The trade down for Devon Cajuste scenario

Before we get into today’s piece — the Seahawks are bringing back another familiar face. Brandon Browner joins Chris Clemons in re-signing with the Seahawks.

If you wanted to know how they were going to become the bully again in 2016 — here’s your answer.

Trade down scenario involving Devon Cajuste

The Seahawks will manufacture a way to get the players they want.

Sometimes it’s hard to do. John Schneider admitted a year ago they came out of the draft with all but one of their ‘targets’. It’s a safe assumption that player was Mitch Morse — an explosive center convert who enjoyed a productive rookie season in Kansas City.

They also had to move up aggressively to get Tyler Lockett. They still managed to come away with a nice collection of players that fit their physical and character ideals.

2014 is a good example of things falling nicely for the Seahawks. They were able to trade down from #32 acquiring picks they needed to select certain targets. Despite those moves, they still got two players they really wanted in rounds 1-2 (Paul Richardson, Justin Britt) and the extra picks helped them select the likes of Kevin Pierre-Louis.

You might look back on that class and comment, not unfairly, that Richardson is injury-prone, Britt has performed poorly and KPL hasn’t had an impact. The point in this piece isn’t really to judge the quality of the players chosen — rather the fact Seattle was able to get the prospects that ‘fit’ what they wanted.

For example — Joel Bitonio is a fine offensive lineman that fit what they were looking for. However — if they were targeting Bitonio at #32 they knew they wouldn’t get the players they wanted in the mid-rounds (couldn’t trade down) and they wouldn’t get a receiver like Richardson (who they clearly really liked).

Selecting Bitonio would’ve secured one good player — the Seahawks wanted to secure multiple players they were comfortable with. Thus the trades and the selection of Richardson/Britt.

Our TEF piece on the 2014 draft explains why they wanted to draft Britt in the second round.

This is how the Seahawks generally work. How can they manipulate the board to find value and physical ideals in every round to fill various needs? It isn’t about selecting one player at a certain position and seeing what happens the rest of the way.

It’s more of a calculated, universal approach to all seven rounds. Not a narrow-minded focus on just the earliest pick.

Many consider 2014 a ‘dud’ class — but this approach has also brought about the brilliance of 2010, 2011, 2012 and potentially 2015.

Expect the Seahawks to work out a plan to address both their key needs (OL, DL) sufficiently at #26 and #56 with an eye to potential targets later in the class. If that means going D-line at #26 because they like the O-line options in rounds 2-3 — so be it. If it means going O-line first because they see great depth within this D-line class, that is an option too.

And don’t be shocked if they move around to acquire extra picks with another prospect or two in mind…

We’ve discussed possible trade scenarios in each of the first three rounds — but here’s another scenario that might make some sense:

Round 1 — #26
Vernon Butler (DT, Louisiana Tech)

Round 2 — #56
Trade down from #56 with Miami (#73) for a fourth round pick (#107)

Round 3 — #73
Connor McGovern (T, Missouri)

Round 3 — #90
Joe Dahl (T, Washington State)

Round 3 — #97
Tyler Ervin (RB, San Jose State)

Round 4 — #107 (acquired from Miami)
Devon Cajuste (WR, Stanford)

If the Seahawks decide to go D-line first, they’re likely comfortable waiting until the second and third rounds where Connor McGovern, Joe Dahl and Joe Haeg are expected to come off the board.

Tony Pauline recently reported that Dahl’s stock was rising into day two — while Haeg has also received positive reviews (especially after a very good combine). McGovern’s stock has been a little quieter — but according to TEF he’s the second most explosive lineman in the draft.

In 2011 Seattle moved down from #57 to #75, acquiring an early fourth round pick. On that occasion Detroit wanted to move back into round two to select running back Mikel Leshoure. The Seahawks took John Moffitt in round three.

There might be an opportunity for history to repeat here. Again Seattle might be targeting an offensive lineman that will be available in the early third. The Miami Dolphins might also be thinking of adding a running back — having seen Lamar Miller bolt for Houston and the Broncos retain C.J. Anderson.

If Ezekiel Elliott is off the board by the #13 pick and Derrick Henry is gone by #42 — the Dolphins might get a little anxious to add a runner. The likes of Devontae Booker and Kenneth Dixon are being projected in the late second round.

The overall value of the deal favours the Dolphins — but the Seahawks might be willing to take the hit for the following reasons:

1. The guy they’d take at #56 would be expected to be available at #75 anyway

2. They desperately want an early fourth rounder to select a player they covet

The thinking here is they might have a crush on Devon Cajuste, the receiver at Stanford. The Seahawks don’t really have a big athletic target following Ricardo Lockette’s career-threatening injury and Chris Matthews’ departure.

Cajuste is attractive for many key reasons. Aside from his athletic profile — he’s a terrific run blocker (important in Seattle), he’s used to working in a run-first offense with a scrambling quarterback, he maxed out his limited targets in college, he’s a red zone threat and he’s very close to Doug Baldwin.

“I feel like I represent Doug in a way because he wore ’89’ at Stanford, so the fact that I got to wear that, I had to keep his legacy going.”
— Devon Cajuste

Everything about his character, his athletic profile, his experience — it screams Seahawks. He’s being projected in rounds 4-5 — and there’s no guarantee he lasts until the late fourth.

Getting that early fourth rounder would give them a better shot at Cajuste.

John Schneider has a history of drafting this type of receiver in this range. Kevin Norwood, Chris Harper and Kris Durham were all previous fourth round picks. All were bigger in stature compared to Golden Tate, Paul Richardson and Tyler Lockett (drafted in rounds 2-3).

Of course, the Seahawks might still be able to pull off a trade like this even if they go O-line at #26. The sheer depth on the D-line could allow them to move down from #56 and still take a defensive player.

Alternatively they could drop down a few spots in round one with the intention of acquiring a fourth rounder.

In this scenario I had the Seahawks taking Vernon Butler at #26. He has a lot of buzz at the moment and could easily be off the board as early as #19 to Buffalo.

People talk up his potential as a pass rusher but he has a lot of work to do there. That said, he’s amped up on the field and set the tone for the Louisiana Tech defense. Every other player gravitated towards him on the field — that was evident.

Here’s how Scouts Inc describes him:

Plays with a mean streak. Tough dude. Well respected by teammates and he’s also known as the enforcer in their locker room. The only area on tape that gives us concern is his inconsistent fight as a pass rusher, particularly when he doesn’t win with first move.

This just about sums him up perfectly. He’s a fun guy with a serious football side — but he needs to improve his pass rush to max out his potential. This video offers a good insight into his personality:

Scouts Inc go on to add:

Butler is a massive interior defensive lineman with good overall strength, explosive upper-body power, and above average mobility for his size. He’s capable of playing DT, NT and 34DE in the NFL. There are flashes of Muhammad Wilkerson (Jets) in his game, but Butler needs refinement as a pass rusher. He’s a likely top-50 pick overall.

A quick reminder that when we put Butler through weighted TEF — he was the #2 defensive lineman behind Sheldon Rankins.

It’s his versatility, on top of his explosive physical profile that could appeal to the Seahawks. If he can line up at DE and one-technique in base but also act as an interior pass rush option on passing downs — he’d be exactly the type of player they currently lack.

They’ll need to work out whether they can enhance his pass rush before they spend a high pick on him. Plus the need to address the O-line right off the bat might prove too strong — especially with a plethora of D-line options available in this draft class.

Even so — Butler looks like an option. We’ve run through a few scenarios with an O-liner at #26 so it was time for a change. And while they might end up addressing their biggest need with a Germain Ifedi type at #26 — there are options in McGovern, Dahl and Haeg in rounds 2-3 that could also afford them the opportunity to go D-line first.


  1. Del tre

    Great article rob I think you have a spot on analysis and I really wouldn’t be surprised if this is exactly what the Seahawks do. However if Rankins and Butler are gone by 26 I wouldn’t be surprised to see the hawks trade back the first round pick too so they can pick up a DT like ridgeway early and snag an extra 3rd or 4th rounder

    • CC

      I like that idea as well. There are other guys at DT like Willie Henry and Reader who I think could work out as well.

      • Del tre

        I agree Ridgeway just happens to be my favorite player his tape is fantastic and his pro day numbers were great. The guy us just strong. But I don’t have a doubt in my mind that the Hawks will trade back in either the first or second especially if it’s true that they have 200 players on their board. The Hawks have a thin bottom half of the roster a lot of back ups are veterans that need to be replaced by rookie talent. And the rookies in development outside of Sokoli and tye smith I really do not have much faith in. (I’m talking about non starters rookies that didn’t really play last year not Tyler Lockett, frank Clark, and glowinski) I think this training camp will be extremely competitive for roster spots.

        • C-Dog

          I like Ridgeway a lot too as a fall back plan if they miss out on Butler.

      • Rick

        Yes. I think they will definitely trade down from 26. It saves money and gives them more picks.

        • GeoffU

          People say that, but I’m not sure it saves any money. Sure, you give up a first round salary, but a 2nd rounder + a 3rd-4th rounder probably ends up a wash.

          What Seattle likes is more picks, so you can up your odds on hitting on more players. Now, if you suck at drafting it’s not gonna matter (Rams), but if you’re reasonably good at it that’s how you stay competitive in the salary cap era. So I guess in that sense it does save money, just not in the way people are thinking.

  2. CC

    I like Cajuste a lot – and Butler as well. I just really hope we take a real OT rather than the pipe dream like Britt or Carpenter.

  3. Darth12er

    Welcome back BB?? Wow, didn’t see that one coming-the bully is back!! Maybe he replaces Irvin the backer?? Probably not, but I don’t see him earning a CB spot. Crazy stuff

    • CC

      He can teach some of the younger guys, a good locker room guy – and yeah, maybe he switches positions – not sure he can do much in coverage these days.

      • Volume12

        Why would he switch positions?

        It’s just like Webb. Everyone wants to complain and moan about how ‘bad’ he was.

        It’s not what they did, it’s what can you do going forward?

        I’ll say it again. Seattle is bringing guys like Browner and Webb and Clemons back for competition, and they’re putting faith in the coaching staff that these guys are gonna be better fits in our scheme.

        As a forewarning. Don’t be shocked when Seattle takes guys in the draft that are perceived as ‘awful.’

        • C-Dog


        • monkey

          Could not agree more, though I am more expecting the self proclaimed experts to call the guys we take, ‘reaches’ rather than ‘awful’.

      • manthony

        With Pete always maximizing his players talents I wonder if Browners gonna cover TEs. Allow us to have a nickel package that plays more like a base up front? Really like BB to help in that regard. He’s big and slow for a CB, but I think her do good against right ends

        • LantermanC

          Dream Scenario is that in the Seahawks Patriots rematch, having BB will help us counteract Gronk and Marty Bennett.

    • Darth12er

      Instead of ‘Avengers assemble’ is seems like ‘Seahawks assemble’!

      • Steele

        Seahawks Reassemble!

        Browner does make sense covering TEs. Greg Olsen. Gronk. That is one of the achilles heels of this D, and I have been hoping to see them address it somehow.

        The other problem is covering the slot better. They haven’t done much about it since 2012. Besides Lane, I want to see a dedicated shifty nickel back who shuts down Edelman types.

        Yes, I am looking ahead to a future SB vs. NE. Gotta.

        • HI Hawk

          Burley is a dedicated shifty nickel back. Lane is also adept at that. Considering what we ask at the outside CB position, we can only really dedicate so much roster space to inside ONLY guys. Tye Smith is built similarly to Lane, so should conceivably be able to play the slot.

