Friday draft notes: Kiper’s mock & D’Brickashaw’s retirement

Germain Ifedi is an option for the Seahawks — and the Jets

Mel Kiper’s mock draft

It was an interesting update from Kiper this week. He made several lurching changes between his mock 3.0 and his latest update — moving dramatically away from the opinions he’s voiced in recent weeks:

— Kiper dropped one of his favourites A’Shawn Robinson from #16 to #31 in his latest projection

— Kiper moved up Ezekiel Elliott from #20 to #6 this week

— Germain Ifedi wasn’t included in the first round in Kiper’s third mock but now he’s at #20 to the Jets

— Robert Nkemdiche was the #19 pick to Buffalo in Kiper’s third mock but now he’s not included at all in the first round

— Paxton Lynch was not a first round pick in mock 3.0 — yet he’s going at #15 to the Rams in mock 4.0

Some of these moves completely oppose Kiper’s opinions on the First Draft podcast this year. He’s been a big supporter of A’Shawn Robinson and talked about Paxton Lynch as a second rounder.

He certainly has some sources in the league — and the dramatic shifts we’ve seen between his two mocks are worth recognising.

Expect the distinctly average Robinson to fall (probably into round two), Lynch to go a lot earlier than people think, Ifedi to go in round one and Nkemdiche to fall (and fall and fall…). Stuff we’ve covered on here.

Unfortunately those sources aren’t likely Seattle based. He has the Seahawks taking Eli Apple a week after projecting Kendall Fuller at #26. The Seahawks not only have depth at corner, they also re-signed Jeremy Lane and have not taken a CB before day three under Carroll and Schneider.

On the board for the Seahawks as alternatives were Jason Spriggs and Jonathan Bullard.

The impact of D’Brickashaw Ferguson’s retirement

The now former left tackle has created a huge need for the Jets three weeks before the draft.

His immediate retirement leaves them with a hole at LT. In this weeks mock draft we had them taking Germain Ifedi (as did Kiper) — and it’s a pick that makes even more sense today.

Whether it’s Ifedi, Jason Spriggs or Taylor Decker — the Jets appear destined to address that need now. It’s problematic for the Seahawks because it creates a rival. In the second half of round one there aren’t many teams that are likely to go offensive line:

#16 Detroit — Flirted with signing Russell Okung but chose not to and they probably have greater needs on defense for now

#18 Indianapolis — They spent a first and second round pick on two tackles but they might consider an interior lineman or an upgrade to their soft defense

That might’ve been it. Buffalo, Washington, Minnesota, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh are likely to go in other directions. Houston are a possibility but receiver might be the focus there.

Now the Jets are a legit option to go left tackle in round one.

Some teams don’t consider Ifedi a possible LT. Personally I think he’s worth trying there for a team with a vacancy. Kelechi Osemele made that adjustment and they’re similar physically.

Aaron Wilson says the Jets are showing interest:

Ifedi has worked out privately for Texans offensive line coach Mike Devlin. At the Aggies’ Pro Day workout, Ifedi worked out privately for Seattle Seahawks offensive line coach Tom Cable. The New York Jets also have displayed interest in Ifedi.

Jason Spriggs is a more natural left tackle but doesn’t have the brutish size of Ifedi — who is likely to be a ‘safer’ pick because he can play guard or right tackle.

Taylor Decker’s mediocre physical profile might drop him down plus he’s generally considered a right tackle only in the NFL.

If the Seahawks want Ifedi — they might have to keep their fingers crossed at pick #20.

Tony Pauline provided some interesting info earlier today:

During pro-day at Texas A&M earlier this week I posted the visit list for Germain Ifedi at WalterFootball. Absent from the teams on the list were the Seattle Seahawks yet most people I speak with feel Ifedi is a great fit for the team at the end of round one. The recurring comment is “Ifedi is a Seattle Seahawks type of lineman.”

It’s hard to disagree with that sentiment. He was 0.03 away from reaching the ideal 3.00 in TEF and that’s pretty much an extra rep on the bench press. He has freakish size and length plus explosive power (32.5 inch vertical, 9-1 broad jump at 324lbs).

In many ways he might be more ideal than Spriggs who posted a much higher TEF score. The Seahawks have looked for massive size at left guard or right tackle — the position Ifedi would play in Seattle.

Pauline also had positive things to say about Joe Dahl’s stock:

Washington State offensive lineman Joe Dahl is building some momentum for himself and there’s a belief he could land in the second day of the draft. Teams like his athleticism and ability to adjust, something I spoke about during Senior Bowl week, and fee a bit more strength would complete his game. Dahl’s visit and workout schedule is loaded and includes the New York Jets, New England Patriots, Tampa Bay Bucs, Philadelphia Eagles, San Francisco 49ers, San Diego Chargers, Minnesota Vikings, Carolina Panthers, Baltimore Ravens and Indianapolis Colts.

This isn’t a big surprise. The Seahawks aren’t the only ones looking for explosive offensive linemen. The entire league is.

Dahl is one of the top 5-6 athletic blockers in this draft. The idea he was going to last until round four (for example) is/was fanciful. The Seahawks might have a pool of O-line options (Spriggs, Ifedi, McGovern, Dahl, Haeg) but if they want two of these guys — they’re probably going to have to take them before the end of day two.


  1. Daddy Love

    Kiper’s crazy. Heard this on the radio this morning. Seattle taking a corner at 26 when that’s where they have the most depth? Huh? Nope.

    • STTBM

      Bodies doesnt necessarily translate to quality. We have no idea if Seattle feels comfortable with Tye Smith and Tharold Simon, plus maybe’s like Seisay, SJ Baptiste, etc. We know they like Lane, but they very well should be nervous about counting on him to play an entire season healthy–he’s never done that. They also might like him better in the slot. Meaning its possible they could be looking for a starting outside corner in the Draft.

      Just because they havent taken a CB in the first doesnt mean they wont ever do it–they hadnt taken a QB in round three or above when they took Wilson either. And they havent found another Sherman yet.

      Its a long shot, but I wouldnt gasp is Seattle took a corner–Jackson etc.

      • Rob Staton

        To consider the possibility of a cornerback at #26 is to fight everything we know and have come to understand about this front office.

        We just know better.

        • HI Hawk

          I tend to agree, but there are a couple of attractive options in the top-40. I am completely enamored by William Jackson III. Also, I think Artie Burns out of Miami would look awesome in college navy.

          There are a lot of long CBs in this draft, we went through the list last week. I’m sure they’ll grab a project or two, but you’re right about the first round. I just can’t see them making this the year they break the trend. There’s too much quality at other positions.

          • Naks8

            The thing about playing corner in the Seahawks’ system is that it takes 1-2 years to get the footwork down. Cary Williams talked about how much harder it was then he thought it would be and how precise you need to be. A rookie no matter how talented would have a lot to learn in a small amount of time. So anyone you pick up to play corner is probably for next year. That feels a little wasted for a first round draft pick

        • J

          Paricularly corners with under 32 inch arms. Not going to happen.

      • Hawksince77

        Completely agree. Seattle has two bonafide starters (Sherman and Lane, and Lane better suited in the slot) at arguably the most important position group on the team (secondary) that requires three starting corners.

        As for never selecting the position so early, if you consider the entire secondary, we can count PC/JS’s second pick of their regime – Earl Thomas at 14.

        Another consideration: last year’s effort to field a RCB was very costly, in terms of dollars and quality of play. After the o-line, there is no greater need on this team than quality CBs.

        Without round-one worthy DTs/DEs/LBs projected, and assuming Seattle is comfortable with Gilliam and Webb at tackle (questionable comfort, for sure, but if they can’t count on starting a rookie at LT or RT, they are stuck) then the best use of the draft capital might be CB.

        This draft is unique – every draft is unique. Different team, different needs, different prospects.

        HI Hawk writes:

        “There’s too much quality at other positions [other than CB].”

        For example, who? Rankins, sure if he is available. Who else, if not a tackle (Ifedi or Spriggs)? Derrick Henry? A WR? Probably not. Interior linemen can be had later, and that’s where the real improvement is required.

        That’s the problem for me. Outside of trading down (a real possibility) I don’t see better options in the first round.

        • STTBM

          Excellent points Hawksince. Seattle has failed in developing a corner opposite Sherm, and while they like Lane, they surely aren’t counting on him due to his injury history. And their behavior thus far says they aren’t sold on Burley as a starter in the slot, nor counting on Simon for anything.

          We know they value Defense above all, and losing BB the Maxwell wrecked the defense, and Williams was an epic fail…add that all up, and I think Seattle adjusts their view on finding another corner; I think it’s a bigger priority than ever, they are learning from past mistakes.

          Additionally, the Draft has some good corners that fit their mold–like Jackson III–and it’s reasonable to assume they consider him in the first. Especially when comparing him to other players at other positions that might be there at 26.

          If they don’t trade down, I think him and Burns are an option.

          • Seahawcrates

            Well, they developed Walter Thurmond, Byron Maxwell, Jeremy Lane, Brandon Browner, and perhaps Shead. Simon when healthy was quite good. That’s a pretty good record of development. And they developed Sherman who was not a starter out of the gate. All of those guys are 3rd day or later picks.

            • H M Abdou

              Tharold Simon isn’t very good. He hasn’t developed an ability to sink his hips and change direction instantly the way a CB needs to. He’s 6’3″, but has the agility and change of direction of a guy who’s 6’8″.

              I still would prefer to draft for the trenches early, but wouldn’t be completely against taking one of the better CBs at 26.

              Of course, it doesn’t matter what I think, only what the coaches, front office, and scouts think.

