CFB week 12: A weekend dominated by injuries

Tua Tagovailoa left the Mississippi State game with a hip injury

Alabama’s easy win at Mississippi State turned into a nightmare. Tua Tagovailoa left the game with a hip injury that left him down on the turf shouting in pain. It was difficult to watch.

According to Jim Nagy from the Senior Bowl it could be a serious hip fracture. David Chao believes it could be career threatening. It’s incredibly sad news and hopefully he will make a full recovery.

Massive defensive tackle Raekwon Davis was also carted off after being helped to the sideline. He wasn’t putting any weight on his left leg and apparently has a sprained ankle. Henry Ruggs also took a big hit and landed awkwardly. He left the game and didn’t return with a rib injury.

If Tua has suffered a hip fracture, that will have a big impact on the NFL and his potential pro-career. People are comparing it to the injury that ended Bo Jackson’s career.

The game finished 38-7 to Alabama with Jerry Jeudy excelling with seven catches for 114 yards. DeVonta Smith added six catches for 92 yards and Ruggs had three catches for 39 yards before the injury. Najee Harris had four total touchdowns while running for 88 yards and receiving a further 51 yards.

Harris has a particularly rounded skill set. Nothing really stands out. He’s not a top-level athlete, a punishing bell-cow or an electric speed runner. Yet he can do a bit of everything to a high level. His receiving score flashed a polished wheel route. His first and second rushing touchdowns required some physicality and a strong finish. His final score was all about patience and feeling the blocks in front.

DeVonta Smith ran a wonderful red-line route to the left sideline on his best play. In man coverage he just ran by the defender and beat him deep with speed. The angle of his route created a nice throwing window for Tua. Smith was gliding as he attacked the sideline and then made a great adjustment to catch the slightly under-thrown pass. It’s amazing how very few people in the draft media talk about Smith.


— K.J. Hamler left the game as Penn State beat Indiana 34-27. He was seemingly injured on a kick return. He had a great 44 yard reception and finished with two catches for 52 yards. The big catch was all about easy separation. For some reason Indiana left a safety to cover him from the slot. He just burned him off at the stem and created an enormous throwing window to the right sideline. He’s quickness and suddenness, like several other receivers in this class, is exceptional and will be appealing to the Seahawks. Pass rusher Yetur Gross-Matos had a sack, a TFL and a hurry in the game. He now has 6.5 sacks this season (4.5 of which came in two games against Purdue and a 79-7 win against Idaho).

— Again I want to discuss easy separation and this wide receiver class and Jalen Reagor showed a great example of that on a 55 yard touchdown against Texas Tech. He ran a post route and just ran away from the corner. It was an easy downfield throw for a big score. Reagor finished with three catches for 83 yards and the touchdown as TCU won 33-31. Pete Carroll spoke after the Niners game about how noticeable it was when Tyler Lockett wasn’t on the field. This is another reason why they may well target one of these dynamic, sudden receivers with an early pick. It’s not just insurance for Lockett but also a compliment.

— CeeDee Lamb did not play for Oklahoma against Baylor due to what was described as a vague ‘health issue’. There was nothing in the build up to the game that hinted at anything and ESPN ran a piece about him earlier in the day. He was compared to a magician in the feature. You wonder if this was a Tua influenced disappearing act with one eye on the pro’s? Without Lamb, Oklahoma came behind from a big deficit to end Baylor’s unbeaten run.

— Wisconsin running back Jonathan Taylor made an incredible one-handed catch against Nebraska but then fumbled the ball as he tried to turn up-field. As a runner he had 204 yards on 25 carries plus two touchdowns. One was well supplied by center Tyler Biadasz reaching the second level to connect with a linebacker. Both scores flashed Taylor’s finishing ability and he looked smooth and patient on the second run. Tight end Jake Ferguson’s production has regressed again as he finished with one catch for 14 yards in a 37-21 win.

— Florida’s Jonathan Greenard had two more sacks, an astonishing five TFL’s and a QB hurry in a 23-6 win at Missouri. Despite some recent injury issues, Greenard has been one of the more positive stories in college football this season. I plan to spend some time studying him over the coming weeks to get a better angle on him and see what his true potential could be.

— Clemson hammered Wake Forest 52-3 and it was a big day for receiver Tee Higgins. He had four catches for 63 yards but hauled in three touchdowns. Travis Etienne continued his streak of mass-production with 121 rushing yards on 16 carries plus a touchdown. He also added 37 yards on three catches.

— Ohio State rolled to another easy win, this time against Rutgers (52-14). J.K. Dobbins had 89 yards on 17 carries plus two touchdowns. Binjimen Victor also had two touchdowns along with 68 yards and five receptions. K.J. Hill managed 62 yards on four catches and a touchdown. Blog favourite Shaun Wade also had an incredible interception. The quarterback threw to the slot receiver and Wade stays tight in coverage. He tracks the ball superbly and somehow tips and controls the ball with one hand before bringing it in for the pick. It’s an unbelievable play and a great example of his top-20 potential. Jeff Okudah forced a fumble in the game.

— I haven’t spent any time studying Stanford tight end Colby Parkinson but I will do soon. He’s 6-7 and 251lbs. Against Washington State he had five catches for 80 yards. The Cougs won 49-22.

— Minnesota lost their unbeaten record today in a 23-19 loss to Iowa but Tyler Johnson had another huge day. He finished with nine catches for 170 yards and a touchdown. He did have a bad drop on a fourth down play that was somewhat costly. He ran an excellent route for his 28 yard score. He also made a really difficult catch over the middle — creating separation but the pass was floated and Johnson was hammered as he completed the catch (and somehow held on). He also climbed the ladder on a really good red-line route to the left hand sideline. Johnson’s been in our top-50 throughout. Team mate Reshod Bateman made another incredible high-pointed catch in the game. He’s a serious talent to keep an eye on for the future (he’s not draft eligible for 2020).

— Georgia’s offensive tackles are incredible. Jake Fromm threw a 51 yard touchdown thanks mainly due to the time he had in the pocket to let the route develop. Everyone knows about Andrew Thomas but Isaiah Wilson the enormous right tackle had to drop so deep in his set to seal off the outside rush and he handled it with ease. His mobility, athleticism and power is top-level and for me he’s a top-15 talent. Georgia defeated Auburn 21-14 but Derrick Brown had another strong performance to highlight his top-12 credentials. D’Andre Swift had 106 yards on 17 carries.

— Joe Burrow had another excellent performance against Ole Miss, albeit with a minor wobble late on. He threw two uncharacteristic interceptions — one a delayed, hesitant throw to the sideline and another a blind throw after an attempt to hold the safety in centerfield. He still threw for five touchdowns, looked mostly assured in the pocket and threw with his usual poise and accuracy. He just looks like a pro. He finished 32/42 passing for 489 yards and added another 26 as a runner. Clyde Edwards-Helaire also made another statement about his pro-prospects with 172 yards on 23 carries and a late score. His touchdown was a 49-yarder where he showed patience, a great cut and breakaway speed to finish. He’s a real talent and is emerging as a player who can have an impact at the next level. LSU’s defense was awful in this game though and they kept getting gashed by variations of the same quarterback run. John Rhys-Plumlee somehow ran for 212 yards and scored four touchdowns with pretty much a carbon copy of the same run over and over again. Grant Delpit had a nightmare game. He took bad angles, kept biting to lose contain and on Ole Miss’ final touchdown he whiffed on a tackle. He’s been hurt most of the year and looks nowhere near his best. Even so — games like this hurt his stock.