    • GeoffU

      Apparently he was playing through a torn MCL. Browner (if healthy and playing well), Sherman, Shead, Lane — that’s a hell of a dime defense. Now, if Butler (if drafted) and Clem can rush the passer…

      • Del tre

        Not just that but Browner would be an absolute force for the hawks if they use him against tight ends in dime, it’s pretty much perfect for him for most tight ends if you get your hands on them its over they go soft even gronk did before lane got injured

        • GeoffU

          Didn’t even think about that. Using him on tight ends could be a great idea.

          • Del tre

            Nickel* sorry and yes he is a great situational player so the Hawks will put him in a position to succeed he could also fulfill Bruce Irvins role of covering the flat without a ton of drop off in run stopping

    • matt

      Didn’t see BB coming back either. Somebody on here mentioned him as option, and I rejected the idea. Now knowing that he played on a torn MCL explains why he looked so slow last season. Cool we got him and Clemons back to bring the pain!

  4. Nathan_12thMan

    Really like this Rob. What is cool is so far it seems the most likely, because the connection you see between the Hawks and Cajuste just seems so valid. There is such talent in the 3rd-5th round that a trade down to acquire another pick just seems likely.

    As for not getting a RT…assuming we instead get a DT in R1 I can accept that. I can accept that because in your mock you have us getting McGovern (C) and Dahl (LG). That would give us Dahl-McGovern-Glowinski in the interior OL. I love that. I love Gilliam at LT so what it leaves us is a weak player at RT. Here is what JS had to say about Webb:

    >J’Marcus Webb: “We really like J’Marcus. We saw him there were three games last year where he played tackle, and he’s been a tackle in his past. We see him playing there, knowing that he can play inside and play guard, he played most of the season there at guard. But we think he’s a right tackle with potential to play on the left side also, which he has done in his past. So that flexibility, it really attracted us. He’s an extraordinary athlete, huge guy (6-7, 333), and he’s physically perfect for the spot. In his career, he’s been knocked around quite a bit, but we think that he’s really made a big turn. He’s made a big turn as a young man in his last couple years (likely a reference to Webb’s public admission of previous issues with alcohol). We really think that we may be catching him at a really good time. So we’re excited about him.”

    And about Sowell:

    >Bradley Sowell: “Sowell is a guy that played a lot of spots. He’s been very flexible. He’s played both on the right and left side, could jump in at guard if we needed him to. The flexibility that he brings is pretty unique. We cherish the guys that have some versatility to them. We got a lot of play out of Alvin Bailey (who signed with Cleveland) in the last couple years, being able to jump around, play a lot of spots. We think that he can take that spot and compete for playing time.”

    If Dahl beats Britt quickly they can kick Britt back out to RT to compete as well, with Poole potentially behind Dahl and Britt competing with Sowell & Webb for starting RT. With Sowell I imagine he competes with Gilliam at LT but Gilliam beats him, then he competes for RT, if Webb earns RT then I imagine Britt & Sowell compete for who become the new Alvin Bailey, Swing Tackle backup who can play Guard too.

    • HawkPower12

      Well said Nathan… that would be a great competitive camp.


    • 12thManderson

      The whole kicking Britt back out to RT thing just can’t happen. Yes in dire times you may have to exercise that option, but he should be fully focused on OG and nothing else at this stage in his career. What happened to Britt rookie season? He held up fine against the bull rush of DE’s, but was not athletic enough to beat the speed rush to hold his outside contain. He then gets benched for Gilliam year 2 and moved to LG, LAST SECOND to “get the best 5 on the field”, after training ALL offseason to become a better RT. (Which that offseason proved itself unsuccessful)

      You can’t keep transitioning him back and forth, otherwise he will never amount to more than a backup. I believe he’s strengthening and conditioning himself this offseason to handle the brute strength and power of the DT’s he’ll face. What happens when you focus on leg and core strength? You lose the athleticism that RT would require. I believe his Tackle days are long gone and he’s either going to get beat out at LG or win the job due to his offseason training. And trust me, he’ll have just as much opportunity as the next guy to win that LG job, no matter how far he’s fallen out of fan-fare graces.

      • Nathan_12thMan

        I don’t have a single problem with this opinion.

      • C-Dog

        Good take, 12thManderson.

      • matt

        Interesting take on Britt 12thmanderson. Wish I held the same optimism towards Britt, but can see how him getting jerked around has hindered his development.

    • Trevor

      Thanks for the info on Webb Nathan. I have been struggling to find something positive about the Webb signing and this definitely helps shed some light on it.

    • C-Dog

      Yeah, all the vibes I get, I think they are intent on having Webb seriously compete and earn the starting RT gig. I think they add a tackle at some point in the draft to compete there, but it may not be an early pick.

  5. kevin mullen

    I dig the DLine or any impact player in 1st round but I’m leaning on JS trading out and getting both 2nd & 3rd round picks, that said, I see this draft as a reload for our magazine.

    • Rick

      I agree. If they get a 2nd and 3rd, they might also trade their second. JS likes lots of picks.

      There is lots of competition in the O line. Kristjan Sokoli might rise up and take the center spot.

      • Volume12

        How many of those 200 players he referenced are day 3 or UDFA targets though?

        Seems like a lot of them IMO.

      • David

        I’m actually quite bullish on Sokoli, guessing it will be either this year or next he supplants Lewis at Center. If you go back and watch the 2nd half of the Raiders pre-season game (granted it was against the Raiders backups) he was particularly impressive in his run blocking (less so in pass protection). He was playing LG in that game and IMHO he was a big reason why the Hawks dominated the 2nd half running the ball with Rawls throughout that half, you can definitely see his athleticism in play particularly getting to the 2nd level and locking down run lanes.

        Guessing his pass protection needs some work (and line calls if he is going to play center), noticed a few times on blitzes he picked up the wrong guy leaving a free runner but once he polishes up that aspect of his game I have no doubt he will be a beast on the line.

  6. Ben2

    If we could walk from this draft with those 6 players in that order I’d be JACKED!

  7. Darth12er

    The name Cajuste comes up a lot on this site. Sounds like I need to read up on him a bit. With so many WR bodies on the team, does he carry special teams value? He’s not blazing fast, but he’s a big dude!

    • Volume12

      Good point.

      They do seem to be looking at receivers and DBs that carry STs value and could be immediate conteibutors.

      However, Cajuste is a good target.

      Along with these guys….

      Guys like him, BYU’s Mitch ‘too tall’ Matthews, Georgia’s Malcom Mitchell, Rutgers Leonte Carroo, Baylor’s Jay Lee, Jacksonville’s Andy Jones, Arizona St’s Devin Lucien.

      And then there’s pure slot receivers like Udub’s Jaydon Mickens, W. Michigan’s Daniel Braverman, Arkansas St’s JD McKissic.

      • Volume12

        Forgot to add Marshall’s Davante’ Allen.

      • matt

        On Matthews highlight tape there are a couple big time special teams plays. Just thought I’d throw that out there. Contributing on multiple special teams squads are a big part of being a WR for the Hawks.

      • East Side Stevie

        Tulsa’s Keyyaris Garret

    • monkey

      I actually think it’s not out of the realm of possibility that he would be looked at as a hybrid WR/TE/H-Back in our offense.
      While he’s not super fast for a WR, he’s plenty fast for a TE or FB, and he’s more than willing to block. He’s quite good at it as a matter of fact.
      In many ways, he’d be used similar to Graham, with the exception that unlike Graham, Cajuste can block.

      • Landhawk

        Take a look at and look where Cajuste stands on the list of wide receivers. There’s more to an athlete than a 40 time. He was one of the biggest receivers as well. I’ve been convinced for quite awhile that the Hawks will most likely grab him in the draft. We’ll find out soon.

  8. Volume12

    Love that Browner is back.

    Here to teach the young guns the kick step and another thing or two.

    Now Seattle can take a pure slot corner in UDFA or round 6. Never taken one later than that.

    Original LOB is back!

  9. Cameron

    Rob, do you think the Seahawks can afford to take a DT in round one if that means missing out on one of the top tackle prospects? I like Dahl and McGovern but neither project to playing any position besides G or C. It would be nice to land an Ifedi type who can play G but has T upside.

    I would take your scenario and draft Ifedi instead and take Javon Hargrave at #73. For me Hargrave is your classic 1-gap penetrater who would project as an immediate contributor on 3rd downs.

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’d be a risky move and if I was going to put money on the pick at #26 — today I would bet on an offensive lineman.

      However, there are some nice O-line options in rounds 2-3 so D-line at #26 (for the right guy) is still a possibility too.

      • GeoffU

        IF they see a D-lineman there who they believe can pass rush, I could totally see them taking that guy over any O-lineman. There’s good options in round 2-3 for OL, but a DT who can pass rush? Nowhere else in the draft. Since Rankins will probably be gone, we’re pretty much just talking Butler here right? And what Seattle thinks of him?

    • RWIII

      Question for Cameron. Let’s say that both Vernon Butler, Jonathan Bullard and Germain Ifedi are all on the board. Now let’s day you have a higher grade on both Butler and Bullard. Would you still take Ifedi even though he has a lower grade.

      • Cameron

        Good question. If I were taking a purely BPA approach then sure I would take whoever was highest on my board, but I’m not taking a BPA approach in this draft.

        The OL is arguably the weakest position group on this team and in need of a serious talent influx. Germain Ifedi would move ahead priority wise if it were close because he plays the offensive line. If we come out of this draft with only 2 offensive line players and neither projects as a tackle, then I’ll be scratching my head. At that point we would have a whole lot of Guard prospects but only two players (Gilliam and Webb) who are legit tackles in this league.

        That pretty much sums up why I’d want to take the best Tackle available.

        • matt

          Well put Cameron. Completely agree. Analyzing the OT class it sure looks like there’s a ‘shelf’ after the likes of Coleman, Decker, Ifedi and Spriggs are off the board. Meanwhile theres a few interior OL options that will likely be available in the mid rounds.

    • C-Dog

      I like your thinking, Cameron. I think Hargrave could be a good get for the Seahawks in R3, even though his arms are a bit on the short side for what they want at DT. They could be looking at more than rotational help at DL though, hence the interest in Butler. IMO, I think Ifedi projects best at guard, but they likely want to add competition to tackle, also makes him desirable. It would be a nice dilemma to have both Butler and Ifedi on board at 26.

      • RWIII

        IMO: Vernon Butler is THE player the Hawks are targeting. There is NO doubt in my mind. The question is: Is Butler still going to be on the board at 26. I have my doubts.

        Rob. After doing some research on Devon Cajuste I can see why he makes perfect sense for Seattle. In addition to receiver the Hawks could use him as an H-back. Cajuste is an excellent blocker. Would be a big plus in goal line/third down/red zone situations.

        • C-Dog

          I can see Butler going higher than 26 for sure.

          • Hawktalker

            Although I agree, I have seen a lot of mocks that appear viable that have Butler available at 26, and even a few with Rankins there . . . What a dream that could be. Almost get the feeling that without Butler, Rankins or Reed at 26, trading down for more value could be where the smart money is.

            • C-Dog

              Yeah, I think that’s very possible. I think Ifedi is probably a legit target at 26, though.

    • Nate

      I say yes because you don’t pay Webb for nothing.
      Coleman – some say not worth it drafting if falls to 56. I disagree. You hedge him against Webb, and focus on interior OL.

  10. Trevor

    Interesting article and option to consider. I think it is a option and scenario that sounds like a JS type move for sure. I think a lot hinges on who is available int Rd #1 when they pick.

    Bottom line is that if we came away from the draft with Butler, Mcgoven, Dahl, Ervin and Cajuste then I think Hawks fans should be happy.

  11. Soggyblogger

    This is exactly what I think they will do, and I have been saying so for months. Whether they can find a trade partner in the first may be problematical, and so trading down from our second round pick is about as likely as the first.

    Cajuste, is on my radar now.

