Podcast and some personal views on the draft

With less than 10 days to go, in this edition of the podcast we run through some of the big talking points and yesterday’s ‘mock draft with trades’. Check it out:

I noticed a few interesting comments in response to yesterday’s mock draft. The general gist was that Germain Ifedi had become ‘our guy’ and that we were ‘overrating’ his talent.

I want to take a moment today to clarify a few things.

This blog is very active during the college football season and not just in the January-April ‘draft months’. We spend a lot of time reviewing different prospects, discussing options and debating team needs.

Among the players we focused on and considered were: Shon Coleman, Will Fuller, Keanu Neal, Derrick Henry and Nick Martin. That’s just a small sample.

When we get this close to the draft — we have a lot more information to hand. We have combine and pro-day numbers to review, we know what the team did in free agency and we know the holes they need to fill.

The reason we’ve projected Ifedi to the Seahawks frequently isn’t necessarily based on a personal assertion that he’s going to be the next Walter Jones. While you may not like the pick or have a certain opinion on Ifedi — it doesn’t mean the Seahawks will agree with you.

Simply selecting the most popular player for the Seahawks and creating a mini campaign for that prospect isn’t something I want to get into. I see on social media almost a cult-like status developing for Ryan Kelly. And yet when we look at Seattle’s draft history under Carroll and Schneider (no pure center’s drafted, focus on explosion) Kelly would be something of an outlier.

The intention is not to create a fervour for one guy and then react to the inevitable disappointment when the Seahawks do something else. The aim of the blog is to review what is most likely — focus on a collection of players without picking favourites and try to understand why they might be drafted by Seattle.

If they go in a different direction — that’s good because we can look at the reasons why.

Yet the selection of Ifedi in this instance is not just a personal fantasy lived out in print form. It’s a pick made because whether you like it or not — it makes sense.

For example:

— Our TEF study revealed and helped us to understand Seattle’s focus on explosive athletes on the offensive line. Ifedi ranked #3 only to Jason Spriggs and Connor McGovern in weighted TEF.

— Respected Draft Insider Tony Pauline has twice reported interest from the Seahawks in Ifedi, noting recently: “Most people I speak with feel Ifedi is a great fit for the team at the end of round one. The recurring comment is ‘Ifedi is a Seattle Seahawks type of lineman’.”

— The Seahawks have looked for size (320lbs) at right tackle and left guard. Look at J’Marcus Webb, Justin Britt, James Carpenter and Robert Gallery. Ifedi’s physical profile is a perfect match.

— The Seahawks have consistently looked to draft unique traits and athletic upside early. Ifedi has 36 inch arms and jumped 32.5 inches in the vertical and 9-1 in the broad. That’s freaky at 6-6 and 324lbs.

None of this means the Seahawks will definitely draft Ifedi — but I’m sure you can accept why the projection is being made.

From a personal point of view I’d like nothing more than for the Seahawks to draft Shon Coleman. Regulars during the 2015 college will know how highly we rated him, including this piece from mid-October titled:

‘Is Shon Coleman the best tackle in college?’

You hear a lot about Ronnie Stanley, Taylor Decker, Jack Conklin and a few others.

Not enough people are talking about Auburn offensive tackle Shon Coleman.

He has everything you want in a NFL starting OT. He’s too powerful for college defensive linemen — when he locks on it’s over. He doesn’t get beat with the bull rush. He drives people off the ball in short yardage situations. He has that nasty element to his game you want to see — and he LOVES to get to the second level. He can kick-slide with fluidity, takes good angles and he isn’t troubled by speed off the edge. He has a very natural shuffle and mirror and he maintains balance at all times.

I’ve watched several Auburn games this season and I’m struggling to find many flaws.

He’s a monster.

Not only is Coleman an inspirational human being — his attitude in beating cancer is positively fantastic. Watch this video below:

This quote stands out every time I hear it:

When I found out it (cancer) was in remission I knew it was time to get back to business.”

The words are said with a confident nod and a steely look in his eye. No thoughts other than ‘get me my pads’.

His tape, in my view, is fantastic. Punishing, physical. He frequently speaks about his passion for run blocking. No offensive lineman in this draft plays with his edge. He’ll dump you on your ass before leaning over to tell you it’ll happen again on the next play. In pass protection he handled Texas A&M’s sensational edge rusher Myles Garrett just as well as Laremy Tunsil did.

Here’s Coleman blocking possible top-15 pick Leonard Floyd into the parking lot despite playing with a torn MCL:

In so many ways he is an ideal Seahawk. Grit, passion for the game, overcoming extreme adversity, physicality, attitude, run blocking.

If the Seahawks draft Coleman I’ll make my wife give me a high-five.

The problem, however, is that Coleman is recovering from a torn and repaired MCL. The Seahawks just let an often-injured Russell Okung depart for Denver. Are they going to take a chance on a player that has endured the most terrifying health problems already in his career and now has a knee injury?

Especially when there are alternatives that are younger, with as much upside and are currently healthy?

These are the things I have to consider when putting together a mock draft. It doesn’t mean I don’t want them to draft Coleman or that I prefer him over Ifedi.

My best case scenario is probably similar to a lot of people’s. In fact even those who want to go in a different direction will probably approve of my ideal draft:

— Add explosive, physical, tough, punishing linemen on both sides of the ball in rounds one and two

— Find a way to add one of Vernon Butler, Sheldon Rankins or Jonathan Bullard

— Hopefully they’re satisfied with Shon Coleman’s health and draft him too

— Find a running back who can compete for snaps immediately with Thomas Rawls and Christine Michael

— Increase the competition and quality of the O-line with at least one, maybe two extra additions in the middle/later rounds

— Add a big, athletic, physical receiver in rounds 4-5 to compliment the quicker options they already have

— Draft a hybrid secondary prospect (or two) on day three with major athletic upside and see if they can play safety/linebacker/deathbacker

In this scenario you’re getting an amped up, explosive defensive lineman who can play DE and DT. Players gravitate to Butler and he was the heart and soul of the Louisiana Tech defense. Bullard likewise has amazing character and plays with a major chip on his shoulder.

Rankins is the most explosive defensive lineman in the draft based on our research.

Coleman loves to hit people in the mouth and bully linebackers at the second level. He’s a terrific run blocker with a desire to play in a scheme like Seattle’s. He can also slot in at left guard or right tackle.

The rest is straight forward — help at RB, WR, DB/LB and more competition on the O-line.

However — I make this projection without any knowledge on Coleman’s knee injury or what his physical profile is (he hasn’t worked out). I don’t know whether Butler lasts until #26 — Rankins almost certainly won’t.

So we work from the information we do have — and what might be likely or possible.

If it was down to me the Seahawks wouldn’t have traded for Percy Harvin in 2013 and would’ve taken DeAndre Hopkins — in this piece I talked about how he was a legit top-20 talent:

Time to start a new bandwagon. A DeAndre Hopkins shaped bandwagon.

Without any doubt at all, he’s a stud. Any doubts about this guy need to be firmly removed following an incredible solo-performance against mighty LSU yesterday. He’s a top-20 talent who may go later… and a smart team will be ready to capitalise.

Or they might’ve gone for Kawann Short with their pick at #25 — who we declared should’ve been on their radar in round one:

Nobody should panic if Kawann Short is the best defensive tackle available when the Seahawks are on the clock. He’d be a fine choice with the #25 pick.

Ultimately the Seahawks drafted neither and went for the upside and fireworks of Harvin. Yet if you disagree with that move and other subsequent moves — you take away one of the main reasons this team has succeeded with personnel. Their desire to find special talent they can develop is what brought Richard Sherman, Russell Wilson, Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor and others to this roster.

We have to project what they might do — not what we hope they do. So if Ifedi is the pick at #26 in our final mock draft (FYI I haven’t decided yet) it won’t necessarily be because we think he’s gods gift to pass protection (although I do think his tape is better than some people are willing to give him credit for).


  1. coachmattson

    Thanks for all your work here Rob – it is going to make watching the draft even more interesting. One late round lineman that I haven’t heard on this website yet is Kyle Friend. What are your thoughts on him? Could he be our late round OL prospect that you say you hope the hawks take? Here is what NFL.com said:

    Kyle Friend: Friend reminds me of A.Q. Shipley with a squatty build, extremely short arms and enormous power. If Friend had better length, he might be in the discussion as one of the top three centers in this draft. As it stands, he’s aggressive, powerful and extremely consistent. A team is going to steal a starter late when it picks Friend.

    Thanks and Go Hawks!

    • Rob Staton

      Size and a lack of explosion probably means he won’t be a Seahawks option. Only 6-1 and 295lbs plus lacks length and a 8-6 broad jump not a good combo.

  2. Josh

    *slow clap*

    Love it Rob. I have been thinking over the last few days that if Coleman checks out medically, he will probably be the guy. They obviously want to get back to being the bully with the signings of Clemons and Browner. Coleman to me is the guy that can help restore that bully mentality that left with Giacomini. I would love if we grabbed him.

  3. NathanM

    And Rob drops the mic on all that chatter

  4. Lewis

    Coleman sounds great. I don’t know, I’m no expert on this stuff, but I was watching some Ifedi highlights yesterday and the way he plays looks a bit “soft” for lack of a better word. Always possible he was doing what he was coached to do, but someone with a bit of a nasty streak (like Coleman) seems like something we could use right now.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t really understand the talk of Ifedi playing soft. His play is no different IMO to any of the other OL’s in this draft. Coleman plays with great ferocity — but that doesn’t mean the others necessarily play soft.

    • Kenny Sloth

      For me, Ifedi does become the aggressor for only a few snaps per game and his technique falls off quite a bit when he does so.

      Just one of those things. I like Ifedi because he is the paragon of a Seahawk OL. Safe projection and pick irl. Very smart and i have no clue where all the high bust potential talk comes from

  5. CA

    LOVE IT. keep up the great work. Give me Dom Williams in the 5th or 6th.

    • CA

      What are your thoughts on Giovanni Ruffin?

    • Kenny Sloth

      He could be a target. Had a great pro day and is a local. Destiny Vaiao has been tabbed foe the Hawks too

      • j

        3.145 TEF

        35.5 inch vert, and hits the 9’0 BJ and 27 reps on the nose.

    • C-Dog

      I like Dom as a later round option, for sure.

  6. amocat

    Nice work and thanks, Mr. Staton.
    Just saw a post on fieldgulls about David Onyemata. Seahawks have looked into him, and his highlights are impressive. Any thoughts?

    • Mark

      Wow 9’11” broad and 33″ vert? That’s pretty explosive especially at 300lbs.

      • GeoffU

        Impressive 10 yd split of 1.66. TEF of 3.62.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Definitely a target. Don’t sleep on him.

    • Attyla the Hawk

      Admit I’d never heard of him before the shrine game. Didn’t even know he was an interior DT playing out of position at DE.

      He just looked ridiculously dominant in that game. Almost cartoonish.

      • Trevor

        See note below. Only played football for 3 years since coming to Canada from Africa for university. The only football he has played in his entire life is 2 years of Canadian University football where they do not even offer athletic scholarships.

    • Trevor

      Love Onyemata’s potential. I have been banging the drum on him for a while now and posted about of links about him earlier in the draft process. He has only played football for 3 years since coming to Canada for university from Africa. Seems like a great kid too. Can’t wait to see him in a year or two with NFL coaching.

      I wonder what his TEF score is? Has to be well over 3.00 for a guy who is 6-4 300lbs

      Vertical Jump 33″
      Broad Jump 9’11”
      Bench Press 33 reps
      40-Yard Dash 5.06 seconds
      3-Cone 7.25 seconds
      Pro Agility Shuttle 4.65 seconds

      • matt

        Haven’t seen much tape on him at all, but man those are impressive numbers he put up! Gotta think he’s a late round option.

    • j

      Think we’d have to get him in the fifth.

  7. GeoffU

    Coleman is still not yet cleared by doctors. Patriots have show interest, I wonder if that means he’ll slip into the late second and even third?

    All the linking between the Seahawks and Ifedi have me worried. Seattle is usually tight lipped so now I worry about two things: A) Seattle probably won’t take him. B) Knowing Seattle’s interest, another interested team (Denver?) will leapfrog us and take him instead.

    • Rob Staton

      In fairness Tony Pauline reported they liked Terry Poole weeks before last years draft and Jason La Canfora said they would take Frank Clark. Chris Mortensen famously told Russell Wilson he’d be a Seahawk pre-draft.

      So there is the occasional leak.

      • RealRhino2

        And the funny thing is, despite all the cloak-and-dagger stuff from teams, I’m not sure if the leaks matter. The guys you mentioned weren’t snatched up by other teams before we could get them. Heck, at this point it’s probably better to leak it, because (a) the other teams won’t care, because they all think they’re the smartest guys in the room, and (b) if they hear it, they’ll probably assume you floated disinformation anyway!

        New strategy: just tell everybody exactly who you are going to take so they think you’re bluffing and they take other guys they assume you *really* want!

      • williambryan

        And the love affair with Christine Michael was obvious as well

        • STTBM

          And the interest in Thomas Rawls from Seattle was reported long before we signed him as an UDFA. Was even talk we’d draft him.

  8. TatupuTime

    I keep coming back to an interview that Gary Gilliam gave this past week: “In terms of switching from right to left, at least in our system, they generally like their right tackles to be big bruisers, run-blocking tackles,” Gilliam said. “At left tackle, you get more of your outside linebackers who are speed rushers, so you want an athletic guy out there who can kind of combat that speed. Other than that, our scheme from left to right and right to left are very similar…” He’s not really saying anything new, but I don’t see either of the two real TEF tackles (Spriggs/Ifedi) as bruisers (Ifedi certainly has the size for it). They’ve lost their biggest OL bully in Sweezy (and before him Breno). So while i certainly don’t expect it, I’m really hoping for Coleman.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I would tend to agree even though i think both are more physical than given credit for. This is one of the best OL classes in a while. Spriggs-Ifedi is more appealing to me than Fisher-Joeckel

      (love the username. One of my alltime fav Hawks. Grew up right in his prime.)

      • Hawktalker

        Same here, I have his jersey as well.

    • j

      I think we have our bruiser RT – J’Marcus Webb.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Seems to me that offensive tackles would naturally play better on the right or left side, depending on which hand/side is dominant. If Gilliam plays better at left tackle, all is fine and good. If not, then lets keep him at right and draft a left tackle. It isn’t ideal to switch back and forth as if a player will have equal abilities no matter where you put them.

