The problem with the Seahawks

It’s not about missing out on Joe Thuney and Corey Linsley.

It’s not about a quiet first day of free agency.

The problem with the Seahawks is a lot more serious than that.

What exactly is the plan here?

For the last six weeks we’ve had rumours galore about the future of Russell Wilson, including a passive-aggressive trade request sent to Adam Schefter.

The Seahawks haven’t done anything to nip this in the bud.

There’s been radio silence.

Which is fine, provided a solution is actually forthcoming. If you just let the situation fester, without any kind of resolution, you appear dysfunctional.

Michael Silver described it as a ‘mess’ earlier today. And he’s right.

By now the Seahawks should’ve done one of two things. They should’ve sat down with their quarterback and sorted through their differences. And if no resolution was forthcoming, they should’ve moved on.

Instead they appear to be stuck in no-man’s land. Unwilling to listen to Wilson’s concerns and act upon them, while simultaneously not ripping off the band-aid and going in a direction that according to Tony Pauline, both parties are destined.

Meanwhile fans are just left in the dark.

Let’s be real here. When Wilson complained about a lack of adequate protection, it wasn’t a nudge to go out and land one of Gabe Jackson or Trai Turner.

He wanted a big addition. He wanted the Seahawks to show the kind of ambition they offered the strong safety position last summer.

He wanted one of Thuney or Linsley.

Instead the Chiefs, who started the day with less cap space than the Seahawks, make the bold investment to protect their franchise quarterback.

It’s not just the indecision and mystery surrounding Wilson’s future though, or the inability to land a top offensive lineman to placate him.

The only move the Seahawks have made so far is to cut their best pass rusher to create cap space. They have about $16-17m to spend.

Carlos Dunlap joins the long list of players needing to be re-signed or replaced.

Yet with so many needs and hardly any draft picks — what exactly is the plan here?

Are they going to fill a bunch of holes with $2-3m signings?

How exactly do they take a step forward doing that?

Despite their 12-4 record in 2020, they weren’t a serious contender. We saw that in the playoffs. They spent half a season trying to fix a terrible defense. Then in the second half, they had a stagnant offense and didn’t do anything to address any of the issues — such as major problems on third down or an inability to adjust.

Losing a bunch of starters and replacing them on the cheap isn’t exactly a path to success is it?

And people wonder why Wilson possibly wants out.

No restructures to free up room. No extensions. No trades — either to create cap space or get back in the draft.

What exactly is the plan?

You pay a quarterback $35m a year but seemingly don’t want his advice on how the offense should operate, leading to an off-season of drama.

You prefer a brand of football that requires a certain level of play in the trenches. Yet you focus your investment in other areas, such as linebacker and safety.

You’re very conservative when it comes to free agent spending, yet you’ll happily splurge draft pick after draft pick on a series of trades.

You don’t have any picks this year yet you haven’t created the money to be big players in free agency — despite having a laundry list of needs.

What’s going on?

There’s still time to make it right. Perhaps not in the eyes of Wilson, who will be glancing enviously today at Patrick Mahomes and Justin Herbert.

Yet this is a very different free agency period. Value will be available at other positions as time progresses. The Seahawks need to rediscover their Midas touch from 2013 in order to capitalise.

Some answers need to be provided soon, though. On Wilson, on the state of the roster, on the lack of cap space and picks.

And frankly, it’s about time the franchise gave the fans some hope and clarity — after the mentally draining last few weeks of the Wilson saga.

I’ll continue updating the open thread/live free agency blog if anything happens.

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  1. Gaux Hawks

    you heard it here first… just my gut feeling.

    Duane Brown is going to announce his retirement after the draft.

    • Gaux Hawks

      not on his list, but why aren’t the colts being considered as a trade partner?

      cap space to splurge, o-line, rb, respected and historically well run organization.

      brissett? leonard? draft capital…


      • dcd2

        They just traded for Wentz.

      • SeaTown

        They just traded for Carson Wentz.

        • Gaux Hawks

          pffffft, my bad. was looking at their team website depth chart… not updated.

          • TomLPDX

            Yeah, he isn’t officially on the team until Wed at 1pm EDT

        • dj 1/2 way

          They just traded for Carson Wentz.

      • Rob4q

        Because they already traded for Wentz…

      • JJ

        A trade partner for Wilson?

    • no frickin clue

      It’s possible. I would hope that if this is something on his radar, he would let Pete know ahead of the draft so that they could select his heir apparent without telegraphing the need for an heir apparent.

  2. Kevin Mullen

    Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

    We just grab a grenade and pull the pin. Go from there.

  3. Robert Green

    It’s like there’s an internal battle going on and they want to keep a lid on it… Who will win out? I see a 2021 season of mediocrity…

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      I think we might be extremely lucky if Seattle gets to mediocrity.. If they end up keeping an unhappy QB, have little draft capital and and settle for 3rd tier free agents, it could be a loooong season.

    • God of Thunder

      Hmmm. There is exactly as much evidence for total Front Office agreement as there is evidence for an internal battle.

  4. Ryan


  5. CaptainJack

    Pats sign, Kendrick Bourne, a number 3 receiver at best, for 22.5 million over three years. Makes you wonder what the top guys will sign for.

  6. Sean Harker

    So unbelievably frustrating to watch what KC is doing and know that Seattle could do the same to bolster the roster. It shows how incompetent this FO has become. Nothing is going to change with this organization until Pete is gone. And he makes the decision on that himself.

    If some news broke about restructured contracts it would at least give fans an idea of what is going on, but I guess the FO doesn’t have anyone to report to within the organization, why would they worry about the fan.

    • PC3

      Kind of like M’s, nothing Pete can do anything about it if owner decide to pocket the money to herself.

      • Fudwamper

        But that’s not what is going on.

  7. Shadow

    Hearing that Thuney’s 2021 cap hit is only $4.5 million. Linsley’s doesn’t sound like it’ll be much bigger. These are deals that we could have made.

    • CaptainJack

      We’re saving the money to make Shaq Griffen the highest paid corner in the league.

      • Chase

        Don’t forget our franchise saving safety.

    • bmseattle

      Maybe… assuming they would have come to Seattle for the same price.
      How desirable is the Seahawks situation to free agents right now?

      • 805Hawk

        Ha! Beat me to it. I don’t type fast enough, apparently.

    • 805Hawk

      The question is if they would even agree to the same deal in Seattle. Would you if you didn’t know if Russ was sticking around?

      • Harold Seattle

        Thuney’s deal was 80 million with 48 million guaranteed. The small cap hit tells you the Chiefs are kicking a huge amount of money down the road. They had gutted their OL earlier and restructured 3 contracts to sign one OL. I get it feels good but is smart to put all that money on a credit card? Maybe? Chiefs are all in for a SB so could be worth it, if they don’t fall short I guess. If they do fall short the pain is coming shortly.

  8. Denver Hawker

    Hawks remind me of my grandpa who will drive 20 miles round trip from his house to Costco because the gas is 10 cents cheaper than the one by his house. Sure, he saves money, but easily wastes more just driving there.

    At his age it’s a miracle he can still legally drive so I do t say anything.

    • IHeartTacoma

      Sounds like my dad, minus the stop at Total Wine & More. We can call him the Jets.

      • BOHICA

        I think in order to qualify as the Jets based on you scenario he would have to make a stop motel 6 after pulling to the side of a busy intersection to pick up a lady of the night while also replenishing his meth stash. Thats more of an accurate and vivid picture that embodies that organization. Just saying…

  9. CL

    Ian Rapoport
    1 Min.
    Source: Carlos Hyde to the #Jaguars. 2 years $6 mil.

    • TomLPDX

      Seems about right. We need Mike Davis or Williams from GB

      • charlietheunicorn

        Davis got a deal already as well, if I heard the radio right.

        • BruceN

          I think that was the other Davis, CB Chargers. The RB in CAR is still out there. And probably a target of PC/JS.

  10. Aaron

    Rip it all to the studs

    I’m done with this version of the Hawks

    • bmseattle

      Yes, let’s make sure the Jets have a great 1st round pick next year!

      • Peter

        meh, could care less if the Jets have a great first round pick or the 31st over all pick. It’s not our pick either way and if we’re not competing for Superbowls with a HOF QB why do we care where the Jets pick..

    • Blitzy the Clown

      That can’t happen with the same FO/caching staff

  11. BDW

    It’s almost as if they are trying to piss Russell and his agent off to the point that they agree to be traded somewhere other than the 4 teams that were listed?
    This team is on a slow downward curve that isn’t going to be reversed with 3rd wave FA signings and 4 draft picks.

    • BobbyK

      It’s okay. They were “in” on Zeitler. That’s all that matters.

  12. Scot04

    Great write up Rob. Pretty much sums it up. We’re in limbo again. Much like 2020 with Clowney. Only difference is this is a Franchise QB.
    A decision needs to be made.
    No one wants to come to a team full of uncertainty. So until the Wilson thing is resolved I can’t see anyone of value signing here.
    Seahawks need to make a statement via trade, or as you said a new contract with Wilson on along term deal.
    They don’t to have to trade Wilson. Trade Adams and Wagner. Give him that new contract and some control.
    Just Fricking do something.

  13. CaptainJack

    Phillip Dorsett to the Jags. Now there was a terrible signing.

    • Ryan

      Come on now, he didn’t have a single bad game for us all season.

      • pdway

        zero drops.

        • Peter

          Almost as productive as Percy Harvin and at least cost a lot less

    • John_s

      Yep signing a guy for the vet min was absolutely horrific, tragic, terrible

  14. Strategicdust

    The question is do they have a plan of are they committed to business as usual? I had mentioned in an earlier post that complacency is a killer. If Pete and John feel that the 12-4 record is a vote of confidence to their “philosophy”, then the Seahawks are sunk. We’ve retained no one of note except Poona and made no impact signings when they needed one badly. Their free agency is mired in the same thought process as the draft; they have an idea what they want to do but no backup plan if those players aren’t available. That’s how you get desperate and sign the Luke Joeckels that appear every year. Again, you’re planning is lowering risk, not winning. Their approach to free agency is that of old men complaining about how expensive everything is these days, not what they think they should cost. If Pete is really the one controlling the decisions here, he needs to let it go. He is managing this team into a long, protracted decline in the years ahead based only on what used to work. If anyone in ownership reads this blog, please realize what’s happening. It’s ok to let go of coaches and front office people a year or two earlier than later, just like the players.

    • Scot04

      We haven’t even retained Poona yet

  15. Mike

    Don’t worry everyone. Seahawks are just building for the 2035 season. You’ll see this was all part of the long term master plan..

    • Tecmo Bowl

      Before PC/JS signed their extensions, they were on contracts set to expire after the 2021 season. JS’s was announed 3 days after the first round playoff loss. Mediocrity awarded. Did “win forever” die with Paul Allen(RIP)?

      Clarity towards the direction of this team needs to be addressed by JS/PC.
      Theres 5-6 weeks for them to step up to the plate and right this ship. Is there a plan?!

      • Tecmo Bowl

        Mike- wasnt ment as a reply.

  16. Rob Staton

    This article isn’t loading for me because it isn’t available in Europe:

    Can someone copy and paste it?

    • cha

      “Seahawks coach Pete Carroll has a high opinion of Sam Darnold and could end up trading for the Jets quarterback if Seattle deals Russell Wilson, a league source told the Daily News on Monday.

      “Keep an eye on Seattle for Darnold,” the source said.


      The prerequisite would be a Wilson trade out of town. But here’s the thing: pursuit of Wilson is heating up.

      Word on the street is that the Chicago Bears are leading the charge in pursuit of Wilson, with GM Ryan Pace and coach Matt Nagy on the hot seat entering their fourth year as a tandem in the Windy City.

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      Wilson, 32, who has a no-trade clause, has made public that the Bears, Saints, Raiders and Cowboys are the only teams he’ll accept a trade to, per ESPN. And now that list is down to three after Dallas’ re-signing of Dak Prescott.

      The Jets, who hold the No. 2 overall pick, have been fielding calls on Darnold, 23. The Denver Broncos, Washington Football Team and San Francisco 49ers are believed to be among the interested teams.


      If the Houston Texans were willing to trade Deshaun Watson, that would be another possible Darnold landing spot, but the Texans’ party line to this point has been they will not trade their disgruntled star.

      And if they’re open to it, the Miami Dolphins at the No. 3 pick and the Carolina Panthers at No. 8 would be major competition for the Jets.

      The Jets might have a suitor for Darnold.
      The Jets might have a suitor for Darnold. (Billie Weiss)
      Wilson scorched the earth in Seattle after watching this year’s Super Bowl from the stands, complaining publicly on The Dan Patrick Show about his poor offensive line and lack of personnel power in Seattle.

      A trade would be costly for the Bears, but Pace and Nagy have nothing to lose. If it works and they win, great. If it doesn’t work, the future picks they traded aren’t theirs, anyway.

      [More Jets] Bill Belichick and Patriots go on early free agent spending spree; Jets land LB Jarrad Davis »
      Chicago has to do something, though, with reigning MVP Aaron Rodgers ready to run it back in Green Bay. The Bears have let former No. 1 overall pick Mitchell Trubisky walk into free agency and only have Nick Foles on the QB depth chart.

      Interestingly enough, Fox Sports’ Colin Cowherd reported this exact same connection late last week, saying the Bears were trying hard to get Wilson and that the Carroll-Darnold pairing was worth watching.

      And then Monday morning on ESPN’s Get Up, analyst Dan Orlovsky, a former NFL quarterback, posed a hypothetical three-way trade between the Jets, Bears and Seahawks to get Wilson to Chicago and Darnold to Seattle.

      Carroll coached at USC. Darnold played there. So they have that connection. But despite not having a relationship, Carroll told reporters in December of his respect for Darnold’s game.

      “I think he’s really talented without question,” Carroll said. “He’s got great throws in him. He’s a real quarterback. He sees things. He makes big plays and big throws in difficult situations because of his talent. It’s just a matter of time. Sam’s going to be a really big-time QB. He’s thrown a lot of balls in three years. He’s had a lot of experience. It will pay off in the long run.”

      [More Jets] Deshaun Watson would make Jets a team worth watching & Joe Douglas needs to make it happen »
      Carroll, who coached the Jets in 1994, has made a blockbuster trade with the Jets recently, as well.

      Last summer, the Jets sent safety Jamal Adams and a 2022 fourth-round pick to Seattle for two firsts, a third and safety Bradley McDougald.

      If Carroll pulls off a Wilson trade, he’ll have more than enough assets to acquire Darnold and continue rebuilding his roster out West.”

      • Rob Staton


        Suddenly a LOT of smoke around Sam Darnold to Seattle

      • Rob Staton

        I can’t read it. Some American sites are unavailable in Europe.

        • Scot04

          Ah saw it. Atleast cha got it posted fast for u. Quick trigger Cha has.

    • Simo

      Nothing new in this article I’m afraid!

  17. Rob Staton

    I don’t get tweets like this:

    We’ve just had a whole off-season of drama and it remains massively unresolved.

    Why are some members of the media so outwardly, aggressively acting like this is one big joke?

    • bmseattle

      It’s very strange.

      Rather than just reporting on the story, and exploring why it’s a “story” in the first place, they are all acting like it’s very existence is a personal affront to their “journalistic integrity” or something.

      When did reporting turn in to not covering the team, and instead patronizing those who want to talk about what’s been in the news?

      • Rob Staton

        Rather than just reporting on the story, and exploring why it’s a “story” in the first place, they are all acting like it’s very existence is a personal affront to their “journalistic integrity” or something.


        It’s very strange and irritating.

    • cha

      When you write crap like this

      You don’t warrant my attention.

      • CaptainJack

        His only role is to run defense for the FO.

      • TomLPDX

        With that ringing endorsement, I won’t even bother reading it then.

  18. Ryan

    Seahawks coach Pete Carroll has a high opinion of Sam Darnold and could end up trading for the Jets quarterback if Seattle deals Russell Wilson, a league source told the Daily News on Monday.

    “Keep an eye on Seattle for Darnold,” the source said.

    The prerequisite would be a Wilson trade out of town. But here’s the thing: pursuit of Wilson is heating up.

    Word on the street is that the Chicago Bears are leading the charge in pursuit of Wilson, with GM Ryan Pace and coach Matt Nagy on the hot seat entering their fourth year as a tandem in the Windy City.

    Wilson, 32, who has a no-trade clause, has made public that the Bears, Saints, Raiders and Cowboys are the only teams he’ll accept a trade to, per ESPN. And now that list is down to three after Dallas’ re-signing of Dak Prescott.

    The Jets, who hold the No. 2 overall pick, have been fielding calls on Darnold, 23. The Denver Broncos, Washington Football Team and San Francisco 49ers are believed to be among the interested teams.

    If the Houston Texans were willing to trade Deshaun Watson, that would be another possible Darnold landing spot, but the Texans’ party line to this point has been they will not trade their disgruntled star.

    And if they’re open to it, the Miami Dolphins at the No. 3 pick and the Carolina Panthers at No. 8 would be major competition for the Jets.

    Wilson scorched the earth in Seattle after watching this year’s Super Bowl from the stands, complaining publicly on The Dan Patrick Show about his poor offensive line and lack of personnel power in Seattle.

    A trade would be costly for the Bears, but Pace and Nagy have nothing to lose. If it works and they win, great. If it doesn’t work, the future picks they traded aren’t theirs, anyway.

    Chicago has to do something, though, with reigning MVP Aaron Rodgers ready to run it back in Green Bay. The Bears have let former No. 1 overall pick Mitchell Trubisky walk into free agency and only have Nick Foles on the QB depth chart.

    Interestingly enough, Fox Sports’ Colin Cowherd reported this exact same connection late last week, saying the Bears were trying hard to get Wilson and that the Carroll-Darnold pairing was worth watching.

    And then Monday morning on ESPN’s Get Up, analyst Dan Orlovsky, a former NFL quarterback, posed a hypothetical three-way trade between the Jets, Bears and Seahawks to get Wilson to Chicago and Darnold to Seattle.

    Carroll coached at USC. Darnold played there. So they have that connection. But despite not having a relationship, Carroll told reporters in December of his respect for Darnold’s game.

    “I think he’s really talented without question,” Carroll said. “He’s got great throws in him. He’s a real quarterback. He sees things. He makes big plays and big throws in difficult situations because of his talent. It’s just a matter of time. Sam’s going to be a really big-time QB. He’s thrown a lot of balls in three years. He’s had a lot of experience. It will pay off in the long run.”

    Carroll, who coached the Jets in 1994, has made a blockbuster trade with the Jets recently, as well.

    Last summer, the Jets sent safety Jamal Adams and a 2022 fourth-round pick to Seattle for two firsts, a third and safety Bradley McDougald.