  12. RWIII

    I guess I need to do some more reading on Devon Cajuste.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I’ve been on to him for awhile…. watched a Stanford game on TV sometimes during the CFB season. He just stood out to me.. the grit and resolve. He reminds me a bit of Anquan Boldin in how he plays/style, if you compare him to a current NFL player.

      Cajuste’s combination of size and athleticism makes him a potential mismatch in the NFL. ~ Rob Rang

  13. RWIII

    The more I read about Butler the more I am hoping this guy will still be on the board.

  14. GerryG

    Really want a stud DL in rd 1. Rankins (not gonna happen) or Butler. Since they seem to have addressed their Tackle issues with Gilliam and Webb, maybe they really are fine with them, and will focus on the interior in 2nd/3rd.

    The defense last year just didnt have that dominating feel to it for most of the year. Getting more DL thump seems a must to me. If Butler is there, I think you have to take him.

  15. Nate

    I would be happy with this draft.
    If they don’t draft Cajuste, Justin Berger as an udfa or late rd is a great fallback.

  16. Greg Haugsven

    17 spots in the Second round seems like a lot to me. Personally I’d rather move back 6-8 spots in the first round to get that extra 4th rounder. Love the idea of getting the extra pick.

  17. Turnagaintide

    Another big wr like Cajuste – Mitch Mathews from BYU is nearly 6’6″ and ran a 4.47 at his pro day. He’s actually pretty shifty for a bigger guy and can high point the ball well. He could be an alternative to Cajuste in the 5th or 6th and be the Chris Mathews replacement.

    • Volume12


  18. nichansen01

    Devon Cajuste – How would he fit?

    He’s an excellent blocker, also tall and fast (6-4 with a 4.44 40 at his pro day).

    He can play tight end or wideout, and he is a good pass catcher as well as a solid traditional blocking tight end.

    This guy would probably be a big upgrade from Helfet as the third tight end and we could also provide us with the ‘big receiver’ we have been missing. His versatility makes him a very intriguing prospect. Jimmy Graham’s injury might make Cajuste even more valuable to Seattle’s offense.

    However, I see the board differently.
    Instead of:

    1. Butler
    3. Mcgovern
    3. Dahl
    3. Ervin
    4. Cajuste
    4. ??????

    I would prefer
    1. Butler
    3. Deion Jones/Eric Striker/Jatavis Brown/Kyler Fackrell/Travis Feeney
    3. Mcgovern
    3c. Haeg/Dahl
    4. Cajuste
    4. Ervin
    With a list of post fourth round targets being:
    Alex Balducci, DT, Oregon
    David Onyemata, DT, Manitoba
    Lene Maiva, OT, Arizona
    Will Parks, SS, Arizona
    Kevon Seymour, FS/CB, USC
    Joel Heath, DT, Michigan State
    Marcus Henry, C, Boise State
    Reese Obhiambo, OT, Boise State
    Zac Brooks, RB, Clemson
    Nick Richter, OT, Richmond
    Mike Matthews, C, Texas AM

    • Hawksince77

      Second your thought of taking Deion Jones in the second. Adding him to the defense would be awesome.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      As Rob stated, Dahl is rising… maybe late round 2 now.

      Ervin most likely won’t be around by late round #4, just too many teams looking for an explosive play making “gadget” type of guys. I dare say, Ervin might be gone by late 3rd if I’m reading the tea leaves properly. Perhaps I’m projecting him to the Seahawks in late 3rd, so I’m a bit biased. I see him as a potentially difference making RB…. not the every-down guy, but that guy who comes in 8-10 plays a game and really creates explosive plays each time he touches the ball. Think Percy Harvin, without the “throwdowns” in the locker-room.

      • JakeB

        The tape provided here on Ervin was so good. Incredible vision and acceleration. If he’s available in the third and doesn’t end up a seahawk I’ll be very disappointed. If the patriots get him I’ll be sick.

        • Greg Haugsven

          McGovern and Dahl seem like the same player to me. I’d love 1 but don’t think we need both?

          • JakeB

            I think they might be the same in that they seem to be very versatile. If they both can potentially win a spot then I don’t see why you couldn’t take both

      • C-Dog

        If Seattle selects DL at 26, I think Dahl becomes a legit target for pick 56.

  19. RWIII

    This IS going to be a Seahawk draft. John Schneider has got to be on Cloud nine with this draft.

    Also I am glad to see Brandon Browne back in the fold. I am getting the feeling this coming season has 2013 written all over it.

    Just give me Vernon Butler in the first round.

  20. nichansen01

    Rumors are out that the seahawk’s color rush uniforms are going to be… Charcoal colored

    • Rob Staton

      This is not true — fortunately or unfortunately.

      The colour rush uni’s will be action green vs STL, who will be wearing all blue

      • rowdy

        They need to burn them already, they will be worse then the steelers bumblebee uniforms

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          close, but no…. Steelers uniforms should have stayed in the past.

      • Scraps

        “Action green”? “Action” is not a color-adverb. “Lime”, “avocado”, “lizard”, “apple”, “chartreuse”, “juniper”, “fern”, “olive”, “basil”, “pickle”, “crocodile”, “emerald”, “pear”, “moss”, “shamrock”, “pine”, “parakeet”, “mint”, “pistachio”, “seaweed”, “asparagus”, “viridian”, “jade”, “jungle”, “mantis”, “malachite”, even “teal”; but what shade of green does “action” suggest? Other than “loud”, I guess.

        • matt

          Scraps you probably don’t like Gatorade’s Cool Blue flavor either huh? 😉

          • Scraps


            “Cool”, though bad, is not the awfulness perpetuated upon the English language that “action” is. At least it runs on temperature, which some people will conjure in their head a color. “Action”? Bah.


            • STTBM

              You are now my Hero. Bravo!

        • STTBM

          Comment of the Year! I salute you!

    • rowdy

      I seen the pic of the helmet and it looked really good!

      • KingRajesh

        It was just a poorly lit standard colored helmet.

        I’m pumped for the LIME GREEN color rush.

    • Michael M.

      What exactly is the NFL trying to do with the color rush thing? Is this an effort to sell more merchandise? Are they trying to steal the coveted ‘toddler demographic’ away from Blue’s Clues and Sesame Street? Does anyone out there not absolutely hate it? I truly don’t understand.

      • Scraps

        I’ll bet they think they will get the young crowd (or, the coveted 18-35 spendthrift years).

      • KingRajesh

        Color Rush provides another reason to give the NFL money, just like how they sometimes release fashion jerseys before the year starts – like the Black Impact Series from 2013 and the Drenched Series from 2014.

        I’ve probably spent about $1300 on Russell Wilson jerseys since we drafted him in 2012, and I’d still buy a Color Rush Russell Wilson Jersey.

        Gotta keep our guy as one of the top merchandise sellers in the league!

        • HI Hawk

          I may buy one – if I can get it pre-season. I think a #16 in bright green would look mighty cool!

  21. Lenny J

    Browner is the Hawks new deathbacker, Kam backup. Love it. I can envision alot of cool packages with Browner as a 5th DB slash linebacker.

    • Robert

      I’m loving the potential of Browner in a unique, hybrid roll He’ll reduce opposing WRs into video game characters who’s elbows are glued to their hips!

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I’m thinking of him more in a SS/LB mode, than a CB mode. Slightly different from what he was before, but we know he will crush people.

    • bobbyk

      Is this speculation or are there any indications this is what will happen?

      I thought bridges were burned, but I guess not. Glad to have him back.

      Low risk, high reward. I like it.

      • Scraps

        But I thought he was awful last year. Not just the penalties, but getting beat repeatedly.

        Competition, I know. As long as he doesn’t keep a young promising cornerback off the roster.

        • STTBM

          BB says he played through torn MCL all last year.

  22. Robert
    10’5″ broad jump weighing 320 pounds at his Pro Day!
    I’ve been intrigued with this guy as a mid round possibility who seems similar to Mebane in many respects.
    Has anyone else looked into this guy???

    • Volume12


      • Robert

        HAhaha so stingy!. I was excited to get some feedback on this guy and one of the members of this community who I enjoy reading the most throws me a 1-word kibble! Not Cool!

        • Volume12

          Haha! I’m sorry man. Wasn’t my intention.

          Was a member of those Shrine game DTs that Seattle was looking at. Your right. He’s a ‘Bane kind of DT. Big, strong, 1 gaping DT. Plays hard, moves well, does all of tge dirty/little things.

          Seattle scouted Florida St practices pretty hard this year. I think for RB Dalvin Cook and DE/DT DeMarcus Walker. But, they came back on the day he returned from injury. Coincidental?

          Has the length and size they seem to like. He’d be a great pickup in round 5 or so.

          BTW, DL DeMarcus Walker was a man crush of mine. So disappointed when he returned for his senior year. Would’ve been thee perfect hybrid/interior rusher for us. Keep an eye on him for next year though.

          • CharlieTheUnicorn

            There is always the 2017 Draft!

            • Volume12


          • Robert

            I can’t believe the FO is content that Siliga will be as effective as Mebane at gobbling up blocks and keeping Wagz clean. And I think that is a critical part of our foundational philosophy on defense.

            • Eran-Ungar

              I fully agree on that one. He also costs us a comp pick.

              At 200K guarantied he is the same insurance policy that Sowell is for the OL.

            • Volume12

              I thought Silinga was nice.

              They tried to get him through to the PS, but couldn’t.

              I remember last year how many fans didn’t think ‘big Tuba’ was anything either.

              JS/PC got an eye for veteran FA D-lineman. Every one was ir has been effective.

              • Eran-Ungar

                An effective run stuffer describes Siliga’s ceiling.

                I believe that he was brought in as insurance. I believe the Seahawks are looking for their long term DT starter in the draft this year as their top priority. If they can get Butler, they should be set at that position for 4 years.

                If all works out perfectly, both Siliga and Sowell are cut and we get 4 comp picks next year (Mebane, Irvin, Okung, Sweezy) Webb will be canceled by Bailey. Add our 7th round pick for Norwood and we may have 12 picks next year. We could then trade up for a top DE edge rusher or WR if Baldwin is too rich to extend.

                • Rob Staton

                  Getting a long term answer at DT in base defense is unlikely to be a priority the Seahawks feel the need to lock down long term.

                  Look how they treated the 3-tech position.

                  If they draft Butler in R1 it’ll likely be because he can play outside and inside and never come off the field. Siliga is a two-down base run defender and you don’t need a long term answer there — just someone who can stop the run per this scheme.

                  • Eran-Ungar

                    Maybe i was not clear enough.

                    I believe that the Seahawks are looking for a 3 down impact DT. A guy that can stuff the run and press/pentrate the pocket. You keep pointing to what they did so far and I keep saying that they did it out of necessity and not by choice.

                    Being so effective against the run makes the run stuffers 1 down players rather than 2 down players. Teams are more likely to pass on 2nd and 8+ and use the base package to their advantage. They need that dual purpose DT so they do not have to pick their poison on 2nd down.

                    I further believe that Siliga is the insurance policy just in case we can’t get that “do it all” DT.

                    That is the reason i kept insisting that the ideal scenario for the FO is Butler/Rankins or whoever they like for that role in the 1st round.

                    Yes, they will add 2-3 O-Liners into the coaching pipeline to try and follow the Glow/Gilliam course. If one of those will impress them enough, he could replace one of the starters but they are ready to go to war with the current starting five.

                    I do not believe that they are that ready to go to war with Siliga at 1 or 3tech.

                    I know we disagree on that since the start but that is still my view of the situation.

                    • Rob Staton

                      It’d be a massive scheme shift and that to me is incredibly doubtful six years in.

                      It’s not just about necessity or whatever — it’s their scheme and philosophy. Do you really believe for six years they’ve ‘got by’? There’s a reason they don’t draft or spend big on pure DT’s.