      • Josh emmett

        Don’t sleep on Mad dog Glowinski either! G Scott on 710 said he was at the VMAC for first day of offseason work outs had nothing but great things to say about Glow and went as far to say that he will probably be the best olinmen this year. I’m excited for this news. Sweezy was sweezy, he always got an A for effort but he wasn’t a polished linemen. Glow is an offensive linemen by trade and has been pass blocking his whole life not just starting 4 years ago. Sweezy is going to have a rough season next year. Tampa didn’t pay him to come play as an Agro RG on a run first team, they are paying him to replace Mankins, an AllPro at LG and gets to see Mr Kawan short twice a year and will be asked to pass block way more. I don’t wish the guy anything bad but he was groomed to do a certain thing for the Hawks and he was able to accomplish his modest requirements but it’s gong to be a whole new world for him in Tampa. I really like the approach with the line now in Seattle, almost seems they give their picks a redshirt year to learn. With that being said I don think the Hawks take McGovern any earlier then the 5th round. McGovern is less athletic then glowinski and has the body type the Hawks seem to like for a RG not to mention his sub 33″ arms. With a bright future for Glow, I can’t see them taking a RG type very early in the draft. The RT and LG body types are identical so if they go oline early i see Ifedy and Coleman as the guys who will be available where they pick. Maybe Clark but it seems he is more of a pick that will go between 2 and 4 rounds. The Hawks don’t usually get the Top rated TEF tackles. I really think if the Hawks go for a tackle it will Ifedy, Coleman, or Haeg. I see Dahl as a better option then McGovern because the Hawks don’t take olinmen with sub 33″ arms. They have 4 centers on the roster as well so where would McGovern fit? I think they go defense heavy in the first 3 rounds plus a RB. Then you will see them take Dahl or Redmond as interior depth picks on day 3 and taking Haeg or Heath(or both) as tackle prospects day 3 as well. Nobody wants to hear this but it’s just kind of how they do things. I’m glad Sweezy and Okung have left because even though they had the most experience I don’t believe either of them were leaders and that’s what the line lacked at the start of the season. Gilliam was probably the most vocal chip on my shoulder type player and I’m hoping he takes the reigns as the leader of the group plus I think we are going to fall in love with Mad Dog! Cheers!

  9. Sea Mode

    Thanks, Rob. I enjoy reading your personal take on guys as much as your very objective analysis. Maybe you can release two final mock drafts this year if you have time and want to: one of what you think the Hawks are likely to do in the draft and another of who you personally would go for. Obviously, they have their ways and a lot more information than we do, but it’s still fun to take a shot at it as armchair GM.

  10. Saxon

    Coleman’s injury is a risk, no doubt, but at least we know he can play. Ifedi is a risk for other reasons. I’m still not convinced that great athletes = great players or that you can alter a player’s temperament with the right coaching. Coleman IS a great player. Right now. You won’t have to over-coach him or bring in the team psychologist to get him playing to his potential. He is a competitor. He is an overcomer. He is a worker. And he is technically proficient. Ifedi? With all his natural ability I can’t swear with certainty that he is any of those things. So who is the bigger risk?

    With that said, I love Coleman in Round 2, not so much in R1. I am hopeful we go DL with our first pick – Bullard or Butler – then try to trade up in the 2nd to get Coleman.

    We know Schneider likes to trade down, but his recent comments regarding the depth of this draft seem to indicate that sacrificing some mid round picks in a trade won’t necessarily mean losing out on decent players later. Day 3 picks should still provide some good athletes to choose from. But even if we left the 2016 draft with just Butler/Coleman or Bullard/Coleman, I’d consider it a success.

    • Rob Staton

      “I’m still not convinced that great athletes = great players”

      This is a common error though — nobody has voiced that opinion and the Seahawks won’t either.

      The point is — they believe in their coaches. And they feel they can teach their technique and get the best out of these guys. That is undisputed IMO — even on the OL (look at what Cable had to work with).

      So if you accept that position — why not coach up the elite physical athletes? Because if they reach their ceiling you’re looking at greatness. That is the thought process. Not just that ‘great athlete = great player’.

      • williambryan

        Going to church today!!! 🙂

        • matt


      • Saxon

        Rob, it seems like we’re going to keep talking passed each other on this issue.

        I completely understand the philosophy, I simply disagree with it. While it has a veneer of plausibility – take a guy with elite physical tools and teach him to play the position – I disagree that it has actually worked or that Cable has done some masterful job with the talent he had at his disposal. Cable has had two first-rounders and two second rounders on his lines plus a third rounder. He has had talent. Yet our OL consistently ranks in the bottom third of the league, assisted only by our rushing offense which is aided by Wilson’s scrambling. Even factoring all of the variables: injuries, a QB who holds the ball too long and won’t always sit still in the pocket, our line has been objectively dreadful the last 2-3 years. Yes, Sweez and Carp signed big deals, but that seems to be more a commentary on the dearth of O-lineman league-wide than an endorsement of their abilities or Cable’s coaching.

        All I’m saying is a that it takes time to master a craft. When we convert D-Lineman to O they have to learn to backpedal in pass-pro. That is a massive adjustment for a guy that his been attacking since he was playing Pop-Warner.I would rather start with a guy that may be somewhat limited athletically but that can actually excel in the fundamentals of BLOCKING.

        This whole premise that they have to be the athletic equivalent of the guy that lines up across from them displays a lack of understanding of how an OL is supposed to work – as a cohesive unit – occasionally employing double teams, brush blocks, combo blocks, snap counts, numbers advantages – to get the job done.

        Maybe, PC/JS can catch lightning in a bottle and ‘develop’ the next Walter Jones. In the meanwhile we could miss on 10 Pete Kendall’s – guys that simply understand how to get the job done even without elite physical skills.

        • Kenny Sloth

          I think you think you got the point but didnt.

          This is what the Hawks ARE doing. Whether we like it or if it works is not even part of the conversation.

          Do you mean to insist that conventional methods consistently produce top tier OL?

          Not only have the Seahawks proven to be mighty unconventional, they have certainly invested in ‘real offensive lineman’. It seems your greater contempt is for the Hawks’ coaching ability, something I’m quite sure the Hawks would disagree with you about.

          If there is, as you said, a dearth of talent around the league, perhaps it’d behoove a team to grab talented athletes and mold them the way they want.

          Old habits die hard and Cable hates those old habits that they have taken the time to maassterr.

          You ever wonder why your Good Ole Boys fail at the next level?

          Because they lack the physical tools to reach the edge rusher after giving help.

          Or fail to reach the LB after peeling off a combo block.


          • Saxon

            The “dearth of talent” is due to spread offenses dominating college football and lineman not learning pro-style technique, not necessarily a lack of athleticism. I use Pete Kendall as an example because he played for 13 years (longevity) , started 188 of 190 games (durability), and was a Pro Bowler despite having limited physical abilities (technique wins). One might argue that he played in a different era and was facing inferior athletes compared to today. One would be wrong. He played in an era when doping/steroids wasn’t widely policed and the players of his day were often more athletic than our current generation. And, there are many Pete Kendall types still playing at a high level today.

            “This is what the Hawks ARE doing. Whether we like it or if it works is not even part of the conversation.” Yes it is what the Hawks ARE doing but why can’t we question that approach exactly? I understand that Rob merely discovered a trend, and he is neither advocating nor defending the philosophy except as a mental exercise. I’m arguing that, if he’s right, the Hawks are probably making a mistake and they should *probably* emphasize technique before athleticism. That’s all.

            • Kenny Sloth

              Sorry Sax didn’t mean to snap at you. i’m at home, sick, today. I respect your eye and opinions here haha

              I never had the chance to watch that era, so I shouldn’t be so bull headed.

              I think there’s a distinct trend towards athletic OL and I wouldn’t want to be on the wrong end of that kind of revolution

            • ulsterman

              I agree 100% with Saxon – we’re talking about human-beings not machines. So much more goes into making someone a good player than what they can do in spandex during the combine.
              And I think we both totally appreciate that Rob is just identifying what the Seahawks prefer, we’re just saying we think that it’s the wrong way to go about it and will result in them missing on good players.

              I would also dispute the theory that all offensive linemen need to start from scratch when they get to the pros. You could look at the tape of Glowinski and Poole and know which one would be ready to start straight away if needed and which one would struggle as his technique looked all over the place.

        • Attyla the Hawk

          “I completely understand the philosophy, I simply disagree with it.”

          That’s ok. But this is a site that genuinely wants to project what PCJS will do. It’s definitely NOT a personal opinion site at it’s heart. Rob (and the readers by way of comments) have already weighed in repeatedly on their personal preference by this point.

          What gives this site such value, is the distinct nod towards trying to predict what we will likely do, not what we want them to do.

          “I disagree that it has actually worked or that Cable has done some masterful job with the talent he had at his disposal.”

          To agree with this, you’d need to start producing a list of the guys we should have taken instead of the ones we did. Because that frames the ‘at his disposal’ component to the argument. While I would agree, we’ve had difficulty filling out a great OL — I don’t agree that we actually need one. Nor do I agree that we’re doing a lesser job at that than other teams in the league.

          • Saxon

            I understood what Rob was saying from the jump with TEF and that it was a predictive tool of Seattle’s draft priorities.

            I was merely suggesting, putting it as succinctly as I can, that R.Kelly pees on TEF.

            …sorry…had to do it 🙂

            • Saxon

              And, of course, by R.Kelly, I mean Ryan Kelly – for the humor impaired out there…

              • Rob Staton

                Bump n grind instead of bump n run?

                • Saxon

                  R.Kelly? I Believe he Can Fly. Rather important for a Seahawk.

                  And if Pete Carroll resurrects his draft clue playlist and we get either of those tunes…

                  “Welcome to Seattle, Ryan!”

        • Eran-Ungar

          I don’t know what team you are talking about when you say – “He has had talent. Yet our OL consistently ranks in the bottom third of the league”.

          This is a view I hear a lot here. It is usually followed by something that has to do with sacks or back paddling in pass pro or RW running for his life etc. etc. etc.

          This is Seahawksdraftblog. It is not NE/GB/NO draft blog. The Seahawks are a run first team. Tom Cable is there to teach O-Liners to run block.

          FO has the Seahawks OL in the top 10 at run blocking since 2012, on most years – top 5.

          For the Seahawks, this is considered a job very well done regardless of the talent on that OL.

          When people here start realizing that, they may view our desperate need in a different light

    • j

      Its not that great athletes = great players. Its the other way around. Great players = great athletes.

      It is really difficult being a great NFL player when you are average or below athletically. Some guys do it, but they are rare. So meeting certain athletic criteria becomes a starting point.

      The process isn’t about drafting the best athletes. Its about identifying great athletes, and then scouting, conducting interviews, etc. to get your guy. And its about removing the average/poor athletes from consideration.

      • ulsterman

        The thing is that’s not always the case, when you look at the TEF of current pro bowl interior linemen a lot of them don’t hit the Seahawks’ ideal. Look at Max Unger’s for instance.

        • Alicamousa

          No one would call Max Unger a great though. The vast majority of Pro-Bowlers aren’t great. Even the majority of All-Pro players aren’t great.

          Great players are, generally, great athletes. They’re the 1% of the 1% of the 1%. Marry top technique with top athleticism. Technique can be, and is, taught. You can’t do anything about genetics though.

          • Saxon

            This is simply not true. The physical differences between the greats and those above average is not as significant as you’re claiming. Jerry Rice wasn’t the biggest or fastest. He simply outworked everyone and was a supreme competitor. The difference between the greats and the goods is mental and psychological, not physical.

            Doug Baldwin absolutely dominated down the stretch last year. He probably ranks in the mid tier of athletic WRs and in the bottom third in terms of build. So how did he do it? Technique and heart. Undersized and slow Lofa Tatupu went to three straight Pro Bowls. How? Brains and heart. There are a ton of examples playing in the modern NFL that excel despite NFL mean athleticism.

            I’m amazed that people keep making this overly simplistic argument, with so many present and historical exceptions to it.

  11. C-Dog

    Great points, Rob. Go Hawks!

  12. Naks8

    Rob, I think you do a fine job presenting different draft options and uncovering draft trends by the front office. Please keep up the great work and I hope that people are not attacking you for the educated guesses you have on mocks. If anything, it is the commenters on the blog that are more opinionated and sold on certain players. Keep up the good work and it’s always an interesting read on this site.

    • Kenny Sloth

      “it is the commentors on the blog that are more opinionated and sold on certain players”

      And i don’t care. I want my guys hahah.

      As much as most seem sick of him. I’ma keep pounding the table for Ifedi/Butler/Bullard

      Because no-one has shown me a reason not to.

      • Naks8

        And you’re allowed to. You can have your guys that you like. I just think people associate other people’s opinions with rob’s.

  13. Kenny Sloth

    Rob, who do you see as the most likely prospects for Arizona (a potential rival for players if we trade down)?

    • TannerM

      Well, I’m not Rob, but I’m thinking they look at the secondary early. Maybe Alexander out of Clemson or Fuller out of Virginia Tech at CB? They might pounce on Keanu Neal if he’s available (which is a big if). They may also look at a C – a lot of folks see Ryan Kelly as a potential pick in the first round.

      • Kenny Sloth

        They also traded Jonathon Cooper this offseason you think they snag Ifedi if he’s there?

        • TannerM

          Nah. It looks like their guards and tackles are set for next year – Iupati and Mathis with Veldheer and DJ Humphries, their first round pick last year, on the outside. Sure, they redshirted Humphries this year, so they could do it again… but I think the secondary needs a little bit of help. They’ve got the pass rusher in Chandler Jones – now they need someone to take advantage of that.

        • Hawk406

          I think they will pick either o-line or d-line. Maybe Paxton Lynch if he is there. Arians seems like an expert copy-cat artist and better Jeff Fisher, in the mind set of never enough pass rushers and building a championship defense next season instead of an air raid style offense. I could see them picking a DE or interior D lineman if someone intriguing enough slips to end of round 1.

  14. East Side Stevie

    Browns Toying With The Idea Of Trading The #2 Choice Sources Tell Adam Shefter

    • RealRhino2

      I wonder about these things. Do you need sources? I assume every team at every spot is toying with the idea of trading up or down at all times. It’d be a pretty bad front office that never even considered it.

      I think this will be a draft day thing. Teams will wait until the Rams take their QB and then the Browns will shop the pick to teams that love the other QB. Only real pre-draft possibility I see is the Cowboys moving from #4 to #2 to make sure they get Ramsey ahead of the Chargers.

      And the Browns should definitely not take a QB, and move out of the spot. I don’t know if RGIII is the guy, but I think the Browns believe he could be AND you are undermining that effort by drafting Wentz/Goff now. A developmental guy, sure, but not one of those guys.

      • Kenny Sloth

        I think you might be right about RGIII.

