Final thoughts

— I think the Seahawks will try to trade down. If they don’t, I suspect the pick will be Germain Ifedi, Jason Spriggs or (whisper it quietly) Le’Raven Clark.

— Baltimore looks like a good trade down option. They have multiple fourth round picks. The Ravens could move up for a safety or Noah Spence.

— If the Seahawks do move down, it perhaps increases the chances they go D-line with their first pick.

— Jonathan Bullard, Vernon Butler and Bronson Kaufusi look like good options.

— Kevin Dodd, Noah Spence, Chris Jones could also be in the running.

— At #56 it looks pretty straight forward — O-line if they take a D-liner first, D-line if they take an O-liner first.

— On the O-line Connor McGovern, Joe Haeg, Joe Dahl and Hal Vaitai fit this team best in rounds 2-3. Maybe Shon Coleman depending on how they view his health.

— If it’s defense, it depends who is still there. Willie Henry? Kyler Fackrell? Will one of Bullard or Kaufusi fall into range?

— Derrick Henry, Kenneth Dixon and Paul Perkins at RB could be wildcards in round two. It’s worth keeping an eye on the receivers too based on possible value.

— In the later rounds, expect raw athleticism they can coach up. Look at the super-athletic DB’s and guys who could play safety or linebacker. Travis Feeney, Miles Killebrew, Sean Davis, Justin Simmons, DeAndre Elliott, James Bradberry, D.J. Hunter, Keivarae Russell seem to fit.

— Joel Heath looks perfect for a D-line to O-line conversion. George Fant could move from TE to OT.

— Focus on Alex Balducci, Rees Odhiambo, Marcus Henry and some of the other names listed here.

— If you missed our final pre-draft podcast, here it is:


  1. Trevor

    Rob do you think there is any chance the Cowboys would take Rankins at #4 if Ramsey goes to Chargers? He seems ideal for Mareneli’s scheme and they saw him 1st hand at the Senior Bowl. My buddy gave me 10-1 odds that Rankins would not go in top 5 and I took the bet so I have my fingers crossed that the Jags or Cowboys liked what they saw at Senior Bowl.

    • Rob Staton

      I think Rankins could go anywhere in the top ten he’s that explosive.

      • RWIII

        Yes: I think Sheldon Rankins could go in the top ten. That would BLOW UP everyone’s mock draft.

      • Belgaron

        Drop to 26 watch list: Rankins, Nkemdiche, Darron Lee

        Various mocks have these three available and they could elicit a non-trade down, just draft ’em scenario.

        • Richard

          It would great to get Rankins or Lee! But what’s the plan #b for the rest of the draft? They would have to move one or two of picks 2 – 4 to get some of the 4 or 5 must haves. Trading the #56 might net another early 3 and maybe a 5 or 6 but you miss out on all the front end guys between #56 and #75 say. But it could be well worth it.

          • Greg Haugsven

            Rankins to the Jaguars is my upset pick.

            • CharlieTheUnicorn

              Not bad, I like the BOLDNESS with this pick.

            • Alicamousa

              I’m thinking the Jags trade down and take him.

              Going to be such a fun draft to watch.

  2. Kenny Sloth

    Hats off to you, Rob. I don’t get too deep into stuff until about the combine, but I read every game recap and prospect breakdown, yearround.

    Great stuff as always. Thanks for letting me post here.

    ATTAWAY, Rob.

    • Rob Staton


  3. 75franks

    thanks for all the hard work rob. my fav read everyday. go hawks

    • Rob Staton


  4. Kenny Sloth

    Being named Jaylon is a big red flag in this draft. 😉

  5. Kenny Sloth

    Jets (SR)
    Saints (SR)
    Seahawks (COM)
    Texans (COM)
    Titans (COM)

    Le’raven clark visit list

    • Kenny Sloth

      Only lions and seahawks have had reported interest in Keivarae Russell. Does he maybe go undrafted?

      Seahawks haven’t met with Nkemdiche. They aren’t touching any headcases ever again.

      • Volume12

        Not a chance.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Suspended for the entire 2014 season for academic dishonesty would have had to petition the NCAA to return to Notre Dame last year also had a broken leg that’s a awful lot of red flags

          • Volume12

            He’s not untouchable. I do think he goes later than his 3rd round projection.

            There’s guys that have had more red flags than him and been drafted.

            Him meeting with only 2 teams isn’t signaling that either.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Sounds like the Buccaneers are going to take Aaron Wallace.

      Sorry, Vol.

  6. rowdy

    I just posted in the last tread that rb is my dark horse pick in the first 2 rounds. Their thinner at the position then they have been in the past and haven’t really addressed it in the offseason. Rawls is also no lock to start the season and they don’t seem to be a big believer in cmike. Even if Rawls is ready to go they drafted cmike with Lynch ready to go.

    • 12er

      It’s possible if they really love the player, but I think it’s unlikely. CMike is a ridiculous athlete, the type of which isn’t there among early round RBs in this class. Henry is the closest thing to an elite athlete, but he’s also a poor fit for their ZBS and isn’t the third down type that they really need to group with Rawls/CMike.

      • rowdy

        Henry could be a third down back. He doesn’t get knocked back and always seems to fall forward. Dixon at 56 isn’t a big reach either. Cmike also had plenty of red flags where Henry and Dixon dont.

        • 12er

          Henry is the classic 2 down hammer. He’s a great runner, especially when the OL gets movement. His weaknesses in college were pass protection and receiving, the two essential traits of a third down back.

          • rowdy

            I’ve heard he look great receiving at his pro day

          • matt

            Pass protection is not a weakness of Henrys game. Not sure where that’s coming from. Tbh. It’s hard to know for sure how good his hands are,because he wasn’t asked to be a receiver very often.

        • Rad Man

          They trusted Cmike enough to start him in a playoff game.

          • dawgma

            Wasn’t so much that they trusted him as that they were down two starters to injury and didn’t have an option otherwise…

          • rowdy

            Over brown, who was on the team 3 weeks

          • J

            What were their other options? They were forced to do that.

            The reality is we brought him back with 25k in guarantees. That tells me he’s not even a lock to make the roster.

        • J

          Dixon with our first pick after a trade down is a possibility

    • Jaimie Drew

      The RB we need is Tyler Ervin, probably in 4th round. He would compliment Rawls perfectly. Very fast, explosive, can catch and block. Very good replacement for Fred Jackson!

      • rowdy

        He’s a scat back some one who will get 5 or less carries a game. Fred jackson has like 30 pounds and is one of the best blocking back in the league. They don’t really compare much at all

        • rowdy

          Ervin looks good but is a role player if Rawls isn’t ready to go or gets hurt we need someone to carry the load and that’s not ervin.

        • AlaskaHawk

          After Rawls went down, I don’t recall Jackson as being all that effective. He is heavy enough to block, and he can catch the ball, but he is slower then most running backs.

          I wouldn’t rule out a scat back. If his performance on field is productive then he could get 10-15 carries. They can be a good change of pace back.

