Wednesday notes: Linebackers, splits, O-line, McShay

TJ Watt at inside linebacker?

Could this be the Seahawks?

Even if it isn’t, it could be an option.

We recently highlighted their focus on the short shuttle for linebackers. Watt ran a sensational 4.13 at the combine — the fastest time by a linebacker.

To put this into content, Budda Baker ran a 4.08 at 195lbs. Watt is 252lbs. His time is comparable to Fabian Moreau’s (4.12), one of the fastest, most explosive cornerbacks.

If the short shuttle really is a point of focus, how can they not be intrigued by Watt?

He’s also six pounds heavier than K.J. Wright and really explosive (Vertical: 37 inches, Broad: 10-8). There could be some flexibility to play SAM or WILL. His attitude and physical approach — plus his great hand use — lends itself to moving inside.

Note — In the 4-3 under the MIKE and WILL essentially play ‘inside’.

We know they want to add depth at the position. Pete Carroll specifically talked about players competing with Bobby Wagner and K.J. Wright (and carrying some of their extreme workload).

There are still a lot of questions though in terms of what they might do.

1. Are they even looking for a SAM?

Pete Carroll specifically talked about Wagner and Wright — pushing and helping their starting WILL and MIKE. He didn’t mention the SAM. Jeremy Lane played 71% of the defensive snaps in 2016 and they could mix between a 4-2-5 and a 4-3 Under depending on who they draft.

2. Don’t they just want extreme speed?

They’ve used 4.4 runners like Mike Morgan, Malcolm Smith and Kevin Pierre-Louis. One of the best athletes they drafted (Bruce Irvin) eventually landed at the SAM. They also tried Cassius Marsh in the role. He didn’t have a great forty but his agility testing was through the roof (like Watt). If they did want speed they might be more inclined to look at Obi Melifonwu or Josh Jones as ‘Buffalo’ nickels.

3. What about Tyus Bowser?

We’ve talked a lot about Bowser potentially being on Seattle’s radar. His workout was almost identical to Watt’s. Almost the same forty, vertical and broad. Very similar splits. Very similar three cone. If they think Watt can move inside — that might be the case for Bowser too.

Watt took part in the Wisconsin pro-day earlier today with Vince Biegel, who re-ran the short shuttle. Tony Pauline says he timed in the 4.07-4.10 range. If accurate, that would be a freakish level of agility that would certainly interest the Seahawks. Biegel is one to monitor for Seattle possibly in round three.

Pauline also notes the Pittsburgh Steelers are ‘unlikely’ to draft Watt in round one but they think he’ll be gone by the end of round two.

He probably won’t last as long as Seattle’s pick in the second frame either. They were aggressive to go up and get Jarran Reed a year ago. If they wanted to trade up to get Watt in round two they have the ammunition to do it.

10-yard splits revealed

Reminder — anything in the 1.5’s is elite for a standard-sized EDGE. These are official 10-yard splits:

1.57: Jordan Willis
1.59: Tyus Bowser, Trey Hendrickson, Haason Reddick, T.J. Watt
1.60: Terrell Basham, Carl Lawson, Takk McKinley, Derek Rivers
1.63: Myles Garrett

Cliff Avril ran a 1.50 split at his combine. Bruce Irvin managed a 1.58.

For Willis, Bowser, Reddick and Watt — this is really good. Reddick is probably going to go in the top-15. His stock just continues to rise and rise. For Bowser, Watt and Willis it strengthens their case as pass rushers. All three were explosive and agile. Now they clearly have top-level get-off and quickness.

Non-combine linebackers continue to shine

The Seahawks are going to add a linebacker or two in this draft, even if a Haason Reddick, Jarrad Davis or T.J. Watt doesn’t land in Seattle. Aside from Vince Biegel possibly being a third round option there are one or two others that are starting to emerge on the pro-day circuit.

According to Tony Pauline, Kansas State linebacker Elijah Lee had an impressive workout:

Measuring 6025/229 pounds, Lee completed 18 reps on the bench, touched 38 inches in the vertical jump and reached 10-foot-2 in the broad jump. His forty time clocked 4.65s, the short shuttle come in at 4.27s and 6.91s was his three cone.

If Lee had been invited to the combine his three cone and short shuttle would’ve been sixth fastest among linebackers. He would’ve had the best vertical jump. His forty time is the same as Tyus Bowser’s and would’ve been the fifth fastest.

This is the kind of profile the Seahawks could consider.

It follows a similarly impressive workout by Jordan Evans at the Oklahoma pro-day. He reportedly ran in the mid 4.5’s, had a 7.03 three cone and a 4.28 short shuttle. He also had a very impressive 38.5 inch vertical.

Both players are explosive, agile and competitive. With three picks in the third round, don’t be surprised if the Seahawks do some moving around with the intention of creating a rich competition for places behind Wright and Wagner. At the moment their linebacker depth is non-existent.

There could be two waves for linebackers in this draft. The initial group of big names in rounds 1-2 and then another blast towards the end of round three stretching into day three.

Seahawks still need an O-liner? No need to panic

After missing out on T.J. Lang and having only added Luke Joeckel so far, there’s every chance the Seahawks will add an offensive lineman in the draft.

That doesn’t mean they have to do it in round one.

Many of the national mock drafts are focusing on Cam Robinson as Seattle’s pick at #26. TEF revealed to us that he’s an ill-fit in round one. The Seahawks don’t have to pass on the great defensive talent available to force this.

If they want to add competition at guard, the likes of Isaac Asiata and Nico Siragusa are certainly appealing and will be available after the first round. Taylor Moton at Western Michigan is a Seahawks type of G/T. All three matched up in TEF/wTEF.

However, they might not solely focus on our identified TEF targets as they go deeper into the draft.

One thing they appear to have done in the past is identify physical alternatives. In 2014 they couldn’t afford to make a move for DeSean Jackson (a Pete Carroll favourite) so they drafted Paul Richardson instead.

A year ago, would anyone dispute Germain Ifedi was targeted as a possible alternative to Kelechi Osemele? At least in terms of body type they’re a match.

That’s not to claim either pick has succeeded in providing an alternative — it’s merely an assertion on what the thought process might have been.

(But don’t make the mistake of thinking Osemele was an instant hit as a rookie in Baltimore)

One player fans discussed as a possible free agent target this year was Ricky Wagner. He ended up signing a contract in Detroit worth $9.5m a year — a price the Seahawks were never going to pay.

I don’t know if Seattle ever had any interest in Wagner or would show interest in a similar player in the draft. However, in December Tony Pauline compared Adam Bisnowaty to Wagner:

Most expect Bisnowaty to be selected earlier than Wagner, who was a fifth round selection in 2013, but feel Bisnowaty doesn’t wow anyone on film and won’t test off the charts athletically. Subsequently he will be under-drafted much in the same manner Wagner was.

Bisnowaty didn’t have a great combine and neither did Wagner. They tested in a very similar fashion and scored almost identical scores in TEF:

Bisnowaty: 2.51
Wagner: 2.57

It’s also worth highlighting Bisnowaty’s wrestling background (something Tom Cable looks for) and he’s a physical brawler, perfectly designed to excel in the run game. He’s 6-6, 304lbs and has 34 inch arms. He’s not a high-upside type. He might not be on Seattle’s radar. Yet if they’re looking for another Breno Giacomini, someone with a little nasty to their game and an edge, plus somebody who compares physically to Ricky Wagner without the price tag — just keep Bisnowaty in mind.

Todd McShay updated mock draft

The Seahawks take Malik McDowell at #26 which seems unlikely. McDowell mailed it in when Michigan State’s season went south. For a team obsessed with grit, McDowell seems like the last person they’d consider in round one.

