First round mock draft… with trades

Will the Buccs trade up for Joey Bosa?

The trades

Los Angeles (#15) >>> Tennessee (#1)
This deal has already been concluded for a king’s ransom. The Rams moved up to secure their quarterback — and it looks increasingly like Jared Goff is their guy.

Tampa Bay (#9) >>> Jacksonville (#5)
The Buccs offer up their second round pick to grab an impact defensive lineman. It’s their biggest need — and with this move they can put Joey Bosa on the same line as Gerald McCoy. The Jags move down and select Sheldon Rankins — who they coached (and loved) at the Senior Bowl.

New York Jets (#20) >>> New York Giants (#10)
The Jets won’t have a deal in place with Ryan Fitzpatrick before the draft, per reports today. They might decide to address this long term need by making an aggressive trade for Paxton Lynch. The Giants can fall back and still grab a big offensive tackle (Taylor Decker).

Indianapolis (#18) >>> Oakland (#14)
The Colts see an opportunity to move ahead of Tennessee and Detroit to land the second best offensive tackle in the draft — Jack Conklin. The Raiders might be targeting William Jackson III and they can probably afford to drop down a few spots and get their guy. This could be a bargain deal for the Colts.

Kansas City (#28) >>> Seattle (#26)
The Chiefs see a rival in Green Bay and make a cheap trade (5th rounder) with the Seahawks to secure Jarran Reed. Let’s say it’s the 5th rounder Seattle previously traded for Kelcie McCray.

Tennessee (#33) >>> Cincinnati (#24)
The Bengals are said to be looking for a receiver and can drop down into the early second round and get a good one in this scenario. The Titans jump back into the first round ahead of Pittsburgh to get a cornerback (Kendall Fuller). He could be highly coveted now that he’s healthy.

Miami (#42) >>> Arizona (#29)
With Keanu Neal off the board the Cardinals decide to trade down. They don’t have a second round pick so collect Miami’s third rounder to drop down 13 spots here. The Dolphins need a running back and see an opportunity to get Derrick Henry. Arizona targets athletic safety’s at #42 (T.J. Green? Karl Joseph?).

Baltimore (#36) >>> Denver (#31)
The Broncos once traded out of the late first round by merely swapping 5th rounders. Here they make a similar token move down the board. The Ravens step up to guarantee a new left tackle for their O-line.

The mock draft

#1 LOS ANGELES — Jared Goff (QB, California)
#2 Cleveland — Carson Wentz (QB, North Dakota State)
#3 San Diego — Laremy Tunsil (T, Ole Miss)
#4 Dallas — Jaylen Ramsey (CB, Florida State)
#5 TAMPA BAY — Joey Bosa (DE, Ohio State)
#6 Baltimore — DeForest Buckner (DE, Oregon)
#7 San Fran — Myles Jack (LB, UCLA)
#8 Philadelphia — Ezekiel Elliott (RB, Ohio State)
#9 JACKSONVILLE — Sheldon Rankins (DT, Louisville)
#10 JETS — Paxton Lynch (QB, Memphis)
#11 Chicago — Leonard Floyd (LB, Georgia)
#12 New Orleans — Vernon Hargreaves (CB, Florida)
#13 Miami — Darron Lee (LB, Ohio State)
#14 INDIANAPOLIS — Jack Conklin (T, Michigan State)
#15 Tennessee — Ronnie Stanley (T, Notre Dame)
#16 Detroit — Reggie Ragland (LB, Alabama)
#17 Atlanta — Kevin Dodd (DE, Clemson)
#18 OAKLAND — William Jackson III (CB, Houston)
#19 Buffalo — Vernon Butler (DT, Louisiana Tech)
#20 GIANTS — Taylor Decker (T, Ohio State)
#21 Washington — Ryan Kelly (C, Alabama)
#22 Houston — Hunter Henry (TE, Arkansas)
#23 Minnesota — Josh Doctson (WR, TCU)
#24 TENNESSEE — Kendall Fuller (CB, Virginia Tech)
#25 Pittsburgh — Keanu Neal (S, Florida)
#26 KANSAS CITY — Jarran Reed (DT, Alabama)
#27 Green Bay — Andrew Billings (DT, Baylor)
#28 SEATTLE — Germain Ifedi (T, Texas A&M)
#29 MIAMI — Derrick Henry (RB, Alabama)
#30 Carolina — Shaq Lawson (DE, Clemson)
#31 BALTIMORE — Jason Spriggs (T, Indiana)

Only a small trade for the Seahawks?
With Sheldon Rankins and Vernon Butler off the board, the Seahawks can’t get too cute. They need to address one of their two key needs (OL, DL) with a player they like. Butler would’ve been a nice option — but instead it’s Ifedi over Spriggs here because of his size, upside, length and ability to play left guard or right tackle.

I considered having Seattle move down into round two but didn’t see a team needing to get ahead of Green Bay and Kansas City or a quarterback worthy of such a move.

As discussed yesterday, there’s still a chance they could move down from #56. Such is the depth on the D-line this year.

For example, Gil Brandt’s fairly well informed ‘top-100’ board has Hassan Ridgeway, Willie Henry and Kyler Fackrell lasting into range — plus a cluster of other defensive players they might be interested in if they swap from #56 into the early third round.

They might even consider moving up in round two. Brandt has Jonathan Bullard ranked at #47.


  1. Trevor

    I think that move for Jacksonville makes a lot of sense. When I saw the Jags coaches watching Rankins at the Senior Bowl it just seemed logical. The only thing that makes me hesitate is the signing of Jackson.

    If they don’t take Rankins do you think the Jags might consider Elliott with the injury concerns for Jack? Bradley saw the success in Seattle with a feature runner and that is the one thing the Jags offense is missing.

    • Rob Staton

      I think Elliott is unlikely — they drafted Yeldon in round two last year and just signed Chris Ivory to a big deal.

      • Trevor

        I forgot about Ivory. Yeah you are right you can rule that out. Would rankins be redundant with the signing of Malik Jackson? If not then I think you are spot on with Rankins to Jacksonville.

        • Rob Staton

          Rankins could be paired with Jackson in the way he was paired with Derek Wolfe.

  2. badjujus

    Im thinking we drop down and shock everyone taking Nkemdiche.

    trade out of the 2nd and grab Mcgovern early 3rd.

    • Volume12

      I almost think they stay put at 26. Look at those teams behind us. A division rival (‘Zona), another rival (Carolina), and 2 teams (GB & KC) that like the same players we do.

      Trading up into round 2 seems more likely.

      • Volume12

        *in, not into.

    • Rob Staton

      Wouldn’t surprise me if Nkemdiche wasn’t even on their draft board.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Yes the more I read about his history of issues, the less I like him. You know some players are not worth keeping on the team – no matter how talented – even if they were free.

        A QB is worth a lot right, even a good backup is worth 2 million a year? Would you take Manziel for free?

        • H M Abdou

          Good point.

        • RealRhino2

          Wouldn’t take Manziel for free. Why would you? He’s not very good and never was. I’m repeating myself here, but IMO a backup has to work at perfecting his craft even when there’s no immediate payoff, when he knows he’s not getting into the game. He has to be nose the grindstone without any glory, not a “don’t worry, I’ll show up when the lights are on” kind of guy. Does that sound like Manziel to you?

          • JamesP

            I think that’s exactly AlaskaHawk’s point. Those types of players are always a risk/reward proposition, but at a certain point they are so risky you wouldn’t proceed even at nil cost. No one wants Manziel for free. Nkemdiche might be the same. Not worth it regardless of cost.

      • Madmark

        He definitely not on my Board, decided that a long time back.

      • DAWGfan

        Not even on their board?? Nkemdiche is arguably the most talented player in the draft and has much less baggage than Clark or Irvin. Is he immature? Most definitely. He also has one of the highest football IQ’s of any defensive lineman in the draft. Hawks have the locker room to keep him in place and Pete is the ultimate motivator. IMHO he would be a steal at 26.

        • Rob Staton

          On the contrary, Nkemdiche has a LOT more baggage than Irvin and Clark. Google him and his brother Denzel.

          • DAWGfan

            Irvin was a drug dealing gang-banger and Clark was kicked off the team for domestic violence and had issues in HS. Nkemdiche only major red flag outside of the bowl game incident(which admittedly was idiotic)was the fight he may or may not have participated in according to the victim when visiting his brother in college.

            I am not saying he isn’t pretty immature, that tends to happen when someone has been enabled for much of their formative years. He has already stated that Denzel will not be following to the city that drafts him. I would hate for the Hawks to pass on a Warren Sapp type of talent for some fairly minor college kid type of actions.