        Hue Jackson might just stick with his reclamation project year one and if it pans out, great! If it goes up in flames they’ll be in a good spot to take one next year

        • matt

          Agreed. Roll with RG3 for a year and see what you have. If it doesn’t work out, they’ll be picking high again next year. Deshaun Watson looks to be a good candidate for the #1 spot in 2017. Even if they were convinced that Goff or Wentz are franchise QB’s the roster is barren. I’m not sure even Russell, Cam or Tom Brady could take that Browns roster into the playoffs. Think they’d be best off trading down accumulating picks, and actually hit on a couple players, if the trade isn’t there take Ramsey. Hue Jackson has his work cut out for him regardless what happens in the draft.

  15. bobbyk

    If you’re going to have a knee injury, an MCL is the way to go. Even if his MCL injury was the worst there is, that’s usually a 4-month max for recovery. Coleman would/should be fine for training camp. It’s not the era of Curt Warner shredding his knee anymore. If Coleman is on the board, I’m all for him.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I ain’t no md, so i’ll take ur word on it.

      If the Hawks and the Docs are happy with where he is then so am I.

      I just can’t back a player with such a big question mark.

      • matt

        Good points by both of you. Coleman’s knee is a concern no doubt. JS said that the #1 player on his board last year was Todd Gurley, who we all know was coming off an ACL tear and didn’t workout during the draft process. This shows that the Hawks aren’t scared at drafting a player coming off a major knee injury. As bobbyk said an MCL is far less severe than an ACL. I kind of went off as to why Coleman is my favorite target for the Hawks in a thread in the past week. Rob illustrated my opinion far better than I could in this another great article here on SDB.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Did he say that?!

          • Kenny Sloth

            I guess they also didn’t know what they had in Rawls then so the need part of the formula was huge, especially we value backs.

            Need someone to step up into the Turbin role.

          • matt

            Maybe not ‘far less’ severe, but yeah he did by saying “If you’re going to have a knee injury, an MCL is the way to go.” Meaning an ACL tear is more severe than a MCL tear. It’s pretty common knowledge tbh. Not sure why that would alarm you.

            • JakeB

              Think he mighta been talking about Schneider/Gurley.

              • matt

                Oh. My mistake Kenny Sloth. Didn’t personally hear the interview with JS, but Condotta is a reputable Seahawk source.

                Bob Condotta
                Seahawks GM John Schneider on pre-game radio show reiterates that Seattle had Rams RB Todd Gurley rated as the best player in 2015 draft.

                Rob had an article discussing this too: https://seahawksdraftblog.com/report-claims-todd-gurley-was-seattles-1

  16. Ignorant

    Brilliant article.

    What I loved about Ifedi’s tape were three things:

    1) Anticipation. The guy is the first to move off the snap. This has one downside, potential penalties. This is mostly a positive trait, though. Shows concentration, shows readiness to be the aggressor, shows quick reaction and reflexes, This is his trait that is likely to translate better into the attacking three point stance style of OL that Cable employ here.

    2) Patience. He knows he have freakish arm lenght. He knows this massive size gives a lot of advantage over counter moves. So he doesn’t ever lose his cool. He can recover well from missed blocks better than most.

    3) Switch blocking. He isn’t caught off guard often. When the rusher goes inside and he feels the RG is in charge, he switches easily to other rusher. Good mirror off the edge too.

    I think he translates well. I don’t know about him being the next Kelechi Osemele. What I know is that he has an underrated mindset. I don’t think he gets countered as easily as Britt did by Kawann Short.

    My favorite picks in this draft are Butler and Bullard, and Seattle going for the quicker, explosive, athletic linemen (Connor McGovern, Joe Dahl, Joe Haeg) on the middle rounds to compete all over the line, but I don’t think they are starting a guy like Haeg at RT or McGovern at LG, so… Ifedi might be the only true Seahawk-type of LG/RT that can add real talent for this group.

    He’s not perfect, but neither are Butler and Bullard (Butler’s quickness is below average, Butler’s size is not bully-type, both lack refinement as pass rushers). So I’m okay with either pick.

    • Ignorant


      “Butler’s size is not bully-type”

      I was obviously saying that Bullard’s size is not bully-type. Butler is the bulliest of them all.

    • Kenny Sloth

      It’s worth noting in the same town hall interview in which Cable reveals the 31-9-26 parameters he also tabs “having brains” as a top 3 consideration on the OL.

  17. Del tre

    Depending on how far Coleman falls I really want him. Obviously he couldn’t be the Hawks first or second or even third round pick but if he is there in the 4th that’s low risk high reward doubtful he falls that far though. What’s funny is that the Hawks(or really any team from that matter) could conceivably get Jaylon smith and Shon coleman. It’s also becoming a possibility that myles jack might fall too. Just imagine if the Hawks took all 3 and all of them panned out to their all pro potential within year one. Unlikely that all three stay healthy, unlikely that the hawks select any of them for that matter.

    • Kenny Sloth

      This is the guy i have qualms with.

      Carroll specifically noted he wanted to get healthier on the OL this year. Coleman would likely be a bit counter to that thinking.

      Which I’m sure is why Rob rarely projects him to us.

  18. Kenny Sloth

    I don’t know about you guys, but I’m gonna get so nkemdiche’d tomorrow

    • GeoffU

      Just don’t go full Manziel

      • Kenny Sloth

        Ricky Williams out here

    • Nick


    • Ignorant


      Same here bro

    • bigDhawk

      Stay away from second story windows.

  19. Sea Mode

    On Ifedi specifically–and please nobody take this as bandwagoning or man-crush because I assure you it really is not–I think maybe we are forgetting how lucky we might be that there is even a chance a Tackle prospect of his characteristics and upside is available to us in the late first round.

    – He fits Seattle’s explosive athleticism OL profile
    – And does that while being in 98% size and length among OL in entire NFL
    – Has experience at the two positions we most need to upgrade (RT, LG)
    – No injury or character red flags
    – Who knows if he will turn out to be great, every draft pick is by nature a guess and a risk, but when his closest physical comp. is the highest-paid Guard in the league (Osmele), sure doesn’t hurt his chances.
    – Yes, he needs work on his technique as is evident from tape. I don’t think anyone will deny this. But Cable has said all college linemen basically start over from scratch nowadays anyway when they get to the NFL.
    – If this were like most years’ draft classes, a guy like this would likely be a top 10-15 lock and we would have no chance at him at all in late R1. This is just for the sake of example, not trying to say anything more than that these types of guys usually go very early:
    Greg Robinson: 6050, 332lbs, 35″ arm, 10″ hands, 4.92/1.72 40/10yd, 9’5″ broad, 28.5″ vert, 32 bench, 4.86 shuttle (3.24 TEF, 107.8 wTEF)
    ….Germain Ifedi: 6056, 324lbs, 36″ arm, 10 3/4″ h., 5.27/1.80 40/10yd, 9’1″ broad, 32.5″ vert, 24 bench, 4.75 shuttle (2.96 TEF, 96.07 wTEF – most of the difference is due purely to the bench FWIW)

    I will not be upset at all if the Hawks do not draft Ifedi, because this would mean that, knowing all of the above and obviously much more, they came up with a better plan at OL (maybe Coleman clears with their medical staff or they see something special nobody else does in a late-round hidden gem) or simply better value elsewhere in the draft. I guess I just found myself forgetting for a moment what a unique opportunity this deep draft might represent for our team and I don’t think we should forget that.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Well said, Sea Mode.

    • C-Dog

      Great points.

    • monkey

      Good post!

    • Eran-Ungar

      I am a bit worried…

      Robinson – 107.8 wTEF (and that insane 4.92 at 332lbs)
      Ifedi – 96.07 wTEF

      Does that imply that Ifedi is 90% the player Robinson is???


  20. HawkfaninMT

    Have the Hawks shown any interest in Coleman yet? Where is he going, on average, in mocks these days?

    I remember the posts from about 2 months ago where I got really hyped about the idea of drafting Coleman. The thought that he could now be had for a 2nd, or even 3rd, is a dream scenario for me!

    • Attyla the Hawk

      Beware though. We got excited about Cyrus Kouandjio a couple years back who fell to mid 2nd round. Am pretty glad we passed on him 3 times. Even if it was for Paul Richardson.

      • GeoffU

        Well, maybe you should’ve went forward in time to this year to learn that an 8′ broad jump and TEF of 2.37 just wasn’t going to cut it.

        • Attyla the Hawk

          Totally agreed.

          Back then, we didn’t have the body of evidence to reverse engineer what Seattle liked. We basically had Giacomini, Gallery, Carpenter and Moffitt as examples.

          We know more now. And I think Seattle has also changed/focused their ideal over time.

    • HawkfaninMT

      So anyone know if the Hawks have shown any interest? Or where he is going on average in mocks these days?

  21. Eric

    Thanks for all the hard work you put into this blog, Rob (particularly this time of year).

    I look forward to checking it every day, and you always have unique and insightful perspectives.

  22. Ed

    It really looks like the Hawks will trade back. They have in the past, and they continue to talk about the depth of this draft. Especailly if Ifedi/Spriggs/Bullard/Butler/Neal/ are all still on the board.

    So, if they drop back 5-10 picks:

    What can they pick up?

    Who can they still get?

    I think the Hawks are ok at OT and need interior OL and DL. I would be ok dropping back into mid 2nd and stockpiling 2nd/3rd and 4th rd picks.

    2nd McGovern (OC)
    3rd Henry (DT)
    3rd Erving (RB)
    3rd Haeg (OG)
    4th Cajuste (WR)

  23. SoTac

    I wonder if the scenario following is a realistic hope.

    1. Trade back into fifteen picks (NYG) to the 10th pick in the 2nd round (41) (Pick up a 3rd Rd Pick)
    2. With pick 41 select DT Bullard
    3. With pick 56 select RT Coleman
    4. With pick 71 (from Giants) select OLB Kyle Fackrell
    5. With pick 90 select OG McGovern/Dahl
    6. With pick 97 select DE Ronald Blair III
    7. With pick 124 select RB Tyler Ervin

    More and more I’m thinking JS trades back. I think there are several guys they’d be happy getting who will be available in that 35-45 pick range. If they are happy with Bullard, Coleman, Spriggs, Ifedi and Butler and 4 out of 5 of those are still on the board at 26, don’t you think they’d roll the dice and move down expecting at least one of those players to still be on the board?

    • Saxon

      It obviously depends on who is still on the board. Charlie Casserly, whom talks to a lot of GMs, had Rankins slipping to 30. If that’s the case, we take him in a heartbeat – no trading down. But if both Butler and Bullard are still on the board they might entertain the idea. Not sure they want to get too cute and potentially lose them both, though.

    • JamesP

      This is pretty much my perfect draft. Not sure how realistic it is but wow it’s be good!

      • JamesP


    • KingRajesh

      Who are the Giants moving up for?

  24. 503Hawk

    Dude… That’s the kind of write up I come to your site for!

  25. George

    Nothing gets me more jacked up than a little Shon Coleman talk. Glad we are discussing him again. I believe this IS Seattle’s guy at #26. I don’t care where he is being projected right now. Remember, where was Justin Britt projected to go during mock draft season? Granted, I know this is a little different coming off an injury and not having worked out, but I truly believe this is a case where the tape is going to speak for itself. PCJS know they need to be bullies again on the O-Line, and as you stated, ‘He is a monster.’ I also believe Webb was an insurance signing, if Coleman isn’t completely healthy to start the season. JS said they signed him as a right tackle. If Rankins/Butler are gone, I just don’t see a player that screams ‘We have to have this guy,’ aside from Shon Coleman. I understand the idea of Spriggs, Ifedi, etc. But let’s simply look at the tape and see that this guy is a true mauler–someone who can help regain the identity that brought Seattle a championship. If a guy can overcome cancer, I’ll take a chance on him overcoming a knee injury.

    • Sea Mode

      Like your thinking, George, especially that last line. If Coleman is indeed their guy then we might also be able to afford a trade down into the top of R2 and pick up that extra pick we have been talking about the last few days.

      Although here are the teams he has visited with per Tony Pauline, so there is some interest being shown and we would have to be careful how far we move. Good thing John Schneider has such a great feel for where prospects will go:
      Buccaneers (PRI)
      Dolphins (COM)
      Lions (PRI)
      Panthers (PRI)
      Patriots (PRI)
      Titans (PRI)
      Vikings (PRI)


      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        The team that jumps out at me.. Vikings… not sure why… def 2nd round pick if he is available.

    • matt

      “I believe this(Coleman) IS Seattle’s guy at #26. I don’t care where he is being projected right now.”

      Couldn’t agree more. As long as there’s no permanent damage in his repaired MCL, don’t see why there would be, I’m all for drafting Coleman. Have to think the Hawks love Coleman’s tape and fit as a road grading RT.

  26. Brad

    Rob gets it right every now and then. Why just a few years ago he predicted that the great Brandon Coleman had first round talent and would be producing at a Josh Gordon level. He got that one right. Well, in a way. Sure Coleman went I drafted and hasn’t done anything, but his production has mirrored Josh Gordon’s and that counts for something.

    • Rob Staton

      Have you got a cold compress for that scolding burn?

      • matt

        LOL sweet comeback.

    • Saxon

      Harsh, dude. Everybody misses, especially the million dollar GMs who do this for a living. Rob has a better batting average than a lot of draftniks.

      BTW, Coleman can still turn into a player…

      • matt

        To be fair Coleman fell because his knee was red flagged. He had received a third-round grade after his sophomore season from the NFL Draft Advisory Board, but decided to return to school. Five of ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper Jr.’s Top 30 prospects entering the 2013 season did not get picked.

        At the time I disagreed with Rob about Coleman. No big deal. He had a nice season last year for NO: 30 rec. 454 yards 2 tds. Now that Colston isn’t there anymore I expect a large uptick in production from him.

    • Ed

      Why would you even waste the time to write that. This blog is for fun and free and more insightful than anything I have read on the draft and from draft pundits.

      Move along Brad, just move along

    • Kenny Sloth

      In all decent value though

      • Kenny Sloth

        He actually shouldn’t have produced by SLA and is the leading receiver by draft value in that category

        • Kenny Sloth

          So technically an amazing steal

    • Troy

      So you should put up a blog and discuss hundreds of prospects with all of your unique insights if you are so much better qualified than Rob…we are all waiting for this brilliant insight into your great football mind…

    • Madmark

      This is one of the reason I come here because we at least have less troll activity on this site. We don’t come here to put people down. We come here to become better informed about who we like and see the Seahawks picking. Funny thing is Rob has treated you like gentleman not because he thinks your one but because he knows he’s one.

    • bigDhawk

      OK, so Rob is always wrong on prospects named “Coleman”.

      Got it.