Garett Bolles lasts until pick #20. Haason Reddick goes at #22. Ryan Ramcyzk at #23. Kevin King at #24. If it played out this way, Seattle could move up for the price of a third round pick.

It seems unlikely, however, that Bolles and Reddick will last that long.

This is the first national mock projecting King to be gone by Seattle’s pick — a very real possibility. He was always underrated (his tape is very good) and the combine helped shine a light on his talents. He’s a physical freak who played well in college with good character.

This type of scenario would present a perfect opportunity to move down. Budda Baker, Obi Melifonwu, Gareon Conley, Marlon Humphrey, Jarrad Davis, T.J. Watt, Jabrill Peppers, Justin Evans and several others are all still on the board.

King and Melifonwu stand out as possibilities for Seattle in round one. If they want King they probably have to take him at #26 if he’s there. For Melifonwu, they might be able to move down.

It’s another mock that highlights the rich options available in the mid-20’s this year. The Seahawks could be creative and land two impact players with their first two picks — possibly by repeating what they did last year (moving down in round one, then trading up in round two).

Coming tomorrow, a new mock draft and a look at options for the Seahawks in every round. The second round in particular is opening up to be a bit of a potential wildcard.


  1. BobbyK

    Watt is so versatile in terms of being a great player at multiple positions (Leo, ILB, OLB). He’s the safest pick I can think of. Personally, I see his best fit as a Leo. And for all the people who want a pass rushing DT… drafting Watt accomplishes that.


    Him rushing from RDE allows Frank Clark to be that DT on “money downs.” I realize Clark did that a lot last year, but replacing Clark at RDE was Marsh (the guy who takes playing 10-on-11 football to a new level). That doesn’t count. That’s wasting a player on the field to do nothing of importance, as Marsh would always run into the tackle and simply stay there for the rest of the play with QBs having time to pack a sack lunch and call their girlfriends, take a nap, etc. before Marsh would ever arrive at the scene.

    A King/Watt combo would be a coup.

    • STTBM

      LOL, Bobbyk! You really really dont like Marsh!

      I thought he looked good at times, and some extra technique will help him seal the deal more often. He damn near won the Rams game for us with his qb sack but for the phantom facemask penalty. I have always doubted his speed, which admittedly isnt great. But I certainly wouldnt feel bad if Seattle drafted a stud Leo either. Marsh is a good ST’s player but I’d love a Chris Clemons type once again…Those guys are rare!

      King, Melifonwu, Evans, Watt…hopefully at least one is still there.

      • DLep

        Yep, for me – King, Watt, Obi. Get one of these three w our first pick. I would add Lamp to that group, not a defender but has stud written all over him.

      • BobbyK

        I think Marsh is a good/great special teams player who plays a disciplined style of football on 1st down, which is an asset if teams run the ball (he isn’t a pushover; he’s stout at the point of attack). I don’t hate him at all – I just think he’s worthless on the most important down in football (3rd down and rushing the passer) and wish our depth wasn’t so bad that he was on the field for those downs. Drafting Watt and the development of Jefferson, imo, would eliminate Marsh from ever having to see the field when it’s 3rd and 7 and the game is on the line (and it’s important to play 11-on-11, as opposed to 10-on-11).

        • Jujus

          OBS was better then marsh and he was blindingly mediocre. Marsh is JAG and should have been replaced last year. Happy to hear more people Banging the Drum for DLINE backups + stars. We only have a small window before the elite Dline falls off a cliff. And Frank Alone cannot stop it from happening. WE need 2 Big DLine monsters and 1-2 Capable leo / same type rushers to be ing the wings for when avril falls off his elite pedestal.

          2013 set a high standard and people really think we are just a LB away from getting back there? We NEVER REPLACED CLEM, NEVER REPLACED MCDONALD, the production might grow from reed but we need 2 more DT taht can at least manage 3-6 sacks a year.

  2. Marc

    49ers picked up a pro bowl center for a bag of peanuts. Is Britt signing? Or will the future rest on Joey Hunt’s shoulders?

    • Rob Staton

      A pro bowl center the Ravens, an organisation with a proven track record, were willing to give away.

    • Darth12er

      Yeah, I was reading the comments in an article talking about this deal. Ravens fans were pretty happy haha!

  3. Peanut

    So many people keep mocking an o-linern to Seattle, and fans everywhere (mostly twitter) keep saying ” SPEND MONEY ON O-LINE!!” I keep thinking

    1. People on twitter, who is there really to spend money on, that would actually be an upgrade, keeping in mind what PC and JS has said over the last month?

    2. Why keep mocking an o-liner, when PC said he wants LB and DB aswell, and this is THE draft to focus on those positions?

    First 5 picks I personally want 2 DB’s, 1 LB/DL and 1 O-line.

    • STTBM

      People dont know much thats why lol!

      I like your 5 picks, but I think they take a TE in there to replace Willson the Canadian. Which leaves the second DB for later in the Draft…

      Still think we pick up at least two DB’s in this Draft…its loaded with Seahawky guys…

      • Peanut

        I can do with a TE, another nice class.

    • Ishmael

      1. Draft twitter is stupid

      2. People in the national media don’t actually pay close attention to any given team, they’re mocking on vibe and narrative ie. Seattle’s O-Line sucks and they’re playing a basketball player at LT. In a vacuum, mocking an LT makes sense – but it totally fails to take into account what Carroll has said, and the weakness of the tackle class. Realistically the only ‘top tier’ tackle who might be left is Robinson, and it’s hard to see the Hawks having any interest in a jabroni like that.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Well said!

        • bankhawk

          Yup. Im down with that!

          What round are folks thinking W. Michigan OT Taylor Moton goes in and what do you see him being able to bring to Seattles OLine competition?

          • peter

            3rd round. Maybe even Second. The Oline options are terrible this year of course. Moton for me would be a guard, then swing tackle, then perhaps competition for RT.

            He really doesn’t have much tackle experience, it’s something to of either 6 or 9 games total, so there would still be a big learning curve.

  4. CA

    I need TJ Watt in a Seahawks uniform like I need air to breathe. Trade back(if possible) and get him in the late 1st round/early 2nd? Or does he go sooner than that?

    • Jujus

      it is my dream scenario to trade back get Watt and King in the 2nd

  5. Nathan_12thMan

    This is perfect yet again. You helped relieve my negativity due to mocks having us take Robinson at 26. I really don’t want to see us take Ifedi 2.0. The idea of taking OL in round 2 or below (like the guys you mentioned) really appeals to me. After all the comments we have gotten it just seems unlikely they won’t give the guys on the OL another shot at earning the starter jobs so they can build off of the experience they had last year and actually have some continuity.

    My opinion is that going into camp Fant, Glow, Ifedi and Gilliam should get first shot at earning their positions back. If Fant doesn’t look like he’s improved enough then Joeckel earns the job. If Glow hasn’t improved then does anyone else (Odhiambo, etc) look better than him? Same with Ifedi. And lastly Gilliam should be healthy and training all off-season to play RT and show up to camp with first shot at RT. Can he pick up where he left off at the end of ’16 when he looked really good for a handful of weeks? If he can’t then maybe Ifedi gets a look at RT or something.

    King being gone in that mock really scares me. I want him so badly. The upside (as you mention) to him being gone is at 26 there are so many good options that we’d likely trade back and could possibly still get our hands on a combo of say Watt & Obi or Peppers & Obi or Watt & OL or something. But I still want King most of all.