            • Rob Staton

              No, Irvin was a drug dealing gang-banger who used football to turn his life around. He went to the JUCO’s and performed with no issues, went to West Virginia and had no issues and entered the draft having shown over several years that he’d turned his life around. You make it sound like he was dealing drugs half an hour after a three-sack game against Oklahoma. He used football to turn his life around and had no character incidents at two different schools. Those days were proven to be long in the past when he turned pro.

              Clark had an isolated incident that the Seahawks were able to investigate and they ultimately came to the conclusion that they were comfortable taking him. Let’s make no mistake here — it is not 100% clear what happened that night and John Schneider and Pete Carroll are not morally bankrupt — so if anything the fact this team drafted him to me was reassuring on that front.

              Nkemdiche’s issues are not based around two incidents and that’s all I will say on that. Google ‘Nkemdiche bong’. If you want to draft someone who will then be suspended for multiple games or a season down the line — then this is the move to make.

              He says his brother won’t be following him to the city that drafts him. Ok then. And then what happens when Denzel turns up anyway without an invite? It’s a lot harder to eliminate a blood relative from your life than a bad influence friend.

              Both Denzel and Robert have a problem they need help with. Unfortunately they’re in major denial. “I was drunk and jumped out of the window”. Ok then. I’ve been drunk a few times in my life but never found myself leaping out of the fourth floor of a hotel. Get the help you need fellas. If you don’t you’ll never make it in the NFL.

              This isn’t minor college kid stuff. Teams are petrified by him. It wouldn’t even surprise me if he fell out of round two. Like I said, both brothers need help. And until they accept that and stop making excuses — they’ll never learn.

    • monkey

      That would certainly surprise me as I don’t think the Seahawks will even consider him, no matter how far he falls.
      While he certainly fits athleticism wise, he doesn’t fit AT ALL, in terms of Seahawks team philosophy. First, he doesn’t “always compete”, he admits to taking plays off, and looks lazy for long stretches of games.
      Second, he doesn’t fit “team first” AT ALL, in that when asked about his biggest off-field incident, he not only declined to accept ANY responsibility for it, by saying the only reason he got into trouble was, “no one would take the fall” for the drugs, but to top it off, he threw his own teammate under the bus, by telling the media that he was at the party as well.

      I would be shocked to the point of near cardiac arrest if Seattle drafted him.

      • Steve Nelsen

        I have taken the position on these boards in the past that Seattle should avoid Nkemdiche entirely. He has the risk to blow up: not just like Gregory or Manziel or Josh Gordon or Aldon Smith but like Gonzalez in New England.

        There was a very interesting article about him on ESPN today. He wants to buy s pet panther after being drafted. He also seems genuinely willing to separate himself from some of the people who seem to be a bad influence. I hope he succeeds. I will still be surprised if Seattle drafts him but I am no longer convinced he is as bad a risk as I was a month ago.

        • matt

          You mean Hernandez?

          • Steve Nelsen

            Yes. Aaron Hernandez.

        • GeoffU

          Yeeeah, a panther is NOT JUST LIKE AN STINKIN’ (HOUSE) CAT! House cats have evolved with humans much like dogs. It’s like getting a wolf and saying, “Well, it’s really just a dog!” Uh, no.

    • WALL UP

      If Vernon Butler is gone @ 26, don’t be surprised if they pick Nkemdiche with that pick. They have a strong veteran presence in the locker room, especially on the defensive side, that will keep him in line.

      Clemons is a huge pickup just for that role alone. An example was when he put Micheal in check for rappin about ‘Mary Jane’ on the Real Rob’s Report. The loss of Clemons and Bryant vocal leadership was sorely missed. With Bennett & Clem, it’s back. Nkemdiche will fall right in line.

      Gil Brandt’s pick are fairly close and well respected. I agree that Germain Ifedi @ 26 or 28 would be a reach. Coleman @ 56 could be a reality. Then, Hargrave, McGovern and Ervin in that order for the first (5) picks.

    • Jeremy

      There’s an article on ESPN right now. The first two sentences are “Robert Nkemdiche wants a pet panther. That’s how he plans to treat himself when he signs his rookie contract”.

      Nope, not interested. This seems like something Mike Tyson would do.

      • Josh emmett


      • Kenny Sloth

        Omg i thought the same thing today!!

      • David Stinnett

        Pete and John will totally do their homework, so I will not worry on this

  3. Nick

    Rob, do you think Shaq Lawson could play inside as well?

    • Nick

      He’s a guy I think the Seahawks may love.

    • Rob Staton

      Purely an outside guy for me.

      • Nick

        Do you think they’d go for an impact player like him in the first?

        • Rob Staton

          I think they will look for an impact player — but they are pretty loaded at the EDGE. Impact guy IMO more likely to be an OL or a DE-DT hybrid.

          • Nick

            I totally understand your thinking there, but haven’t PCJS always maintained that you can never have enough pass rushers?

            • Rob Staton

              I don’t recall that being a reinforced message — although it’s a general football rhetoric most teams would agree with.

              The problem is if you draft Lawson and he’s an EDGE — you’ve then got Avril, Bennett, Clark, Lawson and Clemons basically vying for one or two spots in base and two in nickel if Bennett moves inside. That seems a bit overkill for me to spend a first rounder. They’d be better served finding someone who can play stout against the run in base at DE and then move inside for the money downs as a pass rusher.

              • DC

                If they can get that guy later in the draft then I’m all for an edge rusher early. I don’t count on Avril and Clemons going the distance health wise. Injuries to our pass rushers have derailed our playoff runs multiple times in the last 4 years. A interior rusher would be my top choice but if he’s not there and there is an edge rusher that you love then it makes sense to me to grab him. A deeper rotation can keep the elders fresh through 4 quarters and a full season to boot.

                • Rob Staton

                  Sure — but you also have Clark in the mix there and Bennett. If you remain healthy — you spent a first round pick on someone who rarely sees the field unless you haul off your studs.

                  • Nick

                    Do you think they have such a short-term mindset? They could have someone that could develop as a pass rusher behind two of the game’s best. And control him for five years at that!

        • JT

          He’s worth a first round pick, but they have much more significant needs unless they consider him an interior rusher in nickel.

          • Ben-Ft. Worth Texas

            Seattle seriously needs to consider getting an impact player on the offensive line that can plug and play immediately, or we’re gonna start the season 0-2 again like last year. If Butler or Rankins are there at #26, then no doubt you take them, but if they’re not, you better hope that Ifedi is still on the board.

    • JT

      The Lions put him through an “explosion test” and they told Shaq he was the most explosive defensive lineman they’ve tested after Clowney.

    • rowdy

      Shaq is actually the player I want in the first but gets no love here. I see no reason why he wouldn’t be a bennett type player who can drop inside on passing downs. He’s relentless in his effort strong enough to beat you and fast enough. He wrecks people with his hits and is always trying to strip the ball out. Played top competition lining up mostly against the LT. To me has seahawks written all over him.

      • RealRhino2

        I’d like him, too, even if I see the wisdom of Rob is saying. Heck, I go DE in the first and DT in the 2nd, forget about Spriggs/Ifedi and just go grab Dahl or Haeg in the 3rd.

        • Ben-Ft. Worth Texas

          What, and let them just sit and learn like Glow for the 1st year and run with Britt, Webb, and Sowell? This offensive line is still in shambles my friend. I don’t see how Seattle could neglect its most glaring need without addressing it with one of its first two picks.

  4. Colin

    With the latest reports coming out about Myles Jack and his long term question marks, I am having doubts that he goes in the top 15.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I’m beyond convinced he will not get past Jacksonville at #5. You have the chance to graba guy, who could be the next Devonte David/Luke Keuchly/Bobby Wagner.. and get 6-7 good years out of him…. you do it without hesitation.. and JAX has a need for a good OLB. Perfect fit… exactly what they need.. a play making/ athletic/ speed LB on the outside.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Luke Kuechly has real people parts holding his body together.

    • STTBM

      I think its the usual Draft Buzz BS. Its all garbage aimed to make him fall to some team that cant get high enough to get him. Dallas did this with Dez Bryant, Timmay! Numbskull ran rumors of Cocaine use by Warren Sapp to cause him to fall to them…its an annual thing. You cant believe the stuff that comes out unless its the same stuff thats been said all along. Even then take it with a grain of salt.

  5. RickDarcy

    you will delete this and it’s o.k. Can you explain why you like Ifedi & attach a you tube, please? I’m not impressed. There are ALWAYS 1st rd busts & Ifedi has bust written all over him. He has terrible balance in his drops & isn’t that powerful of a run blocker. The guy that has better tape is a 2nd rdr or so from TT & that’s leRaven Clark. Soft feet, solid base, can engage his long arms. Perfect for the RT. I studied both & Clark is smooth. Could easily move to RT. Played well vs Ogbah? sp. I don’t care about TEF measurable. They haven’t done anything for the Hawks OL to this juncture. I want to like Ifedi but don’t. Book the bust, Rob cuz that’s Ifedi.