          • rowdy

            I’m not ruling out a scat back i just think they want a backup capable of carrying the load. I thing ervin would be a luxury unless they want him to be a full time returner for kick offs and punts. I’m not sure if they would do a 50/50 committee

  7. 12er

    whisper it oh so quietly…

  8. Grant G

    Rob, thanks for all the hard work (and fun) you put into this site all year! Today’s the day (or tomorrow…)

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks! 🙂

  9. Mexican Hawk


    First off, can’t thank and congratulate you enough for the content you produce and the community you have created. It’s pretty difficult to grasp how you have time to create material of such high quality, especially this being a side gig. I’ll go right to the point, I know you have no end game and do this purely out of passion, but if you ever end up on the FO side (not that you or your family would necessarily want that) I would not be surprised in the least. That would be a loss for the community, but would be well deserved. Regardless, hope your star keeps shining and in the meantime the more we hear from you through multiple channels the savvier Hawknation will be.

    There has been some back and forth lately in this community as per what is going to happen in draft, but I think that the thing you do best without being inside the walls is trying to decipher how the team thinks. Looking at what it has done in the past, what their philosophy is and what that entails for the future. Will that change, of course it can. Not their philosophy per se, but how it adapts to how the team is currently constructed and how the league changes (cap concerns, nickel CB/WillLB/S hybrids, compensatory selections being tradeable as of next year, future concerns, etc.)

    PC even though he has a firm philosophy and way of thinking, his mantra is one of always learning and competing. That sometimes requires amending/tweaking one’s approach. I see the draft falling exactly or pretty similar to how you have envisioned it. Though we will never let extraordinary talent go if it fits our team.

    It will not be easy to trade back, and like you mention we might not get good value, but hope it happens. Have been advocating that for a while. I’m not a regular poster (this might be my second post, first if I remember correctly was similarly a congratulatory one). Hope to contribute not just consume from now on. Would not mind an Ifedi or Butler pick in the first stanza, but would much prefer a Spriggs or Kaufusi in the second w/an added bullet for a multitude of players (Jaylon Smith, Cajuste, et al.)

    Again thank you sir and a big thanks to the other members of the community. Let’s crush this draft, it’s going to be extraordinary.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you!

  10. Aaron

    Same boat as Rowdy. Just posted my comment on the old post:

    I agree with Softy that people are overrating our status at CB. One guy who I feel strongly about in that regard is Will Parks of AZ. He’s a guy who can play CB or Safety. More importantly, he jumped off the screen when I watched his video. He’s featured in a Field Gulls article that’s still up on underrated DB prospects. He also had an official visit to VMAC. Maybe a 4th or 5th round pic.

    At the top of the draft I’ve had the strong feeling that the Seahawks will surprise many people by drafting Derrick Henry. They may even be able to trade back and get him. I don’t see him falling to 56 though. If they can bring in an imposing physical freak who won the Heisman to pair with Rawls, while also picking up an extra pick, that would be amazing.

    There will be plenty of options for O-Line and D-Line in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. I see Joe Dahl as one of the more likely possibilities there.

    • vrtkolman

      I dunno about that, the team is stacked with young developmental CB’s that have over a year in the system now. Carroll might be the best in the business at coaching up DB’s. If they do draft a CB, I suspect he won’t see any playing time this year.

    • DAWGfan

      I am concerned about the amount of abuse Henry has taken at Alabama, how much wear does he have left on the tires? I would love Seattle to take a flyer on Darius Jackson out of Eastern Michigan late in the draft, by all accounts he was the star the University of Michigan’s draft day.

      I would not be surprised if the Hawks take a DB early in the draft. I feel Lane is best suited for the slot and am not comfortable with Browner or Simon opposite of Sherman.

      • J

        They did a study on that and found no correlation between college carries and injury.

      • Drew

        I’m very comfortable with Simon on the outside when he’s healthy

  11. DAWGfan

    I hope the Hawks pass on Germain Ifedi. Recent TAMU tackles have not transitioned well to the NFL, Joeckel and Mathew look to be complete busts, Ogbuehi essentially required a redshirt last year. In the Aggies offensive system the tackles rarely put their hands on the ground and Cable has stated he rarely looks at film of OL from predominately spread teams. If they stay at 26 the best value IMHO is along the D line and it is a definite need for the Hawks.

    With 3 OL draft picks from 2015 still currently the roster(Poole, Glowinski, and Sokoli) I would not be surprised if Seattle waits until the 2nd of their 3rd round picks or even the 4th before dipping into OL pool.

    • Rob Staton

      Ogbuehi had a redshirt due to a recovering ACL though — not based on talent.

      Joeckel has been poor overall but a bit early to judge Matthews.

    • 12er

      The whole narrative of TAMU tackles beings busts is off-base.

      Jake Matthews had a bad rookie year, but he showed huge improvement to become a solid OL last year. He’s in no way a bust.

      Ogbuehi was essentially red-shirted coming back from a torn ACL, and looked far from incompetent in the limited snaps he played. He’s going to start at RT for Cincy this year before transitioning over post-Whitworth.

      Joeckel is a bust, which is largely due to his complete lack of functional core strength to handle defensive linemen. In retrospect, he did not have the overall athletic profile worthy of a high LT draft pick.

      Ifedi is also his own prospect. His length and power is easily superior to that of Matthews and Joeckel, but he doesn’t match the mobility of all 3.

      • DAWGfan

        Ifedi’s footwork is not very good at all and most project him at guard. That would make him the 3rd best guard in the draft after Whitehair and Garnett who both would fit Seattle’s system much better. The problem with either of these players is that they would be a reach at 26 and I can’t see either of them available at 56.

        • 12er

          Ifedi is definitely a projection. You’re betting on Cable’s ability to coach up his elite combo of size/length and power if they draft him.

          Garnett and Whitehair likely don’t meet the athletic requirements the Hawks have for offensive linemen.

          • DAWGfan

            While I can’t say for certain regarding Whitehair, I have watched Garnett since HS, he is extremely athletic. He tends to want to power over everyone and needs to work hand placement, but his footwork is excellent and football IQ is off the charts.

            • 12er

              I agree about Garnett’s athleticism and really like him as a prospect. The athletic requirements I mentioned referred to the specific results the Hawks look for in the athletic testing.

      • Eran-Ungar

        Jake Mathews showed great improvement…..playing tackle for a team that passes the ball over 60% of the time and rushed for 3.8 YPC.

        In other words – playing pass protection like he played in College.

        That is not what the Seahawks are looking for from their OL.

    • dawgma

      I do think there’s a big unknown here, which is how they view the talent from last year’s class. We know they’re high on Sokoli and he’s a total freak. Glow is almost certainly penciled in at RG already. Poole’s an unknown and was supposedly not at full health last year. If they view him an legit competition at RT, they have an LT they believe in (Gilliam), competition for LG (Britt/Webb), an okay center and a freakish prospect, an RG, and competition at RT (Sewell/Poole).

      Now, I think that’s an absolutely ludicrous position – but I could totally see the team seeing it as a safe enough hedge that they target guys for rd 3-4 (McGovern, Dahl, Haeg, etc) and just completely pass on offensive line for the first two or even three rounds.

