Free agency day two: Open thread & thoughts

Former Dallas DT Jason Hatcher is visiting with Seattle

I’m going to be away with work for most of the day. I’ll put some thoughts down later if anything Seahawks-related occurs. For the time being use this as an open thread.

Here’s some reaction to what we know at the start of the day…

The Seahawks are going after veteran pass rushers

According to Adam Schefter, the Seahawks actually do have some interest in Jared Allen.

Reports earlier in the day suggested Denver were Allen’s only suitors.

Demarcus Ware’s sudden availability, and his visit with the Broncos, has potentially changed the landscape.

If Ware signs with Denver (it seems likely) they aren’t going to pursue Allen.

Not after making a big splash for T.J. Ward and Aqib Talib.

Perhaps he suddenly finds himself without a suitor? This is where Seattle excels. They can offer a contending franchise and a locker room atmosphere players rave about.

What they can’t offer is millions of dollars. If Allen is prepared to accept he isn’t going to get mega-money, the Seahawks could benefit — just as they did with Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett a year ago.

But it’ll likely see the end of Chris Clemons and his $9m cap hit if it happens.

The Seahawks are also looking at Jason Hatcher — an ideal fit for this defense at 6-6 and 299lbs.

He had his best year as a pro in 2013, recording 11 sacks.

This little conversation between Hatcher and Michael Bennett on Twitter yesterday is pretty amusing…

Hatcher is visiting with the ‘Hawks. At the right price, that would be a terrific addition.

But you wonder if it could come at the expense of Tony McDaniel. Both players are a similar size. Can you really afford to pay both? Possibly, as long as you’re willing to cut Clemons and maybe get Allen on a cap-friendly deal similar to Bennett’s last year (around $4.5-5.5m).

A defensive line rotation of Bennett, Avril, Allen, McDaniel, Hatcher, Mebane, Hill — and possibly Mayowa and Williams — would be pretty intense.

A cautionary note however — Hatcher has five other scheduled visits and Allen is being linked with the Bears too.

Jermichael Finley visiting with Seattle

This was possibly the most interesting story involving the Seahawks yesterday.

First things first, Finley is a beast.

Yes — he’s had some drop issues.

But there’s a reason he threatened to break out as the next big-time tight end a couple of years ago.

Whether he’d recapture that form in the PNW remains to be seen. First and foremost he has to be cleared to play after undergoing serious neck surgery. Seattle’s team doctor Stan Herring chairs the NFL’s head, neck and spine committee.

To me this move suggests the Seahawks are intent on reducing the cost of the tight end position.

At a time when they’re struggling to keep players like Golden Tate and Breno Giacomini, they’re taking $11m and $7m cap hits on Zach Miller over the last two seasons.

Veteran tight ends like John Carlson are signing deals for $2.3m. The market for a tight end approaching 30 is around $2-3m.

Not $7m.

Their interest in Finley could be a powerplay to reduce Miller’s salary. Or they might just want more athleticism at the position. Yes — the Seahawks are a run first team. But they also have an offense that relies on big plays.

Finley for $2.5m in 2014 and an extra $2.5m in free cap space might be more appealing than retaining Miller. Such is the harsh nature of the business.

And this is the type of difficult move Seattle has to consider.

Golden Tate visiting the Lions, Breno Giacomini the Jets

In an ideal world the Seahawks retain both players.

There’s nothing ideal about free agency.

If Detroit offers Tate a deal worth $6-7M — the Seahawks probably can’t match that. They made their bed by paying Percy Harvin a year ago. Now they have to sleep in it.

Giacomini likewise was unlikely to get a deal comparable to his $4m salary in 2013. If the Jets are willing to pay that — Seattle almost certainly won’t be able to match it.

But there’s a clear plan in place here. Load up on veteran, quality pass rushers and defensive linemen in free agency. Use the draft to replace guys like Tate and Giacomini.

This is a strong draft at receiver and offensive tackle. It’s much weaker on the defensive line.

