Live NFL Draft 2016 — Round 1 open thread

April 28th, 2016 | Written by Rob Staton

Kenny and I will be doing a live broadcast just before the #26 pick so stay tuned. In the meantime here’s an open thread…

#1 Los Angeles — Jared Goff (QB, California)
He reminds me of Brock Osweiler. Both players in college were capable of sublime accurate throws and maddening multi-interception games.

#2 Philadelphia — Carson Wentz (QB, North Dakota State)
Wentz was one to watch last summer and while he lacks top-level college experience, he has an intriguing skill set and he won’t be expected to start early.

#3 San Diego — Joey Bosa (DE, Ohio State)
He was regarded as the best player in the draft throughout the college season and now he’s the best non-QB to leave the board. Smart move.

#4 Dallas — Ezekiel Elliott (RB, Ohio State)
Zeke is pretty much ideal in terms of frame and skill set for a running back. Impact player. What about the defense though?

#5 Jacksonville — Jalen Ramsey (CB, Florida State)
Ramsey is incredibly athletic with nice size. Is he a corner or a safety? This is a good scheme for him.

#6 Baltimore — Ronnie Stanley (T, Notre Dame)
Ian Rapoport reported after this pick that someone hacked Tunsil’s Twitter account and posted this video. Why risk your career in this way? Why video this? Why is someone trying to sabotage your career?

#7 San Francisco — DeForest Buckner (DE, Oregon)
The 49ers now have Chip Kelly, Arik Armstead and DeForest Buckner — maybe they’ll bring in the Duck next? (only half joking)

#8 Tennessee — Jack Conklin (T, Michigan State)
The Titans trade from #15 to #8 with Cleveland, dealing a 2016 third rounder and a 2017 second rounder. Tunsil’s slide continues.

#9 Chicago — Leonard Floyd (LB, Georgia)
The Bears gave up a fourth round pick to move up two spots, trading with the Buccs. They take Vic Fangio’s latest project.

#10 New York Giants — Eli Apple (CB, Ohio State)
Terrific cornerback prospect. Does not get beat deep. Smart and just gets it. A good athlete too. Three Buckeye’s in the top-10.

#11 Tampa Bay — Vernon Hargreaves (CB, Florida)
Smaller corner, very agile but bites on plays and can get baited into mistakes. Can he play outside at his size?

#12 New Orleans — Sheldon Rankins (DE, Louisville)
The most explosive defensive lineman in the draft. A fantastic pick for the Saints. How did he last this long?

#13 Miami Dolphins — Laremy Tunsil (T, Ole Miss)
The fall ends here. Based on pure talent this is a total steal. Fair play to Prime for asking the questions after the pick.

#14 Oakland — Karl Joseph (S, West Virginia)
Earl Thomas #14 overall. Karl Joseph #14 overall. I bet he wears #29. He’s recovering from an ACL. A fun player to watch.

#15 Cleveland — Corey Coleman (WR, Baylor)
Electric receiver, truly dynamic and a touchdown machine. Plays with attitude. He’ll give Cleveland a spark.

#16 Detroit — Taylor Decker (T, Ohio State)
Big tackle — very tall. Another Buckeye in round one. Good character but average combine and lacks explosion.

#17 Atlanta — Keanu Neal (S, Florida)
Fantastic player and he deserved to go here. He’s that good. Watch this guy go in the NFL. Great pick.

#18 Indianapolis — Ryan Kelly (C, Alabama)
Athletic and tough but not explosive. A good test case on the importance of stuff like TEF. He’ll be one to track in the NFL.

#19 Buffalo — Shaq Lawson (DE, Clemson)
Shaq had a terrific short shuttle test — similar to Joey Bosa. Major production and he plays with an edge.

#20 New York Jets — Darron Lee (LB, Ohio State)
This is a tremendous pick. Ideal scheme fit in that roaming LB role Todd Bowles loves. Playmaker.

#21 Houston — Will Fuller (WR, Notre Dame)
The Texans traded up one spot with Washington and gave up a sixth rounder. Fuller’s a big play, downfield receiver with great character.

#22 Washington — Josh Doctson (WR, TCU)
He’s a prolific catcher and a nice safety net for Kirk Cousins. It’s a bit surprising they went receiver over D-line.

#23 Minnesota — Laquon Treadwell (WR, Ole Miss)
The Vikings needed a reliable pass catcher for Teddy Bridgewater and Treadwell is great value here.

#24 Cincinnati — William Jackson III (CB, Houston)
The rush on receivers forces Cincy to take yet another first round corner. Every year.

#25 Pittsburgh — Artie Burns (CB, Miami)
The Steelers, running out of options at DB, take the best remaining corner available.

#26 Denver — Paxton Lynch (QB, Memphis)
The Seahawks move down to #31, acquiring the #94 pick from Denver (round three). They now have #90, #94 and #97 in round three. Good move for both teams.

#27 Green Bay — Kenny Clark (DT, UCLA)
A player scouts like — but he isn’t a pass rusher. Not convinced he would’ve been an option for Seattle.

#28 San Francisco — Joshua Garnett (G, Stanford)
The Chiefs trade out of round one and the 49ers take a pure guard to try and replace Mike Iupati.

#29 Arizona — Robert Nkemdiche (DE, Ole Miss)
Chandler Jones + Robert Nkemdiche = a risky but possibly scary off-season for Arizona. Two guys with similar character concerns.

#30 Carolina — Vernon Butler (DT, Louisiana Tech)
The Panthers love big, athletic D-liners. That’s another big body up front.

#31 Seattle — Germain Ifedi (T, Texas A&M)
As expected — and as mocked — the Seahawks take Ifedi. Thoughts to come shortly so stay tuned.

841 Responses to “Live NFL Draft 2016 — Round 1 open thread”

  1. Charles says:

    Good Luck, Have Fun….

  2. 12er says:

    24ish hours until the Hawks first pick…. Wooo!…..

  3. bigDhawk says:

    Any thought on the Seahawks draft clues?

    • bigDhawk says:

      Two of the videos talk about having a dog and another talks about going shirtless/modelling underwear. What prospect owns a dog and like to rock the tighty whities?

    • Sea Mode says:

      Yeah, I’ll carry this over here from the last thread:

      Hmmm… something to do with Dominique Easley, who was bit by his pitbull…? Wouldn’t really be a draft clue though I guess, unless the fact that he went to Florida points to another Florida guy: TJ Greene, Keanu Neal…
      Jonathan BULLard! (high energy)

      Maybe the trade down from the first clue is now linked with the Browns (Dawg Pound)

      • Volume12 says:

        There’s a new one up too.

        It’s Rodney Dangerfield on Johnny Carson from ’83.

        • manthony says:

          I was trying to figure out if there was any prospects from carson ca. I dont think thats it now tho. I only seen the first gotta watch the others now

          • manthony says:

            The bill burr segment he regrences walking out the tunnell at the rose bowl. Could be anyone who played in the game or a ucla player.
            Rodney dangerfield said something that sounded like peed er right out. Could be a wide out maybe named peter, or something

        • darrenlk says:

          Someone who gets ” no respect ” …laraven clark?

  4. Cameron says:

    So JLC has us trading with the Aints out of the 1st round. I’m guessing we would get their 2nd round pick, which is like pick 46. We should get at least their 3rd rounder to drop that far agreed?

  5. OlyFan says:

    Leading up to the draft I’ve been reading up on potential high ceiling late round/UDFA types. Any thoughts on Rico Gathers & Wendell Williams?

  6. Sab says:

    Hey Rob, how far does tunsil drop after accidentally posting that video on his twitter acct?

  7. Charles says:

    Seahawks War Room just went live…

  8. nichansen01 says:

    If Tunsil falls to 26, draft him.

  9. Cysco says:

    Everyone remember the rules of the draft threads?

    Please don’t post a pick until the commish actually announces it. No spoilers!


  10. nichansen01 says:

    Jared Goff is a ram

  11. HOUSE says:

    I think teams looking to leapfrog the likes of ARI/DEN possibly for a QB (DAL, CLE and NO come to mind) will make a move and we’re in the perfect spot. I think if Lynch isn’t drafted by NYJ, trade is imminent.

    I saw something on a fan site saying DAL might want to leapfrog CLE to draft Derrick Henry…

    I’m getting excited to see our trade down… lol

  12. Cysco says:

    see ya week 2 buddy

  13. bigDhawk says:

    I’m listening to the 710 espn audio draft feed. Anyone listening to anything better till Rob and Kenny go live?

