Friday notes: correcting Seahawks stats

On Tuesday I posted an article detailing a number of stats following Monday Night Football. It seems that although Pro Football Reference updated some statistics (eg sacks) they didn’t update others (pressures, hurries, passer rating). So I wanted to correct a few errors today.

Jadeveon Clowney’s exceptional performance has now promoted him to #9 in the league for pressures (27). That’s as many as Nick Bosa and Chandler Jones, it’s two more than Dante Fowler and three more than Myles Garrett.

He’s also tied fifth for QB hurries (14). That’s the same number as Joey Bosa, one more than Nick Bosa and six more than Myles Garrett.

The fact he only has three sacks is deceiving relative to his overall performance. You only have to look at the players ranked at the top for pressures and hurries to see how indicative both statistics are. Khalil Mack (22) and Aaron Donald (21) are first and second in the league for hurries. Mack (31) and Donald (33) are also in the top four for pressures along with T.J. Watt (35) and Joey Bosa (32).

What makes this all the more impressive is the way Clowney is creating his pressure. The 3-4 teams have a bit more room to be creative. T.J. Watt’s league-leading 35 pressures coincide with the fact he has blitzed 41 times in 2019. Khalil Mack has blitzed 36 times. Clowney has been used on a blitz just once all year.

He’s never been a sack specialist. Unlike Mack, Donald, the Bosa’s and Garrett — Clowney’s not a speed rusher. He’s the quintessential base end who can move along the formation and create mismatches. He’s a radioactive Michael Bennett.

He’s also a truly unique player — the type the Seahawks will never get a chance to draft while ever they’re a long way off the #1 overall pick. They cannot allow him to move on in the off-season. The D-line has to be built around Clowney. It’s impossible to imagine how they would replace him.

The question shouldn’t be, ‘will they pull out all the stops to extend his contract?’. It should be, ‘who are they going to sign to play on the opposite side?’.

Without wanting to go over old ground too much — the names cropping up near the top of the NFL for pressures, hurries and sacks are Everson Griffen and Dante Fowler. Unless an unexpected name emerges or a trade is made out of the blue, these are the two having the biggest impact this year who fit the bill. Griffen is older but has history with Pete Carroll at USC and would potentially hold the fort until younger options emerge in future drafts. Fowler is at a great age, runs a 1.59 10-yard split and would provide the speed needed to compliment Clowney.

It’s vital that the Seahawks add a partner in crime. Practically all of the players at the top of the rankings for pressures are part of a double-act:

T.J. Watt (#1) & Bud Dupree (#26)
Aaron Donald (#2) & Dante Fowler (#14)
Everson Griffen (#5) & Danielle Hunter (#19)
Josh Allen (#6) & Calais Campbell (#20)
Za’Darius Smith (#7) & Preston Smith (#12)
Cameron Jordan (#8) & Marcus Davenport (#22)
Nick Bosa (#10) & Arik Armstead (#33) & Dee Ford (43)

There are only four obvious cases of a top pass rusher performing mostly single-handedly…

— Joey Bosa is ranked #3 for pressures but the next best performer for the Chargers is Uchenna Nwosu (#41). Melvin Ingram is tied 65th.

— Khalil Mack is ranked #4 but the next best pressure rusher for the Bears is Roy Robertson-Harris at #48.

— Jadeveon Clowney is ranked #9 and Seattle’s next best for pressures is Quinton Jefferson at a tied #65.

— Chandler Jones is ranked at #11 and his next best placed team mate is Terrell Suggs at #63.

One way or another they have to find someone — interior or EDGE — to provide some consistent support. If they can do that, Seattle’s defense could be as fearsome in 2020 week-to-week as it was in San Francisco on Monday.

The stats update also impacted the defensive back and linebacker numbers I provided too. Marquise Blair didn’t feature against the Niners but his generous 126.6 passer rating when targeted is now the 15th instead of the 17th worst mark in the league (and likely a big reason why he’s no longer in the line-up).