    I know there is so much you don’t know but when you look at the talent in rounds 1-3 (esp high and mid round 2) how would you feel about SEA using ’18 draft capital to acquire a R3 pick and getting back up into R2? I just feel like if we don’t trade down from 26 it will suck missing out on all that talent between our 26th pick and our 58th pick.

    I just really want to come away from this draft with certain talent. King, Witherspoon, Kittle, Luani, a LB, DL, maybe OL & a FB (+ a kicker in UDFA).

    • Phil

      Nathan – I had the same thought about using 2018 draft capital to take advantage of all the talent available in this draft. Trouble is — what team would feel differently? That is, if you were a GM, would you trade a 2017 early round draft pick to the Seahawks for a 2018 pick? It would have to be a really outrageous deal — like trading a 2018 #1 for a 2017 #3 …..

      Another option is to trade an existing Seahawks player for 2017 pick(s) ….

  6. Jason

    I think Rob will have Engram as the wild card in round 2.

    • Forty20

      Evan Engram is such a fascinating offensive weapon. What would be the best way for Seattle to utilise a talent like Engram? He is coming out of college as a TE but with his measurables do you look to make a full-time transition to a big bodied WR? Giving Wilson a Mike Evans-type on the perimeter is an intriguing thought and what Engram may lack in blocking as a TE would translate to plus-blocking for a WR.

      I know that plenty of people want the Seahawks to go defence heavy in this draft but I would be happy to see PC/JS pull the trigger on 1-2 offensive additions in the first three rounds providing they are difference makers like Engram.

      • Jason

        I see him as a Mike Evans type. I see vanett as the traditional te. I am even on board for extending graham.

      • Misfit74

        Maybe Mike Williams will fall to us at 26 and all the 1st-round corners, Obi, and Reddick will be gone?

        I doubt it very much, but Williams can flat out ball. It’s more likely we grab a guy like Godwin later. I think Godwin is an ideal addition to any team. Athletic, fast, has good size, and fights like hell with the ball in the air. As much as people don’t see it, I don’t think counting on Lockett and PRich for a whole season as WR2/3 is reasonable.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I think it might be Curtis Samuel

      • Rob Staton

        Quick point — when I say wildcard in R2 I’m talking generally. EG — they might consider some wildcard options depending on how R2 falls and we’ll touch on them. I’m not referring to an out-there pick in a seven round mock.

        • Kenny Sloth

          More of a less considered option at a position of need, then, I suppose

  7. Misfit74

    Read an interesting article on how the Combine affects the edge players by The article includes the top 10+ and includes their profiles as a reference to athleticism.

    “11. T.J. Watt, Wisconsin
    My opinion of Watt’s overall game was low coming into the combine, and I certainly didn’t think he’d be one of the best athletes at Indy. He has a long way to go as a pass rusher from a technical and mental perspective, but what he demonstrated in workouts was a prospect with a sky-high athletic ceiling if he can refine the rest of his game. Watt tested in the 83rd percentile or better in every athletic event at the combine, showing flexibility, explosiveness, and fluidity in space that were only visible in rare flashes on tape. Coming into the combine at 252 pounds was a big win for Watt as well, who needed to bulk up and get stronger to play on the edge in the NFL. The first round hype might be a little rich, but tough not to believe Watt will be a top 50 pick given his family pedigree and athletic upside at such an important position.”

    • Robert

      Any chance they could draft Watt with the idea he plays Mike and BWagz moves to Will?

      • Misfit74

        No chance they move an all-pro MLB, the best in NFL last year, to WLB, IMO.

        • Robert

          Probably not. But in our 4-3 under, WILL plays inside next to MIKE. And BWagz speed would allow him to be a roaming ball hawk terror at WILL, assuming we had a great gap filler to take over at MIKE.

  8. Greg Haugsven

    Lacys contract details came out. Looks good for the team. This is what I thought Joeckels could look like.

  9. red

    I was watching NFL network yesterday and Jerimiah was say there is going to be a run on CBs from pick 20-40. So I was looking at trade value charts, and was thinking if we can get back to 33 we could pick up the fist pick in the fourth pick 109 and fourth pick in 6th 189. If we wanted to move up to pick 50 from 58 it would cost pick 107 or 109. I think we pick a CB at 33 and see who might fall the 50.

    Anybody think these guy find themselves at pick 50 and if so would you trade a 107 or 109 to move up to get them from 58.

    Cam Robinson

    TJ Watt

    Jarrad Davis

    Tak McKinley

    Tim Williams

    Raekwon Mcmillen

    • East Side Stevie

      I think McMillen and Tim Will could be there at 50. LB in round 2 for me seems very realistic assuming we go CB/S in round 1.

    • Peanut

      I’d take that, but again, don’t see Seattle “wasting” a first rounder on an O-line in this draft. Need prime DB talent.

      • red

        I think we have to pop a CB with the first pick because a lot these guys might be gone at 58. Jerimiah said he was hearing White might go top 20 and Awuzie wiil go late first. If we could find King Conley or Q Wilson who is good in press and is not afraid to tackle at 33-36 that would be ideal.

        • Rob Staton

          There’s definitely a legit chance we’ll just see a load of these CB’s fly off the board as teams desperately try to make sure they get one they like.

          Every mock draft could end up looking completely wrong (more so than usual). It might just be one great big CB fight in R1.

          • PDXBen

            They zig you zag

            • Jujus

              exactly why I think watt is the target

    • bankhawk

      If I thought they could get that CB you speak of at 33 (mmm-but which one? Or even Obi?) and still get a Watt Or a Davis with that trade up to 50, Id definitely be intrigued.

  10. Gary

    Hoping we load up at 3 positions of weakness (when it comes to depth), DL, LB and Safety.

    Who knows what Quinton Jefferson is (except injured) and we didn’t get any rush from Tuba or Reed last season. Give me some inside power and outside rush – Bennett and Avril aren’t getting any younger.

    • Misfit74

      Derek Rivers looks like a good DE candidate, to me.

  11. EP

    Have been an advocate of taking Melifonwu at 26 but my preferred choice now is definitely Kevin King. Having a big physical corner across from Sherman and eventually becoming his heir, I believe this too be more important than a chess piece/Kam replacement. A secondary of Earl/Kam/King/Sherman is pretty terrifying to my eyes. The chance of a nice player like Luani or someone of that ilk in the third or second round (that’s how deep the draft is in the secondary) is very promising as well . Reboot the LOB and securing its future is vital to Seattle.

    What do you think the chances of ramzyck falling to 26 in the draft are? And would it be worth seattles time taking him there? To my mind if he drops that far considering the weakness of this Oline class I would be comfortable passing on him in favour of an impactful defensive player.

    • Volume12

      That’s just it though. Obi is more than a chess piece. Maybe his 1st year or so that’s what he is, but if Seattle can get away with Brandon Browner at CB? They can and then some with Obi.

      • Jason

        I really like Obi as well, but I read analysis from Jared Stanger and he hates him. Are we missing something with our rose colored glasses?

        • East Side Stevie

          Naaaaaaa Jared is Jared man, we aren’t missing anything on Obi the chosen 1

        • Rob Staton

          Jared lives in Jared world.

          As for the tape, it’s about knowing what to look for. His tape is a lot better than some people will have you believe.

          • Forty20

            It all comes back to the philosophy of focusing on a what a player can do for your team rather than what they can not. Is Melinfonwu a little raw around the edges? Perhaps. Does he have crippling character or play-style flaws? Hardly.

            If you want to go out and find flaws in the tape of any prospect you can damn well do it. One of my favourite prospects in Jarrad Davis gets caught going off his feet too earlier when tackling laterally and ends up gnawing on ankles or worse. Does that mean he isn’t a terrific prospect at linebacker? Heck no.