    • HOUSE says:

      Its pouring down rain in Vegas and my DirecTV just lost signal… WTF??? lmao

      • Richard says:

        Its the rath of God for thinking you’re getting the Raiders.

        • HOUSE says:


          I’m a true Hawks fan I just recently moved to Vegas… People here want a team, the industry of the city doesn’t!

    • Stigs says:

      710, back and forth with the NFL network. Rob/Kenny is always the best to listen to during the draft. Love Danny/Dave though.

  14. H M Abdou says:

    And NOW the draft starts.

  15. Cysco says:

    we are so lucky to be in a position where we don’t have to mortgage the future on such a risky pick. Thank you Paul allen and PCJS!

    • bigDhawk says:

      The bad part for the Rams is they didn’t have to mortgage their future. They could have stayed at 15 and easily taken Lynch, who will probably be better then Goff or Wentz.

      Fine with me, though.

  16. Cysco says:

    I live in Dallas and have absolutely no idea what the cowboys are going to do. if I had to make a guess, I’d say Joey Bosa

    • bigDhawk says:

      Same, and same. With Bosa gone I say either Buckner or Ramsey at 4. I was hearing they wanted to trade back a few spots and pick up Bosa.

  17. nichansen01 says:

    I say San Diego picks Ramsey… That is my prediction.

  18. Trevor says:

    Chargers probably had Tunsils name on the card then someone shows them that video!

  19. Volume12 says:

    JLC said he’ll be shocked if Seattle doesn’t trade down.

    Thinks it’ll be with NO who’ll move up for QB Paxton Lynch.

  20. Volume12 says:

    Great pickup for San Diego.

    Dallas is gonna go ‘Zeke or Ramsey.

  21. nichansen01 says:

    Joey Bosa is a Charger

  22. Nathan says:

    Geez, never saw that one coming for the chargers.

    • bigDhawk says:

      Yeah, not a great scheme fit for the 3-4.

      • Nathan says:

        There’d also been absolutely no buzz around him, Buckner was firming as the pick in the last week. Heard nothing about Bosa.

      • Jarhead says:

        Yeah no kidding. What is his position? Is he going to be a 5 tech or a rush OLB? That really doesn’t seem like it fits his skill set. I know it is about talent acquisition but many really solid players have disappeared in bad scheme fits

    • Alicamousa says:

      Weird one for me too. Doesn’t seem to fit a 3-4 at all? Maybe they’re going to mix things up, start playing some hybrid fronts?

  23. Cysco says:

    lol, well so much for my prediction for Dallas.

    Still gotta go DE for Dallas though. Guess that’s Buckner?

  24. GeoffU says:

    Well played, Chargers. Well played.

  25. Sea Mode says:

    About Draft clue #3 Rodney Dangerfield

    With all the fat jokes maybe referring to Laquan McGowan? I guess we do look for unique traits…

  26. Nathan says:

    Did Dallas just let the clock expire on them?

  27. nichansen01 says:

    ZEKE is a cowboy

  28. Nathan says:

    Jacksonville must be ecstatic with how the draft has gone so far.

  29. Cysco says:

    I knew they wouldn’t go Ramsey. It’s just not sexy and JJ is all about the sexy pick.

  30. Sea Mode says:

    Anyone else absolutely hate this “instant draft grade” thing. My goodness, NFL Network…

  31. Cysco says:

    So Jacksonville goes Ramsey. Yes?

  32. Trevor says:

    Jags have to take Ramsey don’t they?

    Elliott rookie of the year is my prediction and over 1500yds. If I have the choice of Elliott or Gurley I take Elliott all day long. More durable and complete back.

    • Cysco says:

      Nah. Romo won’t make it three games. Once that happens, defenses will key in on the run and it’ll be a really long season for dallas.

  33. J2MED says:

    betting Ramsey goes to JAX now

  34. Cysco says:

    I’m coming to dallas to win a super bowl…

    Sorry bro. You are going to be really disappointed.

  35. HawkFan907 says:

    JAX just had the best player in the draft IMO fall to them. If he wasn’t there I bet there would have been a trade with someone. Maybe they take Rankins instead…. That would be awesome!

  36. Volume12 says:

    Why does Bosa have to have a designated position?

    You move him around the formation.

    • Jarhead says:

      I don’t think Bosa is that kind of transcendent player. If he went to a better defense- then yes. I think it could create an identity crisis for him

      • Volume12 says:

        He doesn’t have to be transcedent.

        A lot of these guys aren’t finished products.

        They’re still growing, getting bigger, rounding out their game.

        • C-Dog says:

          It was a surprise, but obviously they see the special in him. Personally, I think Buckner could be due for a slide.

        • Jarhead says:

          That is what I am saying. I think he would be better served to focus on one position to improve his game. If he is playing out of position, or having to learn a whole bunch of new positions- that could really stunt his growth. I don’t think his natural one position to start with is best suited in a 3-4 scheme

  37. troy says:

    Only 21 picks to go! Haha Yeah right!!

  38. David says:

    Man, I think Dallas is going to regret that pick. Not saying Elliott is a bad RB but just seems Ramsey could have more impact for them, what with Morris and McFadden in the backfield already. There defense needs an impact player.

  39. Cysco says:

    Now there’s a smart team.

    This will be the last time for a while that we see JAX drafting in the top-10

  40. Volume12 says:

    That’s 2 instant impact defenders Jacksonville just added.

    Dante Fowler, jr. and the best athlete in the draft.

  41. HOUSE says:

    Ramsey to JAC is a great pick for Bradley…

  42. bigDhawk says:

    KJR and 710 ESPN coverage is lame. Hurry up and save us, Rob.

  43. Cysco says:

    He seems like a really good kid. Really happy for JAX. I want that team to be good.

  44. bigDhawk says:

    Chucky’s advice to Ramsey – “Get some Earl Thomas video”, lol.

  45. Jarhead says:

    People have penned in the Colts or the Texans for so long that they didn’t realize that the Jaguars have slowly surpassed those two middling teams, and should be the odds on favorite out of the AFC South

  46. 6x2 Stack Monster says:

    Jacksonville Jaguars…cat that lands on its feet. This guy looks electric

  47. Alicamousa says:

    So good for the Jags, I’m really happy for those dudes. Planning on watching a lot of their games this year, they’re going to be a seriously fun team to watch.

  48. Madmark says:

    Gus gets Sherman at CB

  49. bigDhawk says:

    Brisk pace this year.

  50. Cysco says:

    Jacksonville Jaguars, Adopted second team of the SDB community.

  51. C-Dog says:

    Stanley ahead of Tunsil.

  52. J2MED says:

    wonder if that video had anything to do w/ Stanley getting picked over Tunsil

  53. Alicamousa says:

    Tunsil couldn’t fall all the way to us could he…

    • Jarhead says:

      It would be the steal of the draft. I don’t care about gas mask bong guy. It’s legal here. I would want us to sprint to the podium to get Tunsil

    • Nathan says:

      How funny would it be if the titans grabbed him at 15, after they were going to take him at 1?

    • Cysco says:

      no chance he falls this far, but he’s going to drop. Whoever posted that video cost him some serious coin.

      • Jarhead says:

        The money is always in the second contract. Maybe he did a little self sabotage to get to a better, more efficiently run franchise. I mean draft picks are always looking for a way to game the system.

    • C-Dog says:

      ‘Tis interesting, indeed.

    • Alicamousa says:

      Conklin goes…

      How many more teams need a tackle? I will lose my shit completely if we got him, still complete fever dream territory of course

  54. HawkFan907 says:

    Stanley over Tunsil. I wonder if that Twitter video hurt him. Safe pick with no character flags. Tunsil is the better player, but his career could be marred by dumb decisions.

  55. bigDhawk says:

    I’ll say Buckner goes here to the Whiners.

  56. Volume12 says:

    Baltimore’s pick just goes to show you that we have no idea how teams feel about prospects.

    Point is, Baltimore wants O-lineman that are STR. Strong, tough, reliable.

    Wouldn’t of thought that about Stanley, but I rest my case.

  57. Cysco says:

    LOVE that dude’s jacket. look’n sharp!

  58. Madmark says:

    If Jake Conklin falls I take him. Dreamland I know.

  59. C-Dog says:

    Chip loves his Ducks.

  60. Madmark says:

    That was a great pick by SF.

  61. arias says:

    My god, how stupid do you have to be as Laremy Tunsil tweeting a video of him hitting a bong with a gasmask on just before the draft. d0h!

    As if Randy Gregory and Josh Gordon wouldn’t run through the mind of any prospective employer. He definitely cost himself some dough today. But on the stupidity quotient that’s gotta rank up there with guys getting high the night before the combine knowing they’ll be tested.