— Oregon’s Justin Herbert had a terrific performance as Oregon rolled Arizona 34-6. On a flea-flicker he fired an inch-perfect pass downfield for a 53 yard touchdown. The throw had everything and was a real ‘wow’ moment. He’s flown under the radar a bit this year — partly due to the emergence of Burrow and the media obsession for Tua. Some teams will love what Herbert brings to the table. It won’t be a surprise if he rises to the top of the QB charts, despite Burrow playing superbly this year. Herbert could land in Miami. With Tua’s injury and now uncertain future, he could be the second quarterback drafted at the very least.

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  1. Coleslaw

    Dale Roberts, thanks for the DL stats on the last thread.

    Dupree would be a nice option if we miss out on the top free agents. I want the Hawks go get a top FA, though.

    I’m hoping for Fowler or Ngakoue. The 9ers game showed what our D can look like with pressure. We should keep the DL beefed up and also add speed and we should be pretty good.

    • Dale Roberts

      Thanks Coleslaw.

      I don’t think we can afford another name if we sign Clowney so Schneider will have to perform his magic. I was a big proponent of Ngakoue until I did this little study. I’m afraid Griffin will hit his drop off year right after we sign him and Fowler is going to be expensive… too expensive. Dupree is uber athletic, has enough size to play the run, and has had some success under his belt. One thing is certain, if your pass rusher is successful you will either have to pay him ridiculous money or replace him. We’d better hope Collier isn’t a bust and they can find another speed rusher in the draft.

  2. Coleslaw

    Harris reminds me of a less spectacular Melvin Gordon. I think hes mirr of a late 1st than mid 1st though

    • Coleslaw

      Harris definitely has better power though. Better burst too. Gordon’s a better player. Harris is a better athlete. Similar in my eyes, though.

    • Eburgz

      I think he looks like a bigger faster Jamaal Williams.

      D. Swift and Etienne are electric but I think Jonathan Taylor has to be the top back in this class. Dobbins and Moss are nice too to round out a very solid top 5. Harris just misses the cut.

  3. cha

    Pete Carroll spoke after the Niners game about how noticeable it was when Tyler Lockett wasn’t on the field. This is another reason why they may well target one of these dynamic, sudden receivers with an early pick

    With that in mind, it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if they sat Lockett or severely limited his snaps vs Philly as a precaution, even if he practices a couple days.

    Chance for Gordon, Turner, Moore, Brown, maybe even Ursua to get some snaps.

  4. Gohawk5151


    Your boy, Oregon State TE Noah Togiai, hurdled a defender on his way to a 20yrd TD! No video sorry

  5. drewdawg11

    My heart goes out to Tua. That kid was going to be a high draft pick and now he’s going to have to hope that he still has a career. No blame should go to the coaches for playing him in the second quarter and the tackle wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. He’s a great kid who deserves better than this outcome. If Joe Burrows isn’t the consensus top QB now then there’s something wrong. The kid looks like a pro now. His mannerisms in the pocket, his vision downfield. His accuracy. His demeanor is perfect for the job. I hope Eason sticks around at UW and has a similar metamorphosis in 2020.

    • Awsi Dooger

      Urban Meyer has to be wondering what Joe Burrow could have done for him as starter, ahead of miserable JT Barrett who almost singlehandedly hamstrung a couple of great Ohio State teams. The Buckeyes never left the absolute elite top tier but Barrett supplied the illusion of that.

      Burrow is the perfect college quarterback. Right now he is playing with supreme athletic arrogance including on the read option. His little grins against Alabama were priceless.

      The athletic arrogance is what sets Burrow aside from Jake Fromm, who plays within a restrained window and never really unleashes. Fromm also has the shoulders and hand size of a junior high quarterback.

      The question with Burrow is what do NFL teams think when he shows up at the combine and looks anything but imposing, including his arm strength? Make no mistake it will look ordinary. Others like Herbert and Love — if he enters — will tower above Burrow in stature and so-called arm talent.

      I’m not sure if Burrow will gain that vital 5% extra in arm strength. Many underdeveloped college quarterbacks do find that eventually, like Zorn and Brady, while others remain in duck territory like Leinart and Kellen Moore.

      Tua was so cocky in that sideline huddle before the fateful drive. It looked like the most fun he ever had at Alabama, followed in minutes by bleeding and broken. Truly great thrower but always some question about wiry toughness and quick footed instincts to avoid the rush. Tua can move forward in the pocket far better than he slides sideways or ducks out of the way.

      I hope the health projection is positive enough that the Dolphins still draft him. The gamble is not taking someone like Tua. The nonsense is playing chess piece throughout the roster and somehow believing the true franchise quarterback will somehow show up at bargain rate in a later round. I wouldn’t mind spending a first round pick on Tua even if he never plays one down in the NFL. But that’s how a gambler would think as opposed to someone who takes the careful route and wants to draft a defensive end.

      • Rob Staton

        I find it interesting that so many Dolphins fans talk this way.

        They really did put all their eggs in one basket with Tua. They anointed him the saviour long before they drafted him. And now they’re going to spend weeks playing down Burrow and trying to justify why they should still take their guy.

  6. Volume12

    If Florida’s Jonathan Greenard goes to a 4-3 team and lines up wide, watch out. He’ll play a long time on Sundays if thats the case. IMO the injury history will keep him somewhere early’ish” day 2.

    Have a feeling that he’s gonna kill the agility drills come combine time.

    • Trevor

      Love his motor too. Do you think he will have the length the Hawks seem to look for on the edge!

      • Volume12

        Gun to my head? I’d say no.

      • WALL UP

        What do you think of Darrell Taylor. He’s a bit raw, and yet to refine pass rush moves. But, the length is there and he has the tools to fill out in order to play @ 6-4 260lbs. He seems to get stronger as the game goes on:

  7. charlietheunicorn

    It is always tough to see a draft crush or nfl crush go down with a major injury.
    Hopefully Tua heals up and is given a legit shot at playing in the NFL…. most likely in the 2021 season, since he will need some significant time to recover from this injury. Modern medicine can work wonders and he has a much better shot at returning than Bo did so many years ago. Sometimes bad things happen to good people, but they are able to overcome these challenges and win at life.

  8. Tanner


    What are your thoughts on two Bama linebackers, Terrell Lewis and Dylan Moses. Moses is obviously out for the year after tearing his ACL before the season began, but when you watch him…Man he just flies around the ball and makes tackles. Would definitely add more speed to the linebackers. Barton seems more equipped to be a great special teams player and could fill in Kendrick’s spot and Moses would add speed and tenacity to the group and he could be had in early part of round 2.

    Terrell Lewis is another Bama guy that has been dinged up, but he would add to speed on the edge. Collier was drafted to fit more of the Dion Jordan role and is mostly based on power. Lewis can do either speed or power off the edge. The 10 yard split is key. Lewis would go great on the opposite side of Clowney and is a football player.

    • Rob Staton

      Moses would’ve been a top-10 lock without the injury. I still think he should go in the top-15 if his knee checks out during medicals. He’s a superb talent and hopefully he will recover in time to participate at a pro-day or the combine because he’s highly athletic.

      Lewis has shown some real flashes of quality at times but he is a little bit boom-or-bust too. I think he’s probably only #2 to Chase Young in terms of the ability to work an opening off the edge. However, his injury history is concerning and any team is going to go through a rigorous medical check with him. The best ability is availability as they say and unfortunately Lewis’ availability is going to keep him on the board a lot longer than his potential would otherwise determine. I’m not sure the Seahawks will roll the dice there but we’ll see. They’ve placed a big price on health the last two drafts.