    If Carroll pulls off a Wilson trade, he’ll have more than enough assets to acquire Darnold and continue rebuilding his roster out West.

  19. Rory

    Ha, fingers not nearly fast enough for this group. 😆

  20. pdway

    “No restructures to free up room. No extensions. No trades — either to create cap space or get back in the draft.”

    right? this part drives me the most crazy…unless they are just better than everyone else in keeping secrets (and why would they be, agents talk to the press all the time) .. . why are they not playing in this sandbox? Obviously, some of this is necessary to keep up right now. We are not some young, uber-talented, low-salaried team. We are built around a $35MM QB in his prime years, it’s time to make some bets.

    And you’re totally right – it’s been a really crappy stretch for Hawks fanbase w the RW saga playing out – give us something to go on.

    Feeling incredibly frustrated

  21. CaptainJack

    Corey Davis is a jet. Three year 37.5 million, for a decent number 2 receiver, so not really cheap. Zach Wilson will like him.

  22. cha

    Oh, Brian. You’re roundly getting trashed for that third bullet point

    Brian Nemhauser
    The dread of Seahawks fans on Twitter and sarcasm from Seattle media feels way overdone given:

    * Where we are in free agency
    * The quality and quality of players still available at positions of need
    * The Seahawks offseason last year being very solid

    I’m not concerned.
    2:04 PM · Mar 15, 2021

    • Matt

      I have no idea what happened to Brian – but he’s just loaded with crap takes over the last few months. It’s been a really weird evolution with him.

      Last offseason was a disaster. Solid? Absolute joke.

      • Hebegbs

        How can Brian come anywhere close to justifying last year’s off season as solid? Lost all credibility with me with that statement. It was a complete and total disaster with the $ they had other than perhaps Snell and Mayowa. But even w those 2 ok with the cash they had to improve is a huge failure. Wow.

        • Matt

          I always admired him for his even-keel takes, but a few months ago he just hopped on the “PC/JS are infallible” train. Don’t mind the change in opinion, but he’s become so condescending about it.

    • Rob Staton

      Wait… what?

      Did he accidentally mash the key pad and it just so happened to spell out that sentence in error?

      Because surely he’s not being serious?

    • CaptainJack

      Sure there are good free agents left.
      There were a few days after free agency began a year ago as well.
      But what evidence is there that the Seahawks are going to identify and sign any of those remaining players? There is none.

  23. Hebegbs

    Brady Henderson warned fans not to expect big moves by Hawks early in FA. Duh. Today is hardly surprising.

    What is interesting is they keep promoting the “value” signing in 2nd or 3rd wave of FA which actually makes some sense. However, what value signing have they had recently?? Reed maybe. Hyde if he wasn’t injured most of the year. Mayowa I suppose. Who else sticks out on this team as a “value” FA signing in the last few years that has been a solid contributor? Other than trades for better players at the expense of high draft capital I’m having a hard time remembering any the past 3-4 years FA wise.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      What, you don’t see the value in paying Greg Olsen $7 million for 24 receptions and a single TD?

      • BobbyK

        He was actually a high priority signing! Signed him before FA last year. He was the “superstar” Wilson wanted/needed. LMAO

        • Blitzy the Clown

          It’s even worse than I remember

  24. Blitzy the Clown

    I guess I forgot the first few days of free agency with the Seahawks is like having sleep paralysis. You’re awake and aware of everything going on around you but you can’t move or do anything.

    • BobbyK

      Which is perfectly acceptable if the on-field product has had realistic Super Bowl hopes in recent seasons. But they have not been Super Bowl favorite, merely the type of team that bows out without much of a fight in most of their last playoff appearances/seasons.

  25. cha

    Mina Kimes
    anytime you can trade for one of the best quarterbacks of the last decade for one of the statistically worst ones and absorb a $39 mm cap hit in the process, you gotta do it

    Dianna Russini
    Replying to
    As one smart NFL GM texted me in regards to that whole cap hit issue, “Easy to maneuver”
    1:46 PM · Mar 15, 2021

    • Rob Staton

      “Easy to maneuver”

      Anyone would think we know what we’re talking about on here…

      • RugbyLock

        Who would think that?

    • BobbyK

      “As one smart NFL GM texted…”

      That’s your problem. The word smart. Seahawks obviously have some problems.

    • CaptainJack

      Let’s be honest about one thing. Carroll leaving would be much better for this team than Wilson leaving. It’s just that Wilson leaving is more likely.

      • Rob Staton

        Well, removing the one thing that has kept Seattle relevant for the last six years might accelerate the other thing coming true.

        • BobbyK

          True. But good God, it’s depressing to know we don’t have our top 5 pick next year if these things work out the way they are trending.

          • Peter

            And therein lies the rub. If we have Wilson it’s a 20 or higher pick which is to the FO “meh, let’s burn it.” And w/o him and no defense plus zero running game it’s a top 5 pick. I’m not a huge baseball stat dork but it’s scary to think about WIlson’s WAR (wins above replacement) and what that number really is after years of of the FO pissing away resources

    • Peter

      Don’t know if this tweet is about a Darnold trade and letting go of Wilson. But the only thing that’s worrying me about all this is I can realistically see Seattle getting 1-2-3 from Chicago and going a head and givng the Jets 2-3 for Darnold and PC/JS looking at each other and saying : ” Nailed it.”

  26. Cortez Kennedy

    The team is always talking about getting back to “being the bully” but I guess that only applies to the field. You aren’t going to politely finesse one of these big dog linemen into coming to Seattle. A mess indeed.

    49ers are flush with defensive linemen, Cards get Watt to bookend with Jones, and the Rams made a point to resign Floyd. Meanwhile, Seattle keeps waving goodbye to their best pass rushers. Business as usual.

    • CaptainJack

      The saddest thing is they probably thought they were “being the bully” by getting Jamal Adams from the Jets. Yes, for a kings ransom. The jets absolutely committed highway robbery with that trade and I’m sure PC was just tickled afterwards. It’s sickening.

      • Cortez Kennedy

        I just wonder how much it tore up Schneider making that ridiculous offer. Being a Ted Thompson disciple it really had to be tough.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          If so, then why would he reup for another 5 years?

  27. cha

    The one thing that would make all this inaction make sense is they’re finalizing the details on a RW trade.

    It would be one of the biggest and most complex deals in NFL history. So of course it would take time. If the Seahawks miss out on a day or two of the tampering period, so be it.

    But if they really are just sitting on their hands and doing the smug ‘we don’t get sucked into big spending like everyone else’ thing like they typically do, there is going to be hell to pay.

    • Cortez Kennedy

      Ain’t it fun?!

      Last year, I was flabbergasted. I won’t get flabbergasted again.

      • Gary

        Pick up my guitar and play
        Just like yesterday
        Then I’ll get on my knees and pray
        We don’t get fooled again
        Don’t get fooled again, no, no

    • Roy Batty

      That’s my take as well.

      This won’t be rushed into, and since they knew they were trading Russ they figured they wouldn’t bother spending on expensive FA Olinemen. Instead they figure they will have cheap drafted players and inexpensive backup vets.

      That’s why I haven’t really looked at my phone much today, only glancing for trade news on Russ, and not for the Hawks making FA deals.

      They do nothing and it’s a guarantee that Russ will eventually ask for a trade.

    • dcd2

      Hahaha!! Hell to pay? By whom?

      Danny O’Neil? Gregg Bell? Condotta? Art Thiel? Curtis Crabtree?

      I’m afraid not my friend.

      ‘Pete, how do you manage to be such an inspiring figure?’
      ‘Pete, how excited are you to have a more normal training camp?’
      ‘Pete, you were the only team in the NFL to not have a positive COVID test last year. Simply amazing.’
      ‘Coach, you traded your 2022 2nd and 3rd rounders for an off-ball linebacker. How great is it to have a leader like Bobby to help get them up to speed with your defense?’

      • cha

        From the press? No absolutely not.

        But missing the moment where you can maximize your Russ leverage and getting less than you should get in trade.

        Having loads of free money but doubling down on Jamal Adams and Shaquille Griffin, while raving about how Darrell Taylor looks in shorts.

        And getting trucked by a rejuvenated Niners team and a Rams team that now has an actual quarterback.

        • RugbyLock

          dcd2 and cha are on it!! LOL! Love the “press conference”! It’s very funny and very sad at the same time… Are we going back to the 90s again… ugggh…

          • RugbyLock

            Good Lord… I hope I’m wrong…

  28. CaptainJack

    Bud Dupree is heading to Nashville. Another top pass rusher off the board!

    • CaptainJack

      Also the patriots signed old blog favorite Henry Anderson from the Jets.

    • TomLPDX

      Titans aren’t sitting on there hands. Their weak spot last year was the same as ours, and Clowney was a fail. They need to beef up their pass rush and this will help.

      • Tecmo Bowl

        Titans taking another swing at a highly athletic pass rusher. Whiffed twice last year, good for them to keep on swinging. JS keep trying to bust out the walking stick. 😆

    • BruceN

      I wasn’t keen on Dupree. His numbers were inflated by the highest rate of uncontested pressures vs. other pass rushers in a blitz heavy system.

    • God of Thunder

      You didn’t mention Dupree’s term, guaranteed money, age or injury history. Did we want Bud Dupree?

      He’s a 28 year old 269 lb linebacker who tore his ACL and relies on speed to reach the QB. 5 years, 16.5$ mill per season. A big no.

  29. KD

    Another offseason that feels like one of Baldric’s cunning plans, and it is the worst plan in the history of the world since King Olaf the Hairy, high chief of all the vikings, ordered 30,000 battle helmets with the horns on the inside.

    • Bob C Hawk

      Nice! Maybe we’ll deal Russ for a ton of cash, an amusing clock, and a sack of French porn.

    • STTBM

      LMFAO! 😂

      • RugbyLock

        This is the BEST comments section anywhere!!! ROFLMAO!!!!

  30. Ashish

    Article’s title “The problem with the Seahawks” says it all. Chiefs signing Ol for 5 years 80 mil..
    What the f…. and they have Mahomes who they gave 500 mil contract and 100 other super stars. How they can do it, and we got stuck in this mess.

    Thanks Rob for articles but it’s hurts 🙁 to know the truth.

    • Jordan E

      Optimism for the Hawks making a big splash in FA is the definition of insanity…

      Doing the same thing year after year but expecting different results. Maybe we’ll get Sherman, Bruce Irvin, and KJ. Woo…

  31. CaptainJack

    Carl Lawson, Cincinnati edge rusher, to the Jets. 3 years 45 million. Saleh must see something there because that seems steep for his production so far.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      It seems so to me too, but then it’s not a good draft for edge and the Jets have other needs to address.

      I wouldn’t mind Lawson on the Seahawks, but not at $45m for 3 years.

    • BruceN

      His sack numbers weren’t that impressive but he had the 4th highest pressure rate of any pass rusher last year per PFF. I was hoping we bookended him with Dunlap. Oh well…

      • CaptainJack

        Good insight, I didn’t know that. I was surprised to see the jets sign Jarrad Davis, Saleh had a good track record of developing UDFA/low round linebackers into highly competent players.

  32. charlietheunicorn

    The Las Vegas Raiders and defensive end Yannick Ngakoue have agreed to a two-year, $26 million deal, a source told ESPN’s Adam Schefter on Monday. 22M guaranteed.

    • Scot04

      So Dunlap should expect around 10-12M per year for 2

  33. Sea Mode

    Pass rushers still flying off the board:

    Ian Rapoport

    For the #Jets and Carl Lawson: 3 years, $45M with $30M guaranteed. Up to $47.4M. Huge deal.
    It’s $16.5M a year for Bud Dupree on a multi-year deal.


    Jason La Canfora

    Ravens keeping tabs on market for Melvin Ingram, Kyle Van Noy and Carlos Dunlap, I’m told. Reunion with Tyus Bowser possible as well

    • Leonardo

      It’s so annoying that the Ravens always seem to do the things we want the Hawks to do lol. They snapped up Calais and added pass rushers last offseason while we messed around with Clowney. They drafted Dobbins in a strong RB class while we let the opportunity pass. Then they lock up Zeitler today, and I fully expect them to steal Dunlap away too. It’s not like Rob’s ideas are impossible to implement, a successful team does it regularly!

    • CaptainJack

      Keep in mind Ravens just lost Judon and Ngakoue so it’s almost a certainty they’ll sign someone at that spot in the coming days.

      • CaptainJack

        If it’s Dunlap, I’m going to be depressed.

        • pdway


      • Scot04

        They’ll wait now and get the two 3rd round comp picks. Or get a released player eho won’t count

  34. Sea Mode

    I’m bored. Good night.

  35. AlaskaHawk

    What’s happening with Carlos Dunlap? I haven’t seen any news about him signing with a team.

    • CaptainJack

      Only thing I saw on him today was the Ravens “expressed interest” in him

  36. CaptainJack

    Jameis Winston no longer an option for the Seahawks in case of a Russ trade. Back to New Orleans

    • BobbyK


  37. pran

    wait until you see who Hawks draft.. well we don’t have draft capital. lets trade away the MVP of the roster and watch the picks blown away for Penny, Collier, McDowell, some DE with foot injury..etc

    Russ kept Hawks relevant through all these years of horrendous drafts…once he leaves shall crumble like a pack of cards

  38. Paul Cook

    I know this has been said ten different ways already around here, but it can’t be overstated. PC and JS’s regular season success the past 4-5 seasons or so has been almost completely reliant upon RW. The guy’s pulled so many wins out of the butt of defeat he’s almost in his own statistical category in that way.

    Whatever one thinks of RW’s Eddie Haskell/Tony Robbins/Corporate Christian Choir boy routine, you can’t take this fact away from him. It really is arrogant of PC/JS to act as if they have somehow been the custodians of Seahawk regular season success of late. Have not.

    Yet they act as if there is nothing to see or talk about here.

    I’m sorry, but PC has jumped the shark here.

  39. Scot04

    Hoping Seahawks signing Poona to long term deal vrs just 2nd round tender

    • Simo

      Man Scott, I just hope they sign somebody, anybody. They always try to outsmart the other teams and find bargains in the second and third waves of free agency, but I tend to think you get what you pay for really applies to NFL players. I wish they wouldn’t always dumpster dive for players and would just add some quality players in free agency. They don’t even have to give up all their draft picks to get good players! Ugh!!

  40. TheOtherJordan

    The part I don’t understand is the people, both fans and the media, acting like the status quo is fine? Seattle got their ass handed to them in their own stadium in the playoffs by a division rival. And that division rival has improved. The other division rivals have improved. They weren’t even competitive. They were embarrassed. But let’s bury our head in the sand, pretend it’s all part of the plan and watch highlights from 2014.

    The topper will be when Russell Wilson demands a trade after seeing the utter shambles the offseason “plan” is which will remove all leverage the Seahawks have and in the end they get back less than they gave up for a safety because Seattle will have given the Jets a top 3 pick in 2022.

  41. Rob Staton

    The trolls are out in force again.

    They disappeared for a while after the Rams game

    Clearly they’ve got over that now though and are ready to be especially freaked out by any criticism of the team

    • Jordan E

      It’s sad… this offseason has been terrible for the Hawks and now were missing our again on key free agents to surprisingly affordable contracts. The trolls need to think objectivity, especially if their goal is a SB. We will likely make playoffs again but lets get real. Without a major change or upgrade in personnel we are SB pretenders at best instead of contender. The fact that Chiefs got a top tier G is just another slap in the face. 🤦‍♂️

      • Roy Batty

        The Niners possibly being back to full strength. The Rams getting Stanford and making other moves. The Cards continuing to build around Kyler. They need to simply survive the NFC West before making the playoffs. Making no major moves is not a recipe for the rudderless Hawks to field a winner. Not in this division. Not with so many holes to fill, even with Russ under center.

    • Tomas

      Sometimes nothing more dangerous than speaking the mere truth. Keep up the good work. SDB is a beacon of top-class writing and commentary, and always engaging podcasts. Your humor in the face of an emerging team disaster is appreciated. It occurs to me that soon enough the many ingredients of this tragedy will make one helluva book, of the rise and downfall type. You might be the perfect person to write such an account, your outsider-but informed status giving your voice more, not less, credibility.

  42. D-OZ

    A typical JS/PC start of FA. I expected as much, although I am convinced it is deep seed pride driven on both sides. neither side is conceding. Strap on your boot’s gang. We are entering the O-Zone. Break out the Lavender and breath deep… WE ARE ENTERING THE BARGAIN BASEMENT 🙁

  43. Rob Staton

    Watch Marshall at the end:

    • Ryan

      Brandon near the end kind of acknowledges it might be one more year. I wonder if Russ acknowledges that too.

      • Rob Staton

        Not really. That’s just in response to the other guys question. He made it clear Wilson will exert pressure for now if they don’t sort things out.

      • Gary

        Less value a year from now, and a lost season in 2021, so that would be the Seahawks thing to do.

    • cha

      It’s just too logical. Now is the time. Make or break.

  44. STTBM

    Seattle gonna lose Dunlap to Ravens, IMO. This team is disintegrating completely, one year after blowing over $50 million on crap players, and few if any media are calling them on it.

    8 years ago pathetic, disastrous Drafts…

    8 years of hilariously bad Free Agency moves..

    3 huge trades all failed miserably, two in spectacular fashion…

    Now they are going to trade away the third best qb in football…

    Because Pete is so good at making a team greater than the sum of it’s parts? Not….

    Because Schneider is so good at drafting, Free Agency, Cap Management, and Trades?! Uh, NOT!

    All we can do is wave Russ Goodbye, and pray for 0-16 so we can move on as soon as possible…

    • Paul Cook

      *Without the our #1 pick. Ouch!

      • STTBM

        Who cares? We just need Carrols ass fired…

  45. BobbyK

    The Problem With The Seahawks Is Ownership. There. I said it.

    Pete doesn’t deserve the free reign he’s given. He’s great at building culture. He’s organized as an NFL coach. Whoever eventually replaces him won’t be as good as Pete Carroll in either department. However, ownership is allowing this coach too much control. Way too much.

    The GM is a figurehead. He’s not even a real GM. He just has the title. He’s Pete Carroll’s pet servant.

    No coach has the free reign on Pete Carroll. Not even Belichick (we wanted to move Brady a couple years ago and Kraft said no at the time) and Pete isn’t half the coach BB is.

    Pete Carroll is turned the Seahawks into what should have been a multiple Super Bowl winning mini-dynasty. Just like USC. Awesome job. Great years. Mostly great memories.

    Pete Carroll is turning the Seahawks into what he left at USC. A hot mess because he has no accountability.

    I feel somewhat bad for Jody Allen. She didn’t want this. But it’s on her to right the ship and she’s made it clear she wants no part of it, hence the contract extensions for Tyrant Carroll and Puppet Schneider. They have free reign to sink the Titanic and we’re all supposed to keep playing in the band and not care the ship is sinking. If we dare criticizing the amount of water coming in, then we’re not real fans. So sick of the sheep following incompetence.