    Clark>>>>>>>>>>Ifedi. It will come to fruition.

    • Rob Staton

      You seem to be mistaken in thinking I made the pick in this mock draft and not the Seahawks.

      I’m projecting what I think the Seahawks will do — not picking a new pair of Nike’s for myself.

      Maybe the Seahawks will prefer Le’Raven Clark in that spot. It’s no skin off my nose.

      • H M Abdou

        LOL, good (and funny) answer, Rob!

    • Jarhead

      Rick, Rick, Rick… Oy, brother. You are barking up the wrong tree with that talk this draft. Everything you said is totally on point and I have said the same thing many times over here. Ifedi will be a huge bust and his tape shows crystal clear that he lacks the fundamental ability to be even a serviceable lineman in the NFL. But on the draft blog this year, Ifedi is the guy. It baffles me as well, I don’t understand what tape people are watching. A man that huge and nimble should be dominating everyone he faces. In all the tape I have watched, he almost never dominates anyone. Even when blocking much smaller players. So I feel you, man. I also desperately hope that the Hawks don’t draft Ifedi on draft day. Because they will regret it, when they have a player who is as useless as Britt but makes as many false starts as Okung and as many holding penalties as Carp. I personally hope we go defense first and get one of the DTs. I don’t know if they will, but I am super hopeful. But Ifedi is the chosen one this year, and I just don’t get it

      • Rob Staton

        “But Ifedi is the chosen one this year, and I just don’t get it”

        Stop personalising this. Look at the people mocking Ifedi to Seattle — Rob Rang for example. Matt Miller.

        Tony Pauline is quoting sources saying Ifedi is a Seahawks type O-liner.

        It’s not about having a ‘chosen one’. It’s projecting what the Seahawks might do. And what the Seahawks might do is different to what YOU would do.

        • Jarhead

          I haven’t Rob. I can say that last year you mocked a different guy every week to stimulate discussion and speculation. And the year before as well. This year, it has been essentially Ifedi and that is it. You and I have talked many times about this. I know you, and more importantly many many others on the blog (to whom I was mostly referring), have just slotted Ifedi in for our pick. Yeah the Seahawks may love the guy, but that doesn’t mean they are right. I am not angry with your projection. I must say that that people with dissenting opinions are often dismissed and not always engaged in healthy debate. I think Ifedi is a non starter. I hope the Seahawks agree. I read all off your posts- you also think Ifedi would be the best option for the Seahawks, on a personal level you find his size/length/athleticism to be the ideal fit. It is quite clear. And that is fine. And many others have come to that same conclusion, that’s fine too. But I have watched the tape and I strongly disagree. I have been a posting member of the Blog since 2010. I love this blog. You do great work. I am super appreciative and I know many others are as well. But I couldn’t be less in agreement of the idea that Ifedi will be a good member of the Seahawks. That’s all. Nothing personal, just stating I disagree with ANY prognosticator that believes Ifedi has a future in this league.But as always, I love the work you do and this place for Hawks fan. I just can’t wait for the draft to be over so we can finally get on to the season

          • Jujus

            I’m not a fan of ifedi either. Plays so soft compared to Coleman. We need the bully back on our team and ifedi screams finesse in a hulk body.

          • Dingbatman

            “I can say that last year you mocked a different guy every week to stimulate discussion and speculation. And the year before as well. This year, it has been essentially Ifedi and that is it.”

            You haven’t been reading the blog much then eh? Thus far there have been posts about Billings, Bullard, Neal, Henry, L Clark, Spence, McGovern, Coleman, Dahl, Spriggs, Feeney, trade down scenarios (both first and second round), trade up scenarios…and that’s just what I can remember off the top of my head in a couple of minutes. I’m sure there have been many more as this blog is notoriously prolific.

            What we have seen is a narrowing of focus based on what PC/JS have publicly stated they want to address. OL and DL. As results of the combines came in, new players came up as possibilities while other were weeded out. Shon Coleman was thoroughly discussed but when he didn’t participate in the combine there wasn’t much to bring to the table.

            The volume of topics has been dizzying and frustrating and completely enjoyable as I settle on my own ideas of who they should pick.

            I myself am hoping they go defense (Butler or Bullard or Rankins or Neal) early but think they will end up trading down. On the other hand if they do end up taking Ifedi at #26 it’s unlikely that it will be due to the influence of this blog.

            • Eran-Ungar

              He said “mocked a different guy every week”. Yes, we talk about a lot of guys during the week but Rob only mocked 3 players, all OL – first it was Coleman, then a short Martin and it has been Ifedi since.

              • Rob Staton

                Not true at all.

                I’ve also mocked Will Fuller, Keanu Neal, Vernon Butler and Jason Spriggs off the top of my head. There were probably others.

          • rowdy

            I agree with you on ifedi but I never got that Rob was pulling for him personally. The only oline guy I’ve read rob pull for is Coleman and is the reason most of us know about him. I’ve always understood rob is projecting the ifedi is the seahawks guy and that he’s got from reports from people he trust and the fact the he matches the limited requirements the Seahawks have for oline men, like size, weight and combine numbers. I remember rob never really talking about him much in till reports started coming in that the hawks him.

            • Rob Staton

              Coleman is my favourite OT in the draft

              • D-OZ

                And mine…

              • Eran-Ungar

                And mine by far.

                Rob, I feel we have gone too far down the “Lets guess who the Seahawks will pick” and left the “Who do we think would be the best pick” to far behind.

                I’d love to hear your thoughts about who’s best for us, not just who you think JS will pick….

                • Rob Staton

                  That’s not the point of the blog.

      • GerryG

        Wasn’t there a report somewhere that Cable looked very unimpressed with him when he worked him out?

        • Rob Staton

          Tom Cable’s facial expressions during a workout are not accurate projection material.

          • CharlieTheUnicorn

            But they are fun to watch 🙂

          • Lewis

            But Rob, he just LOVED the combine!

            • Rob Staton

              One of the greatest videos ever…

              • GerryG

                The best vid ever

    • matt

      I’m not sold on Ifedi being a great RT either RickDarcy. Feel like his best fit is at LG, which isn’t a bad thing. That said I strongly disagree that LeRaven Clark has better tape. Clark does have ‘soft’ feet, but has no clue on where to move them. He lacks basic positioning angles to protect in pass protection,to many that’s an innate skill, and consistently gets beaten inside. If Clark had limited starting experience this would be less of a concern. He started 50+ games at TT.

      • Lewis

        If they go OL in Rd 1 I say take Spriggs.

      • Lenny J

        If we are going to move Ifedi to Guard, why not just draft a Guard in the first place and use 26 for the BPA.

        • Jarhead

          That is exactly what I am hoping for. I say go defense first, avoid the bust potential and get a solid guy in a later round. I think our OLine will be much more capable this year- without Ifedi

          • GerryG

            Well if one of the stud DL we have discussed here is available they probably would take him. Rob’s mock drafts don’t have those guys available, which I tend to agree with

          • rowdy

            Because the best lineman in college play tackle not the best position they’ll play in the pros. A pure college guard might have an easier transition but isn’t likely the better long term player

      • RWIII

        I am sold on Ifedi. It’s just that I hope Vernon Butler is still on the board. I have my doubts.

    • HeMadmark

      He a terrible run blocker because he wasn’t ask to. Bottom line is the guy exceeds the physical requirements and the athletic and Seattle believes they all need a year to adjust not just the pros but also learning the ZBS.

      • Jarhead

        But he wasn’t that great a pass blocking either. He has a poor punch, bad feet, he is a waist bender, a lunger with bad balance who often falls too far forward, and he relies on his huge mass to obstruct the path to the QB. Any DL or rusher worth his weight in the NFL will eat his lunch. You can’t overcome ALL that bad form and awful habits and become competent. Not in a year, or maybe two. There are guys with much better now potential. Ifedi is all sizzle and no steak

    • drewjov11

      Clark is awful at times… Simply awful. No technique at all.

  6. Corn Bread

    Rob, do you think that Browner could play the deone bucannon role? He seems like a logic fit for that role and if he was able to make the transition than that would possibly extend his playing career.

    • Rob Staton

      Bucannon ran a 4.49.

      Browner will be an outside corner for Seattle IMO.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Match up with TE in the slot or big WR on the inside is the current working theory

    • HeMadmark

      I was listening to ESPN 710 KIRO running my around in the car and John Clayton, one of my favorite commentators was talking about just how much CB talent is here. Browner going to have a hard time just making it as the 5th CB. Sherman, Lane, Burley, Farmer, JBS(Stanley), Reed, Seisay (cost 6th rd pick), Simon, Smith drafted last year. In fact I could see Seattle not taking a CB this year. We were really active last year bringing in raw talent and with a year I think someone will make a breakout but he may have to wait in line as usual in Seattle.

