique.

Keion White and Bryan Bresee are more suited to the 3-4 system if they keep it. Both are athletic enough to fit the profile — although Bresee’s arm-length and consistency could be a concern.

Will they take a receiver early?

Virtually every national mock draft has them taking a receiver at #20. I’m not buying it. I don’t think the value is there and I think this is an overrated receiver class.

The two players I think they will like early are Josh Downs and Jonathan Mingo. Downs reminds me so much of Tyler Lockett — dynamic, quick, exceptionally mature with A+ character, high-points brilliantly for his size and ultra-productive. Mingo is finally getting national attention and he’s a brilliant ‘big slot’ with soft hands, outstanding size and athleticism and he’s a fierce blocker in the running game.

If both players go a bit too early for Seattle (I think they’ll both go between #30-45) I think this is a position they’ll wait on, perhaps targeting a Tyler Scott or Charlie Jones at the start of day three.

Pay attention to trends

Every year we highlight Seattle’s preferences in our combine preview. Here’s a reminder of things to look out for…

Defensive tackle
Focus on length (+33 inch arms) and agility testing (short shuttle). Some key times to note in the shuttle — Calijah Kancey (4.36), Adetomiwa Adebawore (4.26), Bryan Bresee (4.38), Keeanu Benton (4.65), Zacch Pickens (4.62). John Schneider played down the value of the nose tackle position, so they might take a bid-bodied space eater later on to fill that need.

Defensive end/pass rush
Twitch is the name of the game here, with the 10-yard split and short shuttle appearing important. Here are some split times of note: Nolan Smith (1.52), Yaya Diaby (1.56), Derick Hall (1.59), D.J. Johnson (1.59), Tyrus Wheat (1.59), Will Anderson (1.61), Byron Young (1.62), Lukas Van Ness (1.64).

As for shuttle times:

Derick Hall — 4.20
Will McDonald — 4.22
Myles Murphy — 4.29
Andre Carter — 4.29
Jose Ramirez — 4.30
Lukas Van Ness — 4.32
Felix Anudike-Uzomah — 4.34

They’ve often sought big-time athletes at this position, or players who run a tremendous short shuttle (Cody Barton — 4.03, Ben Burr-Kirven — 4.09). Nobody ran that well at the combine and overall, it’s hard to identify true ‘Seahawk’ linebackers in this group. If they draft one, it might be down to mentality rather than profile — putting the likes of Dorian Williams, Daiyan Henley, Henry To’oto’o, DeMarvion Overshown and Ventrell Miller in the mix.

They’ve gone away from the typical ‘size/length’ approach but there are strong options with the classic Carroll profile — including Julius Brents, Kelee Ringo, Cory Trice, Rezjohn Wright and a wildcard — possible safety convert Jay Ward. However, quick and physical cornerbacks are now not automatically ruled out if they are shorter and smaller.

There’s a real mix of physical profiles in the players they’ve taken, making safety one of the tougher positions to project. There’s a whole collection of tough, physical, alpha leaders in this class which should appeal.

A big arm, mobility, the ability to throw on the run, ideal size. They’re looking for traits and that’s where the 2023 class delivers.

Wide receiver
We have years of data to show that unless you run a 4.4 or faster, the Seahawks are unlikely to consider you until the later rounds (if at all). They value speed and suddenness at the position even if you’re a ‘bigger’ receiver.

Tight end
Agility testing connects all of the tight ends Seattle has drafted, signed or acquired in the Carroll/Schneider era. On top of that, we’ve identified that the elite TE’s in the league all pair a strong short shuttle and/or three-cone with a good 10-yard split. This is a very strong year at the position:

Darnell Washington — 1.57 (10), 4.08 (ss)
Zack Kuntz — 1.57 (10), 4.12 (ss)
Brenton Strange — 1.57 (10), 4.46 (ss)
Luke Schoonmaker — 1.59 (10), 4.27 (ss)
Tucker Kraft — 1.59 (10), 4.29 (ss)
Sam LaPorta — 1.59 (10), 4.25 (ss)
Michael Mayer — 1.66 (10), 4.44 (ss)

Offensive line
Short shuttle is key at center, which is why John Michael Schmitz (4.56), Luke Wypler (4.53) and Joe Tippmann (reported 4.31) are on our radar. Seattle’s current guards are big and strong explosive testers. Peter Skoronski (3.37), Andrew Vorhees (3.26), Anthony Bradford (3.17) and Chandler Zavala (3.01) all scored well in our TEF formula (measuring explosive traits). Other players with incomplete testing results project to be explosive, including Blake Freeland (3.60), Jon Gaines (3.26), Jaelyn Duncan (3.20), Sidy Sow (3.13), Earl Bostick (3.12), Tyler Steen (3.11), Braeden Daniels (3.05), Wanya Morris (3.04), Cody Mauch (3.01) and Broderick Jones (3.00). The Seahawks are also continuing to transition to the Rams blocking scheme, which features converted tackles playing guard. This could bring a player like Jordan McFadden into play.

Running back
The Seahawks have a type at running back. They’ve consistently drafted players with a similar physical profile. Their runners are about 210-220lbs. They have explosive testing results (good vertical & broad jump). It’s made it fairly straight forward to figure out who they might like.

Quick-hitting notes

— The perception is the Seahawks have a lot to do on defense. That’s true. One thing to remember though — they’ve already added big name players at every level of their defense at a cost. Dre’Mont Jones and Jarran Reed up front, Bobby Wagner at linebacker and Julian Love in the secondary. There’s still work to be done but it’s indicative of a team not feeling forced into a corner with any of their picks. Plus they’ve always backed themselves to find contributing defensive tackles. It’s not their fault that the one super talented DT to enter the league in years will be deemed undraftable by many clubs due to character flags.

— They will draft one or possibly two running backs. I think this is more likely to be a mid-to-late round focus. Zach Charbonnet, Israel Abanikanda, Kendre Miller, Roschon Johnson, Chase Brown, Chris Rodriguez and Tank Bigsby would appear to be in the ball-park for what they look for (size, explosive traits).

— On top of a center, I do think another mid-round pick will be spent on the guard position. I am a big fan of Chandler Zavala and think he will have a big appeal to the Seahawks (and other teams) on day two. Anthony Bradford, Emil Ekiyor Jr and Jordan McFadden could be very attractive options in round four. I think adding competition at guard will be a key target.

— It’s not a good year at linebacker and I think that’s why they aggressively pursued Wagner and Devin Bush. They could take a mid or late-round depth option. Pete Carroll had a personal front-row seat at Henry To’oTo’o’s pro-day. That’s something to remember. I think they’ll like the violence and quickness of Dorian Williams and Daiyan Henley. There’s very little to get excited about though.

— It’s a loaded cornerback class and the Seahawks will have ample opportunity to add one of their guys. Julius Brents will likely go too early but Cory Trice and Rezjohn Wright feel like good options. I also think LSU safety Jay Ward is perfectly placed to transition to cornerback for Seattle. I’m interested to see if their approach at cornerback has changed this year, after seemingly being prepared to draft Derek Stingley or Sauce Gardner in the top-10 a year ago. I suspect if a top, top corner on their board was available at #20, #37 or #52 — they might consider it.

— It feels inevitable the Seahawks will draft a safety to replace Ryan Neal. This is a class full of tough, physical alpha’s and they will like that. Ji’Ayir Brown, JL Skinner, Sydney Brown, Jammie Robinson, Jay Ward, Jason Taylor, Christopher Smith, Jartavius Martin, Jordan Howden, Jerrick Reed. There’s a lot to like here. There’s also a plausible scenario where Brian Branch is BPA with one of their early picks.

— The Seahawks always want to compete and contend. However, I also think they’re being patient and realistic. This is year two of a rebuild. I suspect, by next week, we’ll see that they’ve been able to set the table for the future while also adding some impact players for 2023. Certain needs might not be taken in the range some people want. They frequently say their focus is ‘best player available’. This is all good news. This isn’t about simply improving the team for the upcoming season. It’s about setting up the team to be good for a long time. I think, at times, people lose sight of that.

Confirmed official-30 visits

Dawand Jones (T)
Jammie Robinson (S)
Jordan Howden (S)
Jerrick Reed II (S)
Braeden Daniels (G)
Byron Young-TEN (EDGE)
Adetomiwa Adebawore (DE)
Yaya Diaby (EDGE)
Anthony Bradford (G)
Jordan McFadden (G)
Jalen Carter (DT)
Calvin Avery (DT)
Trenton Simpson (LB)
Drake Thomas (LB)
Jartavius Martin (S)
Charlie Jones (WR)
Nick Herbig (LB)
Robert Cooper (DT)
Jake Andrews (C)
Tyler Steen (G)
Garrett Williams (CB)
B.J. Ojulari (EDGE)
Will McDonald (EDGE)
Will Anderson (EDGE)
Devon Witherspoon (CB)
Lukas Van Ness (DE)

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    Funny enough last week I participated on SiriusXM Movin the Chains fan draft, I picked at #20 and took McDonald. After I picked they went to commercial but could hear Jim Miller and Pat Kirwan (who knows Carroll well from their time at Jets) talk off air about pick. They said that it sounded like a Pete type pick and probably would be good rotational edge in year 1. More interestingly Pat also added that Pete “loves Van Ness” and hopes he will be there at #20.

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      Dark horse at 5? or even a trade down/up target? They took an older Bruce at #15. Seems like McDonald is gonna go higher than 20, good senior bowl, good production, good tape, good testing. But I guess if Burns can last into the 20’s with more protypical size…

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  10. samprassultanofswat

    Rob you are very talented. At one time I wanted to be a sports writer. But I cannot carry a wooden nickle compared to your talent. Not only your talent. But your attention to detail. Is just amazing. It blows me away.

    With that said at one time I was very interested in Dawand Jones. But the guy has simply mailed it in. The Senior Bowl, the Combine, and your Pro day’s are your job interviews for the NFL. Jones was pretty much missing in action. In some respects the Senior Bowl, the NFL Combine and the pro day’s are your most important days of your career. And you basically take a rain check. Not good.

  11. dahveed

    The Big question is;

    Last year they addressed the trenches I hope they will do the same this year on the defesive side and cotinue to solidify the offensive side with a center.
    Or pivot early with the qb of the future + if they do I hope its Richardson .I still Stroud would be there but he is the only other Qb i like early

  12. Bankhawk

    Rob, you’ve had an epic year and maintained the blogs momentum through every phase of the past 12 months. In my book, no one compares to you!
    Thanks for all you do.

    • dahveed

      I agree with Bankhawk and thanks for creating a spcace for smart sport talk insight and debate kinda rare these days

  13. Blitzy the Clown

    You can’t lock Carter in the VMAC.

    Can’t they?

    Wait, stop for a sec.

    Ya’ll know me. I’m Mr “no thanks” to Jalen Carter with the receipts to prove it. I’ve never been in favor of him being the top pick for Seattle. N-E-V-E-R

    But what if Carter told Carroll, pick me and I’ll do whatever you want me to do, including agreeing to be babysat at VMAC for the entire summer right into training camp?

    What if Carroll set him up with a team “big brother” who agreed to babysit Carter and make sure he gets through his summer of 30 million temptations and shows up to TC ready to go?

    I’m just asking questions here because I don’t see why that can’t happen. Even if I really do not want it to.

    • Cysco

      Not worth the risk/effort. This pick needs to be someone you’re confident you’re penciling in every sunday for the the next 8-10 years. This pick needs to be a future leader of the team. Character and dedication to being great is the primary characteristic they should be looking for. I wouldn’t be comfortable rolling the dice on someone who hasn’t shown that desire.

    • jed

      In my opinion, if Carter only had one of the non-football related concerns, like a speeding ticket or even racing and then not lying to the cops, he wouldn’t make it past Houston even if the Bears traded out of #1. And in that hypothetical, I bet the Bears would have stayed put and just drafted him.

      • Cysco

        good point. If Carter had the work ethic and desire of Anderson, or any number of other players in the draft, and just did something immature and stupid after the season, he’d be the number one pick. the unfortunate racing incident is secondary to the seeming lack of taking football serious.

        • jed

          It’s something Rob’s brought up quite a few times (including a reply to me). The sheer volume of different non-football things along with all of the football things is the concern. Rob quoted 6 paragraphs of issues. I think the football character stuff would take him off Seattle’s board, but it’s the sum of everything that will drop him to the Eagles or farther.

          Of course, we could be wrong and Houston could take him at 2. Maybe Ryans thinks he has what it takes to get the best out of Carter?

          • Blitzy the Clown

            FWIW I think Carter goes at 9 to Chicago or at 10 to Philadelphia

            • jed

              I’m rooting for him to go to Philly. Seems like a good place for him with less pressure to be the guy and also has Jordan Davis to help him adjust to the NFL. But the fans could get real ugly if Carter doesn’t put in the effort.

            • Cysco

              Don’t think chicago would do it. they went through all that effort to trade down. I imagine they want a bit more of a “sure thing”

              Now PHI? 100% that’s my expected landing spot for him. They already have a great roster. they can afford to take the chance.

    • Mick

      Not your fault, but this is plain ridiculous. You get a huge contract and you need a nanny. I hope we don’t make such a mistake.

    • Lawrie

      Somehow I don’t see people running a multi-million/ billion dollar business thinking along those terms.

    • TJ

      Or they could just draft someone who doesn’t need to be babysat.

    • Steve Nelsen

      The best analogy I have come up with for Carter kind of matches your question Blitzy.