  62. Volume12 says:

    Buckner is one word and I’m gonna spell it out for ya…


  63. HOUSE says:

    TEN traded up to #8…

  64. Cysco says:

    Well played Titans. Well Played

  65. J2MED says:

    trade alert trade alert

  66. bigDhawk says:

    Titans move back up…

  67. Kullris says:

    Going to take him, bong and all

  68. Producehawk says:

    Will tenn trade up for the gas man? He might have dropped to them. Maybe it is Conklin.

  69. Cysco says:

    Man CLE is collecting draft picks like Pokemon cards

    • Sea Mode says:

      Moneyball in full swing out there. Good for them. Now they just need them to evolve (hehe) into some good players.

  70. Kullris says:


  71. Cysco says:

    OMG. WHUT!?

  72. HOUSE says:

    Jack Conklin to TEN… Interesting!!!

  73. TannerM says:

    Tunsil keeps dropping…

  74. J2MED says:

    whaaaaaaa Jack Conklin over Tunsil still?!

  75. 6x2 Stack Monster says:

    Tunsil will need that gas mask to just stand near his smoldering draft stock

  76. Kullris says:

    YES YES drop to us Tunsil, I feel the hate…

  77. Volume12 says:

    Never a doubt in my mind that Tennessee was taking an O-lineman even if they had stayed at #1.

    You gotta protect Mariota. He’s fragile.

  78. Madmark says:

    Jake Conklin was always my 1st pick but I knew he was a dreamland guy for us and we all knew it.

  79. Cysco says:

    One of the more interesting drafts in a long time so far.

  80. Kullris says:

    well Chicago just traded up, guess he goes there

  81. C-Dog says:

    Conklin is a beast, but man Tunsil is dropping crazy. I think teams see something they clearly don’t like. I wonder what the over under is of who gets drafted first, Nkemdiche or Tunsil.

    • arias says:

      Yeah, they see his twitter account tweeting a photo of himself hitting a bong with a gasmask on. If I were thinking about hiring him, I wouldn’t like it either.

  82. Cysco says:

    OK, bears have to be taking Tunsil. Yes?

  83. sdcoug says:

    Chi trade for…Rankins?

  84. Kullris says:

    I wish Goodell would walk up like Vince Mcmahon in the WWE

  85. Producehawk says:

    Walter Payton what a man!

  86. Volume12 says:

    You guys watching the live feed on

    JS ain’t talking to scouts.

    It’s a team doctor or physchologist.

    • C-Dog says:

      Nkemdiche or Tunsil?

      • Kullris says:

        Oh god please be Tunsil, please please please

        • bigDhawk says:

          Tunsil at 26, Kim at 56.

          • C-Dog says:

            All I am going to say, and I know this cuts against the grain of practically all reason, but it’s entirely legal in Washington State. Go Hawks!

            • MarkinSeattle says:

              It may be legal in WA, but he will still get suspended by the league for smoking pot. More than anything, you have to question his judgment. A stupid mistake, or signs of someone that can’t tell or doesn’t care if he is making a stupid mistake, like Josh Gordon.

    • Jarhead says:

      Is there anybody else with character flags that we have been watching? Spence maybe

  87. Cysco says:

    what is this a circus?

  88. Kullris says:

    Man that drop just continues

  89. Kenny Sloth says:

    Floyd is overrated. Plays tall. Didn’t win with a speed move

  90. C-Dog says:

    Leonard Floyd to da Bears. People will call it a reach, but good fit for Fangio’s defense.

  91. Volume12 says:

    Awful pick Chicago.

    Talk about what is a guy?

    Not a lB, can’t put his hand in the dirt.

    No strength, weak hands, not a pass rusher.

  92. arias says:

    Damn, Tunsil’s agent is having a spaz in damage control mode right now trying to prevent his client from falling further.

  93. Producehawk says:

    If Tunsil falls to 14 -18 range would Seattle move up for him?

    • Cysco says:

      sounds like teams are taking him literally off their draft boards. He very well might fall to the 20’s

    • SeventiesHawksFan says:

      I’d still take Rankins over any other player left on the board. If they trade up, I hope our for him. I doubt they do that though.

  94. Kullris says:

    Man Jack and Tunsil are still on the board, crazy

  95. GeoffU says:

    Giants don’t take a d-lineman. This is an entertaining draft.

  96. Troy says:

    Holy shit Apple went WAYYYYY too soon! Great for us!

  97. J2MED says:

    eli apple at 10 seems right

  98. Cysco says:

    this next pick is one of the more interesting ones for me. What will the saints do?

  99. arias says:

    The Apple goes big.

  100. Volume12 says:

    Another awful pick!


    You guys do realize what’s happening right?

  101. bigDhawk says:

    Giants draft another Eli. Jack and Tunsil still on the board.

  102. HawkFan907 says:

    The Colts would be LUCKy if Tunsil fell to them….

  103. Troy says:

    Rankings just keep falling, keep falling please…..

  104. Kullris says:

    Oh man we could get tunsil or rankins maybe, would be exciting

  105. 6x2 Stack Monster says:

    Tunsils agent should fire himself for not babysitting that dude before the draft

    • HawkFan907 says:

      My life is dope and I do dope s*** – Laremy Tunsil

      • Sea Mode says:

        Thought the same, but how would they have prepared a clue ahead of time for him…?

        • Volume12 says:

          I donn have to look.

          Its Kanye West from the Dave Chappelke show isn’t it?

          They knew he was falling for a reason.

        • HawkFan907 says:

          I betcha they have an inside man that hacked his phone… Or maybe it was part of an elaborate scheme 😉

          • David says:

            I don’t understand how PCJS can give a clue on their pick when they don’t know who is going to be on the board when they pick unless they know they are reaching and are 100% sure their guy will be there. If someone unlikely drops to them then I’m sure the clue must become obsolete.

      • arias says:


      • bigDhawk says:

        Or Nkemdiche

  106. David says:

    What are the chances at this point that Tunsil falls to #26? I would have to think that top 5 talent would have to be worth the risk for PCJS at 26.

  107. Nathan says:

    Twitter’s buzzing about Apple going before Hargeaves.

  108. H M Abdou says:

    I’m in New York City, luke warm reaction to the Eli Apple pick.

  109. GeoffU says:

    Awesome. Thanks Bucs!

  110. Volume12 says:

    One more bad pick.


    JS is a genius man.

  111. C-Dog says:

    If Rankins gets past the Saints, then things get really interesting.

  112. David says:

    Apple and Hargreaves back to back at 10 and 11? What is happening right now.

  113. Stigs says:

    Most important pick of the draft coming up. Make a dumb pick, Saints!

  114. Producehawk says:

    Will NO take Rankins?

    • C-Dog says:

      Not convinced they will, seems a better fit for a -43 but the Chargers took Bosa, so you never know.

      • Producehawk says:

        Rankins gone. Now I am hoping for Tunsil. His representative was just doing some damage control. Sounded sincere could help the young man.

  115. Cysco says:

    People need to stop saying the R word. Don’t jinx thing!

  116. arias says:

    I somehow really doubt Rankins will get by NO. No way. They’ve yet to recover from having junior galette walk for nothing.

  117. Volume12 says:

    Seattle is taking someone with character concerns guys.

    Nkemdiche, Spence, Tunsil, Lawson (more injury), Chris Jones?

  118. Jaimie Drew says:

    This Crazy Draft is looking Better and Better For Us!!

  119. Cysco says:

    Don’t do it saints. Don’t do it…

  120. Kullris says:

    Damn it!!!!

  121. HawkFan907 says:


  122. Sea Mode says:

    Fist bumps going on in the War Room

  123. Cysco says:


  124. Troy says:

    fuck Rob called it! SHIT

  125. Stigs says:


  126. David says:

    Stupid saints

  127. sdcoug says:

    Word is Tunsil vid was posted by his step dad and Tunsil filed suit yesterdAy. 100% unconfirmed but that’s what I was just told

  128. Madmark says:

    If Tunsil falls seattle get s at 26 WOW!

  129. Coug1990 says:

    Well, there goes Rankins to the Saints.

  130. Trevor says:

    If the Hawks are going to take a chance on an Ole Miss prospect with character concerns I hope it is Tunsil not Nkemdeche.

  131. bigDhawk says:

    Aints win the draft.

  132. HOUSE says:

    F*CK!!! Damn you NO!!!

  133. Kullris says:

    The dream is dead

  134. Trevor says:

    Favourite player Rankins off the board. Great pick NO!