  7. bobbyk

    I so hope we can trade down into the second round and get an extra pick in the third round. I don’t care if we have to trade down into the mid-second to make it happen. There just seems like so much value to be had by getting two good players with a mid-2nd and mid-3rd (Fackrell/Coleman) as opposed to a singular pick of Spriggs or Ifedi at 26. We’d still have our own 2nd rounder, too.

    • bobbyk

      If you look at guys on that list (and not on that list), it’d be awesome to get a few of them (or an extra).

    • Rob Staton

      It’d be a nice deal — but whoever moves up to make that deal has to really like the guy they’re trading up for. It’d be an expensive move for them.

      • mishima

        Lynch and/or Henry. Too much depth and value at other positions.

  8. RickDarcy

    Btw, I really like Cajuste ! INCREDIBLE mitts. Will run routes & plays big. You could line him up all over. He would be awesome as a Hawk. Not that’s a guy I’d be excited about. I just don’t like Ifedi & am surprised you like him.

    DL = RD 1
    OL = RD 2

    • nichansen01

      I am not a fan of Ifedi either. Looks like another Carpenter/Britt type ‘bust’. I hope the seahawks pick up a few projects in the later rounds a la Gilliam and Sokoli and go defensive tackle in the first, and linebacker in the second.

      • Kenny Sloth

        What about his game reminds you of either?

        He’s quicker than Carpenter (technically bigger, too), much bigger than Britt.

        I’m kind of surprised he isn’t regarded as a top 3 OL prospect.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Ifedi’s allure comes from his insane hand strength and you can see he absolutely overwhelms guys like Chris Jones even when he loses technique. He mirrors incredibly well and if he played with more consistent technique (which seems to slip when he’s mauling) he has that impenetrable potential.

      Idk what game film you watched, but i saw a smart leader with versatility and the potential to play at a pro bowl level at 4/5 spots on the line.

  9. RWIII

    Rob: I see you have John Schneider taking Ifedi over Jonathan Bullard. Do you think that John Schneider might Javon Hargrave at 56? In 2014 Hargrave had 24 tackles for loss. In 2015 when Hargrave was the focus of attention by opposing Offensive Coordinators Hargrave still had 22 tackles for loss.

    • Rob Staton

      Maybe. Arm length might be an issue for Hargrave and Seattle.

      • Trevor

        Is is arm length under 33″?

        • C-Dog

          Just a shade around 32″.

    • Trevor

      Really like Hargrave as a penetrating DT. If we can’t get Rankins then he would be a nice fall back option. My top 5 DTs for the Hawks are.

      #1 Sheldon Rankins
      #2 Vernon Butler
      #3 Chris Jones
      #4 Javon Hargraves
      #5 Willie Henry

  10. RWIII

    Hargraves number. 10 yard dash 1.69. 225 Lb. Bench Reps: 29. Vertical Jump: 34 1/2
    Broad Jump: 09’01.

  11. RWIII

    Just curious do you have Michael Bennett’s arm length vs Javon Hargrave’s arm length?.

    • Rob Staton

      Hargrave has 32 inch arms.

      The Seahawks have generally looked for DL’s with at least 33 inch arms.

    • Trevor

      Bennett looks like he has long arms to me.

  12. RWIII

    Never mind. Michael Bennett’s arm length 34.5 inches. Javon Hargrave 32inches.

    You know what is interesting. Yesterday I was watching John Isner serve. Man; that guy has got the longest arms I have ever seen.

    • Volume12

      Bennett was undrafted and Seattle signed him as a FA anyways.

      Their thresholds for draft prospects isn’t the same as proven NFL talent.

  13. RWIII

    Even though Hargrave only has 32 inch arm. They have to consider him. Hargrave has been very productive.

    • Rob Staton

      Not if they have an ideal on arm length as they do at CB and OL.

      • Cameron

        It’s interesting that we are consumed with Hargrave’s arm length. Of all the DT’s in this class that I’ve watched, nobody makes more effective use of their arms and hands than Javon Hargrave.

        He has a swim or rip move unlike any other player in this class, and he just gets behind the guy blocking him – routinely. If the Hawks have a thing about arm length they might just want to get over it for this guy.

        • Rob Staton

          Maybe — but let’s also remember the level Hargrave played at. Might be harder to do those things to the same effect.

      • Moon hippo

        Exactly Rob, this is why for example even if CB Mackenzie Alexander somehow slipped to 26, we probably don’t have him high on our board – or on it at all- because he’s a tiny person.

    • HeMadmark

      He just doesn’t have long arms but he’s short at 6’1 and the competition at South Carolinia wasn’t the greatest. Now I not saying he won’t make it in the pros but I can see him having difficulty taking the next step. Too me he’s a middle to late 3rd round pick.

      • D-OZ

        Foot-speed, burst, and quickness make up for lack of arm length on the inside and Hargrave has it in abundance. Once he gets his hands on you your going down. To me he is going somewhere in the 3rd round.

  14. Volume12

    Liking Hassan Ridgeway more and more.

    FWIW, I kinda think Seattle will make a surprise pick in the 2nd. And while that prospect might not be a surprise name to those of us on this blog, I’m talking more generalized fans if you will.

    Big, athletic, disruptive, consistentl wins one on one matchups, battle tested, raw with a lot of upside too,

    Like Frank Clark, he also moved from California when he was a teenager.

    But, I can’t find what part of Cali he’s from. Anyone know?

    • C-Dog

      Yeah, I’ve jumped on board the Ridgeway train myself. I think he has a lot of upside. Doesn’t loose many battles with blockers, stays pretty active. I think he may go higher than some are expecting.

  15. RWIII

    I can give you 14 million reasons what you should take pass rushers over run stuffers early in the NFL draft. Denver is offering Von Miller 18 million per season(Miller wants 22 million). I feel that Denver has given Von Miller a fair offer.

    A run stuffing defensive tackle in free agency is going to cost you 4 million per season. Year after year John Schneider has been grabbing Defensive tackles in free agency for 3-4mil. A top of the line pass rusher is going to cost you 18 million per season. That is a difference of 14 million per season. This is why it is such a PRIORITY to grab pass rushers as early as possible in the draft. This is why you need to be drafting at least one pass rusher early in the draft every year.

    • Volume12

      While I agree, who are these early pass rushers in this year’s draft?

    • Rob Staton

      Who is advocating taking a run stuffer early?

      • Nick

        Perhaps he’s thinking of Butler as a run stuffer?

        • matt

          Vernon Butler looks the part and has very intriguing explosive athleticism, size/length and upside to be a 3 down force at DT. He also only had 5 sacks in 4 seasons playing in a smaller conference at La Tech. I’m not comparing the 2 players but Danny Shelton had 9 sacks playing NT his senior year at UDUB. While Butler has the talent to become a 3 down DT, to call him as anything more than a run stopper at this point in his career is a questionable projection. Make no mistake I like Butler a great deal and would be cool with the Hawks drafting him. Just don’t feel confident that he’s a sure thing to be more than a very good 2 down DT in our defense.

          • C-Dog

            I think that Seattle probably is looking at his physical intangibles, though, seeing as he is the second most explosive interior DL in the draft. Frank Clark didn’t compile a bunch of sacks in college either, but made enough splash plays that combined with his workout numbers, they decided he was the player they had to get.

            • drewjov11

              Physical intangibles? Wouldn’t any physical traits be measurable, and therefore tangible…?

              • C-Dog

                Very fair point. Let’s call it his physical tangibles mixed with his “hair on fire” intangibles.

        • D-OZ

          Did I day how much I like Billings for the Hawks? Definitely like him over Ifed. Especially with him still on the board.

      • HeMadmark

        I like a Austin Johnson at DT from Penn St. he doesn’t fit your TEF program but his tape and his stats look inpressive to me. It might be because of his combine he becomes a steal. I think he could push Siliga out of the scenario.

    • Darth12er

      Wow, he wants 22 mil a year?? I really wish the NFL had a max contract by position, these are getting ridiculous!!

      • Eran-Ungar

        The NFL has a max contract by position. It is called franchise tag.

        • Darth12er

          ….I know what the franchise tag is, that’s not what I’m talking about…

  16. Trevor

    Rob I agree there are going to be a ton of trades in the 1st round. If the Browns trully are going the Moneyball route and realize they are in full rebuild mode I fully expect them to trade down. In fact I would be shocked if they did not. With signing RG 3 they could give him a shot next year and draft Cardelle Jones or Dak Prescott in the 2nd or 3rd and give him a year or two to develop under Hugh Jackson while rebuilding the rest of the roster.

    • RealRhino2

      Got to have the right team and the right guy on the board, though. And who would be the team trying to jump the 49ers? Broncos probably too far back, Jets are pretty far back at #20. I don’t but the Eagles after they signed Bradford and gave Chase Daniel bridge QB money. Only trade partner I see for them is the 49ers trying to make sure they jump the Cowboys, and that’s only if the right guy is still on the board.