As things stand it’d be a surprise if Seattle’s first two picks in the draft weren’t for an offensive lineman and a receiver.

Did I mention these two guys named Joel Bitonio and Brandon Coleman?

Earl Thomas is ready to get paid

The tweet says it all.

Thomas was responding to the deal Jairus Byrd received by New Orleans, which averages $9m a year.

The Seahawks are going to extend Thomas’ contract this off-season. It’s inevitable.

And now they have a minimum starting point, albeit an expensive one.

They’ll end up paying $10m a year at least.

Other news

— Jason La Canfora is reporting Randy Starks is returning to Miami for $6m a year. He’ll be joined by Earl Mitchell on $4m a year.

— Chris Maragos is joining the Eagles.

— Eric Decker is visiting with the Jets.


  1. CA

    I’m leaning more and more away from Zach Miller, especially if it means getting ET paid. With McCoy and Willson and the inevitable addition of another TE via this draft, we should be just fine at TE. Plus I like your point Rob about getting a guy like Bitonio and his ability to allow for a more pass catching TE with better protection inside.

    Maragos signing only confirms my thought that I wouldn’t be surprised to see Seattle spend one of its first few picks on a S, similar to them drafting a RB in R2 last year.

    • Rob Staton

      Seattle drafted Christine Michael with the full intention he’d become a starter one day. Lynch might only have one more year in the locker.

      Drafting a safety early wouldn’t carry that same value. Chancellor and Thomas are here for the long haul. I’d expect DeShawn Shead and Jerron Johnson to be the backup safety’s this year, unless they find another gem in UDFA.

      • Belgaron

        Yeah, it’s Shead and Johnson and I think Maragos had some concerns that he could have been beaten out by those two. They still could draft a guy mid to late that they like better but as of now, it’s those two guys spots to lose.

  2. chris b

    jason hatcher would be an excellent signing. he can play defensive end as well as tackle. im drooling over jared allen and hatcher on the same line with michael bennett and avril.

    • David M

      I’d be crapping my pants if I was the QB across the line from those 4 all at once

      • Michael

        I dont see how anyone in our division has done anything to surpass us as NFC west champs. I think if they add Hatcher we are in the superbowl again barring injuries.

        • zh93

          You can never count the 49ers out of anything. Gray coach and front office. It’s not always best to make huge splashes in free agency. Continuity is more important imo. It’s interesting to compare the teams. Both teams are pretty much identical. Though I still think seahawks will get the 1 seed again baring injuries.

  3. chris b

    rob, do you see our defense evolving into a standard 4-3 front with no 5 tech and no leo?

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’ll remain a 4-3 under including mostly 3-4 personnel. I think what we’ll see is no more Red Bryant type at the 5-tech. Bennett might feature as the replacement end on most downs. I think we’ll still see a LEO and tall, long defensive tackles.

      • Arias

        I thought I read somewhere that there’s this thought by Pete of re-signing McDaniel to use him more at Red’s spot this year. Damn can’t remember where I read that now.

        • Rock

          Hatcher appears to be cut from the same cloth as McDaniel. PC/JS are going for versatility along the D-Line. It is great when you can run any four guys out there on any down and know they can all play the run or put pressure on the passer.

          • Arias

            Man that would rock. I would love to see Hatcher here. With Maragoes and Clem gone the money he might want could work too.

      • Arias

        Okay, now I remember. Condotta at ST wrote this in their FA tracker:

        DT Tony McDaniel: Rumored and confirmed that the Seahawks are attempting to bring him back, something that could happen quickly. Seahawks are thought to view McDaniel as being able to also play some of the five-technique defensive end spot where Red Bryant played last season, combining with Michael Bennett to play that spot.

  4. Christian

    Rob, I’ve seen your opinion on going OL and WR in R1&2, but what positions do you feel we’re going to target with our other picks?

  5. Cade

    What if we signed Hatcher for a good sized deal, cut Clemons, didn’t re-sign McDaniel, and didn’t pick up another LEO?