      Suppose you were hiring for an important position in your company and you got an applicant with a fantastic resume. Perfect for job. You schedule an interview and the day of the interview he calls to say, “I can’t make it. I have to be in court. It is a misdemeanor so it won’t cause me to miss any time from the job.” OK, that’s concerning but you agree to reschedule the interview. The second interview comes around and it is disappointing. He is obviously unprepared. He is apologetic, “I’m sorry. I have a lot going on at the moment.” And you have been checking his references and you are hearing that he is talented but lazy. Still, based on his excellent resume, you set up a final interview with the CEO of the company.

      What can that candidate say or do in that final interview to get the job? What could Jalen Carter have said in that top-30 interview with Pete and John to get the job?

      • UkAlex6674


        It would be them looking into his eyes seeing if he has the fire so many are saying doesn’t exist.

      • Lord Snow

        Great analogy

    • Palatypus

      I think his agent is reason enough not to draft him.

      Yeah, I’m still not over it.

    • MountainHawker

      I’d be willing to do that if he falls to the 2nd round. Zero interest in the first

    • dahveed

      If they choose Carter it means several things
      (like really believing in Geno )
      that they believe in his huge upside outweighing all the risks which they would have to view as something they could take on . They would have to bet on believing in him makes him want to run through a wall for them .
      It also means they are in win now .
      If Anderson (a miracle) iis there at 5 they can make that same bet (albiet a different position) without as much as a wager

  14. Patrick Toler

    What a great cheat sheet – should be must read for any Seahawks fan interested in the draft. I 100% agree with those who have said that this has been your best year yet covering the draft – you’ve really stepped it up beyond what was already an incredible level. And I’ve been reading since the links at the top of the page were relevant!

    One player that has been talked about some, but maybe not enough, is Tennessee’s Byron Young. I think he fits what Seattle looks for as much as any player in the draft. Super physically, older yet raw (they can’t resist these types), and has had a very non-traditional path to the NFL that will appeal to them. If they don’t draft Anderson or McDonald I think they will have him on their short list of edge rushers to target in rounds 3-4.

    • Sean

      Agree on Young, he has some untapped potential despite the age, and he should be available in the 3rd – 4th round. Would fit nicely on the d-line.

  15. Rokas

    Question to Rob, Adam and Robbie:

    would you guys consider doing a live youtube show through the first five picks, it would be cool to see live reactions when anticipating a Seahawks pick and the moment SEA is on the clock. We might not get this opportunity for a decade. I think it would be extremely fun experience for the whole SDB community.

    • Robbie

      I’d be down but I think Rob would prefer not to get spoiled by the pick when it’s announced which it surely would during a live stream.

      • Rokas

        Yeah, i thought about this as well. In theory you guys could synchronize NFL game pass timing to counter a few seconds delay, which might be possible, but then Youtube comments had to be switched off for a small period as well.

        • Rob Staton

          I prefer to watch the draft and experience it after all the work but we will stream after each day and I will post instant reaction videos to YT again

          • Rokas

            That’s more than fair!

          • Wilson502

            Looking forward to it, though it would be so cool if you did a livestream during the draft, albeit it would need to be heavily moderated to not leak picks early.

  16. Frans Geraedts

    Ideally i would like to see QB, Edge/DE CB, TE, C as the first five -after trading back (more then once?) from 20. After that DL, WR, RB, G, S. That sounds ridiculously ambitious. But i believe this draft could line up very well. Its possible they rate 5 QB’s, 4 Edge/DE, 3 CB, 5 TE, 4 C in the first two rounds. The others are deep from round three onward.
    This draft could be even better then last year.
    I am looking forward to it immensely.

  17. samprassultanofswat

    Geno Smith had basically an outstanding first half of the season. The 2nd half of the season he was pretty an average QB. Geno Smith is prone to make turnovers. I do like Geno Smith as a person. Couldn’t say that before the NFL season last year. I have the utmost respect for Geno Smith.

    Geno Smith has a resume’ of making turnovers. In fact before last season Geno Smith had more interceptions than TD passes. Not good.

    From Rob’s take. And my wishes. John Schneider is determined to get a QB out of this class. I just hope/pray that it is Anthony Richardson. Give Anthony Richardson a year to watch Geno Smith. Watch a professional QB work/practice/study film. Nobody who is worth their salt likes to sit on the pine. No doubt Anthony Richardson is going to do everything he can to get on the field. The Seahawks have a high powered offense. They have a head coach that is determined to run the football. Which in turn takes pressure off the QB. The Seahawks even high QB guru Greg Olson to mentor a young QB. The Seahawks have a QB friendly offense. Everything is in place for Richardson to succeed. I guess we will found out in 2 1/2 days if Richardson becomes a Seahawk.

    • Malanch

      But do you see Richardson falling to #5? I sure don’t. If the Hawks want him, I expect they’ll have to trade up—but would Houston sell? I’m not buying that Houston doesn’t want Richardson. Lack of Year One readiness doesn’t impact quarterback grades the same way it impacts non-quarterback grades. With quarterback prospects, long-term upside trumps immediate pro readiness, all else being equal.

      The only way a quarterback-needy team like Houston would willingly give up a high-floor QBotF prospect like Richardson is if they have graded other prospects equally and can therefore trade down. But as regards long-term upside, I doubt they see C.J. Stroud, Will Levis, and Hendon Hooker as equal to Richardson—how could they? Where upside is concerned, none of those guys is in Richardson’s class. For Houston, trading away from the highest upside QBotF in years and then settling for whichever quarterback is left over (or going defense) isn’t likely the best way to lay the foundation for their future, particularly not with a new coaching regime looking to establish its identity. They are at the very beginning of a long-term rebuild, so they could still redshirt Richardson without it posing a distraction, provided they effectively signal their intentions to their paying customers ahead of time and stick to the plan.

      • Sean

        Disagree, I’d be shocked if Richardson is not available at 5, and wouldn’t be surprised if he went outside the top 10. Trading up for him would be an unnecessary purge of valuable draft assets.

  18. Thomas

    Great stuff Rob.

    Looking forward to Thursday. I hope you get some good recognition.

  19. samprassultanofswat

    One last thought on Carter. If Carter’s work ethic was as good as his talent. There is no way Carter would slip to number 5 in the NFL draft. So what does that tell you?

    • Steve Nelsen

      When I read the recent article about how hard Anthony Richardson was working to prepare for the Combine and Pro Day and how driven he is to improve and become the best he can be, one of my first guess it is a shame Jalen Carter doesn’t have this same attitude.

      • EmperorMA

        I agree with all this.

        However, Jalen Carter has proven himself to be a very good football player, perhaps the best in an entire draft class while Anthony Richardson has never been a good football player.

        • Steve Nelsen

          That’s not quite true. Anthony Richardson started 12 games and some of his starts were very good. His issue seems to be more lack of experience rather than lack of talent.

          • Sean

            Correct, and because Richardson made the choice to declare after only one season of starting in college, that is all we have to judge him on. Long term, he may have been better going back to Florida for another year, but obviously there is some risk there if he did not show much improvement.

            It seems as if the small sample size and element of mystery and untapped potential is almost working in his favor. I’m still not convinced a team will bite nearly as early as many folks on this blog seem to believe, but the picture will become more clear on Thursday night!

            • Paul R

              Finally someone who gets it.
              Red Flags
              Declared Early when he needed more time, Why?
              Skipped His teams Bowl Game. Self Interests over Team

              • Rob Staton


        • Mr drucker in hooterville

          Correction: Carter is a very goid football player in short spurts when he feels like it. He is not a good football player all the time who wants to be great. Richardson does.

  20. Duck07

    Rob, just wanted to say Thank You for all of the amazing work you’ve shared with us in preparation for this year’s draft.

    I’d like to bring up Haloti Ngata when it comes to Jalen Carter because to me, he was a far CLEANER prospect than Carter has ever been, he went 12th and nobody talked about him in such an obtuse manner like he was Prospect #1.

    Haloti was leaner, heavier, taller, longer, stronger, faster and quicker than Carter and when Haloti was asked about taking plays off on film (from being constantly double-teamed) he said he “needed to mature.” He had literally just lost both of his parents in a relatively short period of time and was helping to raise his younger siblings. It just boggles my mind that there are those who think Carter is Prospect #1 on talent alone.

    Also, on a fun RAS note, the one Center everyone regrets having traded posted these Combine numbers:
    32.5″ Arms
    9.25″ Hands
    22 Bench Reps
    24.5″ Vertical
    7’9″ Broad Jump
    4.5 Short Shuttle
    7.39 3-Cone

    Knowing that Max Unger was able to win with technique in spite of not having long arms, big hands and explosive physicality makes me believe that Luke Wypler is not going to be overwhelmed by the NFL.

    • Malanch

      Good post, Duck07.

      I wasn’t alone in feeling that Haloti’s college career was a disappointment, and his conditioning was the prime culprit. But he was a much larger man than Carter, consistently carrying 340 pounds, and it simply took him longer to grow into his body and carry that weight. His attitude was awesome, however, and (as a result) he was able to ascend and finish on a strong note. I saw his bowl game against Adrian Peterson in person, and he was an absolute sideline-to-sideline demon, helping hold Peterson to well under four yards per carry. Methinks Ozzie Newsome liked that performance, too.

  21. Olyhawksfan

    Seems like we’ll know if they plan to switch defensive schemes after this draft based off the players they take.

    • RR12

      I would tend to agree in relation to the types of player they target in the front 7, but it does depend on who they take.
      In relation to Nose tackles, it may be a huge tell if they take a pure nose, but it may be that they are comfortable getting guys in the door after the draft to fill that need.
      The type of EDGE they take might be a tell, but there is definitely plenty of room for a smaller guy like Will Mc Donald at the LEO position even if they move to a 4-3 again, so it would depend on whether they take a proper 4-3 DE like Myles Murphy as to whether we could truly be confident in a scheme change. Even when they run a 4-3, they have tended to have some players who fit the mould of 3-4 personnel in the past. (Smaller guys at LEO, relatively big guys at LB a la KJ)
      Will definitely be interesting to pay close attention to this in the draft, as well as what they do with Jamal Adams once the dust settles.

  22. Blitzy the Clown

    Firstly, this is one helluva Seahawks draft primer Rob. Kudos to you! Every damn year you outdo yourself. Please accept my sincerest gratitude for all of your considerable, and highly considered, efforts. I think you’re setting the standard in draft coverage, irrespective of your day job as a sports journo and irrespective of which team you’re focused on.

    Don’t be surprised if they go BPA at #20 (or after a small trade down) and then trade up from #37 to make sure they get one of the consensus top two centers.

    This is the money spot in the draft for me. There are 3 players I highly covet in the 20-35 range for Seattle — Adetomiwa Adebawore, Will McDonald and Joe Tippmann.

    I don’t think it’s possible to get all three, but two out the three should be gettable.

    Step 1: trade down a few spots from 20 (Buffalo seems like a match)
    Step 2: select Adetomiwa Adebawore (or Will McDonald) with the pick just traded for
    Step 3: trade up from 37 a few spots
    Step 4: select Joe Tippmann

    Personally, I rate Adebawore higher than McDonald in part because his athleticism is unrivaled, partly because I think it’s rarer to find a DT/DE diamond in the rough than an EDGE one, and partly because of relative age.

    Also, I go Adebawore/McDonald first, then Tippmann because I think he’s less likely to be drafted that early.

    I think adding Ant Rich, Ade Ade and Joe Titan — all elite level athletes at their respective positions (hell, elite level athletes regardless of position) and “big off the bus” to boot — would really set up the team for long term success.

    • Jhams

      I’m in a similar boat but with Ade Ade and Darnell Washington.

      • Sean

        Two guys with great size and testing who did not show the same explosiveness on film…be careful.

    • STTBM

      Blitzy, if we could follow that up with Mingo somehow, I’d consider that nearly an All Time Great draft waiting to happen. I would love that!

  23. swilliam67

    Mostly a lurker.

    Rob – stumbled across your website earlier this year. For me, the analytical approach with strong background and balance is impressive and has kept me coming back. Impressive work.

    Charlie Jones out of Purdue intrigues me. I am an Eastern Washington University alum and see similarities to Cooper Kupp. Jones doesn’t have the production history, but some of the measureables are similar. Could make for an interesting day 3 opportunity.

    • Sea Mode

      Walk-on backstory and lowest drop rate in the class will have the Seahawks interested for sure.

  24. Trevor

    Another awesome writeup Rob. You have always done great work but this draft season has been even been at a whole other level. Incredible!

  25. hoggs41


    Hawkblogger saying a few names suggesting the pick could be Carter. Nagy’s name is on there which is interesting.

    • Rob Staton

      Except Jeremiah said he’s heard one GM say it might happen and one say it won’t.

      Brian is a good cherry picker at times

      • Ben

        I think Pauline’s comment the other day- that other teams think Carter to SEA, but SEA is not so sure, is the underlying drive. League sources that aren’t in Seattle are saying Carter and the “media” is logically following the smoke, but it’s just conjecture.

        • Glor

          Which I hope to all help the teams believe! I sure don’t want them clued in on who we really want. Hell if I were the hawks I would be “leaking” info about taking Carter as well!

      • hoggs41


        Then there is this one so who knows. Im with you though as I just dont see it.

      • Ryan

        Now Brian is saying he’d take Carter even over Anderson, and so many of his commenters are agreeing with him and Sweet Baby Jesus I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.