    • Tecmo Bowl

      “Before PC/JS signed extensions, they were on contracts set to expire after the 2021 season. JS’s was announed 3 days after the first round playoff loss. Mediocrity awarded. Did “win forever” die with Paul Allen(RIP)?”

      I hinted at this earlier…agree ownership seems to be the problem.

      JS/PC burst onto the scene in Seattle with a flurry of moves. Now they’re better known for sitting on their hands. Was Paul Allen the keystone all along?

  46. Rob Staton

    As far as I can tell, Schefter hasn’t said a word on Russell Wilson today or the last few days.

    If anyone breaks news relating to RW, it’ll be him after he helped out Mark Rodgers with the on-the-record scoop.

    • Simo

      Did John and Pete go on a fishing trip and simply decide to skip free agency? Their inaction and silence is maddening!!

    • Seahawk_Dan

      After today Rob, with the Hawks missing out on the biggest OL Free Agents we’ll probably hear rumblings about Wilson tomorrow. They’re clearly either ignoring his concerns or the trade is near. I can only imagine he’s talking to his agent and just wants out. Now.

      • Rob Staton

        I think you might be right.

        I think it’s highly unlikely that if they remain mostly inactive or resort to cheap castaways at vital positions, he’ll just suck it up and say ‘see you in camp’

        • Seahawk_Dan

          He’s done that his whole career. He’s tired of being a boy scout. Quarterbacks equal to or with lesser talent are given the time of day and treated better than he is.

        • Mike

          The hawks had a really odd day today without doing anything. Something has to be going on with Russ or else they would have done something today right?

          • Rob Staton

            I do think the smoke grows.

            All the talk about Darnold. Not just from Cowherd now but Brad Biggs in Chicago and a reporter with the NY Daily News.

            The fact they haven’t done anything to raise money via extensions or restructures (which they will need to do at some point with or without a trade of some kind). Neither have they done anything to get back into the draft, which they have to. You can’t pick one in the top-130 when cheap talent is more important than ever.

            So I get the sense something is brewing.

            • Mike

              Yeah I agree, it’ll be interesting. You’re right if they were gonna keep russ they would have restructured.

              It’s just weird even simple moves like tendering Ponca haven’t been done.

            • Bankhawk

              Keeping hope alive!

  47. Paul Cook

    I was thinking about that GB NFC championship playoff game some years ago. RW was untypically awful for much of the game. 4 INT’s and the Hawks getting shutout 16-0 at halftime. I think advanced stats had us at something like a 95% + chance of losing the game.

    But guess what? RW brought us back to a highly improbable victory.

    Did PC forget this? Did he forget this after the Buffalo and Ram game last year?

  48. Ryan

    Failure to spend quickly in free agency for the likes of Thuney or Linsley or Zeitler seems to me a sign that they’re not giving in to Russell’s demands for greater investment in the OL and passing game. But perhaps they just had no interest in going down that road in the first place.

    Whereas, if they’re still confident about making a deal with Chicago, they’re not under pressure to make big splashes in free agency, and might even act a bit tentative due to cap restrictions this year. Today doesn’t preclude a trade still if Chicago can pony up.

  49. STTBM

    Rob, please forgive my anger at the state of the Seahawks. This has been building for years. Now everyone can see the slow motion train wreck I’ve been warning about come to fruition…but I’ll try to tone it down.

    It’s damned hard to find any silver linings in this mess…

  50. Rob Staton

    Jesus wept

    Do not waste money on Griffin

    • BruceN


    • Matt

      If they resign him for any sort of chunk of $…I mean…I just can’t anymore.

  51. Paul Cook

    PC wants RW to remain submissive. That’s about all I can think of to say at this point.

  52. STTBM

    Ugh, I agree. Why spend money on him? He’s sloppy, isn’t in the shape he should be in, and has a crappy attitude. I can’t forget his comments about overlooking opponents, and getting pulled to sleep.

  53. LB


    What do you suppose the odds are of the Seahawks waiting until after the draft to trade Wilson, with the expectation being they could get draft picks in the ‘22 and ‘23 drafts when the scouting process might be more normal?

    Given how the organization’s recent draft struggles I can’t imagine the front office is too enthused about drafting in the current environment.

    • Rob Staton

      I think this is overplayed to be honest LB. I don’t think we need to see some players run around in their underwear to know whether they can play. And having a full picture hasn’t exactly helped them in recent years.

      You need to get back in this draft. There are good players available.

      • LB

        I agree that the combine is overrated, I’m just not so sure Carroll and Co. agree. In any case thanks for the reply.

  54. Paul Cook

    I was a Chicagoan before a Seattleite. I’m not the sports fan I used to be. But I remember back in the 90’s when the Chicago Bulls were all the rage. We were winning championships like receiving the mail. There was this front office vs. Michael Jordan thing after the first few. I remember the GM Jerry Krause saying, to paraphrase, players don’t win championships, organizations do.

    I think the criticism of his statement got more than a bit overdone. Organizations ARE important for a team’s success. But to say this when you’ve got perhaps the greatest player in team sport’s history on your team leading you to championships was in-cautious and impolitic at best.

    It was downright arrogant.

    Everyone knew it. That’s how it got overdone.

    This PC/RW thing is not quite on that scale, but it bears some resemblance.

    I don;t know, I’m just on a track now. LOL

  55. IHeartTacoma

    What a disaster… things are so bad that everyone here is in agreement: PCJS are screwups, and Wilson is correct to want out.

    I’m all in, but groupthink worries me, especially on this blog which has always been full of intelligent, diverse opinions. So I’ll play devil’s advocate: What if most free agents don’t want to play with Russell Wilson, and what if most teams don’t really want him? Would that explain what we are seeing?

    In any case, a trade can’t happen soon enough for me.

    • Scot04

      I’m all for a trade as well. If it has to be Wilson so be it. However, my concern is with PC & JS getting a haul. They have 0 problems giving a haul away for a safety, but unsure if they can pull one off similarly in their favor.
      3 low 1sts over 3 years and Darnold would not excite me.
      Give me 2 1sts this year 2 additional 1sts with Darnold, and I think your close.
      I just don’t see them getting it done

    • BobbyK

      Players generally go to whoever gives them the most money. It’s always been that way. Had Zeitler been offered a few million more by the Hawks, he’d be a Seahawk now.

      But, hey, no need to worry on him – they were in on him. So all is well.

    • dcd2

      If I’m a FA OL, I’m not seeing a ton of draw to joining up with this circus.

      Will you sign today and be protecting Sam Darnold by the end of the week? Maybe
      If we do keep RW, didn’t he just throw his OL under the bus on national TV? Yep
      Did PCJS low-ball you with a short-term deal? Probably
      Do you really want to face off against Bosa/Amstead, Donald/Floyd & Chandler Jones/JJ Watt for 6 games? Nah
      What is this offense going to look like with an OC who’s never called a play in his career? IDK

      Part of me thinks that RW’s cringe-worthy persona and recent need to define his legacy by posting gaudy numbers, rubs some people wrong. So, ya there is probably an aspect of what you’re saying that could be a turnoff for FA’s and potential suitors. At the same time, RW isn’t the only reason that we might not be the preferred destination that we would like to think.

  56. Rob Staton

    Yep, the trolls are definitely back.

    It’s amazing really. How totally incapable some fans are of a serious, adult discussion about the state of this team.

    • Mac

      I know what you mean, I would be much happier if I wasn’t using Twitter to check up in free agency news lol

      • Rob Staton

        It’s not just twitter… although I had one particularly unpleasant message on there.

        It’s the comments here too. I’ve had to moderate the crap out of this tonight.

        • RugbyLock

          Wow… Thanks for doing that Rob!

    • Matt

      I just turned off Hawkblogger tonight…shocking how he’s joining in on this. My guess is he desperately wants to be in the club with the Gregg Bell’s and Aaron Levines.

  57. Mac

    I would be disappointed if we resign Shaquill for anything more than 4 mil. I just don’t believe he’s a great player, he’s a definition of being ‘just a guy’. The money would be far better invested in the trenches.

    My prediction is that we sign Shatley, Brian winters and q Jefferson to 33% raises, and the HawkBlogger will attempt to spin it to a positive.

  58. BobbyK

    If Hawks swap out Darnold for Wilson they better be getting all the Bears picks this year and their 1 and 2s in the next few years as well.

    If you have a pathetic depth chart like the Seahawks, the best thing is to hit on lots of draft picks. You can’t do that without lots of draft picks. Draft picks are important, but not as important as strong safetys that can’t cover.

  59. Chris

    So I’ve been thinking about PC/JS in terms of college player eval, pro player eval, all the GM type stuff that they both handle. And I think overrated is being kind. Here’s my take:

    When Pete first came to the Hawks, he was very familiar with the college scene from his USC days; he knew who was good, and who was undervalued. He also had Scot McCloughan who was a troubled genius at player eval. Schneider was new to the GM role, so he relied heavily on Scot’s input. Together, this trio puts together one of the best defenses I’ve seen. And then time (and booze) starts to diminish this edge. Pete’s insight into the draft loses value (the last college players he would have scouted graduated in 2014, and Scot left the team that year as well.

    So now the Hawks have to rely heavily on their scouts and Schneider. Schneider had done a good job signing free agents up til now (Avril, Bennett, etc), but the trades were really no better than average, and in some cases disrupted team chemistry in extreme ways (Harvin, Graham, losing Unger). The extensions the Hawks gave out seemed to be hit or miss as well (Chancellor, Bennett). And now the drafts started to be really below average from 2015 onwards.

    The Hawks had two issues; one was low draft pick positions due to their previous success, and their tendency to get cute and trade down. This allowed them to accumulate more picks and players, but not very high quality players. From the 2015 draft through the 2020, they had 57 picks. Of the 57 picks, four were Pro Bowlers, and 8 were starters. When you look at the players they passed on, this to me seems to be replacement level GM work. And I’m including Pete Carroll since I consider him the true GM.

    So when all is said and done, PC/JS are marginal now in player evaluation, acquisition and retention.

    • HawksGal

      I’ve been saying this for the last three years, Pete is now too far removed from his College days to find the gems!

  60. CaptainJack

    Dalvin Tomlinson to Minnesota, 2 years, 22 million.
    Trey Hendrickson (13.5 sacks in 2020) to Cincinnati, 4 years 60 million. Good young replacement for Dunlap.
    Browns apparently “looking closely at” Shaquill Griffen. Please get it done, Cleveland.

    Seahawks: NADA

  61. JLemere

    Best remaining options for positions of need

    RB1: Chris Carson. Alternate- Mike Davis
    WR3: Curtis Samuel. Alternate- Emmanuel Sanders
    TE1: Hunter Henry. Alternate- Gerald Everett
    LG: Gabe Jackson. Alternate- Trai Turner
    C: David Andrews. Alternate- Alex Mack
    LEO: Carlos Dunlap. Alternate- Jadeveon Clowney (The circle would be complete)
    5T: Quinton Jefferson. Alternate- None
    SAM: Haasan Reddick. Alternate- KJ Wright
    CB: Richard Sherman. Alternate- Shaq Griffin

    • CaptainJack

      I am higher on Jeff returning than most. I think his best football yet is going to be the next few seasons.

      • CaptainJack

        Jeff meaning Jefferson…

    • Jordan

      If they can pull one each from that LG & C group and add a #3 target (either a TE or WR3 upgrade) I’ll feel pretty good about the offense

      • Rob Staton

        Gabe Jacksom & Trai Turner are not good any more

        • JLemere

          Still wouldn’t hurt though if you got one of them on a 1 yr vet min deal though. Very least you got depth behind on whoever they draft at LG.

    • Jordan

      Samuel would be fun!

      I think there’s a lot to like with Keelan Cole too, considering he’s never had a QB like Russ.

  62. DC

    Here’s a new idea to maximize Russell’s return. The Bears, Saints & Raiders each pony up 2 1st round picks over the span of the next 3 years so that Seattle gets 2 in each of the next 3 years for a total of 6. Then either a lottery, series of coin tosses or a Thunderdome scenario between each team’s “champion” takes place to determine the winner. “3 men enter, 1 man leaves”. Last man alive gets Russ on their team for a measly 2 1st round picks.

  63. Jordan

    If they can pull one each from that LG & C group and add a #3 target (either a TE or WR3 upgrade) I’ll feel pretty good about the offense

    • Jordan

      Sorry, double post.

  64. Jordan

    Dalton to the Bears, speculation at this point. But would make sense for them kinda (as much as Dalton makes sense for anyone)

    • Rob Staton

      The only way it would make sense is as a backup, which is almost certainly what he would be. If they sign him it will be insurance while they pursue Wilson, Watson or a rookie.

      Otherwise the GM might as well resign now to save face.

      • RugbyLock

        Maybe they traded for him to be part of the package for Wilson… sigh…

  65. Kevin

    The real problem I have had with free agency this year, and the last couple is hubris. PC/JS feel like they can judge the value of players and stick to that valuation. They really believe they can take a swing in late free agency and come across enough hidden gems to fill out a roster. That just isn’t the case.

    They take unnecessary and unwarranted gambles on players, when sometimes they just need to recognize the value of a player is what the market says it is, not what they want to pay. They can’t wait until late in free agency or later rounds of the draft to fill key and central roles in their offense/defense. Those are the places to find rotational talents and possibly find a hidden gem or two. But relying on that for necessary roles is foolish.

    Pass rusher is a good example. They thought they could rely on rotational/marginal talent to fill a central role in their defense last year, because they have been able to do it before. They take those kinds of risks because they wrongly believe they can perennially pull a rabbit out of their hat. They can’t. We long for the 2012 draft and 2013 free agency. Seeing something like that again would be amazing, but the chances of that happening again is unlikely. They need to adjust their market viewpoint in the direction of what the true value of a central role is, and try to find players to fill those roles. Then use the remaining resources to obtain role players and look for inexpensive players with a high ceiling.

    • Trevor

      Agree completely

  66. DougM

    Does a Wagner for Darnold trade make sense?

    • Scot04

      I could definitely see how it could benefit both teams. The Jets just signed a LB though, and have CJ Mosely. Both play MLB, plus it sounds like they’re trying to unload CJ’s salary. So even though LB is a need and Bobby would be an upgrade, i would think it would be highly unlikely.

    • Trevor

      I love that trade for the Hawks if they were to move Russ.

  67. Coach

    Would you be happy if we got these 3 after the prices come down a little:
    C – David Andrews
    DE – Dunlap
    CB – Sherman

    Can we afford them and what are the odds that PCJS will pull the trigger?

    I’m hoping that we sign at least one of them tomorrow!

    Go Hawks!

    • Scot04

      Dunlap and Sherman definitely, Andrews sure at right price.
      Can we afford them: Yes l, we could sign all 3 if we wanted to.
      Odds on Seahawks doing anything positive has been pretty low for a few year in regards to Free-agents. So I guess they’re do for something to go right.

      • SeattleLifer

        I actually see these three as right up their alley. A meh center and a couple of old vets all three of which that they would overpay to the point of us asking why wouldn’t you just spend a few million more on younger players who have upside or at least won’t be at real risk for injuries and age related erosion of skills.

        Not saying I wouldn’t take any of them i just think we’d overpay/give too long of contracts.

        The level of professional stupidity and lack of ability to learn from the past are just astonishing to me. How can they not see that letting go of your good drafted players, frequently overpaying for (and even targeting) crappy and/or aged talent along with refusing to pay more for talented players in prime years of age during free agency, plus giving up too much in trades – these all add up to certain and obvious ways to gut a roster?!

        The rest of the league’s gm’s have been saying it for years now : Pete and John march to their very own set of drums and the more the time has passed the more the rest of the league are largely viewing Pete and John as lucky idiots. Outside of some early draft successes they have been lucky to have Russell Wilson carry them as much as he has and to the truly discerning fan we’ve even been quite lucky the past few years with scheduling and other teams injuries(especially at QB) and just winning so many crazy/close games.

        • Scot04

          I’d rather us overpay a little on Dunlap than start the season similar to last season on the D-line

          • SeattleLifer

            I can’t disagree with that sentiment.

            • TomLPDX

              Me either. I was hoping for an extension, give him about $10M/yr for 2 years.

  68. Ky Swift

    I really hope tomorrow brings some clarity to our offseason plan. It’s been a stressful time ever since the Russ drama started what feels like ages ago. Just want to move on with it, either with a trade or a statement by Carroll and Wilson.

  69. DC

    The problem with the Seahawks is a lack of talent.

    • Scot04 l

      That’s just 1 of many problems I’m seeing.

    • Scot04

      I see plenty more problems with the Seahawks than just that one

  70. charlietheunicorn

    As I have mentioned before, if you trade RW, then you have to commit 100% to a full rebuild.
    I don’t see them doing that in 2021, but 2022 …. everyone on the team is fair game to get traded.

    oh yeah, the great WR Dorsett has left the building.

    • Scot04

      I don’t see why trading Wilson means a total rebuild is necessary.
      You could trade him, Wagner &;Adams without needing a full rebuild.

      • dcd2

        I don’t think that’s Pete’s style. If they trade RW, I think they’ll keep Bobby and Jamal (probably even if they keep RW).

    • Rob Staton

      You don’t have to commit to a full rebuild

      You do have to add some quality though

  71. Poli

    Stephon Gilmore available.

    For Bobby Wagner perhaps?

    • Poli

      Never mind, Gilmore wants anew deal.

  72. Matty

    This website make me want to throw my phone across the room due to its up front reporting.

    It’s clearly the Pete Carroll show in Seattle, but a PC who claims he loves the 12’s but treats all Seahawks supporters with either silence or bended truths.

    Seattle are in a complete mess with no direction. The NFC West is going to be so competitive next season, we will be bottom next year and then for a third season PC will go silent with the press.

    Big thanks to PC for what he has done to date but surely time to realize it’s done.

    • Seahawk_Dan

      If Wilson stays for 2021, he’ll be the soul reason this team has a shot at 10+ wins. Pete’s inability to inject talent into this team will be the death of it as the other West teams get stronger and I can see Seattle stumbling to 4th place especially if Russell is gone and no plan is thought of. I don’t think Pete genuinely knows how much of his career is tied to Russ and that building around him and not your personalized, archaic gameplan is the way to go.

    • Positrac

      PC/JS checking in with agents.
      Agent: he doesn’t want to play in Seattle.
      Pete: we were in on it, just didnt pan out.