      • DC

        DK was an injury risk making it all the way to us at the end of the 2nd round. Way too many moving parts to predict anything now but in that range rolling the dice on Lewis becomes much more tempting.

        • Rob Staton

          DK had suffered a serious injury that needed assessing, yes. But for all we know that was cleared as an issue at the combine checks. Lewis has to go through those checks too but his college career has been much more impacted by injuries. DK had a serious injury that needed researching. Lewis’ entire time in college has been ravaged by injuries. So there is some difference.

  9. Trevor

    All these injuries are why I never blame or knock kids who skip Bowl games or leave school early. Their careers are so short and the risks are there with every snap. Was never s huge Tua fan but my heart goes out to him. Hope he can bounce back and also that he had some type of insurance against major injury.

    • GerryG

      Totally agree. If you’re a draft prospect the idea of playing in the Buffalo Wild Wings bowl against a 6 win team in a mostly empty stadium is just stupid.

    • Denver Hawker

      Totally agree with you Trevor. For discussion sake, why stop there? I’m sure most top guys have insurance policies, but what incentive does any player projected first couple rounds on a team out of the playoff running have to keep playing now?

      Even further, with Tua out, Burrow and Herbert now risk millions for the opportunity to win a NC.

  10. GerryG

    I’m getting really interested in RBs, as I now think it’s a nearing a top need for this team.
    1) they have no real depth at the position as evidenced by Penny’s availability issues and their clear lack of trust in him
    2) Carson has proved durable for the first time in his career, can that last? Especially with them running him into the ground at an insane usage rate.
    3) his fumbles are a major problem
    4) I have minimal interest in second contracts for RBs considering their shelf life (there are exceptions)

    • UkAlex6674

      1. Don’t trust him? Carson is balling. Why wouldn’t you give to Carson?
      2. Is 20 carries a game an insane use? Back it up with stats.
      3. They are a problem no denying that, but the juice is worth the squeeze at the moment.
      4. Give Frank Gore a ring and ask how that’s panning out for him.

      • GerryG

        Re Penny, clearly the coaches have lost faith in him, he’s barely playing despite showing explosive cutback ability and decent pass catching skills.

        Re Carson, Not looking at carries, but total snaps, he’s on pace to be one of the highest snap counts for a RB that we have seen over last five seasons according to an article I read within the last week. Almost same level Cowboys used Zeke a few seasons back.

        Gore is an exception, not the rule.

        • Rob Staton

          I don’t think coaches have necessarily lost faith in Penny. Carson has simply played like a beast. He’s just fumbling too much. But the Seahawks know CC is the 3rd or 4th most important player on offense for them. They’re feeding and featuring him.

          • GerryG

            Marshawn was the identity too, but they played Turbin or someone else for third downs, and spelled him. Last few weeks it’s all CC. I get it, he’s been really good. But have we ever seen Pete roll this much with one guy? I definitely don’t recall a time.

            • Rob Staton

              I loved Marshawn but, while he was useful in the passing game, he wasn’t a third down back. Carson has often been hailed by PC as being one of the best receivers on the roster with great hands.

              We’re also only a few weeks removed from Penny having a larger than expected role against Atlanta.

              Honestly I don’t even think we should be looking for stuff like this. Let’s just enjoy the ride.

              • GerryG

                Valid. Aside from the fumbles, Carson has been great and a blast to watch!

    • WallaSean

      Ugh, This theme has grown quite tiresome.
      1 Of course we will be drafting a RB, we almost always always do.
      2 Carson is like a metronome, 20 carries for 80 punishing yards, just like Pete wants,the most similar back to Lynch currently in the league.
      3 Who in the league would be taking carries from Carson? No one, I could only imagine the handwringing if we had Dalvin Cook coming off a season ending injury.
      4 Penny was always plan B behind Carson, we drafted him the year after we ran out of running backs when plan A got injured, and then we took our favorite out of 5 or six guys that would all be sitting behind Carson.
      5 Running backs all fumble as long as the balls are not deflated, sometimes they come all of the time, sometimes in bunches, sometimes on one of two carries.
      6 Pete believes in Carson and Penny and he is going to roll with plan A unless he needs to go with plan B.

  11. McZ

    Standing out in the Clemson game was Tanner Muse. He was all over the place, tackling the s*** out of WF offense players, being the driving power behind two early turnovers. He has high football IQ, a relentless motor and is just starting to add relevant stats.

    Iowas A.J. Epenesa had somewhat a breakout game. 9 pressures, 3 sacks, all in close situations, 1 forced fumble making up for 4 stops.

    One of the most undervalued prospects at RT is Ezra Cleveland of Boise St. Was criticized for sloppy technique and being late to the party; both things he has solved at this point, which tells hard worker and quick learner. He is a decent pass and run blocker. He comes in at 6’5″ and 305 lbs.

    Then – another S – Julian Blackmon of Utah… a strip sack, half another sack, 12 T, 1.5 TFL, an int and only one catch allowed. This was not the first downright superb showing.

    Another under-the-radar WR is Chase Claypool of ND. He is no athletic freak, but shows elite route running skills and delivers as a dependable vertical target, too. A perfect rating when targetted vs seeded Navy and 3 TDs makes for another top performance.

    • Trevor

      Claypool is a Canadian kid and I really like his game. I would love to see him put on 10lb and convert to pass catching TE where he would be a mismatch nightmare and awesome in the Red Zone.

  12. Trevor

    Rob if the Hawks let Reed test the open market as I expect then a DT who can provide some interior pressure and disruption becomes a pretty big need IMO.

    Have you had a chance to take a look at Neville Gallimore (DT Oklahoma) or Ross Blacklock (DT TCU)?

    Both guys are raw but freak athletes who really flash at times. Would love to hear your thoughts if you have had time to check either of them out.

    Hoping both will be in Senior Bowl where they could shine in those 1vs1 battles.

    • Rob Staton

      I haven’t seen either but I will try and check them out this week.

      • Trevor

        Thanks Rob

  13. Trevor

    My Seahawks 2020 7 round Mock #1

    Hawks Resign Clowney and Sign Dante Fowler. They let Reed and Ifedi test the market so focus on the trenches early in this draft.

    Rd#1 Raequon Davis (DT Alb)- ideal body type with Calais Campbell upside.

    RD#2 Isiah Wilson (RT /Georgia ) First round talent the Hawks can get in RD 2 because he is considered strictly a RT. Competes with Fant for the RT spot.

    RD#2 Traded to TB for OJ Howard- Hawks use the extra pick to get a stud TE. Hunter Bryant would be option #2 here.

    RD#3 Tyler Johnson (WR / Minn)- love his game and the ideal #3 WR to go with Locket and D.K.

    RD#4 Neville Gallimore (NT/ Oklahoma)- Really raw Canadian kid who is a physical freak and has incredible upside. Can’t wait to see him at Senior Bowl.

    RD #4 Nick Harris (C / Wash)- under sized but gritty and athletic. Would be a Day 1 starter if the Hawks move on from Britt.

    RD#5 Jeff Gladney ( CB/TCU) Hawks need CB depth and he would compete with Amadi in the slot.

    RD#6 :Tia Galia (Edge / Utah St) Purely a speed rusher with a troubled background but has flashed big time upside.

    RD#7 Zack Moss ( RB / Utah) Just look like a Hawks RB to me and comes in as depth to compete.

    • Rob Staton

      Isaiah Wilson isn’t lasting to round two.

      When guards are going in the top-10, being a right tackle isn’t a problem.