        • Rob Staton


          • Ryan

            Oh god, it seems like he’s pulled Jeff over to taking Carter as well. My god.

            • Rob Staton


              • Rob Staton

                I had a message from Jeff just last week saying Richardson was his dream pick, as he’d given up on Will Anderson reaching #5

              • Ryan

                Brian: “I got to ask man, no. 5 comes up right now, who are you hoping the Seahawks, who’s your heart set on, who are you going to be most upset about if they don’t call his name?”

                Jeff: “I’ve come around on this, I think it’s Jalen Carter.”


                Jeff: “We’ve run so many of these scenarios, I just find my drafts look so much stronger when they draft Jalen Carter… …As much as I like Will Anderson, a good edge rusher is not going to push this defensive line over the top, to me that’s what changes everything.”

                Brian: “I want to make sure I’m hearing you Jeff. If Will Anderson and Jalen Carter are available at 5, who do you want the Seahawks to pick?”

                Jeff: “As of yesterday I said Will Anderson, and I think in the last 24 hours I’ve changed my mind. And to me, I said this morning in my chat, it’s a dream scenario, I’d be thrilled with them both, they’d get an A from me. Will Anderson’s obviously safer, but again if I want to build the nastiest defensive line I could imagine, having those two defensive tackles in there…”

                • Rob Staton

                  That contradicts everything I talk to Jeff about, in private and on our streams

                  I am genuinely baffled. It’s as if someone else is in control of his DM’s

                  • Bmseattle

                    I’ll be curious to hear what he says when you guys talk.
                    I too have noticed his takes differ depending on who he’s speaking to.

                    • Rob Staton

                      I might have to have a think about whether we do it

                      It’s all a bit confusing

                  • Mr drucker in hooterville

                    Robbie and Adam bring more to the youtube anyway.

                • Ryan

                  Brian: “The Seahawks desperately need elite talent, especially at the defensive tackle position. I don’t think you can pass on it. I think it’s a bigger risk to not call his name Thursday night than it is to hand in the card with his name, that’s where I’ve landed.”

                  Jeff: “That’s where I fell when you put that poll up the other day, and I would be terrified to pass on him and see him go to Philadelphia and just dominate, that would beat me up for years.”

                  • Rob Staton

                    I don’t know how you go from saying to me Richardson is your dream pick to this position in six days

        • Wilson502

          Good lord Brian has gone full smooth brain during this draft process. The dude just comes off as a clown to me now.

          • SalukiHawk12


          • Lord Snow

            I stopped reading his stuff a few years ago. He used to be a go-to site for me but his analysis has really suffered.

          • seahawkward


      • MountainHawker

        He’s been saying everything possible to dismiss a QB at 5. I enjoy their in season shows, but the draft coverage this year has been really annoying.

        • Rob Staton

          Just be balanced

          It’s best 🤷‍♂️

          • Wilson502

            Far easier said than done, given the absolute flaming pile of crap the analysis has been from other Seahawks content creators and media.

    • GrittyHawk

      I am quite certain that not of these people is hearing any information from any credible source inside the Seahawks org. They just do not operate that way. After 13 years the mainstream media is still flabbergasted by every single pick we make, which should tell you how legitimate any rumor is of which player we are taking.

      • Happy Hawk

        100% agree

    • Malanch

      I haven’t listened to Nemhauser in years, not because of his analysis, but because he can’t speak English and sound like a grownup at the same time. Seriously: He talks like a teeny-bopping girl, and can’t even make it through a single thought without jamming in “like” every other breath. It’s utterly unendurable…

      …But according to Mike Salk, Nemhauser has convinced him that the interior pass rusher has supplanted the franchise quarterback as the hardest position to find, thus necessitating an according allocation of draft resources. Hmmm. Well, it probably is easy enough to find supporting evidence. After all, the Chiefs couldn’t win a Super Bowl until they got Chris Jones, nor the Rams until Aaron Donald, nor the Eagles until Fletcher Cox…nor the LOB until Michael Bennett, etc.

      Which begs the obvious question: If Salk is turning to bloggers for the inside scoop on all things Seahawks draft…why that guy? Can anyone here think of a better candidate—preferably one who CAN speak English like a grownup?

      • Rob Staton

        I can’t think of anyone



        • Matthew

          I’ve heard Brock mention you on air at least once this year. You’re on their radar at least!

      • Sean

        Nemhauser’s best work came during the glory years of the LOB era. He has really fallen off the last few years, easy to tell the passion isn’t there anymore. It’s almost like he is a fair weather fan who enjoys covering the team more when they are at the top of the standings 🙂

  26. dahveed

    this draft has only a couple true blue chippers the high middle is where the good stuff is which means if the dude they consider blue is not there dont be surprised of a trade down

    • Trevor

      Final Hawks mock before draft day. Tried this one on both the ESPN and PFN simulators and was able to get the players in this range so hope it is realistic. This mock is based mostly on the analysis Rob has passed on here on the blog with a couple of personal favorites sprinkled in.

      *The Hawks trade #20 to the Cheifs for #31 and 63. Cheifs move up to grab OT Anton Harrison.

      #5 Anthony Richardson QB- Still don’t really think he will be on the board but if he is JS should sprint to the podium. He could be the face of the NFL in 3 yrs and will certainly make Hawks games must see TV.

      #31 Will McDonald IV OLB- Not sure I have ever seen a college prospect bend the arch better than Macdonald. Love Rob’s comp to Brian Burns. Should be an impact rotational pass rusher from Day 1 who could develop into one of the elite edge players in the league after a couple of seasons.

      #37 Joe Tippmann C/G – I am higher in Evan Brown than most I think. Looking at his tape from the season before last he looked really good at Center. If he is the Tippmann has the perfect profile to play Guard in the Hawks scheme. If not they have thier Center for the next decade.

      #53 Johnathan Mingo WR- No one has been higher on Mingo than Rob. He was talking about him as a Rd 2 WR when he was not on most draft boards at all. Doubt he lasts this long but if he does what a fantastic compliment to Locket and DK. There are lots of good small WR in this draft but he stands out as a quality big WR even over Quinten Johnson IMO.

      #63 Zach Pickens DT- the most under rated DL prospect in the draft I think. Reall athletic and explosive. Solid against the run and provides pass rush as well. Can play multiple spots in either the 3-4 or 4-3. Love him or Keanu Benton in this spot. At the end of Rd 2.

      #83 Zach Charbonnet RB- Hawks need an RB and if this kid is there in Rd 3 I would love this pick. Walker and Charbonnet would be as good as any duo in the league.

      #123 Dorian Williams ILB- he ticks all the boxes the Hawks look for at LB athletically. On tape he looks ultra aggressive and leads the defense. Great backup year 1 and special teamer who could be a quality starter next year.

      #151 Cameron Young DT- was so impressed with Young at the Senior Bowl. Would be an ideal rotational DT for the Hawks that’s scheme flexible.

      #154 Andrew Vorhees G- was a big fan of his before the combine as a target in round 2-3. Then he tore his ACL. But unlike any other prospect he did not pack it in after the injury. The next morning after the injury he goes out and does 38 on the bench. That’s the kind of toughness and competitor the Hawks need. Give him a redshirt year and you have a quality starter next season to replace Phil Haynes.

      #198 Payne Durham TE- I thought he looked really good at the Senior Bowl. He is a quality inline blocker who can replace Will Dissly if he can’t come back.

      #237 Jordan Howden S- Atletic safety who will be depth and a special teamer as a rookie.

      UDFA Calvin Avery NT- Big nose tackle will likely be a UDFA target if they stick with 3-4

      After this free agency and draft the front 7 would be drastically improved.

      DT- Jones, Reed, Pickens, Young, Avery
      Edge- McDonald, Mafe, Taylor, Nwosu
      LB- Wagner , Bush, Williams, Brooks

      But the OL would be the most exciting group on 2024 /25 and give Anthony Richarson great protection. That would be an athletic, powerful and tough group all under contract long term.
      LT Cross
      LG Vorhees
      C Tippmann
      RG Lewis
      RT Lucas

      • Lord Snow

        This would be a slam dunk draft for me

      • STTBM

        That would be a Great draft! If only…

  27. Comfect

    Great post, thanks for all this amazing work.

    Looking at your discussion of positions you expect they want to fill, it sounds like a trade back from the late 1st to trade forward later might be in play (something they’d definitely done before): they’ll want to keep the number of picks high, since there are a lot of positions they want to touch on, but they’ll also want to be able to target “their guys.”

    • GrittyHawk

      Agreed, I very much expect to see something like that. There isn’t much of a gap in quality between 20-30 so it would be great to trade down and pick up more ammo to maybe move up into the 40s from 52 or up into the 70s from 83, depending on who is still on the board. This is a really weird draft class and I expect some good players will fall through the cracks a la Abe Lucas.

  28. Roy Batty

    I’ve read so much hang wringing from so many fans on the #5 pick.

    To me it’s that extra money you didn’t know you were getting back for your taxes. (Or in my case, paying substantially less). I want them to go for it. Do not trade down. Just invest in someone special and rely on the rest of your picks to fill holes and add depth.

    I’m already getting butterflies.

  29. Andrew

    Great work, Rob. This site is by far the best, bar none, for Seahawks draft analysis. We all owe you a huge debt of gratitude.

    I’m concerned about Vegas shifting their odds to now say that Levis is the 2nd favorite to go number 1 to the Panthers, and there’s reports that Levis is telling his friends/family that he will be drafted number 1 overall.

    If that’s true, Houston will take Bryce young at 2 and Arizona will spark a massive bidding war for somebody to move up and take either Will Anderson or Anthony Richardson. This would be a nightmare scenario for me, missing out on either Anderson or Richardson at 5.

    This is causing me anxiety. I just hope it’s predraft smoke.

    • Sneekes

      In that scenario – wouldn’t the Colts take Stroud at 4, and we get whoever remains of Anderson and Richardson.
      I could live with that.

      • Andrew

        I would if I were the Colts but with all of the recent reports about his stock falling and his purportedly poor S2 score, I’m not so sure. There’s also legitimate concerns about whether Stroud is ready to start day 1 (which Indy seems to want) given that Stroud played in the simplistic Ohio State offense. I wonder if Indy would be interested in moving back if Bryce Young and Will Levis are gone. I suspect that those 2 guys are atop their draft board and Stroud/Richardson are considerably lower.

        • seahawkward

          I just listened to a podcast where Dane Brugler said he had someone tell him that the Colts really like Richardson. Maybe they like Levis better. But if he’s gone, that could easily make it Richardson for Indy.

          • Rob Staton

            Brugler’s last mock was awful

            • seahawkward

              Hasn’t he had the most accurate mocks the past few years? Why is he so off this year? Mailing it in?

              • Rob Staton

                He hasn’t

                • seahawkward

                  I guess I was mistaken. Thought for certain he got some awards for most accurate 1st rounds. My mistake.

          • geoff u

            And Rich Eisen said today he’s hearing Richardson will drop into the 20s.

            Nobody knows anything.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      I think the likelihood of a bidding war for Arizona’s pick is the same regardless of whether Young or Levis goes #1 overall.

      And I don’t think anyone will trade up for Will Anderson.

      The trade up target for teams wanting to move up to 3, including Seattle, will be the QB that doesn’t get picked first (or first and second if this scenario plays out with Levis and Young going 1-2). That’ll be either Richardson or Stroud.

      If Indy take the remainder such that all 4 QBs go before 5, then Seattle get Will Anderson, an underwhelming result in my opinion, but far from a bad thing.

      FWIW I think betting odds reflect the fact that Levis is the most pro ready QB of the bunch. Of the top 4, he’s most likely to be able to start, and be successful, in his rookie year. But is he likely to be more successful than Andy Dalton? If not, and you prefer Bryce Young, as actual reports, not betting odds, indicate is the case, why would you take Levis?

      I’m as certain as I’ve been about past #1 picks that Young will be taken by Carolina first overall. And I’m almost as certain Houston will take Will Anderson.

      That’s where the certainty ends. I’ve no idea if Arizona will trade out or not. I think it’s more likely they will, but how much more iikely 🤷🏻‍♂️

      • Andrew

        At this point, as painful as it would be, I would like for the team to just “pay the iron price” and move up to get Richardson at 3. 5 and 37 (or even 20) if it comes down to it. I’m afraid Arizona will want us to pay a premium because we’re a division rival however.

        Interesting that Tony Pauline is reporting that teams want to move up to 3 to select an offensive lineman.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          I would give Arizona 52 to move up to 3 and that’s it.

          I feel fairly confident Seattle will have a crack at either Ant or Stroud at 5 so my motivation to move up isn’t strong.

          With all due respect to Tony, I feel like he’s being given a line, maybe by Arizona itself to spur interest in their pick. Hey teams below us interested in Paris…we like him enough to trade down for him. Maybe we like him enough to take him at 3.

          But I’d be pretty shocked if a team in the 10-14 range covet Paris Johnson Jr so much they’d pay the iron price to move up that far for a non-QB player.

          Maybe one of the teams in the 7-10 range who do covet him gets antsy enough to make the move. But then they’d be doing it for Johnson and not Ant or Stroud? Does that make sense?

          • Andrew

            Blitzy, does Stroud’s S2 score scare you at all? I really like Stroud as a prospect but some anonymous NFL execs are saying that a QB with a poor s2 score is a non starter.

            • Blitzy the Clown

              Not sure I believe it. But regardless, no I’m not.

              I watched Stroud pick apart college football’s top defense like a forensic pathologist doing a post mortem.