  73. SeattleLifer

    Some observations and a rant or two.
    I get the sense that Darnold may well be the hangup in trading Wilson. The problem is two-fold a) We know the Jets can play hardball with trades (see Adams, Jamal) and b) they have no real reason to trade him any time soon. They already have tons of draft capitol and they know they have some real suitors for his services. They probably are aware of how key he is to the Wilson trade scenarios so why would’nt they drag things out and just sit back and watch the price go up all the while knowing there will always be a few teams ready to take him off of their hands?

    The overall crazyness of stupid money is as alive as ever during this free agency period. Teams know/expect the salary cap to go up in ensuing years with tv rights and gambling coming up so many of the smart and proactive teams are seeing this free agency class as a great opportunity where a good number of solid quality players are to be had if you just push the cap hits into future years.

    The Hawks under Pete incorporated are indeed sticking to their same old (insert adjectives: outdated, misguided, overthought, unaware etc) ways of doing business even though it’s clear their ways have mostly been for the worse overall for some time now. Add in how they aren’t making a concerted effort to placate their all pro QB’s hopes/expectations. Unless Wilson is indeed traded they have already failed in a number of ways. So many needs, so little cap room and draft stock, Wilson an unhappy camper and nothing done so far to address any one of these issues?!

    Wondering what’s up with not tendering Poona at this point? He’s clearly earned a raise and if the idea is to try to sign him to an extension then a) they had better do so before Wednesday and b) why would’nt you still tender him and get the first year of a new contract alot cheaper by doing so?

    I am going to be really hacked when they sign and overpay both Griffen and Adams and that’s regardless of whether Russ is traded or not. Add in the Pete and John mo’s of waiting until late in game to try and trade for neglected areas of need along with their tried and true tactic of holding out until the free agent well is almost dry and then having yo overpay below average talents in the fear that of they don’t get that guy then no one is left.

    A part of me wishes I could just rage quit on this team.

    • Trevor

      Yesterday was my low point as a Hawks fan. Even lower than after the Super Bowl loss because I had hope next season they would have a shot at going back to the Super Bowl.

      Now they just seem like a rudderless ship going in circles with no plan or clue what to do, the silence is also frustrating. It’s almost like let’s sign our 4 year extensions and go on vacation.

      • SeattleLifer

        I can actually understand the need for silence/keeping it close to the vest I just can’t understand the complete lack of action to even begin to address both the needs of the roster and the overall situation with Wilson. Either trade him or move forward with taking care of some of his desired (and deserved) wishes.

        • dcd2

          I think you had it right above though. Seattle doesn’t want to trade RW with zero options at QB, and NYJ know this. Douglas also knows he just fleeced JS last year, and has all the leverage. They don’t need more picks, CHI doesn’t have any players (that wouldn’t be committed to Seattle in the RW offer) that they are probably excited about.

          Why are the Jets is a hurry to get rid of Darnold? Seems his market is a 2nd rounder. Maybe Douglas is asking for two 2’s or a 1st? He’s got the winning hand in all of this. Seattle and Chicago are the ones sweating bullets, I’d think.

          If PCJS really feel that Darnold is their guy they need to get Minshew (or some other semi-viable QB). Take the leverage away from NY and tell them to call us after they’ve drafted Zach Wilson. Right now they’ve got us in a corner and just kicked our butts the last time we met at the negotiating table.

  74. Trevor

    If I read one more article about a player signing elsewhere and then “the Seahawks were in on it “ or “the Seahawks were interested” I may just throw my phone at the wall. Who cares! if you don’t sign a guy you don’t sign a guy. Of course you were interested in Thuney all 33 teams likely were.

    • Matt

      I was “in” on Katherine Webb before she married AJ McCarron because I was once in the same room as her.

      “Oh you two dated?”

      “No…I was just literally in the same room. So close to making that work.”

  75. Sea Mode

    Fitzpatrick to the WFT and supposedly the Bears were in for Winston, so there’s two less options left for them:

    Jeremy Fowler

    The Bears were a suitor for Jameis Winston before he signed with the Saints, per source. Chicago exhausting all options.

  76. Ulsterman

    The Seahawks just seem to be drifting with an old coach at the helm who can’t be shaken from the absolute belief that his ways work and he knows better than everyone else. Meanwhile, other teams in the division move further ahead of them.
    They badly need to improve that roster, especially in the trenches, but is anybody really confident they’ll do that?
    Some of their best trades recently have been the value ones like Coleman, Diggs and Dunlap, but they don’t even have the draft capital to do that thanks to the ridiculous Adams trade.
    PC/JS need to stop thinking they’re the smartest guys in the room, because they aren’t.

    • Rob Staton

      Well said

      • JimQ

        I’m not saying this is the case, but it is within an area of possibility that PC is having a gradual decline in his mental acuity. At near age 70 the symptoms may start slowly and get worse as time goes on. I have a son in law that at age 57 was a high level engineer at Boeing. Over the course of 2 years, his boss noticed a gradual reduction in his job performance and mental processing that showed up predominately in the decision making process. Eventually, he was seen by doctors and diagnosed with the early onset of the Big A. This is not uncommon as one of the many medical conditions that befall the elderly. I have to wonder if PC is showing the early signs of this metal disease? It is remotely possible and could explain some of the non-activity currently.

        • Rob Staton

          I’d rather not speculate on that Jim

  77. SonGoku

    The Rams are 35m over the cap and sign Floy to a 4yr/64m extension. Does anyone know what happens to teams that are over the cap when the season starts?

    • SeattleLifer

      Not sure but it would’nt surprise me at all if the league were to be very lenient with some bs excuse along the lines of ‘understanding how difficult it was for teams during this cap constrained year’…

    • Trevor

      Does the cap even matter anymore with voidable years and restructuring teams can sign anyone they want really.

    • Brik

      It’s been said a few times before. The league has the right to come in and start voiding contracts to get them under the cap. A very bad look for the franchise, and would probably make teams think twice if they would actually go through with it.

  78. Rob Staton

    If you whine about the blog or lazily accuse a shared concern as ‘group think’, while positioning yourself as some form of victim, pushing back against the crazed masses…

    I will delete your post.

    Argue the points raised. Moaning as a replacement for coherent debate? Not interested in it. Especially when I’ve already spent considerable time debating with you.

    If you expect to come here and make unchallenged views, then you’re mistaken. I have disagreed with most people on here at various points over the last 12 years.

    If you can hack good debate, good for you. If you just want to piss and moan rather than debate, there are other communities.

    I will debate anyone, any time. I will also argue and counter whenever I see fit. That’s just the way it is around here. If you disagree, that’s cool. Bring your A game and we can have a great conversation.

    • Trevor

      Love it!

    • Sea Mode

      So you think you know more than a real GM, huh? Lol smh lmao pff ffs rofl etc

      PC/JS won a Superb Owl. How many have you won?

      I know you’re trying to get rich off this blog; stop click-baiting and just enjoy all the winning seasons PC has brought us.

      *RW squeaky voice* Go Hawks!

      • Rob Staton

        I’ve been rumbled! 😂

      • dcd2


    • crazykind

      Well put, misery loves company! Diligent moderation is what sets this site apart from the rest. If you throw out ‘de bait’, you won’t be getting any bites.

    • STTBM

      Ok, then why is criticising Seattle’s current ownership simply, apparently, verboten?

      • Rob Staton

        Because you’ve gone way over the top.

        You weren’t criticising, you were getting personal and throwing insults at Jodi Allen.

        Not acceptable. Heed the warning.

  79. josh s krueger

    My wish list is all still there.

    Brining the “band” back on D…. lol

    DE – Resign Dunlap

    DE – Sign Clowney

    CB – Bring Sherm back & Draft

    LB – Resign KJ

    Trade J.Adams for at least a 1st this year


    WR – A.Brown best WR they can get for the money. (Will choose Brady/Bucs over Wilson AGAIN)

    RB – L.Fournette best RB they can get for the money. (Same as AB should have got him last year)

    TE – Draft

    OLC – Mack & Draft

    OLG – First Pick in draft

    • Trevor

      If they could pull that off it would restore my hope in the future of the franchise with PC/JS at the helm. I pu the probability at .00001 %

      • josh s krueger

        So sad because it is all VERY DOABLE.

    • CHaquesFan

      seahawks are pushing for fournette, but I can’t wait to see him go back to TB

      • Scot04

        I just hope we don’t overpay for fournette.

  80. HOUSE

    I guess the silver lining in the inactivity is we are currently looking at a comp pick or two in 2022… 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Sea Mode

      Gotta protect that’s possible R7 comp Carlos Hyde might net us…

      • HOUSE

        Don’t forget about Dorsett as well. 🤣🤣🤣

    • dcd2

      I think that should absolutely factor in this year. Shaq, KJ and CC ‘should’ all get decent deals.

      I’d rather we didn’t squander those picks with the likes of Leonard Fournette and average trench guys.

  81. GerryG

    The narrative of “this is what the Hawks always do” is so damn lazy.

    1) doing what they have always done isn’t working, they don’t matter come playoff time anymore.
    2) they literally are down 5 starters, plus WR3, a TE and depth. You can’t replace that with 4 picks and 16 M if you really think you are a contender. Minimum of one of those starters needs to be an elite player from the FA pool.

    • Rob Staton

      It is very lazy.

      At some point, somehow, the art of journalism seems to have been lost.

      Pushing, probing, digging around for answers. That is what the job is supposed to be. You’re supposed to put a few noses out of joint. You’re supposed to make life a little uncomfortable for the subjects you are covering. That’s the gig.

      Instead it seems to have been replaced with an obnoxious lecturing position, whereby journalists mock any kind of challenge to authority, be it their own personal opinion or the actions of the team.

      Russell Wilson’s agent literally went on the record to the NFL’s #1 insider and told him four destinations he’d be happy to be dealt to. That is not a usual set of events. It warrants some analysis that goes beyond a dismissive, condescending suggestion that this is all a non-story. Clearly it isn’t. So what’s going on? How is it fixed? Where is blame apportioned for what has to be described as a crisis?

      An unhappy franchise quarterback isn’t a Kam Chancellor or Marshawn Lynch hold out. You’re talking about arguably the most important individual within the franchise. The figurehead. The main reason why you collect winning seasons, thus creating the impression of a franchise on the right track.

      This needs to be taken seriously.

      And now we are seeing the laziness extend to — ‘this is what they always do in free agency’

      Fine. We can all agree on that.

      The point is — should they be doing more? Should the plan change? Especially in light of Wilson’s expressed concerns and the passive-aggressive trade request posited by his agent.

      Even if your conclusion is they shouldn’t change — shouldn’t you at least be having the discussion?

      Why not look at that rather than fall back on the much more comfortable position of suggesting people are ‘freaking out’ (which is a vague term to describe everyone from those posting sweary abusive nonsense on social media to someone modestly raising some concern).

      There are serious, serious questions that warrant asking about the direction of this team. And it shouldn’t be left up to a random blogger from Rotherham to raise those concerns.

      • Trevor

        And now we are seeing the laziness extend to — ‘this is what they always do in free agency’

        Isn’t the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result? Clearly what they have been doing in free agency has not worked so perhaps trying something different might be something to think about. Look at the Patriots this year.

        • Marcus

          Since we’re left to wonder what’s going on… What if, in an alternate post-Wilson trade universe, the Seahawks pick up Mack, Whitehair, etc. from the Bears, Darnold from the Jets via however, find a high upside DE bookend in the second wave, and draft a quality interior lineman? How do you feel about the team’s prospects then?

          • Marcus

            My bad. I didn’t mean to post this as a reply here, but I suppose it works.

      • Matt

        Agreed, but not only that – we all have to pretend last offseason was great.

    • cha

      I do like that a piece of Gregg Bell’s “shut up I know better than you” publicity tour is now backfiring.

      He’s long maintained that the RW agent leak, etc is just a ploy to get better OL help. Chided fans who were upset that Dunlap was cut with ‘oh hey look the Seahawks made cap room to placate their star QB, see the power play worked, nothing to see here, move along.’

      But the Seahawks didn’t make any OL splash at all with the money.

      Today he wrote a piece that didn’t chide fans for being upset after day one of FA. Actually sided with them a bit.

      When Gregg Bell knowingly sidesteps a big opportunity to lecture, patronize, or sarcastically chide the Seahawks fanbase, you know something in his perfect understanding of how the Seahawks operate has gone awry.

  82. Trevor

    Hawks now rumored to be “in” on Leonard Fournette. I would actually like that signing but my guess is he stays in TB like the rest of their guys.

    • Rob Staton

      I would also like this signing

      I hope they pull it off

      But I’m a bit bored of them being ‘in’ on players. Let’s move it on to actually ‘signing’ them instead

      • Rob Staton

        Apparently the Patriots are interested too. Because of course they are.

        Fournette is 26, has a lot of unfulfilled potential and I remember the Seahawks once adding a running back in a similar situation back in 2010. He won’t be Marshawn but hell — give it a go.

        • Trevor

          If the $ is the same then you would have to think Hawks are his best option with Sony Michel in NE and Ronald Jones in TB. If he comes to Seattle he would have every opportunity to be the feature RB I think.

          • Rob Staton

            Sony Michel is basically their Rashad Penny though.

            And in Tampa — they just won the SB and they’re trying to keep the band together.

        • pdway

          You like Fournette better than Carson, though?

          By my observation, until this playoff run – where admittedly he looked excellent – when I saw him in Jacksonville he looked slow and disinterested. Maybe it’s because they imploded, I guess.

          But I don’t think really think he’s a better back. is the thought that he’ll also be less expensive?

          • Rob Staton

            It’s not a case of liking one over the other

            They’re different. Seattle needs someone at RB though

          • God of Thunder

            Aren’t there character issues with Fournette? Maybe that’s in the past?

      • Sea Mode

        Well, at least we got “strong push”, a step forward from just being “in on it”…

        Albert Breer

        Buccaneers RB Leonard Fournette is weighing an offer to remain in Tampa (Brady is recruiting him back), but the Seahawks have made a strong bid to poach him. Stylistically, Seattle would be an interesting fit.

    • Mick

      I’d prefer to get a player for OL, but if this is the best they can do they should go for it.

      • DK

        What if they get Fournette and say Austin Blythe, instead of Joe Thuney? Spread the dollars out a little more, get a physical running back who fits in with what the Hawks want to do and a center who can help transition the offence over to Waldron’s system. I feel LG can be a position looked at in the draft and see if one of the younger guys on the roster can step up.

        • Rob Staton

          I always wonder with Blythe — is he only interesting because of Waldron?

          Because personally I’d rather just have Alex Mack.

          That said, I’d also be down for drafting a guard and center. Needs more picks for that though.

          • Trevor

            If we had a 3rd round pick they could have grabbed Clevland and Dickerson. That would be a solid young interior when combined with Lewis and tough as hell.

          • Burner

            What’s Alex Mack’s market been like? Seems to have been quiet to me. With his age, I’d image we wouldn’t offer more than a 1 year deal?

            • Rob Staton

              I would’ve thought it’d take a bit of time for his market to establish. Likely a one-year arrangement.

  83. Marcus

    Already accidentally posted this as a reply in a thread. Though, I’d like to throw it out there as a general question to the group:

    Since we’re left to wonder what’s going on… What if, in an alternate post-Wilson trade universe, the Seahawks pick up Mack, Whitehair, etc. from the Bears, Darnold from the Jets via however, find a high upside DE bookend in the second wave, and draft a quality interior lineman? How do you feel about the team’s prospects then?

    • Mick

      All depends on what Darnold can do. Russell will be a big loss.

  84. Simo

    Do y’all think Fournette is a better fit than Carson? They strike me a similar in many ways, tough bruising runners with good/decent hands, and better than average injury risks! They are similar ages as well I think. Not sure which I would prefer??

    • Belfasthawk

      I like Lenny. More talented and more speed I think.

    • Rob Staton

      Carson is more explosive. Drives through contact. More of the Seahawks ‘style’. Lacks suddenness though and the ability to go through the gears. Then there’s the injury issues.

      Fournette is quicker. Great feet for his size. Not very explosive though and has generally underwhelmed in the NFL having looked like a superstar in the making at LSU.

      • Hoggs41

        I could see Penny and Fournette as a good 1-2 punch. All depends on money and what Carson might get. If its close you may just as well keep Chris. Maybe injuries are a big factor.

        • Rob Staton

          Penny’s a write off for me

      • Sea Mode

        I also worry about Fournette’s attitude a bit. Seems like he just picks and chooses when he wants to turn it on and when not.

        • Peter

          My preference if they are going after a big back is James Conner. Same( ish) combine results….not great.

          But Conner is a plus 4 yard a carry back and Fournette is sub 4 yard a carry back. Other than that their production has been pretty similar and a I think Conner could be had for a smidge less in dollars.

          • TomLPDX

            Didn’t Conner have a hard time staying on the field last year? I remember the narrative being something like the Steelers couldn’t rely on him as their RB1.

            • Rob Staton


              • Peter

                I like fournette as a reclamation but they both missed games last year and fournette has missed more games, 15 to 13, in his career. Neither can be counted on as a rb1 and I’d think fournette based on college might have more untapped upside.

                I was looking purely from a yards per carry stance and in that instance conner has been just slightly better.

        • pdway

          agree…I like Carson better for the Hawks, if it’s an either/or.

    • dcd2

      Pass on Fournette for me. He’s too much like Penny, but he comes with a ring and a bit of entitlement. Never really seemed to have the killer attitude. He was great in college, but mostly average to below as a pro.

      I’ll be extremely disappointed if Shaq, KJ and CC get nice deals and we offset their comp picks with a guy like Fournette. If we were going to play that game, we should have gone for Zeitler.

  85. Hawk Mock

    I’m disappointed we didn’t get a top OL but there’s still some interesting pieces left out there that could make the FA period of the off-season a success whether Wilson stays or goes. Fournette, Brown, Golladay, Henry, Everett, Reddick, Sherm, Dunlap, etc.

    Problem is: I feel like we’re now an organization that needs to be in the mindset that we need to overpay to convince anyone to come here while they are still of the opinion that we are a top 5 destination spot and just need to be in on it to get it done because everyone wants to be a part of our great culture. Uh, here’s a clue – they don’t. You need to pay for top talent and top talent wins in most cases. Quit effing around with the scrub class.

  86. Rob Staton

    Hunter Henry to New England:

    The Pats are not mucking about

    • TheOtherJordan

      It’s almost like Belichick adapts his offseason strategy.

    • Jlemere

      At least BB admits mistakes. Wish a certain head coach would do the same thing.

      • Happy Hawk

        When did BB EVER admit a mistake??? EVER?

    • schuemansky

      They are going back to the roots it seems.

      I hope we’d do the same!

    • John_s

      Really like what the Pats are doing.

      With a bunch of rollover $$, no high paid QB, theyve spread the money around and signed a bunch of really solid players. Bourne is an underrated signing. Smith and Henry will help the QB although not sold that Cam is the guy for them but he’s a small salary.

