Live free agency news & open thread

The legal tampering period begins on Monday at 9am PST.

We’ll be across any big breaking news regarding the Seahawks, via articles and live streams. I’ll update this post when anything happens.

In the meantime here’s an open thread and a breakdown of the latest:

Mike Garafolo says the Seahawks were interested in Kevin Zeitler, before he agreed terms on a three-year deal worth $22m with the Baltimore Ravens. Assuming the Seahawks aren’t in the Joe Thuney/Corey Linsley market, Zeitler was seen as a viable (and cheaper) alternative.

Brad Biggs from the Chicago Tribune has spoken to two NFL GM’s about Russell Wilson’s future. One didn’t think a trade would happen, citing the usual reasons (lack of draft stock from the Bears etc). The other thought a trade was possible with Chicago (“They’re desperate, and if I’m Seattle, I just keeping asking for more and more and more”). That same GM then connected the Seahawks to Sam Darnold, as Colin Cowherd did on Friday. What would the price be? A high second round pick apparently, or the equivalent value. For any Wilson trade to occur, you’d have to think Darnold would either be part of the deal or a Seahawks trade with the Jets would have to be arranged first. They cannot afford to get into a negotiating battle with other teams for a replacement quarterback.

The Seahawks are reportedly interested in Texans offensive lineman Brett Jones. He has started just 19 games in five years and he turns 30 this summer. Looks like they’re swapping one BJ (Finney) for another.

Corey Linsley is signing with the Chargers and Joe Thuney is joining the Chiefs. If you were hoping the Seahawks would make a splash to placate their disillusioned franchise quarterback, you’ll be disappointed. Still, I’m sure Russell Wilson be taking this news well.

Carlos Hyde and Phillip Dorsett have both signed with the Jaguars

According to Pat Leonard of the NY Daily News, a source says to ‘keep an eye on Seattle for Sam Darnold’.


  1. UkAlex6674

    Zietler roomed with RW at college I think. Maybe he was tipped off about something about to go down…..

  2. NolaHawk

    It provides at least a glimpse of what they’re trying to do in terms of the line. Seems they’d be comfortable either sliding Lewis to LG or they saw enough with his one game at center to consider him a viable option there and would like to surround him with veterans to help ease the transition. Kinda seeing a reunion with James Carpenter happening since he was cut and wouldn’t count against the comp pick formula.

    • Malc from PO

      It would be very Seahawk-y to take a guy who is really good at his position and do our best to turn him into an at-best average player at another position.

      • James Z

        I remember hearing an interview with Ray Roberts on KJR a while back and he said what the Seahawks need on the line were players with PHD’s in their position for really effective line play and yet the team has fielded the OL time and again with a few BA’s, a couple of MA’s and maybe 1 PHD. It’s a recipe for what we’ve seen for 5-6 years now. It doesn’t work and yet here they are again, doing it ‘their’ way, where mediocrity at best is the product.

  3. Trevor

    So tired of hearing that out of PC/JS during free agency. How many times have you heard “We were in on it but just could not get a deal done”. Just shut up about it and stop leaking stuff so it seems like you are trying to get stuff done. If you get a guy signed tell everyone and fans will be pumped. If you don’t who cares if you were in negations with the player it is completely irrelevant.

    • Sea Mode

      Russ might care, I guess. At least the very first report that comes out is them looking for OL help.

      • Trevor

        I guess that is my point it is them leaking a report that they are trying to get OL line help instead of actually getting it. Like last year with the pass rush. Just tired of it. If you sign someone scream it from the roof tops and we will all be happy as fans. If not I just don’t care anymore if you were “in on the deal”.

        • Uncle Bob

          As Master Yoda has been known to say: Do or do not. There is no try.

          • trevor


          • Roy Batty

            I’ll try to remember that.

            • Tyler Jorgensen

              DO remember it.

              • AlaskaHawk

                Remember it they will. Morons the are.

    • Cortez Kennedy

      But yet they had no qualms over recklessly acquiring a safety last year.

      I’m tired of it too

  4. Sea Mode

    When you’re working from home but have a virtual meeting right at 9am PST.

    Good thing I have a second monitor… 😏

    • Hawk Finn

      Don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted. My meeting isn’t until 12pm EST

      • Big Mike


  5. Trevor

    Why do they even want Zeitler he is a Right Guard and has only played there. You already have a good young RG it is the only long term piece you have on the OL so fill another spot it is not rocket science. It is like we already have the highest paid LB corp in the league so lets use our 1st round pick on Brooks.

    • Mick

      Lewis can also play LG, we could get a RG and move him there. Likely that having Duane Brown next to him would increase his stats.

      • Trevor

        Lewis has played predominantly RG and is really solid there why take a chance on the one position you actually have solid makes no sense.

        • TheOtherJordan

          Because it’s Seattle. Be prepared for when they say Lewis is going to play C.

          • Trevor

            That would be so typical.

            • TomLPDX

              All so true. If it ain’t broke…fix it until it is!

  6. SeaTown

    I have no expectations. Therefore, I can’t be disappointed.

    • MyChestIsBeastMode

      Then you, sir, have reached Nirvana. Congratulations 👏

      • Roy Batty

        In Beast Speak does Nirvana mean capitulation?

    • Rob Staton

      Same. Last year I had expectations. This year I had none.

      But I still feel by the end of all this, we’ll be left questioning where the hell this team is heading.

      Hope I’m wrong

      • GerryG

        Also in the no expectations camp.

        I will say that the next most important phase of the off season is here and Seattle has not:
        -Extended or traded Jamal Adams to improve asset or cap hit
        -Extended/supported or traded Russel Wilson
        -Acquired any draft picks
        -Substantially improved their cap space

        They have managed to completely neuter their pass rush however, so at least we have that going for us.

        • Rob Staton


        • Big Mike

          But hey GerryG, Pete Carroll got an extension so he’s golden. What else matters?

        • cha

          Haven’t even tendered Poona yet.

          • clbradley17

            With any foresight, they would be working on a 4 yr. inexpensive deal with a very low cap hit this year for Poona instead of just giving him an RFA tender. He’s proven a very valuable DL, and his PFF grade for 2020 was 79.8, 15th out of 125 DI (defensive interior?). Mone’s 2020 grade was 58.5 (84th out of 125) and Reed’s was 56.5 (89th out of 125).

            • clbradley17

              Poona was in the top 12% of all DI in 2020, and Reed was in the bottom third below Mone. Reed’s cap hit this year is just barely under 14 mil., and if we’re in rebuild mode with trading RW, JA and possibly BW, then trade Reed for a 3rd if possible too. Especially if they get DT Bilal Nichols included for Russ in a Bears trade. Plus sign another Tony McDaniel/Al Woods – like cheap run-stopping DT in FA, or draft one of Rob’s interviewees McNeil or Stills with one of our many draft picks acquired from the trades.

            • Feindt


              Poona Ford just tweeting that he hasn’t even reached his prime yet. I do not believe that he would accept a lowball offer.

      • SeattleLifer

        All of the above sums my mindset up perfectly.

  7. Gary

    * Sigh *

    Ravens again. It would be so nice to be a fan of a well-run organization.

    • Big Mike

      Wouldn’t it tho?

      • UkAlex6674

        Better run but the recent seasons seem to be the same, if not worse.

        • AlaskaHawk

          Isn’t that true for any team without a quarterback named Tom Brady? What other team has really improved?

          • clbradley17

            Last year the Ravens traded a 5th for Calais Campbell, a player we wanted for years. Meanwhile we WAY overpaid for an old TE (Olsen), old LB/edge (Irvin), old RB (Hyde), and 3 barely or not used below avg. OL (Cedric O., Finney, Warmack).

          • Hoggs41

            They wont be signing guys like this once LJ gets paid.

  8. sonicreducer

    A day late and a dollar short…

  9. MyChestIsBeastMode

    Is there a list of FAs that won’t count against comp picks?

  10. TheOtherJordan

    It sure would be nice to figure out a way to get Orlando Brown Jr from the Ravens. Replacing Duane Brown is the next crisis and how many years and moves did it take to find him? Schneider can not draft Tackles to save his life.

    • Rob Staton

      Orland Brown wants big money, will cost at least a first rounder and he wants to play left tackle now.

      It aint happening

      • TheOtherJordan

        I’d be fine giving him big money (obviously structured for current cap realities) and letting him play left tackle now. A proven tackle commodity for Schneider? Given the history, if Seattle pays the price of a large contract and a first rounder for Duane Brown’s replacement, I’d be thrilled. In the end, it’s likely gonna cost a hell of a lot more than that.

        • Rob Staton

          He’s not a proven left tackle though. He’s a proven right tackle.

          And what first round pick are you using here? They don’t have one until 2023.

          • Scot04

            Only way I do Orlando Brown Jr.; Is if i could get him and a 2021 3rd for Jamal Adams.
            Part of trade includes extension and starting at RT for 2021 & guarantee at starting LT in 2022.
            If possible I’d take that trade now.

  11. Trevor

    After last years free agency debacle I am having such a hard time feeling positive this off season. Even one solid signing like Linsley or Thuney would lift my spirits immensely and I think a lot of the fan base feels the same way.

    Looking more and more like Russ is not going anywhere so I they are not trading him then lets at least go for it. I can’t take another 10-6 year when we all know they really have no shot come playoff time.

    • CallMeAL

      They haven’t come out and said were keeping Russ, it appears they are no where close to making a trade, leaving us all to wonder, what the hell is their plan this off season??

      So far we have lets sign a mid tier OL, most likely sign Adams to a lucrative contact and like every other year overpay a bunch of FA back ups to fill out the roster…

      Sadly this year “another 10-6 year when we all know they really have no shot come playoff time” may be the best we can hope for.

  12. Rob Staton

    I’m updating this thread with news as it happens. Check out the update from Brad Biggs re: Chicago and Russell Wilson

    • pdway

      Thanks for doing all this . .. very cool to have a place to come and chat and commiserate about all of the goings on.

  13. Rob Staton

    I just have this sense that something still has to give with Wilson.

    It’ll be malpractice not to address this one way or another. Either by sorting out your issues with Wilson and coming together, or by parting.

    They can’t just leave this lingering

    • GerryG

      Im actually starting to believe they can and will.

    • Trevor

      I agree Rob it would be malpractice. That being the entirety of last off season was malpractice on a grand scale. It was almost like every time they had a made a decision to make not only did they make the wrong one but they tried to find a solution that was even worse when they traded for Adams.

      • Big Mike

        Malpractice is now their middle names

        • RugbyLock

          So is it now PCMJS?

    • Trevor

      IF the Hawks are not trading Russ shouldn’t they at least rework his deal to try and get some cap relief? If they don’t doesn’t it make it look like they are just kicking the can down the road to next year when this trade talk will heat up once again?

      • Rob Staton

        Re-working his deal is the last thing they should be doing.

        They either need to sort things out with him or move on.

        That’s all that matters at this stage.

        • Trevor

          That is what I meant. Either make amends with him and rework his deal so they can get the help he wants or move him. Don’t kick the can down the road with a year lost in limbo.

    • Simo

      Completely agree with you Rob, something has to give. But how will we know if they have sorted out the issues with Wilson? We can’t assume that is/isn’t so just because there hasn’t been a trade yet. They aren’t likely to come out publicly and say so right? Perhaps Russ will hold a press conference saying he’s happy to have more say in the offense and likes the direction the team is headed? Then we could assume they have things sorted out I suppose.

      The lingering silence and perceived lack of activity on PC/JS parts is maddening, but we better get used to it!

    • CallMeAL

      I disagree, they can absolutely sit back and do nothing, they have Russ under contract and it’s in their best interests to keep him.

      The balls in Russ’s hands now, do you want out or are you just going to remain quite and let things play out!

      • Big Mike


      • Matt

        That would be complete malpractice by the head of any business, let alone a football team.

        Fish rot from the head.

      • Rob Staton

        Winning a war with the QB isn’t a priority

        Sorting this out is

    • Scot04

      Seahawks have 0 problems with malpractice; we just have to reference our 2020 offseason.

      • Hoggs41

        What do you consider sorting it out other that extending him which they wont do?

    • Mario

      But Rob, that’s what the hawks do best? Then they panic and settle!

  14. CallMeAL

    My exact feelings!

  15. Mick

    If the Jets sign both Thuney and Linsley, you can’t even blame Russ for wanting to leave.

    • Trevor

      Come on man think about it we got Jamal Adams. Its all good.

  16. D-OZ

    Is it possible they try to move Trebisky before anything happens?

    • Simo

      Bisky is a free agent this offseason I believe. He’s not even in the Bears plan right now.

  17. Matt

    If nothing happens on the RW front today (in either direction and definitively) – I’m fully on the Pete and John need to be canned. This is such a poorly run organization – it’s ‘incredible to witness.

    Name a group that does less with more resources?

    Hey Pete and John – PUT TOGETHER a damn plan and have some direction. My goodness – this is the definition of “floundering.”

    • NolaHawk

      Jerry and Stephen Jones.

    • BobbyK

      Pete and John always talk about all these plans they have for all kinds of scenarios. They seem rather arrogant about it (“if fans only knew”). Well, the only plan that matters is one that won’t get their asses dominated in front of a live national audience in the Wild Card round. For all their scenarios and all the times they’ve said they want to be the bully – they have some pretty stupid plans.