            • Coug1990

              Yes, it is too early to say the Seahawks have failed. It has only been one year since Maxwell left. They tried a stop gap in Williams for a year and it did not work. Shead and Lane did well when given the chance. We don’t know how well the young guy will do yet, but they do have talent.

              If the corner opposite Sherman does not do well this season, then it could be said the Seahawks have failed. But, one half a year of sub par play is not enough to say they have failed.

              • Naks8

                Last year the guys that were supposed to step in we’re both hurt (Simon and lane). Simon wasn’t ready in year 2, but we don’t know his development last year. Remember that Pete was really high on Simon stepping up, then he got injured. So a one year lapse because of injury shouldn’t be considered a failure to develop corners

                • STTBM

                  I didn’t mean their way of developing corners has failed; just that they don’t have anyone clearly ready to step up other than Lane–and Lane is injury prone. Shead did ok, but was regularly beaten at outside corner; he got lucky on quite a few–especially against the Stealers–when WR’s dropped balls or he caught up
                  Just in time to dislodge the ball. As much as I like him, I doubt he’s earned the Seahawks full trust. Simon surely has not.

                  Last year Seattle spent far more than they had intended on C Williams, which was a disaster that wrecked the D. I can’t see Seattle learning nothing from that: they will be less willing to bring in aging vets, and put even more emphasis on DB’s in the draft. If they really like some late round prospects they may do their usual and wait; but they could take a guy higher if they see a high ceiling. Or if they believe a corner is BPA.

                  It’s more likely they go OL or DL high, but they have shown a preference for BPA, when not reaching for positional need. So it depends on how the Draft shakes out.

                  • STTBM

                    I don’t believe Seattle has a rule set in stone not to draft CB higher than round five; it’s just the way things worked out.

                    They have said they always look for QB’s too, and intend to draft one; it just hasn’t worked out. They don’t always get the positions or players they want every year, but they usually stick to their board for BPA. When they have to reach for positional need, as with Britt, they usually regret it.

      • Robert

        Pete and Kris Richard are the best CB developers in the NFL. They have a great stable of developing prospects with the length and athleticism they covet. These CB prospects are a year+ into their indoctrination and development. I expect a couple of those young prospects to emerge after a very competitive camp. I would not be surprised if we did not draft a single CB prospect this year. I am a long way from doubting Pete and co’s ability to develop quality CBs from the numerous excellent prospects they have been working with for over a year.

    • TJ

      I’ve said this multiple times on this blog… Kiper has NEVER put an ounce of thought into whom the Seahawks might draft or provided anything more than a prediction based on simply replacing their highest-profile player loss or biggest perceived hole (LOB had an off year, better build it back up). I’m surprised he didn’t just predict the Hawks to draft the closest thing to Bruce Irvin, since he appeared to be their biggest free agent loss.

  2. Volume12

    I just saw that Ifedi has a visit lined up to Seattle.

    Also someone tried telling me that JS only has 12 first round grades this year.

    • Rob Staton

      How legit is the person telling you that?

      • Volume12

        That’s the thing. I don’t think they are.

        Was wondering if you had heard aything like that?

        Did JS maybe say it on a radio interview or something? But then I wonder, why would he?

        • Kenny Sloth

          Not something you’d say before the draft haha

    • Kenny Sloth

      I’d believe it. Thin with a lack of lofty talent. I’d probably have a few more in there.

      • Lewis

        Yeah, I think that fits with what we’ve heard, which is that there aren’t big dropoff points this year (because the guys at the top aren’t dramatically better than the rest). Heck, I think in normal years, it’s not that unusual for a team to only have 15-20 first round grades.

        • Volume12

          No, I don’t think it’s that unusual either.

          If it is true, what’s the chance of one of those ’12’ falling to Seattle? Pretty unlikely I think. And I’m not convinced they bank on guys falling.

          Might be unlike them, but could/would they move up? Ecspecially if Ifedi or Rankins is their guy.

          We know the Jets like him, and IMO Houston does too.

          At the same time, it’s entirely possible that they have a couple 2nd talents, compared to NFL media rankings or big boards, with 1st round grades.

  3. Nick

    I so badly want to know where they have Derrick Henry on their big board.

    • Nathan

      I think it’s a massive red herring on their part, trying to throw people off the scent of who they really want to take.

      • Nick

        I don’t think that’s far-fetched.

      • rowdy

        A highly athletic and unique athlete, that’s exactly what they look for. Doubt it’s a ploy

  4. Nathan

    The Jets could pursue a trade for Ryan Clady. – Rich Cimini, ESPN

    The Jets have inquired about trading up to No. 1 to presumably take Laremy Tunsil. – Tony Pauline

    • STTBM

      And I could win the lottery. If I played.

      Sorry, couldnt heltp myself Nathan!

      Teams wont trade much for Clady, not with his injury history and the fact Denver surely wont pay him his contract to play RT, and he has zero reason to take a paycut with them after they signed Okung. But its possible they throw Denver a bone for him.

      Jets trade up that high, I would expect them to take Wentz or Goff. Dont you think?

      • Nathan

        I’m posting what I saw another site samson.

        Keep your pants on.

        • STTBM

          No problem, and I wasnt bagging on you. Like I said, I just couldnt help myself. Sorry!

          I just thought it was funny, and I cant see the Jets being in a big hurry to trade for that guy, not when they cant even find enough cash to pay Fitzpatrick. He’d have to agree to a big paycut for them to take him, and why should he agree to one? Its in his best interest to force Denver to cut him, then he’s a FA and can go where he wants–to chase a championship or to the highest bidder. He’s got to be pissed Denver is squatting on him, as its obvious there’s no way they pay him his contract now.

          • Nathan

            They do have Wilkerson on the trade block.

            • STTBM

              But no one is chomping at the bit to trade for him. Why do that when he’s very likely to be let go by the Jets after this season. He’s too expensive for anyone to trade for him right now; the only chance is after the Draft.

      • Nathan

        Better get that lotto ticket.

        • STTBAM

          Ha, I deserved that one!

          Even more surprised than when Seattle cut C Williams mid-season (I thought they’d keep him around for injury insurance) that Denver was able to trade Clady. Elway is playing Hardball!

          Shows what I know lol!

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t understand also this Ryan Clady trade talk.

      Massive contract, huge injury concern.

      Nobody is trading for him.

      • STTBM

        Could be Elway trying to scare up some buzz for a trade.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        The Professor said it would be some type of draft pick swap + players…. Clady for Wilkerson essentially. Both have big money deals and the teams are possibly trying to move them. I could see it, if the Broncos think they can;t land a big time DT in the first round, but there will be some talented guys at the end of the round, so for money reasons, it doesn’t make much sense… when you can get a cheap guy from the draft.

        • STTBM

          Denver doesn’t have the cap room for Wilkerson; he’s way better than the guy Denver lost, so he won’t sign anywhere for less tha 90 million. And he rightfully wants a lot upfront and guaranteed, and Denver can’t do it.

      • East Side Stevie

        BREAKING NEWS ROB CLADY WAS TRADED TO THE JETS!!!!!! IM BEING TOLD DRAFT PICKS ARE INVOLVED!!! This is such shocking news aftee we discussed it wouldnt happen sure enough it did!

    • Kenny Sloth

      Their GM is very sensible. Can’t see him and tennessee agreeing on a trade-up

  5. lil'stink

    Not only is our secondary stacked, but they look to be much healthier going into the 2016 than we were last year. Lane, ET3, Sherman, Chancellor, and Simon were all seriously injured or simply really banged up after the 2014 season. Throw in guys with potential like Shead, Burley, Smith, SJB, and Seisay and it could be game over for our opponents if we can get more interior pass rush.

    Our (hopefully) rejuvenated secondary is one of the things I am looking forward to the most this year.

    Mocking a CB in the first round to us, especially one that doesn’t have 32″ arms, is lazy guesswork on Kiper’s part.

    • STTBM

      Agreed. At least on Apple. They wont take him in the first. Jackson? Maybe. Apple–Nope.

      • J

        Under 32 inch arms on Jackson.

        • STTBM

          Really? How did I miss that?! Good catch! Good thing I don’t believe everything I think! Guess that rules him out…

          • JimQ

            IIRC, on this very site a couple of years ago, wingspan was suggested and discussed as an alternative to sub 32″ arms. My memory is shaky at best, I seem to remember something around a 78.5″ wingspan was considered equal to 32″ arms in terms of overall player length.

            Also maybe a consideration, at least in my mind, would be for a player with 31.50″ arms to allow their middle fingernails to grow out a 1/4″ on each hand, depending on how exactly they are measured. QB-Brandon Allen this year was able to increase his hand size a fraction through massage/stretching. fingernail length sounds weird, but maybe functional? There are several players (DB’s, OL, DL, WR, etc.) that may appeal to the Seahawks that have slightly less than the desired minimum arm length, couldn’t wingspan/stretching/fingernails prevail?

    • vrtkolman

      I still think Simon is a stud. If there was any player who is going to break out next season, I’d put money on it being him. He just has a great physical profile.

      I have a strong belief in that players in contract seasons will give you their best production (they want to get paid), and Simon is due up for a new contract next year. He will ball out next season, and we’ll let him walk for a good comp pick.

      • East Side Stevie

        Lol I suggest You Refer Back To Last Years Heartbreak Super Bowl Loss as Eddlemon Makes Simon Look Like A High School Defensive back.

        • vrtkolman

          Simon played through that entire playoffs with a bad shoulder injury. Not to mention I believe he was the slot corner in the Superbowl, which is definitely not a position he should have been in. I put more blame on Carroll or Quinn for that.