                      You say they’re not ready to go to war with Siliga and yet they were willing with McDaniel, Williams, Rubin etc.

                      It just seems to be a view based completely at odds with everything we know about this team.

                • matt

                  Alvin Bailey does not count on the comp pick front. He wasnt offered as an RFA therefore doesn’t affect the comp picks.

                  • Eran-Ungar

                    I did not know you have to offer UDFAs for them to count as comp picks. Dumb move….

    • D-OZ

      I brought him up a few day’s ago as a day three option. (late round). I think he will gain traction leading up to the draft. Hawks scouted a lot of FSU game’s, including Snider.

      • D-OZ

        WOW, that posted way out of context. Was commenting on Lawrence-Stample.

  23. Volume12

    Former E.Carolina RB Giavanni ‘Gee’ Ruffin working out privately for Seattle tommorow.

    JS said they were gonna add to the RB group outside of the draft. Doesn’t mean it’s him, but interesting.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      They will definitely bring in at least one non combine / not on the radar guy at RB for camp. Will he stick, who knows… but I can’t say many people even knew who Rawls was going into the 2015 season. They know his name now… maybe lightening can strike twice.

      • Volume12

        No, there was actually a couple cats that brought him up pre-draft last year. Can’t remember who it was. But, they deserve a shout out.

        I was impressed him during pre-season too. Can’t believe that Rod Smith was actually more favored.

  24. Steele

    Rob, I would be fine with the Cajuste trade down scenario. As long as they do not forfeit their ability to land the (three) offensive linemen that they must have. There is a degree of risk if they get too cute. And I am not sure that “falling in love” with anyone is a good idea here. Getting cute with the bottom half of the draft is more understandable.

    As for Brandon Browner. That is the sign that JSPC know the championship window is closing. Bring back any original bullies who can still play. I just hope he finds a way to be effective with getting flagged too much.

    • Robert

      I am baffled you decided the BB acquisition means PCJS know their Championship window is closing. Au-contraire…Win Forever!

      • Steele

        Yes, win forever is the long term philosophy. But this nucleus is aging. Not falling off the cliff, but there are a few years left with this particular bunch playing at a high level. Reuniting with familiar faces and familiar chemistry is the best way to get it done in the short term, while the younger ones develop.

        • Volume12

          They’re still one of the youngest teams in the league.

          This team is gonna be phenomenal next year! So excited. Whether they get the guys we’ve all discussed in this draft or not, they’ll add some really dope pieces.

          Enjo these next 3-4 years my man. We’re in the middle of our championship window.

        • Nathan_12thMan

          Lol aging…you talk like they are 30+ years old and there is 1-2 years left.

          Our core group is Sherman (28), Earl Thomas (26), Jeremy Lane (25), Kam Chancellor (28), Russell Wilson (27), Doug Baldwin (27), Tyler Lockett (23), Thomas Rawls (22), Frank Clark (22), Bobby Wagner (25), K.J. Wright (26), Michael Bennett (30), Cliff Avril (30).

          Besides the two 30 year old DE’s we got that is an young core of players with 4+ years of quality football seasons infront of them before there is much of a drop off in on field production/skill. Not to mention this FO has proven to find stars in the draft (Lockett, potentially Clark, etc) and UDFA (Rawls, Baldwin, Kearse) and FA (Bennett, Avril, Rubin, Browner, etc).

          So I have no clue what you are talking about. Our wide open SB window is a solid 2-4 more years. If it extends beyond that depends on if PC & JS are still here, how drafts have gone, how talent has developed and such.

    • Nathan_12thMan

      >That is the sign that JSPC know the championship window is closing.

      You’re kidding right? Please tell me you are kidding…

      First off as long as you have a decent team and a quality QB you are a contender for a championship. Russ will just be getting better and better barring any injury well into his 30’s. The core of our D is locked up long term for 2-4 more years. Our offense has contributors locked up like Jimmy, I imagine Doug extended soon, Kearse, PRich, Tyler Lockett, Rawls, Gilliam, Glow, etc.

      Not to mention this draft is deep & talented and we could leave with multiple quality starters and some quality depth. Also guys on the roster like Tharold Simon, Frank Clark, Cassius Marsh, Jordan Hill and more could start contributing in big ways.

      So what in the world are you talking about closing? Our team is still young, our core is signed long term, Russ is getting better and better, Pete & John will most likely re-sign 3 year contracts soon and keep the influx of talent from the Draft, UDFA and FA coming along with smart cap decisions that keep our cap healthy.

      Lol…championship window closing my butt.


      >I just hope he finds a way to be effective with getting flagged too much.

      There is your problem, you assume he will make the roster. Do you know how deep we are at CB? We have potential starters in Simon, Seisay, SJB, Farmer, Burley, Shead, not to mention we re-signed Lane who Pete likes at outside and inside CB.

      Browner was likely brought in to mentor the young pups, to be an example to the CB room of what a LOB CB should be, to rub his grit & bully off on the defense, and POTENTIALLY make the roster as a situational contributor. Chris Clemons has more likelihood IMO of actually making the 53 man roster.

      • GeoffU

        It seems people assume the players we have now are the only players we’ll ever have. How did we get these players again? As long as we have Russell Wilson and the draft, the championship window never closes.

      • RWIII

        Nathan: Easy. The Seahawk window is not closing.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s not a sign of the window closing as much as it’s a need for some leaders and physicality since Marshawn’s retirement.

  25. Sam Jaffe

    I totally agree that Cajuste makes sense as a Seahawks target. He’s got through-the-roof measurements (in terms of height), character and ball skills. The problem with him is that he just doesn’t fit into any pre-molded assumptions about positions. He’s not a good blocking tight end. He’s a tad slow for a move tight end. He’s way too slow as a WR1. And he just doesn’t strike me as a slot or possession receiver. If the Seahawks end up with him, they will need to carve a position for him that doesn’t match any molds. That means very high bust-risk. But if they find the right spot for him, then he could be a stellar pro player. One of the cool things about this draft is that there are players like this (Seahawky, special talents, teachable flaws, high upside) in every round. Guys like Ervin, Cajuste, Holmes, Fant, Adams, Antoine Williams and Murray could all be potential Seahawks for the later rounds (or, as Rob suggests, “reaches” in the earlier rounds that turn out to be brilliant moves in retrospect five years later).

  26. James

    9 draft picks (room on the 53-man for probably no more than 4 or 5) plus a half dozen UDFAs (of whom at least a couple will make the 53-man), should be more than a sufficient number of new guys. Of course, it would be nice to have like 42 draft picks so you can let them fight to the death and keep the last 5 still alive, but c’mon…

    The Seahawks have 4 picks in the top three rounds, and if they don’t out-smart themselves, they should come away with 2 starting quality OLs, a rotational DT, and a bonus guy – maybe a Leo? The draft has fallen their way, in that it is rich in linemen, which is exactly what Seattle needs. Count your blessings, John and Pete, and don’t get so greedy that you walk away with less than you should have.

    A number of teams are getting wise to Seattle’s draft strategy… I mean our own Rob has developed a formula that basically tells us who the Seahawks will pick. Other teams now know, of a certain, that we will be targeting guys like Connor McGovern, Jason Spriggs, Germain Ifedi, Vernon Butler, Joe Dahl, et al, and they will jump ahead of us if we act like a bunch of know-it-all Enron guys.

    John & Pete: stay put, pick the guys off your draft board, and thank the football gods that some linemen have been sent your way.

    • Steele

      James, I agree. I would rather they stay put. The trend in the past few drafts have seen the more ideal fits move up the draft board in the final weeks and days, and then out of reach. If their OL targets are there where they are, I think they should take them, even if it may be a few picks too early.

      “they will jump ahead of us if we act like a bunch of know-it-all Enron guys”

      Well, they are already doing that. But every team has its own process, not necessarily similar, and their own needs. Some of the “thefts” will be tactical, some of it coincidence. I’m not sure if the Seahawks are the team the rest of the NFL is imitating right now. They are not the flavor of the month.

  27. Volume12

    Cajuste is not a TE, he’s not an H-back.

    He’s a WR in the mold of Kelvin Benjamin or Devin Funchess. He’s actually faster than KB in just about everything.

    Really good receiver to try and get, but there are others that fit this team too.

    • Volume12

      Oops. This was meant to be posted above. In response to Sam.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Not a big fan of Rob Rang, but he at least gives us a briefing of what he sees in various guys.

      IN OUR VIEW: Cajuste does not possess the power at this time to hold up as a traditional inline blocker and may, in fact, project best as an H-back type. His greatest asset may be his strong, reliable hands. ~ Rob Rang

    • Steele

      “He’s a WR in the mold of Kelvin Benjamin or Devin Funchess”

      And that sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it. It’s time to get that Chris Matthews formula back out there, and make something consistent of it.

      By the way, despite thumbs down in here, Funchess would not have been a bad one for the Hawks to have taken last year. His SB catch was clutch. If the Panthers had not blown the rest of that game so badly, that play would have been a turning point.

      • Volume12

        Let’s see what they do.

        Even if they wait until UDFA to address WR, I think they’ll find a good, reliable target.

        They might even target a receiver built like Kearse.

        And it wouldn’t be shocking if they went with another Lockett or Baldwin type of build.

        • Lewis

          I was dying for us to take Kelvin Benjamin. If he has a decent chance to develop into remotely that kind of weapon, then heck yes.

          • Eran-Ungar

            We will have to face Kelvin at least once in 2016, possibly twice. Kelvin is indeed a dangerous weapon. He is not very fast but his size makes him impossible to jam at the line or cover on the jump ball etc.

            That is unless you have a 6-4 big and physical corner. Now who has such a corner?

            Since yesterday, we do…

            • H M Abdou

              In fairness, Browner is just a horrible corner. Why do you think N.O. let him leave?

              • Eran-Ungar

                In fairness, the last time I watched Browner play was early February a little over a year ago. He did not look that bad.

                He was never a great corner against speedy/shifty receivers. What he did do better than anybody is jam at the LOS and disrupt plays due to his physical play. He terrorized receivers, inflicted pain and caused fumbles. He is a great CB against bigger, physical and slower receivers.

                More than anything, he sets a tone, an attitude, something the Seahawks missed last year. Losing Breno, Red, Clem, BB, and now Lynch and Sweezy affected the spirit of the team. 2015 Kam was not the 2012-2014 Kam. I’d love BB on this team even if he only plays special teams.

                • H M Abdou

                  I see your point, but if those guys already on the team don’t play with passion, doubtful that a guy can just be signed to inspire them to have it.

                  And having a tough mentality is great, but if you can’t throw the ball well, run it well, catch, block, cover or tackle guys, or stay with receivers, all the attitude in the world won’t help.

                  I think playing well gives you a strong, tough mentality.

              • Volume12

                PC knows how to utililze Browner and get the best outta his talents.

              • STTBM

                In all fairness, Browner says he played with a torn MCL all year. He never complained.

                I would say its highly likely Seattle will either find he’s not lost much of a step and it was the torn MCL that slowed him and led to his poor play last year (that and horrid Defensive Coaching), or he will get cut.

        • DC

          If Jaydon Mickens slips through the draft I’d expect him to show up at the VMAC in short order. The Seahawks have a stranglehold on UW UDFA WRs.

    • Sam Jaffe

      Volume12-Do you think Cajuste could be groomed to be the heir to Jimmy Graham? Or would he make more sense as a WR2 type of player who excels at jump balls and red zone fades? Or something else?

      • Volume12

        The latter.

        Some times might see him as a TE option. But, he’s never played there before. Meaning, if he is drafted to be one, wouldn’t expect anything outta him in year one.

        Kind of the Chris Matthews, Lockette, Sidney Rice (nowhere near the route runner Rice was) type of target.