      • Big Mike

        This team is so far from being a bully they might as well be called the “Eiderdowns”.

  18. Denver Hawker

    I wake up Monday to the unofficial start of FA.

    So far the Hawks have cut Dunlap. That’s it. No trades, no restructures, no extensions.

    Either it’s a poor plan or poor execution. Possibly both.

    If we end up with 15 1-year vet minimum contracts to fill the roster I’m going to take this season off.

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      I took last season off, and it was a great decision. I got my Sunday afternoons back and didn’t have to feel frustrated about wasting daylight watching this team. It’s amazing how differently this organization seems to be running now than in the past. To be honest, for the last 3-4 years, I’ve enjoyed coming to this site and reading Rob’s ideas about team building and players than I have watching the games. I’d say that’s probably a tribute to Rob since i enjoy the writing way more than watching the games now. That’s also probably an indictment of the team as well.

      • Matt

        LOL – I’m the exact same. Watching the Seahawks has become a “if I have time and want to,” but I’ll spend a ton of time on this blog and very much look forward to the content.

        So very awesome for Rob.
        Scary as heck for Seahawks brass.

      • Big Mike

        Yeah I started last season when I decided if I had something more fun to do I was going to do it rather than watch them. That only happened a couple of times but it will again this year and I’ll do the same

        • Group Captain Mandrake

          I dropped cable and stopped my Hulu live TV subscription so it made it really easy. The only game I watched last year was the Thursday night game on Amazon.

          • RugbyLock

            I went from having the Sunday Ticket to just getting NFL Rewind and next year I’ll go half with a friend and he owes me money so next year should be free!

  19. Sea Mode

    Is this another bit of pressure from the Bears FO to prod PC/JS to action?

    “Legal tampering starts in 3 hours. If a deal isn’t done pretty soon, you’ve gotta think the Bears and other teams are gonna say: ‘we need to move on and figure this out’.”

    • TomLPDX

      I saw that Kam responded to this tweet with “He is stay in Seattle” (need to work on that grammar, Kam!)

  20. CL

    To me, the most interesting question is, what happens if it goes like this:

    – Bears and Seahawks can’t reach a deal for Wilson

    – They don’t sign any big names in FA

    What happens then?

    We saw how disgruntled Wilson is. If they don’t make significant investments in the OL or other crucial parts of the team, I could easily see Wilson actively forcing a trade.
    So if they don’t at least sign Linsley or Thuney + some other moves, I don’t think it will even be remotely enough to satisfy Wilson.

    • Big Mike

      I’m very concerned they’re going to wait too long and then get a poor return when they eventually have to trade him. It would be so Pete to do that.

    • Scot04

      In your scenario i could see Wilson demanding a trade; saying he waited hoping they would give him reason to stay and they didn’t. He gets what he likely wants a way out with the Seahawks looking 100% like the reason he’s leaving.

  21. BobbyK

    So comforting to know they were “in” on Zeitler. You either want a to be good at LG and C or you don’t. I don’t care about being “in” on someone. The Yoda comment above was the best and truest.

  22. CL


    • Roy Batty

      The post from Caam is hilarious.

      • MyChestIsBeastMode

        Haha, yes. Thanks for sharing!

  23. CaptainJack

    I know it’s early… but so far this offseason Carroll and JS get another fat F from me. No clear direction ahead, cutting their best pass rusher, and now sitting and waiting as the best free agent offensive linemen get scooped up by other teams. I hope I eat crow over the next few months but I haven’t seen evidence the ultra-cheap and gimmicky offseason approach is going to change.

  24. dcd2

    This situation is really starting to be reminiscent of Clowney last year. RW needs to be sorted out yesterday.

    Clowney, we waited and waited and all of FA passed us by. This of course led to Jamal and the self-inflicted destruction of this years draft class.

    I never expected us to be a player for any of the tier 1 FA’s. People getting their hopes up for Thuney, Linsley, JuJu, Reddick, etc. are going to be disappointed, I think.

    Frankly, I’ve been a proponent of trying to work the comp pick system this year. We’re losing arguably the best CB, RB and LB in FA this year. Shaq, CC and KJ should get nice contracts (even if they are 1 year deals). I don’t think we’re ‘fixing’ this team in 2021. We’ll probably get some late guys like Kevin King or Isiah Mackenzie on the cheap. With upwards of 6 starters needing to be replaced, I never thought that we would spend 50-75% of our cap on one guy.

    Still, there is no direction from PCJS. I’ve seen good plans fail because the leaders were indecisive, and bad plans succeed because they were approached with conviction. I really hope we can have some clarity to RW today. Everything else is moot until that gets sorted.

  25. STTBM

    How does Seattle think they can compete with teams like the Ravens when nobody knows who their qb will be? This is yet another utter cock-up by Pete Carrol….

    They should have just paid dude more if they aren’t gonna figure out their qb moves…

    • BobbyK

      Most players care about who will pay them the most. That’s it.

      If a guy like Linsley gets offered the most money by the Seahawks – he’ll probably sign, whether Wilson is the QB or not.

      • STTBM

        Sure, but if it’s close they pick a place with a better climate and/or an actual starting qb..which we may not have.

        You think any WR or TE wants to come be the third or fourth option to Sam Effing Darnold?!

  26. Noah

    Romeo Okwara just got paid. 3 years, $39m.

    • Sea Mode

      Another pass rusher not allowed to hit the market:

      Adam Schefter

      Buccaneers are giving Shaq Barrett a four-year deal worth up $72 million that includes $36 million fully guaranteed, his agent @DrewJRosenhaus told ESPN

      • cha

        Ian Rapoport
        How’s this: The cap number for 2021 is $5.6M. That’s how you keep it together.

        $5.6m first year cap on a $72m deal for Barrett

          • cha


            The Rams are $34m over and have 48 hrs to get under.

            And it’s being reported they’re negotiating to resign Leonard Floyd.


            • pdway

              “The Rams are $34m over and have 48 hrs to get under.”

              What does the 48 hr deadline mean? What happens to them if they don’t get under?

              • cha

                Teams must be under the cap when the new league year begins.

                If they are not, the league has power to step in and void contracts to get them in compliance.

            • McZ

              I might be mistaken, but isn’t the Stafford-trade due March 17? Most pages including Spotrac and OTC are showing a huge 22m dead cap for Goff, which will only materialize after the cap reporting date. So, basically, they are searching for 12m in restructuring $.

    • Scot04

      I was hoping we would have extended Dunlap on3year 30M

      • pdway

        maybe we still will?

        I understood not paying Dunlap $14M given how full this class of FA pass-rushers is, but if we whiff on signing any of them, AND have let our one effective passrusher walk – – that would be a complete/inexcusable fail.

        • Scot04

          We are good at the wait and fail method. Atleast we’re out of draft picks to throw away on a desperate Adams like trade this year

        • dcd2

          It would be the exact same thing they’ve done two years in a row. At least we got picks for Clark.

          Clowney and Dunlap we paid for a year rental, with nothing in return.

          The insane thing is, everyone can see what a difference they made to our DL, yet PCJS just don’t seem to feel that any pass-rusher is worth more than $10M/yr long-term.

  27. Scot04

    Defensive Ends flying off the board quickly.

  28. Matt

    Watch…our big move will be panicking and overpaying Shaquill Griffin. Pete is determined to have the most expensive yet average Secondary in the NFL.

    • Scot04

      Nah, we’ll send our 2022 2nd and 2023 1st for a blitzing Linebacker.

    • pdway

      some info:

      The #Seahawks want CB Shaquill Griffin back, but the two sides are “not in the same ballpark” when it comes to money, per @MikeGarafolo. . He’ll make it to free agency, but Seattle will monitor his market to see where things go.

  29. BobbyK

    I’m not worried about the pass rushers getting signed. Benson Mayowa is still available.

    • Matt

      Don’t forget Darrell Taylor. If his pass rush is half as active as his Instagram – we got the next Lawrence Taylor on our hands!

  30. Paul Cook

    Not detecting any change in approach, philosophy, or conviction yet.

    Do they even “get” how the spotlight is on them now, how skepticism is at the highest level for the franchise since Jim Mora?

    • Roy Batty

      Actually, I believe they know exactly what their situation is.

      They both just got extensions and have zero accountability for their actions from ownership. What could possibly worry them?

  31. CaptainJack

    Barrett, Golden and Romeo Okwara back to their respective teams. Pat Elfein to Carolina.

  32. CallMeAL

    It’s 0946 and I’m excited for the unofficial start to FA, keeping a close eye on SDB for any updates from Rob!

    Meanwhile, over at Seahawks Headquarters John Schneider just strolled into work checking with his secretary, any calls this morning? His secretary replies “Why yes, Mark Rodgers called about your intertest in Kevin Zeitler and wanted to congratulate you on another failed attempt to sign any legitimate free agent let alone an offensive lineman. He also wanted to remind you that your still a dumbass…” John replies, “ah that Mark lol, such a character.” His secretary says, “oh and your dentist called reminding you of your 10 am tomorrow morning.” John replies, thanks, forgot all about that. John then asks, “have you seen Pete this morning?” His secretary responds “He’s over at Winslow Salon getting his hair done just in case he has any free agent signings to announce this week, he should be in after lunch.” John than informs his secretary “this is shaping up to be a quite day, I’ll be leaving at lunch time, tell Pete I’ll see him tomorrow” and his secretary replies “will do.”

    Just in case anyone was interested in the internal workings over at Seahawks Headquarters.

    By the way, I use to be a happy and content fan believing in the PCJS way. Since I became a regular here and became an informed and knowledgeable fan I am now an unhappy, disgruntled fan and having way to many WTF moments with PCJS!

    I have Mr. Staton to thank for this and I pay him for the pleasure of making me feel this way. But what’s worse is I don’t think I’m paying him enough!

    Life would be so much easier being a Bear’s fan….

    • Tomas

      Pete at the salon getting his hair done made me smile. I’ll take it.

    • Big Mike

      Awesome post. I literally LOL’d

  33. Robbie

    Don’t worry all, we’ve expressed interest in two game starter OL Brett Jones. All is right in the world.

    • CaptainJack

      We easily have the worst FO in the league right now.

    • Rob Staton

      He can have BJ Finney’s old appartment!

      Go Hawks!

      Super Bowl!

    • BobbyK

      I heard Finney is making a comeback. Pete trying to recruit him now.

      • BobbyK

        Cedric Ogbuehi available. Could start at LG this year and take over at LT after Brown retires.


      • GerryG

        Don’t call it a comeback, I been here for years
        I’m rockin’ my peers, puttin’ suckers in fear
        Makin’ the tears rain down like a monsoon
        Listen to the bass go boom
        Explosions, overpowerin’
        Over the competition, I’m towerin’
        Wrecking shop, when I drop
        These lyrics that’ll make you call the cops
        Don’t you dare stare
        You better move, don’t ever compare
        Me to the rest that’ll all get sliced and diced
        Competition’s payin’ the price

    • dcd2

      YES! Thanks Robbie, I was worried that we weren’t doing anything. Silly me!

      PCJS: Expressing interest since 2017

    • cha

      Always compete

  34. DK

    Jonnu Smith to the Pats, $50MM over four years with $31.25MM guaranteed.

    Glad the Hawks didn’t pay him that.

    • dcd2

      Dang! I would have liked him, but agree. That’s a huge contract.

  35. Simo

    Jonnu Smith off the board now, to the Pats 4yrs/$50m. Nice to have cap space!

  36. GoHawksDani

    If Bears won’t give Mack they need to give 2-3 solid players and 3xR1, 2xR2 and 3xR3.
    That’s the minimum.
    I’d try to make a trade with the Jets like this:
    Bears R1 this year and next year for Darnold and our next year R1 we gave up for Adams.
    We need to cover our backs if this year go down the drains.
    Likely worst case scenario would mean we give up #20 and a pick between #20-32 for a pick around #18-24 and Darnold.
    But if we suck it could mean we gave up #20 and a pick between #20-32 for Darnold and #1-12
    Not sure Jets would bite though but it could be a solid deal for us

  37. Trevor

    The Texans had arguably the worst OL in the league the last 2 years. Makes perfect sense to try and get a guy who is not even good enough to start for them. Rob it is an insult to Finney to compare him to Jones.

  38. Mick

    Jonnu Smith goes to Pats. I wasn’t hot on him, but again a case of expressing interest and not getting the deal done.

    • Mick

      Meanwhile we’re wasting time with Griffin…

      • Matt

        Anytime you can grossly overpay an average player – you obviously need to do it.

        • bmseattle

          Yes… Schneider has an odd tendency where he refuses to pay the going rate for the top level talent… but then turns around and overpays for the mid to lower tier players.
          I’d love to get an explanation on why players like Irvin and Ogbuehi got raises last off season.

          • Matt


            There’s the answer.

          • Big Mike

            NOT just Schneider, I assure you.

  39. Matt

    Rob – totally unfair question; but what do you think is going to happen with RW? Gut take on it?

    I’m slowly becoming worried that they are going to do nothing and this crap is going to linger for another year. My faith in Pete is so low that I’m willing to pay for the Uhaul and carry the furniture into it – to get him out of town.