    • Jon

      He’s also the one who finds players, out of obscurity and starts talking about them as top 20 talents (Bitonio OL, Hopkins WR, Donald DL, etc. . . ) Who have you brought up recently that you wrote high end analysis of that was not just regurgitated from your local pundit.

    • troy

      Brad, you should probably slow your roll son. I believe it’s crucial to keep in mind that 2015 was only Coleman’s first full season playing in the NFL; so it stand to reason that he’ll improve and continue to grow into a very solid target at the next level. That being said, if your going to critique a player or someone’s scouting grade on that individual you might want to use a better example, perhaps a player that actually has more than one season’s worth body of work so that you can accurately make an assessment.

  27. Sea Mode

    Vol.12 or CHTEric, anyone got info on Lene Maiava, G/T, Arizona personal pro-day numbers? It was supposed to be yesterday and was hoping to see if he might have qualified for TEF and perhaps enter into discussion as a mid-late round fallback option.

    • Volume12

      I don’t. Tried to find it myself.

      Also interesting that Utah RB Devontae Booker performed no drills either. Talk about an enigma.

      • icb12

        I was under the impression that Booker perfomed all requested drill at his individual pro day for a bunch of scouts??

        • Volume12

          I read on rotoworld that Seattle and Oakland sent their RB coaches to his pro day, and he performed pass catching drills.

    • icb12

      Well, with 34 Reps on the Bench, He’s got a good start on TEF.

  28. Ukhawk

    Rob, Now I’m getting excited! I’m ALL onboard with this way of thinking and will continue to bang the drum for Coleman.

    Couple Qs on the ifs and buts:
    Will Butler be there at 26?

    Will Coleman last to 56, lots of projections say so and lack of health points to a fall but I’m not so sure all the way to 56; your view?

    If not on either, are u advocating a 1st trade back & 2nd trade up to get both Bullard and Coleman?

    Lastly, by taking Butler/Bullard and Coleman (pinch me), the only downside I see is potentially losing out on McGovern who is the only, other ultra-hawky OL (IMO). Do you foresee a fall to the 3rd for him or maybe a Lockett-type trade-up?

    Loving your buildup

    • Lewis

      Gil Brandt has Coleman at 78. Of course, it only takes one team to love the guy.

      • Ukhawk

        Yeah like I said some say later rounds but most say Coleman goes 30-50

        • Madmark

          I saw him projected at 51 to the Jets after their RT retired.

  29. Volume12

    Rob, great piece.

    I feel the same way. Haven’t decided yet.

    Said the same things last night.

    While i’d love to add my favorite players, it ain’t about that. Anyone can throw together a mock.

  30. Volume12

    Bowling Green WR Roger Lewis is either a VMAC visitor or had a private workout.

    Seattle is gonna add someone like this. A guy with off the field ‘red flags.’

    • Kenny Sloth

      ‘exploiting marketing deficiencies’ yeah?

    • Eran-Ungar

      “Seattle is gonna add someone like this. A guy with off the field ‘red flags.’”

      hmmm…there is that guy that wants a pet panther….he could have meant Newton….

  31. rowdy

    I pretty much made this same reply to a guy yesterday saying that. I also see a lot of people not want you to project what the hawks will do but what you want them too but that’s really what you do all year til the combine comes. Keep up the great work

  32. First Timer

    Long time reader, first time commenter.

    I’m glad you addressed something that’s become obvious (and tiresome) over the course of time while reading your blog; you become enamored with certain players and spend all of your time laying out reasons why the Seahawks should draft them. Ifedi didn’t work according to your TEF thing so you figured out a way to make it work by adjusting your formulas.

    Now you may be right and you may have been right about Bitonio as well but alas, who cares other than you? It’s a pretty egotistical take. And even while you defend yourself you devote more time to writing about why you’re still right and why Ifedi is the man. You lay out the point that it doesn’t matter what we think; it’s the Seahawks making the decisions. I wish you’d acknowledge that point yourself.

    For the pleasure of the readers of your blog please diversify and start writing about more prospects. There’s 7 rounds and the Seahawks make a lot of hay with the undrafted players. That’s a ton of guys you could be looking at. There’s about 340 guys at the combine alone. Just because you and some of your readers think that they should draft from a pool of 4 linemen at the top of the draft doesn’t mean the Seahawks agree. Haven’t you learned that by now? I would love to hear about some more obscure names (or even anybody other than Bitonio… I mean Ifedi). It’s gotten to the point where I don’t even need to read this blog consistently since I know exactly what you’re going to say. Have you forgotten that this team was built with 4th and 5th round gems? Why ignore all but the top of the draft? And why use such conventional thinking about grabbing an o-lineman when you know the Seahawks are unconventional? I’m just getting tired of it Rob, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

    Good luck!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks for the advice First Timer.

      I can see from your IP address that you also post as ‘ItsAboutTheDefense’ — but at least I know in future that you’re willing to use different names so I’ll keep an eye out for your posts.

      • Jarhead

        Yipes! I may not think Ifedi is a firsr rounder, but that guy’s post was way out there. That was a pretty slick finger wagging though. Good form, Mr. Stanton

    • Lewis

      Feel free to go start your own site if you don’t care for this one.

    • vrtkolman

      You should probably learn how to mask your IP address.

      • Eran-Ungar

        Yes, I recommend a good IP spoofer to go with the IQ spoofer he is already using….

    • RWIII

      First timer: No one is forcing you to read on this blog. I for one appreciate everything that Rob writes. It seems like I learn more from Rob than all the other commentators put together. Especially about the Seahawk blog.

      Go Hawks!!!

    • Tien

      At least have the backbone to disagree with Rob openly instead of creating another name to troll him. What are we still in junior high??

    • matt

      If you don’t like reading the blog then don’t. The only one clicking on the site is you ‘first timer’. It takes a lot of guts to say something like that to a guy who busts his ass providing this fantastic blog in his own time for free no less…wait is guts the right word?

      I remember one of your true first posts saying how the Hawks should spend their first 4 picks on defense. A historically great defense that has been the first since the 1970 AFL-NFL merger to lead the NFL in points allowed for 4 consecutive years. Brilliant work there ‘first timer’.

      • bankhawk

        Id substitute a different G word….gall. Rob, keep on keepin on! Its all good, my man.

    • rowdy

      Lmao, as a long time reader I know rob has gone over everything you just complained about a lot. This is the most informative blog I have read and I look for anything about the draft. First of all, this is a part time job for rob that he does for fun. Secondly be goes way more in depth then kiper and it’s kipers only job. I’m pretty sure you are the only one that feels that way.

      • manthony

        Ifedi doesn’t really give me warm fuzzy feelings, but I’d never insult Rob like that.
        Rob keep up the good work mate, only about 9 days left till the draft

        • Saxon

          I actually posted a similar critique a week ago, but I tried to be polite about it because I respect the hard work Rob puts into this site. Maybe you should stop and consider how difficult it is for one person with a day job to track and evaluate 300 prospects while residing in a country with no college football. Then you should apologize for being such a douche.

    • monkey

      You know what I get tired of?
      Whiners who tell people who research and write, what they should and shouldn’t do, while reading their free blog.
      If you want to learn about more obscure players, here’s a novel idea, GO WATCH SOME TAPE ON THEM, AND FIGURE IT OUT YOUR OWN SELF!
      Otherwise, if you don’t like what’s being offered on this FREE BLOG….well…you know.

    • Ukhawk


      Rob I like how you frame things as looking at multiple prospects which may fit. After all falling in love more than once is more fun anyway

      Keep up the best blog bar none. PLEASE

  33. Trevor

    Rob have you checked out David Onyemata? Would love to get your thoughts.

    I have posted about him several times on here and it appears the Hawks have shown interest and were at his pro day In Manitoba Canada.

    He is a 6-4 305 DT who played out of position at DE at the Shrine game and still dominated winning the player of the game. I guess he looked great in practice as well. This guy came to Canada from Africa 3-4 years ago to go to university and had never even held a football until then. So basically he has played 2 years of Canadian University which would not even be FCS level in the US. So you can imagine the increase in talent he faced at the Shrine game yet he dominated.

    He has a TEF of 3.62 if my calculations are correct at 6-4 305lbs with 35 inch arms.

    Vertical Jump 33″
    Broad Jump 9’11”
    Bench Press 33 reps
    40-Yard Dash 5.06 seconds
    10yd Split 1.66 second
    3-Cone 7.25 seconds
    Short Shuttle 4.65 seconds

    I just think can you imagine this guy with a couple of years of NFL coaching. I know I talk about him too much but I really hope they Hawks get this guy because he could be special and he seems like a great kid.

  34. Eran-Ungar


    Thank you for opening up the way you just did. You have made this place a home for so many and do an amazing work.

    During the season i dedicate most of my time to following the team but i keep reading your posts. You made me fall in love with Coleman and i can’t let him go. When he started dropping due to medical issues, I commented that he should be available at 56. I didn’t do it out of spit, i did it out of hope.

    I believe we need to draft Butler at 26 (or Rankins…lol) and i wanted Coleman all along. For me, he needed to drop to 56 so it could be done. It’s my dream draft. (Well, if we could only get Neal….)

    I stand behind every word of your post. Great work sir.

    • Trevor

      Agree with you 100% on every single point!

    • Tien

      Eran – While I’d be okay if the Hawks select Ifedi or Spriggs with the #26 pick, barring serious medical issues, I’m still hoping Coleman’s our guy, whether it’s with our first or second rounder!

      • D-OZ

        Colman’s the man! Possible trade down? I could see it happening.

  35. Darth12er

    Miles Killibrew for ‘deathbacker’ anybody?
    217 lbs
    4.51 40 pro day
    1.58 10 yard split
    NFL.com comp Deone Buchanon
    Hits like a hammer https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BGl0nYVDT2s
    Just a highlight reel, I haven’t seen extensive tape on him so I don’t know the negative side of his game. But there is a lot to like here. Anybody’s take?

    • RealRhino2

      No thanks.

      And when did we suddenly decide we needed a “deathbacker”?

      If you want something less snarky, how about he hits hard but he’s a bit out of control, he misreads a lot of plays — which seems to go against our sure tackling preferences — and he’s not very good in coverage? Also, while Rob liked his interview, in the “Show me, don’t tell me” department he sure seemed to showboat away from his teammates a lot. Rubbed me the wrong way.

      • Darth12er

        Yeah, I’ll take something less snarky, though I prefer there to be minimal ‘snarky lyrics’. Nobody decided anything about there being a deathbacker – except that it’s been a topic of discussion on this site as of late. Some people have been projecting players like Neal as a possible Buchanan clone linebacker…Rob included. Why do you act like this is something new?

        I understand somebody being projected as a possible 3rd round pick will have some holes in his game. Especially coming from a smaller school, like Southern Utah, where their coaching may not be up to par with the rest of college football. I do think that under professional coaches and learning from some all pro teammates, he could fix those problems. Clearly he is athletic enough! To me, he looks like a Seahawk defender.

    • Steve Nelsen

      I had a note on my spreadsheet after the senior bowl that Killebrew had short arms. Did that get verified at the combine or did his arm length meet the Seattke minimum?

  36. Ed

    Geez Rob, I guess you have hurt a few guys feelings with your blog. Don’t know why people cry and complain about nonsense. Go somewhere else then. Society has gotten so entitled, selfish and easy to spew vitriol.

    I myself, enjoy the articles and in depth perspective of my hometown Hawks. You should just block all the fools who bring crabbiness to the blog.

    Thank you.

    On a football note, JS has said a few times it is a deep draft. And the spots it’s deep at are the spots the Hawks need help at. Interior OL and interior DL. Unless Rankins or Butler fall, it really looks like a trade back. I would like to see something like this:

    2nd McGovern (OC)
    2nd Striker/Perry (LB)
    3rd Haeg (OG)
    3rd Ervin (RB)
    3rd Day (DT)
    4th Cajuste (WR)

    • H M Abdou

      Not bad. I’d take Kyler Fackrell instead of Striker/Perry.

    • rowdy

      Strongly disagree against blocking people unless threats are made. It’s a community because of the different opinions and I feel blocking people who strongly disagree can ruin the blog.

      • matt

        Agree to a point. There’s a difference between having strong opinions and disagreeing than basically calling a guy a hack because he missed on a prospect. Everyone misses on players.

        • rowdy

          Sorry, read from the bottom up then I seen the post it was about. Some people man, never seen a comment like that here before.

          • matt

            No worries rowdy. Some peoples kids. smh

      • Ed

        It’s not the disagreeing, it’s the attitude. I disagree with what’s said at times, but it’s an opinion. These are attacks at opinions, totally different.

        • Jon

          Thats the thing though. I don’t even think it is an attack against opinion. Rather, it is an attack on research and the philosophical direction of what Rob is trying to present. Well thought out analysis of what we have seen the Hawks do.

      • Kenny Sloth

        I’m with you. I do however petition to make ItsAllAboutDefense’s permanent name First Timer. Lil draft virgin.

    • D-OZ

      Dion Jones for me.

  37. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Shon Coleman is a heck of a “bet” or “wager” to make on a guy who is still not fully able to participate in workouts etc. He might be evrything you say and sliced bread, but I would rather have the guy who is healthy and you “know” how he measures out…. yes Ifedi.

    6’6″ 325 and has freakish attributes (long arms)… that screams Seahawks to me as much as the Coleman back story. Perhaps both will be fine NFL players….. but I want the guy who is ready to go from day #1, not the guy with a question mark next to his name (or knee).

    Maybe Coleman falls all the way to the second round pick and they snag him as well… unlikely, but you just never know.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Rob just had a heart attack… Ifedi and Coleman from 1 draft…..

      A+++++++++ Rob’s grade after the draft 😛

    • Madmark

      Quick dreamland visit we get Ifedi, McGovern, Coleman. you have to Start a OL Gillian, Ifedi, McGovern, Glowinski, and a Webb. When he’s ready give Coleman a Shot at right tackle.

    • RealRhino2

      I would say that if we picked Ifedi and Coleman made it all the way to #56 it wouldn’t be a dream, it would mean we messed up. Because we either picked a redundant RT at #26 or we wasted a R1 pick on a guard.

      The one nice thing, to me, about restricting our OL pool to so few guys is that in the process we are also potentially judging by different attributes than other teams, so we could expect the guys we like to not always be the guys other teams like. Meaning we should be able to go BPA non-OL in R1 and still get a Coleman, Haeg, Dahl or McGovern in R2-R4. All three could potentially shore up LG or RT, and a couple could handle C.