    • J

      I do agree its possible we don’t see an OL until day three.

      • 503Hawk


  12. Ukhawk

    Thoughts on final thoughts…

    Loved the Cover 32 mock where the Hawks trade down to the 2nd, pickup a later round pick AND get a 1st 2017. Next year there are some generational prospects …

    Holding out hope that your nugget Coleman is the OT they go for if done in the 2nd and that the aforementioned trio are just a smokescreen. Hearing Petes comments about no one firing off the line to move scrimmage and aggressively run block made me immediately think of Coleman

    Would love to get bigger/faster on the DL perimeter and you nailed it with Kaufusi, Fracknell (not ranked by Mayock!?) Bullard, Spence, or Dodd. Defense after all wins championships and requires no weak links so that side of the ball should definitely take priority.

    Watched Willie Henry after the Trapper hint possibly dropped by Pete yesterday. Speaking of a less steep drop off of prospects thru the draft. – to my eye Henry every bit as effective as higher ranked players like Clark, Billings etc and here is hoping he is there in the later rounds. Maybe alternatively Hargrave (who is ranked by Mayock in the 50s!) is there later too

    Thanks to you, I now simply cannot see McGovern nor Cajuste in any other uniform

    For the required deathbacker I’m leaning toward Tavin Carter out of Utah

    • Rob Staton

      They might not take Cajuste… we’ll see there. Might be another WR who fits them better, more sudden…

      • Kenny Sloth

        Cajuste kind of a short strider. Idk if that’s their thing. Doesn’t run routes like he ran his fourty.

        • vrtkolman

          I don’t think he’s that good of a blocker either. I think there is perception that because he’s so big he must block CB’s really well, but he has some Jimmy Graham in him.

      • Ukhawk

        Sorry but, you dressed him like Ken doll in a Hawks uniform and already sent him down the catwalk in my head

      • 12er

        They might not draft a WR at all. The WR’s they’ve worked out and brought in for visits are all expected to be taken in the late rounds or undrafted. It makes sense considering that they have a talented and deep receiving core with the top 4 guys locked up at least 2 more years (assuming Dougie is extended).

        Cajuste may be an exception since he has potential as a move-tight end if he bulks up. His projection to Seattle is a great theory, but ultimately it’s more likely than not that another team takes him instead of Seattle.

        • Ukhawk

          Cajuste basically scored near the top of all TE prospects in all categories bar the bench. He’s got long arms and a competitive attitude and is exactly the kind of freak athlete the Hawks would look for at Rd4-5

          • 12er

            Definitely, and given his blocking ability, I see him being an intriguing option as a TE in the NFL. He will need to gain some weight first to be anything other than a slot TE though.

            • Ukhawk

              Agree on getting his weight up but you know what is eerie?…

              TE Luke Willson
              5th Rd
              6’5 3/8″
              251 pounds
              Arm Length: 32¼”*;
              Hand Size: 9⅜”*;
              40-yard 4.57/4.46
              38-inch vertical jump
              10-foot-2 broad jump.
              4.28 short shuttle
              7.04 three-cone drill in
              23 bench press

              Devon Cajuste
              HT: 6’4″
              WT: 234LBS.
              ARM LENGTH: 33″
              HANDS: 10 3/4″
              40 YARD DASH: 4.44 SEC
              BENCH PRESS: 18 REPS
              VERTICAL JUMP: 36.0 INCH
              BROAD JUMP: 10’3″ INCH
              3 CONE DRILL: 6.49 SEC
              20 YARD SHUTTLE: 4.20 SEC
              60 YARD SHUTTLE: 11.50 SEC

        • Rob Staton

          I do think they’ll take a WR — one — I’m just not sure where…

      • Josh emmett


        • JimQ

          WR-Trevor Davis would make a good alternative. Pretty darn good workout #’s.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Buccaneers (PRI)
      Dolphins (COM)
      Lions (PRI)
      Panthers (PRI)
      Patriots (PRI)
      Titans (PRI)
      Vikings (PRI)

      Coleman visit list

      • Ukhawk

        Did Bruce Irvin visit in ’12 ?

      • Trevor

        Based on that list I just don’t see how he gets to us in Rd#2 without a trade up. He is my 2nd favorite OL in this class after Tunsil. My guess is he goes to the Bucs in Rd #2 to join my favorite OL in last years draft Donovan Smith who was Gilliam’s old room mate at Penn St.

        • Ukhawk

          He would if we trade down to 1st half of 2nd

  13. Brad

    Hi Rob. I often converse with you on Twitter @bradlinn from Calgary.

    I do not often leave comments on the blog but I just wanted to thank you for your stellar Seahawks analysis. It’s my first and last Seahawks draft source. Your dedication, knowledge and work-ethic are unparalleled.

    I also wanted to say a huge thanks to the SDB community for your tremendous contributions to the discussion. They are civil and very well informed. I crave the interactions on this site regularily.

    Here’s to the next three days all. I’ll be lifting a pint to you as 26 rolls around! Brad

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Brad!

    • RWIII

      Brock Huard said today that Noah Spence could be just as big/bust as Robert Nkemdiche. Spence had a HUGE drug problem at Ohio State. I hope that John Schneider does NOT take Spence/Nkemdiche in the first round.

      Go Hawks!!!

      • vrtkolman

        Spence worries me less than Nk does, for sure. There is something off though about him sending teams his last 40 drug tests though. It’s almost like he’s overcompensating trying to prove he doesn’t have a problem anymore.

        • Drew

          Well it could be worse, he could not be sending them drug test results. He’s had time to turn himself around and prove he can be level headed and out of trouble.

      • Bill Bobaggins

        ESPN did a piece on this kid the other day and it was solid. Sounds like he really had an issue that he has overcome. Was very forthright about it. Urban Meyer was a huge believer in him and called his coaching buddy at EKU and told him that he needed to give this kid a chance. Said he’d never done that before in his coaching career. I think Spence could be the steal of this year’s draft.

    • Sea Mode

      I’ll be trading down so as to drink more pints later on! 😉

  14. Kenny Sloth

    Sounds like the Buccaneers are going to take Aaron Wallace.

    Sorry, Vol. I liked him, too.

    • Volume12


      That’s okay.

      I’m not someone who will get upset or all butt hurt if guys I like aren’t drafted by Seattle. It’s why I don’t fall in love with any one player.

      There’s plenty of good options in this draft.

      • Trevor

        I know what you mean Vol. I have fallen in love with two prospects this draft Shon Coleman and David Oneymata. It is highly unlikely we get either guy so I just have to be open minded.

        I have faith in PC/JS whomever they draft. The only time I have ever questioned them was the trade back for PRich passing up Bitonio and that was silly because in 5 years their track record speaks for itself.

        • Volume12

          To be fair though, is Bitonio a generational talent or must have?

          • vrtkolman

            Bitonio regressed a lot in his 2nd season, and that was playing next to Alex Mack. Something to think about.

          • Trevor

            No that is what I mean. I over reacted because I got emotionally attached to the prospect which is silly.

            • Volume12

              I see what ya mean.