            Obi is in the 1% of the 1% athletically and he certainly isn’t just an athlete. He shows up as a footballer on tape and Pete Carroll can most definitely work with that.

            • Ishmael

              This is a fantastic point. Or to bring up another guy who we’ve talked about here – Justin Evans- who is an absolute thumper but a terrible tackler, he’s too aggressive and gets in some awful positions. And despite some genuinely dreadful tape at times, he’s still likely as not to go in the second round.

          • Del tre

            It drives me nuts when people criticize him for his tackling, he is a sure tackler and will probably learn to lay the wood safely in the LoB. I like Obi more and more when i consider that we might be able to get Witherspoon with a second or third

            • HawkTalker #1

              Witherspoon carries the same tackling concerns

              • Del tre

                True but the seahawks are excellent at teaching tackling technique, Sherman wasn’t a great tackler either he just makes form tackles and wraps up

              • Ishmael

                Is it?

                You look at Witherspoon and he really doesn’t want to tackle, he’ll do it if he has to but it’s not a part of the game he enjoys at all. Lot of business decisions being made, which I don’t see with Melifonwu at all.

              • RealRhino2

                Witherspoon is a sure tackler and will probably learn to lay the wood safely in the LoB.

                • peter

                  Think so? I’m not arguing I’m questioning. Witherspoon has significantly less tackles then say King does over the same period of time.

                  I’ve not watched a ton of CO games but the few tapes I’ve seen it seems to me that he avoids tackles so it’s hard for me to see if he is good or bad. I know Seattle prides itself on it’s run D and that’s where I wonder about Witherspoon. Will he actually get into it with a ball carrier?

                  • Del tre

                    He looks good against Stanford, doesn’t seem to be making “business decisions” to me, he can sniff out the screen fairly well, I prefer him to King honestly. In spite of the the numbers when I watch Witherspoon play i see him stay in his mans pocket, and if he loses ground he has the speed to recover. I also see a player who excels in press coverage and with a bit more technique should be able to wrap up most running backs to at least slow them down until help arrives
                    Absolutely no knock on Kevin King though
                    I mean the interception he had in the end zone against Arizona was just a special play by a special player, that entire game he looked great. It isn’t often i see King get beat when pressing off of the line but when he does he is usually fortunate enough to have Buddah crashing over the top. Without a doubt King is a willing tackler, giving as much effort as possible to bring down his man.
                    Kevin King is the more willing guy who will fly into the pile even if the guy is a sure thing to be down
                    Ahkello is willing and will try to make plays against the run and to sniff out screens but he won’t fly into that pile unless it looks like he needs to.
                    So not exactly avoiding tackles but he is definitely the more coverage oriented corner of the two.
                    I don’t think either would be a bad selection, but i prefer Witherspoon because i see his technique in coverage as being better, which quite frankly may not matter in the Hawks system, or he could be a 6’3 Aquib Talib with the ability to switch between techniques. No matter who we choose between the two, I believe it makes our secondary the best it’s ever been in base 4-3

                • peter

                  Del tre-

                  excellent points. I rewatched the stanford stuff on DBD and would agree that he’s more willing than I first perceived.

                  I’m still saying his overall form is pretty bad and hopefully it can be taught up. I do wonder why he has som nay pass break ups (awesome) but so few INT’s compared to other players in the Pac-12? That’s not really worrisome just something that makes me curious about his skills.

        • Volume12

          Jared keeps pointing out the same god damn plays over and over.

          He doesn’t like a player if he’s not the 1st one to discover him. But its not about being 1st. Its about being right.

          • Ishmael

            I find his analysis almost uniquely irritating. It’s all about him.

      • EP

        Totally agree but if it came down to picking King as CB or obi in order to take a chance and convert him, I think I would personally have to choose King. But if anyone can turn someone into a CB I’m sure it would be Pete

      • C-Dog

        I keep thinking of the Brandon Browner comp to Obi, as well. Who knows if they would go that direction with him, but it wouldn’t shock me at all if they did.

      • Steve Nelsen

        Vol 12 I thought I heard something from the combine about Obi saying one team had talked to him about playing corner and posted wondering if it might be Seattle and the comp to Browner.

        I think King is a sure thing at corner and prefer him at 26 but if they took Obi at 26 and took another corner in the 3rd (Ahkello Witherspoon or Sidney Jones) that would be a huge step forward for Boom 2.0 whether Obi ends up playing the Browner role or the Kam role.

        • Volume12

          It very well could’ve been. Like Browner, he won’t work at corner unless he has help over the top. Although maybe he will with that speed and explosion.

          I like King as well. A lot.

        • D-OZ

          Obi, all day. Much better athlete than Browner. I don’t think Obi would be as prone to boneheaded mistake’s that hurt the team either. I see where Obi can become another Easley who would last longer in the NFL without the bone-jarring collisions. I think he may have the range of Easley. 🙂

        • STTBM

          Browner was a fantastic player for his time. However, he would not be in todays NFL even if he were as fast as he was in 2012/2013, because the NFL changed their rules and interpretations to prevent guys like him from having success.

          You just cant be as physical–even within the 5 yards where its supposedly legal–as Browner was and not get a hail of penalty flags these days.

          Not saying Obi couldnt play some corner for us, just that if he does he wont really resemble Browners play from back in the day. He will have to play a lot less physical.

      • bankhawk

        Me likey!

  12. Volume12

    FA LB Michael Wilhoite visiting Seattle. Would be a great addition. Good backup MLB and a stud on STs.

    I kinda think Seattle is gonna go for speed at LB after listening to PC and maybe its just me, but seems like they’re interested in day 3 options.

    As for a pass rusher in UDFA or late day 3? Montana EDGE Caleb Kidder. Seattle has met with him, but perhaps more telling? They like the toughness and physicality these LBs from Montana bring.

    • Rob Staton

      I noticed the reference for speed too. However, who has speed in this LB class?

      • East Side Stevie

        Watt Bowser Reddeck Mkinely Jordan Willis

      • Volume12

        lol. Good point.

        Someone will pop from these pro days, and if not, then yes I can definitely see them going for more of a throwback type at the position.

        • Rob Staton

          I wonder if Pete equates speed to short shuttle at LB? Maybe.

          They also might convert a safety. Josh Jones ran a 4.41 at 220lbs. They’ve had LB’s at that size before (Morgan, Smith).

          Have a feeling Schneider will like Watt and Pete will like the grit and the bloodlines. Not sure if it fits though in terms of where SEA picks.

          • Volume12

            I could see that.

            Thought the same thing about Jones. He really does have LB size.

            Agreed about Watt. Really like what he’s about and his play style, but yeah, how would you get to him?

      • MSL

        I would think anybody with those “elite” 10 yard splits would be considered to have speed. How often does a LB need to run more than 10 yards in a straight line?

    • Hawkfaninmt

      Kidder is a Udfa/7th round guy imo…

      He’s bo biermann or Holmes who have come outta MT in recent years. I would take Tripp and Coyle over him as well

    • STTBM

      Ive noticed that Seattle has really taken notice of Montana. I was hoping they would take Trumaine Johnson a few years back, and it looks like they really should have. But Seattle has watched them and has targeted at least one player per year as an UDFA or late round pick the past few years, which is really cool to see.

      Montana LB’s may not be the fastest guys out there, but they are always smart and tough.

  13. southpaw360

    I really want King or Melifonwu with our first round pick. I’m starting to have a little man crush on Watt. Trade up in the second to get him. I don’t care trade our 2nd and the 2 3rd round comp picks to go get him. Take the best available TE with the remaining 3rd round pick. That is my dream scenario of players.