  135. Volume12 says:

    Great pick by NO.

    Never beleived for a second that he was gonna fall to us.

  136. Ealafa says:

    That photo was taken 3 years ago NFL network

  137. 6x2 Stack Monster says:

    Tunsil whacking a Warren Sapp moment?

  138. C-Dog says:

    Rankins off the board. Good pick for the Saints. I don’t think anyone really thought he would get to 26.

  139. bigDhawk says:

    Maybe NO will trade us Rankins for Jimmy.

  140. Volume12 says:

    Don’t panic guys.

    He’s not worth a trade up, was never falling to us, and not our target.

    Squeaky clean.

  141. bigDhawk says:

    Phins score.

  142. Volume12 says:

    Great pick by Miami.

    He’s the best OT to enter the draft in a few years.

  143. Producehawk says:

    Good pick for miami

  144. Kullris says:

    Myles Jack goes to the Raiders?

  145. Cysco says:

    ok, back on track. Can’t wait to draft Jeramy Tradebackenstein

  146. Madmark says:

    The best DT and then the best OT go in the draft.

  147. Chippy says:

    The rest of Rob’s first round could still happen.

  148. Volume12 says:

    I hope some people aren’t freaking out over Tunsil and Rankins going off the board.

    Seatle knows who they’re targeting.

    • C-Dog says:

      Now I’m thinking Jones or.. good lord could it actually be Nkemdiche?

    • sdcoug says:

      They were always going to go well before us anyway. Reshuffle of the deck chairs. Doesn’t change a thing for us

      • Volume12 says:

        Nkemdiche is a talented dude.

        He’s still getting better, nowhere near maxed out.

        He needs a certain locker room.

        Not sayin’ it’s us, but you get my point.

        Wouldn’t hate that pick at all.

  149. C-Dog says:

    Tunsil to the Fins. I’m thinking Jack to the Raiders now.

  150. Producehawk says:

    Hmmm, Joseph

  151. arias says:

    Gotta love how Goodell gets booed every time he approaches the podium to announce a pick.

  152. J2MED says:

    interesting pick for the Raiders

  153. Volume12 says:

    Oakland just got the steal of the draft!

    Talk about a fun team to watch.

    Love everything about Joseph.

  154. Kullris says:

    Would Seattle take Jack if he falls to them?

  155. Kenny Sloth says:

    Wow I love Joseph, but that is early! Perfect fall for the Hawks so far

  156. Mark Souza says:

    Just saw Tunsil’s film after he was drafted. Didn’t see an instance where he started with his hand on the ground on a pass play. Wonder if he can do it. It was a problem I had with James Carpenters Alabama film when we drafted him, and turned out he couldn’t pass protect starting with his hand on the ground.

  157. Trevor says:

    Love that pick for the Raiders! Joseph and Neal are two dynamic safeties that are going to have an immediate impact. I bet the Redskins are pissed.

    Net Keanu Neal goes to Falcons

  158. 6x2 Stack Monster says:

    Would you take 3 years of Myles Jack for 26th pick?

    • bigDhawk says:

      A team in front of us probably will.

    • C-Dog says:

      Would have to consider it.

    • Lewis says:

      There was that suggestion from La Canfora…

    • Lewis says:

      Rob said: “The Seahawks are in the middle of a Championship window that might only last another 3-4 years. Getting impact players to try and win a Championship now is the key.

      A guy who comes in, helps make that happen and then signs somewhere else isn’t a problem (especially with the comp pick system).”

      Same would be true of a guy that is only able to play for a few years

  159. J2MED says:

    Wow, Coleman to the Browns? That’s pretty early

  160. Kullris says:

    Nice pick for the Browns. They need a lot of pieces to get better

  161. Sea Mode says:

    Getting serious in War Room on the phone. Everyone in on the conversation…

  162. Volume12 says:

    Love that pick for Cleveland.

    Speed, explosion, a true field-tilter.

  163. C-Dog says:

    Corey Coleman at 15 to the Browns. Um.. I hate to kick a old dog when he’s down, but IMO, this is was the Browns are the Browns.

  164. bigDhawk says:

    RG3 to Coleman…the Baylor connection.

  165. Forrest says:

    Corey Coleman to the Browns…that poor poor man…

  166. GeoffU says:

    Oh Browns…

  167. Aaron says:

    Good for the Dolphins. This type of antiquainted puritanical thinking will be laughable to people looking back 20 years from now. If he had been filmed drinking a beer, would it be scandalous? Sorry to break it to the puritans, but a bong hit is easily equated to a beer.

    Looking back now is there anyone who doesn’t think that Warren Sapp smoked weed throughout his NFL career? Would you take that draft pick back?

    I love the NFL Network cast but they are representative of some widespread reactionary thinking.

    • Nolan says:

      Bong hit can get him suspended beer cant

    • CharlieTheUnicorn says:

      Pattern of behavior is questionable, they need players that can contribute and stay on the field

    • Regan says:

      I would say 80% of players smoke week. Conservative estimate.

      • MarkinSeattle says:

        And almost all of them are smart enough not to film themselves doing it, much less keep the video and release it the day of the draft.

        • Aaron says:

          These would all be excellent arguments to the Bucs not to take Warren Sapp back when.

  168. Regan says:

    Now they just need a QB

  169. CharlieTheUnicorn says:

    This has been … fantastic so far.. trades, reaches… surprises

  170. Volume12 says:

    Don’t be shocked if Seattle trades up with Washington.

  171. David says:

    Wow Browns take the smurf at 15. Luckily we got him in the 3rd last year. Surprised they took him over Doctson and Treadwell. Browns WR (Hawkins/Gabriel) are already tiny.

    • sdcoug says:

      Field stretcher

    • Volume12 says:

      That’ such a backward way of lookin’ at things I’m sorry.

      The ’80s and 90s are over.

      Small receivers have proved they can succeed.

      You can’t touch receivers nowadays anyways, right?

      Name me one big WR that was a franchise player. Please don’t say MegaTron. Dude did nothing over his career.

      • John_s says:

        I highly disagree with your assertion that Megatron did nothing in his career. That is ridiculous.

        • Volume12 says:

          What did he do?

          Elevate the play of others around him? Lead his team to how many playoff wins?

          He broke meaningless records, because he never won.

          That’s what you play the game for right?

          Or to pad your stats?

          • Troy says:

            vol12 you have a lot of good takes but saying megatron wasn’t a great receiver cause his teams didn’t win games…really? the lions have been a terribly run franchise (3 top 10 WR in a row draft wise)? He is a stud WR no denying that…

          • John_s says:

            Football is the ultimate team sport. Who were his QB’s? Kitna? Shaun Hill? Matt Stafford? He definitely made those QB’s better. How about the defense? Awful during his career.

            How many games did the Seahawks win with Tez? One of the best DT’s to line up. Did he do nothing in his career because the Seahawks only made the playoffs once during his career?

          • SeaWard says:

            So Barry Sanders was garbage because he didn’t lead his team to playoff wins? Teams are successful when individuals perform well in their respective roles. It isn’t all up to one individual.

  172. Volume12 says:

    Love Decker.

    Dude is the epitome of nasty.

  173. Trevor says:

    Decker is over rated IMO glad the Lions took him.

  174. CharlieTheUnicorn says:

    Looking like Seattle will have their pick of multiple OL and DL guys we all love on here.. TRADE BACK TIME :O

  175. bigDhawk says:

    Four OTs off the board now.

  176. Producehawk says:

    Decker good pick for motor city.

  177. C-Dog says:

    I kinda think Atlanta will be the home for Jack. They need LB. We shall see.

  178. Producehawk says:

    If lynch gets past jets it could make our 26 very interesting.

  179. David says:

    Ugh, can’t believe I’ve watched this whole thing just to see the Hawks not make a pick

  180. J2MED says:

    Damn, Rob called it

    • Troy says:

      yup neal wasn’t even on Mayok’s top 5 safeties, Rob NAILED him as a mid to late first rounder, how Rob doesn’t have a job as a scout with one of the 32 NFL teams I have no idea

    • Bjammin says:

      There goes my man crush. Rob’s the man

  181. Jarhead says:

    Awwww That is a gut punch…

  182. bigDhawk says:

    DQ gets his Seahawks safety.

  183. Trevor says:

    Knew it! Neal to the Falcons just makes too much sense.

  184. C-Dog says:

    Neal. Great pick for DQ. Go Falcons.

  185. sdcoug says:

    Well…Neal didn’t go to AZ. Cheers!

  186. Trevor says:

    The Falcons just got a whole lot tougher love that pick. Nice job Dan Quinn!