              It’s a great way to look at the draft. Don’t get attached.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Bills like Hackenberg

  15. JakeB

    Thanks Rob for all the hard work and great content. This site has become a daily read for me since you and Kenny started the podcast. I really appreciate the environment you’ve created here. The sanity and reason offered here by you and the commenters concerning the Seahawks isn’t something I’ve been able to find anywhere else. I feel like I’m well-schooled and ready for whatever happens in the draft. Hope you get some quality rest when this is over! Let’s do this thing. GO HAWKS

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Jake!

  16. Volume12

    Happy draft day SDB!

    I gotta say a quick something, and then back to what we all wait 9-10 months for. At least me.

    I discovered this site in 2013. Didn’t start posting until 2015. But, when I decided to post and involve myself, I thought, ‘this will will be a cool place/site to read breakdowns, game recaps, prospect evaluations, etc.’

    And while it has been, it’s also been so much more than that.

    SDB is like the 40/40 club. Almost this exclusive club where good friends gather, shoot the ish, and share in their love for all things Seahawks and CFB.

    Guess what I’m trying to say is that not only is SDB an experience, Rob has created a movement.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Preach it, preacher!!

    • Trevor

      Here, Here!

      • Bill Bobaggins


        That’s why I was so stoked when Rob was on Softy’s show the other day. Felt like the non-famous dudes from Entourage watching Vince Staton in his element.

        • matt


        • Rob Staton

          Thanks man!

    • Eran-Ungar

      Same here Vol. This is a very special place.

      I fell in love with it after the RW pick at 2012.

      Its is place that you can disagree with friends knowing you all share something special. Those are very rare.

      You yourself have done incredible work here this year too.

      Thank you.

      • Volume12

        Thanks man.

        That means a lot.

    • Rob Staton

      It means a lot to read that V12 — thank you!

    • Sea Mode

      I’m a late comer to the blog, being this the first year I have really dug into the draft, and I am so grateful to have found and be a part of this community. Although I am from the PNW, I fall in love with certain sports teams because of their philosophy and strategy, and that’s what I come to love along with the people that then embody it and bring it to the field.

      Being an INTJ personality type, I enjoy strategy games and over-analyzing pretty much everything, and there is a LOT to analyze in NFL roster management! Thanks to Rob and all of you for making the discussions so in-depth and thoroughly enjoyable. This blog is built like our Hawks: a great philosophy driving it to think outside the box and always get better and each one contributing his strengths to the discussions.

      Here’s to knocking another draft out of the park!

      • Rob Staton


  17. Volume12

    Texas A&M CB Brandon Williams on a flight to Seattle?

    • Volume12

      Clues are coming in about 2 hours.

      • Volume12

        That’s intetesting that Williams was brought in 2 days ago.

        Guys that are brought in during off-season team activities or workouts are highly likely to be selected.

        • 12er

          It’s not the CB prospect. It’s the TE who played for the Phins last year.

          • Drew

            Pretty sure he signed, and so did a DT or DE, guy that was just released by the Saints.

  18. Kenny Sloth

    Draft clues coming at noon

  19. MJ

    Great work Rob…

    Though to air my final thoughts:

    I think Ifedi, Spriggs, or Clark are disaster 1st Round picks. Let me clarify, that I know this isn’t “your pick,” it’s what you think will happen. So, don’t interpret this as me saying “jeez Rob, why the heck did you pick them??”

    I have the most confidence in Ifedi, but it just feels like a James Carpenter 2.0. Probably won’t work at RT and will be relegated to LG, where he will be just fine, but hardly exceptional. His demeanor worries me.

    Spriggs is a potential disaster IMO. If he can’t play LT, I have a hard time believing he fits anywhere else. LOVE the athleticism, but if his tape was any good, he’d be a top 10 pick with that athletic profile. I love going after athleticism on the OL, but don’t like the gamble in R1.

    Le’Raven Clark…I truly understand the appeal, but he’s a disaster right now. I get that it’s not necessarily about right now, but we are talking a massive overhaul. And again, his demeanor doesn’t scream Seattle to me.

    Unfortunately, I think your guess is right. Not to be negative Nelly, but I’m getting the vibe this will be like the Carpenter-Moffitt draft, with the early picks. Hopefully they recover with some great mid-round selections to offset it. I am really hoping I’m wrong!

    Either way, it will be fun and your hard work is greatly appreciated Rob. Love this site.

    • MJ

      Saying Ifedi is a disaster is hyperbole. I fully admit this. I mean this relative to DL talent that might possibly be available.

      • Belgaron

        Disaster is a bit strong as a term. There’s always risks, even with sure things. The ‘Hawks obtain great information that sometimes is never made public that if we knew, we’d understand why they might go one way over another. But these guys are not yet pros and it is a significant step to become a good NFL player, even if you were great in college.

  20. Eran-Ungar

    My final thoughts:

    Sorry, it’s been 3 months and i still can’t understand the concept of ” If they don’t, I suspect the pick will be Germain Ifedi, Jason Spriggs or (whisper it quietly) Le’Raven Clark.”

    That urgent need was born during the first half of the 2015. It is still alive because people ignore everything that happened in the second half of the season.

    Everything they said and did since the season ended points elsewhere.

    Yes, they will draft high TEF O-Liners. There are many of those this year spread all over the draft. They will draft them and coach them for a year hoping they will be ready to play Seahawks OL.

    They will not invest a first round pick in any of the above guys because they are just the tip of the TEF iceberg. The Serahawks would only invest such a top pic if there where no high TEF candidates later on or if they find someone that also gets up and manhandles D-Liners. A healthy Coleman might warrant that pick but not those guys. McGovern is another but he will be there later on.

    I stand by my early prediction – The top of the draft will be dedicated to upgrading the defense from very good to scary elite.

    I have nothing against Ifedi and the others. They are worthy talents that could be molded to what the Seahawks want. But, red shirt trainees are not picked in the first round. Not CBs and not 2 stand TEF O-Liners from spread offenses.

    Yes, i still believe we will trade back because this draft class is too deep to miss on. We’ll take a flier (or two) on injury or off field red flags.

    By the time the 2016 season starts we will be scary again. Very very scary.

    • Ukhawk

      Here here

    • Josh B

      I disagree with your conclusion for why the urgent need for O-line is still alive

      Even if you liked the last year’s squad – at least in the 2nd half – you’re looking at 3 or 4 major shakeups this year:
      Okung is gone
      Sweezy is gone
      Gilliam is a new spot
      Britt fighting for his life
      Huge ? at center

      So any gelling we saw in the back half of 2015 is sort of a moot point given that it’s being stripped down and rebuilt yet again. This puts intense urgency on figuring out the o-line in this draft

      • DC

        Not to mention our interior OL was shredded in two consecutive playoff games & by the stinky Rams.

        I mocked DL as the first pick but expect some early attention toward the OL.

      • Eran-Ungar

        I did not say we do not need to pick O-Liners. I did not say that the OL became great last year either.

        What I implied was that the offense implemented a game plan that manged to function with the OL as it was and ended 4th in scoring and yards on the year.