              If he can do that live in a game against top competition, he can process well enough for me. Add on a red shirt year behind Geno, and I’m fully comfortable with Stroud as the QB of the future

  30. OakleyD

    I’m surprised there hasn’t been more talk of Gervon Dexter as a play the Hawks might look at late in Rd 2 or in Rd 3. The length and athleticism is there, not the level of production on tape to warrant a high pick – but I can see the Hawks thinking he could be developed into a great DT at either NT or 3T.

    Seems like a good plan B option for me

    • Ben

      Seems like there will be some good run stuffer options in the middle of the draft. Top of the draft for flash, middle of the draft for meat and potatoes.

    • Rob Staton

      Lack of fire, kind of went through motions at Florida

      • OakleyD


        Just seems like he has some tools that can’t be taught and if he slips, may be a project worth taking a chance on.

  31. Kerren

    Incredible work this year please relax as Christmas morning for you is less than 48 hours away.
    I have two questions
    If Wilson and Anderson go off the board to HOU/AZ and we are looking at Stroud and Richardson available whom do you choose?
    I keep getting Bijan at 20 at PFN (and realize it is most likely folly) BUT if he’s there at 20 don’t you have to take him?
    Again thanks for all the hard work and to those reading this become a Patron (I am) for all this content provided by the site. If the Richardson/Robinson daily double hits on Thursday pants will be off and running around the house commences

    • Rob Staton

      I would be happy with AR or CJS. Really like them both.

      I would take Bijan at 20

  32. cha

    The details of the Jalen Hurts contract is now on OTC and it’s giving me a headache.

    In return for not being a Watson-style fully guaranteed, the Eagles have given him a no-trade clause and a structure that means cannot get their heads above water until 2026 or 2027. They are banking on him playing well. There is no Goff/Wentz escape after one year type ability to the contract.

    And instead of giving him a whopping signing bonus, they negotiated in option bonuses to push out the cap hits. They’re on the hook for $40m of cap money in the first 3 seasons of his deal but they are paying $106 million in cash, so there are void years out to…wait for it…2032.

    Let’s just draft a QB and 5 and not worry about a contract for a few years, for crying out loud.

    • Glor

      Let’s do this every couple years so we don’t ever have to sign anyone to one of these ludicrous contracts

  33. geoff u

    I feel like we need to come away with at least one of McDonald, Ade, or Calijah Kancey

    • Trevor

      If we stick with the 3-4 then Ade Ade, Will McDonald and Mazi Smith are the guys I would like to see them target between 20-37.

    • Patrick Toler

      Lots of depth on the defensive front in this class though. Throw in whoever you like from Mazi, Benton, White, Pickens, Young, and many others, and you don’t need to pigeon hole yourself into taking any given player.

      • geoff u

        I don’t want depth, I want special athletes with special traits, whatever the position.

        • Brodie

          I’ve been Kancey’s biggest (only?) detractor here. I don’t really want to be, but I just think there’s no way we draft a DT that small.

          I heard this stat about DT’s today: There hasn’t been a DT drafted with sub-74″ wingspan in the last decade.

          Kancey is 72 3/4. For a team that has prioritized length on the DL for this entire regime, I just don’t think he’s a take.

          • geoff u

            I know. And yet, he’s such a great player. It is very possible though, against NFL lineman, those physical limitations end up being a wall he can’t climb over.

  34. JimN

    Thanks Rob for all this hard work and analysis you have done. You have made so many of us “draft fans”. Your ability and decision to fairly analyze all directions and ideas have made this a place where we all can confidently and safely explore our own ideas. Enjoy draft day !

  35. Jace

    Thoughts on Eric Gray as a potential RB choice? Just under 210 lbs, solid vertical, good receiver, and had a nice week at the Senior Bowl.

  36. Sea Mode

    Missing Devon Witherspoon and Lukas Van Ness in the official 30 visits list I believe.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you 👍🏻

  37. Sea Mode

    I would really like this guy at 37 if we could.

    Gilmore stood on the sideline at the Sugar Bowl on New Year’s Eve, watching the Crimson Tide struggle early and taking mental notes on how players responded to adversity after falling behind 10-0 to Kansas State.

    “The doubt crept in,” Gilmore said. Everywhere she looked, she saw bad body language and hung heads. From all except for one player.

    “The one person who stood out was Jahmyr,” she said. “He was laser-focused. His energy was consistent. He was going into battle, right?”


  38. YDB

    I really hope they do stick to the theme of BPA like John has been mentioning all off season. Of course, the caveat which comes with that is weight has to be given to talent pool “shelves” and team need. As Rob mentioned, it is obviously going to be their BPA & needs that we need to keep in mind and nobody else’s.

    One of the only position group directly refered to as being deep was the TE. So, the question there will be: is there a true BPA available that needs to be taken early because he is on a shelf unto himself in a deep class? Or, can they wait?

    The running back pool is also very intriguing. Looking at the current room, I think the assessment that the Hawks could double dip here is likely. Now, how early they feel they have to pick up Ken’s running mate will be interesting. Do they NEED someone like Charbonnet or Chase Brown (or Bijan?) or can they wait a bit longer and grab two SPARQ’d up studs late?

    John has referred to his process as a map, and on Thursday it will be exciting to see how he takes his first step in navigating through what is sure to be an entertaining draft. Hopefully Seattle can set a course that starts with Stroud/Anderson/Richardson and stack another successful draft similar to last year’s.

    • YDB

      **referred to BY PETE as being deep**

  39. tony p

    As so many of you continue to send Rob well-deserved gratitude for his immense body of work, I wanted to say thank you to all the regular posters out there. You folks are entertaining, insightful and respectful, which we could all do with a little more of these days. There is little to no belittling of those with contrasting opinions here, no condescending, juvenile remarks, and you tend to defend your arguments well. Compared to vast, vast majority of the internet hellscape, this place has an abundance of reasoned, mature discussion.

    Thank you for sharing your passion and knowledge; I lurk here daily and have learned a lot.

  40. Ukhawk

    Peerless breakdown Rob

    So far ahead of even local “experts” it’s laughable 😂


    • Rob Staton

      Shame it’s taken this long to have a proper conversation about it

      And it’s only happening because a few big name media types say it might

      Oh well. At least we’ve had a good go at it on here.

    • BK26

      I am honestly shocked. Never thought I would be agreeing with Salk and with him being the voice of reason on the show.

      That should tell you how right that choice is.

      • cha

        Just wait. He’ll tell everyone that Witherspoon is Pete’s dream corner tomorrow.

        Or they’ll have another analyst on who thinks they draft Carter and he’ll be 100% agreeing with him.

      • Chris

        Would be nice if he didn’t use the idiotic “house money” argument to get there, but I guess the destination here is more important than the journey. Good thing the #5 wasn’t actually the Hawks natural pick, apparently that would mean we should change our opinion about who is best to pick.

  41. Rob Staton

    Appreciate all the kind words and positive feedback everyone

    It’s been a long 14 months but we are nearly there

    (For this chapter, anyway…)

    • The Graduate

      You deserve every bit of these accolades. Really tremendous work, and please know how much it is appreciated!

  42. Madmark

    Well Rob nice work this year getting us informed about these players in this draft. To be quite honest with all the information you provided I have no clue what Seattle is going to do. I expect a QB at 5 but who it will be I haven’t a clue. I pretty sure Richardson is the guy they want and I know if he’s there they take him. Everyone lost their mind when Seattle took Bruce Irving at pick 15 so Will McDonald IV at 20 would be no surprise. I still can’t deny that the guy that really stood out at the combine to me was Darnell Washington, those stats are crazy for such a big man. This the TE they wanted when they traded for Graham. What if RB Robinson actually at pick 20 I would absolutely have to ignore all the phone calls we would have coming in for a trade down.
    I will tell everyone this I found this website when JS/PC took over and had their first draft. I was feed up with other sites because of all the haters out there and I’ve been since then and the one thing I’ve learned if you actually get 3 players right, you just had an excellent draft. Rob keep up the good work by confusing us because it means your doing your job.

  43. Rob Staton

    Heads up I am on VSiN twice tomorrow, on the morning show and Prime Time.

    Will post videos

    • TomLPDX

      Let the recognition come your way, Rob. It is well deserved because let’s face it, your projections are based in logic and study. Look forward to seeing the spots tomorrow.

    • Sean

      Looking forward to this, Rob. Really enjoyed your last VSI appearance, no beating around the bush, very direct answers and fantastic analysis as always!

  44. Beacon of half truth

    If they want Richardson they’re gonna have to trade up to #2. Outstanding work once again. This is the best draft coverage you’ve ever done.

    • Wilson502

      This is where Im at with Richardson, JS needs to make it happen and not leave it to hopium that he falls to you. Will Anderson doesn’t make this team exciting or change the trajectory of the team whatsoever.

  45. Belgaron

    I’ve enjoyed your coverage this year. New posts every day recently with relevant thoughts and your mocks are not just silly attempts at getting favorite players to your team, throwing junk to other teams that they’d never pick.

    My question is should they trade down and still draft Richardson? If they weren’t at 5, where would he go?
    Second questions is–will Skoronski and/or Carter slide to 20. Skoronski is the best guard in this draft and tackles will get picked ahead of him. 15-20 is a respectable place for the best guard in a draft to go. If many teams are out on Carter, he could free fall a bit, who will take the risk and shower him with money?

    • Rob Staton

      If you want him, don’t risk missing out

      That would be my position

      Carter could go anywhere IMO. I wouldn’t draft him and I don’t think they will, even at 20.
      We’ll see. Skoronski will go top-15

    • Patrick Toler

      Richardson could easily go 6, 7, or 8. Trading down to take him would be the definition of getting too cute.

      • Ben

        People are scared a team might trade up and get him. No reason to think he’d be available after 5, but JS will obviously know best.

  46. Gohawks424

    Rob, ***Chef’s Kiss*** this might be your best work yet, you are killing it!!!! The tantalizing thought of Richardson, DK and K9 reeking havoc is insane. I truly feel this has been John’s thought process get a QB!!!

  47. GrittyHawk

    Broadly speaking as a fan of both football and Anthony Richardson, I really hope he doesn’t end up on some dismal franchise so bereft of talent and direction that they shove him into the lineup next year and just try to run the ball 50 times a game. He has the tools to be so freakin’ good, but I fear he’ll never realize his potential on a team like Houston. If not Seattle, it would be great to see him land on a quality (preferably AFC) team like Baltimore if he somehow slides.

    • Peter

      I feel all this.

    • Blackthorn


  48. Gaux Hawks

    …eerily quiet today

    • cha


      I believe today is the day JS and PC spend in the bunker with Jody as they unveil their Master Plan.

      Also start making some calls about trading up or down.

      • Wilson502

        No trade downs, trade up for QB or bust.

        • Allen M.


        • Lord Snow


        • Niro

          I’m ok with a trade down at 20 but definitely not 5

          • JimQ

            My “hot take” prediction:
            SEA trades #5, #37 & a 2024 2-nd. (+ 2024 4-th or later. if necessary to make deal) TO: Houston for pick #2. Allowing the Seahawks to draft Richardson. #20 could then be used to trade down and add more draft capital. Houston would end up with 4 picks (5, 12, 33 and 37 in the top 37 + 2024 pick(s). The #5 pick, in particular could be a good possibility to draft the same guy they would have taken at #2????
            2025 Super Bowl, here we come.

      • Erik

        John Schneider has said that the process for trading starts weeks ago and then revs up this week, not just today. Just fyi.

  49. Troy D

    The betting odds on Levis is interesting for him going #1. Man would I love to see that. I could only imagine the smirk Rob would have if Levis was the #1 pick after backing him while seemingly everyone was talking badly about him until recently. The domino effect that could have.

    Now with that said I would actually be kind of shocked. I have huge long term reservations on Bryce Young but I figure Carolina believes they could quickly take their division witn Young.

    Question would then become, how far does Stroud or Young fall if that plays out. I would expect its a dream scenario for Arizona if they are looking to trade out which it seems they are.

    • Spectator

      Betting line changed with the Reddit rumor that Will Levis is telling friends and Family that Carolina is taking him. Reminiscent of when Baker wasnt expected to go 1st overall until like the week of and the betting lines changed drastically in his favor too.

  50. Creature

    First time posting, but I’ve been lurking here since just before last years draft. As a resident of Washington State, I never would have thought refreshing a blog about the Seahawks from the perspective of a Londoner would become part of my morning (afternoon, nighttime, etc.) routine, but here we are!

    I can’t say enough how much I have enjoyed your thoughts and analysis, Rob. On top of that the community here is just a joy. It’s definitely bolstered my understanding of schemes, salary cap, contract structures, and scouting players to form my own opinion of them. I’ll try to add comment here or there going forward, but keep up the good work!

    • Peter

      Heck yeah!

    • OakleyD

      Rob, are you a Londoner?

      I thought you were based North-of-the-wall around Sheffield?

      • Rob Staton

        I’m 100% Yorkshire

        Definitely not a Londoner 🙂

        I’m a Stark not a Lannister

        • Creature

          My apologies, Rob Stark! 😂

  51. geoff u

    That an “Anonymous post on redit” from an account 1 week old is driving the narrative today just shows how little the media/vegas knows and how big of a suckers they are.

  52. Schadyhawk001

    Since really discovering SDB this year I feel like I am way more informed on prospects and the draft process as a whole, the downside of being more informed is just how unbearable reading mock drafts have become (other than Rob’s obviously). I always loved reading mock drafts but this year I am pre-annoyed before I even open the mock and if I see something like Carter @5 I immediately close it.