          • Scraps

            Very politely.

          • East Side Stevie

            Valid Point But Come On No Way He Has A Break Out season I’m assuming your referring to a Byron Maxwell Type Breakout season But that isn’t Going To Happen This secondary Is Going To be In Trouble in The next 3-4 Years With Age Injury and Free Agent Money All Being a Factor In That We Can’t Count On Out Current Back Up Corners as of now (not including ahead and lane) To Play At The Level Our Starters Have Consistently Done

            • East Side Stevie


            • vrtkolman

              I’m going to enjoy the ride now rather than worry 3-4 years down the road. Simon was good in 2014 before his shoulder injury, I don’t see why a healthy Simon won’t be a good player next season.

              • Old but Slow

                As was said earlier, it takes time to learn this system for corners, and Simon has had some time now to learn.

            • Robert

              I totally disagree and think Pete and PC will always develop quality CBs that step in and step up when it’s their turn.

              • STTBAM

                They didnt last year, thus the panic signing of Wiliams, and the struggles that ensued.

          • lil'stink

            Lane’s injury and Burley being inactive killed us in that game. Simon didn’t have much of a chance in the slot against Edleman.

      • lil'stink

        I agree on Simon. If he can only stay healthy for a full year. It’s his toes, right? And I think his last surgery was long enough ago he should be ready for our first mini-camp. He could be the press corner we need opposite Sherman.

        • East Side Stevie

          I Don’t See It In Simone

          • JustMeMyself&!

            Nina Simone had the right attitude but I doubt she had >32″ arms.

      • STTBM

        Simon has been horrid at RCB. Seattle massively overspent–and whiffed on Cary Williams–BECAUSE they lacked faith in Simon. Calling him a stud is utter hyperbole at best. He’s the Tony Mandarich of DB’s thus far.

        Maxwell was pushing Browner from the get-go–and BB was very good back then. Simon is pushing no one.

        • Coug1990

          If sitting on the bench for 2 3/4 years is pushing someone, then OK.

        • Robert

          When Simon hasn’t been injured, he has played great for us. He had shoulder surgery following 2014. So the FO felt the need to ink Cary, which was a mistake. Despite the non perfection of decisions and player health, our secondary has strung together 4 consecutive years of legendary performance. Simon has flashed excellent CB play when healthy. I hope he kills it this year like Thurmond did after struggling with injuries for 3 years. And I have high hopes for the numerous young prospects with great length and athleticism who have been developing on our roster for over a year. Jackson? Nope.

          • STTBM

            We shall have to agree to disagree on Simon. He looks as bad as KPL at SAM from what I’ve seen. And he was simply terrible in the slot.

            Weird that Shead played better at slot corner than at outside corner, what with his huge size.

            • Del tre

              Simon allowed like a 44 qbr when he was targeted last season he did ball out until he got injured

              • Robert

                Wasn’t that 2014?

                • Del tre

                  Sorry I meant last year as in the 2014/15 season

            • Robert

              Simon allowed big plays late in 2014 post season after his shoulder injury which ultimately required surgery. He was pretty much done for the season until the injuries to other CBs forced the Seahawks to throw him out there and hope for the best. I tip my hat that Simon, Sherman and Thomas all played the 2014 post season games with tremendous heart despite major injuries. Pete screwed up having Burley inactive for the Big game. When Lane went down, it was Edleman vs Simon, which was ineffective until 2 fourth quarter drives after Avril’s concussion rendered our pass rush ineffective which completely exposed Simon. But painting Simon’s entire body of work with that brush is folly. He has been very effective when not injured. I remain hopeful that he has an injury free 2016. If he does, he will be a contributor to a secondary that is loaded with more young, developing talent than ever.

  6. RWIII

    Yes the retirement of Ferguson could affect the Seahawks. If the Jets take a offensive tackle that will be one less Tackle on the board available to John Schneider. If Laremy Tunsil, Ronnie Stanley, Jack Conklin, Germain Ifedi, Jason Spriggs and Taylor Decker(Rob’s latest draft has Decker going in the 2nd round) are all off the board the Hawks might go in another direction. Brock Huard said that Taylor Decker is too much of a finesse player. More of a pass blocker then a run blocker. Huard said that Decker is NOT Seahawk material.

    Right now the big three are Spriggs, Bullard and Ifedi. Hopefully one of those guys are still on the board at 26.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t expect Decker to be on Seattle’s radar either.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Rob, who are you looking for if none of Bullard, Ifedi, and Spriggs are there at 26?

        Lmao, besides a trade partner

        • Lewis

          Kenny, I think you just answered your own question. I’m inclined to think that somebody is going to move up to take Lynch much earlier than most are expecting. You wonder, if that does happen, will someone else panic and take yet another QB in round 1, when they had previously thought they might wait. That’s the fun thing about the draft–you just never know what could happen when people get involved.

          • Lewis

            The point of all that was supposed to be that a surprise player you didn’t expect might drop in your lap.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          Fackerell…. at #26, if the other mentioned options are not available.l

          • East Side Stevie

            I’m Not Convinced In Fackrell and #26 is way to early I like Fackrell at #90 if at all

            • CharlieTheUnicorn

              Fackerell is going 2nd round….. pretty much a 100% lock

        • C-Dog

          I’m going to say Vernon Butler.

      • East Side Stevie

        Rob, Your thought on Chris Jones Kamalei correa are Still Available at #56

  7. Kenny Sloth

    Hate writers that say “blah blah doldrums of the offseason.. Blah blah nothing happening in football.. In a desert of nfl news blah”

    Sorry you don’t know enough to make a real offseason article.

    Ok rant over

    • MobileBro

      If you can’t take the speculation, then get your a** off the draft blog.
      I appreciate all the hard work and excellent writing I have found here. Rob does a fantastic job passing along not just basic information but also the opinions and events that help him form his perspective. This means I can gain insight into the workings of his outlook not just read about x player going z fast…
      As to your mytical “real” off season article then go back to refreshing bro…
      Not to rag on you too much, but I love how largely troll free this forum has been and I’d hate to see you go unanswered.

      Okay reply over.

      • Veryal

        He wasn’t referencing the articles on this blog I’m pretty sure. He was referencing other mocks that slot in a DT or CB round 1 without giving any thought to it or if the player fits seattle.

      • STTBM

        Take it easy! I think you misunderstand who he was bashing. Don’t think it was anyone here.

        • Kenny Sloth

          That’s what i get for bashing anyone at all. Lol

      • Kenny Sloth

        Been comin on here about four years now. Love Rob’s work. Read this site every day. During and off season specifically because Rob has consistent depth and insight packed into every post.

        Sorry for the confusion. Glad to see your passion, yo.

        • Darth12er

          Yo ✊?

      • Josh emmett

        I guess you don’t read the comment section because Kenny is always on here with interesting discussion. Cool yer jets, nothing is fucked here dude. Haha, maybe you should heed your own advice and not be so nuclear with your comments. Even if he was a troll, gettin after him would just keep him trolling, so if you don’t like stuff like that then don’t become part of the problem and just don’t comment because that’s what the trolls look for. It’s cool dude, haha

  8. Trail Hawk

    Rob, Anthony Norris, TE for Southern Utah had a broad jump 10’11” at SUUs pro day. He also had a vertical jump at UNLVs pro day at 39 inches. That gives him a TEF of 3.07 without adding the bench press which is highly overvalued imo and many others as I have read on this site. For example Jared Allen had 13 reps at his combine, didn’t slow him down any. He benched 23. Adding the BP to Anthony Norris’s TEF puts him at 3.92. He’s 6’5, played ball last season at 250. I have no idea about his arm length however they look long. Not a t-Rex. He’s jumping at about the 19 minute mark. Judge his arms for yourself.

    3.92 TEF, with a little BP training he’ll be well over 4. Do you think TEF is a consideration for a blocking TE? Can you take a late round shot at him, have him add some weight and maybe compete for OL next year? Looks like a TEF dream for Cable.

  9. cha

    Rob, just out of curiosity, are you implying Kiper’s changes in the latest mock are a more a barometer of the team circles and his front office contacts, or Kiper personally coming to the party on some prospects? Or 50-50?

    • Coug1990

      I believe it is Kiper hearing from his contacts within the league. The closer it gets to draft day, the more information that draftniks at the top of the food chain learn inside information from team insiders. So, they will update their mock drafts to include that information. This happens at this time every year.

      It makes sense when you think about this. Guys like Rob are fairly consistent in their scouting of a player. It is the people with close ties to NFL teams like Kiper who will have players move more during this time of year.

      • Lewis

        Agreed. When he has someone he previously liked dropping precipitously, it probably means he heard something from a personnel director that changed his mind. Same for a player shooting up boards.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Kiper has good contacts, that feed him BS, then go another direction… all the time.
      When I can guess 3 players out of 32 in a 1st round.. and he can guess 3-4 players in a first round…. who has legit access.. me or him??

      • East Side Stevie

        You 😉

      • Darth12er

        Haha I love this comment Charlie

  10. Ignorant

    Something popped out of my screen when watching Ifedi’s tape: always the first one to move off the whistle.

    • Kenny Sloth

      He’s smarter than your avuhreg bear

  11. Gotta Be Bennett to Win It

    Based on your post regarding your TEF formula, your formula implies that Spriggs is the most athletic OL in the draft (after Tunsil). I’ve got a hypothetical question for you:
    If the Seahawks were theoretically picking at #10, and Rankins was off the board, who would you draft? Would you still pick Spriggs/Ifedi that early? (For the sake of the exercise, let’s say you’re not allowed to trade down.)