    • Rob Staton

      I think there’s just a huge unknown at the moment. Nobody seems to know

  40. cha

    Adam Schefter
    New England has stormed into free agency in an atypical Patriots way, spending big money on two big weaknesses – former Titans’ TE Jonnu “Easy Money bag” Smith and former Dolphins’ NT Davon Godchaux.
    7:14 AM · Mar 15, 2021

    Apparently you don’t have to do things the way you’ve always done them.

    • Matt

      A lot easier to change your approach when you don’t have a bunch of Super Bowl wins under your belt…oh wait.

    • Malc from PO

      They are responding to not meeting the expectations of the organization last season, good on them.

    • Feindt

      Thanks for posting this.
      Ironic that the Patriots have been able to always reinvent themselves. Clearly showing the Bill Belichick Pete Carroll contrast.

      • SeattleLifer

        Few do it as well as the Pats (even on a weekly in-season basis) but i agree with the disparity as a whole.

  41. GoHawksDani

    Tbh my fear is that we won’t trade Russ…I highly doubt the drama wouldn’t return next year if we still have him.
    But my worst nightmare would be to keep Russ, extend Adams and Bobby.
    Give Russ an overpriced TE to keep him happy. Reach for an RB in the draft (R2) and trade next year’s draft capital for an iOL to accomodate RW. Maybe even go into a bidding war for an overvalued WR3.
    Start Flowers, Reed and Amadi at CB, Brooks, Bobby and Barton at LB, Ford, Reed, Green and Taylor at DL.

    It would be total crazy but this FO has a tendency to wreck my nerves

  42. cha

    This is infuriating

    So I guess the Seahawks ownership group is allowed to have an opinion on a coach in their employ with a poor defense?

    • dcd2

      5-0 start, 12-4 record… All is well, nothing to see here.

      • BobbyK

        Division winner!

        • Matt

          Reminds me of the funny quote from Mr. Baseball when Tom Selleck is making the case he has been good because “he lead this club in 9th inning doubles in the month of August.”

    • Ok

      Blazers’ staff should have spent more time talking about covid protocols and voting.

    • Gohawks5151

      I’ve mentioned this before on certain topics. Vulcan has been very involved in the Blazers before and after Paul Allen’s passing. People have accused them of many things including cutting the budget on paying players, running the team like a business and overriding the GM and president. It is strange the different ways the 2 teams are treated. Total trust in PCJS. Or NBA is easier to deal with or something.

  43. GerryG

    Said it before, and thus far it seems legit. I dont see there being a ton “value” out there with players settling for less. Plenty of teams have money. Plenty of teams will juggle the cap, and create void years. Teams are still way over the cap with on giving out fake 140 million dollar contracts for spite. A RB just got paid yesterday. PC/JS are going to be left with scraps if they think the Bennet/Avril situation is ever going to happen again (it wont).

    • BobbyK

      That Bennett-Avril thing will never happen again. That was so much more about luck and being smart. Two pass rushers severely underpaid in one off-season. Both in their primes. Just crazy. Any other off-season and pass rushers like that will get paid. Like this year, last year, previous year, etc.

      • Trevor

        Agree 100%

  44. Trevor

    Just listened to a segment where Cowherd was saying Wilson should be pushing to go to Washington not Chicago and he is dead on correct. Washington has a far better roster, cap space and path to success.

    • Rob Staton

      Not coached by an Andy Reid protege though

      • Trevor

        Is that really the reason or are you being sarcastic? If he wants a good OL then there is no comparison and I wold take Washingtons weapons and defense over the Bears all day.

        • Rob Staton

          I’m being serious

          Offensive vision and approach is important to Wilson

          Swapping Carroll for Ron Rivera aint going to cut it

          There’s a reason why he listed the four teams he did

          • Trevor

            That makes no sense to me if that is his thinking. Brady went to play for Ariens who looked like a awful scheme fit but they had a great roster and the results speak for himself. Begs to question does Russ really want to win or does Russ want to try and put up monster passing #s

          • CaptainJack

            Ignoring what Wilson personally believes, Washington is a more talented team overall than Chicago. Wilson on that team next year, coached by Rivera (who is competent but not great), probably equals a contender. Not convinced the Bears contend with Wilson after getting their defense gutted in a trade.

  45. Rob Staton


    • Matt

      Dear God…if that happens – watch RW just say, “yea – trade me or I just sit out.”

    • bmseattle

      Sometimes laughing is all you can do.

    • Rob Staton

      Cardinals with $2m more cap space than Seattle but they can go after Linsley to protect their QB



      • Malc from PO

        It seems like both on and off the field the Seahawks have developed poor judgement of when to be aggressive. Too passive early on and forced into poor decisions late.

      • Trevor

        If that happens and the Hawks don’t get Thuney then Russ has every right to be pissed and want out because the level of incompetence from PC/JS makes the Hawks a team with no chance.

      • Trevor

        Lets give up (2) 1st round picks and a 3rd for a Safety to we have to pay a record contract to but god lets not pay a free agent contract to an All Pro Center.

        • Big Mike

          Seems like a championship approach

      • GerryG

        It’s cool folks, FA is where people over pay. Your roster is built through the draft, and the Seahawks have ((checks notes)) ah hell, Im out.

        • Sea Mode

          I’m laughing and crying at the same time…

          • Big Mike


        • BobbyK

          But we have that one pick in the top 130! So pathetic.

      • RugbyLock

        How did our FO get soo friggin pathetic?? Just want to hurl…

  46. Rob4q

    Another late round potential target for the Seahawks:

    Earnest Brown IV, EDGE Northwestern
    6’4″ 273 lbs, no arm length but saw this quote from him:

    “Chandler Jones is one of my favorite players. We have similar body types so I try to model myself after him. He uses his long arms very well.”

    PFN has this to say about him “Brown is a terrific next-level prospect with the size, athleticism, and growth potential, to be used in a variety of schemes. He displays speed as a pass rusher and excellent movement skills, and projects as a defensive end in a four-man line.”


  47. Volume12

    That Jonnu Smith deal is way too much.

    • Rob Staton

      With $70m to spend, the Pats can afford to overpay a bit

      • Volume12

        I ain’t giving a second tier TE $31 mil guaranteed. Absolutely insane. They wanna pay it? Go ahead. Glad Seattle didn’t.

    • Trevor

      Brady winning and the Pats not making the playoffs has ramped up the level of urgency for Bill I think.

    • BobbyK

      But at least they’re better today than they were yesterday. The Seahawks aren’t.

      • Trevor

        +1 to be honest I don’t care how much teams pay or what their cap space is anymore because they will just figure out a way to get around it. Just sign good players and build a quality roster. The rest is irrelevant to me as a fan and I think most front offices use the cap as an excuse more than anything.

    • Sea Mode

      Josh Norris

      Bill Belichick on Jonnu Smith in December of 2019

      “(He’s) great after the catch, probably the best in the league. I mean, I can’t imagine anyone better than him after the catch.”

      This is a perfect partnership

      • Volume12

        Great fit there. That $ ain’t a great fit here in the PNW.

        • Sea Mode


      • dcd2

        Ya, he’ll probably be a pro-bowler this year. Cam likes throwing to the TE. NE don’t have any WR’s and know how to scheme to the weapons they do have.

        • Hoggs41

          I wonder if that just raised the stakes for Gerald Everett. If we could get him for 3/15 it would be a win for us.

    • CaptainJack

      I agree half way. If the seahawks signed him for that much, I would be pissed. But the patriots have cap space and there is every chance he’s very productive under Belichick. Good signing for them, and they are being proactive. They committed to Cam. Got Trent Brown back, then traded Marcus Cannon and improved their draft positions. And they also signed Davon Godchaux who is an up and coming player. They are being proactive after a down year, with vision. Totally unlike the seahawks, who are without vision, direction or creativity.

  48. Trevor

    Did Sherm really sign with the Cowboys?

    • Sea Mode


      I did see this on him:

      Tom Pelissero
      · 28m

      NFL clubs aren’t allowed direct contact with players during the negotiating window, only their agents.

      The lone exceptions are “unrepresented players” who don’t have agents. There are four such free agents: Larry Fitzgerald, Jacoby Brissett, Alfred Morris and Richard Sherman.

  49. cha

    Corbin Smith
    The #Seahawks made a competitive offer for Kevin Zeitler. The team has thrown hat into ring for Joe Thuney. Front office isn’t sitting pat when it comes to offensive line, regardless of narrative.

    But again, the issue here revolves around budget and having other position needs.
    7:51 AM · Mar 15, 2021

    • BobbyK

      Fact of the matter is they are sitting pat if they don’t get anyone at LG or C. That’s a fact. There’s no denying it. I don’t care if they’re “in” on all these guys who sign somewhere else. It doesn’t help them come week one. As it is now, they need a good FA and the 56 pick both dedicated to the OL if they don’t want to suck.

      • Volume12

        How do you figure that? You mean if they dont get a name? Because if they lose out on all these guys, and then have to pivot to the next tier, how is that sitting pat?

        • Sea Mode

          Sometimes you just gotta pay market value if you want to add real talent.

          • Volume12

            But that’s not sitting pat. That’s having limited cap and having to make hard decisions.

            • Matt

              Results…nobody cares about their “intentions.” What are they actually doing?

            • CaptainJack

              You’re ignoring that an aspect of FA is sales. If the FO can’t sell Seattle as a destination (and they apparently can’t) that’s a major issue. And if they’ve failed to make moves to free of cap (Rob wrote many articles about how they could go about that) that’s an even bigger issue. So they’re not just sitting pat, they’re quickly falling behind the rest of the league in terms of roster management.

          • John_s

            “Kevin Zeitler Says Scheme, Opportunity To Win And Marshal Yanda Helped Lead Him To Baltimore”

            “I actually reached out to Marshal Yanda; asked him a bunch of questions about the o-line and whatnot,” Zeitler said in an interview with Glenn Clark Radio shortly after his deal was announced on Monday. “After hearing from him, he thought it would be a great fit. It was great talking to him and getting his opinion on everything.”

        • Matt

          I can go get a gym membership and stare at exercise equipment; but I haven’t actually “worked out.” Dumb analogy but that’s what the Seahawks continue to do.

          • bmseattle

            How about…” a gym membership costs $50/month.
            I offered the gym $25, and they said no.
            I was ‘in’ on a gym membership.

            • Matt

              LOL yep.

              I had an old coach that always said, “close only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades.”

    • Matt

      Glad we have Corbin to remind us that Kim Jong Un is both the most brilliant and handsome man on Earth.

      God these guys are so shameless with their PR work for the Seahawks.

      • BobbyK

        I laughed hard at that! hahaha

        Kim John Un!

        Either you get a good OL or you don’t. Either you want Jack Conklin to be great at one spot, or you want to sign Brandon Shell, Cedric Ogbuehi, and BJ Finney to provide “VALUE” because you have to make “hard” decisions.

        I don’t want to hear about their “intensions” over their results. I want results. I don’t care if they would have gotten Zeitler or get Thurney or whoever. Just get someone good.

        • Matt

          Seattle sports media is just pathetic. This is the order of priorities:

          1) Protect the team
          2) Mock dissent

          82) Report sports new

    • GerryG

      Wow, it almost seems like needing 5 starters (LG, C, CB, LB, DE) with only 4 draft picks and 16M in cap space is an untenable situation to be in.

    • Scot04

      Always Competing, but never Completing the Deal. It’s pretty evident there’s not gonna be a big discount this year on top Free-agents; so if they want a Linsley or Thuney they need to step up. I think Thuney is the better fit. With the Guards & Centers who can also play guard in this year’s draft, it just seems to easy to say go all in on Linsley.

    • Big Mike

      Sine when did Gregg “everything’s fine” Bell hack Corbin Smith’s twitter?

      Oh and my comment to your tweet is this Corbin: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………………..

    • SeattleLifer

      Excuses excuses, if something is a true priority you make it happen…

  50. Sea Mode

    Still “monitoring the situation…” 🙄

    NFL Update
    The #Seahawks want CB Shaquill Griffin back, but the two sides are “not in the same ballpark” when it comes to money, per @MikeGarafolo. He’ll make it to free agency, but Seattle will monitor his market to see where things go.

    • Sea Mode

      (I mean, it’s actually the right thing to in this case, but I’m just tired of hearing that word…)

    • TomLPDX

      Please, no. Just no…unless it is less than $8M/yr

    • cha

      Words cannot adequately describe the degree of apathy I have towards Griffin.

      • Mick

        Throwing a party if he signs with 49ers.

      • Big Mike

        Words cannot describe the apathy I have towards the Seahawks now.

    • CaptainJack

      I really don’t want him back. He doesn’t fit the attitude we need on defense. He’s talented though and a nice enough dude, hope he gets paid.

  51. Seahawk_Dan

    “The Seahawks are reportedly interested in Texans offensive lineman Brett Jones. He has started just 19 games in five years and he turns 30 this summer. Looks like they’re swapping one BJ (Finney) for another”

    Oh man, Russ must really be eager to return to this allstar line.

    • CaptainJack

      Another 6’2 guard. Are they trying to get shorter in the interior line to help Wilson see better? Lol

      • Schrub

        Like, you actually have to work hard to find these guys like Jones. It takes work to convince yourself this would be a good move. SMH.

        So glad I have this site. Therapeutic to read through these like-minded comments.

    • Benjamin Davis

      Apparently the Packers, Texans, Broncos, and Seahawks are all interested on Jones. Agreed, its not enough. Thuney, Lindley or both.

