First 2018 mock draft (top-25 projection)

Firstly, apologies for the lack of posts this week. Disney didn’t have Wifi. Who knew!?

With the college football regular season complete, here’s a top-25 mock draft. The order is taken from the brilliantly named ‘Tankathon’ website. Let me know what you think in the comments section.

Note — I didn’t include Sam Darnold. There’s enough talk about him staying at USC to believe that is likely.

Second note — this is a (very early) projection not a breakdown of where I think every player should go.

#1 Cleveland — Josh Rosen (QB, UCLA)
With accuracy, a great release, the ability to make a range of throws and ideal size — Rosen has every chance to become a very good NFL quarterback.

#2 New York Giants — Josh Allen (QB, Wyoming)
Allen’s 2017 season doesn’t warrant a pick this high. Yet his physical tools will likely entice teams during the post-season workouts. There’s every chance someone will take him this early based on upside even if he has a lot to work on at the next level.

#3 San Francisco — Saquon Barkley (RB, Penn State)
The best player eligible for the 2018 draft with a perfect blend of explosive physical traits, size, playmaking ability and character. A star in the making.

#4 Denver — Baker Mayfield (QB, Oklahoma)
Mayfield is sparky, competitive and completely warrants a selection this early. He’s elusive and improvises superbly when necessary but also makes plays in the pocket. The Broncos need some excitement on offense.

#5 Indianapolis — Vita Vea (DT, Washington)
You have to watch Vea live to really appreciate just how good he is. There aren’t many human’s on the planet who get around the field like he does at a listed 6-5 and 340lbs. The next Haloti Ngata.

#6 Chicago — Bradley Chubb (DE, NC State)
Bradley is Nick Chubb’s cousin. Nick had one of the best SPARQ workouts imaginable in 2013 at the Nike combine. Bradley is a 6-4, 275lbs version of Nick.

#7 Cleveland — (via Houston) — Minkah Fitzpatrick (S, Alabama)
The Browns should take inspiration from the Jaguars. Throw money on stud D-liners in free agency and bring in a young star for the secondary.

#8 Tampa Bay — Christian Wilkins (DT, Clemson)
Wilkins plays a bit like Sheldon Richardson. He might not be quite the same disrupter when rushing the passer but he’s incredibly active playing across the line and his motor never stops.

#9 Arizona — Quenton Nelson (G, Notre Dame)
Possibly the second best player in the draft behind Saquon Barkley. Nelson could go earlier than this depending on how he works out. Terrific prospect. Everything you want from a guard — physical, gets to the second level, plays with an edge.

#10 New York Jets — Connor Williams (T, Texas)
In a league with an increasing left tackle problem, Williams will likely go quite early. He’s highly athletic and should test well. His 2017 season was impacted by a knee injury.

#11 Washington — Roquan Smith (LB, Georgia)
Showed in the SEC Championship game what an impressive player he is. Might not make a ton of splash plays but flies around the field, sets the tone and rarely puts a foot wrong.

#12 Miami — Billy Price (C, Ohio State)
Quenton Nelson is really good but Billy Price isn’t a million miles behind him. Plays with the same edge and tenacity. Urban Meyer raves about him. He coached both Pouncey brothers.

#13 Cincinnati — Clelin Ferrell (DE, Clemson)
Plays bigger than his listed 6-5 and 260lbs. Helps set the edge against the run and does the little things right. Has 8.5 sacks in 2017 but 3.5 came in one game against Syracuse. Consistent performer.

#14 LA Chargers — Mike McGlinchey (T, Notre Dame)
Dominated Harold Landry when Notre Dame met Boston College. Might not be the most athletic but he appears to be relatively sound in his technique and footwork and worked well with Quenton Nelson.

#15 Dallas — Tim Settle (DT, Virginia Tech)
I wanted to put Settle higher than this — and probably will do if he declares. He is an incredible prospect. At times he looks like Warren Sapp rushing the passer. Incredible mobility for his size. Fantastic talent.

#16 Oakland — Derwin James (S, Florida State)
A big name player and a big hitter too. He is what he is though — a strong safety. And that can be a valuable thing as we know in Seattle. I just wonder if his stock is more Eric Reid than Eric Berry.

#17 Detroit — Taven Bryan (DT, Florida)
Really good prospect who might be a bit underrated after Florida’s horrible season. Strong at the POA and can dominate with the bull rush — but has enough quick twitch ability to be an effective pass rusher.

#18 Buffalo — Maurice Hurst (DT, Michigan)
Another player who probably suffers because Michigan had a middling season. He looked really good in the first few weeks of the season, constantly providing the kind of interior pass rush teams crave.

#19 Green Bay — Anthony Miller (WR, Memphis)
When I started this mock I wanted to put both Miller and Tim Settle in the top-15 but couldn’t make it work. Miller will be one of the grittiest players in the draft — but he’s also a big time playmaker. There’s a little OBJ to his game.

#20 Atlanta — Courtland Sutton (WR, SMU)
Sutton recently made the kind of one-handed, improbable grab that makes you think he could still get into the top-15. He won’t be the best tester but he has Dez Bryant’s frame and a knack for the big play.

#21 Buffalo (via Kansas City) — Kerryon Johnson (RB, Auburn)
The Bills could use their two first round picks to move up for a quarterback. Is Lamar Jackson too similar to Tyrod Taylor, who they seem determined to move on from? Kerryon is completely worth a first round grade and could replace LeSean McCoy as the lead back in Buffalo.

#22 Baltimore — Calvin Ridley (WR, Alabama)
The Ravens love ‘Bama. Ridley is really solid but isn’t the most explosive or exciting receiver to watch. He finds ways to get open and will provide a reliable if mostly unspectacular option at the next level.

#23 Seattle — Damien Harris (RB, Alabama)
Harris is an explosive athlete, fits Seattle’s size-profile at RB, averaged 8.2 YPC in 2017, blocks ferociously in pass protection and is a much bigger playmaker than people perhaps realise.

#24 Carolina — Ronnie Harrison (S, Alabama)
Harrison flies around the field and makes big, jarring hits. His sledgehammer blow to Kerryon Johnson basically cost Auburn a chance to compete with Georgia in the SEC Championship.

#25 Jacksonville — Lamar Jackson (QB, Louisville)
I really like Jackson and think he could easily go much earlier than this. He’s underrated — a better passer than people give him credit for, with similar athletic creativity to Michael Vick. He’d be a great fit in Jacksonville to go with that defense.

Honourable mention:

Nick Chubb (RB, Georgia)
I wanted to fit him in the top-25 and would’ve had him in the first round if this was a full projection. If the health of his knee checks out and he has the kind of workout we know he’s capable of, he’ll go in round one.

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  1. Nick

    I wonder if Seattle doesn’t prioritize early RBs, like we did with DBs last year, because there is such good depth at the position. Think that’s something this community needs to consider and make sure we don’t overlook. Certainly last year I was *convinced* that we would go CB or S because of the amazing early talent.

    Seattle may feel like they can get a Rd 2 RB talent in Rd 3 – thereby giving them the ability to address other positions earlier on.

    • Nick

      If that is the case, I wonder where they would focus. OG? Run stuffing DT? WR?

    • Jujus

      Love the work!

      Still think we win the SB – trade back and find a DE or LB that can play LEO. RB has to wait till the 2nd pick imo. Rashad Penny at rb looks amazing.

    • Rob Staton

      Possibly — but in this mock I didn’t include trades. And if they don’t trade down, this first round pick is their only selection in the first two days. So it’d be a loooong time to wait to address a big need.

      • Nick

        Totally recognize you weren’t including trades…just wanted to throw that idea out there.

        • Rob Staton

          I think the position they might look at is EDGE/LEO. Especially if Avril retires.

          • Greg Haugsven

            It’s been since 2014 since they selected anything other than a lineman early. I could also see an edge/Leo type with there first pick.

            • Greg Haugsven

              I low you disn’t include trades but you have to think there is a 90% plus chance they trade back, probably twice. If not I do like me some Damien Harris.

              • Greg Haugsven

                Seems like good edge rushers are hard to get later in drafts along with good OT. You have to get those positions early.

                • Ishmael

                  They do pop up though. The Jags picked up Yannick Ngakwe in the third. Danielle Hunter went in the third. Everson Griffen was a fourth rounder. Avril was a third rounder. I’m sure there are more, those are just off the top of my head. The really freakish specimens do go super early, but there does seem to be some value in the middle rounds.

                  • Greg Haugsven

                    I agree with that. No Arden Key in top 25? Im.thinking of some edge rushers who might fall between 35 and 45. Any guys with great talent at edge with some red flags? Seems like something we could look for.

                    • Rob Staton

                      I don’t see Arden Key going in R1 at the moment.

          • brazilianguy

            Not to mention the extreme value of the 5th year option on EDGE rushers, given the crazy market for the position.

  2. Seahawcrates

    Harris, Carson, Davis, Mckissic, Prosise would be an intriguing way to start training camp.

    • Mark Souza

      Been there, done that. I didn’t turn out too well.

  3. Nick

    Who are DE/OLB Rd 2 prospects who we should look at?

    • Greg Haugsven

      Sorry Nick, not trying to steal your thunder as I basically asked the same c question after you.