  12. nichansen01

    Here is my latest mock;

    1. Titans – Jalen Ramsey, DB, FSU
    2. Browns – Carson Wentz, QB, NDSU
    3. Chargers – Laremy Tunsil, LOT, Ole Miss
    4. Cowboys – Myles Jack, LB, UCLA
    5. Jaguars – Deforest Buckner, DE, Oregon
    6. Ravens – Joey Bosa, DE, OSU
    7. 49ers – Ronnie Stanley, OT, Notre Dame
    8. Eagles – Vernon Hargreaves, CB, Florida
    9. Buccaneers – Leonard Floyd, LB, Georgia
    10. Giants – Darron Lee, LB, OSU
    11. Bears – Ezekial Elliot, RB, OSU
    12. Saints – Sheldon Rankins, DT, Lousiville
    13. Dolphins – Jack Conklin, OT/OG, MSU
    14. Raiders – Keanu Neal, Florida
    15. Rams – Jared Goff, Cal
    16. Lions – Jarran Reed, Alabama
    17. Falcons – Reggie Ragland, LB, Alabama
    18. Colts – Cody Whitehair, OG, KSU
    19. Bills – Paxton Lynch, QB, Memphis
    20. Jets – Germaine Ifedi, OT, TAMU
    21. Redskins – Jonathan Bullard, DT, Florida
    22. Texans – Laquon Treadwell, WR, Ole Miss
    23 Vikings – Kyler Fackrell, LB, USU
    24. Bengals – Emmanuel Ogbah, DE, Oklahoma State
    25. Steelers – William Jackson, CB, Houston
    26. Seahawks – Vernon Butler, DT, Louisiana Tech
    27. Packers – Kevin Dodd, DE, Clemson
    28. Cheifs – Eli Apple, CB, OSU
    29. Cardinals – Karl Joseph, S, West Virginia
    30. Panthers – Su’a Cravens, S, USC
    31. Broncos – Jason Spriggs, OT, Indiana

    Explanation of 26:

    The Seahawks met and had dinner with butler. Mebane was on the decline, and Siliga is in no an improvement. The defensive interior stood up well against the run last season but failed to generate pressure. Jordan Hill is injury prone and behind Hill, there is no depth beyond the undrafted street free agent types. Butler is a little raw and not super athletic so people would question this pick, however Butler could eventually be the answer to a penetrating force on the defensive line. He is being compared to Mohammed Wilkerson, who has been an absolute monster for the Jets. The offensive line could field a staring unit today that could be competent. Spriggs is still on the board, but being merely a left tackle, Butler could have the greater payoff in the end.

    Rest of the mock:

    2. Willie Henry, DT, Michigan
    The Hawks double dipping at defensive tackle? Crazy, right? Not so fast. Henry is close to defensive lineman Frank Clark and could potentially play inside or outside, similar to Michael Bennet. Henry and Butler would definitely resolve the issue of lack of depth on the defensive line. The Seahawks defense in 2013 was largely so dominant because of the extraordinary depth on the line. Red Bryant, Chris Clemons, Tony McDaniel, Brandon Mebane, Clinton McDonald, Michael Bennet, Cliff Avril and Jordan Hill allowed for a rotation that kept everyone fresh. Last season, Mebane, Rubin, Avril and Bennet got way to many snaps and now Mebane is also gone. The issue has to be addressed, bringing Clemons back was a good move but Henry and Butler would make for a great rotation.

    3. Connor McGovern, C, Mizzou
    McGovern can play all of the positions on the offensive line and is extremely athletic. Mitch Morse, a similar player who was coached by the same staff, became a top five center as a rookie after playing s tackle at Mizzou.

    3c. Caleb Benenoch, OT, UCLA
    This is a name we haven’t discussed much, however Benenoch has the physical tools and size to become a decent NFL tackle.

    4. Rees Obhiambo, OT, Boise State
    The Seahawks make up for skipping on oline in the first two rounds with three consecutive offensive line selections. The Seahawks have shown extensive interest in Obhiambo, and this could be a sleeper pick as Obhiambo would have gone higher if it wasn’t for his injury history. Obhiambo is versatile, with the ability to play tackle and guard.

    5. Will Parks, DB, Arizona
    The Seahawks annual fifth round defensive back selection. Parks is a vmac visator.

    6. Lend Maiva, OT/G, Arizona
    Sleeper oline the Seahawks have shown interest in.

    7. Terren Houk, TE, BYU
    Luke Willson is a free agent next season and Seattle has shown interest in Houk.

    7c. Terron Beckham, RB, No College
    Athletic cousin of Odell, didn’t play college football… But drafting him in the seventh could allow Seattle to skip the UDFA bidding war

    • J

      Parks has 30 inch arms. Won’t be a Seahawk.

      • Volume12

        He might be an UDFA at safety.

    • Darth12er

      Lynch to Buffalo huh. I thought Tyrod did good enough to have another shot next year. Neal at 14, Fackrell at 23. I like the bold picks, interesting mock.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Taylor called out the coaching staff a few wekes ago, this isn’t going to end well

    • Volume12

      Big fan of BYU’s Terrenn Houk.

      Got him in my mock myself.

      BTW, love that you have Karl Joseph in the 1st. Best safety in this class.

      Ohio St’s DB Vonn Bell is a team I think a lot of teams will like. He can play corner, at least in the slot, at the next level too.

    • C-Dog

      Love this draft for the excessive commitment to the trenches on both sides of the ball. Houk is an interesting player, I think drafting a TE is very possible.

    • Rob Staton

      The big difference between Butler and Wilkerson (and the reason, IMO, Seattle won’t touch him in R1) is Wilkerson is a pass rusher and was in college. Butler isn’t.

      The idea of Seattle taking a run stuffer in R1 contradicts everything we know about this team. Butler might have potential due to his size and length — but he is what he is. I’m really not convinced the way this team gets back to the Super Bowl is with Butler and Willie Henry essentially being the two key additions of the off-season.

  13. Cayjake

    Hi Rob,
    With the team letting Cable look at different types of players to develop, does anybody know if he looked at LaQuan McGowan when he was at Baylor? 6’8″, 403lbs with a 5.41 forty. Gill Brandt really praised his athletic ability for a man his size. Apparently has pretty light feet for his size, as a guard he’d be a monster. Coach Briles at Baylor called him the most intriguing athlete he’s been around in 40 years. 2015 All Big 12 honourable mention as a tight end! If we’re looking for projects why not a guy like this?

    • Josh emmett


      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        I could see him as a late round pick, just due to his size/ath combo. Very impressive.

  14. J

    Parks has 30 inch arms. Won’t be a Seahawk.

  15. Nate

    The first 8-10 picks could be very entertaining if the wheeling and dealing rumored, occurs.
    I still don’t think I like staying put at #26. I like more rd2 / 3 pick.

    • H M Abdou

      Nate, I agree with you. I think this will be a fun draft because I think there will either be:

      1 – LOTS of actual wheeling and dealing, OR

      2 – Merely the THREAT of a lot of wheeling and dealing, which could influence the draft as well.

      I’m interested obviously in what the Hawks do with their picks, but also with what all the other teams end up doing as well. I also like to see a lot of surprises on draft night.

  16. Nate

    I’d be happy with:
    TJ Green
    Mitch Mathews
    Keith Marshall
    Keenan Reynolds

    • JustMeMyself&!

      I’d be happy with:

      Butler or Bullard
      Feeney or Higbee
      Alex McCallister
      Johnathan Williams
      Dan Vitale

  17. Volume12

    I think Seattle did work out Houston CB William Jackson.

    That’s like the 3rd corner they’ve met with that doesn’t have 32″ arms.

    • H M Abdou

      Honestly, I think the 32″ arms thing is probably a bit blown out of proportion. I mean if a really good CB is like 6′ and checks all the boxes, and has 31″ arms, do you think that would eliminate him from consideration by the Seahawks?

      I doubt it.

      • peter

        It always has before. More then tef/sparq/short shuttle/ or any other metric…..db’s with sub 32 inch arms have yet to be drafted

        • Volume12

          Holy ish. My boy is back!

          How ya been Peter?

          • peter

            Been great! Been following everything. Just a little slow during the season so I’d come up with a great (ha!) comment but the blog would have moved on! Rob and the likes of yourself have been killing it this year.

            • Volume12

              Thanks man. Appreciate that.

              Hope your back soon.

              Always enjoyed our debates and discussions.

              Your a favorite of mine.

      • Volume12

        Well, they’ve yet to draft one. I don’t think it’s necessarrily blow out of proportion, but I get what ya mean.

        I think if a corner was truly special, then sure.

        Or a slot CB I think they’d go for it as well.

        The thing is CB is the hardest positiob to evaluate and outside of QBs, and recently O-lineman, it’s one of the hardest positions to transition to at the next level.

        That being said, this monster they created at corner and starting a league trend, migt make them re-think it. But,

        • peter

          What’s the answer though? Five/six in the backfield? More linemen who stand up? with the new rules do you scarp all metrics except short shuttle and make all the defenders do a zone/ weave thing?

          I see a lot of talk about deathbackers but isn’t kam the original since his college days?

          Long story short I agree with both of you that changing the metrics might be good but sometimes I love the crazy like a fox college style Pete brings….and let the multitude of current CBS with good attributes go after it. Seisay, jean, Baptist, et al just impove the best spot

          • Volume12

            I said that about Kam as well. See, still on the same wave length.:-)

            That’s a good point. About PC and his crazy like a fox style. The trapper and his furs.