      As Rob has said, the chances the Seahawks are going to start a bunch of rookies on the OL are slim. So having three new OL picked in the first 3 rounds probably means two of our first four picks are just sitting on the bench on gamedays. Not ideal. For me, one OL in the top 3 rounds, one project OL in R5-6 is fine.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        I think most people are thinking 2 of the 1st four picks will be OL. I’m in the 1st and 2nd round camp, but 2nd and 3rd would be very likely as well. If the player can play, I have no doubt Seattle will play them from day #1 year #1. Several of these rookie picks very possibly could start….. might take some lumps the first few weeks, but have a big payoff of being seasoned rolling into the last few games (and playoffs).

  38. Jarhead

    I don’t think there has ever been a potential pick that has created as much chaos on the blog as Ifedi. This draft season has been something else. While I am not so deluded to think that this post has been solely pointed at me, that would be really arrogant to think, I do feel I fall in to the category that Rob has described so that is what I will comment on. I think I have been clear and rational about my take on Ifedi, and has been discussed at length, why I hope the Seahawks don’t draft him. That is a presonal preference as we all have. Some posters like Ifedi and see potential and some see him the way I do. I feel that people may be getting sold on Ifedi’s sizzle rather than the steak, but everyone sees things differently. I strongly feel that Ifedi is on the Seahawks radar, and see him as a likely selection. That would personally disappoint me as I feel that he does not possess an NFL skill set to accompany his NFL size and agilty. As Rob pointed out, I feel Shon Coleman is a great and fercious lineman and I think he would be an instant high impact guy. Also Vernon Butler, and Keanu Neal as well. Those are my highest expectation first round potential guys. I do feel that the blog this year became overly focused on Ifedi, because they probably felt comfortable with his skill set and potential. That is fine. Some disagree and others agree. We don’t have flame each other like that one guy above, but the debate is what makes this blog rad

    • rowdy

      How much chaos would there of been if britt was projected as are 2nd rounder? Regardless of are feelings about him you can’t deny he’s the type they go after and personally I’m not a fan either but he’s at a position of need and has everything they go after. I think robs just trying to tell people ifedi isn’t his pick but the pick he feels seattle will go after. I remember last year there were reports they liked a rb, Davis from South Carolina I believe, and people were not happy about it.

      • Volume12


        It’s gonna be the same way this draft. I’d almost guarantee it. Look how many fans didn’t like or hated Seattle’s FA acquisitions this year.

        About Mike Davis.

        He’s a Seahawk kind of back when you went back and understood why they liked him.

        Tough, physical, good pass catcher, gave 100% every game, but he wasn’t the flashiest or ‘sexy’ back.

    • Volume12

      I just kinda think everyone had their mind made up on who they wanted Seattle take when it came to the O-line, because it’s a good class and a glaring need.

      Pretty sure there was a couple-few pieces on Ifedi and we all discussed him during the college season. He matches their athletic profile, has the size they like, a unique trait (arm length and athleticism).

      And then there was the Tony Pauline piece, TC personally working him out, and then another Tony Pauline tidbit.

      Usually, where’s there smoke there’s fire.

      While Ifedi has his issues, not a single one can’t be fixed. As for what’s inside him, fire in the belly/grit/heart, that’s for Seattle to decide.

      If your not all aboard the Ryan Kell hype train, realize that ND C Nick Martin and every other C isn’t worth one either, it’s like ‘off with your head’ or ‘burn ya at the stakes rhetoric.’

      Like ya said. You may not be an Ifedi fan, but at least you get the appeal. That’s what its about in the end.

      • Ground_Hawk

        I agree that the desire to be great is something only the FO can accurately discern, in any draft prospect. This same line of thinking is reason I don’t see why Ogbah isn’t getting more interest from people on this blog. His production and athleticism is better than Bosa’s, yet he is considered by some to be a 2nd rounder. It is perplexing, but I’ll admit there is something that I could be ignorant of.

        • Kenny Sloth

          I don’t like Ogbah’s tape against some of the players from this draft. Really hard pressed to make an impact. His best ball may come at thw next level

          • Volume12

            It’s why theu brought in Miss St DT Chris Jones.

            They wanna see what he’s all about.

  39. Nick

    What do people think of Ronald Blair at 56? I’d be down.

    • Volume12

      Liked his tape, but he’s being overhyped.

      The majority of the time, ecspecially when it comes to D-lineman, if these small school guys aren’t fantastic athletes, they’ll struggle to transition at the next level.

      And that’s my concern with Blair.

      • C-Dog

        I got some of those concerns as well. If it gets into the middle rounds, I like him a lot better.

      • GeoffU

        I remember John Schneider saying pretty much that after the Mark LeGree failure

    • Nate

      I would love to know Rob’s thoughts on him, Onyemata and Brandin Bryant. Could it make drafting an OL/slight trade down and still pick McGovern, more feasible?
      Also how lots of mocks lately have Ogbah available to the Hawks is interesting.

  40. Alicamousa

    Reading that Hopkins piece is making me all kinds of annoyed. He’s an absolute animal playing with the dregs of the NFL’s quarterbacking talent, imagine what he could have been with Wilson? Sickening miss.

    Couple of interesting comments in there as well. You made one, Rob, about not getting blinkered too much by ‘special’ qualities – and instead remembering that being a good football player matters just as much. Has the last three drafts changed your mind on that, or tipped the balance at all?

    And just wanted to say thanks for writing this piece, although it’s a shame you needed to. Things seem to have got a bit chippy and personal over the last couple of weeks, the draft can’t come soon enough, think everyone is going stir-crazy!

    Personally I’m still hoping they can find a way to get their mitts on Neal and/or Coleman – Rankins is a pipe dream at this point. Either of those two would come in and make a splash from day one.

    • GeoffU

      On top of that, I’m almost certain we’d also still have Golden Tate. Stupid Percy Harvin.

      • Alicamousa

        Gah didn’t even think about that.

        Hopkins, Tate, Graham, Baldwin, Lockett… Ugh. Playing what if never ends well.

  41. peter


    Excellent post. Holy smokes to some of the commenters above. For 4-5 years I’ve read virtual teams of text about how footballs won in the trenches….yadda, yadda, blah, blah and then on this year there’s “too,” much time spent on players that could be drafted by Seattle to improve the trenches?!

    Future articles for next years content?

    1. The pros and cons of moving on from Wilson to whatever Qb wins the heisman next year.

    2. Why short armed cb’s are the new long armed cb’s.

    3. Short shuttle? Three cone? Does speed really matter as a DE…we’ll review.

    4. Top ten fever! Rob weighs in on the merits of the consensus top Ten and the likelihood that 20 odd teams in front of them forget they are on the clock and lose their pick allowing Seattle in that range for the first time since Okung was drafted.

    • Rob Staton


    • Alicamousa

      Ha, love it! Can we get a Big Board in there as well?

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Rule # 77: Rob can only do a Big Board if he has large hair and glasses.

        • peter

          That’s a sight!

  42. SeventiesHawksFan

    Seems a ‘dream draft’ would be getting some combination of Rankins, Vernon, Bullard, Coleman, McGovern, Fackrell, Ervin, Dahl and Cajuste. With enough maneuvering 4 of those 9 might be possible.

    • Nate

      I like your thought. I would just like to add a backup s like Sean Davis or TJ Green, and a nickel CB late or udfa like KeiVrae Russell.
      I might be tempted to go after Mitch Matthews, Boehringer or Justin Berger over Cajuste, but Cajuste is solid!

      • Volume12

        Keivarae Russell isn’t an UDFA talent.

  43. Nate

    People worried about Colemans medical forget that we will be paying Webb a lot to be RT.
    He could be a red shirt worst case.
    I love this thread Rob, because I’m more sold on him and would possibly allow us to go DL with first pick, or more ammo for a combo 2 if not 3 McGovern, Coleman, Dahl, Haeg.

    • Coug1990

      Webb is not being paid all that much. According to Spotrac, his cap hit this year is only 2.4 million. I do expect Webb to the be the starting right tackle. But, the Seahawks paid a lot more money to Matt Flynn and he lost out to a rookie.

  44. Nano

    Hey Rob, fantastic work. The blog just keeps getting better somehow.

    Question: If Seattle wants to net another 4th or 5th round pick, and Ifedi is the target, how far do you think they could move back and still have a good chance of getting him?

  45. HawkFan907

    I really like the idea of trading back, especially if Butler isn’t there. A trade with the Titans who are rumored to move back into the first would work for one of their 2nds. I don’t want to see them miss on McGovern, and I’d be OK with them taking him with their first pick. I’d like to see:

    2nd McGovern (OC) – They missed out on Morse last year, they sure don’t want to repeat that this year. They get their guy.

    2nd Kaufusi (DT/DE) – Endless motor, great athlete for his size, and brings something unique to the Hawks (leads the country in blocked kicks last year.) Recent mocks have him as high as Den at 31.

    3rd Erving (RB) – Playmaker. Explosive. Fills that 2nd RB spot.

    3rd Dahl (OG) – TEF warrior with local ties.

    3rd Willie Henry (DT) – True DT. IMO a better pick than Ridgeway here. You win in the trenches and he will surely help.

    4th Cajuste (WR) – I’ll jump on the bandwagon. Tape doesn’t lie (unless it is against bad competition. His is not.)

    4th – Travis Feeney (OLB) – No mention of him in a while. Injury history but can be groomed to take over that Irvin spot while Morgan starts. Doesn’t hurt that he is from UW.

    5th – James Bradberry (CB – Sampson) – Perfect candidate to be that “Redshirt” DB prospect. Meets all of those physical requirements that PC and JS love.

    6th Justin Zimmer (DL – Ferris St.) – Just plug his numbers into TEF and watch the magic happen. Short arms, but they don’t slow Aaron Donald down. Not saying he is Donald, but if he can be anything close it will be well worth a 6th. Maybe Cable will turn him into a guard. Wouldn’t be surprised if that happens.

    7th Dominique Robertson (OT – West Georgia) – Check out his TEF. Played against poor competition, but is built like a LT. Will compete for a PS spot will Poole I imagine.

    7th Mitch Matthews (WR – BYU) – Might end up a better prospect that Cajuste. Taller, but lighter and faster. Check out those pro-day numbers. Also from the PNW (Portland area I believe.)

    Again, the ideal scenario is if Butler is there in the 1st we take him. I just think he will be gone.

    • Ground_Hawk

      I like McGovern in same range as you too. A while back I considered him in the first, not that it’s impossible (haha), but I think picking up a player that can attack the QB regularly (Ogbah) is more important. The Seahawks spending habits have shown that the o-line is on the financial-backburner, and them spending the money on a late first rounder seems unlikely. It could happen, but I’m thinking that they go impact d-liner with their first pick.

    • JustMeMyself&!

      Ervin, not Erving. Starting to see this mistake a lot in comments.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I like where you took these players. Very reasonable that each player will be available in each round at the pick. I’m almost of the opinion that Seattle will not take a CB in the draft this year….. then who would they take instead? TE would have to be a strong consideration, as well as QB.

      The 3rd 3rd round pick looks like a very sexy place to grab a QB…. Dak Prescott is the guy that would make sense if he were available. They need a quality back-up QB that can step in for a game or two and do some damage.

      2015 ALL-SEC FIRST TEAM (COACHES): QB Dak Prescott, Mississippi State…Prescott became the first Bulldog to earn back-to-back first-team honors at quarterback since Billy Stacy in 1956-57. He led the SEC in conference games this fall in completions (226), completion percentage (67.1), passing yards (2,528), touchdown-to-interception ratio (17:4), passing yards per game (316.2) and total offense per game (363.2). The senior also finished second in league games with a 144.3 passing efficiency rating, and tied for fifth in points scored (48).

      • Nate

        George Fant this years TE to RT like Gilliam

      • HawkFan907

        I could see a TE, primarily one with good blocking ability. I’m not a fan of Helfet as a third TE, so let’s replace him. We do also need a backup and Russ would be a perfect mentor. I would have loved to take Prescott but he has had some recent trouble with the law (DUI in March). If I had to go with a QB, I’d go later on with Adams. They might also go for Hogan who has a similar SPARQ rating to Prescott, and is a Stanford guy.

        I’m a big “trenches” guy, but I see the value in having taking either a TE or a QB probably in the 5th like you suggested. Bradberry screams Seahawks to me with those 33+ inch arms and that high SPARQ score. I just couldn’t resist!

  46. C-Dog

    Another pipe dream simulated mock.

    I see Ifedi as a strong, perhaps the strongest possibility at 26, for two reasons: 1; He fits the mold too well for what they want at two.. possibly three positions (LG, RT and LT), and the team craves versatility on the OL, and 2; I think the DL they would really like at 26 such as Butler (unless there are others they are being very tight shipped about) aren’t likely going to be there.

    26: R1P26

    56: R2P25

    90: R3P27

    97: R3P34

    124: R4P26

    171: R5P32

    215: R6P40

    225: R7P4

    247: R7P26

    If Ifedi is the pick at 26, I’d be fine with it. I know he isn’t technically sound, IMO, all his glitches seem pretty fixable. I would prefer a premiere DL with upside, but this is a deep DL draft and that player might still be there at 56, and I think, as the TEF showed, it’s a limited supply of OL that Seattle prefers as opposed to DL.

    Enter Ridgeway. IMO, if Seattle is fortunate to land both these two big cats in Ifedi and Ridgeway, I think that’s going to be a home run draft. I remember watching Texas games the other year when Malcolm Brown was getting buzz and a few times, I actually found myself just as impressed if not more with Ridgeway. With all the other hyped up DTs this year, he kind of got lost on me, but the tape that I’ve seen still showed a guy with good movement, and power to hold up against blockers. Plus he’s played all over the Texas DL, and who knows, perhaps Earl Thomas will pester Pete and John into taking him. I think Seattle is looking for this kind of player. If Seattle goes OL with 26, I think there is a good chance they may move up in R2 for a 3 down DL. I also think there is a chance Seattle drops back out of 26 to target a player like him, as well, or simply take Ifedi later.

    IMO, I think Dahl might be the more important get at OL. Part of me thinks that they might still want to give Britt a chance at LG, they are excited to see on what they have with Gilliam at LT, and Glowinski at RG, and they may genuinely feel good about Webb at RT. Dahl is drafted to become the starting center, but they stay patient on the pick kind of like they did with RW3 in 2012. Why Ifedi then, you ask C-Dog? He’s an awfully nice insurance policy if one of Gilliam, Britt or Webb struggle, and his upside is too rich with Butler and others off the board. My hunch is that Ifedi would eventually become the starting LG, but it wouldn’t shock me if they try him first at RT and see if he can win that job if Britt is clearly making strides.

    Feeney, I admit, is a biased favorite of mine. I know the shoulders are a concern, but I think he has too much talent and range not to take him. I think he’s probably going to be a target of theirs, and at 97, I think they might pull that trigger.