    That would Make for an interesting DLine composition. Avril, two hybrid interior/end pass rushers in Bennett and Hatcher, no true LEO.. maybe Mayowa the interior guys rotate into that spot with Mebane, Hill and Williams rotating into the middle of the DLine.

    Pretty wild.

    • xo 1

      Fascinating scenario. Team PCJS clearly has a vision to shape the unit. I love the aggressiveness with which the Hawks are seeking to improve. To think I was worried two weeks ago that PCJS were going to focus on keeping the group together. Never pays to underestimate the organization’s desire for continual improvement. However, if yesterday clarified one point it is the necessity to draft and develop your own players. There was a crazy amount of money spent on JAGs yesterday just to plug a hole. Teams improved, sure, but at a huge long-term cost even though there were few insane contracts.

    • Arias

      McDaniel’s going to be playing some LEO along with Bennett says Carroll.

  6. Colin

    Unless you gain no significant Defensive line help, I think Clemons doesn’t make it to September 1. He will be one of those “hard decisions” that John will be faced with. $9 million that we made need in other places.

    • Colin

      Well, that escalated quickly…

  7. Belgaron

    Clemons was cut.

    • xo 1

      Surprised at the timing. I expected the move to happen after the team inked another lineman. Schneider must feel good about discussions with Allen or Hatcher or both.

      • sdcoug

        As you said, the timing leads to speculation. Could be someone is on their way in, or it could just be the perfect time to cut Clem lose into a aged-DE laden market. With Ware, Allen, Peppers, etc now out there, maybe it was the perfect storm to cut bait, let his market re-set…and perhaps bring him back at a much lower price

        • RJ

          Very shrewd maneuvering Mr. Schneider. Oh the market is a little weak for old pass rushers…oh here have another!

    • Vin

      I sure hope this means theyre close to signing Allen. Its one thing to cut CC, knowing that Irvin is replacing him, but my understanding is that Irvin will remain at LB. If we lose CC and Allen, now theyre counting on alot of unproven talent.

      • Chris F

        No, it doesn’t. Allen’s agent just released a statement saying that he has no visits scheduled and that there is a lot of misinformation out there. He went on to say that he and Allen weren’t talking about the teams that they have been in contact with.

        • Belgaron

          That’s pretty typical. Clearly no one has knocked their socks off in terms of money on the table.

          • RJ

            Now he is threatening to retire if nobody will pay him market value. Doesn’t sound like he is desperate to play here.

            • MarkinSeattle

              Talk about a hollow threat: “We are so interested in getting an extra $1m per year more than anyone else is offering, that we are willing to not play at $5m per year…”

              Uh, okay.

              Just come out and say that you are really only driven by the dollar figure. If you really want a ring, then you won’t get paid as much as others will pony up for you. On the flip side, you won’t be asked to play as many snaps either.

              The chance that Allen sits out the year has to be less than 1%.

              • Arias


                Yup, and now with Denver no longer a suitor if he might find he has no choice but to take a deep compromise from some team if he wants to play less than what the Broncos offered him.

                I’ve read he’s got the rep as a locker room lawyer so he’s not someone I’d be thrilled about seeing here possibly disrupting team chemistry anyway.

  8. SamYoung

    Chris Clemons cut…

  9. Robert

    Soft market for old DLmen. I hopefully predict we re-sign Clem. He is great vs run and pass. McDaniel and/or Hatcher are priorities. Not a big fan of Finley. He telegraphs pass because he’s a lackluster blocker. I predict it’s a strategic leverage ploy to renegotiate Miller’s contract. Sounds like Tate’s $$$ is way over our budget:(

    • me

      Eh, rumors are rumors. We kind if thought the same thing about Bennet right before he signed with the Chicago rumors. As soft as the overall WR market seems to be I’d be surprised if Golden really gets a $7 mil per year deal like the rumors go.

  10. CC

    I will miss these guys, but change has to happen. If Golden gets $6-7m from Detroit, good for him! Go get your money young man! Same thing for Breno.