    I’m very interested to see the leap forward this year of last years Seahawks rookie class. I think the class could be a lot better than I originally thought.

    My thoughts on the O line are left to right. Joeckel, Glowinski or Odhiambo, Britt, Ifedi and Fant. I actually want to see Joeckel and Fant switched but it’s not sounding like that is the way the Seahawks see it.

  14. Nick


    Pauline: “Beigel did retime the short shuttle and clocked in the 4.07s to 4.10s range, an improvement form his combine mark of 4.3s.”

    • Rob Staton

      Biegel is definitely one to watch. Gritty, athletic, productive, loves football.

      • Nick

        Focusing on Biegel would also free them up to pursue other “wild card” interests in Round 1 and 2. Watt doesn’t give them that luxury.

      • D-OZ

        Team leader. Play’s with his hair on fire. I talked about him last year but he didn’t declare like I thought he would. The Badger’s really missed him mid-season this year when they lost some tough game’s. He is the glue on their D-fence.

  15. john uhrich

    Rob what are your thoughts on Alabama’s Ryan Anderson. The profiles I have been reading describe him as tough and would help the Hawks get back to being the bully on D. We know the Hawks like Alabama players in general. I think he could be in the mix late 1 early 2.

    • Rob Staton

      What I saw at the Senior Bowl wasn’t great and he didn’t test well. Don’t see him as a R1-2 pick personally. Was productive at Alabama but when he tests like he did you wonder how much that was environment and the players he played with. Liked him in college but a question mark at the next level.

      • Peanut

        Imagine getting him with one of the 3rd rounders? Would be a fun pick

        • Volume12

          I have the same questions Rob does about him. Could he be a Rees Odhiambo type pick in the 3rd? Ehhhh

  16. RWIII

    Rob: You don’t have to convince me about T.J. Watt. Watt lives and breathes football. Just like I live and breath tennis. I have been on the Watt bandwagon for a long time.

    • dingbatman

      +1 for the live and breath tennis!!!

      • HawkTalker #1

        +2 go Fed

        • RWIII

          Hawk talk. Fed destroyed his longtime rival (Rafa)today.

  17. nichansen01

    I’ve always wanted and still want Obi in the first. I hope Kevin King goes before 26 just to make the front offices job easier.

    • bankhawk

      Still and yet, having to choose between Obi and King at 26? Sounds like a case of *first-world problems* there if you ask me. Heres to hoping we have it so rough.

  18. RWIII

    Adam Bisnowaty: Rob you have actually peaked my interest in Adam Bisnowaty. I have going to have to check him out. Sounds like he is a Tom Cable type of player.

    Just read a profile on Bisnowaty. Believe it or not Bisnowaty is being compared to Breno Giacomini.

    Rob: Just curious where did you project Rees Odhiambolast year?

    • Rob Staton

      I didn’t project him until day three due to his injury. Knew of him because Tony Pauline linked him to Seattle. But due to the injury situation I just assumed he’d be a day three flier. Seattle obviously had some intel there and had studied him. Wonder if Chris Peterson gave them some info.

  19. Joshua Smith

    Comparing someone to Breno Giacomini is the fastest way to turn me off from them. I mean who actually liked Breno Giacomini? Lol

    • Greg Haugsven

      The refs did, they gave him lots of yellow presents.

    • Rob Staton

      I never really understood the Breno dislike. I got it when he was giving up 15-yard-penalties all the time. Once he controlled his aggression and avoided those flags — he was really good for Seattle. I remember writing a piece in 2012 discussing the elite DE’s he’d faced 1v1 during the season and shut down. He got the job done for this team in more ways than one. This line would be 10x better with a 26-year-old Breno.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Next to Ifedi??

        Oh, they’d be monstrous

        • Kenny Sloth

          Gilliam is so finesse and inconsistent for me

      • Trevor

        Breno brought the attitude to that OL and his presence was huge IMO.

      • peter

        well said. Holy crap would the run game be good on the right side with Ifedi and the big russian (at the age you mentioned.)

    • Kenny Sloth

      The Seahawks

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I loved how he punked DL and LBs…. loved that part of the game. The toughness he showed and he wouldn’t backdown from anyone. That is what you need on an OL… not a bunch of pansies. Was he perfect, no. Bunch when he got his hands on someone… they were done. *throws yellow flag* 😉

  20. Steve Nelsen

    I posted some thoughts in the podcast thread before I realized Rob had a new post.

    As the draft gets closer I have been getting more excited. I am convinced that at least one of the guys I would love at 26 will be available: Obi, King, Davis, or Watt.

    In fact, I am starting to wonder if more than 1 will be available and Seattle will trade back.

    Plus, I think that there is a chance Ramczyk will slide to 26 or that Cam Robinson will be there and Seattle will draft them. Either of those guys might be a starting RT or they might be a bust. I don’t want to risk a bust OL at 26 with all the great defenders in this draft class.

    So, now I am kind of dreading the first day of the draft.

    I’m still loving Day 2! I especially like the idea of taking a flyer on Sidney Jones with one of the round 3 picks which Rob mentioned in the podcast Rob. Low investment, potential Pro-Bowl corner.

  21. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Let’s not get too cute, just draft Obi round #1…. light a victory cigar and call it a day. ~ PC/JS

  22. Kenny Sloth

    Do we know of any linebackers they have met with or scouted games of this year?

    • Volume12

      The only 2 I know of are Montana’s Caleb Kidder, more of an EDGE, and Jackson St’s Javancy Jones.

      As for scouting? They’ve scouted a lot of teams with LBs, but they could’ve been looking at other positions or even under class men.

      • Volume12

        Carroll Phillips too. Again though, he’s probably more of an OTTO. Then again, maybe not.

        • Kenny Sloth

          I like Phillips potential as a SAM, but not much tape of it

  23. nichansen01

    Slightly curious- Bisnowaty, cam Sutton and tre White were all pegged as high draft picks by rob in during junior seasons. They all chose to stay another year and now Rob veiws their stock as much lower. What happened?

    • Kenny Sloth

      More information has become available.

      He just doesn’t talk about those guys as prospects much

      • Kenny Sloth

        Seahawks targets*

    • Rob Staton

      Sutton is really small. Tre’Davious White might go as high as initially expected. Bisnowaty was always a R2-3 type in terms of potential IMO and never suggested he would be a R1 type. He might go R3-4.

  24. Kenny Sloth

    Man I can’t wait for training camp!!

    I wonder if Ifedi is gonna fight everyone again!!!

    • Trevor

      I want him to play with that edge and be the nastiest RG in league once the season starts and just get through camp healthy.

  25. Rob Staton

    Something to consider:

    — Pete attended Alabama pro-day
    — We’ve heard a lot about meetings with Melifonwu

    — Did not attend the Washington pro-day
    — No big appearance at the Wisconsin pro-day today

    Just throwing it out there. Might be a bit of a smokescreen going on. Of course, it might just be that Pete wanted to talk to Nick Saban about Lacy and the UW pro-day coincided with a big free agency weekend.

    • Trevor

      I think the interest in Robinson is definitely a smoke screen and I am sure Pete wanted to pick Nick Sabans brain. Interesting that Pete and Bill B the two best coaches in the NFL were there to talk to Saban.

    • nichansen01

      Melinfonwu, if there, is our guy.

      • Trevor

        Perhaps but I really think Kevin King is the proto type that Pete wants in a CB physically. He really is the perfect Seahawks corner.