        • STTBM

          The big problem with Matthews, Lockette, and Rice was they were never able to get open consistently. Also, they were skinny and not particularly physical, and Rice was made of glass. (Lockette just inst a good WR). Cajuste is a bit bigger and hopefully more physical.

          Keyyaris Garret, whom Ive been touting on here for weeks, is bigger and more physical than those guys. Its time to get a big WR who is also physical. And if they can get one with some decent speed as well, that would be nice. Matthews was slooooowww.

  28. Old but Slow

    No matter who we take in the draft, it seems likely that Webb will be the starter at RT. He will be a stable element without being especially outstanding in his play. He is a big boy and should handle a hard rush with no problem. I suspect that speed rushers will give him problems, but here is why that means less: opponents will concentrate the pass rush up the middle, while defensive ends will hold back to cover the threat of Wilson in the option. We saw that last season, especially against Carolina.

    • DC

      Which has killed us. Carolina and the despicable Rams.

      It means less assuming we upgrade the interior O line in a big way and I for one believe that is going to happen one way or another.

  29. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Would bringing back Browner preclude Seattle from drafting Fackerall in the 2nd round? I’m thinking they will be occupying a similar niche on the defense…. OLB/SS/hybrid.

    • bobbyk

      Actually, I see Fackrell first and foremost as an impact pass rusher… someone who would do it more than he did at Utah State (and the main reason his sack numbers weren’t as high as others).

  30. Chris

    This is my absolute favorite mock I’ve seen so far. Love every pick.

  31. Josh emmett

    What if they go Spriggs at 26 and McGovern at 90 or 97? Can you imagine how athletic the starting line will be in like 2 years? Gilliam/McGovern/Sokoli/Glowinski/Spriggs?!??! If that works out and that group plays well that could be the line that gets Tom cable another head coaching gig, haha, I really can’t wait to see the first all Cable chosen line in Seattle, the raiders definitely had some good groups in Oakland when he was there. I like that the Hawks are bringing in some veteran attitude players like Clem and BB. Getting amped, can’t wait for the draft!

    • Cameron

      I think the idea of Spriggs has been played down a bit around here since it was revealed that Cable wants a ‘mauler’ at RT. If that’s true its seems Ifedi better fit than Spriggs for RT

      • James

        We are moving into the crazy season. Rob brilliantly developed a metric that revealed who the Seahawks will select, assuming they continue to draft guys with unique athletic abilities at need positions, as in the past five years.

        Jason Spriggs will be the pick, unless the TEF somehow doesn’t apply this year. OTs with that athletic ability, combined with high-level starting experience, just don’t come around at all in late R1, except for this year. TEF says it will be Spriggs, so Spriggs it will be… why over-think this, other than in a futile effort to keep ourselves amused for another two weeks?

        • Lewis

          No, it doesn’t work that way. It helps identify a group of players they are likely considering and eliminate some they aren’t liable to consider. There is MUCH more to evaluating players than just that nor does it mean that the person with the highest score will necessarily be chosen.

      • RWIII

        Cameron. I think that Ifedi is a priority over Spriggs. The reason would be that Ifedi can play RT/LG. Where as Spriggs is primarily a Left Tackle. It looks as though Garry Gilliam is penciled in at LT for Seattle.

        • Cameron

          Yeah, to me Spriggs is a tackle only and so like you I prefer Ifedi

          • Josh emmett

            All I was getting at is if butler, Bullard, Ifedy, and Rankins are gone and they get good value by trading back and they picked spriggs, that line would be historically athletic. Probably won’t happen. Just kind of a weird scenario that could happen. Thanks for shooting the breeze, Cheers!

        • H M Abdou

          I think that in comparison with Ifedi, Spriggs has a disadvantage of primarily projecting only as a tackle (left or right). But what if Cable and Carroll want to draft Spriggs not just to play RT, but also as a hedge on their bet that Gilliam can play LT?

          After all, we really don’t know for sure if Gilliam can play LT at a high enough level, right? I don’t know if anyone else brought up this topic?

    • matt

      A starting OL of Gilliam/McGovern/Sokoli/Glowinski/Spriggs would be the most athletic group in the NFL. Not saying they’d be the best, but that group of young athletes is intriguing for sure.

      • H M Abdou

        Kurrrazzy athletic.

  32. RWIII

    Guys: I have been reading these mocks. Believe it or not a number of these mock drafts have someone taking Robert Nkemdiche. I hope someone does take Nkemdiche. That just increases our chances of getting the player we want.

    Most of these mock drafts stll had Jonathan Bullard on the board. I have also seen Vernon Butler still on the board for Seattle. However it does seem like Butler usually goes ahead of Bullard. Walters Football recently did a mock draft where Bullard, Butler, Kevin Dodd and Emmanuel Ogbah are still on the board.

  33. nichansen01

    Walter Thurmond is a free agent. Why don’t we also bring him back? That would really be awesome.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      He has implied that he is retiring. He has supposedly turned down multiple offers of 4M+

  34. RWIII

    Rumor has it that Thurmond is thinking about retiring.

  35. nichansen01

    Alright, lets say the hawks want to draft a linebacker with an early third round pick, after a trade dowm.

    Avaliable are Travis Feeney, Deion Jones, Jatavis Brown and Eric Striker. Fackrell went to minnesota in round 2.

    In this situation, who do you draft?

    • nichansen01

      I would have trouble deciding between Feeney and Jones.

      • bobbyk

        I’d take Jones, but much of that has to do with thinking he’s healthier.

    • C-Dog

      I’d go with Feeney.

    • Rik

      No question, Jatavis Brown. He’s a machine. Production, turnovers, sacks.

      • nichansen01

        Lesser competition.

        • Del tre

          Mac is where Lockett played and where kyler fackrell played he didn’t face lesser competition

          • Volume12


          • J

            No-e played in the big 12

      • J

        Really small.

    • Trevor

      I take Jatavius Brown. Huge chip on his shoulder, great production and leader. I would like any of those guys really though to be honest and think all four will be playing on Sundays.

    • Madmark

      I like Deon Jones, He has the speed that Seattle likes in there LBers.

    • matt

      If all those guys were there we would wait to pick one later in the round. For the sake of the exercise I’d take Deion Jones. Close call, which is why you let the board help make your decision by waiting. I’d list them Jones, Brown, Feeney, Striker.

  36. bobbyk

    I’d like to see a trade where we send #26 to the Titans for their #33 and their fourth-round pick, too. It’s pretty similar on the old trade value chart (actually favors the Titans a bit).

    Another Titans trade scenario is trading #26 to them for their picks they got from the Rams in the third and fourth. If the depth is that good, it might be a good area where they could add a decent pick in the mid-third at the expense of dropping from #26 to the mid-second. This still favors the Titans a bit (old trade value chart), but another deal I’d love to pull off.

    It’s no secret I love Fackrell and think he’s going to be a stud edge rusher and #26 is probably “too early,” whereas #56 will probably be “too late.”

    In that mock, I’d love Fackrell and Hargrave in the second. Having that mid-round pick in the third would probably ensure one of the following OL are still available, too (Dahl, Haeg, Coleman, McGovern).

    Taking two defensive rushers in the first two rounds is too risky because they may miss out on the OL with their pick in the third. However, having an additional mid-third would allow them to probably still get one of their targeted guys. Also, even if their OL targets started going early, they would have three picks in the third (and could trade two of them) and could move up with their house money.

    I’d be jacked with Fackrell, Hargrave, Dahl, AND still having two picks late in the third round… How cool would that be?

    • bobbyk

      Meant Rams picks in the 2nd-3rd, not “third and fourth.” Oops.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I just feel that Fackrell as a first pick is kind of underwhelming when there are players with higher potential on the board.

    • STTBM

      Bobbyk, I like your scenario, but I dont know much about Hargrave. Fackrell may indeed project more to a DE/Leo than a SAM. He’s not as fast as Irvin or Clark, but he’s close.

  37. Hawktalker

    Ok blogs are made for crazy-talk and similar responses, so here we go . . .

    On the subject of a late round sleeper WR pick, I know we and most other team prefer the fast as lightning Godzilla sized WR, and why not?, and I know we already have a small burner WR in Lockett, but I have to say that between some eye popping tape I saw recently that included some ankle breaking moves and some SERIOUS speed (there are rumors that a Saints scout had a 4.10 40 time on him at the Texas Tech pro day) Jakeem Grant is already starting to climb into the late rounds. Ok I get it that the guy is only 5’6″, but holy cow does this guy have speed and moves.

    Thoughts? Ok your time to make me pay for this suggestion . . .

    • schuemansky

      We talked about how the league followed the Hawks in searching for big CB’s and how picking Lockett was maybe a countermove to create a mismatch. Well this guy could fit in great with us. Obviously as a kick/punt returner taking the part of Lockett for that risky part of the game (it seems he could be even more elusive in that) but also as a third down option.

      • RWIII

        What’s interesting about Jake Grant is that once you get him the football it might be very difficult to get your hands on him in the open field. Grant could be a possibility later in the draft if the fail to come up with Tyler Ervin.

        • RWIII

          What’s interesting about Jakeem Grant is that once you get him the football it might be very difficult to get your hands on him in the open field. Grant could be a possibility later in the draft if the fail to come up with Tyler Ervin.

    • Alicamousa

      How fun is he to watch? Bit of a poor man’s Tavon Austin. He is really, really, small though. Would be absolutely terrifying watching him go over the middle.

      • RWIII

        What’s interesting about Jakeem Grant is that once you get him the football it might be very difficult to get your hands on him in the open field. Grant could be a possibility later in the draft if the fail to come up with Tyler Ervin. The only problem I can see is Russell Wilson trying to find Grant. Grant is such a little fella he might be difficult to find.

    • Dingbatman

      Yes please! There is a lot of talk about needing big, tall, rangy receivers who can win the jump ball. From my untrained amateur eye though, it appears as if RW doesn’t like to throw “jump balls” much. Jump balls are spectacular when they work but they are a risk and Russell likes being careful with the ball. He seems to much prefer throwing to guys who can create separation and get open.

    • matt

      If we didn’t have Lockett returning kicks/punts I’d be all over Jakeem Grant. He has eye popping speed and is a legit home run threat every time he touches the ball. Not sure he’s big enough to play on coverage teams (limited versatility) or be anything but a gadget player on offense. He can be a weapon for the right team, just don’t see the Hawks having much interest. Again that’s solely because we already have an all pro return man in Lockett. Haven’t done much study on return men in this draft, but I find it hard to believe there’s one more talented than Grant. He reminds me a lot of Trendon Holliday without the massive fumbling issues.

  38. Ehurd1021

    Not sure if he’s been discussed on here before… But I really love this kid Aaron Wallace out of UCLA. I was watching some tape on Jack and he kept flashing OVER AND OVER again. Possible Bruce replacement…

    • Volume12

      Yes, big fan of Wallace. Raw, but in all the right places. Dude can ball.

      And our VMAC visitor is a very nice looking Obum Gwachum type, but a much better coverage ‘backer.

      • matt

        Wallace has all kinds of talent. Ideally he’s a guy who we could stash on the PS for a year or 2 and come away with an impact player.

  39. nichansen01

    Fackrell shows off some pretty effective pass rushing here:

    Albeit against a freshman left tackle, however you can see Fackrell’s pass rushing upside

  40. Josh emmett

    i see nearly everybody mocking McGovern to the Hawks. Where would his best fit be? LG? C? I know he doesn’t have the length for the edge. I was just thinking that they paid Lewis and I’m assuming they will judge Sokoli’s progress early on to see if they are going to continue with the plans laid out for him. I guess what I’m getting at is if they draft Ifedty at 26 they will have a 3 way competition with 2 spots for Britt, Webb, and Ifedy. Center seems a little far fetched for Mcovern to come in and just take from Lewis or them giving up on Sokoli. If they take Ifedy it would be hard to justify taking McGovern for depth at 56/90/97. If they get Dahl or McGovern at 124 or lower I think they pull the trigger but not earlier. No oline pick in the first round I can see them going McGovern or Dahl at 56/90/ or 97. The top 100 is the sweet spot in this draft and I don’t see 2 oliners taken if one is taken at 26.