  18. H M Abdou

    It’s probably not the most exciting option, especially for fans waiting to see who their team picks in the 1st round, but a trade down, completely out of the 1st round, probably would make a lot of sense for the Seahawks. I think they would be well-compensated, considering that I believe some team out there is in love with Connor Cook, and wants to trade back into the later picks of the 1st round. They’d want to take their QB in the 1st and not later, so they’d have the 5th year option on him.

    • C-Dog

      They lack depth at Guard, RB, DT, could use a starting SAM, or another Edge if Clark or Marsh transition to SAM, and they most likely want to upgrade Center. So, if they trade back to collect another 2nd and 3rd, that’s 2 picks in R2, 3 picks in R3 to grab 5 players with either starting potential or to play major contributing roles. Yeah, I can totally see them doing that, especially if Ifedi, Bullard, Butler, Spriggs are all snagged up by then.

      • H M Abdou

        Yup, exactly.

  19. Steele

    Even with the Jets in the mix, it seems that the Hawks would still have a shot at either Ifedi or Spriggs, whichever is left.

    I continue to think interior is more important, so the OL taken after rd. 1 is critical.

    • C-Dog

      I agree with you Steele. I think interior OL is the way to go. If they can get a good young talent to take over center and another one to play guard, I think they can get by with Gilliam and Webb at the tackles.

      • STTBM

        More so even than Ifedi/Spriggs, I am really hoping Seattle can get Dahl/McGovern/Haeg in the second or third, upgrading the interior. I crave competition for Britt at LG, and Dahls stock appears to be higher with teams than Draftniks first thought.

        • STTBM

          I meant Dahl or McG or Haeg…not all three lol! Not THAT panicked about the line!

          • Kenny Sloth

            Funny that he was an earlh season first rounder, but slowly dropped to a fifth round projection. No DUI. Had a good combine. Did he perform poorly at the senior bowl or something? He had trouble with Rankins right?

          • C-Dog

            Actually, if they took a DL at 26 like Butler, and then tripled dipped on OL 56 through 97 on McGovern, Dahl, and Haeg, I would absolutely be grinning ear to ear with Seahawk excitement all the way into training camp. I wouldn’t care who they selected 124 to 247. They could take WR/RB DJ Foster in R4, QB Dak Prescott in R5, FB Glen Gronk in R6, and Oregon Duck LBs Christian French and Joe Walker in R7, and and I would be screaming GO HAWKS to random strangers down the streets of Seattle until someone threatens me with a citation before I’d stop, I’d be so darn happy with it.

            • STTBAM

              I like Prescott, but I would bet money Denver drafts him a full round before Seattle is willing to.

  20. Darth12er

    I see a lot of mocks on here that have the Hawks picking McGoveen at 90. What are the realistic chances of him being available at the end of the 3rd?? Personally I don’t think he drops that far, and if they want him It needs to be at 56.

    • C-Dog

      Personally, I think he’s going to go higher than 90. If Seattle goes DL at 26, I think he’s going to be a target at 56. I also think Joe Dahl is going to go higher than a lot of these mocks suggest.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I agree he’s rising fast could go at the tippy top of round 2

      • Kenny Sloth


      • Steele

        If McGovern moves up that high, I may prefer the Hawks take him at #26, or try to trade down and get him. A more solid option than either Ifedi or Spriggs.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Sorry Steele, i doubt he goes higher than the Hawks at 56

  21. manthony

    One thing I noticed while looking at our defensive depth chart over at ourlads, was we are looking good!
    Few things jumped out at me 1) Deshawn Shead wasn’t listed(I figure its a mistake), 2) they have Mike Morgan listed as the SAM. Yes, Mike Mirgan hS given us some quality snaps, but that still would be worrisome for me. I’m aware PC said that they were gonna cover Bruce Irvins responsibilities with several guys, but I think Frank Clark, Cassius, Clem, or maybe a Rook have a better shot at that spot then Mike Morgan and 3) we’re thin at DT depth but that’s pretty much it.
    I feel good about the LOB. The STARters are pretty much set in stone, but I do think, in order of likiliness, that a couple of Simon, Tue Smith, Mo Seisay, SJB, Burley, Farmer, Mcneil, are ready to announce themselves to the world.
    If we can get some line depth, and hit on a Backer, we’ll be scary.

    • GeoffU

      Well, Morgan is the only one of those with any experience playing linebacker. Clark, Cassius, Clem are/were all defensive ends with very little coverage skills (but who should all be better at rushing the passer). So Morgan would play SAM primarily on base downs, then be the one to leave the field for nickel+ defenses and passing downs.

  22. C-Dog

    26: R1P26

    56: R2P25

    90: R3P27

    97: R3P34

    124: R4P26

    171: R5P32

    215: R6P40

    225: R7P4

    247: R7P26

    If the Jets grab Ifedi, I think that increases the chances that they go DL at 26, especially if Vernon Butler is still on board, or Jonathan Bullard. After Butler’s pro day, my love affair on him has returned mightily. I would love to see Seattle grab a young DT with a ton of upside.

    My hunch is that the appeal of Ifedi to them is his strong potential to play inside at guard. Spriggs likely won’t offer that, and I think they might be content with handing LT to Gilliam, with Sowel competing there as well. The question becomes whether they see the value of Spriggs as a RT greater for the team than an impactful DL if one is still available, or are they content with Webb as the starter at RT and draft tackle later to add completion, deciding that level of impact at DL won’t be available at 56 or beyond.

    McGovern screams Seahawk, so does Dahl. If McGovern isn’t available at 56, I can see them taking Dahl there, and maybe grabbing Odhiambo or Haeg down the line.

    Ervin is someone I can see them passing on another OL at 90 to grab, and if Dahl is still there at 97, I think almost assuredly he’s Seattle’s pick.

    With two interior OL taken on the 2nd day, they can probably afford the luxury of Cajuste at 124.

    IMO, this is the ideal draft right here within the first 4 rounds. Get a mean streak DL with major physical talent, two quality interior O Linemen with the athletic skill sets to play in front of a QB like Russ, and give Russ two unique offensive weapons to distribute to.

    Weatherly adds more depth to the edge rush. Prescott gives them an athletic QB to develop behind Russ. Vaitai is a TEF tackle to backup and develop behind Webb. Quenton Jefferson is the DE/DT player they take to play behind Bennett.

    UDFAs could include WRs Jaydon Mickens and Dez Stewart, DTs Corey Johnson and Alex Balducci, RBs Jonathan Gray and Dwayne Washington, FB Tre Madden, LB Corey Littleton and Joe Walker, OT Tyler Johnstone, SS Doug Middleton, CB DeAndre Elliott.

    • ]Ben-Ft. Worth TX

      I think Prescott will get scooped up before the end of round 4. I watched a lot of his games last year. Reminds me a lot of another QB we selected in the 3rd round a few years ago. I think Ervin and McGovern for me, are must haves.

    • D-OZ

      At DT I would throw in Niles Lawrence-Stample a Bane replacement.

    • LantermanC

      Was thinking something similar to your first 4 rounds.
      If the OT they like isn’t there in the 1st, just get the DT they like best. I’m not sure Pete and John aren’t satisfied with our current OT setup (for example why is Sowell competing with Gilliam and not Webb? Kind of makes you think it will be Gilliam and Webb for sure). Then in rounds 2 and 3 get McGovern and Dahl two guys that fit us perfectly, and the best playmaker, Ervin.

      • Volume12

        Kentucky’s Corey ‘Poop’ Johnson is worth a day 3 pick IMO.

        Some of the best technique I’ve seen from a 3-tech this year.

        Has that Michael Bennett like personality, 67 tackles from the interior is ridiculous, and we know he was a member of those DTs at the Shrine game Seattle was liking.

        As for a run-stuffer or 1-tech, keep an eye on S. Carolina’s Gerald Dixon, jr. That big boy can move!

        • Darth12er

          Curious nickname – how did that come about exactly?

          • C-Dog

            His weight would fluctuate up and down as much as 5 or 10 pounds on any given day if he jumped up a scale, and the reason he gave in an interview was that he poops a lot. Like Volume 12 says, his personality is within the realm of Bennett. I like him as a player, and agree with V12, think he could be a day 3 pick.

      • GeoffU

        If we get McGovern, Dahl, and Erin, I could almost care less who we picked in the first round 🙂

        • GeoffU

          Also, Cajuste is seeming more and more like a slam dunk. His connection with Baldwin, plus the FO’s admission after Harvin and the Harper pick about how important chemistry is to this group. Could be the perfect fit.

          • Volume12

            PC is close to Udub’s Jaydon Mickens.

            And UCLA WR Jordan Payton is best friends with Cassius Marsh. Was his roomate in college, and went to the same HS, where PC would show up on the regular, trying to get Marsh to committ to USC.

            I get why some like Cajuste for his skill set, but if we’re talking about Seahawk connections, these 2 guys also have them.

            • GeoffU

              Good to know. V12, you are wealth of knowledge.

            • C-Dog

              I’m actually fairly high on Mickens, myself. I think he could be another one of my slated UDFAs that could be a draft able player for Seattle. Cajuste offers the obvious size difference and maybe being a bit of a move tight end prospect, but Mickens has quicks, grit, hands, plus route ability and ability to separate.. a lot of Baldwin traits, and since Russ seems to prefer to not risk INTs in tight coverage, receivers who can get open quickly in this system I think could be a common theme.

              • Volume12

                Thanks Geoff.

                Jaydon Mickens is one of the best slot receivers in this draft. Hands down.