  14. CaptainJack

    I know they’re an NFC rival and logically we want the patriots to win.

    But in my heart I want the eagles to beat Brady again.

    • Rob Staton

      I want whatever outcome that gives us the best chance to win next week.

  15. cha

    Luke and Uncle Will making the most of the bye.

  16. Hawks4life

    How is that not pass interference on Marlon Humphrey against DeAndre Hopkins…. NFL is blind.

    • cha

      PI is wildly inconsistent. The NFL is barreling head-first towards another hugely controversial call in the playoffs.

  17. Volume12

    The Ravens are not only dangerous, but so much fun to watch. Hottest team in the league.

  18. CaptainJack

    Ravens are the best team in the league right now change my mind

    • McZ

      … until their QB has been schemed out. This happens to every QB in the league, including Watson and Mahomes.

      To me, a franchise QB is a player, who keeps reinventing his game, staying ahead of the wolfpack.

  19. CaptainJack

    Panthers and Vikings both getting clobbered by lesser teams right now

  20. Kenny Sloth

    “Herbert could land in Miami.”

    Poor guy

    • CaptainJack

      And enjoy beaches and beautiful women?

      Who cares about the football team there. The real tradegy is when a player ends up in Buffalo.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Oof. Got me there

    • Awsi Dooger

      I don’t want Herbert as a Dolphins fan. He was a consensus 3 star recruit. I believe early first round you have to align with someone who has been atop the charts throughout his life. The Dolphins have betrayed that philosophy multiple times and been burned, including with consensus 3 star Ryan Tannehill.

      • McZ

        Are you even sure the Fins will go for a QB?

  21. CaptainJack

    I saw today that Luke Willson will be out a few weeks with a hammy… really wishing we had kept Nick Vannett.

    • Rob Staton

      Meh. Ed Dickson is back this week.

    • WallaSean

      I would be happy to roll with Hollister and Fant, that 5th rounder with Dickson coming back is nice gravy.

  22. cha

    I get a kick out of the CBS color guy for Houston-Baltimore. Several times, when Deshaun scrambles or runs, he gushes about how Watson is some singular talent with his feet. DUDE. The OTHER QB in the game is Lamar freakin Jackson!

  23. Henry Taylor

    I am a little concerned Lamar might be overtaking Wilson in the MVP race, at least in the voters’ eyes.

    • JimQ

      I know Lamar Jackson is an -excellent- running QB, however, RW has had his share of rushing yards during his career as well. I think it’s a little “funny” that Jackson gets the benefit of adding his passing and rushing yards together for his total yards and TD’s and RW —-> never has gotten much if any credit for his rushing yards. Must be another East Coast bias thing.

      I would think a major point of concern for Baltimore is the potential for Jackson getting significantly injured. Unlike RW, he never seems to slide down, go out of bounds or even avoid much in the way of contact. He’s a young, tough & shifty dude (but he has pencil legs!) and eventually he is going to get hurt, likely sooner rather than later. I agree, very fun to watch, along with Jalen Hurts as a college QB this year (what a comeback today).

    • Lil’stink

      I guess I don’t get why fans care about an individual award for a player. I still remember losing to the Steelers in the SB. I could care less about Shaun Alexander winning the MVP. Wilson vs Lamar? They’re both deserving. But the only thing that matters as a fan IMO should be getting to the SB.

  24. RWIII

    I hope Tua does not have a career ending injury. That would be very sad for everyone Not only would it be devastating for Tua. But it would deprive NFL fans of a talented QB.

    BTW: The Baltimore Ravens are for REAL. Not only are they better than New England. The Ravens are a decidedly a much better team than NEW England. As of this posting the Ravens are pitching a 27-0 shutout against the third best team in the AFC. The Ravens have gotten 6+ sacks all the while employing 5-6 defensive backs. To me it seems like the Hawks should employ more nickel/dime schemes. These 5/6 defensive packages are really working well. They are just plain STUFFING the Houston Texan offense.

  25. Mike

    re: Jake Fergusons (Wisconsin) regressing production..he looks to me like he’s put on quite a bit of weight since last season…probably helps with the blocking duties..but may be hindering him in the passing game. Of course Wisconsin only throws about 20 times per he’ll never put up huge stats in that offense.

    It will be interesting to see how he tests if he comes out this year. A block first/catch second TE kind of fits the Seahawks blueprint..might be an interesting R2/R3 option for them.

  26. Trevor

    Kyler Murray is already the 2nd best QB in the NFC West where every other QB is in the 100 mil club.

    He is going to be a nightmare when they get talent around him.

  27. JimQ

    10 games into the college football season and EDGE-Hamilcar Rashed, Jr. from Oregon State is having a hell of a season so far. He just might be a good target for the Seahawks in the coming draft, well worth checking out.

    EDGE-Hamilcar Rashed Jr. Oregon St., 6-4/236, #1 in FBS with 22.5-TFL’s (next best is – DeAngelo Malone with 18.0) & he is #1 in FCS with 14.0-sacks – next best is Chase Young with 13.5.

    He was pretty good in high school also.
    10 sacks in one game=WOW…..

    • Trevor

      He is having an incredible year and looks really good the couple of times I have seen him. Any ideal what type of athlete he is? Did he have a sparq score or anything coming out. Would love to see him at the Senior Bowl and the combine will be huge for him.

    • CaptainJack

      Great find. Really active player. Big part of Oregon State’s defensive improvement this season.

    • Gohawk5151

      He is an interesting one. He wasn’t a starter initially and only moved back as a starter due to injury. All this production really has only come in 8 games and they have come in bunches. Has 2 sacks and some TFLs yesterday vs AZ St. I’ve struggled a bit trying to evaluate him mostly because I don’t know how good an athlete he is. To me his best quality is his burst and easy speed to power transition. He also has really, really good hands disengaging easliy to hold the edge and to get secondary rush moves off vs a Tackle. That said we all know Seattle likes athletes at LB and EDGE and I’m just not certain if he is gonna make their requirements. I think he may run good in a straight line by may not hit the shuttle, 3 cone and 10 yrd split times. He should shine in individual drills. Hope I’m wrong because I’m a fan.

  28. RWIII

    John Schneider found Dissly in the 4th. Maybe Schneider can weave his magic again next year.
    To me. In the 1st/2nd round you have to go either OL/DL or best available player.

    Food for thought. Next week Seattle plays Philadelphia. Tony Romo was talking about the Eagle pass rush. Romo said the Patriots have to slow down that pass rush. He said you have keep that DL off balance. Romo expects the Patriots to use 5-8 screen plays. Draw plays, quit hitters, reverses etc. etc. etc.

    • Rob Staton

      It would be 100% wrong to rule out a receiver with the first pick given that’s where the extreme strength of this class is.

      • RWIII

        There might be a lot of talent at wide receiver. But it’s a long shot that it will be a wide receiver. However, the Hawks took Rashaad Perry in the first round. So you never know what John Schneider will do. What’s interesting is that other than their first draft JS/PC have not had much luck in the first round.

        • Rob Staton

          It’s not a long shot at all.

    • Mike

      I would always go best OL/DL on my board in the first round if I were a NFL GM. The skill guys you can always find later…Of course..that’s why I’m not an NFL GM..

      • RWIII

        Agree with Mike. Games are won at the line of scrimmage. BTW: In 2012 draft the Hawks had a chance at Fletcher Cox or Chandler Jones. But they traded down and took Bruce Irvin. Irvin turned out to be a good player. But he was no Fletcher Cox or Chandler Jones.