Bradley McDougald’s number rose slightly after the Niners game — going from 38.6 to 42.8. That’s still an excellent mark — the eighth best defensive back in the league per passer rating.

Shaquill Griffin’s fantastic game means his passer rating improved from 80.0 to 73.9. Tre Flowers saw his number rise from 76.7 to 77.5.

McDougald’s yards per target numbers improved. He now only gives up four yards per target instead of 4.2. Earl Thomas gives up 4.8 per target. Shaquill Griffin is at 5.6. Seattle’s core defensive backs are not playing badly at all this year. With more pressure up front — as we saw on Monday — this defense can be highly productive.

Bobby Wagner is third in the league for tackles (97) behind only Blake Martinez (102) and Jordan Hicks (99). K.J. Wright is sixth on the list with 85. There’s something very important to consider here. Our perception is Seattle hasn’t tackled well. Their two linebackers are ranked in the top-10 for tackles in the NFL. Now look at their missed tackle percentage compared to the rest of the top-10:

Blake Martinez — 11.3%
Jordan Hicks — 11.6%
Bobby Wagner — 7.6%
Joe Schobert — 10.7%
Budda Baker — 7.6%
K.J. Wright — 5.7%
Rashaan Evans — 15.5%
Luke Kuechly — 8.9%
Jaylon Smith — 10%
Landon Collins — 13.2%

Only Budda Baker comes close to matching their consistency as high-volume tacklers.

Seattle has one glaring issue when it comes to missed tackles and that remains Mychal Kendricks. However, maybe things are improving. Last week he was the NFL leader in missed tackle percentage. Now he’s only ranked #7 with 24.6%.

Kendricks is the only Seattle player ranked in the top-100 for missed tackle percentage. The next highest are Shaquill Griffin and Quinton Jefferson (both #107) with 14.3% missed tackles. Tre Flowers and Bradley McDougald (14%) are just behind. In comparison, Aaron Donald has missed 13.9% of his tackles this year.

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  1. Nick

    Excellent piece. I’m fascinated to see how Seattle goes about getting that #2 pass rusher this offseason. If they do indeed retain Clowney and Reed, I wonder if they then go to the draft for a penetrating DT or a fast/disruptive DE. I appreciate your perspective Rob, that they will want a known commodity on the other side of Clowney. Either way, the pass rush should be more effective next year.

    • Rob Staton

      One way or another they need some speed. That’s the key and I think it’s why they turned to Griffin the other night. They’ve got to find some speed off the edge. All their DE’s are big.

      • TomLPDX

        Makes me wonder if maybe Ansah is the one released next week when we bring Dickson back? Just postulating…

        • Rob Staton

          I think they have to keep Ansah around now. Their depth at DE isn’t great and the absolute worst case scenario is he can hold down an end, even if he’s not doing anything as a pass rusher. If Luke Willson is out a few weeks they might cut him. They’d always be able to bring him back when he’s healthy. Either that or Jaron Brown.

          • TomLPDX

            With Gordon on the team now, I can see Brown as a potential casualty. I keep thinking about Tyler/DK/Gordon and the firepower they bring. Russ must be in heaven! And Hollister is stepping up to the job and delivering too.

  2. TomLPDX

    My fear is that we won’t be able to afford Clowney next year, let alone a partner in crime opposite him. Do we realize just how lucky we were to have Bennett and Cliff on our team at their prime!

    • Rob Staton

      They can definitely afford him. They have the cap room to match any offer he receives. They equally have the cap room to sign someone else too. And with a large number of draft picks and some scope to make further savings through cuts, it shouldn’t be an issue.

      • TomLPDX

        Hey Rob, what do you think he will get next year? Can we get him for $20K/yr, fully guaranteed for 4-5 years? I’m thinking if we go lower but at a fully guaranteed salary, he’ll stay with us.

        • Rob Staton

          Not sure to be honest. He was available all off-season and the best Houston got was a R3 and change. So the league has already passed judgement once. I think whatever happens though — the Seahawks will match or better his offer. They simply cannot afford to let him walk. There’s nothing out there. The line isn’t good enough to lose him.