  17. sdcoug

    Rob, surely we can find a place for Jamie Vardy and Riyad Mahrez on this roster, yeah?

  18. Trevor

    Love seeing Kam showing up for workouts today with no drama.

  19. CharlieTheUnicorn

    John Clayton mentioned on his daily 4PM hit on 710 ESPN today….. Wentz is the guy who fits the athletic and overall size profile Jeff Fisher likes… not Goff. All the talk about Goff is to try to force CLE to trade with the Rams .. and extract a 5th out of them. This was kind of my line of thinking as well, it has to be Wentz.

    • GeoffU

      God I hope so. The more I look at the QB class, the more I think Goff is probably the only QB worth taking a chance on in the first.

    • kevin mullen

      Seems kind of pointless if Wentz was truly the guy they coveted, why do such a move to squeeze a 5th round pick?

    • Rob Staton

      Seems a bit of a weird suggestion after trading all of that capital to get to #1. ‘Let’s screw the Browns out of a 5th’.

      • Trevor

        If so typical Rams but it sounds like a pretty ridiculous story to me.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          It is so outlandish… it has to be true

    • Kenny Sloth

      Idk about all that, but I can’t imagine them interviewing Wentz and Goff and preferring the latter.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Honestly, i have the most faith in Paxton Lynch. Throws a beautiful full field comeback. Most college teams don’t even scheme to defend that because so few QB’s can throw it.

        I think the top two are likely sub-average and he’s a nice red chipper

  20. kevin mullen

    Here’s a scenario: what if the Rams don’t target a QB and instead an impact defensive player like Ramsey or Myles Jack?

    • GeoffU

      Then they’re retarded, haha. How can you give up that much draft capital for someone won’t be a franchise QB? I see your point though, they could certainly use either of those players, but man that’s a lot to give up.

      • kevin mullen

        I’m not saying they won’t pick a QB but it is intriguing that Ramsey could be the guy as he’s universally considered the best athlete in this year’s draft. How nasty their defense could look if Ramsey is the guy.

        • Madmark

          B.J. Daniels is back on the FA list again. I bring him in for camp.

      • Del tre

        You guys don’t be so hard on him he is just trying to think like the rams front office. They probably will end up picking up Sheldon rankins or DeForest buckner first anywas haha

        • kevin mullen

          For real man, the latest articles are nothing more than OLinmen circle jerks of Ifedi, Conklin, Clark, McGovern, etc… I think there might be some left field stuff to consider. Did the Rams invest? Yes, but only affecting this year and next year. That’s it. This was a last ditch play of a desperate front office that’s trying to save their jobs. And oft he Rams do pick a QB and they go 7-9 again? Does that buy them time? Possibly but I feel like Keenum did that last year by himself, why throw rookie to have the same results?

    • Rob Staton

      Not for the price they paid!

    • Nathan

      This is the dumbest thing I have ever read.

      • kevin mullen

        Really? Even when there’s no consensus top QB like a Luck, Newton, Winston in past drafts? Before this trade, a left tackle was considered the best prospect available.

        • Nathan

          What does consensus have to do with the decision made inside their building?

          They’ve done their homework on a guy and decided they need him.

          There is no cornerback, or coverage linebacker, in the history of the league worth that haul of draft picks.

          • kevin mullen

            I’m not disagreeing with you that it’s a lot to invest to grab the #1 pick but it’s only affecting this year and next year. Unlike the RG3 trade that ate 3 years of draft capital, it’s not that much. The net loss is 1 pick this year and 2 next year. Not out of realm to climb back out of this trade if it fails, who ever the pick will be.

            • Greg Haugsven

              Then it would be called Draft Day with Kevin Costner

              • Kenny Sloth

                That movie made me so sick. Hope John Schneider doesn’t draft the prospect that calls him the most

                • Kenny Sloth

                  Goff=the QB from that movie. Takes huge hits and takes them like a bitxh

  21. Trevor

    Can’t believe the draft is 10 days away! I am so pumped for this season. The players seem ultra focused for the first time since the SB. With our schedule out of the gate I think they are going to get off to a great start and we all know how they finish in Dec every year.

    • Greg Haugsven

      I agree Trev. Once next Mo day comes I really feel like it’s here. Wednesday night feels like Christmas Eve to me.

  22. Troy

    Hey Rob, thought it was pretty odd that Hunter Henry rose into the first round and you have Treadwell fell out of the first, care to provide your thoughts on those two rising and falling?

    • Rob Staton

      Seen a bit of buzz around Henry this week. He is pretty much the only TE you can trust to enhance your passing game and might get a boost as a consequence. Might be a safety net for Houston. He didn’t drop a single pass in 2015.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Not sure I could draft Henry. He might be the goofiest looking dude I’ve seen. Even more so than Luke Willson.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          Just did a mock with a friend… had TE Henry going to Falcons in mid second round. Man, that is exactly what they need on their offense.

  23. Troy

    Meant interesting not odd 🙂

  24. James

    Rob, your trade scenarios are well-thought-out. Adding one more R4 or R5 certainly would appeal to John and Pete, especially given the amount of talent still available mid-rounds. The “shelf” for DTs seems to go on-and-on, with guys rated in those rounds having far more talent than I remember in the past at that position.

    OT is the one position where there does appear to be a true shelf. There are a number of OG/C types who should be there through R3, but legit OTs seem harder to come by. To my eye, there is indeed a shelf after Spriggs and Ifedi, and maybe another one after Clark and Coleman. The new “trend” in the NFL is to overwhelm overmatched OLs with elite athletes at DL, and it is for this reason I believe the Seahawks have to go with a pass-blocking OT in R1, which is why I continue to think it will be Spriggs. A very good OG/C can be found among McGovern, Dahl, Haeg, etc in R2 or R3; and the same goes for DT.

    • matt

      Completely agree James.

      • D-OZ

        AS do I. if it’s not DT/DE.

  25. John

    Why is no one talking about Carl Nassib from Penn State?? He led the NCAA in last year and would be perfect!

    • Cameron

      Carl Nassib is pretty unathletic for the position. Doesn’t seem like the type of player the Seahawks would target. I like Kaufusi much better.

      • Madmark

        I think Frank Clark at 255LBs will be the monster. He going to play Irving and Clemons Role. He just so explosive that he”ll be better than Irving this year. I think is is a reason Seattle may pass on a LB. Marsh looks like he’s the backup for another year.

    • Madmark

      Because Austin Johnson DT was the guy that help everyone on that line.

  26. Lenny J

    Ok, its clear that some love Ifedi on this blog as he has been mocked to the Hawks the last 3 mocks, lol. Derrick Henry sitting there at 26 and we don’t pull the trigger? Dude is an athletic freak and a hard runner. I certainly wouldn’t be mad if Henry was the pick. That would be a mean 1-2 combo with Rawls.

    Rob, Im curious 6’3 245lb back who runs a 4.4 forty and jumps out the Gym. You would pass that up for Ifedi?

    • Del tre

      There are certainly a few on this site that aren’t fans of Henry. I think he would be an awesome pick and that he is underrated in a lot of ways. Sure he doesn’t break a ton of tackles but just running to the line of scrimmage and falling forwards gets a few yards with Henry he would compliment Rawls really well in my opinion. Let’s be honest no one wants Derrick Henry on the Panthers patriots or broncos that wouldn’t really be fair

      • monkey

        Meh, they can have him, he has bust written all over him in my opinion.

        • GeoffU

          Melvin Gordon heavy

          • matt

            Don’t give up on Gordon just yet. The OL play was atrocious in SD last year. Tunsil would pay massive dividends for the entire offense.

            • David

              Our offensive line is atrocious.

              The reason why Lynch was so successful in Seattle (and made the Seahawks the premier running team in the league) was his ability to break tackles, maintain balance and gain yards after contact. In my mind this is the biggest reason not to take Henry in the 1st.

        • Del tre

          I completely disagree there aren’t running backs like Henry the only other RBs in the league with Henry’s size are Adrian Peterson and Lagarette Blount and Peterson is the only one with Henry’s speed. Also to the comments bellow Henry worked out at wide receiver for Alabama’s pro day and scouts said he looked awesome just because a player isn’t utilized like that in college doesn’t mean they cant do it. Look he is a workhorse back and honestly do you feel comfortable if Thomas Rawls goes down in week 5? The rest of the season relies on Christian Michael. I don’t care how good you think RW is he is better with a running game just like every other qb

    • monkey

      Using the first round pick to get a backup RB? No thank you!
      Especially for a guy who has literally no ability whatsoever to make people miss behind the LOS.
      Virtually every time someone gets penetration, Henry goes down without much of a fight. For such a big, athletic guy, he sure is easy to tackle behind the LOS! He’s so offensive line dependent, he absolutely NEEDS the line to make holes for him, or he does nothing at all.