      • GerrG

        I think they are getting 3-4 players back that opted out last season too.

        If Cam play well, they will be a playoff team again.

      • Trevor

        They are doing exactly what all teams should do when they don’t have a QB eating up almost 20% of the cap space.

    • Trevor

      I love that the Pats are being proactive and addressing what was an obvious lack of offensive weapons. BB will not be missing the playoffs in back to back years.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I bet they draft a quarterback of the future to backup Cam Newton this year. Probably not a high pick, a quarterback like Mond or Mills in the second round. Then the reset will be complete.

    • line_hawk

      They are building a great supporting cast for a young QB. They should take Mond or Lance with their first pick and let them sit behind Cam for a year. Alex Smith/Mahomes blueprint.

  87. CallMeAL

    This is really depressing, watching all the things PC could have, should have done. Year after year. I would have to think the majority of the fan base has to feel very close to the way most of us do here, yet, I know our voices are not being heard. PC isn’t listening…

    Rob or anybody here that would like to organize and start taking up a collection with the intent of taking out a full page ad in the Seattle Times, appealing to Jody Allen to step in and do something, I’m in!

    I would be more than happy to contribute!

    Something has to be done, we as fans deserve to be heard and we definitely deserve better management of our Seahawks!

    • Rob Staton

      To be honest my main concern is not inactivity in free agency. This was always going to be a funky market and I’ll give them a chance to make some good moves before judging this specific FA period in isolation.

      My main concern is the way the Wilson situation remains unresolved. There needs to be a coming together and a line drawing under the drama, or they need to move on. It’s not healthy for the team for this drama to go on and on. And I think Wilson wanted to see a big O-line move which didn’t happen yesterday — so we can only imagine what he might be thinking (or even planning) this week.

      Also, I don’t really understand how they plan to get better. They haven’t extended anyone or restructured any deals and yet they have to create cap space to even fill out a roster. They also don’t have any draft picks. That’s on top of my noted confusion as to why linebacker and safety have seen extreme investment but the OL and DL has not.

      Hopefully answers emerge.

      • GerryG

        The cap plan, or perceived lack thereof is my key WTF. If you are all in on Jamal Adams, then extend him lower this year’s hit. If Russ is your guy, say so, rework and/or extend him to show some commitment and make some room. Move some money around so you can make the roster. They dont even have the $ to bargain bin shop as it sits. The only money they freed up (14M) is basically the exact dollar amount the FA DEs have been signing for across the league, so what was the point in cutting Dunlap?

      • CallMeAL

        Exactly, I see no plan for them to get better. No contracts restructured, no resolution on RW, Adams not on the trade block, no draft picks and free agency is turning into a dumpster fire. Sure its early, but we all know how this is going to play out, to many holes and no means to fill them.

        PC is not obligated to tell us his vison or plan for the team, but judging by his actions is oblivious he’s just winging it as he goes.

        Rob, you keep making the same valid points over and over again, it has to be frustrating for you…

      • pdway

        agreed… if we heard something/anything re re-structures and/or extensions – then at least we’d have some evidence that they are thinking about ways to add some needed pieces. The lack of that news can’t help but make you think they aren’t planning on doing that, which is maddening, esp this off-season.

  88. Trevor

    The silence from both the Bears and Hawks is deafening.

    • CallMeAL

      Its is deafening, and we shouldn’t expect any resolution any time soon. I’m sure PC wants to keep RW against what is now everyone’s better judgement and most likely won’t realize the error of his ways until it is to late.

      I think the only hope is for RW to step up and demand a trade and to do it soon!

    • Robbie

      Bears appear to be in on Andy Dalton.

      • Rushless pass

        Maybe that’s a shit or get off the pot by the Bears

        • Rushless pass

          To the hawks

        • Rob Staton

          I think it’s more a case of making sure you’re not left empty handed

          Signing Dalton, unless it’s an obscene deal, will not prevent the Bears making another move. It will provide security if they’re unable to, though

          • TomLPDX

            Also wondering if they do sign Dalton, would they then include him as part of the trade to the Seahawks? Just mulling things over…

            • Rob Staton


      • BobbyK

        Hawks were in on Zeitler, too.

  89. Rob Staton

    The natives are restless

    This article received a lot more traction on Twitter than usual

    • Matt

      There is a weird shared psychology between Seahawk Fans and die hard politicos. Very much a “we can never question our leader,” as well as a “they know better so you can’t have an opinion.”

      I don’t think any of us are claiming to be better football minds than PC/JS – but I do think all of us are very capable of asking, “what’s the plan here? Is there an actual direction to this thing?”

      The analogy I have is that Pete and John have become amateur day traders who have only $1000 to spend and start dumping it into random penny stocks hoping they strike it rich. “Oh that didn’t work for a few days, so let’s sell at a loss and try another one.” Dumb analogy, but it just comes across as aimless and hoping to “strike it rich,” rather than being methodical.

      • Rob Staton

        I tend to agree

    • Shadow

      I certainly see a Wilson trade as a realistic scenario but not buying the NYDN article about Darnold without further corroboration. What was presented in the way of evidence? Glowing comments about Darnold from Pete during his mid-week press conference prior to the Hawks-Jets game last September (he is always gracious about opposing players and coaches during these press conferences), a single unnamed source, and the author’s assertion that trade talks between the Hawks and Bears are heating up. And from that we are supposed to accept that Pete’s master plan is to ship Wilson out of town and trade for Darnold?

      Could it happen? Sure. But the NYDN article is just more of the high-calorie, low-substance rumor mongering that we have seen far too much of lately. Once again, I think Russell could very well be traded and I think Carroll could end up bringing in Darnold, but until we start hearing more along those lines I think some skepticism is warranted.

      • Rob Staton

        Well in the last four days you’ve had the NYDN article, Colin Cowherd and Brad Biggs from the Chicago Tribune all mentioning Sam Darnold and Seattle.

        So I wouldn’t be so quick to rule it out as nonsense. No smoke without fire, after all

        • RWIII

          Pete Carroll himself has given HIGH PRAISE to Sam Darnold. That doesn’t mean that he wants to trade for Darnold. Although I believe in the right situation Darnold become an above average QB. After all look what happened when Ryan Tannehill went to the Titans.

        • Jake

          so somebody digs up comments from mid-December, writes a story about how Carroll likes Darnold, and then a bunch of others run with it because they need something to talk about…

          that can’t possibly pass the bar for smoke/fire

          • Rob Staton

            That’s not what happened Jake.

            Brad Biggs said he’d spoken to a NFL GM who told him to watch Seattle and Sam Darnold. The NYDN reporter cited a source making the same link.

            Colin Cowherd didn’t cite a source but made the connection, using Carroll’s comments to illustrate a point. But it’s hardly a stretch to assume he’s speaking to similar people who are hearing the same. I know a lot of people don’t like Colin but he’s hardly going to base a segment on some pre-game comments.

            There’s legit smoke.

  90. Forrest

    Finally, some news! This one seems to make too much sense. How could we lose out to Tampa where he’d be their #2 DB.

    Leonard Fournette

    • AlaskaHawk

      Note that he signed with Tampa Bay on a one year 2.5 million dollar deal. It is not that hard to find running backs in the 2-3 million range. Just hard for the Seahawks to find a good one.

    • Rushless pass

      They’re SB Contenders, we are not

  91. BobbyK

    I’m up for Fournette. Pete wants to pound the rock with Darnold managing the game. If they signed Mack and drafted a LG at 56… that could be a “good” start to FA. For as “good” of a start as trading a franchise QB can be. Better be a haul of picks for Wilson though – like all of the Bears picks this year for starters, without having to give up any of those picks for Darnold.

    • Matt

      Don’t underestimate John and Pete’s ability to turn a $100 Bill into three $20s and two $10s. “But we have more dollar bills!”

      • BobbyK

        They traded a $100 bill for 9 $1 dollar bills in the Adams trade. Sigh.

  92. CaptainJack

    I’d much rather get Carson back than sign Fournette…

    • Matt

      I think I prefer Fournette. Really has shades of the Marshawn 2.0. I think the Carson-Seahawks relationship is over.

      • CaptainJack

        Don’t agree with that comparison at all. Carson is likely upset with the way they utilized him last year though.

        • Matt

          I don’t literally mean he’s the same as Marshawn from a playing style.

          I mean a highly talented, highly drafted guy who faded away with his original team and has a big time renaissance in a new location. Thought he looked awesome with TB.

    • BobbyK

      Either way we’d be getting a guy who is good/physical and misses time due to injury every year. Signing either means there still would be a needed rookie to draft, imo. We really got spoiled with Lynch all those years ago.

      • CaptainJack

        We need to get production from Penny next year…

        • BobbyK

          For sure. But that can’t be counted on. They must prioritize RB after fixing LG and C if Darnold is the QB, as they would seemingly have the additional resources to do that.

        • Rushless pass

          If we do end up going more heavy zone scheme with Waldron, you think will get more productivity out of penny?

          • CaptainJack

            What’s more important is that Penny maintains his conditioning…

  93. Rushless pass

    Pats are cleaning up! Hunter Henry

    • Blitzy the Clown

      They’re getting cleaned out. They’ve guaranteed $137.5m in salary so far, 2nd most ever during free agency.

      Guaranteeing a ton of free agent money isn’t a recipe for success.

      The 2020 Dolphins guaranteed $140 million. They missed the playoffs.
      The 2019 Jets guaranteed $131 million. They also missed the playoffs.
      The 2018 Jets guaranteed $100 million and missed the playoffs.
      The 2016 Giants guaranteed $107 million and lost in the Wild Card round
      The 2018 Bears guaranteed $102 million. They lost in the Wild Card round too.

      • Rushless pass

        Didn’t say they were going to be successful!!

        • Scot04

          I was figuring they would make the playoffs this year after just re-signing Cam. Wasn’t expecting this crazy Free-agent infusion of talent. To think what we could have done if proactive last year with 50M

    • Hawk Finn

      Bill heard all the conjecture after the Super Bowl that maybe it was Brady all along. He’s all in to try and prove everyone wrong

  94. Sea Mode

    Dianna Russini

    Sean Payton to @dpshow on the quarterbacks in New Orleans. Are you set at the position?
    “We are. I think we are.” #Saints

    • Pugs1

      I’d say they are set for 2021. Winston is on a one year deal and IMO Hill is a nice gadget guy but not a real QB. If Wilson doesn’t get traded this year. The Saints would definitely be suitors if Winston flops.

  95. CaptainJack

    We haven’t signed or resigned a single player yet. How many other teams can also say that at this point?

    • Blitzy the Clown

      The Falcons and the Eagles

      • CaptainJack

        Great company.

  96. Rob Staton

    I’m on KJR today with Softy — not sure what time but just giving you a heads up for later

    • 206

      Stoked for ya!

    • Peppapig

      Can’t seem to get live Kjr in Europe.
      Podcasts on iheart or something.

    • Trevor

      Can’t wait!

    • Big Mike

      If possible please post a link to it afterwards as some of us won’t be able to listen.

    • Tomas

      This is welcome news.

    • Ben

      Heck yeah! Love hearing you on there. Need to get you a regular segment during draft season!! (Assuming you aren’t staying up til 2 am…

  97. CaptainJack

    Lots of people online today are skeptical of the patriots. Claim these are panic signings. I couldn’t disagree more. A 7-9 team coached by a legendary HC adds all that talent, and returns some of their best players who opted out because of Covid… there’s no way they’re not a super bowl contender again. Whether Cam Newton or Trey Lance is throwing the ball.

    • CaptainJack

      Urban is having a hell of a time getting anyone decent interested in Jacksonville. It seems they’re just signing whoever answers their calls at this point, despite all their cap room. Phillip Dorsett? Really? And a bunch of names I don’t recognize.

      • Simo

        At least he’s signing somebody though, while PC/JS continue to sit on their thumbs and wait for all the bargains to fall into their laps!!

        • Big Mike

          C’mon man, they’re not waiting for guys to fall in their laps, their waiting for guys to be drawn in by that superior culture they’ve built.
          Wonder how long that wait will be?

          • Benjamin Davis

            Great! Back to signing a bunch of nobody’s. Y’all complain about everything. Lets just see how the offseason unfolds first before we roast Pete and John.

      • Mike

        Yeah “Shaq Griffin”. Who’s that guy?

  98. CaptainJack

    Rams are restructuring Ramsey’s, Donald’s, Kupp’s and Wood’s contracts to get under the cap. Now there’s a team that gives a damn. Unlike the hawks.

    • dcd2

      They were $35M over the cap. Restructuring those deals was a necessity. Saying the Hawks don’t give a damn is unfair. I get that people are worked up, but a big name FA was never going to be the key to this off-season.

      Everything revolves around what happens with Russ. You can’t move forward with any kind of plan (hence the notion that we are a rudderless ship atm) without knowing where things stand with him.

      The agonizing part is that the RW situation should have been sorted out by now. It’s been brewing for weeks without resolution. Granted, it would be the biggest trade in the history of the NFL, so you want to get it right.

      • cha

        The Rams have upgraded at QB, tendered a good CB, and resigned one of the best pass rushers on the market.

        All while being over the cap.

        The Seahawks have cap room and have CUT their best pass rusher to create more room and done nothing else. Not even after their franchise QB called for more OL help and there were OL out there who signed cap-friendly deals.

        The frustration is justified at this point.

        • dcd2

          We’ll see how good those moves look in a couple of years too. The Rams appear to be all-in this year. I don’t think it makes sense for us to be all-in until we know who our QB is going to be. That shoe needs to drop.

          It was reported that releasing Dunlap was part of the agreement when he came over. That we would let him test the market if we couldn’t agree on an extension. Sounds like John is just following through on his word.

          I get the frustration, and am not telling anyone how to feel. My view is that making any moves in FA without knowing what is going on at QB is akin to what we’ve been lamenting. Just throwing shit at the board and hoping something sticks. If RW stays then we’ll have to focus on the offense to placate him. If he leaves, Pete will want to put the resources toward the defense and making a better run next year IMO.

          Either way, I think saying that PCJS don’t give a damn is off base.

          • cha

            Yes but the Rams’ version of all in > The Hawks version of all in

            Last year the Hawks tried all in. Tendered $10m of players they didn’t even use. Paid Greg Olsen $7m.
            Traded two high picks for a busted pass rusher. Traded a fortune for a safety.

            • dcd2

              Agree 100%.

    • God of Thunder

      Not sure “they don’t give a damn” is accurate. Try: may at times have a confusing/perplexing approach?

  99. Rob Staton

    I’m still suspicious that Adam Schefter has not said ANYTHING on Russell Wilson.

    If there was going to be any news, he would deliver it after helping out Mark Rodgers.


    Whereas every other journalist speaks on it, even to say they have no news.

    Just feels like there’s a real ‘keeping his powder dry’ thing going on

    • Matt

      It’s VERY silent/odd.

      IMO – that means details are being hammered out. If this was a case of “no trade is happening this year,” there would be definitive reporting or a statement on that.

      All speculation but I can’t help but think the finishing touches are being worked on…and that finishing touch very well may be ultimate buy-off from ownership, despite their hands off approach thus far. This type of move is franchise changing.

      • Big Mike

        Part of it also may be the trade for Darnold aspect as well. That may be slowing u the process.

        Or Pete could just be doing nothing, waiting for the right pieces to fall in place like he did with Clowney last year meaning of course that they’ll panic a month and a half from now and take far less than they should.

        • Matt

          Totally…the fact we are in Day 2 of FA with nothing definitive about our QB…I mean…what else are we to think?

      • Rob Staton

        I think it’s more a case of the Seahawks either not being blown away by the Bears and/or needing the Jets involved because they don’t want to use their newly acquired stock to get Darnold. He needs to be part of the deal.

        • cha

          Silver tweeted yesterday that ‘the Seahawks haven’t been blown away by the Bears’

          • Matt

            This is turning into a disaster…at what point do you just take the best offer?

            I mean I get you don’t have to trade him…but what’s the point of a ticking time bomb on a team that’s nowhere near competing for a SB?

  100. cha

    Rams with tendering Williams are $37m over the cap, and that is before Leonard Floyd’s $64m deal is accounted for. So figure at least $45m or so over the cap.

    The cap numbers for teams that signed the top OLs are coming out. They’ve well managed the 2021 cap hit in order to protect their quarterbacks.


    This is what I wrote in December:

    How about their organizational philosophy towards the salary cap?

    For years they’ve been judicious about their cap room, gaining praise for being able to roll cap into the next season and being ‘fiscally responsible’ in order to extend key players. All the while, their competitors have freely added major pieces with far less appearance of cap room, while simultaneously avoiding the dreaded “cap jail” that seems to inhibit the Seahawks from making bold decisions to add that just-one-more weapon to an already solid group to put this team over the top.

    They have a real opportunity to improve this team in a major way this offseason but it will ​require some boldness and cap creativity that has so far been unseen from this front office.

    Do the Seahawks as an organization have the humility to look at yet another 10-6 or 11-5 season followed by a quick playoff exit and say ‘that is simply not good enough’? Do they have the courage to reevaluate their operational procedures and admit that changes need to be made?

    So far the answer unfortunately is no.

    • Big Mike

      Are you surprised that “so far” the answer is no cha?

      • cha

        Left to the own devices, no I’m not surprised.

        But when your franchise centerpiece goes public with a request for protection and leaks a list of teams he’d be comfortable being traded to, yeah I would’ve thought that would have spurred more action.

        • cha

          “leaks” is the wrong word. That implies either a mistake or some backchannel maneuvering.

          There wasn’t either in this case. “Releases a list of teams he’d be comfortable being traded to” is more accurate.

        • Hawk Mock

          Exactly. You’d think it would spur some action. Keep Russ, trade Russ, make moves to make Russ happy, get Russ out of here and start making moves towards a newly constructed team that can comPete! Something…nah, nothing.

          But, at least we are “in” on everything. See where Pats are now thinking about adding a RB, sure they won’t just make a competitive offer to get Fournette if that is who they want – they’ll just get it DONE!

          • AlaskaHawk

            The bottom line is that Pete, John, and Russell have all signed to multi-year contracts that pay them well. None of them appear to be leaving- no matter how bad they think the other person is performing. Do you really think Russell will walk out on a 35 million dollar contract with a no trade clause? He can make suggestions through his agent, but he isn’t going anywhere unless Pete decides to let him go.

            It is starting to feel like more of the same this year, except without money or a #1 draft pick.

    • cha

      an Rapoport
      The #Rams are working to get under the cap, restructuring CB Jalen Ramsey’s contract (creating about $12M of space), WR Robert Woods ($8M), and Cooper Kupp’s and Aaron Donald’s conversions should be done soon to get them under the threshold.
      5:53 AM · Mar 16, 2021

    • McZ

      It was never a friggin’ problem for the Rams

      1) The Stafford-Goff-trade becomes valid on March 17, after the cap reporting date.
      2) 3.3m were projected dead cap for Leonard Floyd, that will not materialize.
      3) They restructured Woods and Ramsey, creating 20m.
      4) Donald, Kupp next… possibly up to 22m.
      5) Whitworth will restructure, too, freeing up to 4m.