          • Michael P Matherne

            You’re absolutely right the the rest of the line isn’t good enough to lose Clowney. I’m sad about Collier. There are some who would say it’s too early to pass judgement, but when is the last time we saw a first round pick be THIS anonymous in his rookie year and then turn into a big contributor? If he can’t supplant Ansah at this point (when he’s being taken off the field in favor of Shaquem Griffin) I think there’s little reason for hope.

            • Rob Staton

              There are rookies who got hurt in camp and ended up having a redshirt season. I wouldn’t worry about Collier yet. Give him a chance.

  3. Doug

    QJeff is #65 but he has missed time due to injury. He looked good in the game vs SF and it could be (health permitting) he can complement Clowney nicely.

    • Rob Staton

      He’s played well but it’s pretty unlikely he’s going to be in the top-20 for pressures and being the answer to this question. They need a speed rusher.

  4. Denver Hawker

    I’m coming back around to thinking sacks matter. They kill possessions. Teams may only get 8-12 possessions a game.

    A hurry or pressure could be an errant incomplete or a completion. I’ll admit I don’t know the difference or how these get measured or assigned. However, I’ve seen QBs made a hurried throw on a check down or quick route for a completion.

    I understand these metrics matter trying to compare pass rushers, but still think sacks matter most. Also could argue Clowney’s pressure would create sacks for teammates.

    I would want to evaluate each hurry and pressure to see what the outcome of the play was to best evaluate the level of disruption.

    • Rob Staton

      Sacks definitely matter. But they don’t always tell the whole story.

      NFL leaders in sacks:

      Chandler Jones
      Shaquil Barrett
      TJ Watt
      Preston Smith
      Myles Garrett
      Danielle Hunter
      Za’Darius Smith

      NFL leaders in pressures:

      TJ Watt
      Aaron Donald
      Joey Bosa
      Khalil Mack
      Za’Darius Smith
      Everson Griffen
      Josh Allen
      Cam Jordan
      Nick Bosa
      Jadeveon Clowney

      I know what list fairly reflects the top pass rushers in the league.

      • charlietheunicorn

        Cam Jordan and Aaron Donald are by far the most disruptive guys I’ve seen this season.
        They both are play wreckers on every snap. Clowney also flashed a similar ability in the 49ers game, which was exciting to see. If he can have 4-6 games a year with similar production…. worth the price to retain him.

        • Michael P Matherne

          It always makes me a little sad to see Cam Jordan playing so well year in a and year out. He was picked immediately before we took James Carpenter in 2011.

          • Rob Staton

            The NFL was dumb letting Cam Jordan last that long. I mocked him #3. Was convinced someone was going to make him a shock top-five pick.

      • Brazilian Hawk

        Thing about sacks vs pressures is that pressures generally are better indicatives of future performance than sacks.

        • Rob Staton

          Yep. Sacks are clearly more impactful and help you win games. But if a player isn’t getting tons of sacks but is getting a lot of pressures & hurries it can be indicative of positive play.

  5. Uncle Bob

    Nice commentary Rob, I especially like how you attempt to demonstrate that sacks aren’t the end all to be all. Unfortunately too many fans don’t appreciate, or maybe recognize is a better word, nuance when you fold in the rest of the performance measures. I see Clowney as a cornerstone player who needs to be re-signed, then work out the rest of the budget around him. There was a back story going around earlier this week about his getting up before the team and urging others to up their level of play as he intended to do because he was disappointed in himself. If that story is true he’s demonstrated uncommon leadership, and the improved performance of the rest of the D unit on Monday night might be an indication of his leadership qualities. Looks to be the closest thing to your BAMF model.

    For the short term I suspect you’re correct about Griffin being a speed rusher effort. He was a late bloomer in college………………..perhaps we’ll see a similar outcome this season. A stopgap measure likely, but a good effort none the less in the absence of other alternatives.