  29. WallaSean

    Could the “Seahawks Hangover” be back? I missed the first quarter, but I’m hoping that we exposed a couple of things last week that SF has to deal with going forward(besides the injuries).

    • Nathan

      Monday night game went into OT.

      Might be jumping the gun a bit there.

      • WallaSean

        Most likely being too optimistic, but the Cards look like they have shut down the run and made JG make some plays so far. The rest of their opponents will likely try the same.

        • Rob Staton

          Cards surrendered the initiative too early.

  30. Rob Staton

    Tom Brady looks 42.

    • Aaron

      Isn’t he a FA after the offseason? Could this be his last year?

      • Rob Staton

        Possibly so. You’d imagine he’d want to go out on top so last year would’ve been ideal. Not sure what his plans are having gone this far. And to be fair… he looks old now but the Pats keep rumbling on so he might just keep going too.

    • Volume12

      He does. Hasn’t looked good all year long. And it’s not just injuries to his O-line like I see some people saying.

      Kyler Murray and Deshaun Watson are playing behind 2 O-lines far worse than his. Both have been better than him by a wide margin.

  31. Ishmael

    That Tua injury is why no one should ever, ever, listen to the NCAA’s propaganda about player payments. The poor kid, feel desperately sorry for him.

    Another stunning game from Lamar Jackson, what a player.

    • Rob Staton

      The top players all get insurance to be fair.

      • Ishmael

        Absolutely. But insurance still can’t cover everything a top QB will earn. And there are many, many, players who don’t have insurance who this sort of injury could happen to, and I’m sure it does – they just aren’t big enough for it to hit headlines.

        • Rob Staton

          It can’t — but let’s also not assume a player would become a top QB. Mariota, Winston. Two players who went #1 and will be looking for a gig next year. Trubisky’s not playing well. There’s no guarantee.

          • Ishmael

            No, but if you’re smart you can ride that Sam Bradford gravy train.

            And I didn’t mean to make this exclusively about Tua, or QBs, or top players in general. Was more talking about potential career enders for kids who have been paid nothing for their often brutal work. It’s a morally bankrupt organisation, fun as the product might be.

            • Rob Staton

              There aren’t many Sam Bradford’s. I would say he’s in a very fortunate and exclusive club.

              Injuries happen in sport unfortunately. They can happen at any time, any age, any place. Is it morally bankrupt to offer an education, an opportunity to showcase your talent to the professional game, to have the opportunity to play elite-level college sport?

              I don’t the system is perfect but I do find some of the hand-wringing about the NCAA a bit much sometimes. For every unfortunate injury like Tua’s, what about the success stories like Bruce Irvin? College football saved him in many ways. It made him a very rich man. What would he be doing otherwise?

              • Sean

                This is a poor argument because if the corrupt NCAA system did not exist a guy like Bruce Irvin would comfortably be able to get into a developmental football league that paid him while he fixed all his demons. There is no reason to think he had to be in college for that. If we had a proper “minor league” system like the MLB he would have gotten equivalent support from a pro organization while getting paid at the same time. It is actually indentured slavery that they require kids to stay in school for 3 years to get drafted. It goes against free market capitalism, and the cost of it to players far outweighs the “education” they receive in college. So no Rob, the hand-wringing about the NCAA is not too much.

                • Rob Staton

                  Oh I know, the minor league system is perfectly plausible. Just pay 100 players and the mountains of staff and equipment. Yep, that will definitely be successful and not fold within weeks like the development league Bill Polian set up.

                  Come on people.

  32. James

    Tua has a dislocated hip, not a fracture. If surgery is needed at all, it will only be arthroscopic to tighten the labrum. He won’t do the combine, but will be fully recovered before the season begins, according to the Andrews Clinic.

  33. Trevor

    Back to back weeks Vic Beasley has looked really good. Funny he is starting to shine again heading into a contract off season. Too much talent for someone not to take a flier on him but going MIA for
    Two years has to be alarming I would think.

    • Rob Staton

      The whole Atlanta defense has launched into life unexpectedly. Too little too late, unfortunately.

      • RWIII

        It might be to little to late for this year. But they could cause some damage to teams to some playoff contenders.

  34. Rob Staton

    Arizona defense playing the ‘hot knife through butter’ scheme today.

    • Rob Staton

      And then force a pick 🙂

    • Trevor

      Agree but the difference in this game is that Kyler Murray is good(going to be great) and Jimmy G is not.

      SF have a nice roster and great DL but no shot in playoffs with Jimmy G at QB.

      • Rob Staton

        I wouldn’t say no shot — because Shanahan is a brilliant coach. I think there are big question marks about his ceiling clearly. Good defensive teams have won titles with lesser QB’s. And he’s not hopeless, he’s just very middling based on what we’ve seen so far.

        • Trevor

          Then he marches them down the field for a game winning TD lol.

  35. WALL UP

    Tips & overthrows, gotta get those..

    • WALL UP

      Injuries do play a role in the outcome of a game. But, all teams are affected by them, not just the Niners.

  36. Rob Staton

    What a bust by the Arizona defense. Awful.

    • Trevor

      That defense in the 2nd Half was a joke.

      • Rob Staton

        Really bad. But I thought the Cardinals played like a deer in headlights as soon as they went 16-0 up. On offense and defense. They surrendered that game. 30-10 to the Niners after that 16-0 start. But Arizona are what they are currently and the Niners have to play Green Bay, Baltimore and New Orleans coming up so that’s a big test for them.

        The Seahawks have to keep going. They weren’t going to be gifted the NFC West after one good win.

        • Aaron

          Yep, it’s gonna come down to the last game versus us. Hawks need to keep the foot on the gas. Winner of this division will get a first round bye imo.

          • WallaSean

            Ends in one of the all time bad beats(SF -10) SMH

          • Rob Staton

            Biggest problem IMO for the next two games coming up are it’s two QB’s who are exactly the types that are liable to have frustratingly productive games against us. Unlikely third down conversions, throws to TE’s exploiting the seam or running that one wheel route that always gets us. Two massive, enormous games coming up. And then it’s Goff and the Rams which isn’t easy either.

            It’s weird how we’ve ended up with four out of five games on the road.

            • Kingdome1976

              Good thing we seem to win on the road this year.

              Go Hawks

              • charlietheunicorn

                The Road Warriors!

            • RWIII

              49ers. Eagles. Vikings and Rams. No question that is a brutal four game stretch. I remember when the schedule came out. I said wow! Then you look at who New England plays. John Clayton always talk about the schedule.

              • Largent80

                Hey AZ. ever hear of a play called a screen???…Evidently not. Easy pickins on that group. Their DL bites on all of those.

                Also, the weekly officiating gripe. I’ve never seen it worse in all my years, either the calls they make, don’t make, or even seeing video proof right in front of their faces. Just HORRID.

  37. Brazilian Hawk

    Nick Bosa and this 49ers DL bites way too often on option plays, he loses contain way too often, Lamar Jackson is gonna smoke this defense.

  38. WALL UP

    This is the easiest game the Niners will face the rest of the year. That doesn’t bold well for a good outcome,especially those on the road.

  39. Kenny Sloth

    At full strength, all players healthy, what is the best division in the NFL,

    I tend to think it’s the NFC West, but the North is strong too along with AFC West.

    • mishima

      NFC West is best.

    • Aaron

      The best division by win total is the NFC West, the second best is the AFC East.

      • Volume12


        Gonna go with Kenny and say NFCW and AFCW.