                Have you seen what he’s he been tweeting? Absoutely love it,

                Without giving away too muvh of my mock draft, still putting it together, I got ’em taking BYU TE Terenn Houk in the 7th. Gives them a move TE, and a big WR too. Kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

                And I got Udub WR Jaydon Mickens as a priority UDFA.

                • Volume12

                  But, as you said C-Dog, I’m wondering if Seattle would take Mickens like in the 4th round.

                  He’s much better than WRs Kris Durham and Chris Harper. 2 former 4th rounders.

                  • C-Dog

                    I like how you are mocking Volume 12. Love the Houk pick up, two’fer.

                    How the Seahawks have often drafted WR in R4, I think that is possible. Durham and Harper were kinda “Huh? What? Who? picks in R4. Given Mickens’ background in the Sark system, I think it makes a ton of sense to draft him, the more I’m thinking about it. He would fit right in system-wise. If negotiations ever got dicey between Baldwin and the team (hopefully it doesn’t), you’ve Baldwin 2.0 in Mickens on the roster, so that’s a hedge.

                    In R4, I think it would depend on who’s still there. Last year, they found Glow later in 4. I think many draftniks had Glowinski as a 3rd rounder. If fellow Dawg Travis Feeney is still sitting at 124, I would scream at my tv set, throw my coffee mug, and probably cry if they didn’t take him, but Mickens would somewhat soften the blow. All together, I don’t think I would be entirely upset if they took Mickens higher than many would aspect, but I’m probably pretty biased; first name C, middle name -, last name Dog, after all.

                  • There it is.

                    Haha. I like that.

                    Yeah, maybe I’m just looking at it with rose colored glasses on as well.

                    I still think he probably ends up undrafted, but, like you said, if he doesn’t, it would not be shocking.

                    You also bring up a good point about who’s still on the board. Yes, if Travis Feeney was still sitting there, I’d be absolutely floored if they didn’t pull the trigger on him.

            • Kenny Sloth

              Cajuste came onto my radar because he is great friends with Doug Baldwin.

              • Kenny Sloth

                Sorry just read ur comment out of context

    • RWIII

      C-Dog. I am starting to warm up on Vern Butler. This guy can STUFF the run. Now Butler probably will not get a ton of sacks. But what this can do is COLLAPSE the pocket. Get in the face of an opposing QB. Which is the next best thing. Quarterbacks don’t like to see lineman in their face.

      • C-Dog

        Yeah, RWIII, I totally agree with that, total pocket collapser. He likely could be a disruptive presence this line hasn’t had in a long time, frankly, even with Bane in his prime. I think his upside could be that high.

        Doug Farrar absolutely loves. After watching a bunch of tape, he went on a twitter gush affair over him last week, saying he would play either DT spot, but where he really loves him is lining him up in the shade, and the minute the ball is snapped, watching him destroy the gap between center and guard, in his words, “Good luck with that.”

        Personally, I think he could equally attack the B gap with great effect, and be the base down 3 tech, if they want. Rubin has experience at both 3 tech and Nose, so there’s a lot of flexibility between the two players depending on match ups (say they are facing a team with a weaker Center and LG, kinda like what Seattle had going on last year, you start Butler at 1 tech, and take advantage of that. Then in another game, maybe the right side of the OL isn’t very good, kick Butler to 3 tech at times). Flexibility is is a big plus for Carroll in his D linemen, it gives offense more to think about, and I think Butler is just a really balanced football player that way. I think he has the definite physical ceiling to improve as a pass rusher, that’s a plus, but his game is going to be disruption and giving O linemen pre game nightmares having to run block against him once he hits his prime as a player.

        Put that together, and it just so happens, Seattle is kind of in the market for another starting caliber DT.

  23. coachmattson

    Here is what Walterfootbal had to say about Bullard:
    Jonathan Bullard, DT/DE, Florida
    Height: 6-3. Weight: 285. Arm: 33.63.
    40 Time: 4.93.
    Projected Round (2016): 1-2.
    3/12/16: If Bullard were bigger, he could be a pick in the top half of the first round. However, Bullard is a tweener tackle/end, and that hurts his draft stock. He had a strong workout at the combine where he showed his good speed and athleticism.

    Bullard played really well for Florida in 2015, making 66 tackles with 17.5 for a loss, 6.5 sacks and two passes batted. He was one of the SEC’s best run defenders on the defensive line and demonstrated the ability to rush well from the inside. For the NFL, Bullard would be best in a 4-3 defense as a defensive end in running situations who moves inside in the sub package.

    There is an analysis of all the other top DT’s on this page as well. Bullard thought sounds like he could follow in Bennett’s footsteps of being able to play at multiple spots on the D-line.

    P.S. They have Bullard ranked as the #5 DT. Here is the top 5: 1) Robinson 2) Rankins 3) Reed 4) Butler

    Thoughts on those rankings? I know most won’t like Robinson at 1. I haven’t heard many talk about Reed and the Hawks? Any potential there? Thanks and go Hawks!

    • lil'stink

      Agree with what WalterFootball had to say about Bullard but all in all some of the analysis on that site seem to be way off. I find myself disagreeing more with the rankings and analysis on that site than just about anywhere else.

      • Volume12

        What if I told you, that there’s a guy that comps to Bullard, but could be had 2 rounds later? TEF of 3, completely misused, was one of the most impressive players at the Senior Bowl.

        Not the practice, but the actual game itself. When bullets are flying, and there’s actually a tempo/flow.

        • H M Abdou

          Maliek Collins, maybe? I think Bullard would be very enticing at 26. He’s a safe pick AND very talented and versatile. Only negative about Bullard is that he wouldn’t start in 2016. And considering all the Seahawks’ OL problems, and with the depth at DL in this year’s draft, 26th overall might be too premium a pick to spend on a depth/rotational DLineman, albeit a very good one.

          • Volume12


            He’s actually weighs what David King, Frank Clark (last year), Michael Bennett, and Jason Jones do. Or close to them.

            Just worked Jason Spriggs.

            • C-Dog

              Sheldon Day?

              • Volume12

                Huh uh.

                PAC 12. A school that JS was scouting heavily during the regular season. I know you remember this C-Dog.

                • C-Dog

                  Jason Fanaika?

                  • Kenny Sloth

                    I think you’re right seeing as he was the only pac 10 dl at the senior bowl lol

                  • Kenny Sloth

                    Pac 12* funny i nessed that up for a utah player

                  • Volume12

                    There it is.

                  • C-Dog

                    I would be entirely happy with Jason Fanaika in a Seahawks uniform in 2016.

                • Kenny Sloth

                  Antwuan Woods? Usc?

                  Josh Tupou? Dismissed from the Colorado team, yet is still like 10th in walter’s rankingz

      • RWIII

        Walters Football also has some ridiculous mock drafts.

    • RWIII

      Coach: You don’t have to convince me about Bullard. I am sold on Bullard.

  24. coachmattson

    What would you think about this start with our first 4 picks?

    1) Bullard DT
    2) McGovern OL
    3) Dahl OL
    3) Sheldon Day DT – sounds like one of the best pass rushers at DT in the draft.

    I think this would really help us where we need it the most – in the trenches on both sides of the ball! Thoughts?

    • coachmattson

      Hargrave DT sounds like he could be a rotational pass rusher similar to Day as well – could maybe get him Rd 4 if we go with RB Ervin with our other 3rd rounder

      • D-OZ

        I like Hargrave a lot. Very underrated player.

    • RWIII

      I have no problem with your four first picks. Also they are realistic. Although I wonder if Day is still on the board at 97.

      • Greg Haugsven

        What would the line look like in 2016 with this draft?

    • Ground_Hawk

      I think Willie Henry would be a great pick in the 3rd round, instead of S. Day. Other than that, I would be very happy with those first 4 picks.

  25. RWIII

    Changed my opinion Sheldon Day. Too much of an injury history. Doesn’t have the length Schneider is looking for. Also only has a 2.62 TEF rating. Matt Judon would be awesome if he was still on the board at 97. Perhaps even at 90.

  26. Hawk406









    7)WR MARQUEZ NORTH-Tennesee

    I wouldn’t mind if the draft played out like this. Floyd is the closest thing to Bruce Irvin in the draft. If he slips to 26 I’d grab him. Pick Keanu Neal at 56, hedging for Kam Chancellor and could play a deone Buchanan role. Grab the physical specimen Clark in the third. The Hawks would rather take a project like him IMO then role the dice on a first round potential OL “bust”. Willie Henry would be a nice grab with the comp pick to take over as a younger Mebane.

    Rounds 4-7 offers a few projects and potential steals. Dahl could play C, G or compete for RT. Seumalo could be a potential steal in the late rounds. Highly ranked high school recruit, injuries derailed him a bit. Kind of guy I see the Hawks liking. Feeney in the same boat. Probably a day 1 or 2 pick if it weren’t for injuries. North again in the same boat, underwhelmed in college but the potential is their, WR core is pretty set but could probably stash on practice squad.

    This draft helps solidify a lot of depth on the trenches both ways. A few projects and the typical out of left field picks we get every year. I’d also be really interested in Shawn Oakman if he slips due to recent sexual assault allegations so close to the draft.

    • Rob Staton

      Can’t see Floyd, Neal, Clark, Henry or Dahl lasting that long.

      • Hawk406

        Your probably right. I could see Floyd dropping into the late R1 range due to his size, or lack of. Realistically Dahl goes in R3 and Clark in R2. It’s hard to find a range for Neal when looking at what the “experts” think.

        I could see the front office pulling off a draft like this though, explosive playmakers R1 and R2, solid bodies in the middle rounds and projects, under performing big-time high school recruits and guys with chips on their shoulders.