  6. Paul Cook

    Great survey of our needs and options and stat rankings. Totally agree about resigning Clowney. Top priority. They’ll figure out the CAP to add another rush end or interior disruptor. They know what we need. It’s no secret. But signing Clowney first is the priority. It will probably also help lure another lineman we might want.

  7. John_s

    An under the radar guy i would love to see Seattle pursue in free agency is Stephen Weatherly. He played really well when Everson Griffin was suspended from the team. 6’5”, 34” arms, 10” hands ran 4.61 at the combine.

    He hasn’t done anything this year but he’s only been playing 10-14 snaps a game. He can be that value signing that really pays off.

    • SoCal12

      Looking at the available pass rushers in FA, these are the mid-budget names that intrigue me:

      Robert Quinn
      Vic Beasley
      Benson Mayowa
      Emmanuel Ogba
      Matt Judon
      Jamie Collins

      It would be ideal to get a Griffen or Fowler, but if they end up re-signing or pricing themselves out, we may need to look for that Schneider value buy.

      • Rob Staton

        I hope they don’t rely on one of those players being a solution. They need better then average or bargain bin. They’re close to a title and have cap space.

    • Gohawk5151

      That’s a good deep find. Hopefully they don’t miss on Fowler or Griffen after signing Clowney. You can never count Seattle it off a random trade also. We will see who looks like they are going to hold it after the season If they crap out on either scenario I could see a repeat of this off season. Take some young speed in the draft and sign a vet. Im gonna throw Suh or JPP’s name out randomly but maybe Beasley if the price is right. Pete loves a reclamation project. It will be huge to see the combine and workout numbers this spring because outside of Chase Young I don’t see edge help.

  8. charlietheunicorn

    Would it be out of the question to pick up a “recently” discounted player…..
    he did act like an idiot and will have to pay for his “crimes”…..
    but could Seattle somehow acquire Myles Garrett????

    I’m thinking the Browns will be cleaning house after the season. The HC is on very thin ice… and the DC has his stink all over the TNF game. He really needs to go as well. Garrett is a FA after 2021 season, so I’m not sure what the Browns would do to make him stay… or entice him to stay. They’ve been such a dumpster fire, they might not be able to over pay him enough to keep him around…. (22M+/year)

    I mean, if you can somehow get Garrett teamed up with Clowney… wowzah!

    • cha

      Garett is persona non grata right now. Not even worth talking about.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Would love Garrett on the team, but I get the feeling Cleveland would too

  9. New Guy

    John Clayton said today he thinks Clowney’s contract will about $22.5/yr.


    • Rob Staton

      Fine by me.

    • charlietheunicorn

      He also said that he thought Clowney might stay in Seattle for 22M/yr… due to the locker-room chemistry … specifically with RW.

  10. Dale Roberts

    I looked at the top QB pressure artists under the age of 28 an who might be available in 2020. I did not include defensive tackles but Chris Jones of KC is the third DT on the list behind Donald, Jarrett, and Lawrence and is only 25 years old. BTW Donald, Jarrett, and Lawrence have three of the leagues largest non-QB contracts. Jones might be more expensive than Reed because he wasn’t suspended this year. Maliek Collins of Dallas isn’t far behind Jones, is only 24, and will also be a UFA in 2020.

    Here is a list possible signees but my favorite is Bud Dupree. He’s an explosive athlete who jumped a 42″ vertical, a 138 in broad jump, and ran a 4.56 forty at the combine. A NFC East regional scout said, “To me, he’s a pure see ’em, get ’em 3-4 rush end.” To me he’s a perfect LEO. He’s young and still learning.

    Everson Griffin
    6′ 3″, 273 lbs, 6 sacks and 31 pressures in 575 snaps. Age: 32 Status: will be a 2020 UFA if he plays more than 56% of snaps this year.

    Shaquille Barrett
    6′ 2″, 250 lbs, 26 pressures and 11.5 sacks in 528 snaps. Age: 27 Status: UFA in 2020.