    If healthy, Finley would be a great pick up. He gives us a big, fast TE for likely less money than Zach, but if we lose Golden another target for RW. I like his game a lot and he sure helped ARodg a lot. I like Zach too, but his salary is too high for the position. Getting Finley would also make pick 32 easier for a OT rather than a TE.

    • John_s

      Regardless if they sign Finley or not, I think it’s pretty easy for #32 to be an OT rather than a TE.

      I think people are selling Luke Willson short. He’s raw when it comes to blocking, but I go back to last years draft where JS said the one guy who he really wanted in the draft was Luke.

  11. Ukhawk

    Gonna miss Chris…sometimes change sucks, he was class & epitomised hawks’ attitude

  12. RJ

    Ware to the Broncos. Look at them trying to buy a Defense. Off to a good start with Talib and Ware.
    Just realized how much better SF and NO safety’s are now. Looks like they are both trying to copy us. Good luck!

    • LantermanC

      Don’t forget TJ Ward, IMO their best offseason acq (esp for the price).

    • Kyle N

      They should ask the 2011 Eagles how trying to assemble a “Dream Team” defense works out.

      Seahawks didn’t assemble their defense through FA, they supplemented it with FA with a base of draft picks and trades (basically get DL in FA and draft excellent in LB and 2ndary)

      • Arias

        Yeah that’s not the only formula that necessarily works though. Dream D didn’t work out because Nnamdi fell off a cliff. But no one could have predicted that.

  13. zh93

    Here’s a draft scenario for you. If the jets sign decker and the lions sign tate. If this somehow causes marquise lee and joel bitonio available at 32, who are you taking and why? I’m somewhat leaning towards lee (I think I have a man crush) he has star potential to me. Even though he isnt 6’4+ he is bigger than tate.. also if lee is their pick at 32 what are the options at 64?

    • SHawn

      Lee, and hope Bitonio falls to 64.

      Although if the cards fall right and WRs drop in the draft due to the depth, Id rather see a Kelvin Benjamin or Mike Evans fall to 32, or anywhere near trading range. Nothing against Lee, but Mike Evans’ comments on Richard Sherman make me want that guy on my team. I know there’s almost no chance of that happening tho. He could go top 10 after that combine.

  14. CiaranH

    I wouldn’t be so quick to assume that Clemons being cut means we’ve got something else lined up. The money thrown at CB’s, and Byrd’s contract could just mean that in order to extend Sherm and Thomas we need to put faith in Mayowa, Bennett, Avril and Scruggs for DE. Which wouldn’t exactly be a horrible scenario with two cornerstones locked up long term

    • xo 1

      I hear and don’t disagree. However, I’m not sure the contracts handed out this year have much changed the math for Sherm and Earl. The Shields deal was an overpay and Talib is a risk I wouldn’t want but he had a great year. Revis getting released off his $16 million a year deal helps a ton. He’ll still get paid, but right now it is looking to me like $12 million a year for Sherm and Earl will be fair. That would make Earl the highest paid safety but quite a ways and leave him on par with Sherman. That might be light for the best corner in the game but I’m not sure Seattle can pay Earl less than Sherman. I guess that’s why you’d do Earl first.

      As to your larger point, it’s spot on. The past 24 hours have highlighted the necessity of drafting and developing very well. Gotta have the courage to put your young players on the field.

    • CD

      Clem and/or his agent might have forced this a bit, asking to be released now instead of in a week. He has a better chance to sign now before Ware/Allen do.

    • Arias

      I think the McDaniel signing is what allowed JS to feel comfortable cutting Clem.

  15. Stuart

    Thank you Chris Clemons, you will be greatly missed!

    Personally, I really hope we bring him back. Clem was really coming on late in the season, playoffs and Super Bowl. It takes time to come back from the ACL injury he had.

    What price makes sense for the Hawks to bring Clem back, $4 M? Jacksonville will probably pay much higher.