    I think they trade back at some point. Personally, I think they trade back to get an early 4th, and RB and WR will be targeted in this round. If Ervin lasts into R4, I think Seattle takes him. If they go RB earlier, Cajuste good very well be that guy.

    I think they probably take two OL in the first two days, and add another. IMO, I think Obhiambo can be a solid depth guy and possibly a starter at guard or RT. Injuries pleauged him at Boise, but as a 6 rounder, I think he’d be a solid pick.

    I like Vitale as a FB and possibly an H-back, and maybe they through their last pick at local kid Vernon Adams, and why not?

    • Kenny Sloth

      Not that far fetched. I dig it

      • C-Dog

        Yeah, who knows. It may play out something like this.

    • Nate

      I would dig this

    • Ignorant

      I dig this, albeit I prefer Willie Henry over Ridgeway mainly due to motor and range. What do you think?

  47. bigDhawk

    Anyone know anything about Giavanni Ruffin? Apparently he’s a Seahawk as of today.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Never heard of him. It makes me hungry though, sounds like an Italian dish.

      • bankhawk

        All Ive heard í that he played at Eastern Carolina U and í involved in Kams boot camp for ladies as a trainer. Saw a little bit of game tape and a couple ò training vids. Looks like a dyed in the wool gym rat and a really motivated dude!

        • Coug1990

          He is likely just a camp body. But, it is a chance. He will always be able to say he was an NFL player and a Seahawk. You cannot put a price on that.

    • Eran-Ungar


      6-1, 220, 4.40, 38.5 vert, 6.75 e cone, 4.04 SS, RB from East Carolina.

      • D-OZ

        Wow! Whats not to like about that guy. Does everything well.

    • troy


  48. Steve Nelsen

    I am hoping for several trade backs to add extra picks. I think we end up with at least 2 and maybe 3 OL with great TEF scores and Rob’s predictive formula is vindicated. I listened to an interview with Gilliam recently and he described the value Seattle puts on “athleticism” in OL prospects in almost the exact same way Rob does. He even pointed out that Seattle is seeking athleticism to counter the increasing athleticism of defensive linemen.

    Is there any data on Coleman’s athleticism from his junior year? I was hoping he would be a VMAC visitor and I could still hope that Seattle drafts him but that does not seem likely with a week to go.

    I personally think that Seattle is OK with Lewis/Sokoli at C and that LG/RT is the primary need. Ifedi fits the size/athleticism model for LG and we heard a month ago that Seattle has a 1st round grade on him so I am continuing to project him as Seattle’s first pick.

    The guy I love though is McGovern. He has to be our 2nd pick. His strength and athleticism may be the antidote to Aaron Donald.

    If we got Ervin and Cajuste I would be as happy as Bevell and then a bunch of SPARQy projects on Day 3 to make the draft complete. Onyemata yes please. You too Zimmer.

    • C-Dog

      Yeah, I keep going back and forth on where I think the bigger need is on the OL. I think a case can be made for each of the positions, most of the time I settle on center, but then Sokoli comes up in my mind; he’s raw as #$% but athletic as #$%, and if he latches on, he could be a legit Kraken on the OL. Sometimes, a lot of the time, I think Britt is the one they need to replace, but then I think about how he was thrown into LG, and I wonder if they feel like they still have something with him there. Pauline’s references to Ifedi widely being thought of as the ideal Seahawk OL likely aren’t out of thin air. We shall see soon enough.

      • JimQ

        I’m starting to think that the thought of drafting Ifedi is just a big “smokescreen” with a lot of media connection of Ifedi & the Seahawks. Perhaps the Seahawks real interest is indeed on OT’s Coleman or Spriggs? To me, either would make a lot of sense in long term team building. I guess time will tell.

        The reasons I think this “could” be the case: (1) OLT, is probably the most important OL position. (2) Good OLT’s are indeed hard to find. (3) The Seahawks have said they are happy with their current OL, which is unlikely to be 100% true. (4) The Seahawks seem to like Gilliam’s potential to fit at OLT. (5) The Seahawks know that Gilliam is still capable and okay at ORT. (6) Spriggs or Coleman could both compete at both OT positions. (7) OLG is a position that may be of biggest need on the OL, however, their are other players than Ifedi that could compete at that position. Perhaps McGovern? (8) Spriggs or Coleman & Gilliam could be the bookend OT’s that every team covets. A mid round selection of Haeg combined with selections of Spriggs or Coleman and a capable OG like McGovern would easily elevate the Seahawks OL from poor to above average IMO. Just a thought!

        • Rob Staton

          Everyone assumes the player they don’t want the team to draft is a smokescreen…

          • Attyla the Hawk

            Trying to remember the last time the team ever employed a smoke screen.

            I don’t recall it. They’ve been pretty transparent with at least need. Otherwise they simply remain tight lipped.

            I kind of think they don’t bother with smokescreens. The number of visits are limited. I tend to think we have genuine interest in everyone we bring in. I’m sure that occasionally the result of that close examination strikes guys off the board. That’s the point of digging in more closely I would expect.

            • Volume12


              That’s alot of wasted time, effort, money, and man power to fly a gu across country without genuine interest.

              I do think they might be pulling a Rice 2013 though. With TEs Vance McDonald and Luke Willson.

  49. Leonardo Nakama

    Love you work Rob. I’m a huge Seahawk fan from Brazil and I read your blog every day. For me it’s hard to find information here in Brazil about the NFL draft and more especifically about the Seahawks plans for the draft so when I found your blog I instantly became a big fan of your work. Keep it up with the great work!

  50. nichansen01

    I am reminded why once almost all of us on this blog were hoping that Shon Coleman would slip to 26.

    Now with his knee injury, we could draft this guy in round 2.

    I say trade down and select coleman, and then take Hassan Ridgeway or Willie Henry at 56.

    With three picks in the third, we can target Mcgovern, Ervin and a linebacker (or maybe another defensive tackle?).

    I would really love it if Coleman could become a seahawk.

    • bigDhawk

      Sounds good to me, as long as Coleman is healthy.

    • C-Dog

      I think a trade down from 26 is very possible, depends who’s still on the board.

  51. HawkTalk

    I tried a few automated mock drafts today and more often than I expected I saw Vernon Butler available at #26, so had to grab him. However, unless we trade up Shon was gone in the next 10-12 picks and unless we trade up, will be hard to get. Yeah I got Ifedi at 56 which may not be realistic either. Will have to see how everyone values Shon. Watched a lot of tape on him today, including a great play where he rode Floyd like 20 years out of a play when paired with Shon. This is what I chose:

    26: R1P26
    56: R2P25
    90: R3P27
    97: R3P34
    124: R4P26
    171: R5P32
    215: R6P40
    225: R7P4
    247: R7P26

    • Kenny Sloth

      I’ll have a hit of whatever they’re smoking ? ???

    • C-Dog

      I’ve done these mocks a few time where Ifedi is rated a low R2, and McGovern and Dahl 4th rounders or further back. I think a case can be made for Ifedi being a 2d round pick, but I would be shocked if McGovern and Dahl are both available on day 3.

  52. Del tre

    Alright guys i think I have found someone Makinton Dorleant he is from the same school as deionndre hall is and he was an all american runs a 4.3 and has a 39 inch vert no idea his arm length they look long

    • Kenny Sloth

      Sp.? I can’t find this dude at all.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Nvm I see that that is correct. I’ll have to check him out. Was gonna do a piece on Hall, might add a note on him if he flashes

        • Del tre

          I was actually writing about hall the other day. He is a good player and uses his arms extremely well to make up for the fact that he doesn’t have elite speed but with his competition level and the fact that even then he still struggled to keep up at times makes me think he’s not going to be able to succeed at the NFL level maybe at safety. What’s your take on him? I’m pretty wishy washy because I love how he presses off the line and his instincts I’m just not sure if someone who is 170 pounds and runs like a 4.6 or 4.7 will be able to get it done

          • Kenny Sloth

            I think he has plenty speed. Very explosive.

            Had to turn off his tape at FS. Some of the worst bull i’ve ever seen.

            Love his athletic profile

  53. Another First Timer

    I completely disagree with what First Timer wrote. I am a long time reader of your blog and first time poster. I am very grateful for the time you put into this blog and the excellent analysis that you provide. In addition to your excellent writing, the thing that makes this blog “everyday reading” for me is the diversity of opinion, that is expressed in a respectful manner. As a long time Seahawks fan I have never found a group of individuals like those here, that can have insightful conversations and look at all sides of a topic, disagreeing sometimes but always in a respectful fashion. Ignore the ignorant opinions from First Timer, and know that there are many more out there like myself that are big fans of you and this blog, but never take the time to provide feedback. Thank you very much for what you do.
    Greg in Alaska
    PS – I will buy you a pint at your local some day if I am ever back in the UK.

  54. Winston

    Rob, I know that we don’t agree on a lot of things, but I 110% agree with you regarding Nkemdiche. The national media seems to be fairly oblivious on what the Seahawks are going to do (Kiper seems obsessed with the idea that they’ll take a cornerback in round 1). Nkemdiche seems like a guy that just doesn’t get it. I hate to bag on the guy, but he seems to show no remorse for any of his actions. Frank Clark went to counseling and took other courses of action to create a fresh start.

    Anyways, what are your thoughts on Jatavis Brown? He’s relatively undersized (listed at 5’11” 218 lbs on CBS), but he is FAST. He’s currently projected as a late round pick, but he has the pedigree (team captain, loves football, aggression, etc.) of what this team looks for. He’s even been talking of the fact that he only got one college offer and was a 2 star recruit (Bobby Wagner anyone?!). And to top it all off, he ran in the 4.4s in the 40, had a 35.5 inch vertical, and 10 foot + broad jump. Zach Whitman at SPARQ currently has him as the 6th SPARQiest LB in the class.

    Here’s a small tidbit on his player profile..


    • Sea Mode

      Don’t we already have a super fast, ultra-SPARQy LB in Kevin Pierre-Louis?

      I’m not trying to slam on Brown, honestly I haven’t seen any tape of his at all, just wondering if our current roster wouldn’t make him kind of redundant.

      • Rik

        KPL has been injured enough that we still don’t know what he can do as a Hawk. Brown was the MAC defensive player of the year. He’s a lightning quick turnover machine – PFF says 15 sacks in 2015. I’d love to see him as a 4th round pick. Strong safety maybe?

      • matt

        Jatavis Brown and KPL are similarly ‘undersized’ sparq’d up athletes-that’s a pretty good comparison. I see a more natural football player in Brown with better instincts and a knack for timing the blitz at LB. Make no mistake neither are sure wrap tacklers. Lets not forget that KPL was a 4th rd pick when we had Malcolm Smith. They’re similar players too. I’m a big fan of Brown and think he’d be a nice fit.

        Year School Conf Class Pos G Solo Ast Tot Loss Sk Int Yds Avg TD PD FR Yds TD FF
        2012 Akron MAC FR LB 13 10 23 0.5 0.0 0 0 0 0 1
        2013 Akron MAC LB 11 57 50 107 6.5 1.0 0 0 0 2 0 2
        2014 Akron MAC JR LB 11 62 32 94 14.0 4.0 0 0 0 0 0 3
        2015 Akron MAC SR LB 13 61 55 116 19.5 11.5 1 0 0.0 0 1 0 4
        Career Akron 193 147 340 40.5 16.5 1 0 0.0 0 3 0 0 0 10

  55. Volume12

    Did you guys notice what position Frank Clark is now?

    • nichansen01

      Clark as the new irvin could work out pretty well since Clark great at defending the run.

      • Volume12

        That’s exactly what I thought. Great minds think alike. 🙂

        Probably not the coverage kind of ability that Bruce had, but more strength, and raw power.

        Can’t wait to see this guy all over the defense.

        He was my man crush last draft season.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Better pass rush technique, hopefully. Get better pressure from fewer opportunities

          • Volume12

            What do you mean fewer opportunities?

            IMO he’s replacing Bruce Irvin.

            That injury last year set him back. I feel like he’s ready to go and do big things.

            • Kenny Sloth

              Fewer opportunities versus playing a strict edge position, compared to Bruce

            • C-Dog

              I noticed it a few weeks ago. It’s kinda why I don’t think they will look at SAM high.

              • matt

                Yep that tweet of Clark on a scale weighing 257 lbs pretty much told the plan of him replacing Irvin.

        • GeoffU

          Kinda weird. I wouldn’t think he’d be good in coverage, I mean, he’s never done it. Would prefer him as DE opposite Avril, with Bennett playing exclusively inside.

          • C-Dog

            He started out as a linebacker in college. We shall see.

            • GeoffU

              Didn’t know that, thanks. I think I just selfishly want him to concentrate on his pass rushing skills, haha.

        • HawkFan907

          Let’s get Clark on the field as much as possible this year. I loved watching him when he was in. He is a playmaker. Who would have guessed that Irvin’s replacement was already on the roster? Now we can focus on drafting a DT/DE hybrid to get some pressure up the middle.

  56. nichansen01

    Frank Clark is now listed as a linebacker on the team’s website…

    • Brandon

      This season is going to be interesting…
      Makes me wonder if they are going to try and make him a starter in the same way Irvin was. SAM backer then 3rd down pass rusher? Although I’m not completely sure, if they wanted to use him like they used Clemons at LEO, I would assume they would continue to list him as a DE. Or maybe I’m just reading to much into this.

      • C-Dog

        I think they want to get him on the field as a starter a la Irving 2.0, SAM base, DE nickel.

        • HawkFan907

          If that is the case, we could assume that a hybrid DT/DE moves further up their list of needs while their need for an Irvin replacement drops correct? Maybe someone like a Kaufusi becomes more valuable rather than someone like an Ogbah, who looks more like a speed rusher than anything.

          • matt

            That’s a fair assumption. Agreed. Tapper is that type of DE/DT player that I like too. Haven’t been hearing much about him on here lately, was discussed quite a bit during the season. Possible day 2 targets.

    • j

      Gives some insight on how they must view the strong areas of the draft re: rush LB vs. Hybrid DL

  57. coachmattson

    I know Rob wrote about him awhile ago, but I don’t hear many people talking about him. In my mind, Whitehair sounds like the guy we should trade back and then take instead of McGovern. Here’s what NFL.com said about him:
    1. Cody Whitehair, Kansas State
    Bottom Line (via NFL.com): With his combination of functional strength and body control, Whitehair might be one of the safest offensive linemen in the entire draft. He will almost assuredly be bumped inside to guard, but could be considered at center as well. He has the confidence and talent to start right away and his run blocking should improve as he gets more comfortable firing out from a three-­point stance. Whitehair has the ability to be a very good starter with a ceiling that could reach the all-pro level.
    We play him at LG and he has the skills to be an upgrade and starter right away with pro bowl potential down the road. I don’t see anyone saying that about McGovern? Thoughts?
    Go Hawks!