        • STTBAM

          This is only a guy feeling, but with so little buzz out there regarding Neal, it makes me think Teams have him MUCH higher on their boards than the Mock Draft “experts”. Wouldnt surprise me to see him go really high.

    • STTBAM

      Dahl may not make it to the third round, let alone the fifth. Clark probably wont fall to the third either.

  27. Steele

    We are focusing on Ifedi and Spriggs, but I think Shon Coleman and Taylor Decker should remain in the conversation. In the next few weeks, it may be possible that all four of these tackles could be available around the same spot.

    • Volume12

      Spriggs is gonna be over drafted.

      Ifedi could go right in front of our face.

      And McGovern is gonna go in that Mitch Morse range. Right between where we pick.

      Just my line of thinking.

      I’m gonna guess that we either move up in the 2nd, or trade back into the 2nd.

      • Steele

        If Gilliam were in this year’s draft, where would you guys take hiim?

        His TEF is 3.09. Good but several notches below Spriggs, who, I agree, is going to be popular. The decision really comes down to whether Gilliam/Sowell are better blind side protection than a rookie. Or not. Was Gilliam great at RT? Not really. But LT is more about pass pro than RT, which is more mauler. Gilliam is working full bore right now at LT skills. It seems to be his job to lose.

        • Volume12

          That’s a good question.

          If he were coming out of college having played more than 1 year on the O-line, than 2nd round.

          But, if not, rounds 4-6.

        • C-Dog

          My glass half full approach is this; they let Okung walk, they made next to no effort in keeping him, they made no serious play in free agency replace him, and picking at 26 is not an ideal spot to be selecting a LT. My hunch is that they are confident enough in Gilliam to start there. If Spriggs is available at 26, maybe that tips things, but Gilliam had a full season to start in the NFL, improved as the season went on, projects better at LT than RT athletically. Spriggs and Gilliam are roughly the same player, each projecting better at LT. This has me stuck on Ifedi at 26, if he’s there, transitioning to LG. It would be like having both Spriggs and Ifedi on the left side of the line.

          • RWIII

            C-Dod: Agree about Ifedi. Except that the Jets are are also looking at Ifedi and the Jets pick ahead is Seattle.

            • C-Dog

              Yeah, that’s kind of the deal now, but with Ifedi’s upside, along with his size, there is also a chance he doesn’t get to the Jets, and that probably puts them in line to take Spriggs or Decker. Honestly, I think being in the bottom end of the draft, you are better served looking at guards and centers, or DL high than looking for a LT. But I think for Seattle that’s okay because I think what they really need is a guard and a center. Teams that are going to get after RW3 are going to have most success getting to him inside and making it ugly there. DEs are going to play containment. Whitehair, McGovern, Dahl, Martin, etc.. any one of these guys could be in play at 26 or 56, and would be a highly welcomed addition.

              • Steele

                I don’t see Ifedi having more upside than Spriggs, but more position versatility. Which may be more important to Seattle than NYJ, who definitely need the best LT available to them. I haven’t paid attention to the Jets. What they are looking for, scheme-wise, will also factor in.

                • H M Abdou

                  The guy in this draft who reminds me of D’Brickashaw Ferguson is Ronnie Stanley. Good, light feet and good technique for pass pro, but he’s susceptible to the bull rush, just like “Brick” was throughout his career.

    • Rob Staton

      Decker is the antithesis of what they’ve drafted on the OL and there’s really very little reason at all to consider him other than name recognition.

  28. JimQ

    How about a different look for the first 4 picks, like 2 defense, followed by two OL’ers?
    1/26= DT/DE-Jonathan Bullard
    2/56=DE-Bronson Kaufusi
    3/90=OG-Connor McGovern
    3/97=OT-Joe Haeg
    4/125=DT-Willie Henry
    5/172=OLB-Joe Schobert
    6/215=FS-Justin Simmons
    7/223=RB-Peyton Barber
    7/245=DE-Alex McCalister

    • H M Abdou

      First 4 picks are good, except I would take a SAM or a CB instead of Kaufusi. I like that you took Haeg, whom I personally like more than Dahl.

    • Ground_Hawk

      Your first 5 picks would be a draft dream, for me. However, I can’t see McGovern dropping to Seattle’s natural 3rd. Schobert is going to make some team happy, and I hope that it’s the Seahawks.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Like the Simmons projection.

    • Steele

      JimQ, you are one of the first to bring up Joe the Show! I can’t say I’m a fan of his, any more than Fackrell. Both high effort guys but something missing, and not enough pass rush. Joe the Show might perhaps offer a similar package, cheaper.

      • Steele

        Yes, I think Joe the Show is a cheaper alternative to Fackrell. This clip is an excuse to also watch Derrick Henry. I might upgrade my opinion of him.

        • Volume12

          On Henry? I never thought I’d hear ya say that. 🙂

      • Rob Staton

        I thought it’d been at last 24 hours since Steele reminded us he doesn’t like Kyler Fackrell…

        It’s a good job he mentioned it again…

  29. GeorgiaHawk

    I like the first four picks too. I just don’t see the Seahawks making the same mistake they did when Carp & Moffitt were picked high in a draft deep with d-lineman. In fact I would be shocked to see o-line in either first or second round this year.

  30. CharlieTheUnicorn

    It is time for Mock Draft 4707

    Round 1 (1) GERMAIN IFEDI, OT/OG
    Round 2 (1) CONNER McGOVERN, OG
    Round 4 (1) TRAVIS FEENEY, LB
    Round 5 (1) DEVON CAJUSTE, WR
    Round 6 (1) JAMES BRADBERRY, CB
    Round 7 (2) ANTHONY ZETTEL, DE (Convert to OL) / Keenan Reynolds, RB/ATH

    PFA Terron Beckham, RB/ATH

    • Greg Haugsven

      Looks good to me Charles, which means they probably won’t draft any of them.

    • Darth12er

      I like this!

  31. Kenny Sloth

    Rob and other futbol fans;
    Is the world ready for this generation of U.S. soccer players?
    Better hit than anything from Kam last year

  32. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Denver has agreed to trade four-time Pro-Bowl OT Ryan Clady and a 7th-round pick to the Jets for a 5th-round pick, league sources told ESPN. ~ Sheffy

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      This helps out Seattle in the first round OT sweepstakes then 🙂

      • Greg Haugsven

        Your fast Charlie, I was just going to write the same thing. Good job being first to get the scoop 🙂

    • Steele

      That’s good news. I guess. Good, if Clady is unreliable and not worth it (I dislike the Jets). On the other hand, if Clady still has game, Jets got the better half of the trade.

      Could the Hawks have made a similar trade? Rob wouldn’t have been a fan of it.

      Oh well. This puts the Ifedi and Spriggs choice back on the front burner.

    • RealRhino2

      Couldn’t have happened. We were assured on here that it wouldn’t. Funny old world, anything can happen.

      • Kenny Sloth

        His contract was drastically restructured. Makes good sense for that Jets GM

        • STTBAM

          Must not have been too many teams interested, and the ones that were must not have been willing to pay Squat, for Clady to agree to restructure his contract so massively and be traded to the Jets. I was sure he’d tell Elway to kiss his ass and make them cut him…

  33. neil

    I have not seen much speculation on a back up qb. With the uncertenty of TJAX comming back, I was wondering if anybody had some insight on a late round qb the Hawks might target.

  34. Steele

    I hate to say it, but the way drafts have gone recently, Spriggs could be this year’s Sambrailo, and McGovern, this year’s Mitch Morse. The possibility that neither will be available means plan B and C must be lined up.

    • H M Abdou

      As I’ve mentioned several times, with each passing year, more and more teams seem to evaluate talent and to draft players similar to how the Seahawks do it.

  35. JustMeMyself&!

    Sorry for the massive comment coming. I look at the Seahawks draft like this:

    Rd 1 they look for immediate contributors: hit on Okung, Thomas, Carpenter, Irvin although none set the world on fire; no misses

    Rd 2 they look for immediate contributors: hit on Wagner, Britt, Clark; miss on Tate (but he contributed much more in yr 2), Micheal, PRich

    Rds 3 & 4 they look for rotational contributors: hit big on KJ Wright, Russell Wilson and Tyler Lockett; hit with Thurmond, Moffitt, Turbin, Jordan Hill, Cassius Marsh, KPL, Glowinski; whiffed on EJ Wilson, Durham, Jaye Howard, Chris Harper, Kevin Norwood, Poole

    Rds 5 – 7 – developmental depth (hit big with Chancellor & Sherman; hit with Sweezy, Lane, Maxwell, Malcolm Smith, Luke Willson; TBDs are Simon, Pinkins, Tye Smith, Sokoli; whiffed on too many to name.

    So who makes a full time contribution in rds 1 & 2? None of the OTs seem to given the investment in Webb. Seems like a trade out of the first that nets a 2nd and late 3rd or early 4th would be best.

    Also anyone with any insight on Tyler Bigbee? In looking at TE, we’ve got Graham coming off of an injury that could take longer than normal to recover from and Luke Willson who will be a free agent in 2017. Seems that the added picks that come from trading down would come in handy here.

    • LantermanC

      Thomas hasn’t set the world on fire? He’s pretty much been the best Safety in the league since his 2nd year.

      Wouldn’t call Tate a miss, guy leaves and signs a $30+ million dollar contract, that’s not a miss.

      Wouldn’t call KJ, Russell, or Lockett any less of contributors than Round 1 or 2 guys.

      In fact, if there is a theme, it seems like it would be they look for impact players no matter what round. Sherman and Chancellor in round 5, so what, all pro. Pinkins EJ Wilson, Durham, Harper etc. in round 4 and 5, big whiffs, but they took chances on guys who could not only play, but be major contributors.