    I was never a huge Daniel Jeremiah or Bucky Brooks fan but my general opinion on their expertise has sunk like a stone, here are the Seahawks picks from Bucky’s latest mock

    1.5 – Christian Gonzalez
    1.20 – Nolan Smith

    And this little gem as well:
    1.22(Ravens) – Anthony Richardson

    • Sean

      Richardson falling into the 20’s???? I thought the Seahawks had to trade up from 5 to have any chance of taking him! (I joke, I joke)

  53. Allen M.

    Rob, Does the fact zero QBs have been brought in for top-30 visits bother you at all or what are your thoughts on this?

    • Henry Taylor

      I think the fact that they flew out to meet them all is probably enough to indicate interest.

    • BK26

      Top 30 really doesn’t matter. It’s usually reserved for late-round flyers that they don’t get a good chance for a face-to-face, or the guys that they have a lot of questions about and need to get in the building. Like Carter.

      If you look, their earlier picks are never Top 30 visits. Some guys don’t even have much contact with Seattle.

      Pete and John only went to watch the Big 4’s pro-days. That is what matters. Met with them there (Richardson especially from what it sounds like).

      • Allen M.

        I can accept that, it makes sense. I thought it interesting because Jeremiah brought it up and stated he believes Seattle is not one of the teams in the market for a rookie QB at the top, at least.

        That probably means they are. 😎

  54. Robert Las Vegas

    I just heard something that I find very interesting and that is Arizona didn’t travel to Alabama pro day. And Kyler wants the Cardinals to draft Parris Johnson Jr. I bet he does. I just find it interesting

    • Brodie

      I’ll bet that went over well with DJ Humphries. He’ll probably be demanding a trade along with Nuk and Budda (and Simmons before long).

  55. MountainHawker

    They flew Jody’s private jet to each qb workout and met with them at the combine. Don’t think they’re too worried about top 30’s for the qb’s.

  56. Spencer

    Does anyone know you can watch the draft with NFL+?

  57. Nick

    One Derick Hall please.

    • OakleyD

      Reminds me a bit of Frank Clark

  58. no frickin clue

    The Athletic has a piece out today arguing that the Hawks may prefer to trade down from #5 in order to lessen the 2023 cap hit that comes with the high signing bonus for a 1st rounder (i.e., the cap hit for #5 overall is just too high). Because of the grim cap situation today.

    I have a hard time believing that they would pass on someone they love at #5, try and get cute and get the same player a handful of picks later, but what do I know. Although if they don’t love anyone still on the board at #5, and someone else does, then maybe.

    Any thoughts on this? Is our cap situation actually that tight that they are going to look under the couch cushions for extra $$?

    • SalukiHawk12

      I refused to even open and read that article because just the premise is insane and absurd.

    • cha

      This is always the biggest non-story story out there.

      1-If the Seahawks are so strapped they need to trade down to save $3m, they need to just close up shop and go home.

      2-if they trade back and get multiple picks this year, it could cost them just as much money as staying at 5. So it’s moot. If they trade back and get a bunch of picks next year, they will have the exact same problem in 2024, so if that really is the problem it is just delaying the inevitable.

      3-Jody gave the guys her private jet to fly a bunch of staff around to all 4 of the QB Pro Days…are those the actions of a team that is short on cash?

    • Rob Staton

      My thoughts are this… 💩

      • Huggie Hawk

        That may be the single worst draft article I’ve encounter so far…

      • Glor

        lol, spot on

  59. seahawkward

    Brock and Salk played the Richard Sherman clip about switching defensive scheme. Brock Huard said from what he talked to his contacts, and it’s not entirely true. That they won’t be a straight up 3-4 anymore. That they will switch around and use different fronts. That makes more sense to me than entirely changing things up. Especially without Desai.

  60. Jim

    I can’t shake the feeling that McDonald is a tweener making it hard to set the edge. I much prefer Van Ness or Ade Ade for this reason alone. Am I alone in this feeling?

    • Rob Staton

      He’s not a tweener because he has a defined position — 3-4 OLB

      • OakleyD

        Also fits the exact mould of our 4-3 Leo if we are changing fronts this year.

        McDonald is everything we have historically gone for at that position as well as fitting within our new bear front

  61. Paul R

    As always you do a great job in your analysis, insight, and sharing of information. I am always happy to read your takes. Even when we don’t agree. 🙂 Therefore, I would be happy to contribute $ – Keep up the great content.

    Outside of the Richardson/Carter/Anderson debate your are 100% right on the Seahawks obvious focus in this draft in day 1 and 2 – They will be looking to improve their Def Front 7 and IOL. With depth picks in later rounds for DL, IOL, S, CB, RB, WR/TE

    Regarding Carter/Anderson at 5 – The debate will likely carry on through the draft’s opening night. I am concerned that Anderson at 5pick is not built to succeed in NFL at his position. Carter? There’s no questioning Carter’s talent, but the concerns surrounding his football character and immaturity make the potential choice a tough one for the Hawk’ front-office. At the end of the day, I trust John and Pete to make the right call.

    I still don’t believe the Hawks will take a QB in the 1st round no matter who is there. It appears to me that this year they are set on the 2 QB’s they have and there is no need to risk a QB controversy to start 2023 or carry a 3rd QB to hold a clip board.

    I think their QB of the future (in their minds) is Drew Lock. I know Drew Lock? Well the Hawk’s front office seems to love him…so yeah Drew Lock. What QB in this class at pick 5 can run our team on day 1? Otherwise if they wanted a QB of the future they had no need to resign Lock and they would for sure use that 5th pick for a QB in this class. Why not Richardson…He is a project.. Pete wants to win NOW, so he will use his picks for players that can help this year and next.

    What they will do with the 5th pick at this point is a crap shot, but I am 99% sure it won’t be a QB.

    Regardless, in my 46 plus years as a Seahawk fan, Season ticket holder, and arm chair GM, it has been the most exciting draft years since 1993 when we had the 2nd draft pick and selected the crowned second coming of Joe Montana, Rick Mirer (when the Patriots drafted the guy we really wanted. Drew Bledsoe).

    After the first season, it became clear that he was not Joe Montana. Mirer struggled, throwing for only 12 touchdowns against 17 interceptions. While these could be dismissed as rookie struggles, things did not improve over the following seasons. In only one full season (his second) did Mirer throw for more touchdowns than interceptions.

    The Seahawks did not reach the postseason with him on the roster. Before the 1997 season, they dealt Mirer to the Chicago Bears. So, much for a Rookie QB saving your franchise. Mirer like so many other 1st round QB and 16th pick Dan McGwire (1991) was a bust.

    However, Seattle did secure a first-round draft pick from the Chicago Bears for Mirer, a pick that turned into HOF Walter Jones. So…there is that.

    Maybe that’s another reason, I don’t want them to reach on a QB in this class. I remember the last 1st round reach at QB. So, yeah. Not a big fan on reaching for a QB when you don’t need too.

    So…GO HAWKS and thank you for allowing me to post my opinion. We will all know in a couple days what the Hawks are really doing.

    • Rob Staton

      Now let’s run through a scenario where a team did draft a QB and succeeded

      Because that’s as relevant as bringing up Rick Mirer

      • jed

        Remember when the Bengals sucked for like 30 years and then drafted Joe Burrow with the #1 pick and went to the Super Bowl a couple years later because he covered up a mostly average team and made them annual SB contenders?

        • Wilson502

          Gee….. It’s almost like QB is more the most important position on the field….. Imagine that…..

        • OakleyD

          Remember when Bobby Bouche turned up at half time and the Bulldogs won the mud bowl????

        • Paul R

          You are seriously not comparing Joe Burrows to Anthony Richardson? Joe Burrows one of the best quarterback prospects in the last decade. 100% would have taken him in that round at the pick. Let’s at least be real.

      • Paul R

        Sorry, about Rick Mirer rant. I still suffer from the Seahawks of the 1990’s had a flash back. Yet, it’s not an irrelevant comparison “if” I had remembered to add context.

        That context is the consideration that like Richardson, Mirer was hyped up. Like Richardson, he had less than 60% completion percentage, and didn’t post a 2 to 1 touchdown-to-interception ratio coming out of college.

        Scouts were not impressed with his game film. Some stated he was a reach and not worthy of 1st round grade. The Seahawks ignored the “on the field” red flags. And it was true. All hype, no on the field play to support the hype. That’s the context referencing here.

        If you ignore the past your doomed to repeat it.

        • Rob Staton

          Sure, but we can also say we should learn from Allen, Herbert, Mahomes etc

          And they play now

          • Paul R

            You know Rob. We can do this all day….its a waste of our time. Because, studies show that people are quick to accept evidence that supports their beliefs, and more likely to ignore or be critical of facts that challenge their views.

            So, I will just put my money where my belief systems are by investing in your work. Because I respect your takes even when I don’t always agree with them. I think you have an opportunity to make a very good career with what you do. But, you may get distracted by shiny objects (QB’s) like In this take about Seahawks taking a QB in this draft.

            1. Seahawks trade up and draft QB $3500 Investment to you.
            2. Seahawks draft Richardson at 5 $2500
            3. Seahawks draft Richardson anywhere in 1st rnd $1500
            4. Seahawks take any QB in 1st $1000
            5 Seahawks take ANY QB in 1st 4 rounds $500
            6. Seahawks take a QB in any round $250 (this may happen in later rounds)

            In turn, if I am right, you make a blog post about “admitting your mistake” and apologizing to all the 12’s like me who tired to change your mind and failed.

            Interested? You have my email. I will make good on my promise. Although I may need to make installment payments if they do draft in the 1st 😉 lol

            by way…since you mentioned it.

            What we also learned is that Mahomes, Allen, Drew Brees and Joe Burrow is they had ELITE scores in there S2 Cognitive testing. They also started a hell of alot more games in their college careers. All of them also scored above the 90 percentile of S2 cognitive scorers.

            I’m not suggesting that the The S2 fully supersede the other method to evaluate talent. But, Cognitive skills can not be learned. You either have them or you don’t And SUCESSFUL QBs have them.

            While we don’t know what Richardson or Any of these QB’s really scored because S2 Cognition founder Brandon Ally revealed that he’s aware of the leaks – but urged fans to take them “with a grain of salt.” I am guessing Richardson score is at or below that score. While respectful not Elite like forementioned QBs

            People keep talking about Allen comparison but really Allen is simply an outlier. Just had to throw that out there.

            • Rob Staton

              I write articles every time I get something wrong

              I don’t need to make a bet

              But if you want to give me two and a half grand, that’s your choice. Patreon away…

              • Paul R

                OK. That is fair. I will Patreon away.

    • Brodie

      “Otherwise if they wanted a QB of the future they had no need to resign Lock and they would for sure use that 5th pick for a QB in this class.”

      Should we telegraph all of our draft plans by leaving gaping holes at positions of need? Was Evan Neal a waste as well, as we are likely drafting a C?

      “What they will do with the 5th pick at this point is a crap shot, but I am 99% sure it won’t be a QB.”

      How can you possibly be that confident? They went to all 4 pro-days, have spoke glowingly about the QB’s and even said that QB is in play.

      “I don’t want them to reach on a QB in this class. I remember the last 1st round reach at QB. So, yeah. Not a big fan on reaching for a QB when you don’t need too.”

      Why is it a reach? All four of these QB’s have the potential to be good, if not great. I’d argue that one of the biggest determinations of IF a QB will succeed is WHERE they go. Put Josh Allen in Cleveland and let’s see his career arc. Getting a QB now and not rushing him, while still building up the team makes a lot of sense too. If they draft Stetson Bennett at #5, that’s a reach. Every other QB has been mocked above our pick dozens of times.

      • BK26

        I just don’t have it in my to explain it again. It’s been too many times for too long since the season ended. Lock was given the easiest, shortest contract that that could have given him. He’s a throw in being used as an expendable backup for a year. Team literally said that with that contract. He’s not even a project. He’s a body. And I don’t get being scared of doing something because it didn’t work in year 19 whatever.

        2 more nights….

        • Peter

          By this logic we really shouldn’t consider d tackle anywhere. It’s not like this regime has been good at it.

          Now in 19 whatever ( a term I love btw) we did get Tez. On the other hand we were so bad that my mom and I would walk down to the 100 level and no one said a word.

          So maybe Carter is the pick…..but then we go 3-14.

          • Paul R

            Now in 19 whatever ( a term I love btw) we did get Tez. On the other hand we were so bad that my mom and I would walk down to the 100 level and no one said a word.

            LOL. I was taking my kids to those games and couldn’t give my season tickets away. Funny you mentioned the 1990 Kennedy draft. So in that draft you would have passed on Kennedy HOF and drafted a QB ? Like the 1st one drafted in the 1st? By way Andre Ware qb, Houston

            1990 QB draft class was one of the worse ever.

      • Paul R

        You use Mock as your talent analysis? Admit it… You thought Malik Willis would go in the 1st last year too? Didn’t you? How is that working out as a 3rd pick for Titans? just playing…

        I agree that where a QB goes has a lot to do with their success of course. But they have to be able to play the position, is equally important. Does matter how talented your team is…if you have a QB that can not play at the NFL level.

        which at this point nothing indicated Richardson is ready now or in the immediate future. You don’t spend 1st round draft picks and $30M on players you don’t think will have immediate impact to improve your team in year 1 or 2. Project picks are for later rounds.