    Dante Fowler
    6′ 3″, 255 lbs, 25 pressures and 6.5 sacks in 508 snaps. Age: 25 Status: UFA in 2020.

    Marcus Golden
    6′ 3″, 260lbs, 24 pressures and 6.5 sacks in 542 snaps. Age: 28 Status: UFA in 2020.

    Bud Dupree
    6′ 4″, 269 lbs, 19 pressures and 6 sacks in 582 snaps. Age: 26 Status: UFA in 2020.

    Matt Judon
    6′ 3″, 261 lbs, 18 pressures and 4 sacks in 462 snaps. Age: 27 Status: UFA in 2020.

    Kyle Van Noy
    6′ 3″, 250 lbs, 15 pressures and 4.5 sacks in 424 snaps. Age: 28 Status: UFA in 2020.

    Vince Biegel
    6′ 3″, 246 lbs, 15 pressures and 2 sacks in 297 snaps. Age: 26 Status: RFA in 2020.

    Yannick Ngakoue
    6′ 2″, 246 lbs, 14 pressures and 4 sacks in 420 snaps. Age: 24 Status: UFA in 2020.

    Roy Robertson-Harris
    6′ 7″, 291 lbs, 14 pressures and 2.5 sacks in 338 snaps. Age: 26 Status: ERFA in 2020.

    For comparison sake… TJ Watt
    6′ 4″, 252 lbs, 35 pressures and 10.5 sacks in 557 snaps. Age: 25 Status: UFA 2022 (or never).

    • Dale Roberts

      I included Everson Griffin in the list even though he’s 32 because Rob identified him as a possible signing. I’d prefer to stay at 28 or under (that also applies to my real life).

    • Kenny Sloth

      I’d take a look at Kyle Van Noy

    • Simo

      Wow, that’s a pretty nice list of options, thanks for putting it together! I’m not sure how well the true 3-4 edge guys like Dupree fit into our 4-3 scheme, but they are good athletes with the type of speed off the edge we really need.

      One more good off season and this team can be right back in a new championship window for a few years. Fortunate to have some good draft picks and enough cap space to fill the really big needs like pass rusher.

  11. Kenny Sloth

    Seahawks have the fewest yards gained from screens in the NFL so far this season.

    58 yards, 10 plays, 5.8 yp isnt bad, next fewest are Denver and Baltimore

  12. Henry Taylor

    The Seahawks cannot allow Clowney to reach the open market, whenever it is that he’s allowed to negotiate a new deal JS has to offer him a deal he cannot refuse. Yes they could match his best offer, but I don’t want to take any risk, he’s too important. I do get the impression he loves playing here, so as long as he gets a good offer I think he’ll stay.

    Btw, “Radioactive Michael Bennett” is the best description I’ve ever heard.

    • Henry Taylor

      Btw, here’s another Clowney stat for you:

      Clowney TDs: 2
      OBJ TDs: 1

      • Parker

        That just makes me sad for my poor fantasy team. But seriously, I’ll some more defensive TDs. They are3 back-breaking. Clowney’s TD last week reversed the game momentum right when it seemed like SF was going to run away with it and Russ’ pick six against the Ravens completely turned that game around too.

  13. Volume12

    Seahawks scouts @ ‘Bama/Miss St.

  14. Volume12

    Sorry. I have to bring up Myles Garrett again. This is just too good. 😂

  15. Volume12

    Tua looks hurt. Seems bad.

    • Volume12

      Raekwon Davis too.

      • Rob Staton

        And Ruggs now.

        • Volume12

          And Kylin Hill. What a nightmare

  16. Trevor

    Vol I found my Canadian Kid to promote for the Hawks to take in this years draft. Another physical freak Neville Gallimore DT Oklahoma.

    Would alos like to see them try and pick up David Oneyemata if the Saints let him hit the free agent market.

    • Volume12

      lol. You always got at least one.