    • Ryan

      I don’t even see a Brett Jones on the Houston depth chart. Supposed to be the guy from Minnesota?

  52. Hoggs41

    How would people feel if we signed David Andrews to play center?

  53. CaptainJack

    Got to think today is pissing Russell off, more or less. Especially if Brett Jones (never heard of him) ends up being our big free agent prize.

  54. CaptainJack

    Cam Erving to Carolina. Rhule making proactive moves to improve the offensive line. Upside is there.

    • Michael Hasslinger

      Politely disagree. Erving is a backfill at best.

    • John_s

      8 pressures in 162 pass blocking snaps. Yikes

  55. cha

    Ian Rapoport
    The #Rams are extending a first-round RFA tender on standout CB Darious Williams, source said. One of their rising stars.
    8:31 AM · Mar 15, 2021

    • Hoggs41

      Now close to $40m over the cap.

  56. Matt

    Alright…I’m coming full circle that this is trending into a direction of “Russell is going to more overtly force his way out.”

  57. John

    I understand the need to vent and be frustrated, but I’m somewhat astonished with the level of confidence that people have when they critique John and Pete! As if anybody here has clue about the reality of running and coaching a successful NFL team. Clickbait journalism(not targeting you Rob) has done quite a bit to lower the quality of discussion on almost all topics, the hubris and detachment from reality is jaw dropping sometimes. Imagine having people who had never done your profession, or had even been a part of the structure of the league telling you that you’re an idiot based on the thinnest, flimsy, hyped up information available? Pete and John have spent DECADES of their lives studying and working in football and have achieved the greatest success possible, and continue to operate at the hightest levels of consistency, are the perfect hell no, do they have blind spots…probably.. just consider taking some bass out of your voice when you critique J & P because they are some of the best who have ever lived at doing their respective jobs.

    • CaptainJack

      I will do not such thing, John. I feel very free to express my opinions here and that is what makes this the best Seahawks website on the internet, bar none.

      • John

        Fair enough, I support your ability to express yourself freely, I was just expressing my frustration about how CAVALIER people are critiquing and dismissing two incredibly accomplished men. P&J make plenty of mistakes, and maybe their philosophy needs to be examined but calling them idiots and incompetent (not saying you did) I think is out of line.

    • Matt

      Is this John Schneider?


      Yea – I don’t think any of us are pretending we know more than John and Pete, but it doesn’t take John Madden to say, “yea, I’m not seeing a real plan here.” That’s what most of us are complaining about.

      Furthermore, these two are really living on the “but look what we did 6 years ago?!” Their recent performance is pretty terrible and have wasted the most valuable commodity in all of football, in the meantime.

      • John

        It’s an interesting time in football, the jury is still out on weather you can have success with mega contract quarterbacks, or trying to decide on starter quality or quality of depth, etc. I believe you are right about holding Pete and John to a high standard and not letting them rest on their laurels. I got frustrated when I saw P&J being called idiots and incompetent, by people who probable know less that a 1000th of what P&J know about football.

    • Jordan

      Welcome to the internet, John. Where people who don’t know much about a subject are free to talk about it all they want.

      Freedom of opinion is a good thing, and no one forces you to engage if you don’t want to.

      And frankly, a bunch of wrong takes about sports floating around out there are very very inconsequential relative to say politics, public health, education, economics etc

      It’s entertainment.

      • John

        Jordan I do a dangerous and difficult job, and occasionally I have people who have no experience whatsoever doing my trade try and tell me how I should perform my work, it’s very frustrating, does that make more sympathetic to P&J when people are being critical of them, probably. I get that this is entertainment, it’s just when the talk goes to idiot or incompetent when describing the architects of a Superbowl winning franchise, and in an off year wins their division, do feel the desire to speak up. I personally think it would be cool to have someone who really knew pro football do a quality control analysis on our season so we could know what was on the players and what was on the coaches (or front office). I also think it “might” be good if we got a more interested owner, that said it could end up being a disaster (see Washington).

        • Rob Staton

          Final warning John.

          Appealing to authority and gatekeeping is against the site rules

    • Belfasthawk

      I would agree with you here John for the vast majority of what you say but I do agree with the Skipper – people can express their opinion however they like. I do think perhaps some have lost sight of how difficult it is to win a Super Bowl (Brees and Rodgers have won two) or achieve consistent success in the Salary Cap era. The Pats are outliers who skew it for everyone. Of course, having Russ is a blessing but with him comes certain salary cap implications.

      The Seahawks are one of the best run franchises in the NFL and have performed to a high standard for the best part of a decade. That does not make them immune to criticism and of course they have been mistakes but to pretend that we could do any better is laughable. I like food and eat it every day. Can I go to a restaurant and be disappointed in a meal? Of course. But it does not mean I could cook at a Michelin starred restaurant.

      People talk here about the Franchise floundering and it is embarrassing. The franchise in the 90s was floundering. The Bills for a long time were floundering. Ditto the Browns. The Seahawks have not hit the heights we all want them to but to say they are anything other than a hugely successful and well run franchise is, in my opinion, wrong.

      • Jordan


        While yes, the Hawks are amongst the handful of teams that are in the playoffs seemingly every season (NO, GB, LAR, SEA, KC, NE, PIT, BAL) and can be locked in for 9+ wins, the dissatisfaction is warranted in that fans hold this organization to a higher standard than that.

        There is a legitimate fear that the Wilson Hawks become the Brees Saints or Rodgers Packers – whom last won the NFC in 2009 and 2010 respectively. So over a decade for each.

        That said, I don’t think that is reason enough to move on from Wilson or blow it up. The NFC doesn’t have any powerhouses, and in fact, has had 6 unique champions since the Hawks won back to back.

        If the Quinn Falcons, Pederson Eagles, Shanahah 49ers and Rivera Panthers can all catch lightning in a bottle for a season before returning to mediocrity or worse, a Seahawks team with Wilson at QB can certainly have another season where it all comes together again.

        • Belfasthawk

          I don’t disagree with you Jordan. There is nothing wrong with holding them to a higher standard. I am not disputing that. I dispute the idea that they are floundering or that Pete and John are poor at their jobs.

    • Big Mike

      If an English bloke and several other folks on this site can literally offer a better plan than that shit we saw last offseason, I’m not sure your post is correct John.

      • Pugs1

        Everyone is entitled to their options pro PC/JS and con. What can be frustrating is the absolutes people speak in both ways. I get the frustration but we are like three hours into FA and Pete and John can barely function as humans and this is worst run franchise in the league. My opinion would be to pump the breaks and see where we are in a couple of days.

      • John

        My thinking is until you’ve walked in someones shoes you should be careful when criticizing, we’re looking from the outside in, we can say “oh yeah go get that guy and do this”, but what if said guy doesn’t want to live in rain city? I don’t think its as simple as we’re making it out to be.

        • Rob Staton

          John, stop gatekeeping

          • John

            Ok, don’t exactly know what that means, but if I’m out of line pipe down.

            • Rob Staton

              It means stop saying people can’t complain because they’re not GM’s in the NFL

              People are allowed to express opinions without having 10 years of front office experience.

              ‘You know less than John Schneider therefore you can’t criticise’ is an appeal to authority

              It’s anti-debate

    • Chris

      I think you’re totally off base. One, as fans, we have every right to criticize the Seahawks management. I won’t go any further on that except to dissect this:

      “just consider taking some bass out of your voice when you critique J & P because they are some of the best who have ever lived at doing their respective jobs.”

      Are you kidding me? They are arguably not even the best the Seahawks have had. I can name multiple GMs who are far better than JS, and coaches that are far better than PC. That doesn’t mean I don’t root for them to succeed, but take off your blinders…

    • mr peapants

      the seahawks front office has sucked that last 5 years period. weird draft picks shitty fa signings blowing draft picks on a SS and now a pissed hof qb. to be quite honest i know i could have done better in that time frame then they have. and too be quite frank i bet alot of people on here could. cant live in the past. they have sucked for 5 years!!!!!

  58. cha

    Great signing for Niners

    Ian Rapoport
    #49ers CB Jason Verrett had a multi-year offer on the table, but opted to bet on himself again. He shined when healthy. He gets a 1-year deal worth $5.5M that can be $6.5M if he makes the Pro Bowl. A solid deal.
    8:35 AM · Mar 15, 2021

    • TomLPDX

      I was kind of hoping he would end up in Seattle.

  59. SeaTown

    So I guess the big question I have concerns John Schneider. How does he fit into all this. I think we can all agree that PC has the power in the organization. If that is the case, then the direction of the organization flows through Carroll downwards. So is JS on board with this direction & vision? He must be, right? If that is the case how good of a GM is he really? We’ve heard that he has had a few opportunities to go elsewhere where i would assume he would have more power, but he turned it down and re-signed in Seattle where he, for all intents and purposes, has no power. Why? This really has me baffled. For years I thought we had one of the best organizations in football but the last three years has me really wondering about this FO. If JS sees this direction & vision as proper, then I seriously question his ability. And the fact that he has re-signed to carry water for PC has me seriously questioning his judgement. I think we don’t have the GM we thought we once had. What a sad revelation.

    • Sea Mode

      I’ve thought about the same thing. My theory is that, even if he doesn’t agree with Pete’s vision fully, he is handsomely paid and comfortable in Seattle. Why uproot the family and go through all the hassle just to go try and turn around a franchise like Detroit, where you are basically immediately on the hotseat within a couple years if you can’t produce miracles?

      Perhaps he also knows that once Pete retires, he’ll likely get his turn to run the show and choose the next HC.

      Those are just my thoughts.

      • Tomas

        I agree with the above, and fear the last great deals cut by JSPC may prove to be the feathering of their own nests.

  60. DC

    I’m actually getting to the point that I do not blame RW one bit for wanting out. If I were him at this point, I would pretty much come straight out and say “I don’t think we can win a SB in the direction we’re heading, I want to be traded to X teams that I think have a legitimate shot at a championship that I’m philosophically aligned with”. Seriously, just cut to the chase…

    All this dragging out and non-action, or poor action over the last 4-5 years from PCJS really makes me want to not be a Hawks fan anymore. Honestly SDB is the only Hawks info I digest, daily!

    • Matt

      Nice post. Totally agree.

      This team is nowhere near a SB – who really can blame Russ for saying, “this isn’t good enough?”

      Amazing how all of us would leave a job we didn’t like or take a higher paying job with another company, yet we demand Russell stay here and be happy? I mean people really need to come up with an analogy for their job – the company is struggling, you are carrying more of the burden with none of the “pay off,” yet you should just sit there and be happy to be there?

      I don’t think so. I have a lot of issues with RW, what I don’t have an issue with is a player being wildly aware of his “mortality” in the sport and pressing the issue to accomplish what he wants to accomplish. He doesn’t think it can happen here – who can blame him?

    • Rhawk

      Yeah I agree. That’s one of the reasons I was hoping he would get traded so as not to see his career wasted in Seattle.

      I just feel, with all the NFC west D lines becoming fully operational; that the hawks are going to have a tough year.

    • Belfasthawk

      Then don’t be DC, no one is making you. If this is making you really not want to be Hawks fan then don’t bother.

    • BobbyK

      I agree. I’d want out if I was Russ.

      The smear on Russ though is he shouldn’t have signed that extension if he was so unhappy though. That’s on him.

      Both Russ and Pete/John have egg on their face on this one and it sucks.

  61. Big Mike

    Serious question: how much longer til someone not named Seahawks signs Dunlap?

    • TomLPDX

      I have a feeling he will be a phase 2 free agent, so next week? He’ll probably sign a 1-yr 6-8M deal but just a guess. I suppose he is getting past the point where he needs a prove-it deal…he just proved it in Seattle.

    • Sea Mode

      Not long is my guess. Pass rushers are the first ones flying off the market. And the other guys getting paid establishes the starting point for any serious negotiations.

      • Hoberk Unce

        That’s been their MO. Let him test free agency and then negotiate a salary for him based on what his agent finds in the market.

  62. Harold Seattle

  63. Sea Mode

    So do you all think $14m is about what Dunlap will be able to get as well? Judon is 3.5 years younger, but pass rushers are pass rushers and this is likely Dunlap’s last shot at a fairly big deal before he’s just year to year.

    Ian Rapoport

    The #Patriots have now finalized a deal for #Ravens pass-rusher Matt Judon, sources say.

    This deal should come in over $14M per year. A big day for the #Patriots, who use their cap space to their advantage on a busy day.

    • Trevor

      Could be wrong but I don’t think Dunlap gets top of the market $ because of age but could be wrong. Either way seems like a pretty good deal.

    • Rohan Raman

      Anything over $12 mil for dunlap is an overpay. A good comp is Robert Quinn, who randomy had 11.5 sacks with the cowboys and turned that into 5 years and 70 mil from the Bears. Dunlap had about 6, but was pretty effective, so you can expect Dunlap to be a little lower IMO.

    • Sea Mode

      Also, Pats’ PR team with the easy homerun:

      • Big Mike

        Can we sign him as our GM?

    • Big Mike

      My guess based on this is that he’ll get 12 and Seattle will talk again about how they were in on signing him and made a good offer and yadda yadda yadda………

  64. Trevor

    Patriots needed a weapon at TE for Cam and a pass rusher so what do they do? Sign the best TE and pass rusher on the board in Day #1. Guess they did not like missing the playoffs and decided to be aggressive addressing their weaknesses. Meanwhile Robs update page for the Seahawks is blank.