    Miller is next…

  16. Belgaron

    Golden gone, Revis traded.

    • Colin


      • Belgaron

        yep, my bad, thanks

  17. Attyla the Hawk

    Now we can start the speculation for Lee and Beckham Jr.

  18. Hay stacker509

    Tate is gone. Lions signed him

    • Mylegacy

      5 year contract – no numbers yet…

      • rugby lock

        5yr/$31m with 13.25 guaranteed… Can’t blame him for taking that deal in that offense.

  19. Colin

    Good for Tate. He’ll thrive in a pass happy offense.

    • Michael M.

      Tate is gonna be a monster in that offense. Huge get for the Lions.

      Bennett would have been a greater loss from and X’s and O’s standpoint, but I think I am more sad to see Tate go. The team put so much time and effort put into his development, and it was finally starting to pay dividends. Bennett felt like a rental from the beginning, so I’m not as attached emotionally. The really sad part is that I will never get to see Harvin, Tate and Baldwin on the field at the same time for a full season… If Percy misses any more time in the next few years, this will be even more disappointing.

      Oh well. Still got Harvin, ADB and Kearse, and hopefully we get a big guy in the draft.

  20. Belgaron

    I’d like to see them bring Thurmond back.

    If Giacomini goes, that’s quite a stack of comp picks as we still haven’t signed anybody to offset.

    • rugby lock

      I’d give Breno some of the money they were budgeting for Golden…

      • Belgaron

        Not Revis??? (joking, mostly)

    • Attyla the Hawk

      Yeah, the comp picks are stacking up pretty high. Guys I expect to be qualifiers:

      1. Tate (5th)
      2. McDonald (6th)
      3. Schofield (6th)

      Guys that still have yet to factor in:

      1. Giacomini
      2. Thurmond
      3. McDaniel

      If McDaniel goes, I expect he’ll qualify for a 7th round comp if it’s around 1.5m or better. Which I think it will take for us to not be in the mix.

      • Belgaron

        Schofield failed physical, probably won’t get a comp pick for him.

        • Attyla the Hawk

          No kidding? Buyer’s remorse or legit?

  21. Belgaron

    Cowboys talking to Tony McDaniel.

  22. JeffC

    My gut is in my throat. I thought I was mentally prepared for losing Tate. I guess not.

    • Belgaron

      Look at it this way, when PC/JS arrived in Seattle they had a million holes to fill–how well did they do? Today they have a few more–whatdyabet they fill some of those holes in ways that are even stronger than before? Some with guys that are already on the roster.

      • JeffC

        That is where I thought I was mentally prepared, trusting JS/PC. However, if I had my choice, I’d rather have Baldwin than Tate. It would be hard not seeing the constant consistent third down clutch catches. I guess we can write down a WR in the first two picks.

        At least Tate will be tormenting the packers two games a year and not within our division.

        • The Ancient Mariner

          That’s where I am, too. For the long run, it was bound to be either ADB or Golden, and given the choice I’d rather keep Doug.

        • Belgaron

          If the right player is there, sure. But they can’t start reaching to fill needs, their talent evaluation staff is plenty good enough to find guys later in the draft. I’d rather they keep doing what they are doing and take the best player they have ranked versus what is on the team.

          • Belgaron

            They could still bring Rice back for close to minimum as well.

  23. Hay stacker509

    Hatcher I bet gets a 3-4 yr deal before the days over

    • Attyla the Hawk

      Doubt that long. He’s 31 and will be 32 before the season. It’ll be a 1-2 year deal.

      • Belgaron

        Those are essentially the same anyway in the NFL.

  24. David M

    Sad day to see Tate go, but he will do great things in detroit.

    Although this is a great opportunity for the Hawks to grab a Franchise WR.

    Pete finally Might be able to get that TRUE no.1 WR he has been looking for. this is a GREAT draft to choose from. if we Resign Breno, i see a WR in round 1 depending on whats available. It is really tough to say though.