        KC- are who the are
        Raiders- not only contending for a wildcard, but still in contention for the division. Most improved team.
        Broncos- top 5 defense and have blown 4 games with a lead in the 4th quarter
        Chargers- capable of being dangerous on any given Sunday

  40. WallaSean

    Next week is so huge, put a win on the board in the morning and ratchet up the pressure on the Niners and Jimmy Galapagos to evolve and outduel Rodgers.

  41. Kenny Sloth

    What teams will be looking at Qbs early this year?

    • charlietheunicorn

      Each of these teams could go QB early….
      Bengals, Dolphins, Broncos, Bucs, Lions, Bears (and later Jaguars Panthers and Titans)
      They will all have top 15-20 picks, so the likelihood all of them go QB are very unlikely.
      I would say it is almost 100% that the Bengals and Bucs go for a QB… everyone else 50/50.
      Falcons could be a wildcard, since we are unsure who will be running the ship in 2020.

      • Kenny Sloth


      • cha

        LA Chargers
        New England

        (dark horse) LA Rams

        • JimQ

          Brady MAY be done, see his last 2-min. post game interview where he was pretty gruff and seemed PO’ed at the world. His performance is all but shut down this year, clearly it’s time for him to go sit on a beach and enjoy his hot wife & millions? Maybe?

  42. Paul Cook

    All I know about the upcoming Philly game is that we’re trending upward, and their trending downward. The trend is your friend, as they say in stock market parlance. If all goes well next week, we’re tied with the 49ers at 9-2, and we own the tie breaker.

    Would be nice. 🙂 We can reasonably hope.

  43. charlietheunicorn

    I read through some of the banter above about what position group Seattle would or wouldn’t pick in early rounds or perhaps late 1st round. I agree with Rob, you can’t rule anything out but QB and K/P. I look at it from value…. if you can get the guy who fits your team and you believe has the greatest upside, then you do it.

    I firmly believe they might go WR with a 1st or 2nd round pick. Why fight the strength of the draft? CB is one position I have been trying to keep an open mind about… TE seems way too obvious… as well as possibly some OL help at OG / C / OT. You can also make the case for DL help, but the speed rush element may not be available for Seattle to grab in the first round… and they might go with some FA acquisitions to fill the holes they might have in 2020 along the DL.

    • Volume12

      Sounds stupid to say, but personally I’m more interested who they take with their late 2nd, 3rd, and a day 3 pick or two. With the way they’ve drafted in the 1st round lately it may be years before that pick pans out.

      • charlietheunicorn

        I could easily see them trade out of the 1st round for more 2nd/3rd round picks…. and then we can get even more excited to deep dive into prospects they might get. Just don’t draft another WR in the 4th round… EVER!

        • JimQ

          A potential round 2/3/4 WR pick that I have on my post season & combine watch list – for sure. He would seem to be a “long ball” WR that would fit well with RW’s strengths and he has excellent kick return stats as well. I get the impression that he is currently somewhat overlooked. If they can draft this guy, Lockett could be freed up to concentrate on his receiving & limit his future injuries, a big +.

          WR-Brandon Aiyuk, 6-1/206, Arizona St. Currently #183-overall at & rising some.
          After 10-games: leads FBS with 19 – 30+/yd. plays. (next closest 16 – Antonio Gibson, Memphis.)
          That equates to about 36%, or over 1/3, of his 53 receptions were for 30 + yards or more.
          2019: 10-games, 53 rec for 964-yds, 18.2-ypc, 7-TD’s
          Also: 11 punt returns for 173-yds, a 15.73-avg. & 1-TD + 14 KO returns for 446-yds, a 31.86-avg.
          One to keep an eye on.

        • Gohawk5151

          They haven’t exactly had the 1st round trades work either (Harvin, Graham). I think they way they want to control the board and beat the run on specific positions works against them in round one particularly sometimes. Maybe they should just take the best player available sometimes (TJ Watt 😭). Just a thought

  44. Sea Mode

    Thanks for the heads up, Gohawk5151. My boy Oregon St. TE Noah Togiai going airborne!

    • Sea Mode

      Broadcast view:

    • Sea Mode

      Dug through his Twitter timeline for a few more clips and found this catch:

      And this quote 😍:

      “Surprisingly to most people when I say this, I like blocking,” Togiai said. “It’s pretty fun to me. When you get a good block, it almost feels better than getting a catch. That’s how I’ve always been since high school, too.

      “Whether I have one catch or however many balls Jake [Luton] wants to throw me, I don’t really care. As long as I improve on my blocking.”

    • Gohawk5151

      No problem man. Just good to talk about some Beavers. Noah is finally healthy and flourishing. He looks so good on those boots that Russ is a master at. Perfect match

  45. Trevor

    With the struggles Delpit has had at times this season is there any chance he lasts till the end of Rd #1?

    Another Safety who I really like is Hamsah Nasilerdeen from FSU. He is still raw but a long dynamic athlete who flies to the ball. He is definitely more of box safety and I think he will be a big riser come draft season like Darnell Savage was last year.

    • Volume12

      Nasirildeen has 33 tackles in 2 weeks. 96 on the year. 21 more than any DB in the P5. Always on the ball and he eats up ground quickly due to that length.

      • Trevor

        I will be really suprised if he does not end up as a 1st rounder.

      • WALL UP

        Perhaps a safety convert, like Tre Flowers. He has good length and closing speed. Probably early 2nd Rd. Whichever team selects him will be rewarded big time.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think Delpit falls like that but he might be top-12 now instead of top-five.

  46. Denver Hawker

    Lane Johnson injury could be a difference maker this week. Eagles offense really slowed without him.

    • charlietheunicorn

      Both OT went out with injury. Peters injury didn’t look good when he went down. He is a one tough SOB and he sat out most of the second half of the game.

  47. RWIII

    Rob: It’s obvious that Philadelphia will account for Clowney on every down. They will be chipping him and double teaming him in passing situations. So knowing that what should be Seattle’s moves and counter moves knowing that Clowney will be a marked man.

    • Rob Staton

      I think bring the heat from other areas. Let’s see Reed, Jefferson,Woods, Shaquem and others getting into the action. They all played a part vs San Fran even if Clowney was the standout.

      • charlietheunicorn

        Clowney, Reed and Jefferson consistently produced pressure and also impacted the SF rushing attack.
        That just leaves the bookend DE to pick up some slack, then the DL can really take off.
        If Ansah can gain another 10 pounds and provide just a bit of spark, that might be enough to really put them over the top to end the regular season on a high note.

    • Gohawk5151

      SF chipped and doubled Clowney and it didn’t seem to matter. But yes everyone needs to get involved. Don’t forget about Poona!!! He showed some ability to collapse the pocket too.

  48. Kenny Sloth

    Shame about Tua, but I gotta think it cracks the door for a Justin Herbert led Ducks squad to crash the playoff party.

    Sure would hate to see 3 SEC teams if Clemson or tOSU falter.

    It also appears we’ll have a top10 date with Utah to finish the season

    • Sean

      Oregon will get exposed in the playoffs. No chance they don’t get blown out by Clemson, Ohio State, or LSU. Pac 12 is historically weak right now.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Probably would be exposed. But our D is underrated and we have one of the best OL in the country. Herbert is playing his best football and we nearly beat a very good Auburn side.

        It would be nice for the Pac-12 to make the playoffs though

  49. RWIII

    Denver: Will Lane Johnson miss the game on Sunday?

    • Denver Hawker

      Likely- he’s in protocol and left last night unable to return.

  50. CaptainJack

    Oregon State has some players.

    Rob what do you think about Isaiah Hodgins?