      Maybe DorrancecArmstrong, Josh Sweat, Austin Bryant. Looking for a good red flag guy that might fall as well.

      • Nick

        Thanks Greg—I’ll give ’em a look this weekend.

  4. Ishmael

    Lamar Jackson would make the Jags the most fun team to watch in the league by a country mile. My favourite pick of the mock, would genuinely love to see that happen.

    • Kenny Sloth


  5. Greg Haugsven

    Also good luck to the Sounders tomorrow. Trying to go back to back.

    • Kenny Sloth


    • D-OZ

      My first Sounder game was in 77, been a fan since. I don’t see a reason why they will not repeat. They are too talented and have too much depth. And are peaking at the right time. GO SOUNDERS !!! Bummer though the Mariners missed out on a future super star who will haunt us for a long time. All is not lost though, Trust in Dipoto. WOW, That sound’s familiar…

      • Greg Haugsven

        I was so bummed today when he picked the Angels. I was for sure he was coming here.

  6. Kenny Sloth

    I sometimes try to think up defensive formations, but it always ends up as a 4-3 under with different personnell

    Cover 3 shell too, of course.

  7. Kenny Sloth

    Best Player at Each position right now? Glad you asked.

    In My Opinion. There are two QBs that nobody wants a piece of; Tommy Brady and Russ. Like I bet lots of D Coordinators are confident in their gameplans against Rodgers and Brees and Newton, but nobody would scare me like Russ and Brady. Wilson is untouchable at times and Brady is always a threat. He simply reads and facilitates the game on a different level.

    Best back is Leveon Bell. Not much debate to it in my mind. You have a solid second tier of McCoy, Elliot, Gurley, and Freeman (give or take) but no-one matches the combined levels of athleticism, vision, and sheer creativity with the ball in his hands. Bell can take a counter to the house where he spends more time picking his hole and setting up his blocks than he actually does sprinting untouched through the secondary or he can bend an inside zone wide and just beat your edge defender to the corner to pick up a first or he’ll just put the shoulder down and ruin your night.

    I was tempted to try to choose a splint end, flanker, and slot WR to crown here, but most of these guys are playing all over the place and doing tons of damage wherever they line up.

    There are a couple names that have to be in the discussion for best receiver, right now!! There are tons of young guys that could push into this conversation such as Nuk Hopkins, Keenan Allen, Mike Williams, Amari Cooper, but none have had the kind of season that forced the conversation to change. At the top you have AJ Green, Dez Bryant, Julio Jones. And the smaller guys that are equally as dangerous Antonio Brown, Doug Baldwin, Odell Beckham. Now, if you tell me to pick 2 out of those 6, I’d struggle mightily. The best right now? Has to be Julio and Antonio. It’s a tough sell to replace either in nearly any category of receivership. The smooth athleticism, the ferocious competitiveness, the fortitude and mental toughness they’ve both shown. Those are your gold standard in their body types. Paragons of the positions.
    *can’t end this section without mentioning Larry Fitzgerald being immortal*

    Best TE right now trends towards a similar discussion. Jason Witten and Greg Olsen as the old guard. Jimmy Graham and Rob Gronkowski are your annual placeholders, while the future belongs to Travis Kelce and the often unavailable Jordan Reed. Solid second tier of Delanie Walker, Zach Ertz, Kyle Rudolph, Oj Howard, Austin Hooper etc…
    *obligatory Antonio Gates mention “paved the way for converted basketblah blah blah*

    I’m not gonna get into FB, OL, or SP. I just don’t see enough tape to do anything but recycle what everyone says about the top guys.

    Gun to My Head


    • Kenny Sloth

      Skill position players*

    • Trevor

      Agree Kenny except maybe Bryant.

      2nd Team
      Beckham, Gronk, Baldwin, Allen

  8. Totem_Hawk

    I like Baker Mayfield at #4. Dude is a leader and a pure passer. A bit rough around the edges but most young guys have some of that to work through..

  9. Jeff M.

    Four RBs in first round? It would be the first time since 2008. And the last five years have averaged exactly one RB in the first (with zero being drafted as often as multiple). That’s even with guys who were supposed to be generational talents who transformed the valuation of the position, like Elliott/Fournette/Gurley… What actually happens is that one guy goes early (maybe with one other first rounder) and most of the guys we talk about as potential first rounders (who would have been taken there in the 80s/90s) fall to the 2nd/3rd/4th.

    • Greg Haugsven

      You see how much these young backs are changing teams. Also look at Hunt and Kamara this year.

      • Jeff M.

        Right, both of whom were third rounders. The league has figured out how fungible these guys are and how short their careers are and decided those mid-round picks are the right value.

        PC/JS are trying to do the same sort of thing Atlanta did getting Freeman and Coleman in the 4th and 3rd. They just have to figure out how to pick the right guys at that point in the draft (and most importantly, put them behind a line that gives them a chance for success).

        • Tien

          I totally agree with your comment about value in getting RBs in the mid to later rounds, Jeff, and the Chiefs & Saints really lucked out in getting Hunt & Kamara in the 3rd round. But I also don’t think either of those teams thought that Hunt or Kamara would be their new stud 3 down back when they were drafted and I think they were targeted more as a young talent that could provide a change of pace to their current starting RB.

          The difference is that because the Seahawks’ identify is tied so much around being a physical running team that they have to get a legit alpha 3 down starting RB somehow. There’s no guarantee of course that whatever RB they pick in the 1st round will be a stud but the odds are probably better if we pick a round 1 RB. I don’t think many of us would object if the 1st round RB pick turns out as good as Zeke or Gurley or Fournette but there’s always a chance, he’s Richardson also and that’s the risk with any draft pick.

          I’m leaning towards being in favor of the Hawks taking whatever RB they really like at bottom of the 1st or early 2nd (if there was a trade down) and playing those odds. However, if the RB they really like is gone, I have no problem either with the Hawks picking BPA (edge rusher hopefully!) and then getting a RB in the mid to later rounds.

          • AlaskaHawk

            I just watched Harris highlights. He has every ability of a star, except he doesn’t have a second gear. He is a strong runner, and by time the defense catches up he will be 20 -40 yards down field. That is enough in todays game to help a team win. Also haven’t seen him catch a ball so I don’t know what his abilities are there.

        • peter

          that’s not totally true though. Elliot and Fournette are carrying those teams offensively. Dallas has had some online problems but turns out dak isn’t russel when he doesn’t have Elliot.

    • Fairlawn

      And this class is deep at RB. Last year in a deep CB class, they eschewed the King types and waited on Shaq Griffin … and CB is a premium position.

  10. C-Dog

    I would do cartwheels if Seattle took Damien Harris. Just end the uncertainty at running back.

    • D-OZ


  11. Greg Haugsven

    Of these 3 options, which one would you want the most with a trade back:

    Option 1:

    Trade back from mid 20’s to the end of the first round and pick up a late 3rd.
    Ex: 31, 95

    Option 2:

    Trade back to around 36 (early second) and grab an early 3rd
    Ex: 36, 68

    Option 3:

    Trade back to late 1st and pick up a late third then trade back again to early second and grab an early 4th.
    Ex: 36, 95, 104

    • Aaron

      Option 2 is my favorite, and seems like a realistic scenario.

    • D-OZ

      Option 3. As long as we could Harris….

      • D-OZ

        secure (sheees)

        • D-OZ

          If Harris was not available, would Harrison be the next best option? Something to consider. I like the Bama safety an awful lot. Cam #2 in my mind’s eye…. GO HAWKS!!!!

          • Greg Haugsven

            Last year they went with option 3. Traded from 26 to 31 and got a late third. Then traded from 31 to 35 and got an early 4th.

            95…Delano Hill
            111…Tedric Thompson

            • Trevor

              Think instead of those 3 we could have had Ramycyk and Kamara.

              That is how Browns fans must feel every year!

              • peter

                Kamara was my favorite back last year but I’m not sold on him as an every down tone setter. One has to wonder how the draft last year looks going into next year IF Mcdowell plays and IF Hill is taking a Kam chancellor style “red shirt,” to learn. Tedric Thompson I’m not sure at all about but if the other two come back/out to play I think it’s going to be a great draft. again there is a lot of “If’s,” in that scenario.

          • Greg Haugsven

            I like Harris a lot but we could get a guy like Michel or Penny later as well. If not Harris I could see them going DE (Avril soon to be gone), maybe a speedy LB (KJ only has one year left) maybe LG if they like a guy like Billy Price or Will Hernandez. Maybe CB if they like a guy like Josh Jackson. Combine and free agency will answer a lot of these questions.

            • Trevor

              I agree completely Greg I think we are definitely on the same page in this regard.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Any trade that starts at 32

    • Trevor

      Option #3 unless an elite talent at a Premiere position (OT or Edge Rusher)somehow falls to us in RD#1.

      I am on record as hating the Mcdowell pick last year because of his attitude and effort but I loved how JS worked the draft.

      Still think how different this team looks if JS takes Ramyczk and Kamara instead of Mcdowell , Hill and Thompson.

  12. Aaron

    Lacy, Rawls, and Procise aren’t their RBs of the future. McKissic and Davis are both competent RBs but not a lead back. If they believe Carson is truly “that” guy then our priorities in the draft are likely on defense (e.g. DE, LB, CB). I don’t believe Carson is “that” guy, what do y’all think?