      Gallimore looks like a fantastic athlete. Does not move like a DT at all. Pretty twitchy for an interior lineman too. Him, Kinlaw, and Derrick Brown at the SR bowl is gonna be so much fun. Think he’ll rise quite a bit.

      Onyemata has been pretty solid from what I’ve seen of N.O. this year. Wouldn’t be a bad pickup at all.

  17. Volume12

    Who is this Ross Blacklock (6’4, 330 lbs.) DT from TCU? My goodness. Has dominated.

    • Trevor

      Under rated because of injury history I think but he can be beast.

      • Volume12

        Yup. Your right. Was just looking him up and missed last season due to an injury. Guess he ran a 4.9 40 in gront of scouts this summer snd said it woulda been better had he not stumbled.

  18. charlietheunicorn

    I ripped this off from NFL.COM / Bucky Brooks article this weekend….
    all I can say is Seattle got a STEAL at WR so far. And to think, he is NOT in a passing offense.

    ROUND 1
    Marquise Brown, Baltimore Ravens (25th overall pick): 7 games, 28 receptions for 454 yards (16.2 avg), 4 TDs.
    N’Keal Harry, New England Patriots (32nd): Activated from injured reserve prior to Week 9; has yet to see regular-season action.
    ROUND 2
    Deebo Samuel, San Francisco 49ers (36th): 8 games, 30 catches for 339 yards (11.3 avg), 2 TDs (one rushing).
    A.J. Brown, Tennessee Titans (51st): 10 games, 27 catches for 446 yards (16.5 avg), 3 TDs.
    Mecole Hardman, Kansas City Chiefs (56th): 10 games, 21 catches for 437 yards (20.8 avg), 5 TDs.
    J.J. Arcega-Whiteside, Philadelphia Eagles (57th): 9 games, 2 catches for 14 yards (7.0 avg).
    Parris Campbell, Indianapolis Colts (59th): 6 games, 15 catches for 115 yards (7.7 avg), 1 TD.
    Andy Isabella, Arizona Cardinals (62nd): 9 games, 6 catches for 174 yards (29.0 avg), 1 TD.
    D.K. Metcalf, Seattle Seahawks (64th): 10 games, 35 catches for 595 yards (17.0 avg), 5 TDs.

  19. Eburgz

    I love the idea of pairing Clowney on a long term deal with Everson Griffin on a 1-2 year deal AND drafting a pass rusher like Terrell Lewis (or another DL I haven’t identified yet) with one of our first 3 picks. Trade for OJ Howard with one of our second rounders (and change?) and draft a WR with the last early pick (Lamb, Shenault and the Alabama guys are my favorite options).

    Griffin brings the juice. Here’s an excerpt from a players tribune article written by his teammate Xavier Rhodes.

    “Griff’s motor never stops.

    Like, never.

    We’ll be in the huddle and it’ll be like a TV timeout or something, and everybody’s taking a break, getting a squirt of Gatorade, and there’s Griff, still hot, pumping his fists and saying, “I’mma go get a sack. I’m getting a saaaack!”

    And we’re like, “Yo, Griff, it’s a timeout, man.”

    He has no chill.

    I’ve seen times when he’s not practicing because of an injury, and he’ll be on the sidelines working on his hands. Visualizing, you know? Shooting his hands like somebody’s trying to slap them away.

    That’s Griff. I don’t see anybody working as hard as him. If he rushes the quarterback and doesn’t get the sack, he’ll run 20 yards downfield and make a tackle. He’s out there bum-rushing guys, spinning off people — he’s got a nice spin move, one of the best in the league. At 275 pounds, he’s got legit 4.66 speed, and he’s explosive. The way he gets off the ball is unbelievable.

    The rest of us feed off his energy. He always wants more, more, more, more, more. He’s never satisfied. When you see him run from one side of the field to the other to chase down a quarterback and get a sack, then he does his little sack-daddy dance …

    … and then he comes back to the huddle all fired up and ready to go do it again, screaming, “I’M GONNA GO GET ANOTHER SACK!” so loud you could hear him 10 miles away?