    • Gohawk5151

      Been a minute since anyone has said that. Rams and Chiefs have been by to see him. He was s a really talented guy who has only been limited this year by his own QBs streaky at times play

  51. Starhawk29

    I watched Baylor v Oklahoma, and came away super impressed by Baylor’s scheme and physicality. It was painfully clear that OU’s players were far more physically talented, but man did Baylor’s guys hit! A lot of columnists have been mentioning Baylor’s HC Matt Rhule as a possible NFL head man (he interviewed for the Jets job last year), but their DC seems to be a really interesting guy as well. As we get further and further into the pass heavy, almost air-raid like era of the NFL, coordinators like that might be pretty intriguing to some NFL team.

    Also, watching Jalen Hurts in that game, it was a total tale of two halves. In the first he looked nothing like a QB. His footwork seemed off, and his throws were all over the place. But in the second half he made some gorgeous throws and did an awesome job of driving his team back into the game. Idk if he’ll ever be a real NFL QB, but i can’t help but wonder what would happen if he went to a team like the Saints. With his skill set and a few years on the bench, his potential would be limitless. Could also be a massive bust, but a super interesting prospect.

  52. Kenny Sloth

    Seahawks: *has a bye week*


    • cha

      RW: “Hold my Gatorade”

      • charlietheunicorn

        If RW goes 4/2 or 5/1 next 6 games…. then he will win.
        If LJ goes 4/2 or 5/1 during that span, then he likely will win.

        IF they both go 3/3, then slight lean to RW, playing with less overall talent.

  53. RWIII

    I would rather see Russell Wilson get the M.V.P. But remember Cam Newton. In 2015 Cam Newton was the M.V.P. Zoom ahead four years later to 2019. Now NEwton is one banged up QB. LaMarr Jackson’s game is very similiar to Cam Newton. Also remember 2012. Robert Griffin III was NFL rookie of the year. That style of football is not sustainable long-term.

    I think the big difference is that Jackson is probably more accurate than Newton/Griffin. Maybe the Ravens will handle Jackson differently than the Panthers/Redskins. Only time will tell.

  54. New Guy

    Slightly OT, but I’d grade Jimmy Garoppolo just between Kirk Cousins and Andy Dalton.


  55. cha

    LOL Poona as Rocket

  56. charlietheunicorn

    “The Ravens are not only dangerous, but so much fun to watch. Hottest team in the league.”

    Excellent, then they will start to cool off in the playoffs ;D

    • Volume12

      Heavy shot.

  57. Kenny Sloth

    Juan Thornhill laying the wood for KC

  58. Kenny Sloth

    Seahawks reportedly declined 3rd rd offered for Penny

    • Mac

      Not too surprised. Unless the Seahawks got mike Davis back, I can’t blame them. There are a lot of better backs than Penny from his same draft class but until we have a option that’s almost as good or as good as Carson, then we are sticking with Penny.

      I don’t exactly know why we thought Penny was a match for our offense. He seems a better match for the finesse zone scheme of the ‘16 to ‘18 Rams with the wide sweeps.

    • charlietheunicorn

      It also is quizzical why they didn’t trade Prosise if they are not going to use him on game day.
      He also is excellent outside the box.. in space…. would be dynamite with Saints Patriots or Eagles. Teams that like to press the edge with rushes and passes… routinely.. in their offense.

      • Bigten

        There have been no reports anyone was inquiring about prosise, so how could they trade him? Also, not sure I would agree at all that there are a lot of backs from Penny’s draft class that are for sure better than him. And that’s not necessarily an argument that it was smart to draft a back up running back with our 1st round pick, but Barkley and Chubb are the only ones that you could argue are for sure better. And even then, opportunities are so great with Chubb, it is impossible to know if Penny could have done the same or better with the reps and opportunities that Chubb has had. Michel and Jones haven’t been world beaters with the opportunities they have received. And Guice and Kerryon have been Injured a lot (all but a few games for Guice). Not really agreeing with the narrative that Penny was the absolute wrong Back to take. I think he was the right back, in the wrong place (1st round) personally. But if he was the back they wanted, was rumored that the browns and possibly patriots would have taken him in their spots.

        • McZ

          We didn’t necessarily pick the wrong RB, but it was wrong to take a RB that early. The desperate state at DL, the slow deterioriation and missing depth at OL and Penny not getting consistent snaps pretty much proves that.

          Plus: the value just isn’t there. Even if you get Leonard Fournette or Zeke Elliott. It takes a season for some team to scheme them out, and then that’s it. I will always prefer power rushers like CC or adaptable, great vision players like Jordan Howard / David Montgomery. What a late round drafted comittee that would make.

          Best RB production out of the 2018 draft class?
          Philipp Lindsay, Royce Freeman and Nyheim Hines…. all late picks, even UDFA. Of the the top picks, only Chubb and Johnson showed things you could describe as ‘making a difference’ for their teams. Michel at least gets consitent reps.

          The reality is, that the skill position players are always big huge lottery tickets. The difference between #20 and #100 is thin, and it gets worse the later in the draft you pick.

          That is why you should always draft for the trenches. Niners, Eagles, Saints… this approach is working, no matter what coaching staff and game style.

          • Rob Staton

            There was absolutely nothing wrong with taking a RB in round one that year.

            I’m not going to repeat what we discussed ad nauseum in 2018 but there’s a reason we spent so much time on that RB class and a reason why they ultimately took one early. There was nothing wrong with it.

  59. charlietheunicorn

    This made me laugh when I read the headline

    “NFL player Myles Garrett appeals indefinite suspension imposed after helmet-swinging brawl, source says”

    Roger Goodell will simply say “NOPE! Carry on Myles!”

  60. Von

    My current Top 50:

    Chase Young

    Ohio State
    Isaiah Simmons

    Joe Burrow

    Jeffrey Okudah

    Ohio State
    Derrick Brown

    Tristan Wirfs

    Jerry Jeudy

    Andrew Thomas

    Javon Kinlaw

    South Carolina
    CeeDee Lamb

    Kristian Fulton

    Dylan Moses

    Jedrick Wills

    Grant Delpit

    A.J. Epenesa

    Tyler Biadasz

    Justin Herbert

    K’Lavon Chaisson

    Terrell Lewis

    D’Andre Swift

    Henry Ruggs III

    Trevon Diggs

    Shaun Wade

    Ohio State
    Laviska Shenault Jr.

    Creed Humphrey

    Jalen Reagor

    Travis Etienne

    Jonathan Taylor

    C.J. Henderson

    Hamsah Nasirildeen

    Florida State
    Julian Okwara

    Notre Dame
    Neville Gallimore

    Paulson Adebo

    Raekwon Davis

    Alex Leatherwood

    Marvin Wilson

    Florida State
    Curtis Weaver

    Boise State
    Xavier McKinney

    Kenneth Murray

    J.K. Dobbins

    Ohio State
    Brycen Hopkins

    Hunter Bryant

    Jacob Eason

    Jonathan Greenard

    Trey Smith

    Alton Robinson

    Tee Higgins

    DeVonta Smith

    A.J. Terrell

    Yetur Gross-Matos

    Penn State

    • Von

      Sorry for the formatting

      • mishima

        You broke my scroll.

    • Trevor

      Nice list Vol! Some guys there I have to check out.

      • Sea Mode


        • mishima

          Not sure if I should ‘lol’ or ‘lon.’