        The style of play in college produces OL players that are not ready for the NFL. It is even worse when you have to get those guys to play on a ZBS run first offense. Those guys need a red shirt year to be effective. That is the plan that produced Lewis and Gilliam and prepared Glow to start in 2016 (2 UDFAs and a 4th rounder).

        The players they pick this year will be ready to make their mark next year.

        JS explained it once like this – A football team has Generals, Captains, Sargents and privates. We have Captains and Sargents on defense. On Offense we have the General and the privets.

        They will pick high TEF talents, preferably of the type that goes after D-Liners (Coleman, McGovern…). They do not need to invest a 1st round pick on those guys.

  21. Mexican Hawk


    Again first post on content and I agree it will seem completely amateurish, but creatives are always thought of as crazy until they construct a new norm. PC/JS going for a “better than it’s ever done before”.

    The Hawks don’t care what other boards look like, they have their own and are very confident in what they want. If it gets to #26 and we truly don’t give a damn on losing out on one player in particular (which for the most part is the Hawks philosophy, especially in this draft where Schneiz has said for the most part there are no major drop offs) and there are 5-10 players we went to target and Paxton is still there why don’t we draft him.

    With the depth of this draft I would take a slightly unfavorable trade by going the normal trade route, but if you really want to maximize your position I would think way outside the box. Agree it’s crazy and it’s never been done.

    I would not do it to keep him from getting to the Cards, I would do it to really create a trade market for him. I believe LaCanfora mentioned that a team in the 20’s that already had a QB, told him that if they didn’t already have a starter they would take him in the top half. Might be JS. ALL YOU NEED IS 2 TEAMS TO BE INTERESTED IN HIM AND EXTREMELY FRUSTRATED THAT A TEAM LIKE THE HAWKS PICKED HIM UP AND THEY WILL BID AGAINST ONE ANOTHER OVER THE NEXT 24 HOURS.

    If you only team calling you for him I agree they can have you by the throat with the threat that you will be stuck with a QB you don’t need and no 1st round pick, but if you are confident in your evaluation (that teams covet Lynch) you’ll have 24 hours till 2nd round starts where I firmly believe you can make something happen.

    Again, I agree a bit ludicrous and moot point if he goes earlier. Have seen a big range for him picks 5-10 to early 2nd. I think sweet spot is 20-26, so might not even be relevant, but you never know.

    Let’s see what you all think.

    • vrtkolman

      Gotta say, I haven’t seen this scenario yet! Are you saying that we could get more draft capitol by picking Lynch and then trading him right away versus just trading out of the 26 spot?

    • East Side Stevie

      I like lynch a lot and i see teams start to panic once the top qbs’s go #1 and #2 paxton will go a lot earlier then others are projecting in my opinion I think paxton goes to the jets in the first round. If it was up to me i like the idea of drafting a qb with #97 or if we trade down to the second round to maybe the titans ravens or cowboys and pick up an extra 4th round pick i would like to see us grab a qp if PCJS were able to find russel wilson in the middle of the corn fields then who’s to say they couldnt do it again with a 3rd or 4th round pick

      • cha

        Vernon Adams will be available late or UDFA

    • Sea Mode

      Points for originality.

      Even if it were to work, you would be extorting from other teams instead of building good relationships for future negotiations, which I believe is a big part of our approach. Don’t be a jerk to others and they are less likely to be a jerk to you. Make them think they are getting the better end of the deal and even a little extra on top.

      • Mexican Hawk

        What you point out Sea Mode, exactly my thought after posting. It would be very difficult to do without burning bridges especially if team is already talking trade with someone and they can’t come to a deal and they still draft him (if they know who other team is targeting which is not always the case). Only way would be to draft him outright and then proceed with plan.

        Anyways let’s stop this non-sense and on to bigger and better things. Highly unlikely.

        As per late round QB’s for Tavaris role (and future years trade bait) intrigued by Kevin Hogan and Vernon Adams.

  22. vrtkolman

    I’m actually thinking DE might be the best value pick in the 1st round, if Seattle doesn’t trade back. DE is kind of a need, Bennett and Avril are both 30 and you never know when Bennett will go off the deep end about his contract. Clark looks like the real deal, but what if he doesn’t take to playing at 250 lbs? Clemons is a one year rental.

    If Chris Jones and Rankins are both gone at 26 then I would look at Spence/Lawson/Dodd/Ogbah as legit prospects. Obgah is risky, he looks like the Le’Raven Clark of DE’s. Spence is risky too but on the field he looks like a star in the making. Lawson is a nice safe bet to be a good contributor, but he doesn’t seem like the difference maker Spence is. Dodd is meh.

  23. AndrewP

    What if… And, we’re talking 1/100 chance here, but… What if… Myles Jack falls? Maybe he is the guy PCJS were referring to re: medicals.

    I know, slim, but…

    • vrtkolman

      Where would he play though? Spending a 1st round pick on a SAM linebacker that is off the field on passing downs doesn’t seem like great value.

      • AndrewP

        You find a way to get Myles Jack’s athleticism on the field every down

        • matt

          If Jack’s injury concerns are real enough for him to fall to 26 I don’t want him. Microfracture surgery…no thanks. I’d rather take a chance on Jaylon Smith. Think he’s a better player and it’s really just a matter of time with him.

          • Drew

            The problem with jaylon Smith is that he might end up with drop foot, where he pretty much can’t hold his foot up in form, especially when running. I’d be all for Jaylon Smith, but only 4th or later, just going off of what I know from his medical, obviously teams have more info.

  24. Jarhead

    Hard to believe that another draft is upon us. This one has probably been the most contentious of them all since the day I started posting here. We have analyzed and inspected each prospect so thoroughly, it would really be wild to have a situation like last year where is osba Frank Clark pick, whom we really only spoke about on a cursory level. My feelings about Ifedi are no mystery by now, and I really hope he becomes some other teams disappointing headache. But honestly, I think you got it this year with your idea about us trading back. There just probably isnt going to be anyone that they NEED to thank in the first round. And I am okay with that. Because we need to find someone to contribute, and we can find that in the second round. So good form this year Mr. Stanton, your website is a daily visit on my browser. I hope our preseason goes a lot smoother than draft season. Haha

    • mister bunny

      Nothing is more contentious than fans looking for a franchise quarterback. The Russell Wilson era is easy sailing when it comes to draft day.

  25. Drew

    I was just thinking about how PCJS want players that have grit, play with heart and have shown adversity in their lives and overcome obstacles.

    It just hit me, Shon Coleman is the epitome of that and just screams Seahawks. Assuming his health is good, even if he still has some recovery time left, I just see him as being our first pick. One or two trade downs to get him. He’s just scream Seahawks to me.

    I don’t know, we’ve talked about him extensively and for the longest time I thought we’d pass on him but my mind changed last minute, I think he’s the pick.

    • Trevor

      I really hope so Drew!

    • Eran-Ungar

      I’m on board. He is the perfect choice at 56.

      • matt

        Shon Coleman is the player I want the Hawks to draft the most. Everything about him is Seahawky.

        • Volume12

          I think he’s the guy we all are hoping for.