  25. smitty1547

    coming off a pro bowl year with money to spend I agree he gets 3 or 4 years. Tate will be missed he had that scrappy never quit hawk attitude. However love are front office never falling into the trap of over spending.

  26. smitty1547

    As will clem always classy, was once the only thing we had rushing the passer

  27. Ely

    Well if we can no longer have Tate on the Hawks I damn sure will be drafting him in my fantasy league this year. I will really miss watching him run after the catch in a Seahawks uniform. Wish him the best of luck in Detroit.

    • Matt

      Yep Tate’s going to be a monster in fantasy! Detroit is the perfect situation for him to put up numbers.

  28. Ely

    huh, a report on Rotoworld saying the O’Brien Shofield deal is dead.

    • Belgaron

      Knee problem; didn’t pass physical.

      • RJ

        More like buyers remorse!

  29. Ely

    Also this article makes losing Tate sting that much more. Dammit!

    • Kelly Orr

      can’t say i blame him but i thought he said he would take a couple million less to stay in seattle? 5 year 31 mil is about 6 million a season….Rumor is seattle offered him 4 years 20 million which is about 5 million per season…so much for hometown discount although i will assume a 5 year contract vs a 4 year contract was probably the biggest difference make for him.

      • David M

        i really thing he wanted to go to a pass first offense, show the world what he is capable of…

        • hawkmeat

          They are changing the offense, Caldwell is committed to the run.

          • Michael M.

            Caldwell is committed to being a crap coach… Honestly, how did he land this job?

      • Arias

        No way did he say he’d take a couple million less. He said he’d be willing to take a ‘little’ less. A couple million is a lot of dough even on 13.25 guaranteed. I think I read his guaranteed to be somewhere around 10 by the hawks. That’s pretty significant.

  30. Belgaron

    Seahawks signing a receiver! Taylor Price.

    • Belgaron

      Golden Tate selected #60 in 2010. Who was selected #61? Taylor Price.

      • Beanhawk

        Not quite true. He was drafted 90th. According to Rapoport though, he was the next ranked wide receiver on JS’s board (and Golden Tate had a first round grade). Injuries have washed out his career to this point, and I wouldn’t see him more than training camp fodder. Athletic, but has never really put it together. Hope that changes, of course!

        • David M

          yeah, hte man has crazy talent, but could just never seem to put it all together. lets see if he can make something happen.

          ME might have some good WR’s available at #32 Ravens re signed Jacoby Jones, Decker likely to jets? tate at Detroit, panthers need O line.. there SHOULD be at east 1-2 GOOD WR’s at #32, but you never know! im just hoping there is, because you know JS/PC wouldn’t pass on talent like that.

        • Belgaron

          You’re right, I totally misread Rapoport when I posted that initially. He’s saying Seahawks ranked him next among WRs in their rankings.

          • Beanhawk

            Yeah, no worries. I was confused with Rapoport’s tweet at first as well. Hope the signing pays some dividends.

  31. Beanhawk

    McDaniel signed according to Schefter. Very nice re-signing, and I know Kip will be happy!

    • Belgaron

      2yr 6.3M. Gives some continuity on defensive line with three others out.

  32. red

    Xaviar Grimble runs 4.95 forty on USC pro day good thing we resigned McCoy TE class looks horrible.

    • CC

      Yikes! He was a guy I thought had a chance – not now!

    • Kenny Sloth

      Not surprised. Always looked like JAG/

    • Nate

      I don’t know why this would surprise anyone. He looks slow as molasses on tape. I wouldn’t even spend a seventh rounder on him.

  33. red

    Hi Rob

    What are your thoughts on Anthony Collins OT from Bengals? He can play a little at LT could be help if Okung still has lingering foot-Toe issues.

  34. rugby lock

    Looks like Breno’s gone according to 710…

    • CC

      Sorry to see Breno go, but between Bowie and Bailey and the deep OT draft – we’ll be okay. I keep thinking how Petey would see this happen every year at USC – talent graduated/left and he restocked. We’ve had guys redshirt the last few years – now they will step up.