    • coachmattson

      I say with the trade back, also get Chris Jones in the 2nd as well, so with our first 2 picks, we get Whitehair to start the next 10 years at LG and then Jones, who is rated as the second best pass rushing DT after Buckner from Oregon and could be the pass rushing difference maker that we are looking for.
      From Profootball Focus:
      But I do know that no interior player had a higher pass rushing grade against Power-5 competition. Only DeForest Buckner graded out higher overall against the Power-5, and it took the Oregon defensive lineman 420 more snaps to do so. Jones’ 12.1 pass rushing productivity was easily the highest in the class.
      Thoughts on these 2 first picks?
      Go Hawks!

    • KingRajesh

      Whitehair has T-rex arms, there’s probably a very slim chance he’s a Seahawk.

      • Steve Nelsen

        Whitehair’s college performance was better than his athletic performance at the combine. He also lacks the minimum arm length that Seattle seems to require. McGovern has superior athleticism and a physical profile that fits the Seattle model better than Whitehair. That is why McGovern is getting more buzz on this blog since the combine than Whitehair. The national sites don’t understand Seattle drafting tendencies the way Rob and some of the commenters on this blog do. Whitehair may turn into a fine pro but he is unlikely to be drafted by Seattle.

  58. Sea Mode

    Hey, coachmattson, thanks for the ideas. There is certainly a lot to like about Whitehair, but since Rob came out with the TEF formula we have kind of left him aside because he didn’t score up to the Hawk’s ideal on OL. He may turn out to be a great player in the NFL and while it is possible Seattle draft him, it seems unlikely as it would be a departure from the way they have consistently drafted over the past four years.

    • Sea Mode

      *reply fail

  59. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Seattle #26 + #56 = 700 + 340 pts = 1040
    Tennessee #33 + #45 = 580 + 450 pts = 1030

    Let’s say Seahawks traded back slightly, still picked Ifedi at #33, then could pick Coleman at #45
    Titans could advance slightly, grab RB Henry and then they could turn around and grab a WR/TE late in 2nd round.

    This makes some sense for both teams, but I wonder if Seattle would be getting too cute….. just something to stick in your pipe and smoke.

    • Brandon

      Although I don’t think Seattle will do a trade exactly like that (switching picks), that would be a great scenario. I can just imagine what it would be like to get both Ifedi and Coleman, both could possibly start on day one.
      Gilliam – Ifedi – Sokoli/Lewis – Glowinski -Coleman
      Now that is one solid line!

  60. ItsAboutTheDefense

    IP Address is Internet Provider Address. Any computer using the same Hub will share that Address. To simply conclude they are all the same user is the sloppiest of reasoning.
    And then to not address a person’s opinion(albeit a harsh one) by insinuating they use 2 user names when only circumstantial evidence of that even exists, is wrong.
    I go back a long way with you,Rob. And when you reacted like this to someone else’s posting I was shocked. You obviously felt offended and defensive, and I understand that. What bothers me is how you didn’t try to take this as an opportunity for dialog and felt that you needed to lash out. You ended up considering none of the points made.
    I am not ‘Firsttimer’ nor have I ever posted in a way to elicit the response you made, Rob.
    If you’re content with what you have here, fine. But if you want to grow this Blog, if you want it to stay relevant, understand that all kinds of Stuff comes your way when you are ‘open to the Public’.

    • Rob Staton

      Let’s get one thing straight here.

      Whether you are ‘first timer’ or not — I’m not going to be told what to write about nor will I accept criticism for the content of a free blog. Criticise my opinions or a projection by all means — but the content? I’m not offended by anything I read on here — it takes a lot to make me cry. But considering the number of hours I put into this website on top of being a dad, a husband and working a full time job — and given the expense I have to pay to keep the site online — I’m not going to be told what to do in such a tone. I’m also not going to be told how to ‘stay relevant’ either. I think +8m hits last month suggests we’re doing alright for an independent blog.

      I’m going to keep doing what I’ve done since 2008 — write about who the Seahawks might draft. It’ll be there for the people that appreciate a unique website that no other team in the NFL has anything like.

      • H M Abdou

        Well said, Rob! We appreciate everything you do!

        Keep up the great work, I for one would be willing to pay to have access to this blog.

        • Kenny Sloth

          I think Rob sees a portion of the proceeds if you buy from nfl shop following the ads on his site. One way to contribute and get a brand new jersey, too.

      • sdcoug

        Technically, roughly 1M of those hits were from me last month…so…you’re welcome ;). I kid, I kid.

        Don’t know how you do it man. When even some posts (or posters) start to grind me down over time (albeit rare with this group of exceptional contributors), you remain professional and civil and rarely take offense to snarky comments or dismissals to your view or scenarios. As someone who has spent some time writing, I know the evolution of words comes from within. It’s a rare skill to control the emotion; well done. And as always, thanks for this site. My daily fIx as well

      • David

        Rob I hope you know that the majority does not feel this way. Personally, I am completely happy with whatever you write because its better than the alternative. Keep on keeping on.

      • matt

        Wow 8+M hits in the past month! Keep up the great work Rob! Found your blog about 2 years ago, and am forever thankful that I did. Keep on keeping on.

    • D-OZ

      You just admitted your guilt. Careful what you write and how you write it….

      • D-OZ

        By the way Rob, I have very much enjoyed your astute articles over the past 5 or 6 years. It is my daily early morning fix. Sometimes we just let stuff roll down our backside and let it land where it may. Although I must say, you handle it well.

        • Rob Staton

          Thanks man.

          • Ed

            Like I said earlier Rob, you need a ban button. I have also said you should start charging, or add popups (with that many hits, you probably have companies banging down your door). I’m sure you would keep most of those hits and you can put some money in your pocket and jewelry on your wife. ha ha. Your information is so much better than anything I have seen.

            • Rob Staton

              I’ve only had to ban one person since 2008 — I don’t want to go down that route but will continue to moderate the comments section. I also intend to keep this a free blog. Healthy debate on prospects or the Hawks is a good thing. I get a ton of pleasure writing for this fantastic community.

              • Rik

                It’s the best draft blog – heck the best football blog – online, and I read it every day. The podcasts are great, too.

                • 75franks

                  I have to agree, this is the most informative seahawks site I have ever found.

              • Kenny Sloth

                Rob, I started coming to your site when I was 15 and homeless.

                Some kids got football. Some kids got scouting.

                Don’t ever let anyone tell you what you’re doing is wrong or invaluable.

              • Madmark

                I’ve come a long ways since the end of the 2009 season with this website that I just happen to click on. Its one of the first website I look at while having my morning coffee. In that 1st year of PC/JS I had no clue of what kind of player to even look for because I was still trying to figure out the 4-3 defensive scheme and the ZBS on offense. We were then talking about size of players for position from Bill Walsh’s book. The next year we was using the SPARQ numbers to look at players. It wasn’t perfect and that’s why we’ve developed the TEF or WTEF because we have learned a lot more about how Seattlle has rebuilt this team. The first 2 drafts I missed on everyone of my. Since then I’ve gotten at least 1 to 3 picks right and to me that’s a win.
                My brother and I are both retired from the navy. My brother works at Bremerton Naval Shipyard and he got a bunch of guys in his shop to start a fantasy league last year in which he invited me. I actually won the whole thing and more than half of my players where draft picks over the last few years. I actually had 114 transactions and by week 6 the last computer player (Jamal Charles) that I had got injured but I had his replacement Devonte Freeman who I got in the 3rd week. What I getting to is I’d never won if it wasn’t for this site. I am one of the biggest Rob fans who truly appreciates this website. You are one of the best talent evaluators I’ve seen. Coleman is a hit but your probably right I think age doesn’t bother Seattle but a torn MCL plus the age is something Seattle can’t take a chance on. God I do love his nastiest in the run game. Germain Ifedi fits the physical size and athletic ability and I just hope can pickup the run blocking quickly because he’s definitely needs some coaching in that department. I am grateful for a website that lets me talk about my Seahawks . Go Hawks.

              • Thy Hawk Which is Most Screeching

                Is it me? Just jesting, We love you Rob and if you scored some cheddar buy putting advertising or whatever on YOUR Site I would not mind one bit. Hopefully you can be the Hawks General Manager one day. Straight up serious M8! Go Hawks Forever.


    • vrtkolman


    • JustMeMyself&!

      “I am not ‘Firsttimer’ but I just happen to agree with everything he says and I think I can run your site better than you.”

      Rob, you’ve got the highest TEF score for patience of anyone in the Seahawks blogosphere. Keep up the good work.

  61. pqlqi

    If Coleman’s knee surgery was only MCL reconstruction, the Hawks (and very few other NFL teams) will grade him down for an injury red flag. MCL repairs are like a 99.5% proposition. If there is meniscal or articular cartilage damage, he’ll probably get a significant markdown into at least the late second, and maybe even worse.

    • pqlqi

      whoops major typo… should read:

      If Coleman’s knee surgery was only MCL reconstruction, the Hawks (and very few other NFL teams) will NOT grade him down for an injury red flag. MCL repairs are like a 99.5% proposition. If there is meniscal or articular cartilage damage, he’ll probably get a significant markdown into at least the late second, and maybe even worse.

  62. Sea Mode

    Rob, a suggestion for an article: it would be great to hear about who you think a few interesting day 3 “hybrid secondary prospects” might be.

    I think you’ve written at one point or another about all the other position groups in your ideal draft but I don’t remember anything for that one. Maybe you’ve already got something bigger in the works that would include this anyway. Thanks!

    • Kenny Sloth

      I’ve got one on deck if ya’ll want it?

      All this bull about diversifying our propsect consideration got me inspired.

      • Sea Mode

        Heck yeah, Kenny! No reason to wait any longer; the draft is in just a week!

        • Kenny Sloth

          Submitted it to Rob. Best bet is probably Deiondre’ Hall. 34″ arms closing burst of a safety and the hips of a corner. I’d like him as a big nickle

      • Thy Hawk Which is Most Screeching

        Hey Kenny I want to tell you I Love your clevor wit and enjoy your comments on the Pod Cast. Thanks for giving your thoughts on the opionion section of this very fine blog of late. You’re True and Blue Yo!

    • j

      Eric Rawls at CB – not really if that is what you are referring to as “hybrid” but he is a good sized corner.

      6’1, 195, 33.6 inch arms, 80.5 inch wingspan (identical to Browner), ran a 4.56/6.78/4.22 FYD/TC/SS

      36 VJ/10’5 BJ/11 BP

      Impossible to get tape from Kentucky State, and not sure that low level of competition would tell us that much anyway, but tested very similar to Richard Sherman.

      Plus it’d be nice to get another Rawls on the team.

      Haven’t heard anything about his stock but I’m assuming he is a late day three guy.

  63. mishima

    No one offers more insight or better analysis of the JSPC draft methodology than Rob.

    Great reminder not to confuse fan need with organizational philosophy.

    • Thy Hawk Which is Most Screeching

      Very true Mishima. I really want to say though that we shouldn’t be too mean to “It’s all about the defense” / “First Timer” after all he loves this site and is one of us, A True Hawks fan. I think he was kindly but bluntly stating that he wanted more diversity in Rob’s writing. In a way I feel what he said though I am way too thankful to ever complain for all the hard work and effort in writting that we are so grateful to read.

      Let’s forgive his mistep of words and move on for he is one of us. We all say things we wish we could take back. What I read was a difference in direction but w sincere respect for the man Rob Staton. May peace be with us all!

  64. David

    Here is my question. The national consensus seems to be that Goff is more pro-ready while Wentz is a project with more upside. But Wentz played in a pro-style offense making pro-style throws, had control of the offense at the LOS and played behind center with a huddle while Goff played in the ‘Bear Raid’ offense. And Wentz was a winner in college (albeit versus FCS competition) while Goff was meh. So aside from competition concerns, it seems that Wentz is superior in all other aspects, so from people who have watched the tape, why is it such a given that Goff is more pro-ready?

    • Kenny Sloth

      The competition level thing isn’t to be understated. They are just more comfortable projecting someone that has had that experience.

      I will say Wentz has better touch while Goff has a stronger arm underneath, but they are overall similar prospects.

    • vrtkolman

      Both should probably sit a year or two. I think Wentz will end up being a better QB IF the team that drafts him doesn’t throw him to the wolves right away. The transition from playing FCS defenses to NFL defenses will be too much at first.

      I can’t recall an air raid QB doing anything in the NFL. Goff has tools, but there are some mental question marks. The PAC 12 has been a mess in terms of defense for a long time now. Last year you can probably count two good defenses in the entire conference – Utah and Stanford. His game film against Utah was a complete disaster. He kept making the same bad reads that led to 5 INTs. No corrections or adjustments were made on his part. His film against Stanford wasn’t horrible but they were down 21-6 at halftime before Shaw went into his usual prevent defense mode.

      Some people question his drive, they think he doesn’t have the alpha leader personality you need to be a winner in the NFL.

      • David

        God I hope the Rams draft him. That said, Nick Foles, Case Keenum and Austin Davis all looked like studs against us.

    • GeoffU

      To be honest, I don’t think either will be all that good. Neither QB has all very good completion percentage. However, Goff has improved dramatically for all starting three seasons. Went through great adversity bringing a one win team to a bowl game.

      Wentz has only started one full year. NDS was already a great team, winning a championship before he arrived and all the way through his time there (and he was QB for only one of those). What’s going to happen when he goes to a team and they’re not very good? Or when he gets exposed by quality NFL talent? Big question marks for this guy.

  65. TCHawk

    Seahawks love exceptional athletes. What about Jaylon Smith, LB? Yes he is a risk with the knee injury, but if their med staff evaluates he can play in 2017, what round would that be worth this year? Many pundits said he would be a Top 10 pick if not injured. Given our current roster depth, I’d give up a 3rd rounder this year to get an elite starter for 3 years beginning in 2017. Of course, if his medical is not so good his chances of playing at an elite level may never be realized, and I’d vote to pass on him all together.

    • matt

      From what I’m hearing about Smith’s knee being a matter of ‘when not if’, I’d be comfortable taking him with #90. That’s great value basically trading a late 3rd for a top 10 pick in next years draft. A blue chip prospect in the 3rd?! Sign me up.

  66. Darnell


    Curious what you think of Joe Thuney, OL, NC State?

  67. RWIII

    Jared Goff vs. Carson Wentz. I am NOT convinced that it is Jared Goff. I hope it is. My opinion is that I
    hope they take Goff. However, to me that is a HUGE MISTAKE. I think Wentz is the REAL DEAL. I DON’T want Carson Wentz going to the Rams.

    Brock Huard said something about Goff. Huard said that Goff was NEVER able to deliver on a big game when.