      • JustMeMyself&!

        Sorry, should have been clearer.

        Thomas in yr 1 was good but had to learn the discipline that made him the best in the league. Tate was better at stealing donuts in yr 1 than playing WR.

        I’m sure they’re looking for the highest impact player in each round, every NFL team should be, whether it’s immediate or future impact. I was referring to how they view each round in terms of value.

    • STTBAM

      What?! Carp was an utter miss and bust in Seattle. Just as Moffitt was. Moffitt was actually good enough to play, he just didnt care and was a druggie. Carp never cared much either, but he was totally not cut out for the ZBS and man, did that show!

      Howard they whiffed on by not keeping him around a second year. He turned out to be a very good player, and Seattle has not yet managed to draft a DT that can play at even an average level AND stay healthy. Jury still out on Marsh–he’s only a contributor on ST’s, and those guys are dime a dozen UDFA–you dont need to draft them.

      Higby you mean? Dude just arrested for Drunk and Disorderly, Assault, etc. Douche!

  36. icb12

    There has been a lot of talk, and a lot of projections.

    I gotta say-and I might get killed for it-

    The guy I can’t leave the draft without is Jaylon Smith.
    Take him wherever we can. 1st? Fine with me. 2. Ok. 3. Ok. Even if its’ round 7.

    I KNOW all the arguments for NOT drafting him. “if he falls-theres a reason”, “nerve damage is career ending” , “if he IS healthy, he won’t be in our range”, etc etc etc.

    But I do know that there is a good chance that he falls just far enough. If he ever returns to even 80% of his potential.. You get amazing draft value.

    Who wouldn’t take a shot on a top 10, heck top 5 LOCK draft pick?? Hawks hopefully won’t have the chance to draft that kind of talent ever again.
    It’s a gamble. A big one. But you’re gambling on an insanely talented kid with the right kind of attitude.
    If it doesn’t work out-it doesn’t work out. But the Hawks front office has been willing to take chances before..

    • JustMeMyself&!

      I’m in!

    • H M Abdou

      In another year I wouldn’t mind, but the team had too many urgent needs.

    • RealRhino2

      Probably overrated to begin with, I’d take him maybe in the 4th.

  37. Volume12

    Hey C-Dog, I think I got a WR that could be a surprise 4th round pick at WR, if Seattle goes that route.

    W. Michigan WR Daniel Braverman. This is the next Doug Baldwin. Mixed in with some Wes Welker.

    I thought Seattle was scouting W.Michigan for OL Willie Beavers or WR Cory Davis (still could be him)

    Shoulda known it was Braverman. His production is insane! Had over 100 receptions, and 1300 yards receiving.

    • H M Abdou

      He’s productive but waaaay too small, about 5’10” 175lbs soaken wet.

      • Volume12

        Why is he a VMAC visitor?

        We heard this last year about Lockett too.

        If they’re looking for tough, gritty, football players, which we know they are, he’s pretty ideal for what the do and like.

        • H M Abdou

          Oh, no question, he’s a good football player, I just see many trips to the disabled list in Braverman’s future. He’s not a very fast player (though he is quick), so he’ll have to make a living between the hashes. I think that draft pick can be better used on other prospects, like maybe that German WR, Boehringer? I hope I’m spelling his name right!

          • Volume12

            He’s pretty SPARQ’d up my man.

            Same 40 time as Baldwin, sub 7 3 cone, 1.5 10 yard split, sub 4,2 SS. One of the best route runners in this class.

            That Boehringer might be the most raw receiver to enter the draft in a long time. Wasn’t even the leading receiver on his team.

            • H M Abdou

              I like the fact that Braverman’s a good route runner, but he would need a serious weight training program. But I do agree with you about Boehringer’s rawness, he’s basically this draft’s version of Darren Waller.

            • STTBAM

              We need another slot WR like a hole in the head. We already have Baldwin, who does much of his damage from the slot, and Lockett, who also plays well there. Not to mention Richardson, who is also best suited for the slot.

              Can see seattle running with all guys under 6′ on the outside. Makes little sense.

              Then again, they do things a bit differently lol…so who knows?

        • Trevor

          I like Braverman a lot Vol. He is another smaller guy who is tough and just makes plays. If the Hawks don’t take him I be the Pats do.

          I love his team mate Cory Davis though and posted about him a bunch early before he decided to stay in school. He should definitely be a guy to monitor this year because he has Seahawk written all over him.

  38. Volume12

    Rob, thanks for letting me post here a hundred times a day. j/k.

    Don’t know what I’d do without this community.

    Just trying to keep the discussion flowin’, and wanted to let ya know I ‘preciate you, this site, and the work you put in my man.

  39. Trevor

    My Proposed 2016 balance of Free Agency and Draft Plan

    Free Agency
    #1 Sign Former Giants tackle Wil Beatty to a 1 year prove it deal. He is coming off an injury but when healthy was solid in pass pro and a great run blocker. He would view Seattle as a place to come in and start. I think he would be an ideal RT and great insurance if the draft does not allow one of the guys Cable wants to be there when we pick.

    #2 Extend Doug Baldwin and redo Bennett’s deal. Any remaining cap space should be used to accomplish these two are not only great players but true leaders on this team.

    #3 (Cap Space Permitting) Sign Arian Foster if medicals check out. Think Fred Jackson with a lot more left in the tank. He would be the perfect complement to Rawls and Michael and would fit perfectly in our locker room. If he wants to win an SB he might be signable. I prefer to draft Tyler Ervin but given the recent hype I think he could be gone earlier than people think. If not then he would be a good 3-4th round option as well.

    2016 Draft

    Rd#1 BPA ( Position / College Unknown) IMO the only true OT in this draft who is a lock to be a quality day#1 starter is Larmey Tunsil. We have all mocked guys like Germain Ifedi and Spriggs to the Hawks because of the need to upgrade the OL but neither of these guys are special with first round grades. Ifedi is likely going to be a LG and Spriggs is an ultra-athletic developmental LT. I would prefer that at #26 they simply take the best player on their board regardless of positon. It is rumored that the Hawks only have 10-12 Rd 1 grades. If that is the case and one of these guys falls to us for example (Rankins, Darron Lee, Keanu Neal, Will Fuller, Ezikel Elliot) then they should be the pick. The way to keep an elite roster is to keep adding special talent. I think this is what JS will do if he follows the lead of his mentor Ted Thompson (Aaron Rodgers pick at end of Rd#1 even though you have Brett Farve)

    Rd#2 Shon Coleman (alternative Connor Mcgovern)- His age. medical history (cancer), and not being workout will cause him to fall to the 2nd or 3rd round IMO. That being said this is one tough SOB who profiles to be the perfect RT in our system. He is already and athletic and nasty run blocker who will only improve in pass pro. I think he would start the next 6-8 years at RT and be a huge upgrade to anyone the Hawks have had at RT in the last 10 years.

    Rd#3 Javon Hargraves (Alternative Ron Blair)- I love this guy as a penetrating 3 tech DT and think he would be a situational pass rusher in year #1 with the potential to develop into much more. He would be a huge upgrade to Jordan Hill and much more durable.

    Rd#3 Joe Dahl (Alternative Joe Haeg)- Love this guy. Fits the athletic profile and can play all over the OL. Would like be backup year #1 but could compete for the starting Center spot year #1. He would be a huge upgrade over Lewis in year #2 if not.

    Rd#4 Jatavius Brown (LB Akron- My favorite small school prospect in the draft. Undersized and fast with a monster size chip on his shoulder. All this guy does is make plays. IN the mould of Russ and Earl I think the Hawks would be getting an undersized but athletic player who could end up being the steal of the draft. His one weakness on tape is sometimes tackling too high and no one teaches tackling better than the Hawks.

    Rd#5 Tyrone Holmes (Edge, Montana) I am not sure why this guy is not getting more love. Great production and tested really well. He would be an ideal pass rush prospect and insurance in case Clem just does not have anything left in the tank. He is rated a late round guy but I could see someone taking him in the 4th or 5th round by the time draft day rolls around. If not run to the podium to get him JS.

    Rd#6 Ricardo Louis (WR, Auburn) I never hear anyone talking about this guy and I am not sure why. 6-2 215lbs with 4.45 speed and good hands. His production was not great beause of poor QB play at Auburn but his 46 catches for 716yds wer over 30% of Auburns passing offense. He is a sudden guy with great deep speed and seems like an ideal 5th receiver to who could end up being much more than that.

    Rd#7 David Oneymata (DL Manitoba)-Of all the development guys in the draft I think he has the most upside. Incredible athlete for he size at 6-4 and 310lbs with really good movement skills. He has only played football for 3 years and in a year or two with NFL coaching could be special.

    Rd#7 Robby Anderson (WR/DB Temple) – He will be this year’s long, athletic WR to DB convert.

    I think this would be a prefect free agency and draft to fix the OL and add some development guys with potential to be game changers. PC/JS said the off season goals were to fix the OL and get tougher. This draft would go a long way to solving those problems.

    I have slotted everyone either where they are rated to be drafted or a round earlier since the Hawks draft at the end of the round.

    Also the UDFA portion is huge for the Hawks and they always find 1-2 players a year who become contributors. I will post some guys I like in UDFA when we get closer to draft and have full list of VMAC visits.

    2016 OL
    LT Gilliam, LG Webb C Dahl, RG Glowinski, RT Coleman

  40. Trevor

    Leicester wins again in EPL! Wow they are going to pull it off this year amazing story.

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