    • Old but Slow

      It does not seem likely that more than one (if that) rookie will start this year. Ifedi seems a good possibility for LG, which we need more than a RT (in my opinion). Spriggs or Coleman might be ready to start at RT, with Webb going to compete at LG. McGovern, Dahl, Haeg, or Theus would be depth. It is depth that is much needed, however, and makes the picks relevant.

      • Josh emmett

        A lot of cats are saying they might have to get McGovern as early as 56 to get him. I just can’t see them spending a 2nd or 3rd round pick on a guy for depth because that’s what they did last year with mad dog. Get Haeg or Redmond in the 5th or 6th for depth. Use the earlier picks for players that can make an impact this year:RB, WR, DE, DT, or OLB. Glow and McGovern are pretty similar on paper athletically. Glow’s sparq score is better then McGovern. I just don’t see it unless McGovern is there in the 5th round because they would be basically drafting glowinski 2 years in a row and if the Hawks didn’t take glow earlier then the 4th round comp pick why would they all the sudden take McGovern in rounds 2,3,or 4? I want Ifedy at 26 and then pick up a Sparq/TEF monster in the 5th or 6th. Uses the middle rounds for defense and a RB, cheers!!

  41. Old but Slow

    Is anyone else looking at slot corners? Smaller, quicker guys with some grit? Jonathan Jones and Tavon Young will probably go in the 4th to 6th round, but Ian Wells may be there at the 7th round and he is a SPARQ freak.

    • H M Abdou

      I’ve always been an advocate of the idea that the Seahawks should relax the prerequisite for CBs in terms of height and arm length, especially for guys they groom as slot CBs.

      For example, Jason Verrett was a guy I really wanted them to take a couple of drafts ago. Of note, he’s one of the few guys who has had success covering Odell Beckham, just to give you an idea about his talent.

      • Del tre

        I remember seeing a play where tyler lockett absolutely demolished verrett he turned him around so badly i laughed at the video. But in all reality verrit was a really good corner isn’t he starting for the chargers?

    • Volume12

      Slot corners or probably more likely, a safety/CB hybrid.

    • Kenny Sloth

      They have consistently mentioned wanting to find a big nickle for their team.

      They like a CB/S/LB hybrid there. I think that was their true plan for players like Pinkins

    • STTBM

      Seattle has Burley, who despite not being their preferred size, has played his way onto the team: so I dont see them drafting a small nickel back. They still prefer bigger guys in the nickel, though they may relax their arm length standard a bit–they have been checking out bigger corners who lack 32 inch arms this year, so that could either be a legit sign they are expanding their horizons or just smokescreen.

  42. Nathan

    The pipe dream of Rankins took a hit with this:

    “Sean Payton probably figured no point in being coy about their needs going forward. Mentioned pass rusher, 3-tech DT a few times today.” – Larry Holder,

    • Trevor

      Yeah we may as well forget about Ranks. We would have to trade up to 11 or earlier to get him and that would just cost too much draft capital. It is too bad because he is my favorite Hawks prospect in the draft and would be a true difference make on the team in 2016.

    • Madmark

      I don’t even talk about Rankins or Conklin who I liked as a LT and reason is they just aren’t going to be there at 26. Its nice to dream but I.m not so sure Vernon Butler will be either.

    • JakeB

      In Charlie Casserly’s newest mock, he had the saints taking Kevin Dodd and basically all of the guys we’ve talked about for the Hawks were still available. I don’t buy it, but that’s what he had

      • KingRajesh

        If this happened, I’d RUN to the podium with Rankins’ name.

  43. Trevor

    Rob Rangs buddy at CBS just did a 7 round Mock. Here is who he had going to the Hawks. I thought it was the first National writer who really seemed to at least be in tune with VMAC visitors and guys the Hawsk have shown interest in etc.

    Not a bad collection of players IMO. I would switch Seumalo for Dahl or Haeg however.

    Seahawks (9 picks)
    1 (26) – Jason Spriggs, OT, Indiana
    2 (56) – Chris Jones, DL, Mississippi State
    3 (90) – Isaac Seumalo, OC, Oregon State
    3 (97) – Rashard Robinson, CB, LSU
    4 (124) – Tyler Ervin, RB, San Jose State
    5 (171) – Tyvis Powell, S, Ohio State
    6 (215) – DeAndre Elliott, CB, Colorado State
    7 (225) – Justin Zimmer, OL/DL, Ferris State
    7 (247) – Tajae Sharpe, WR, Massachusetts

    • Trevor

      Here is the link to Buglers Mock I thought it was the most realistic and well thought out 7 rounder I have seen to date. What do you guys think?

      • Sea Mode

        Good stuff, Trevor. Thanks for sharing. I agree he does do a pretty good job of looking at trends and visitors. Not sure about his projections for specific players’ range but that’s tough for anybody to know.

        2 CBs doesn’t sound very likely for us at this point either, but at least as you say they are the type of guys we might like. Glad to see he got Ervin and Zimmer in there too and I think at just the right spots.

        • Trevor

          Agree about CB with the signing of Browner and depth we already have.

      • Lewis

        Take a look at the selections for the Niners. Some familiar names there…

      • Eran-Ungar

        Looking at that mock, just imagine what you can get on day 3:

        McGovern 105
        Tapper 136
        Willie Henry 156
        Catuste 174
        Haeg 186
        Tretola 213

        And my personal favorite – Travis Freeny at 238.

    • D-OZ

      I like Powell a lot, especially at 171.

      • Volume12

        It was ‘meh.’

  44. coachmattson

    We’ve talked a lot about the first two picks on this board being used for OL/DL, with the Hawks coming away from the first two rounds with one of each that could be starters this year.
    For DL, we’ve talked a lot about either Butler or Bullard at 26 and then the consensus seems to prefer McGovern at 56.
    I just saw Mike Mayock’s rankings on McGovern is the 5th ranked guard and Butler and Bullard don’t even make his top 5 DT’s.
    I was surprised that the players that we are thinking would be the best don’t rank well in the mind of Mike Mayock. Thoughts? Go Hawks!

    • C-Dog

      I think a lot of our projections are based on what the Seahawks look for at DL and OL. Butler, Bullard and McGovern all fit the molds.

    • RWIII

      I would not be too worried about Mike Mayock’s ratings.

    • matt

      Butler and Bullard not making Mayocks DT top 5 list shows how deep this draft is for DT’s. PC has said that the depth at DT in this draft is an obvious strength. Because of this I find it difficult to believe that we take one at #26. Not because Butler or Bullard etc. aren’t talented enough or great fits, but because we can find one to fill the situational pass rusher and/or 2 down run stopping role later in the draft. Like Rob has said JS/PC draft for 7 rounds+UDFA’s. DT is loaded this year, why not let the biggest strength of this draft class work for your board. This is about getting multiple players who can impact our roster.

  45. D-OZ

    A grain of salt?

  46. POB

    Big Nkemdiche article on ESPN.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I honestly hope he comes to Seattle. Just because I think we would be able to help him.

      The Seahawks aren’t timid. They’ll take a player if they believe in him. He’s obviously intelligent, obviously tenacious, but also he is obviously misguided and honestly strikes me as a little manic. He wants a panther? He’s teaching his team-mates Eastern Philosophy?

      Is there any history of the Seahawks passing on Uber talented scheme fits with red flags? Bruce had his share, as did Frank Clark.

      At what point do we consider Nkemdiche an option? When does the value outweigh the risk?

      • Alexander Hudson

        I think the Hawks are willing to take guys with red flags when they’re certain that their issues are firmly in the past. I think they felt that way about both Irvin and Clark.

        With Nkemdiche, I don’t think that’s clear. From what I can tell, his issue is not that he’s a bad guy, or an addict, or anything like that. His problem is that he seems to lack common sense. By that, I mean he seems to have a hard time recognizing when something he’s doing, or wants to do (e.g., getting a pet panther), is a bad idea. As a result, he tends to get himself into trouble. Maybe not major trouble, but trouble nonetheless.

        He’s also just kind of an all-around strange person, which I think is related to his lack of common sense. I could see him having a hard time fitting into some NFL locker rooms. That said, I could see him meshing well with certain people, and if he found the right environment, I could see his teammates keeping him straight. In that sense, I think he’s similar to Tyrann Mathieu, who went to exactly the right place (PP has helped him keep it together). In the wrong environment, I could see him being one of those constant headache guys who just always finds himself in hot water over some boneheaded thing he did. For me, the problem isn’t his brother. It’s the fact that he can’t judge, on his own, that a bad idea is a bad idea. His brother might be a bad influence, but ultimately I think it’s his own lack of sound judgement that’s the problem.

        Would he be a good fit for the Hawks? I don’t know. I lean towards no. But if they were to take him, I suspect it wouldn’t be in the first round, and I think it would mean they had concluded he’d be a good fit in the locker room.

        • STTBM

          Rob and others on other sites have made it very clear he has problems with violence as well as making poor choices. And his brother is even worse, and has a large place in his life. All excellent reasons why its hard to see Seattle wanting anything to do with Nkemdiche. He’s closer to Greg Hardy than he is to the Bennett Brothers. (He’s not been accused of DV that I know of, but his history of involvement with violence and impetuous and selfish decision-making closely mirrors Hardy’s Tone-Deaf attitude).

          • Alexander Hudson

            I’m not at all familiar with the details of his past incidences. The ESPN article linked above (which I admittedly only skimmed) didn’t seem to mention much in the way of violent tendencies. Obviously, adding a history of violence to his history of poor judgement makes things worse. That said, the main problem with this guy is that, unlike other prospects with red-flag issues taken by the Hawks in the past (Irvin/Clark, both of whom had violent incidences on their records), his issues don’t seem to be in the past. His behavior in the draft process (essentially incapable of understanding what he’s done wrong), the fact that he wants a pet panther (seriously, wtf?), all paint a picture of a guy whose poor judgement isn’t going to improve soon.

        • Rob Staton

          If Nkemdiche isn’t an addict then he appears to be as close as one can be to addiction. Search ‘Nkemdiche bong’ on Google images. It wasn’t an isolated incident clearly.

          He and his brother also have a history of violence. Again, do a google search for Robert and Denzel Nkemdiche and prepare to be seriously alarmed.

          This is more than just a bonehead who makes bad decisions. He needs help — he needs to accept he needs help — and he needs to try his best to move away from bad influences even if it’s his own brother. Until he does this — what chance has he ever got of a fruitful NFL career.

          NFL teams are very concerned about him — and saying stuff like you want a pet panther two weeks before the draft won’t be helping.

          • Alexander Hudson

            Fair enough. Like I say in my reply to STTBM above, I’m not familiar with the laundry list of his past incidences. The ESPN article (which struck me as trying to paint things in a relatively positive light) gave me the impression he was mostly just a bonehead. Clearly there’s more to it than that.

            Either way, I think it’s pretty clear he’s not moved beyond his issues, which means he’s not going to be drafted by the Hawks.

          • RWIII

            Hopefully a team like Oakland/Buffalo takes Nkemdice. That gives us a better chance to take someone like Vernon Butler.

    • GeoffU

      Wow, very interesting, thanks

    • Ukhawk

      It’s potentially a bad move on many levels but I can’t help but think they’re seriously considering taking a flyer on Nkem.

      With the Kiffin-Carroll connection, perhaps his DL coach Chris Kiffin who has spent 2 seasons coaching him up will endorse Nkem as eccentric but a talented & team oriented player.