    • SeaHusky

      It remains to be seen. I personally love watching Carson play, but we need to see how he plays coming back from injury. I think the Seahawks FO takes a RB semi-early in the 2018 draft regardless; we dnn’t want to enter next season with our bellcow back being a guy who is just coming off a serious ankle injury.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I don’t think he’s the guy either. I just think he was the guy this year. I actually like what they have in Atlanta. Nice combo of Freeman and Coleman.

        • Greg Haugsven

          It would be nice to have a situation like that. They can lose a guy for a week and the other carries the load. Nice 1-2 pu ch.

        • SeaHusky

          Hell, I thought Rawls would have a long future here before his ankle injury, and now he’s in the dog house. I’m not counting on Carson being the starter long-term, but you never know. He possesses good patience and vision, and he has the right frame for the position. He also has decent speed and can catch the ball. So not entirely out of the question.

          Still think they take a RB early though. As much as I like Carson, I’d like for him to have some competition going into next year, even if he was completely healthy.

  13. H

    I really do not see it with Allen… its very rare that qbs that cant win games and have success in College go on and win in the nfl.
    I could see him as a developmental guy, but with the depth at qb tis year round one seems too much of a price to pay, top 2 is insane.
    Any team taking Allen over Mayfield or Jackson cause he “fits the profile better” will be making a huge mistake.

  14. Preston

    Rob, can you look into Shannon Brooks? Not sure if he’ll declare, but really impressive. Very explosive, lowers he’s shoulders and makes contact frequently, fits seahawks profile.

  15. Trevor

    My 5 favorite players in the draft

    #1 Baker Mayfeild – Watson was my favorite last year and he gives the Texans hope. Sashi Brown still has a job if he picks Watson.
    Mayfeild will have the same impact IMO. Winner and leader who could turn the Browns around culture wise. He is the anti Josh Rosen or Connor Cook.

    #2 Derwan James- Sure he is just a SS. But I see a more athletic Kam and look at the impact he had. There is no LOB without him. If the Browns take Mayfeild and James they change the course of that franchise.

    #3 Quenton Nelson- My favorite OL prospect in the last 5 years and fantasy Hawks pick. Imagine him and Duane Brown on the left side. Run game instantly fixed.

    #4 Tim Settle- Simply a game changing beast at the next level.

    #5 Anthony Miller- Love his combo of talent and grit. Rob mentioned Beckham but I see a more athletic Jarvis Landry. This kid will be a star IMO.

    • SeaHusky

      I wouldn’t know how to handle myself if Derwin James somehow ended up in Seattle. The new generation of LOB would truly be in effect, with James being Kam’s heir and Griffin continuing to develop under Sherman. Earl and Derwin would make a hell of a safety duo that would scare the hell out of any offense.

  16. Trevor

    If the Hawks secondary continues to play well, Shead comes back healthy and the Hawks go on a playoff run what do you do with Sherm this off season?

    A) Hope he comes back healthy and let him play out deal.

    B) He comes back healthy and negotiate extension to help w/ cap

    C) Try to trade him for say a 3rd round pick and Cap savings of $11 mil

    I think Option #2 for me.

    But under Option #3 the could resign Shead, Maxi, PRich and draft a RB like Penney from SDSU. With the cap space and draft capital

    • Tien

      I vote for Option B also.

    • Sea Mode

      Definitely B!

      • HiGreg Haugsven

        Good points icb. I could only guess he had two good ones and wanted them both to play. Kind of like Chubb and Michel

        • Greg Haugsven

          I think option A. It would be nice to extend and lower cap hit. But he is also 30 coming off a torn Achilles. If we could go 3 for $30 maybe. Not sure if that would be disrespectful or not.

  17. Trevor

    I like Harris but I don’t see him as a guy like Zeke, Gurley, Barkley, Kamara. Game changing dynamic players you build an offense around.

    I really hope the Hawks dont take an RB in round #1 unless they feel they are getting that kind of guy. There will be lots of good RB options with trade backs inn RDs 2,3,4 who can compete with Davis, Carson, Mckissic and Prosise.

    I truly feel the run game issues are a combination of injury, Rawls and Lacey sucking and most importantly terrible run blocking by our OL and guards in particular.

    Look no further than Todd Gurley last year being called a bust running behind terrible OL. They fix the OL and this year he is a star.

    • Rob Staton

      You’re not going to find Zeke, Gurley or Saquon unless you’re picking in the top five. Kamara only lasted as long as he did due to a suspect injury record. That could still be an issue in his career.

      • Sea Mode

        Plus, Kamara has Ingram pounding the rock as well. He might not hold up if he were to take on a full load for an extended amount of time.

      • Trevor

        That is my point Rob. I think you can get a complimentary RB in rounds 2-4. I just don’t see the value in taking an RB in round #1 unless he is unique talent. I like Harris a lot. He is one of my favorite RBs in this class but he is a complimentary RB at Alabama and would be with the Hawks as well.

        I would much sooner see the Hawks take a guy like Arden Key in this scenario as Edge rushers are so hard to find or even better trade back and take a dominant run blocking LG in the 2nd then an RB in the 3rd with the trade back pick.

        I just think until they fix the OL run blocking it does not really matter who the RB is.

        • Rob Staton

          They currently don’t have any picks in rounds 2-3 and will be picking near the end of round four. That is a long, long wait to address a vital need. And while EDGE might be a need they’ll still have Bennett and Clark next year, plus Dion Jordan, plus possibly Cliff and maybe Marcus Smith.

          • Greg Haugsven

            I think we keep blaming the OLINE for all the run issues but when I watch all 22 film I see holes. Im probaby in the minoriry but I would put first blame to the running backs.

          • C-Dog

            McDowell could up playing end, as well. With any combo of those guys, I feel like way better about end than I do about RB, and waiting until the mid rounds to draft one.

            • Greg Haugsven

              He could be if he ever sees the field. If Avril retires the we could have a hole at DE. Smith and Jordan maybe but maybe not. Like I said before we will know a lot more since free agency is well before the draft.

  18. brazilianguy

    Oh my god, how I wish, how I wish the Seahawke had drafted Kamara instead of Pocic. This dude would be flat out perfect to pair with Russell Wilson. It’d be such a dynamic and versatile duo.

    • brazilianguy

      Imagine the damage Wilson, Kamara and Lockett for the occasional sweep.

      • D-OZ

        Where would we be now without Pocic?

        • Mark Souza

          I’m with you D-OZ. Pocic is a keeper, and one of the bright spots this year. And he’s only going to get bigger, stronger and better. Glad we got him.

  19. Sea Mode

    Hey, guys, I think there’s a lot to like about this guy as a possible Kam Chancellor replacement (hopefully after a couple more years of Kam…):

    SS Kyzir White, West Virginia (Sr.)
    6-2, 216

    Perhaps best known as brother of the Bears ever-injured WR Kevin White, his brother Ka’Raun also plays WR for West Virginia. But unlike his brothers, Kyzir White said he ended up playing on defense because “I just like to hit people.” Good start…

    4-star JUCO transfer. More Seattle boxes checked off…

    Quickly became a leader of the defense after his first year at WV (2016): “It is kinda weird because I just got here last year,” White said. “I’m fairly new. But being that I played a lot of games last year and got a lot of experience, I’m looked upon to be a leader. I’m ready to take that role.”

    Played ball in Virginia. Aren’t like all of Seattle’s players from there…? 😉 (the Whites are actually from PA)

    Production: had 59 solo tackles, 6 TFL, 3 INT this season. For reference, Kam had 26 solo tackles, 3 TFL, 2 INT his senior season. Of course, Kam played further off the LOS I think, but still good numbers regardless.

    Ball skills: on display in INTs in video below.

    There is only one highlight vid of his available on YouTube, but it’s not very well done and I think some of his best plays I found are inserted into this interview of him and his brother:

    Life as a Mountaineer: Ka’Raun and Kyzir White

    Could we get him in R3-R4? Possibly. Here’s what Tony Pauline wrote about him back in August:

    Kyzir White received some high grades from scouts and has been stamped as a top 45 choice in some circles, but presently the senior sits as a third-rounder on our board.

    White, a junior college transfer who donned the WVU uniform for the first time in 2016, offers terrific size (6-foot-2, 215 pounds) and plays big football. He’s a devastating hitter, forcing the action upfield or intimidating opponents who dare challenge his space. White lacks great speed and is very rough around the edges in coverage. He has a great amount of upside, which will have to be met before we stamp him as a top-45 pick.

    Anyway, definitely one to keep an eye on.

    • Sea Mode

      FWIW, consistently gets high coverage grades from PFF. He was ranked #1 in the Big 12 in 2016, giving up a passer rating of 19.7. And after 7 weeks into this season, they had him at #5 among all 2018 draft-eligible CBs:

      Coverage snaps/completion %/passer rating: 137/57.9/27.0
      White’s spot so high on this list is impressive because he is listed as a safety by West Virginia, but plays most of his snaps in slot coverage. White has played 101 of his 137 coverage snaps lined up in the slot covering a wide receiver with plenty of room to operate. On the season, White has only allowed 11 catches on 19 targets for 74 yards and three interceptions. The passer rating when throwing into White’s coverage on the year is 27.0 but when he is in the slot it is still only 34.6.