          • GeoffU

            Yes, he checks out medically for the Seahawks, it’s an awesome pick.

          • Jarhead

            I know he is the OLineman I am most hoping for

          • Sea Mode

            +1 for Coleman…

          • HawkBrewer(d)


  26. Josh B

    The only wildcard for me is that it appears a *lot* of teams are posturing as if they’re open to trade down. More than typical in the last few years, in my opinion

    JS not the only one seeing this as a deep draft so I wonder if this will drive the price down for the 1st round. If it’s a buyer’s market for the back-half of 1st I can’t help but wonder if they defy all “conventional” (for them) logic and stay put. Having 9 picks allows you the luxury to not bite on deals that are too lopsided

    But we’ll see…

    • Belgaron

      Agreed, they’d get the best haul if someone drops that doesn’t interest the ‘Hawks but has several other teams competing to move up.

  27. Volume12

    Seahawks signed TE Brandon Williams and DE/DT Tavaris Barnes.

    • Volume12

      EDGE Noah Spence just became increasingly likely.

      • Drew

        Future DE bookends for Seattle, Frank Clark and Noah Spence, Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril 2.0

        • Volume12

          That’s a great image and very cool to think about now that you mention it.

      • vrtkolman

        I really hope so!

    • Bill Bobaggins

      Spence would be a great value pick at the end of the 1st or early 2nd. This kid could be the steal of the draft IMO.
      I’d like to see him sack dancing over Jared Goff for the next 5 years.

  28. Volume12

    Here’s the 1st draft clue.

    It’s Eddie Murphy on the Johnny Carson show from ’82.

    • Ed

      Have they ever talked about how the clues turn into the pick after the draft?

      • Volume12


        Eddie Murphy was in Trading places. Trading back?

        He was in ‘Coming to America.’ Someone from outta the states?

        Is there a guy nicknamed Buckwheat or SpecialK?

        Is it Miss St DT Chris Jones?

        • JakeB

          Trade or jones seem to be the consensus. I’ll really go out on a limb and say it’s the trade

          • Volume12

            Kyle Murphy? Too obvious huh? Same with Tra Carson.

            Is it ‘Bob’ Nkemdiche?

            He said he only brought one suit to the draft, and in that clip Eddie Murphy says he only wears one suit.

            Also refernces his cars lights. Ricardo Louis’ nickname is ‘Taillights.’

        • Jarhead

          Murphy could have been doing promotion for 48 Hrs at the time. I haven’t seen that movie in years. Any thing that could be relevant?

        • matt

          A little slower than the others- specialK. Spence.

        • mister bunny

          I think they’re looking for someone with a lot of bulge.

    • matt

      The pose Murphy first made for the ‘suit model’ looked similar to the Heisman pose. Probably too simple…not well versed in PC’s clues.

      • Volume12

        Interesting. It was a Heisman pose. He does Buckwheat like hair huh?

        • Volume12

          A Buckeye?

          I don’t think these clues are in order either.

          • Madmark

            The Buckeye I hope is Nick Vannett TE Ohio St

    • Ed

      Eddi Murphy (48 hrs/Beverly Hills Cop/Trading Places/Shrek/Coming to America)

      The skits were:

      The suit
      Underwear modeling
      Cereal names
      Black secret service agent
      Black president

      I like the trading places, or cereal and buckwheat could be nod to Spriggs (Indiana)

      • Ed

        Also, buckwheat could be nod to a buckeye

      • Ignorant

        The suit, Black president.

        Ifedi speaks very well in public, doesn’t he? Seems like an executive or politician, no?

    • Nathan

      What about the date on bottom of screen.


      Could it be someone born on new years day, someone who wears number 82.

  29. vrtkolman

    Brandon Williams is a cool pickup. He was a beastly blocker with Carolina, and he also got in a fist fight with the Saints a while back too. He definitely fits the bully profile.

    Panthers are being rumored about wanting to trade up to the Bears spot. That would be an expensive move to go from 31 to 11. Perhaps they are looking at a tackle, like Decker or Conklin?

    • GeoffU

      Or maybe a corner or a safety? They really need secondary help in the worst way now.

      • vrtkolman

        True that, I’m not sure any corner or safety is worth moving up to 11 though.

        • GeoffU

          Vernon Hargreaves!

      • Drew

        They can get a good corner at 31, no reason to trade up for one.

  30. Steele

    Rob, thank you for the tremendous coverage and research. This time especially, with TEF, you have really latched on to something extremely incisive. I expect the results to confirm its value.

    Your final thoughts here are likely on the mark.

    My hope is that they do not miss out on McGovern/Dahl/Haeg. Whatever else they do, I want them to land two or even three of them.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks man

  31. nichansen01

    A breif summary of Barnes:

    Possesses the size and raw athleticism to warrant a look and the tape suggests that he could open some eyes with quickness and explosion numbers. Barnes doesn’t play like an instinctual end at this time, but the traits are intriguing, even though he appears to be a project at this point.

  32. vrtkolman

    Crazy thought time – Myles Jack falls to 26 and Seattle takes him to play situational defense and…… running back?? I always thought Jack’s best position in college was at RB and he certainly has the physicality to be a Seattle style back. For the record, I thought Shaq Thompson was a better RB than linebacker too.

    • Alicamousa

      Ha that would be a lot of fun. It’s a bit like the Jaylon Smith thing though isn’t it – if he falls to 26, past all those seriously LB-needy teams, why would the Hawks be the team to stop the drop?

  33. Kenny Sloth

    First PC draft clue?

    Eddie Murphy on Jonny Carson.

    Quick, Tom, Murphy, Jonny, Carson?

    Ramy Kased? Trent Murphy?

    • Ed

      Or buckeye


      • Josh emmett


      • Kenny Sloth

        Michael Thomas? He said “my name’s tom”

        • nichansen01

          Could also be spence, former Buckeye.

  34. AlaskaHawk

    Rob – I’ve really enjoyed reading your draft blog this year. Like I said in an earlier post, I’ve got a bet with a buddy that you will get more picks right in the first round then Peter King. That is how much I trust your judgment!!!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks man

  35. nichansen01

    Our current DT group:

    Ahtyba Rubin
    Jordan Hill
    Sealver Siliga
    AJ Francis
    Justin Hamilton
    Deangelo Tyson
    Tavaris Barnes

    Some intriguing depth, however, only one of them can be accounted on as a starter. (Rubin).

    • Ed

      Hoping for Butler, expecting trade back

  36. Josh emmett

    For what’s it’s worth on the updated news and and rumors for the draft on DJ changed his mock and has the Hawks taking Ifedy

    • Bill Bobaggins

      Because he realized how stupid it was to have Rankins falling to 26. That’s why Rob is usually more credible than those guys.

  37. Volume12

    PC just said ‘having troubles figuring out the draft clue?’

    ‘How about @DangeRussWilson?’