  187. C-Dog says:

    Here’s where I think we might start seeing a DL run.

  188. DD says:

    wow ! Quinn pick Neal~ Rob You are really good~

  189. Trevor says:

    So glad the Cards did not get Neal.

  190. Producehawk says:

    Atlanta. And Jacksonville are quickly becoming my secondary level favorite teams.

  191. reggieregg says:

    You were all over that Neal pick Rob!!

  192. Trevor says:

    The Seahawks pick at #26 is Myles Jack or a trade back.

  193. GeoffU says:

    colts better get another reciever for Luck

  194. Kenny Sloth says:

    Either I’m having a drink or I need to pee
    you’re living the good life honey not me

  195. Cysco says:

    Rob nailing the picks now

  196. Trevor says:

    Kelly is a flat out solid pick for the Colts. They need to protect Luck a lot better.

  197. Sea Mode says:

    Hey, if anyone is into that stuff, I bet you could know who was on Seattle’s board by watching the War Room feed. I think their board is the wall right in front of them. Since the picks are high up right now, they wheel out some steps and take down a name every time one is chosen. Kid just about showed off the last one to the webcam.

  198. Volume12 says:


    Now everyone can jump off the hype train.

    Good player. Not ‘Seahawky.’

  199. Kenny Sloth says:


  200. David says:

    Glad Kelly is off the board. Was really hoping that we didn’t go center in the 1st. Lewis will be fine until Sokoli is ready to dominate.

    • Producehawk says:

      I think it was Danny Oneil picked Kelly to go to the Hawks but he was hoping that he get picked earlier so he would not be wrong.

  201. bigDhawk says:

    Colts kinda had to go OL. Kelly will help Luck. Not a bad pick.

  202. C-Dog says:

    Kelly to Colts. If Butler gets past the Bills, I’m really going to get me hopes up.

  203. Trevor says:

    Redskins must be pissed their 3 guys (Joseph, Neal, Kelly) all gone.

  204. David says:

    7 picks to go guys!

  205. Misfit74 says:

    Looking more and more like we go DL or trade down. Kelly is a player I had hoped we could consider at 26.

  206. Trevor says:

    I would take the picks 12-17 all day over picks #1-5

  207. Misfit74 says:

    Hell, could Lawson fall to us? Shit, well no. Just taken by Bills.

  208. Regan says:

    Rob calls it again

  209. David says:

    No surprise bills go defense here

  210. HOUSE says:

    Lawson to BUF is a pretty good replacement for Mario Williams. Get Brady when he gets off the 4-game suspension

  211. C-Dog says:

    Shaq Lawson to the Bills. Sexy Rexy passes on Jones, Butler, Dodd, NKemdiche. Ifedi and Spriggs still on board.

  212. David says:

    Butler and then McGovern

  213. Producehawk says:

    Here we go will jets take Lynch?

  214. Volume12 says:

    ‘Meh’ pick for Buffalo.

    He needs to play in a deep D-line rotation.

  215. HOUSE says:

    If Lynch doesn’t go to NYJ, expect trade around us to heat up!!!

  216. Regan says:

    Butler here makes sense

  217. CharlieTheUnicorn says:

    Myles Jack is rumor on local Seattle radio now

  218. Kenny Sloth says:

    What if the clue is Germain If-Eddie Murphy

  219. Volume12 says:

    This Jets pick might be a kick in the balls.

  220. Madmark says:

    I think Tennesse made the best moves getting Jake Conklin at LT.

  221. Elliott atk says:

    Tunsil’s insta just got hacked, text convos with a coach about accepting money

  222. GeoffU says:

    Someone’s gonna trade up for Lynch I can feel it in me bones

  223. CharlieTheUnicorn says:

    I like what the Titans have done and the Browns have done so far……

  224. J2MED says:

    get those trades going for Lynch

  225. Volume12 says:

    Jets just got their version of Ryan Shazier.

  226. C-Dog says:

    Darren Lee to the Jets. Getting very, very interesting.

  227. Darth12er says:

    Am I the only one salivating at the name Darron Lee?

  228. Kenny Sloth says:

    Darron Lee a fine pick for the Seattle protoge gm

  229. GeoffU says:

    Ohio State should’ve just went pro

  230. Grant G says:

    Ike Taylor is happy for every player selected. Good to know

  231. Trevor says:

    draft is falling perfectly for the Hawks so far except for Rankins who was a pipe dream.

    • bigDhawk says:

      If Jones is their target they could trade way back in round 2 to get him at this rate.

  232. GeoffU says:

    Oh Texans, really??

  233. chet380 says:

    Here comes the run on WR’s — do we take Jack if available?

  234. C-Dog says:

    Texans trade up a spot. Interesting.

  235. HOUSE says:

    WAS just traded their pick to HOU?

  236. David says:

    What teams does someone need to trade with Seattle to get in front of for Lynch? The first one I can see is Ari and the Den. Which means KC has the prime trade down pick, unless they want to draft a replacement for Alex Smith

  237. Kenny Sloth says:

    Why did Houston just switch with Washington?

    Scot McL. What a shaker

  238. arias says:

    Uh oh. Schneider’s working that phone.

  239. bigDhawk says:

    Houston gives Oz a good target.

  240. Producehawk says:

    Wow red skins to Huston for fuller

  241. bigDhawk says:

    Phones being answered in the war room…

  242. arias says:

    The Myles Jack conundrum.

  243. Kenny Sloth says:

    2 WRs gone
    4 OL
    2 QB
    1 RB
    3 DE
    3 CB
    2 S
    1 DT

  244. Regan says:

    Great #2 WR for Hou. Will open up the field for everyone else with the deep speed.

  245. Cysco says:

    i’m pretty sure the two cards sitting on the table in front of JS are trade options. There used to be three cards there so one of them might have fallen through because a player got taken before 26. I’ve seen them pass those cards around to pete and others.

  246. C-Dog says:

    JS on the phone.

  247. Drew says:

    Man Ike Taylor is terrible same wit MJD. The way this is going, I hope we trade down. If Jack falls this far it’s for legit concerns about his knee.

  248. DC says:

    If Paxton Lynch is on the board at #26 how about a trade with Denver for their 1st and one of their 3rds.

  249. Rob Staton says:

    Going live with Kenny NOW!

  250. Kenny Sloth says:

    Vikings to take Nkemdiche. ??

  251. bigDhawk says:

    Webcast not working, Rob.

  252. Trevor says:

    Could the Hawks really get Myles Jack?

  253. David says:

    Wow! Cincy just got f’d!

  254. Volume12 says:

    No one wants to draft a DT because it’s loaded with depth.

  255. bigDhawk says:

    Cousins will throw a lot of TDs to Doctson.

  256. J2MED says:

    Wowwwwww Doctson to the Skins? did not expect them to not take a DT

  257. Nathan says:

    Bengals might look to trade back now the receivers are going off the board.

  258. HOUSE says:

    WAS selected Doctson… Interesting. Didn’t think they needed a WR

  259. Spireite Seahawk says:

    Love Josh Doctson. Good pick for the redskins

  260. Drew says:

    What does that tell you about the DL available if WAS goes WR when their biggest need is DT.

  261. C-Dog says:

    Butler, Jones, Ifedi, Spriggs still on board. I think it could be one of these four.

  262. arias says:

    Treadwell to Vikes.

  263. bigDhawk says:

    Anyone getting the webcast to work? I just keep getting errors.

  264. arias says:

    The Myles quagmire looms. Too many good players, too few picks.

  265. Trevor says:

    Bengals could take Jack they need some speed at LB

  266. Gray says:

    Seattle takes Derrick Henry. That clue with Eddie Murphy which was featured on Johnny Carson. The other guest that night was McLean Stevenson. He’s best known for his role on mash as Lt. Colonel Henry Blake..??

  267. David says:

    Well that explains why Houston traded up. To get in front of the team they traded with.

    Hou calls Was “so who you gonna pick?”

    Was “Fuller”

    Hou “so what’s it gonna take for your pick”

  268. HOUSE says:

    SEA trades #26 to CLE for #32 and #99

    CLE selects Lynch

    • Beanhawk says:

      It would be fun times around SDB for the next twenty hours if we owned the first pick of the second round. For sure.

  269. Cysco says:

    pretty sure this is a trade. They are now all studying the four cards in front of JS

  270. Volume12 says:

    I wonder if Pittsburgh would take Myles Jack.

    Taking LBs is kinda their thing and the have taken guys with injuru concerns at the position.

  271. Beanhawk says:

    I think we are going to Jack there for us, and we still trade down. I just want to make sure Jack fans are prepared.