      So, at reporting date, they will be 5-10m under the cap, even if Goffs dead cap counts. If not, they’ll have 27-32m to spend.

      • cha

        That’s not how the cap works.

  101. Benjamin Davis

    Some should start the annual thread of typical Seahawks fans losing their minds on Twitter the 1st day of free agency. Good Lord!

  102. Rob Staton



    He’s not very good

    • Matt

      This organization sucks…I can’t stand it. What a terrible move if they do this.

    • Hawk Mock

      He’s not very good, the front office isn’t very good – makes perfect sense to me unfortunately

    • dcd2

      If he can be back at <$7M, I don't hate it. If he's $10M+, I do.

      We've talked about how many holes we have and how little resource. At least Shaq fills one need and doesn't force us to use one of our 4 picks on a CB. That's my positive spin.

      I wonder about Brandon Coleman. He was a fantastic NB for us and got cut by the Lions (ie no comp pick). Wonder what it would take to bring him back.

      • dcd2

        Just saw he signed with the Jags. Now, I really don’t want them to blow that comp pick. That’s likely a 3rd rounder.

      • BruceN

        Justin Coleman? Detroit is rumored to release him soon but I haven’t seen it yet. He had an $11M CAP number this year so I’m not sure he’ll be a bargain to be had.

  103. Hawks_Gui

    Shaq news

    • Hawk Mock

      The fact they are concentrating so hard on a guy who publicly stated they weren’t ready and underestimated an opponent(among other comments at various times that don’t seem BAMF at all) is very discouraging to me. Seems they’ve lost the mentality of being the bully(if they ever had it in the first place) all together now. The championship teams were just a perfect storm of bullies(Kam, Beast, Sherm, Bennett, etc) rather than a team building approach in all likelihood based on the past half decade of decisions.

  104. josh s krueger

    around 10 mil they say

  105. josh s krueger

    he is ok as a #2 just not a #1 CB. 7/8 million would be good as #2 imo. 10 mill dont hate it. 12-16 mill absolutely not, lol.

    • Rob Staton

      $6-7m for me max

  106. Rob4q

    Still a lot of good value free agents out there…would like to see a few signed. And please tender Poona already!

    How about any of these:

    Jamaal Williams, RB
    Mike Davis, RB
    Austin Blythe, OC
    Nick Martin, OC
    David Andrews, OC
    Gerald Everett, TE
    Patrick Peterson, CB
    Richard Sherman, CB
    Troy Hill, CB
    Trai Turner, OG
    Jadeveon Clowney, Edge
    Haason Reddick, Edge/LB
    Aldon Smith, Edge
    Kerry Hyder, Edge
    Eric Wilson, LB
    Nicholas Morrow, LB
    Anthony Walker Jr., LB

    • pdway

      if we could manage to land two of the pass-rushers from the proven list (Dunlap, Clowney, Smith, Reddick), would really make me feel better about the season to come.

      • Rob4q

        I think my wish list would look something like this:

        EDGE – Clowney/Dunlap/Reddick – add at least one of them! Dunlap on a 3 yr/$32M deal with a low year one cap hit would work nicely!

        OC – Blythe/Martin/Andrews – again, just add one of them and maybe draft a OC.

        CB – Peterson/Sherman/Hill – same, need at least one added. Bringing Sherm home would be great. I’d almost like to see them add both Sherm & Peterson on reasonable deals and see how the two of them could work together on the back end…

        RB – Williams/Davis – I would prefer Williams as Ifeel has has more upsiced, but Davis has shown to be able to handle a workload and do well, both here and other places he’s been.

        I also wouldn’t mind Turner if it was a cheap deal to let him hit FA again next year. And one of the LB on the list might enable us to move on from Barton and actually have a LB capable of filling in as a starter when needed.

  107. JD

    Shaq to the Jags

    • Sea Mode

      Ian Rapoport

      The #Jags are signing former #Seahawks CB Shaquill Griffin, source said. Surprise. A 3-year deal.

      • Sea Mode

        Ian Rapoport

        Seattle made a strong push, but the #Jaguars closed at the end. It’s 3 years and $40M with the chance to make $45M.

    • Rob Staton


      • Sea Mode


        • dcd2

          There we go. Play our cards right and we just picked up a 3rd round comp.

          • Sea Mode

            Go sign Dunlap.

            • dcd2

              Works for me

      • Burner

        Could Patrick Peterson or Sherman be in play for Seattle now?

      • Cysco

        Dodged that like Neo in the Matrix.

        Being so close against the cap helped protect Seattle from themselves.

        • SeattleLifer


      • BruceN

        Dodged that bullet. He’s good but not $15M/year good. Sherm is rumored to go around $12M+’ish. Probably 2 years $20M-$25M.

    • Matt

      Thank you Urban for saving us from ourselves.

      Shaq is the epitome of a player that bad teams overpay for.

      • pdway

        I’m more bullish on Shaq than most on here – mostly based on athleticism and how he played in ’19 – but agree that number is high for him. Hopefully, this allows them to shift focus on where to spend that money. Let’s get active now hawks!

        • Matt

          Totally fair – and I don’t think he’s a bad player, but I think he’s the guy that always has a caveat of “if he could just do X, he’d be great.”

          I equate it to the power hitter in baseball who can’t hit a curve ball and strikes out a lot. If he could just not do that, he’d be a hall of famer.

          That’s my stance on Shaq. He has a lot of “if onlys” in his game.

          • Sea Mode

            “If only” he ever learned to get his head around in time…

            • Trevor

              Agreed and it is pretty important skill for an NFL DB

            • Matt

              Yep…kinda like why I have no interest in college QBs with huge tools and all they need to learn is to “read defenses and go through progressions.”

              Uh…seems like a critical skill that’s not easily developed.

              “If only” I was taller, richer, and more handsome – I could have married a super model.

    • Rushless pass

      Way over paid!!

  108. Shadow

    Sounds like Griffin to the Jaguars: 3 years up to $44.5 million with $29M guaranteed per Michael-Shawn Dugar. Glad we didn’t pay that.

    • John_s

      That’s a lot of coin for a CB who doesn’t get picks. Glad he chose to play elsewhere. Hopefully this means that Sherman comes back.

    • drrew76

      Yeah — good for him getting that much. Jags will have to hope that general salary inflation the next couple years makes it not look as high as it does right now.

      • Mike

        He’s a barely above average corner tbh

  109. jdruaint

    Wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much, lol… Come home Sherm!

  110. HOUSE

    Quill to Jags… 3-year m/$40M

    • Greg12

      Hopefully we can capitalize on that comp pick. Opens the door for a Sherm reunion.

      • Rob Staton

        Not if you want to actually sign anyone

        • dcd2

          Guys who were cut and don’t count against the comp formula:

          Q Jeff, Riley Reiff, Jared Cook, Janoris Jenkins, Justin Coleman, Gabe Jackson, Zeitler (ARRGGHH), Dunlap

          Probably more to come shortly. Everyone needs to be under the cap by tomorrow, right?

      • GerryG

        Comp picks are great if you have a stocked roster with tons of talent and draft picks, otherwise considering the comp pick formula is a fools errand. Just focus on acquiring talent.

        • dcd2

          Couldn’t disagree more with this take. If you’re stocked with draft picks then you should focus on getting comp picks? How does that make sense? So if you have few picks, then trying to work the system to get more picks is a fools errand?

          When you stand to lose a few players that will likely get decent contracts, and aren’t a real contender, is exactly when you should focus on comp picks. We have 4 picks this year and no #1 next year. Spending in FA isn’t going to get us to the top of our division, much less the NFL. The draft is how you get cheap young talent, and the more chances, the better.

          People are saying how great Belichick and the Pats are run. What did they do last year? They lost Brady, ate a ton of dead cap, lost some good FA’s, sat tight in FA, and this year they have 11 picks ( from comps) and can outbid everyone for who they want. Hawks APPEAR to be doing the same thing with the exception of trying to trade RW instead of just having him walk.

          Right now we have probably a 3rd round pick for Shaq. You wouldn’t trade a 3rd rounder for the right to pay Leonard Fournette $3M would you?

  111. Blitzy the Clown

    Looks like the Ravens chose Tyus Bowser over Carlos Dunlap. Let’s hope that means he returns to Seattle.

    The Jaguars paid stupid money for Griffin. Glad we didn’t.

  112. Sea Mode

    Jeremy Fowler

    Despite loss of Shaq Griffin, Seattle has a chance at re-signing another key defensive piece — #Seahawks and linebacker K.J. Wright have had serious discussions about him returning, per sources.

    • Mick

      For a decent amount, that would be a gain. Griffin was a completely different story. So happy we dodged that bullet.

      • Shadow

        Yeah, Griffin was always going to command a higher price than he was really worth just due to the position he plays. Hopefully the fact that KJ didn’t command any big offers on day one means that a return to Seattle would come on a relatively team-friendly contract. If the money makes sense I would love to have him back.

    • pdway

      Love KJ, happy if he comes back.

      But for crying out loud, can we please not go into another season w nobody to rush the passer?

    • Matt

      I love KJ…total pro, but this team really needs to start prioritizing capital allocation. They are just too willy-nilly with how they build things.

    • Trevor

      No chance KJ is back if they are already talking about being in negotiations. Like always just setting themselves up so they can say we made a competitive offer and were in on the deal.

      It is almost comical now. Seattle linked to almost every free agent but signing no one.

      • Hoggs41

        Love KJ but just dont see the need to spend more money at that position.

  113. DW

    This offseason and last have made me strangely envious of the teams at the bottom of the league. At least they have a clear direction of where to go.

    Brutal management and no other way to put it really

    • TomLPDX

      The only way is up. I’m not envious of that position…been there, done that. What I would like to see is some leadership from our coach and GM.

      Atleast we didn’t overpay for Griffin. Wonder if Shaquem will go to JAX as well.

      • cha

        He’s an RFA. Watch the Seahawks tender him at $3m.

      • jdruaint

        hope so, then we can use his spot on a real pass rusher

      • Sea Mode

        Sure looks like it…

        shaquem griffin

        Going home

        • downtownjewelrybryan

          shaxonville shaquars

          • Sea Mode


        • pinksheets

          I’m more than ok no longer rostering someone purely as a favor to an average player.

        • Shadow

          Good for him. I hope the Jaguars do sign him so that he can keep playing with his brother. And if he never plays another down, the guy still sacked Aaron Rodgers in a playoff game. That’s a better pro career right there than a lot of guys will ever have.

        • Simo

          The Griffin brothers continue to be a package deal, no surprise there!

  114. jdruaint

    Haason Reddick or KJ

    • JD

      Good question . I was just thinking about this same situation. I think factoring in everything, (salary, comp picks, age and past team) I would go with Reddick. It is more of a move to shore up the DL rather than LB. Getting younger and faster for a few million more is worth it to me. I think KJ wants around 10 mil and I don’t believe many other teams are willing to come close to that so I would wait on a decision for him. If you can get Reddick for around 10 mil and weaken a division rival, I think I’d prefer that.

    • Trevor

      Reddick without hesitation. Love KJ but Reddick is much younger and can be a true SAM that rushes the passer as well. I would prefer they sign KJ and trade Bobby.

      SAM Reddick
      MLB Brooks
      WIL KJ

      • Rhawk


  115. TheOtherJordan


    You need to take a bow on Shaq Griffin. Maybe the Seahawks should have franchised him and traded based on the deal the Jags just gave him?

  116. God of Thunder

    Carl Lawson — so far the only FA signing I’ve wanted. (Realistically I mean.)

  117. MyChestIsBeastMode

    Sherm or Patrick Peterson are going to be signed by us — Gut feeling.

    Other remaining FA’s that I’d like to pluck a few of are:
    “*” who I would like them to target if the price is right

    RB: Fournette* or Carson*, Bell, Drake, Gurley (I don’t love his injuries, but he could thrive in a rotation)
    WR: Lots! Golladay, Will Fuller*, Curtis Samuel*, Watkins, John Ross (Cheapest) AJ Green, Golden Tate
    OL: I don’t have a preference anymore. The best are gone. I just hope they can pluck an unheralded guy who can outplay his contract.
    Edge: Clowney*, Reddick*, Ingram, Vernon, Dunlap*, Houston, Takk McKinley*(25yo), Aldon Smith
    LB: KJ Wright*
    S: Hooker, K Neal*, Vaccaro

    • Scot04

      I’ll guess Sherman signs elsewhere why the Wilson thing continues to drag out

      • Roy Batty

        If Wilson were traded, I’d bet Sherm would sign within the day. I know people say they made up, but I’m calling it a truce, not reconciliation. Swapping jerseys is good for optics.

  118. JD

    What about Kevin King as a replacement for Shaq? Former Blog favorite and will be much cheaper. Has insane measurables and athletic ability. I know FA CB’s haven’t had success but seems like a risk worth taking.

    • JD

      King and DJ Reed with Tre Flowers as primary backup and a draft pick rookie to learn our system

  119. Blitzy the Clown

    In light of the twitter rumors linking Fournette and Seattle, I ask the following:

    Salary and contract details being close enough, who would you prefer, Carson or Fournette?

    • Scot04

      If all things equal, I’d prefer Carson

      • dcd2


    • Ryan


    • Simo

      I’ll take either! Let’s get one of them done though before the music stops!!

    • Rokas

      I would prefer Carson for 1.5x the price of Fournette.

    • God of Thunder


    • Belfasthawk

      Carson does more with less but intrigued by Lenny. One or the other and for less than 6mill per year.

    • GerryG

      I want no part of CC. You cannot count on him to be available.

      Also not a fan of underachieving players, but has LF been healthy?

  120. jdruaint


  121. Magmatizer

    I sincerely hope that the only reason they haven’t made a move yet is to see if they can work the room to retain any meaningful free agents first. Would love to see a splash in the next few days, as drawing this out will mean more players come off the table. Signing third wave FAs will only repeat the cycle imo, and that is proven to not be a recipe for improved performance.

  122. STTBM

    Disheartening to hear Seattle tried so hard to get Griffin to stay. He got sloppy technique, is kinda fat, and has a crappy attitude/,lazy mentality. I’d much prefer bringing back Sherm, but Carrol is too proud.

    This smacks of Carrol trying to prop up his drafting, like all his unwarranted praise of Penny and Blair, to say nothing of Collier and our broke-foot DE ghost Taylor. He did this crap last year, handing out mid level deals to junk players…

    This teams personnel moves are no longer based on competition, but on propping up Carrols ego and justifying his mistakes.

    • Big Mike

      This is your speculation, but circumstantial evidence says you’re correct. . I am looking for some proof or at least some circumstantial evidence that you’re wrong. Not finding it.

  123. Sea Mode

    No cap space? No problem.

    Tom Pelissero

    The #Saints are among the teams expressing interest in five-time Pro Bowl CB Richard Sherman, per sources. Sherman’s old DBs coach in Seattle, Kris Richard, now has the same job in New Orleans and the team is in the cornerback market after releasing Janoris Jenkins.

    • Rob Staton


      • Ryan

        Well, they have to have somebody to take Lattimore’s place 🙂

      • Roy Batty

        Wasn’t Sherm a bit miffed with Kris before he left for the Niners? Not sure that would count as a plus for the Saints.

    • cha

      Even RapSheet is getting down with the sarcasm

      Ian Rapoport
      This would make a lot of sense. New Orleans won’t let a little salary cap issue stop it.

    • STTBM

      Perhaps Sherman market is colder than he anticipated, and this is his agent drumming up interest….can’t see how NO can make it work.

      Seattle being so tight with their cap makes me wonder if they have a much tighter limit on spending than before. That would explain alot. But who knows? That kind of info would be kept under wraps.

      • cha

        Well if that is true, they just blew two first round picks and a third for two years of a safety at $13.3m.

  124. Sea Mode

    Not sure about the source, bit I’ll take just about anything short of Nudez right now:


    Seahawks have interest in signing former Husky star WR John Ross who ran a record 4.22 40 yard dash at the NFL Combine.

    Ross had 1,252 yards and 19 TD’s for the Huskies in 2016, helping them reach the CFP.

    • CaptainJack

      Phillip Dorsett 2.0

      • Mike

        More like CJ Prosise 2.0

        Cant wait to see him in our injury reports from now on.

  125. cha

    Dianna Russini
    Just spoke to a free agent wide receiver to find out what’s going on with all the receivers still unsigned. He said “the WR market is really bad right now”
    8:19 AM · Mar 16, 2021

    • Trevor

      If there was ever a chance for the Hawks to add a true WR 2/3 to compliment DK and Locket it would be now.

      They should be on the phone now to Curtis Samuels agent. Samuel would excel in the Rams type scheme Waldron wants to implment.

      Then go add John Ross on a cheap one year prove it deal.

      A WR group of DK, Locket, Samuels, Ross and Freddie Swain would be really good IMO.

    • GerryG

      We are at something like 3 or 4 straight drafts with unbelievable WR talent, why spend big on a vet if you can draft?

      • Trevor

        You mean with our 1 pick in the top 150?

        • GerryG

          I was referring to the cold WR market, not what the Hawks should do.

          Im fully in favor of them signing a vet since, sigh, we have no picks

  126. Submanjoe

    Anyone. If seattle does resign Dunlap or KJ does that affect the compensatory pick for seattle? Same as Shaquem, by not tendering him, if he goes to Sacksonville, does that benefit seattle insofar as compensatory picks?

    • Rob Staton

      No, signing them doesn’t impact comp picks

      • Submanjoe

        Thanks Rob.

        They’re down 3 hopefully 4 players. They can retain Dunlap without losing comp picks. Let kj and carson go somewhere else too as well as Mayowa. Sign Fournette. They’d be able to still get 4 comp picks. Then if somehow by trading Adams they could acquire A guard and a center.

  127. no frickin clue

    Do you think it occurs to Pete that the elephant in the room (is Wilson coming back?) maybe, just maybe, is discouraging possible free agents from trying to enter the room?

    Solve that issue – either in or out – and at least you have some certainty. This middle ground is paralyzing.

    • Big Mike

      Does Carroll even care or his he so arrogant about his culture/program that he thinks it won’t matter?

    • GerryG

      IF, and we dont know if this is the case, they are still contemplating moving on from Wilson this organization is even more incompetent than I thought. If they are moving Russ, next year’s cap is huge, and they have missed numerous opportunities to add impact OL/DL talent. The pass rush numbers especially are pretty reasonable 13-15/year as opposed to some of the 16-20/year numbers in past years. Lawson, Judon, Nguake all pretty reasonable contracts.