        Not saying that some team won’t draft Richardson in the 1st. Not saying that this class of QBs is poor. What I am saying…Is that it won’t be the Seahawks. And I am willing to put my analysis where my mouth is.

        No way Richardson is ready in year 1 or 2.

        by way…I predicted last year Seahawks would not draft Willis or take a QB for similar reasons as this year. They are going with who they have on the roster.

    • Lord Snow

      If you have a quarterback of the future you don’t sign him to a one-year contract. End of story. There can be nothing more clear of a message than the type of contract they give a player then what they gave drew lock

      • OakleyD

        Would not surprise me one bit if Drew Lock, Nwosu and/or Noah Fant were all trade bait on draft day.

        Noah Fant for a 4th rounder once all the top tier TE’s are gone.
        Nwosu could be offered up if we take Anderson @ 5.
        Drew Lock to a team for a late round pick/2024 pick if a QB needy team such as the Bucs miss out on a QB.

        I was thinking Darrel Taylor too but the cap savings don’t justify it.

  62. Mr Lerf

    Rob, when the slow time hits after the rookie mini camp, how about a short tutorial on how you watch tape.

  63. Vichawkfan

    Thank you Rob, brilliant work the entire pre-draft. Almost time to pop the corks.

  64. Sea Mode

    (Rob, sent another email just now.)

  65. Demitrov

    We’re you gonna be on tonight with Jeff, Rob or is that postponed?

    • Rob Staton

      Tomorrow now, sorry should’ve mentioned

  66. Allen M.

    I think it’s going to go like this;

    1. Young
    2. Stroud
    3. Anderson
    4. Richardson
    5. Wilson or Levis (Seahawks)

    • Rob Staton

      The Colts need a starter for 2023

      • Allen M.

        While I agree, I think they’ll take the best player and figure it out with the QBs they have this year. I think the coaching link, new HC Shane Steichen who worked with dual threat Jalen Hurts last year and the style and upside of Richardson will win out. Colts keeping it a secret so nobody trades into 3 to snipe them.

        Hopefully, I’m wrong.

        • Rob Staton

          Levis to Indy has felt inevitable for some time

          • Spectator

            What if Levis going to Carolina has some validity. Would throw a huge wrench!

  67. Rob Staton

    Not bad company…


    • Hawk Finn

      Other than that hack Eskin, I agree

    • Glor

      Pretty sweet

  68. Tical

    Keion White doesn’t fit a 3-4.

    • Brodie

      That’s pretty funny. He’s almost the exact build of the best 3-4 DE’s in NFL history.

      Bruce Smith: 6’4, 280 lbs
      JJ Watt: 6’5, 290 lbs
      Keion White: 6’5, 285 lbs

      “That is just a unique guy that fits your scheme, your 3-4,” Huard said. “Put him on that edge… I mean, that size is (like new Seahawks defensive lineman) Dre’mont Jones and then some, and that speed is pretty darn rare at that size.”

      • Peter

        That unofficial 4.7-4.75. Dude is a mover.

        But I think to an interview where he said he needs and wants to get better at 3 and 5 tech. The right coach might move him around.

  69. seahawkward

    Lance Zierlein did an off the top of his head mock on his radio show today.

    1 – Bryce Young
    2 – Tyree Wilson
    3 – Will Anderson
    4 – Will Levis
    5 – Stroud (Titans) Seattle trades down to 11
    6 – Jalen Carter
    7 – Devon Witherspoon
    8 – Christian Gonzales/Lukas Van Ness/Nolan Smith (didn’t pick one)
    9 – Paris Johnson if Gonzales is gone
    10 – Lukas Van Ness or Peter Skoronski

    That’s where he stopped. He said he keeps hearing all over the place that Seattle is gonna trade back. Also mentioned at one point while trying to think of a player for the Raiders that Richardson is going to fall.

    So how about that? Would you guys sign up for trading back to 11, gaining more picks AND still having a shot at Richardson? No saying this is certain. I know the “iron price” or “you must get your qbotf or the wilson trade is a bust” guys on here will have none of risking not getting their guy. But it’s a legit possibility if someone as plugged in as Zierlein is suggesting it. I gotta say this would be the best case scenario in my book.

    • seahawkward

      Zierlein went on to speak pretty poorly of the qb class. Said nobody is wowed by any of the guys outside of Young. And even with him it’s qualified. He belittled the tweets about people being blown away by Richardson’s interview at the combine. Said it was nothing but internet hype to fill air.

    • Rob Staton

      Well sure, if they can trade back to #11 and get Richardson I am absolutely down with it

      • Wilson502

        But lets be real, how realistic is this? I think we both know the answer to this (not very).

        • seahawkward

          I guess it’s just based on who you believe. Zeirlein is very plugged in, and he is saying people think Richardson can fall into the teens. And that some even think he can fall into the 20’s. He said there’s a very good chance Hendon Hooker is taken ahead of him. I know this goes against the popular opinion on this site. But Lance is someone who isn’t necessarily full of crap. He talks to everyone. I’m not saying it’s true or untrue. But you should consider any and all possibilities.

          • Wilson502

            Well truth to be told, right before the draft is when we hear of misdirection and “rumors”. I dont buy that Richardson will fall into the teens much less the 20s, somebody will take a chance on him. Hes entitled to his opinion but I just dont see it playing out like that with all the evidence that we have at hand.

            • Peter

              Atlanta anyone. Tell me smith and Blank won’t cartwheel to the podium for the chance at a plus plus level Vick who most likely won’t get into legal trouble.

              • Wilson502

                Ikr? This just screams subterfuge to me.

          • Peter

            Lance is a good resource.

            Lance also consistently has bad grades on future talents.


            Also the problem with a trade back:

            Every pick you trade back and pass on if they turn out better than Seattle’s pick outside of tackle then the pick they make later needs to turn into Lockett or the exercise will have been a waste.

            See: McDowell, “collier face”

            Unless you get a first next year so we can root for the titans failure ( though I like Stroud so I’m not super comfortable believing that or hoping that) there’s a chance that the titans could move for as little as two high seconds.

            See: the josh allen trade. Five spots for two late seconds.

            • seahawkward

              Lance is connected. All he’s doing is making guesses based off the conversations he’s having with people around the league. It’s silly to dismiss it just because we don’t like it.

            • Rob Staton

              Lance is a good resource.

              Lance also consistently has bad grades on future talents.

              Everyone knows I love Lance’s work

              But here’s how he graded last years crappy QB class:

              Malik Willis — 6.42
              Matt Corral — 6.40
              Kenny Pickett — 6.40
              Desmond Ridder — 6.36
              Sam Howell — 6.22

              And here’s some other notable grades:

              Justin Herbert — 6.45
              Josh Allen — 6.40
              Lamar Jackson — 6.40
              Patrick Mahomes — 6.30
              Jalen Hurts — 6.14

              And some others:

              Sam Darnold — 7.10
              Mitchell Trubisky — 7.00
              Jared Goff — 7.00
              Paxton Lynch — 6.80
              Carson Wentz — 6.70
              Josh Rosen — 6.70
              Dwayne Haskins — 6.70
              Trey Lance — 6.47
              Connor Cook — 6.30
              Deshone Kizer — 6.30

              It’s not a great record

              • seahawkward

                To Lance’s credit, in his segment today he admitted everyone screwed up in overhyping and coveting guys like Willis last year. I think that might factor in a bit in why he’s poo poo’ing this year’s qb class outside of Young. Because he straight up compared Richardson’s hype to Willis’ last year.

                • Rob Staton

                  everyone screwed up in overhyping and coveting guys like Willis last year


                  I had him in R3

                  And they are totally different players so I don’t think that’s any justification for being low on AR

                  • seahawkward

                    Ok, not EVERYONE. But enough of the big names driving overall NFL discourse.

      • geoff u

        Picks 6-10 will be nail-biters. Imagine if Richardson does drop into the 20s and Seattle takes him there? Good grief

        • Wilson502

          That wont happen.

          • Hoggs41

            Just dont see them getting AR at 11. Maybe a trade down to 7 here which would save you cap and cash, get AR and maybe the Raiders pick 70 (hopefully pick 38).

  70. Sea Mode

    If anyone’s up for it, maybe you could make a few bucks…

    FanScout 2023 Draft Challenge

    • Sea Mode

      Or another one that is free to enter (but 7 rounds!)


    • seahawkward

      Who said it was gospel? I even said as much that you have no way of knowing. Just that it’s worth considering all possibilities and information out there.

      • seahawkward

        Meant this as a reply to bk26 below. Lol

  71. BK26

    We’ll jeez since he has the script of the draft then why not? Zierlien is one guy with one opinion. Doesn’t mean you can discount any other info or opinion. He’s

    Don’t. Get. Cute. Don’t. Get. Too. Smart. Take the kid at 5. You can’t take that risk. Do you really trust any team to help us by letting Richardson drop?

    • BK26

      Meant as a response to seahawkward up above.

    • seahawkward

      Who said it was gospel? I even said as much that you have no way of knowing. Just that it’s worth considering all possibilities and information out there.

      • OakleyD

        IF it happened this way – JS would be so smug. That Day 1 press conference would be almost unwatchable

  72. John

    Breer mentions that Pete Carroll is intrigued with drafting Jalen Carter.

    • Allen M.

      It’s always second-hand information. More ‘media, rumors say’ Caroll this or that…it’s disinformation season and media get bored.

    • Wilson502

      Let some other team deal with the Lazyass. That dude is more of a project than Richardson.

    • seahawkward

      Here is the Zeirlein segment I was referencing. I recommend people listen for themselves. It’s not gospel, so calm down if you don’t like considering alternative lines of thinking.


      His mock starts around 7:40, and his addition thoughts on the qbs and Richardson specifically around 20:45 mark.

      • seahawkward

        Apologies for messing up the reply function. My phone doesn’t like this format.

    • Rob Staton

      And McShay says they won’t take him

      I think we should just wait until Thursday now — all this ‘sources say’ stuff is getting tiresome

      • Wilson502

        💯 couldn’t agree more Rob. These flaming tire fire takes from the media is getting overwhelming.

        • Rob Staton

          The thing people forget is these reporters are asking teams what they think other teams will do

          Or they’re asking agents

          If you ring up the Eagles and ask a player personnel director if he thinks Seattle will take Carter, then do the same with a GM, a coach, a scout and they all give the same answer, you probably feel comfortable reporting it

          Then you ring up Drew Rosenhaus and he says, ‘Oh yeah Pete loves the guy’


          But nobody knows. The only people who know are Pete, John, the close staff, as of tonight Jody Allen and people like Bert Kolde who either get to go to the meeting too or hear it from Jody

          And that goes for the reporters saying they’re hearing Seattle won’t take Carter, too

          • Wilson502

            Exactly, especially right B4 the draft, you’re going to see a massive amount of subterfuge and misdirection from teams, that’s why most of these reports should not be taken seriously.

          • Palatypus

            And you hear him peeing in the background.

            • Patrick Toler

              This is my favorite recurring narrative of draft season by the way.

              • Lord Snow

                Mine too

                • Palatypus

                  ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED !!!

          • Patrick Toler

            Yep, Breer has explicitly tweeted direct texts from Rosenhaus in the past. Seems pretty straightforward who this “report” is coming from.

            • Chris

              Yellowfingers strikes again!

              • Mr drucker in hooterville

                Well to be honest, I ‘ve done it. Sometimes it is forced upon you.

  73. bmseattle

    Richardson, then either McDonald or Ade, then either a Center or Mingo with our top 3 picks sounds about perfect.

    • Big Mike


  74. Glor

    It’s funny that we can have this back and forth regarding a couple players because we have 5 and it’s actually a real option, most years there isn’t this angst because by the time you get down to 15-32, it’s a complete crap shot on who will be there so you can’t really get emotional about it. Welcome to what it’s like in the top 5

    • Rob Staton

      I’m ready to never pick this early again

      (Hopefully, after finding a long term answer at QB and playing in multiple SB’s)

      • Seahawkward

        Here here!

      • bmseattle

        I happy picking this early…as long as it’s the result of a trade with a team that sucks (like what happened this year with The Broncos).

      • Brodie

        I’m with you on this. I really enjoy digging into a lot of guys and exploring all of the possibilities in each round. 90% of the talk this year is just – who are we going to take at #5.

        This Jalen Carter saga has been thoroughly sapping the fun out of the process for me. Truly looking forward to moving past #5 one way or another.

        • Wilson502

          I agree the Carter cultists have really sapped the enjoyment out of the process. I guess one way to look at it is, it exposed just how many people in the fanbase are prone to falling for bad arguments and cult like thinking. I honestly havent seen anything like it. If this were just about any other team in our situation, most of the fanbase would be pounding the table for a QB. The No QB at 5 crowd (which seems to be the majority judging from media and the comment sections of other content creators and social media) seem to have bought into poor arguments and will do whatever mental gymnastics to defend it.

          • seahawkward

            Cults go both ways. It’s much healthier having an open mind even when we have opinions and favorites. Dismissing opposing thought as smooth brained cultists is the number one way to sap fun out of such a process. Not everything is war.

            • Wilson502

              Sure it goes both ways, but this process has demonstrated its heavily favoring 1 way in this fanbase this offseason. Having an open mind is fine, but most of the fanbase from what I can tell is not interested in that. I typically will dismiss opposing thoughts as “smooth brain cultists” when their opinions are formed by using poor arguments, and selective cherry picking that lacks context.