    • Belfasthawk

      The Pats have a boatload of capspace.

      • DC

        Hawks had a boatload of cap space last year and what did they do with it? If they had the cap space this year I doubt they’d make those signings anyways.

    • BobbyK

      But the Seahawks won the division! They were so close.

      Or something.

      • Belfasthawk

        I don’t understand your point Bobby. Trevor was lamenting the Seahawks lack of signings vs The Pats. And I said they had more money. This is nothing to do with winning the division. Could you elaborate?

        • BobbyK

          I wasn’t replying to you, only to what Trevor wrote.

          • Belfasthawk


            • BobbyK

              No problem.

        • Scot04

          Patriots doing what Seattle could have done last year. Amazing how a well run franchise works

          • Belfasthawk

            Seahawks not a well run franchise Scot?

            • Matt

              Nope. Haven’t been for the better part of 5 years.

              Draft Capital Expenditure – bad
              FA Capital Expenditure – bad

              And then factor in every big name player not named Bobby Wagner has basically forced their way out of the organization because of PC. I’d say that is “not a well run franchise.”

              • Belfasthawk

                In the last 5 years, they have the second most wins in the NFC.

                Why are you putting well run franchise in inverted commas?

                Big name players not named Bobby Wagner not forced out by Pete – Cliff Avril, Doug Baldwin, KJ Wright, Russ.

                Serious question for you Matt. Do you think Rob and the guys in the chat could run the franchise better than Pete and John?

                • CaptainJack

                  I care way more about playoff wins than total wins. And two words… Russell Wilson. And yes if Rob called all the draft shots the seahawks roster would be a lot stronger today, I genuinely believe that.

                  • Belfasthawk

                    You genuinely believe a man who has never been employed as an NFL scout, or constructed a roster of any sort could make the roster stronger. Sorry, a lot stronger. How strong are we talking? 15-1, 16-0?

                    Honestly, I don’t even think Rob thinks he could do that. That idea is so hilariously bad and funny I would almost love to see it happen. Would you put him in charge of the whole thing or just the draft? I am genuinely all ears.

                    You do realise his thought provoking off season plans (and if that sounds sarcastic it isn’t meant to) involve every trade proposal he wants to being accepted, every draft pick being in their slot and performing brilliantly.

                  • Matt

                    Belfast/Greg – Why even waste your time being here? All of us, including the owner of this blog are just a bunch of idiots – so why waste your time?

                • Matt

                  You must be a blast at parties, Greg…

                  Yes – they have a lot of regular season wins over the last 5 years because of Russell Wilson. They only have 1 playoff win in that time frame (against a terrible team, no less) because of their failure to build anything decent around him.

                  Every playoff exit has been extremely predictable because of the obvious shortcomings of the team, going into the season. Us naysayers want this team to be an actual contender – we are not mandating a Super Bowl victory or appearance every season. We simply would like to see roster construction that doesn’t leave obvious/massive holes. They continue to neglect critical elements of the roster due to what can only be rationalized as “hubris.” This is why we continue to make the argument that limping into the playoffs =/= Super Bowl Contender.

                  It’s critical that you understand the difference between “they lost to a better team” and “they lost because predictably bit them in the ass and resulted in them losing?” Are you willing to understand this angle? If not – then there’s no reason to continue the dialogue, here.

                  Yes – you are right; those huge names like Cliff and KJ were not forced out. Doug Baldwin was VERY outspoken and negative about the team. That entire locker room poster SB 48 was absolutely dysfunctional.

                  Also, it’s comical that you are so snarky with your comment yet you include Russ in that mix – when the entirety of the off-season is based on his unhappiness with the direction of this franchise. Sure seems like he is trying to force his way out. Or do you think Adam Schefter made up the quote from Mark Rodgers?

                  And to address your last “serious question” (which is just you being a jerk) – no, I don’t think Rob and the guys on this board can run a franchise better than Pete and John.

                  You know what I think all of us are capable of…saying this looks like a franchise that doesn’t have any sort of plan and is being buoyed by a generational QB to cover up a lot of mistakes, over recent years.

                  I know we won’t agree, but cheers, Greg.

                  • Matt

                    “they lost because *insert glaring void/weakness* predictably bit them in the ass and resulted in them losing?”

                  • Belfasthawk

                    Why would saying Rob shouldn’t be in charge of drafting for the Seahawks make me a blast at parties?

                    Russ hasn’t been forced out. So I am factually correct.

                    And if my serious question is me being a jerk, how come the Captain supports it?

                    I also don’t think you know what the purpose of an inverted comma is Matt.

                    And why are you calling me Greg? i think that is snarky.

                  • Matt

                    I mocked you as being a blast at parties because you’re just a miserable person to interact with. Just miserable.

                    Ah yes – semantics. He’s technically still on the team – great point you scored there. Totally negates the entire circus that has been the off season with his agent releasing a list of teams he’d be fine going to. Totally normal off season stuff and definitely no scent of forcing his way out.

                    I’m not Captain. He’s free to have his own opinions even if I disagree wit this particular point.

                    It’s a blog, Greg – not a college thesis. And I’m typing on my phone. GD you are just a miserable person.

                    I’m calling you Greg because it’s shorter than Belfasthawk and you sound like Greg Bell.

                    …oh my goodness…I just realized Gregg Bell has two “g’s,” I need you to correct spelling/grammar.

                    Oh, I should also clarify (with you) that when I said Cody Barton was a terrible LBer (months ago) that I don’t actually think I could be a better one than he is.

                  • Matt

                    I’m not able to delete any posts – I regret engaging in this way, Belfasthawk.

                    Poor form on my part. Apologies.

                  • Tomas

                    The leading generals for the British, French, and Germans were all brilliantly qualified, heavily decorated military heroes within their respective countries when WWI commenced. Then they employed 19th – century tactics which featured brave men going “over the top” into machine – gun fire, resulting in the needless slaughter of MILLIONS. My only point here, Belfasthawk, is that we should not always assume that the persons in power know best.

                • mr peapants


            • CaptainJack

              As of now, not at all. Russell Wilson carries this roster on his back pretty intensely.

              • Belfasthawk

                So does nearly every franchise qb in the league. Like the Pats last year or Dallas last year or the Pack when Rodgers got hurt and they had to start Brett Hundley.

                • CaptainJack

                  just look at who rob was advocated for drafting, and how well those players have performed. You don’t need to preform mental gymnastics. Rob has had his finger on the pulse at a higher rate than JSPC. I don’t care if it sounds crazy. Just go back and read his previous blogs from years past and line it up with current results. It’s that simple. And this is football. It’s not complicated. The professionals needlessly overthink things.

                  • Belfasthawk

                    I remember Rob had the Seahawks drafting Brandon Coleman in the first round of one of his mock drafts. He wound up being an undrafted free agent. I am still trying to do the mental gymnastics on how that makes him the lovechild of Ron Wolf and Ozzie Newsome. Please enlighten me.

                    You’re right it does sound crazy.

                  • Peter Jakubisin

                    Captain Jack,

                    Just because Rob correctly identifies risers months in advance, finds players like bitonio and Chubb, predicts D-line freak athlete Bruce Irvin and ties him to Carrol, spots Paul Richardson as a riser, figures out years before anyone else what TEF and weighted TEF are for online men, correctly spots the unique body types that take tons of talent directly off the board for Seattle, speaks succinctly about individual testing markers for positional groups, and explains the importance of SPARQ before most of us know what that is…..don’t forget that one time a million years ago when he thought Brandon Coleman was good.

                    I mean that’s waaaay worse than Malik McDowell, 2 td Harvin, Jamal “all your draft stock” Adam’s, Ethan “I can play anywhere on the line just not well” pocic, Darrel “I may never play” Taylor,

                • CaptainJack

                  The pats had their entire defense opt out of the season and Cam Newton couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn, and they still won 7 games. And look at what they are doing in free agency now. They took a step backward to take three steps forward the next offseason. Do you seriously see that level of planning with PCJS?

                • Rory

                  I loathe this notion of “The Seahawks are good because they had ** wins”. It’s playoff wins that count. It’s the only thing that counts. Not only that, but suggesting that the Seahawks are good or that their process has been good is ignoring any sort of awareness of clear and obvious trends that this team has taken. We are (to me) clearly trending in the wrong direction. And who’s to blame, if not PC/JS?

                  • Belfasthawk

                    I don’t disagree that playoff wins are important but how are we to compare teams and say who is good or not if looking at wins is not an option?

                    I think we are trending down too fwiw but I am happy to suggest they are good.

                    • Rob Staton

                      They’ve been carried by their quarterback for years and found out in the playoffs

                      And that QB wants has made it clear he’s interested in going elsewhere

                • king.

                  Every franchise quarterback in the league is head and shoulders above his replacement and, in most cases, has an offense designed around his skill set.

                  Losing a franchise quarterback will generally result in significantly lowered expected wins, because the qb position is so vital to that stat.

                  So even a roster that is otherwise very good, such as the 2011 Seahawks, will struggle without great quarterback play.

                  The fact that all teams losing a true franchise quarterback will struggle without said quarterback does not mean that all franchise quarterbacks are supported by good rosters, which is what your comment implies.

                  When people say that Wilson carries the roster on his back, they mean the roster surrounding him is quite suspect, relative to league standards.

                  Lamar Jackson and Drew Brees were not in similar situations recently, where it was undeniable that the roster behind the quarterback was stellar.

    • Rohan Raman

      Patriots also had oodles of cap space to work with, gave a TE not named Kelce/Kittle 30 mil guaranteed and didn’t even get the best pass rusher (it’s Carl Lawson IMO).

    • Sea Mode

      Wow, they are really moving. Not sure about the player, but how many scrubs has BB picked up in the past and turned into stars.

      Adam Schefter

      More for the Patriots: Former Eagles DB Jalen Mills to the Patriots on a 4-year, $24 million deal including $9M guaranteed, @DrewJRosenhaus tells ESPN.

      • Rohan Raman

        Mills is very solid. Good signing.

      • NolaHawk

        How have former Ravens defenders fared once away from Wink Martindale? Might be a little different with it being Billy B but the track record ain’t good. The Mills signing just did a solid for the rest of the East in how they attack their secondary. Guy looks like a mix of Gareon Conley and Cary Williams.

  65. dcd2

    Pats just signed Judon as well. Took their lumps for a season, cleared a bunch of cap and now aggressively attacking FA with a boatload of picks still incoming..

    • TomLPDX

      BB is on a roll. Guess he doesn’t want another year where they weren’t able to make the playoffs.

    • Scot04

      They also get quite a few defensive starters back who sat out last season. They’ll have a very strong defense this year.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Maybe so but they’re spending like drunk sailors on a Friday night. $12.5 million per year for Smith? $14m/yr for Judon’s 6 sacks and 9 TFL in 2020?

      And $64 million of those contracts are guaranteed.

      • Scot04

        Better than what we spent 50M on last year.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          Pretty hard to say that when the season hasn’t started. And I’m more referring to the guaranteed amounts that could really come back and bite NE in the arse down the road.

          But even if you’re right, “better than last year” isn’t a very high bar, considering last year.

      • BobbyK

        When you’ve won as many Super Bowls as he has – you get more of a benefit of the doubt than Pete/John have earned. I know Brady won last year, but Parcells probably wouldn’t have won his without BB either.

    • pdway

      Cam was really bad this year – – so I guess their plan, which makes some sense, is to spend big on these pieces, and hope they can find a QB in the draft, whose cheap contract they can ride back to contention.

      Will be a helluva accomplishment if BB can pull that off again.

  66. TomLPDX

    Anyone have an opinion on Carl Lawson?

    • dcd2

      I think Rob mentioned short arms on the last podcast. Don’t think he’s an option for us.

    • NolaHawk

      He’s still young and though he’s relatively short for an end, he plays with good leverage to set the edge and you can’t teach 4.67 speed. Kind of a waste of talent much like Dunlap was in Cindy. The dream scenario to shore up the pass rush would be to reunite them in Seattle and add a guy like Isaac Rochelle who is 6’4” and 280 that would provide you multiple options of guys being able to slide down inside on passing downs.

      • Scot04

        We’ll be lucky if we get Dunlap back

  67. Burner

    Are we being linked with any FA RBs?

    Seems to be plenty of them available, could Mike Davis come back?

    • Bigsteviej

      What about Jamaal Williams. Runs hard/tough, good hands.

    • HawkFanGA

      It appears that Packers will not be re-signing Jamaal Williams after bringing back Aaron Jones. I am a fan of Williams’ running and catching skills and think he would be a nice fit with Seahawks. He should be a cheaper alternative to Carson as well.

  68. pdway

    was just thinking – if the RB market for him doesn’t end up strong – I wonder if Carson would do a 1-yr deal w the Hawks, in the hopes that a higher cap, and a strong season would turn into more money for him next year?

    Maybe wishful thinking…

  69. JJ

    I know it is well worn territory, but I am just not excited about the hawks right now. I see no plan and no way forward without some major reconstruction. I feel like even with Russ we are taking a step back. I just need to see some light at the end of the tunnel.

  70. CL

    Joe Thuney signing with the Chiefs per Schefter

    • BobbyK

      No big deal. Hawks were “in” on it.