      • Trevor

        Have to check him out for sure!

      • AlaskaHawk

        Great find!

    • Sea Mode

      What the heck, go ahead and watch him pop some people in the highlight vid as well… 🙂

      KYZIR WHITE Highlight

  20. Kenny Sloth

    Dang yo. Foolishly picked up an extra shift during MLS cup. How you gon play a championship at noon.

    Don Garber yall wack af

  21. Sea Mode

    I hope everybody watches the All Access videos that come out after each game. Can’t tell you how much I enjoy them. Seriously, don’t miss out!

  22. RWIII

    Hopefully John Schneider can trade back. Last year JS traded back three times. The Seahawks made an excellent haul. Without a 2nd or 3rd round pick if at all possible the Hawks need to trade back a couple of times. What the Hawks do in the draft will largely depend on free agency. Not to change the subject but there was back to back MAJOR bummer in baseball. First the M”s lose out on Ohtani. The the Yankees aquire Stanton from the Marlins. It can’t get any worse than that.

  23. RWIII

    Speaking of free agency. I sure hope the Hawks can resign Paul Richardson. He is Seattle”s version of Julio Jones. I think Richardson is very comparable to Jones.

    • H

      He’s bot even close.
      Not a knock on Prich, Julio is an all time great

      • Tien

        Julio is HUGE and fast, is clearly the Falcons #1 receiver, and has produced great numbers pretty much every season.. I like PRich alot and happy to see him having success this season but this is the first season of him making an impact. He’s fast but tiny, and despite the success this year, he’s still just the #2 or # 3 receiver on the team.

        • AlaskaHawk

          You got to keep four smerf receivers and hope two are healthy at any one time. They won’t hold up under hard tackling. Baldwin has a certain way of avoiding tackles and saving himself for the next play. I think Russ is better off with big receivers who can jump, but the small ones have become the preferred here, except for Jimmy Graham. I can’t help thinking they need at least one more big receiver on the other side from Graham. That could be deadly with Baldwin running patterns also. And McKissic coming out of the backfield.

          • Greg Haugsven

            I’ve looked at these numbers every which way and if we resign Richardson I think Sheldon or Jimmy is gone. It looks like we can keep 2 of the 4. (Prich, Srich, Graham, Joeckel)

            • AlaskaHawk

              my vote would be Sheldon Richardson for a solid defensive line, and Jimmy Graham as a red zone threat.

            • AlaskaHawk

              Also think the general manager should be able to find a decent replacement for Joeckel in the draft. Come on man. Surely they can find a guard!!!

              • Greg Haugsven

                I agree Alaska, those would be my 2 as well.

                • Sea Mode

                  Or stick with Odhiambo. I have a feeling he could look a lot better back on the inside now playing alongside Brown.

  24. Sea Mode

    For V12’s (and everyone’s) viewing pleasure, some new highlights:

    Sony Michel || Senior Highlights 2017

    As much as I like Rashaad Penny and Michel, Harris seems to me to have more upside athletically, so I like Rob’s pick. I hope they just go out and get their guy, whomever he is.

    Harris, Carson, McKissic, Prosise (+FB/TE Jaylen Samuels) sounds like a really well-rounded group to me. I am curious though to see if Rawls will show any better in year 2 back from his injury. Hopefully he sticks around and gets another shot in camp.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I’m still rooting for RAwls, he deserves another shot next year. Lets not forget Davis, a running back in the hand and all.

    • JimQ

      2017 National Leaders, Rushing, through 12/02/17: Post season games not included.

      Listing of RB’s that MAY interest the Seahawks (I think I’ve listed most, if not all, of the RB prospects that may best fit the Seahawks desired size preferences and those being most discussed as possible Seahawks picks. This exercise is to show all of their stats in one spot for comparison purposes. I think the below stats make a good case for Penny (whom I feel is underrated & the likely alternates like Johnson, Guice, Chubb, Michael and Harris. We all know that Stats are NOT everything, but we can still just compare away… least
      one of these guys will most likely become a Seahawk in April.

      1.) Rashaad Penny, SDCU, 275/2027/19-TD’s, 7.37-yds/avg. 22.92/att-game,168.92/yds.-game
      (It should be noted that Penny has significance as a kick returner, Career Punt returns: 2 for 70-yds & 1-TD and KO returns: 78 for 2354-yds, **30.18/avg. & 7-TD’s**)
      –#1 on this list in: Total attempts, (275), total yards, (2027), TD’s, (19), & yards per game,(168.92)
      –#2 in: YPC, (7.37), behind only Harris.
      –*NOTE* The #1 in: yds./game, (2027), is 541-yds more than next highest total (by R. Jones)
      10.) Ronald Jones, USC. 242/1486/18-TD’s, 6.14-ypc/avg., 20.17/att.-game, 123.83/yds.-game
      14.) Kerryon Johnson, Auburn, 263/1320/17-TD’s, 5.02-ypc/avg., 23.91/att.-game, 120.0/yds.-game
      11.) Royce Freeman, Oregon, 244/1475/16-TD’s, 6.05-ypc/avg., 20.33/att.-game, 122.92/yds.-game
      27.) Darrius Guice, LSU, 216/1153/11-TD’s, 5.34-ypc/avg., 19.64/att.-game, 104.82/yds.-game
      30.) Javon Franklin, W. Mich., 235/1228/11-TD’s, 5.23-ypc/avg., 19.58/att.-game, 102.33/yds.-game
      34.) Saquon Barkley, Penn St, 199/1134/16-TD;s, 5.70-ypc/avg., 16.58/att.-game, 94.50/yds.-game
      38.) Nick Chubb, Georgia, 191/1175/13-TD’s, 6.15-ypc/avg., 14.69/att.-game, 90.38/yds.-game
      61.) Sony Michel, Georgia, 131/948/13-TD’s, 7.24-ypc/avg., 10.92/, 79.00/yds.-game
      69.) Damien Harris, Alabama, 110/906/11-TD’s, 8.24-ypc/avg., 9.17/att.-game, 75.50/yds.-game
      999) Coleman, Washington, a late round/UDFA RB/FB? with good size and some grit that most herein like.
      Did I leave any RB’s out on this list? — Who WILL the Seahawks draft from this list? -or- Who SHOULD the Seahawks draft from this list?

      • Sea Mode

        Nice list. There are a few more late-round/UDFA guys, but I think you got the main ones.

        Plus, as Rob has been pointing out, if we are drafting RB, it should be for a lead back who can carry the load and require constant attention from defenses. You can get role players and complimentary backs later on (and we already have plenty on the roster), but the elite athleticism on offense is usually gone in the first 3 rounds. And given that at the moment we only have 1 pick in the the first 3 rounds, it just seems like an obvious way to go. (of course, wheeling and dealing is bound to happen under JS, but still, it’s got to be early)

        As far as production goes, I think we should pay more attention to the YPC average than the total yards. Yes, Penny’s numbers are certainly impressive, but he’s also had twice as many att./game than the backs in a timeshare (Harris, Chubb, Michel), so it’s hard to compare.

        If you are into stats, maybe you will find this guy’s work interesting as well on market share:

        As you say, numbers don’t tell the whole story, but when he can show that 95% of all-pro/pro-bowl players have hit a certain mark, it is not totally to be ignored IMO.

        • JimQ

          With yards per carry as the main criteria for RB selection, the potential picks would then start with:
          (1) Harris, 8.24, (2) Penney, 7.27, (3) Mitchel 7.24, (4) Chubb 6.15, (5) Jones 6.14, (6) Freeman 6.05.
          Going through that list, I have to think Harris, Chubb & Freeman are all round 1-3 bound, the rest in later rounds. IF, the Seahawks trade down as expected, they could very well miss out on Harris, so they would then probably have to chose between a DE/LEO and Chubb or Freeman, IF they go DE/LEO
          with their 1-st pick, Chubb & Freeman will likely be gone by their 2-nd pick, leaving the RB selection for the later rounds….. then Penny for one, looks pretty darn good to me. One additional thought: The special teams kick return abilities of Penny could allow Lockett to concentrate on being a WR and minimize injury concerns with him and to me, that is a big plus ’cause I’m a big Lockett fan.

          • Greg Haugsven

            At this point a trade back for me ending up with an early second and late third would work. Take an Edge/ Leo (maybe a guy like Dorance Armstrong) then Rashad Penny with the 3rd pick would work for me.

  25. Sea Mode

    Was starting to compile the list of TEs to look at. Obviously, Penn St. TE Mike Gesicki almost literally jumps off the screen at first sight (6’6″ with a 38.5″ vert…), and he has the hands to go with it, having only dropped 2 of 67 targets in 2016, for example.

    Broad jumped 10’11”. He also power cleans 380 pounds, second most on the team, and bench presses 410. Also posted a 4.54 40-yard dash and a 4.07 pro shuttle.

    Of course, the knock is his blocking. Sounds oddly similar to a certain TE currently on our roster who thrives when accepted for what he is and not forcing him to be what he is not… Anyway, wondering what you guys think of him.

    Here’s an article if anyone wants to read, or alternately just scroll down to the embedded tweet and watch him 360 dunk… 🙂

    • Kenny Sloth

      If you believe you can unlock his potential, take him high as you like.