        • Nathan

          But it’s just a drama setup.
          Not to be cruel but it’s going to be so funny in 2 days time.
          Look forward to that justice.

  75. Sea Mode

    Arizona S Christian Young


    • Madmark

      Big thumping S at 220lbs. There’s quite a few PAC12 players being over looked. I had in mock at 198.

  76. seahawkward

    In the spirit of both balance and chaos, I wanted to report on Peter Schrager’s latest podcast mock to balance out what Lance Zierlein said on his radio show today.

    Schrager and Joel Klatt did a co-mock where they swapped picks. Klatt took Richardson for Indy at 4. Schrager replied that he’s heard more talk about the Colts really liking Richardson over the past couple days than ever before. Said he knows of people in the building who really like him. Said they like Levis too. Schrager then went and had Seattle take Tyree Wilson.

    So there you go, people who didn’t like what Zierlein said. The complete opposite! Gotta love the last couple days before a draft. Lol.

    • seahawkward

      Klatt gave Seattle Hendon Hooker over Levis at 20. Levis went 23.

    • Volume12

      Richardson to Indy makes too much sense to me. Seattle scouted Ohio St a TON this year. Someone there has their eye

  77. Glor

    Ironic, for all of Mike florio s talk about us taking JC…. His one and only mock looks like Rob could have done it 🤣 I’d be happy if this is how the first round fell

    • Cawww

      This is one of the best mocks I’ve seen this draft cycle

      • UkAlex6674

        Really? Lions taking x 2 corner backs and the Jets taking an Edge?

  78. QAgrizzly

    I’ll play devil’s advocate just because sometimes it gets you out of any kind of group think and also admittedly it is sometimes good to question what you may strongly believe, so here goes. Seattle is playing the same game as everybody else and throwing the false flag, they may well like somebody like Jake Haener in the 3rd, it’s not like Carroll and Schneider haven’t been guilty in the past of being too cute by half trying to prove that they’re the smartest kid in the room. Recreating the Wilson in the 3rd round may possibly play to their pretty large egos. Not saying it’s right or wrong, personally I’d be disappointed if they passed on Richardson, but truth is they have, until last year not been very good at drafting for quite a while.

    • seahawkward

      There’s really no way to say ok anything. And yes, history should tell us to expect the unexpected and to be disappointed. For some reason people have allowed one good chalky draft to make them forget all that. Lol.

      • seahawkward

        “Say ON anything”

    • AlaskaHawk

      I would think developing Lock into a Hall of Famer would be enough of a miracle.

    • UkAlex6674

      I’d like them to take a flyer in Heaner but not in the 3rd. Bit early.

    • GrittyHawk

      I wouldn’t rule anything out, but I also just don’t see Haener as the type of QB they’ve ever shown interest in. Wilson was super athletic and had a great arm, and would have been a top 10 pick if not for his height. Haener is not a great athlete, has a mediocre arm, and is only 6’0. Rob says this all the time, but Schneider likes traits at the QB position. If anything, they would have more interest in someone like DTR who is more explosive and has a big arm.

      • PJ in Seattle

        Agreed. I’m sure they like Haener’s grit and football IQ, but he is really meh on the physical tool side of the ledger. If they end up fishing in the shallow end of this QB draft class, I would expect Jaren Hall and DTR to be more likely suspects.

  79. Seahawkwalt

    You’ll hear my screaming for joy if we pick up Kendre Miller, and Charlie Jones….

  80. vichawkfan

    Manifestation post. Anthony Richardson video breakdown (22mins) showing some of the subtle pocket management he already possesses.


    • downtownjewelrybryan

      that was a cool video. AR has some jedi manipulation

  81. Hojo

    This might be my favorite article of the season and you’ve set a high bar Rob.

    I’m curious, if they switch back to the 4-3, are there current players that you think might get traded based on a lack of fit in that scheme?

    On the flip side, in the 4-3 it seems like they need a 5-Tech or two. Who stands out in the draft and FA as potential fits for that role?

    • seahawkward

      Brock Huard said yesterday that what his sources tel him is they’re not entirely switching to a 4-3. More so that they will incorporate different fronts. So maybe a combination that doesn’t call for a mass trade off of players. I think they’ve already jettisoned the DL that won’t fit as well.

      • Palatypus

        So, it’s like the UFO defense Bill Belichick developed in Cleveland when he inherited a “motley crew” of defensive players.

        That actually makes some sense with the personnel they have that have been under utilised or not utilised at all. There are four players under contract on defense I think could make a big impact and you all know who they are.

        Still, it’s going to be some form of 49ers 4-3 Leo hybrid/ Bill Parcells 3-4 Jumbo without the any single high safety. Unless he who shall not be named turns into E.T.

        This tells me that Tyree Wilson may be a back pocket possibility, but not necessarily the player they want to fall to them.

      • Patrick Toler

        I’m not a scheme expert, but it sure feels like most teams are playing a variety of fronts these days. Teams will prioritize playing more odd or even depending on there coaches and personnel, the division between 3-4 and 4-3 teams is more blurred than ever.

        • Palatypus

          You gert the idea though. “Positionless defender.” The thing that didn’t work with “he who shall not be named” at safety.

          • GrittyHawk

            That makes me cringe as well, but it could be a good thing if done correctly. The reason we were able to amass so much talent at the beginning of this era is that we used a unique scheme that took advantage of the strengths of players who otherwise did not fit the mold of other teams. IMO a big part of our descent after the SB was other teams starting to copy those concepts, made worse by guys like Bradley and Quinn moving on and further proliferating those ideas around the league. It’s not so much about getting “positionless” defenders but more about defining a specific role for every position and then finding a guy who is really good at that one thing, but may have been overlooked by other teams because of the things they aren’t as good at.

            My struggle is just in believing that Hurtt is actually capable of running such a defense.

  82. Hawkdawg

    Chris Sims just did his final mock. It goes Young, Wilson, Anderson, Levis, Carter. Hawks pick Carter over both Stroud and Richardson. He repeatedly emphasized that this is not how he would draft these players, but instead what his various “sources” around the NFL indicate will be the actual draft order. Said Pete would “run” to turn in this pick, and that his sources are very strong on this. Hawks have done their due diligence, etc.

    So there’s that.

    • LetARichCook

      I don’t have the various sauces that Simms has but I think that disaster of a franchise down in AZ would make a fantastic home for Carter.

    • AW

      So glad we only have two more days of this nonsense. The Seahawks are going to run to the podium to guarantee a guy 30+ million just because they have taken some chances on later round players? Hopefully other teams are buying into this narrative and don’t trade ahead of the hawks to grab a QB.

    • GrittyHawk

      I would really love to know who all these “sources” are. Where have they been hiding the past decade+ when every single mainstream draft talking head is utterly flabbergasted by the player we selected. Where was Simms source last year when he mocked us Devonte Wyatt who ended up falling all the way to 28? Which source told him the Steelers were going to pass on Kenny Pickett take Malik Willis at 20?

  83. Volume12

    Why is Richardson to Indy not being talked about? We all saw what Steichen did w/ Jalen Hurts. You add him to Jonathan Taylor and that running game becomes deadly while you wait to develop him as a passer.

    • Allen M.

      I brought this up (above) and I think it has merit. If the Colts are smart, they’ll take Richardson. The connection between former Eagles coach and new HC of the Colts would be insane to look at Jalen Hurts last year and bank his job on Levis with Richardson on the board at 4. I’ve heard all the Levis to Colts rumors with everyone else but I think Richardson to Colts is a real (and frightening) possibility. I pray that I’m wrong.

    • seahawkward

      Peter Schrager said on his podcast that he’s hearing a lot of buzz about it of late. Including from someone in the building. Would be something if all of the Levis to Indy talk was smoke screen.

      • seahawkward

        I think the main thinking that leads people to Levis for them is that they need someone who can start now. But maybe they are fine starting Minshew or Foles?

    • Nathan

      I’d counter that Levi’s has a lot of enthusiasm and confidence. His body language to me indicates he’s had some positive conversations.

  84. Peter

    I think because no one knows what kind of qb steichen likes.

    • Allen M.

      Perhaps, but I’m sure he liked being part of the Eagles offense run by Hurts. Richardson is far more physically gifted than Hurts…

      • BK26

        But Hurts is FAR more experienced and polished. Hurts you can insert and be pretty sure what you are getting. Colts can’t afford to miss out of Richardson. They need someone immediate and they need a more sure product.

        Honestly, Seattle is the only team that you look at and know can take the hit of Richardson not panning out. Other teams will say that they can’t afford to miss out (includes us), but no one else can sit him like he needs.

        • Jabroni-DC

          If you’re the Indy FO & you believe that Richardson gives you a better shot of winning a Super Bowl than Levis then you make the pick. Or vice versa.

      • Peter

        Maybe he’s just really good at his job and prefers Herbert style qbs.

  85. seahawkward

    Here’s a Colts fan site article that fully believes the Levis to Indy talk is 100% smoke and that the Colts are all in on Richardson. Now it’s just as much hopeful speculation as we do here. But worth noting.


    • Allen M.

      We might be wishful in thinking Levis to Colts despite the logic of “they need a starter for 2023”.

      Maybe Minshew is the “bridge QB”. Many teams have utilized a bridge QB like this while grooming a young, future starter.

      PS thanks for the link. That’s what I said above. Smoke because they don’t want someone to jump to 3 and take Richardson also makes sense.

    • Rob Staton

      What hopeful speculation do we do?

      • HawkfaninMT

        I would argue some of the mock simulations that people post are pretty fantastical, or hopeful speculation. But beyond those it feels like the community generally has stat, fact, and/or data proven reasoning for the opinions they hold.

  86. Hughz

    Any truths to Levis going #1?

  87. seahawkward

    Listening to PFF’s podcast with Cris Collingsworth doing a mock. He says he doesn’t believe any of the Will Levis to Colts talk. Says its all smoke. He mocked Richardson to Indy instead. Said he needs to sit for 2 year and be “taught how to through a football.” Which is a notable opinion because Collingsworth is a Florida alum and has watched every game he’s played. So clearly he sees the upside and potential. But is pretty brutal about his current progress. Still though, we seem to be hearing more people say they’re not buying the Levis rumors.

    • Peter

      So….Chris Ballard and current clubhouse candidate for most likely to do something rash owner are going to draft richardson and sit him for two years while JAX is on the rise, the Texans have the stock over 1-2 seasons to flip their fortunes.

      Maybe. I see them taking Stroud if everyone gets weird at the top.

  88. Coach

    What are your thoughts on these players for our Hawks?

    Will Anderson Jr.
    EDGE Alabama

    Jaxon Smith-Njigba
    WR Ohio State

    Adetomiwa Adebawore
    EDGE Northwestern

    Joe Tippmann
    OC Wisconsin

    Israel Abanikanda
    RB Pittsburgh
    trade icon

    Bryce Ford-Wheaton
    WR West Virginia

    Cory Trice Jr.
    CB Purdue

    Owen Pappoe
    LB Auburn


    Jay Ward
    S LSU


    NT Coastal Carolina

    • UkAlex6674

      Good selections.

      But I’d take a TE at 37, and I think I’d go QB at 5 if one is there.

  89. UkAlex6674

    Rob – I’ve been emailing Mike Florio a few times (he’s great at replying, literally within an hour) on a few draft things (and also law things).

    I hope do you don’t mind in one of our exchanges I’ve linked your blog, citing how excellent it is and about the content and your draft prowess etc. I mentioned the years upon years of research and data you have at your fingertips aswell.

    Then it got me thinking – why don’t we all do our bit by doing the same? If we each sent say 5 emails to different NFL insider types, at some point some recognition will come, and that will open a door or two for you?

    Just an idea. It could be good exposure?

    There are plenty of posters on here who would do it I’m sure.

    What do you think?.

    • Rob Staton

      I certainly appreciate it and thank you

      I think there’s a risk of just annoying people though if a lot of people contact them (and they might think I’ve encouraged people to do it, which reflects badly on me)

      At the end of the day it is what it is. I might be a BBC journalist in the UK but across the pond I’m just a random bloke with a blog. Most people in the media won’t read a word of this blog, or care what I have to say. I have no credibility in the US media world. And I get it. I am just a bloke from Rotherham with a blog. I’ve managed to use my journalistic head to make contacts and secure interviews that are worth listening to (including with Florio, FWIW) but there will never be a day when anyone in the media thinks SDB or myself is worth any attention.

      What I have been able to do is get on VSiN and other similar betting shows/podcasts recently, which I’ve loved. They think it’s good for tipping to have team-specific guests on. Although if I get everything wrong this week, that might come to a sudden halt 🙂

      • PJ in Seattle

        “there will never be a day when anyone in the media thinks SDB or myself is worth any attention.”

        Selling yourself short there, my man. Keep doing what you do, how you do it, and things will unfold for you in a way that you’ll least expect.

        • Rob Staton

          Thanks — the thing is, I’ve been doing this 15 years now. The only person in the media to truly shine a light in that time has been Jake Heaps. I really appreciate Jake for doing that. I understand, 100%, why others don’t.

      • TomLPDX

        And if you get everything right, heck, even 50% right, they’ll keep you in their rolodex (or phone nowadays.)

        You definitely want it to happen organically and understand what your saying about self-promotion.

        In the meantime, we’ll just continue to appreciate the effort and depth of knowledge that you share with us. You really do make the draft a lot more fun to follow!