        • Del tre

          I think Witherspoon might just be that but with a chip in his shoulder, he shut down John Ross, thats no easy task. A lot more goes into being a corner than just athleticism and Witherspoon knows how to press his receivers.

          • Coleslaw

            +1 twice

          • RWIII

            Del: Good point. Witherspoon did shut down Ross.

    • Volume12

      Interesting indeed.

      I would’ve thought with they would’ve had brought a contingent to Wisconsin’s pro day.

      • Trevor

        JS was not at his old stomping ground very surprising.

      • Volume12


        • Volume12

          Speaking of that Udub pro day, RB Lavon Coleman has to be on the early watchlist next season depending of course on what happens with our RBs this year.

      • D-OZ

        You know JS is all over the Badger’s year in and year out…

    • Cameron

      Didn’t Pete and John attend the UW junior combine thing last year? Pete and John are ahead of the game as far as inside info on the UW guys goes, so not surprised they weren’t at the pro day.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Plus UW is their backyard.

      JS scouted them twice right?

    • peter

      I’d have to think with UW that Seattle at least on the scout level on up the ranks would have all the info they would need prior to pro days with their players.

  26. Trevor

    Just thought I would throw something out there for a little debate.

    Revis just had all charges dropped today in his court case. After it he said he as not gotten any free agency calls. Said he is healthy, hungry and motivated. He said he does not want to go out playing like he did last year.

    What do you guys think about signing Revis to a 1 yr / $5 mil deal. If he is motivated to go out on a positive note and play for a winner where better than Sea or back to NE. What do you guys think?

    Play Revis opposite Sherm next year with Lane in the slot. Then draft Siney Jones and Akhello Witherspoon in Rd #3 giving them a year to get healthy, NFL strong and learn the technique

    2017 CBs Sherm, Revis, Lane ( Sid Jones, Ak Witherspoon, D Elliott, N Thorpe)
    2017 Safeties Kam and Earl (Obi Melinowfu, Shalomi Lunani)

    2018 CBs Sherm, Sid Jones, Akhelo Witherspon ( D Elliott, Lane, Rookie)
    2018 Safeties Earl, Obi (Luani, Rookie)

    So in the draft if Bolles, Reddick, Jared Davis and Kevin King are gone as expected. Trade back into the first pick in Rd #2 with the Browns and pick up an early 4th and 5th

    Rd#2 Obi Melinowfu (S- UConn)
    Rd#2 Tyus Bowser (LB / Hous)
    Rd#3 Akhello Witherspoon (CB / Col)
    Rd#3 Comp Issac Asiata (G / Utah)
    Rd#3 Comp Sidney Jones (CB/ Wash)
    Rd#4 Grover Stewart (DT / Albany St.)
    Rd#5 George Kittle (TE / Iowa)
    Rd#6 Shaomi Luani (S /Wash St)
    Rd#7 Robert Davis (WR / Georgia St.)
    Rd#7 Aviante Collins (OL / TCU)

    • Del tre

      I’d be all in for that draft

    • nichansen01

      I might cry if that’s how the draft turns out. Tears of joy.

    • Dale Roberts

      With the exception of Sidney Jones, who I don’t think will last that long, this is a reasonable draft that would answer a lot of questions. I wonder if this isn’t a little high for Bowser who I think will be available for us in the third round. There does seem to be a bit of cliff mid second round. Do you trade up in the second to get two difference makers or trade down in the first to add picks in a deep draft? If Sidney Jones wasn’t there who would you replace him with in your draft?

      • nichansen01

        Bowser may not even be there in the second. Some mock drafts have him late first, and this blog has talked about him as a dark horse first rounder.

        • HawkTalker #1

          I have already seen the same.

          • Greg Haugsven

            I’d sign him but 5 mil is high. Have to be lower with some roster bonus in there

            • RealRhino2

              At $5 million he’s not getting paid anything. Revis discussion is basically a non-starter. Jets already have to pay him $6 million this year, and there’s offset language in the contract. So he gets paid $6 million to stay at home on his couch. Anything under that, he’s playing for free. You can love football as much as you want, doubt you risk that much injury for free.

              He’s got basically three options, IMO:
              1. Retire
              2. Take a year off, stay in shape, heal your wounds, rest your legs, etc., and make another run at it next year.
              3. Find a team you think can get you a ring and sign vet minimum contract with them (saving them the cap space to get another guy, while you still get $6 million).

              • peter

                Also he “may,” not want to go out like he did last year but father time seems to have come running around the bend to catch him. He can want it, will it, what not, but he went off a cliff last year.

    • peter

      I like it except Jones. In Rob’s latest Podcast he made some salient points about teams banking on players to come back from injury.

      I’m not saying he couldn’t come back from an Achilles injury. But you’re starting with a corner who already doesn’t match Seattle’s physical profile. Then you’re hoping he comes back from an injury that is way less certain than an ACL at this point.

      I think Carrol Phillips, Jordan Willis, Biegel, Josh Jones….those are who I would look to for that pick.

  27. Del tre

    Rob is there any chance the hawks might use one of their third round picks to trade up in the second to snag Obi if he is still available in the middle of the second? They did it with Reed and i think getting King and Obi would be huge. Then in the third they can draft and LB or Tedrick Thompson and another CB like Akhello Witherspoon.
    I know its hard to give away draft picks but i think a situation like trading our second and one of our thirds for the

    • Del tre

      Oops hit reply by accident
      Anyways our second and third to a defense needy team like New Orleans at 41 to get Obi

      • D-OZ

        Obi will go in the 1st. You can bet your wife on it.

        • jujus

          interested in this bet… my wife could use some time off…

  28. Coleslaw

    I think Obi would be gone if we passed on him. Dallas just lost both of their starting safeties from last year, New Orleans needs someone to build around in the secondary besides Vaccaro. Steelers might want to grab him since they went corner last year. Green Bay just lost a starting safety I believe. Atlanta could pair him up with Keanu.
    Theres a lot of spots he could make sense in that range, I wouldn’t risk it.

    • Coleslaw

      Also, what are the odds Pete went to Alabama for Saban and Eddie Jackson? If we traded down in the first for a 4th or 5th I think he’d someone they’d target.

      • Trevor

        I like Jackson. If his rehab went well. He was the leader on that defense before getting hurt.

        • Coleslaw

          For sure, I don’t get why he’s not talked about more cause he could be a stud barring a lingering issue

    • Jujus

      Dallas is also completely Hosed at DE pass rusher. Wit hhow deep the db class is you think a S is going over a De with jerry?

  29. Dale Roberts

    Really good article Rob.

    A while ago I floated the idea of moving Wagner outside with a guy like Kendall Beckwith in the middle for obvious run situations. Beckwith doesn’t have the speed to cover on passing downs but he’s a really big guy that can play in the trenches and plays with patience. He’d be a change-up on the defensive side.

    Do anybody think this type of linebacker might interest Seattle?

    • Dale Roberts

      Sorry, “does” anybody…

  30. Reggie Regg

    When it comes down to Obi or King as our 1st round pick I definitely like King. His ball skills are unteachable and I really think that some people are undervaluing what a real playmaker opposite Sherman will do for the defense! At the same time comparing Obi to Brandon Browner is just lazy IMO. Obi may never be able to bump a legit NFL receiver at the line of scrimmage and Browner might get left by 10byards in a 40 vs. Obi!