    It’s gotta be some help for him. O-line, RB, or WR.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Nah just bustin his qb’s balls

    • Sea Mode

      Wow, pretty tough, as usual. So thus far the less far-out ones are:
      -Trading places: trade down
      -Buckwheat hair: Nkemdiche
      -1 suit: Nkemdiche
      -Heisman pose: Henry
      -Balls: Jones

      I don’t remember, were they kind of in any order last year or totally random?

      • Sea Mode

        Some interesting takes on Twitter:

        Eli Apple? Ohio State Buckeyes (buckwheat), Apple Jacks (cereal)…

        trading places.. and in ’82 the last half hour of carson show was replaced with the show “tomorrow”

        Coming to America = Moritz Boehringer, David Onyemata

        Special K is Robert NKemdiche

        Dom Williams? He’s said he wants to be in the secret service

        • Volume12

          There could be a couple guys in each clue.

          Last year one of the clues was Jimmy Fallin and Neil Young signing ‘Old man.’

          It was Tyler Lockett ( old man take a look at my life, I’m a lot like you) and Sokoli (Buffalo, Springfield).

          I think it’s Nkemdiche or a PAC12 WR.

          • Sea Mode

            Yeah, could refer to two things: trading places and the PAC 12 WR.

            Dang, he was fast on Treggs though…

            • Volume12

              Treggs kinda makes sense.

              Daddy was a Seahawk, went to Carson HS, lived close to Carson, CA.

              Then the RW thing that PC mentions and he ends all his interviews with ‘GO Bears!’

              But, there’s so man ways to look at it. Is lucky charms a refernce to a ND guy?

              Mentions Buck and Shredded wheat. Carson is from Iowa and went to Nebraska.

              • Sea Mode

                Wait, that’s genius!!! KeVeirae RUSSELL = lucky charms, Russell Wilson, worked out in his underwear at pro day:

                Go tweet this to Pete, Vol.!

                • Sea Mode

                  Attitude: check
                  “The potential word, the ‘P’-word, that doesn’t get you anywhere unless you work,” he said. “I want to be a great corner. I want to be a great individual. I want to be great in whatever I do, so I’ve constantly got to be driving. I’ve constantly got to drive and drive and drive.”

                  Athleticism: check
                  Keivarae Russell ‏@Keivarae1 Apr 20
                  Fastest acceleration for any defensive player in this draft? I’ll take that sportscience. & no I wasn’t 100% ?? don’t lie to the people! Lol

                  Overcome hardship: check
                  Before all this, Russell took pride in his resiliency — the Seattle-area native grew up below the poverty line, one of two kids of a single mother who worked as an in-home nurse.


              • CharlieTheUnicorn

                Shredded Wheat is known in the Nebraska area… OL/DL from Nebraska perhaps in draft (somewhere) ?

                • CharlieTheUnicorn

                  Shredded Wheat was invented in Colorado…. could be a clue to a certain WR…
                  RASHARD HIGGINS, WR Colorado State (3rd round)

          • nichansen01

            Nkemdiche! I hope you are reading the clues wrong lol

          • Volume12

            All I know is that I’m stumped.

            But, gun to my head, I’ll go with ‘Trading Places.’

        • Ground_Hawk

          Coming to America could equal Ogbah?

      • Volume12


        And the 1st clue doesn’t necessarily mean their 1st pick either.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Ramy Kased OT Bucknell?

        • Trail Hawk

          Devon Cajuste? 1982 was the year 48 hours came out. A buddy movie with Nick Nolte. Cajuste and Baldwin are buds. Baldwin was busting Russell Wilsons balls last dec.

          That’s Eddie Murphy in the bottom, from Comming to America I think. Makes sense with Pete bring Russ in on this.

          • Trail Hawk

            Bill Burrs clue has the Rose Bowl in it. Stanford, Devon Cajuste? Cant see anyone from Iowa being a pick, although Drew Ott as an UDFA would be nice.

    • Lewis

      Tra Carson?
      Deandre Houston-Carson?

  38. Trail Hawk

    Sad for Ragland, gets med flagged for enlarged aorta on draft day…

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      …and he now is projected later in first round. Visited with Seattle. Would they take him at #26 and kick Wagner outside? Intriguing.

      • Trail Hawk

        Eddie Murphys character in 48 Hours is named Reggie. Filmed in 1982. Could fit the clue.

  39. nichansen01

    John Carson = Carson Wentz = North Dakota State = Joe Haeg

  40. peppapig

    Love the blog Rob.
    And all the peeps who contribute.

    Happy draft day! 🙂

  41. Bill Bobaggins

    The Eddie Murphy video is from 1982. Eddie was born in 1961 so he was 19 at the time of the show airing. Murphy was born in Brooklyn, NY and Johnny Carson was born in LA. Those are exactly 2,796 miles apart. Smack dab in the middle of those is Oklahoma. Senior LB Eric Striker wears number 19 (Murphy’s age at time of show) and is projected to go in rounds 6 or 7 (

    Are the Hawks targeting Striker for round 1? No…let’s not get carried away.

    Striker is an avid House of Cards fan ( and Francis Underwood is the President of the US on the show. Underwood hails from South Carolina. DE Kevin Dodd is also from South Carolina and could be available at 26. He’ll be the Hawks pick.

    Pretty simple clue actually…

    • DriveByPoster

      Hate to sound like I’m banging the same old drum but 01.01.1982 was the night of the Sugar Bowl where Herschel Walker ran the last of his record setting 1,981 yards. A record that stood until this season. Also, there was an earlier comment about ‘judging a trapper by his furs’. 1860 Henry Trapper rifle. ‘Nuff said.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        :O I like this one even better

    • nichansen01

      Really could be anything

    • Sea Mode

      Love it, Bilbo

      Actually, I just love the Kevin Dodd pick and anything to justify it. More coming soon in the comments…

  42. bobbyk

    Absolutely wonderful blog! Thanks for all your work.

  43. Alicamousa

    8 in the morning down here in Australia, heading to work and we’ve still got two hours to go!

    Thanks Rob, and everyone else in the community for making this hands down the best draft – and Seahawks – site around. You boys have managed to turn me into a guru for the casual-fan friends of mine, if any of you are ever down this end of the world the beers are on me.

    Still can’t get past Shon Coleman and Keanu Neal. If we land either of them or, dare I say it, even both, I will be a very happy guy.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you!

    • Cysco

      It’s amazing that you can find time to post on the blog and follow the hawks while avoiding all creatures trying to kill you down there.

      • Alicamousa

        Ha it’s always easier when you remember they’re more scared of us than we are of them, although I just about had a heart attack when I got wayyy too close to an eastern brown snake for comfort the other day.

        Man I’m so keen for this draft. Don’t think it’ll be 2010/11 good, but the best since then.

      • Nathan

        I had to fight off 8 crocodiles and 6 killer snakes on the way to the office this morning.

        • Alicamousa

          Only 8? Must be nice for some…

    • Nathan

      I’m another in sunny australia, going to work on draft day(and most nfl game days)

      Not too bothered today, because I’ve already mentally prepared for us not picking today.

      • JimmyJames

        First time post, fairly long time reader. Also from Australia, day off work as I just got back from Holiday in South Africa. Happy Days!
        Hoping for a good trade down.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Hope you didn’t have a “Dingo’s breakfast”. Hope to hear more from the brothers from down under.