      • BobbyK

        I thought the Chiefs were paying Patrick Mahomes too much to afford making any additions like that?

        • Matt

          Oh so you’re smarter than Pete and John???

          • BobbyK

            The past few years a circus monkey could have done better.

        • drrew76

          Mahomes signed a 10 year deal so there’s a ton of wiggle room in the deal to move money around.

          Surely you understand that’s a lot easier than with a 4 year QB contract?

          Whether that 4 years was at the behest of Wilson or the team, I do not know, but it certainly makes playing games with the cap a little more difficult.

      • Matt

        They tried, that’s all that matters. Orange slices to the FO.

        The hilarious part about the guys who defend this front office – I *guarantee* they are the parents on youth sports teams that crap all over volunteer coaches.

        Don’t dare upset those multi-millionaires, though!

        • Belfasthawk

          Come on Matt, like Pete and John give two hoots about your vitriol on the blog. How can you guarantee that I crap on volunteer coaches. I think they do a wonderful job.

          • Matt

            Wait wait wait…are you telling me Pete and John don’t come on this blog and fret over my opinion?

            Not sure how I’ll sleep tonight.

    • Robbie

      Wow….same shit different year I’m afraid.

      • CL

        Adam Schefter

        Chiefs are giving former Pats’ OL Joe Thuney a five-year, $80 million deal, per source.

        • CaptainJack

          There’s not point to being measured or patient because you can predict this sort of thing happening so easily now. They’ve lost playable deniability in my eyes.

          • Matt

            Please stop being critical of Pete and John – they are just volunteers doing their best.

            • Belfasthawk


              I cannot reply above. So I will reply here. I come to the blog because it is well written and produces excellent content. I never once said Rob was an idiot or anyone else. I said some ideas were laughable but I was commenting on the idea not the person.

              I didn’t resort to name calling, like calling me Greg or saying I would be no fun at parties. I mean I don’t understand that. I also standby the fact that I don’t think Rob running the Seahawks draft would be better than Schneider.

              Why can’t I think the Seahawks are a well run franchise? Why can’t I think regular season wins is a meaningful metric for that?

              I have never said, they couldn’t do better or be held to account.

              • pdway

                You’re entitled to your opinion too. Some posters resort to personal attacks b/c that’s how it’s done in most places on the internet. One of the best things about this site is the civil conversation about a shared interest.

                FWIW, I agree w you that the Hawks have had an awesome run under PC/JS – and that it’s not nearly as simple, as hey we have a great QB, so of course they win 10 games per year. I’ve seen plenty of great-QB led teams go sub-.500, and we’ve mostly put enough pieces together every year to compete.

                All that said – – we have been treading water for a few years now, and continuing the same behavior every year and expecting a different result, isn’t too smart either – so I think criticism is both warranted, and reasonable to talk about.

                • Belfasthawk

                  I agree pdway, it is frustrating and I want more from them and have lost some confidence in PCJS. I just don’t think personally, that the franchise is as badly run as people state, that is all. Could it be better? Of course…

              • Matt

                You’re free to think and write whatever you want. I don’t care anymore.

                I personally hate the “oh so you’re smarter than Pete and John” routine – that’s where I get fired up. And then add to that, doing the grammar/spelling thing, on a blog…just lame.

                I will stop calling you Greg. That was childish and stupid of me to do. In fact, let’s just have a virtual handshake here and avoid each other, for now.


                • Belfasthawk

                  Agreed. Sorry for bringing up the inverted commas.

                  i think I just hate the whole PCJS are running this franchise into the ground thing. Like I have tried to say they can do better. But by saying they don’t know what they are doing, I just disagree. I guess we both push each other’s buttons and not in the fun way.

                  But before we go into the oblivion of a barren first day, what was Greg all about?

                  • Matt

                    You have my sincere apologies – extremely poor form on my part. I’m sorry to have assumed the worst in your side of the argument. I legitimately feel stupid, right now.

                    Oh the Greg thing is stupid…Greg Bell (the Seahawks writer). Dumb comment and not even funny. I’m actually sorry to everyone for having to read such a lame, snarky (fail of a) joke.

                    And regarding our debate – we have different views of this situation. I want to make sure that it’s clear that it’s not me thinking they “don’t know what they are doing,” but rather don’t seem to have a clear plan.

    • pdway

      things sure are moving fast this year…..

      that ‘bargain bin’ may not be as full as people thought.

      I guess they did just cut their starting LT and RT, but still … where are they getting all this money….

      • NolaHawk

        They restructured Jones’, Kelce’s, and Mahomes contracts first thing this morning so they could front load Thuney’s deal to outbid other suitors. Seems they’ve hired Mickey Loomis’ clone to run their cap and have rolled a huge can of cap fuckery down the line.

  71. DougM

    That leaves Ifedi has the top choice

    • Silly Billy

      Lol, when he got a vet min contract I was kinda mad he left.
      Sure, he wasn’t great, but he was still 4-yr starter. I’d keep him on a roster for a vet min contract

  72. Blitzy the Clown

    Thuney to the Chiefs on a five year contract. Any word on the price tag?

    • Hawk Finn


  73. Mick

    Get Linsley done quick.

    • BobbyK

      Don’t need to get it done. Just need to be “in” on it.

      • SeaTown

        Come on man! We are getting Brett Jones!!

    • RugbyLock

      According to, the Chargers are expected to sign him…

  74. Matty

    This website is a great read -the article – the comments – go hawks

    Nervy weeks ahead
    Feels like PC & JS are rudderless without an active owner pushing their vision for the franchise.
    It’s messy at the moment and not sure of the outcome….

    • SeaTown

      The outcome is clear as day. Think Jim Mora and Tom Flores.

  75. D-OZ

    I am shure anything the Hawks were in on was a low-ball offer anyway. Not even in the ballpark…

    • Big Mike

      Of course

  76. Seahawk_Dan

    We’re getting our hopes up. Pete is never going to sign one of the big FA olinemen and instead will continue to attempt to shoestring the position, regardless of Wilson. Enjoy an incoming 3 year extension of Pocic.

    • Big Mike


  77. no frickin clue

    Not sure about you guys, but I feel like we’re a week away from the first Russell Wilson press conference where he does not sign off with a ‘Go Hawks’ at the end of it. 🙁

    • Seahawk_Dan

      If you’re Russ why even bother showing up to team meetings or anything affiliated? This team team disrespects him a lot and is putting their chips all on Pete.

    • Mike

      Russ: “Go f$&% yourself hawks”

      It’s close. Just slightly different..

  78. Mick

    I’m afraid their priorities are now resigning, in order, Griffin, Carson, Wright, Dunlap.

  79. clbradley17

    Almost every other team is doing something. Except for the Seahawks. Last one at the bottom – fitting.

    Crickets. Nothing. Nada. No moves for us.

    • Big Mike

      Well I guess to have something, anything to add under the name Seattle Seahawks they could’ve included “cut Carlos Dunlap, their best pass rusher by a long stretch”.

  80. Scot04

    3rd rated safety gets 3 years 33M. I wonder what our wonderfully ranked Safety is expecting

    • MyChestIsBeastMode

      4 for $64 is probably the minimum he’d contemplate. I’m sure he’s hoping for $18 APY but would have to stay healthy and truly ball out to get that from any NFL team.

      4 for $48-56 is what the Seahawks will hope to land him at.

      Just spitballing.

  81. pdway

    I think i’m parrotting another poster – but I also expected more urgency and recognition from the Hawks this off-season (and I know it’s far from over) – b/c their most important player is putting it front and center. If they do take the business as usual tack again, they’ll lose him, and then where are we? What good is our cap space management if we lose our franchise QB?

    I don’t know…really feels like they need to pull something off here, or their hand is going to be forced.

  82. BobbyK

    I no longer have faith in Carroll or Schneider. What they’ve done these past few years has robbed me of the confidence I once had in them. For me, I think it started with Malik McDowell over TJ Watt.

    I don’t fault them for not making a splash (Zeitler or Thuney). yet. Those splash signings rarely work out.

    That being said, they have finally reached a point where they need a splash signing. Something. Idiot observers will point to being 12-4 and winning their division. Those of us who have watched this team for a long time know that the record was inflated and they were dominated/manhandled by a division opponent in the Wild Card. Normally, the healthiest teams go deep in the playoffs. The Seahawks were lucky enough to be about as healthy as any team could be entering the playoffs and it still wasn’t close to good enough. It’s all so bad that the face of the franchise wants out. It’s not a happy time.

    If ever there was a time where signing a stud was necessary – it’s right now. This off-season. Games aren’t won in March, I realize this, but I can’t remember our fan base being this demoralized since Tim Numbskull was in charge. We need (and deserve) something to at least give us a little bit of hope. A BJ Finney type signing is not the way to do that. They need to go out and get someone who doesn’t suck, not rehashing last years plan only to get crap results again.

    • SeaTown

      Spot on Bobby. But in all reality who would sign in Seattle now with the RW situation up in the air?

      • BobbyK

        Players usually go to the highest bidder and then lie and say in their introductory press conferences how they wanted to be there and how Team X has a shot to be winners and they want to be part of it.

        • Martinb

          But doesn’t basketball H-O-R-S-E competitions and a ping pong table AND really loud music at practices appeal to big time, talented FA’s? Our “culture” alone should have signed Zeitler, Thuney or Linsley. Absolutely shocked they didn’t take less to come be a part of all that fun and games. 12 wins, first round playoff loss…year after year? Who cares!! This is the Pete Good Ship Lollipop Show. “Always compete”. Always!!

    • Belfasthawk


      I am probably one of the idiot observers you refer too. Unkind but fine. FWIW, I also have less faith in PCJS but don’t you think reaching for a stud now to give the fanbase hope is not something that could be a recipe for disaster? I ask with genuine interest and no desire to provoke? It just strikes me as a move that could bite them on the behind down the road.

      • BobbyK

        I’d have had no problem giving Zeitler $25 over 3 years. That’s $3 million more than he got over Baltimore. Money talks. That’s not cap crippling. Maybe their plan was to play Lewis at C? I don’t know but then 2 of the 3 interior OL spots would look really good. Imagine the psyche of this fan base had they signed Zeitler? There would be hope and optimism. Instead, we were in on him and are going to monitor Griffin.

        • Belfasthawk

          Agreed on Zeitler. I wish they had him too.

          • NolaHawk

            Kinda have to wonder about a guy who is 31 and already onto his fourth team. I get guards age a little better but, at some point you have to stop to think what the fella has going on between the ears that keeps him moving around so much.

    • Trevor

      Agree 100% Bobby.

    • DK

      I get the splash signings keep the team relevant, but I don’t want to be the old Washington Dan Synder Super Bowl of the offseason winners, never translated to anything on the field.

      Making smart calculated signings, not the piece meal junk we saw last off-season is going to do more good than one big time signing. Austin Blythe, 9th ranked center on PFF knows the system that is being installed and that can go a long way and will come at a lower price tag than Thuney or Lindsey.

    • dcd2

      I don’t agree that we should be spending big in FA, but I am with you in the vote of – no confidence.

      We aren’t a FA or two away from the Super Bowl. We are losing at least 5 starters and possibly the QB from a team that wasn’t a legit contender in the first place. Tack on the fact that we have no draft picks to infuse cheap talent, and it begs the question of what good a big name LG is going to do us?

      At this point, barring some come-to-Jesus moment, where Pete actually cedes control of things, we’re broken. We’ve been cracking for years, and the dam is about to break. You’re right, in that (speaking for myself) I don’t think I’ve ever been as demoralized as now. I think the way forward is to blow it up, trade RW and build it up properly. I also don’t have any faith that PCJS can accomplish this. The other option is that RW stays, we have a dysfunctional relationship between QB and HC. Coupled with the awful job they’ve done acquiring and keeping talent, and we are trending towards worse talent and chemistry.

      It’s hard not to be depressed about the prospect of either road.

      • BobbyK

        How is offering Zeitler $3 million more pulling a Dan Snyder? It’s not Albert Haynesworth. Just something.

        • dcd2

          I think this was for the comment above, but I’ll agree. Zeitler made sense. Big improvement for a relatively low cost.

      • pdway

        I think we need to show our franchise QB that we are listening and respecting his POV, at least a little bit – I really do – – this thing is going to get uglier now.

        Other teams are figuring out ways to find capspace via re-structures and extensions – we’ve all seen the scenarios on sites about how the hawks could do it. It’s just not the time to ‘stay the course’, not this off-season.

    • TomLPDX

      I would just be happy if we bring Carlos back. He was solid, not super flashy but solid. Since most people are feeling down on Pocic (I’m actually not that down on him but we need to improve that spot) then I imagine bringing in Cory Linsley would be a statement trade to the fans and to Russ that they are listening. It would also be nice to get a really solid WR3

    • Big Mike

      Bobby: I think you’re generally right about big splash FA signings often being problematic, but in the case of interior o-linemen I’m guessing that chance is reduced significantly because the differences in how those guys are utilized doesn’t vary tremendously from team to team. You combine that with the need the Hawks have and it doesn’t feel to me like it would be a huge risk to have “gone for it” with Thuney or Linsley. And as you said, they’ve reached the point where they really NEEDED to do so.

  83. Gaius Marius

    The Seahawks are rarely active early. While that can be frustrating, it’s interesting that (so far) they are not breaking form.