  272. dingbatman says:

    Eddie Murphy was in “Trading Places”. Seahawks trade down…

  273. arias says:

    Work that phone John, work it!

  274. Misfit74 says:

    We are in great shape for JReed, Butler, Nkimdiche

  275. bigDhawk says:

    JS working the phones…

    • Cysco says:

      Best I can tell, the cards on the table are trade options. The big laminated sheet might be a trade value chart. I’ve seen JS on the phone, look at the big laminated sheet, and grab a calculator off the table.

  276. HOUSE says:

    CIN just jacked up PIT

  277. J2MED says:

    just pittsburgh left. in PCJS we trust

  278. Drew says:

    Great pick for the Bengals, need youth in that secondary.

  279. Volume12 says:

    Cincinnati just got the best CB in the draft. Hands down.

    BTW, Denver is trying to trade up.

  280. SeventiesHawksFan says:

    Everything about the way the board has fallen supports the trade down hypothesis. I just hope it’s for an extra third.

  281. Drew says:

    Quick pick by Pitt

  282. J2MED says:

    on the clock

  283. Lewis says:

    Jack still on the board

  284. David says:

    Wow. Rankings the only DT off the board in front of us?

  285. 503Hawk says:

    Hold on. Here we go!

  286. 12er says:

    YESSSSS trade down

  287. Ignorant says:

    They’re probbably taking phone calls from Broncos, Browns, Cowboys, Chargers and 49ers right now.

    Paxton Lynch falling is probably going to be HUGE for us in a trade down. scenario.

  288. David says:

    Well there it is

  289. GeoffU says:


  290. Nathan says:

    I reckon we trade again.

  291. 503Hawk says:

    We just traded w/ Denver!

  292. bigDhawk says:

    Donkos trade for 26!

  293. David says:

    And we still get a pick tonight!!!

  294. C-Dog says:


  295. Old but Slow says:

    Trade with Denver!

  296. HOUSE says:

    Broncos traded with us…

  297. Troy says:

    trade with Denver!

  298. Drew says:


  299. Madmark says:

    YES the TRade I Like it already.

  300. Drew says:

    Please be for 3rd

  301. David says:

    Wow got #94! Sick

  302. Mark Souza says:

    Trade with Denver, so we still have a first round pick at 31. Wonder what we got for sliding down?

  303. J2MED says:

    I can’t believe we got the 94th pick

  304. Veryal says:

    pick 94 in the third!!!! WHOOOOO

  305. GeoffU says:

    Got #94, AWESOME!!

  306. Volume12 says:

    Called that trade with Denver.

    I bet it’s for one one of their 3rds.

  307. Cysco says:


  308. Kullris says:

    Have 90, 94, and 97!!!!! WOOOOOO

  309. Drew says:

    We could trade again from 31 for possibly another 4th

  310. Kenny Sloth says:

    Best possible trade imo.

  311. Beanhawk says:

    Excellent trade in my opinion.

  312. Producehawk says:

    94 pick in third round!

  313. David says:

    There must have been a bidding war for the pick

    • lil'stink says:

      Yup. This is better than I could have imagined. My only question is if they are trying to trade #31

  314. Drew says:

    PCJS have some serious ammo right in the meat of this draft

  315. Saxon says:

    Cool. Hope they use some of those picks to move up in R2 now

  316. Cysco says:


  317. HOUSE says:

    I think we trade #31 to DAL…

  318. Producehawk says:

    There are still a lot of great picks for us. Perhaps another trade to Cowboys so they can get a fifth year option on cook!

  319. DD says:

    Why not trade out of 1st?

    • allen says:

      Not gonna get a 3rd from any teams in the early 2nd I don’t think. Got the best compensation for the smallest move down. Perfect really.

  320. Misfit74 says:

    damn, was getting excited for Jarran Reed. We must know something. Maybe Ifedi or Spriggs, if not DT?

  321. J2MED says:

    Paxton Lynch confirmed. Sweet deal

  322. Drew says:

    Man I’m more excited we traded than any pick we could have made

  323. Drew says:

    Think we can get another bid war for #31 and the 5th year option on Cook?

    • GeoffU says:

      Haha! That would be so awesome. And then trade down again for someone to pick Hackenberg

  324. SeventiesHawksFan says:

    Such a great trade. If they can take #32 and move 5 down more and get a fourth then even better.

  325. Volume12 says:

    4 picks tomorrow, 5 picks on Saturday, and we still got a 1st rounder.

    This is the genius of JS.

  326. Madmark says:

    Having this great for us. Thank god we have a franchise QB.

  327. Drew says:

    The big question marks now are what are ARI and KC going to do

  328. Old but Slow says:

    Oh my God are we gonna go for the window-fall-outer?

  329. Mark says:

    I’m so excited with what Seattle is going to do!

    Also, Rob it was incredible how many picks in your mock draft were exactly right or extremely close to where those players were taken. Absolutely fantastic work you’ve done.

  330. sdcoug says:

    Jack feels like a cardinal pick

  331. 12er says:

    Butler, Jones, Bullard, Spriggs, Ifedi, Coleman and more all still available…

    JS you’re the freaking boss.

  332. Drew says:

    Man I feel for both Myles Jack and Jaylon Smith

  333. drrew76 says:

    Is Jack falling out of the first? Seemed like a standard blown knee which guys return from all the time. Anyone read something about it being worse?

  334. CharlieTheUnicorn says:

    1 more trade back, so someone can take Cook at #31

  335. Mike Kelly says:

    Love to see us trade down for more picks but also would like to see us get somebody tonight. Plenty of great DTs left and some of our OT targets still there too. May trade down again for more picks

    • Coug1990 says:

      I’m OK with trading out of the first round. It will just make tomorrow that much sweeter

  336. snowmanmid says:

    gotta hate that they have commercials on the hawks live webcast. Gotta trade back

  337. Drew says:

    I think CAR goes OT

  338. C-Dog says:

    Kenny Clark. Nice pick for the Pack. Will fit that 3-4 well.

  339. bigDhawk says:

    Wow…quite early for Clark. Thought Nkemdiche would go here to the Cheese.

  340. Drew says:

    Pack with Kenny Clark

  341. David says:

    Let’s use that extra 3rd and take a punt on Jaylon Smith

  342. HOUSE says:

    #31 for #33 and #140

  343. Volume12 says:

    I’m not convinced Seattle will trade back again.

    Wouldn’t shock me, but we can trade one of those 3rds for a 4th rounder.

    There’s a lot of talent lot. Ecspecially picking at 31, which is a virtual 2nd rounder.

  344. Drew says:

    So many options at 31 it’s ridiculous, but I think we still trade down. Bet PCJS would even take a 5th to trade with CLE

  345. David says:

    Surprised were the only one willing to trade back here for 3rds and 4ths. Everyone else has tunnel vision

  346. HOUSE says:

    KC just traded…

  347. HOUSE says:

    to SF

  348. Veryal says:

    niners trade up.

    for jack maybe?

  349. Matt says:

    #31 is a great spot to trade out of, there are always teams who want to jump the gun and grab someone the last pick of the first day to go to sleep not worrying about them on the board day 2. Usually its for a QB. IIRC thats how the Vikings ended up with Bridgewater…

  350. Drew says:

    No!!!! At least they’re giving up some picks. Myles Jack goes here? Or do they go after Henry?

  351. Nolan says:

    Wow niners suck

  352. C-Dog says:

    Chip, you funny guy.

  353. David says:

    Wow. What’d SF give up to get a guard?

  354. Kenny Sloth says:

    420 viewers

    Josh Garnett awful pick

  355. Matt says:

    shocked Jack is still on the board…

  356. GeoffU says:

    Everyone forget about Myles Jack. Late round flyer probably

  357. Nathan says:

    Wow. traded up for Garnett.

  358. bigDhawk says:

    oi…Whiners trade up almost 10 spots for a guard. Garnett stays in the Bay.

  359. Drew says:

    Wow they gave all that up for Garnett???!!!! Keep sucking 49ers!

  360. Beanhawk says:

    I think Jon Gruden just tipped the pick: “Josh… Joshua Gabbert” when trying to refer to Blaine Gabbert.

  361. John_s says:

    I think Hawks try and trade again. That way they don’t have to deal with the 5th year option

  362. Misfit74 says:

    I hope we were’nt after Garnett. Sneaky Niners

  363. Volume12 says:

    Garnett is kinda surprising, but then again, one pure OG goes in the 1st every year.

    This pick reminds me of the Laken Tomlinson selection last year. No tradeback though.