      • Nathan

        Haha, that’s what I have most mornings. Getting kids dressed and off to day care and being at the office by 9, only leaves time for a quick shot of coffee, and as we say over ‘a good scratch of the jatz crackers’

  44. HawkFan907

    Thank you Rob for all of your hard work. Today is finally the day! I’m expecting a trade back into the 2nd round to picks up some more picks for depth. More than anything I trust what Pete and John are doing. Go Hawks!

  45. Robert

    My most favoritest wish is that we move back and then select Robert NK, who tries to outwork everybody on our team and fulfils his freakish potential as he becomes a fine, upstanding man. Or we draft Butler who becomes a run stuffer that collapses the pocket when teams try to pass on base downs. I also hope we field a much improved GCG this season and expect pcjs to draft with that as one of their highest priorities.
    Huge shout out to Rob with much gratitude for making another off season AWESOME!!!

  46. Vista

    New hint

    It’s Bill Burr talking about his dog.

    • Sea Mode

      Hmmm… something to do with Dominique Easley, who was bit by his pitbull…? Wouldn’t really be a draft clue though I guess, unless the fact that he went to Florida points to another Florida guy: TJ Greene, Keanu Neal. (high energy)
      Rose bowl this year was Iowa vs. Stanford. G Joshua Garnett? Someone rumored we were taking a PAC 12 lineman, right?
      Singletary pointing to LB? Baylor?
      Georgia Bulldog OLB Jenkins? Floyd?

      Maybe the trade down from the first clue is now linked with the Browns (Dawg Pound)???

      • Sea Mode

        Florida player, Bull dog = Bullard?

      • Volume12

        Chris Jones, Andrew Billings, Jonathan Bullard?

        • Volume12

          BTW, not sure what Bill bobaggins is talking about, but Johnny Carson wasn’t born in LA.

  47. rowdy

    I just heard that jaylon Smith is rod smith’s brother

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      They just said that on the radio, I didn’t know that either. Perhaps a 3rd round pick for Seattle?

  48. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Rob, A totally random comment on this exciting day.

    I have something stuck in my craw. Can you please update the Seahawks Draft Blog picture at the top of the blog (in the header). Johnny Football deserves to never be associated with greatness or a great football blog.

    Maybe use the top Seahawks greats of all time instead?????

    Otherwise, keep up the great work. 1 hour to go… WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT

    • Ground_Hawk

      That’s a great idea Charlie!

  49. Sea Mode

    Well, gotta put this on the record before the draft starts, I guess. 🙂

    We have pretty much agreed that none of the early prospects really scream Seahawks. I have spent time the past couple days digging into the early DL prospects, and while he won’t scream it because he is a quiet kind of guy off the field, I found one who I believe whispers it very loudly: Kevin Dodd.

    Athletic profile:
    – Has the size and length: 6050, 277, 34″ arm
    – Doesn’t have the elite speed to beat NFL Tackles on the edge, but what he does have is great lateral agility. This shows up on tape and in his 4.44 SS and 7.32 TC (both quicker than Rankins, although of course Rankins is heavier). Combine that with his length that and he could abuse Guards inside, and has done so at times on tape (see clips in article below)
    – I think he has the frame to get up to 300lbs and play DT for us.

    – Relentless motor on the field. I think this is a non-negotiable for a SEA R1 pick and almost for any. (Ogbah, Chris Jones don’t make the cut. Bullard makes the cut for effort but I just couldn’t buy into his tape at DT or DE. When his fast get-off fails, he just gets swallowed up and has no moves to get back in the play.)
    – Off the field he seems laid back and has a nice smile.
    – At first he seems kind of slow because of how he talks, but as you watch more interviews, etc. I think he is intelligent. Definitely football wise at least. His interviews as a junior are also much better in this regard than past ones, which shows he gained confidence.
    – Spent a year at military academy. Said he “went in a young boy and came out a young man.” Responds to reporters “yes, sir” at times, but not every time or in a way that seems artificial. Respectful guy.
    – He admitted that his first two years at Clemson (when he was stuck behind starters and sitting on the bench), he just wanted to play in games so he didn’t put much into practices. He realized this needed to change and that’s when he showed perseverance and took off his senior year when he finally got a chance to play. His coaches confirmed this:
    – The improvement he showed in just one year to put up the production he did shows me he is a good learner and will not stop improving when he hits the NFL. Some say “one year wonder”, but I think he will only continue to rise.

    – He is older (turns 24 in July), but I don’t think this matters too much to the Hawks as Rob mentioned in a previous post.
    – Some attribute his success to Lawson on the other side and Reader in the middle, and even the secondary. Well, I say, he will have good players around him in Seattle too…

    Here is an article that is really high on him, and that I agree with when looking at the tape, especially the last part about him working inside, which is where I would put him in Seattle. He could start rotating in as an interior pass rusher until he is up to speed and weight to hold down on running downs:

    Here is an article that is kind of low on him (mid to late day two):

    You can take your pick. For me, he is the only Seahawky guy possibly available at #26 and that I would even take at that spot, although knowing Schneider he might still risk a small trade down.

    (By the way, one other thing for sure I came out with was a dislike for Tapper. He comes across to me as just in it for the money when I watched his draft story and I didn’t like the tape either.)

  50. Madmark

    It’s been another blast Rob. Congratzs on your Celebrity status as a guru Seahawk Talent Evaluator. 8 million hits which I’m sure I’m responsible for 1500 in a year. This is my best year to get another TE. I do like a Nick Vannett who if I get 19 catches I would say this was a win pick. hopefully JS was talking about medical as far as Shon Coleman and if Ifedi goes they take Coleman. Thanks for everything and take care of that son.

  51. Ed

    Let’s hope the rumors about Cowboys and Browns trading back into 1st works for the Hawks. Would love to drop back 8-12 spots and get another 3rd/4th

    • Sea Mode

      BTW, I think the Browns trade literally could not be more perfect. If we get the first pick of day 2 and the first pick of day 3, imagine Schneider will have all night to take calls from teams that, having thought it over, feel they need to trade up.

      C’mon, John, make it happen!

  52. Vista

    New Hint:

    It is the Rodney Dangerfield bit from the Johnny Carson Show

    • Volume12

      The only thing that stoodout was him mentioning turning over a new leaf.

      Stop drinking, quit eating so much/gaining weight/gambling.

  53. Producehawk

    Ah the draft is ready to start. Bless all in this community. I do not post often but read and follow you all every day! Especially thanks to Rob, excellent job and you are getting better every year. The only bad thing about the draft coming to an end is that we will go into a down time for a bit. I will miss all the posts. The draft is officially open and the Rams are on the clock!

    • Ed

      Rob will just have to start dropping knowledge about 2017 prospects.

  54. Vista

    I was slacking. The latest hint:
    Dave Chappelle talking about when he met Kanye.

  55. Vista

    We traded

    • Vista

      We are trading with the Broncos

      • Vista

        We also picked up a 3rd from the trade.

  56. Trail Hawk

    That worked out perfectly.

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