      3Ts are so tough to find and its not as if our Hawks haven’t taken risks with the 1st pick. Part of me is saying with the way he dominated Bama we should swing for the fences if Kiffin gives the all clear.

      • Kenny Sloth

        My big problem with Nkem is his overall apathy to his situation.

        His privilege and sense of entitlement are vastly apparent.

        ‘i work hard on the field, i deserve to act a fool. Who are these scouts? Trying to tell me what to do. ‘

        Literally said in the piece above that “they tried to break” him during a workout.

        Do you really want a wild stallion trying to buck you at every turn.

        It almost reminds me of the enigma of the “too-smart-prospect”

        He’s felt like a superstar for so long but he ain’t shit.

        • Kenny Sloth

          At least not yet

  47. Volume12

    The thing I like about Ifedi, obviously, he’s got the size they like for LG/RT types.

    Webb plays the other spot.

    And ND St OL Joe Haeg could give us a swing tackle. He might be able to play guard, but he lacks the functional strength. Would be much better at OT.

    Then add a C later on to compete with Lewis, Soko, and Perciak who TC is very high on.

    Or take a C early, still add Haeg as our swing tackle, and a LG later on.

    Not sure what Joe Dahl is. Maybe a guy that backup 3-4 spots?

    Connor McGovern I like as a possible C convert or RG. IMO he can’t add another 10-20 pounds and be effective. Unless he loses some muscle. Dude is jacked and looks like a WWE jobber.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I have serious doubts about Joe Dahl’s ability to play guard for us in anything more than a spot starter capacity.

      • H M Abdou

        Agreed. Don’t honestly know what all the hype is about.

        • STTBM

          Because the guy is tough and can play. Look at all the measurables you want, his are decent AND he can play. I’d take a guy like him over a loser like Britt any day. He’s going to be a good player in the NFL.

    • H M Abdou

      That’s kinda the issue I have with everyone clamoring for us to draft one of (or both) of the 2 Joe’s. They are just solid, nothing really special. I see them as good backups at the NFL level.

      Dahl, to me, can ONLY play inside. Glow is the RG, LG requires size and significant lower body strength, and Pete has stated quite plainly that Soko is the future at center. So Patrick Lewis will most likely start until Soko is ready. So, to me, Dahl can only be a backup o-lineman for the Hawks.

      Haeg might have a better shot at starting in Seattle because he fits the tackle position better than Dahl. So if they draft Haeg, and a tackle (like Ifedi or Spriggs) isn’t taken before him, he could strongly compete at RT.

      But all in all, Dahl and Haeg, probably would just be good backups for the Hawks if drafted. I don’t see them as starters in Seattle.

      • 503Hawk

        Completely agree. The tape I’ve seen seems to be consistently ordinary.

        • H M Abdou

          I hope what I just wrote didn’t sound like a rant, my apologies if it did. They really are solid prospects, it’s more a matter of finding a place for them. And with the recent injury history of Seahawks o-linemen, good depth is needed, so one of (or both) of the 2 Joe’s could be of value to this team if drafted.

          But I do think that one of the top 2 picks in this draft must be for OL.

      • Volume12

        And yet, Will Perciak is getting more reps at C than Sokoli is during the offensive workouts down in LA.

        PC might’ve said Soko is the future at C, but it don’t mean he’s gonna work out there.

        I think Haeg would be a really good backup tackle for Seattle. They need some depth and competition, and not every rookie they select are going to start anyways.

        We saw last year how important having able/ready bodies on the O-line was for this team. They won’t make that mistake again.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Agreed Haeg has great value as a swing tackle.

          • H M Abdou

            I agree Volume12 and Kenny, Haeg would compete for RT, and there’s no guarantee that Soko pans out as a C, so that could possibly be a place where Dahl could be looked at.

        • NathanM

          Just to review, Will Pericak is a D-line convert who has been in the system for a year now (everybody panic, its gonna be Drew Nowak all over again, right?). Only a 2.86 TEF but made the 9′ BJ with a 9’02”

          It must be the “Rudy” in me but I do love seeing unheralded guys like Gilliam, and maybe Pericak find some success from out of nowhere.

      • STTBM

        They wanted Sokoli to be the future C. But he’s not picking it up like they’d hoped. It appears they are going to give him a shot at G while he learns C on the side. I dont think they play on him being a real NFL C for years. Its just too big of a leap.

        • Rob Staton

          In fairness STTBM this is pure guesswork.

          Carroll said they wanted to keep him at center to dedicate his time learning one position. He also spoke highly of having a player with Sokoli’s athletic profile at center. He only said this in January — so what has changed since then?

          Sokoli was photographed in an arranged workout with the rest of the offense playing guard for an unclear number of snaps — but that might be because Justin Britt’s wife was giving birth at the time and they just needed to make up the numbers. It’s not any indication they’re giving him a shot at G or that he’s not picking it up or that they don’t see him as a real NFL center.

          • williambryan

            Yeah, we have so little to go off of and that’s why I think when JS says he’s excited about the players the fans don’t know about yet, I don’t think it’s just lip service.

            • Volume12

              Cross training him at 2 positions isn’t a bad idea.

              I don’t think he’s ready yet, but who knows, I’ve been wrong many times before.

              And Perciak is someone Cable likes. So they might’ve just been giving him some looks with the 1’s or 2’s.

              I hope Soko does work out, but if not, having him as a backup at all 3 interior positions would be good to have as well.

          • STTBM

            Of course its guesswork. But given what Carrol and Schneider have said lately, it does seem to me to point to Sokoli not being counted on to play center YET, and it points to them still searching for a way to get him onfield. Thats no knock on Sokoli. Its the reality that trying to go from College DT to NFL starting C is a tremendous leap. Sweezy is still figuring out what to do at RG four years in, and he started from the get-go; Center is a much more mentally demanding position that not only requires knowledge of defenses and individual players on a level far above G, but also requires the ability to guess what the defense is doing on any given play. That takes a real knack I dont feel is possible to learn in one year switching from DT.

            None of that means they dont still think/hope Sokoli will pick up C at some point, just that they certainly arent counting on him and they are likely going to hedge their bets by bringing in competition at C. This is not simply guesswork, its how they operate; they always try to bring in competition even if a position is locked up.

            They also make a habit of trying guys at different positions to get them onfield sooner/more often. Knowing what we do about them, it seems to me they will give Sokoli a shot at G this year, while still teaching him C. But they wont be penciling him in anywhere, he will have to earn it and they will be bringing in at least one draft pick who can compete at C/G.

            • Rob Staton

              All they’ve said is they want to keep him at center to help him learn the position. I don’t know why you’d read anything into that other than… They want to give a 6th round defensive convert time to adapt to his new role at center.

  48. Sea Mode

    I wouldn’t usually do this, but I thought you guys might get a kick out of this fanpost I wrote up yesterday over at Field Gulls. I prefer participating here on SDB and haven’t written much over there, but it’s too long (and silly) to clutter up the comments section with over here. Either way, it’s thanks to the great discussions here that I feel I have at least some idea about most of these names and so I wanted to share it with you all.

    Hope it helps lighten up the long draft wait a bit. Only a little more than a week away! Enjoy!

    • Kenny Sloth

      Just don’t go all Halapoulivatti and whatnot on me.

      Hahahah I dig it ‘Mode

    • Brad

      Funny! Great write up Sea Mode!

  49. Volume12

    UCLA LB Myles Jack is gonna sink like a stone.

    Bone and cartilage are rumored to breaking off.

    I hate to say it, because if he was healthy he coulda been special, but I think he’s gonna be a bust.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Wow! This LB class just keeps getting worse and worse.

    • vrtkolman

      Wow that is really surprising. Could this possibly be a smokescreen rumor to get him to fall?

    • NathanM

      It seems the whole top of the draft is breaking down with just Tunsil and Ramsey remaining as really hot prospects at the top. Jack and Smith injuries obviously, the QBs have been question marks all along but then even guys like Bosa sliding with some concerns. Who are the sure-fire elite talents in this draft?

      This is shaping up to be a deep draft but not an elite one. 1 through 20 could be pretty similar talents. Or maybe everything is just getting over analysed because we’re so tired of waiting.

      • vrtkolman

        I think you are right on. Even Bosa I’m not really that high on. It’s a good year to trade down.

        • rowdy

          Which means teams won’t want to trade up though. The first round should be real unpredictable this year

    • matt

      Watching Jack go through drills at his pro day it was obvious his knee was giving him problems. Wasn’t able to cut off of it. If what you’re saying is true Vol12 its a shame. Why has he been working out trying to cut on a damaged knee? Somebody should have forced Jack to take it easy and get healthy. Not working out turned out just fine for Todd Gurley. Wish Jack the best.

  50. Kenny Sloth

    Do you guys think I could get a coaching job if I just legally changed my last name to Kiffin.

    • H M Abdou

      Only if you coached before, and did so poorly LOL

  51. Sea Mode

    Ok, first of all, I should start out by saying I have been a pretty firm proponent of going defense in R1 (and then possibly even again in R2), then focusing on interior OL in R3 and maybe grabbing a tackle project late.

    But over the past few days, I have been remembering more and more how excited we were (and really probably still should be) that there might be even a decent (and let alone with a chance to be great down the line) tackle prospect available to us in the late first round. Maybe talking up the other prospects on defense has made me at least kind of forget that. Could we really ask for more than a guy who meets Seattle’s OL explosive athletic profile, is in the 98% for size and length vs. the entire NFL o-liners, and has at least some experience at the two positions we most need to address on our OL? Even if he falls through at RT or Webb beats him out for now, he is still our ideal profile at LG and could be exceptional there too.

    Unless a top 15 talent falls to us, can we really pass on Germain Ifedi at #26? I mean, what more could we reasonably hope for from a prospect at that spot? I’m not claiming to have the definitive answer but am just saying I am coming to see this in a different light as we get closer. Past draft classes would suggest it’s quite possible that nothing like him even come close to being available for us next year at #32…

  52. Trevor

    My perfect Hawks draft if the players we wanted are available.

    Rd#1 Sheldon Rankins (DT Louisville) No player in the draft could have a bigger impact on the 2016 season than Rankins IMO. Plug him in as a penetrating 3tech next to Rubin in base defense. The think of Bennett and Rankins lining up inside with Clark and Avril off the Edge in passing downs. It would be the best pass rush in the league IMO. I would be willing to give up next years #1 to move up to #11 in front of the NO to get him if needed. That is how much I think of his potential in our system.

    Rd#2 Shon Coleman- Simply the best fit of any OL prospect in this draft for the Hawks. I think Gilliam will be our LT for the foreseeable future and drafting Coleman would give them a book end at RT. He is nasty and a great run blocker already with the skill set nessecary to be good in pass pro. He would also replace any nastiness lost when Sweezy left. This move would also allow us to move Webb to LG where he is a much better fit IMO.

    Rd#3 Connor Mcgovern- (G/C Missouri)- I think he could challenge day #1 for the starting Center spot and if not would back up all 3 interior OL positions. With a year of development the thought of Mcgovern and Sokoli at C and LG in 2017 would be pretty incredible giving us the most athletic OL in the league along with Glowinski, Coleman and Gilliam.

    Rd#3 (Comp) Tyler Ervin (RB SJ St.)- Dynamic back who is an incredible pass catcher. He would be the ideal compliment to Rawls and Michael and give us the most dynamic young backfield in the NFL.

    Rd#4 Jatavius Brown (LB Akron)- I love this guys game. Undersized with great speed he hits like a freight train and just flat out makes plays. This guy has a huge chip on his shoulder and just seems like a Seahawk. Think of the other two undersized but extremely athletic guys we have on the roster Russ and ET. This guy is going to be a relly good player on Sundays I just hope it is with us.