  90. Rushless pass

    Was listening to a pod about Levis and Richardson to the hawks and breaking each players advanced statistics. It’s bananas to me that Levis was under pressure 37.8% of his passing plays

  91. Trevor

    Maybe Tony Pauline’s info on the Cardinals makes sense. I was skeptical then I read this and it makes a lot more sense.

    Kyler Murray is lobbying the Cardinals to draft OL Paris Johnson

    in 2021 Kyler Murray lobbied the Cardinals to draft an OL (Creed Humphrey)

    they did not

    instead, they drafted a linebacker

    in 2020 Kyler Murray lobbied the Cardinals to draft an OL (Tristan Wirfs)

    they did not

    instead, they drafted a linebacker

    even worse, the Cardinals have had 10 picks in the first four rounds the last 3 years

    they drafted:

    7 defensive players
    1 TE (2nd rd Trey McBride)
    1 WR (2nd rd Rondale Moore)
    1 OT (3rd rd Josh Jones)

    out of a total of 21 draft picks the last 3 years, the Cardinals have drafted just 2 offensive linemen who played at least 1 snap for them:

    6th round Lecitus Smith
    3rd round Josh Jones

    drafting LBs instead of OL & a massive slant to drafting defense hasn’t helped Murray or the Cardinals

    the last two years combined their defense has ranked 28th in success rate & 29th in first down rate

    meanwhile, over that same span their offensive line had the #1 most false starts (51) and #3 most offensive holding penalties (49) of any team in the NFL

    last year they had the 4th shortest time to throw, were blitzed at the 5th highest rate and took the 10th most sacks

    when Murray was pressured last year he ranked 39th in EPA/dropback

    and when Murray is pressured, he chooses to scramble at the 5th highest rate in the NFL so you have to do a better job of protecting him

    they gave Kyler a $231,000,000 contract and he tore his ACL trying to escape pressure last year vs the Patriots

    it might be time to finally draft an offensive lineman instead of another defensive player in the first round

    • UkAlex6674

      Good post Trevor.

    • geoff u

      Damn, great post, i never knew this much about the cards. Explains why Murray is always running for his life and hurt. They may as well just put Kyle Murray in charge of drafting 😆

    • Mr drucker in hooterville

      If I ran the Cards I would try to trade down to a team that wants a QB in the top 10 and draft an OT. There’s Jones but also also Wright and Dawan jones. They can get one

  92. Ryan

    Every post I see extolling Carter is some form of “If the red flags and character concerns don’t materialize, and if he comes to his full potential and hits his ceiling…”, but then they don’t use the same kind of assumptions about Richardson, they just write him off as a bust. If the accuracy and experience concerns about AR don’t materialize, and if he comes to his full potential and hits his ceiling, you are NOT trading him for ANY defensive tackle. They just use different logic when looking at the two because they want to.

    I’m pro Richardson, I understand there’s a concern, but the positional value is so huge it’s worth it.

  93. Trevor

    If the Hawks want Richardson / Anderson and the Cards want Paris Johnson a trade makes a ton of sense.

    Hawks get 3 and 34

    Cards get 5 and 20

    • Tatupu51

      We’re not trading up with a divisional rival. That makes no sense for both franchises.

      • BK26

        Unless the Cardinals decide to worry about their franchise first and prioritize their team above all else.

        I’d think they would be worried about how to make there team better over how to make a divisional rival worse.

        Still much less likely than say, moving up to 2.

      • Trevor

        Love how people with zero inside knowledge speak in absolutes like this.

        It actually makes perfect sense for both franchises if those are the players each team is targeting. Teams don’t make inter divisional trades often but it happening more and more like Det and Min last year.

        It is based on the assumption that the player the Cards want it Paris Johnson which means they have to stay in the top 6 as Vegas and the Bears are interested in him as well.

        • HawkfaninMT

          To be fair even Rob was banging this drum 2 months ago. I am still not sold that the Cardinals first pick as a new regime would gift the Hawks their QBof the future

          • geoff u

            But if they take Paris at 3 we get the qb anyway. I completely understand both sides on this one and it’s a quandary for sure. Going to depend more on the attitude of the GMs, info were not privy to.

        • Tatupu51

          Not gonna happen.

    • Ben

      That is pretty sensible. Definitely way more palatable for the hawks, and the jump from 34-20 is a substantial enough reward for the cards to still get the pick of the litter.

    • PJ in Seattle

      Agreed. I’ve been banging this drum for a while. Sure, there is a reluctance to trade w division rivals but it happens often enough when it makes sense for both teams. This year, I think I does for both AZ and SEA.

      Ultimately, AZ cannot afford to move back more than a few picks without most likely losing out on the players atop their board. A more trivial move back to #5 virtually assures them one of the players they would target at #3, while netting some additional capital. Seattle moves up to get their guy with a fairly modest investment that doesn’t leave them sitting and hoping in the 5 slot.

      I choose to believe that JS has already primed the trade pumps with both HOU and AZ and there are already deals on the table to move up to either slot depending on how Thursday night unfolds. Either team could elect to stay put and pick, but it would be malpractice not to have multiple contingencies already in place to give you maximimum flexability when teams start going on the clock.

      • BK26

        Man I hope that is the case, that John is ready to move. Either as soon as he can, or once pick 1 or 2 come into place and he thinks that he needs to. That is the one pick that they have ever had that they cannot move BACK from.

        He would have had to tell them “let me know your offer on the table, we can get you #5 no matter what.”

    • LetARichCook

      Love it.

  94. PJ in Seattle

    Jason La Confora out withhis mock this morning. Another Jalen Carter, Smith-Njigba combo for Seattle.


    I would be lying if I said I wasn’t getting more and more concerned that Carter may really be in play for Seattle. Not because of mocks mind you, but I read somewhere yesterday that the Seahawks have met with him three times in the past month. That’s a lot of energy to expend on a player that you have disqualified for football character reasons.

    One thing’s for sure – tomorrow night is going to be wild. I can’t recall a draft in recent memeory with this much uncertainty in the top half of the first round. We could see a slew of trades as well as a result.

    • GrittyHawk

      Cowboys fans must be so relieved to finally have another team for the talking heads to mock every player with legal or character issues.

    • Jabroni-DC

      Everyone is looking for an interior game wrecker so if they’ve really met 3 times it makes some sense. But if Carter was a slam dunk they probably wouldn’t need to meet 3 times. I’m not worried about tomorrow night. Think it will be fun.

      I have my personal fav for #5 but that is usually the kiss of death for it actually happening.

    • PJ in Seattle

      Upon further research – this is a bit of a red herring. They met with Carter at the combine, the GA Pro Day, and then his team visit to the VMAC. That would all be routine due diligence when you’re holding a top 5 pick. I thought they were referring to additional meetings, Zoom calls etc, which I don’t think have happened.

      Still nervous though.

      • geoff u

        Also for the smokescreen enthusiasts out there, what better way to make everyone think you’re going to draft a player? Had we met any QBs after the pro days, you bet your ass everyone will be linking us with that qb, just as indy is constantly linked with Levis.

      • Peter

        I’m sitting pretty solid at 50/50.

        Scenario one:

        Me and Pete vibing down 101 wind in our hair, sun shining, good tunes and the draft is just hit after hit.

        Scenario two:

        Insert dog drinking coffee while the room is burning meme because this is the same team that brought such classics as….the 2017 draft, “collier face,” and the old timey hits of yester year: cardboard cut outs, ” we got our guy,” wasting a franchise qb in his prime, fans complaining about all the sacks the qb took while being fairly quiet about the dreadful oline, starting olinemen who somehow sucked here but were competent to actually good on other teams, the curse of the fourth round WR, wheeling and dealing for draft picks that weren’t good.

        • BK26

          I worry how aligned our thinking usually is hahaha.

          I have that picture of the cartoon dog drinking coffee in the fire still up on my wall at work from this last tax season. I fittingly have left it up just in case tomorrow goes horribly, horribly wrong.

          • Peter

            I feel ya!!

            Also I can see that with tax season.

            Watched an excessive hawks youtuber ( I’d say prolific but that usually refers to a good thing,) have a mock going:


            20….myles Murphy

            And was talking about another draft he called “worse case scenario.”

            And I just thought….”hold up. This is not the worse case scenario mock?” A guy with great potential if you can find the keys to unlock it. And another guy who is a good but not a truly, truly special athlete with good but not, again, truly special production? In murphy you have good passing/ third down results but not an every down…thus far player….and now we are going to draft both of them ( carter/murphy) and still need tons and tons of snap taking help…..alright sound like one kind of plan.

            Or last night I struggled listening to hawk blogger tell me that Geno with one season is THE best qb in the nfc. With a shrug at hurts’ production. And a meh towards purdy. I don’t love purdy but he actually showed more in his limited action than Geno in 2021. The argument with Geno always seemingly flows one way: another year in the system!!! Bing, bang, boom. The 2013 broncos offense here we go!! And never….what happens when the whole league gets a year of tape, or any part of the offense stalls, or that there apparently has never been a journey man style qb who had everything click for a season but couldn’t replicate it the following years.

            Might go back to bed at 8 am my time and sleep until about 4:30 pm tomorrow.

        • PJ in Seattle

          I feel the same, Peter – both outcomes are possible. But I also felt this way going into last year’s draft, possibly even a shade bit more pessimistic then. So I cling to the hope that they’ve finally turned a corner in their eval and selection process.

          If they pull off another solid-to-fantastic draft class, it will prove that last year was the beginning of a trend and not a fluke.

          • Peter

            Even if they go Carter and I audibly shout “eeek!” While grimacing as long as they don’t whiff on center….meaning get cute and miss them or we and deal from 10 picks to 13-14 for reasons. I’ll probably be fine.


            Trade back at five for cap savings then get booby trapped when teams take your guy.

            Then take Brian Branch at 20 who I don’t see as the field eraser that Earl was and I actually have concerns about his size. Plus going back to cap savings now you’re at peak elite qb money for your safety room after jettisoned Neal for relative peanuts.

            And I like Branch. But even Pete intimated safety is not a premium position and frankly this team “needs,” many other positions than early round safety.

    • AC

      Any draft that has JSN to Seattle is inherently suspect.

    • Patrick Toler

      If Carter is the pick after all of this work it will mean that everything we don’t know (which in Carter’s case is a lot) is positive, to the point where they think he’s worth the risk. Or does it mean that John correctly identified the lesson (take good football character guys) but didn’t actually learn it?

      Ultimately I agree with Rob that they almost surely won’t take him. I just can’t reconcile everything they’ve talked about this offseason with them making that decision.

    • Rob Staton

      The three times are:

      Combine (day before the arrest reveal)
      Pro-day (they were there — not PCJS mind)
      Official 30

      It’s just more lazy assumptions on what PCJS are really willing to take on

  95. NCHawk

    Rob I’ve been reading since about 2010 and tough to put into words just how much you’ve enhanced my experience as a Seahawks fan. And yet somehow you’ve managed to set the bar even higher with your analysis this year.

    Thank you for the hundreds of hours of work you’ve put into this for all of our benefit. When you strike a sword in the sand about a player, knowing it’s based on thorough, detailed analysis vs a hunch makes all the difference in the world.

    I’m so excited about the draft tomorrow, regardless of what direction we go, and about 95% of that excitement comes from the work you’ve done this year.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you NCHawk, I really appreciate that

  96. Vichawkfan

    Day before Christmas, this blog will be explosive one way or another tomorrow night. What’s the record for posts under one article?

    1) Richardson is the pick. The PS5 we asked Santa for is under the tree.
    2) Carter is the pick. Santa missed the house?
    3) Tyree Wilson is the pick. We got pajamas.

    • Patrick Toler

      If Carter is the pick it is an Xbox One but it’s from a pawn shop. When we plug it in is it going to work? Or explode?

      • vichawkfan

        touche! haha

      • PJ in Seattle

        Awseome metaphor!

      • Peter

        Nicely done. Horrible feeling to get the red ring of death.

  97. Donovan

    I’m looking forward to the annual Rob Huddle Report 1st round submission.

  98. seaspunj

    hi Rob

    Carroll and Schneider have spent considerable time talking about re-establishing what a ‘Seahawk’ is. They put their success in the 2022 draft down to a focus on character ‘without compromise’.

    i really like this insight which maybe POST draft there can be insight as to maybe the traits in the players drafted why the playersJS/PC picked make them a “Seahawk”.

    Tariq Woolen last year was a fantastic example last season due to the comparable with Sherman

    this Draft i know you mentioned JL Skinner is a Kam Chancellor comparable but we shall see if this player is drafted by the Seahawks or the predraft injury sustained will be a deterrent

    Thx again for all the hard work! 1 more sleep and its Day 1 of the draft

    • Patrick Toler

      I think Tennessee’s Byron Young will look like a Seahawk to them. His story is pretty incredible. After high school he didn’t receive any offers. He played for a Sports Prep academy, but it folded. He worked at Burger King, Circle K, and Dollar General, where he made assistant manager as just a kid. He saw a flyer for a tryout at a local junior college and made the team, working the night shift after practices. He made a highlight tape, sent it to D1 schools, and was eventually offered a scholarship at a variety of schools including Tennessee.

      This kid wasn’t given anything, had to outhustle and outwork everyone else. He is super physically talented, and I don’t think Seattle will be overly concerned that he is old (25!) and still technically raw.

  99. Mr drucker in hooterville

    Looking forward to Thursday night.
    My list of “let down” scenarios for #5:
    1. Carter at 5
    2. Trade down and don’t take a QB
    3. Wilson at 5
    4. Anderson over AR

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