      Him Mark Andrews and Troy Fumagali are an easy 1, 2, 3.

      I did TEs a few weeks ago, but didnt have a ton of tape to view. Especially with DBD putting up the oaywall and all.

      They totally should, thats a crazy service they have and a lot of work.

      Vol only uses DVR and YouTube -_- i needa get on that level.

  26. CestrianHawk

    I see there are reports that Seattle is already 200K over salary cap limit and that this is likely to increase to about 1Million by season end. If true I guess we can expect some contract extension / bonus conversion moves this month. Thoughts anyone?

    • Greg Haugsven

      Not good, I saw it to. Not going to be much space next year either . Will have to get creative e, might have to cut a few guys.

      • CestrianHawk

        I thought any moves might give an insight who they plan to keep, and therefore which positions they’d target in the Draft.

  27. Nathan

    Does that mean Paxton Lynch is officially a bust?

    • Rob Staton

      Impossible to judge. But not sure Denver can afford to wait for him any more.

      • Kenny Sloth

        His tear fest when he was drafted was really hard to watch.

        Lots of players are emotional, but that was just kind of cringey.

        And losing an open battle to Trevor Siemien?!? Inexcusable.

        Too bad, cuz he probably had the nicest arm in that draft. Certainly seemed like it predraft

  28. AlaskaHawk

    I just watched highlights on Harris. He lets the blocks set up and uses them, has a certain slippery ness to his running, powerful enough that he won’t go down from a hit – they have to tackle him. I really like him.

    I’m thinking it is time for the Seahawks to pick a game changer first off. He would be a great offensive weapon to add, and a good durable all around running back. We get a couple more running backs to heal up and the Seahawks could have an awesome running game next year.

    • Sea Mode

      Yup, that’s exactly what you’d be going after with him. And I just look at the way he gets fired up in the highlights video Rob posted above, and imagine him firing up the whole team with his tough running, setting that physical tone to the game like Marshawn used to.

      I do have one other question though in our RB search: is there any way to tell which backs might adapt better from running in power scheme in college to ZBS in pros? We talk about how even Marshawn needed time to transition, so I was wondering if there might be certain keys to look for. Vision and burst? Patience?

      Basically, is there any way to make an educated guess as to how well Harris might adapt to our system vs. say a more patient back like Kerryon Johnson or Penny? Or do you just take the more talented back and trust in your coaching staff to teach it, even if it means a longer transition time?

      • AlaskaHawk

        I think any decent running back will hit the hole or cutback for a gain. It is the blocking that has screwed our running plays for the last few years. Hopefully the team will continue to improve and maybe by the end of the year the Seahawks will have strong blocking and a decent running game.

  29. Kenny Sloth

    Woof. Sounders look lik A**

    • Greg Haugsven

      That was pure ass burger. Plus Jozy was offside

  30. icb12

    I like Harris.

    But the cynical part of me wants to know why he hasn’t played a bigger role in bamas offense

    He’s clearly a stud, the stats, the athletic profile. He’s clearly better than Scarborough, he’s clearly better than the freshmen… So what gives? Why the limited touches?

    Saban has never been shy about running guys until the wheels come off before. What changed?

    Can Harris be a bell cow? Can he handle that kind of load? Is it just game planning?
    Its weird. Usually rbs that talented can expect a boatload of touches from Saban.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Good points icb. I could only guess he had two good ones and wanted them both to play. Kind of like Chubb and Michel

      • C-Dog


        I think its possible that Saban has seen three explosive backs and that his path to another championship is a deep rotation of runners mixed with Jalen.

  31. Kenny Sloth

    Rob probably prefers Vancouver Whitecaps anyway

  32. Greg Haugsven

    What do you guys think of Dorance Armstrong. I believe once the Seahawks trade back into the early second that he could very well be a target as I just feel that they will select a DE whether it’s high priority or not. The last 3 drafts they have selected lineman with there first and second picks so we are starting to see a trend. Can’t wait to see his combine numbers as they have speed they covet.

  33. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield wins 2017 Heisman Trophy.

    The draft knocks on him are …. overall size, hand size and immaturity.
    The only knock I think warrants a close look would be maturity.
    Would he be a Ryan Leaf 2.0 ? I’m not seeing anything really crazy that would warrant him sliding into day #2. He has everything you want from a QB, except a few “measurements”.

    I think the biggest concern would be that he would need to land on a team willing to spend the time to craft a offense around him. Think of how Seattle started year #1 with RW… and slowly got him more and more involved (some might say too involved in 2017). I keep thinking the Jaguars would be the perfect fit for him….. exceptional defense, powerful rushing attack…. just need a play making QB.

    • Sea Mode

      Don’t think they will be high up enough in the draft to even sniff him though. As others suggested earlier, Lamar Jackson would be an exciting pick for them I think. They get a legit QB and then their WRs back healthy again next year, watch out.

      Robinson #1, Hurns #2, Westbrook #3, that’s a young, well above average group right there. Add Jackson’s mobile threat to Fournette and that’s pretty scary.

      R1P25- QB Lamar Jackson, Louisville
      R2P57- TE Mike Gesicki, Penn St. (Mercedes Lewis is 33)

  34. swisshawk

    Some (discussion stimulating) thougths regarding our depth at LG,WR,SS and why the Hawks migth not draft early at this positions in 2018:
    -LG; I remember JS saying after drafting Odhi he was a top 40 player without his injury. This would put him even before Britt in draft range, and all of us know what happend to a really disapointing OL after being placed at a position most fit for them in year 3. Additionally, Odhi already showed some real promise in the preseason at LG (in my eyes), he was just forced out of his position too fast after Fants injury.
    -WR; For me, the replacement of Paul comes down to 3 factors that need to be covered. Win 50/50 balls (Jimmy), speed (Lockett) and posession receiver (Darboh). My point is, that all aspects of his game are already covered by WR/TE on the roster, and that an additional receiver will probably get only something like 10 catches next year anyway (see Darboh this year). Also to consider; a possible replacement would probably be a bigger WR to win jump balls and offer size, but remember that they cut the 6’3 jump ball specialist they had in preseason (and could be had for nothing, if they really would want that skillset to be added to the roster)
    -SS; I get it, that the possible replacement of Kam is important. But do you remember that the hawks drafted a good coverage guy with really solid tackling and obvious speed (watch the special teams coverage in the last weeks and look out for the first/second guy in the frame, its probably 42) between the awesome duo of Shaq and Naz? He migth also be a pretty good player when he finally gets a chance to start.

    • Trevor

      All good points! I think Darboh was definitely picked as a hedge for PRich much like Vannett was picked as hedge for Luke Willson. I would like to see the Hawks take a big 6-5 receiver like Tate from FSU with one of thier 5th and round picks as a developmental guy.

      The only point I would disagree with is Rees potential to be a domiant LG. That could happen but nothing on his play to date makes it a lock. In fact I would say it is far more likely that he is not the answer at that position.

      • swisshawk

        It seems to be a draft with some depth at big WR, so I wouldn’t mind to take one either, just not too early. Your 5th round pick seems alrigth, maybe even a 4 should we somehow move Lane for such a pick (fingers crossed).
        I agree that banking on Odhi being the solution at LG would be foolish, but my point is, that he should at least get the oppertunity to show what he has to offer (same as Britt a year ago) and to not just throw another 1/2 round pick into the mix (except Nelson is somehow available). Surely some competition is needed, but I think maybe a 4 on somebody like Wyatt Teller or Frank Ragnow should get that done.

        • Sea Mode

          While it seems to be another class with very few OT prospects, a lot of these guys will make good OG in the NFL, and I think there will be many interesting options available.

          I am with you for giving Odhi a legit shot at the LG job if we don’t re-sign Joeckel. He will also be playing next to Brown now instead of another inexperienced guy in Fant. But they will for sure still grab another guy with one of those R5 picks at least.

  35. Trevor

    I see Rosen mocked #1 overall by most draft experts and I just don’t get it. You would think by now NFL GMs and scouts would have learned that leadership and love of the game are the single most important quality for a franchise QB. (Brady, Wilson, Wentz, Watson). They are all known as the hardest workers and thier love of the game.

    In Rosen I see Jay Cutler. Incredible arm talent but questionable leadership and intangibles.

    Has there ever been a QB go #1 overall who’s CFB coach got fired the same year?

    • swisshawk

      I find it weird too, but the alternatives for a QB at #1 are somewhat limited this year. Maybe they will correct their mistake and place Mayfield (with his leadership/maturity) at the #1 in the following weeks 😉

      • C-Dog

        I think Mayfield might go A LOT higher than folks are projects. According to I think Schefty three QB needy teams presently have him as their favorite.

        • swisshawk

          I’m totally aware of that. I could imagine that Mayfield lands in the top 5, but my sarcastic response was meant to show that even one of the best pure football players at the QB position this year seem to have some attitude/maturity/leadership defencies

    • Kenny Sloth

      Seems far more Rodgers than Cutler.

      He’s probably a giant back of d***s much like Tom Brady.

      But thats not really scouting.

      • Trevor

        I see great arm talent but nothing even remotely like Rodgers mobility.

        His talent is unquestionable but he does not seem to lead or elevate the players around him.

        His HC got fired and UCLA got worse since he arrived. His fault no! But does that sound like a franchise QB in the NfL.