    Rd#5 Tyrone Holmes (DE Montana) Tested really well and was incredibly productive in College. I see him a developmental pass rush project who could be a special teamer and spot pass rusher year #1.

    Rd#6 Marquez North(WR Tennessee) I prefer Devon Cajuste as a big WR target but he will likely be gone. If not he is pick. As for North the 6-foot-4, 215-pound Tennessee product had an 89.5% similarity score with talented but troubled Browns WR Josh Gordon thanks to a 4.47-second 40-yard dash, 35-inch vertical leap and 123-inch broad jump. Injuries have limited him to just 13 combined games over the last two seasons and has never really produced in college. Rivals ranked him as the No. 2 wide receiver in the country out of high school back in 2013 which we know PC/JS look at.

    Rd#7 Justin Zimmer (DL Ferris St.) Atletic freak who has been discussed on here quite a bit. I think you take him and see what you have. If not at DT then as a OL convert perhaps. Definitely worth a 7th round flier.

    Rd#7 David Oneymata (DL Manitoba) 6-4 / 300lbs with great length, athleticism and movement skills. He starred and the Shrine game despite only playing 3 years of football at a Canadian university. My favorite developmental player in the draft with huge upside in a year or two with NFL coaching.

    With this draft

    2016 OL – Gilliam LT, Webb LG, Lewis C, Glowinski RG, Coleman RT

    2017 OL – Gillaim LT, Sokoli / Mcgoven LG /C., Glowinski RG, Coleman RT (Wow now that is a line that matches up against any DL explosively.

    DL Pass Rush Situations – Avril, Bennet, Rankins, Clark (Good luck stopping that pass rush)

    • JimQ

      Absolutely love the Holmes and Zimmer picks, both have significant upside with a little coaching up.

      Another guy that seems to be in the 4-th/5-th round range that I really like as a potential “deathbacker”, (even with Browner back, likely short term) is FS-Justin Simmons, The #1 spark safety. Simmons should be able to add 10-12 Lbs. of muscle to his long frame and maintain his quickness. He is unique & could fill a role.

      2014 draft, “Deathbacker” SS-Deone Bucannon: 6-1/211
      32-3/8″-arms, 9-3/4″-hands, 4.50-40, 19-reps-BP, 36-1/2″-vert, 125″-BJ, 6.96-3cone, 4.26-20yd shuttle, 11.22-agility score

      2016 draft, FS-Justin Simmons, Boston College, 6-023/202
      32-5/8″-arms, 9-5/8′-hands, 4.61-40, 16-reps-BP, 40″-vert, 126″-BJ, 6.58-3cone, 3.85-20yd shuttle, 10.84-60-yd shuttle, 10.43-agility score (Lower # =better)
      —->134.9=pSPARQ, 1.8-zscore, 96.2-NFL%
      —-> Simmons spark #’s should only increase with his 3/16/16 pro-day workout where he ran a 4.53/40-yd, 2.62/20-yd & an ELITE level 1.56/10-yd split.

      • lil'stink

        I like Simmons a lot but I’m not sure he has the frame to add the necessary weight. I think a team looking for someone who can play in a single high scheme will take him round 2-3

  53. coachmattson

    I would love it if the draft worked out that way! Only thing I don’t see is the developmental 6 ft corner with long arms at the end of the draft? Great though! I hope we can get your first 5 picks!!

    • Trevor

      You are right they seem to take one every year. I just think they have lots of developmental guys (Batiste, Farmer, Ty Smith, Seisay, Simon) already and just resigned Browner.

      • Volume12

        Sherm, Lane, Tye Smith and Browner are locks IMO.

        As is Shead, but Seattle carries 5 safeties every year anyways, and you can list or designate Shead as one.

        Farmer probably stays on the PS.

        And then IMO it’ll be a battle between Simon, SJB, and Seisay.

        Then they could possibly carry one of SJB or Seisay on the PS if Simon wins out, and your rookie could be red-shirted, stashed on the PS, or beat out Steven Terrell.

        They need a gunner. With Lockette likel not returning, and counting more on Shead and Lane to play starter minutes, a rookie could make a quick impact on STs.

  54. STTBM

    Seattle bringing Browner in is cool–and surprising. I thought they were done with him.

    However, at least to me it seems and indictment of the DB group as a whole. It shows Seattle doesnt trust their DB roster as it stands. But that doesnt mean they dont have hope for those guys–just that last season taught them that underestimating the value of RCB and the nickel slot was a bad move. They realize its nearly impossible to get a veteran corner to come in and play RCB well from scratch in our system, and Lane cant be counted on to stay healthy. Jury is still out on Shead’s ability as a starter at nickel or RCB, and they do not have any intention of counting on Simon, Smith, Seisay, or SJB.

    Burley is a solid player, but he’s small and gets hurt a lot.

    If they get a guy in the draft they really like, BB’s stay may be a short one.

    • vrtkolman

      Definitely disagree here, I think this is a culture signing more than anything. Carroll wants bullies on the team again, Browner and Clemons are two of the biggest bullies in the NFL. Browner could provide value without even making the 53 man roster.

      • Volume12

        Who’s the one person that could easil be upgraded on this draft?

        DBs Steven Terrell and Marcus Burley.

        It’s why I think they’re targeting a hybrid.

        • vrtkolman

          I honestly didn’t even know Steven Terrell was still on the team. That’s a good point. That guy looked like the worst DB on the field during preseason.

  55. YankinTa

    My dream draft would be

    DT, DT, OT/OG, OG/C in the first two days….trading down is okay to get extra player is fine by me.

    All I want is interior of D-Line and O-Line to be much improved. that’s all.
    We have the rest of the pieces/talent to win SB.

    I’m not really worried about replacing Irvin, or Lynch or Okung or Sweetzy…..

    If we get this out of draft, we should win 14 games this season. Packers have really easy schedule this year, they will definitely have No.1 or 2 overall seed in the playoff. We really need to beat them at GreenBay.

  56. Trevor

    Rob I really like Cajuste and think if he is there in Rd #4 he is very likely the pick.

    That being said I just don’t see us moving up in the draft to target him. Last year they clearly targeted Locket and I think it was more for his kick return ability as he was clearly the best in the draft. The previous year our kick return game was a mess and PC clearly stated it would be addressed. Locket was the solution and that is why they moved so aggressively to get him. Obviously a great move as he turned out to be a better receiver than even they could have imagined.

    This off season WR is not what you would consider an area of need. Even if they draft Cajuste at best he would be #4 on depth chart and liekly #5 if PRich is healthy. That is why I view Cajuste as more of a luxury pick and I jut don’t see him a player they must move up to get.

    Now if there is an OL prospect they love and move up to get I could completely understand the logic.

  57. Trevor

    The more I watch of Vernon Butler the more I like. He would be a solid addition there is no doubt about it. There are ton of great option on OL / DL this draft which is perfect for PC/JS.

  58. Darnell

    Browner is great on the redzone (as we unfortunately know) and should be at his best bodying up bigger WR/TEs and playing outside runs. A player that needs a smart coaching staff to be at his best (see: Sea/NE).

    One of my favorites of this era of Hawks football. A singularly different CB.

  59. troy

    26: R1P26

    56: R2P25

    90: R3P27

    97: R3P34

    124: R4P26

    171: R5P32

    215: R6P40

    225: R7P4

    247: R7P26

    • Trevor

      Love that draft Troy!

      • H M Abdou

        I’d go with a defensive player instead of Coleman at 56.

  60. williambryan

    Just watched Cajuste highlights for the first time. Looks a lot like Like a TE with nice hands. I was hoping he would be closer to anquan Boldin, who I think would be perfect for this team even at this point in his career. I think they were hoping Chris Harper would be like Boldin but that didn’t workout.

    • Josh emmett

      Some draft sites have his position as TE.

  61. Josh emmett

    Since the additions of the of BB and Clem has anyone got the feeling they have tied up a couple areas of concern and might be trading up for say… Rankins or Lee?

    • Josh emmett

      Or a couple place trade up with Washington at 21 to make sure they get Bigg Vern? 26 and 90 for washingtons pick at 21? Schneider and Mcglogahan are homies, they proved it last year with the Lockett trade.

  62. HaroldSeattle

    I don’t see the attraction to Cajuste. Looked like a after though with his college team on offense. Not a run blocker IMO. Other then his size and metric numbers as a athlete, I don’t get it. Certainly won’t want the Seahawks to use a fourth on him.

    • Rob Staton

      “Looked like a after though with his college team on offense.”

      Second leading receiver.

      Don’t just look at the stats. They don’t throw much at all. Run first, heavy run offense. Leading receiver had 800 yards.

      • HaroldSeattle

        Didn’t look at his stats, just watched game tape. Surprised he was the second leading receiver on the team, because the games I watched he hardly got a sniff in the offense. Second leading receiver on a college team doesn’t sound like a good bet to make it in the NFL to me.
        Think it’s his athlete metrics, not actual performance that draws the interest. Not worth a fourth round flyer.

        • Rob Staton

          But you are focusing on the stats by saying, “Second leading receiver on a college team doesn’t sound like a good bet to make it in the NFL to me.”

          You’re focusing on the numbers (yards, receptions) and not the role he played and how it relates to the Seahawks.

          You could just as easily say, “UDFA’s from Stanford and Washington aren’t going to make it in the NFL” and yet that’s what the Seahawks have had during this run.

          You have to consider what this team is and what Stanford is. At Stanford they run the ball and throw to their RB — it’s all they do every game. The kid is a Heisman favourite for 2016. They don’t throw the ball 40 times to 3-4 receivers. They ask their receivers to run block predominantly and that is where Cajuste excels. He maxes out his limited targets and run blocks.

          This is identical to the Seahawks. They run the ball and ask their WR’s to run block and make the most of limited catches. Kearse, Baldwin and Lockett were all ranked in the top five for catch efficiency last season. The Seahawks don’t throw 40 times in an air raid attack — the run it down your throat.

          Cajuste also wouldn’t be coming in as a fourth rounder to be a #1 receiver in the NFL. He’d take on the role of Lockette or Matthews — the occasional snap, the opportunity to work in the red zone, play special teams and be the 4th receiver.

          You ignore all of this by focusing on things like ‘well he was only the second leading receiver for Stanford’. Consider what the Seahawks want at WR, not everyone else.

          • HaroldSeattle

            He didn’t look like a good run blocker at all to me, despite his size. Mostly just tried to get in the way. I mentioned that in my first post. As far as Baldwin and Kearse, if the Seahawks sign Cajustea as a UDFA, I’d be good with that.
            Basically there is nothing about his game tape that says NFL WR, only his athletic metrics.

            • HaroldSeattle

              You think it’s wise to spend a fourth round pick on a Matthews/ Lockette type receiver? I’d say he was a lot closer to Matthews then Lockette, because he’s not physical. These are players you find after the draft, not with a fourth round pick.

              • HaroldSeattle

                Do appreciate that you took the time to respond Rob, that was cool.

                • Rob Staton

                  No problemo

            • Rob Staton

              We’ll have to agree to disagree on his skill set.

              • HaroldSeattle

                No problemo. Been reading your blog for a long time. Hope you don’t mind me disagreeing with one of my first post. I actually agree with a lot you blog, but seems redundant to post a agreement, plenty of posters already do that.

  63. Brad

    Great article Rob. It reminds me of this excellent piece by Barnwell on Belichek’s draft scheme:

    I’d love to see how the Hawk’s draft trades have affected our draft capital. Also, how trading down and out of the first has lowered our salary cap. Thanks.

  64. coachmattson

    I heard Wilkerson might be on the trading block. What would you all think of giving our #26 to the Jets for Wilkerson?!!! He would help our pass rush!!

    Go Hawks!

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