  61. Murphy

    A player to keep an eye on if he lasts into the later rounds would be Joshua Kelley out of UCLA. His draft projections seem to be all over the map. He has been a lone bright spot for UCLA. He can be seen being positive and motivating to his teammates even during blowouts (you know the Hawks like that kind of competitiveness). He has prototypical size (5’11, 219) and runs with power. Doesn’t possess elite speed and could fly under the radar. RB isn’t a huge need for us but with the our current fumble issues, history of injury (from every RB except maybe Homer), and current plethora of draft picks available I’d be shocked if Schneider didn’t take one. Ive seen some reports that indicate he’d be better suited for a zone blocking scheme. However, to me he comes across as a player that could molded to fit our system

  62. Sea Mode

    Looks like the trade for Diggs pretty much shut the door.

    jordan cordova

    Per sources: The Miami Dolphins have signed S Adrian Colbert off of Seattle’s practice squad

    Nov 19, 2019

  63. Chase Cash

    Hey Rob, I don’t know if someone asked already, but I was wondering what your thoughts were on where you think Tua will be drafted due to his injury, if it affects his stock at all?

    • Rob Staton

      It’s impossible to say. Every mock and projection will be futile for weeks if not months. The extent of the injury is so impossible to project in terms of the draft. If teams fear he’ll never play again or play at the same level (which might be a greater concern) then he could go anywhere.

  64. Kingdome1976

    Anybody excited about the 32nd NHL team? Yeah baby.

    Seattle was the first American team to win a Stanley Cup by the way. We do actually have hockey history. More than you might think really.

    Anyway, there are 4 team names that seem to be finalists:

    ~ Seattle Kraken
    ~ Seattle Sockeye
    ~ Seattle Totems
    ~ Seattle Emeralds

    Any thoughts on who you think we should choose?

    Totems is pretty cool because the totem poles are pretty unique to the area as well as sockeye salmon.

    Emeralds is put forth I think because we are the ‘Emerald City’ as well as being green in color.

    Kraken I think might be because we have unique water/landscape and we are know for having giant octopus/squid. Not sure about this name but I think it might be pretty cool to ‘Release the Kraken’. lol

    • cha

      I’m all over that. Been a Tbirds fan and Canucks fan for decades. Going to the Tbirds game tonight in fact.

      2 years ago they had a 100th anniversary game, and the Tbirds wore the Metropolitans uni’s, and they had the Stanley Cup there that you could take pictures with.

      Getting an NHL team has been a lifelong dream. I can’t wait!

      I like the Totems, it harkens back to the Totems teams of the 60s and 70s. The green uni’s with the clean, classic looking logo are sharp.

      • Kingdome1976

        Tbirds for life cha. I don’t live in Seattle anymore so I’m jealous about you going to the game tonight.

        I was actually talking to my older brother last night about how glad we were that we didn’t actually become Canucks fans over the years though we worked literally an hour and a half from their stadium. It was enticing but we stayed Tbirds fans and waited………..patiently.

        I am so stoked we are getting probably the last homegrown NHL team seeing as it is the 32nd team.

        The Totems do have history here and I wouldn’t be sad if it ended up as the name. However I think I agree with Rob here and think the Sockeye or the Kraken would be better and more marketable.

        I am leaning toward Sockeye because it just seems like a cool hockey name. However….The Kraken? How cool would that be?

        • cha

          I honestly don’t care intensely about the name. If it’s done right, and the team is built well it will “look” cool regardless of the name. I didn’t think “Golden Knights” was going to work at all, but the color scheme, uni’s, the stadium atmosphere and most of all their success makes it work.

          The NHL Seattle website for the last few months has been wrapped in powder blue and a salmon-color red. Not sure if that was a clue or not. We should hear in the next month or two.

          Winnipeg Ice are making their first visit to Seattle tonight. They were Kootenay Ice last year. Their uni’s and logo are sharp. Zombie Chewbacca.

    • Rob Staton

      I like the Sockeye name but I think Kraken would probably gain more interest and be kind of unique.

    • Volume12

      Wish it was the Sonics coming back to the NBA 😡, but I am excited that Seattle is getting an NHL team.

      I like the Sockeyes myself. Specific to the region here in the PNW and can be used as a metaphorical tie in to hockey fights.

      Hopefully the Canucks go back to the Black, red, yellow so they can have the original Seahawk colors.

      • cha

        I nearly cried when they dumped the flying skate uni’s when McCaw bought the team. Those ugly killer whale uni’s, bringing in Mark Messier and handing him the captaincy, let’s just say those years were not good years.

        It was nice to see the old uni’s rolled out Saturday.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Im actually most excited about the color choice. Its most likely not going to be Blue and Green because of the Canucks. Im hoping for dark green and white, maybe some hints of black. I wouldnt mind it looking like the NY Jets. I agree with Rob, Kraken would be very unique but I feel like it might be the Sockeyes.

    • McZ

      Would have preferred Metros, but I think the NHL forbid this because a division is called like that.

      Kraken is damn cool… but I fear fans rituals here, throwing seafood onto the ice.
      Totems and Emerals are just meh.

      Would have liked a referrence to technology or a basic hockey term, too. ‘Subs’ or ‘Skates’.

      Btw, ‘Slap shot’ is possibly my favorite sports movie.

  65. Greg Haugsven

    I know the Seahawks look for grit and for things that drive a player. If Yetur Gross-Matos is an option for us he could be the guy.

    • Rob Staton

      He has an incredible backstory. Very emotional.

      On the field though he just isn’t consistent or impactful enough.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Who would you like out of him, Julian Okwara, Terrel Lewis, Klavon Chaisson? Just thinking of some speed edge rushers.

        • Rob Staton

          Lewis is the better player but too much injury history. Okwara is so hit or miss. Chaisson is a day three upside type for me.

      • McZ

        Of course he is also one of the players lifting Penn St into the top 10 and playoffs debate.

        • Rob Staton

          You could say that about any of the players then. Because he’s been quiet most of the year.

          • McZ

            Imo, only Yound and Epenesa are true first rounders.

            Who is EDGE #3 then?
            Chaisson, Okwara and Zuniga are inconsistent themselves. Weaver piles up stats, but plays mostly crap lines. That hyped Syracuse dude has completely vanished.

            The only positive is Jon Greenard, but he is hardly R1-2. The rest of the pack are lots of 3- and 5-techs.

            • McZ

              Two names we should rate higher are Kenny Willekes and Bradley Anae.
              Cannot remember a game, where they had been passive. And both play elite lines.

              • Rob Staton

                I don’t think Wilekes will be drafted. Lacks physical traits and size. More of an effort guy than anything.

            • Rob Staton

              I don’t think Epenesa is a R1.

              It’s a poor year for EDGE.

  66. Kingdome1976

    cha…I’m with you to a point on the name. I named the primary 4 names touted around the net but I will be honest, if they end up being the ‘Banana Slugs’ or something I won’t be happy.

    Zombie Chewbacca. I like it. Uni’s are pretty cool too.

    Vol…My first Sonics game was in the 80’s in the nose bleeds watching us get killed by Jordan. I don’t care what anybody says, Jordan was the best ever….and in the finals when Payton striped the ball from him and dunked it….Well, top 5 Seattle sports memories for me.

    I do think in the end it will be the Sockeye. It’s not plural right? Like Deers or something.

    • cha

      They trademarked something like 13 names. The only stinker of the bunch was Renegades. The Seattle Renegades. Sounds like an indoor flag football league team name.

    • Greg Haugsven

      My first Sonic game was also against the Bulls in 84 I believe. I was 12 at the time, and yes MJ took care of business.

  67. Kingdome1976

    Side note:

    Many of you might not be old enough but NHL 94′ is one of best 2-player video games EVER. No joke.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Is that the one from Sega? Sega hockey was the best.

      • Kingdome1976


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