        Darnold on the other hand immediately turned a program that was in trouble when they named him a starter last year.

        • Volume12

          Wait. Your questioning Rosen’s leadership and not Mayfield’s? Dude is the biggest tool in CFB.

          Mayfield ain’t RW. Not that your making those comps, but I see them and cringe.

          • OKHawksfan

            Sorry, you can’t question Mayfield’s leadership. I live in OK and see him frequently…his teammates would take a bullet for him. You may not like that manufactured controversy against Kansas, but the kid is a baller and his teammates love him.

            • Volume12

              He can lead boys, let’s see how grown men respond to him. I think he has a ton of talent and love the fact he plays with that killer instinct, but I’ll take Rosen over him as my QB1. Never seen a group of receivers like UCLA drop so many dimes in my life. And Rosen’s leadership will be tested as well.

              None of his on field antics bother me. If Cam Newton’s don’t his surely ain’t gonna.

  36. drewdawg11

    I’m still torn about which back to favor. One thing I think I’ve decided on, however, is Will Hernandez being a part f the run game overhaul, or even Price but he may go too early. Get your trade down, guard, back, and even a big TE, (Will Disley), and the run game looks miles ahead of this season.

    • Sea Mode

      I was surprised to see Rob mock Price in R1. Not very common for a Center, or even a Guard since he could play that too. Gotta go watch him now.

    • Trevor

      +1 would love to see a nasty run blocking LG like Hernandez after a trade back.

      • Trevor

        The OL could actually be a strength next year if they fix the LG spot and Pocic develops more functional strength in the run game.

        • drewdawg11

          I’ve seen Price play more than a couple of times and I’ve always been a fan. I think Newton has a high upside and his run blocking is awesome, but his pass to has been good, not special. I think he can eventually get to special. Hernandez is just a hulk. He isn’t super tall, so he can anchor like he’s planted into the turf. He sits down on a bull rush like very few in college football. He’s athletic enough to be an all-around guard. He’s got a nasty attitude to boot. We can’t keep shuffling athletes who can’t actukly play guard. We can’t overpay former draft busts, either. Solidify the interior and allow Russell to hand off to Carson and maybe a Harris/Penny/Ronald Jones III and watch the difference in the offense.

          • Greg Haugsven

            I’ve been doing a lot of mocks with us trading back to early second and grabbing the mauled William Hernandez then grabbing a solid back like Penny with your 3rd round pick you get from the trade. For sure would help you becoming the bully.

            • Trevor

              Would love it!

  37. swisshawk

    I just can’t await all the excuses being made by national “experts” after the Hawks have beaten the number one offense and defense in consecutive weeks!!! This run should be soooo fantastic, enjoy it 🙂

    • Trevor

      I hope so but this will be a tough one 17-13 Hawks!

  38. Lenny J


    No talk on Guice from LSU? You prefer Harris over Guice?

    • drewdawg11

      Guice didn’t have the great season people were expecting. He had his best outputs against lower level teams, at least from what I remember watching. He’s not going round one.

      • Sea Mode

        I think he might still go in R1 TBH. 0-100 in no time, that speed with his build will make him a high pick. Combine should be his show.

      • Volume12

        2nd best back in this class.

  39. Sea Mode

    Holy cow, you guys seeing the blizzard in Buffalo!?

    • Volume12

      Awesome game. The fans are suckers for attending this. Can’t see anything.

      Indy punting on 4th & 3 from Buffalo’s 31 yard line is extremely my sh**.

      • Hawk Eye

        i live 20 miles away. No snow here. Trump does not know we built an invisible wall to keep all the snow in Buffalo, and we are turning Niagara Falls into Florida North, will be planting palm trees soon….

  40. OKHawksfan

    While I think RB will be an area of priority, I also think they may have to look at TE as, with the cap situation, Graham coming back is not a guarantee and Willson is also a FA. Mark Andrews out of Oklahoma would be fantastic. Compared to Jason Witten. Also, he plays for a QB (Mayfield) that has some similarities to Russel…making plays on the run…that requires him to be able to adjust. Just watching him this year makes me think he would be the perfect fit.

  41. Volume12

    Look at that. QB DeShone Kizer is actually looking like the guy I saw this pre-season with a legit weapon on the outside in WR Josh Gordon. Kind of like Jared Goff and Carson Wentz when their teams added help for them this year.

    Amazing what a little patience and a lot of help does for young QBs.

    • Volume12

      Josh Gordon missed how much time and is still elite. LMAO.

  42. Volume12

    Just had some dude try and tell me that Barry Sanders was a ‘glorified 3rd down back.’ Worst take ever.

    • Ground_Hawk


      • Ground_Hawk

        Meant “SMH”, my bad. I was flabbergasted LOL.

  43. Greg Haugsven

    If they were going to go guard with there first pick I could also see them going Braden Smith. They love players who.could play multiple position. He moved to tackle this year but mostly played guard. Could play guard and back up Ifedi.

    • Greg Haugsven

      That dude is a beast and built like a tank.

  44. Ground_Hawk

    Adding an RB like Harris would be great, and then finding a DE/LEO would be nice too. TCU’s DE Mat Boesen isn’t receiving much attention, thus far, so he might be available in rounds 3-4. His 11.5 sacks this year were inflated by his 5.5 sack performance against Baylor, but he is still coming from Gary Patterson’s speedy 4-2-5 system, so his coaching shouldn’t be an issue. He is another one to keep an eye on, come the combine.

  45. Del tre

    Man, Vannett is great but it seems like he’s nervous! You can tell he can make those catches then he just concentration drops it. Now watching the replay it looks like a sliver of sun hit him just as he was going to catch it. You can kind of see him wince.

  46. Hawk Eye

    for those worried about Malik’s maturity, he was arrested in Atlanta at a club

    • Volume12

      Like every one of Seattle’s 1st overall selections, probably excluding Okung, he was a roll of the dice. These are the types of guys they target early and often. *every year*

    • Trevor

      Hated the pick draft day and it just keeps getting worse.

      Sounds like a good way to recover from a head injury.

  47. vrtkolman

    Officially tired of Ifedi. Taunting an official after you hold? Idiot.

  48. Volume12

    Here’s the Ifedi ‘one step forward-2 steps back’ routine.

  49. Volume12

    Great catch. Can’t play that any better Shaq.

  50. Volume12

    Ifedi gets thrown to the ground, but because of his mouth he don’t get the call.

  51. vrtkolman

    Were back to shooting ourselves in the foot over and over and over.

  52. Hawk Eye

    they are not showing the game where I am.
    Sounds like I am not missing a lot.

    • Volume12

      U try the live feed on YouTube or Daily Motion?

  53. Sea Mode

    Dang that play action bootleg screen back to the other side was such a nice design. Shame it got wiped out.

  54. Sea Mode

    Crap, we had better win this game or we will never hear the end of it from Ramsey now.

    • Volume12

      I loved him so much coming out. Thought he was the best player in the draft that year, but had no idea he’d be playing at such an elite level so soon.

  55. vrtkolman

    I don’t like that play. The short game is working, don’t test Ramsey deep. Love Baldwin but he’s not beating Ramsey on a deep ball.

  56. Sea Mode

    Yeah, lets get Davis going!

  57. Volume12

    I wanna be like Mike (Davis)!

    • Sea Mode


      • Volume12

        Did we seriously just post literally the same comment at the exact same time? We on the same wavelength here?

    • Volume12

      Sucks not having another back to pair with Davis though.

  58. vrtkolman

    Thank you Dante Fowler!

  59. Sea Mode


  60. Volume12

    Hahahahahaha!!! 😂😂😂

  61. Ukhawk


  62. Forrest

    Walsh… -_-

  63. Volume12

    Is Ifedi TOO emotional?

    • vrtkolman

      He needs to learn how to use it to his advantage. Breno did.

  64. Smitty1547

    Malik McDowell arrested for disorderly conduct, still as mature as a rock

    • Trevor

      Really focused on his recovery!

  65. Trevor

    We cannot win an SB with a kicker you cant trust.

    Auburn kicker Daniel Carlson with one of the 5th round picks.

  66. Ishmael

    The Blair Walsh Experience is going to cost the Hawks in a bigly way sooner rather than later

    • Trevor

      Already has!

    • Rowdy

      Who has not already?

  67. Trevor

    Jimmy and the TE group needs to be huge this half. Short pass game struggling as the jags secondary is fast and can tackle.

  68. Del tre

    Really do not think the Hawks need to go running back in round one, receiver might be a better option, finding a true #1 taking the pressure off Doug and having good depth with Darboh and Lockett. Russell can take us as far as we let him, give him a true #1 panic read go up and get it will probably help us. Doug’s stats would explode too. I just don’t think running back was the problem. We gotta come out firing in the first half, put up a TD get Bortles behind in a game and he gets panicked. Need to get some heat on him too

    • Volume12

      OTTO (not a SAM)

      Those are the big needs that I see. And a CB on day 3 somewhere.

      • Del tre

        You see any options at wideout with our first pick? Is it a decent class for wr?

  69. Del tre

    Need to let Graham walk, he’s gives no effort on interceptions. Probably just lost us the game because it does not look like we can get separation.

    • Volume12

      Jacksonville has the best starting CB tandem in the league.