      Of all the guys I have seen repeatedly mocked to the Seahawks at #26, Nkemdiche and Henry are the only two I’ve seen that I would be angry about.

      • rowdy

        Do you have film of him getting man handled like you talk about? Because I haven’t seen any and when I do see him get hit I see him end up 5 yards down field more times then not.

    • Madmark

      If I take RB in the 1st round he better be able to block somewhat but he has to catch the ball ouy of the back field and Henry sucks. Maybe he needs laser surgery on his eyes.

  27. Nathan_12thMan

    Per usual I really like this article. Fun looking at the trades and the trade with Kansas City makes a ton of sense (and is funny cause we’d be getting our McCray pick back). There is a lot of talent in rounds 3-5 in this draft so I really do expect us to trade back at some point (R1 or R2 or maybe both).

    My big question which you can’t really answer is where is McGovern going to go, what is his range? Can he be had at 56? Can he be had in the 60’s? 70’s Could he possibly last till 90?


    Maybe we trade back #26, pick Ifedi and get the R5 pick from KC. We then trade down #56 (get a 4th or 5th) and grab McGovern or DL. Then we trade up back into R2 to grab McGovern/DL (whichever we didn’t get), then grab Cajuste, Dahl, Ervin, etc with our remaining picks.

    Overall my dream draft is definitely: Ifedi-McGovern-DT/DE hybrid-Dahl-Ervin-Cajuste-DeAndre Elliott. I can accept missing out on Dahl/Haeg if the FO just wants to draft two OL or some other reason.

    I feel like Ifedi can lock up RT and most likely be better than Webb week 1. I feel like McGovern is a must-get O-linemen no matter what but having him develop at Center and either start week 1 or develop for 6-8 weeks (let the OL gel with a experienced solid Center; Lewis) then get the starts from there on out. Dahl is just a hair beneath McGovern in the “must-get” OL department. Have him compete for LG and likely beat Britt/Webb/Soko/etc. Ervin is that 3rd down back we want. Cajuste that tall WR we want. Elliot a good CB project.

    • Cameron

      Don’t you think McGovern and Dahl are redundant? Both project as G or C. Ifedi probably slides into the LG spot so Dahl/McGovern are competing w/ each other for C, unless you think Glowinski needs competition. We already have Britt and Soko, so it’s not like we’re looking for depth. I think you got to get a guard with tackle upside like Ifedi, and a G/C like Dahl or McGovern and the 3rd guy should be a swing tackle who can also play G (like a Joe Haeg).

      • Nathan_12thMan

        I don’t agree with your presumption that Ifedi slides anywhere. Not only do I think he can be a quality RT in our system but you really think he can’t beat Webb? I mean unless Webb has an explosion of talent that has yet been seen, fans of his former teams have talked about him similar to how we talk about Britt (bad-to-awful). If Ifedi can’t beat him for the RT job then that was a mistake of a pick.

        So if I am right (& Rob who thinks the same) Ifedi is a RT. When I read this from Tony Pauline:

        >Teams were impressed with Germain Ifedi’s workout, and there’s a feeling the Texas A&M offensive tackle could slide into the late part of Round 1. I’m told right now Seattle and Denver are the teams targeting Ifedi late in round one.

        I don’t think “the Hawks and Broncos are looking for a Guard!” We are both teams thin at OT.


        So if you accept the assumption that the Seahawks are interested in Ifedi at RT, then the McGovern pick and Dahl pick make sense. McGovern is just awesome and all the guys I follow really seem to love the idea of him playing Center. The idea of Lewis for 16 games and waiting for Sokoli in ’17 just doesn’t sit right with a lot of them.

        Coach Carroll describes Lewis’ play as “solid” in his final presser and I agree with him. Having a really good Center for your OL & QB is critical. The Dahl/Haeg pick is for LG, just because the alternative (Britt) seems to awful.

        The idea is to build this OL:

        LT: Gilliam
        LG: Dahl
        C: McGovern
        RG: Glowinski
        RT: Ifedi

        If we build that OL I have a lot of confidence that is the OL Russ plays behind for the next 4+ years of his career (his golden years, ages 28-33 y/o).

        • Cameron

          Man I could be wrong but the Seahawks gave J’Marcus Webb 2.5 million guaranteed and in fact he is now the highest paid member of the offensive line. Seems likely Seattle has him penciled in for a spot – either LG or RT in 2016. He fits the profile at either position at 6’7 and 333 lbs. Germain Ifedi has a very similar build. Tom Cable loves bigger guys at both those positions.

          So I wouldn’t presume Ifedi at RT. I could see him winning the job but then Webb would go to LG and then we are back to square one with Dahl and McGovern potentially playing for one spot.

          Dahl and McGovern are nice players and I’d like either one of them, but I’m having a hard time seeing Seattle drafting both of them.

          • Cameron

            Honestly if we pick a 3rd Offensive Lineman I hope its someone who can beat out Bradley Sowell’s sorry butt and we get that comp pick for losing Brandon Mebane back, but that player likely needs to play both Tackle positions.

            • Nathan_12thMan

              I fundamentally disagree. That is the cost of a player like Webb at that point in FA and given our status (no RT) at the time we needed to hedge our bet. How do we do that? A nice two year contract that is essentially 1 year $3mil. You really think we would roll with a low quality RT and not even get him any competition? Right now on the roster there is basically no other RT. Of course we draft some sort of OT to compete with him.

              Ifedi is a RT, I mean…you can have your opinion but I am going to trust the opinions of those who are paid to scout and such. There is NO way we are interested in Ifedi in round 1 (as Pauline says) for him to be our LG. You don’t draft a Guard (especially in this Guard deep draft) in round 1. You just don’t, so accept that.

              No Webb wouldn’t go to LG, sure he could compete there but I see it as unlikely that he wins it. Again why don’t you jump on r/NFL and ask fans of his former teams how he played as a OT and a G…you will hear awful things.

              Sowell? Huh? Sowell is competing with Gilliam at LT…do you mean someone beat him for the backup job or you think he will be starting somewhere?

              • Cameron

                First of all, I never said Ifedi can’t play RT. I think at minimum he can play LG and the words I’ve written already reflect that. Just yesterday on this very blog I defended drafting Idefi because he can play G but has T upside. Projecting him to start off at LG is a safe and practical way (in my view) to approach this process.

                Not sure I care what a particular fan base thinks about a former player.

                I hope Sowell gets cut because we draft a swing T that beats him out in camp. I don’t think he has a chance against GG.

                • Nathan_12thMan

                  >Not sure I care what a particular fan base thinks about a former player.

                  You should, we have a lot of good fans who would tell another fan base that picks up Britt from us or Kearse or Bruce or whoever what we think with accuracy. When the fans of his former teams in unison say he can’t block jack-crap and whiffs and is awful…it is worth listening to.

                  I agree with you, likely the best (and safest) option for Ifedi is to start at LG then move to RT in 2017. If we had a decent RT then I’d say that is the way to go, draft him and McGovern and likely call it a day. But we have either garbage or a liability at RT right now. With the upside Dahl/Haeg are getting buzzed about and the potential for one to go in the late 3rd round or R4, why wouldn’t we spend a pick on one so our OL can have the best possible players on it?

                  Who with our comp R3 pick or our R4 pick would you rather take than Dahl? Even if Dahl was redundant in 2016 he would be a quality backup and in ’17 when Ifedi moves from LG to RT he could slot right in at LG with a red shirt year under his belt, most likely in perfect shape to play LG (having had more than a year to workout, eat right and practice to build his body).

                  That is what it comes down to…if we get my dream draft:

                  #29- Ifedi (acquire R5 in trade down)

                  R2- McGovern

                  R2- DT/DE hybrid (trade R3 pick and R4 pick for this pick)

                  R3B- Dahl

                  R4: Cajuste (traded 5th rounder & 6th rounder for another R4)

                  R5: Tyler Ervin

                  R6- DeAndre Elliott

                  R7- ?

                  R7- ?

                  What are you so worried about? Who would you get at the end of R3 (where I grab Dahl) that would be better for our team? Whether Dahl starts at LG his first or second year, he quality O-linemen and we need to put 5 of those infront of Russ for the next 4+ years. With this one draft we can acquire the last 3 O-linemen we need to do that (to add to Gilliam & Glow).

                  No WR/TE/CB/FS/SS/RB/etc that I can think of that is availabe at R3B is worth not grabbing Dahl. He can be a 3-4 year starter at LG protecting Russ and run blocking for Rawls in the interior OL, going up against Donald twice a year among other tough D-linemen.