    • Coleslaw

      The only thing I’d say to that is there are corners later on who have the size-speed combo with ball skills like King (Akhello Witherspoon). I could see King being the pick and I think that having that real playmaker opposite Sherm is a clearer plan, he’s plug and play and that’s that. With Obi moving around it provides versatility, but is it a downside knowing that he’s going to probably be asked to switch positions in a year or two? I would be ecstatic if we got either though

      • Ground_Hawk

        The fortunate position that the Seahawks are in this year, in regards to the possible amount of talent available at 26, is why I am looking forward to the draft. King feels like the safe-bet, if Seattle is interested in drafting a CB in R1, at 26. Obi is the type of player that has a lot of potential to be a special player, because of his ability to track plays and elite athleticism; he just seems like a PC/JS pick. Even if King is on the board at 26, I think Seattle will draft Obi. With that being said, it wouldn’t be surprising to see them pick King, but it feels like Obi is the way they go.

        Then there’s Watt, and any prospects who might drop to 26…Lol!

  31. D-OZ

    There is more value with Obi. There are long corner’s to be had down the Board. Do we have a true slot corner? I think not. I believe we are missing something here. This is why I like Awuzie so much for Seattle. I believe he has potential to go in the first.IMO

    • D-OZ

      I like Myrick a lot also…

      • D-OZ

        And Kazee…

  32. D-OZ

    Lang is better on the outside where he can be protected.

  33. Darth12er

    Found this little nugget

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      The most important part of the report

      Stats to know: Finished 2016 ninth in run-stop percentage and 17th in tackling efficiency among FBS safeties.

  34. Hawk Eye

    Shead visiting Buffalo
    they need corners
    increasing need for Seattle if he signs there

  35. jujus

    I jsut did my favorite mock draft ever.

    Your Picks:
    Round 2 Pick 11 (PHI): T.J. Watt, OLB, Wisconsin (A-)
    Round 2 Pick 21 (DET): Tyus Bowser, OLB, Houston (C+)
    Round 2 Pick 26: Kevin King, CB, Washington (B+)
    Round 3 Pick 26: DeMarcus Walker, DE, Florida State (A)
    Round 3 Pick 42 (COMP): George Kittle, TE, Iowa (A)
    Round 4 Pick 3 (JAX): Will Holden, OT, Vanderbilt (A)
    Round 5 Pick 4 (JAX): John Johnson, FS, Boston College (A)
    Round 6 Pick 3 (JAX): Aviante Collins, OG, TCU (C)
    Round 6 Pick 26: Robert Davies, WR, Georgia (B+)
    Round 7 Pick 8: Grover Stewart, DT, Albany State (D)

    Hands down my favorite draft. im emailing it to JS now, I traded down from 1.26 and our 3.38.

  36. Donald

    No Way should the Hawks trade back from #26. Any of the top rated talent left to choose from will be snatched up by the remaining playoff teams #27-32. You know Watt is just the kind if guy Belichick would grab just before the 2nd rd.

    Letting top talent go to other competing teams just to get a middle round pick is not worth it.

    Don’t get cute, grab the guy that will make the most impact at #26. I would also recommend trading #56 and a 3rd rd to get #40 pick and come away with 2 top rated players.

    • Derron James

      Patriots traded their pick… for brandin cooks

    • Jujus

      any player picked in the top 60 is aa “top rated player” in this VERY DEEP DRAFT. So I dont understand the point of your arguement. Infact the best value is trading down from 1.26 and then trading up in the 2nd imo.

  37. Greg Haugsven

    Just scouring through some free agents. What’s peoples thoughts on Jared Odrick? Seems like a good fit for some interior pass rush. Maybe 1 year 3-4 million.

  38. RealRhino2

    Anybody who follows where the Seahawks have visited and who they’ve brought in, etc., have we shown *any* interest in pure DE types? I like this Basham guy from Ohio, would be on board with him if we had a chance at him in the 3rd. I know Pete said OL-LB-DB, but he’s also said you can always use more pass rushers.

    • Magmatizer

      Basham had a decent showing at the combine, but his physical measurements were impressive (6’4″; 34 1/4″ arms; 10 1/4″ hands). That sort of length has to at least be of interest in the mid rounds IMO. A healthy rotation of pass rushers was missing this year, and I’m sure the Hawks would like to get back to that.

      • D-OZ

        Basham is being mocked in the 2nd now.

  39. RWIII

    Rob: Tomorrow’s Report is one of my favorite reports you put out every year. The report where you look at options for Seattle in every round. Really looking forward to it.

  40. Sea Mode

    Chad Reuter 4-round mock give the Seahawks:

    26. Ryan Ramczyk, OT, Wisconsin
    58. Kevin King, CB, Washington
    90. Larry Ogunjobi, DT, Charlotte
    102. Chad Hansen, WR, Cal
    106. Alex Anzalone, LB, Florida

    Hey, at least he got the team needs right (OL, CB, LB)…

    Can’t wait for Rob’s new mock.

    • peter

      That mock had me laughing. Just plug in any old OL guy and call it good. Old Walt had Seattle taking Bolles at 26, King in the 2nd. Made me smile. Pretty unlikely that with about three OT’s in the whole draft the one who did testing and was most athletic would last until 26.

      Also pretty unlikely at this point that King lasts until the end of round two. A supremely athletic CB who also can actually play the game? Maybe but I doubt it that he lasts that long.

  41. Sea Mode

    Latavius Murray signs with Minnesota Vikings

  42. Sea Mode

    The real wildcard for me is in R1 with Ryan Ramczyk. Last year, they talked about how rare it was for a guy like Ifedi (with Tackle measurables) to be available to them late R1. That happened because of a good OL class at the top last year and the rawness in his game. This year, it seems like something similar could happen due to the elite prospects at other positions at the top of the draft, as well as questions around Ramczyk’s injury and one-year starter experience.

    Do we need to start giving him more serious consideration for the Hawks? He may not be as flashy as an Obi or King, but as FA has shown, you just don’t find Tackle prospects anywhere else these days. And there will be good defensive prospects available all the way through our other picks in R2-R3.

    Another plus for him is that he is from Wisconsin’s pro system, which is one of the schools we know the FO likes to draft from on the OL.

    Esp. if Davis and King are gone. What about something like this?

    R1P26- OT Ryan Ramczyk
    *Trade up with R3P90
    R2P44- DB Obi Melifonwu
    R3P102- OLB Carroll Phillips/Elijah Lee/Vince Biegel
    R3P106- S Shalom Luani/Josh Johnson
    R6- CB Marquez White/Jeremy Cutrer
    R7- DT Stevie T/Josh Tupou

    • Rob Staton

      Part of the appeal in terms of being available later in R1 with Ifedi was his extreme physical profile. Ramzyck doesn’t really have that and he hasn’t tested either to see if he’s sneakily athletic and explosive.

    • BobbyK

      I don’t think King is a flashy pick at all. He is a CB and CB2 represents our worst starting position entering next season if the year was to start today. King at CB is an absolute need, too. Nothing “flashy” about that, imo.

    • peter

      Just watched him vs. Ohio St. and vs. Michigan. I don’t think he’s a bad pass blocker though I’d like to not see him drop so far back into the arc around the QB. Against Michigan it felt as if he took huge steps backwards to compensate for the defenders speed. It worked mostly. I worry that the extreme speed guys in the NFL will be able to bend around that move or dip inside before he can recover. I worry with Russell that all that movement in the pocket will lead to a bunch of sacks if Ramczyk is sliding so far back.

      In the one man’s trash the other’s treasure department: Personally I felt against Michigan that as soon as Taco Charlton decides to spin against him, Ramczyk doesn’t have an answer. Taco doesn’t get home everytime but it’s disruptive. Lance Zeirlein seems to think that’s one of Ramczyk’s best skills is stopping spin moves, so who knows.