    • Coug1990

      Honestly, I do not think either of them will be franchise QB’s. So, it does not matter who drafts them to me.

  68. East Side Stevie

    Told You guys browns were toying with the idea of trading the #2 pick, eagles just acquired #2 pick from the browns

    • Kenny Sloth

      Schefter was saying the Eagles wanted it done yesterday.

      • Lewis

        Browns take Lynch at 8. Boom.

        • Steve Nelsen

          I think the Browns preferred Lynch all along. This probably eliminates any scenario where Lynch falls to the end of the first. Maybe it will mean that a team who was targeting a 2nd tier QB in round 2 feels inclined to trade into the back end of Round 1 to make sure they get their guy. Maybe even Cleveland moves back up into Round 1 to get Henry using their 2nd and 4th.

          • Kenny Sloth

            I know I do.

          • Lewis

            Been saying this for a couple weeks, but I think once Lynch comes off the board, someone expecting to get a QB late in rd 1 or top of 2 is going to panic.

            • Kenny Sloth

              Sure! We could see Connor Cook winding up in the first! Crazier things have happened.

      • East Side Stevie

        Ezequiel Eliott To The Browns? hmmmmmm

    • RWIII

      The Eagles DON’T have any capitol to offer in a trade. The Eagles already traded away their 2nd round draft pick. So what are they going to offer the Browns? Are they going to trade this years third round/fourth round pick and next year’s first round pick.

      • Madmark

        and a 2nd in 2018.

        • cha

          Adam Schefter Verified Account


          Eagles get: 2016 1st RD (#2), 2017 4th RD. Browns get: 2016 1st RD (#8), 2016 3rd RD (#77), 2016 4th RD (#100), 2017 1st RD, 2018 2nd RD.

          • GeoffU

            Browns finally know not to pick the wrong quarterback. Eagles — not so much.

            • LantermanC

              The Browns are actually REALLY Good at trading back. Have done so several times in the last few years. They just can’t hit on their picks (which is half of the equation, and probably the more important half)

          • matt

            Not a bad haul for Cleveland. The Browns have a ton of draft capital in the heart of the draft, with 8 picks in rounds 3-5. Adding future high draft capital in the next 2 drafts sets them up nicely. The Browns need an infusion of talent-now they have a great opportunity to do that. Good trade for them.

            1st-8 overall
            3rd (65)
            3rd (77)
            4th (99)
            4th (138)
            5th (141)
            5th (172)
            5th (173)
            6th (176)
            7th (223)

            • Madmark

              I really hope it works for them because they sure do deserve a break. Hopefully they have found the right coach and mostly a good front office.

            • Ignorant

              #8 – QB Paxton Lynch
              #32 – DL Jonathan Bullard
              #65 – C Connor McGover
              #77 – DT Javon Hargrave
              #99 – RB Jonathan Williams
              #100 – EDGE Joshua Perry
              #138 – WR/TE Devon Cajuste
              #141 – CB Daryl Worley
              #172 – CB James Bradberry
              #173 – HB/Gadget Josh Ferguson
              #176 – FB/TE/ZWR Dan Vitale
              #223 – QB Brandon Allen

              Imagine the haul.

              • matt

                Same here Madmark. Rooting for Hue Jackson-think he got a raw deal in Oakland. He seems like a class act.

                Ignorant-That’s the influx of talent they need. Nice mock. If Lynch is off the board at #8 then a great positional player, with only 4 non QB’s being taken before them, will be sitting there-Buckner, Bosa, Jack, Elliot at least 2 of those guys will be available at #8. The only positive of having such a barren roster is that they can truly take the BPA-having needs virtually everywhere.

          • vrtkolman

            Jesus that trade is horrible, that might be worse than the Rams trade. All to move up 6 spots, lol.

            • LantermanC

              Also odd in a draft where the top QBs are not very good, kings’ ransoms are being paid for picks #1 and #2. Luckily this probably means the NFC is getting worse.

    • TannerM

      I remember a couple months ago leaving a comment here on Cleveland choosing not to go QB in the first round and having RGIII be their starting quarterback, even before he signed with the Browns. I almost feel like a genius right now… if they choose to bypass Lynch, I might actually be one!

      I actually wouldn’t be shocked if they elected not to pick Lynch… in the Top 10. But, the thing is, they’ve got a ton of picks, and the #32 pick of the draft (which, in a normal year, would be a first round pick – Deflategate!). It’s really not that hard to see them try and trade back in on Thursday – though they would probably have to move up in front of NY Jets to do so.

      • sdcoug

        Good call. I admit, I didn’t think there was anyway Cleve would do anything but pick a QB at 2. After twice trading back into the end of round 1 (weeden, Manziel) to poor results, I thought for sure they would use this opp to get their guy up top.

  69. Kenny Sloth


    Boeringher interview.

    He’s kind of an intense dude. Seemed pissed whenever Bucky Brooks questioned his abilities. Really competitive says he loves violence in football. It shows in his highlights.

    One thing is for sure. This guy doesn’t belong in the GFL.

    • Steve Nelsen

      I like Cajuste as a big athletic WR but Boehringer has impressed and I would enjoy considering his potential development if Seattle drafts him.

      • Lewis

        MoBo 2016.

    • Ignorant

      Germans are generally not the first ones to land in a bussiness, but they generally end up being highly competitive and even the best in the bussiness. They do catch up. Culture of discipline, strategic approach and tradition at putting physicallity to work even on volleyball. Not trying to make a generalization here, but this dude is worth a NFL Draft pick.

      • HawkPower12

        I thought MoBo was a FA!? He didn’t just graduate/come out of college, so anyone can sign him now… I feel he is worth a spot on the 90 man roster!!

        • Steve Nelsen

          He is in the draft. Not sure how the draft eligibility rules work for international players.

    • matt

      Cool interview. Thanks for sharing Kenny Sloth. Liked what Mo had to say. From all accounts he can run the full route tree, has good hands, and picks thing up quickly. Played special teams too. At about the 7:30 mark in that video Mo toe taps in the corner of the end zone-it looked natural. It would be cool to get that big WR target in either him, Cajuste or Mathews.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Or Marquez North of Tennessee (:

  70. Zorn Is King

    I’m putting out a blueprint of my impression of the team’s draft priorities, then listing how I imagine they’d disseminate these through the nine draft picks.

    2- OL
    2- DL
    1- RB
    1- WR
    1- LB
    1- CB
    1- QB

    I feel like more OL are warranted, particularly at LT, but this will be addressed by UFA’s.
    Also, Clemons signing might change this up. I don’t see much space for more than one DL.
    CB likewise, with Browning, will more likely be addressed in UDFA’s.

    QB is a point of interest however which we rarely discuss in much depth here on the blog.
    The team needs to begin looking past T Jax. But when? There are some nice possibilities in this draft around R5.

    • Kenny Sloth

      So basically a guy at every spot? Hahah jk.

      That’s not probably too far fetched. I would rather not draft a developmental QB. There will be plenty of intrigue in udfa.

      I bet they take an FB this year in addition to an HB. They have drafted several before.

      I want them to grab a TE, but this is a rather desolate class, unless they have another Luke Willson up their sleeves.

      • Kenny Sloth

        I only want Ben Braunecker of Harvard or Beau Sandland of Montana State

        I’d be comfortable with Austin Hooper Stanford, and I guess, Jerrell Adams Scar or Stephen Anderson of Cal.

  71. Saxon

    Another crazy deal. Based on the level of compensation for these two QBs, what would Andrew Luck have been worth had he been drafted this year? 5 first rounders?

  72. Madmark

    I’m going to talk about Defense. Whichever picks they use for defense, they need to find a high talented DT because that’s where they are long in the tooth. This is Jordan Hills last year, he’s flashed and then the injury bug creep up. If he gets has another one they’ll let him go or offer a 1 year prove it contract. So going and getting a Rankins or Butler at 26 and these are the only 2 that I would take here for DT. If I grab later I would be looking at a Willie Henry or a Austin Johnson The LBers I’m good with. I think this year we are all in for a surprise to see what Clark will become He,s just crazy to look at now. He 6’3″ 258lbs, 34 3/8″ arms, 10 1/8″ hands. Marsh is the less exciting backup. I like for Clemons to share all his dirty little secrets to Clark I just love the whole setup that I wouldn’t comfortable bringing in a early pick at this position. I don’t think a Deon Jones is necessary since we have Eric Pinkins. They could skip the CB this year because there is a plethora of CBs from the scramble last year. Thank you for bringing Lane back. Any defensive picks I took at round 5 are for the farm system hoping a freak pops up. DT is a priority and 1 or 2 could be taken. The rest of the defensive picks wouldn’t be priority picks. Those are some of my thoughts about Defense.

    • Volume12

      I think DT Sheldon Rankins is ‘their’ guy.

      But, if he’s off the board, highy, highly likely, then it’s Ifedi or Butler.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I think they will double dip at DL and possibly grab a DB on day 3. Maybe they take a LB depending on how they feel about Pinkins and KPL whom i’m hoping breaks out. He was one of my favs in that class.

  73. 503Hawk

    This just in… Eagles trade w/ Browns for second overall pick!

  74. HawkFan907

    I’d love to see a piece on some potential late-round picks, specifically those that DID NOT participate in the NFL combine. Of course, these guys would have high SPARQ and/or TEF profiles and would fit the physical characteristics the Hawks look for. Some good examples would be a little bit about Vi Teofilo, David Onyemata, Moritz Boehring etc. Some potential 7th – UFA type targets. It seems like the Seahawks can find at least one a year that can contribute.

    • Volume12

      Boise St C Marcus Henry, UCLA C Jake Brendel, W. Kentucky OT George Fant, SO. Miss CB Kalan Reed, UCLA LB Aaron Wallace, Marshall S/LB DJ Hunter, Marshall, FB Devon Johnson, Cincinnati OT Justin Murray, Baylor WR Jay Lee (Seattle has met 3-4 times), Boise St OL Rees Odhiambo, Udub WR Jaydon Mickens, W. Michigan WR Daniel Braverman, BYU WR Mitch Matthews, Bowling Green QB Matt Johnson, Liberty QB Josh Woodrum, Gannon QB Liam Nadler, UVA DT David Dean, Kentucky DT Corey Johnson, UConn S Andrew Adams, SE Misouri WR Paul McRoberts.

      Need more?

      • Volume12

        Udub RB Dwayne Washington, Udub FB/DL Taniela Tupuo, Arizona St WR Devin Lucien, New Mexico St CB Winston Rose, Auburn WR Ricardo Louis, Colorado St LB Cory James, Wisconsin S Michael Ca

        • Kenny Sloth

          Man. You’re a killer V

          • Volume12

            Thanks my man

            Those are all guys I feel would fit Seattle’s scheme.Those are all guys that I feel would fit Seattle’s scheme.

            Actually, I gave ya’ll some names that will pop up in my mock draft. I’m gonna use my own rankings combined with Tony Pauline’

            • Kenny Sloth

              That’s the kind of thing I was hoping for. Or if Rob were to attempt to replicate Seattle’s 200 man big board haha that’d be really interesting come draft day

          • HawkFan907

            I love it! JS said this is a deep draft. Since we usually seem to bring in about 12-15 UDFA every year, maybe some more info other than just a list of names would be great. Volume, do you have any personal favorites from that group? I personally like Mitch Matthews and Jaydon Mickens, but besides that I can’t say I’ve seen much tape on anyone else. They seem to like to give someone a chance who has a kind of inspirational backstory (Nate Boyer comes to mind.) I would like to see a QB, some LBs, and a couple of RB/FBs brought in. Any thought on some UDFA invites that you would prefer at those positions?

            • Volume12

              Great question.

              I really like Mickens and Matthews myself.

              Love Bowling Green QB Matt Johnson.

              Love Marshall’s DJ Hunter. He’s a poor man’s Deone Bucannon, Seattle worked him out, and he’s in the 98%-tile. But, he’s in my mock.

              LB? Give me Travis Feeney or Aaron Wallace in the 4th-5th. Colorado St’s Cory James is a stud WIlL ‘backer though.

              Marshall FB/RB Devon Johnson, Udub’s Taniela Tupuo. Check out how similar him and Will Tukuafu are.

              RBs, Udub’s Dwayne Washington, Clemson’s Zac Brooks, Portland St’s David Jones, Auburn’s Peyton Barber, E. Michigan’s Darius Jackson.

        • TannerM

          Rose looks really intriguing. Amazing athleticism, good ball scales, and from the highlights I saw it seems like he enjoys being the gunner on special teams.

          • Volume12

            From Inglewolight arlight at 177 lbs., but he does have 32″ arms.

            • Volume12

              From Inglewood, and light at 177 lbs. That’s what it should of said.

              Taniela Tupuo, Udub, worked out as a FB during their pro day.

              Will Tukuafu,-6’3, 266 lbs.

              5.00 40, 2.85 20, 1.66 10, 25 BP reps, 32″ vert, 9’5″ broad jump, 4.50 SS, 7.28 3 cone.

              Taniela Tupuo- 6’2, 280 lbs.

              5.04 40, 2.88 20, 1.76 10, 25 BP reps, 28 1/2″ vert, 9’3″ broad jump, 4.53 SS, 7.30 3 cone.

              Kind of uncanny huh?

        • Thy Hawk Which is Most Screeching

          Hell Yeah Volume12 you know I’m a Dawg’s fan and no one is talking about Dwane Washington. He started out as a reciever then switched to running back when I can’t remember who got hurt. Same reason Shaq Thompson had to play some RB two years ago. Dwayne is tall fast and can catch the ball. Here are some of his highlights.


  75. Steele

    Rob, I enjoyed this piece and glad to see more on Coleman, who looked like a top option before injury. I think if the goal is to land a starter, the other names are more attractive. If a team has more time and can take a chance, Coleman is still interesting to me.

  76. Ed

    Could the Eagles trade up to get Elliott? Seems weird you trade up for a QB and be OK taking whichever LA doesn’t take.

  77. nichansen01


    When do you plan on releasing your mock draft?

  78. Isaac

    I have called into several shows on sirius nfl network. When I brought up the seahawks taking germain ifedi to Ross Tucker he made it out to be like I was nuts. I tried to explain my reasoning using your information and he didn’t want to hear any of it. I don’t feel like people are paying attention to the criteria the Hawks are using to draft players. Whats the point of doing a mock draft unless you research the teams decision making.

  79. Thy Hawk Which is Most Screeching

    What do y’all think about Vernon Adams is that his name the Oregon Qb who transfered from Eastern Washington. Remember Jon Kitna was from Central Washington. Adams to me seems like a great back up behind The Son of Will, same size and mobilization seems to me would be compatible in developing his skills to Russell in our system?

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