  364. Nolan says:

    Chiefs robbed niners

    • Beanhawk says:

      Don’t like the pick, but I still like our trade better.

    • seaspunj says:

      Can’t complain with this pick and love that we got the extra 3rd

      Looks like the TEF method is in play. Love the options for day 2

      Rest up Rob your baby gets up in 90 minutes

  365. Regan says:

    4th and 6th. Niners are so dumb

    • GeoffU says:

      It’s ok, it’s not like it’s a deep draft or anything, or that guards just as good can be had in the 3rd

  366. Drew says:

    Spence going here?

  367. Mark J says:

    Schnieder on the phone…

  368. drewjov11 says:

    Garnett to the hated niners… I truly devastated.

  369. Cysco says:

    anyone catch what SFO gave up to move up?

  370. Madmark says:

    Vernon Butler

  371. David says:

    Holy crap, miners gave up 2nd 4th AND 6th for a guard. Boy do they suck, they need more players not a guard

  372. Cysco says:

    JS on the phone. filling out a trade card

  373. HOUSE says:

    JS is on the phone again…

  374. Volume12 says:

    What’s cool about having 3 thirds, we can move into the 2nd as well.

    Tons of options now.

  375. David says:

    Lol of course Arians takes nkemdiche

  376. GeoffU says:

    Nkemdiche, interesting. He and Honey Badger can hit the town

  377. HOUSE says:

    Nkemdiche is a Cardinal…

  378. arias says:

    The other ‘ole miss character concern to the birds.

  379. Misfit74 says:

    I thought we’d take him at 26. Kimm-dee-chee

  380. C-Dog says:

    Well, well, well Nkemdiche has a bit of a Darnell Docket look to him.

  381. David says:

    And panthers need a CB but all the good ones are gone lol

  382. Drew says:

    Yes! Let the cards deal with Nkemdiche.

    • Veryal says:

      probably one of the best places for him actually

      • lil'stink says:

        Phoenix, though. I could see that being a bad town for a guy like him. Plus, his panther is gonna be too hot.

        • Robert says:

          Laughing my ass off thinking about Robert NK frantically flailing about over his over heating black Panther.

  383. Kenny Sloth says:

    2 QB
    1 RB
    4 WR
    6 OL

  384. HOUSE says:

    SEA is trading out of the first…

  385. Drew says:

    Clowney 2.0

  386. 12er says:

    here we go, I’m going out on a limb… we’re trading down again

  387. vrtkolman says:

    Man Seattle has already won this draft as far as I’m concerned.

  388. C-Dog says:

    I smell another trade down.

  389. 503Hawk says:

    Nkemdichi says he does better against zone blocking teams.

  390. Chris says:

    Not at all happy about Nkemdiche going to Arizona. If he pans out at all, could terrorize the Hawks for some time.

  391. Cysco says:

    Yep, this pick is being traded. Say too much activity in the war room.

  392. Makal says:

    Type of player that crushes Seahawks weak o line.

  393. Volume1 says:

    That’s a great for ‘Bob’ ‘Kemdiche.

    Everyone said Mathieu was garbage too.

    Great locker room scenario for him.

    He needs to mature and cut some cats outta his life.

    • C-Dog says:

      Yeah, that’s a scenario that could get scary in the NFC West

    • rowdy says:

      Matthieu was a different story, no one question his effort and he didn’t have half the red flags as robert. That being said great pick

  394. Drew says:

    Mackenzie Alexander

  395. Nolan says:

    Why is nfl making rookies were ugliest hats ever

  396. vrtkolman says:

    Spence, Butler, Jones, Bullard, another billion players still on the board. Trade down!!!

  397. Old but Slow says:

    Just heard a radio rumor that Jack has a Lis-Franck (spelling?) injury, which is serious.

    • bigDhawk says:

      Pinkins had the same thing his rookie season.

    • HOUSE says:

      The big issue with Jack is the Cartilage is super brittle and microfracture surgery could do more damage than good, but its more than likely what needs to happen

  398. David says:


  399. bigDhawk says:

    ugh, Butler to the Kitties.

  400. C-Dog says:

    Crap. Good pick Carolina.

  401. GeoffU says:

    Damn. Beastly front line, for this year anyway.

  402. Troy says:

    Butler just stolen from us by the Panthers

  403. Nathan says:

    Arizona pushing all their chips into the middle of the table to win it this year.

  404. Nolan says:

    How many DT does Carolina need

  405. Drew says:

    Vernon Butler, that’s a bit of a surprise

  406. Volume1 says:

    Don’t start feelin’ some type of way over Butler bein’ off the board fellas.

  407. Kenny Sloth says:

    Vernon Butler to panthers

  408. C-Dog says:

    My bet is Ifedi.

  409. Jarhead says:

    Jesus I am physically sick right now

  410. arias says:

    No WAY when Carolina picked Butler the entire draft room started clapping because Carolina didn’t take their guy!

  411. Nolan says:

    Bremen hinted at us taking Henry

  412. Drew says:

    Pick is in!

  413. David says:

    Wow they just said the Seahawks traded to Browns and then recanted

  414. 503Hawk says:

    Spence, Bullard?

  415. Mark J says:

    John and Pete were on the phone and the war room clapped. I think there’s a pick soon…

  416. John_s says:

    Seahawks making a pick. If ifedi it is

  417. HOUSE says:

    Hugs in the War Room… Pick is in

  418. Volume1 says:

    The pick is in.

    Derrick Henry, Noah Spence, maybe O-line?

  419. arias says:


  420. Troy says:

    Rob Called IT! ROB you are the MAN for making all those predictions!

  421. 503Hawk says:

    I hope you’re right Rob.

  422. vrtkolman says:

    BOOM ROB good call

  423. Drew says:

    Yes! Rob nailed it!

  424. C-Dog says:

    Germain Ifedi. Great job calling it, Rob Staton!

  425. Ed says:

    Not a big fan, but not unexpected.

  426. bigDhawk says:

    Ifedi!! I’ll take it.

  427. Stigs says:

    Woot! Rob! TEF!

  428. 503Hawk says:

    What picks do we have?

  429. Drew says:

    Ifedi plus a 3rd! Winning!

  430. Misfit74 says:

    Awesome relief. Oline help and a guy I like a lot. #GoHawks

  431. arias says:

    Long live TEF! I think Rob deciphered their draft formula.

  432. bigDhawk says:

    We arguably have bookend, freakishly athletic offensive tackles now. I say Gilliam wins the LT job and Ifedi owns the RT spot. Who do we draft to address the DL now?

  433. SeventiesHawksFan says:

    Rob has cracked the their code. One of only two players selected who wasn’t invited to the draft tonight. They do their own thing.

  434. Cysco says:

    Now go get me some Kaufusi and some McGovern

  435. DD says:

    Rob, you’re really good at mockdraft picks for seahawks!

    So what to to w the next4 picks tomorrow!

  436. Jarhead says:

    Well…. there it is. You’re about to see how it is with this guy.

    • Volume12 says:

      He’s a raw, physical freak.

      He’s built how modern day O-lineman should be.

      Your right. We’re about to see this guy prove to us that he played in a system down in Texas that didn’t fit his profile or style.


      • Jarhead says:

        He can be built however you want. The guy doesn’t have the skills or baseline ability to be an NFL lineman. When we are watching another holding call or false start, it will be okay because he is so big. All you had to do is watch some tape. Or listen to anyone talk about what he brings. He is 6’6″ and 324 lbs of no punch, high pad waist bending. You call him ra if you want. I see a guy who can’t play. Anyone can be as excited for this pick as they want. But I remember the last physical freak that we drafted from TAMU that was “raw”. Seems like deja vu all over again

  437. Volume1 says:

    Sorry ya’ll.

    I had to take a break.

    So damn excited.

    To quote the great Daniel Bryan, ‘yes…yes…yes!’

    • GeoffU says:

      So excited, I see you turned it down to 1

    • Seahawcrates says:

      Competition for Britt and Webb and another 3rd rounder. Look at the dudes in Robs 100 Hawk list and start drooling. Also have ammo to target and move up.

    • GeoffU says:

      If anyone’s wondering, trading a third could move the 56 up to 40-45.

      Honestly though, I think I’d rather have the extra pick.

  438. David says:

    Underwhelming, but nice call Rob

  439. GeoffU says:

    Trading places Ifedi Murphey it was

  440. Madmark says:

    I got my 1st pick right!

  441. SeventiesHawksFan says:

    We still coulda gotten him three to five picks down. Must not have been a willing trade partner. Or they were committed to making sure. We probably won’t get Bullard now. But some combination of McGovern, Fackrell, Ervin, Dahl, Cajuste, Haeg, and any number of DT’s remain likely. A trade up to get Bullard would be just amazing.