      I’d like to see more energy to the second level on run plays but Wisconsin is so assignment correct plus they lack all subtlety and just line 10 dudes up on run plays that maybe getting to the second level is not necessary.

      I’m definitely not against him. But this draft sucks for OLine and it pains me to consider Seattle drafting an injury recovering, unable to athletically test, OT because there so few tackles and their prices have skyrocketed. If he was going in the late Second early third I’d be all about it. But to this guy in most years I don’t think he’d be considered in such high regard.

      • Sea Mode

        Thank you, Peter, for taking the time to look at him and share your thoughts! Great info.

    • Overtime

      I have a hard time seeing any of the O Linemen in this years draft making an impact in 2017 on the Seahawks. Frequently, the OT’s are moved to offensive guard their first year, if they play at all. We are too young now. I see them opting for an OL in R3 to serve as a backup for a year. Then if we lose Joeckle we will have replacements waiting.

  43. Sea Mode

    Now he’s really Hausch $$$:


    Steve Hauschka (Bills) $8.85M, $3M bonus, salaries $1.6M ($1M gtd), $1.75M, $2M; $250K roster bonus fifth day 2018, 2019, $50K stat incent.

    5:58 AM – 16 Mar 2017

    In simple terms, that’s 3 years $8.85M with $4M in guarantees.

  44. Jason

    I don’t know if it is feasible, but would Johnathan Hankins be an option for hawks for the interior DL? He is still young and was probably looking to make some money as a free agent, but the market hasn’t been there for him. Maybe another 1 year prove it deal like we have been doing this year and with Bennett in the past?

  45. Sea Mode


    Will be the first visit for Shead. Has an offer from Seahawks but is exploring options and has a few other teams interested, also.

    6:35 PM – 15 Mar 2017

    • STTBM

      Kinda bummed Seattle didnt tender him. He got hurt busting his ass for Seattle, and they should have taken care of him.

      For his sake, I hope he gets a nice offer from Buffalo and takes it. Seattle seems really sketched about his injury.

      • Sea Mode

        I thought the bigger news was that he does have an offer on the table from Seattle. Don’t think they are dumping him, just letting him get a feel for his value on the market.

        • STTBM

          That may be true. But obviously he thinks he can get more on the open market than Seattle is offering.

          Would love to see Seattle match or beat any offer Buffalo makes, but then again Buffalo needs a good corner bad and probably will offer a decent price even if he is injured. I hate to see him go.

  46. Sea Mode


    Mike Williams a 4.50 in his first 40 at Clemson Pro Day.

    7:06 AM – 16 Mar 2017

    • STTBM

      I like Williams, but generally a tenth of a second is added to Pro Day Times to compare to the Combine. So that would put him 4.55-4.6, which is ok but not a world-beater. I cant see Seattle taking a WR high when there are tremendous athletes with size and speed that can be had later in this draft. Especially considering that Seattle has gaping holes at RCB, backup SS and FS, LB, OT/OG and could still use a pass rushing DT.

      Generally I find a WR to bang the drum for every year in the first or second round because its my favorite position (I sucked at it in HS!), and Seattle still lacks a big physical WR with speed. But this year, with the team having bigger needs and the prevalence of big fast guys with talent who lack only skill available later, I dont see Williams to Seattle. Just my two cents…

      Bummer though, huh?!

      • Sea Mode

        Honestly, I wasn’t trying to propose him for Seattle. Was just sharing info relevant to top prospects that could affect what other teams do in R1.

        (Oh, and my TE/WR drum has been banged so far for Evan Engram. Think he’s a perfect fit, though not sure if they will be willing to go for someone that high. We’ll see!)

    • Sea Mode


      According to a scout at Clemson today– Mike Williams ran 4.58 & 4.56

      7:22 AM – 16 Mar 2017

  47. Sea Mode


    Former #Seahawks and #Saints DL John Jenkins is visiting the #Bears today, source said, and he’s at the #Colts tomorrow. A rare true NT

    8:02 AM – 16 Mar 2017

    • nichansen01

      Dang, I was hoping we might get him back.

  48. Sea Mode

    Stuff from Anthony Auclair pro day:

    “Despite the injury, the six-foot-six, 256-pound Auclair posted a 33 1/2-inch vertical jump and nine-foot, nine-inch broad jump — both solid indicators of explosion and lower-body strength. The 23-year-old native of Notre-Dame-des-Pins, Que., also registered a personal-best 22 reps in the 225-pound bench press and a respectable 40-yard dash time of 4.82 seconds.

    But in a time when healthy players skip bowl games to protect their draft stock or choose not to test because of physical ailments, Auclair’s actions spoke volumes. His decision not only showed perseverance and toughness but also character and dependability, important intangibles sought after by football personnel because they’re qualities that can’t be taught or coached.

    “Scouts told me the same thing,” Ghavami said. “They were like, ‘You did the best thing in the world to let him run because even if he posted a 4.9 (in the 40), this showed toughness, this showed character.’ ”

  49. Sea Mode

    “They definitely fit the way I run,” Lacy said Wednesday.

    “I’ve always favored Marshawn Lynch’s running style, and that’s something Pete Carroll definitely likes. I’m going to come in and do my best impression of him and just bring my hard work and my hard running style to the table.”

    “I’m very motivated to prove myself,” he said. “I know what I’m able to do, but I just want to go out and show everybody that I can do it and will do it. I just can’t wait to get my chance.”

    “This is a very physical team,” Lacy said. “Defensively, those guys play with a lot of heart and a lot of passion, and they get that energy going. Hopefully I can add that on the offensive side and it can all come together and we can be one explosive team.”

    • GeoffU

      Probably the best RB we could’ve added. Loved Jamaal and Peterson in their prime, but both are over 30 and coming back from injury. As is Lacy, of course, but he’s only 26. Always liked the way he ran, just needs to stay healthy.

      • Jujus

        And honestly look for jamaal to sign but be cut @ 53 so we can pay him game to game.

  50. Sea Mode

    Uh oh, look who’s getting some attention now:

  51. Christian

    Quick poll:
    Bolles, King, Davis, Obi, Mike Williams and Watt available at 26.
    Which do you pick or draft down to early 2nd?

    • Christian

      *Trade, not draft

    • Jujus

      draft down and let fate decide which is our prize.

  52. Sea Mode

    Well hello…

    Eagles executive Howie Roseman explained that their offensive line depth could pay off closer to the start of the season by trading some of them for future assets.

    “When we looked at the availability in free agency and the draft, we felt that it wasn’t a great free agent or draft class, and it would pay off once we got to August and September, whether for the depth of our roster or the possibility is even there in trades,” Roseman said, via “Everyone is looking for offensive linemen in the league, and we feel confident that when people watch our tape during training camp or looking at our depth chart, that we’ll have opportunities if we wanted to, to improve our football team by having strength at that position.”

    Anyone of interest maybe for the Hawks? Depth chart list in link above.

  53. nichansen01

    Quick mock:

    26: R1P26
    58: R2P26
    90: R3P26
    102: R3P38
    106: R3P42
    210: R6P26
    226: R7P8

    Obi in the first just as I have been advocating.
    Lucky to get Evans and Luani in the 6th and 7th. Tomlinson would be really good value late third. Tankersley seems like a pretty solid consolation prize to King if he’s there, really good value late second.
    Evans and Biegel bring much needed competition to the linebacker core.
    Ricky Jean Francois (who I hope we sign) and Tomlinson could come in as really really good depth to Rubin and Reed. Francois-Tomlinson-Reed-Rubin-Jeffreson very solid interior rotation.
    Really like Isaac Asiata late third. Really passionate player, would be a really cool seahawk.

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