      • no frickin clue

        It’s a good point. But, if they are philosophically opposed to selling their starting QB, seems like a pretty easy fix to let the market know, right? “Russ is our QB, period!” is the response to give. The lack of any such statement suggests he’s sellable.

        The willingness to wait this long suggests they care more about the number and quality of draft picks than the existing players they get back. Although as Rob has pointed out, the time to get a replacement QB is now as well, so maybe the sticking point is finding a 3-team deal to yield a serviceable QB and avoid telegraphing a massive need in the draft.

        In the meantime, who in their right mind – especially on the offensive side of the ball – would commit to joining the Hawks if they’re not sure that Russ will be here? The easy way to combat that is to back up the truck and over-spend, but this front office never does that. So what are we selling free agents on?

        I think they are waiting for the Bears to cave and make a Godfather-type offer. I’m not sure that Pete has even considered what happens if the Bears decide to walk away.

  128. Sea Mode

    Albert Breer

    Jaguars RB Carlos Hyde’s two-year deal is worth $4.5 million. His $1.25 million base for this year is fully guaranteed, and he get $900K to sign.

  129. John_s

    Raiders just released Rodney Hudson – – Time to go get him

    • Hoggs41

      For sure. Plus he wouldnt count against comp picks.

    • Rob Staton

      An old blog favourite from 2011.

      Short arms and not explosive though… so whether the Seahawks show interest, who knows?

      • Trevor

        He can flat out play no matter what his measurable #s are. As a proven guy I hope they can look past that. Only question I would have is why are they releasing him? His play did not seem to drop off at all so is it injury related?

        • Rob Staton

          Well the Raiders just paid him $15.6m to go away so…

          • Trevor

            Thats what I mean. His play looked really good last year though. Maybe a Micheal Bennet type situation with their young OL.

            • Rob Staton

              I’m suspicious.

    • cha

      Why though? Is there any context to this?

      Raiders swallowing a $15m dead cap hit and counting almost $2m against the cap to make this move.

      • John_s

        Looks like here’s more to the story….

        UPDATE: Rodney Hudson requested to be released after agreeement to void his $3.5M guarantee for 2021, per @Mark_Sanchez

        Hudson: 93.6 pass-blocking grade since 2015 (1st among all Centers)

        • TomLPDX

          Make him an offer he can’t refuse!

          • dcd2

            I’m with Tom on this one. No comp pick implications, great pass blocker, great to have with or without RW.

            We keep running into the question of if FA’s even want to come here though?

        • cha

          Very interesting. Thanks John_s

  130. Bradley

    Why would they Rob? They’re getting paid to do nothing, they’re living the dream.

  131. HOUSE

    I don’t personally like the Seahawks going out and dumpster diving to fill the roster, but the Salary Cap may be advantageous for us. The likes of several OL that were released has caused a big revolving door effect for several teams.

    The ELEPHANT in the room RIGHT NOW is Russell Wilson. I am a very matter of fact person and it is “Sh*t or get off the pot”…

    Option 1: Trade Russ and move forward
    Option 2: Russell sticks around/restructures like every other QB that wants to keep talent around him

  132. Hawk Finn

    The need for Russ to restructure is a false narrative that keeps getting pushed here. If the FO needed it done, it would already be done. That’s not where the issue lies at the moment.

    • HOUSE

      I think it would be very telling commitment-wise where Russ sits regarding the team. I think it is extremely necessary for the FO & Russ to sit down and both sides speak their peace. Russ says he needs more protection from his OL, ok Russ, as other QBs have done, let’s work on restructuring to free money up just like Brady, Mahomes and a few others have done this week.

      If he doesn’t or isn’t willing to do so, it can then be further determine if his presence is a detriment to the team. Is it far for an OL to get crapped on because Russ is unique and tends to hold the ball longer looking to create instead of checking down or playing less-gutsy? There were times last year that Russ just made dumbass decisions and I’ll be the first to say I love the guy.

      He’s definitely shifted from TEAM ball to ME ball mentality. I know he’s entitled to it, but you can’t get everything your way every time

  133. Rob4q

    Is this our current depth chart?!?

    QB Russell Wilson Danny Etling Alex McGough

    RB Rashaad Penny Alex Collins Deejay Dallas Travis Homer Nick Bellore

    WR Tyler Lockett DK Metcalf Freddie Swain Penny Hart Cody Tompson John Ursua Aaron Fuller

    TE Will Dissly Colby Parkinson Tyler Mabry

    LT Duane Brown Jamarco Jones

    LG Phil Haynes

    OC Kyle Fuller Brad Lundblade

    RG Damian Lewis

    RT Brandon Shell Tommy Champion

    LDE Alton Robinson Darrell Taylor

    DT Jarran Reed Cedric Lattimore

    DT Poona Ford* Bryan Mone

    RDE Rasheem Green L.J. Collier

    OLB Jordyn Brooks

    ILB Bobby Wagner

    OLB Cody Barton Ben Burr-Kirven

    LCB Tre Flowers Jayson Stanley

    RCB DJ Reed Linden Stephens

    NCB Ugo Amadi

    FS Quandre Diggs Marquise Blair

    SS Jamal Adams Ryan Neal

    LS Tyler Ott

    PK Jason Meyers

    P Michael Dickson

    • TomLPDX

      Nick is a FA

    • Mike

      Lol at those DE and CB . Fixed the defense at the end of last year….and just like that it’s trash again.

      But at least we can spend 40 mill on Bobby and Jamal. And probably another 7-10 in kJ 😂😂 WTF are they doing.

  134. Roy Batty

    I am curious as to the conversations between Russ and Ciara, right now. They see the news talking about the Rams, Chiefs and all the others. All this while his current team is doing nothing. Absolutely nothing.

    That man’s teeth could probably turn a Kingsford briquette into a diamond right now.

    National presser about his demanding a trade in 5, 4, 3…

    • HOUSE

      I would even venture to say Russ’ situation is altering the market for other players to come to Seattle.

      Veteran Player’s potential thoughts
      Russ stays: I’d take a little less to go to Seattle and play with a guy like Russ that is consistently in the playoffs
      Russ traded: Who is the QB???

      • Rushless pass

        I don’t see too many guys chomping at the bit to play in Seattle in years past.

  135. Mike

    How long til the hawks cut Duane brown and sign Russell okung and James carpenter back to “sure up” the left side of the line?

  136. Scot04

    Looks like no one in vegas happy about releasing Hudson. Raider nation pretty upset about it..

    • TomLPDX

      Really makes you scratch your head, doesn’t it?

  137. Jeff

    Something I am musing over is whether the Seahawks are causing themselves problems with all the one year deals they hand out. While yes it’s a good low-risk way to fill holes, the problem is that the same holes need to be filled each year, even as new holes appear.

    • HOUSE

      Good point. It’s exactly why we need the Damien Lewis’ to come out of drafts and not the LJ Collier’s. Our early drafting has been HORRIBLE

  138. Trevor

    Breaking News

    Hawks have been linked to 46 Free Agents and Signed Exactly O

    • GerryG

      46-0 baby!!

    • no frickin clue

      When we listen to Pete and John talk about how they’re in every deal, it gives new meaning to the term “46 Defense”.

      • Big Mike

        Beat me to it with the 46 Defense comment. You rock (and you do have a clue LOL)

  139. Scot04

    I’m guessing we’ll finish today with the Seahawks yet to have signed anyone. If you’re Fournette why would you sign here when you don’t know who your QB will be. Unless it’s a big overpay.

  140. Sea Mode

    Shop for less at Ross

    Mike Garafolo

    The #Giants have agreed to terms with WR John Ross on a one-year, $2.5 million deal that includes $1 million guaranteed, source says. The ninth overall pick in 2017 with the 4.22 40 time gets a chance to reset his career in East Rutherford.

    • CaptainJack

      I am really glad we didn’t sign up.

    • Henry Taylor

      I would have been all over that deal.

    • DK

      Not what the Hawks needed as a third option, another vertical threat. They need a tight end and a third receiver who can work the middle of the field to help incorporate the short to intermediate passing attack Waldon is going to make more a part of the offense.

      • SeattleLifer


  141. cha

    Ian Rapoport
    The #Giants get it done: They lock in DE Leonard Williams on a 3-year, $63M deal.

    • Big Mike

      Yeah but how much is guaranteed? That’s the real number. Dude is really good tho. Guessing the APY is around 15 guaranteed.

  142. JJ

    Adoree Jackson cut. Worth hawks checking in?

  143. WallaSean

    looks like a rinse and re Pete offseason plan. I’m not coveting many of these deals so far, but as these guys fall off the board I’m getting a familiar feeling, so I’m not expecting much. I think the trade is off, Russ played his losing hand and will just have to suck it up for this year.

    Question: Which signing so far (anyone) do you wish we had?

    For me the John Ross prove it deal

    • cha

      Linsley, Floyd and Ross would do nicely.

      • Chase

        Linsley is the one that hurt me the most.

    • dcd2

      Zeitler, Hudson, Dunlap, Reiff, Coleman. 4/5 are still in play.

    • Big Mike

      “rinse and re-Pete”…fantastic WallaSean!

  144. MyChestIsBeastMode

    I don’t know his measurable or if the Hawks are still sticking to their principles with atm length. Regardless, hell yes we should prioritize him.

    • MyChestIsBeastMode

      Comment meant to be in response to Adoree Jackson post from JJ above

  145. Rob4q

    Maybe the silence has to do with the Seahawks stringing the Bears along while the whole time a 3-way deal with the Raiders & Jets is being worked!

    Raiders get
    Russell Wilson QB (Sea), Josh Doctson WR (NYJ), C.J. Mosley LB (NYJ)

    NYJ get
    Marcus Mariota QB (LVR), Trayvon Mullen CB (LVR), Arden Key EDGE (LVR), Rasheem Green DE (SEA)
    2022 2nd (LVR)
    2022 5th (LVR)

    SEA get
    Sam Darnold QB (NYJ), Clelin Ferrell DE/DT (LVR), Alec Ingold FB (LVR), Keelan Doss WR (LVR), Amik Robertson CB (LVR)
    2021 1st #17 (LVR)
    2021 2nd #48 (LVR)
    2021 4th #121 (LVR)
    2022 1st (LVR)
    2022 3rd (LVR)
    2022 6th (LVR)

    The Raiders get Wilson plus Doctson/Mosley while keeping their 2nd this year and still have Carr to flip for more picks…Mayock & Gruden would be ecstatic!!!

    The Jets get Mariota to be the vet bridge when they draft Zach Wilson, a few young players with upside and a couple draft picks for next year…they have enough picks this year! They also move Mosley’s bad contract and no longer need Doctson after signing Davis in FA.

    The Seahawks get to find out if Darnold can be a good QB in a better environment, add a talented DL player that needs a change of scenery in Ferrell along with a few other cost controlled players. They end up with basically four firsts if you view Darnold and Ferrell as both 1st round talents. They also add some much needed draft capital this year and next with the additional picks.

    • Mick

      I mean, 5 players and 6 picks, don’t see that coming…

      Likely we just stay and do nothing and expect everyone to sign and cut and in the last day we get whoever is available. Then RW leaves and Pete Carroll becomes the real innovator of NFL by playing with 3 RBs and no QB.

      • Rob4q

        Wow, thanks for the insightful response Mick…

        • Big Mike

          You don’t think something like that is possible?
          (my comment was sarcasm and so was his)

    • dcd2

      As a Hawk fan, great.

      If I’m RW or the Raiders, I’m a bit ticked that they just released the best pass-blocking C (Hudson) in the NFL.

      If I’m a NYJ fan, it sounds like the Raiders will have to cut Mariota, so why trade for him and his current contract?

      • Rob4q

        Obviously there was a disagreement between Hudson and the Raiders over his contract, so they agreed to part ways. Raiders still have a 3rd round pick this year and the means to sign a OC in FA along with still having two OC listed on the current roster – Erik Magnuson & Andre James.

        Very true, and maybe the Jets would rather have Carr. But Mariota would make a nice bridge if they are taking Wilson at #2 this year. Maybe it’s a deal where Mariota agrees to a restructure to make the deal work. I think the Jets new GM would really like to get the Mosely contract off the books there and I don’t see teams lining up to make a deal for him. So this would be the Raiders taking that on knowing he can at least provide some help to their awful defense…and possibly restructuring him down the road.

    • Sea Mode

      What happens to Carr?

      • Rob4q

        How about trading him to Riverboat Ron over at WFT? Maybe Rhule in Carolina would take him if they can’t get Watson? Can’t really see them trading within the AFC West, but he would be a big upgrade over Lock in Denver…

  146. Gaux Hawks

    still a chance…

    QB Kellen Mond, Alex McGough
    RB1 Leonard Fournette, Alex Collins
    RB2 Rashaad Penny, Travis Homer
    FB Tommy Tremble
    LT Duane Brown, Jamarco Jones
    LG Ben Cleveland, Phil Haynes
    C Rodney Hudson, Quinn Meinerz
    RG Damien Lewis, Phil Haynes
    RT Brandon Shell, Jamarco Jones
    TE Will Dissly, Colby Parkinson
    WR1 D.K. Metcalf, Curtis Samuel
    WR2 Tyler Lockett, Freddie Swain

    DE Rasheem Green, Alton Robinson
    DT Jarran Reed, L.J. Collier
    NT Poona Ford, Bryan Mone
    LEO Khalil Mack, Darrell Taylor
    SAM Haason Reddick, Bruce Irvin
    MIKE Bobby Wagner, Cody Barton
    WILL Jordyn Brooks, Ben Burr-Kirven
    NKL D.J. Reed
    RCB Jaylon Johnson, Tre Flowers
    LCB Richard Sherman, Benjamin St. Juste
    SS Marquise Blair, Ryan Neal
    FS Quandre Diggs, Ugo Amadi

    K Jason Myers
    P Michael Dickson
    LS Tyler Ott

    • Jordan

      Who was the pick with the first rounder that they acquired for Russ in this scenario?

      Who were the pick(s) used with the return for Adams?

      • Gaux Hawks

        P1: Kellen (R1)
        P2: Quinn (R1)
        P3: Cleveland (R2)
        P4: BSJ (R2)
        P5: Tremble (R3)

        …then maybe add SAM

        • Jordan

          Thanks, interesting.

    • CaptainJack

      7-9 at best…

      • CaptainJack

        Actually I assumed you had Darnold at QB instead of Mond. With Mond, 4-12 is optimistic.

  147. Henry Taylor

    Rodney Hudson and Playoff Lenny would make me feel soooo much better about this off-season. They’d still need to address the pass rush, but it’d buy them the benefit of the doubt many, including myself, aren’t offering atm.

    • GerryG

      Pass rush is an easy fix. Bound to be numerous journeyman rotational type guys you can sign to be starters. You have to figure some team will have a disgruntled Vet that will come available 5 minutes before the season starts and/or at the trading deadline. Plus, you always have the option of trading next years Rd6 pick to sneak back into this years draft, where you pick a WR to play at TE, all the while knowing that he played DE in high school, just so you can play him there for one game, before you release him, leave him off the PS, and let him sign a futures deal with another team. All part of the 4D chess, master pass rush plan.

      • Big Mike

        “Pass rush is an easy fix. Bound to be numerous journeyman rotational type guys you can sign to be starters. You have to figure some team will have a disgruntled Vet that will come available 5 minutes before the season starts and/or at the trading deadline. ”

        Isn’t this the exact tack they took last offseason? That didn’t work out very well outside of Dunlap and isn’t counting on something like that three years in a row (Clowney the year before) extremely risky?

        • GerryG

          Post is drenched with super sticky sarcasm

          • dcd2

            What? You don’t think Stephen Sullivan was the answer to our rush worries last year?

            • GerryG


              Bro, Sullivan is so 2020, 2021 version is going to be next world!!

  148. SamprasSultanofSwat

    I was reading an article that Jamal Adams has leverage over the Seahawks. Rob: Just curious. If the Seahawks were to trade Adams. Who do you think would be a good fit? And what would the Seahawks fetch in a trade for Adams.

    • Rob Staton

      I think you could get a first and a third. Maybe two R2’s.

      I think any of the 3-4 teams or the Belichick tree teams. Miami, Baltimore, New England, Giants, Tampa Bay. Those kind of teams.

  149. Chase

    Do you think the Pete is trying to call Wilson’s bluff? At the moment it doesn’t seem like they are preparing for life after Wilson, nor are they trying to do things to resolve the relationship. Truly the most frustrated I have been as a fan of any team.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s hard to work out what exactly is going on at the moment

  150. Rob Staton

    3:20pm for the KJR interview

    • Shadow

      Cool, thanks for keeping us posted!

  151. Sea Mode

    Steve Palazzolo

    Highest coverage grade when lined up at outside CB since 2018:

    Jaire Alexander 90.6
    Richard Sherman 89.0
    Stephon Gilmore 87.7
    Adoree Jackson 85.6

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Bring him home

  152. Rob Staton

    If you want a laugh, here’s my scouting report on Rodney Hudson from 2010:

    • Scot04

      I actually like him better than any of the current alternatives. Give me Damien Williams at RB.

    • Sea Mode

      Haha, and shout-out to any of those OG posters that might still be lurking!

  153. Sea Mode

    Russ speaks out!

    • Sea Mode

      (Apologies for trolling it’s just been such a boring 2 days… 😁)

  154. Rob Staton

    Dalton to the Bears:

    What this says to me — the Bears don’t want to get caught out. This is a contingency plan.

    But it also means nothing is remotely imminent with Wilson. At least with Chicago.

    • CaptainJack

      I may be in the minority, but I’m hoping Russ stays, contingent on Pete conceding some authority to him. I know a trade is possible. It’s just my personal hope.

    • Rhawk

      Pace is going to need a body guard

      • Rob Staton

        That’s the thing. He’s finished if this is his ‘move’.

        So this doesn’t end anything. It just means they have insurance.

      • TomLPDX

        Probably already has one…just saying.

    • Mick

      If they end up with Dalton as starting QB, it’s the greatest joke on them. After two days of disappointment, this is getting funny.

      • Rob Staton

        There is a degree of schadenfreude at play here

        • Mick

          Taking it to next level, I imagine Bears signing Watson and Wilson wanting out but none of the teams on his list are interested.

    • Pran

      Dalton and cap relief for Hawks…

      or this is also being handled similar to Earl with grief in the end.

      • Rob Staton

        There’s zero chance Dalton is coming to Seattle.

        The Earl comp might be legit

  155. CL

    [Schefter] Former Cowboys’ QB Andy Dalton is signing a one-year, $10 million deal, with the chance to earn another $3 million in incentives, with the Chicago Bears, per sources.

    • Burner

      OK, Wilson is staying. Let’s start getting him the help he needs.