    That’s too much for me, man.

    But hey, that’s Griff.

    His. Motor. Never. Stops.“

    Sounds like he is just what we need. I like them a little crazy. He’s fast and explosive but he’s powerful and isn’t undersized like a lot of these speed rushers are. He’s been consistently disruptive and doesn’t look like he’s slowed down yet. He wasn’t a full time starter until like his 5th year so maybe he has less wear and tear than other 31 year old nfl players? No big injury’s either. 2 years 30 million sounds good to me with like 20 guaranteed.

    • Eburgz

      Wait… he’s under contract for 3 more years at a reasonable rate. We would have to trade. Bummer.

    • Mike

      great write up..but Griffen is signed thru the 2020 season I believe..

      • Eburgz

        Yeah. Looked it up after I posted…

        Could always trade I suppose.

        • Rob Staton

          It is very, very likely that the Vikings will cut Griffen.

          They currently have $-1,080,646 in cap space for 2020. They need to make massive savings. Releasing Griffen would save $13m immediately. As well as he’s played and as much as they might want to keep him — they need to release players to create room. He could always re-sign there of course but he will be a free agent in the off-season.

  20. Volume12

    Scary moment there before the half in this Auburn/Georgia game. Poor thing.

  21. Volume12

    Oh no. Jim Nagy said Tua’s injury is similar to Bo Jackson’s career ender. 🙏

  22. Mike

    Gophers are getting beat pretty badly by Iowa..but Tyler Johnson (WR) looks phenomenal

    • Volume12

      He’s gonna make a great 2nd option at WR for some team. Doesn’t do any one thing exceptionally well, but also doesn’t have any major holes in his game. A really polished prospect.

      • Mike of those guys that just jumps out at you when you watch them play.

  23. Kenny Sloth

    Come on you DUCKS.

  24. GoHawksDani

    If a site tells me that Flowers is/was better than Griffin that site’s ranking means nothing.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s not a ranking.

      It’s a statistic based 100% in fact.

      In the same way that Russell Wilson gets a passer rating for each of his games, you can calculate a passer rating for when defenders are targeted.

      Pro Football Reference isn’t PFF. It’s a statistics site. So no need for this reaction.

  25. Paul Cook

    From my point of view, Nick Saban has almost been negligent in his handling of Tua. Why is this guy playing only days after ankle surgery? Why is he still in the game when they’re up big and Tua’s playing with a pretty significant injury?

  26. Sea Mode

    Welp, better late than never, I guess…

    Ian Rapoport

    #49ers CB Richard Sherman was fined $28,075 for unnecessary roughness for lowering his head to initiate contact on his big hit of #Seahawks WR Tyler Lockett in the second quarter. No flag was thrown.

    • Paul Cook

      What’s with that $75.00? Couldn’t they just have made it an even $28,000?

  27. WALL UP

    It’s good to see the consensuses of most, if not all, is a that Clowney is a must keep. JS & Company, no doubt, share the same sentiments. Yes, the “GM of the Year” has a plan in place to work that out.

    Unfortunately, Ansah was not able to fully reach his potential, as yet. But the season is not over yet. It is possible that he does get stronger as the season goes on, if he continues his rebuilding maintenance, as did Dissly for his injuries. For the sake of the team this year, and also for his career, I hope he puts in the work.

    It’s a good read that you’ve presented, giving the alternatives for an obvious need to fill Ansah’s role next year. Griffen would be ideal, even though his sack total is tied @ No. 21. Of course, sack total doesn’t really tell the whole story, in terms of activity. Just a side note, Quinn has 1.5 more sacks than Griffen, being No. 10 in the league with 7.5 sacks. As far as sacks are concerned, Quinn wouldn’t be a bad 2nd option.

    The draft does provide help in that respect, for depth to work under the tutelage of whomever they’re able to pair Clowney with next year. There are a few that may fill that role, Terrell Lewis, Carlos Basham, to mention a few. There’s another that may fit that bill as well in Darrell Taylor.