      • Del tre

        Neat. He is 6’6 and didn’t even get a hand in there, no awareness. Both Int’s have been low effort plays by our receivers. One is more forgivable but for Graham? You can get Martellus Bennett (and should have) for cheaper. He’s been dropping balls all year and his blocking though improved is still bad. If he comes back it better be for real cheap.

        • Volume12

          2 bad throws.

          • Del tre

            Well, not gonna lie i think his throw to Doug was good, Doug lost his footing and went for the penalty, which might have gone the other way. The pass to Jimmy was noy good, but Graham has crazy long arms he’s gotta get his arm in there and knock it out

      • Del tre

        Also i may have completely misread your comment, I’m not criticizing Doug hes good and our receivers are good, my problem is jimmy thats all

        • Volume12

          All good. No worries.

  70. Volume12

    Fournette just threw Reed to the ground! 🔥

  71. Rowdy

    This team left their heart at home

  72. Rowdy

    Straight trash!

  73. Volume12

    Maxwell looks like the dude that got cut by 3 different teams.

  74. vrtkolman

    Wilson looked like he dinged his ankle after that odd slide earlier in the game, and he definitely looks like he’s playing hurt now.

    • Volume12

      Haven’t seen him step into one throw yet.

      • Volume12

        Another bad throw.

        • vrtkolman

          Dropped a dime on that TD! Get that momentum back.

  75. Andrew C Taylor

    agree not sure what the heck Maxwell wasdoing. Man I hate the after the play penalties. No excuse for Graham on out of bound hit

  76. Forrest

    Not over yet, but it has to turn around NOW.

  77. Ishmael

    Ugh Richardson was miles open. On the board though, and that deep shot to Baldwin was awesome. Jags pass defence is incredible.

  78. Volume12


  79. Volume12

    Plants his backfoot, steps into it, and whadda ya know? TD throw on the $!

  80. Forrest


  81. Ishmael

    Ha sports are wild

  82. Forrest


  83. Volume12

    LOL. Bottles out here throwing strikes. Dare I say he’s outplaying Russ?

    • Volume12

      * Bortles. Bottles works too though.

      • Volume12

        Bortles throwing from the cleanest of pockets. Must be nice. Couldn’t be us.

    • Rowdy

      Name one qb today that hasnt outplayed wilson today

      • Volume12


  84. Ishmael

    Earl did not do well there. Brutal play to give up, no one picked him up at all.

  85. Volume12

    Haha! Mickens set that up so beautifully. Let my man run himself out of the play and takes it off the bounce.

    • Sea Mode

      Hey, when the game bounces your way, you take advantage.

  86. Forrest


  87. Rowdy

    Not sure i ever seen this team quit so hard before they look completely pathetic on all sides

  88. Trevor

    The Jags look young and fast. The comp to the 2013 Hawks is legit.

    • vrtkolman

      Totally agree.

  89. Ishmael

    Well, the Hawks are getting straight outplayed. No real way around it.

  90. Peanut

    So this is what it felt like to be any team that played Seattle in 2013.

  91. Sea Mode

    Goodness, no please no.

    • Rowdy

      Dont think it matters,

  92. Trevor

    That Jax CB group is the best in the NFL IMO.

    • Volume12

      I share that same opinion. I wanted Yannick Ngakoue so bad. 😥

      • Trevor

        I remember 🙂

  93. Volume12

    Gotta agree with the announces here. The Jags are starting to resemble that Seahawk identity more than the Seahawks are at this point.

  94. Ishmael

    At least the Jags scored fast. Still plenty of time, but can’t make too many more mistakes. Letting these guys get a lead is brutal.

  95. Sea Mode

    Shoot, Rams winning

  96. Trevor

    Our DL has gotten no pressure today!

    • Volume12

      Its kinda crazy to think about, but Naz Jones might be just as disruptive if not more than Richardson has.

  97. Volume12

    Had Lockett wide open, but Russ just locks onto his hot read.

  98. Sea Mode

    It moved on the ground

  99. vrtkolman

    Jacksonville just looks like a better team here. Imagine if we had AJ Bouye across from Sherman in 2013.

  100. Forrest

    Well, let’s hope the Eagles make a come back. This is just a terrible matchup.

  101. Trevor

    Russ is having a tough one today!

  102. Volume12

    BWagz and KJ out? This team is spent ya’ll.

    • Rowdy

      Been thinking all game best case for us just to lose out get a better draft pick and blow up coaching staff and defense

      • Volume12

        IDK that you blow the defense up per se, I mean they have held the 2 teams in the NFL (Rams & Eagles) that average 30 PPG to only 10 points.

        • Rowdy

          I’d say 40% of the d needs to be revamped, I’d call that a blow up. I’d could also pick out twice as many that the d completely blew it.

          • Volume12

            I mean it’s semantics, but revamped is not only a much better word but idea as well. They need to reload without a doubt.

            • Volume12

              Maybe they go after a guy like DE DeMarcus Lawrence this off-season?

              • Rowdy

                Where will the money come from though? I know a lot comes off this year but a lot will have to be spent to replace/resign.

                • Volume12

                  Good question. I didn’t necessarily mean Lawrence, just a guy like that.

                  I’m not convinced Richardson is worth keeping. I’d like to keep him, but he’s not a necessity. Certainly hasn’t played like it. Seems to be better suited for a 5-tech role in a 3-4.

          • Volume12

            And your kinda right actually. They do have to clean house. Its why they can’t cut K Blair Walsh. They only got $200,000.

  103. vrtkolman

    Bobby has a hamstring, which probably means he’s out for the Rams game? Stick a fork in this defense.

  104. Volume12

    Does Jacksonville do Seahawk football better than the actual Seahawks do?

    • Peanut

      Personally believe that A Seattle with no injuries and on form as Jags are now, Seattle would win.

      • Volume12

        Your probably right.

        I just think with no running game that when Seattle’s D get punched in the mouth, they can’t punch back and start to wither.

        • Peanut

          Yeah you´re right. It for sure seems like we can turn our attention to how to get back on our feet for real now, especially if Wagner and Wright are out for abit

        • Del tre

          We had a running game, we just didn’t execute in the passing game on a lot of our early opportunities.

      • Volume12

        And what Jacksonville is doing with their RBs is what PC has been wanting to do. Just keep throwing these tough, physical runners at ya until you tap out.

    • Nathan

      Jacksonville really could do some damage in January with their game.

      If I’m a pats fan I don’t want that matchup.

      Number 1 rushing attack against the pats giving 5.1 ypc on the ground, and that defense against the pats aerial game.

  105. Sea Mode

    I don’t think we’ve even touched Bortles the whole game except a cheap shove after the play was over back in the first half.

  106. Sea Mode

    Yeah, did you hear what the commentators were saying earlier on, that Telvin Smith is the first JAX defensive starter to miss any time this year. Luck really does dictate your season, like it or not.

    • Trevor

      Youth too. Old players are hurt more.

  107. Trevor

    This reminds me of the GB game last year when Russ was just off.

    No defense in the league can loose 5 pro bowlers and be good. Next man up only goes so far. Wags is the glue of this D.

  108. Volume12

    If Walsh hits that FG and Jacksonville doesn’t run that punt back to the 1 the game is tied. Which is crazy to even think about considering how lifeless this team has been today.

    • Peanut

      You for sure forget how important the kicking is when its not working.

  109. Ishmael

    No mas.

    And as I type that Richardson gets free for a long TD. I don’t know man. Still won’t win, but at least the boys aren’t quitting.

  110. Trevor

    Well Russ never quits we know that.

  111. Sea Mode

    And Wentz out with a knee injury. Rams up 35-31 and the ball with 14 min left to play.

    • Volume12

      I saw someone say today, ‘so we’re not getting the 2 seed then huh?’ Mother***er we weren’t getting that 2 seed since the ‘Skins loss.

      • Volume12

        This team ain’t equipped to even win in the playoffs.

        • vrtkolman

          No chance on the road at least, which looks likely if the Rams hold on.

  112. Volume12

    Russ has the record! That’s dope man.

  113. Peanut

    Personally think Linebacker is rising as a need for the draft.

  114. Greg Haugsven

    Maxwell is brutal

  115. Volume12

    This is the Maxwell I feared we were getting. The has been.

    • Sea Mode

      Nah, that coverage was fine, a good play by Dede. Blame’s all on DL for no pressure whatsoever this game. Probably just had to dedicate too much focus on stopping the run. Oh well.

      • Volume12

        Yeah, it was a pretty flawless pitch and catch.

  116. Greg Haugsven

    Looks like we are going to be back to the outsidelooking in again.

  117. Volume12

    Seattle’s coverage units are so damn bad. Lockett has daylight for days and a dude just slips a block and blows him up.

  118. Sea Mode

    Crazy!!! How are they letting anyone over the top?

    • Volume12

      Lockett is open like that once or twice a game. I never figure out how Russ misses him so much.

  119. Greg Haugsven

    Hy Shit, need the defence to step up

    • Volume12

      Oh my god! What was Jacksolnville’s returner doing there?

  120. Forrest

    This is gonna be like the Titans game, isn’t it?