    For this in the “Wilson is just exerting influence/pressure to make the team do what he wants” an inactive free agency period would be a large thumbing of the nose back at him. That can only create more acrimony between the sides.

    Granted it is very early. I am very wary of a scenario where the Seahawks won’t do much (they are limited in both space and draft picks) after Wilson has been demanding they do more and they keep him.

    • Ryan

      If the situation was otherwise good, I’d be fine waiting for deals in FA.

      But we have desperate needs right now. And a star QB wanting out if we don’t fill them. They needed to try harder this year.

  84. CL

    Not official yet, but there you go.

    [Pelissero] The #Chargers are expected to sign all-pro center Corey Linsley, per sources. The longtime #Packers standout has a new home on a deal expected to make him the NFL’s highest-paid center.

    • Mick

      Meow. Now we’re talking second-best options already, at most – Andrews.

    • Seahawk_Dan

      If that’s true then Pete is signaling that nothing is going to change. Expect Russ to either be eerily quiet or demand a trade. Not imply one, demand it.

      • CL

        I still think Russell doesn’t want to waste another year… It’s pretty clear that Carroll isn’t going to cede control, ever.

        So imho I think he’s going to pretty clearly force a trade soon…

    • pdway

      man, in a blink…..


  85. Blitzy the Clown

    Corey Linsley to the Chargers


    • Robbie

      Makes complete sense. Up and coming QB, need a veteran Center to protect him. Smart!

      Whats the latest on Brett Jones LOL

      • Trevor

        Great signing for the Chargers and makes a ton of sense,

    • Henry Taylor

      At least it’s not the Cards.

  86. Trevor

    Joel Corey tweet nails it.

    Russell Wilson wants the Seahawks to address the offensive line. I can only imagine his reaction to Patrick Mahomes getting Joe Thuney & Lamar Jackson winding up with his former Wisconsin teammate Kevin Zeitler.

  87. CaptainJack

    There is no longer a sane defense you can mount to argue for the front office’s decision making process. It’s over.

  88. Trevor

    I am to the point I don’t even blame Russ for the drama anymore. As a fan I almost wish I could demand a trade after being one for almost 40 years.

    • pdway

      I can offer you some voidable years….

      • BobbyK


    • TomLPDX

      This cracked me up, especially after I thought “We’ll trade you to the Broncos!”

      • Big Mike

        Sorry Tom, the Donkeys are on my no trade list

  89. Scot04

    Did any of us really believe we would sign a top tier O-lineman. I know I didn’t.

    • dcd2


    • pdway

      I’m feeling a little bit like Charlie Brown trying to kick the football here….

      • dcd2

        Pretty great analogy. Pete is playing Lucy to a T.

  90. Balint

    Linsley to the Chargers. 🙁

    • pdway

      comp reported – –

      It is a five-year, $62.5 million deal for Linsley in Los Angeles.

  91. Rob Staton

    A quick note guys… I am still updating the live thread at the top

    I mean obviously, it’s all bad news so far and the Seahawks are doing their usual trick of not improving the team in free agency

    But at least there’s still the draft.

    Oh, wait…

    But never mind, at least we’ll always have Russell Wilson.

    Oh, errr….

    But at least we don’t have any major contract issues looming after spending so much on one player…


  92. SeaTown

    Zeitler to the Ravens. Thuney to the Chiefs. Linsley to the Chargers. PC/JS to RW and Mark Rodgers: FU.

    • BobbyK

      No big deal. Hawks were in on Zeitler. It’s okay.

    • RugbyLock

      I’m just amazed at how quickly this team has turned from one of the better run franchises to a complete crap show… RW is going to demand a trade, and I’m starting not to blame him if PCMJS continue as it appears they’re going.

  93. Henry Taylor

    Well now I think they have to trade Russ. No option but to build through the draft when they refuse to be aggressive in FA.

  94. Seahawk_Dan

    I expect Pete to continue to bargain shop. Any Center signed will either be Pocic or someone like Daniel Kilgore. That’ll be his splash.

    • BobbyK

      Can’t commit to anything until they know where they stand with Benson Mayowa.

      • D-OZ

        LOL They can always sign a LT who was just released from the Chiefs with a torn ACL ala Jacksonville…

  95. OP_Chillin

    If they can sign Gabe Jackson/Trai Turner (or draft a good G in the 2nd) and David Andrews at Center, this is salvageable.

    • Hoggs41

      I could see them signing one or the other but not both. No need to draft a guard early if you get them both.

    • RugbyLock

      Hope so but have my doubts…

    • Ryan

      Their best case scenario now is: Salvageable

    • paul difuria

      They always like Alex Mack. Or they could sign one of these guys and draft an interior lineman in the second rounds. Maybe Lewis playing a game at center was a preview of coming attractions.

      I liked the idea of an All Pro center signing but $62M must have caused some serious sticker shock. Being an NFL GM is some high level poker. Wonder if Pete/John are regretting pushing all their chips in on Adams right about now….

      • SeattleLifer

        I think Pete and John really like the idea of moving Lewis to center. He is stout at the the point of attack in the run game and the ‘phone booth’ range but struggles a little in pass pro which a move to center can help a bit.

        • Rob Staton

          Yeah great move.

          Let’s take the right guard who had a great first year in his natural position and try and force him into the center role instead.


          • TomLPDX

            My new Seahawk motto: “If it ain’t broke, fix it until it is!”

    • drrew76

      Austin Reiter is still out there as an option at C as well.

      Jackson and Turner having both been waived also wouldn’t be included in any compensatory pick calculations.

      • Mick

        I wouldn’t mind Skura either, better than Pocic.

  96. Toe

    Just getting myself mentally ready for Pete to re-sign Griffin to a monster CB contract. Then on offense only sign a career backup lineman to top 10 OL salary along with another washed TE, and a handful of depth players who will be forced to start because current depth is that bad.

    • Rob Staton

      Please no

  97. Hawks31

    Could the Jets and Chicago w/Khalil Mack trade still happen with Chicago eating the lion’s share of Mack’s extended contract as part of the negotiation? Giving more years on contract to the Hawks.

  98. Big Mike

    I think you guys are badly failing to grasp the situation here. Any long term contract for Thuney or Zeitler or Linsley would’ve really strapped the Seahawks down the road when they need that money to sign the 53rd ranked Safety to his big money, long term deal. Priorities for God’s sake people, priorities.

    • Chase

      Some people just don’t understand, smdh…

      • NolaHawk

        How much they pay him is a moot point as this off-season has shown that the salary cap is about as loose as a Bourbon Street hooker. A new TV deal and gambling money set to hit the books and we’re seeing the advent of voidable years on contracts with teams being overtly blatant in their regard for future cap ramifications. I think they’ll do their best to be mildly competitive and use what roster resources they have (RW3, BWagz, etc) to restock their draft capital and use that with their immense financial flexibility next year. Not completely unlike what BB did in New England this past season.

  99. Belfasthawk

    Message for Matt.

    Appreciate the apology very much. Sorry if out of line at my end. I thought it might be Gregg Bell, glad I didn’t bring up the second g!!

    GoHawks (if we are allowed to say that anymore)

  100. schuemansky

    No real moves from Seahawks, Bears, Raiders, Saints …
    RW is on his way out!

  101. Leonardo

    Fully expect the Hawks to get fleeced in some desperation trade in August for a 30 year old linebacker after they realize they’ve wasted yet another offseason. Just embrace it lads!

  102. D-OZ

    In two day’s we’ll know. If the FO does nothing, then Willson will demand a trade. I think it will be a total s**t storm!!!!!!

  103. Sea Mode

    If you were hoping the Seahawks would make a splash to placate their disillusioned franchise quarterback, you’ll be disappointed. Still, I’m sure Russell Wilson be taking this news well.

    RW right now:

  104. Paul Cook

    It’s hard not to get the feeling that this front office thinks they are smarter and savvier than any other more or less informed observer out there. It’s emitting an odor of arrogance now.

  105. Sea Mode

    LOL, “that damn Adam Schefter fast as hell”

    He was probably just playing sad continuing the joke about getting beat out by Schefter, but the way he says it at the end sure makes you think he told his agent to get him to the highest bidder and then went, “shoot, the Patriots, really?”

  106. Sea Mode


    Scott Zolak
    · 35m

    What’s today tell you? Lots of illegal shit got done last couple weeks. “Legal tampering” my ass. Rosenhaus had em lined up ready to go. Thuney had MANY suitors

    Albert Breer
    No way, Zo. All these signings are home runs and will change the league, and were consummated over the last five hours.

  107. Simo

    Anyone surprised that the best OL and DL free agents are the first ones signing deals? Looks like lots of GM’s like to build the trenches first. More bargain shopping coming up I’m afraid!

    • Scot04

      We prefer to cut or trade them. Remember Safety & LBs win Championships

    • pdway

      Rapoport saying Ngakuoe to Raiders coming soon….

  108. Bob C Hawk

    In all the excitement (?), many have overlooked that Amara Darboh was waived. He was someone’s 3rd round pick a few years ago, I think — like Joe Thuney was.

  109. Coach

    What do you think of Hendrickson at DE? Would he be an option for us? Or would Reddick be better? Or Dunlap?

    Go Hawks!

  110. J.P.

    Wonder if they can make Russ desperate enough to open up that list of trade partners. Watson might sit out, but I can’t see Russ doing it. Cares too much his stats and legacy these days.

  111. Paul Cook

    The OL was not an extraordinarily difficult problem to address. Sign a quality FA at one weak position and make the other a priority in the draft. Done!

    • Rob Staton

      Yeah but…

      ‘That’s not the Seahawks operate’

      (Seattle media very good at pointing this out without ever, you know, challenging it)

      • Paul Cook

        Lately, they never seem to decisively tackle their priority needs. They leave them dangling out there, like they’ve got all the time in the world. I don’t get it.

    • pdway

      I know…and the stakes are higher than ever before to address this area, given everything going on around Russell. It’s incredibly frustrating.

  112. MyChestisBeastMode

    JS to RW: “Russ, we have to trade you to free up some cap in order to sign some of the O-linemen you wanted…”

    Phone rings — JS answers, listens and hangs up.

    JS to RW: “Russ, all of the O-linemen you wanted are gone. So, we have to trade you in order to get more draft stock so we can get some good O-linemen for the next QB”

    RW: “Go Hawks”

    • Big Mike

      JS to RW: we have to trade you to free up cap to sign the 53rd ranked Safety to a monstrous contract

  113. Scot04

    Raiders getting Ngakoue

    • Mick

      He disappointed in a couple places, I wouldn’t call him our best solution for rushing.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        IKR? Our roster is STACKED with pass rushing DEs

        Glad we dodged that bulet 🙄

        • Mick

          I’d get back Dunlap over him in second one.

          • Blitzy the Clown

            *Whispers* they need more than just either/or

    • Mr. Bitter

      Olivier Vernon incoming

  114. Blitzy the Clown

    Ngakoue to the Raiders


  115. Sea Mode

    In the meantime, the WRs staring at their silent phones:

    Field Yates
    · 17m

    The slowest moving market so far today has been WR:

    * Kenny Golladay: Unsigned
    * JuJu Smith-Schuster: Unsigned
    * Corey Davis: Unsigned
    * Curtis Samuel: Unsigned
    * Will Fuller V: Unsigned
    * Nelson Agholor: Unsigned
    * Antonio Brown: Unsigned
    * Marvin Jones, Jr.: Unsigned

    • Rob Staton

      Good receiver draft…

    • CaptainJack

      We need another receiver. If this is where the value is, go get one.

    • DC

      If it stays cold, it’s still an area we need to address. Could be an opportunity there. We’ll have to wait 3 weeks for the news though.

    • McZ

      Names missing… Adam Humphries, Golden Tate
      Agholor signed with the Pats

  116. Rob Staton

    Added a video to the top of the page.

    Hope it raises a smile

    • TomLPDX

      Pretty darned good. Needed to finish that with Russ turning and running away in shear terror!

    • Blitzy the Clown

      [Insert crying Jordan gif]

    • Big Mike

      Good effort man but sadly it just raised more tears.

    • BruceN

      Funny video. Don’t worry we’ll have our own splash. Adams signs a 10 year extension for $200M. 🤦‍♂️

    • Scot04

      Just made me have more empathy for Russ. It’s horrible for us. Can only imagine he feels exactly how the short video depicts it. Just really Frinckin sad

    • Sea Mode

      Watch him like your video again…

  117. Aaron

    If it wasn’t obvious before, it’s official now folks. Our Seattle Seahawks organization under Pete Carroll has entered decline and is heading towards irrelevancy and incompetency. It’s time for a rip to the studs rebuild. In the words of Andre the Giant “No survivors!”

  118. Denver Hawker

    The thing that irks me the most about Seahawks free agency is that players have to choose to play for Seattle. Hawks are ‘in on deals’, but never get it done. I don’t believe they’re super cheap when shopping, but more so, they just aren’t a desirable destination. All things equal, a Thuney is going to the Chiefs. Hawks have to overpay to get those types of guys which they of course won’t do and that’s where we are.

    All the best talent has been acquired through the draft, and now we have no picks and suddenly bad at drafting.

    • TomLPDX


    • Blitzy the Clown

      And the Chargers getting Linsley?

      They haven’t made the playoffs in 7 years

      • Denver Hawker

        Don’t know the full details, but looks like another case of ‘too rich for our blood’, but we’re likely ‘in on it til the end’.