    The greater need is on the DL. I hope they go DT on their first selection. So, I hope they trade down with CINN and take a DT. These are other needs that the draft may fill for their 2020 roster, besides the FA signings that JS & Company make:

    1. *Trade #27 for (#33 & #107)
    2T.* (33) Marvin Wilson DT (Jr.) Florida St. #21 or Neville Galimore DT (rSr.) Oklahoma #90
    2. (59) Darrell Taylor DE/OLB (rSr.) Tennessee #19
    2T. (62) Netane Muti OG/C (rSr.) Fresno St. #52
    3C. (103) Devin Duvernay OW (Sr.) Texas #6
    4T.* (107) Albert Okwuegbunam TE (rJr.) Missouri #81
    4. (133) AJ Dillion RB/FB (Jr.) Boston College #2
    4C. (145) Kyle Dugger S/DB (rSo.) Lenoir-Rhyne #2
    5. (173) Shane Lemieux OL (rSr.) Oregon #68
    6C. (214) Josh Jones OT (rSr.) Houston #74
    7C. (251) Dane Jackson NB (rSr.) Pitt #11

    I think they’ll in up with 10 players this year. Outside of Jones, I think all would stick on the roster if they are selected.

    • WALL UP

      This is based on the notion that the Hawks don’t go deep in the playoff. I have a strong feeling that is going to change though, if they go 13-3.

      • Rob Staton

        13-3 means finishing 5-1.

        Can’t see it. Hope it happens but can’t see it.

        • Paul Cook

          I would be ECSTATIC with 12-4. Pleased with 11-5. Disappointed with 10-6 after the victory over the 49ers.

          That’s where I’m at now.

          Oklahoma…what happened to them? I thought after the West Virginia victory and their improved D this season that they were in the driver’s seat for the CFP. And then the last two games and tonight.

          • Rob Staton

            I don’t have any real expectations for this Seahawks team. They’ve somehow won eight games out of ten and I’m going to just go week-to-week. They face a really difficult run of games to finish the season. I think .500 would be an achievement — which would take them to 11-5. If they get to 12-4 it’ll be a superb achievement.

        • WALL UP

          What are their loses? Eagles? No.. Vikings? Perhaps, but I doubt it. It will be close. Rams will be difficult, but their OL is in shambles. Panthers? Not against a backup QB. Cardinals will be close as well. SF will be the most difficult test if SF survives their next (4) games.

          • Rob Staton

            I would urge against anyone thinking this way. Where are the losses?? They have a really difficult end to the season. Every game could go either way.

            The Niners win was great but let’s not get carried away before we start looking at a collection of good teams and asking where the losses will come from.

          • WALL UP

            It’s good to focus on how well they’re playing, or not. Frankly, they have not put a complete game together as yet. But, they’re still winning. The key thing that is evident with this team thus far is that they are still learning to play together. PC is learning his personnel and making the necessary adjustments, as we’ve seen in the last game.

            Look to see more changes in the slot as well. More nickle & dime packages. Pete will make the necessary changes where needed. This is “wining time,” the 4th Qtr of season. I just don’t see them going 2-4, or .500. They are too talented vs the teams they will face in the next (6) games.

  28. Paul Cook

    Stud of the week award in college football goes to Jalen Hurts. Hands down. Down 28-3, he leads Oklahoma to a comeback victory over undefeated Baylor. I don’t know if there was a QB in college football who took more hits than he did this week getting sacked and running the ball the way he did. Stud.

    • Jamho3

      Really like the kid for his intangibles. Hard worker, Dad a coach of some sort, graduated HS early, loyal to his team when he was benched, ahead of his class on credits, showed ambition by transferring to OU.

  29. Spireite_Seahawk

    Anyone care to postulate where Derrick Brown is likely to go? He caught the eye for me in Auburn’s defence.

    He looks like he can cause chaos against the run game but I wonder if he will be a high pick.

    • Rob Staton


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