    • SeventiesHawksFan says:

      And with three picks in the third, we have the capital to move up in the second. Amazing.

  442. 503Hawk says:

    At this point, here are the picks we have left.
    I could see us moving up in the second.

  443. Madmark says:

    What was the trade ?

    • CharlieTheUnicorn says:

      Swapped 26 for 31 and picked up 3rd round (94) pick

      • CharlieTheUnicorn says:

        I think it was a win win for both teams… no losers. Broncos get a nice QB and Seattle get an OL.

  444. CharlieTheUnicorn says:

    Updated mock for round 2 and beyond
    Round 1 (1) GERMAIN IFEDI, OT/OG (check)
    Round 2 (1) BRONSON KAUFUSI, DE
    Round 4 (1) DEVON CAJUSTE, WR
    Round 5 (1) ISAAC SEUMALO, C
    Round 6 (1) JAMES BRADBERRY, CB

  445. nichansen01 says:

    People on Twitter complaining about the Ifedi pick. I don’t get the complaints. Seattle needed some serious offensive line help, Ifedi has the potential to be the next kelechi osemele, and we got another third rounder in the process. I am very happy. What were people expecting?

    The signing of Tavaris Barnes should have been the real draft clue that the Seahawks would wait on d-line help.

    • MJ says:

      Not a fan of the pick. He physically looks great. Massive issues and a softer demeanor. A LOT to fix if we think he’s going to do much in the NFC West.

      I sincerely hope I’m wrong, but I just don’t have a great gut feeling about this one.

      Not saying I’m right and you’re wrong. Just my opinion. Thoroughly underwhelmed by the player and the pick. At least we recouped a 3rd in the process.

      • Jarhead says:

        Well at least I am not alone. I think we will see crystal clear come preseason. Not just any big guy can play in the NFL

    • C-Dog says:

      Yeah, that’s what I kinda thought today.

    • David says:

      I like Coleman better as a tackle prospect. Both athletically and character-wise, not to mention he played for a downhill power running football team in college. Especially the fact that he said his favorite thing to do is run block. Granted he has medical but would have rather went d-line in the first and Coleman in the 2nd or traded back again and still taken Coleman with our first pick. Unlikely at this point they take Coleman AND Ifedi.

    • Steve Nelsen says:

      I would have been happy with Ifedi at 26. Ifedi and a 3rd! That is Schneider magic.

      It is really hard to judge how college spread offense linemen will translate to a pro-style offense against NFL-caliber competition. The are all projects in my mind. Get the guys with superior physical and athletic profiles like Ifedi that you think you can coach up. Cable worked with Ifedi at the TAMU pro day so he must have believed he can coach Ifedi’s technical issues.

  446. MJ says:

    Great call Rob…unfortunately.

    Not confident this will work out, but great work nailing this thing.

  447. bobbyk says:

    For me, getting that 3rd round pick was awesome! We got the guy we pretty much expected AND got a 3rd round pick in a deep draft. I’m pumped.

    Personally, I hope Fackrell lasts until our second rounder. Love the idea of three 3rd round picks though. I would imagine tomorrow we’ll get a RB and DT, and potentially another OL and edge rusher.

    Day one is in the books and it has turned out great!

    • mishima says:

      Agree: Ifedi + 3rd is straight gravy.

      The Seahawks are like the Bizarro World version of the 49ers, who traded 3 picks to move up and take Joshua Garnett.

      So grateful for John Schneider and Pete Carroll.

      • AlaskaHawk says:

        It was a good move! I also am glad the Seahawks have Ifedi on a 5 year contract, when he develops he will be worth it.

  448. bjammin says:

    Could be LG too, on webcast Rob said could be future LT. Ifedi plus a third nails biggest hole and can hopefully find a legit contributor in 3rd or use to trade down tomorrow for another stud early 2nd. What’s not to like?

    And how about Rob? Guy’s got his finger on the pulse of the Seahawks to at the very least know who is in play and who isn’t. Nailed this pick, first saying they’d trade down (which lots of people figured might be possible) and got the pick. I fully expect multiple other players on Rob’s list of potentials to be likely manana. Can’t wait to see who it is tomorrow. Who thinks they’re trading up to get Bullard, Koufusi etc?

  449. 503Hawk says:

    Nice call Rob. You are the man when it comes to knowing what the Hawks think on draft day.

    Get some sleep, ’cause I’m looking forward to your post tomorrow.

  450. Saxon says:

    Rob wins the Interwebz!

  451. Magmatizer says:

    Now the Hawks have 3 3rd round picks to play with. If the right prospect is sitting in the 2nd, they can consider using one of them to move up.

  452. bobbyk says:

    I hope Ifedi plays RT, instead of moving him to left guard (which is the opposite side of the field he has always played… as he was a RG as a freshman and RT the last two years).

    I’ve heard Kelly is a decent guard and terrible tackle.

    It makes too much sense for Ifedi to be our RT and Kelly to play LG. Looks like Britt heads to the bench.

    LT Gilliam
    LG Kelly
    C Lewis
    RG Glowinski
    RT Ifedi

    That’s not too bad. Lots of upside on that right side especially.

  453. Seahawcrates says:

    Listened NT to Ifedi interview, talks like a Hawk. Intelligent, articulate, thoughtful responses. Part of why I love this team is how many smart players they have and develop.

  454. Vin says:

    Wow! You called it Rob. You just made believers out of all my coworkers who didn’t listen to me and had no clue. Thank you for all the hard work and dedication. I’ve followed you since you called Irvin, and I’ll continue to do so even more. Thank you for bringing this collection of 12th man together. Hoping for Kaufusi or Bullard in 2nd, 2-OL and Ervin in 3rd and Cajuste in 4th. Go Hawks!

  455. Volume12 says:

    I gotta ask this question.

    Please don’t take it the wrong way?

    Why did some think we were trading down again?

    It made absolutely no sense.

    Move one spot for a 4th? We just fleeced Denver on the trade chart. Over 100 points worh of value.

    • SeventiesHawksFan says:

      Because Ifedi still would have been there five spots later. They must not have found a willing trade partner.

    • David says:

      The guys on NfLN said that the Browns had moved back into the first round when our pick was the only one left. Then they said they were mistaken.

    • Steve Nelsen says:

      Supposedly Tennessee, Cleveland and Dallas were also trying to get back up into the first when Seattle made the trade with Denver. Maybe Cleveland and Dallas also wanted Lynch. Not sure who Tennessee was targeting but I am guessing they were gone by 31. I would move back 2 spots to get an extra 4th.

      But, I am glad they got Ifedi. And the extra 3rd will be sweet tomorrow. There will be some good options on the D-line at 56 but I hope they get McGovern. He is the guy I most wanted the Hawks to get in this draft.

      • arias says:

        According to Schefter Dallas offered Seattle their 2nd and 3rd to move up for Lynch but Denver’s offer was better.

    • Alicamousa says:

      The trade value points always leave me a bit cold. Denver were probably freaking out about Lynch being snatched by the Cards or the Browns trading back down.

      Win win for both teams really. We get the third, but they – Superbowl Champions – get a seriously talented young QB. When you consider what the Rams and Eagles gave up…

  456. Saxon says:

    Ifedi Red Flag: Cable worked him out in College Station and loves him.

    Is Cable ever right?

  457. coachmattson says:

    The guys on the NFL Network all said they loved the pick and that they were all excited about this young man – has a “high ceiling” is what Shaw said.

    Go Hawks!!

  458. Willyeye says:

    #31- T Germain Ifedi
    #56- DT Jonathan Bullard (if available) or DE/DT Bronson Kaufusi
    JS might trade up around 14 spots to get Bullard
    #90- G/C Joe Dahl or T Joe Haeg
    #94- G Connor Mcgovern
    #97- S Justin Simmons or DT Hassan Ridgeway
    #124- RB Tyler Ervin
    #171- FB Dan Vitale
    #215- WR/TE Devon Cajuste
    #225- CB James Bradberry or WR Ricardo Louis
    #247- DT Justin Zimmer

  459. drewjov11 says:

    I want no part of Kaufusi. Bullard will be gone b the the we pick. I’m all for a trade up, but I wonder how far Coleman falls. I love the kid. Spence is still there… Henry is still there… Wow.

  460. seaspunj says:

    Asked if the Seahawks would have taken him at No. 26, Carroll and Schneider declined to answer

    Could it have been Butler ahead of Ifedi?