      • Big Mike

        Great idea. Let’s go get the best C available in Linsley or the best LG in Thuney
        oh wait 🙁

  156. cha

    Mike Tannenbaum suggests convincing Andrew Luck to come out of retirement is an option for the Bears.

    Ryan Clark’s brilliant reaction. Fun starts about 3:50

    • Sea Mode

      Crazy season

    • CaptainJack

      I mean… luck coming out of retirement wouldn’t be the craziest thing to happen in the nfl recently

  157. Shadow

    Now that Griffin has left and Carson and Moore are likely on their way out, the 2017 draft class looks to be arguably the worst since 1985:

    2nd round: Malik McDowell–duh
    2nd round: Ethan Pocic–backup, below average starter at center
    3rd round: Shaquill Griffin–average starting CB, did not re-sign
    3rd round: Lano Hill–mediocre backup safety
    3rd round: Nazair Jones–looked great for one month then fell off the map
    3rd round: Amara Darboh–complete bust
    4th round: Tedric Thompson–mediocre backup safety
    6th round: Michael Tyson–bust
    6th round: Justin Senior–bust
    7th round: David Moore–inconsistent player who briefly flashed a few times
    7th round: Chris Carson–talented but often-injured.

    The McDowell situation was bad enough, but trading down to acquire six picks on Day Two and only getting one solid contributor who signed his second contract elsewhere? We’ve been paying for this draft ever since it happened.

    • Jordan

      I agree with your overall point, but, I’d argue that Carson is excellent return for a 7th rounder and Moore is very good return for a 7th rounder. Kudos to whoever scouted the state of Oklahoma that year.

      • Shadow

        I’d agree that getting any meaningful contribution out of a 7th rounder is an excellent return on investment, but it says something when those two were our best picks and even they aren’t likely to stick around for new contracts.

    • Rhawk

      Carson is pretty bad**s for a 7th round pick

  158. Rob Staton

    Texans sign Tyrod Taylor:

    Looks like they’re preparing to trade Deshaun…

    • Noah

      Rob, do you think that if we soon see a Watson trade, then it could give us an insight into a potential return for a Russ trade?

    • CaptainJack

      Rob, who do you think will cough up the sum to trade for him? If I had to bet, I’d guess the panthers .

      • Sea Mode

        Panthers or Miami

  159. CaptainJack

    Schefter seems to imply in his latest tweet that Chicago is now out of the running for Wilson. Leaves Vegas as the last “suitor” on Wilson’s list that still makes sense, and there doesn’t seem to be much smoke there.

    • Sea Mode

      Kinda sounds like everyone is just realizing the Seahawks aren’t game for trading him.

    • Rob Staton

      He just said they’d signed a QB and were on Wilson’s list. There was no serious, defined implication.

      And they’re not out on Wilson or Deshaun Watson. This is merely insurance.

      But there’s no way… no way… Ryan Pace is saying ‘job done’ after this move. Because his job will be done in January otherwise.

    • Jordan

      If you’re courting Russ, moving on from Hudson and Agholor wouldn’t appear to be the way to do it.

      The Seahawks with Russ look better than the Raiders with Russ on paper; and the Raiders would be purged of the present and future assets it would take to get him as well.

      • Rob Staton

        Yeah but guess what…

        No Pete-ball

        No Pete-philosophy

        More control

        More input

        Hot new market

        He didn’t list the Raiders because of their roster

        • OP_Chillin

          Still behind a Tom Cable OL though 😉

  160. Sea Mode


    “There’ll be 4 quarterbacks taken in the first 6 or 7 picks of the Draft. Take that to the bank.”
    – @AdamSchefter on NFL Live

    • Rob Staton

      Interesting. I haven’t been anticipating that.

  161. John_s

    CB prospect i am liking is Robert Rochelle out of Central Arkansas, measured 5’11 7/8 with 32′ AL at the senior bowl.

    Bruce Feldman had him in his “freaks” list –

    Feldman: Get to know this dude. He’s a former track stud from Louisiana who has really blossomed at Central Arkansas. NFL scouts are really intrigued by him. He’s a shade under 6-1 (6-0 7/8) and weighs 197 pounds. His coach Nathan Brown says he’s broad jumped 11-8 (!!) and has vertical jumped 41 inches. His 40 time is 4.38, and his short shuttle is 3.98. His 60-yard shuttle time is 10.98. Those are all big-time numbers. In 2019, he broke up 18 passes and intercepted five others.

    • Sea Mode

      I remember not being impressed at all by him at the Senior Bowl, but I haven’t watched any games.

  162. Sea Mode

    Jake Heaps

    If the Seahawks don’t restructure Russell Wilson’s contract and don’t go after Rodney Hudson I will be beyond disappointed. Rare opportunity for the Hawks!

    Scott Pioli

    Rodney Hudson released by @Raiders – one of my favorite picks during my time in KC- 3x Pro Bowler is a TREMENDOUS leader. Immediately the top IOL free agent. Arguably best & most consistent pass blocking center in the #NFL over the last decade -not just by @PFF but on tape too.

    Jim Nagy

    What Scott said

    • DC

      “Hudson, a four-time winner of the team’s Commitment to Excellence Award as voted on by teammates, has been solid, if not spectacular by center standards for the Raiders since signing as a free agent in 2015 after four seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs. Pro Football Focus charged Hudson with three sacks allowed in 3,445 pass-blocking snaps with the Raiders.”

      That sounds like someone that could help Seattle.

      • Scot04

        He’ll probably end up in AZ or Green Bay

        • Big Mike

          But Seattle was “in the running til the end” so there’s that at least Scot.

    • Peter

      Not sure why Wilson should restructure his contract when the FO just turned 50 million plus two 1sts and a 3rd into 8 sacks….during last year’s FA/panic buy

      • pdway

        because re-structuring his contract won’t cost him a penny – and in fact will likely get him more money sooner – so the downside is what to Russell?

        But it’s academic at this point, b/c he hasn’t said he won’t do it – and the Hawks can likely do it w out his permission. It’s the inertia that’s driving us all nuts right now.

  163. Sea Mode

    An idea of the WR market:

    Adam Schefter

    Jaguars are giving former Lions’ WR Marvin Jones a two-year, $14.5 million deal, including $9.2 million fully guaranteed, per source.

    • CaptainJack

      Jaguars also traded for Malcolm Brown, Saints DT

  164. SeaTown

    The Seahawks are seriously going to kick the can down the road on Wilson aren’t they. I have lost what little hope I had in PC/JS. This team is toast.

    • Rob Staton


      Because a year of dysfunction and an even uglier divorce next year will be just peachy

      • SeaTown

        Rob, none of this makes sense. I’ve been following this team since 1977. I Feel the way I did about this team the way I did when Tom Flores ran the franchise off a cliff. Zero enthusiasm. Zero optimism.

        • Rob Staton

          I hear ya

        • STTBM

          It wasn’t Flores fault, it was Behring: Flores only came out of retirement as a favor to Behring. They had little money, and less talent. Even Dave Wyman had good things to say about Flores: he kept the team from fracturing, when the offense was putrid outside Chris Warren, while the D was magnificent.

          Can’t remember who the GM was, but but those drafts were bad too…but it wasn’t Flores running them off the cliff, from what Wyman wrote.

      • Shadow

        On the flip side, maybe after a year of dysfunction, ownership actually steps in, sides with Wilson over Carroll, and gives Pete the boot.

        I can dream, can’t I…?

        • Rob Staton

          Should happen TBF

        • Ashish

          Yes, that would be good. Atleast will have QB.. damn Pete, is that age catching up with you?

  165. RipleyRay

    Can the Bears now trade Andy Dalton or is there a rule prohibiting that so soon after signing him as a free agent? just wondering if that could be part of the plan for Seattle to have a placeholder at QB for next season.

    • Rob Staton

      They can trade him but this aint happening

  166. cha

    Emmanuel Acho on how Russ might feel in the early going

    • Rob Staton

      Both parties need to sort this out

      It’s embarrassing that they haven’t

      Get it bloody sorted

      • Aaron

        Pete is just punting big decisions down the line…kinda like he does in games HA…HA…HA *internally crying

      • GerryG

        Can you win an emotional, power struggle with your star QB in the first quarter?


        Can you win an emotional, power struggle with your star QB in the second quarter?


        Can you win an emotional, power struggle with your star QB in the third quarter?


        Can you win an emotional, power struggle with your star QB in the fourth quarter?

        No, Grandpa, pack up and move on

  167. Rob Staton

    What could’ve been…

    • Bigsteviej

      There were a lot of top notch safeties on the FA market this go-around. And none of them cost two first-round picks.

  168. Nick

    Is there a logic in extending DK now? With the WR market looking so weak?

    • Rob Staton

      You can’t extend him until next year

    • John_s

      he is not eligible for an extension until after this season. DK is going to get over $20 apy on the extension.

  169. cha

    Zack Pearson
    Ian Rapoport on NFL Network said the talks for Russell Wilson never really took off for the #Bears. Also said “I don’t think Wilson is getting traded. But we know it’s now not to the Bears.”
    11:10 AM · Mar 16, 2021

    Zack Pearson
    Do I think this 100% rules out the #Bears on Wilson? No. I don’t. But hard seeing it happen now.

    • Rob Staton

      Don’t tell the Bears fans… they will explode

    • SeaTown

      Can you imagine being a Bears fan? Hope of trading for Russell Wilson has turned into the reality of Andy Dalton. My god. Ryan Pace better get round the clock security.

      • Rob Staton

        The lesson for the day…

        There’s always someone worse off than you

    • Mick

      I get why we don’t trade him, but I don’t get why we don’t try to fill in the roster holes and make it sound like we’re trying to make him happy. He’s gonna be our starter next year.

  170. Rob Staton

    I knew Schefter would have the update:

    • Sea Mode

      Seems more like something that the Bears FO would want put out there to let their fans know they tried…

    • TomLPDX

      Ok Seattle. You’ve put your stake in the ground. Now do SOMETHING that shows you are still committed to this team as a whole.

      • Sea Mode

        Incoming Jamal Adams lifetime contract…

        • TomLPDX

          All that would tell me is that Pete is committed to his EGO, not the team.

        • Big Mike

          SeaMode: yep and likely within the qweek.

          • TomLPDX

            And that, my friend, would be the end of that! Pete wins, everyone else? F-em’

            • pdway

              they probably will extend Adams – let’s not act like it’s completely illogical to do so. He’s a 25 y.o. pro bowl safety who had an off year in a new system during a no-training-camp Covid season – his coverage grades were not nearly as bad the year before (when PFF had him as the #32 overall ranked player in the entire league) – and I don’t see why his athleticism would fall of a cliff at this age. we’re setting ourselves up for disappointment if we don’t think it’s coming.

              The key is what else are they going to do? Will they finally put some $$ into the O-line and D-line? If they take the steps toward doing that, this is still a good team.

    • SeaTown

      Would love to know what PC/JS are thinking. 2021 going to be a cluster. Russell wastes another year in his career. Pete turns 71. The re-up feet for hands Adams for huge money. We miss the playoffs and watch the Jets get a top 10 pick. Then we can look forward to trading Russell. As Rob would say, Jesus wept!”

    • Gaius Marius

      So…that likely means that either…

      – The Bears “aggressive pursuit” still sucked.
      – The Seahawks have come to some sort of agreement or “peace” with Wilson (you wouldn’t know it from FA so far).
      – The Seahawks don’t really care what Wilson thinks. He’s a Seahawk and he will fall in line.

      Of those, I really, really hope it’s not the last, but you sure wouldn’t know it from anything the Seahawks or Wilson have said up to today.

    • cha

      It’s felt like this was coming for the last 48hrs or so.

      Restructuring the 3 players.

      Silver said the Bears didn’t blow the Seahawks away.

      That insider blog guy said ‘they’ve made their offer and are waiting on the Seahawks.’

      • Sea Mode

        Yup. And for me it was also them sitting out FA entirely. Had the plan been to move Russ, surely they would have wanted to make a couple splashes with the freed up future cap.

    • BruceN

      Translation, they didn’t get blown away. We’ll never know what the Bears offered. I suspect it was far from 3 first, multiple seconds, Mack, plus other. That would’ve gutted the team. Now they roll with Dalton and Foles. Dalton didn’t do much with all the weapons in Dallas so what he can do in CHI will be interesting to watch. Pace and Nagy will be on hot (hotter) seat starting immediately.

  171. cha

    Adam Schefter
    Chicago made “a very aggressive pursuit” of Seahawks QB Russell Wilson, per sources, and the Bears were told that Seattle is not trading him at this time.

    The Bears were one of four teams Wilson’s agent named as a place of interest. Now Chicago has an agreement with Andy Dalton.
    11:34 AM · Mar 16, 2021

    • Blitzy the Clown

      I read this as the Bears’ offer wasn’t enough and/or Seattle couldn’t figure a way to get Darnold without giving up some of the draft capital they would’ve gotten for trading Wilson.

      • Sea Mode

        Maybe. I see it more like PC was never really all that interested in letting his ticket to guaranteed winning seasons walk out the door.

        You know he’ll always back himself to talk through the disagreements and things will “be better”.

      • Rhawk

        Man I would have been happy with Minshew Mack and a ton of picks. Would have been fun…

  172. Sea Mode

    Adam Schefter

    Chicago made “a very aggressive pursuit” of Seahawks QB Russell Wilson, per sources, and the Bears were told that Seattle is not trading him at this time.

    The Bears were one of four teams Wilson’s agent named as a place of interest. Now Chicago has an agreement with Andy Dalton.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      The entire NFL is moving forward and Pete Carroll’s seahawks are doing nothing. No signings. No trades. No press conferences. No contract restructures. Nothing.

    • Rhawk

      Is that it then? At least for the bears

      • Rhawk

        I can’t believe pace is rolling with foles and dalton

        • Sea Mode

          Apparently he didn’t have much choice.

          • Rhawk

            I wonder what happens when Russ starts demanding a trade after the smoke settles and the seahawks FO have done nothing

            • Malc from PO

              There are (still) enough FA pieces available to improve at C, LG, CB, WR3, DE without having to break the bank. A bit of restructuring/borrowing might be required, but not on the scale of the Rams, nothing that should trouble an ambitious and smart front office. But at some point you have to ACT!

  173. BoiseSeahawk

    They should have sold the franchise to Jeff Bezos before he developed interest in the other Washington.

  174. Leonardo

    All it would take to give me some hope again would be to see Schefter tweeting tomorrow that Jamal Adams has been traded. It would show that the front office at least accepts the basic reality that this is not a Super Bowl-caliber team. Minus that, it feels like a waste of time to watch the team shuffle the deck chairs every offseason.

    I just want a team to energetically pursue a plan again, no matter what the specifics are. I miss being the hungry dog on the block. There’s a point when patience lapses into complacency, and we’ve passed that point a few years ago.

    • SeaTown

      I’m not confident about much with regards to the Seahawks. But I am 1000% confident that Adams will not only NOT be traded but he will be extended to the point of crippling our future cap. 🙁

      • Big Mike


    • DT

      Problem is, who wants him?
      -malcontent in NY
      -oft injured in SEA
      Jac, NE, CLE, HOU all signed safeties, plus folks like Vacaro and Neal out there… Jamal might be better, but giving up a 1st round better? not sure….

  175. Matt

    My favorite part of the Andy Dalton to the Bears deal are the fans who think RW is overrated are the same ones saying “Dalton solves the Bears QB problem. No trade.”


  176. Matty

    The crazy situation we find ourselves in, is it seems that RW is more likely to stay, yet the feeling is not – good we kept our key player but more – what is going on with the business side.
    This is going to be a real sticky season.
    Something is going to break next season

  177. line_hawk

    It could be that the Bears were never going to sell the franchise for Wilson. I think the Mack restructure was key. Even if the Hawks didn’t want Mack, the Bears could have easily dealt him to a third team and used that to say buy Darnold. By restructuring, they showed that they were not interested in including Mack in the Wilson deal (either directly or indirectly). This gives the Earl Thomas to Cowboys vibe; hope it doesn’t end that way.

  178. Peter

    Nice call about Flores before. I’m starting to get shades of Mora and a complete lack of identity.

    Adams: 4 years 80 plus million, 60 plus guaranteed. Or in more PC fashion keep him this year and off load him for nothing next.

  179. Mike

    Alright so we going mond or mills with first pick so we can trade russ next offseason?

    • TomLPDX

      No. That requires intelligent behavior. Our FO doesn’t have that.

      • CL

        [Silver] The Bears made a very aggressive series of offers for Russell Wilson… and the Seahawks elected not to trade the QB. Once the Bears were convinced a trade wouldn’t happen, they moved on and signed Dalton. In theory they could still add another QB, likely via draft…

        • Cl

          Damn, should have been a new post and not an answer to this

  180. Tony

    At which point does russ just wait out his current deal and opts for free agency. Cause if no extension is in the cards, his value is getting worse the longer we wait it out. I imagine him having a great time being wined and dined while being courted by 10 teams. Only to pick his favorite fit with tons of control over decisions. Brady opened up the playbook.

    • Rob Staton

      He’s not a free agent until 2024

      Then there’s two franchise tags to combat

      He aint waiting anything out

      • Tony

        My bad, I thought it ended in 2023. I don’t think they go franchise tag route. RW would be pissed and very public at that point. I think it would be 100 times worse than what we’re seeing this year.

        I agree he doesn’t want to wait out his last few prime years in pete purgatory. This whole deal looks messy going forward.

        • Rob Staton

          Well, they’re not going to let him just walk

  181. dcd2

    This news is even more depressing to me. At least a trade would have signaled a tack away from inertia.

    This draft is gonna be a hoot.

    • pdway

      I still think that if they do nothing at all w/r/t the o-line – then RW and his camp will continue to keep this issue on the frontburner.

      But it’s like Rob said above – they need to sort this out now – have a sitdown, do whatever you need to do – we can’t just ignore this dynamic the whole off-season.

  182. L80

    Iv’e been silent on this whole RW thing until now and I have the answer.

    Sell the team to RW and let HIM make all the decisions.

  183. dcd2

    Nice work on the KJR spot, Rob. Really well done.

    I only wish that after the break, when they said “we have a bunch of stuff to dive into”, they didn’t just argue the merit of Chris Carson vs Leonard Fournette until the next commercial.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks dcd2

  184. STTBM

    Maybe, just maybe, they’ll get Hudson and find a third WR…and a RB to replace Hyde.

    I guess I’m not holding my breath. It’s time Seattle has a Come to Jesus meeting with Russ, and then get off their rump and do something to make this team better: so far they’ve only made it worse.

  185. no frickin clue

    Great hit on KJR Rob.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks — if you just listened again, that was an edited version. There was more on Jamal Adams. I’ll post the podcast on the blog tomorrow.

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