                  • Cameron

                    26: R1P26
                    G GERMAIN IFEDI
                    TEXAS A&M
                    56: R2P25
                    DT JONATHAN BULLARD
                    90: R3P27
                    RB DEVONTAE BOOKER
                    97: R3P34
                    G CONNOR MCGOVERN
                    124: R4P26
                    WR DEVON CAJUSTE
                    171: R5P32
                    OT JOE HAEG
                    NORTH DAKOTA ST.
                    215: R6P40
                    CB JAMES BRADBERRY
                    225: R7P4
                    S WILL PARKS
                    247: R7P26
                    DT JOEL HEATH
                    MICHIGAN ST.

                    I draft 3 O-lineman, same as you but 2 of them project at tackle. Haeg should beat out Sowell and be our swing T. Haeg. Since I wait until the 5th for my third lineman I take a better RB in Booker, who immediately becomes our 3rd down back.

                  • Eran-Ungar


                    Your dream draft is my nightmare draft 🙂

                    I read everything you posted and fail to agree with most of it. There is nothing in Ifedi’s tape to point he can be an immediate starter. He will not beat Webb or Britt for a starting job. The FO is much higher on the guys they already have than most of the people here. That’s my opinion.

                    I also believe that JS is ranking players relative to the players they already have on the roster. I firmly believe that Butler-Siliga >>> Ifedi-(Webb/Britt).

                    Everything i saw from Ifedi is almost but not really there. He is almost 3.0 TEF, almost won the LT job in college, almost a reliable RT, almost a run grader, but none of those.

                    I’d rather have Coleman at 56 or McGovern in the 3rd.

                    Picking two O-Liners with our first 2 picks is a delayed panic reaction to the beginning of last year and ignoring the 2nd half of the year. Starting 2 rookie O-Liner from spread offenses will guarantee a repeat of the beginning of last year.

                    Butler will be immediately a 3 down starter and Ifedi will be a red shirt.

                    Better value is clear.

                    That’s my take…not very popular here….

                    • Rob Staton

                      “He will not beat Webb or Britt for a starting job”

                      You have nothing to back up that assertion.

                  • Eran-Ungar

                    I don’t. There is nothing to back the assumption that a rookie from a spread college offense will beat those guys by September either.

                    So, I voice my opinion on that open question.

  28. Cameron

    I like the idea of a small move down the board for the 5th, but I think we can get two 5th’s for that same move. Let me explain.

    I think the Seahawks need to draft 3 OL this year. A T/G, a G/C and a swing Tackle – something in the order of Ifedi, McGovern and Haeg. It’s possible a player like Haeg could be sitting there with that pick we receive in the 5th round – or if we want to go earlier and take Haeg in the 4th we’d have an extra pick for a WR, RB, LB etc in the 5th round.

    Let’s say we draft Haeg in the 5th. Now all he needs to do is beat out Bradley Sowell and TA DA! We get that Brandon Mebane comp pick (which I believe would be a 5th rounder) back for the 2017 draft.

    • Lewis

      So why not take Spriggs, who can be a swing tackle or move inside? Then follow that up with a G/C.

      • Lewis

        Then take a flyer on Zimmer late.

      • Cameron

        I like Spriggs but to me he is a tackle only, that’s why I would go Ifedi.

        • Lewis

          Guards are easier to come by.

        • GeoffU

          I go back and forth. Spriggs’s measurable are off the charts and I think that may appeal to the Seahawks more than anything. They tend to go for high upside, freak athlete players early (Irvin, Michaels, Clark, P-Rich, B-Wags). They may feel they can shape him into whatever they want.

          • GeoffU

            We also only have Gilliam for 2 more years and if he does good to great, he could cost a fortune. Spriggs will be great insurance against him leaving. And also, Gilliam could always flop at LT, it’s no guarantee he’ll be any good at it.

            • Nathan_12thMan

              My hope is that Gilliam does well-to-good (unlikely he does great) in 2016 and instead of exercising his RFA we start contract negotiations for a 2-3 year deal (unlikely 4). I know Gilliam on some level would want to bet on himself and knows if he can be a good LT then he is worth a lot of money, but at the same time when the FO can RFA you for a certain (relatively small) amount of money and you are on just a one year deal…if he gets hurt then he can get screwed. So when the Hawks say “hey here is 3 years $10mil”…that might be too attractive in terms of long term security and $ for him to pass up.

              He’s 25 so if he signs a 3 year deal and gets better and better by the time he is 28 and a FA he should be able to make BIG money in FA.

              • Volume12

                To quote Stone Cold Steve Austin, ‘you can bet your bottom dollar’ that if GG shows out at LT, they’ll offer him a good deal.

                Finding LTs aren’t easy. If they can find one from the UDFA ranks, turn around and make him one of the top half LTs, that’s gold my man.

                Really ADB, Bennett (could re-negotiate), GG, and Luke Willson are the only significant FAs next year.

  29. John

    Rob, I know this post is about what Seahawks FO would do based on understanding of what type of players they are known to like. However, if you were the Seahawks GM then what would your projected R1-7 draft look like taking into account what you project the other 31 teams would do in each of the rounds?

  30. nichansen01

    If we draft Spriggs i have a feeling he competes with sowell on the left side and Gilliam stays on the right, with Webb taking over the left guard spot.

    • david ess

      A lot of projected LT coming out of college start out at RT and I think if anything Spriggs would go to RT. RT is usually an easier transition for them as LT usually has more responsibility.

      That being said I hope we don’t draft spriggs. haha

  31. Chris

    Rob, it would be cool for you to do a 7 round seahawks mock draft with players you like not who you think the hawks would pick.

  32. Group Captain Mandrake

    A little break from all the draft talk. Earl got married in a cape and crown! Baller move man, baller move.

    • Kenny Sloth

      My favorite player. Sometimes seems like the smartest player in the league, sometimes the craziest since Ray Lewis.

      Sometimes he speaks and i think he could be the second coming.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Lowkey that’s the worst looking wedding i’ve ever seen.

  33. nichansen01

    I would even take Ogbah in the first. You can never have enough pass rush. People question his work ethic but he is super productive and athletic. He has the potential to be a great player. Clemons and Ogbah backing up Bennet and Avril could even allow Clark to start at Irvin’s hybrid SAM/DE position.

    • Ground_Hawk

      I agree with you, and Ogbah’s production goes back to last year also, so it’s not like he took time off to chill.

    • Cameron

      Would Cliff Avril, Michael Bennett, Frank Clark and Kyler Fackrell be enough pass rushers? Do pass rushers have to be long lean and play outside or can they rush from the middle?

  34. Ground_Hawk

    Ogbah tested so well, and his college production was great. I think he would be an immediate impact player.

    R1: Ogbah
    R2: McGovern
    R3: Willie Henry
    R3: Haeg/Dahl
    R4: Cajuste
    R5: Feeney

  35. Greg Haugsven

    How would be people feel if it was Ifedi at 26 and Nkemdiche at 56?

    • Cameron

      Ifedi: Draft him
      Nkemdiche: Undraftable

  36. Volume12

    Give me OL Germain Ifedi round 1 (RT or LG)

    ND St OT Joe Haeg in round 3 (swing tackle)

    And Boise St C Marcus Henry in round 7 (competition/depth at C)

    • Cameron

      Marcus Henry Pro Day

      28 reps
      30″ vertical
      8′ 5″ broad

      What’s his TEF score?

      • Volume12

        2.91 IIRC.

        But, when we’re talking about 6th-7th round picks, guys with UDFA grades, there’s gonna be outliers.

        He’s also a VMAC visitor and someone Tony Pauline has said he’s known for (?) 3 months that Seattke has liked.

        Local boy from Bellevue.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          Might be a priority FA if he makes it that far.

          • Volume12

            It’s possible.

            But then again, you could say that for every prospect in round 6 or 7.

            It is his range.

    • Eran-Ungar

      Hmmm….change Ifedi at 26 to Butler, add Coleman at 56 and i can live with that….somehow….

      • Volume12

        Somehow, some way? 🙂

        That’s where my head is at right now.

        I’m getting ready to do my mock draft. Starting to put pieces together, connect dots, etc.

        And while I’d love to add my favorite players, I’m trying to nail 3-4 guys and 1-2 UDFAs Seattle would like.

        The round is irrelevant IMO, because we’ll never know what teams boards look like inside the war rooms. Maybe Jerry Jones, but I digress.

        But, the thing is, if Seattle does go O-line in round 1, then we’re talking about missing out on some quality D-lineman. The difference could be a round 1 talent compared to round 4-5.

        See my confliction?

        • D-OZ

          Yes I do.

        • Eran-Ungar

          I do.

          Vol, I think you face a question – Do I mock the guys i believe to be the best for the Seahawks or do i try to guess what JS will do on draft day.

          Make two drafts – The guys you think are the best for the team and your best JS prediction.

          Nobody guesses what JS will do anyway right?