        Hawks don’t do 5 year deals even if it’s not a real 5 year deal. Free agency as a Hawks fan is so painful.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          Just out the details of Thuney’s contract with the Chiefs:

          5 years, $80 million ($32m guaranteed)

          $17m signing bonus

          Base salaries:
          Year 1 – $990k
          Year 2 – $13.9m
          Year 3 – $15m
          Year 4 – $15.5m
          Year 5 – $15.5m

          Year 1 cap hit – $4.5m

          Last year Seattle paid $3m to BJ Finney

          • Denver Hawker

            Hawks can never spread out cap hits like that because they don’t do long-term deals.

      • McZ

        But they have a young franchise QB, and were close in each and every game. They have a decent pass rush, a serviceable secondary and are focused on fixing the OL and the RB position. Let them pick up another DE and an WR, combined with lots of draft picks, and that makes a contender.

    • CaptainJack

      It’s not just Seahawks fans who are clued into the trouble the organization is having right now. Players with millions on the line are dialed in also. If hot free agent names aren’t interested in Seattle, it’s not a good sign.

      • drrew76

        When have “hot free agents” in any of the major sports been interested in coming out to Seattle?

        Cano when he signed for 25% more than market — who else?

        Chad Brown in 1996 for the Hawks — maybe Julian Peterson in 2006,

        That might be it.

    • J.P.

      We don’t know that. Just because you’re “in” on guys, doesn’t mean Schneider wanted to pay that price. Schneider has GB roots and from what I can tell from hanging around those fans, they never expect anything to happen in free agency even though they arguably have the most talented QB in the world to attract other players.

      I’ve heard it’s because sometimes guys just don’t want to live around there, but really, GB probably just liked living through the draft. I expect someone is getting traded because Schneider will want more shots in the draft.

    • McZ

      The idea of Seattles sports pundits was sending PC to the 2020 pro bowl, and let him “recruit”. That sorta backfired!?

    • SeattleLifer

      It’s okay they’ll wait till the pickings start to get slim and over pay for much lesser talent borne of fear that they won’t get anybody at that point if they don’t act immediately.

  119. Rory

    Ha! Nice vid at the top, Rob. Good to laugh…this is otherwise pretty disheartening.

    • Tomas

      Rams just re-signed Leonard Floyd, per 710 am.

      • Tomas

        Your video topside made me laugh … a bit bitterly, true, but gallows humor is far better than no humor at all. Well done, Rob, and everyone.

  120. Mike

    Tbh it doesn’t matter if Joe thuney or Jordan Simmons is playing left guard the Seahawks are gonna go 10-6 and lose in the divisional round either way.

    • Scot04

      I wouldn’t be putting them in the playoffs based on our current roster.

      • Chase


  121. Mick

    Pats get Agholor, they’re gonna be unpredictable this year with so many signings.

  122. Trevor

    If JS believes strongly that you build through the draft and would prefer to never make a splash in free agency I have no problem with that. But if that is your philosophy then you can’t trade away (2) 1st round picks and a 3rd round pick for a Safety who wants a record setting deal. The two don’t go hand in hand.

    If you don’t want to use free agency to improve your club you have to focus on the draft and in that scenario draft capital should be sacred.

    The Hawks keep trading away draft capital to get big $ players instead of using free agency. It makes zero sense as you are basically paying twice.

    • Denver Hawker

      It’s really the only way a team can acquire talent if they’ve been poor at drafting/developing and top free agents don’t want to play for them.

    • Big Mike

      Absolutely spot on

  123. no frickin clue

    The scene: a drizzly and overcast morning in Seattle, WA in mid-February 2011. Pete and John are in John’s office. They are getting ready for free agency and the draft. Suddenly a brilliant white light emerges, filling the room. It is God. Pete and John are awestruck.

    God: Peter, Jonathan…I am ready to bestow untold treasures upon you, if you heed my words.
    PC: We heed you Lord!
    God: I will reward you with a Super Bowl trophy, but first you must do as I say.
    JS: What is it Lord? What must we do?
    God: Thou Shalt Not Spend more than $8 Million per year on ANY player in free agency. Ever.
    PC: Not even Charles Johnson? He had 11 sacks last year!
    God: No, not even him.
    (PC/JS confer)
    JS: if we do this, you promise us a Super Bowl?
    God: yes. But break this vow and I will cast thee down with the Jets.
    PC/JS: Yes.

    The brilliant white light disappears. PC and JS sit in the office in silence.

    PC: he didn’t say anything about trades though did he? We can make desperate and pooly-fitting trade decisions and there are no consequences right?
    JS: Nope.
    PC: Great.

    • TomLPDX


  124. Canadian Hawk

    I haven’t been watching as closely as I have in years past, but I just want to make sure I’m up to speed….

    1. Sign franchise QB to a monster contract at the peak of his career and the best player they’ve surrounded him with is a 35 year old whose gone through major knee surgery.

    2. Adopt a strategy to run the ball first except with Carson going – have no obvious #1 runner.

    3. Pass rush was anaemic in 2019. Rather than sign Dante Fowler, Robert Quinn, Everson Griffen or resign their best pass rusher Clowney – they go with Benson Mayowa and Bruce Irvin.

    4. Pass rush was anaemic in 2020. Rather than sign Matt Judon or go get J.J. Watt – they decide to release Carlos Dunlop.

    5. For a team that’s made a living transforming limited draft capital into an abundance of new players, JS/PC thought it was a good idea to give up a #1st round pick a #3rd round pick and a #1st rounder in 2022 for a guy whose going to cost millions and millions , may not fit the Seahakws scheme and is the 52nd ranked safety in the league.

    Is that the plan?

    • Trevor

      Sounds about right if you include waste $50 mil in cap space last year and use your 1st round pick on a middle linebacker.

      • king.

        I’m replying to Trevor but this really directed at the ‘waste’ of $50m last year.

        I think the Seahawks completely flubbed their FA spending last year, so I am not defending them.

        But, go look at the 2020 cap hits of all the free agents Seattle lost last offseason. It amounts to more than the $50+m they signed.

        Despite the highish number of dollars they had to spend (which was just about league average which meant they didn’t really have any negotiating power relative to the league), they were replacing more market value than they had money to spend.

        There were absolutely better uses of the money last offseason. From my perspective outbidding Cleveland for Conklin to the point the he couldn’t say no would have been a giant win for the organization.

        But they were never going to be a better roster entering 2020 than they were at the end of 2019 because, just like this year, they had too many holes and too few resources.

        This year, the situation is just exacerbated and made more stark because of the egregiously desperate Adams trade.

    • TomLPDX

      Um, pretty much. You forgot to mention “Piss off the HOF Franchise QB”

  125. Blitzy the Clown

    Pats not done. They just signed Agholor for 2 years/$26m

    • pdway

      wow.. .that’s a lot for that guy…never been impressed w him.

      Reports are Floyd staying w Rams, another pass-rush target off the board.

  126. Trevor

    Zeitler, Thuney and Linsley all signed deals where cap hit year #1 was less than $6 mil. Last year we signed Finney and Cedric paying them more than that. I think that says it all really.

  127. Mike

    Rams and saints have so little respect for the salary cap 😂 😂

    • Mike

      Aaron Donald and Leonard Floyd
      Chandler jones and jj watt
      Nick boss, aril armstead, and dee Ford
      Lj collier, Darrell Taylor and rasheem green 😂😂😂😂😂 we can’t even keep god damn Carlos Dunlap

      • Trevor

        Great post Mike I think that sums up the situation nicely. But come on man we will have the highest paid Safety in the league and he can blitz on every second snap because he can’t cover anyone.

        • Mike

          Lol true, I guess we will just use our high draft picks on the d line… oh wait 😆

          In all seriousness that Jamal trade was terrible, but at least he’s good. I still have no idea how Lj collier was a first round pick, dude is the worst athlete I’ve ever seen (but he does have heavy hands😂)

      • Scot04

        Rams let their Safety go, retain passrushers. Hmmm, a plan that actually makes sense

        • McZ

          They have Rapp and Fuller to replace Johnson.

          • Scot04

            Exactly, a team that seems to have a plan

      • CaptainJack

        Another pass rusher off the market. I’m out of jokes. I just feel drained and defeated. I can only imagine the thought process Russell is going through today. And yet there are still sanctimonious trolls who come onto this website and run defense for Pete and John…

        Yes they’re professionals, but all the worst coaches and GMs in nfl history were also professionals. Even Adam Gase is a professional. What a bogus and intellectually bankrupt argument.

        • Mike

          I don’t get why the Seahawks care about the cap so much.

          Good teams really do not care at all about it

    • Scot04

      Rams easily favorite in Division, followed by the 49rs.

      • Mike

        Rams for sure

      • RugbyLock

        We’ll be battling it out with the Cards for fourth place…

  128. TomLPDX

    Are we going to tender Poona or not?

  129. Trevor

    If we give up more draft capital to trade for Zach Ertz I will loose it considering the Eagles are going to release him if they can’t trade him.

  130. Ryan

    Why is this so hard for us.

    • CaptainJack

      I can’t tell if it’s hubris and arrogance or just plain old incompetence.

  131. Feindt

    Rams giving Floyd 16 mil annually.
    Hahahah cAp spAcE matters

    • CaptainJack

      We’re going to pay Shaquill Griffen aren’t we…

    • RugbyLock

      That and dead cap hits!

    • Simo

      Everyone is signing guys and pushing cost into 2022 and beyond, oh except for the Seahawks. All this signing says is that cap space is very, very flexible for those GM’s who think creatively!

  132. RugbyLock

    Yannick to the Raiders… wonderful… what a joke

    • RugbyLock

      For 2yr/$26m…

  133. Hebegbs

    Russ said he wanted some more fire power/star players (paraphrasing) but what he really meant is that he wants a bunch of older washed up former stars. Best case scenario right now is that is Seattle’s aim here as their should be lots of them.

    They wasted 50 mm last year spreading it around to a bunch of guys unproven or washed up. Now they have less money and less draft capital. No wonder Russ is seemingly not very happy with the front office. They seem to have gotten complacent and think always compete can push sub par players to be great. Ain’t working. FA the last several years, if not longer, has been a disaster. Couple that with huge misses in the draft (with only a few hits)—easy to see why we are mired in mediocrity despite having a top 5 QB.

    I for one am ready for a major shake up. Trade Russ and some other guys like B-wags and Adams (as Rob has suggested) and see if they can remake the roster in 2 years. If not then PC-JC move on too. We are currently no better than any of the our NFC west foes and quite frankly we may be at the bottom.

  134. Sea Mode

    Ian Rapoport

    Source: Carlos Hyde to the #Jaguars. 2 years $6 mil.

  135. Tomas

    J. Clayton on 710 am just said concerned Hawk fans should “chill,” show patience “like JS does,” also noting that oftentimes free agent signings don’t work out. I need a drink.

    • Rob Staton

      Piss off, John

    • BobbyK

      We should “chill” when the past couple off-seasons have been as terrible as they’ve been? Collier and Blair (before taking DK) a few years ago and then the disaster of wasting $50 million on worthlessness last offseason? The franchise QB wants out because he wants to win and sees the resources they squander. But we should “chill” and be happy going to the playoffs and losing right away every year.

      • king.

        Over the last 6! years, if you include earning a bye as a playoff win, 15 teams have as many playoff wins as Seattle.

        Winning games in the regular season is nice, but winning playoff games is manna from heaven. I know what my focus is on.

  136. Mr. Bitter

    The Patriots are amassing a formidable group of #3/4 WRs. All they need to do now is give Willie Snead a 2-year/$20 million deal and they’re golden.

  137. DT

    Looks like Hyde and Dorsett to Jax…

    • BobbyK

      Good riddance.

      • STTBM

        Dorsett was a waste, but Hyde could play. Hell, he’s a better bet than Penny or Homer or the other kid…

  138. cha

    Adam Schefter
    Former Titans’ WR Corey Davis reached agreement on a three-year, $37.5 million deal that includes $27 million guaranteed with the New York Jets, per sources.
    1:49 PM · Mar 15, 2021

  139. STTBM

    Darnold is Charlie Clipboard Jesus Whitehurst II…

  140. BruceN

    Every year we watch the same thing play out. Not sure why this year would be any different (unless you count having a disgruntled QB pushing for improvements). JS/PC have always stayed away from the first wave of the FA. Actually they have skipped the 2nd, 3rd or 4th waves and focused on bargain hunting (or dumpster diving depending your perspective). So we wait. In the meantime, at least so far, the anticipated bargains due to the reduced CAP hasn’t panned out as teams have quickly figured out longer contracts with miniscule first year cap $, voided years, etc. and big free agents are finding takers in a hurry.

    • Rob Staton

      I wish people would stop pointing out that this is how things play out.

      Yes… we know.

      The argument is they need to adapt.

      • BruceN

        Sorry, my poor attempt at sarcasm. I was blowing out steam by saying “focused on bargain hunting (or dumpster diving depending your perspective)”. I wish we could adapt and be more aggressive and go after Linsley, Lawson (and his 64 pressures) and such to address major deficiencies. But the old dogs are not open to learning new tricks.

  141. Deuce

    Shaquill Griffin 3yr/$44.5m to Jacksonville

    • Deuce

      Hopefully we can sign Sherm to a shorter/cheaper deal soon!

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