  35. David M

    Yup, Breno to the Jets… Looks like its Bowie? Or does that Greg van rotten guy we signed from Green Bay play Tackle?

  36. Stuart

    We have the most talented roster in the NFL. We have known that for a long time but until this year, nobody used to pay much attention to that team in SE Alaska.

    Last season when we had to release players, they were immediately snapped up by other teams. Now the rest of the NFL is foaming at the mouth snapping up every UFA possible from Seattle.

    This just makes it all the more mind boggling that JS has never been voted exec of the year. Elway is being hailed as a genius again for paying $10 M a year for Ware.

    We are so blessed have PC/JS! As painful as these loses are, I have no doubt that we will be just as good if not better by the start of next season.

    We will never have a better combo of owner, coach and gm in our lifetime. Some teams are re-building, re-loading, but we are re-shuffling.

    We are on the roller coaster ride of a lifetime my friends, next stop Super Bowl XLVIIII.

  37. Layne

    Breno Giacomini signed a free-agent contract with the New York Jets.

    • Layne


      Dave Softy Mahler
      Tate said the 49ers showed interest in signing him but he couldnt do that to Seahawks fans.

      710 ESPN Seattle @710ESPNSeattle
      MT @AlbertBreer Ex-Seattle DE Chris Clemons is close to a deal with the Jaguars, per source.

    • Madmark

      Well that just leaves backup QB and the kicker from where I staring from. We will see how FA will play out till the draft but its going to be pretty slow . I’m guessing.

  38. James

    Pete and John are going about this exactly the right way. They are putting their players into correct categories:

    – playing at an elite, All Pro level: Earl Thomas, Richard Sherman, Percy Harvin, Kam Chancellor, Beast Mode and Russell Wilson. You pay these guys whatever it takes. They have Kam on a really good contract, and Beast is reasonable for what he does. He will probably be here for one or two more years.

    – can’t easily be replaced: Russell Okung, Bobby Wagner, Cliff Avril, Michael Bennett and Brandon Mebane. These guys you pay $6 to $8 mil/yr. You do not pay them more, except maybe for the premium position of LT. As one of these guys ages and comes off the books, ie Mebane after next year, you use the money to re-sign your top guys.

    – guys you want to keep if reasonable, but can be replaced: Zach Miller, Doug Baldwin, Jermaine Kearse, Max Unger, KJ Wright, Byron Maxwell. These guys you pay $3 or $4 mil/yr. Golden Tate., Brenno Giacomini, etc, fall into this category and that is why it is crazy to pay them $6 mil/yr. If you get trapped into paying replacement level players $6 mil/yr, then you won’t be able to keep all your elite players….stupid! And not only are you overpaying the replacement guy you give $6 mil/yr to, but you also set the precedent with all the agents that you will have to pay your other replacement level players at the same rate….ruinous.

    – the rest of the roster are low price free agents and draft picks. This is huge, and where John earns his keep. You have to replenish your top guys with up-and-coming guys, or this will all fizzle out in a couple of years. You’ve got to hit on guys like Bowie, Scruggs, Michael, because they need to be Pro Bowlers when they step in for Beast, Bennett, Mebane, etc.

  39. Robert

    Sad to lose Tate. But I am so glad that JS Is managing the team CAP better than 31 other teams. I bet he scores on some high value FA’s yet. And then more magic in the Draft. And finally, PC will pull back the curtain on all the young talent we have methodically developed and stashed on our roster…Football Geniuses and they are running OUR team!

  40. Donald Duck

    Rob, I agree that the Seahawks don’t do as well early in the draft as they do later. Maybe we should trade our early picks for a bunch of later picks, especially since we need to replace so many players who left in free agency. What do you think?

    • Rob Staton

      Theoretically you’re more likely to hit earlier in the draft. Just strange how it’s worked in Seattle so far. But I reckon they’ll nail the two high picks this year.

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