        • Eran-Ungar

          The somehow…someway,… has to do with my believe that the Seahawks will only draft one O-Liner before day 3. The 2nd OL pick is clearly a red shirt pick so why waste a day 1-2 pick on a Glow or Gilliam you can get later in this very deep draft class.

          • Rob Staton

            “The 2nd OL pick is clearly a red shirt pick ”

            There is nothing ‘clear’ about that. It’s just your opinion.

  37. coachmattson

    I hear that Wilkerson from the Jets is on the trading block. What would be your reaction to giving the Jets #26 for Wilkerson? I say yes please!! Go Hawks!!

    • david ess

      Would be too much money for us I think. He wants a contract and a big one. I don’t think we’d be able to afford it.

    • RWIII

      This will not happen. Even if Wilkerson was a free agent the Hawks could NOT afford Wilkerson. Then what would you tell Michael Bennett who deserves a raise. Yes it would be great to have Wilkerson in the fold. But it’s not going to happen.

      • GeoffU

        In order to afford him, you’d probably have to tell Bennett to find a new team.

  38. Volume12

    Seahawks local pro day on 4/20. 🙂

    Udub WR Jaydon Mickens and LB Travis Feeney, Kansas RB Taylor Cox, Portland St RB/OW David Jones, BYU TE Terenn Houk, ND CB Keivarae Russell (what a steal he’d be), just a few names that’ll be there.

    I’n sure Udub’s RB Dwayne Washington, WR Marvin Hall, TE Josh Perkins, FB/DL Taniela Tupuo will be there as well.

    And VA Tech DT Luther Maddy (shrine game DT) has his prp day tommorow.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Destiny Vaiao and that wazu wr could be targets i heard

      • Volume12

        Could be targets? Sure.

        But, I don’t think they qualify for local pro days. Either has to be a school in or around the city they’re in or guys born in the area.

        I know Dom is from California, not sure about Vaeao.

        They also worked out Wazzu LB Kache Palacio at FB or interviewed him about it at his pro day.

    • DC

      I’m very interested in Luther Maddy to the Hawks as a rotational interior pass rusher. Since his surgery no one is talking about him. Very curious for his workout results.

      Feeney can do it all from rushing the passer to coverage. Another guy with injury red flags.

      If we don’t get a 3 down penetrating DT we could do worse than a Maddy/Feeney tandem in the pass rush department.

      • Volume12

        I’d take him over Shelon Day in a hearbeat. And you can get him like 3 rounds cheaper.

        His arm length is pretty crazy for his size and build. Very unique, physically.

  39. cha

    Rumored that the Hawks Thursday night color rush uniforms are green. Hard to tell if that is ‘spring green’ or closer to the neon green kits of 2009.

    They could just opt to wear the all white uniforms.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Neon Green, lets bring em back for one more shot… then retire them forever!

      • rowdy

        I say keep them retired lol

  40. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Nkemdiche has Oakland Raiders written all over him in second round.
    You can put that in your pipe and smoke it. 🙂

    • icb12

      I would if I was the raiders.

      I’d go William Jackson then Nkemdiche.

      Id be prepared to cut bait on him, but the upside could put their D over the top.

  41. cha

    Any thoughts on new Seahawk Giavanni Ruffin?

    • Volume12

      From the 2010 class, good friends with Kam Chancellor, described as ‘one of the hardest working guys you’ll met.’ Said to have high character, came from E.Carolina.

      Camp body.

      • Volume12

        He’s the perfect example of a guy with middling #’s, but has that grit, work ethic, locker presence, and is a ‘try hard.’

        But, Seattle won’t take guys like this. Haha.

        • H M Abdou

          It’s like when the Harvard’s and Princeton’s of the world accept a student who maybe doesn’t measure up academically, but has overcome tremendous odds and has a different voice or perspective to offer.

          • Volume12


            That’s actually a very good analogy.

  42. nichansen01

    Trade down from 26, and pick up a second and third.

    2. Hassan Ridgeway
    2. Kyler Fackrell
    3. Willie Henry
    3. Connor Mcgovern
    3c. Tyler Ervin
    4. Devon Cajuste

    Light on offensive line, but drafting Fackrell, Henry and Ridgeway would probably elevate our defense back up to elite level. All three are tremendous defenders with upside. Mcgovern is depth, however,
    Gilliam – Britt – Lewis – Glowinski – Webb
    Is looking more and more likely to me.
    Or prehaps
    Gilliam – Webb – Lewis/Sokoli – Glowinski – Britt
    I haven’t given up on Britt yet,
    Cajuste gives us the big wideout we have been missing and Ervin provides us with an explosive percy harvin-esque offensive weapon.

    Let us become the bullies again.

    • H M Abdou

      It’s an interesting idea. The defense has been slipping steadily since SB48, and likely would slip more without a serious infusion of talent.

      Still, I’d rather stick to the idea of drafting 2 OLmen with the first 4 or 5 picks. And getting a couple of talented defenders early, too.

      • Volume12

        Gotta disagree about the defense.

        I think people’s expectations are too high. Every great defense suffers a let down after having a historic year.

        Lack of turnovers? Yes. Lack of rotation on the D-line? Yes. Lacking some physicality? Sure.

        But slipping? Not sure that I’d go that far.

        • Eran-Ungar

          Lacking physicality, turnovers is the defenition of a Seahawks defense slipping.

          I’ve been banging that drum for months.

          This defense could be elite again with a better DL.

          The offense needs talent input but we should accept that they are going to go into the Gilliam/Glow trainning course.

          • Rob Staton

            The Seahawks defense did not lack physicality last year.

            People’s expectations have reached a highly unrealistic level.

            • Eran-Ungar

              Rob, Kam played soft this year. Zero highlight hits.

              The DL without the deep rotation had to pace their energy and looked “gassed” at times.

              Earl missed all of training camp and was just returning from a serious injury and it showed until late in the season.

              The likes of Clem and BB are long gone.

              It’s still a great defense but not the physical terror they used to be.

              • Rob Staton

                “Rob, Kam played soft this year. Zero highlight hits.”


                Kam didn’t play great but this is just way over the top to suggest he played ‘soft’. There’s a difference between coming in undercooked after a horrible hold out and playing ‘soft’.

                The defense still led the league in many ways. We need to distinguish the difference between some minor tweaks and supposed bigger issues that don’t really exist.

          • nichansen01

            I agree with Eran-Unger, the statistics in points per game, yards per game are up and turnovers are down. With a better d-lime rotation and pass rush this defense could be elite again. Fackrell, Ridgeway and Henry would provide that.

    • Del tre

      I think ridgeway is exactly what Carroll wants a 3-4 player for him 4-3 defense immensely strong pushes the pocket back he regularly gets pressure in 3 man rushes the guy is an animal I don’t want the Hawks leaving the draft without him

  43. Volume12

    Is it just me, or is this the 1st year in a long time where I don’t have many man crushes or not sure who Seattle will go with.

    I kind of like it, but last year we had guys like Morse, Clark, Lockett, and Montgomer that all screamed Seahawks.

    • DC

      It seems wide open, especially on the defensive side.

      I’m still really pulling for Shon Coleman. Dude has gone through so much and minus the large health concerns looks like a perfect Hawk.

    • nichansen01

      I would agree however Connor Mcgovern does scream ‘seahawk’ to me.

    • Steele

      There seems to be quite a list of man crushes. Same as every year in here.

      • Trevor

        That is kind of the point of a draft blog isn’t? Identify players you like and discuss their potential fit for your team.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I agree Cajuste Ervin McGovern stand out,

      I like Tapper to us if he slides a little.

      Deiondre’ Hall is screaming to me from the fifth

  44. swisshawk

    Rob, if you have the time, could you perhaps do a “summary” piece over all prospects who could be intriguing for the Hawks (best case would be players divided in positiongroups). It would be fun to sit there on draftday and gues who from that list is next to be drafted by the seahawks or whom we missed completly in our consideration of possible prospects at this time in the process. Would really appreciate it, but in every case thanks very much for all the time you have invested to create such an awesome blog!!!

    • Rob Staton

      Absolutely — I will definitely do this.

      • swisshawk

        Thanks 🙂

      • Nathan_12thMan

        Lol this is exactly what I recommended like a blog article or two ago and never got a response. :/

  45. Mo

    Curious on your thoughts comparing hala vaitai vs. Ifedi. Athletically they compare pretty closely with Ifedi’s arms being longer. Both are projected to move to guard from tackle but Vaitai has more experience playing left tackle at tcu. To me vaitai seems pretty comparable to Ifedi but could had at a much cheaper price.

  46. Sea Mode

    just another html test on an old thread. please diregard.





  47. Sea Mode





  48. David Stinnett

    Even BAL add also pick #130 they’re a slight bit under standard trade value, so why not include that one

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