    • Volume12

      Come down to everyone’s favorite K? Aka Blair ‘Money’ Walsh? 😉

  121. Trevor

    I don’t think the Hawks D can stop the Jags run game without KJ and Wags but if they can get Russ the ball back this would be the craziest comeback ever!

  122. Sea Mode

    Eat that!

  123. Rowdy

    That better be a penalty on that tackle

  124. Volume12

    That Branden Jackson Seattle has is like the perfect 9th D-lineman or so to have in a rotation/depth chart.

  125. Peanut

    Watch RW get picked off by Ramsey.

  126. Volume12

    That thing Baldwin does drives me nuts man! Just get to the sticks!

    • Volume12

      Now its 4th instead of 2nd because Baldwin wants to get cute or something.

      • vrtkolman

        Yep, that was awful.

    • Ishmael

      Why didn’t he dive there?? Brutal effort.

      • Volume12

        He’s gotta show us he’s got moves and can shake. Looking good is better than moving the chains.

        • Ishmael

          Didn’t want to get hit? Didn’t want to fumble? Idk man, just cut inside and fall forward. Running the clock a bit was fine there.

    • Volume12

      Stupid. Didn’t get a 1st down on this right here!?

      • Sea Mode


  127. Sea Mode

    PRich got tripped. Grrrrr.

  128. Peanut

    So thats how that feels like.

  129. Trevor

    How was that not a penalty wow that is blantant and ridiculous.

  130. Sea Mode

    Why didn’t Pete take the timeout? Too busy yelling at the ref…

    • Volume12

      Too busy proving to everyone that he has the ‘grapefruits’ to keep taking deep shots.

      My man puts his nuts on the chopping block more than any coach in the league.

  131. Volume12

    That’s a wrap. Put it in the papers!

  132. Trevor

    Hawks did not deserve this one.

    • Ishmael

      That’s the long and short of it.

      Embarrassing stuff after the victory formation as well.

      • Trevor

        That behavior is hard to watch as a fan.

  133. vrtkolman

    The team once again embarrasses themselves after losing. This team needs a shake up in the worst way .

    • Volume12

      They got beat at their own game and were punched in the mouth. Don’t be upset that ya’ll didn’t punch back and want to do it now.

      • vrtkolman

        Carroll should be embarrassed for whatever this product he’s putting out on the field.

        • Volume12

          It’s 2009 USC all over again.

    • SeaHusky

      You would think Bennett would be better off taking the energy he suddenly gains at the end of games fighting and diverting it to the actual game where he could maybe make an impact every now and then. Pass rush is nonexistent

  134. Volume12

    Pete’s mad at a no call, but not Baldwin for bouncing around and not getting the most important 1st down in the game with 2 defenders 5 yards away from him?

    • Volume12

      Seattle has commuted more penalties this year than any team I can remember. You ain’t getting those calls. Your reputation precedes ya.

    • Trevor

      Agree Vol Baldwin needs to get to the sticks there. Stay in bounds you have tons of time just move the chains. Ended up costing the Drive / Game.

    • Peanut

      I´m 100% sure that someone will lay into Baldwin cause of that play. Sherman will be at his house when he lands, cause if there is one thing that is certain about this team, it is that if you mess up, you will hear about it.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Just had to dive at the guys knees and you could get those 2 yards.

  135. Volume12

    If the Rams lose here, next week is for all the marbles. Isn’t that what the cool kids are saying now? 😉

    • Trevor

      I don’t think it matters this is not a SB quality team and it kills me to say that as a Hawks fan.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I think that what us old timers use to say. (45)

  136. Trevor

    This team has no chance without Wags and KJ.

    I know Graham is a TD machine but wow his attitude and effort make him a tough guy to like.

    • Andrew C Taylor

      Graham seems like he acts like a baby when he is not getting receptions… he sure displays his frustrations or an attitude that suggests he doesnt care.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I couldn’t agree more, plus he is soft. The TD streak is masking other things. Not sure on trying to resign him. Hopefully Bobby and KJ will be OK as next week is basically a playoff game for us.

        • John_s

          We’ve seen Jimmy disappear before against tough, hard hitting in your face defenses that don’t back down and will hit him in his mouth. Actually that’s what happened to him with the Saints when they played Seattle in the playoffs. “Hi I’m Jimmy”

    • cha

      That dumb penalty on Graham sure was a killer.

  137. Greg Haugsven

    Bright side is we are in the same boat as we started. Win out and we can be the 4 seed. Loss was also to an AFC team so doesn’t hurt conference record.

  138. Trevor

    Russ had an awful game but I love that he just keeps trying! Some guys say it but that guy believes and truly never gives up.

    As long as the Hawks have him they have a shot. Thing is when he had a bad game like today they cannot win.

  139. Forrest

    GG… -_-

    This team has too many defensive injuries and offensive inconsistencies to make much noise in the playoffs, but they could still win their last three games. Since the start of the year this game worried me, so I’m not surprised or upset at the loss. Wilson had a bad game, but also kept them in it. Defense looks fried. RB and defense in the draft. 11-5 is unlikely, but possible. 10-6 is most likely. Go Hawks!!!

  140. Smitty1547

    If I was Paul Allen the whole team would be walking home, it they are not in Seattle by next Sunday kickoff tough crap

  141. Forrest

    Yeah, Eagles won!!!

  142. Volume12

    They live or die by Russ. Tough to ask of a QB that literally has to just retreat from free rushers so he can find an open receiver.

    The Rams losing is big, but there’s just something about this game that stings. Probably has to do with the fact that we just watched a team use the same blueprint and formula Seattle used to and not only execute it against that exact same team, but beat them lilke they owed ’em money.

    This team is outta gas and running on fumes.

    • Forrest

      This team is out of gas and running on fumes, but there is also a nitrous tank that somehow replenishes every few minutes (AKA Russell Wilson).

    • Sea Mode

      Agreed, hopefully this reminds us of who we want to get back to being: the young, hungry bully.

      Now, please imagine them playing without Bouye (Sherman), Campbell (Avril), Fournette (Carson), Church (Kam), Myles Jack (Wagner) and tell me this game would have even been close.

      • Volume12

        Sure. Its a good point.

        I’m about ready to say that replacing Ifedi may be the key.

        • Sea Mode

          Hello, George Fant…

  143. Sea Mode

    Despite not deserving it, we really should have stolen that one 31-30. Their defense was playing scared out of their wits vs. 4th-quarter RW. Dougie gets that 1st down or we get the blatant tripping call, and I feel it would have happened.

    Not an excuse though in any way for the problems shown tonight.

  144. red

    I think we should have punted instead of going for the 4th and 9. Could have pinned them inside the 15 with 2 timeouts and two minute warning.

    • Sea Mode

      Nah, I think going for it was the right choice:

      1. Our offense was rolling and our defense was struggling. We got one crucial stop, but do you trust we would have gotten another one? We didn’t anyway.

      2. Field position wouldn’t really change if we did force a 3 and out and get the ball back. They would have punted and we would be right back where we were on 4th down.

      • 12th chuck

        our d cant stop anyone right now.its a shame.flat out a shame. we did get the first, but a lack of officiating…oh nevermind

  145. Greg Haugsven

    Early report is Wentz tore his ACL. Which is weird since both legs were off the ground when he got hit.

    • Volume12

      Damn. That sucks for Philly. Wentz is a god damn star and in a league that’s depraved of them, it ain’t good.

      • Greg Haugsven

        God has created a lot of great things in this world but the ACL wasn’t one of them. Time to go back to the drawing board on that one.

  146. Forrest

    Bennett should be ashamed, uncalled for. I don’t blame Jefferson for trying to rush the stands though; nothing irks me more than seeing fans of the winning team taunting players (in their own stadium no less). They all had smug looks on their faces too. -_-

    • Volume12

      Well we could say Jacksonville should act like they’ve been here before, but….

    • 12th chuck

      did you watch the whole play? o lineman sat on him twice.

  147. Ed

    Time for a reset next year. A lot of young talent, need draft capital and lose some big contracts. Resign S. Richardson and Brown. Hope Avril and Kam retire. Get rid of Lacy/Joeckel/Graham/Walsh/Ryan. Find a way to get rid of Bennett/Sherman. Trade back in the draft multiple times

    • Forrest

      Retain S. Richardson and Brown. Yes.
      Avril and Kam retire. Yes (with a heavy heart).
      Get rid of Lacy, Joeckel, and Walsh. Graham is (imo) too valuable without a clear replacement. See if Ryan will take a pay cut and retire in a year or two (groom a replacement?).
      Trade/get rid of Bennett and Sherman. With Sherman it depends on his post injury form. Bennett, yes. He doesn’t have the same impact, and dirty moves like today flush pretty much all respect down the toilet.
      Trade back. Depends who’s there. 9/10 times, yes, trade back.

    • Smitty1547

      I could not agree with you more Ed.

  148. Sea Mode

    It’s clear teams have identified Ifedi as one they can get hot. Those back to back hands to the face were not coincidental. It’s an attempt to get a retaliation from you, especially if you don’t get the call. Ifedi’s gotta know that he’s now got that reputation and it’s coming at him.

  149. Greg Haugsven

    You guys are potentially looking at this the wrong way. We win out and we are the 4 seed with some hope of the 3..The number 1 seed (now at least) might have lost there QB and the 2 seed QB is Case Keenum. We can still get to the Super Bowl.

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